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A record of the Clan Maitland with Charles Maitland, 6th Earl as starting point, his descendants and ancestors, with paricular reference to those of his son, Frederick Lewis Maitland.

A combination of IGI, Ancestral file, Scottish Old Parish Records, and Extracts from Scottish Peerage, Clan Maitland info etc.
Ancestral file reference numbers (eg 9FLR-SC) are included, partly to indicate a source of the information: in some cases, the data are confirmed from other sources. Dates which appear in square brackets [] are from the AF and are put in by the AF software - they  are often highly erroneous!

MP: Maitland Pedigree
DNB: Dictionary of Mational Biography
OPR: Scottish Parish Records
SP: Scottish Peerage
AF: LDS Ancestral File: their reference numbers indicate that the information is on their database (but not always exclusively)

This file goes back to about 1400: See Next Part



CHARLES MAITLAND, (6th Earl of Lauderdale) 3


JOHN MAITLAND, (5th Earl of Lauderdale) 9




CHARLES MAITLAND, 3rd Earl Lauderdale 11


Earl ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, (Earl of Glencairn) 11

JAMES OGILVIE, 3rd Earl of Findlater 12



JOHN MAITLAND, 1st Earl of Lauderdale 12



MARY (Mariota) SCOT, 13

ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, Earl of Glencairn. 13



HUGH MONTGOMERY, 7th Earl Eglintoun 13




ALEXANDER SETON, Earl of Dunfermlin. 14



Son SCOTT 15

JAMES OGILVIE, 1st Earl of Findlater 15


JAMES HAMILTON, 2nd Marquis of Hamilton 15






GEORGE SETON, 5th Baron 16















GEORGE SETON, 4th Baron 20


WILLIAM HAMILTON, Laird of Sorn. 20

DAVID II DRUMMOND, Lord of Drummond 20


DAVID LINDSAY, Earl of Crawford. 21





THOMAS STEWART, 2nd Lord Innermeek 22



JAMES DOUGLAS, Earl of Morton 23




















KING JAMES IV of Scotland 27


JOHN DOUGLAS, Earl of Morton 28




PATRICK HEPBURN, Earl of Bothwell 28







Scottish Maitlands, Part 2. 29






Sir ROBERT MAITLAND – Burd-Alane 37





ROBERT "the Competitor" DE BRUS, 72








SEWARD Earl Of Northumbria 90

EDMUND 11 "Ironside" 90

EALDGYTH (Algitha), 90

LIUDOLF Count Of Brunswick, 90


CHARLES MAITLAND, (6th Earl of Lauderdale)

AM10/01  (9FLR-SC)


Born: 1688, Of, Lauderdale, Scotland
Died: 15 Jul 1744, Hatton, Mid-Lothian, Scotland in 56th year bur Hatton
Parents: John Maitland & Margaret Cunningham
Edinburgh OPR's:
ch 23/1/1675 Methlick ex John: not likely.

Married.: 15 Jul 1710 By Proclamation Elizabeth Ogilivy
Edinburgh OPR's 685.3/14 FR3995 (Canongate, Edinburgh)
15 July 1710:
Charles Lord Maitland and Lady Elizabeth Ogilvie daughter to The Earl of Seafield gave up their names to be proclaimed in order to marriage.

Ref Scot Peer:
   "...the eldest surviving son, a nobleman of sweet disposition, and finest accomplishments succeeded his father in 1710; served as a volunteer under the Duke of Argyll at Battle of Sheriffmuir, 13/11/1715, behaving with great gallantry; was general of the mint; lord lieutenant and high sheriff of the county of Edinburgh; one of the 16 representatives of the Scottish Peerage, chosen at the General Election 1741; and died at Hatton 15/7/1744, in the 56th year of his age.
   He married Lady Elizabeth Ogilvy, eldest dau of James, Earl of Findlater and Seafield, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, and by her, who died at Bath 24/9/1778, had at least 9 sons and 5 dau."


(Countess of Lauderdale)
AM10/02  (9FLR-WV)

AF shows:
Born: Bef 6 May 1692 &  Ch: 5/5/1692 @ Cullen. (PR chkd: No extra info)
Parents: James Ogilvie, 1st Earl of Findlater & Seafield, & Anne Dunbar
Married: Charles Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale, 15 Jul 1710 By Proclamation
Died: 24 Sep 1778, Bath, Somersetshire, England

Issue of Charles Maitland & Elizabeth Ogilvie,
the parents of Frederick Lewis Maitland, AM9/01:

1/1. Margaret Maitland, born 27/6/1711, Edinburgh, (SRO FR 4259, 4222)

Ref ScotPeer: died unmarried 12/9/63

1/2. Ann Maitland, born 28/5/1712, Edinburgh (SRO FR4259)

Ref ScotPeer: died young

1/3. Lady Elizabeth Maitland (9FLR-X2),

Born: A/F: Abt 1714 OPR has unamed daughter b 18/4/1717, Dalkeith.
Died: 24 Sep 1804
Married (1): James Ogilvie (9H9V-M4), 2 Apr 1739
Born abt 1710 Of, Rothiemay,
Ref ScotPeer: Married James Ogilvy of Rothiemay and Inchmartin
Married (2): General Robert Anstruther (9H9W-D2), 17 Aug 1765
Born: Abt 1710 Of, Balgarvie,

1/3.5 Daughter, b 18/4/1717, Dalkieth, re SRO FR 2415
1/4. James Maitland, 7th Earl of Lauderdale, (9FLR-Z7)

Born: 23 Jan 1718, Of, Halton, Mid-Lothian, (SRO FR4451)
Died: 17 Aug 1789, Halton, Mid-Lothian, Scotland
Married: Agnes Dempster St Cuthberts, 13/5/1739, (SRO)
Married: Mary Turner, of Merton, Surrey, 24/4/1749 (Scot.Peer)
2/1. Elizabeth Maitland (9H5Z-87)    Born: Abt 1754 Of, Halton

Married: David Gavin (9HKS-C9) Born: Abt 1741 Of, Langton, Berwickshire, 3/1770.
3/1. Hersey Christina Maria Gavin (9HKS-B4) Born: Abt 1771 Of,

Langton, Berwickshire, Scotland
Married: Robert Baird, Esquire (9HKR-PV) Born: Abt 1771 Of, Newbyth
4/1. Elizabeth Baird (9G57-LT)    Born: Abt 1801 Of, Newbyth

Married: Lt Col William Wauchope (9G57-KN), Born: Abt 1797 Of Niddrie, Marischall, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

3/2. Dau, who m John, Earl of Breadalbane, 2/9/1794 (Deb1802).

2/2. Mary Julian Maitland (9H5Z-5P)    Born: Abt 1756 Of, Halton

Married: Thomas Hogg (9H5Z-4J)   Born: 4 Sep 1742 Of, Newliston, 9/3/1773 Deb1802
3/1. Roger Hog (9H5Z-6V)    Born: 25 Oct 1771
3/1. Mary Turner Hog (9H5Z-0T)    Born: [1773]

Married: John Buchan Hepburn, Bar't (9H5X-RN) Born: 17 Jun 1766
4/1. Thomas Buchan Hepburn, Bar't. (9H5Z-11)

Born: 30 Sep 1804
Married: Helen Little (9H60-3G)    Born: [1806]

2/3. James Maitland, 8th Earl of Lauderdale (9H5Z-9D)

Viscount Maitland, Baron of Thirstan, Mussleburgh and Bolton, Hereditary Standard Bearer of Scotland.
Born: 26 Jan 1759, Halton
Married: Eleanor Todd (9H76-73) Born: Abt 1763 dau of Anthony.
3/1. James Maitland, 9th Earl Lauderdale: 12/5/1784-22/8/1860 unm.
3/2. Sir Anthony Maitland, , 10th Earl, 10/6/1785-22/3/1863 unm.

Naval Officer, entry 1795, became Rear Admiral of the White, 1841.  K.C.M.G., C.B.  See extracts from O'Byrne 1849.

3/3. Col Hon John Maitland, died 1839.

Ref Ronald Dunning, Feb 2004: (his interest is the Purvis connection)

3/4. Julia Jane Maitland, M John Warrender, Sir, d 27/5/1827.

4/1. George Warrender, b 10/10/1825.

M Helen Purvis Hume Campbell

4/2. Julian Jane Jemima Warrender, ch 11/6/1827,

mother superior, Community Epiphany.

2/4. Thomas Maitland

(General in Santo Domingo)  (ScotPeer)
Lt Gen Sir Thomas, GCB, Gov. of Malta & Ionian Islands, died 1824.

2/5. Valdave Charles Lauder Maitland (ScotPeer)
2/6. William Mordaunt Maitland, General (ref O'Byrne Naval Biog)

Died 1841 (MP).
Married: Mary, dau of Rev Richard Orpen of Killowen, & widow of John Travers of Fir Grove, Cork.
Debretts 1802 married Miss Napier, dau of maj gen Napier.
3/1. Sir Thomas Maitland, 11th Earl, 3/2/1803-1/9/1878 (MP),

Naval Officer, Capt 1837, (see O'Byrne, Naval Biog)
Married, 7/2/1828, Rio de Janeiro, Amelia, dau of William Young
Issue: 1 son, who predeceased him & 3 daughters (MP).

2/7. Hannah Charlotte Maitland,

m 18/4/1785, George Hay Marquis of Tweedale. (Deb 1802)

2/8. Jane Maitland, m 22/12/1787 Samuel Long (Deb 1802).
2/9. Anne Maitland, m 1/7/1793 Francis Dashwood (Deb 1802).

1/5. Charles Barclay-Maitland, Lord of Tilycoultry, (9FJ0-87)

Born: Abt 1719, Of, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, (OPR Nil)
Died: 28 Nov 1799 ScotPeer: Ormiston Lodge 28/11/1795.
Married (1): Abt 1748 Isobel Barclay, Lady of Towie (9FHZ-XK)
Born: Abt 1733, Born & Mar. Of, Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire,
Married (2): Margaret Holden (Q9RN-2T) 14 Apr 1765, Edinburgh,
Married (3): Janet Montcrieff.
Born: Abt 1735 Of Towie Castle Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
2/1. Jane Barclay-Maitland (9FJ0-CQ),

Born: Nov 18 1748 Rathho, Midlothian,
Married: Archibald (Andrew) Ogilivy (9GCZ-3W)
Born: Abt 1742 Of, Inchmartinehouse, Perthshire, Scotland

2/2. Charles Barclay-Maitland, Laird of Towie. (9FJ0-9D)

Born: Abt 1750 Of Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire,
Died: 28/11/1795.
Married: Elizabeth Mary Hall (9GCZ-43)
Born: Abt 1755 Of, Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
3/1. Charles Barclay-Maitland, Rect of Litl Lngfrd (9GCZ-58)

Born: Abt 1788 Of, Little Longford, Wiltshire, England
Married: Anne Knotts (9GCZ-C9),
Born: Abt 1796  Stockland, Devon.
4/1. Charles Barclay-Maitland, 12th Earl Lauderdale (9GCZ-DG)

Born: 29/9/1822 Of Lauderdale, Berwickshire, died 1884 unm.
Struck by lightning while shooting.

3/2. Maria Anne Barclay-Maitland (9GCZ-6F)

Born: Abt 1790 Of, Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire,

2/3. Alexander Barclay-Maitland (9FJ0-BK)

Born: Abt 1752 Of, Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire,

2/4. Mary Turner Barclay-Maitland (9FJ0-F3)

Born: 1753 Of Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Married: James Christie (9GCZ-7L)
Born: Abt 1751 Of Durie, Leven, Fifeshire, Scotland
Married (1): Henry Scrymgeour Wedderburn (Q9RM-X6)
Born: Abt 1750 Of, Edinburgh, Midlothian
Married (2): Alexander James Campbell (Q9RM-ZC)  Born: Abt 1750

2/5. Margaret (Peggy) Barclay-Maitland (9FJ0-G8)

Born: 1754 Of Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Married (1): Charles II Ogilvy, Esq. (9GCZ-8R)
Born: Abt 1752 Tillycoultry, Clackmannanshire,
Married (2): Major Archibald Erskine (9GCZ-9X)
Born: [1753] Of Venlaw, Peeblesshire, Scotland
Married (3): Charles Dundas, Lord Amesbury (9GCZ-B4)
Born: [1753] Of, Amesbury, Wiltshire, England

2/6. Elizabeth Barclay-Maitland (9FJ0-DW)

Born: Abt 1757 Of Towie Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Died Unm (MP)

1/6. Richard Maitland, Ch. 25/2/1724 Edinburgh, (SRO 4617)

ScotPeer: born 10/2/1724. Joined army 1743. Capt. 1759. Was at siege of Quebec 1759. DAG Forces Quebec 1760 and N America 1764, Col 1772. M. 11/7/1772, NY Mary Mcadam (d 16/6/1787) and died 13/7/1772, 2 days after his marriage, leaving:
2/1. Richard Maitland 1768 - 17/3/1802, no issue Capt. Durham Fencibles.
2/2. Patrick Maitland, b 1770. Legitimised 1885,

from whom descend the present Earl's line.
3/1. Frederick Colthurst Maitland, Maj Gen Indian, b 1/1/1808.

4/1. Frederick Henry Maitland, 13th Earl, b 16/12/1840-1924.

Fought action in Lords to establish his line.
5/1. Frederick Colin Maitland, 14th Earl, 12/4/1868-1931.

Married: Gwendoline Lucy Vaughan-Williams
6/1. Ian Colin Maitland, 15th Earl, b. 6/1/1891-1953.

7/1. Ian Colin James Maitland, Viscount, 1915-1943
No male issue.

5/2. Sydney George William Maitland, Rev (12/12/1869-1946)

6/1. Alfred Sydney Frederick Maitland, 16th Earl Rev,

1904-68, no issue.

6/2. Patrick Francis Maitland, 17th Earl (b 11/3/1911)

Died 2/12/2008.
M. Stanka Lozanic (1913-2003), Serbian.
7/1. Ian Maitland, Master of Lauderdale, 4/11/1936.

18th Earl of Lauderdale (2008).
Married Anne Paule Clark
8/1. Sarah Caroline MAITLAND,

B: 26/3/1964, Ormskirk, M. Stuart G. PARKS
9/1. Thomas George Maitland PARKS,

Birth Date: 2 August 1995 Oxford

9/2 Hugh Charles Maitland PARKS,

Birth Date: 28 December 1997, Wallingford,

8/2. John Douglas P. MAITLAND Master of Maitland,

Birth Date: 29 May 1965, Ormskirk.
M. Rosamund Mary Alice BENNETT, 21/4/2001, Westminster.

7/2. Olga Helen Maitland, b 25/5/1944
7/3. Caroline Charlotte Militsa Maitland 18/11/1946.
7/4. Sidney Mitivoye Maitland, 23/6/1941

3/1. Patrick John Maitland, b. 12/5/1816(MPed) Died 1886

The Maitland Pedigree has PJM marrying Laura Roparts, but it appears from Allan Flook, confirmed by certificates that he married 24/11/1839, Camberwell (MC from AF), Caroline Burgess, b 29/1/1826 Eltham, d 16/11/1851 Adelaide, dau of Richard & Sophia Burgess (re Caroline Gilbert 12/07[i]) confirmed by Alan Flook[ii] who emailed Birth and marriage certificates. They emigrated to Australia: the arrival of Patrick John, Caroline, Caroline Ann, Laura Sophia and an unnamed third child in Adelaide, South Australia aboard the Childe Harold in 1849 is recorded. The Clan has accepted Alan Flook’s preposition that Caroline Burgess was the (a?) wife of PJM.
Suppose that Charlotte was the daughter of Laura Roparts, who died in childbirth, and PJM remarried (although he was entered as a batchelor at his marriage to Caroline).

No other trace of PJM as a relative in birth, death and marriage records for South Australia. Only possibility if he is the Patrick Maitland the teacher in schools around Adelaide 1851-53.

Kingston Morning Herald (CO142/6):
16/11/42, Passengers arrived at Port Royal:
Maitland, lady & child, in the "Conservative" 13/11/1842 from Portsmouth.
A suggestion from Alan Flook, 11/2008: we know that Caroline Ann Maitland, daughter of Caroline (Burgess) and Patrick John Maitland, was born 30/8/1840 in Camberwell and her brother, Frederick William Maitland was born 3/4/1843 in Jamaica. So this could have been Caroline and her daughter Caroline Ann. However where was Patrick John? (Patrick John Maitland was the son of Patrick Maitland, younger brother of Frederick Colthurst Maitland from whom the present Earl descends)

The following from Alan Flook:

4/1. Charlotte Maitland, b 1839.
4/2. Caroline Ann Maitland b 30/8/1840 Camberwell, d 1906.

m  27/2/1867 Adelaide, William Verner, Son of Frederic Verner, 7/2/1867, Adelaide.
5/1. Caroline Matilda Verner b 24/1/1868 SA, m 21/3/1885 SA.

M. John Nicholas Henry Thompson (25).

5/2. Charles Maitland Verner b 1/10/1876 ,

m1 14/12/1904, SA. Mary Alice Burton d 12/1/1911 (37) SA.

6/1. Clifford Maitland Verner (23)

m1 19/11/1929, SA  Elma Grace Slee.
m2 27/5/1933 SA Florence May Anderson.
7/1. Edna Caroline Verner (18)

m 24/3/1926 SA. Horace Ernest Graham (22).

m2 22/11/1911 SA Wilhelmine Laube
6/1. Daleton Christopher Verner d 19/11/1913 (11m) SA

5/3. George Christian Verner b 2/2/1879,

m 15/2/1909 both SA Edith May Willard (24).

5/3. Honnor Beatrice Verner b 14/4/1886 SA.
5/4. William Severien Verner b 10/7/1886,

m 7/8/1907 both SA. Alice Thorn
6/1. William Charles Verner (27) m 8/12/1936 both SA. Maitland Mary Drummond (25)

5/5. Gwendoline Jane Verner b 24/5/1874.

m(24) 24/10/1936 both SA Aleck Malcolm Corey (26).

5/6. Alice May Verner b 24/5/1874, m 12/10/1898/
5/7. Frederick William Verner b 3/10/1871,

m 12/10/1898 both SA. Florence Emily Burton (27).

5/8. Laura Sophia Verner b 15/5/1881 SA, d 1951 Melbourne

m Victoria,. Ernest Webley b 1878, d 1953.
6/1. Florence Maud Webley b 8/4/1904, d 1944 Victoria.

M Gerald Cochrane b 1889 Victoria.

6/2. William Ernest Webley b 12/3/1907 Victoria.

m. Katherine Beryl Webley b 17/2/1925.

6/3 George Verner Webley b 3/8/1908, d 1975 Victoria.

M. 1938 Helen Paterson b 14/7/1907 Melbourne, d 2004 Frankston.

6/4. Charles Frederick Webley b 1910 Victoria.
6/5. Phyllis Laura Webley b 1913 Victoria.
6/6. Dorothy Matilda Webley b 1916 Victoria.

M. Harman Charles Ankers.

6/7. Douglas Victor Webley b 22/7/1919,

d 1944 New Guinea. M. 1942 Victoria  Muriel Hicks b 1919 Victoria.

6/8. Norman Walter Webley b 1/9/1922, d 1966 Victoria.

5/9. Amy Jane Verner d 16/12/1870 (9m) SA.

4/3. Laura Sophia Maitland, b Peckham 6/5/1846.

Married Lewis Frederick Ross, 17/8/1863, Adelaide, son of David Frederick Lewis Ross.
5/1. George William Johannes Ross b 9/4/1864
5/2. Emmelyn Selina Ross b 14/11/1865
5/3. Walter Henry Ross b 23/9/1870
5/4. Alice Bertha (Martin) Ross b 8/2/1868, father shown as Charles Martin but no marriage to him found.

4/4. Frederick William Maitland, b. 3/4/1843 Jamaica (re MC)

Married 12/9/1877 Bridget Stapelton, Melbourne, dau of Michael & Bridget (Clark) Stapleton. A PC when married.
5/1. Walter Frederick Maitland b 1878, d 1930 unmarried.
5/2. Albert William Maitland, b 1879, d 1944.

Married 21/1/1912, Victoria, Honor Beatrice Verner, dau of William & Caroline (Maitland) Verner
6/1. Carol Honor Maitland b 1912, d 1913.
No further children traced.

4/5. Emeline Maitland b 1849, d 12/1/1850


2/3. John Maitland.
2/4. James Maitland.


1/7. Eleanora Maitland Chr: 8 Dec 1727, Edinburgh (SRO FR4716)

Ref ScotPeer: died young.

1/8. Fredrick Lewis Maitland

Thought to have been the ancestor of the Jamaica Mailands, but this proved not to be correct!
Born 19/1/1730: See More Details.

1/9. Patrick Maitland (9FLS-0C)

Chr.: 10 Apr 1731, Edinburgh, Midlothian,
(SRO b. 10/4, ch 11/4 4786 & 5008)
Died: 17/5/1797.
Married: Jane Maitland (9FNJ-Q8) Born, 1733, 29 Sep 1774, Edinburgh,
(SRO).     Ref ScotPeer: "of Freugh, East Indiaman."
Married: Countess Dowager of Rothes (Debretts 1802). Died 17/5/1797.
2/1. Mary Turner Maitland, b 1775.

1/10. William Maitland (9FLS-1J)

Born: 24 Nov 1733 (SRO FR5250)
Chr.: 24 Nov 1733, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Ref ScotPeer: died young.

1/11. Hon & Rev George Maitland.  ScotPeer only.

Died unmarried.  9/1764

1/12. Hon Alexander Maitland - ScotPeer only.

General, Col of 49th Regt of Foot
Married: Penelope, dau of Col Madan.

1/13. Hon John Maitland: - SP & MP.  Marine and later Army.

Colonel John Maitland lead reinforcements to siege of Savannah in September 1779 and was a great influence on the success of the English in resisting the siege. He died of fever (probably malaria) 26/10/1779. (ref Clan M). One of the most able British officers in America at the period.

1/14. Lady Janet Maitland. - ScotPeer only.

Married Edinburgh 11/11/44 Thomas Dundas of Fingask.,
Died 29/12/1805 age 85


Other Information:

James, 7th Earl, 685.1/16 FR4451 b 23/1/1718
Married: ?? Agnes Dempster St Cuthberts 13/5/1739.
Married (SP): Mary Turner, 24/4/1749, Merton, Surrey.
     Issue: Valdave, James, Thomas (General in Santo Domingo)

Patrick 685.1/17 FR4786 & 5008: b 10/4/1731 & ch 11/4/1731, Edin.
Mar Jane: 685.1/50 FR2063: 25/9/1774, Edinburgh
William: 685.1/19 FR5250, b 24/11/1733.


Charles Maitland's: (IGI)

Charles MAITLAND (M) .................  C: 6 Nov 1687

Father: David Laird Of S MAITLAND
Fala and Soutra, Midlothian,        FR9
Mother: Agnes PRINGLE

Charles MAITLAND (M) .................  C: 19 Sep 1692
Father: Charles MAITLAND
North Berwick, East Lothian,        FR320
Mother: Margaret SWAN

Charles MAITLAND (M) .................  C: 2 Aug 1701
Father: Alexander MAITLAND
Monifieth, Angus, Scotland

Charles MAITLAND (M)..................  C: 14 Oct 1701
Father: Charles MAITLAND                 Glasgow, Lanark,
Scotland Mother: Margarit GIB

Charles MAITLAND (M)..................  C: 7 Jan 1701
Father: William MAITLAND
Cranston, Midlothian, Scotland      FR31
Mother: Christian MCGILL

Charles MAITLAND (M)..................  C: 12 Jun 1713
Father: John MAITLAND
Ordiquhill, Banff, Scotland         FR36

Charles MAITLAND (M)..................  C: 12 Jun 1713
Father: John MAITLAND
Ordiquhill, Banff, Scotland         FR370

Charles MAITLAND (M)..................  C: 12 Jun 1720
Father: James MAITLAND
Edinburgh Parish, Edinburgh,        FR4505
Mother: Isobell FINLAY

JOHN MAITLAND, (5th Earl of Lauderdale)

AM11/01  (9FLR-PT)

Born: 1655
Died: 13 Aug 1710 Halton, Mid-Lothian, Scotland
Parents: Charles Maitland & Elizabeth Lauder (AM12/01 & 02)
Succeeded to Earldom from brother Richard who died 1695.
Married: Margaret Cunningham



Born: 1662
Parents: Alexander Cunningham, Earl of Glencairn
Died: 12 May 1742, Hawthornden

1/1. Viscount James Maitland (9FLR-R6)

Born: [1677] (AF only, SRO nil)
Married: Jean (Sutherland-)Gordon (9R92-R2, 9FMP-4Q) of Dornoch. dau of 15th Earl, 31/8/1702 (ScotPeer),
2/1. Jean Maitland, 7/12/1703.

1/2. Elizabeth Maitland (9FJT-55)

Born: Abt 1682, Of, Lauderdale, Berwickshire, Scotland
Died: 27 Nov 1753, Bath, Ayrshire, Scotland
Married: James Carmichael, Earl of Hyndford (9FJT-40), 25 Mar 1698 Born abt 1670 Of Hynford, Carmichael, Lanarkshire

1/3. Charles Maitland
1/4. John Maitland, SP: Colonel in the Guards, born 19/2/1690,

died without issue, Hampstead, 15/10/1756.


XVII Charles, 6th Earl of Lauderdale

1640-71 nil
SP: succeeded brother in 1695.
married Margaret Cunningham, dau of Earl of Glencairn.
James: bth OPR nil
Married Lady Jean Sutherland, dau of 15th Earl, 31/8/1702.
Elizabeth: OPR nil
John: SP b 19/2/1690, d Hampstead, 15/10/1756
Witness to nephew Patrick's ch.


AM11/03  (B3QL-X4)

Born: 11 Jul 1663
Parents: Earl James Ogilvie (9H41-WJ) & Anne Montgomery
Died: 15 Aug 1730: Bur.: Cullen (see MI)
Married.: Jun 1687/88, Anne Dunbar

Created Earl of Seafield 24/6/1701 (Burkes P)


AM11/04  (B3QL-Z9)

Born: Abt 1671 (16-1687)
Died: 14 Aug 1708 Cullen
Parents: Sir William Dunbar (9H3D-TL) ref SP & BP: of Durn

Issue (ref 3107\DESCJAM1):
1/1. Elizabeth Ogilivie, b. 1692

Married.: Charles Maitland, 15 Jul 1710

1/2. Janet Ogilvie (B3QL-WX) Born: 1698, Of, Findlater,

Died: 1722, Bur: At Banff
Married (1) 1716: Sir Hugh Forbes (TK31-FP),
Born: Abt 1686 Of, Craigievarr (or Cragievar)
Married (2) 1719 at Dipple, Morayshire:
William Duff, Earl of Fife (B3QK-S9),
Born: 1696 (Abt 67-1763) Of Dipple, Frenchie, Perth,

1/3. James Ogilvie, 5th Earl Findlater (ref SP), Ch 20/2/1694 OPR
1/4. William Ogilvie (ref ScotPeer) Ch. 30/7/1696 (OPR)

Edinburgh OPR's 685.1/44 FR1211 9 Feb 1688
Mr James Ogilvie, son to my Lord Boyn and Mrs Anna Arnot
most entries have womans name without "Mrs", and quote parents: was Anna a widow?
OPR's have no entry for James's marriage to Ann Dunbar
Or: Catherine Ogilvie, 22/7/1688, 294/5, FR1222.
AF, SP & BP have him married to Ann Dunbar: OPR's have no trace of this, nor IGI of suitable Ann Dunbars marrying Arnots.

Cullen OPR's 150/2:
22 April 1691:
Sir James Ogilvie of Church (Hill?) second son to the Earl of Findlater had a daughter baptised called Anna,
Witness James Earl of Findlater Sir Patrick Ogilvie Lord Boyne (or Boyd) Mr John Gordon of Rothmay (?) the Dutchess of Hamilton Lady Anna Ogilvie daughter of the Earl of Findlater and Mrs Anna Arnot Lady Boyne and Mrs Anna Ogilvie.

5/5/1692: Sir James Ogilvie of Church Hill had a daughter Elizabeth

20/2/1694: John Ogilvie had a child baptised called James, witness James Ogilvie, Earl of Findlater

Sir James Ogilvie had a child William baptised. Godfathers William, Earl of Morishall, Sir William Hamilton of Whitlaw?, Mr William Brodie, advocat William Dunbar, Laird of Durn (or Dorn), and William, his son. 30/7/1696 & 16/5/1697: illegible entries.

Ann(a) Dunbar ex William & Margaret Warden Edinburgh 4/7/1673
                 Wm & Margaret Stewart, Speymouth, 27/6/1675
                 Wm 27/12/1672, Dyke.

GEC Complete Peerage:
Admitted Advocate 16/1/1685, Solicitor General Scotland 1693, MP Cullen 1689-95. Secretary of State Scotland 1/1695-1702.
Lord High ???? 1702-8.
"He is a gentleman of great knowledge in the arms, law and the constitution of the kingdom and understands perfectly how to mamnge the Scottish parliament to the advantage of the Court. This and his implicitly executing what pleased King William without ever reasoning about it established him in his Majesty's favour, but his joining with an English Secretary to destroy the colony of Darien, lost him extremely with the people. He affects plainess and familiarity in his conversation, but is not sincere, is very beautiful in person, with a graceful behaviour, a smilinmg countenance and swift tongue. He genrally supported the Tories.

CHARLES MAITLAND, 3rd Earl Lauderdale

AM12/01  (9HGG-BF)

Born: Abt 1620
Parents: John Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale, & Isabel Seton
Died:  9 Jun 1691 (ref ScotPeer)
Married.: 18 Nov 1652, Elizabeth Lauder.
Succeeded to Earldom from his brother John, the 2nd Earl.


AM12/02  (9HGG-CL)

(OPR Nil)
Born: [1622]
Parents: Richard Lauder & Mary Scot


1/1. Richard Maitland(4th Earl):

Scotpeer: b 20/6/1653, D 1695, no issue.
Gogar was a property owned by John Maitland
1678, 26 June, Edinburgh, Convention
Parliamentary Register
Edinburgh 29 June 1678
Procedure: objections against commissioners and remit to committee

The which day, there being several objections given in to the convention by some members thereof, against diverse commissioners for shires and burghs as against [Sir James Dalrymple of Stair], president of the session, the commissioners for Linlithgowshire, commissioner for Inverness, commissioners for Banff, Mr Richard Maitland [of Gogar], the commissioners for Caithness, commissioners for Argyll, [David Bruce], laird of Clackmannan, and the commissioners for the burghs of Linlithgow and Queensferry, that they were not capable to be elected for reasons contained in a paper and given in, and which was remitted by the convention to the committee for debatable elections.

It being alleged by some of the members that those persons against whom the foresaid objections were given in ought not to vote in the convention until these objections should be considered and discussed, it was found by the convention that an objection offered against a commissioner to the convention, not being in the case of double elections, ought not to debar that person from voting in the convention until that objection is tried.

1/2. John Maitland, 5th Earl of Lauderdale        (AM11/01)

1/3. Isabel Maitland (9HGG-98) Born: Abt 1655, Died: Oct 1706

Married: Baron John Elphinstone (9G7S-WX), 23 Apr 1670
2/1. Mary Elphinstone (9H0T-4G)

Born: 30 Sep 1636, Newport Pond, Essex,
Married: Thomas Buchan (9H0T-1X)    Born: 1680 Of, Cairnbulg,

2/2. Elizabeth Elphinstone (9FK8-BR)   Born: 24 May 1673, Edinburgh,

Married: John Campbell [Duke] (9FK8-9L)
Born: Abt 1655, Mamore, Invernesshire, Scotland

2/3. Margaret Elphinstone (TK4L-WK)

Born: 30 May 1684 Of, Elphinstone East Lothian, Scotland
Married: Sir James Gordon (TK1J-HW) Born: abt 1679 Of Park.
Married: George Leslie (TK4L-VD)    Born: [1684]


Charles: OPR: 685.1/6 FR1737, Edinburgh Ch: 15/6/1662
Also: Alexander, William, Mary.

Earl ALEXANDER CUNNINGHAM, (Earl of Glencairn)

AM12/03   (9H8J-LG)

Born: [AF: 1636] MP: 1616.
Parents: Alexander Cunningham.
1/1. Margaret CUNNINGHAM

JAMES OGILVIE, 3rd Earl of Findlater

AM12/05  (9H41-WJ)

Born: [1637]
Parents: Sir Patrick Ogilvie & Anne Hamilton.
Married, 2nd: 10/1703, Mary (dsp 8/1705) widow of 3rd Earl of Callender
Married, 1st, abt 1658:


AM12/06  Ref ScotPeer

(relict of Robert Seton, son of Sir George Seton of Hailes)
Parent: Hugh, 7th Earl of Eglintoun, by his 1st wife, Lady Ann Hamilton,
Died: 8/1687
Married 1st: Robert Seton (died 1655), s of John Seton of Hailes
Issue: Robert

1/1. James OGILVIE (Earl of Finlater and Seafield) b 1663
1/2. Walter, Lord Deskford, died unm 5/1669
1/3. Lady Ann Ogilvie
1/4. Lady Mary Ogilvie
1/5. Patrik Ogilvie


AM12/07  (9H3D-TL)

Of Durn.
Parents: Ninian & Mary (Ogilvie, dau of Walter O of Dunlugas & Banff)
Married: Janet, dau of John Brodie, Dean of Ardlearn.
1/1. Anne DUNBAR abt 1671
1/2. Sir James Dunbar, Baronet (9H3D-WX),

Born: 9/1/1665  Died: 11/1737  (ref BP)



JOHN MAITLAND, 1st Earl of Lauderdale

AM13/01   (9HGG-DR)

Became Earl: 14/12/1626
Born: [AF: 1533 see Baron John!]
Parents: Baron John Maitland (9GVZ-QQ) & Jane Fleming (858P-Q4)
Died: 18 Jan 1645 (ref ScotPeer 1/1645)
Married: (18/6/1610 PR) Isabel Seton


AM13/02  (9FBZ-PT)

Born: 1/8/1594 (PR)   Died: 2/11/1638 Lethington
Parents: Alexander Seton (Earl of Dunfermlin) (9FBZ-J0) Lilias Drummond

1/1. John Maitland, 2nd Earl, born 24/5/1623, died 24/8/1651

ScotPeer: 2nd Earl of Lauderdale born Leithington 24/5/1616
Other sources say died 1682.

1/2. Charles Maitland, 3th Earl.
1/3. Robert Maitland, born 11/3/1623, died 15/12/1658
1/4. Sophia Maitland.

John 2nd Lord Maitland of Thirlstane, "noble man of great honour and probity." created Earl Lauderdale.  died 1/1645.
married Lady Isabel Seton, 2nd dau of Alexander, Earl of Dunfermline.


AM13/03  (9HGG-FX)

Born: [1596], Of Hatton,  Edinburgh.
Parents: Son Lauder (9HGQ-DV) & Unknown
Married.: Abt 1630, Mary Scot, Baroness Haltoun.

MARY (Mariota) SCOT,

Baroness Haltoun

AM13/04  (9HGG-G4)

Born: [1598],
Parents: Son SCOTT (9HGQ-N8) & Unknown

Issue of Richard & Mary Lauder:
1/1. Elizabeth LAUDER (9HGG-CL)



OPR: Chr: Edinburgh, 685.1/2 FR301, 8/4/1613
Parents: William, Earl Glencairn & Janet Ker
 Or:     Alexander & Anna Murray 19/7/1646.
A possible father of Earl Alexander Cunningham, born 1636,  AM12/03


Lord Deskford

Died: 5/1659 or 30/3/1658
Parents: Sir Patrick Ogilvie (d 13/3/1651) of Inchmartin & Anne, dau of Sir Duncan Campbell
Parents: Patrick & Marjorie (Gray) Ogilvie



Parents: James Ogilvie, 1st Earl of Findalter
Died: 30/2/1658
1/1. James Ogilvie.                                 AM12/05
1/2. Elizabeth Ogilvie

HUGH MONTGOMERY, 7th Earl Eglintoun

AM13/11 ref ScotPeer

born 8/4/1613, died 2/1669
Parents: Alexander Montgomery.

Married (1), 13/4/1621:


AM13/12 Ref ScotPeer

Died: 16/10/1632
daughter of James, 2nd Marquis of Hamilton (died 2/3/1625) & Anne, James Earl of Glencairn

Anne Montgomery                                      AM12/06



Born: 1545 (ref MP) Of, Thirlestane, Scotland
Died: 3 Oct 1595
Parents: Sir Richard Maitland & Mary Cranston
Married: 16 Jan 1582/1583 Jane Fleming



Born: 1554, Of Aaran, Buteshire, Scot
Died: 23 Jan 1609 Bur.: Haddington aged 55
Parents: Baron James Fleming & Barbara Hamilton, Baroness Gordon
Married (2): John Thirlestane (Cont) 16 Jan
Married (3): John  Earl, Contr. 4 Nov 1597
1/1. John Maitland, 1st Earl of Lauderdale

ALEXANDER SETON, Earl of Dunfermlin.

AM14/03  (9FBZ-J0)

Born: 1555, Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland
Died: 16 Jun 1622, Pinkie, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian. BUR.: 9 Jul 1622
Parents: Baron George Seton & Isabel Hamilton

Married (1):


Baroness Fyvie.
AM14/04  (9FBZ-K5)

Born: [1555]
Died:  8 May 1601, Dalgety, Fifeshire, Scotland
Parents: Baron Patrick III Drummond (9FC2-W8) & Elizabeth Lindsay (9FB5-4L)

Married (2): Grizel Leslie, (9FC8-FN)
Abt 27 Oct 1601, Contract, Leslie, Fifeshire, Scotland
Married (3): Margaret Hay (9FC8-KC), 1607.

Issue of Alexander & Lilias (Drummond) Seton:
1/1. Anne Seton (9FBZ-LB) Born: [1581]

Married:  Baron Beaumont (9FFS-0T)

1/2. Sophia Seton, (9FBC-84),

Born: Abt 1590, Of, Dunfirmline, Fifeshire, Died: Aft Mar 1640/1641
Married: Baron Lindsay (9FBC-38), Abt 16 Feb 1611, Contract, @Dunfirmline, Fifeshire, Scotland

1/3. Isabel Seton, Cnts of Lauderdale. Born:  1 Aug 1594    AM13/02
1/4. Margaret Seton (9FBZ-BX),

Born: 8 Aug 1599, Of, Kintail, Ross & Cromarty,
Died: 20/26 Feb 1629/30.
Bur.:  8 Mar 1629/30, Dalgety
Married: Colin Mackenzie, Earl of Seaforth.  (9FBZ-9R) 5 Jun 1614, Holyrood Abbey, Holyrood, Edinburgh, Scotland
PR: 2 Margarets ch Edin'gh (685.1/1): 16/6/1596 (FR31) & 8/8/1599 FR77

1/5. PR: Lilias 10/11/1602 (FR130)
1/6. PR: Charles 21/5/1605


AM14/05  (9HGQ-DV)

Born: [1570]
Parents: Sir William Lauder & Unknown
1/1. Richard Lauder



Born: [1572], Of Millenie
1/1. Mary (Mariota) SCOT, Born: [1598]

                             PATRICK OGILVIE


Parents: William of Inchmartin (died 1558), & Janet, 2nd dau of Patrick,

4th Lord Grey


      William's Parents: Patrick & Mariola (Stewart) Ogilvie

Married (2):  Margaret, dau of Sir George Haliburton of Pitcur

Married (1):

                               MARJORY GRAY



1/1. Sir Patrick Ogilvie                                    AM13/09

1/1. William Ogilvie.

     married Janet, 2nd dau of Patrick, 4th Lord Gray & died 1558.



JAMES OGILVIE, 1st Earl of Findlater

                           AM14/19 re ScotPeer

who died 1652 without male heir and passed title to Patrick, husband of daughter:  Elizabeth Ogilvie.                               AM13/10






AKO Sir Alexander Seton, took name of Montgomery from wife.
1/1. Hugh Montgomery                                        AM13/11

JAMES HAMILTON, 2nd Marquis of Hamilton


DNB  1589-1635.
Parent: Lord John Hamilton

Married, 30/6/1603:


Parent: James Cunningham, 7th Earl Glencairn

1/1. James Hamilton, 1st Duke of Hamilton, b. 19/6/1606,

married Mary (Margaret) Fielden.

1/2. William Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Hamilton, b 14/12/1616,

married Elizabeth Dirleton.

1/3. Anne Hamilton                                          AM13/12
1/4. Mary Hamilton,

married, 4/6/1630 James Douglas, 2nd Earl of Queensbury, son of William Douglas, 1st Earl & Isobel Kerr. She died 29/10/1633, Hamilton, bur 6/11/1633, Drumlanrig.



Born: [1481], Thirlestone, , Scotland
Died: 20 Mar 1586
Parents: William Maitland & Martha SETON
Married: Aft 1520: Mary Cranston



Born: [1483], Crosbie, Ayrshire, Scotland
Died: 1586
1/1. Baron John Maitland                                    AM14/01
1/1. William Maitland (9G3W-MK) –

"Secretary to Queen Mary" - of Lethington.
Born: [1542], Scotland. Died 1573 (MP)
Married: Mary Fleming (b1542), 6 Jan 1567/1568, Sterling.
Aunt of Jane Fleming, married to Baron John Maitland.



AM15/03  (858P-C7)

Born: Abt 1553 (23-1558) Of Rydall Hall, Westmoreland, Eng
Died: 15 Dec 1558 SPM, Paris, Seine, France
Bur.: W.D. 8 Nov 1558 Dieppe, S. Marit, France
Parents: Lord Malcolm Fleming & Janet Stewart
Married.: Bef 23 Dec 1553, Contract, Scotland Barbara Hamilton:


AM15/04  (858P-NR)

Born: Abt 1533 Of, Arran, Buteshire, Scot, Of Chatelherault
Chr.: Of, Hamilton, Lanark, Scot
Died: 1558
Parents: James Hamilton, Earl of Arran & Margaret Douglas
Also Married: Baron Alexander Gordon (FC2R-ZK) Abt 1546

Issue of James & Barbara (Hamilton)  Fleming:
1/1. Jane Fleming (858P-Q4)                             AM14/02
1/2. Thomas Fleming (858P-ML)

Born: Abt 1556 Of Aaran, Buteshire, Scot.




AM15/05  (9FC7-Z9)

Born: 1531, Of, Seton, Tranent, East Lothian, Scotland
Died: 8 Jan 1585/86
Parents: Baron George Seton & Elizabeth Hay.
Married.:  2 Aug 1550 by Contract: Isabel Hamilton


AM15/06   (9FC8-0F)


Born: 1530, Of, Sanquhar, Dumfries-shire. Chr.: Of, Sorn, Ayrshire,
Parents: William Hamilton, Laird of Sorn  & Unknown
Died: 13 Nov 1604, Bur.: Seton Church, East Lothian, Scotland

Issue of George & Isabel Seton:
1/1. George Seton, Master Of Seton (9FC8-1L)

Born: Abt 1551, Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland.  Died: Mar 1562

1/2. Sir John Seton (AFN:9FC8-2R)

Born: 1553, Of, East Barnes, East Lothian, Died: May 1594
Married: Anna Forbes (NPJN-5D) 8 Sep 1588

1/3. Alexander Seton, Earl of Dunfermlin.
1/4. Margaret Seton, Baroness Paisley. (9FCL-G7)

Born: Abt 1556, Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland
Died: 10 Feb 1615/1616  Bur.: 12 Feb 1615/1616
Married: Claud Hamilton, Baron Paisley  (9FCL-F2)
1 Aug 1574, Niddry Castle, Winchburgh, West-Lothian, Scotland

1/5. Robert Seton (9FC8-3X) Born: Abt 1558, Of, Seton, East Lothian,
1/6. Sir William Seton (HRGH-DN)

Born: Abt 1562, Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland
Married: Agnes Stirling (NPJN-7Q)




AM15/07  (9FC2-W8)


Born: 1550, Of, Drummond, Perthshire, Scotland
Parents: David II Drummond & Lilias (Lilian) RUTHVEN
Married.: 21 Oct 1572 Elizabeth Lindsay


AM15/08  (9FB5-4L, 9QCW-FV)

Born: Abt 1560,  Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland
Parents: David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford & Catherine Campbell
Died: May 1585

Issue of Patrick & Elizabeth (Lidsay) Drummond:
1/1. Lilias Drummond,                                       AM14/04

Married: Alexander Seton

1/2. Jean Drummond (9FC2-XF)

Married: Robert KER, Earl of Roxburghe (9G9T-0M) 3 Feb 1613/1614

1/3. James Drummond, Earl of Perth. (9FC2-ZL). Born: Abt 1580
1/4. Anna Drummond (9FC3-23)

Born: Abt 1581, Of, Drummond, Perthshire, Scotland Died: Aft 1640
Married (1): Patrick Barclay, Fiar of Towie. (9FHJ-VF) 22 Jun 1602 @ Drummond, Perthshire, Scotland
Married (2): Andrew Fraser (9QCT-ZD), Aft 1624

1/5. Elizabeth Drummond (9FC3-1W).

Born: Abt 1581, Of Drummond Perthshire, Died: Aft 1 Dec 1637
Married: Baron Alexander Elphinstone (9G7M-49) 28 Apr 1607

1/6. John Drummond, Earl of Perth. (9FC3-0Q), Born: [1582]

Married: Jean Ker (9FZB-MT)



                           AM15/09   (9HGQ-G7)

Born: [1544]

Parents: Sir George Lauder & Unknown


1/1. Son Lauder Born: [1570]


                          AM15/33  ref ScotPeer

died before 10/5/1555

Parents: James & Isabel (Olphant) Ogilvie

Married (2): Elizabeth Kinnaird, dau of Patrick Kinnaird of Inchmure

Married (1):


                          AM15/34  ref ScotPeer

dau of Thomas, 2nd Lord Innermeek

Issue of Patrick & Mariola (Stewart) Ogilvie:

1/1. Patrick Ogilvie                                        AM14/17





Parent: James Hamilton & Margaret Douglas


Married: Margaret Lyon


1/1. James Hamilton                                         AM14/23




AM16/01  (9GVX-JK)


Born: 1455, Thirlestone, Berwickshire, Scotland

Died:  9 Sep 1513, Battle of Flodden, Flodden, Northumberland, England

Parents: John Maitland & Miss Dundas

Married: Martha Seton



                            AM16/02  (9GVX-XM)

Born: [1457]

Parents: Baron George Seton & Margaret Campbell


Issue of William & Martha (Seton) Maitland:

1/1. Sir Richard Maitland





Born: [1457]
1/1. Mary Cranston, Married: Sir Richard Maitland


                            AM16/05  (858M-MB)


Born: Abt 1494 Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scot

Died: 10 Sep 1547 Battle Of Pinkie

Parents: Baron John Fleming & Euphame Drummond

Also Married: Concubine 1 & 2 (9G3W-WX) (9G3W-Z9)


Married.: Granted: 26 Feb 1524/5 Dispensation Janet Stewart:


                            AM16/06 (858N-1C)


Born: Abt 1502 Of Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Died: 5 Oct 1560-20 Feb, France

Parents: King James IV Of Scotland & Agnes Stewart

Also Married: Henri II, King Of FRANCE (9G0T-QH)


Issue of Malcolm & Janet (Stewart) Fleming:

1/1. Johanna Or Joan Fleming (858P-7J)

   Born: Abt 1525 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

   Married (1): John Sandilands (9G3W-C6) 24 May 1560 Contract

   Married (2): David Crawford (9G3W-DC) Bef Nov 1567

   Married (3): John Livingstone (9G3W-B1)

1/2. Janet Fleming (858P-8P)

   Born: Abt 1527 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

   Married: Richard Brown (9G3W-FJ)

1/3. Agnes Fleming (858P-9V)

   Born: Abt 1528 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot. Bur., Falkirk

   Married: Baron William Livingstone (9G3W-GP) Abt 1 Oct 1553,

1/4. John Fleming (858P-HW)

   Born: Abt 1529 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot. Died: 22 Aug 1592

   Married: Janet Carwood (9G3X-1L)

1/5. Margaret Fleming (858P-B2)

   Born: Abt 1530 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot Died: Bef 15 Mar 1586

   Married (1): Robert Graham (9G3W-J2) Bef 6 Jan 1546 Of, Scotland

   Married (2): Thomas Erskine (9G3W-K7) 30 Jan 1548/1549 Contract

   Married (3): John Stewart, Earl of Atholl (9FC3-LT) 1 Apr 1557

1/6. William Fleming (858P-GQ)

   Born: Abt 1532, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

1/7. Earl John Fleming (858M-XV)

   Born: Abt. 1537 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Died:  6 Sep 1572 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Elizabeth Ros (858M-Z2) 10 May 1562  Biggar, Lanarkshire,

1/8. Mary Fleming (858P-DD)

   Born: 1542 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

   Married (1): George Meldrum (9G3W-PW) Bef 24 Mar 1540 Of, Scotland

   Married (2): William Maitland (9G3W-MK) 6 Jan 1567/1568, Sterling.

1/9. Elizabeth Fleming (858P-FK)

   Born: Abt 1544 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

   Married (1): Lord William Crichton (9G3W-Q3) 24 Mar 1540/1541

   Married (2): William  (9G3W-R8)

1/10. Baron James Fleming (858P-C7)                         AM15/03





                            AM16/07  (8HJ9-HR)

Born: 1517, Scotland

Died: 22 Jan 1575 Hamilton, Scotland

Parents: James Hamilton, Earl of Arran & Janet Beaton


Married.: 1532, Scotland Margaret Douglas:


AM16/08  (9G0N-KX)

Born: Abt 1511 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Died: Aft 24 May 1579
Parents: James Douglas, & Catherine Stewart

Issue of James & Margaret (Douglas) Hamilton:
1/1. Barbara Hamilton (858P-NR)                             AM15/04
1/2. Anne Hamilton (HRDF-VL)

Born: Abt 1535 Of, Huntly, Aberdeenshire. Died: Aft 17 Apr 1574
Married: George Gordon, Earl of Huntly (HRDD-PL) 12 Aug 1558

1/3. John Hamilton, Marquess Of Hamilton (9G0P-FD)          AM15/45

   Born: Abt 1535 Arron, Butshire, Scotland

   Died:  6 Apr 1604 (36 Yrs.), England

   Married: Margaret Lyon (9GG3-L7)

1/4. James Lord Hamilton (NJF1-PV)

   Born: 1537/1538  Arron, Butshire, Scotland     Died: Mar 1609

1/5. Gavin Hamilton (NJF1-Q2)

   Born: Bef 22 Oct 1542 Arron, Butshire, Scotland  Died: Aug 1547

1/6. David Hamilton (NJF1-R7)

   Born: 1542/1543  Arron, Butshire, Scotland    Died: Mar 1611

1/7. Claud Hamilton, Baron Paisley (9FCL-F2)

   Born: 1543, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Chr.:  9 Jun 1546, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland   Died: 1621

   Married (1): Margaret SETON, (9FCL-G7)

   Married.:  1 Aug 1574       Niddry Castle, Winchburgh, West-Lothian,

   Married (2): Margaret  (8HJ9-L9)

1/8. Jean Jone Hamilton (NPJL-9S)

   Born: Abt 1548 Arron, Butshire, Scotland

   Married:  Earl Of Egliston (NPJL-8M)  13 Feb 1554/1555

1/9. Christian Hamilton (91KK-FP)

   Born: [1589]






                            AM16/09  (HRJJ-ND)

Born: Abt 1507

Died: 17 Jul 1549, Culross  Bur.: Culross

Parents: George Seton & Jane (Janet) Hepburn

Married (1) Elizabeth Hay:



                            AM16/10  (HRJJ-RW)

Born: Abt 1510

Parents: Baron John Hay Of Yester & Elizabeth Douglas

Married (2): Marie Pyerres Pierres (HRJJ-VF) Abt Feb 1538/39



1/1. Marion Or Marriott Seton (8XLT-31)

   Born: 1528, Yester, Scotland

   Died: 23 Jun 1567, Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland

   Bur.: Dunrobin, Sutherland, Scotland

   Married (1): John Graham (8XLT-2T), 8 Oct 1548

   Married (2): Sir John Gorton (NKL2-QR)

1/2. Baron George Seton,                                    AM15/05

1/3. Beatrix Seton (HRJJ-ZX), Born: Abt 1533





                            AM16/11  (9FC8-44)

Born: [1504]


1/1. Isabel Hamilton, Married: Baron Seton.                 AM15/06



DAVID II DRUMMOND, Lord of Drummond

                            AM16/13  (9FC3-V7)


Born: Abt 1524, Of Drummond, Perthshire, Scotland

Married (1): Bef 7 Dec 1543, Lilias Ruthven.

Married (2): Margaret Stewart (9FC3-WD), Abt 1535



                            AM16/14  (9FC3-XK)

Born: Abt 1526

Died:  7 Jul 1579  At Stobhall

Parents: Baron William Ruthven (9FNJ-45) & Jean Hepburn (T7GZ-QK)


Issue of David & Lilias (Ruthven) Drummond:

1/1. Patrick III Drummond, Born: 1550                       AM15/07

1/2. Lilias Drummond (9FB7-R5)

   Born: Abt 1553, Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. (9FB2-J8)

   Abt 12 Feb 1573,  Perth, Perthshire, Scotland




DAVID LINDSAY, Earl of Crawford.

                      AM16/15  (9FB1-9W)


Born: Abt 1503, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

Died: 10 Sep 1558, Invermark, Angusshire, Scotland

Bur.: Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

Parents: Walter Lindsay & Miss Erskine


Married (1): Abt 1549 Catherine Campbell

Married (2): Janet Gray (9QCF-CM,PPS1-4G) Abt 12 Jun 1535

Married (3): Miss David Lindsay (9FB5-6X), Div, Not Married



                            AM16/16  (9FB4-XL)

Born: Abt 1520 Of, Calder

Died:  1 Oct 1578, Of, Brechin, Angusshire, Scotland

Parents: John Campbell, Thane of Calder & Muriel Calder

She Married (2): James Ogilvie, Master of Ogilvie (9FC3-DS) Bef 1549


Issue of David & Catherine (Campbell) Lindsay:

1/1. David Lindsay, "Lord Edzell". (9FB4-ZR)

   Born: Abt 1550, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland, Died: 15 Dec 1610

   Married (1): Helen Lindsay (9FB2-P4) Abt Mar 1570, Contract

   Married (2): Isabel Forbes (9FB5-ZW) Abt 1 Dec 1585 Contract

   Married (3): Miss David Lindsay (9FB6-02), Div, Not Married

1/2. John Lindsay, "Lord Menmuir" (9FB5-0W)

   Born: Abt 1552, Of Balcarres, Kilconquhar, Fifeshire, Scotland

   Died: 3 Sep 1598. Bur.: Choir, Kilconquhar, Fifeshire,

   Married (1): Marion Guthrie (9FBB-ZL) 29 Nov 1581, Edinburgh,

   Married (2): Janet Lauder (9FBC-7X) Abt 1593

1/3. Walter Lindsay, Laird of Balgawies. (9FB5-13)

   Born: Abt 1554, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

   Died: 25 Oct 1605, Between Brechin & Edzell, Angusshire,

   Married: Louisa Mrs Lindsay (9FBB-LP) Abt 1579

1/4. James Lindsay, Prsn of Fetercairn. (9FB5-28)

   Born: Abt 1556, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

   Died: 15 Jun 1580, Genf, Genf, Switzerland

1/5. Robert Lindsay, Laird of Balhall. (9FB5-3F)

   Born: Abt 1558, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

   Died: Bef 9 Oct 1596 Of, Balhall, Angusshire, Scotland

   Married (1): Miss Fullerton (9FBJ-90) Abt 1580

   Married (2): Elizabeth Semple (9FBJ-FN) Abt 1590

1/6. Elizabeth Lindsay, Married: Patrick III Drummond       AM15/08

1/7. Margaret Lindsay,  Brness Innermeath. (9FB5-5R)

   Born: Abt 1562, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland,

   Died: Aft 16 Jun 1589

   Married: John Stewart Earl of Atholl (9FC3-38) Abt 27 Oct 1580




                            AM16/17  (9HGQ-JK)

Born: [1513]

Died:  9 Sep 1513,  Battle Of Flodden, Branxton, Northumberland, England

Parents: Sir William Hatton & Unknown


1/1. Sir William Lauder, Born: [1544]                       AM15/09




                          AM16/65  ref ScotPeer

Parents: David Ogilvie & Margaret Hay



                          AM16/66  Ref ScotPeer


1/1. Patrick Ogilvie                                        AM15/33

1/2. Janet Ogilvie



THOMAS STEWART, 2nd Lord Innermeek

                          AM16/67  ref SCot Peer

Issue: Mariola Stewart                                      AM15/34




                            AM17/01  (9GVX-G7)

Born: [1429]

Parents: William Maitland & Margaret Wardlaw

Married: Dundas (9GVX-HD) Born: [1431]


1/1. William Maitland




                       AM17/09  (858M-5W) (AF2009A)


Born: 1465 Of Biggar & Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scot

Died: 1 Nov 1524

Parents: Malcolm Fleming & Euphame Livingstone

Also Married: Margaret Stewart (FC2Q-LJ) 12 Feb 1508-9

& Agnes Somerville (FC2Q-MP)

Married.:  5 May 1496 (div) Euphame Drummond


                             EUPHAME DRUMMOND

                            AM17/10  (858M-R1)

Born: 1467?, Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: May 1502, Perthshire, Scotland

Bur.: Dunblane, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: Baron John Drummond & Elizabeth Lindsay

Also Married: Alexander Douglas (FC2R-0K)  1 May 1528



1/1. Lord Malcolm Fleming (858M-MB)                         AM16/05

1/2. Malcolm Fleming (858M-L5)

   Born: 1496 Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scot   Died: 30 Mar 1569

1/3. James Fleming (858M-NH)

   Born: 1498 Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scot

1/4. Fleming (858M-PN) Born: Abt 1500  Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scot

1/5. Fleming (858M-QT) Born: 1502 Cumbernauld, Lanarkshire, Scot



                      JAMES HAMILTON, EARL OF ARRAN

                            AM17/13  (8HGH-ZS)

Born: Abt 1475  Of, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Chr.: (4-1479) Died:

Abt 26 Mar 1529, Scotland

Parents: James Hamilton & Mary Stewart, Princess Of Scotland

Also Married: Elizabeth Home (9G13-HC) Bef 28 Apr 1490

Married: Beatrix Drummond (8HJ9-D8)

Married: Mary Boyd (9G13-KP)

Married.: 23 Nov 1516 Of, Scotland Janet Beaton


                               JANET BEATON

                            AM17/14  (8HJ9-GL)


Born: Abt 1486 Of, Creich, Fifeshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1522

Parents: Sir David Betoun (V9WB-4C) & Unknown

Also Married: Sir Robert Livingston (9HN0-NT)

Issue of James & Janet (Beaton) Hamilton:

1/1. Helen Hamilton, (V9WB-36)

   Born: Abt 1517 Of, Isle Of Arran, Buteshire, Scotland

   Married: Archibald Campbell, Earl of Argyll (V9W9-ZJ)

   Bef 26 Mar 1529   Of, Buteshire, Scotland

1/2. James Hamilton, Earl of Arran (8HJ9-HR)                AM16/07

1/3. Gavin Hamilton (VB0C-8G)

   Born: Abt 1519 Died: Bef 1549



JAMES DOUGLAS, Earl of Morton

                            AM17/15  (9G0N-JR)

Born: Abt 1487 Of, Aberdour, Fifeshire, Scotland

Died: Dec 1548

Parents: John Douglas, Earl of Morton & Janet Crichton

Married.: Bef 10 Dec 1507, Scotland



                            AM17/16  (9FQ4-XT)

Born: Abt 1491  Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian,

Died: Aft 5 Jul 1554, Scotland

Parents: James IV King Of Scotland & Margaret Boyd


Issue of James & Catherine (Stewart) Douglas:

1/1. Margaret Douglas (Duchess of Hamilton) (9G0N-KX) (AM16/08)

1/2. Beatrice Douglas (9G0N-L4)

   Born: Abt 1514 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland  Died: Aft Oct 1583

   Married: Robert Maxwell (9G0P-HQ) Abt 25 Jul 1528, Scotland

1/3. Elizabeth Douglas, Countess of Morton (9G0N-M9)

   Born: Abt 1517 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire,   Died: Aft 12 Jul 1581

   Married: James Douglas (91WQ-Q0) Bef Apr 1543, Scotland





                    AM17/17  (9SLT-R7) \3107\CHATLAD1


Born: [1491]

Parents: Baron George Seton (9GVZ-0X) & Margaret Campbell (9GVZ-14) Died:

9 Sep 1513, Battle Of Flodden, Branxton, Northumberland, England Bur.:

Choir, Seton Church, East Lothian, Scotland

Married.: Bef 25 Jan 1506/07, Jane Hepburn




                            AM17/18  (9FGT-BS)

Born: 1485, Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland

Died: Aft 10 May 1558,  Convent, Saint Catherine Of Siena, Edinburgh,

Bur: Seton Church, East Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (9FBR-W2) & Janet Douglas

(Countess of Bothwell) (9F9B-XB)


Issue of George & Jane (Hepburn) Seton:

1/1. George Seton (HRJK-64) Born: Abt 1505

1/2. Baron George Seton (HRJJ-ND)                           AM16/09

   Born: Abt 1507  Died: 17 Jul 1549 Culross Bur.: Culross

   Married (1): Marie Pyerres Pierres (HRJJ-VF) Abt Feb 1538/39

   Married (2): Elizabeth Hay, (HRJJ-RW)

1/3. Mariot Seton (9SLT-9S), Born: Abt 1517, Of Eglinton Castle, Ayrsh,

   Died: 30 Sep 1561

   Married (1): Hugh Montgomery (9SLT-TK), Bef 08 Feb

   Married (2): Alexander Graham (9SLT-VQ) Cont. 28 May 1538

   Married: Thomas Bothwick (9SLT-PV), (Div) Of Eglinton Castle, Ayrsh,




                           AM17/19  (HRJK-3L)

Born: Abt 1484

Married: Elizabeth Douglas (HRJK-5X), Born: Abt 1489


1/1. Elizabeth Hay, Married: George Seton




                      AM17/27  (9FNJ-45) (CHATLAD1)

Born: Abt 1500

Married (1): Jean Hepburn

Married (2): Catharine Buttargask (T7H0-0V)



                           AM17/28  (T7GZ-QK),

Born: [1500]


Issue of William & Jean (Hepburn) Ruthven:

1/1. Lilias (Lilian) Ruthven: Married: David II Drummond

1/2. Sir William Ruthven (T7H0-12), Born: Abt 1528

   Married (1): Christian Forbes (T7GZ-T3)

   Married (2): Isabel Livington (T7H0-27)

1/3. Patrick Ruthven (8Q98-ZS) Born: Abt 1528, Scotland

   Died: 13 Jun 1566, Of, Newcastle, England

   Married (1): Janet Douglas, Baroness Ruthven. (9FLH-4S) plus 1


1/4. Cecelia Ruthven (9FN3-RM)

   Born: Abt 1536. Of, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland Died:  8 Jul 1589

   Married: David Wemyss, Laird of Wemyss. (9FN3-QG)

   Married.:  7 May 1556, Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland




                            AM17/29  (9FB1-1J)


Born: Abt 1480, Of Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland. Chr.: Beaufort

Died: 9 Sep 1513, Battle Of Flodden, Branxton, Northumberland,

Parents: Sir David Lindsay (9FB0-SC) & Katherine Fotheringham (9FB1-0C)

Married: Abt 1500: Miss Erskine (9FB1-8Q)

Born: Abt 1485, Of, Dun, Angusshire, Scotland



1/1. David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford] (9FB1-9W)

1/2. Alexander Lindsay, Bishop of Ross. (9FB1-B3)

   Born: Abt 1505, Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

   Married: Rachel Barclay (9FB1-FL), Abt 1530

1/3. John Lindsay (9FB1-C8)  Born: Abt 1507 Of, Edzell, Angusshire,

   Married: Catherine Strachan (9FBK-2W) Abt 1530

1/4. Robert Lindsay (9FB1-DF) Born: Abt 1509, Of, Edzell, Angusshire,

   Married: Matilda Luvell (9FBJ-7M) Abt 1520





Born: Abt 1490, Of, Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland

Died:  1 May 1456

Married Muriel Calder:

                              MURIEL CALDER

                            AM17/32  (9FC3-CM)

Born: 13 Feb 1498, Of, Cawdor, Mairnshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1575


Issue of John & Muriel (Calder) Campbell:

1/1. Catherine Campbell: Married: David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford

1/2. Janet Campbell (9QCM-QC) Born: Abt 1531, Of, Cawdor, Nairnshire,

   Died: Aft 22 May 1561   Bur.: Bef 1 Jan 1595

   Married (1): Alexander Frazer, Baron Lovat (9G40-BD)

   Bef 1544, Of, Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland

   Married (2): Donald Gorm Mac Donel (9QCN-KM)

   Aft 1549, Of, Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland





                      AM17/33  (9HGQ-LW) (CHATLAD2)

Born: [1492]


1/1. Sir George Lauder, Born: [1513]




                              of Inchmartin

                          AM17/129  ref ScotPeer

died abt 1464

Parents: Andrew & Marjorie Ogilvie



                           AM17/130 re ScotPeer

Issue: James Ogilvie                                        AM16/65





                    AM18/01  (9GVX-KQ) (ref \CHATJON2)

Born: [1403]

Died: Bef 1471

Parents: Sir Robert Maitland & Marion Abernethy

Married: Margaret Wardlaw (9GVX-LW) (Born: [1405])



1/1. John Maitland




                       AM18/17  (858L-WK)  AF2009A


Born: Abt 1437 Biggar, Lanark, Scot. (Of Monycabo)

Died: Abt 1477

Parents: Lord Robert Fleming (858L-ZW) & Janet Douglas (858M-02)

(ref AF2009C)

Married.: Before 2 Apr 1472 Euphame Livingstone




                            AM18/18  (858L-XQ)

Born: Abt 1441 Of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot.

Parents: Baron James Livingstone (9GW0-78) & Marian (9GW0-8F)

Also Married: William Fleming (FC2Q-90)


Issue of Malcolm & Euphane (Livingstone) Fleming:

1/1. Sir David Fleming (858L-VD)

   Born: Abt 1463 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot. Died:  2 May 1482

1/2. Baron John Fleming (858M-5W)                           (AM17/09)

1/3. Elizabeth Fleming (858L-CS)

   Born: Abt 1467, Of Monycabock, Scot.

   Married: George Fleming (858L-BM) Abt 1489

   2/1. James Fleming (858L-9G) Born: Abt 1490 Of Bord, Dumbarton.

      3/1. William Fleming (858L-74)    Born: Abt 1520 Of Bord,

         Married: Agnes Livingstone (858L-89)

         Born: Abt 1524 Of Manerstoun, Scot

         4/1. William Fleming (858L-6X)    Born: Abt 1550 Of Bord,

         4/2. James Fleming (858L-F5) Born: Abt 1552

         4/3. John Fleming (858L-GB)  Born: Abt 1554

         4/5. Robert Fleming (858L-HH) Born: Abt 1556

1/4. Isobel Fleming (858M-63) Born: Abt 1469 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot





                            AM18/19  (9FB1-K9)


Born: Abt 1438 Of, Stobhill, Scotland Died: 1519

Married.: Abt 1462 Elizabeth Lindsay




                            AM18/20  (9FB1-LG)

Born: Abt 1445 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 22 Sep 1519

Parents: Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (9FB0-J0) & Margaret Dunbar



1/1. Elizabeth Drummond (AFN:9G11-31)    Born: [1465]

   Married: George Douglas, Master of Angus (9G11-2T)

1/2. Euphame Drummond (858M-R1)                             AM17/10

1/3. Annabel Drummond, Baroness Graham (9FB1-MM) Born: Abt 1469 Of,

   Stobhill, Scotland    Died: Aft 1492

   Married: William Graham, Earl of Montrose (9GCM-NG) 25 Nov 1479,

   Parish Church, Muthyll, Perthshire, Scotland

1/4. Margaret Drummond (9FQ5-51) Born: Abt 1476 Of Innerpeffery, Crieff,

   Perthshire, Scotland.

   Died: 1501/1502 Drummond Castle, Muthill, Perthshire, Scotland

   Married: James IV King Of Scotland (9FGW-9W), (Concubine 2)

1/5. Beatrix Drummond (8HJ9-D8)   Born: [1477]

   Married: James Hamilton, Earl of Arran (8HGH-ZS)

1/6. William Drummond (9RB0-74)   Born: [1484]

   Married: Marion Forester (9R9Z-9C)  Before 14 Jun




                            AM18/25  (8HGH-V9)

Born: Abt 1423 Of, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland Chr.: Also Of Cadzow,

Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died:  6 Nov 1479, Scotland Bur.: 12 Nov 1479, Scotland

Parents: James Hamilton (8HHR-4P) & Janet Livingstone (8HJ9-3P)

Also Married: Euphemia Graham, Countess of Douglas (8HJ9-C3)

  25 Feb 1441 Of, Perthshire, Scotland & Janet Calderwood (8HRS-GD)

Married.:  4 Feb 1473/1474, Scotland Mary Stewart:



                           Princess of Scotland

                            AM18/26  (9F9C-96)

Born: Bef 16 May 1452 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Died: May 1488 Parents: James II King Of Scotland (8J5G-ZS) & Maria

(Mary) Princess Of Guelders, (896P-0D)

Also Married: Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran (9G0M-F4) 26 Apr 1467



1/1. Elizabeth Hamilton, Countess of Lennox (9G0M-M5)

   Born: 1473, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland Died: Aft Apr 1531

   Married: Matthew Stewart (8HRT-50) 9 Apr 1494 Contract

1/2. James Hamilton, Earl of Arran (8HGH-ZS)                AM17/13




                            AM18/27  (V9WB-4C)

Born: Abt 1456 Of, Creich, , Scotland

Married: Unknown


1/1. Janet Beaton (8HJ9-GL)                                 AM17/14



KING JAMES IV of Scotland

                            AM18/31 (9FGW-9W)


Born: 17 Mar 1472/1473 Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Died: 9 Sep 1513 Battle Of Flodden, Branxton, Northumberland, England

Bur.: 1513, Richmond, Surrey, England

Parents: James III Of Scotland, Stewart & Margarethe Of DENMARK

Married (1): Bef 1511 (Not Married) Agnes Stewart (see below).

Married (2): Mary Tudor STUART (JJ9K-4L) 1503 Holyrood, Scotland

Married (3): Margaret Princess Of ENGLAND, Queen of Scotland] (9FDM-MB)

       8 Aug 1503 Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Married (4): Margaret Boyd (see below).

Married (5): Margaret Drummond [Concubine 2] (9FQ5-51)

Married (6): Janet (Jane) Kennady [Concubine 3] (9G0N-NG)



                            AM18/24  (9F9D-39)

Born: Abt 1480 Of, Traquair, Peeblesshire, Scotland.

Died: Feb 1557, Scotland.

Parents: John Stewart, Earl of Atholl & Margaret Murray.

Also Married: Adam Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (9G32-F3) 28 Aug 1511,

Scotland & Alexander Home (9G7J-L9) 3 Jun 1514 & Baron Robert Maxwell

(9G32-G8) (9KMF-J0) Bef 15 Nov 1525 & Cuthbert Ramsay (9G0L-QJ) Bef 13

Dec 1549 & John Maxwell (9KMM-D4)


Issue of James IV & Agnes Stewart:

1/1. Janet Stewart (858N-1C)                                (AM16/06)



                              MARGARET BOYD

                            AM18/32  (KL75-WV)

Born: Abt 1477 Of, Bonshaw, Dumfriesshire, Scotland.

Died: Bef 31 Aug 1559.

Parents: Archibald Boyd (83VT-N2) & Christian Mure (83VT-P7).

Also Married: John Mure (9FQ5-3N) Abt 1506 Of, Rowallan, Ayr,


Issue by James IV & Margaret Boyd:

1/1. Catherine Stewart (9FQ4-XT) (AM17/16)

1/2. Alexander Stewart, Arbp of St. Andrews (9FQ4-Z1)

   Born: Abt 1492/1493 Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

   Died: 9 Sep 1513 Battle of Flodden, Northumberland, England

1/3. James Stewart (9FQ5-05)

   Born: Abt 1495 Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian,



JOHN DOUGLAS, Earl of Morton

                            AM18/29  (9F9B-W5)

Born: Abt 1459 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: Abt 1512.

Parents: James Douglas [Earl of Morton] (9F9B-V0) & Joan (Janet) Princess

Of Scotland (921S-3C)

Married.: Bef 22 Jun 1493, Scotland Janet Chrichton:



                            AM18/30  (9G13-6S)

Born: [1461] Parents: Patrick Crichton (9GJJ-D6) & Unknown


1/1. James Douglas (91WQ-K4)

   Born: [1470]     Died: Bef 4 Nov

   1550 Married: Katherine Stewart (91WQ-L9) Bef 10 Dec 1507, Scotland

1/2. James Douglas, Earl of Morton (9G0N-JR)                AM17/15

1/3.  Elizabeth (Beatrice) Douglas (8532-06)

   Born: Abt 1488 Of Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland  Died: Aft 5 May 15

   Married: Baron Robert Keith (8531-Z2) 1505 Of Morton, Dumfriesshire,

1/4. Anne Douglas (9G13-70)

   Born: [1489]    Married: Baron Alexander Livingston (9GJJ-8H)

1/5. Agnes Douglas (FWDT-L3) Born: [1492]





                    AM18/33  (9GVZ-0X) (Ref \CHATSET1)

Born: 1431? Of, Scotland                Died: Bef 6 Apr 1508.

Parents: John Seton, Master of Seton, & Christian Lindsay.

Married: 14 Sep 1469 Margaret Campbell By Contract:



 AM18/34  (9GVZ-14)

(Born: [1433]) Parent: Earl Alexander Cunningham.


1/1. Martha Seton, (9GVX-XM) [1457],                        AM16/02

1/2. George Seton, Born: [1491] (9SLT-R7)                   AM17/17



PATRICK HEPBURN, Earl of Bothwell

                            AM18/39  (9FBR-W2)

Born: Abt 1450  Of, Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland Died: 18 Oct 1508.

Parents: Adam Hepburn (9FBR-TP) & Elyne Home (9FBR-VV)

Also Married: Margaret Gordon (9FBX-79) and 1 Others 14 Apr 1491.

Married.: Bef 1 Feb 1480 Janet Douglas



                            AM18/40  (9F9B-XB)

Born: Abt 1461 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland Died: 21 Feb 1490

Parents: James Douglas, Earl of Morton & Joan (Janet) Stewart, Princess

Of Scotland (921S-3C) (see AF2009N)


1/1. Jane (Janet) Hepburn (9FGT-BS) Married: George Seton   AM17/18





                            AM18/57  (9FB0-SC)

Born: Abt 1455 Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland Died: Abt 1529

Parents: Walter Lindsay, Laird of Arde & Isabel Levington

Also Married: Elizabeth Spens (9FB1-57) abt 1475.

Married.: Abt 1479 Of, Inverness, Scotland Katherine Fotheringham:



AM18/58  (9FB1-0C)

Born: Abt 1460 Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland

Parents: Thomas Fotheringham & Unknown


Issue of David & Katherine (Fotheringham) Lindsay:

1/1. Walter Lindsay (9FB1-1J)                               AM17/29

1/2.  George Lindsay (9FB1-2P)

   Born: Abt 1482 Of, Edzell, Angusshire, Scotland Died: Abt 1527 Of,

   Finhaven, Angusshire, Scotland

1/3. David Lindsay (9FB1-3V) Born: Abt 1484  Of, Edzell, Angusshire.

1/4.  James Lindsay (9FB1-42) Born: Abt 1486 Of, Edzell, Angusshire.





ref ScotPeer died aft 1340

Parents: Walter Ogilvie & Margaret Glen

Married Marjorie


1/1. David Ogilvie                                          AM17/129




ref ScotPeer Married:



ref ScotPeer


1/1. Andrew de Ogilvie                                      AM18/257


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Scottish Maitlands, Part 2

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AM19/01  (9GVX-M3)


Born: [1377]
Parents: John Maitland & Agnes Dunbar (9GVX-SX)
Wife: Marion Abernethy (9GVX-N8)
Born: [1379]    Died: Aft 1466 (ScotPeer abt 1434)
She Also Married: Sir John Scrymgeour (9GVX-QL)
1/1. William Maitland                                       AM18/01
1/2. James Maitland (9GVX-PF)

Born: [1403], Died: Aft 3 Jan 1450
Married: Egidia Scrymshire (9HH5-MT) Born: [1405]
2/1. Robert Maitland (9HH4-LJ) Born: [1475] Of Auchinbeck

Married: Elspeth Douglas (9HH4-MP)  Born: [1477]
3/1. James Maitland (9HH4-GT)  Born: [1501]

Married: Margaret Douglas (9HH4-H1) Born: [1503] Of, Coshogle
4/1. John Maitland, of Auchenbreck & Auchengassel
4/2. Robert Maitland, of Eccles, d 1551, M Agnes Gordon.

5/1. Andrew Maitland
5/2. Robert Maitland, of Eccles, d. 1597, bur Penpont.

M. Janet Wilson.
6/1. Robert Maitland, of Eccles, d 1606, Edinburgh Castle

M Margaret Jardine.
7/1. Robert Maitland (1604-4/1640), M Mary Brown.

8/1. John Maitland (8/7/1631-14/5/1678)

M Janet Blair (d.22/2/1684, Penpont).
9/1. Elizabeth Maitland, m William Ferguson.


William FERGUSON & Elizabeth MAITLAND (1668-1703)
dau Janet FERGUSON & Robert Mc GACHEN
Son Robert Mc GACHEN & unknown
both chn Robert and Elizabeth link again
1st dau Elizabeth McGACHEN & Archibald MERCER
their dau Elizabeth MERCER & Robert (or Kenneth) McGACHEN
Their son Alexander McGACHEN (1791-1850) & Elizabeth MURRAY
their dau Elizabeth MERCER McGACHEN & William Howard BOASE
their dau Hannah BOASE & William George Robert COAD
their dau Charlotte may COAD & Leonard FISHER

chn ...both chn Robert and Elizabeth link again
son Robert (Of Robert 1718-1743 had a son Robert, he is the Robert that married Elizabeth MERCER

From Sally Shine, October 2005.


                           Lord ROBERT FLEMING

                            AM19/33  (858L-ZW)

Born: Abt 1416 Of Biggar, Lanarkshire.  Chr.: Of, Cumbernauld

Died: 1491

Parents: Sir Malcolm Fleming & Elizabeth Stewart.

Also Married: Margaret Lindsay (FC2Q-B5)

Married.: Abt 1436 (Said To Have) Janet Douglas:


                              JANET DOUGLAS

                            AM19/34  (858M-02)

Born: Abt 1420 Of Brechin, Lanarkshire, Scot.

Parents: James Earl & Beatrix Sinclair

Issue of Robert & Janet (Douglas) Fleming.

1/1. Elizabeth Fleming (858M-8F)

   Born: Abt 1431 Of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: James Livingstone (FC2Q-NV) 1 Nov 1472

1/2. Mariot Fleming (858M-9L)

   Born: Abt 1433 Of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Sir William Stirling (FC2Q-P2) 1472

1/3. Malcolm Fleming (858L-WK)                              AM18/17

1/4. Robert Fleming (858M-78)

   Born: Abt 1439 Of Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland



                         BARON JAMES LIVINGSTONE

                            AM19/35 (9GWO-78)

Born: 1408

Died: 1467

Parents: Sir Alexander Livingstone & Miss Dundas

Married: Marian


1/1. Euphame Livingstone                                    AM18/18



                            ALEXANDER LINDSAY,

                             Earl of Crawford

                            AM19/39  (9FB0-J0)

Born: Abt 1423 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1453 Of, Finhaven, Angusshire, Scotland

Bur.: Greyfriars, Dundee, Angusshire, Scotland

Parents: Earl David Lindsay & Marjory Ogilvy   (AF2408H)

Married.: Abt 1440 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland


                             MARGARET DUNBAR

                            AM19/40  (9FBV-3B)

Born: Abt 1425 Of, Cockburn, Berwickshire, Scotland

Parents: Sir David Dunbar & Unknown            (AF2408H)

Also Married: Sir William Wallace (9FBV-6T)  Aft 1453


1/1. David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (9FB1-VT)

   Born: Abt 1441 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt Dec 1495, Finhaven, Angusshire, Scotland

   Bur.: Dundee, Angusshire, Scotland

   Married (1): Elizabeth Hamilton (9FB1-X6) Abt 1459 Div

   Married (2): Margaret Carmichael (9FB1-W1) Bef 27 Sep 1484

1/2. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (9FB1-NS)

   Born: Abt 1443 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Died: Abt May 1517

   Married: Isobel Campbell (9FB1-P0) Bef 18 Mar 1470

1/3. Elizabeth Lindsay (9FB1-LG)                            AM18/20





                            AM19/47  (8J55-8X)

Born: Abt 1440 Balveny, Fifeshire, Scotland

Died: 15 Sep 1512, Laighwood, Perthshire, Scotland

Bur.: Cathedral, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: Sir James "Black Knight Of Lorn" Stewart (8J5F-1T) & Joan

Beaufort, Queen of Scotland  (HRDD-NF)


Married: Margaret Douglas, Countess of Douglas (9F9N-12)

  Bef Mar 1459/1460, Scotland

Married: Margaret Countess Of Buchan Ogilby (JL82-T6)

  Bef 1 Mar 1466

Married: Eleanor Sinclair (9F9C-N3)

  Bef 19 Apr 1475  Dunkeld, Cathedral, Perth, Scotland


                             MARGARET MURRAY

                            AM19/48  (9F9D-1X)

(not Married)

Born: Abt 1446  Of Falahill, Eddleston, Peeblesshire, Scotland

Parents: Patrick Murray (9G0L-LT) & Unknown

Also Married: William Murray (9G7J-K4)


Issue of John & Margaret (Murray) Stewart:

1/1. James Stewart (9F9D-24)

   Born: Abt 1480 Of, Traquair, Peeblesshire, Scotland

   Died:  9 Sep 1513 Battle Offlodden, Branxton, Northumberland, England

   Married: Katherine Rutherfurde (HL9K-F8) 9 Nov 1505, Scotland

1/2. Agnes Stewart (9F9D-39)                                AM18/24

1/3. Daughter Stewart, (9F9D-4G)

   Born: [1482] Of, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft 1530, Scotland

   Married: Alexander Abernethy, Baron Saltoun (9FGL-65)

1/4. Margaret Stewart (9F9D-5M)

   Born: [1484]    Married: George Gordon (9G32-HF)

1/5. Elizabeth Stewart (9F9D-6S)

   Born: [1486]            Married: Mungo Home (9G32-JL)




                              KING JAMES III

                          Of Scotland (Stewart)

                            AM19/61  (9F9C-81)

Born: 10 Jul 1451, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Died: 11 Jun 1488 Sauchieburn, St.Ninians, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Bur.: 1488 Cambuskennethaby, Stirling, Stirling, Scotland

Parents: James II Of Scotland (8J5G-ZS) & Maria (Mary) Princess Of

Guelders (896P-0D)

Married.: 10 Jul 1469 , Holyrood, Mid-Lothian, Scotland Margarethe:


                     MARGARETHE, Princess Of Denmark

                            AM19/62  (9FQ4-R0)

Born: 23 Jun 1456 Of, Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark

Died: 14 Jul 1486, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Bur.: 29 Feb 1487 Cambuskenneth Abbey, Stirling, Stirlingshire,

Parents: Christian I King Of Denmark (8FMG-XV) & Dorothea Princess Of

Brandenburg, Queen of Denmark (9FQ4-QS)


Issue of James III & Margarethe:

1/1. James IV King Of Scotland (9FGW-9W)                    AM18/31

1/2. James Prince Of Scotland, Duke of Ross (9FQ4-TB)

   Born: Mar 1476 Of, Edinburgh, Midlothian,

   Died: 17 Jan 1503/1504  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

   Bur.: 29 Jan 1503/1504  St.Andrew'S, Edinburgh, Midlothian,

1/3. Son Prince Of Scotland [Stewart] (V9VK-TT)

   Born: Abt 1476 Of, Scotland

1/4. John Prince Of Scotland, Earl of Mar (9FQ4-VH)

   Born: Bef Jul 1479/1480 Of, Edinburgh, Midlothian,

   Died: 11 Mar 1502/1503



                               JOHN SETON,

                             MASTER OF SETON

                            AM19/65  (9GVZ-29)

                             (Ref \CHATSET1)

Born: 1428?  Of, Seton, East-Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef 19 Jul 1476, V.P.

Parents: Baron George Seton & Margaret Stewart

Married: 20 Jun 1458/1459, Disp Christian Lindsay:


                            CHRISTIAN LINDSAY

                            AM19/66 (9GVZ-3G)

Born: [1430]

Married (2): Robert Cunningham, Earl of Glencairn (9GVZ-4M) 19 Jul 1476


1/1. George Seton



                               ADAM HEPBURN

                            AM19/77  (9FBR-TP)

Born: Abt 1425 Of Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Married.: Abt 1448 Elyne Home:

                                ELYNE HOME

                            AM19/78  (9FBR-VV)

Born: Abt 1430


1/1. Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (9FBR-W2)            AM18/39

2/1. Margaret Hepburn (9FBR-9X)

   Born: Abt 1456  Of Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Died: 8 Nov 1542

   Married: Baron Henry Sinclair (9FBR-8R), 4 Dec 1488







                              Earl of Morton

                            AM19/57  (9F9B-V0)

Born: Abt 1426 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 22 Oct 1493, Scotland

Parents: James Douglas & Elizabeth Gifford

Married.: Bef 15 May 1459 Joan Stewart:

                          JOAN (Janet) STEWART,

                           Princess Of Scotland

                            AM19/58  (921S-3C)

Born: 1428, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 22 Jun 1493, Scotland

Parents: James I King Of Scotland & Joan Beaufort (ref AF2009N)


Issue of James & Joan (Stewart) Douglas:

1/1. Janet Douglas (8J54-X8)

   Born: Abt 1429   Died: Aft 1489

   Married: Thomas Erskine (B3CC-PS) Bef 1445

1/2. John Douglas, Earl of Morton (9F9B-W5)                 AM18/28

   Born: Abt 1459 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1512

   Married: Janet Crichton (9G13-6S) Bef 22 Jun 1493 Scotland

1/3. Janet Douglas, Countess of Bothwell (9F9B-XB)          AM18/36

1/4. Son Douglas (9F9B-ZH)

   Born: Abt 1463 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

1/5. James Douglas (9F9C-0M)

   Born: Abt 1465 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland   Died: Aft 1480

1/6. Elizabeth Douglas (9F9C-1S)

   Born: Abt 1467 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland   Died: Aft 1479



                             WALTER LINDSAY,

                              Laird of Arde

                           AM19/113  (9FB0-K5)

Born: Abt 1425 Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1475

Parents: David Lindsay, Earl of Lindsay & Marjory Ogilvy

Married.: Abt 1454 Isabel Levington:


AM19/114  (9FB0-R6)

Born: Abt 1430 Of Saltcoats, Ardrssn/Stevnstn, Ayrshire, Scotland

Issue of Walter & Isabel (Levington) Lindsay:
1/1. Sir David Lindsay (9FB0-SC)                            AM18/57
1/2. John Lindsay (9FB0-TJ) Born: Abt 1457 Of, Edzell, Angusshire,
1/3. Walter Lindsay (9FB0-VP) Born: Abt 1459 Of, Edzell, Angusshire,
1/4. Ingelram Lindsay (9FB0-WV) Born: Abt 1461 Of, Edzell, Angusshire,
1/5. Thomas Lindsay (9FB0-X2) Born: Abt 1463 Of, Edzell, Angusshire,
1/6. Agnes Lindsay (9FB0-Z7) Born: Abt 1465 Of, Edzell, Angusshire,

                           THOMAS FOTHERINGHAM

                           AM19/115  (9FC2-95)

Born: Abt 1430  Of Powrie, Scotland


1/1. Katherine Fotheringham (9FB1-0C)                       AM18/58



                          Sir WALTER De OGILVIE

                          AM19/513  ref ScotPeer


                              MARGARET GLEN

                          AM19/514  ref ScotPeer

Issue: Andrew de Ogilvie                                    AM18/257


AM20/01  (9GVX-RR)

Born: [1351]
Parent: Sir Robert Maitland
Wife: Agnes Dunbar (9GVX-SX)
Born: [1353] dau of Patrick, Earl of March (ref ScotPeer)
1/1. Sir Robert Maitland

                           Sir MALCOLM FLEMING

                            AM20/65  (858M-17)

Born & Chr: Abt 1383 Of Cumberauld & Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

Died: 24 Nov 1440, Scotland

Parents: Sir David Fleming (858M-3K) & Isabel Strathechin (858M-4Q)

Married.: Bef 28 Jun 1413 Elizabeth Stewart:


                            ELIZABETH STEWART

                            AM20/66  (9FK8-MB)

Born: Abt 1384, Argyllshire, Scotland

Parents: Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany (9FK8-L5) & Muriella Keith (9FJ9-

S7) (ref CHATSTEW)

Issue of Malcolm & Elizabeth (Stewart) Fleming:

1/1. Malcolm Fleming (858M-BR)

   Born: Abt 1414 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot   Died: VP 5P

1/2. Lord Robert Fleming (858L-ZW)                          AM19/33

1/3. Margaret Fleming (858M-CX)

   Born: Abt 1418 Biggar & Cumbernald, Lanarkshire, Scot

   Married: Patrick Gray (FC2Q-Q7) 7 Feb 1439-40


      4--Lord Robert Fleming (858L-ZW) Born: Abt 1416 Of Biggar, Lanark,


       sp-Janet Douglas (858M-02) Born: Abt 1420 Of Brechin, Lanark,

        5-- Elizabeth Fleming (858M-8F)    Born: Abt 1431 Of Biggar,


         sp-James Livingstone (FC2Q-NV)    Born: [1431]

        5-- Mariot Fleming (858M-9L)    Born: Abt 1433 Of Biggar, Lanark,


         sp Sir William Stirling (FC2Q-P2)

         Born: [1433]

        5-- Malcolm Fleming (858L-WK)    Born: Abt 1437 Biggar, Lanark,

         sp-Euphame Livingstone (858L-XQ)    Born: Abt 1441 Of Biggar,


        5-- Robert Fleming (858M-78)    Born: Abt 1439 Of Biggar, Lanark,

       sp-Margaret Lindsay (FC2Q-B5)    Born: [1416]




                            JAMES EARL DOUGLAS

                            AM20/67  (FC2Q-CB)

Born: [1394]


                             BEATRIX SINCLAIR

                            AM20/68  (FC2Q-DH)

Born: [1398]


1/1. Janet Douglas (858M-02)                                AM19/34



                        Sir ALEXANDER LIVINGSTONE

                            AM20/69  (9GW0-9L)

Born: [1382] Of Callendar

Died: Bef 6 Nov 1451

Parents: Sir John Livingstone & Miss Mentieth

Married Miss Dunbar:


                               MISS DUNDAS

                            AM20/70  (9GW0-BR)

Born: [1384] Of Dundas

Parents: James DUNDAS (9GW0-CX) & Unknown


1/1. Baron James Livingstone (9GW0-78)                      AM19/35



                             Sir DAVID DUNBAR

                            AM20/70  (9FBV-4H)

Born: Abt 1400 Of, Cockburn, Berwickshire, Scotland


1/1. Margaret Dunbar (9FBV-3B)                              AM19/40





                        King JAMES II Of SCOTLAND,

                         AM20/101  TWIN (8J5G-ZS)

Born: 16 Oct 1430, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Died: 3 Aug 1460 Roxburgh Castle, Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Bur.: 1460 Holyrood House, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Parents: King James I Of Scotland & Joan Beaufort

Also Married: Mrs-James II Scotland, Concubine (9F9C-G2)

Married.: 3 Jul 1449 Holyrood, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland


                         MARIA (Mary) Of GUELDERS

                           AM20/102  (896P-0D)

Born: Abt 1432 Of, Grave, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

Died: 16 Nov 1463, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Bur.: Holy Trinity, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Arnold Duke Of Guelders & Princess Katherine, Of Kleve



1/1. King James III [Stewart] (9F9C-81)                     AM19/61

1/2. Princess Mary Stewart OF Scotland (9F9C-96)            AM18/26

   Born: Bef 16 May 1452 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire,  Died: May 1488

   Married (1): Thomas Boyd, Earl of Arran (9G0M-F4) 26 Apr 1467 Div

   Married (2): Baron James Hamilton (8HGH-V9) 4 Feb 1473/1474

1/3. Alexander Prince Of Scotland, Duke of Albany (9F9C-BC)

   Born: 1454 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

   Died: 1484/1485 Celestines Church, Paris, Seine, France

   Married (1): Anne De La Tour (9G0M-88) 16/19 Jan 1478, France

   Married (2): Catherine Sinclair (9G0M-4K)

   Married: Mrs-Alexander Prince Of Scotland, Concubine (9G34-04)

1/4. David Prince Of Scotland, Earl of Maray (9F9C-CJ)

   Born: Abt 1456 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire,   Died: 18 Jul 1457

1/5. John Stewart, Earl of Mar & Garioch (V9VK-MS)

   Born: 1457 Of, Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland   (14-Jul 1471)

   Died: 1479

1/6. John Prince Of Scotland, Earl of Mar (9F9C-DP)

   Born: Abt 1458 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

   Died: Apr 1479 Canon-Gate, Edinburgh, , Scotland

1/7. Margaret (Cecilia) Princess Of Scotland (9F9C-FV)

   Born: Abt 1459 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

   Married: Baron William Chrichton (9G0M-ZV)



                             KING CHRISTIAN 1

                                OF DENMARK



                           DOROTHEA BRANDENBURG





                            Baron GEORGE SETON

                           AM20/129  (9GVZ-5S)


Born: 1404?, Of, Seton, East-Lothian, Scotland

Note by AM: Poss parents Baron Alexander & Elizabeth Gordon

ref AF2009F Descendancy of Malcolm Fleming

Married.: Bef 18 Jan 1436/1437, Disp, Margaret Stewart




                             MARGARET STEWART

                           AM20/130  (9FK7-PJ)

Born: [1406]

Parents: John Stewart, Earl Of Buchan & Elizabeth Douglas


Issue: John Seton (9GVZ-29)                                 AM19/73




                              JAMES DOUGLAS

                           AM20/113  (9G0K-P7)

Born: Abt 1407 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef 14 Mar 1457/1458

Parents: James Douglas & Elizabeth Princess Of Scotland (9G0J-VX) Married

Elizabeth Gifford:

                            ELIZABETH GIFFORD

                           AM20/114  (9G0K-SQ)

Born: [1409]

Died: Aft 1456


1/1. James Douglas, Earl of Morton (9F9B-V0)                AM19/57




                              DAVID LINDSAY,

                             Earl of Lindsay

                            AM20/77  (9FB0-07)

Born: Abt 1405 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: 27 Jan 1446, Arbroath, Angusshire, Scotland

Parents: Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford & Marjory Dunbar

Married.: Abt Mar 1423 Marjory Ogilvie:


                              MARJORY OGILVY

                            AM20/78  (9FB0-HS)

Born: Abt 1400  Of, Auchterhouse, Angusshire, Scotland

Bur.: Aft 1476

Parents: Alexander Ogilvie Sheriff of Angus & Unknown


Issue of David & Marjory (Ogilvie) Lindsay:

1/1. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (9FB0-J0)          AM19/39

   Born: Abt 1423 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1453 Of, Finhaven, Angusshire, Scotland

   Bur: Greyfriars, Dundee, Angusshire, Scotland

   Married: Margaret Dunbar (9FBV-3B) Abt 1440 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire,

1/2. Walter Lindsay, Laird of Arde (9FB0-K5)                AM19/113

1/3. William Lindsay (9FB0-LB)

   Born: Abt 1427 Of Lekoquhy, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1469

   Married: Mrs William Lindsay (9FBG-51) Abt 1450

1/4. Sir John Lindsay (9FB0-MH)

   Born: Abt 1429 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Died:1 May 1450

1/5. James Lindsay (9FB0-NN)

   Born: Abt 1431 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married.: Abt 1455 Near, Augsburg, Germany Mrs James Lindsay (9FBH-PW)

1/6. Janet Lindsay (9FB0-PT)

   Born: Abt 1433 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married.: Bef 1440 William Douglas, Earl of Douglas (9FC2-34)

1/7. Elizabeth Lindsay (9FB0-Q1)

   Born: Abt 1435 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Died: Abt 1498

   Married: Thomas Maule (9FC2-49)






Died: Battle of Durham, 17/10/1346
Parents: William de Mautlant
1/1 John Maitland       AM20/01

1/2. Robert Matilland, from whom a long line descends

                            Sir DAVID FLEMING

                           AM21/129  (858M-3K)

Born: Abt 1343 Of Biggar & Cumbernauld, Lanark, Chr.: Cumbernauld

Died: 14 Feb 1405-6 Near Edinburgh At Holyrood

Parents: Sir Malcolm Fleming & Christian

Also Married: Jean BARCLAY (AFN:9FH6-94)

Married.: Abt 1382


                            ISABEL STRATHECHIN

                           AM21/130  (858M-4Q)

Born: Abt 1347 Of Monycabock In Aberdeen, Scot.

Parents: Donald & Annabel



1/1. Janet Fleming (858M-F9)

   Born: Abt 1363   Married: Sir William Seton (FC2Q-RD)

   2/1. Alexander Seton, Baron Gordon] (9BFQ-X6)    Born: Abt 1340 Of,

      Berwickshire & Aberdeenshire,

      Married: Elizabeth Gordon (9BFQ-ZC)    Born: Abt 1384 Of,

      Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire,

      3/1. Alexander Seton, Earl of Huntly (9G33-PL)

         Born: Abt 1410 Of Huntly, Aberdeenshire,

         Married: Gille (Egidia) Hay (HRDB-4D)    Born: Abt 1414

         Married: Elizabeth Crichton (9XR4-1B) Born: Abt 1410 Crichton,


         Married: Miss Cumming (HRF5-NK) Born: Abt 1420 Altyre, Moray.

         Married: Jean Keith (HRG6-VT) Born: Abt 1425 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

         Married: Miss Fraser (HRGG-NW) Born: Abt 1425 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

      3/2. William Seton (9BFR-1N) Born: Abt 1412 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

         Married: Elizabeth Meldrum (HRF4-XS)

         Born: Abt 1417 Of, Meldrum, Aberdeenshire,

      3/3. Henry Seton (HRF5-50) Born: Abt 1414 Of, Huntly, Aberdeen

      3/4. Elizabeth Seton (9BFP-VP) Born: Abt 1416 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

         Married: Alexander Macdonald (91WR-R9)    Born: Abt 1380

   2/2. Janet Seton (HRG5-9R)    Born: Abt 1342

   2/3. John De Seton (HRG5-BX)    Born: Abt 1344

1/2. Marion Fleming (858M-GG)   Born: Abt 1365

   Married: William Maule (FC2Q-SK) Abt. 1380

1/3. Sir Malcolm Fleming (858M-17)                          AM20/65

1/4. David Fleming (858M-D4)

   Born: Abt 1385 Biggar, Lanark, Scot    Married: Unknown

   2/1.David Fleming (858M-D4)    Born: Abt 1385 Biggar, Lanark, Scot

      3/1. Malcolm Fleming (858H-B7)    Born: Abt 1412 Of Boghall,

         Lanark, Scot.

         Married: Elizabeth Houstoun (858H-CD)   Born: Abt 1416 Of

         Boghall, Lanark, Scot

         4/1. John Fleming (858H-8V)    Born: Abt 1442 Of Boghall,

         Lanark, Scot

         Married: Murion Crawford (858H-92)    Born: Abt 1446 Of Boghall,

         Lanark, Scot


Issue of Sir David Fleming & Jean Barclay (9FH6-94)

1/6. Janet (Jane) Fleming (HRGF-HW)  Born: Abt 1312 Of Biggar, Lanark.

   Married Alexander Seton (HRGF-9V) Born: Abt 1290 Seton, East Lothian

   2/1. Alexander Seton (HRGG-J7)    Born: Abt 1340 Of, Seton, East

      Lothian, Scotland

1/7. Marion Fleming (9FHG-5J)    Born: [1326] Of Biggar.

    Married: William Maule [Laird of Panmure] (9FHG-7V)

    Born: [1324] Of Panmure, Angusshire, Scotland



                           Sir JOHN LIVINGSTONE

                           AM21/137  (9GW0-F9)

Born: [1356] Of Callendar



                              MISS MENTEITH

                           AM21/138  (9GW0-GG)

Born: [1358] Of Kerse

Parents: John MENTEITH & Unknown


1/1. Sir Alexander Livingstone (9GW0-9L)                    AM20/69



                               JAMES DUNDAS

                           AM21/139  (9GW0-CX)

Born: [1358]  Of Dundas


1/1. Miss Dundas (9GWO-BR)                                  AM20/70



                         ARNOLD, DUKE Of GUELDERS

                           AM21/203  (8D4Z-0H)

Born: 1409  Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, N-Hlln, Nthr (14-1423) Died:

23 Feb 1473 Slot Grave, Grave, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

Parents: Jan II Heer Van Egmond & Maria Van Arkel

Also Married: Catherine De Strasbourg (FDWQ-Z3)

Married: 1430  Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia


                       Princess KATHERINE Of KLEVE

                           AM21/204  (896N-Q2)

Born: 25 May 1417 Of Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia

Died: 10 Feb 1479

Parents: Adolf, Duke Of Kleve & Marie, Princess Of BURGUNDY

Issue of Arnold & Katherine Guelders:

1/1. Aleid Van Gelre (896P-DG)

   Born: Abt 1430  Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr

1/2. Maria (Mary) Princess Of Guelders (896P-0D)

1/3. Willem, Prince Of Guelders (896P-1K)

   Born: Abt 1434 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr    Died: YOUNG

1/4. Margaretha, Princess Of Guelders (AFN:896P-2Q)

   Born: Abt 1436 of Grave, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

   Died:  2 Nov 1486 Simmern, Rheinland, Prussia

   Bur.: Augustiner-Klosters, Ravengiersburg, Rheinland, Prussia Married:

   Friedrich I, Count Palatine Of Simmern (8DPV-87) 16 Aug 1454 Lobith,

   Gelderland, Netherlands

1/5. Adolf, Duke Of Guelders (896N-MJ)

   Born: 1438 Of Grave, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

   Died: 27 Jun 1477 Doornik, Gelderland, Netherlands

   Bur.: Hofkerk Doorne, Utrecht, Netherlands

   Married (1): Catherine, Princess Of Bourbon (896N-NP)

   18 Dec 1463 Bruges, Flanders Occidental, Belgium

   Married (2):  Heinsken (FDWQ-VK)

1/6. Catharina, Princess Of Guelders (896P-3W)

   Born: 1439  Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr   Died: 1496

   Married: Louis, Prince Of Bourbon (FDWR-3Q) 1464

1/7. Johan Van Gelre (896P-43)

   Born: Abt 1440 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr    Died: 1498

1/8. Jacob Van Gelre (896P-58)

   Born: Abt 1441 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr

1/9. Catharina Van Gelre (896P-6F)

   Born: Abt 1442 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr   Died:  7 Oct 1483

1/10. Willem Van Gelre (896P-7L)

   Born: Abt 1443 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr

1/11. Jolante Van Gelre (896P-8R)

   Born: Abt 1444 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr

1/12. Agnes Van Gelre (896P-9X)

   Born: Abt 1445 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr

1/13. Frederik Van Gelre (896P-B4)

   Born: Abt 1446 Of Grave, N-Brbn, Nthr   Died:  3 Jun 1467

1/14. Heer Reinier Van Gelre (896P-C9)

   Born: Abt 1447 Of, Grave, Noord Brabant, Netherlands




                         King JAMES I Of SCOTLAND

                           AM21/201  (8J5D-SN)

Born: Dec 1394, Dumferline, Fifeshire, Scotland

Died: 21 Feb 1436/1437 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Bur.: 1437 Charter House, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: Robert III (John Stewart) Of Scotland & Annabella Drummond

Married.: 2 Feb 1423/1424 St. Mary, Overy, Southwark, Surrey,


                              JOAN BEAUFORT,

                           AM21/202  (HRDD-NF)


Born: Abt 1406  Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England

Died: 15 Jul 1445 Dunbar Castle, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

Bur.: 22 Nov 1445 Charterhouse, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: John Beaufort & Margaret De Holand, Duchess Of Clarence

Also Married: James I King Of Scotland (8J5D-SN) 2 Feb 1423/1424

St.  Mary, Overy, Southwark, Surrey,







                            Sir JAMES STEWART

                          (Black Knight Of Lorn)

                           AM21/185  (8J5F-1T)

Born: Abt 1383 Innermeath, Argyllshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 1451, Scotland

Parents: John Stewart, Lord of Lorne & Isabel Ergadia

Married.: 1438, St Andrews, Fifeshire, Scotland Joan Beaufort



Issue of King James & Joan Beaufort:

1/1. Margaret Princess Of Scotland (AFN:921S-11)

   Born: 1424 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

   Died: 16 Aug 1445, Chalons Surmarne, Marne, France

   Bur.: 14 Nov 1479 St Laon Abbey, Thouars, Deux-Sevres, France Married:

   Louis XI King Of France (9F9B-Q9)

   Married.: 24 Jun 1436, Tours, Intre-Et-Loire, France

1/2. Isabella Elizabeth Princess Of Scotland (921S-26)

   Born: 1426 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland   Died: Bef 5 Mar 1499 Married:

   Francois I Duke Of Bretagne, Count of Richmond (9F9B-RG)

   30 Oct 1442 Chateau D'Auray, Auray, Morbihan, France

1/3. Joan (Janet) Princess Of Scotland (921S-3C) (AF2408G)

   Married: James Douglas

1/4. Mary Princess Of Scotland (AFN:921S-4J)

   Born: Abt 1429 Of, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

   Died: 20 Mar 1465 Kstl Sandenburch, Veere, Zeeland, Netherlands Bur.:

   Groote Kerk, Veere, Zeeland, Netherlands

   Married: Wolfert Van Borsselin Comte de Grand Pre (7P8M-GJ)

   1444 Sandenburch, Veere, Zeeland, Netherlands

1/5. Alexander Prince Of Scotland (Twin) (921S-5P)

   Born: 16 Oct 1430 Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

1/6. James II King Of Scotland (TWIN) (8J5G-ZS)

1/7. Annabella Princess Of Scotland (921S-6V)

   Born: Abt 1432 Of, Perth, Perthshire,    Died: Aft 27 Jun 1509

   Married: Louis Prince Of Savoy, King of Cyprus (9F9C-JD)

   Married.: 14 Dec 1447 Div   Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland Married:

   George Gordon, Earl of Huntly (9F9C-KK) Bef 10 Mar 1459

1/8. Eleanor Princess Of Scotland (921S-72)

   Born: Abt 1434 Of, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

   Died: 20 Nov 1480 Probably, Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria

   Married: Sigismund Duke Of Austria Count of Tirol (9F9C-20)

   12 Feb 1449



Issue of Sir James Stewart & Joan Beaufort:

1/1. John Stewart, Earl of Atholl (8J55-8X)

1/2. James "Hearty James" Stewart, Earl of Buchan (V9W8-KB)

   Born Abt 1442 Of, Lorn, Argyllshire, Scotland

1/3. Andrew Stewart (921S-9D)

   Born: 1443 Lincluden, Kirkcudbrightshr, Scotland   Died: 29 Sep 1501




                      JOHN STEWART, EARL OF BUCHAN.

                     AM21/259  (9FK7-M6)  (CHATSET1)

Born: Abt 1380, Argyllshire, Scotland

Parents: Robert Stewart, Duke Of Albany (9FK8-L5)  & Muriella Keith

(9FJ9-S7)   (continued from "STEW")

Died: 18 Aug 1425, Battle Of Verneuil, Nievre, France

Married.: Nov 1413, Scotland, Elizabeth Douglas:






                            ELIZABETH DOUGLAS

                           AM21/260  (9G0K-49)

Born: Abt 1394, Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Parents: Archibald Douglas (8J5F-6P) & Princess Margaret Stewart, (9G0J-

Q8) (see AF2009P)

Died: Bef 1451

Married (1): John Stewart, EARL OF BUCHAN

Married (2): William Sinclair, Earl of Orkney (9G0N-8D)

Married (3): Sir Thomas Stewart (9G32-BK)



Margaret Stewart, Born: [1406]                              AM20/146


From A/File 10/10/1995 (File AF1010R)

Issue of John & Elizabeth (Douglas) Stewart:

1/1. Margaret Stewart (9FK7-PJ)    Born: [1406]

   sp- Baron George Seton (9GVZ-5S)

   Born: 1404? Of, Seton, East-Lothian, Scotland

   2/1. John Seton, Master of Seton (9GVZ-29)

      Born: 1428? Seton, East-Lothian, Scotland

      sp Christian Lindsay (9GVZ-3G)    Born: [1430]

      3/1. Baron George Seton (9GVZ-0X)

         Born: 1431?  Scotland

         sp Margaret Campbell (9GVZ-14)    Born: [1433]

         4/1. Martha Seton (9GVX-XM)    Born: [1457]

            sp William Maitland (9GVX-JK)

            Born: 1455 Thirlestone, Berwickshire, Scotland

         4/2. George Seton (9SLT-R7)    Born: [1491]

            sp Jane (Janet) Hapburn (9FGT-BS)

            Born: 1485 , Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland


 Issue of William & Elizabeth (Douglas) Sinclair

 William Sinclair, Earl of Orkney (9G0N-8D)

 Born: [1392] Of, Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland

 1/1. Catherine Sinclair (9G0M-4K)

    Born: Bef 1476 Orkney, Orkney Islands, Scotland

    sp-Alexander Prince Of Scotland, Duke of Albany (9F9C-BC)

    Born: 1454 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

    2/1. Son Stewart (9G0M-6W)

       Born: Abt 1476 Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

    2/2. Margaret Catherine Stewart (9G0M-73)

       Born: Abt 1478 Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

       sp- Sir Patrick Hamilton (9G33-XS)

       Born: 1476?  Kincavel,, Scotland

    2/3. Andrew Stewart (9G0M-5Q)

       Born: Bef 1492 Of, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

       sp- Sir Thomas Stewart (9G32-BK)    Born: 1392? Scotland




                              JAMES DOUGLAS

                           AM21/225  (9G0K-MV)

Born: Abt 1383 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef May 1441

Parents: James Douglas (91NT-CR) & Agnes Dunbar (91WQ-3P)

Also Married: Janet Borthwick (9G0K-ZL) Aft 3 Nov 1411

Married.: Bef 10 Nov 1387, Scotland, Elizabeth Stewart:








                            ELIZABETH STEWART,

                           Princess Of Scotland

                           AM21/226  (9G0J-VX)

Born: Abt 1387 Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 1378

Parents: Robert III (John Stewart) & Annabella Drummond   (AF2009N)


1/1. Margaret Douglas (8J5L-ZC)

   Born: Abt 1392 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-lothian, Scotland

1/2. William Douglas (9G0K-N2)

   Born: Abt 1405 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian. Died: Abt 1425, England

   Married: Margaret Borthwick (9SLR-RX), 9 Dec 1420

1/3. James Douglas (9G0K-P7)                                AM20/113 1/4.

Henry Douglas (9G0K-QD)

   Born: Abt 1409 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland,  Died: Bef 1556

   Married: Margaret Douglas (9G0K-V3)


                            Sir JOHN HAMILTON

                           AM21/193  (91K4-T0)


Born Abt 1371

Married abt 1388 Janet Douglas:


                              JANET DOUGLAS

                           AM21/194  (91K4-V5)

Born abt 1379, Dalkieth, Mid Lothian.

Parent: James Douglas (91NT-CR) & Agnes Dunbar (91WQ-3P)


Issue: James Hamilton                                       AM20/97



                            ALEXANDER LINDSAY,

                             Earl of Crawford

                           AM21/153  (9F9Z-JV)

Born: Abt 1387 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland

Died: 13 Jan 1446

Parents: David Of Crawford Lindsay (8J5L-42) & Catherine (Jean) Stewart

(Princess of Scotland) (9F9Z-HP)

Married.: Abt 1404 Marjory Dunbar:


                              MARJORY DUNBAR

                           AM21/154  (9F9Z-Z4)

Born: Abt 1389  Of, Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Sir David Dunbar (9FBW-HJ) & Unknown


1/1. David Lindsay, Earl of Lindsay (9FB0-07)               AM20/77




                            ALEXANDER OGILVY,

                             Sheriff of Angus

                           AM21/155  (9FC2-1R)

Born: [1374], Auchterhouse, Angusshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 14 Jul 1421

Married: Unknown


1/1. Marjory Ogilvie (9FB0-HS)                              AM20/78






AM22/01 ref ScotPeer

Parents Sir Richard de Mautlant & Avicia
Joined Robert the Bruce & died abt 1315
1/1. Sir Robert de Maitland                               AM21/01

                           Sir MALCOLM FLEMING

                           AM22/257  (858L-S2)

Born: Abt 1312 Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scot

Parents: Sir Patrick (FC2Q-6G) &  FRASER (FC2Q-7M) (ref AF2009E)


Married.: Abt 1342


Born: Abt 1316 Biggars, Lanarkshire, Scot

Issue (see end for full descendancy):

1/1. Sir David Fleming (858M-3K)                            AM21/129

1/2. Patrick Fleming (858L-QP)   Born: Abt 1345 Biggars, Lanarkshire.



                            DONALD STRATHECHIN

                           AM22/259  (FC2Q-J6)

Born: [1321]



                           AM22/260  (FC2Q-KC)

Born: [1325]


1/1. Isabel Strathechin (858M-4Q)                           AM21/130




                              JOHN MENTEITH

                           AM22/275  (9GW0-HM)

Born: [1332]  Of Kerse


1/1. Miss Mentieth (9GW0-GG)                                AM21/138



                          Heer JAN II VAN EGMOND

                           AM22/405  (8D4Z-1N)

Born: Abt 1385 Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland,

Died:  4 Jan 1451, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Bur.: Kapel Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Netherlands

Parents: Heer Arend Van Egmond & Jolanthe, Countess Of Leiningen


Married.: 24 Jun 1409 Arkel, Gelderland, Netherlands


Born: Abt 1389 Of Arkel, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Died: 19 Jul 1415

Bur.: Kerk Ijsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands

Parents: Jan, Heer Van Arkel & Johanna, Princess Of JULICH


1/1. Arnold Duke Of Guelders (8D4Z-0H)                      AM21/203 1/2.

Willem Van Egmond (8D4Z-7P)

   Born: 26 Jan 1412 Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland,

   Died: 19 Jan 1483 Grave, Noord Brabant, Netherlands

   Married (1): Walpurge Countess Of Mors (8D52-KS)

   22 Jan 1437  Hattem, Gelderland, Netherlands

   Married (2): Aleid Kreijnck (8D52-4K)

1/3. Pieter Van Egmond (8D50-N2)

   Born: Abt 1416 Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland, Married

   (1): Hendrika Wijanaltsdorfer (8D50-P7) and 1 Others

   Married (2): Baerte Van Zutfen (G8N-L3)


                           DUKE ADOLF OF KLEVE

                           AM22/407  (FH87-C5)

Born: [1379]

Also Married: Agnes, Princess Of Palatine (8G7B-C7)  7 Mar 1400


Married.: 22 Jul 1406

                        Princess MARIE Of BURGUNDY

                           AM22/408  (B1JX-D0)

Born: Abt 1388  Of Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France

Died: 30 Oct 1463

Parents: Jean Le Hardi, Duke Of Burgundy & Princess Margarethe,



1/1. Princess Katherine Of Kleve (896N-Q2)                   AM21/202

1/2. Elisabeth, Princess Of Kleve (8DPJ-X9)

   Born:  1 Oct 1420 Of Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia

   Died: Mar 1488 Arnstadt, S-Sndr, Thuringia

   Married: Heinrich XXVI, Count Of Schwarzburg Blankenburg (8DPJ-W4)

   Married.: 15 Jul 1434

1/3.  Princess Agnes Of Kleve (MB7N-25)

   Born: 24 Feb 1422 Of, Kleve, Rheinland, Prussia

   Died:  6 Apr 1448 Olite Navarra, Spain

   Married: Carlos, Prince Of Aragon & Sicily, Principe de Viana (MB7L-

   ZJ) 30 Sep 1430

1/4. Helene, Princess Of Cleves (8CDK-V3)

   Born: 18 Aug 1423 Of Cleve, Rheinland, Prussia  Died:  3 Jul 1471

   Married: Heinrich, Duke Of Brunswick Wolfenbuttel (8CDK-TW) 2 (12) Feb


1/5. Adolf, Count Of Kleve Count of Ravenstein (B1K0-MF)

   Born: 28 Jun 1425 Of, Ravenstein   Died: 18 Sep 1492

   Married (1): Brites Princess Of Portugal, (9F95-9C) 13 May 1453

   Married (2): Anne De Burgundy (B1K0-K3)   21 Jun 1470



                              JOHN STEWART,

                              Lord of Lorne

                           AM22/369  (9G0L-JH)

Born: Abt 1350  Of, Innermeath, , Scotland

Died: 26 Apr 1421

Parents: Robert Stewart & Unknown (GQX2-05)

Married.: Abt 1378 Of, Argyllshire, Scotland


                              ISABEL ERGADIA

                           AM22/370  (9G0L-KN)

Born: Abt 1362 Of, Lorn, Argyllshire, Scotland

Died: 21 Dec 1439

Parents: John Macalan, Laird of Lorn, & Jonet Isaac


1/1. Isabel Stewart (PBHC-GV)

1/2. Robert Stewart, Baron Lorn (V9W8-0D)

   Born: Abt 1379  Of, Lorn, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Died: Bef 1449    Married: Unknown

1/3. Archibald Stewart (V9W8-1K)

   Born: Abt 1381 Of, Lorne, Argyllshire, Scotland

1/4. Sir James Stewart "Black Knight Of Lorn" (8J5F-1T)     AM21/185 1/5.

Jean Stewart (PBHL-B5) Born: [1392], Scotland

   Married: David Bruce (8N48-GK)

1/6. Robert Stewart (PBHC-FP) Born: [1449]    Died: Bef 1449







                              JOHN BEAUFORT,

                      MARQUESS OF SOMERSET & DORSET

                           AM22/403  (8N4D-FX)

Born: Abt 1371 Near Pottersgate, Lincolnshire, England

Died: 16 Mar 1409/1410 St Catherine By The Tower Hospital, London, Bur.:

St Michael's Chapel, Canterbury Cathedral, Kent, England Parents: John

"Of Gaunt" Prince Of England & Katherine De Roet Married: Bef 28 Sep 1397

Of, Upholland, Lancashire, England:-


                           MARGARET DE HOLAND,

                           DUCHESS OF CLARENCE

                           AM22/404  (8N4F-ZT)

Born: 1385/1386 Of, Upholland, Lancashire, England

Died: 30 Dec 1439 St Saviour's Monasberg, Bermondsey, Surrey, England

Bur.: Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England

Parents: Thomas De Holand, Earl Of Kent & Alice Fitzalan

Also Married: Thomas Prince Of England, Duke of Clarence (8XHT-3P)

Married.: 10 Nov 1411 Dispensation



1/1. Henry Beaufort, Earl of Somerset (8XHS-9L)

   Born: Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England   CHR.: 26 Nov 1401

   Died: 25 Nov 1418 Unmd

1/2. John Beaufort, Duke of Somerset (8J5K-BX)

   Born: 25 Mar 1404 Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England

   Died: 27 May 1444

   Married: Margaret Beauchamp (9JZF-C3) 1439

1/3. Thomas Beaufort (8XHS-BR)

   Born: 1405  Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England   Died: 1432

1/4. Joan Beaufort (HRDD-NF)                                AM21/202 1/5.

Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset (8N4G-00)

   Born: Abt 1406 Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England

   Died: 22 May 1455 Battle Of, St. Albans   Bur.:  Abbey

   Married: Eleanor Beauchamp (921S-HF) Bef 1436 , England

1/6. Margaret Beaufort (8XHS-CX)

   Born: Abt 1409 Of, Westminster, Middlesex, England

   Married: Thomas De Courtnay, Earl OF Devon (921S-T5) Aft 1421




                             King ROBERT III

                        (John STEWART) Of SCOTLAND

                           AM22/401  (8J5D-QB)

Born: 1357 , Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died:  4 Apr 1406 Rothsay Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire,

Bur.: 1406 , Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Parents: Robert II King Of Scotland & Elizabeth More (CHATSTEW)

Also Married: Concubine 1 (9G0J-X9)

Married.: 13 Mar 1365 By Dispensation,


                            ANNABELLA DRUMMOND

                           AM22/402  (8J5D-RH)

Born: Abt 1350 Of, Stobhall, Cargill, Perthshire, Scotland

Died: 1401 , Scone, Perthshire, Bur.: 1401 , Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

Parents: John Drummond & Mary Margaret


1/1. John Stewart (8KG0-27)

   Born: Abt 1368 Blackhall. Married: Elizabeth Graham (8KG0-3D)

1/2. Princess Margaret Of Scotland (9G0J-Q8)                AM22/520

   Born: Abt 1370 Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland

   Died: Bef Sep 1456 Thrieve Castle, Galloway, Galloway,

   Bur.: Lincluden Chaple, Kirknewton, Mid-Lothian,

   Married: Archibald Douglas (8J5F-6P) Bef 1390 Scotland


1/3. Prince David Of Scotland, Duke of Rothsey (9G0J-RF)

   Born: 24 Oct 1378 Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

   Died: 26 Mar 1402 Falkland Castle, Falkland, Fifeshire,

   Bur.: Lindores Abbey, Scotland

   Married: Mary Douglas (8J5L-W1)

   Married.: Feb 1399/1400     Falkland Castle, Falkland, Fifeshire,

1/4. Princess Mary Of Scotland (9G0J-SL)

   Born: Abt 1380  Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland

   Died: 1458 Bur.: Strathblanechapl, Strathblane, Stirlingshire, Married

   (1): George Douglas, Earl of Angus (9G0L-7X) 24 May 1397 Married (2):

   James Kennedy [Earl of Cassilis] (9G0K-DN) 1404/5 Married (3): William

   Graham, Duke of Montrose (9G0L-0Q) 13 Nov 1413 Married (4): William

   Edmonston (9G0L-6R)  1425

1/5. Prince Robert, Of Scotland (9G0J-TR)

   Born: Abt 1383 Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

1/6. Princess Elizabeth Of Scotland (9G0J-VX)

   Born: Abt 1387  Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland  Died: Bef 1378

   Married: James Douglas (9G0K-MV) Bef 10 Nov 1387

1/7. Princess Egidia, Of Scotland (9G0J-W4)

   Born: Abt 1390  Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire,


1/8. King James I Of Scotland (8J5D-SN)                     AM21/201



                             ROBERT STEWART,

                              DUKE OF ALBANY

                         AM22/517  (Ref CHATSTEW)

Born: Abt 1340, Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died:  3 Sep 1419/1420, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Bur.: , Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland

Parents: Robert II King Of Scotland & Elizabeth More (Mure)

Married.: By Dis. 4 May 1380



Born: Abt 1351, Of, Argyllshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 1 Jun 1449

Parents: Sir William De Keith & Margaret Fraser



1/1. John Stewart, EARL OF BUCHAN                           AM21/259 1/2.

Elizabeth Stewart,  Born: Abt 1384, Argyllshire,       AM20/66

   Married: Sir Malcolm Fleming, Bef 28 Jun 1413 (ref AF2009C)

   Sir Andrew Stewart Born: Abt 1386, Argyllshire.  Died: Bef 1413

   Sp Sir Robert Stewart  Born: Abt 1388, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1388, Verneuil, Nievre, France

1/3. Johanna Stewart Born: [1390], Scotland

   Married: Sir John Stewart.  Married.: Abt 1397


Robert Stewart also married:

Margaret Graham, Countess of Menteith, 9 Sep 1361, Dispensation, Scotland

& Margaret Murdoch




                            ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS

                           AM22/519  (8J5F-6P)

Born: Abt 1370 Of Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: 17 Aug 1424 Verneuil

Bur.: 24 Aug 1424   Tours Cathedral, Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, France

Parents: Archibald Douglas & Johana Moray

Married: Bef 1390, Scotland




                        Princess MARGARET STEWART

                     Of Scotland, Countess of Douglas

                           AM22/520  (9G0J-Q8)

Born: Abt 1370 Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland Died: Bef Sep 1456

Thrieve Castle, Galloway, Galloway, Scotland

Bur.: Lincluden Chaple, Kirknewton, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Robert III (John Stewart) & Annabella Drummond (Ref AF2009N/O)



1/1. Archibald "of Touraine" Douglas (AFN:8J5F-4C)

   Born: Abt 1390 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire. Died: 26 Jun 1438 Restalrig

   Married: Euphemia Graham, Countess of Douglas (8HJ9-C3) 1424/1425

1/2. James Douglas, Earl of Abercord (9G0K-2X)

   Born: Abt 1392 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Died: 17 Aug 1424       Battle Of, Vernoil, Maine-Et-Loire, France

   Bur.: 24 Aug 1424 Tours Cathedral, Tours, Indre-Et-Loire, France

   Married: Beatrice  (9G0K-7S)

1/3. Margaret Douglas (9G0K-34)    Born: [1394], Scotland

   Married: William Earl Of Orkney (9G0K-80)

1/4. Elizabeth Douglas (9G0K-49)                            AM21/260 1/5.

Helen Douglas (9G0K-5G)

   Born: [1396], Scotland   Married: Alexander Lauder (9G0K-BB)

1/6. Mary Douglas (9G0K-6M)

   Born: [1398], Scotland  Married: Sir John Glendoning (9G0K-CH)



                              JAMES DOUGLAS

                           AM22/387  (91NT-CR)

Born: Abt 1350

Died: 1420 Scotland

Parents: John Douglas & Agnes Munfode

He Also Married: Egidia Or Jean Stuart (91NT-DX)



                               AGNES DUNBAR

                           AM22/388  (91WQ-3P)

Born: Abt 1350

Died: Bef Oct 1378 Scotland

Parents: Patrick Dunbar & Isobel Randolph


Issue (see end of this part for full descendancy):

1/1. William Douglas (91WQ-52)

   Born: [1378]

1/2. Jacoba (Janet) Douglas (91K4-V5)                       AM21/194

   Born: Abt 1379 Dalkeith, Mid Lothian, Scotland

   Married: Sir John Hamilton (91K4-T0) Abt 1388

1/3. Agnes Douglas (91WQ-67)            Born: [1380]

1/4. James Douglas (9G0K-MV)                                AM21/225


                              DAVID LINDSAY

                               Of Crawford

                           AM22/395  (8J5L-42)

Born: 1359 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland

Died: 12 Aug 1407 Castle Of, Finhaven, Angusshire, Scotland

Bur.: Grey Friars Ch., Dundee, Angusshire, Scotland

Parents: Sir Alexander Lindsay & Katherine Stirling

Married.: Abt 1380 PLACE: Dispensation


                    Princess CATHERINE (Jean) STEWART

                           AM22/396  (9F9Z-HP)

Born: Abt 1362 Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1446

Parents: Robert II King Of Scotland & Euphemia Ross (CHATSTEW)



1/1. Alexander Of Crawford Lindsay (8J5L-6D)

   Born: [1385]      Died: Bef 8 Sep 1439

1/2. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (9F9Z-PQ)

   Born: Abt 1387 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire.   Died: Aft 31 Mar 1438

   Married: Marjory (9G0J-2S)  Bef 1410, Scotland

1/3. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford (9F9Z-JV)          AM21/153 1/4.

Marjory Lindsay (9F9Z-K2) Born: Abt 1389 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire,

   Married: Sir William Douglas (9FC1-P3)

1/5. Elizabeth Lindsay (9F9Z-L7) Born: Abt 1391 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire

   Married (1): Robert Erskine, Earl of Mar (9FC1-Q8)

   Married (2): Sir Robert Keith (9G0J-5B)

1/6. Baron David Lindsay of Newdosk (9F9Z-QW)

   Born: Abt 1393 Of, Edinburgh, Morayshire, Scotland

1/7. Gerard Lindsay (9F9Z-R3)

   Born: Abt 1395 Of, Edinburgh, Morayshire,    Died: 1461

1/8. David Lindsay (9F9Z-MD)

   Born: Abt 1395 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland   Died: Bef 1421

1/9. Gerard Lindsay (9F9Z-NK)

   Born: Abt 1395 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland   Died: Abt 1461

1/10. Ingelram Lindsay, Bishop of Aberdeen (9F9Z-S8)

   Born: [1397] Of, Aberdeen, , Scotland



                             SIR DAVID DUNBAR

                           AM22/307  (9FBW-HJ)


Issue: Marjorie Dunbar (9F9Z-Z4)                            AM21/154



From AF1010T:

Ancestral File (TM) - ver 4.15 DESCENDANCY CHART 10 OCT 1995


1   James Douglas (91NT-CR)    Born: Abt 1350               AM22/387

 sp-Agnes Dunbar (91WQ-3P)    Born: Abt 1350




1/1. William Douglas (91WQ-52)    Born: [1378]


1/2. Jacoba (Janet) Douglas (91K4-V5)

   Born: Abt 1379 Of, Dalkeith, Mid Lothian, Scotland

   sp Sir John Hamilton (91K4-T0)

   Born: Abt 1371 , Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   2/1. Thomas Hamilton (91K4-ZN)

      Born: Abt 1392 Of, Darngaber, Lanarkshire, Scotland

      sp-Helen Douglas (91T0-60)    Born: [1494]

      3/1. James Hamilton (91T0-75)    Born: [1518]

      3/2. John Hamilton (91T0-8B)    Born: [1520]


   2/2. James Hamilton (8HHR-4P)

      Born: Abt 1398 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

      sp Janet Livingstone (8HJ9-3P)    Born: Abt 1400 Of, Callendar, ,

      3/1. Mary (Or Marjory) Hamilton (8J54-SK)    Born: [1417]

         sp- Lord William Keith (8530-KT)

         Born: Abt 1389 Of, Dunottar, Kincardine, Scotland

         4/1. Gille "Egidia" Keith (TK4G-ZC)

            Born: Abt 1424 Of, Forbes, Aberdeen, Scotland

            sp- Baron James Forbes (8J52-L8)

            Born: Abt 1424 Of, Forbes, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

         4/2. Mary Keith (8J54-TQ)    Born: [1430]

            sp-William Of Tul. Murray (8J5N-N3)    Born: Abt 1444

         4/3. Muriella Keith (8J54-VW)    Born: [1432]


      3/2. Baron James Hamilton (8HGH-V9)

         Born: Abt 1423 Of, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         Married, 1st: Euphemia Graham, Countess of Douglas (8HJ9-C3)

         Born: Abt 1408 Of, Strathearn, Perthshire, Scotland

         4/1. Elizabeth Hamilton (9FB1-X6)

            Born: Abt 1442 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

            sp-David Lindsay [Earl of Crawford] (9FB1-VT)

            Born: Abt 1441 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

            sp-John Forrester (9FBX-HN)

            Born: [1440] Of Niddrie, Liberton, Edinburghshire, Scotland

         4/2. Agnes Hamilton (VB0C-18)

            Born: Abt 1444 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         4/3. James Hamilton (91KK-0G)    Born: [1450]


         Married, 2nd: Princess Mary Stewart Of Scotland (9F9C-96) Born:

         Bef 16 May 1452 Of, Stirling, Stirlingshire, Scotland 4/4.

         Elizabeth Hamilton, Countess of Lennox (9G0M-M5)

            Born: 1473 , Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

            sp-Matthew Stewart (8HRT-50)    Born: Abt 1472

         4/4. James Hamilton, Earl of Arran (8HGH-ZS)

            Born: Abt 1475 Of, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland

            sp-Elizabeth Home (9G13-HC)    Born: [1477]

            sp Janet Beaton (8HJ9-GL)

            Born: Abt 1486 Of, Creich, Fifeshire, Scotland

            sp-Beatrix Drummond (8HJ9-D8)    Born: [1477]

            sp-Mary Boyd (9G13-KP)    Born: [1477]





         Married, 3rd: Janet Calderwood (8HRS-GD)

         Born: Abt 1447 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         4/5. Sir Patrick Hamilton (8HRS-JQ)

            Born: Abt 1452 Of, Broomhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland

            sp-Margaret Stewart (8HRT-65)    Born: [1454]

         4/6. David Hamilton (8HRS-HK)

            Born: Abt 1454 Of, Saddell Kintyre, Armagh, Ireland

         4/7. John Hamilton (8HRS-KW)

            Born: Abt 1469 , Broomhill, Lanarkshire, Scotland

            sp-Janet Hamilton (9G7H-NH)    Born: [1451] Preston

      3/3. Alexander Hamilton (8HJ9-8K)

         Born: Abt 1426 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

      3/4. John Hamilton (8HJ9-7D)

         Born: Abt 1428 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         4/1. William Hamilton (91QP-93)    Born: [1454]

         4/2. Robert Hamilton (91QP-B8)    Born: [1456]

      3/5. Gavin Hamilton [PROVOST OF BOTHWELL]/ (8HJ9-67)

         Born: Abt 1430

        4/1. Thomas Hamilton (91QP-DL)    Born: [1456]

        4/2. John Hamilton (91QP-FR)    Born: [1458]

      3/6. Agnes Hamilton (8HJ9-52)

         Born: Abt 1432 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         sp-James Hamilton (8HRT-3M)    Born: [1430]

      3/7. Elizabeth Hamilton (8HJ9-4V)

         Born: Abt 1434 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         sp- Chalmers (8HRT-4S)    Born: [1432]

         sp-Eupham  (91SZ-ZT)    Born: [1400]

      3/8.  Hamilton (91T0-0X)    Born: [1424]

         sp-Unknown (91T0-14)    Born: [1422]

         sp-Unknown (9BD5-KT)    Born: [1422]

   2/3. Walter Hamilton (91K5-0S)

    Born: Abt 1404 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

     sp-Mrs. Walter Hamilton (91T1-9M)

     Born: Abt 1404 Raploch, Ayrahr, , Scotland

     3/1. James Hamilton (91T1-BS)

      Born: Abt 1425 Raploch, Ayrahr, , Scotland

     3/2. Thomas Hamilton (91T1-C0)

      Born: Abt 1427 Raploch, Ayrahr, , Scotland

     3/3. John Hamilton (91T1-D5)

      Born: Abt 1429 Raploch, Ayrahr, , Scotland

     3/4. Allen Hamilton (91T1-FB)

      Born: Abt 1431 Raploch, Ayrahr, , Scotland

   2/4. Catherine Hamilton (91K5-10)

      Born: Abt 1406 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

      sp-(Sir) William Of Lamington Baillie (91QS-XR)    Born: [1404]

   2/5. David Hamilton (8HHR-16)

      Born: Abt 1413 Of, Cadzow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

      3/1. John Hamilton (91RC-08)    Born: [1439]

      3/2. John Hamilton (9B44-4M)

         Born: Abt 1460 Of, Dalserf, Lanarkshire, Scotland

         4/1. Robert Hamilton (9HJX-5P)    Born: Abt 1500

            sp-Isabel Hamilton (9HHL-SH)    Born: [1522]

1/3. Agnes Douglas (91WQ-67)    Born: [1380]

1/4. James Douglas (9G0K-MV)

   Born: Abt 1383 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

   sp-Elizabeth Princess Of Scotland (9G0J-VX)

   Born: Abt 1387 Of, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland

   2/1. Margaret Douglas (8J5L-ZC)

      Born: Abt 1392 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-lothian, Scotland

   2/2. William Douglas (9G0K-N2)

      Born: Abt 1405 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

      sp-Margaret Borthwick (9SLR-RX)

      Born: Abt 1385 Borthwick, Midlothian, Scot


   2/3. James Douglas (9G0K-P7)

      Born: Abt 1407 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

      sp Elizabeth Gifford (9G0K-SQ)    Born: [1409]

      3/1. James Douglas, Earl of Morton (9F9B-V0)

         Born: Abt 1426 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

         sp-Joan (Janet) Princess Of Scotland (921S-3C)

         Born: 1428 , Perth, Perthshire, Scotland

         4/1. Janet Douglas (8J54-X8)    Born: Abt 1429

            sp-Thomas Erskine (B3CC-PS)    Born: Bef. 1438

         4/2. John Douglas, Earl of Morton (9F9B-W5)

            Born: Abt 1459 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

            sp-Janet Crichton (9G13-6S)

            Born: [1461]

         4/3. Janet Douglas (9F9B-XB)

            Born: Abt 1461 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

            sp-Patrick Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell (9FBR-W2)

            Born: Abt 1450 Of, Bothwell, Lanark, Scotland

         4/4. Son Douglas (9F9B-ZH)

            Born: Abt 1463 Of, Morton, Dumfriesshire, Scotland

         4/5. James Douglas (9F9C-0M)

            Born: Abt 1465 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

         4/6. Elizabeth Douglas (9F9C-1S)

            Born: Abt 1467 Of, Morton, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

   2/4. Henry Douglas (9G0K-QD)

      Born: Abt 1409 Of, Dalkeith, Mid-Lothian, Scotland

      sp-Margaret Douglas (9G0K-V3)    Born: [1411]

      sp-Janet Borthwick (9G0K-ZL)

      Born: Abt 1383 Borthwick, Midlothian, Scot



James Douglas (91NT-CR)    Born: Abt 1350

Also Married:

Egidia Or Jean Stuart (91NT-DX)    Born: Abt 1350


1/1. Barbara Douglas (91NT-F4)

   Born: Abt 1253 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

   sp- Sir Robert Keith (91T0-CT)

   Born: Abt 1252 Keth Symon, East-Lothian, Scotland

   2/1. Robert Keith (91T0-D1)

      Born: Abt 1275 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

      sp-Margaret Hay (91T0-KV)

      Born: Abt 1282 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

      3/1. William Keith (91T0-L2)

         Born: Abt 1304 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

      3/2. Edward Keith (91T0-M7)

         Born: Abt 1306 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, Scotland

      3/3. Margaret Keith (91T0-ND)

         Born: Abt 1308 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, Scotland

      3/4. Miss Keith (91T0-PK)

         Born: Abt 1310 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

   2/2. William Keith (91T0-F6)

      Born: Abt 1277 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

   2/3. Miss Keith (91T0-GC)

      Born: Abt 1279 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

      sp-(Sir) Robert Maithred (91T0-QQ)    Born: [1277]

   2/4. John Keith (91T0-HJ)

      Born: Abt 1281 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, , Scotland

   2/5. Edmund Keith (91T0-JP)

      Born: Abt 1283 Keth Symon, E-Lthn, ,









Sir Malcolm Fleming (858L-S2)    Born: Abt 1312 Biggar, Lanark,

 sp-Christian  (858L-T7)    Born: Abt 1316 Biggars, Lanark,

1/1. Sir David Fleming (858M-3K)

   Born: Abt 1343 Of Biggar & Cumbernauld, Lanark,

   Married: Isabel Strathechin (858M-4Q)

   Born: Abt 1347 Of Monycabock In Aberdeen,


   2/1. Janet Fleming (858M-F9)    Born: Abt 1363

      sp Sir William Seton (FC2Q-RD)    Born: [1363]

      3/1. Alexander Seton, Baron Gordon] (9BFQ-X6)

         Born: Abt 1340 Of, Berwickshire & Aberdeenshire,

         sp-Elizabeth Gordon (9BFQ-ZC)

         Born: Abt 1384 Of, Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire,

         4/1. Alexander Seton [Earl of Huntly] (9G33-PL)

            Born: Abt 1410 Of Huntly, Aberdeenshire,

            sp-Gille (Egidia) Hay (HRDB-4D)    Born: Abt 1414

            sp-Elizabeth Crichton (9XR4-1B)    Born: Abt 1410 Crichton,


            sp-Miss Cumming (HRF5-NK)    Born: Abt 1420 Of, Altyre,


            sp-Jean Keith (HRG6-VT) Born: Abt 1425 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

            sp-Miss Fraser (HRGG-NW) Born: Abt 1425 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

         4/2. William Seton (9BFR-1N) Born: Abt 1412 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

            sp-Elizabeth Meldrum (HRF4-XS)

            Born: Abt 1417 Of, Meldrum, Aberdeenshire,

         4/3. Henry Seton (HRF5-50) Born: Abt 1414 Of, Huntly, Aberdeen

         4/4. Elizabeth Seton (9BFP-VP) Born: Abt 1416 Of, Huntly, Aberd.

            sp-Alexander Macdonald (91WR-R9)    Born: Abt 1380

      3/2. Janet Seton (HRG5-9R)    Born: Abt 1342

      3/3. John De Seton (HRG5-BX)    Born: Abt 1344

   2/2. Marion Fleming (858M-GG)    Born: Abt 1365

      sp-William Maule (FC2Q-SK)    Born: [1365]

   2/3.Sir Malcolm Fleming (858M-17)    Born: Abt 1383 Of Cumberauld &

      Biggar, Lanark,

      sp-Elizabeth Stewart (9FK8-MB)    Born: Abt 1384, Argyllshire, 3/1.

      Malcolm Fleming (858M-BR) Born: Abt 1414 Biggar, Lanark,

      3/2. Lord Robert Fleming (858L-ZW) Born: Abt 1416 Of Biggar,

         Lanark, Scotland

         sp-Janet Douglas (858M-02) Born: Abt 1420 Of Brechin, Lanark,

         4/1.Elizabeth Fleming (858M-8F)    Born: Abt 1431 Of Biggar,


            sp-James Livingstone (FC2Q-NV)    Born: [1431]

         4/2. Mariot Fleming (858M-9L)    Born: Abt 1433 Of Biggar,


            sp Sir William Stirling (FC2Q-P2)

            Born: [1433]

         4/3. Malcolm Fleming (858L-WK)    Born: Abt 1437 Biggar, Lanark,

            sp-Euphame Livingstone (858L-XQ)    Born: Abt 1441 Of Biggar,


         4/4. Robert Fleming (858M-78)    Born: Abt 1439 Of Biggar,


            sp-Margaret Lindsay (FC2Q-B5)    Born: [1416]

      3/3. Margaret Fleming (858M-CX)    Born: Abt 1418 Biggar &

         Cumbernald, Lanark, Scot

         sp-Patrick Gray (FC2Q-Q7)    Born: [1418]

   2/4. David Fleming (858M-D4)    Born: Abt 1385 Biggar, Lanark, Scot

      3/1. Malcolm Fleming (858H-B7)    Born: Abt 1412 Of Boghall,

         Lanark, Scot.

         sp-Elizabeth Houstoun (858H-CD)    Born: Abt 1416 Of Boghall,

         Lanark, Scot

         4/1. John Fleming (858H-8V)    Born: Abt 1442 Of Boghall,


            sp-Murion Crawford (858H-92)    Born: Abt 1446 Of Boghall,

            Lanark, Scot

       sp-Jean Barclay (9FH6-94)    Born: [1302]

    2/5. Janet (Jane) Fleming (HRGF-HW)  Born: Abt 1312 Of Biggar,

       Lanark, Scotland

       sp-Alexander Seton (HRGF-9V)    Born: Abt 1290 Of, Seton, East

       Lothian, Scotland

       3/1. Alexander Seton (HRGG-J7)    Born: Abt 1340 Of, Seton, East

       Lothian, Scotland

    2/6. Marion Fleming (9FHG-5J)    Born: [1326] Of Biggar, ,

       Lanark, Scotland

       sp-William Maule [Laird of Panmure] (9FHG-7V)    Born: [1324] Of

       Panmure, Angusshire, Scotland

  1/2. Patrick Fleming (858L-QP)    Born: Abt 1345 Biggars, Lanark,




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AM23/01  (re ScotPeer)

Parent: William de Matulant

Married: Avicia

Issue: William de Mautlant                                  AM22/01


                           Sir PATRICK FLEMING

                           AM23/513  (FC2Q-6G)

Born: [1286]

Married: FRASER (FC2Q-7M)

Born: [1290]


1/1. Sir Malcolm Fleming (858L-S2)                          AM22/257



                          Heer AREND VAN EGMOND

                             AND IJSSELSTEIN

                           AM23/809  (8D4Z-2T)


Born: 1337 (72-1409) Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, Noord Holland,

Died:  9 Apr 1409 Ijsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands

Bur.: Ijsselstein, Utrecht, Netherlands

Parents: Jan I, Heer Van Egmond (8D4Z-46) & Guyote Van Amstel (8D4Z-5C)



                     JOLANTHE, COUNTESS Of LEININGEN

                           AM23\810   (8D4Z-31)

Born: Abt 1350  Of, Leiningen, Pfalz, Bavaria

Died: 24 Apr 1434 'S-Gravenhage, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Bur.: Kerk Dominikanerklooster, 'S-Gravenhage, Zuid Holland,

Parents: Friedrich VII, Count Of Leiningen (8DLB-GQ) & Jolanthe, Countess

Of Julich (8DLB-HW)


1/1. Willem Van Egmond (AFN:8D4Z-92)

   Born: Abt 1375 Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, N-Hlln, Nthr

   Died: Aft 1413

1/2. Jan II Heer Van Egmond (8D4Z-1N)

1/3. Willem Van Egmond (8D4Z-8V)

   Born: Abt 1387 Of Slot O/D Hoef, Egmond-Binnen, N-Hlln, Nthr

   Died: 31 Dec 1451

   Married: Anne De Hennin (7P8J-83)   Married.: Cont: 1 Mar 1442




                            Heer JAN VAN ARKEL

                           AM23/811  (7RTW-TF)

Born: 1363 (65-1428) Of Leerdam, Zuid Holland, Neth.

Died: 25 Aug 1428 Leerdam, Zuid Holland, Neth.

Parents: Otto, Heer Van Arkel (7RTW-WR) & Elisabeth De Bar (7RTW-XX)

Married.: Contr. 18 Oct 1376


                       Princess JOHANNA, OF JULICH

                           AM23/812  (7RTW-VL)

Born: Abt 1363 Of Julich, Rheinland, Prussia

Parents: Wilhelm II (VI) Duke Of Julich (9HL8-X4) & Marie Princess Of

Guelders (9HL8-Z9)

Issue of Jan Van Arkel & Princess Johanna:

1/1. Willem Van Arkel (7RTW-S8)

   Born: Abt 1380 Of Hagestein, Zuid Holland, Neth.

   Died:  1 Dec 1417 Gorinchem, Zuid Holland, Neth.

   Married: Mrs-Willem Van Arkel (PZ7Q-X9)

1/2. Maria Van Arkel (7RTX-4X)                              AM22/406



1/3. Otto Van Arkel (7RTX-54)

   Born: Abt 1392 Of S'Gravenhage, Z-Holl., Neth.

1/4. Hennekijn Van Arkel (7RTX-69)

   Born: Abt 1394 Of Leerdam, Z-Holl., Neth.

1/5. Otto Van Arkel (7RTX-7G)

   Born: Abt 1396 Of Leerdam, Z-Holl., Neth.

1/6. Henneke Van Arkel (7RTX-8M)

   Born: Abt 1398 Of Leerdam, Z-Holl., Neth.

1/7. Dirk Van Arkel (7RTX-9S)

   Born: Abt 1400 Of Leerdam, Z-Holl., Neth.

1/8. Willem Van Arkel (7RTX-B0)

   Born: Abt 1402 Of Leerdam, Z-Holl., Neth.





                             Duke Of BURGUNDY

                           AM23/815  (B1JX-CS)

Born: 28 May 1371 Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France
Died: 10 Sep 1419  Montereau, Loiret, France
Parents: Philippe II "Le Hardi" Prince Of France, Duke of Burgundy (9G4Q-5K) & Marguerite Countess Of Flanders (9HLL-H8)
Also Married: Agnes De Croy (8BGZ-GS)
& Margaretha Van Borsselen (B1JZ-02)
Married.: 12 Apr 1385 Cambrai, Nord, France

                     MARGARETHE, Princess Of BAVARIA

                           AM23/816  (82K6-Z0)

Born: 1363 Of 'S Gravenhage, Z-Hlln, Nthr

Died: 23 Jan 1423 Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France

Parents: Albrecht I Duke Of Bavaria Count of Holland (82K5-JL) &

Malgorzata, Princess Of Breig (7QBW-ZH)


1/1. Marie, Princess Of Burgundy (B1JX-D0)                  AM22/408

1/2. Isabelle, Princess Of Burgundy (B1JX-F5)

   Born: Abt 1390 Of Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France   Died: 18 Sep 1412

   Married: Olivier De Champagne (B1JX-NC) 22 Jul 1406

1/3. Catherine, Princess Of Burgundy (B1JX-GB)

   Born: Abt 1392 Of Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France   Died: 1414

1/4. Marguerite, Princess Of Burgundy (B1JX-HH)

   Born: 1393  Of Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France   Died:  2 Feb 1441

   Married (1): Louis, Prince Of France (B1JX-PJ) 30 Apr 1404

   Married (2): Arthur Iii, Duke Of Bretagne (B1JX-VD) 12 Oct 1423

1/5. Philippe III "le Bon", Duke Of Burgundy (9F95-CP)

   Born: 30 Jun 1396, Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France

   Died: 15 Jun 1467, Brugge, West Flanders, Belgium

   Bur.: Charterhouse, Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France

   Married: Michaele (Michelle) Princess Of France, Countess of Nevers

   (9FDL-F5) Jun 1409 Paris, Seine, France

   &: Bonne Princess Of Artois Duchess Of Burgundy (9FDL-GB)

   30 Nov 1424 Moulins-Engilbert, Nievre, France

   &: Isabel Princess Of Portugal Duchess Of Burgundy (9F92-ZD)

   10 Jan 1429/1430     , Brugge, West Flanders,

   &: Catherine Scaers (B1JZ-78)

   &: Catherine De Tiesferies (B1JZ-HM)

   &: Margarethe Scupelins (B1JZ-TC)  Of Bruxelles, Brabant, Belgium &:

   Miss Mercatel (B1JZ-Z2) Of Mercatel, Fas-De-Calais, France

   &: Margarethe Post (B1K0-1B) Of Bruges, Flandre Occidentale,

   &: Celie (B1K0-3N) Of Bruges, Flandre Occidental,

   &: Nicolette De Bosquiel (B1K0-8J) Of Arras, Pas-De-Calais, France

   &: Isabelle De La Vigne (B1K0-BV) Of Louvain, Brabant, Belgium

   &: Jacoba Van Steenbergen (B1K0-JW) Of Le Quesnoy, Nord, France

   &: Jeanne De Presles (B1JW-24)


1/6. Jeanne, Princess Of Burgundy (B1JX-JN)

   Born: Oct 1399 Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France   Died: Aft.12 Jun 1406

1/7. Anne Princess Of Burgundy (9F96-29)

   Born: 1404/1405 Of, Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France

   Died: 14 Nov 1432 Hotel de Bourgogne, Paris, Seine, France

   Bur.: Celestines Chapel, Paris, Seine, France

   Married: John Prince Of England, Duke of Bedford (9F93-8W) Jun 1423,

   Troyes, Aube, France

1/8. Agnes, Princess Of Burgundy (B1JX-L1)

   Born: 1407 Dijon, Cote-D'Or, France    Died:  1 Dec 1476

   Married: Charles I, Duke Of Bourbon (B1JX-RV)  17 Sep 1425



                              ROBERT STEWART

                           AM23/737  (GQX1-Z1)

Born: Abt 1325 Of, Innermeath, , Scotland

Married: Unknown (GQX2-05) Born: [1328]


1/1. Isobell Stewart (GQX1-NG)

   Born: 1350, Scotland

   Married: Robert De Bruys (GQX1-M9) 1370

1/2. John Stewart, Lord of Lorne (9G0L-JH)                  AM22/369

1/3. Sir Robert Stewart (V9W8-C9)

   Born: Abt 1352 Of, Innermeath, , Scotland

   Married: Jonet De Ergadia Abt 1380, Argyllshire, (see below)



                              JOHN MACALAN,

                              Laird of Lorn

                           AM23/739  (V9W8-3W)

Born: Abt 1317 Of, Lorn, Argyllshire, Scotland

Married.: Bef 1362 Of, Scotland


                               JONET ISAAC

                           AM23/740  (V9W8-RC)

Born: Abt 1337, Scotland

Parents: Thomas Isaac & Maud Bruce Princess Of Scotland


1/1. Isabel Ergadia (9G0L-KN)                               AM22/370

1/2. Jonet De Ergadia (V9W8-DG)

   Born: Abt 1364 Of, Lorn, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Married: Sir Robert Stewart (V9W8-C9) Abt 1380, Argyllshire, Scotland



                    JOHN "Of Gaunt" Prince Of England,

                            DUKE OF LANCASTER

                           AM23/805  (8XHQ-M2)


Born: Mar 1340 Abbaye de St Bavon, Ghent, Flandre-Orientale, Belgium

Died:  3 Feb 1398/1399 Leicester Castle, Leicester, Leicestershire,

Bur.: 15 Mar 1398/1399 St Paul's Cathedral, London, Middlesex, England

Parents: Edward III King Of England & Philippa Countess Of Hainault


Also Married: Blanche Plantagenet (8J5H-60)

19 May 1359 Queen's Chapel, Reading, Berkshire,

Married: Constanza Perez Princess Of Castile & Leon (8XHR-HH)

Sep 1371, Rochefort-sur-Mer, Charente-Maritime, France

Married: Marie De Saint Hilaire (8XHR-QP)

Married.: 13 Jan 1396/1397, Lincoln, Lincolnshire,


                            KATHERINE DE ROET

                           AM23/806  (8J5H-L2)

Born: 1350 Of, Picardy, Somme, France

Died: 10 May 1403, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England

Bur.: Lincoln Cathedral, England

Parents: Sir Payn De Roet & Mrs-Payn De Roet

Also Married: Sir Hugh De Swynford (HR9Q-K0)

May 1366 St. Clements Danes, Westminster, Middlesex,



1/1. John Beaufort, Marquess of Somerset & Dorset (8N4D-FX) AM22/403

1/2. Joan De Beaufort, (8HR3-79)

   Born: Abt 1375 Chateau De Beaufort, Meuse-et-Loire, France

   Died: 13 Nov 1440, Howden, Yorkshire.  Bur.: Lincoln Catheral Lincoln,

   Married (1): Ralph De Neville, Earl of Westmorland (8HR3-64)

   29 Nov 1396 Chateau De Beaufort, Meuse-et-Loire,

   Married (2): Sir Robert De Ferrers (B3DC-55)

   Chateau De Beaufort, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France

1/3. Henry "Cardinal" Beaufort, Bishop of Lincoln (8XHR-NC)

   Born: Abt 1376 Chateau, De Beaufort, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France

   Chr.: Chateau De Beaufort, Meurthe-et-Moselle, France

   Died: 11 Apr 1447, Winchester, Hampshire, Bur.: Winchester Cathedral,

   Married: Alice Fitzalan (8XHS-TC)

1/4. Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter (:8XHR-PJ)

   Born: Abt Jan 1377 Chateau De Beaufort, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Anjou,

   Died: 31 Dec 1426 Greenwich Manor, East Greenwich, Kent,

   Bur.: Bury St. Edmunds Abbey, Suffolk,

   Married: Margaret Neville (8XHS-WP) Bef 15 Feb 1403 Hornby, Lancs.



                            THOMAS DE HOLAND,

                               EARL OF KENT

                           AM23/807  (8J5H-S3)


Born: 1354, Upholand, Lancashire, England

Died: 25 Apr 1397

Parents: Thomas De Holand, EARL OF KENT & Joan Princess Of England

Married.: 10 Apr 1364


                              ALICE FITZALAN

                           AM23/808  (8J5H-T8)

Born: Abt 1352, Arundel, Sussex, England

Died: 17 Mar 1415/1416

Parents: Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel & Eleanor Plantagenet


Issueof Thomas & Alice (Fitzalan) de Holand:

1/1. Thomas De Holand, Earl of Kent (8XJJ-VJ)

   Born: Abt 1371 Of, Upholland, Lancashire, England

   Died:  8 Jan 1399/1400, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England

   Bur.: Cirencester Abbey, Gloucestershire, England

   Married: Joan Stafford (HPGQ-NV) 20 Oct 1392 by License

1/2. Joan De Holand, (8XHR-XQ)

   Born: 1380 Of, Upholland, Lancashire, England Died: 12 Apr 1434

   Married (1): Edmund "of Langley" Prince Of England, Duke of York

   (8XHQ-N7) Bef 4 Nov 1393

   Married (2): Baron William Willoughby (9G14-L1)

1/3. Edmund De Holand, Earl of Kent (8J5H-VF)

   Born:  6 Jan 1382/1383, Brockenhurst, Kent, England

   Chr.:  8 Jan 1382/1383  St Thomas, Brockenhurst, Hampshire.

   Died: 15 Sep 1408, Ile De Brehat, Cotes-Du-Nord, France

   Bur.: Bourne Abbey, Lincolnshire, England

   Married: Constance Princess Of England, Countess of Gloucester (8XHR-

   VD) 24 Jan 1406/1407

1/4. Margaret De Holand (8N4F-ZT)                           AM22/404

1/5. Bridget De Holand (PZ75-K2)

   Born: Abt 1390, Upholland, Lancashire, England



1/6. Eleanor (Alianore) (Plantagenet) De Holand (8J5H-PK)

   Born: 1392 , Upholland, Lancashire, England

   Died: 18 Oct 1405   Bur.: 23 Oct 1405, Bisham, Berkshire, England

   Married (1): Roger De Mortimer, Earl of March & Ulster (921Q-CG)

   Married.: Abt 7 Oct 1388

   Married (2): Thomas Montagu, Earl of Salisbury (8J5J-VK) 23 May 1399

   Married (3): Edward Cherleton, Earl of Powys (8ML7-H0)

   Married.: Aft 19 Jun 1399, Upholland, Lancashire, England

1/7. Elizabeth De Holand (8J5H-XR)

   Born: 1394 Of, Upholand, Lancashire, England   Died: 4 Jan 1423/1424

   Married: Baron John De Neville (FQDJ-MN)

   Married.: 29 Aug 1394 Of, Brancepeth, Durham, England



                              JOHN DRUMMOND

                           AM23/803  (9G12-N3)

Born: Abt 1326 Of, Inchmohomo, , Scotland

Parents: Malcolm Drummond (9G47-ZM) & Unknown

Married Mary Margaret:


                              MARY MARGARET

                           AM23/804  (9G12-P8)

Born: Abt 1330 Of, Menteith, , Scotland

Issue of John & Mary (Margaret) Drummond:

1/1. William Drummond (8KG0-0V)

   Born: [1344]

1/2. Malcolm Drummond (9G12-QF)

   Born: Abt 1347 Of, Inchmohomo, , Scotland   Died: Nov 1402

   Married: Isabel Douglas (9G12-V4)

1/3. Mary Margaret Drummond (8KFH-5P)   Born: 1348

1/4. John Drummond (9G12-RL)

   Born: Abt 1349 Of, Inchmohomo, , Scotland

1/5. Annabella Drummond (8J5D-RH)                           AM22/402

1/6. William Drummond (9G12-SR)  Born: Abt 1351 Of, Inchmohomo,

1/7. Margaret Drummond (9G12-TX)  Born: Abt 1359 Of, Inchmohomo,

   Married: Colin Campbell (9G12-W9)


                                ROBERT II

                             King Of SCOTLAND

                           AM23/801  (Ref STEW)


Born:  2 Mar 1316, Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died: 19 Apr 1390, Dundonald Castle, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Bur.: 1390, Scone Abbey, Scone, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: Walter High Steward Of Scotland & Marjorie, ("Bruce")

Married: 22 Nov 1347, Dispensation, Kyle, Ayrshire,

                              ELIZABETH MORE

                        (Mure), QUEEN OF SCOTLAND


Born: Abt 1320, Of, Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland

Parents: Sir Adam More & Joanna (Janet) Danzielstour

Died: 1355/1358, Scotland

Bur.: 1354 Paisley Chaple, Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland



1/1. Walter Stewart, Earl of Fife,

   Born: Abt 1338, Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Died: Abt 1360/1362, Scotland

   Married: Isabella Macduff Abt 1360

1/2. Robert Stewart                                         AM22/517

1/3. Margaret Stewart, Princess of Scotland,

   Born: Abt 1342, Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire. Died: Abt 1410, Of, Scotland

   Married: John Macdonald, 14 Jun 1350, Dispensation, Scotland

1/4. Marjorie Stewart, Princess  of Scotland

   Born: Abt 1344, Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire. Died: Aft 6 May 1417,

   Married (1): John Dunbar, Earl of Moray 11 Jul 1370, Dispensation.

   Married (2): Sir Alexander Keith: Bef 24 Apr 1403, Scotland

1/5. Elizabeth Stewart, Princess  of Scotland

   Born: Abt 1346, Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1389, Of, Scotland

   Married: Sir Thomas Hay, 7 Nov 1372

1/6. Isabel Eupheme Stewart Princess  of Scotland           AM24/2074

   Born: Abt 1348 Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland. Died: Abt 1410,

   Married (1): Earl James Douglas 23 Sep 1371, Dispensation.

   Married (2): Sir John Edmonstone. 1388/1390, Scotland

1/7. Jean Stewart Princess  of Scotland

   Born: Abt 1350, Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

   Bur: Scone Abbey, Scone, Perthshire,

   Married (1): Sir John Keith Bef 17 Jan 1373, Scotland

   Married (2): John Lyon [Chmbrln ofSctlnd], Bef 4 Oct 1376, Scotland

   Married (3): Sir James Sandilands, 2 Jun 1384, Scotland

1/8. Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan

   Born: Abt 1352 Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft 1 Aug 1405, Spm, Scotland

   Bur.: Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland

   Married: Euphemia Countess Of Ross, 24 Jul 1382 Div,  Scotland

   Married: Mariot Athyn, Concubine 2 Not Married

   Married: [Concubines 1 & 3-7]: Not Married

1/9. Robert III (John Stewart) King Of Scotland             AM22/401




                              EUPHEMIA ROSS,


Married: 2 May 1355, Dispensation, Scotland

Issue of Robert II & Euphemia Ross:

1/1. Princess Catherine (Jean) Stewart                      AM22/396


Married: Mora Leitch, Concubine 1: Not Married

Married: Mrs-Robert-II, Concubine 4-8, 10 & 11, Not Married

Married: Mariot Concubine 8 Of Scotland: Not Married

Married: Marion Carney, Concubine 2: Not Married



                           Sir WILLIAM DE KEITH

                        AM23/1163  (Ref CHATSTEW)

                       Great Marischal of Scotland          DNB.

Born: Abt 1315, Of, Dunottar, Kincardineshire, Scotland

Died: 02 May 1407/1410

Parents: Edward De Keith, Marischal of Scotland & Isabella De Synton

Married.: Abt 1347,


                             MARGARET FRASER



Born: Abt 1321, Of, Touch, Fraser, Sterling, Scotland

Parents: Baron Alexander Fraser & Unknown

Died: Bef 1410


Issue of Sir William Kieth & Margaret Fraser:

1/1. Sir Alexander Keith

   Born: Abt 1340, Of, Grantown, Morayshire, Scotland

   Married: Marjorie Stewart Princess of Scotland Bef 24 Apr 1403,

1/2. Christian Keith

   Born: Abt 1342, Scotland

   Married (1): John Hay of Tullib, 1363

   Married (2): Sir William Lindsay Ot the By, Bef. 27 Dec 1375

1/3. Janet Keith.  Born: Abt 1342, Scotland


   Married: Philip Arbuthnott Abt 1362

1/4. Sir John Keith

   Born: Abt 1346, Perthshire, Scotland

   Died: Bef 27 Dec 1375

   Married: Jean Stewart Princess  of Scotland Bef 17 Jan 1373,

1/5. Muriella Keith                                         AM22/582

1/6. Margaret Keith. Born: Abt 1355, Of,, Scotland

   Married: Sir James De Lindsay of Crawford

1/7. Elizabeth Keith

   Born: Abt 1361, Of, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1436, Strathbogie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Married (1): Sir Adam Gordon Abt 1380, Scotland

   Married (2): Sir Nicholas Erskine

   Married (3): Baron Thomas Somerville

1/8. Sir Robert Keith

   Born: Abt 1363, Of, Dunottar, Kincardine-shire, Scotland

   Died: Bef 20 Jul 1430

   Married: Heiress Of Troup

   Married.: Abt 1379, Of, St Andrews Diocese, Fifeshire, Scotland



                            ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS               DNB

                           AM23/1037  (8J5L-RB)

Born: Abt 1346 Of, Hermiston, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 1409

Parents: Earl James Douglas & Princess Isabel Eupheme Stewart

Married: 1362, Scotland

                               JOHANA MORAY

                           AM23/1038  (8J5L-SH)

Born: Abt 1350, Bothwell, Scotland

Died: 1409    Bur.: Aug 1429



1/1. Mary Douglas (8J5L-W1)

   Born: 1365, Hermiston, East-Lothian, Scotland   Died: 1420/1421

   Married (1): David Prince Of Scotland, Duke of Rothsey (9G0J-RF) Feb

   1399/1400 Falkland Castle, Falkland, Fifeshire,

   Married (2): Sir Walter Haliburton (8J5N-H7) 1403 , Scotland

1/2. Eleanor Douglas (9FVB-WW)

   Born: Abt 1367 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Sir William Fraser (9G12-FV) Abt 1386, Scotland

1/3. Archibald Douglas (8J5F-6P)                            AM22/519

1/4. James Douglas (8J5L-TN)

   Born: 1370, Hermiston, , Scotland   Died: 24 Mar 1443

   Married: Beatrix Sinclair (8J5N-TX)



                               JOHN DOUGLAS

                           AM23/773  (91WP-QT)

Born: Abt 1320  Scotland

Died: Abt 1346/1350  Scotland

Parents: James Douglas & Joan



                              AGNES MUNFODE

                           AM23/774  (91WP-TC)

Born: Abt 1320

She Also Married: John Munfode (9B5R-0N)



1/1. William Douglas (91T0-RW) Born: Abt 1100

1/2. John Douglas (91WP-VJ)     Born: [1102]   Died: Bef May 1366

1/3. Henry Douglas (91WP-WP)    Born: [1104]

   Married: Margery Stewart (91WQ-WT) Bef 19 May 1384

1/4. Thomas Douglas (91WP-XV)   Born: [1106]   Died: Bef 1 Jun 1406

1/5. Nicholas Douglas (91WP-Z2)         Born: [1108]

1/6. Ellen Douglas (91WQ-06)            Born: [1110]

1/7. Margaret Douglas (91WQ-1C)         Born: [1112]

1/8. Elizabeth Douglas (91WQ-2J)        Born: [1114]

1/9. James Douglas (91NT-CR)                                AM22/387



                              PATRICK DUNBAR

                           AM23/775  (9FVC-58)

Born: [1314]

Died: 1356-57 Candia,

Parents: Alexander Dunbar & Unknown


                             ISOBEL RANDOLPH

                           AM23/776  (9RND-80)

Born: Abt 1310  Stranith, Scot

Parents: Thomas Randolph & Isobel Stewart



1/1. John Dunbar, Earl of Moray (9FVC-0D)

   Born: Abt 1340  Morayshire,            Died: Bef 15 Feb 1391

   Married: Marjorie Stewart, Princess of Scotland (9FKC-CC)

   Married.: 11 Jul 1370 Dispensation, Scotland

1/2. Sir Patrick Dunbar (PZ7F-68)       Born: Abt 1342

   Married: Eupheme Stewart, Countess of Strathern (9FVB-NP)

1/3. Agnes Dunbar (91WQ-3P)                                 AM23/388

1/4. George Dunbar, Earl of March (9GVX-WG)       Born: [1353]



                          Sir ALEXANDER LINDSAY

                           AM23/609  (8J5L-P0)

Born: Abt 1329 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire. Chr.: Of, Glenesk

Died: Aft 1378  Of, Candia, Crete

Parents: Sir David De Lindsay & Maria De Abernathy

Also Married: Marjory Stewart (9F9Z-65)

Married.: Abt 1358 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland


                            KATHERINE STIRLING

                           AM23/610  (8J5L-Q5)

Born: Abt 1338 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland

Bur.: Bef 1378

Parents: Sir John Stirling & Unknown



1/1. David Of Crawford Lindsay (8J5L-42)                    AM22/305

1/2. Eupheme Lindsay (9FVB-MJ)

   Born: Abt 1360 Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland

   Married: Prince David Of SCOTLAND, Earl of Strathearn (9FJ8-0X)

   Abt 1376, Scotland

1/3. Sir Alexander Lindsay (9F9Z-4S)

   Born: Abt 1362 Of, Baltrody   Died: Abt 1398





AM24/01 ref ScotPeer

Parents: Thomas de Matulant
1/1. Sir Robert de Mautlant                               AM23/01


                               THOMAS ISAAC

                           AM24/1479  (V9W8-P1)

Born: Abt 1300, Scotland

Married.: Abt 1330, Scotland

                                MAUD BRUCE

                           Princess Of Scotland

                           AM24/1480  (V9W8-ZD)

Born: Abt 1310, Scotland


1/1. Jonet Isaac (V9W8-RC)                                  AM23/740

1/2. Daughter Isaac (V9W8-SJ)

   Born: Abt 1339, Scotland



                             MALCOLM DRUMMOND

                           AM24/1605  (9G47-ZM)

Born: [1304]



1/1. John Drummond (9G12-N3)                                AM23/803

1/2. Margaret Drummond, Queen of Scotland (9G47-XG)

   Born: Abt 1330 Fifeshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft 31 Jan 1374

   Married (1): David II King Of Scotland (8XJJ-BR)

   Abt 20 Feb 1363 Fifeshire, Scotland

   Married (2): John Logie (9G48-1X)



                                EDWARD III

                             King Of England

                           AM24/1609  (8XHQ-DT)

Born: 13 Nov 1312 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England

Chr.: 20 Nov 1312

Died: 21 Jun 1377 Shene Palace, Surrey, England

Bur.: Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England

Parents: Edward II King Of England (8WKN-JD) & Isabelle Princess Of


Married.: 24 Jan 1327/1328 York Minster, York, Yorkshire,


                      PHILIPPA, Countess Of HAINAULT


                           AM24/1610  (8XHQ-F1)

Born: Abt 1312/1314 Of, Mons, Hainaut, Belgium

Died: 14/15 Aug 1369 Windsor Castle, Windsor, Berkshire, England

Bur.: Westminster Abbey, Westminster, Middlesex, England

Parents: Willem III D' Avesnes, Count of Hainault (8XQ6-1G) & Jeanne De

Valois (8XQ6-2M)



1/1. Edward "The Black" Prince Of England, Prince of Wales (8XHQ-G6)

   Born: 15 Jun 1330 Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

   Died:  8 Jun 1376 Palace, Westminster, Berkshire, England

   Bur.: 29 Sep 1376 Cathedral, Canterbury, Kent, England

   Married (1): Joan Princess Of England, Countess of Kent (8XHQ-V8)

   10 Oct 1361 , Old Windsor, Berkshire, England

1/2. Isabel Princess Of England (8XHQ-HC)

   Born: 16 Jun 1332 Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

   Died: Bef 4 May 1379 Bur.: Grey Friars, Newgate, Middlesex, England

   Married: Enguerrand VII De Coucy (8XHR-3F) 27 Jul 1365, Windsor,

1/3. Joan Princess Of England (8XHQ-JJ)

   Born: Feb 1334/1335 Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

   Died:  2 Sep 1348 Unmarried

1/4. William Prince Of England (8XHQ-KP)

   Born: Bef 16 Feb 1336, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England

   Chr.:  Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England   Died: Bef 8 Jul 1337

1/5. Lionel Prince Of England, Duke of Clarence (8XHQ-LV)

   Born: 29 Nov 1338, Antwerp, Antwerp Belgium

   Died: 17 Oct 1368, Alba, Cuneo, Italy

   Bur.: Augustine Friars, Clare, Suffolk,

   Married (1): Elizabeth De Burgh (8XHR-6X)

   9 Sep 1342 Tower Of London, London, Middlesex, England

   Married (2): Violanta Visconti (8XHR-89)  1368, Milano, Milano, Italy

1/6. John "Of Gaunt" Prince Of England Duke of Lancaster (8XHQ-M2)

1/7. Edmund "of Langley" Prince Of England, Duke of York (8XHQ-N7)

   Born: 5 Jun 1341, King's Langley, Hertfordshire, England

   Chr.: King's Langley, Hertfordshire, England

   Died:  1 Aug 1402, Langley, Hertfordshire, England

   Bur.: Church of the Dominicans, Langley, Hertfordshire, England

   Married (1): Isabel Perez Princess Of Castile & Leon (HRDF-9N) and

   Married.: Aft 1 Jan 1371 Of Hertford Castle, Hertford, England

   Married (2): Joan De Holand (8XHR-XQ) Bef 4 Nov 1393

1/8. Blanche Princess Of England (8XHQ-PD)

   Born: Mar 1342/1343 Tower Of London, London, Middlesex, England

   Died: Mar 1342/1343

1/9. Mary Princess Of England (8XHQ-QK)

   Born: 10 Oct 1344, Bishops Waltham, Hampshire,

   Died: 1361/1362     Bur.: Abbey Church, Abingdon, Berkshire,

   Married: Jean V Duke of Brittany (8XHR-ZW)  1361, Woodstock, Oxon.

1/10. Margaret Princess Of England (8XHQ-RQ)

   Born: 20 Jul 1346, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

   Died: Aft 1 Oct 1361 Bur.: Abbey Church, Abingdon, Berkshire,

   Married: John De Hastings, Earl of Pembroke (8XHS-02)

   Married.: 1359 Queen's Chapel, Reading, Berkshire, England

1/11. William Prince Of England (8XHQ-SW)

   Born: Bef 24 Jun 1348, Windsor Castle, Berkshire, England

   Bur.:  5 Sep 1348

1/12. Thomas Prince Of England Duke of Gloucester (8XHQ-T3)

   Born: 7 Jan 1354/1355  Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

   Died:  9 Sep 1397, Calais, Pas-De-Calais, France

   Bur.: St Edmund's, Westminster, Middlesex, England

   Married: Eleanor (Alianore) De Bohun, (8XHS-17) Bef 24 Aug 1376



                             Sir PAYN DE ROET

                           GUIENNE KING OF ARMS

                           AM24/1611  (9B9X-6S)

Born: Abt 1310 Of, Hainault, Hainault, Belgium


Mrs De Roet (HR9Q-JS) Born: Abt 1315 Of, Picardy, Somme, France


1/1. Phillipa De Roet (DCSJ-XN)

   Born: Abt 1348 Of, Picardy, Somme, France   Died: Aft Jun 1387

   Married: Geoffrey Chaucer (DCSJ-S0) Bef Sep 1366, London,

1/2. Katherine De Roet (8J5H-L2)                            AM23/806


                            THOMAS DE HOLAND,

                               EARL OF KENT                 DNB

                           AM24/1613  (8WKR-17)

Born: 1314, Upholland, Lancashire, England

Died: 26 Dec 1360, Normandy, France

Bur.: Grey Friars Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England

Parents: Sir Robert De Holand (9R33-FT) & Maud La Zouche (91QH-LS)

Married.: 1346

                        JOAN, Princess Of England

                           AM24/1614  (8XHQ-V8)

Born: 29 Sep 1328 Of, Woodstock, Kent, England

Died:  8 Aug 1385 Wallingford Castle, Wallingford, Berkshire.

Bur.: 29 Jan 1385/1386 Grey Friars Church, Stamford, Lincolnshire,

Parents: Edmund Prince Of England, Earl of Kent (8XJD-6J) & Margaret Wake


Also Married: William De Montagu, Earl of Salisbury (9FSF-GV)

Abt 1346 Of, Donyatt, Somersetshire,

Married: Edward "The Black" Prince Of England, Prince of Wales

(8XHQ-G6) 10 Oct 1361, Old Windsor, Berkshire, England



1/1. John Holand, Duke of Exeter (8J5J-Z3)

   Born: Aft 1350 Of, Upholland, Lancashire, England   Chr.: 1399

   Died:  9 Jan 1399/1400  Pleshey, Essex, England

   Bur.: Collegiat Church, Pleshy, Essex, England

   Married: Elizabeth Plantagenet, Princess Of England (8J5H-8B)

   1384 At Or Near, Plymouth, Devonshire, England

1/2. Edmund De Holand (G8BM-P9)

   Born: Bef 1352 Of, Upholland, Lancashire, England   Died: Young

1/3. Thomas De Holand, Earl of Kent (8J5H-S3)               AM23/807

1/4. Joan De Holand (G8BM-RM)

   Born: Abt 1356 Of, Upholand, Lancashire, England   Bur.: 27 Nov 1384

   Married: John, Duke of Brittany (G8BM-V5)  1366

1/5. Maud De Holand (G8BM-T0)

   Born: Abt 1359 Of, Upholand, Lancashire,   Died:  8 Jan 1390/1391

   Married: Hugh De Courtenay (G8BM-XH) Bef 1365



                            RICHARD FITZALAN,

                       EARL OF ARUNDEL "Copped Hat"

                           AM24/1615  (8MLT-WJ)             DNB


Born: Abt 1313 Of, Arundel, Sussex, England

Died: 24 Jan 1375/1376, Arundel, Sussex, England

Bur.: Lewes, Sussex, England

Parents: Edmund Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (84ZQ-1Q) & Alice De Warren


Also Married: Isabel Le Despencer (9FWW-4D)

9 Feb 1320/1321 Kings Chapel, Havering-atte-Bower, Essex, England

Married.:  5 Feb 1344/1345, Ditton, England


                           ELEANOR PLANTAGENET

                           AM24/1616  (8MLT-XP)

Born: Abt 1311/1322 Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, England

Died: 11 Jan 1372, Arundel, Sussex, England

Bur.: Lewes, Sussex, England

Parents: Henry Plantagenet, Earl of Lancaster (8TSM-79) & Maud Chaworth


Also Married: Baron John De Beaumont (FQW2-M9)  Bef Jun 1337



1/1. Joan Fitzalan (9FXX-D1)

   Born: Abt 1348 Arundel, Essex, England

   Married: Humphrey Bohun, Earl of Hereford (9FXX-CT)

1/2. John Fitzalan Baron Arundel (9G55-VX)

   Born: Abt 1348 Of, Echingham, Sussex, England

   Died: 16 Dec 1379 Drowned, Irish Sea

   Bur.: Priory, Lewes, Sussex, England

   Married: Eleanor Maltravers, Baroness Cobham (9G55-W4) 17 Feb




1/3. Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel (8JDQ-LQ)            DNB

   Born: 1350, Arundel, Sussex, England

   Died: 18 Sep 1397 London, Middlesex, England

   Married (1): Elizabeth De Bohun (8J5J-L6) 28 Sep 1365 Derbyshire,

   Married (2): Philippa De Mortimer, Countess of Pembroke Arundel

   (8XHT-1C)  15 Aug 1390

1/4. Alice Fitzalan, Countess of Kent (8J5H-T8)             AM23/808




                     WALTER HIGH STEWARD Of SCOTLAND

                        AM24/1601  (Ref CHATSTEW)           DNB

Born: 1292/1293, Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died:  9 Apr 1326 Bathgate Castle, Bathgate, West-Lothian, Scotland

Bur.: Paisley, Scotland

Parents: James Stewart, & Egidia (Giles) De Burgh

Married: 1314/1315,


                 MARJORIE, PRINCESS OF SCOTLAND (Bruce),



Born: Abt 1297 Dundonald, Kyle, Ayrshire, Scotland, died 1317

Parents: Robert I "The Bruce" & Isabell Or Matilda Mar



1/1. Robert II King Of Scotland                             AM23/801

Walter High Steward Of Scotland also:

Married (2): Isabel De Graham.

Married (3): Alice Erskine



                              SIR ADAM MORE


                        AM24/1603  (Ref CHATSTEW)

Born: Abt 1290, Of Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland



                       JOANNA (Janet) DANZIELSTOUR



Born: Abt 1275 Of Rowallan, Kilmarnock, Ayr, Scotland


1/1. Elizabeth More, Queen of Scotland, Born: Abt 1320      AM23/802



                             EDWARD DE KEITH,

                          MARISCHAL OF SCOTLAND

                        AM24/2325  (Ref CHATSTEW)


Born: Abt 1280 Of, Dunottar, Kincardineshire, Scotland

Died: 17 Oct 1346, Battle Of Neville's Cross, England

Parents: Sir William Keith & Barbara Seton

Married: Bef Jul 1305, Sinton, Selkirkshire, Scotland


                           ISABELLA DE SYNTON,

                            HEIRESS OF SINTON


Born: Abt 1285, Of, Sinton, Selkirkshire, Scotland

Parents: Alexander De Synton & Unknown



1/1. Sir William De Keith Born: Abt 1315                    AM23/1163

1/2. Sir Edward De Keith, Born: Abt 1316 Of, Synton, Selkirkshire,

   Married: Christina Mentieth

1/3. Katherine (Catherine) Keith

   Born:Abt 1325 Synton,Selkirk,Scotland

   Married: Alexander De I Berkeley, Laird of Mathers Abt 1351

1/4. John Keith Born: Abt 1343, Scotland

   Married: Mariota (Mary) De Cheyne 12 Mar 1368-69

1/5. Joneta (Janet) Keith, Born: Abt 1350, Of Sinton, Selkirk, Died: 1413

   Married: Sir David Barclay and Thomas Erskine




                          Baron ALEXANDER FRASER

                        AM24/2327  (Ref CHATSTEW)


Born: [1267] Of, Touch Fraser, Stirlingshire.

Died:  3 Aug 1322, Dupplin

Parents: Andrew Fraser & Beatrix Chen


1/1. John Fraser Born: Abt 1317, Of, Touch Fraser, Sterling, Scotland

1/2. William Fraser

   Born: Abt 1318, Of, Cowie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1346, At, Durham.

   Married: Margaret Moray Abt 1338,

1/3. Margaret Fraser Born: Abt 1321                         AM23/1164



                              JAMES DOUGLAS

                           2nd EARL OF DOUGLAS

                           AM24/2073  (9FVB-R7)             DNB

Born: Abt 1355 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: 10 Aug 1388 Battle Of Otterburn, Berwickshire, Scotland

Bur.: Melrose, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Parents: Earl William Douglas & Margaret Mar

Married: 23 Sep 1371 Dispensation, Scotland


                     Princess ISABEL EUPHAME STEWART

                           AM24/2074  (9FKC-FP)

Born: Abt 1348 Of, Dundonald, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1410

Parents: Robert II & Elizabeth More (Mure) (CHATSTEW)

Also Married: Sir John Edmonstone (9FVB-Z8)



1/1. Archibald Douglas (8J5L-RB)                            AM23/1037

1/2. Eleanor Douglas (9FVB-WW)

   Born: Abt 1367 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Sir William Fraser (9G12-FV) Abt 1386, Scotland

1/3. Son Douglas (AFN:9FVB-SD)

   Born: Abt 1373 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

1/4. Sir William Douglas (9FVB-TK)

   Born: Bef 1388 Drumlaurig, Nithsdale, Dumfrieshire,  Died: Abt 1421

   Married (1): Jean Murray (9G12-0M)

   Married (2): Jacoba Douglas (9G12-1S)

   Married (3): Elizabeth Stewart (9G12-20)



                            SIR JAMES DOUGLAS

                           AM24/1545  (91WP-L5)             DNB

Born: Bef 1300 Scotland

Died: Bef Apr 1323 Scotland

Parents: William Douglas (91WP-HM) & Unknown

         Ref DNB: Sir William Douglas, the Hardi & Elizabeth Stewart,dau

of Alexander AM26/6401.

Married.: Scotland JOAN  (91WP-NH)

Born: Abt 1300


1/1. William Douglas (91WP-PN)

   Born: Abt 1300 Scotland              Died: Abt 1351 Scotland

1/2. James Douglas (91WP-R1)

   Born: [1304]                         Died: Aug 1335 Durham, England

1/3. Elizabeth Douglas (91WP-S6)        Born: [1306]

1/4. John Douglas (91WP-QT)                                 AM23/773



                             ALEXANDER DUNBAR

                           AM24/1549  (PZ7F-3Q)

Born: Abt 1242

Parents: Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March (9G45-P0) & Cecilia (PZ7F-1D)



1/1. Patrick Dunbar (9FVC-58)                               AM23/775



                             THOMAS RANDOLPH

                           AM24/1551  (9RNC-RF)             DNB

Born: Bef 1278  Stranith, Scot         Chr.: Bef 1278

Died: 20 Jul 1332 Musselburgh, Scot

Parents: Thomas Randolph (9RNC-P3) & Isabel Bruce, Queen of Norway (9G46-

0H) dau of Robert de Brus AM26/6405: see Clan5.

Married.: Abt 1303

                              ISOBEL STEWART

                           AM24/1552  (9RND-49)

Born: [1294] Bonkill

Died: Aft 16 Jul 1351



1/1. Thomas Randolph (9RND-5G)

   Born: Abt 1304 Stranith, Scot          Died: 12 Aug 1332

1/2. John Randolph (9RND-6M)

   Born: Abt 1306 Stranith, Scot          Died: 17 Oct 1346

   Married: Euphemia  (9RND-95)

1/3. Agnes Randolph (9RND-7S)

   Born: Abt 1308 Stranith, Scot          Died: Aft 1367

   Married: Patrick  (9RND-BB)            18 Aug 1320

1/4. Isobel Randolph (9RND-80)                              AM23/776





                           Sir DAVID De LINDSAY

                           AM24/1217  (9F9X-KW)

Born: Abt 1299 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 13 Oct 1357

Parents: Sir Alexander De Lindsay & Miss Steward

Married.: Abt 28 Nov 1324 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire.




                            MARIA De ABERNATHY

                           AM24/1218  (9F9X-VG)

Born: Abt 1305 Of, Abernathy, , Scotland

Died: Bef 19 Nov 1355 Of Lindores, Abdie, Fifeshire,

Parents: Alexander De Abernathy & Unknown

Also Married: Sir Andrew Leslie (9FC1-ZG) Bef 1317



1/1. Miss Lindsay (9F9X-WM)

   Born: Abt 1325 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Mr. De Ramsay (9FC1-VX)

1/2. Sir James De Lindsay (9F9X-XS)

   Born: Abt 1327 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland  Died: 11 Nov 1358

   Married: Egidia Stewart (9FBH-GP) 11 Apr 1346

1/3. Sir Alexander Lindsay (8J5L-P0)                        AM23/609

1/4. Sir William De Lindsay (9F9Z-04)

   Born: Abt 1331 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Christiana Mure (9F9Z-BT) Abt 1350 Of, Abercorn, Linlithgow,

1/5. David De Lindsay (9F9Z-19)

   Born: Abt 1331 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland



                            Sir JOHN STIRLING

                           AM24/1219  (9FBW-9H)

Born: Abt 1300  Of, Glenesk, Angusshire, Scotland


1/1. Katherine Stirling (8J5L-Q5)                           AM23/610







AM25/01  ref ScotPeer

Died abt 1228
Issue: William de Matulant                                  AM24/01

                              JAMES STEWART,

                         HIGH STEWART OF SCOTLAND

                      AM25/3201  H129-9K  (CHATSTEW)        DNB


Born: 1243 Of, Scotland    Died: 1309

Parents: Alexander Stewart, High Steward of Scotland & Jean Of Bute



                         EGIDIA (Giles) DE BURGH


Born: 1263 Of, Ulster, Ireland



1/1. Andrew Stewart (H12B-X0) Born: Abt 1290, Scotland, Died: Bef 1309

1/2.  Walter High Steward Of Scotland                       AM24/1601

1/3. Sir John Stewart Born: Abt 1294, Of, Scotland

   Died: 1318, Battle Of Dundalk, Louth, Ireland

1/4. Egidia (Giles) Stewart, Born: Abt 1296, Of, Scotland

   Married: Alexander Meyners or Menzies

1/5. Sir James Stewart, Born: Abt 1298, Of, Durisdeer, Dumfrieshire.




                                 ROBERT I

                       "The Bruce" King Of Scotland

                               ["de BRUS"]

                  AM25/3203  (B2L0-CQ)  (Ref CHATSTEW)


Born: 11 Jul 1274, Writtle, Near Chelmsford, Essex, England

Died: 7 Jun 1329, Cardross, Dunbartonshire, Scotland

Bur.: Abbey Church, Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland

Parents: Robert De Brus, Earl of Carrick, & Margaret Carrick, (AF2408B)

Married abt 1295:

                         ISABELL Or Matilda MAR,


Born: Abt 1278 Of, Castle Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1320

Parents: Donald Mar & Helen, Princess Of North Wales


1/1. Marjorie, Princess Of Scotland [Bruce]                 AM24/1602


Robert 1 also married:

Married: Elizabeth De Burgh, (9FF7-7P)  1302

       Issue of Robert & ELizabeth:

       1/1. King David II

Concubine 1 - 6 (9G47-35), (9G47-6N), (9G47-81), (9G47-DP), (9G47-JD),




                            Sir WILLIAM KEITH

                              (Ref CHATSTEW)

                         AM25/4649  (ref AF2408C)

Born: Abt 1236, Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef 1293

Parents: John De Keth, Marshal of Scotland, & Margaret Cumyn

Married.: Abt 1261,



                              BARBARA SETON


Born: Abt 1216 PLACE: Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Baron Adam De Seton & Janet Gifford (AF2408D)



1/1. Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland                    DNB

   Born: Abt 1262 Of, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Died: 17 Oct 1346, Battle Of Durham, Durham, England

   Married: Barbara Douglas, Abt 1287

1/2. Richard Keith, Born: Abt 1264, Of Humbie, E. Lothian, Scotland

1/3. Philip Keith, Rector of Biggar,

   Born: Abt 1268, Of, Biggar, Lanarkshire, Scotland

1/4. Miss Keith, Born: Abt 1270, Scotland

1/5. Edward De Keith, Marischal of Scotland                 AM24/2325



                           ALEXANDER DE SYNTON

                        AM25/4651  (Ref CHATSTEW)

Born: 1255, Of, Synton, Selkirkshire, Scotland

Married: unknown


1/1. Isabella De Synton                                     AM24/2326

1/2. Andrew De Synton, Born: 1287, Of, Synton, Selkirkshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft 1295, Fotheringhay Castle, England



                              ANDREW FRASER

                        AM25/4653  (Ref CHATSTEW)

Born: Abt 1228, Of, Touch Fraser, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Chr.: Of, Touch Fraser, Stirlingshire, Scotland,

Died: Abt 1308 Of, Caithness, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Parents: Sir Gilbert Fraser & Mrs Gilbert Fraser (ref AF2408E)

Married.: Bef 1258, Caithness, Stirlingshire:


                               BEATRIX CHEN


Born: Abt 1232


1/1. Simon Fraser, Born: Abt 1159, Of, Aird Lovat, Invernesshire,

   Died: 19/22 Jul 1333, Battle Of Halidon Hill, Northumberland, England

   Married: Margaret Mrs Fraser, Abt 1321, Of, Caithness, Invernesshire,

   Married: Julia Ross Bef 1321, Ross, Cromartyshire, Scotland.

1/2. Sir Alexander Fraser, Chamberlain of Scotland.

   Born: Abt 1261, Of, Touch Fraser, Stirlingshire, Chr.:Touch Fraser.

   Died: 3 Aug 1332.

   Married: Mary Bruce, 1316.

1/3. Andrew Fraser,

Born: Abt 1263, Of, Touch Fraser, Stirlingshire, Died: 22 Jul 1333

1/4. James Fraser, Born: Abt 1265, Of, Touch Fraser, Stirlingshire,

   Died: 22 Jul 1333, Battle Of Halidon Hill, Northumberland, England

   Married: Margaret Ferendraught, 20 Jul 1321/1322

   Married: Margaret Stewaqrt 20 Jul 1322-1

1/5. Baron Alexander Fraser                                 AM24/2327

\AF2408E (part)

(follows from \CHATSTEW)









                           Earl WILLIAM DOUGLAS

                           AM25/4145  (9FBQ-C5)

Born: Abt 1323 Of, Douglas, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Died: May 1384

Parents: Sir Archibald Douglas (9FBQ-9S) & Beatrice De Lindsay (9F9X-PL)

Also Married: Margaret Stewart, Countess of Angus (9G1M-F7)

Married: Abt 1286 Of, Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England

                               MARGARET MAR

                           AM25/4146  (FKP2-QT)

Born: Abt 1265 Of, Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England 1330?

Died: Abt 1392

Parents: Donald Earl Of Mar (83TP-GC) & Isabel Stewart (83TP-HJ)

    Is this the grandson of Donald of Mar & Helen of Wales - see below?

Also Married: Lord John Swinton (FBD5-WP)


1/1. Muriel Douglas (FKNV-PV)

   Born: Abt 1287 Of, Castle Cary, Somersetshire, England

   Married: Richard Lovel (FKNV-NP)   Abt 1305

1/2. James Douglas (9FVB-R7) b abt 1350                     AM24/2073



                         Sir ALEXANDER De LINDSAY

                           AM25/2433  (9F9X-5T)

Born: Abt 1267, Breneville, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 1308

Parents: David De Lindsay, Regent of Scotland & Margaret De Lindsay


Married.: Abt 1290 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

                              Miss STEWARD

                          AM25/2434  (9F9X-JQ)

Born: Abt 1268 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

Parents: Alexander Stewart, High Stewart & Unknown



1/1. Beatrice De Lindsay (9F9X-PL)

   Born: Abt 1291 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

   Married: Sir Archibald Douglas (9FBQ-9S) Abt 1320

1/2. William De Lindsay, Rector of Ayr (9F9X-NF)

   Born: Abt 1293 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire,   Died: Bef 5 Jan 1339

1/3. Reginald De Lindsay (9F9X-M8)

   Born: Abt 1295 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

1/4. Alexander De Lindsay (9F9X-L3)

   Born: Abt 1297 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland

1/5. Sir David De Lindsay (9F9X-KW)                         AM24/1217




                          ALEXANDER De ABERNETHY

                           AM25\2435  (9FC1-W4)

Born: [1279]


1/1. Maria De Abernathy (9F9X-VG)                           AM24/1218



                             EDMUND FITZALAN

                                AM25/3229                   DNB

Parents: Richard 1 Fitzalan

Married: Alice de Warren


1/1. Richard Fitzalan                                       AM24/1615





                            DAVID De LINDSAY,

                            Regent of Scotland

                           AM26/4865  (9F9X-00)

Born: Abt 1235 Of, Breneville, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 1279, Egypt

Parents: David De Lindsay, Lord of Breneville (9F9W-T5) & Mrs. David De

Lindsay (9F9W-ZT)

Married.: Abt 1266 Of Lamberton, Mordington, Berwickshire,


                           MARGARET De LINDSAY

                           AM26/4866  (9F9X-4N)

Born: Abt 1247 Of Lamberton, Mordington, Berwickshire, Scotland Died: Aft


Parents: Walter De Lindsay, Lord of Lamberton (9F9X-3H)

& Christian Lindsay (9F9X-CV)



1/1. Sir Alexander De Lindsay (9F9X-5T)                     AM25/2433

1/2. William De Lindsay, Lord Of Symington (9F9X-61)

   Born: Abt 1269 Of, Breneville, Ayrshire, Scotland

   Died: Of, Symington, Ayrshire, Scotland

   Married (1): Mrs. Alesia Lindsay (9F9X-RX) Abt 1290 Symington, Ayr.

   Married (2): Margaret Comyn, Countess of Buchan (9F9X-QR)

   Bef 1310 Of, Symington, Ayrshire, Scotland

1/3. Sir Duncan De Lindsay (9F9X-76)

   Born: Abt 1271 Of, Breneville, Ayrshire, Scotland




                           ALEXANDER STEWART,

                              High Stewart

                          AM26/4867  (9FBW-75)

Born: Abt 1240 Of, Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland


1.  Miss Steward (9F9X-JQ)                                 AM25/2434



                           ALEXANDER STEWART,

                        HIGH STEWART OF SCOTLAND

                          AM26/6401 (H126-34)

Parents: Walter Stewart & Beatrix De Angus

Born: 1214 Of, Dundonald,

Died: 1283

Married: Abt 1218, Bute,

                              JEAN Of BUTE

                          AM26/6402  (H129-8D)

Born: Abt 1218 Of, Bute, Scotland

Parents: James, Lord Of Bute, & Unknown



1/1. James (High Stewart of Scotland) Born: 1243           AM25/3201

1/2. Elizabeth (H129-CW) Born: Abt 1245, Scotland

   Married:: Sir William "Le Hardi" Douglas (H12C-6B)

1/3. Sir John (H129-BQ) B: Abt 1245 Scotland. D:  Battle Of Falkirk,

   Married:: Margaret De Bonkyl (H129-S5)










                            ROBERT DE BRUS,

                            EARL OF CARRICK

                          (by right of his wife)

                          AM26/6405  (9G45-B3)              DNB

Born: Jul 1243 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 4 Apr 1304, Palestine

Bur.: Holme Abbey, Holme Cultram, Cumberland, England

Parents: Robert "the Competitor" De Brus, Lord of Annandale, & Isabel

De Clare (8WKL-7K)

Mar.: 1271 Turnberry Castle, Ayrshire, Scotland


                             MARGARET CARRICK

                           AM26/6406  (F6XF-TT)

Born: Abt 1252  Of, Carrick, Galloway, Wigtownshire, Scotland

Died: Bef 27 Oct 1292

Parents: Neil, Earl Of Carrick (9G46-LL) & Margaret Stewart (9G46-MR)

She also married, 1st: Adam De Kilconcath, Earl of Carrick (9G46-NX)


1/1. Isabel Bruce, Queen of Norway (9G46-0H)                AM25/3102

   Born: Abt 1272 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Died: 1358

   Married (1): Thomas Randolph (9RNC-P3) Abt 1292          AM25/3101


   2/1. Thomas Randolph,                          AM24/1551

      who married Isabel Stewart

   Married (2): Eric III, King Of Norway (9FTW-6J) 25 Sep 1293

   Married (3): Alexander Bruce (9G46-GW)

1/2. Christina Bruce (9G46-2T)

   Born: Abt 1273 Of, Seton, East Lothian, Scotland

   Died: 1356/1357

   Married (1): Gratney Earl Of Mar (9G46-92) 1292 Of Kildrummy,

   Aberdeenshire, Son of Donald of Mar (see below)

   Married: Sir Andrew Moray (9G46-KF) Mar.: 20 Sep 1305 Dispensation

   Married: Sir Christopher Seton (9G46-J8)

1/3. Robert I "The Bruce"

1/4. Edward Bruce, King of Ireland (9G45-VT)

   Born: Abt 1276 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Died: 14 Oct 1317/1318  Tagher, Near, Dundalk, Ireland

   Married: Miss Strathbogie (B6G3-80) Abt 1300

1/5. Nigel (Neil) Bruce (9G45-ZC)

   Born: Abt 1279, Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Died: Sep 1306, Berwick, Northumberland, England

1/6. Mary Bruce (9G46-1N) Born: 1282

   Died: Bef 22 Sep 1323

   Married (1): Neil "MacCailen More" Campbell, Laird of Lochow (9G46-8V)

   Abt 1295

   Married (2): Sir Alexander Frazer (Chamberlain of Scotland) (9QCC-6H)


1/7. Maud (Matilda) (Mary) Bruce (9G46-31)

   Born: Abt 1282 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft Sep 1323      Bur.: Abbey, Fearn, Ross & Cromarty,

   Married: Earl Hugh Ross (9FJ7-V9) 1308

1/8. Margaret Bruce (B392-V7) Born: Abt 1283 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire,

   Married: Sir William De Carlyle (B392-T2) Abt 1302

1/9. Thomas Bruce (B3C9-D0) Born: Abt 1284  Of, Carrick, Argyllshire,

   Died: 9 Feb 1307 Carlisle Castle, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

   Married: Helen Erskine (B3C9-74) (Said To Have)

1/10. Alexander Bruce (9G45-X6) Born: Abt 1285, Carrick, Argyllshire,

   Died: 9 Feb 1307, Carlisle, Cumberland, England

1/11. Elizabeth Bruce (9G46-46) Born: Abt 1286 Of, Carrick, Argyllshir

   Married: Sir William Dishington (9G46-B7) Abt 1309

1/12. Margery Bruce (9G46-6J) Born: Abt 1287 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire,

   Married: Sir David De Breschin (9G46-DK) Abt 1309


                          DONALD, Earl of MAR,

                          AM26/6407 (9BFT-V8)

Born: Abt 1243 Of, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Died: After 25 Jul 1297

Parents: William, Earl Of Mar & Elizabeth Comyn

Married: abt 1269, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire.


                         HELEN, PRINCESS of WALES

                          AM26/6408 (83TP-M7)

Parents: Llywellyn ap Iorweth of Wales & Joanna, dau of King John.

       This is speculative: Llywellyn the Great died 1240

Born: Abt 1246 Of, North Wales

Died: Aft 1295

Also Married: Malcolm, Earl Of Fife (B2L0-J3), d. 1266

     Issue of Malcolm & Helen:

     Colban & Macduff.

Issue of Donald & Helen:

1/1. Marjory (Margaret) Mar, (B3C6-5C)

   Born: Abt 1270 Of, Mar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Died: Bef 24 July 1326

   Married (1): John Strathbobie, Earl of Athol (B3C6-46)

   Abt 1289 Of, Mar, Aberdeenshire,

   Married (2): John Earl (FHLX-SB) (B2L0-HW)

1/2. Gratney (Gartnet) Earl Of Mar (9G46-92)

   Born: Abt 1272, Castle Of Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Died: Sep 1305

   Married: Christina Bruce (9G46-2T) 1292 Of Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire,

            Died: 1357.

   Issue (ref Barbara Erskine):

   2/1. Donald Mar.

      Issue: possibly,

      3/1. Margaret Mar,                                    AM25/4658

   2/2. Elyne Mar.

1/3. Duncan Mar (83TP-ND) Born: 1274 Of, Castle Kildrummy, Aberdeen,

1/4. Alexander, Of Mar (83TP-PK)

   Born: 1276, Castle Of Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

   Probably died in Tower of London after Battle of Dunbar (1296)

1/5. Isabell Or Matilda Mar,                               AM25/3204

1/6. Mary, Of Mar (83TP-S3) Born: 1280 Of, Castle Kildrummy, Aberdeen,

   Married: Kenneth, Earl Of Sutherland (FBD5-S6)



                               JOHN DE KETH

                          (MARSHAL OF SCOTLAND)

                           AM26/9297  (852Z-3B)

Born: Abt 1212 Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef.  1270

Parents: Hervey De Keth (Marshal of Scotland) (852X-N4) & Unknown

Mar Abt 1235:

                              MARGARET CUMYN

                           AM26/9298  (852Z-4H)

Born: Abt 1217 Of Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Parents: William Cumyn, Earl Of Buchan (FBZM-6R) & Unknown


1/1. Sir William Keith (852Z-10)                             AM25/4649

1/2. Adam Keth Rector Of (852Z-5N)

   Born: Abt 1238 Of Humbie, E. Lothian, Scotland

1/3. A Son (Robert) Keth (852Z-6T) Born: Abt 1240 Of Humbie, E. Lothian,

1/4. A Son Keth (852Z-71) Born: Abt 1242  Of Humbie, E.  Lothian,

   Spouse: Joanna Galbrathe (FBZM-7X)





                              ADAM De SETON

                               BARON SETON

                           AM26/9299  (FBZM-4F)

Born abt 1190, of Seton. Died: 1249


                              JANET GIFFORD

                           AM26/9300  (HRGF-ML)

Born abt 1192, Of Seton.


1/1. Barbara Seton                                          AM25/4650



                            SIR GILBERT FRASER

                           AM26/9305  (9QC8-VJ)

Born: Abt 1195 Of Oliver Castle, Tweedmuir, Peebleshire, Scotland

Parents: Sir Bernard Fraser & Mary Ogilvie

Mar.: Abt 1225

Mrs-Gilbert Fraser (NS4S-S6)

Born: Abt 1206 Of Oliver Castle, Pebblesshire, Scotland


1/1. Simon Fraser (9QC8-R1)

   Born: Abt 1226 Of Oliver Castle, Tweedmuir, Peebleshire, Scotland

   Died: Autumn 1291

   Married (1): Grizzle (Anne) Flava (9QC9-9Q)

   Mar.: Abt 1250 Of, Galloway, Scotland

   Married (2): Mary (Maria) Mrs Fraser (9QC8-S6), Peeblesshire,

1/2. Andrew Fraser (9QC9-4V)  (see CHATSTEW)                AM25/4653

1/3. William Fraser (9QC9-52)

   Born: Abt 1230 Of, Touch, Stirling, Scotland

   Died: 13 Sep 1297

   Married: Mabel Mrs Fraser (NS4T-9Q) 20 Jan 1254/1255



                             RICHARD FITZALAN

                                AM26/6457                   DNB



1/1. Edmund Fitzalan                                        AM25/3229



                          Sir ARCHIBALD DOUGLAS

                                AM26/8289                   DNB


Parent: Sir William Douglas (the Hardy)

Married: Beatrice Lindsay


1/1. William Douglas                                        AM25/4145






ROBERT "the Competitor" DE BRUS,

Lord of Annandale

AM27/12809  (9G42-PK)

Born: 1210 Of, Annandale, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (Chr: abt 85-1295)
Died: 31 May 1295, Priory, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
Bur.: 17 Apr 1295 Priory, Guisburn, Yorkshire, England
Parents: Robert De Bruce, Baron of Annandale & Isabelle Huntingdon,
Princess of Scotland
Also Married: Christiana Ireby (9G45-J4)

Married: May 1240/1244, Scotland


AM27/12810  (8WKL-7K)

Born:  2 Nov 1226 Of, Gloucestershire, England

Died: Aft 10 Jul 1264

Parents: Gilbert De Clare, Earl of Gloucester & Isabel Marshall



1/1. Robert De Brus (9G45-B3)                               AM26/6405

1/2. Sir Bernard Brus (9G45-DF)

   Born: Abt 1247 Of, Connington, Huntingdonshire, England

   Married: Alicia De Clare (9G45-LG)

1/3. William Brus (9G45-C8) Born: Abt 1248, Annandale, Dumfries,

   Married (1): Elizabeth De Sully (9G45-K9)

   Married (2): Constance De Morleyn (9G45-Q5)

1/4. Richard De Brus (VB10-P9) Born: Abt 1249 Of, Annandale, Dumfries

   Died: Bef 26 Jan 1286

1/5. Isabella Bruce (9G45-FL) Born: Abt 1252  Of, Argyllshire,

   Died: 1300

   Married: John Fitz Marmaduke (9G45-MM)

1/6. Alosia Bruce (9G45-GR) Born: Abt 1254, Annandale, Dumfrieshire,

   Married: Nigel Graham, Lord of Montrose (9G45-NS)

1/7. Christiana Bruce (9G45-HX) Born: Abt 1256 Of, Annandale, Dumfries

   Married: Patrick Dunbar, Earl of March (9G45-P0)




AM27/12811  (9G46-LL)

Born: Abt 1202 Of, Carrick, Galloway, Scotland
Died: 1256
Parents: Duncan Earl Of Carrick & Avelina Fitzwalter


AM27/12812  (9G46-MR)

Born: Abt 1206 Of, Scotland
Parents: Walter Stewart, High Steward of Scotland, (GR3F-R4)
& Beatrix De Angus (H11Q-7W) (see \AF2408A for antecedents)

1/1. Miss Carrick (GR3F-WS) Born: Abt 1235 Of, Carrick, Galloway,
1/2. Miss Carrick (GR3G-1G) Born: Abt 1237 Of, Carrick, Galloway,
1/3. Miss Carrick (GR3G-2M) Born: Abt 1239 Of, Carrick, Galloway,
1/4. Margaret Carrick, Countess of Carrick (F6XF-TT)       AM26/6406


                         AM27/12813  (B2L0-K8)

Born: 1222  Of , Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Died: Before 25 Jul 1281

Parents: Duncan, Earl Of Mar (B2L0-NR) & Unknown

Also Married: Muriel Ferteth (B2L0-R9)

Married: Abt 1242 Of, Kildrummy, Aberdeenshire, Scotland


                            ELIZABETH COMYN

                         AM27/12814  (B2L0-LF)

Born: Abt 1223

Died: 1267

Parents: William Comyn, Earl of Buchan (9G80-79) & Margaret (9G80-8G)


1/1. Donald Mar (9BFT-V8)                                  AM26/6407




                         AM27/12817  (HQTB-GD)

Born: Abt 1220 Of, North Wales


1/1. Helen, Princess Of North Wales                        AM26/6408

According to History of Wales, Llywelyn Fawr (died 1240), of the line

of Gwynedd, had a daughter Helen who married John, Earl of Chester.



                             WALTER STEWART

                       (HIGH STEWARD OF SCOTLAND)

                          AM27/12801 (GR3F-R4)

Parents: Alan Fitzwalter, High Steward of Scotland (GR3G-7H)

Born: Abt 1180 Scotland  Died: 1241


                       BEATRIX De ANGUS (H11Q-7W)


Parents: Gilchrist, Earl of Angus & Marjorie, Princess of Scotland

Born: Abt 1184, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland


1/1. Euphemia (H126-V3) Born: Abt 1206, Scotland

   Died: Abt 1267, Whittingham, East Lothian,

1/2. Margaret Stewart (9G46-MR) Born: Abt 1206 Scotland (ref AF2408)

    Married: Neil, Earl Of Carrick (9G46-LL)               AM/27/12812

1/3. Elizabeth (H129-4P)

   Born: Abt 1210 Scotland Died: Bef 12 Mar 1250/1

   Married:: Maldouen, Earl Of Lennoz  (H129-62)

1/4. Alexander Stewart,                                    AM26/6401 1/5.

John Stewart (H126-7S) B: Abt 1216 Scotland D: 1249, Damietta,

1/6. Walter "Ballioch" Le Stewart (Earl Of Mentieth) (H126-N2)

   Born: Abt 1218, Scotland Died: Bef 28 Apr 1296

   Married:: Mary Countess Of Mentieth (H127-99)

1/7. Sir Robert (H129-5V), B: Abt 1223, Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland



                          JAMES, Lord Of Bute

                         AM27/12803  (H129-D3)

Born: Abt 1190, Bute,, Scotland


1/1. Jean Of Bute, B. Abt 1218)                            AM26/6402



                              HERVEY DE KETH

                          (MARSHAL OF SCOTLAND)

                          AM27/18593  (852X-N4)

Born: Abt 1187  Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef.  1250

Parents: Philip De Keth Marischal (852X-P9) & Eda Lorens (852X-QG)


1/1. John De Keth (852Z-3B)                                 AM26/9297






                              WILLIAM CUMYN

                              Earl Of Buchan

                          AM27/18595  (FBZM-6R)

Born: [1191]


1/1. Margaret Cumyn (852Z-4H)                                AM26/9298



                            SIR BERNARD FRASER

                          AM27/18609  (9QC8-2D)

Born: Abt 1164 Of, Drumelzier, Peebleshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 1258

Parents: Udard De Fraser & Miss Kylvert

Mar.: Abt 1194

                               MARY OGILVIE

                          AM27/18610  (9QC8-GG)

Born: Abt 1168 Of, Angus, Forfarshire, Scotland

Parents: One Ancestral File gives simply: Gilchrist Ogilvie & Marjory


Another route gives this Gilchrist:

Gilchrist, Earl of Angus, AM28/25603 (9G80-FB) & Marjory Princess of

Scotland, AM28/25604  (9FTG-98)

Born Abt 1213


1/1. Sir Gilbert Fraser (9QC8-VJ)                           AM26/9305

1/2. Fenella Fraser (9QC8-Z2)

   Born: Abt 1197 Of, Drumelizier, Peebleshire, Scotland

   Married: Colin Mor Campbell (9QC9-8K) Abt 1223 Drumelzier, Peeble.

1/3. Helen Fraser (9QC9-06)

   Born: Abt 1199 Of, Drumelizier, Peebleshire, Scotland

   Died: Unmd, Priory Of Coldingham, Berwickshire, Scotland




                          SIR WILLIAM de DOUGLAS

                                AM27/16577                  DNB

"The Hardy"

Died 1298, Tower of London

Married: Elizabeth Stewart, dau of Alexander AM26/6401


1/1. Sir James Douglas                                      AM24/1545

1/2. Sir Archibald Douglas                                  AM26/8289


See Last Part

Clan Maitland Pt 4



Issue Date: 12 June 1998.


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Continues from CLAN3:




(High Steward of Scotland)

AM28/25601  (GR3G-7H)
Born: Abt 1126, Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland.
Died: 1204
Parents: Walter Fitzalan & Eschyna De Molle
Also Married: Margaret De Galloway (9T9Q-3H), Abt 1175 + 1 Other.

Issue: (by Unknown Wife).
1/1. Avelina Fitzwalter (GR3G-55)                          AM28/25622

Born: Abt 1179, Scotland
Marrried: Duncan, Earl Of Carrick (9T9Q-VG) Abt 1200

1/2. Walter Stewart                                        AM27/12801
1/3. David Fitzwalter (GR3R-P5) B. Abt 1182, Scotland


AM28/25603 (9G80-FB)

This is the old Celtic line, later taken by the female line to Norman stock.
Born: Abt 1154, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland Died: Bet 1207-1211
Parents: Gillbride, Earl of Angus & Miss Dunbar



AM28/25604  (9FTG-98)

Born: 1152, England  Died: Abt 1213

Parents: Henry, Prince of Scotland & Gundred de Warenne



1/1. Duncan, Earl Of Angus (9G80-C0)

   Born: Abt 1170  Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland D: Bet 1207-14

   Married:: Mrs-Duncan, Earl Of Angus (PZ6W-D4)

1/2. Beatrix De Angus Born: Abt 1184,                      AM27/12802




                            ROBERT DE BRUCE,

                           BARON OF ANNANDALE

                         AM28/25617  (9G42-M7)             DNB

Born: Abt 1164 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

Died: 1245 Bur.: Saltre Abbey, Stilton, Huntingtonshire, England

Parents: William De Bruce, Baron of Annandale & Mrs Christine Brus

Married.: Abt 1209 Huntingdonshire, England


                          ISABELLE HUNTINGDON

                         (Princess of Scotland)

                         AM28/25618  (9G42-3G)

Born: Abt 1199 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

Died: 1251/1252, Bur.: Saltre Abbey,, Huntingdonshire, England

Parents: David Earl Of Huntingdon, & Maud De Meschines


1/1. Beatrice Bruce (9G42-ND) Born: Abt 1202 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire,

   Married: Hugh De Neville (9G4T-S8)

1/2. Robert "the Competitor" De Brus                        AM27/12809

1/3. Bernard Bruce, Lord of Exton (9G42-QQ)

   Born: Abt 1212 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

   Married: Constantia De Morteyn (9G4T-R3)

1/4. Richard De Bruce (9G42-RW) Born: Abt 1214 Of, Annandale, Dumfries

   Died: 26 Jan 1287



                           GILBERT DE CLARE,

                           EARL OF GLOUCESTER

                         AM28/25619  (8WKL-2P)             DNB  PAK

Born: 1182, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England

Died: 25 Oct 1230, Penrose, Brittany, France

Bur.: 10 Nov 1230, Tewksbury, Gloucester, England

Parents: Richard De Clare, Earl of Hertford & Amice Fitzrobert,

Mar.: 9 Oct 1217, England

                            ISABEL MARSHALL,

                          Countess of Cornwall

                         AM28/25620  (8XJ6-6P)

Born: Of, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Chr.: Apr 1206 , St. David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Died: 16 Jan 1240, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England

Bur.:  Beaulieu, Southampton, England

Parents: William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke & Isabel Fitzgilbert De


Also Married: Richard Prince Of England, Earl of Cornwall (8XJ6-0N)

Mar.: 30 Mar 1231, Fawley, Buckinghamshire, England


1/1. Amica De Clare, Countess of Devon (8WKL-42)

   Born: 27 May 1220, Usk, Mommouthshire, Wales

   Died: 30 Nov 1284/1287

   Married: Baldwin De Reviers (JNH3-G9) Abt 1234 Breamore, Hants

1/2. Richard De Clare, Earl of Gloucester (8503-D3)

   Born:  4 Aug 1222, Gloucestershire, England

   Died: 15 Jul 1262 Ashenfield Manor, Waltham, Kent,

   Bur.: 28 Jul 1262, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England

   Married (1): Margaret Burgh (9FZ6-D3) Abt Sep 1236 St Edmund's,

   Wexford, Ireland

   Married (2): Maud De Lacy (FSLG-6W) On Or Bef 25 Jan Lincolnshire,



   2/1. Gilbert de Clare, (1243-1295)

      Married: Joan of Acres, dau of Edward 1st.


      3/2. Elizabeth de Clare, on Chadwick/Pakenham line KO25/5620388.

1/3. Isabel De Clare (8WKL-7K)                             AM27/12810

1/4. Sir William De Clare (8WKL-57) Born: 18 May 1228, Gloucestershire,

   Died: Retherford Bur.: 23 Jul 1258 Dureford Abbey

1/5. Adeliza De Clare (8WKL-8Q) Born: 1228?, Gloucestershire,

1/6. Gilbert De Clare (8WKL-6D) Born: 12 Sep 1229, Gloucestershire,

   Died: Aft 1241

1/7. Agnes De Clare (8WKL-9W) Born: 1229, Gloucestershire, England

   Married:  Dugal (8WKL-DF)




                        DUNCAN, EARL OF CARRICK

                         AM28/25621  (9T9Q-VG)

Born: Abt 1174  Of Galloway, Scot.

Died: 13 Jun 1250

Parents: Gilbert, Of Galloway (Carrick) & Mrs Gilbert,

Mar.: Abt 1200

                           AVELINA FITZWALTER

                         AM28/25622  (GR3G-55)

Born: Abt 1179 Of Scotland

Parents: Alan Fitzwalter, High Steward of Scotland (GR3G-7H)


1/1. Neil, Earl Of Carrick (9G46-LL)                       AM27/12811

1/2. John De Carrick (GR3G-6B) Born: Abt 1203




                             PHILLIP DE KETH


                          AM28/37185  (852X-P9)

Born: Abt 1161 Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland

Died: Bef.  1225

Parents: Malcolm De Keth (852X-RM) & Unknown

Mar.: Abt 1186

                                EDA LORENS

                          AM28/37186  (852X-QG)

Born: Abt 1166 Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Hugh Lorens (FBZM-1W) & Eda Frazer (FBZM-23)


1/1. Hervey De Keth                                         AM27/18593



                             UDARD DE FRASER

                          AM28/37217  (9QC8-02)

Born: Abt 1131 Of, Drumelzier, Peebleshire, Scotland

Parents: Gilbert Fraser & Mrs-Gilbert Fraser

Mar.: Abt 1161

Miss KYLVERT (9QC8-17)

Born: Abt 1135 Of,, Peebleshire, Scotland

Parents: Kylvert & Unknown



1/1. Adam Fraser (9QC7-XQ)

   Born: Abt 1162 Of Oliver Castle, & Drumelzier, Peebleshire,

   Married: Constantia Mrs Fraser (9QC7-ZW) Abt 1192

1/2. Sir Bernard Fraser (9QC8-2D)                           AM27/18609

1/3. Gilbert Fraser (9QC8-3K) Born: Abt 1166 Of, Drumelzier,

   Married (1): Christian  (9QC8-HM) Abt 1196

1/4. Simon Fraser (9QC8-4Q)

   Born: Abt 1168 Of, Keith In East Lothian, Peebles-shire, Scotland

1/5. Nessius Fraser (9QC8-5W)

   Born: Abt 1170 Of, Oliver Castle, Peebles-shire, Scotland




                            GILCHRIST OGILVIE

                          AM28/37219  (9QC9-MG)

Born: [1142] Of, Angus, Angusshire, Scotland

This may be the same as Gilchrist Ogilvie, s/n AM28/25603


MARJORY (9QC9-NM) Born: [1144]


1/1. Mary Ogilvie (9QC8-GG)                                 AM27/18610



                            WALTER FITZALAN

                       (High Steward of Scotland)

                         AM29/51201  (GR3Z-W1)

Born: Abt 1106, Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland

Died: 1177

Parents: Alan Fitzflaald (H118-70) & Avelina De Hesding (H118-85)

Married: Abt 1131

                            ESCHYNA DE MOLLE

                         AM29/51202  (H12C-MK)

Born: Abt 1125

Parents: Thomas De Londoniis (H12C-NQ) & Unknown

Also  married: Robert De Croc (H12C-SF)


1/1. Alan Fitzwalter (High Steward of Scotland)            AM28/25601



                        GILLBRIDE, EARL Of ANGUS

                         AM29/51205  (9G80-HN)

Born: Abt 1118, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland. Died: Abt 1187 Parents:

Dufugan, Earl of Angus

Born: Abt 1118 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland

Died: Abt 1187


Daughter De DUNBAR (H11T-D6)

Born: Abt 1124 Northumberland, England


1/1. Adam, Earl Of Angus (H11T-XX)

   Born: Abt 1152, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland. Died: Bef 1198

   Married:: Unknown

1/2. Gilchrist, Earl Of Angus (9G80-FB)                    AM28/25603

1/3. Gilbert Of Angus (859D-L9), Born: Abt 1156, Powrie, Forfarshire,

1/4. William Of Angus (859D-MG), Born: Abt 1158, Forfar, Angusshire,




                       HENRY, PRINCE Of SCOTLAND

                        (EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND)

                          AM29/51207 (8XJC-RB)             DNB

Born: Abt 1114/1119, Scotland

Died: 12 Jun 1152,   Bur: Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Parents: King David I of Scotland & Matilda Huntingdon

Married.: 1134/1139, England

                          GUNDRED De WARENNE,

                          Countess of Warwick

                          AM29/51208 (GS4Z-H4)

Born: Abt 1117, Warwick, Warwickshire, England

Died: Lvg 1166, Warwickshire, England Bur: Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland

Parents: William II De Warenne (Warren), Earl of Surrey (8PTS-0L) &

Isabel (Elizabeth) De Vermandois (8XJB-1D)

Married 1st: Roger De Beaumont (Earl of Warwick) (84ZZ-FR) Bef 1130

    Called Roger de Newburgh on Pakenham tree:        KO29/88103949

    Issue of this line continue on the Pakenham family.

Married, 2nd: Henry Prince Of Scotland

Married, 3rd: William De Lancaster, Lord of Kendal (V9T6-VD) Abt 1154



1/1. Malcolm IV "The Maiden" King Of Scotland (9FTG-4D)

   Born: 20 Mar 1141/1142, Scotland

   Died:  9 Dec 1165, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland

   Bur.: Holy Trinity Church, Dumfermline, Scotland

1/2. William I "The Lion" King Of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (9FTG-

   5K) Born: 1143, Scotland

   Died:  4 Dec 1214, Sterling, Stirlingshire, Scotland

   Bur.: 10 Dec 1214, Abbey of Arbroath, Arbroath, Angusshire,

   Married:: Ermengarde De Beaumont (Queen of Scotland) (9FTM-8R)

   Mar.: 5 Sep 1189, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England

   Concubines: 6: (9G43-Z3) (9G44-7F) (9G44-C4) (9G44-FG) (9G44-HS)


   Ref Barbara Erskine:

   2/1. King Alexander II of Scotland, died 1249

      Married, 1st, Joanna, eldest dau of King John of England.

      Issue: 3/1.  King Alexander III, succession died with him in


1/3. David Earl Of Huntingdon (Prince of Scotland)

                                               (9FTG-6Q)  AM29/51235

   Born: 1144, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

   Died: 17 Jun 1219, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland

   Bur.: Abbey Of Saltre, , Huntingtonshire, England

   Married:: Maud De Meschines, 26 Aug 1190, Scotland

   Concubines: 2: (9G42-F6) (9G42-9H)

1/4. Ada Princess Of Scotland (7Z10-SG)

   Born: Abt 1146 Huntingdon, Died: 11 Jan Aft 1204

   Married:: Floris III "Crusader", Count Of Holland (7Z10-2N)

   28 Aug 1162

1/5. Ada Princess Of Scotland (V9VC-H9)

   Born: Abt 1147, Scotland

   Married:: Florence Count Of Holland (V9VC-G4) 1162,

1/6. Matilda Princess Of Scotland (9FTG-83) Born: Abt 1148, England

   Died: 1152, England

1/7. Marjory Princess Of Scotland (9FTG-98)                AM28/25604

1/8. Margaret Princess Of Scotland (Duchess of Brittany) (8HRW-DG)

   Born: 1154, Northumberland, Northumberland, England. D.: 1201

   Married:: Conan IV "le Petit" Count Of Bretagne (9FTZ-HC) 1159/1160,


   Married:: Humphrey De Bohun (Constable of England) (8XJS-05) Mar.:

   Bef Apr 1175  England ?




                           WILLIAM DE BRUCE,

                           Baron of Annandale

                         AM29/51233  (9FG3-VJ)             DNB

Born: Abt 1142 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland

Died: 1215

Parents: Robert "Le Meschin" Brus, Baron of Annandale (9FG3-NH) &

Eufemia Mrs. Brus (9FG3-S6)

Married.: Abt 1162

CHRISTINE, Mrs Brus (9G48-BH) Born: 1144


1/1. Robert De Bruce, Baron of Annandale (9G42-M7)         AM28/25617

1/2. William De Bruce (9G48-CN) Born: [1166], Annandale, Dumfrieshire.

1/3. John De Bruce (9G48-DT) Born: [1168], Annandale, Dumfrieshire.




                       DAVID, EARL Of HUNTINGDON,

                           PRINCE OF SCOTLAND

                         AM29/51235  (9FTG-6Q)

Born: 1144 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

Died: 17 Jun 1219, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Bur.: Abbey Of Saltre, , Huntingtonshire, England

Parents: Henry Prince Of Scotland, Earl of Northumberland (8XJC-RB) &

Gundred De Warenne (GS4Z-H4) (see \AF2408A)

Also: Concubine 1 & 2 (9G42-F6) (9G42-9H)


Mar.: 26 Aug 1190, Scotland

                           MAUD DE MESCHINES

                         AM29/51236  (9G42-0X)

Born: Abt 1163 Of, Cheshire, England

Died:  6 Jan 1233

Parents: Hugh "Of Kevelioc" Earl Of Chester, Viscount D'Avranches

(V9TW-RR) & Bertrade De Montfort (Evreux) (8XQ5-Z5)


1/1. Robert De Huntingdon, Prince of Scotland (9G42-14)

   Born: Abt 1191 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

   Died: Abt 1221 Dy

1/2. Henry De Huntingdon, Prince of Scotland (9G42-29)

   Born: Abt 1193 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire,

1/3. Margaret Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9FG0-MW)

   Born: Abt 1194 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

   Died: Aft 6 Jan 1233

   Married: Lord Alan De Galloway (9FG0-LQ)

   Mar.: 1209 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England


1/4. Isabelle Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9G42-3G)  AM28/25618

1/5. Matilda Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9G42-4M)

   Born: Abt 1203 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

1/6. John Le Scot, Earl of Chester (9FTV-SH)

   Born: Abt 1207 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, Scotland

   Died: Bef 6 Jun 1237 Sp, Darnal, Yorkshire, England

   Bur.: St Werburg, Chester, Cheshire, England

   Married: Helen Verch Llewelyn (91SQ-0V)  1222

1/7. Ada Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9G42-60)

   Born: Abt 1216 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire,

   Died: Abt 1265

   Married: Sir Henry De Hastings (9G4V-08) Mar.: Bef 1237



                           RICHARD DE CLARE,               DNB

                          4th EARL OF HERTFORD

                         AM29/51237  (9G8Z-MC)

Born: 1162, Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England

Died: 30 Dec 1218

Parents: Roger De Clare, Earl of Hertford (d 1173) (8WKL-Q5) & Maud

(Matilda) De Saint Hilary (8WKL-RB)

Mar.: Bef 1182

                           AMICE FITZROBERT,

                         COUNTESS OF GLOUCESTER

                         AM29/51238  (9G8Z-NJ)

Born: 1160, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England

Died:  1 Jan 1224/1225

Parents: William "Mafonache" Fitzrobert, Earl of Gloucester (V9V7-D7) &

Hawise "De Beaumont" Of Leicester (V9SW-XJ)

Also Married: William Fitzrobert (9G91-Q4)


1/1. Gilbert De Clare, Earl of Gloucester (8WKL-2P)        AM28/25619

1/2. Maud (Matilda) De Clare (GLCB-1D)

   Born: Abt 1184 Of, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, Died: 1213

   Married: Roger De Lacy (91QF-P2) Mar.: Abt 1191 Of, England

1/3. Richard De Clare (8WKL-LG) Born: 1186 London, Middlesex, England

   Died:  4 Mar 1228, London, Middlesex, England




                           WILLIAM MARSHALL,

                          1st EARL OF PEMBROKE

                         AM29/51219  (84ZX-0D)             DNB

Born: 1144/1146 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Died: 14 May 1219 Caversham Manor, England

Bur.: May 1219 Round Chapel Of Knight's Temple, London, Middlesex,

Parents: John "the Marshall" Fitzgilbert (FLHC-QJ) & Sibilla (Sibyl) De

Salisbury (91SN-V3)

Mar.: Aug 1189 London, Middlesex, England


                      ISABEL FITZGILBERT DE CLARE

                         AM29/51240  (84ZX-1K)

Born: Abt 1172 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Died: 1220, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Bur.: Tintern Abbey, Tintern, Monmouthshire, England

Parents: Richard "Strongbow" Fitzgilbert De Clare, Earl of Pembroke

(91SF-H7) & Eve (Aoife) Mcmurrough, Countess of Ireland & Strigoil.




1/1. Margaret Marshall (FSLG-G9) Born: Abt 1190

1/2. Maud (Matilda) Marshall, (83XC-M5)

   Born: Abt 1192 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Chr: Sep 1201

   Died: 27 Mar 1248 Bur: Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill,

   Married (1): Hugh Le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (83XC-L0) Bef 1207

   Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Married (2): William Plantagenet (Warren), Earl of Surrey (8WKJ-QV)

   Mar.: 1225 Surrey, England

1/3. Eve Marshall (84ZT-3H)

   Born: Abt 1194 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Died: Bef 1246, England

   Married: William De Braose (84ZT-2B)

   Mar.:  2 May 1230 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

1/4. Gilbert Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZV-7M)

   Born: Abt 1196 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Chr.: 1203 St David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Died: 27 Jun 1241, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England

   Bur.: Temple Church, London, Middlesex,

   Married (1): Marjory Princess Of Scotland (9FV1-8D)

   Mar.: 1 Aug 1236, Berwick, Sussex, England

   Married (2): Mrs Gilbert Marshall (LLZV-8S)

   Married (3): Margaret DE Lamvallie (G8BD-DR)

1/5. William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZR-2C)

   Born: May 1198 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Died: 11 Apr 1222 Bur.: 15 Apr 1231 Temple Church, London, Married

   (1): Alice De Betune (LLZB-SC)

   Mar.: Abt 1214 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Married (2): Eleanor Princess Of England (8WKP-JJ) 23 Apr 1224

1/6. Richard Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZR-3J)

   Born: Abt 1200 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Died: 16 Apr 1234 Kilkenny, Castle, Kildare, Ireland

   Bur.: 17 Apr 1234 , Kilkenny, Kildare, Ireland

   Married (1): Gervaise Le Dinant (LLZV-1L) Abt 1222

   Married (2): Gervaise De Dinan (V9S6-RR)

   1222 Of, Dinan, Brittany, France

1/7. Joane Marshall (LLZV-RD) Born: Abt 1202 Of, Pembroke,

   Died: Abt 1234

   Married: Warin Munchensy (N2KT-77) Mar.: Abt 1217 Of, Pembroke,

1/8. Anselm Marshall (84ZX-LH) Born: Abt 1204 Of, Pembroke,

   Died: 22 Dec 1245, Chepstow Bur.: Tinton Abbey

   Married: Maud De Bohun (FHLF-R3) Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire,

1/9. Isabel Marshall (8XJ6-6P)                             AM28/25620

1/10. Walter Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZV-DH)

   Born: Abt 1206 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Died: 24 Nov 1245 Gooddrich Castle, London, Middlesex,

   Bur.: Tintern, Abbey, England

   Married: Margaret De Quincy, Countess of Lincoln (91SM-0G)

   Mar.: 6 Jan 1242 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

1/11. Sibyl Marshall (84ZW-WW) Born: Of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Chr.: 1209, St. David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales    Died: 27 Apr 1245

   Married (1): William Ferrers, Earl of Derby (B3D9-2C)

   Mar.: Abt.  1223 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales

   Married (2): Walter Dunstanville (B455-71)

   Married (3): Ingeram Pratellis (B455-86)



                          GILBERT, OF GALLOWAY


                         AM29/51241  (9T9Q-15)

Born: Abt 1126 Of, Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland

Died:  1 Jan 1185

Parents: Fergus Lord Of Galloway (9T9P-ZT) & Elizabeth Princess Of

England (9T9Q-00)

Mar.: Abt 1173 Of Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland

Mrs-Gilbert, Of Galloway (Carrick) (PZ62-7S)

Born: 1126?



1/1. Duncan Earl Of Carrick (9T9Q-VG)                      AM28/25621



                             MALCOLM DE KETH

                          AM29/74369  (852X-RM)

Born: Abt 1135 Of Humbie, E. Lothian, Scotland

Died: Aft 1220 Of Humbie, E. Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Herveus Or Hervey Or Herbert De Keth, Marischal (852X-SS) &



1/1. Philip De Keth, Marischal (852X-P9)                   AM28/37185

1/2. David Keth (852X-T0) Born: Abt 1170 Of Humbie, E.  Lothian,



                               HUGH LORENS

                          AM29/74371  (FBZM-1W)

Born: [1170]


Mar.: Bef 1190 Of, Keith Symon, East Lothian, Scotland

                                EDA FRASER

                          AM29/74372  (FBZM-23)

Born: Abt 1170 Of, Keth Symon, East Lothian, Scotland

Parents: Simon Fraser (NS4T-2J) & Mrs-Simon Fraser (NS4T-3P)


1/1. Eda Lorens (852X-QG)                                   AM28/37186



                              GILBERT FRASER

                          AM29/74433  (9QC8-63)

Born: Abt 1098 Of, Tweeddale, Peebleshire, Scotland

Died: Aft 1109    Mar.: Abt 1128

Mrs-Gilbert FRASER (NS4T-06)

Born: Abt 1102 Of, Tweeddale, Pebblesshire, Scotland


1/1. Oliver Fraser (9QC8-K0)

   Born: Abt 1129 Of Oliver Castle, Tweedmuir, Peebleshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft 1199

1/2. Udard De Fraser (9QC8-02)                              AM28/37217

1/3. Son Fraser (9QC8-L5)

   Born: Abt 1133 Of, Drumelzeir, Peebleshire, Scotland

1/4. Maria Fraser (9QC8-MB)

   Born: Abt 1135 Of, N. Hales, Peebleshire, Scotland

   Married (1):  Ness (9QC8-NH)




                          AM29/74435  (9QC8-PN)

Born: [1109]


1/1. Miss KYLVERT (9QC8-17)                                 AM28/37219





                         DUFUGAN, EARL Of ANGUS

                         AM30/102409  (9G80-K1)

Born: Abt 1190 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland


1/1. Gillbride, Earl Of Angus (9G80-HN)                    AM29/51205

   Married: Daughter De Dunbar (H11T-D6)




                        KING DAVID I of SCOTLAND           DNB

                              "The Saint"

                         AM30/102413  (8XJB-C4)

Born: Abt 1080/1082, Scotland

Died: 24 May 1153, Carlisle, Cumberland

Bur.: Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

Parents: King Malcolm III & Margaret "Atheling"

Married.: 1113/1114, Scotland


                       MATILDA (Maud) HUNTINGTON

                          (Queen of Scotland)

                         AM30/102414  (8XJC-MM)

Born: Abt 1072 Huntington, Huntingdonshire, England

Died: 23 Apr 1130/1131 Scotland

Bur.: 1130/1131, Scone, Perthshire, England

Parents: Waltheof Of Northumberland & Judith Of Boulogne

Also Married: Simon De Saint Liz or Semlis (Ct Hntngtn & Nrthmptn)

(GS4V-19) 1090, Huntingdonshire,


1/1.  Child Prince Of Scotland (8MMC-VJ) Born: [1108]

1/2.  Malcolm Prince Of Scotland (V9S2-08)

   Born: Abt 1113, Scotland

1/3. Henry Prince Of Scotland (8XJC-RB)                     AM29/51207

1/4. Malcolm Prince Of Scotland (8XJC-NS)

   Born: Abt 1114, Scotland      Died: Scotland

1/5. Clarice Princess Of Scotland (V9S2-1F)

   Born: Abt 1115, Scotland

1/6. Claricia Princess Of Scotland (8XJC-P0)

   Born: Abt 1116, Scotland Died: Abt 1135, Scotland

1/7. Hodierna, Princess Of Scotland (8XJC-Q5)

   Born: Abt 1117, Scotland    Died: Abt 1140, Scotland




                         WILLIAM II De WARENNE             DNB (PAK)


                             Earl Of Surrey

                         AM30/102415  (8PTS-0L)

Born: Abt 1065 Sussex, England

Died: 11 May 1138, England

Bur.: Priory Of Lewes, Lewes, Sussex,

Parents: William De Warren & Gundred Of England


Married.: Bef 1118, France

                    ISABEL (Elizabeth) De VERMANDOIS

                         AM30/102416  (8XJB-1D)

Born: Abt 1081 Valois, Bretagne, France

Died: 13 Feb 1131,        Bur.:  Lewes, Sussex,

Parents: Hugh De Crepi, Count of Vermandois, & Adelaide

Also Married: Robert De Beaumont, Count of Meulan, (9FTX-N3) 1096




1/1. William III De Warenne (Warren), Earl of Surrey (8WKS-C3)

   Born: Abt 1110 Vermandois, Normandy, France  Died: 1148 Laodicea

   Married: Adelia De Talvas (Talvace) (8WKS-D8)

1/2. Reginald De Warenne (Warren) (8PTS-34)

   Born: Abt 1113 Vermandois, Normandy,

   Married: Adela De Mowbray (91SL-7J)

1/3. Ralph De Warenne (Warren) (8PTS-49)

   Born: Abt 1115 Vermandois, Normandy, France

1/4. Gundred De Warenne, Countess of Warwick (GS4Z-H4)     AM29/51208



                            ROBERT DE BRUCE,

                           Baron of Annandale

                         AM30/102465  (9FG3-NM)            DNB

abt 1138-1189

Parents: 2nd son of Robert de Bruce II

Married: Eufemia


1/1. William de Bruce                                      AM29/51233

1/2. Robert de Bruce IV, died bef 1191



                            RICHARD De CLARE               DNB



Died: 1176

Married: Eve McMurrough


1/1. Isabel de Clare                                       AM29/51240



                      MALCOLM III King Of Scotland         DNB

                         AM31/204825  (8XJB-53)

Born: Abt 1033 Atholl, Perthshire,

Died: 13 Nov 1093 Alnwick, Northumberland,

Bur.: Holy Trinity Church, Dumferline, Fifeshire,

Parents: Duncan I King Of Scotland (8XJK-C3) & Sibyl Fitzsiward (B1DK-


Also Married: Ingebiorge Arneson (8XJK-7D) Abt 1059 Atholl, Perthshire,

Married.: 1067/1069 Atholl, Perthshire,


                          MARGARET "ATHELING"


Princess Of England (9FTX-SR)

Born: Abt 1043/1045 Wessex, England

Died: 16 Nov 1093 Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian,

Bur.: Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

Parents: Edward "Atheling", Prince Of England, The Exile, (91QS-T8) &

Agatha Von Brunswick (9HMF-HN)



1/1. Edward Prince Of Scotland (8XJB-7F)

   Born: Abt 1068 Scotland   Died: 16 Nov 1093 Edwards Isle, Scotland

1/2. Edmund Prince Of Scotland (8XJB-8L)

   Born: Abt 1070 Scotland   Died: Montague, Somersetshire, England

1/3. Ethelred Prince Of Scotland (8XJB-9R)

   Born: Abt 1072 Scotland

   Died: 13 Nov 1093 Scotland Bur.:Kilremont Church

1/4. Edgar King Of Scotland (8XJB-BX)

   Born: Abt 1074/1075 Scotland

   Died:  8 Jan 1106/1107  Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian,

   Bur.: Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

1/5. Prince Of Scotland (V9VC-CL) Born: Abt 1074 Scotland

1/6. Prince Of Scotland (V9VC-DR) Born: Abt 1076 Scotland

1/7. Alexander I King Of Scotland (8XJ3-9S)

   Born: Abt 1077/1078 Scotland

   Died: 23 Apr 1124 Stirling, Stirlingshire,

   Bur.: 25 Apr 1124 Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

   Married: Sibyl Elizabeth (8XJ3-2L) 1107

1/8. Matilda "Atheling" Princess Of Scotland (AFN:8XJ0-JL)

   Born: Abt 1079/1080 Dunfermline, Fifeshire,

   Died: 1 May 1118 Westminster, Middlesex,

   Bur.: Jun 1118 Church of St Peter, Westminster, Middlesex, Married:

   Henry I "Beauclerc" King Of England (8XJ0-6V)

   11 Nov 1100 Westminster, London, Middlesex,

1/9. David I "The Saint" King Of Scotland                  AM30/102413

1/10. Mary Princess Of Scotland (8XJB-D9)

   Born: Abt 1084 Scotland

   Died: 31 May 1116 St. Saviors Monastery, Bermondsey, Middlesex,

   Bur.: Bermondsey, Middlesex,

   Married: Eustache III Count De Boulogne (8XJK-4V) 1102



                                WALTHEOF                   DNB

               Earl Of Northumberland, Earl of Huntingdon

                         AM31/204827  (V9VL-BD)

Born: Abt 1042 Northumberland, Chr.: (Minor-1055)

Died: 31 May 1076       Bur.: Jun 1076 Crowland, Lincolnshire,

Parents: Siward Biornsson Earl Of Northumberland (V9VL-RM) & Aelfled

(Elfleda) Of Bernicia, Countess of Northumberland (V9VL-FW)

Married.: 1070 Artois, France

                      JUDITH Of BOULOGNE (V9VB-5F)


Born: 1054/1055 Lens, Artois, France

Parents: Lambert Of Boulogne, Count of Lens (V9VB-8X)

& Adelaide "Countess Of Aumale" Countess Of Ponthieu (V9VB-2W)



1/1. Matilda (Maud) Huntington (8XJC-MM)                   AM30/102414

1/2. Alice (Adeliza) Huntingdon (9PGC-G4)

   Born: Abt 1085 Flamsted, Hertfordshire, Died: Aft 1126

   Married: Ralph De Toeni (De Conches) (9PGC-FX) 1103 England



                           WILLIAM De WARREN

                         AM31/204829  (GXQC-Z6)

Also                         KO31/352415797

Born: Abt 1055 Bellencombe, S Infr, France

Died: 24 Jun 1088 Lewes, Sussex, England

Bur.: Priory Of Lewes, Lewes, Sussex,

Parents: Ralph De Warren (FLGX-8C) & Emma Mrs De Warenne (FLGX-9J) Also

Married: Goet Gouet (8PTT-5L)

Married.: Bef 1077 Normandy, France


                     GUNDRED, Princess Of England,

                           Countess of Surrey

                         AM31/204830  (8PTS-DN)

Born: Abt 1063 Normandy, France

Died: 27 May 1085 Castle Acre, Acre, Norfolk, England

Bur.: Priory, Lewes, Sussex,

Parents: William I "The Conqueror" King Of England, Duke Of Normandy,

(8XHZ-SV) & Matilda (Maud) Countess Of Flanders (8XHZ-T2)



1/1. William II De Warenne (8PTS-0L)                       AM30/102415

1/2. Reginald De Warren (8PTS-FT)   Born: Abt 1082 Sussex, England

1/3.  Edith De Warren (8PTS-H6) Born: Abt 1084 Sussex, England

   Married: Drew De Monceux (8PTS-MV) & Gerald De Gurney (9FTF-RJ)

1/4. Gundred De Warren (9FK0-XR)

Born: Abt 1085 Acre Castle, Acre, Norfolk, England


                       HUGH "The Great" De CREPI,

                          Count of Vermandois,

                         AM31/204831 (8XJ9-QV)

Born: Abt 1050 Vermandois, Normandy, France

Died: 18 Oct 1102 Tarsus, Cilicie     Bur.: St Paul De Tarse Parents:

Henri I King Of France (8XJC-GR) & Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna Grand Duchess

Of Kiev (9FV2-R4)

Married.: Abt 1064 France


                    ADELAIDE, Countess Of Vermandois

                         AM31/204832  (8XJ9-R2)

Born: Abt 1050 Valois, Bretagne, France

Died: 23 Sep 1120/1124 Vermandois, Normandy, France

Parents: Herbert V Count Of Vermandois (9G81-VP) & Parvie (Pavie)

Countess Of Vermandois (GP1Z-S5)


1/1. Agnes De Vermandois (8XJ9-S7)

   Born: Abt 1065 Valois, Bretagne, France   Died: Aft 1125

   Married:  Marcis, Marquis delVaste (9GB6-MD)

1/2. Constance De Vermandois (8XJ9-TD)

   Born: Abt 1069 Valois, Bretagne, France

   Married: Godefroi (Gottfried) De Laferte-Gaucher (9GB6-NK) Abt 1100


1/3. Maud (Matilda) De Vermandois (8XJ9-VK)

   Born: Abt 1071 Valois, Bretagne, France       Died: 1080

   Married: Raoul De Beaugency (9G4B-TC) Abt 1111  Beaugency, Loiret,

1/4. Raoul I Count Of Vermandois (8XJ9-WQ)

   Born: Abt 1073 Valois, Bretagne, France

   Died: 14 Oct 1152 Bur.: St Arnoul, Crepy

   Married: Eleonore De Champagne (8XJ1-5T) 1124/1125 Div

   Married: Alix De Poitou (9GB6-R3) 1142 Div

   Married: Laurette De Lothringen (9GB6-S8) 1152

1/5. Henry Lord Of Chaumont (8XJ9-XW)

   Born: Abt 1075 Valois, Bretagne, France     Died: 1130

1/6. Simon De Vermandois (8XJ9-Z3)

   Born: Abt 1077 Valois, Bretagne, France

   Died: 10 Feb 1148 Selencie   Bur.:  Orcamp Abbey

1/7. Beatrix De Vermandois (8XJB-07)

   Born: Abt 1079 Valois, Bretagne, France

   Died: Aft 1144     Married: Hugh III De Gourney (9GB6-TF)

1/8. Isabel (Elizabeth) De Vermandois (8XJB-1D)            AM30/102416

1/9. Daughter De Vermandois (8XJB-3Q)  Born: Abt 1085 Valois, Bretagne,

1/10. William De Vermandois (8XJB-4W)

    Born: Abt 1087 Valois, France Died: Abt 1096

1/11. Son De Crepi (Count of Vermandois) (V9T6-WK)

   Born: Abt 1090 Crepy, France       Died: 1152



                          ROBERT DE BRUCE, II

                         AM31/204929  (9FG3-NM)            DNB

abt 1078-1141

Parents: Son of Robert de Bruce I


1/1. Robert de Bruce III                                  AM30/102465



                            ALAN FITZFLAALD,

                         SHERIFF OF SHROPSHIRE

                         AM31/102401  (H118-70)

Born: Abt 1078, Dol, Normandy, France Chr.: Shropshire, England Died:


Parents: Fledaldus Or Flaald Senescal Of Dol & Mrs Ditto


Married.: Abt 1105

                           AVELINA De HESDING

                         AM31/102402 (H118-85)

Born: Abt 1095 Shropshire, England

Parents: Ernulf De Hesding (HPFK-DP) & Unknown


1/1. Walter Fitzalan (GR3Z-W1)                             AM30/51201

1/2. Jordan Fitzalan, Senescal of Dol (H11J-4K)

   Born: Abt 1108 Tuxford, Nottinghamshire,   Married: Mary  (H11K-S5)

1/3. William Fitzalan, Lord of Oswestrie  (H11J-BL)

   Born: Abt 1110 Oswestrie, Shropshire,    Chr.: Bef 1165

   Died: 1160      Married: Helen Peverel (924H-ZW)

1/4. Simon Fitzalan (H12C-WX) Born: Abt 1123 Scotland



                          THOMAS De LONDONIIS

                         AM31/102403  (H12C-NQ)

Born: Abt 1100


1/1. Eschyna De Molle (H12C-MK)                            AM30/51202



                          FLEDALDUS Or FLAALD

                            Senescal Of Dol

                         AM32/204801  (H11K-NG)

Born: Abt 1046 Dol-de-Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, France

Parents: Alan, Senescal Of Dol (HPFN-02) & Unknown

Married: Abt 1084 Mrs-Fledaldus Or Flaald Dol (PZ7H-ZH)

Born: Abt 1050 Dol, Normandy, France


1/1. Alan Fitzflaald (H118-70)                             AM31/102401



                           ERNULF De HESDING

                         AM32/204803  (HPFK-DP)

Born: [1055]


1/1. Avelina De Hesding (H118-85)                          AM31/102402



                       WILLIAM I "The Conqueror"           DNB

                            King Of England,

                           Duke Of Normandy,

                         AM32/409659  (8XHZ-SV)

Born: 14 Oct 1024 Falaise, Calvados, France

Parents: Robert II of Nroamndy

Chr: 1066 Norman Conquest, As An Adult;

Died: 10 Sep 1087 Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France

Buried.: Abbey of St Stephen, Caen, Calvados, France


1050 Castle Of, Angi, Normandy, France


                             MATILDA (Maud)

                          Countess Of Flanders

                         AM32/409660  (8XHZ-T2)

Parents: Baldwyn V of Flanders

Died: 1083


1/1. Gundred, Princess Of England, Countess of Surrey AM31/204830



                         ALAN, Senescal Of DOL

                         AM33/409601  (HPFN-02)

Born: 1020? Dol-de-Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, France


1/1. Fledaldus Or Flaald Of Dol (H11K-NG)        AM32/204801

1/2. Alan, Senescal Of Dol (H11K-PM)

   Born: Abt 1056, Abbey Of St Florent, Brittany

   Died: 1097 Sp,, Jerusalem, Palestine

1/3. Rivallon (Rhiwallon), Monk of Mexuoit. (H11K-R0)

   Born: Abt 1058



                       DUNCAN 1 King Of Scotland

                         AM32/409649  (8XJK-C3)

Born: Abt 1013 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland

Died: 14 Aug 1040 Iona, near Elgin, Scotland (killed By Macbeth)

Buried.: Iona, Near Elgin, Scotland

Parents: Crinan De Mormaer & Bethoc (Beatrix) Princess Of Scotland

Married.: 1030 Scotland

                            SIBYL FITZSEWARD

                         AM32/409650  (B1DK-HK)

Born: Abt 1014 Northumberland, England Died: 1040

Parents: Seward Earl Of Northumbia & Mrs-Seward

She Also married:

(1) Gillacomgan Mormaer Of Moray (9G5V-C8)

(2) Macbeth King Of Scotland (8XJJ-JS)



1/1. Malcolm III King Of Scotland (8XJB-53)                AM31/204825

1/2. Donald "Bane" III King Of Scotland (8XJK-FF)

   Born: Abt 1033/1034 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland

   Died: Aft 1097 Rescobie, Angusshire, Scotland

   Buried.: Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland

   Married: Mrs-Donald III Queen Of Scotland (8XJL-7J)

   Married.: 1059 Rescobie, Angusshire, Scotland

1/3. Melmare (Melkofr), Earl Of Atholl, Prince of Scotland (8XJK-1C)

   Born: Abt 1038 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland

1/4. Duncan Earl Of Moray (V9VV-KP)

   Born: Abt 1038  Morayshire, Scotland

   Married: Octreda Of Allerdale (V9VV-QK) Abt 1076 , Cumberland,




                 EDWARD "Atheling", Prince Of England,

                               THE EXILE

                         AM32/409651  (91QS-T8)

Born: 1016 (41-1057) Wessex, England

Died: 1057 London, Middlesex, England

Parents: Edmund II "Ironside" & Ealdgyth (Algitha)

He Also married: Elflaed Of England (91RP-5H)

Married.: Abt 1035 London, Middlesex,


                          AGATHA Von BRUNSWICK

                         AM32/409652  (9HMF-HN)

aka: (Agatha Of Hungary)  (HNJD-X1))

Born: Abt 1018 Braunschweig, Prussia

Died: 13 Jul 1024

Parents: Liudolf Count Of Brunswick & Gertrude Von Egisheim


1/1. Edgar "Atheling", Prince Of England (GS4H-FT)

   Born: Abt 1036 Wessex, England         Died: Aft 1126

1/2. Margaret "Atheling" Princess Of England (9FTX-SR)     AM31/204826

1/3. Christina "Atheling", Princess Of England (GS4H-G1)

   Born: Abt 1044 Wessex, England




                           SIWARD BIORNSSON,

                         Earl Of Northumberland

                         AM32/409653  (V9VL-RM)

Born: Abt 1012 Denmark

Died: 1055 York, Yorkshire, Buried.: Galmanho Abby, York, Yorkshire,

Parents: Biorn (Bjorn) Ulsiusson & Unknown

He Also Married:

Godiva, Countess of Northumberland (V9VL-SS) Abt 1044 England Married.:

Abt 1033 Northumberland, England

                     AELFLED (Elfleda) Of BERNICIA

                         AM32/409654  (V9VL-FW)

Born: Abt 1016 Bernicia, Northumbria, England

Parents: Aldred Of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria & Unknown



1/1. Waltheof Earl Of Northumberland (V9VL-BD)   AM31/204827

1/2. Sybil  (8Q7S-QL)

   Born: Abt 1048 Northumberland, England           Died: 1070

1/3. Osbeorne  (8Q7S-RR)                Born: Abt 1050 Northumberland,




                          LAMBERT Of BOULOGNE,

                             Count of Lens

                         AM32/409655  (V9VB-8X)

Born: Abt 1020 Boulogne, Picardy, France

Died: 1054 Battle Lille, Flanders

Parents: Eustache I Count De Boulogne & Mahaut Of Louvain

Married.: Abt 1053 Normandy, France


                          "Countess Of Aumale"

                          Countess Of Ponthieu

                         AM32/409656  (V9VB-2W)

Born: Abt 1027 Normandy, France

Died: Bef 1090

Parents: Robert I Duke Of Normandy & Harlette De FALAISE

She Also Married:

(1) Enguerrand II Count Of Ponthieu, Sire d'Aumale (V9VB-P6)

Abt 1045 Normandy, France

(2) Eudes III Count Of Aumale, Count of Troyes (9R46-9N)

Abt 1056  Normandy, France



1/1. Judith Of Boulogne (V9VB-5F)                 AM31/204828




                           ROBERT DE BRUCE, I

                              AM32/409857                  DNB

Died abt 1094

Founder of family in England. From Bruis, nr Cherbourg, came with the

Conqueror & recieved grants of land in Cleveland, Yorks.


1/1. Robert de Bruce II                                   AM31/203929



                           CRINAN De MORMAER,

                            Abbot of Dunkeld

                         AM33/819297  (8XJK-GL)

Born: Abt 0975  Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland

Died: 1045 Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: Duncan, Lord Of Mormaer & Mrs-Duncan Mormaer

Married.: Abt 1010 Atholl, Perthshire,


                 BETHOC (Beatrix) Princess Of Scotland

                         AM33/819298  (8XJK-HR)

Born: Abt 984  Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland

Parents: Malcolm II King Of Scotland & Mrs Malcolm




1/1. Daughter Princess Of Scotland (9G83-P4)

   Born: Abt 1011 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland  Married: Unknown

1/2. Duncan I King Of Scotland (8XJK-C3)            AM32/409649

1/3. Maldred Earl Of Dunbar, King of Cumbrie (8XJJ-WP)

   Born: Abt 1015 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland    Died: Abt 1045

   Married: Ealdgyth (Aglithia), Princess Of Northumberland (8XJJ-XV)

   Abt 1036



SEWARD Earl Of Northumbria

                         AM33/817299  (FLGZ-65)

Born: Abt 978 Scotland

Parents:  Biorn &  MRS. Biorn


Mrs Seward (FLGZ-7B)

Born: Abt 982 Northumbia, Scotland


1/1. Sibyl Fitzsiward (B1DK-HK)                        AM32/409650


EDMUND 11 "Ironside"

King Of England
AM33/819301  (B19R-1N)

Born: Abt O992 Wessex, England
Died: 30 Nov 1016 London, Middlesex, England
Buried.: Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England
Parents: Ethelred II "The Unready" & Alfgifu (Aelflaed)
Married.: Abt Aug 1015 London, Middlesex, England

EALDGYTH (Algitha),

AM33/819302  (91QS-S3)

Born: Abt 995 Wessex, England
Parents: Morcar Of England & Edgitha Of England
1/1. Edward "Atheling", Prince Of England (91QS-T8)    AM32/409651



LIUDOLF Count Of Brunswick,

                         Margrave in Freisland

                         AM33/819303  (96LJ-V8)

Born: Abt 1011 Brunswick, Germany

Died: 23 Apr 1038

Parents: Bruno Von Brunswick, & Gisele Duchess Of Swabia

He Also married:

Gertrud Countess In Nordgau (96LJ-N7) & Gertrude De Gand (MQD7-0C)


Married.: 1020


Born: 0999?



1/1. Agatha Von Brunswick (9HMF-HN)                   AM32/409652

1/2.  Ida Countess Of Brunswick (978N-DF)

   Born: Abt 1023 Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany

   Married: Leopold, Margrave Of Neumark (978N-57)

   Married.: Abt 1046 Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany










                         AM33/819305  (91VQ-D5)

Born: Abt 990 Denmark

Died: 1045/1049

Parents: Ulf Thorgilsson & Estrid Svendsdatter


1/1. Siward Biornsson Earl Of Northumberland (V9VL-RM)  AM32/409653



                          ALDRED Of BERNICIA,

                          Earl of Northumbria

                         AM33/819307  (V9VN-3G)

Born: Abt 994 Bernicia, Northumbria, England

Died: Abt 1039

Parents: Ughtred Earl Of Northumbria & Eggfrida


1/1. Aelfled (Elfleda) Of Bernicia (V9VL-FW)          AM32/409654

1/2.  Daughter Of Bernicia (V9VL-G3)

   Born: Abt 1020 Bernicia, Northumbria, England



                               EUSTACHE I

                           Count De Boulogne

                         AM33/819309  (9HMS-N2)

Born: Abt 1004 Boulogne, Vendee, France

Parents: Enricule Comte De Boulogne & Adeline

Married.: Abt 1005 Brabant, Belgium

                           MAHAUT Of LOUVAIN

                         AM33/819310  (V9VB-CG)

Born: Abt 984 Louvain, Brabant, Belgium

Parents: Lambert II Count Of Louvain & Gerberge De Lorraine


1/1. Lambert Of Boulogne, Count of Lens (V9VB-8X)     AM32/409655 1/2.

Eustache II, Count De Boulogne (9QVV-NJ)

   Born: Abt 1030 Boulogne, France      Died: Abt 1093

   Married: Ida De Bouillon (9QVV-BS) Dec 1057



                                ROBERT I   (or II)

                           "The Magnificent"

                            Duke Of Normandy

                         AM33/819317  (8XJ0-S0)

Born: Abt 0999 Normandy, France

Died:  2 Jul 1035 Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey

Buried.: Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey

Parents: Richard II "The Good" Duke Of Normandy & Judith Princess Of


Also Married: Estrid (Margret), Of Normandy (9R45-D2)


Married.: Abt 1023 Not Married

                          HARLETTE De FALAISE

                         AM33/819318  (GS5C-51)

Born: Abt 1003 Falaise, Clavados, France

Parents: Fulbert De Falaise & Doda Mrs Of Falaise

She Also Married: Harlevin De Conteville (8JF1-F3)


1/1. William I "The Conqueror" (8XHZ-SV)              AM32/409659

1/2. Adelaide "Countess Of Aumale" (V9VB-2W)          AM32/409656

1/3. Godiva ref Pakenham family:                      KO29/82448612





                        DUNCAN, Lord Of MORMAER

                        AM34/1638593  (9G9W-HH)

Born: Abt 0949 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland


Mrs-Duncan Mormaer (8HSF-H5)

Born: Abt 0951 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland


1/1. Crinan De Mormaer (8XJK-GL)                      AM33/819297




                      MALCOLM 11 King Of Scotland

                        AM34/1638595  (9G83-Q9)

Born: Abt 970 Scotland

Died: 25 Nov 1034 Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland

Buried.: Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland

Parents: Kenneth II King Of Scotland (9G83-TS) & Mrs Kenneth, (9G83-V0)


Married.: Abt 983

Mrs-Malcolm Queen Of Scotland (9G83-RG)

Born: Abt 962 Scotland

Parents: Sigurd  (GS63-1B) & Unknown



1/1. Bethoc (Beatrix) Princess Of Scotland            AM33/819298

1/2.  Donalda Princess Of Scotland (8XJJ-HM)

   Born: Abt 986 Scotland

   Married: Finlaech (Findlaech) Of Scotland (8XJJ-GG) 1004

1/3. Anleta (Thora Donada), Princess Of Scotland (9G83-SM)

   Born: Abt 0988 Scotland

   Married: Sigurd II Driga, Jarl Of Orkney (8XJL-41) 1008




                        AM34/1634597  (FLGZ-8H)

Born: Abt 953 Scotland

Parents:  Styrbiorn (FLGZ-BT) &  Mrs Styrbiorn (FLGZ-C1)



Born: Abt 958 Scotland


1/1. Seward Earl Of Northumbria                       AM33/817299



                              ETHELRED 11

                     "The Unready" King Of England

                        AM34/1638601  (B19R-5C)

Born: Abt 0968 Wessex, England

Died: 23 Apr 1016 London, Middlesex, England

Buried.: St Paul's, London, Middlesex, England

Parents: Edgar "The Peacable", King Of England (GS4H-P7) & Elfrida

(Elfthryth), Queen Of England (GS4H-QD)

Also married:

Married: Emma Princess Of Normandy (B19R-Q9), 1002  Normandy, France

       Dau of Richard the Fearless of Normandy

Married.: Abt 985 Wessex, England


                  Alfgifu (Aelflaed) Queen Of England

                        AM34/1638602  (GS4H-MV)

Born: Abt 968 Wessex, England

Parents: Thored Ealderman Gunnarsson (GS58-CM) & Mrs Thored G. FLGP-R0)





1/1. Edmund II "Ironside" King Of England             AM33/819301

1/2.  Elfgifu Princess Of England (8XQ8-94)

   Born: Abt 997  Wessex, England

   Married: Alfgar III Earl Of Mercia (B19T-5M)

1/3. Elgiva (Alfgifu) Princess Of England (V9VM-T4)

   Born: Abt 989 Wessex, England

   Married: Ughtred Earl Of Northumbria (V9VN-0X) Abt 1010 England

1/4. Athelstan Prince Of England (B19R-7P)

   Born: Abt 0986 Wessex, England         Died: 1016

1/5. Egbert Prince Of England (B19R-8V)

   Born: Abt 0988  Wessex, England        Died: Abt 1005

1/6. Edred Prince Of England (B19R-92)

   Born: Abt 0990 Wessex, England

1/7. Edwig Prince Of England (B19R-B7)

   Born: Abt 0991  Wessex, England        Died: 1017 England

1/8. Edward Prince Of England (B19R-CD)

   Born: Abt 0994 Wessex, England

1/9. Edgar Prince Of England (B19R-DK)

   Born: Abt 0996 Wessex, England

1/10. Edith Princess Of England (B19R-FQ)

   Born: Abt 0997 Wessex, England

   Married (1): Edric Streora, Earl Of Mercia (B19R-LL) (915X-XK)


1/11. Wulfhild Princess Of England (B19R-H3)

   Born: Abt 0999 Wessex, England

   Married (1): Ulfcytel, "Snylling", Earl Of East Anglia (B19R-NX)

   (8XJQ-3D) (915Z-9F)  Abt 1015 Wessex, England

1/12. Miss Princess Of England, Queen of Ringmere (B19R-J8)

   Born: Abt 1000 Wessex,, England

   Married: Athelstan, King At Ringmere (B19R-ZH) Abt 1021 Wessex,,

1/13. Miss Princess Of England, Abbess (B19R-KF)

   Born: Abt 1001 Wherewell, Hampshire, England

1/14. Aethelreda Princess Of England (9G9V-V8)

   Born: Abt 1042 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland

   Married: Gospatric, Earl Of Northumberland (8XJJ-Z2) Abt 1057



                           MORCAR Of England

                        AM34/1638603  (GS5R-M3)

Born: Abt 0960 England


Edgitha Of England (GS5R-N8)

Born: Abt 0960  England


1.  Ealdgyth (Algitha), Queen Of England              AM33/819302



















                          BRUNO Von BRUNSWICK,

                       MARQUIS OF WEST FRIESLAND

                        AM34/1638605  (R6DJ-KK)

Born: 0960 Derlingo, Westfriesland

Died: 1012/1014

Parents: Ekbert "One-Eyed" Count Von Ambergau (R6DJ-N3) & Frederuna



                        GISELE Duchess Of Swabia

                        AM34/1638606  (978N-8Q)

Born: 11 Nov 0999 Schwaben, Bavaria

Died: 14 Feb 1043

Parents: Hermann II Duke Of Swabia (9GB5-CV) & Gerberga (9GB5-D2)

She Also married:

(1) Ernst, Duke Of Swabia (978N-7K) Abt 1013/1014 Schwaben, Bavaria

(2) Konrad II Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire, King of Italy  &

Burgundy (9HMT-5L) 21 Nov 1017


1/1. Liudolf Count Of Brunswick (96LJ-V8)              AM33/819303



                            ULF THORGILSSON

                        AM34/1638609  (8Q7V-S7)

Born: Abt 0967 Halland, , Sweden

Died: 22 Sep 1027

Parents: Thorgils Sprakling (8HJ6-T3) & Sigrid Mrs Sprakling (8HJ8-4Q)

Married.: Abt 987

                          ESTRID SVENDSDATTER

                          Princess Of Denmark

                        AM34/1638610  (8HJ7-L1)

Born: Abt 967 Denmark

Died:  9 May

Parents: Svend I "Tveskaeg" "Forked Beard" King Of Denmark and of

Norway and of England (DRDN-T9) & Swietoslava (Sygryda) (Gunhild)

Princess Of Poland (6TKJ-XP)

She Also Married:

(2) Richard II "The Good" Duke Of Normandy (9HMD-XR), 1017

(3) Vsevolod Vladimirovich Prince Of Vladlmir Volynsk (B6DR-3N)



1/1. Svend II "Estridsen" (8Q7V-HN)

   Born: Abt 988 Denmark/England  Died: 29 Apr 1076 Doderup, Abenraa,

   Buried.: Hellige-Trefolg, Kirken, Roskilde, Denmark

   Married: Thora (8Q7V-JT) and 3 Others

1/2. Biorn (Bjorn) Ulsiusson (Estridsen) (91VQ-D5)    AM33/819305

1/3.  Asbjorn Estridsen (8Q7V-VK)

   Born: Abt 992 Denmark                  Died: 1086

1/4. Bjorn Estridsson Gabelbart (8HJ8-2D)

   Born: Abt 994                          Died: 1086

1/5. Niels Estridsen (8Q7V-WQ)

   Born: Abt 996




                          Earl Of Northumbria

                        AM34/1638613  (V9VN-0X)

Born: Abt 971 Northumbria, England

Died: 1016

Parents: Walroef Or Siward  (GS58-7X) & Elfeda  (GS58-84)

Also Married: Elgiva (Alfgifu) Princess Of England (V9VM-T4), abt 1010

Married.: Abt 991 England





                        AM34/1638614  (V9VN-60)

Born: Abt 973 England

Parents: Aldun [Bishop] (V9VN-4M) & Unknown



1/1. Eadulf Of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria (V9VN-29)

   Born: Abt 992 Bernicia, Northumbria,             Died: Bef 1043

1/2.  Aldred Of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria (V9VN-3G)   AM33/819307




                      ENRICULE "le Petit Arnoul",

                           Comte De Boulogne

                        AM34/1638617  (9HMS-RK)

Born: Abt 976 Boulogne, Artois, France

Died: Abbaye De Samer-aux-bois, France

Parents: Arnoul (Arnold) (Ernulfe), Comte De Boulogne (9HMS-TW)

& Mrs-Arnoul, (G5QN-26)



                          Comtesse De Boulogne

                        AM34/1638618  (8XQ7-7M)

Born: Abt 0980 Boulogne, Artois, France


1/1. Rosetta (Rosella) De Saint Pol (G5QN-3C)

   Born: Abt 1000 St. Pol, Artois, France

   Married: Rudolph (Ralph Or Rodolph), Count Of Guisnes (G5QN-0T)

   Married.: Abt 1026 Guisness, Picardy, France

1/2. Eustache I Count De Boulogne (9HMS-N2)           AM33/819309



                               LAMBERT II

                            Count Of Louvain

                        AM34/1639619  (9HMJ-0H)

Born: Abt 0952  Louvain, Brabant, Belgium

Died: 1015

Parents: Rainer III Count Of Hainault (9HMH-X6) & Adele (Alice)

Countess Of Equisheim (9HMH-ZC)

Married.: Abt 994




                          GERBERGE De Lorraine

                        AM34/1639620  (9GDD-TG)

Born: Abt 977 Lower, Lorraine, France

Died: 1015/1018

Parents: Charles Prince Of The Franks, Duke of Lorraine (9GDD-8J) &

Bonne Adelaide (9GDD-QX)


1/1. Mahaut Of Louvain (V9VB-CG)                      AM33/819310

1/2.  Lambert III "Baudry" Count Of Louvain (92D4-BX)

   Born: Abt 0995 Lorraine, France

   Died: 21 Sep 1062  Buried.: 1062 Cloister Of, St. Gertrud, Nivelles,

   Married: Oda De Lorraine (9HMR-VX)





                         RICHARD II "The Good"

                            Duke Of Normandy

                        AM34/1638633  (9HMD-XR)

Born: Abt 0963 Normandy, France

Died: 28 Aug 1026 Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, France

Buried.: Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, France

Parents: Richard I "the Fearless" Duke Of Normandy (9HMD-VF) & Gonnor

De Crepon (9HMD-WL)

Also Married:

(2) Estrid Svendsdatter Princess Of Denmark (8HJ7-L1), 1017

(3) Pope Or Papie, Duchess Of Normandy (9R45-F7) Abt. 1024 Normandy,

Married.: Abt 981 Normandy, France


                    Princess Of Brittany (BRETAGNE)

                        AM34/1638634  (9HML-RQ)

Born: 0956 Bretagne, France

Died: 1017  Normandy, France

Parents: Conan I Duke Of Bretagne (9HML-SW) & Ermangarde D' Anjou



1/1. Adelais (Judith), Princess Of Normandy (9HML-KP)

   Born: Abt 0990 Normandy, France

   Died:  7 Or 27 Jul Aft, France

   Married: Renaud I Count Palatine Of Burgundy (9HML-JJ) Abt 1011

1/2. Richard III Duke Of Normandy (9R45-2B)

   Born: Abt 0997 Normandy, France        Died:  6 Aug 1028


   (1) Mrs-Richard-III, Concubine 1 Of Normandy (9GB5-RX)  Abt 1016

   (2) Adele (Alix) Princess Of France (9HMQ-FK) Jan 1026/1027

   (3) Mrs-Richard-III, Concubine 2 Of Normandy (9GB5-T9)

   Married: Mrs-Richard-III, Concubine 3 Of Normandy (9485-Z3)

1/3. Robert I "The Magnificent" Duke Of Normandy           AM33/819317

1/4. William Duke Of Normandy (92D5-NS)

   Born: 1001 Normandy, France            Died: Jun 1025

1/5. Eleanore Princess Of Normandy (9R45-61)

   Born: Abt 1005 Normandy, France

   Married: Baudouin IV "Barbatus", Count Of Flanders (9R45-CV)

1/6. Miss Princess Of Normandy (92D5-RB)   Born: 1007 Normandy,



                          FULBERT De FALAISE,


                        AM34/1638635  (GS5L-BT)

Born: Abt 978 Falaise, Calvados, France


Doda Mrs Of Falaise (GS5L-C1)

Born: Abt 980 Falaise, Calvados, France


1/1. Harlette De Falaise (GS5C-51)                          AM33/819318



                        RICHARD I "The Fearless"

                            Duke of Normandy


Married: Gomme de Crepon


1/1. Richard II of Normandy                               AM34/1638633

1/2. Emma of Normandy



10/11/2008: Descent from Patrick John M & Caroline Burgess

[i] Caroline Gilbert 12/2007

[ii] Allan Flook 10/08