Date 7/1/2020.


Sources: 1-2

Tree 1-2

Lawrence Edward Mervyn Rich 1-3

Edward Charles Rich (Reich) 1-3

Alison Mary Richardson 1-3

Max Isaac Reich 1-3

Major Robert Mervyn Richardson 1-5

Helen Charlotte Croft 1-6

James Richardson 1-6

Alison Ponton Black 1-6

Adam Black 1-6

Isobella Tait 1-8

James Tait 1-8

Isabella Bertram 1-8

Richard Benyon Croft 1-9

Anne Elizabeth Page 1-9

Reverend Richard Croft 1-9

Charlotte Leonora Russell. 1-9

Sir Richard Croft, 6th Bt. 1-9

Margaret Denman 1-10

Herbert Croft 1-10

Elizabeth Brodie 1-10

Francis Croft 1-10

Grace Bramston 1-10

Sir Herbert Croft 1-10

Elizabeth Archer 1-10

Rt Rev Herbert Croft 1-10

Ann Brown 1-10

1      Generation 1-10

1.1      Wilfrid George Wade 1-11

2      Generation 2-11

2.1      George Henry Wade 2-11

Sarah Minnie Troth, 2-11

2.2      Gilbert Francis Smith 2-11

Mary Constance Lawrence 2-12

3      Generation 3-12

3.1      JOHN WADE 3-12

Hannah Jane Brazer Gill 3-14

3.2      Thomas Troth 3-14

Rebecca Hadley 3-14

3.3      Francis Jessie Smith 3-15

Mary Alvis 3-15

3.4      Thomas Lawrence 3-15

Kate Box, 3-16

4      Generation 4-16

4.1      Jacob Gill: 4-16

Mary Brassey: 4-17

4.2      William Troth 4-18

Elizabeth Battin 4-18

4.3      John Hadley 4-18

4.4      John Alvis 4-19

4.5      William Lawrence 4-21

Jane Sherborne 4-21

5      Generation 5-22

5.1      John Gill 5-22

5.2      George Alvis 5-23

Sarah Harris 5-23

5.3      Henry Battin 5-23

Jane Proberts 5-23

5.4      William Lawrence 5-23

5.5      William Sherborne 5-24

Hannah Bryant 5-24

6      Generation 6-25

6.1      William Gill 6-25

6.2      Jonathan Bryant 6-25

Sarah Gibbs 6-25

7      Generation 7-26

7.1      Stephen Gill 7-26

7.2      Isaac Gibbs 7-26

Sarah Lawrence 7-26

Sources:, ACt – transcript, ACi – Image
Findmypast: FMPt – transcript, FMPi - Image
Census’s: these are given as notes (status – Head or other, age, marriage, occupation, birth place). Where appropriate, these are abbreviated.
Marriages: OTP – of this parish.


              |Max Reich (1867-1945)
         |Edward Charles Reich (1895-1959)
         |    |Esther Mary Lorenzan (1869-)
    |Lawrence Edward Mervyn Rich (1929-2018
         |         |James Richardson (1804-1868) 
         |    |Robert Mervyn Richardson (1858-1917)
         |    |    |         |Charles Black
         |    |    |    |Adam Black (1784-1874)
         |    |    |    |         |Adam Nicol
         |    |    |    |    |Isabella Nicol (1758-)
         |    |    |    |         |Alison Bunzie
         |    |    |    |
         |    |    |Alison Ponton Black (1820-1888)
         |    |         |    |James Tait (~1760-1834)

         |    |         |Isabella Tait (1796-1877)
         |    |         |         |Charles Bertram (1709
         |    |              |Isobella Bertram (1759-1848)
         |    |                   |Isabel Brown
         |Alison Mary Richardson (1899-1974)
              |                             |Sir Herbert Croft (-1720)
              |                        |Francis Croft (1687-)
              |                             |Anne Leigh
              |                   |Herbert Croft (1718-1785)
              |                        |Elizabeth Archer (-1709)  
              |                             |Thomas Bramson
              |                        |Grace Bramson
              |              |Sir Richard Croft (1762-1818)
              |              |    |Elizabeth Young
              |         |Rev Richard Croft (1808-1869)
              |         |    |    |Thomas Denman
              |         |    |Margaret Denham (1771-1847)
              |         |         |Elizabeth Brodie
              |    |Richard Benyon Croft (1843-1912
              |    |    |Charlotte Leonora Russell (1818-1854)
              |Helen Charlotte Croft (1875-1942)
                   |Anne Elizabeth Page (1844-1921)
Julius Rich
    |                   |James Wade

    |              |John Wade (1832-1888)   
    |              |    |    
    |              |    |Sarah Wade
    |              |
    |         |George Henry Wade (1878-)
    |         |    |                   |Stephen Gill  
    |         |    |              |William Gill (1763-1829)
    |         |    |         |John Gill (1792-1860)
    |         |    |         |    |Lucy Read (1768-1829) 
    |         |    |    |Jacob Gill (1814-1903)
    |         |    |         |Jane Bainbridge (1791-1865)   
    |         |    |Hannah Jane Gill (1840-1902)
    |         |         |    |John Brassey
    |         |         |Mary Brassey (1812-1885)
    |         |              |Elizabeth
    |    |Wilfrid George Wade (1907-1987)
    |    |              |William Troth (1814-1862)
    |    |         |Thomas Troth (1837-)
    |    |         |    |    |Henry Battin
    |    |         |    |Elizabeth Battin (1816-)?
    |    |         |         |Jane Proberts
    |    |    |Sarah Minnie Troth (1879-)
    |    |         |    |John Hadley (1802-)
    |    |         |Rebecca Hadley (1841-)
    |    |              |Sarah (1805-71)
    |    |
    |Helen Wade
         |              |Thomas Smith (1812-)
         |         |Francis Jessie Smith (1846-1907)
         |         |    |Sarah (1812-)
         |         | 
         |    |Gilbert Francis Smith (1882-USA??)
         |    |    |    |John Alvis (1808-95) 

         |    |    |Mary Alvis (1850-)

         |    |         |Eliza Scott (1809-68)
         |    |       
         |Frances Mary Smith (1908-1987)
              |                   |Richard Lawrence
              |              |William Lawrence (1795-1863)
              |              |    |Mary Huggins
              |              |
              |         |William Lawrence (1822-1877)
              |         |    |Hannah (1789-1875)
              |         |
              |    |Thomas Lawrence (1851-
              |    |    |    |William Sherborne (1784-1872)
              |    |    |Jane Sherborne (1820-1892)
              |    |         |    |Jonathan Bryant (1756-1844)
              |    |         |Hannah Bryant (1784-1829)
              |    |              
              |Mary Constance Lawrence (1884-1969)
                   |Kate Box (1860-)


1            Lawrence Edward Mervyn Rich

Rich 02/01

Born 1929
Parents: Edward Charles & Alison Mary (Richardson) Rich (Reich)
Died 2018

Married, 17/9/1960, Bath:
Helen Wade,
Born 10/2/1936, Harrow.
Parents: Wilfrid George & Frances Mary (Smith) Wade
1/1. Julius Rich

1        Generation


1.1    Wilfrid George Wade

Born:  Q1 1907 Kings Norton, mother Troth (Sarah Minnie from census 11)
Parents: George Henry & Sarah Minnie (Troth) Wade,
(known as Wade, did not like Wilfrid),
Died 14/8/1987, of 2 Berkley Place, Camden Rd, Bath, probate 28/10/1987 <£70000AC.
Helen’s father was in pigments Golden Valley Colours

Married Q4 1932, Chipping Sodbury,
Frances Mary Smith (mother Mary Lawrence of Chipping Sodbury),
B abt 1908, N Dakota
Parents: Gilbert Francis & Mary (Lawrence) Smith.
Died, Bath 10/11/1994, of 2 Berkeley Place, Bath.
Frances was born N Dakota, where her father went to farm. But Mary came back to England Chipping Sodbury) Mary worked for Bishop of Bristol.

Issue of Wilfrid George & Frances Mary (Smith) Wade:
1/1. Margaret Jane Wade, who married a Scot.
1/2. Helen Wade, b. 10/2/1936, Harrow, M Lawrence Rich, 17/9/1960, Bath

2/1. Edward Francis Julius Rich, born 13/2/1971

1/3. Richard Lawrence Wade, B Q3, 1938, reg Hendon, daus Tania & Sophie.

2/1. Tania Wade
2/2. Sophie Wade


2        Generation



2.1    George Henry Wade

Born: Q2 1878, mother Gill (reg B’ham).
Parents: John & Hannah Jane (Gill) Wade.
Died: ???
1911 Census, 283, High St, Smethwick:
George Wade (33, Screw machine mechanic, B’ham, worker) 2 live, 1 dead, Minnie (32, Smethwick), Wilfrid (4, Smethwick).

Married Q3 1903FMPt, (Reg Kings Norton):

Sarah Minnie Troth,

Born Q4, 1878, reg Kings Norton, mother Hadley, C01 Smethwick.
Baptised: Smethwick, 22/9/1881FMPt, of Thomas & Rebecca
Parents: Thomas & Rebecca (Hadley) Troth
Issue of George & Sarah (Troth) Wade:
1/1. Wilfrid George Wade

2.2    Gilbert Francis Smith

Born abt 1882, Siston, Glos
Parents: Francis J & Mary Smith
Death not found, probably USA.
1907, September 18th, SS Majestic from Southampton:
Smith, Gilbert Francis, 26, Farmer, last address Frampton Cotterell, (Nr Yate), Mayo Hill. Mother Mrs Hill. Might be Mayo House, now a retirement home.
1908, March 7th, Lusitania from Liverpool:
Smith, Gilbert Francis, 26, Farmer, last Residence Bristol, Mother Mrs Smith, Frampton, Bristol. To Cando N Dakota.
Mary Constance, 22.
1910 Census, Towner Co, N Dakota, Township 159 R67 Gerard Township:
Smith, Gerard (Hd, M White, 25, Born, father born & mother, all b England year immigrated 1907, farmer, rented farm), Smith, Mary C (wife, 26, England all, 1908, none), Smith, Mary M (dau, 1, B North Dakota).

Married: (confirmed by sailing record to N Dakota)
Gilbert Francis Smith married Mary Constance Lawrence, 2/3/1908, Westerleigh St James the Great (2 miles SW of Chipping Sodbury) both age 28, his father Francis John Smith, her father Thomas Lawrence.

Mary Constance Lawrence

ch 1/6/1884 of Thomas & Kate Lawrence of Westerleigh
Died Q2 1969, Bathavon, born 2/4/1884
1901 Census, with Uncle Frederick in Rodford.
Issue of Gilbert & Mary Smith:
1/1. Frances Mary Smith abt 1908


3        Generation


3.1    JOHN WADE

    A Yorkshire man who moved to Worcestershire as a stone worker. His family seem to have been itinerant – it proves difficult to trace back into Yorkshire, particularly as there is at least one instance of confusion between Ward and Wade.
    It looks as though he was born illegitimately to Sarah Wade just outside Malton, where he always gave as his place of birth, then brought up in a family listed with James Ward, aged 30 in 1841 but in fact Wade as shown by the baptism of oldest son, Francis; John at his marriage with Hannah Jane Gill shows his father as James Wade, but this may have been an adoptive relationship. It is quite possible that James was the biological father, and Sarah died soon after John’s birth, but there is no record of this. She may have been in the workhouse in Malton with an illegitimate child.
    By 1851, by some mysterious way, John appears as a footman at Thornton Watlass; while this seems unlikely, the age and place of birth are exactly right. Perhaps Sarah was in service there, and was chucked out for getting pregnant, and returned to home for the birth. Either way, John’s early life would have been rather uncertain! He did have what appear to be clerical jobs, so maybe the service job was a short term one.
    The other puzzle is how he married Hannah Gill, when he was (possibly) in service near Ripon in 1851, and she was with her father by then in Herefordshire – there must have been some travel between Herefordshire and Leeds, where they fetched up in 1861, before going on to the West Midlands later.
    His first marriage has not been found – he was a widower when he married Hannah.

    This is the birth that matches the 1861 & 1881 censuses and the 1851 where a matching individual was listed as a footman, exactly the correct age and place of birth, although it seems a bit unlikely!
This is the only birth of a John Wade that fits the place and date of birth: Appleton le Street is 4 miles west of Malton.

Born: (Old) Malton, Yorks about 1832-4.
Ch: 21/2/1832FMPt, Appleton le Street.
Parent: Sarah Wade (and James Wade from his marriage lines).
Died: Prob Q1 1888, aged 54, B’ham. No will.

There are no images of this parish record online, and it only appears in one transcript. Either a visit to a Yorkshire archive or a Mormon family centre is required.

The only Sarah Wade between 1780-1820 was ch 2/1/1781FMPt, in Appleton le Street of Richard Wade. (also Emanuel, ch 19/3/1785).

If it was Sarah, born 1781, she would have been an old mother and may have died soon after. The odd thing is that there are also Martha and Jane Wade as mothers listed with baptism and no father given about the same time, maybe they were from the workhouse??

Sarah Ward ch Westow, dau of John & Masey Ward, b. 26/3/1811FMPi & ch 5/4/1811. Westow about 3 miles SSW of Malton.

A Sarah Ward of Westow Grange bur 21/4/1882FMPi, age 70.
Westow Grange was a 262 acre farm in 1881, owned by Christopher Hudson, but no Sarah Wade.

1841 Census, Scrayingham, Yorks – possible, close to Malton:
James Wade Shown as Ward, but must be Wade from Francis’s birth (31, Ag Lab), Mary (27), John (9), Harriett (9), Hannah (4), Francis (2), Bridget (2).
1851 Census, Scrayingham, all born there except Mary:
James Wade (36, Farm Lab), Mary (39, Normanby 5m N of Malton), Francis (12, scholar), James (7, scholar), Mary (4, scholar), William (2), Harriet Ann (11 mths.
Francis Wade, ch 1/12/1839FMPi, Scrayingham, of James & Mary, shopkeeper.

Francis Wade, Bachelor, both servants, all  Scrayingham aged 23 father
James, a farmer, married Elizabeth Yarker, 12/7/1862, her age 24, dau of William a shoemaker

1851 Census, Thornton Watlass Hall, Yorkshire, a possibility (to the north of Ripon):
One of the servants: John Wade (19, servant, Malton).
1861 Census, Grantham St, Leeds:
John Wade (Hd, 29, Engineers Clerk, Malton, Yorkshire), Hannah Jane (22, Dress Maker, Halifax), Mary Louisa (dau, 6, scholar, Windhill, Yorks), John Henry (son, 4 mths, Scrayingham, Yorks)
1871: Not found - perhaps they were in transit, or only just established in the Midlands.
1881 Census, Shireland Rd, Smethwick:
John Wade (Hd, 49, Warehouseman, Old Malton, Yorks) Hannah (41, Halifax), Albert E (17, Machine Fitter, Leeds), Alfred E.G. Wade (15, Wire Nail Pointer, Cradley Herefordshire), Frederick W (13, scholar, B’ham), Arthur J (9, scholar, B’ham), Claud H. (5, scholar, B’ham), George H. (3, B’ham)
1891 Census, 96 Shireland Rd, Smethwick:
Hannah J Wade (Hd, wid 50, Halifax), Frederick W (23, Machine fitter, B’ham), Arthur J (19, Engine Fitter, B’ham), George H (13, scholar, B’ham)
1901 Census, 96 & 97 Shireland Rd, Smethwick:
Hannah J Wade (hd, wid, 61, Halifax, in #96), George (in #97, son 23, Bolt/Machine Screw Worker, B’ham) Ann Gill (60, visitor, Halifax)
1911 census – nil.

Married 1st, Leeds 5/6/1853ACi, Bachelor, aged 21 Railway Porter of Bentick St, father James, a farmer, Hannah Bateson, spinster, aged 22, Armley, father Abraham Bateson, plumber.
Probably died Q3, 1856, Hunslet (see bth of John Henry below).
No known issue.

Married 2nd, 11/10/1859ACi, Calverley, Yorkshire, He 27, widower of Windhill, aged 27, railway porter, father James, a farmer. She aged 20, spinster, also Windhill, father Jacob Gill, a builder:

Hannah Jane Brazer Gill

b 23/8/1840, Halifax

Parents: Jacob & Mary Gill
Death Reg Q3 1902, Birmingham, age 63.
Looks young, but is specifically Hannah Jane and agrees with census ages.

Issue of John & Hannah Jane (Gill) Wade
1/1. Mary Louisa Wade, b Windhill, Yorkshire, abt 1855,

Reg Q3, 1854, Bradford. prob died bef 1861. By his first unknown wife.

1/2. John Henry Wade, b 16/11/1860ACi, ch 13/7/1862, Leeds,

father of Hunslet, book keeper. Prob died 5/2/1865, Halifax.

1/3. Albert E Wade, b abt 1864, Leeds
1/4. Alfred E. G. Wade, b abt 1866, Cradeley
1/5. Frederick W Wade, b abt 1868, B’ham
1/6. Arthur J. Wade, b abt 1872, Cradley Worcester
1/7. Claud H Wade b abt 1876
1/8. GEORGE HENRY WADE – Birth Index has mother Gill.

3.2    Thomas Troth

Ch: 21/5/1837, SmethwickFMPt.
Parents: William & Elizabeth Troth.
No death for Thomas & Rebecca found, the nearest for Thomas being Q3 1910, Lichfield, age 72, possibly 17/9/1910. No Will

1871 Census, Glean? St, W Bromwich, all b there:
Thomas Troth (32, Looking Glass Silverer) Rebecca (30), John W (3), Sarah E (6 mths)
1881 Census, 366 Wednesbury Rd, Harbourne:
Thomas Troth (43, Glass Cutter, Spondon, Staffs), Rebecca (40, W Bromwich), Rebecca Troth (dau, 7, Scholar), Sarah (2, unreadable, Staffs), Samuel Hadley (B-in-L, mar, 51, Lab in Iron Works, W Brom), Elizabeth Hadley (sister, Mar, 52, Shropshire), Rose Hadley (niece, unm, 20, unemp, Harbourne?), William Hadley (B-in-L, mar, 52, Bricklayers Labourer, Harbourne?).
1901 Census, 10, Corbett St, Smethwick:
Thomas Troth (64, Glass Cutter, W Brom), Rebecca (62, West Brom), Minnie Sarah (22, Shirt maker, Smethwick), Beatrice (13, ??, Smethwick) Dorothy May Troth (3, Visitor, adopted, not known).


Married Handsworth, 4/10/1864ACi.
Thomas Troth, bachelor, Picture Frame Maker, of Handsworth, father William, Glass maker, Rebecca Hadley, spinster, of Handsworth, father John, Watchman, confirmed by Sarah Minnie’s birth.

Rebecca Hadley

Born: 6/7/1841, ch 29/8/1841FMPi, West Bromwich of John & Sarah, of Ireland Green, Labourer.
Parents: John Hadley & Sarah.
She had at least 2 brothers, Samuel (married Elizabeth) and William.

Issue of Thomas & Rebecca Troth:
1/1. John William Troth, b abt 1868, died Q1 1874, age 5 Reg Kings Norton.
1/2. Sarah Elizabeth Troth, b abt 1871, d Q1 1874, age 4, Reg Kings Norton.
1/3. Rebecca Troth, b abt 1874,
1/4. Sarah Troth, b abt 1879
Also Sarah Mary Troth, Died Q4 1877, age 0, reg Kings Norton.


3.3    Francis Jessie Smith

B abt 1846
Died Q1, 1907, reg Chipping Sodbury, age 61
Will Index: Francis Jesse Smith, of Mays Hill, Westerleigh, died 5/3/1907, Probate London, 18/4/1907 to Mary Smith, widow Gilbert Smith, farmer and Ernest Holmes, cycle maker, £1114/5/5d.

1851 Census, Fishponds Rd, Stapleton, all born there.
Thomas Smith (39, Master Carpenter, emp 3 men), Sarah (39), Thomas (12, school Boy), John (11, School Boy,), Louisa (9, scholar), Jessy (5)
1861 Census, Monks Lane, Stapleton, all born there:
Thomas Smith (49, Carpenter), Sarah (50), Thomas (23, Wheelwright), John (22, Wheelwright), Louisa (19, Dressmaker), Jesse (15, Scholar)
1871 Census, Channels Hill Farm, Fishponds [Bristol], all b Stapleton:
Thomas Smith (Hd, 59, Farmer, 40 acres & 2 labs), Sarah Griffin Smith (wife, 59), Francis Jesse Smith (25, Farmer’s son), John Burchell Spring (wid, Lodger, 32, Clergyman, Ireland)
1881 Census, Hill Farm, Siston:
Francis J Smith (35 Farmer 160 A emp 3 men, Stapleton, Glo), Mary (30, Henbury, Glo), Beatrice S (1, Siston)
1891 Census, Chestnut Farm, Mayo Hill, Westerleigh:
Francis J Smith (45, Farmer, Fishponds), Mary (40, Newburgh), Beatrice (11, scholar, Siston) Gilbert (9, scholar, Siston), Ada (7, scholar, 7, Siston), Lucy (5, Westleigh
1901 Census, Mayo Hill, Chipping Sodbury:
Francis J Smith (Hd, 55, Farmer, Employer, Fishponds [Bristol]) Mary (wf, 50, Compton Greenfield),  Beatrice J (21, Syston) Gilbert F (19, Farmers son, Syston Glos [Siston now]), Ada J (17, Syston), Lucy E (16, Westerleigh), Ethel D (10, Westerleigh), John Alvis (nephew, 25, Farmers Assistant, St Georges Somerset), Eliza (niece, Milk Dairy Maid, Winscomb Somerset)
1911 not found

Married: 27/3/1879ACi, Henbury, Francis Jessie Smith, full age, bachelor, farmer, of Siston, father Thomas, father, and Mary Alvis, full age, spinster, of Henbury, father John Alvis, farmer, by banns.
Probably married Q1 1879, Barton Regis (incl Hembury),

Mary Alvis

Ch 29/9/1850, Compton Greenfield.
Parents: John & Eliza Alvis
Death not found

Issue of Francis J & Mary Smith:
1/1. Beatrice J Smith b abt 1880
1/2. Gilbert F Smith, b abt 1882
1/3. Ada J Smith, b abt 1884
1/4. Lucy E Smith, b abt 1885
1/5. Ethel D Smith, b abt 1891

3.4    Thomas Lawrence

Ch: 25/8/1851ACi, Westerleigh
Parents: William & Jane, a pitman?
Death not found, but btw 1901-1911.
No will found

1881 Census, Sodbury Rd, Yate:
Thomas Lawrence (29, Farmer, Westerleigh), Kate (20, Chipping Sodbury), Henry H (6 mths, Yate)
1891 Census Frilgrove House, Yate:
Thomas Lawrence (Hd, 39, Farmer, Westerleigh), Kate (30, Yate), Mary (7, Yate), Mable (5, Yate), George (3, Yate).
1901 Census Rodbury:
With others, (49, M Farmer but of own pleasure, Westerleigh)
1911 Census – nil.

Married, 30/3/1880ACi, Coalpit Heath, both full age, bachelor of Box Hedge Farm, father William, a farmer; Kate a spinster of Box Hedge, father, John Box, a chemist, by banns.

Kate Box,

B abt 1861, Chipping Sodbury
Parents: John Box
Nothing further found.

1/1. Henry H. Lawrence, b abt 1880.
1/1. Mary Constance Lawrence, 1884
1/2. Mabel Lawrence, b abt 1885
1/3. George Lawrence b abt 1888

4        Generation



4.1    Jacob Gill:

Born abt 1814, Burley, yorks.
Ch: 20/9/1814FMPt, Bewerley (just S of Pateley Bridge), of John & Jane Gill (also shown at Ripon, same day

Possible death: Q3 1903, Martley, Worcestershire, aged 88
Will Index: Jacob Bainbrig Gill of Marsh Cottage Bransford, Worcestershire, died 29/6/1903, Probate London 11 Sept to Harry Lawrence Price Mann, Accountant, and George Burrows, machinist £1586/12/8dACi.

1847[1]: INQUESTS

CRADLEY.—AcciDENTAL DEATH.—On Monday last, an inquest was held at the New Inn, in the parish of Cradley before N. Lanwarne, Esq., coroner, and a respectable jury, on view of the body of Samuel Bailey, who on Thursday, the 18th instant, received severe injuries, from a quantity of clay, marl, and dirt, falling upon him, whilst working in a stone quarry, at Cradley, from the effects of which injuries he shortly afterwards died. Jacob Gill, manager of the stone quarry in which the deceased met with the accident, deposed that on the day of its occurrence deceased was “unbaring” in the quarry, shortly after twelve o’clock,, and that he (witness) being near, heard something fall, and the deceased cry out. Witness and the other men went to the spot and found deceased covered with clay and marl, about up to his belly, and in a double position; the soil, &c., which had surrounded him was removed, and deceased was carried to his lodgings, where, in about twenty minutes after being taken thither, he expired. The jury returned a verdict of “accidental death.”

1861[2]: "Worcestershire Naturalists Club:
 Dr. GRIMDROD then made some observations on geological matters, ending with the advantages to be derived from constant devotion to any pursuit, and proposed to enrol in their number a clever working man, of Cradley, Jacob Gill, who had been of great service in collecting and securing valuable fossils. This was agreed to, and after the localities for other Meetings had been fixed, Mr. E. Lees rose, and after tracing the past history of the Club, proposed that they should now recognise their new president. whom he was delighted to see in his place, by drinking his health, ensured that they now had not a more honorary name, but a real president who would study their interests. This was received with much applause, and Mr. MELVILLE returned thanks in a happy manner, trusting that at their next meeting it would be his pleasure to show them some of the beauties of a place which the Earl of Dudley had lavished much money upon, not with a selfish view but that his designs might be fully appreciated

and enjoyed by his discerning countrymen.

The evening now advancing, it became necessary to meet the train, in provided carriages, and thus a very pleasant re-union was terminated. The following new members were elected on this occasion Rev. W. Lister Isaac, Pirton Rectory; William Avery, ESQ, Redditch ; George Dawson esq, Birmingham; Mr W. Southall, jun, and Mr. Jacob Gill, Cradley.

1878[3]: ACCIDENT.—A serious accident befell Samuel Baylis, employed in Mr. Jacob Gill’s quarry, on Wednesday. He was working alone at seven o'clock in the morning, when a large stone fell forward on him, and threw him to the ground. Fortunately his head was uncovered, and he shouted for help till he became exhausted, but not till about eleven o'clock was he released, through the efforts of Mr. Gill. He was taken to Worcester Infirmary.

1841 Census, Southowram, Halifax, all b Yorkshire:
Jacob Gill (25, Stone Cutter), Mary (25), Hannah (1), Ann (4 mths).
1851 Census, Quarry Cottage, Cradley, Herefordshire:
Jacob Gill (37, Stone Cutter, Burley, Yorks) Mary (39, Halifax), Hannah Jane (11, scholar, Halifax), Ann (10, scholar, Halifax), Emma (7, scholar, Halifax), Alfred (5, scholar, Cradley), John Brazier (B-in-L, 35, Stone Mason, Halifax)
1861, 1 Quarry Cottage, Cradley:
Jacob Gill (Hd, 46, Stone Quarry Man, Pateley Bridge, Yorks) Mary (49, Halifax), Ann (dau, 20 servant out of place, Halifax), Alfred (15, Stone Mason, Cradley)
At 2 Quarry Cottage:
John Brazey (41, Stone Mason, Halifax), Jane (30, Cradley), James (6, Scholar, Cradley), Elizabeth (4, scholar, Cradley), Harriett (2, Cradley)

1871 Census, Albert House, Cradley, Hereford:
Jacob Gill (57, Quarry Master, Pateley Bridge, Yorks), Mary (59, Halifax), Anne (30, Halifax).
1881 Census, Albert House, Cradley, Herefordshire:
Jacob B Gill (66, Stone Merchant, Pateley Bridge), Mary (68, Halifax)
1881 Census, Coldmanslade, Cradeley:
Ann Gill (unm, 40, Dressmaker, Halifax), Grace Amelia (dau, 3, Cradeley).
1891 Census, Suckley Rd, Bramsford, Martley, Herefordshire:
Jacob Gill (76, Quarry Proprietor, Pateley Bridge), Susannah (wife, 58, Kineton, Warwickshire).

Married, 2nd, as Jacob Bainbridge Gill, Bromyard, Q1 1887, Susanna Morgan.

There is no real doubt that he married 1st, Mary Brassey, but no record has been found, they may have been non conformists, and caught up in the rather vague recording as civil registration was introduced.

Mary Brassey:

Mary Brassy, Halifax, 15/3/1812FMPi,
Parents: John & Elizabeth Brassey, of Halifax, a Mason. No further info.
Name from brother John Brassey, ch 19/9/1819FMPi, Halifax of John & Elizabeth, Mason.
Mary Gill died Q2 1885, aged 73, reg Bromyard.

Issue of Jacob & Mary:
1/1. Hannah Jane Gill, 23/8/1840, Halifax
1/2. Ann Gill, b abt 1841 – probably still Alive 1901.
1/3. Emma Gill b abt 1844
1/4. Alfred Gill, b abt 1846

1871 Census, 20 Berwick Place, Westminster:
Alfred Gill, (Hd, 25, Stone man, Cradley), Anne (26, wife, Dressmaker, Sussex Fifield).

4.2    William Troth

Born: abt 1814, Oldbury. B 13/6/1812FPMi, ch 2/8/1812 of William & Mary, Oldbury Presbyterians. No obvious marriage of William & Mary found.
Died: Prob Q3 1862, West Bromwich. No will.
1841 Census, Houghton St West Bromwich, all B Staffs:
William Troth (25, Glass), Elizabeth (20), Priscilla (5), Thomas (4), William (2), Richard (7 mths), John Batten (15, Glass), George (Warren, 10, Glass).
1851 Census, Ault St, West Bromwich (glass trade street), all b W Brom:
William Troth (37, Metal Mixer, Oldbury), Elizabeth (wife, 35, Bristol), Priscilla (15, Servant), Thomas (14, Glass Cutter), William (12, Pipe warmer at Glass House), Elizabeth (8), John (7), Margaret (3), Alice (1)
1861 Census, Ault St, West Bromwich, All B WB except William.
William Troth (48, Glass Mixturer, Oldbury) Thomas (24, Looking Glass Silverer), John (16, Glass Cutter), Margaret (13, House Maid), Alice (11 Scholar), Mary (9, scholar)
1871, not found.

Probable Marriage to Elizabeth Battin, Handsworth, 1/3/1835ACi.
By Banns, St Mary Handsworth, both OTP. A John Batten with them in 1841.

Elizabeth Battin

Census: B 1816, Bristol.
Ch: 24/3/1816 ACi, Brislington, Bristol.
Parents: Henry & Jane Battin, labourer.

These two are possibly the ones, but geographically by no means certain.
Henry Batten married Brislington, 15/2/1815ACi, Jane Proberts, bachelor & spinster, both OTP. The only Henry Battin/en was ch 26/12/1789ACi in Bridgewater of Henry & Sarah.
Jane Probert ch 29/10/1786ACi, English Bicknor (Forest of Dean), of William & Elizabeth.

Issue of William & Elizabeth Troth, Smethwick:
1/1. Priscilla Troth, Ch 13/3/1836FMPt.
1/2. Thomas Troth Ch 21/5/1837FMPt.
1/3. William Troth, ch 12/5/1839FMPt.

1871 Census, Trinity Rd, West Bromwich, all born there:
William Troth (Hd, 33, Glass Blower,), Hannah (36), Elizabeth (8, scholar), Alice (6, Scholar), William (4), Emily (2), Charles (1 mth)

1/4. Richard Troth, b abt 1840.
1/4. Elizabeth Troth, b abt 1843
1/5. Margaret Troth b abt 1848
1/6. Alice Troth b abt 1850
1/7. Mary Troth, b abt 1852.

4.3    John Hadley

B abt 1802, Oldbury
Born 14/3/1804, bapt 29/4/1804ACi, Oldbury, son of Isaac & Hannah of Halesowen, Oldbury Presbyterians.

Died: Sarah Hadley, Q4 1871, West Bromwich, age 66. John not found.
1841 Census, Ireland St, West Bromwich:
William Hadley (35, Labourer), Sarah (35), Mary (15), William (11), Samuel (10)
1851 Census, Horton St, West Brom, as lodgers:
John Hadley (Lodger, 49, Pudler, Labourer, Oldbury), Sarah (49, West Brom), William (21, son, Iron Roller, WB), Samuel (19, Pudler, WB), Rebecca (11, scholar, WB), Sarah (7, scholar), W Brom
1861 Census, Horton St, West Bromwich:
John Hadley (59, Watchman in Iron Works, Oldbury), Sarah (56, West Bromwich), Rebecca (18, scholar, West Brom), Sarah (16, Scholar, West Brom).
1871 Census, Horton St, West Bromwich:
John Hadley (75, night watchman, Oldbury), Sarah (wife, 65, West Bromwich), Sarah (dau, 25, West Bromwich).

Marriage: the only one in the time frame was to Sarah Hollings, 1/12/1828FMPt, Astley Abbotts, north of Bridgnorth, which seems geographically unlikely.

Issue of John & Sarah Hadley:
1/1. William Hadley, b abt 1830
1/2. Samuel Hadley, b abt 1833
1/3. Rebecca Hadley, b abt 1840
1/4. Sarah Hadley, b abt 1844

Isaac Hadley

Issue of Isaac and Hannah, of Halesowen.
William Hadley, b 20/3/1802, ch 19/4/1802
Betty Hadley, b 17/3/1806, ch 17/3/1806
There were also a number of issue by Isaac and Hannah into the 1820’s, it seems probable that there was more than one couple. They include 2 more John’s, but there is no sign of any John’s dying.

4.4    John Alvis

B abt 1808, Portishead
Prob ch 2/2/1807, Portishead, of George & Sarah
Bur 13/11/1895, Henbury aged 89
Will Index: John Alvis of Bishops Farm, Compton Greenfield, Henbury, died 8/11/1895, Probate Bristol 2/12/1895 to Hannah Alvis, widow £346/15s

Eliza Alvis: Bur Henbury, 3 or 9/11/1868ACt, aged 61.
Married either – Eliza from Bristol:
Eliza Ball 29/3/1831ACt, Christ’s Church, Bristol, both OTP
No suitable baptisms found.
Or Eliza Scott, 9/5/1833ACt, Clifton.
Eliza Scott, ch 27/8/1809ACi, with twin James, of James & Mary Scott, Bristol St James.

1841 Census, Compton Tything (all b Glos):
John Alvis (33, Farmer), Eliza (32), George (7), Sarah (5), Saml (3), Elizabeth (1), Hester Groom (55, Dress maker Friend).
1851 Census, Henbury, Compton Tything Hamlet, Farm (ch b Henbury):
John Alvis (43, Farmer of 160 A, Portishead), Eliza (42, Farmer’s wife, Bristol), George (16), Sarah (14), Samuel (12), Elizabeth (9), John (7), Albert (7), Ann (5), James (3), Eliza (2), Mary (6 mths), Hester Groom (relative, widow, 70, Almondsbury, Glos).
1861 Census, Compton, all B Compton:
John Alvis (53, Farmer, Bristol), Eliza (52), Elizabeth (21), John (20), Albert (18), Ann (16, James (4), Eliza (10)
1871 Census, Henbury, Lane to Hallen:
John Alvis (60, Farmer of 96 acres, emp 2 men, Somerset St George), James (24), Eliza  (22), Mary (20)
1881 Census, Compton Tything, Henbury:
John Avis (74, Farmer of 88 acres, emp 1 man & 1 boy, Portishead), Hannah (64, Henbury)
1891 Census, Bishops Farm, Berwick Lane, Henbury:
John Alvis (84, Farmer, Portishead), Hannah (74, Henbury)

Issue of John & Eliza Alvis:
1/1. George Alvis ch 20/7/1834ACi, Compton Greenfield, Farmer of Almondsbury.
1/2. Sarah Alvis ch 6/3/1836ACi, Compton Greenfield,

of John & Eliza, Farmer of Henbury.
1871 Census, James St Aston, Birmingham:
George Goddard (39, Groom, Henbury), Sarah (36, Laundress, Compton Greenfield, George A (11, Edgbaston), Annie (9, Redditch) Arthur T (6, Great, Warwickshire), Florence E (4, Harbourne) Elizabeth (1, Lazells).
Married 15/11/1853ACi, Almondsbury, George Goddard, bachelor, full age, Gardener, Compton, father Thomas, Labourer, Sarah, 19, Spinster of Compton, father John, a Farmer.

1/3. Samuel Alvis Ch 7/1/1838ACi, Compton Greenfield, of Compton, Farmer.

Married Tickenham, Somerset, 2/5/1860ACi, Sarah Alvis, Full age Spinster of Tickenham, farther John, a farmer. He bachelor, full age, of Henbury, father John Alvis a farmer.
Will Index, Samuel Alvis of Bachwell Court Farm, Somerset, yeoman, D 7/9/1913 at Pentre Back Cwm Bran, Omn, execs Arthur Edgar Alvis & Herbert Carter Alvis.
1871 Census, Markham Farm, Easton in Gordano, or St Georges Somerset:
Samuel Alvis (38, Farmer of 151 acres emp 3 men and a boy, Henbury), Sarah (31, Farmers wife, Tickenham), Thomas (8, scholar, Easton), John (5, scholar, Easton), Ernest (1, Easton), Francis King (nephew, 7, scholar, Tickenham)
1881 Census, Predendat Farm, Easton in Gordano:
Samuel Alvis (43, Farmer of 50 acres, emp 2 labourers, Henbury), Sarah (42, Tickenham, Somerset), Florence (18, Easton), John (15, Easton), Ernest (11, Easton), Arthur (8, Easton)
2/1. Florence Alvis, b abt 1863
2/2. John Alvis, b abt 1866

1891 Census, with aunt Mary Smith, aged 25 Farmer’s assistant, b St George’s Somerset, and sister Eliza aged 22 a Milk Dairy Maid, b Winscomb.
Mar 3/11/1899ACt as a widower, father Samuel, Annie Sophia Williams, Henbury.

2/3. Ernest Alvis, b abt 1870
2/4. Arthur Alvis, b abt 1873

1/4. Elizabeth Alvis CH 11/8/1839ACt, Compton Greenfield

Married 4/5/1865, Henbury, Luke Watkins, full age, Farmer of Almondsbury, farther Luke, farmer. She Full age, Spinster of Henbury, father John, Farmer.
1871 Census, Upton, Bitton, Glos:
Luke Watkins (30, farmer 30 acres, Henbury), Elizabeth (29, Henbury), Frank (5, Wickwar) Charles (3, Wickwar) Eliza (1 mths, Wandcombe, Somerset)

1/5. John Alvis, Ch 25/4/1841ACt, Compton Greenfield, of John & Eliza

1871 Census, Principal St, Compton Martin, Glos:
John Alvis (29, Farmer of 107 acres), Jane (33, Lympsham Somerset), George W (7, scholar, Almondsbury), Sarah (6, Scholar, Almondsbury), Anne (2, Wiviscombe), Florence E (1, Wiviscombe)
1891 Census, Marsh Common, Almondsbury:
John Alvis (50, Farm Lab, Henbury), Harriett (38, Henbury), William Yard (Step son, 16 Brickyard Lab, Henbury), William B (son, 15, Brickyard Lab, Almondsbury), Frederick Yard (step son, 11, Henbury), Albert E (son, 12, Almondsbury), Agnes Mary (dau, 20, Compton Martin Farm)
Married 1st: 30/4/1863, Jane Petheram, single, father John, Bristol St Mary Redcliffe.
Jane Alvis bur Pilning, Glos, aged 42, 10/10/1879FMPt.
Married 2nd: Harriet Yard, St Paul’s Bristol, 2/2/1886Aci, She a widow dau of Frederick Thomas Pople, farmer. He a labourer Father John Alvis, a farmer. Both of St Paul’s.
Poss died Q3 1921, Chipping Sodbury, age 78.
2/1. Agnes Mary Alvis, ch 29/6/1873ACt, of John & Jane, Compton Greenfield

1/6. Albert Alvis, CH 16/10/1842ACi, Compton Greenfield, of Compton, Farmer.

1871 Census, Winscombe, Somerset:
Albert Alvis (28, farmer of 10 acres, Almondsbury), Emily (30, Almondsbury), Minne (11 mts, Winscombe), Charlotte Alvis (sister in law, widow, 46, Dressmaker, Almondsbury)
1891 Census, Farmhouse, Berwick Lane, Henbury:
Albert Alvis (48, Farmer, Henbury), Emily (wife, 53, Almondsbury), Minnie (20, mother’s help, Bristol), Edith (16, mother’s help, Almondsbury), Edgar (12, scholar, Almondsbury), Agnes (10, scholar, Almondsbury), Arthur (8, scholar, Almondsbury)
2/1. Minnie Alvis, b abt 1871
2/2. Edith Alvis, b abt 1875
2/3. Edgar Alvis, b abt 1879
2/4. Agnes Alvis, b abt 1881
2/5. Arthur Alvis, b abt 1883.

1/7. Ann Alvis, B 11/11/1844, ch 22/12/1844 of Henbury, of John & Eliza, farmer.
1/8. James Alvis B 23/9/1846, Ch 25/10/1846ACi Compton Greenfield,

of Henbury, Farmer.
Married: Henbury, 27/3/1879ACi, Mary Ann Aldom, bachelor & Spinster, both full age, James a Farmer of Henbury, father John, Mary of Yate, father William, a grocer.
Same day as sister Mary.

1/9. Eliza Alvis, B 3/7/1848, ch 30/7/1848ACi, of Compton in Henbury,

a farmer.
1871 Census, Wyck Rissington:
David Hope (Hd, 73, Farmer, WR), Elizabeth (70), Jules (30, Dres maker, WR), Hubert (son, 27, Ag Lab, WR).
Married Henbury 19/5/1874ACi, Hubert Hope, bachelor of Wych Rissington, father David, farmer, she spinster of Henbury father John, farmer. Both full age.

1/10. Mary Alvis,

4.5    William Lawrence

Ch: 13/5/1822, Westerleigh, Glos
Parents: William & Hannah, of Westerleigh, a Butcher
Died 17/10/1877, Bur: 20/10/1877FMPt, Westerleigh, aged 55
Will Index: 31/1/1878, William Lawrence of Box Hedge farm, Westerleigh, died 17/10/1877 at Box Hill, by Jane Lawrence, widow & relict, and Henry Sherborne or Westerleigh & John Sherborne the younger of Pucklechurch execs. Less than £3000.

Ch at the same time as John Lawrence, brother.
1851 Census, Westerleigh St, Westerleigh, all born there:
William Lawrence (29, Publican & Butcher), Jane (32), Priscilla (1), Hannah (2) + 4 servants & lodgers.
1861 Census, Box Hedge Farm, Westerleigh, all born there:
William Lawrence (38, Farmer of 266 acres emp 8 men and 2 boys), Jane (40), Priscilla (11, scholar), Thomas (9, scholar), Clara (6, scholar), William G (4), Frederick (2).
1871 Census, Box Hedge Farm, Westerleigh (now shows as Coalpit Heath), all b, Westerleigh:
William Lawrence (48, landowner 400 acres, emp 16 men, 6 cowmen 3 boys), Jane (51), Susannah? (22), Priscilla (21), Thomas (19), Clara (15) Son (12)
1881 Census, Box Hedge farm:
Jane Lawrence (wid, Hd, 60, Farmer 353 acres, emp 7 mne 2 boys, 1 woman), Priscilla (unm, 31), Frederick (22, Farmers son).
1891 Census, Rodford, Chipping Sodbury:
Jane Lawrence (Hd, wid 70, Farmer), Priscilla (41, Farmer’s dau), Frederick (31, Farmer’s son), Catherine I (D-in-L, 29, Chipping Sodbury), John F.E. Downson (G/son, 14, Potters Apprentice, Bristol), Margaret Lawrence (G/dau, 9, Yate).

Married, 27/5/1845FMPt, Westerleigh, son of William Lawrence, Jane Sherborne dau of William Sherborne, of Westerleigh.

Jane Sherborne

Ch 11/6/1820FMPt, Westerleigh
Parents: William & Hannah Sherborne
Prob died Q1 1892, Reg Chipping Sodbury, age 71.
Will Index: Jane Lawrence of Rodford Farm, Westerlegh, widow, died 10/2/1892, Admon Gloucester 8/4/1892 to Thomas Lawrence, farmer, £69/6s.
1/1. Ann Sherborne Lawrence, ch 3/12/1848, age 1d
1/2. Priscilla Lawrence, ch 29/3/1850FMPt age 1d, of William & Jane

1901 Census, Rodford, Westerleigh:
Priscilla Lawrence (Hd, 51 living on own means, Westerleigh), Thomas (brother, married, 49, farmer out of pleasure, Westerleigh), Agnes Minne Dowson (niece, 27, Help, Bishampton), Mable S Lawrence (Niece, 15, Yate)

1911 Census, housekeeper in Stepney.

1/3. Thomas Lawrence, ch 25/8/1851FMPt,
1/4. Clara Lawrence, ch 5/8/1855
1/5. Frederick Lawrence, ch 10/4/1859, Mar Catherine

1901 Census, Rodford:
Frederick Lawrence (42, Farmer), Catherine (39, Chipping Sodbury), Mary Constance (niece, 16, Yate), George Henry (nephew, 13, Yate)
1911 Census, Westerleigh:
Frederick Lawrence (Hd, 50 Farmer 100, emp 2, Westerleigh), Catherine Jane (48, married 29 – no issue, Chipping Sodbury), George Henry Lawrence (nephew, 23, Clerk Corn merchant, Yate)  Margaret Lawrence (niece, 29, Yate)
Sidney Bence Lawrence (47, cousin, Cabinet maker, Westerleigh)

1/6. Hannah Sherborne Lawrence, married John Henry Dowson, 24/10/1871ACi,

he bachelor of Bristol, father John, Gent, she of St Saviour, Coal Pit Heath, father William, farmer, both full age. Priscilla & Clara witnesses.
2/1. Agnes Minnie Dowson, b abt 1874
2/1. John F.E. Dowson, b abt 1877


5        Generation


5.1    John Gill

A lead miner on the Nidderdale lead mines.
John Gill ch 2/6/1792, of William & Lucy G.H.H. (Greenhow hill?), Pateley Bridge.
Probably correct as family later at Greenhow Hill.
John Gill Bap 8/5/1791 of Matthew & Mary of Harefield
John Gill 3/1/1793 of John & Hannah GH Hill. Bur 18/11/1794

John Gill bur 1/2/1860, PB of Greenhow, aged 68
Jane Gill bur PB, 14/4/1865FMPi, aged 76, of Greenhow Hill,

1851 Census, Dacre cum Bewerley:
John Gill (59, Lead Miner, Bewerley), Jane (59, Durham), William (22, Lead Miner, Pateley), Levi (20, Lead Miner, Bewerley), Jane (17, Bewerley)
1861 Census, Greenhow, Bewerley:
William Gill (32, Lead Miner Farms 2¼ acres, Bewerley), Hilly? Alice (30, Bewerley), Arthur Wm (2), Jane (mother, widow, 72, Middleton, Durham)
Also there John & Hannah Gill, lead miner aged 65 & family.

John Gill M Jane Bainbridge, 8/11/1813FMPi, Pateley Bridge, both OTP
This marriage is confirmed by Jacob using as a 2nd name in his will of Bainbrig.
The most likely is Jenny Bainbridge, ch Middleton, 29/10/1791FMPi of Jacob & Mary of Dirtpit – most probable with Jenny/Jane’s first born son Jacob.
also Jane of 29/4/1792 of Charles of Darlington, a weaver.
Nothing on Jacob Bainbridge

1/1. Jacob Gill, 20/9/1814FMPt, Bewerley
1/2. Mary Gill, 19/1/1819FMPi, PB, lead miner.
1/3. Nancy Gill, 18/7/1823FMPi, PB, Miner
1/4. Thomas Gill, 26/5/1816FMPi, PB, Lead miner
1/5. William Gill, 13/7/1828FMPi, PB, Miner
1/6. Levi Gill, 14/12/1830FMPt, Bewerley, also in Ripon.

Elizabeth Gill bur 13/6/1811, widow B-W-h, 13/6/1812, widow, workhouse
Margaret Gill, dau of John & Elizabeth, 17/3/1811 L-B-S

5.2    George Alvis

Born: 4/6/1778Findagrave. The source of this is not given, but may be on the tombstone.
Ch: 31/1/1777ACi, Clevedon of George & Anna, another possibility
Died 2/1/1858FG, bur 11/1/1758ACi, Henbury, Age 79. of Compton.
Will with a Codicil, 27/10/1858, of George Alvis late of Compton, Henbury, died 2/1/1858, Compton, by John Alvis, yeoman of Compton, the son. Under £3000
1841 Census, Compton Tything
George Alvis (60, Farmer, Y), Sarah (60, N), Sarah (27, N), Eliza (20, N), Louisa (19, N), James (16, Y)
1851 Census, Compton Tything, Henbury, Glos, all b Compton ex George)
Age must be 73, but looks like 93.
George Alvis (93, Farmer 120 acres, Portishead), James (son, 25), Eliza (33), Mary Hisken (dau, 36), Eliza (G/dau, 4), William A (g/s, 13), Henry C (g/s, 9), Mary (g/d, 6).
Married 17/4/1803ACi, Henbury, by banns, yeoman & Spinster

Sarah Harris

Prob Ch: Stanton Drew, 5/9/1779ACi.
Parents: George and Mary Harris
Sarah Alvis bur Henbury, 8/12/1845ACi, aged 67, Compton.

Issue of George & Sarah Alvis:
1/1. George Alvis, b 1/2/1804ACi, ch 1/7/1804, Portishead

Poss bur 26/7/1809, Clevedon.

1/2. John Alvis, 2/2/1807ACi.
1/3. Samuel Alvis, ch 7/9/1809ACi, Portishead.

Bur Easton in Gordano, of Clapton, 2/2/1824FMPt, age 14

1/4. Mary Alvis abt 1815 ch 8/1/1812ACi, of Clapton in Gordano. No marriage found.
1/5. Sarah Alvis, ch 27/2/1814ACi, Clapton in Gordano, yeoman of Clapton

Married William Webb, Bristol, 26/8/1850ACi, he 40, bachelor, Farmer of Temple St, father William, she 36, spinster, of Hembury, father George.

1/6. Elizabeth Alvis, ch 18/2/1816ACi, CiG, farmer of Clapton.
1/7. Eliza Alvis ch 24/5/1818ACi, farmer in Clapton Wich, Portbury parish.
1/8. Louisa Alvis, ch 15/7/1821ACi, farmer, Easton in Gordano
1/9. James Alvis, ch 19/6/1825ACi, of Compton, farmer

5.3    Henry Battin

Married, Brislington, 20/2/1815ACi, as bachelor & Spinster, both OTP

Jane Proberts

Issue, ch Brislington:
1/1. Mary Ann Battin, ch 18/12/1814 – puts the marriage in question.
1/1. Elizabeth Battin, ch 24/3/1816

5.4    William Lawrence

Born: 1795, ch Westerleigh, 9/2/1796ACi.
Parents: Richard & Mary (Huggins) Lawrence
Bur 12/9/1863ACi, Westerleigh, aged 69.

But: William Lawrence bur Westerleigh, 23/10/1796FMPt, no image, and no age. There was a William Lawrence born in Westerleigh in 1729, it could have been him. The birth in 1796 fits the other facts well, so is probably correct.

No Will.
1841 Census, Westerleigh St, Westerleigh (all b Glos):
William Lawrence (45, Butcher), Hannah (50), William (15), George (15), Susanna (15), James (14).
1851 Census, Westerleigh St (all b Westerleigh):
William Lawrence (56, Butcher), Hannah (58), James (22, Butcher)
1861 Census, Westerleigh St, all b Westerleigh:
William Lawrence (67, Butcher), Hannah (72), James (33, Butcher), Elizabeth A (D-in-L, 29, Cheltenham), George W (G/son, 1 mth)
Marriage not found.
Hannah Lawrence,

B abt 1789
bur 6/1/1875ACi, Westerleigh, aged 86.
Issue bap Westerleigh:
1/1. William Lawrence, ch 1/12/1820, of William & Hannah, Labourer.

William Lawrence bur 4/4/1821, age 4 mths, Westerleigh

1/2. George Lawrence, ch 1/12/1820, of William & Hannah, Labourer.
1/3. William Lawrence, ch 13/5/1822 of William & Hannah, butcher
1/3. Susannah Lawrence 9/3/1825, of William & Hannah, Labourer.
1/4. Emma Jane Lawrence, ch 23/4/1826, ditto.
1/5. James Lawrence ch 21/9/1827 ditto

1881 Census, Westerleigh:
James Lawrence (53, Butcher, Westerleigh), Elizabeth (49, Cheltenham), George Wm (20, Westerleigh), Clement (18, Butchers son, Westerleigh)

Richard Lawrence, bachelor OTP married 29/8/1790ACi, Bitton, Glos, Mary Huggins, spinster OTP by banns
Richard died 19/5/1841, Westerleigh, aged 78. Possibly ch Barnsley, Glos, 29/7/1764ACi, of William & Betty, but quite far away.
Mary Huggins ch Frampton Cotterell, 14/12/1766ACi, of Isaac and Ann Huggins.
Issue of Richard Lawrence, Westerleigh:
1/1. Ann Lawrence, ch 20/5/1793ACi, of Richard
1/2. William Lawrence, ch 9/2/1796ACi, of Richard.
1/3. Elizabeth Lawrence, ch 30/5/1798ACi, of Richard & Mary
1/4. John Lawrence ch 16/11/1800ACi, Richard & Mary

5.5    William Sherborne

Ch 21/3/1784ACi, Westerleigh, of Thomas
Bur: 9/1/1872ACi, Westerleigh, aged 87.
Will Index: William Sherborne of Westerleigh, Yeoman, died 4/1/1872, proved at Gloucester by Henry Sherborne, son & sole exec, less than £2000.

1841 Census, Westerleigh Hill, all B Glos:
William Sherborne (57, Farmer), Ann (20), Jane (20), William (20), Rebecca (13).
1851 Census, Westerleigh Hill:
William Sherborn (67, Farmer 52 acres emp 2 labs), Rebecca (22), John (g/son, 8, Scholar, Addersbury)
1861 Census, Westerleigh:
William Sherborne (77, farmer of 53 acres, emp 2 men), Ann (73, wife)

Married, 10/3/1811ACi, Westerleigh, by Banns, both OTP.

Hannah Bryant

B abt 1784, ch Westerleigh, 23/5/1784ACi of Jonathan Bryant
Bur: Hannah Sherborne, Westerleigh, 14/10/1829ACi, aged 45, of Westerleigh.

1/1. John Sherborne, ch 4/8/1811
1/2. Henry Sherborne, ch 9/5/1813FMPt.
1/3. Sarah Sherborne, ch 3/9/1815
1/4. Ann Sherborne 21/2/1819
1/5. Jane Sherborne, ch 11/6/1820, of William & Hannah
1/6. William Sherborne Ch 12/8/1821
1/7. Enoch Sherborne, ch 24/10/1824, bur 24/2/1825
1/8. Mary Sherborne, ch 19/4/1826, bur 18/4/1832, age 6
1/9. Rebecca Sherborne b 16/8/1828


6        Generation


6.1    William Gill

ch: 27/8/1763FMPi Pateley Bridge of Stephen of Hayshaw, also 24/4/1762 bur 14/2/1763

William Gill of Ripon, miner, married at Burnsall, 25/7/1791FMPi, by Banns, Lucy Read of Burnsall, witnesses Fountaine.
Lucy Read not found.

Lucy Gill bur PB, 6/6/1829FMPi, age 61 of Greenhow Hill.
William Gill bur PB 27/12/1825 of Greenhow Hill, aged 61.

William Gill ch 27/5/1766FMPi of George of Lowbishopside, PB
William Gill ch 13/12/1761FMPi, Ripon Cathedral of Sawly, of Christopher, Sawly well to the west.
William Gill bur 25/12/1778, PB, of W House, prob the workhouse, would be

Issue of William & Lucy, ch Pateley Bridge:
1/1. Read Gill ch 5/5/1799, GHH
1/2. John Gill ch 5/6/1792 of GHH
1/3. Mary Gill, ch 11/1/1794 of GHH
1/4. Jinny Gill, 15/5/1796 of GH hill
1/5. Thomas Gill ch 24/1/1802 of GH Hill

6.2    Jonathan Bryant

B abt 1756.
Bap 12/8/1752, Yeovil of John, a possibility, but not very likely.
Bur: 20/12/1844ACi, Westerleigh, aged 88

Not on 1841 census.
The children listed below have no mother given; the only marriage found in Westerleigh was to Sarah Gibbs, but Rebecca, born later, is the only one with an indication of the mother. Hannah is exactly the correct age for Hannah Sherborne’s death however. Perhaps he was married before, and his first wife died, perhaps at Hannah’s birth, although there is no indication in the parish records.

Married, 1/10/1783ACi, Westerleigh, both OTP, by licence:

Sarah Gibbs

B abt 1766
Ch: 3/4/1763, Westerleigh of William
Ch: 11/3/1764ACi, Westerleigh, of Isaac.
Bur Sarah Bryant, 22/1/1822ACi, Westerleigh, aged 56

Issue of Jonathan Bryant, Westerleigh:
1/1. Sarah Bryant, ch 15/6/1778
1/2. Elizabeth Bryant, 6/2/1780
1/3. Mary Bryant, ch 30/1/1783, Westerleigh
1/4. Hannah Bryant, ch 23/5/1784
1/5. Mary Bryant b 4/8/1786, ch 4/8/1786
1/6. George Bryant 18/9/1786 – John Bryant church warden

1841 Census, Ram Hill Westerleigh:
George Bryant (55, Coal Miner, Y), Mary (53, Y), William (20, Y), Hannah (15, Y),

1/1. Rebecca Bryant, ch 9/4/1792, of Jonathan & Sar.

Several Bryants in Westerleigh in 1844: Jonathan, farmer, age 35
James Coal Trimmer, 20.

Mar Westerleight:
Charles Edwards & Ann Bryant, 19/8/1778
Jacob Dandy & Hannah Bryant, 23/9/1778

7        Generation



7.1    Stephen Gill

birth not found;
Only marriage of about the right date married Sarah Summersgill, PB early 1755FMPi, exact date unreadable, both of this Chapelry.

Issue of Stephen Gill, Pateley Bridge:
1/1. Ann Gill, 2/6/1756FMPi, of Hayshaw.
1/2. Stephen Gill, ch 10/12/1757FMPi, Dyke Lane
1/3. Mary Gill, ch 5/1/1760, of Hayshaw
1/4. William Gill ch 24/4/1762 bur 14/2/1763 of Hayshaw
1/5. William Gill, ch: 27/8/1763 of Hayshaw.
1/6. Richard Gill, ch 4/1/1766 of Hayshaw

7.2    Isaac Gibbs

Isaac Gibbs at 24/5/1818, St Paul’s Bristol, Recorded at Westerleigh, aged 84. No indication of origin, but probably him.

Married, 22/4/1754ACi, Westerleigh, by banns both OTP, wit William Lawrence:

Sarah Lawrence

No indication of her origins, several around Cirencester.
1/1. Isaac Gibbs, ch 5/10/1761ACi,
1/2. Sarah Gibbs ch 11/3/1764
1/3. Daniel Gibbs, ch 13/4/1767

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