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     |                 |WILLIAM BROWN
     |           |ELISHA BROWN
     |     |     |     |     |GEORGE BLAYMIRE
     |     |     |     |GEORGE BLAYMIRE
     |     |     |     |           |JOHN STEWARDSON
     |     |     |     |     |MARGARET STEWARDSON  
     |     |     |MARTHA BLAYMIRE
     |     |           |     |THOMAS HEMSLEY         
     |     |           |MARTHA HEMSLEY
           |     |JOHN & JANE JONES
           |MARY JONES


Prime Family













BLAYMIRE (Gen 10) 13

Stewardsons 14



1. Untitled Paper: 16

2. COPY Letter from William E. Brown, 16

3. Letter from William Twiston Davies to: 17


4. Letter dated 18



8. Letter dated 20

9. Earwaker, Pages 226/9. 21

10. Paper by William Twiston Davies, 1964, 22

11. Debrett's: 22

12. Death Notice (cutting in Brown papers): 23

13. BROWNE of UPTON, Chester: 23



15. Daphne Lowe's Manuscript 2. 24

16. Daphne Lowe's Manuscript corrected by her mother, 25

Prime Family: 26

1. Civil BMD Records                 2. Parish Records.
3. IGI/AF.                           4. Census.
5. Family interview.                 6: Newspaper & other publications
7: Wills                             8: Tombstone
9. Family History                    9web: W.E. Brown Genealogy.
9td: Twiston Davies History          9p: Photo Albums.
9dl: Daphne Lowe.                    9eh: Enid Hawkins.

Much of the information that follows about the Brown family of Chester was given to A Maitland by Daphne Lowe, G Grand daughter of GJH Brown, and who has a collection of papers, photographs and memories of her family. She married Roy Lowe and they ran the family Jewellery business until about 2002. This information is supplemented by that found by A Maitland.


Using Rev Hargreaves-Mawdesley research from 1924 and modern sources. The earliest Brown of whom there is easy documentary evidence is Elisha Brown, born in Coventry in, father William and grandfather John. His wife, Martha Blaymire, born in Derbyshire, where her family lived about a generation before moving to the Manchester area (Macclesfield?). Martha's mother's family probably came from Yorkshire/Northumberland but her father George came of a family probably from Westmoreland. The Blaymires seem to have been Congregationalists in Derbyshire, and Elisha Brown of a similar denomination. There is no evidence that George Blaymire's supposed ancestors in Westmoreland were other than of the Established Church, but there were Quaker Blaymires in the area.





The father of Ellen Brown, father-in-law of William K Owen.

Born: 1832 in Macclesfield (ref cen51 & Mar cert – IGI nil).
Parents: Elisha & Martha Brown.
Died9wtd: 30/7/1909.
(1) Mary Jones, 8/8/1854 @ The Independent Chapel, Queen St, Chester.
(2) 28/6/1866, Mary Sophia Prime, b 1837, Langley, Essex.

George Brown followed his father and was a watchmaker and later silversmith in Chester; in 5/2000 the firm of GJH Brown & Son Ltd, diamond merchants, watchmakers, jewellers and silversmiths still exists at The Cross, 2 Eastgate Row. Established 1848 (thus name of business, GJH Brown, does not reflect original founder: GJHB would have been 14 at the time! Must have been Elisha who founded it).
Ref Daphne Lowe, started business in Bridge St June 1860.
Later moved to Eastgate Row. Was eventually bought out of business by FG Brown when he started spending more time at Queen St Chapel than he did in the shop. Died early one morning running for the horse drawn tram at Overleigh corner while living at 5 Ash Grove.




Born: Chester, 1831-2 (Cen61 & death),
Ch: 6/5/1832, Chester, Holy Trinity (PR)
Parents: John & Jane Jones (ref M/C & Census)


Perhaps called "Kitchen" to differentiate from other Jones, christened as such!?


Died (D/Cert held): 22/6/1863 @ 5 Ashes (should be Grove), Wrexham Rd, Chester, age 31, Elisha Brown present. (cause illegible).


1841 Census, New Crane St, Chester:
John Jones (35, Baker, Y), Jane (40,N), William (12,Y), Rachel (10,Y), Mary (8,Y), Helena (6,Y), John (4,Y).
1851 Census, New Crane St, Chester:
John Jones (45, Baker & Flower Dealer, Chester), Jane (48, LPL), William W (22, Baker, Chester), Rachel (20 Milliner, Chester), Mary K (19, Chester, Trinity), Helena (16, Dressmaker, Chester, Trinity), John (14, scholar, Trinity).

1854, @ marriage: 22 years, Spinster, of Saltney, Chester. 
    Father, John (Deceased) a Baker.
Witnesses: Paul Price jnr, William Henry Evans, Rachel Jones J Jones.

Issue of George Brown & Mary Jones:
1/1. William Hemsley Brown, (b. 1857, Chester, d. 1/10/1922),

(B/C Avail). Married Nellie from Yorkshire,

Aunt Nellie (Bernard's mother) owned Carlett Boulevard. (Uncle Will was with Frost's - sold to Spillers eventually) both Bernard and Helmsley were married and she wanted MPS and HMS to live with her when they were married. MPS thought it wouldn't work as she was very fussy. She was still at Gledholt.

Bernard's wife died (Gertie). Nellie lived with both sons. She was very nice, but Yorkshire and very particular. Very strict.

Bernard's invention bought by Petrol Companies for £38000 (saved 1/2 petrol consumption). Died of brain tumor.

Lived at Gledholt, Liverpool Rd. Worked as a traveler for Frost's Flour Mills who were later taken over by Spillers.
Asked Harry & Marjorie (Brown) Smith to live with her at Gledholt.
She then moved to Selkirk Rd after William died and latterly to Glan Aber when she lived with Bernard's family.

From niece Marjorie Phillips (Brown) Smith:
"Surely Helmsley was the eldest. Evelyn ran the boarding house where he lodged in London. She was a good bit older than he. They adopted a girl."
"Aunt Nellie went to live with Hems and Evelyn at the beginning of the War because they did not want to take in a refugee!"
2/1. Bernard Brown, married Gertie Gilbert from Nantwich

3/1. Betty Brown. 3/2002, still living on Dee Banks,
   she never married.

2/1. Helmsley Brown, married Evelyn & Gwen. No issue. Lived in Fowey,

1/2. Ellen Jane "Jeannie" Brown,

(25/10/1859, Chester, d. 18/12/1941),
Ref DL: Married William Owen. Worked as a governess at Owen's house, Capenhurst Manor. William was a cousin of her employers; he was a poor relation and drank. They lived at Rockferry. (previously at Fox Coverts, Spital.)
These Owens must have been William's uncle, Peter and/or his children. She never liked the name Jane, preferring Jeannie.
From niece Marjorie Phillips (Brown) Smith and JEB:
"Aunt Jeannie was engaged to an elder son of the Owen family, but he later went abroad to get out of it (so I've been told) and Will (Wm Kirk Owen) was asked by Peter Owen (head of the family) to take her on instead! She must have had a time of it. They were very short of money. The Owen family were always very kind to Aunt Jeannie, Kirk and Jessie.
Aunt J used to have a cold bath every morning, drawn overnight because she had to be up so early to get Will off to Liverpool. They never had a fire until evening. She spoilt Kirk, he had more pocket money a better food than Jessie, "being a man". He bullied Jessie."

1/3. Jessie Alice Brown,(1858, Chester), (B/C Avail).

Was engaged to Livingstone Learmouth. Was a governess & died of fever in Madrid, Spain in her 20s. She was a particular favourite of the family and 2 nieces Jessie Ellen and Jessie May Owen were named after her.

1/4. Frederick George Brown, (1863, Chester), (B/C Avail).

Died: 22/1/1932, aged 69, after coming home from a Burns Dinner.
Married Ellen Dunn, of Chistleton, Chester, after seeing her driving her dogcart in Eastgate St. Thought to have married "trade".
He bought father, GJHB out of the shop and worked long hours to repay. Lived at Thorndene in Cambrian Crescent and would not move to a larger property, partly because Ellen was stone deaf. He was remembered by both his daughters as being very careful with his money, a very Brown characteristic. He mellowed later and was more generous.
FG Brown at shop from 9-11 at night - had his dinner brought to the shop in a wicker basket. Warmed up on stove. James was a down and out, very honest - did all the deliveries. Went to fetch FG dinner each day at 1230. Eventually James fell in the shed and broke his leg - sent to the workhouse where he died. (paid 10/- a week for his rent and food. Had FG's old clothes. He was a nice old thing. Had few teeth - was in the Salvation Army)

Refused to speak to his father-in-law Alfred Dunn as he considered him lazy (except when his wife, who was always a peacemaker pressed him). Alfred Dunn lived 6 months of each year with FG's family until his death while living with his youngest daughter, Fanny at Glossop.

2/1. Jessie Brown, b 30/8/1893. 1st woman to work for Lloyds Bank in    
   1st WW when all the men were called up. Unm.
2/2. Marjorie Phillips Brown, died 1995 aged 98.

Married Harry Malcolm Smith.
3/1. Beryl Evelyn Smith, born 9/12/1927, married & divorced.
3/2. Daphne Joyce Smith, JP, Born 1931

Died 29/5/13, buried East Meon, Hampshire.
Married Roy Lowe, born 1927.
Roy was an engineer with Rolls Royce in the 1950's, latterly working on vibration analysis of aircraft structures. He worked for de Haviland Canada for some years. He was mayor of Chester. He ran the family Silversmithing business: none of his children wished to continue the business. Philippa had worked in the business in London, but did not wish to move to Chester. The shop was closed May 2001.
4/1. Jeremy Nigel Lowe 13/1/1957.

Married Ann Mead
5/1. Samuel Lawrence Lowe 15/1/94

4/2. Philippa Cicely Anne Lowe 14/8/1958 (Canada)

Married & Divorced Jay Galpin
Partner: David Anderson.
5/1. son Fraser George Anderson

4/3. Virginia Ruth Lowe 16/10/60 (Connecticut)

Married Ian Campbell
5/1. Hilary Alice 1/12/89.
5/2. Justin Matthew 1/2/92.

4/4. Dominic Roy, born Los Angeles, 22/8/1962 (01275 830230).

Married Julie Their
5/1. James Thomas Lowe 18/1/1992
5/2. Jonathan Roy Lowe 18/1/1992.
5/3. Katie Grace Lowe 13/10/1995.

Married (2): 28/6/1866, Bath,
Mary Sophia Prime,
Born: 6/9/1835, Langley, Essex. Died 12/??/1911, Chester.
Daughter of George King Prime, farmer of 10, Dale St, Bath.

Issue of George Brown & Sophia Prime:
1/5. Leonora Gertrude Brown, (1868, Chester4), (B/C Avail).

Married Bert Whittam (18 years her junior). Died in hotel in Sidmouth9dl 29/12/1958.

1/6. Minnie Louisa Brown, aka Hannah, (16/1/1870, Chester),

(B/C Avail).

From niece Marjorie Phillips (Brown) Smith:
"Minnie: "We always thought she was a bit of a snob, as she had more money than the rest of us! The boys went to public school didn't they? She once told someone after a lapse of quite 15 years not seeing me, I had improved!"

Ref Daphne Lowe:
Married (1) William Leonard Twiston-Davies of Neston.
Lived at Beechwood House, Canal St, Chester. Lived at Abbey Green. A factory sold to Imperial Tobacco.
Died 30/5/1961, Cheshire.
Married (2) E.L. Englehart, CBE, Lt Col, RWF, son of Sir Gordon Englehart (a famous miniaturist? Ref EAC.)
Address from Enid Hawkins book: Minnie Engleheart, 1st Floor flat, Woodland, Wood Leigh, Clifton, Bristol.
2/1. Sir Leonard Twiston Davis (m. Dorothy)

Lord Lt of Monmouth, son Nigel
Friendly with Marjorie Brown
3/1. Tony Twiston-Davies
3/2. Christopher Twiston-Davies.
3/3. Suzanne Twiston-Davies.

2/1. W. Twiston Twiston Davis (m. Kathleen)

WTD carried out much research, which is quoted here
Worked for Imperial Tobacco 2 sons (ref EAC).
Newspaper cutting: MC for conspicuous gallantry, 14/2/1917.
3/1. Peter Twiston-Davies.
3/2. David Twiston-Davies.

1/7. Ada G. Brown, (1872-1944),

Died9dl: At Crewe station on way from Lancing to visit Daphne's mother. Ellen Brown (Mrs FG) had to travel to Crewe to identify her. She was cremated at Crewe and her remains were lost in transit for 6 weeks.
Married9dl: Henry "Bunk" Chamberlaine, as his 2nd wife. He was from  Worcester and worked for Dent's gloves. He bought shares in South African Pines - never paid (when the pines gave up!). Enid Hawkins lived with them for 4 years after leaving school. Bunk died in the War.
2/1. Daughter died infant.

1/8. Herbert Elisha Brown (1874-1936),

Based on Daphne Lowe’s papers, and corrected by Gail  Harrington (4/1, below)
married Annette Constance Eileen Warden 1882-1914, daughter of George Cockburn Warden Jr and Gabriella Richardina Morrison. Went Toronto as an architect. Eileen died at Dieundonner's birth9dl. He later remarried "Aunt May". Died about 1937.
Eileen Warden’s grandfather was George Cockburn Warden Sr, whose father was Dr William Warden author of Letters from St Helena, referring to his acquaintance/observance of Napoleon.  William had an uncle, Hugh Warden who wrote a journal of travels in Virginia in the 1700’s.


2/1. Warden Brown.
2/2. Estella Eileen Hemsley Brown (Stella) (1905-73),

m. Homer Guenther (1902-66),a Canadian who worked in a bank. He visited English family during the 2nd war and sent food parcels! Frank Guenther visited in the 1980's.
3/1. Constance "Louise" Guenther, 1931-2003,

who first married Peter Tate Harrington (1930-1971) in 1950.  In 1980 Louise married Edward Arthur Marion Chadwick, great-grandson of THE Edward Marion Chadwick Canadian lawyer, heraldry expert, genealogist etc etc.

4/1. Gail Harrington.

4/2. Alan b 1957 Harrington
4/3. Sandra b 1961 Harrington

3/2 John Franklin Guenther 1932-, m. to Patricia Johns,

4/1. Mary Guenther.
4/2. Sylvia Guenther
4/3. Brian Guenther

3/3. Jane Eileen Guenther, 1946-, m Paul Williams

4.1. Wendy Williams
4/2. Paula Williams.
4/3. David Williams.
4/4. Jodie Williams (daughter)

2/3. Kenneth Brown
2/4. Dieundonner Brown.


1/8. Edith (Edie) Rolfe Brown, (1876-21/10/1953).

Engaged 1st to Mr. Hutchins who went to India and sent a sliver box. (he later married an Australian and lived in West Avenue). Later engaged to Mr. Hutchinson. She was stage-struck and worked for a time in the stage - this was of course anathema to her family!
Married James Arthur Lambourne Hawkins, an actor who later started a cinema in Sheffield (it had wooden benches). He was very musical and wrote plays. James' father was a parson from St Austell, Cornwall. They were married in Arbroath. GJHB tried to stop the marriage, but arrived too late. She left James Hawkins when her daughters were small and returned to live with GJHB at Ash Grove. Later moved to 11 Bath St with her daughters provided for by FGB and his brother William. There is a theory that James AL Hawkins was related to the Actor Jack Hawkins, simply because he had a great resemblance to Enid. She once contacted the family but was brushed off! A younger generation may be more interested.
JALH's father was the Rev James Hawkins, a primitive Methodist minister, according to his gg grand-daughter, Kay Slee from Barry, South Wales. JALH had 8 siblings, including a sister Elizabeth.
Neither daughter married, but were much involved in theatre.
2/1. Enid Hawkins, who gave much information to Daphne Lowe, and WTD.
2/2. Joan Hawkins. Taught dancing to support the family.

Both lived in Guildford.

1/10. Percy John Brown (1877-10/6/1938).

Married Florence Arnold from Southsea or Portsmouth. He was a pharmacist and Florence was the daughter of the chemist for whom he worked. He later started a cinema in Hayling Island (FGB would not lend him any money for such a venture). Was articled to ?? & ??. No issue.


1851 Census, 66 Mid Crane St, Chester:
Age 19, Watchmaker with parents.

Marriage of George JH Brown Gt Broughton 9/54 8a 489
Certificate shows: Married 8/8/1854 at The Independent Chapel, Queen St, Chester George John Hemsley Brown, 22 years, Bachelor, a Silversmith of Crane St, Chester. Father Elisha. A Watch Maker.  Mary K Jones, 22 years, Spinster, of Saltney, Chester.  Father, John (Deceased) a Baker.  Witnesses: Paul Price jnr, William Henry Evans, Rachel Jones J Jones.

1859 @ birth of Ellen: @ Ash Grove, Wrexham Rd, Chester, Master Watch Maker.
1861 Census, Ash Grove, Chester:
George (29, Watchmaker, Macclesfield), Mary K (29, Chester), William H (4, Chester), Sophie J (3, Chester), Ellen J (1, Chester), Ellen Jones (mother in law, 60, Liverpool).
1871 Census, 5, Ash Grove, Chester:
George (39, Watchmaker, Macclesfield), Mary (34, Langley, Essex) William H (14, Chester), Jessie (13, Chester), Ellen J (12, Chester), Frederick G. (9, Chester), Sophie (3, Chester), Hannah (1, Chester).
1881 Census: 18, St Martin-in-the-Field, Chester
George JH Brown (49, Master Jeweller, Macclesfield), Mary J. (44, Essex, Langley), All born Chester: William H. (24, Corn Merchant Asst), Frederick G. (19, Jeweller), Jessica (23, Governess), Ellen J.  (21, Governess), Gechie L (13), Minnie L (11), Ada G (9), Herbert E (7), Eddie R. (5), P??? (son 4).
1888, Marriage of Ellen: Jeweller of 43, Bouverie St, Chester.
1891: not at Bouverie St.
1901 Census, 5, Ash Grove, Chester:
George JH (69, Goldsmith, Macclesfield), Mary S (64, Hants, Anstey), Percy J (24, Chemist, Chester), Leonora (33, Chester),

2nd marriage of George Brown:
28/6/1866 @ Percy Chapel (Independent), Charlotte St, Bath, he widower age 34, silversmith, of 5 Ashes, Chester, father Elisha Brown; Mary Sophia Prime, 30, spinster, of 10, Dale St, Bath, father George King Prime, a farmer. Witnesses: John Robert, Eleanor & John Manning

EAV 1/12/93: Brown's of Chester (jewelers):

EAV's Note: Copy of an inscription?  Major Robert Johnson Houghton (?):
Master of the Wirral Hunt 33 yrs Mosty Hall, Chester 8/11/37, Phillip Stevenson, presented on behalf of Wirral Harriers.

Canadian Ontario connection - Gail (Harrington) Cardwell, 248 Woodmount Place, Newmarket, Ont L3Y 1R4

************************* GENERATION 7 *************************



The father of George JH Brown

Born9web: 6/10/1787, Coventry.  (Census51). (IGI nil country wide)
Parents: William Brown of Coventry.
The rest of his ancestry written by Daphne Lowe.
Death9web: 15/7/1863, bur Chester Cemetary.

Made freeman of Coventry, 25/6/1816. Later lived at Warrington, and had business in Macclesfield before settling in Chester. (ref WTD)

Extract: ...Watch making had started in the City (Coventry) as early as 1720 but it wasn't until the 1840's that it grew to predominance. Most watchmakers, like weavers, worked from home with their workshops at the back of the house on the top floor. These "top shops" are a feature of Coventry's housing stock to this day and they can be seen in many streets in the City....

Probably had sister Mary, referred to by WE Brown in 1924 as "good old Aunt Mary" when he talked to her in about 1875: this was probably his great aunt, WEB's direct aunt Mary would then have only been about 50.

All the Browns had a strong Nonconformist conscience and disapproved of alcohol, theatre etc. Were very careful over money.9eh

1841 Census, Nicholas St, Chester:
Elisha Brown (53, Watch mfg, N), Martha (50, N), Mary (16, N), Sarah (14, Y), Elisha (12, Y), George (8,Y).
1851 Census, 66 Middle Crane St, Chester:
Elisha (63, Watchmaker, Coventry), Martha (61, Ockbrook, Derbys), Mary (28, Warrington), Sarah (24, Northwich), Elisha (23, Watchmaker, Northwich), George (19, Watchmaker, Macclesfield).
1854, Son's marriage: a Watchmaker.
1861 Census, Ash Grove, Chester:
Elisha Brown (73, watch Maker, Coventry), Martha (72, Ogbrook), Elisha (31, Watchmaker, Northwich), Mary (38, Warrington).

Married: Martha Bleywire, 29/10/1820, Manchester Cathedral (IGI).



At mar shown as Bledwire.
IGI (cf 1861 Census):
Birth:  03/7/1789
Christening:  08/7/1789 United Brethren's Congregation, Ockbrook, Derby.
Parents: Geo & Martha Blaymire
(This George agrees with the letter by William Elisha Brown later in this paper, place deduced from Census)

Father George ref web & WE Brown (g/son, b.1855).
Said to have had beautiful hands "which she had never in her life soiled". Said to have been carried to school in Manchester in a Sedan chair.

Married: Elisha Brown 29/10/1820, Manchester Cathedral (IGI).

Census 51, 66 Middle Crane St, Chester:
Aged 61 (born Derbys)

Census 61: not at Crane St.
Census 71, 6, Ash Grove, Chester:
Martha (81, Widow, Derbys), Mary (dau, 40, Chester), Elisha (son, 38, Goldsmith, Chester).
These must be her son and daughter, the ages vary from the 51 census, which looks more correct.

Issue of Elisha Brown & Martha Blamire:
1/1. William Elisha Brown, (9web16/8/1821, Warrington,

died 13/8/1891),
Was very tall! Married Jane ....
This is probably a son of Elisha Brown, confirmed by WE Brown tree.
1861 Census, Ash Grove, Chester:
William Brown (38, Watchmaker, Warrington), Sarah J. (31, Chester), Sarah (13, Chester), William E (6, Chester)
1871 Census, 1, Ash Grove, Chester:
William Brown (50, Watchmaker & Jeweler, Warrington), Jane (49, Newtown Montgomery), Sarah (23, Chester), William (15, Surveyor & Engineer, Chester).
Census 1881, 1, Ash Grove, Chester:
William (now age 53!) and Jane (age 57!).
2/1. Sarah Brown, born 1848, Chester.
2/29web. William Elisha Brown, born 9/4/1855, Chester.

He made some attempts to establish a family tree and was in communication with Edie Rolfe Brown. Married "Etty".
DL: lived at 31 Parkgate Rd, St Oswald's Mount.
3/19web. William Ernest Brown, born 24/7/1882, Chester.

Married Ivy Haswell. He and father never spoke, but worked together!

3/2. Margaret Brown, buried St Asaph. Married Mr Cleaver,
   2 sons, born about 1918 & 1920.
3/3. Constance Brown, buried at St Oswalds' late 1960's.
   Lived 33 Parkgate Rd. Unmarried.

1/2. Mary Brown, (1823, Warrington),

IGI: B: 31/7/1822 Ch: 11/8/1822 Stepney Independent Or Congregational, Warrington, Lancashire

1/3. Sarah Brown, IGI: B. 21/5/1826,

Ch: 13/3/1828  Independent Or Congregational, Northwich, Cheshire, May have lived in Dee Hills Pk or Chistleton

1/4. Elisha Brown, (ch 13/3/1828 Northwich IGI & Census),
   Married Sarah, no issue. Lived Ash Grove next door to GJHB.
1/5. George JH Brown, (1832, Macclesfield).
1/6. Moses Brown.
1/7. Robert Brown, sold vegetables door to door and infuriated Aunt Minnie (ref Enid).

Elisha & Sarah shown in IGI as ch at Nether Knutsford and Independent or Congregational, Northwich.

Ancestry of Elisha Brown ref WE Brown Tree, from Daphne Lowe:
William Brown of Coventry, died 1796-7
John Brown, died 8/1797, left effects £5000
John Brown, born 1710, died 1770, Admin Chester, 1770.
James Brown, died 1751 aged 66?, of Cheadle
John Brown, born 1660, died 1728 of Cheadle
Thomas Brown, died abt 1692, of Cheadle Hulme, mentioned in "East Cheshire - Vol 1.
John Browne, born 1610, died 1668, in will of Moss Side, Cheadle Hulme.
Thomas Browne, died 1633 aged 53?
Thomas Browne, died 1626 of Cheadle Hulme in the inventory of his goods.
John Browne, born 1530, died 1596, of Cheadle Hulme, yeoman.



Little is known of the Jones family: was Mary's 2nd name, Kitchen, to differentiate from other Jones's?. Saltney is a suburb of Chester, but on the Welsh side of the border in Flintshire.

A John Jones ch. 10/11/1805 of Robert Jones & Ann Charnley in Hawarden: this is in Wales, and would give an age of 34/44 at the census's, which show him being born in Chester and aged 35/45.

John Jones, a Baker, dead by 1854 (Mary's Marriage cert.)
1841 Census, New Crane St, Chester:
John Jones (35, Baker, Y), Jane (40,N), William (12,Y), Rachel (10,Y), Mary (8,Y), Helena (6,Y), John (4,Y).
1851 Census, New Crane St, Chester:
John Jones (45, Baker & Flower Dealer, Chester), Jane (48, LPL), William W (22, Baker, Chester), Rachel (20 Milliner, Chester), Mary K (19, Chester, Trinity), Helena (16, Dressmaker, Chester, Trinity), John (14, scholar, Trinity).
1861 Census, Ash Grove, Chester:
George GH Brown's mother in law is called Ellen: this must be a mistake, all other details are correct.
Ellen aged 60 with daughter & son in law.
1871 Census, New Crane St, Chester:
Jane Jones (Hd, W, 70, Retd Grocer, LPL), John (son, 34, Railway Clerk, Chester), Ellen (dinL, 33 Chester), Hellena (Gdau, 11, scholar, Saltney), Annie G. (Gdau, 9, Scholar, Saltney), Sarah (Gdau, 7, Saltney), Alice M (Gdau, 5, Chester), Ada F (Gdau, 3, Chester), Minnie (Gdau, 2, Chester), Louisa I (Gdau, 7mths, Chester).
1881 Census for Jane aged 82, New Crane St with son John

Poss Marriage (IGI, PR, film 137/2 Chester):
Married Jane Hill, 6/5/1828, St Martin, Chester.
He signed, she her mark. He a wheelwright, both OTP, bachelor and spinster, wit Sarah Hill, her mark.
Also a number in Liverpool and Manchester, Jane being born in Liverpool about 1803.

Other IGI (PR checked) John Jones & Jane marriages:
Aldford M Jane Taylor, 11/10/1824, both OTP, wit George Taylor
Runcorn, M Jane Hughes, 19/12/1825, both OTP, widow & widower.

Issue (IGI & PR Holy Trinity, Chester, all of John Jones, Baker of Crane St & Jane):
1/1. William Winder Jones, ch Chester 4/1/1829.
1/2. Rachel Jones, 24/10/1830, Chester,

witness at Mary's wedding.

1/3. Mary Kitchen Jones, born Chester 1831-2. ch 6/5/1832
1/4. Helena Jones, 23/3/1833
1/5. John Jones, 26/2/1837. Died by 1891.

1861 Census, Jones Rows, Saltney:
John Jones (24, Railway Clerk, Chester), Ellen (22, Chester), Helena (d, 11 mths, Saltney)
1871 Census:
Family with Jane, John's mother in New Crane St, Chester.
1881 Census, 39, New Crane St, Chester:
John Jones (43, Commercial Traveller, Tobacco, Chester), Ellen (43, Chester), Helena (20, Hosier, Saltney), Annie (18, Milliner, Hawarden), Sarah G (16, Milliner, Hawarden), Alice M (15, Milliner, Chester), Ada H, 13, scholar, Chester), Louisa J (10, scholar), Maggie (9, scholar, Chester), Bertha (6, scholar, Chester), Laura (4, scholar, Chester), Jane (Ma, 82, LPL).
Married Ellen
2/1. Helena Jones, b abt 4/1860, Saltney

1891 Census, Egerton St, Broughton, Chester:
John E Yellowley (25, Mechanical Draughtsman, Gateshead, Durham), Ellen (25, Saltney), Ellen (MinL, Wid, 51, Living on her means, Chester), Ada H (sis, 21, Clerk), Chester), Louisa J (sis 18, Domestic, Chester), Bertha (sis, 16, Barmaid, Chester), Laura (13, Clerk, Chester).
1901 Census, 37 Lightport St, Hoole, Cheshire (all b Chester):
John Yellowley (35, Mechanical Engineering Worker, Gateshead), Sarah (wf, 36), Ada (9), May (8), John (6), Edward (2), Louisa Jones (SinL, 29)

2/2. Annie G Jones, b abt 1862, Saltney
2/3. Sarah Jones, b abt 1864, Saltney
2/4. Alice M Jones, b abt 1866, Chester
2/5. Ada H Jones, b abt 1868, Chester
2/6. Minnie Jones, b abt 1869, Chester
2/7. Louisa J. Jones, b abt 9/1870, Chester. unm 1901.
2/8. Maggie Jones, abt 1872.
2/9. Bertha, abt 1875.
2/10. Laura Jones, abt 1877.


Also issue of John & Jane Jones, but they cannot be the same family.
Mary Ann Jones 20/11/1829, St John Baptist, Chester.
Jane Jones, 6/3/1832, St John Baptist, Chester.



************************* GENERATION 8 *************************





Ch: 6/5/1742 variously Rosegill and Shap, (IGI)
Parents: George & Margaret Stewardson Blamire.


The IGI entry for Shap looks as though it is from the PR's (several do not!).

   From the HM research, this looks a possibility. The only other IGI possibility is at Dalston, west of Carlisle. The only Blaymire's on the IGI before his marriage are in Cumberland & Westmoreland.
   Rev Hargreaves Mawdesley report in 1924 has the Blaymire family moving from Clifton/Regill (or Rosegill), Westmoreland where they had been for upwards of 200 years and being settled near Manchester latter half 18thC. Clifton is about 3 miles south of Penrith. Shap is a further 10 miles south. It would appear that there was a middle period when they lived in Derbyshire. Martha Blaymire's birth in Ockbrook is confirmed in the 1851 & '61 census's.


A comment has been made that there was a Moravian Church connection. There is a Moravian school at Ockbrook, established in 1799.


Subject: BLAMIRE's Variant Burials
These are from the National Burial Index 1538 - 1825
1781 Mary BLAYMIRE 11m Derbys Ockbrook, The Moravian Church
1789 George BLAYMIRES 3+ Derbys Ockbrook, The Moravian Church
1790 Martha BLAYMIRES 41 Derbys Ockbrook, The Moravian Church

There were a lot of Blaymires in Bradford, but seem to have been contemporary with the Ockbrook family and no earlier.



George Blaymire Married Martha Hemsley, Ockbrook, 9/8/1779




Ch: Church Wilne, Derbyshire, 15/9/1749
Parents: Thomas & Mary Hemsley.

Church Wilne next parish SE of Ockbrook.

Issue of Geo & Martha, United Brethren Congregation, Ockbrook, Derby (Ockbrook between Derby & Long Eaton).
1/1. Mary Blaymire, b 1/5/1780, ch 4/5/1780.
1/2. Elizabeth Blaymire, b 15/8/1782, ch 18/8/1782.
1/3. George Blaymire, b 15/6/1785, ch 26/6/1785.

May have had issue Sarah, Elizabeth & George, alive about 1875 near Manchester.
1861 Census, Springfield, Crumpsall, Manchester:
Henry Blaymire (50, Manager of Cotton Works, Manch.), Sarah (50, nurse, Manch), Sarah (24, dressmaker, Manch), Annie (14, Ashton), Mary (16, Manch), George (11, scholar, Bradford), Elizabeth Summerfield (dau, 24, Nurse, Manch).
1871 Census, 88, Mill St, Bradford:
Sarah Blaymire (Hd, Wid, 59, Beerhouse Keeper, Manch), George E Ballard (g/son, 2, Bradford)

Henry Blamire ch 5/10/1818, Lancaster of George & Keziah.

Death Index: 1866/3  Henry  BLAYMIRE  55  Manchester  8d  260  1866

1/4. Martha Blaymire, B. 03/7/1789, Ch: 08/7/1789

United Brethren were also Moravian. A Moravian school was founded in Ockbrook in 1799. The Moravians were established at Ockbrook 1750.

************************* GENERATION 9 *************************



(1) ch 6/2/1696 Rosegill of William & Margaret (Kitching) Blaymire;
PR may only be of Willm.
(2) Ch 27/12/1704 of George of Hawksdale or Dalston, Cumberland.
Hawksdale (and Buckabank) on southern edge of Dalston, 6 m ssw of Carlisle. Rosgill on the NW edge of Shap. Reagill 2M east of Shap.

GB died 14/3/1776.

George Blamire, M. Margaret Stewardson, 23/5/1730, Shap, Westmoreland,



Ch 18/12/1704 of John at Shap.

Issue of George Blamire:
1/1. Eliz Shap/Rosegill 31/10/1731 of Geo & Mary
1/2. George Blamire ch 6/5/1742, Rosegill or Shap,

mother Margaret Stewardson.







William Hemsley, ch abt 1661 of Acombe.
William Hemsley M Annam (or Annason) Smith, Lee St J, 30/11/1686.
Thomas Hemsley, ch 4/12/1701, Lee St J, of William & Annason Smith.
   Issue of Gulielmi
   George 8/10/1690, Wm
   Mary 4/5/1693, Wm
   Elizabeth 22/5/1696, Wm
   Henry 1/12/1698, Wm
   Thomas 4/12/1701, Gulielmi


Thomas Hemsley M Mariam (or Mary) Hall, 16/8/1710, Lee.
Thomas Hemsley ch 23/8/1713 Lee of Thomoe Hemsley (PR film, other shows Marion Hall).
Issue of Thomas (& Mariam), Lee St John:
Thomas 23/8/1713, Thomoe only
Guliemus 21/10/1716, Thomoe only
Maria 3/3/1719, Thomoe only

Anna 21/6/1724, Thomoe only



Only marriage for Thomas & Mary (Reed) Hemsley on IGI 24/6/1740, Warden Northumberland. Warden is just north of Hexham.


IGI has no issue of Thomas & Mary Hemsley in Derby or Northumberland except Martha in the relevant period. There is issue of Thomas (no wife given) in St John Lee (close to Warden) whose dates leave a gap in an otherwise even sequence for Martha in 1749. There are also children of Thomas and Mary Helmsley in Leicestershire after 1749.

George & Martha Blaymire's children being christened in the United Brethren Congregation implies that they were non conformists and may have had unusually wide contacts with other areas of the country.

Issue of Thomas & Mary He(l)msley:
Martha Hemsley Church Wilne, Derbyshire, 15/9/1749

Issue of Thomas Hemsley, Lee Saint John, Northumberland:
St John Lee part of Acomb, 3 miles NW of Hexham and next to Warden.
1/1. Catherine Hemsley 9/4/1741.
1/2. Ann Hemsley, 20/1/1742.
1/3. William Hemsley, 14/4/1745.
   Note "gap" in sequence here! Maybe Martha fits here.
1/4. Ann Hemsley, 10/2/1753
1/5. Alice Hemsley, 28/5/1756
1/6. William Hemsley, 3/12/1758

Issue of Thomas & Mary (Holton) Helmsley, m Grimston 11/2/1752.
1/1. Anthony Helmsley, 1/3/1757, Grimston, Leicester
1/2. Thos Hemsley 9/3/1755
1/3. John Hemsley 6/5/1758.

************************ GENERATION 10 *************************



IGI has these two, both look young:
John S ch 13/2/1685 Shap of John
John S ch 5/1/1688 Shap of John

John Stewardsons of Shap and the area become difficult at this time, they all seem to be called John!

John Stewardson M. Agnes Lickbarrow, 20/11/1702, Shap.

Agnes Lickbarrow ch 8/8/1686 of Robert, Kendal
Agnes Lickbarrow ch 20/2/1680 of John, Longsleddale
Agnes Lickbarrow ch 18/1/1684 of Thomas, Longsleddale

Issue of John:
1/1. Mary Stewardson, ch 11/4/1703, Shap.

Maybe married Joseph Robinson, 9/4/1727, Shap.

1/2. Margaret Stewardson Ch 18/12/1704 at Shap.

Also in Shap:
Issue of Peter Stewardson:
Richard S, ch 6/8/1705
Mary S ch 16/2/1718

Issue of William Stewardson:
Agnes ch 5/2/1705, D 5/12/1712 Shap of Wm.
Willm S ch 11/9/1712 Shap of Willm.
Elizabeth ch 26/5/1715 Shap of Wm

William S of Highgate M Elizabeth Singleton, 29/10/1703, Kendal
Willm ch 19/7/1713, of Wm & Eliz, Kendal


George Blamire (Other IGI)

GEORGE BLAMYRE  ch 06 JAN 1665 Dalston, Cumberland,    
George Blamyre  Birth: 06 JAN 1665 Of, Dalston, Cumberland,  George  
George Blemyre  Birth: 24 OCT 1676 Of Hawksdale, , Cumberland,    
GEORGE BLAMYRE ch:  24 OCT 1676 Dalston, Cumberland,  John  
George Blamire  Burial: 10 FEB 1679 Dalston, Cumberland,    
George Blamyre Birth: 20 MAR 1686 Dalston, Cumberland, of Robert & Jane Porter.
GEORGE BLAMER  Male Marriage: 07 FEB 1688 Irthington, Cumberland, (NE Carlise) Mary Harding  
GEO. BLAMIRE  07 SEP 1690 Saint Mary, Carlisle, of Lancelot
George Blamire  Burial: 16 APR 1690 <Hawkesdale, Cumberland,
Georg Blamor  Marriage: 10 JUN 1693 Kirk Linton, Mabell Robinson.
George Blamire Burial: 07 AUG 1693 <Of Hawksdale, Cumberland,
GEO BLAMIRE  Marriage: 31 MAY 1695 St Andrews, Penrith, Barbara Sanderson
George Blamire
ch:  06 FEB 1696 Rosegill, Westmorland,
ch: 06 FEB 1696 Rosegill, Westmorland, of William & Margaret Kitching
ch: 06 FEB 1696 Shap, Westmorland, of Willm
Ch: 06 FEB 1696 <Rosegill, Westmorland,  of Williams & Margaret Kitching
GEORGE BLAMIRE ch:  23 MAR 1702 Dalston, Cumberland, George

Thomas Blamire, Rosegill/Shap 24/8/1732, William & Ann
Mary Blamire, Shap/Rosegill 3/8/1738 of William & Ann

Margaret Blamire of Shap M 15/10/1748 George Carter

William Blamire, Bur 15/10/1730 Rosegill
Mary Ann Blamire M Henry Walker, 17/12/1768, b abt 1747 of Earson/Barton
Dorothy Blamire M John Willan 27/12/1762 Old Hutton, b abt 1741 of OH.
Lucy Blamire, Preston Patrick 31/5/1731 of Thomas & Agnes
Thomas Bleamire Clifton 8/1/1733 of Thomas

William Blamire, Kendal 7/6/1741 of Jacob
Dorothy Blamire, Kendal 17/6/1744 of Jacob

Dorothy Blamire, Kendal/Old Hutton 30/1/1748 of Anthony & Mary (Shepherd)

Frances Blamire, Barton/Emont 9/6/1748 of Samuel Bleamire
Margaret Blamire, Old Hutton (Kendal), abt 1747

Elizabeth Blamire, ch 12/7/1735 Soc of Friends, Sedburgh, bur 17/11/1736, of Isaac B & Elizabeth Heygarth
Rachel Blamire, ch 13/3/1733 bur 6/9/1734 S of F, Sedburgh of I&E.
Ann Blamire, ch 29/1/1746 S of F, Kendal of Thomas B & Sarah Thompson.
Henry Blamire, 3/9/1748 S of E of T&S
Agnes Blamire, 29/1/1746 S of F Kendal, m Joshua Leighton 10/3/1766 S of F, Cunsack - no parents but see Ann above.
Isaac Blamire, b abt 1700 S of F Leyyett, M 28/4/1732 Elizabeth Heygarth Bur 6/5/1788 SofF Leyyett.

Anthony Blamire, Old Hutton abt 1743
William Blamire, Old Hutton abt 1748 or 1747

Frances Bleamire B abt 1738, Barton, M Joseph Walker 21/4/1763 Barton
Margaret Blamire, M John Holme 1/1/1746 Orton
Agnes Blamire, abt 1731 of Orton, M Edmund Thompson 30/11/1752 Orton.
Eleanor Bleamire ch 28/4/1749 Brough under Stainmore of William
Hannah Blamire, M George Wilson 3/3/1749 Gregrigg & D 7/3/1800
Mrs Elizabeth Blamire, bur 4/1/1739 Mell Becks
Antony Blamire, abt 1722 Kendal, M Mary Shepherd 2/5/1747 Kendal
Samuel Bleamire M Mary Hayr 14/5/1745 Barton or Emont Bridge
Samuel Blamire M 14/5/1745 of Emont Bridge
William Blamire, b abt 1747 Bridge End Old Hutton
William Blamire, b abt 1748 of Green Moor Banks Old Hutton
Mrs Margaret Blamire, D 28/2/1736 of St Stickland.
John Bleamire M Grace Dobson 17/10/1731 Brougham
Richard Bleamire M Margaret Atkinson 1/7/1731 Orton.
Elizabeth Balmor M Emanuel Fothergill 8/10/1841 Ravenstonedale

The manor of Kirkland is small, consisting only of four or five enfranchised tenements, held under Colonel Byng. The most extensive landowners are Colonel Blaymire, Penrith; Stanley H. le Fleming, Esq., Rydal Hall, Westmorland; Lord Hothfield, Appleby Castle; Rev. A. Edwards; Exors. of the late R.W. Sowerby; Lydia Sowerby; Exors. and Legatees of the late Philip Sowerby; William Sowerby, Blencarn; R.H. Cannon; T.D. Laycock; J. Cannon; and A. Turner, Tyrrell Lodge.

The village of Kirkland is situated about ten miles E. by N. of Penrith.


John Stewardson
ch 15/11/1640 s of John, Warcop, about 15 miles east of Shap.
ch Shap 6/1/1616 of John
ch Shap 10/2/1611 of John
ch Shap 11/8/1602 of Hugh & Elyzabeth
M Shap Jane Whited 19/10/1607

John Stewardson M Agnes Cloudsdale, 8/6/1647, Warcop.
John Stewartson M Isabella Bowman 19/2/1671 Shap.
John Stewarson M Annas Powley, 1/6/1682 Lowther (between Penrith & Shap).

Mgt B 31/1/1711, D 8/3/1711, Kendal

Isabel S ch 28/11/1703 Windermere of Miles

Jane Stewartson M 12/6/1684 of Shap, D 5/5/1717
Mary S M William Walker 10/6/1703 Bampton
Martha S of Shap, M Richard Jackson, 18/11/1703 Shap
Agnes S M John Elyertson 10/5/1706 Shap
Agnes Stewartson, M Christopher Dent, Crosby Ravensworth, 19/5/1708
Elizabeth M John Lancaster 20/10/1709 Bampton
William S M Agnes Robinson 28/6/1711 Bampton
John S of Sedburgh M Catherine Moserep 3/5/1714 Kendal
Mary S M Robt Plumer, 21/6/1718 Shap
Timothy Stewardson M Elizabeth Atkinson, 30/3/1720 at Shap.
Peter M Ellener Lowis 2/11/1721 Shap
Sarah S M Anthony Dennison 15/4/1722 Shap
Mary of Shap M Joseph Robinson, 9/4/1727 Shap


FG Brown, son of GJH Brown, married Ellen Dunn.

Ref Daphne Lowe's notes 1.

Alfred Dunn, died 1893 or 4, bur Chistleton, wife died at Thorndene 1894 or 5; thought to be too early by DL who thinks that her mother and aunt remembered their grandfather who lived with them after his wife died.

Alfred Dunn lived latterly with FG & Ellen Brown. Died at Thorndene. Timber in shed was sold by Bernard to pay for his funeral. Rest was made into a wardrobe.

Alfred spent alternative 6 month periods with FG and Ellen and Fanny. Died in Accrington.

3 daughters:

Ellen, married FG Brown. Went to boarding school age 4 in London.

Frances made to marry at 16. Died in Accrington. Ran off with a scholar in a red coat, who was Will Fyer. Wore a uniform, but was a farmer with a small holding.

Katy, married Alfred Pearman (or -mund). Lived in Tunbridge Wells. He invented glossy postcards. She married again Mr Atherton. 2 children Alfred and Sylvia.

Pat Atherton was illegitimate daughter of ??? and lived in Manchester and was always sent money by JEB in 1980's JEB told me (DL) that she had given her enough and not to respond to any begging letters when she died. Pat came to stay with one of her sons in the 1970's. She married a Canadian airman at the end of the 2nd WW.

Frances (Fanny) 5 children.

Wallace, was a cook, married and lived in Llandudno.

Katy Edie married, left husband and lives in Accrington.

Connie married Alfred, daughter Pat, married Wally McSween. Connie was brought up by servants when living with her aunt Katy (Atherton?)

Alfred Dunn trained as a Dr at Guy's hospital, but ran away to sea.
Never worked after his wife died. Lived in Staffordshire before moving to Chistleton. His wife was buried at Chistleton. Alfred died at Aunt Fanny's in Glossop.




1. Untitled Paper:

(must have been William Ernest Brown, born 1885)


MAJOR W.E.BROWN.    29/11/17


During the attack on Bourlon Wood 23/25 Nov. 1917, this officer was in command of the Left. Owing to the very severe nature of the fighting and the swaying of the Line, it was necessary to attack frequently. Major Brown on each occasion gallantly led then men and after each attack. When almost all the officers had become casualties, moved about from place to place reorganising the Line regardless of heavy fire. He was badly wounded on the night of Nov. 24th but remained on duty throughout the night. His skill, endurance and personal bravery set a fine example to all ranks and inspired them with confidence.


WEB wrote extensive war diaries, which were given to DL by his office about 1980, which she entrusted to the Army.


2. COPY Letter from William E. Brown,

(William Elisha Brown, born 1855)


St Oswald's Mount, Parkgate Rd, Chester.

To Mrs E.R. Hawkins, 11 Bath St, Chester.

24 July 1924.


Dear Cousin Edie,


I have taken a big piece of paper because what I want to write will not

go on one piece of notepaper and, as what I am about to tell you is somewhat historical and not obtainable from any other person, you may think it advisable not to burn this letter in case it interests or amuses the younger generation. After all this preamble, it is time to say I am pleased that at least one member of the Brown family takes an interest in the "Family Tree" and I am pleased give all the information I can in reply to your note of yesterday's date. There is not much to tell in the way of fact but later on I will refer to a little romance which might do to base a novel on and may interest your two daughters, who, by the way, are so grown up and seldom met with that I shall need to be reintroduced to them. I fear I pass them in the street quite innocently. I am a long time getting to the family tree. It must be fully half a century ago when I thought I would make a family tree but I could not make much of it, our good old Aunt Mary and a few books being the only sources available. I asked the good Aunt what her Grandfather's Christian name was and she said "John" and no more. This shows where your respected Dad got his "John" from and his son John had a son named William (or the one we are interested in) was Elisha Brown apprenticed to a firm of watchmakers (I have the name of the firm somewhere) in Coventry. He was admitted a Freeman of Coventry 25th June 1816 but was then, I believe living at Warrington. He married, most probably, in 1820, Martha Blaymire whose father I have reason to believe was George.

That is all I know. I have a "sampler" she worked at the age of 10 and a cotton reel pincushion sort of thing her husband (or was it her young man?) gave her and perhaps also made. To go back to William Brown, named above (grandfather's father) I have a Bible printed in 1648 and given to him by Elizabeth Kingston 1796. It had formerly belonged to some person living in Coventry. I have also two books in which William Brown put his name in Old English lettering one is dated "2 month 7 day 1784". It is clear that our respected grandfather was at one time in business at Macclesfield. I never knew much of the grandmother's people. Her brother's children (Blaymires) cousins to your Dad and mine, lived near Manchester and I spent a Christmas with them about 1875. They were then all elderly. Sarah and Elizabeth and their brother George. All dead long ago.


Now for the promised "romance". From a boy I was struck with your Dad's name "Helmsley" and wondered what such a funny name could mean. I asked the good Aunt Mary but she only said it referred in some way to Lord Helmsley and made light of it. Later on I began to think that there must be something to make a very staid couple christen their son by that name. Well, some years ago, Etty and I were wandering about Yorkshire and decided to go to Helmsley which is a very pleasant village 31 1/2 miles north of York. We put up at a house in the centre of the village and one morning my better half told the lady of the house that I was looking for ancestors. Dreadful wasn't it? I told the lady I had an uncle "Helmsley" and the family name was Brown. She had lived in the village all her life and when she was a young girl her grandmother used to tell her of a village girl the miller's daughter who became the wife of Lord Helmsley. This may be absolutely untrue so don't let anyone place the least reliance on it and if it is true we cannot prove it concerns us. In the churchyard there is a very large gravestone and not a letter or figure on it. My informant said it is the grave of the miller's daughter's family. The only thing is the absence of any names or date on the stone. There is no more to be said that I am aware of, but if Cousin Minnie finds out anything of interest I should like to know. Our ancestors seem to have been respectable good-living folk and that is something to be proud of. I sometimes tell ancestor hunters that if they go far enough back they will find one was hung!


I have a record, kept very dark of course, of the dates when your Uncle and Aunts (Browns) were born and when your dear Dad's children were born too but that is another tale. Etty keeps very well indeed. Connie looks after us and is quite well. Last week we spent a few days with Maggie who has a nice home and two dear little boys (6 and 4) at St Asaph. Ernest has had a bad time but is picking up. He took us for a long drive in his car last Saturday.


If Gertie, Minnie or Ada met me I don't think we we should know one another such is the effect of time and distance. Please convey to your sisters our very cordial greetings. Our very kind regards to your two daughters and yourself.


In case someone says who was "cousin Will", I sign myself,Yours sincerely,  Wm. E. Brown.


3. Letter from William Twiston Davies to:


Miss Enid Hawkins, 52 London Rd, Guildford.

14 January 1960.


(Senders address unreadable, except tel. at Bedgelert (N Wales).)


My Dear Enid,


Many thanks for yours of the 10th and for great-uncle William's interesting letter. I had not seen it before though I have several notes extracted from it by Aunt Edie. I made a copy and send back the original herewith. It is all most interesting and the only trouble is to believe about the romance which he quotes since somebody, I forget who, made a definite statement to my mother which I have since confirmed that this same Lord Helmsley's name was Brown and that a not so distant ancestor of his being a Mr Brown, a merchant of London, had married the heiress to the house of Duncombe of Helmsley and had changed the name from Brown to Duncombe in the late 17th Century. This Mr Brown was of the family of Brown of Upton from which our Browns of Cheadle were reputed to have descended and the source was that, just at the time Mr Duncombe was raised to the peerage with the title of Helmsley, our grandfather was born and the name Helmsley, I imagine, reminded great-grandfather of the reputed descent from the same family. An interesting sideline on that is that I have from grandfather's papers two prints of a portrait of this Mr. Duncombe, which evidently he had got out from someone and preserved and that they were deemed to be like Uncle Herbert, whose photograph you kindly sent me last month. I will have a photograph taken of one of these prints and send it to you.


I am sorry that Joan found the good Mrs. Crunkhorn rather in the way. She is a very kindly person but only goes now to see mother and sort her accounts once a month since her husband was posted from London to Manchester, which may account for her having been rather agitated.


I am glad your snow has gone. Ours is still faintly powdering the mountains but has come no nearer and, in fact, it continues to be positively mild here. My love to Joan. Kathleen is well and cheerful and quite looking forward to three days in London for the famous birthday and sends her love to you both.


Yours affectionately,


Pp W. Twiston Davies.








4. Letter dated


31.10.24                     80, Pembroke Road,




Dear Madam,


      I have today forwarded reports on:

(1) The Ancestry of Elisha Brown.

(2) The Blaymire Family.

(3) The Brown-Helmsley Connection.

And I trust that the results of my investigations will prove satisfactory to you.

      There is one point in regard to the Brown family to which I wish to call attention, and that is my description of William, father of Elisha, as "of Cheadle". I did this as he was granted certain hereditaments there by his father, John, during his lifetime, but whether he actually resided there I am uncertain, for his son certainly did not do so at any time. Although a small point, I considered it worth mentioning.

      There will probably be many questions which you will wish to ask me in regard to my notes, and I shall have much pleasure in answering them to the best of my ability, at your intimation.


                       Very faithfully yours,

                               R. Hargreaves-Mawdsley.


Mrs W.L. Davies.


P.S. I should like to add that it would be possible to draw up the descent of Elisha Brown, giving full details in regard to all members of the family, on best paper, silk bound, for a fee of fifteen guineas inclusive, should you require such a descent at any time.




(typed copy found)


This tradition is very puzzling, but the following may explain the use of the baptismal name of Hemsley, which it must be presumed is meant for a variation of Helmsley, by the family of Brown.


About 1670 Ursula Duncombe, heiress to her uncle Sir Charles Duncombe of Helmsley, county York, married Thomas Brown of London, who appears to have been a native of the county of Chester, as his arms are a variant of those of one of the families of Browne of county Chester (for a description of which arms see Brown notes). Their son Thomas Duncombe, Thomas Browne and his wife having assumed the name of Duncombe in lieu of that of Browne, was of Duncombe Park in Helmsley, and was ancestor of the Earls of Feversham and Viscounts Helmsley of Helmsley.


It would appear that some of the older members of the family were aware of this marriage and change of name, and George John Hemsley Brown being born shortly after a barony was conferred on the descendants of Thomas Browne afterwards Thomas Duncombe, gave him for his third baptismal name that of Hemsley, in memory of the believed relationship with the family of Duncombe.


No other explanation is feasible, as there is no marriage between a Viscount Helmsley and a Brown or Blaymire, nor is any recorded between any Duncombe and a Brown or Blaymire, with the exception of the one mentioned.




(handwritten transcript from Daphne Lowe's manuscript 3.)


    Elisha Brown, born in 1787, was the son of William Brown of Cheadle, county Cheshire, a township situate some 7 miles from Manchester, county Lancashire.

    This William was the son of John Brown of Cheadle, whom he apparently predeceased either towards the end of 1796 or early in 1797. His brother, John, also predeceased his father.

    John Brown, the father, died in August 1797, and he left effects valued at £5000, including certain lands in Cheadle.

    The said John was the son of another John Brown of Cheadle, who was born about 1710 and died in 1770. He appears to have farmed his lands in Cheadle. An administration of his estate was granted in Chester in 1770.

    The father of this John, named James Brown, also of Cheadle died about 1751 being about 66 years of age.

    His father, another John Brown of Cheadle, died in 1720, having been born about 1660, at which date the family had been settled at Cheadle for over 10 years, if Cheadle Hulme is regarded as being in the area of Cheadle.

    Thomas Brown, father of the last named John is described as of Cheadle Hulme, and died about 1692.

    His father, John Browne, who was born about 1610, is mentioned in his will as being of Moss Side in Cheadle Hulme. He died in 1668 and appears to have been the last member of the family to have used the final letter "e" to his surname.

    The father of this John was Thomas Browne of Cheadle Hulme, who died in 1633 aged about 53 years. He probably inherited lands in Cheadle from his father Thomas.

    His father, Thomas Browne, who died in 1626, is described in the inventory of his goods taken shortly after his death as being of Hulme, that is of Cheadle Hulme. It might here be mentioned that Cheadle Hulme is in reality a separate township from Cheadle, being between 4 and 5 miles distant from this latter place, both in the modern union of Cheadle.

    John Browne, the father of the last Thomas, is the first member of the family of whom we have a definite knowledge. He died in 1596, when he was of Cheadle Hulme, where he farmed certain lands which were possibly in his own possession. He must have been born about 1530, but who his father was is a matter of conjecture.

    It is possible that he may have been a son of Thomas Browne of Upton, County Cheshire, forefather of a family who were of some note in the county of Chester during the 17thC, and from which family sprang that of Browne of Netherleigh, of whom the last representative in the male line was Francis Browne who died about 1750.

    Should this Thomas Browne have been the ancestor of the Browns of Cheadle their arms would be: argent, 2 bendlets sable between so many pellets; and the crest would be: on mount vert a lion couchant argent charged with Viree jouttes de sang on the neck. The probabilities are, however, that if arms were born by the family they would be bend gobonated gules and of the first. The reason for this supposition will be seen from the Helmsley notes, and would not preclude the possibility of a Browne of Upton ancestry.


1/1. Thomas d 1596 of Cheadle Hume.

2/1. Thomas Browne b abt 1580, d 1633 aged 53 of Cheadle Hume

   IGI nearest b 15/7/1580, no parent, St Michael, Macclesfield.

3/1. John Browne b abt 1610, d 1668 of Moss Side, Cheadle Hume.

   IGI nothing suitable 1590-1620

4/1. Thomas d abt 1692 of Cheadle Hume

IGI, Thomas S of John, 26/8/1631, St Mary, Stockport, (next to Cheadle).

5/1. John, b abt 1660, d 1720 Cheadle Hume

   IGI no John s of Thomas, 1650-1670.

6/1. James, b abt 1685, d 1751 age 66 of Cheadle

   IGI 20/8/1688, Cheadle, of John

7/1. John b abt 1710, d 1770 of Cheadle

   IGI John son of James, Cheadle:

   23/8/1706, 21/4/1705,

8/1. John d 8/1797 of Cheadle?

   IGI John s of John & Mary, ch 22/4/1739, Cheadle or Gatley.

9/1.William d abt 1796/7.


    There is little record of this ancient family of whom mention is first made at the beginning of the 16thC.
    Their native county is that of Westmoreland, and the spelling of the name was originally Bleamire, thought doubtless the pronunciation was the same.
    The family resided upwards of 200 years upon a paternal estate at Clifton, Co Westmoreland and held considerable possessions at the Manor of Regill, Co Westmoreland, in the reign of Henry VIII. These estates passed out of the hands of the family about the middle of the 18thC.
   The members of this family who were settled near Manchester, probably came southwards early in the latter half of the 18thC. This would be about the time when the estates passed to other hands, and financial difficulties may have caused the loss of these. If this should be so, the reason for a member of the family settling in an industrial area is apparent.
    The immediate form of the spelling of the name before the modern form came into use was Blaymire, though Bleamire is found as late as the latter half of the 18thC. When William Bleamire, a member of the family held estates in Spillmyre Closes, Penrith.
    The crest of the family is an heraldic tiger sigant gules collared and chained or.

8. Letter dated

5.11.24                     80, Pembroke Road,

Dear Madam,

    I regret that I have been unable to thank you for your letter of the 2nd, with which you kindly enclose cheque, before this, owing to absence from home, and I apologise for my apparent dilatoriness.
    I am very pleased to know that the results of my investigations have proved satisfactory to you.
    The rank of the family of Brown of Cheadle was that of yeoman farmers, and they appear to have been copy-holders, or leaseholders, in Cheadle for over three hundred years.
    I should like to mention in this connection that the rank of yeoman differed little from that of gentlemen (both terms are used in the ancient sense), and it remains a matter of conjecture as to what constituted the difference in former days.
    The name of their residence appears to have been Moss Side, but I am afraid that this is a matter of conjecture, as records of the names of the individual dwellings are very few, except in the case of the more important.
    In regard to the Blaymires, there is no special information obtainable concerning George Blaymire. He certainly settled near Manchester during the latter half of the 18th century, but never achieved prominence in connection with that city, as far as I have been able to ascertain.
    All the information given may be accepted as indisputable, if one may except the possibility of some slight error in regard to certain of these dates, which I do not consider to be very likely, or in a baptismal name. Other wise the authenticity of the information is beyond doubt.
    If you are able to ascertain the arms and crest of George John Hemsley Brown, would you be so kind as to inform me as to what they are, as they may possibly assist in establishing the Brown ancestry prior to 1500, if they do not help in regard to the supposed Helmsley connection?
    I shall have much pleasure in carrying out any work of a genealogical nature, which with you may kindly commission me at any time in the future; and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions concerning the results of the investigations just completed, which you may still wish to ask.
    I appreciate your kind remarks concerning the amount of information obtained and the time occupied, which may be accounted for by the fact that I have a special knowledge of the North-Western Counties.

                       Very faithfully yours,
                               R. Hargreaves-Mawdsley.

Mrs W.L. Davies.

9. Earwaker, Pages 226/9.

    Thomas Browne, IV, gent. Senior and Thomas Browne, gent. Junior were among the 21 freeholders in the parish of Cheadle 1671. John Brown, III, and his son James Brown, were among the 64 holders of family pews in the Cheadle Church in 1725. They are not mentioned as living in any of the large or ancient houses except James Brown V, yeoman, of Globerts; d. 1797. (Gilbert was Rector in 1623 and ejected in 1641). Moss Side, where John Brown VI lived, is not mentioned. A James Brown, gent. of Huls (Hulme?) witnessed postmortems in 1597 and 1583. An Elizabeth Browne, d. of James E. Butterman was christened in 1662.
    Thomas Browne II was christened in 1558.
    A Richard Browne, gent., was among 140 delinquents (including most of the notable families) in the Hundred of Macclesfield in 1640. Also then included were James Clarke of Prestbury, James Clarke of Adlington, another James Clarke, Oliver Clarke and Humphrey Clarke and Thomas Ridgeway, all gentlemen: presumably of the families of John Brown V's wife, Lydia Clarke. Clarke was a Stockport family: arms argent, 3 escallops in pale Or between two flanges Ermine, and crest a Pheon (Broad Arrow) and motto Soyez Fermes.
    There is an account of the Cheshire Rising of 1659 - a premature effort to restore Charles II and put down without difficulty - in which Thomas Brown IV, one of the two constables of Cheadle mentioned, was concerned apparently without great zeal.

CONCLUSION: A family of reasonably prosperous yeomen, farming their own land and of no great distinction. I have found no evidence of why they left Cheadle.

WTD 1962.

10. Paper by William Twiston Davies, 1964,

(copied from Daphne Lowe collection)

     Earwaker, East Cheshire (h/written) 1878
     Earwaker, St Mary on the Hill, 1898
     Ormerod Cheshire 1819 and 1882

In 1923, my Mother employed a genealogical researcher, the Reverend (?) W. Hargrave-Mawdsley to report on the Helmsley legend, and to plot the Browne descent. The latter is done from John Browne of Cheadle Hulme b.c. 1530, d. 1596.

(generation 15). Hargrave-Mawdsely said that he could find no definite connection with Helmsley, but that in fact the Helmsley title was conferred on Thomas Slingsby Duncombe, just at the birth in 1831 of a third son to Elisha Browne and Martha Blamire. At that time, Elisha Browne was possibly still living in Warrington. I have no evidence of when he settled in Chester. He was in business in Macclesfield before arriving in Chester. It does not seem likely that he knew of any connection with Upton, through the church of St Mary on the Hill Chester.

Great Aunt Mary Browne told Aunt Jeannie Owen that her mother, Martha Blamire had corresponded with "her cousin" the Earl of Feversham. It seems to me most likely that for the sake of establishing a relationship she would like to (correspond on this subject - or - h/written correction: congratulate him on his Earldom). The Brownes certainly weren't the sort of people to preserve documents of this sort, to judge by what little else they did preserve. Cousin William Brown was familiar with Earwaker's East Cheshire; he did not quote Earwaker's St Mary on the Hill or Ormerod. He had the idea that there must have been a Brown-Duncombe Brown (which seems unlikely) or even of a Brown-Duncombe with a Blamire, of which I can't find any evidence either i.e. after Thomas Browne had changed his name to Duncombe in 1670.

Here is where my own deduction comes in: I had consulted Ormerod, whose first quoted Browne was Thomas Browne of Upton (generation 12).
This was too late to agree with John Browne of Cheadle (generation 13), although nothing to destroy the legend. The fact is that Earwaker's East Cheshire does not anywhere connect the Browne's of Cheadle Hulme with Upton. But only this week, on referring to Earwaker's St Mary on the Hill, Chester, I found the Browne of Upton pedigree two generations earlier, (i.e. 14), and the Brown of Netherleigh family recorded in such a way that they easily might have branched off at some time. There is no evidence, except the coat of arms that the Browns of Netherleigh were descended from Upton. As for Cheadle Hulme, the disuse of a coat of arms in 1600+ is not evidence of non-existence, rather of relative poverty.
     Summary: Elisha Brown (generation 3), believed in the connection and named his third son accordingly.
     His wife, Martha Blamire, was bold enough to congratulate Lord Feversham on his earldom and thereafter called herself his cousin. His daughter Mary believed in the story; her nephew William found it unlikely, but he had not read Earwaker's "St Mary on the Hill".
     Conclusion: Simon (deleted and H/w unreadable) Wagner, (English Genealogy 1960), encourages reasonable credence in legends. I am now sure that we should adopt this one, though proof of course is impossible.

W.T.D. 5.1.64

11. Debrett's:

Earl of Feversham (Duncumbe) (Earl UK 1868)

Charles Duncumbe, cr Baron Feversham 1826, d. 1841, s by his  son William, 2nd Baron (1798-1867, s by his son William, 3rd Baron (1829-1915), cr Viscount Helmsley and Earl of Feversham, 1868.

12. Death Notice (cutting in Brown papers):

"Man who ordered 56 portraits"

Sir Leonard Twiston Davies has died suddenly at his home at Monmouth. He was 58. Sir Leonard was High Sheriff of Monmouthshire in 1933. He was a governor of the National Museum of Wales, and made many gifts to the museum, among them being 56 portraits of contemporary Welshmen painted at his commission for a National Art Gallery of Wales.

13. BROWNE of UPTON, Chester:

Thomas Browne of Upton married Alice, dau of Mr White of Sutton
                                       (Whitley of Shotton??)
1/1. Richard Browne married Katherine (Constance?) Harvey.

2/1. Thomas Browne of Upton, b.c.1530,

secretary to his father-in-law in  1558.
Married Elizabeth dau of Henry Birkenhead, of Huxley and Backford, clerk of the Green Cloth to Queen Elizabeth.
3/1. Richard Browne, of Upton, gent. b.c. 1580,

d. 4/1/1624.
Married (1) Frances dau of Sir Geo. Beverley of Huntington, Chester, o.s.p.
Married (2) Mary, dau of Sir Thos. Aston, of Aston, bc 1580, mar 2nd  M. Jaques Arnodio, French, d. 17/2/1668, aet 87.
4/1. Thomas Browne of Upton, bc 1610, d 1643

Married 24/10/1631, Grissell Dobb in Ireland, died 19/6/1641, bur St Mary's 20/6/1641.
5/1. Thomas Browne, bapt 11/6/1639,

Bur St Mary's 15/12/1702, will at Chester 1702: Last male Browne of Upton line.
Married Cicely, dau of Wm Glegge of Gayton, bapt 23/5/1624, d. 16/3/1662.
6/1. Cicely Browne, aet 6 in 1668, Bur St Mary's 9/5/1702.

5/2. Robert Browne, bapt 23/6/1640, dsp 18/1/1664.

Bur St Mary's 20/1/64

5/3. Francis Browne, bapt 18/3/1638, bur 17/9/1638.
5/4. Richard Browne, bapt 21/6/, bur 20/11/1641.
5/5. Mary Browne, bapt 11/9/1632,

married Thos. Critchley of Chester 1702.

5/6. Judith Browne bapt 22/4/1634,

married Thos. Kelsall of Trafford.

5/7. Grissell Browne, bapt 4/8/1635,

married John Leather of Bowden, Married Owen Sanderson, gent. 1702.

5/8. Dorothy Browne bapt 15/12/1636,

married Thos Shepherd of London. 1702.

4/2. Richard Browne, of London, Silk-man,

but in 1646 called of Upton, gent. Lieut to Sir Richd. Grosvenor. His estates were sequestered as a Royalist in 1646.
Married Susan Cole of New St Albans.
5/1. Thomas Browne, merchant of London.

Adopted name of Duncombe about 1670. Married Ursula Duncombe. Line extends to Lord Helmsley, Earl of Feversham.



(probably by Edie Hawkins)


The name Helmsley Brown first appears with GJHB who was born 1831 at about the time when Thomas Slingsby Duncombe, a direct male descendant of G Brown of Upton, Chester, was raised to the peerage with the title of Helmsley. His ancestor, Thomas Brown, merchant of London, had had changed his name and arms to those of Duncombe on his marriage with the Duncombe heiress in 1677. There is no proof so far as I know of the family(?) tradition that the Browns of Cheadle Hulme were a branch of the Brownes of Upton, but there was always a feint air of decayed gentility about GJHB and his relatives of that generation. My aunts used to say of him and his ancestors "we started well". Among GJHB's papers (all unpublished sermons which he wrote for amusement!) were two prints of Thomas Slingsby Duncombe, ???? I gave one each to Peter D and David ? W.S. Brown's letter of 24.7.24 dosn't help?, but Jessie Mason's of 21.1.61 does.


Three manuscripts have been written, the contents of which have been transferred to the appropriate person's entry above. Additionally, one is transcribed in full and one with corrections and comments by Daphne's mother partially transcribed.

15. Daphne Lowe's Manuscript 2.

Much of what follows is a transcript of her mother's memories in the 1990's:

Harry Smith, her father, had a business which lasted 1 week after the Great War - had an office and secretary, chopping up canal barges for faggots.

Grandpa wanted to be a vet, but his sisters wouldn't allow it, said accountancy would be better. He was apprenticed to accountants in Chester.

Granny met Grandpa's father once, he said "we'll shake hands over the boy". His mother died of cancer when he married.
Mrs Major and Mrs Chapman had a dancing class in the Assembly rooms (St John St). Chapmans had a book shop in Wernbergh St. Couldn't afford the Grosvenor dancing class. Went to learn to Walz. Met HMS there just after the war.
When DL's grandfather, Alexander Smith,  married the servant they went to live in Tarvin Rd.

HMS worked at Accountants up steps by the Eastgate.

Worked for accountants in Liverpool but never took his final exams although he promised he would after they were married - never opened a book after they were married. G always very kind.

FG Brown at shop from 9-11 at night - had his dinner brought to the shop in a wicker basket. Warmed up on stove. James was a down and out, very honest - did all the deliveries. Went to fetch FG dinner each day at 1230. Eventually James fell in the shed and broke his leg - sent to the workhouse where he died. (paid 10/- a week for his rent and food. Had FG's old clothes. He was a nice old thing. Had few teeth - was in the Salvation Army)

[Dunn Family, Ellen wf of FGB, GJHB's son] Fanny  - Ellen's younger sister ran away with him - a farmer in his yeomanry uniform. They lived in ...
She went blind. Had 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Wallace oldest and Alfred youngest. Kathy married. Both sisters made poor marriages.

After the 3rd child ... when Alfred born, Fanny couldn't cope and she came back to Thorndene - MPS had to get up at 2am to warm his bottle. He went to a school in Cambrier View. When about 7 sent back to his parents who hadn't been to see him.

Chip shop at bottom of garden lane - Ellen used to send to get 3d of chips - such a disgrace he was told to pull his cap well on so that no-one would recognise him. She would never be seen going himself. Alfred had one daughter called after mother. Moved to Cornwall latterly.
Never heard from him - years after he went back to his mother.

Fanny and family went to live in Blackpool North Shore. Ellen had been left £200 which went into GJHB. When FG died, she asked Jidge and MPS for the £200. They repaid it and she gave it to Fanny to buy the little house in Blackpool. Fanny's husband died there.

Alfred Dunn and wife lived in Chistleton - she was taken ill and she died and is buried in Chistleton Church before MPS born.

Ellen had another sister Katy - lived in Tunbridge Wells. Married a chemist 2 children, Alfred and Sylvia; quite well of when MPS in teens, went to stay with them. Sylvia married stockbroker (married well) Sylvia was spoiled, used to ring the bell for a servant to take her boots off.
Stockbroker died, Katy married again to a sponger - used to write to Ellen for money and she used to send him 5/- sometimes.

Sylvia had twins. Sylvia was going over a bridge, car swerved, nursemaid pushed pram away but was killed herself.

[ref William Brown, son of GJHB]:

Aunt Nellie (Bernard's mother) owned Carlett Boulevard. (Uncle Will was with Frost's - sold to Spillers eventually) both Bernard and Helmsley were married and she wanted MPS and HMS to live with her when they were married. MPS thought it wouldn't work as she was very fussy. She was still at Gledholt.

Carlett Boulevard a long road of mid 1920's semi detached houses; MPS & HMS lived there 1927-32 before moving to Chester.

Bernard's wife died (Gertie). Nellie lived with both sons. She was very nice, but Yorkshire and very particular. Very strict.

Bernard's invention bought by Petrol Companies for £38000 (saved 1/2 petrol consumption). Died of brain tumor.

16. Daphne Lowe's Manuscript corrected by her mother,

Extracts only,

"all the Browns had a strong Nonconformist conscience and disapproved of alcohol, theatre etc. Were very careful over money."

"It took father many years to pay him off with that large family! And it did mean that mother (and children) were kept pretty short of money. He worked hard, did the paperwork at night and only had warmed up lunches in the workshop which mother sent daily by James, an elderly porter. He even had an enamel can of cocoa (again warmed up) for his tea. Poor mother. We scarcely saw him except on Sundays."

"They had the Helmsley (Yorkshire) crest on the door of the shop for many years, but were apparently not entitled to it and were eventually asked to remove it."

GJHB was eventually bought out of the business by his son FGB when he started spending more time at the Queen St Chapel than he did at the shop (JEB, probably money also).

Minnie: "We always thought she was a bit of a snob, as she had more money than the rest of us! The boys went to public school didn't they? She once told someone after a lapse of quite 15 years not seeing me, I had improved!"

"Surely Helmsley was the eldest. Evelyn ran the boarding house where he lodged in London. She was a good bit older than he. They adopted a girl."

"Aunt Nellie went to live with Hems and Evelyn at the beginning of the War because they did not want to take in a refugee!"
"Aunt Jeannie was engaged to an elder son of the Owen family, but he later went abroad to get out of it (so I've been told) and Will (Wm Kirk Owen) was asked by Peter Owen (head of the family) to take her on instead! She must have had a time of it. They were very short of money. The Owen family were always very kind to Aunt Jeannie, Kirk and Jessie.
Aunt J used to have a cold bath every morning, drawn overnight because she had to be up so early to get Will off to Liverpool. They never had a fire until evening. She spoilt Kirk, he had more pocket money a better food than Jessie, "being a man". He bullied Jessie."

Prime Family:

Sat, 3 Apr 2004 12:14:52 +0800
From Kevin Wulff

I found your website when I was searching for George King Prime, father of Mary Sophia Prime.

You may be interested in her family so I have attached an Excel spreadsheet giving the details I have. I am a descendent of Emma Cecilia Prime. Regards, Kevin Wulff Subiaco, Western Australia

Issue of George King Prime & Susan Patten:
At Langley, Saffron Walden, Essex:
1/1. Isaac Hayden Prime 27-Dec-1832 B 19-Oct-1834

D. 22/10/1903, abt 70 Geelong
M (1): 2-Sep-1856 aged c22 Mary DEWES, Victoria
D. 1856, age 24, Victoria
M (2): 24-Sep-1859 aged c25 Elizabeth Ann BOTT, Victoria
D. 21/5/1916 age 73 Geelong.
M (3): Ellen Sheedy about 1867.

1/2. Jacob Prime  6-Jan-1834 19-Oct-1834, D. 1911, Ardro, Vic.
1/3. Mary Sophia Prime c6-Sep-1836 (2nd wf of George JH Brown)
1/4. George King Prime 22-Jul-1838 
1/5. Joseph Prime 23-Feb-1840
1/6. John Albert Prime 11-Nov-1841 
1/7. Walter William Prime 19-Feb-1843
At Anstey, Royston, Herts:
1/8. Emma Cecilia Prime 19-Nov-1845

D. 11/3/1889, Northam WA.
M. 1/12/1867 age 21 Isaac Asa WISBEY, Barkway, Herts, Royston
D. 3/2/1925, age 75, Freemantle, WA

1/9. Alfred Ernest Prime 20-Dec-1846     
1/10. Benjamin Thomas Prime 23-Mar-1848  
1/11. Blanche Prime 23-May-1849

Anstey or Buntingford, Hertfordshire
D. 24/6/1929, aged 80.

From John Dodds, of Sydney & San Francisco, October 2005:
M. William Alfred Bott,
Date of Birth: ?1847 or 48 At: Upwell, Norfolk, England 
Died: ?  Buried At: Longford, Vic.
Married On:  12 Jul 1870, registered at Geelong (Ref 1870-2674) which indicates Hertfordshire as the location
2/1.Edith Blanche (nee BOTT) MALLOWS, 29Sep1871
2/2.William Alfred BOTT (Ref 1873 -22212 @ Birregurra)
 2/3.Herbert Decimus BOTT (Ref 1883-12049 @ Sale)
2/4.Archibald John BOTT (Ref 1878-18008 @ Pine)
2/5.Harold BOTT
2/6.Mabel Charlotte Heydon BOTT (Ref 1880-24278 @ Pinegrove)
2/7.Gertrude BOTT
2/8. Henry Walter BOTT (Ref 1886-21692@ Sale)

Lived at: 1830- 1870 Upwell, Norfolk, England 1870-  Dutson, Vic.
From the 1851 British Census: A search for William BOTT age ~3, identified one, with a father also William, living in Small Lode, Upwell, about 5 miles SE of Wisbech, Norfolk. The family is identified below:
William BOTT, head , male  age 29,  Ag Laborer, born in Outwell, Norfolk (~1mi north of Upwell)
Sarah BOTT, wife, age 28, born in Briston, Norfolk
Ann BOTT, daughter, age 7,  born in Upwell, Norfolk
Henry BOTT, son, age 6,  born in Upwell
Emma BOTT, daughter, age 5, born in Upwell
William BOTT, son, age 3, born in Upwell.

The next door neighbor is listed as the StepFather. Given the ages & relationships I’m not sure who relates to who how. The listing reads:
Head of Household: William BOTT
Thomas QUINCE (BOTT) , Stepfather, age 71, Pauper, born in Fotheringhay, Northshire
Penelope QUINCE, mother, age 53, born in Ely Isle of March
Eliza Bow QUINCE, sister, age 27, born in Outwell, Norfolk
Jane QUINCE, sister, age 13, born in Outwell
Thomas QUINCE, nephew, age 1, born in Upwell, Norfolk.

William and Blanche migrated to Australia in 1870
Their marriage (in Hertfordshire England according to the Victorian CD data)  is recorded in the Victorian Marriage registry - ref 1870-2674.  It states that  on 12 July 1870 at Geelong, William BOTT age 23, a labourer born in Norfolk England, married Blanche Prime age 21, born in Buntingford, Hertfordshire) England. - Buntingford is 2 miles SW from Anstey.
Willam’s parents were Willam BOTT and Sarah LENSTEAD. (The name Sarah) confirms the 1851 Census family entry.
Blanche’s parents were George King Prime, a farmer, and Susan PATTEN.
Both William and Blanche signed the certificate indicating an ability to write. It was witnessed by Benjamin Prime, presumably Blanche’s brother.
Their daughter Edith was born on 29 Sep 1871. They later moved to the Latrobe River Valley area, and settled in Dutson,  two towns down river from Sale., Victoria, Australia. (east of Melbourne)
From the Birth Certificate for Edith Blanche BOTT, 29 Sep.1871.
Father: William BOTT, laborer, age 23, (so,  born in 1847 or 48)
Born in Norfolk, England. Married 12 July, 1870, in Geelong, Vic.
Mother: Blanche BOTT (nee Prime), age 21, (born in 1849 or 50)
Born in Anstey, Hertfordshire, England. (a small country town south of Cambridge and northeast of London)

Edith's marriage certificate on 9 February, 1891, lists her birthplace as Sandhurst, Vic., which is located ? , and in 1891 she was living in Dutson, near Longford/Sale in the Latrobe River valley, where her father William was now a farmer, thus it appears that the Bott's did not stay in Geelong for very long. The BOTT's also ran the Longford Post Office and had a boat at the coastal town of Sea Spray.

Edith BOTT married Robert MALLOWS (see R. MALLOWS family history), the boy who lived on the farm across the road. Robert Mallows had a son Ernest Robert Mallows, who married Catherine Winifred Clancy their daughter Winifred Joan Mallows (my mother) married Raymond Stewart DODDS. Their first son is John Dodds (me) Their second son is Paul Gregory Dodds who lives in Perth WA. 1st daughter is Karen (Dodds) Koprivec who lives in Sydney.

1/12. Decimus Prime           18-Apr-1850
1/13. Lenora  Prime           1-June-1851
1/14. Anne Constance Prime    10-Jul-1854

Issue of GKP & Charlotte Patten (sister of Susan)    
1/15. Charles Prime           c1856
1/16. Edith Prime       10-Mar-1858

George King Prime s of Jacob & Mary (King) Prime of Langley, Essex.
Susan (bap 9/8/1812, M. 12/6/1832, D. 20/5/1856, age 46, Anstey) & Charlotte (bap 27/3/1825, M. 25/10/1857, D. 12/4/1879, age 54 Barkway, Herts) daus of Simon & Sarah Patten of Langley, Essex.
George also married Mary Ann Mason, 8/4/1864?, who D. 25/7/1910, age 70, Colac, Vic.

Hi Antony,

Many thanks for the reply.
Emma Cecilia Prime married Isaac Asa Wisbey, as outlined on that spreadsheet.
Their second child was Rosa Blanche Wisbey m. Georg Henry Edward Heedes 5 April 1888, Fremantle, Western Australia (WA).
Their eldest child was Friedrika Cecelia Blanche Heedes m. Archibald Spowart 14 October 1909, Fremantle, WA
Their eldest child was Eileen Blanche Spowart m. Otto John Wulff 10 May, 1932 Fremantle, WA.
Their only child was me, Kevin John Wulff.

In my email to you I forgot to mention that your info on the birth date of Mary Sophia Prime filled a gap for me. She and Charles were the only ones in the family whose birth/baptism date I did not know.

Thanks again,
Kevin Wulff

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