Clan Maitland Pt 4

Issue Date: 12 June 1998.

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Continues from CLAN3:


(High Steward of Scotland)
AM28/25601  (GR3G-7H)
Born: Abt 1126, Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland.
Died: 1204
Parents: Walter Fitzalan & Eschyna De Molle
Also Married: Margaret De Galloway (9T9Q-3H), Abt 1175 + 1 Other.

Issue: (by Unknown Wife).
1/1. Avelina Fitzwalter (GR3G-55)                          AM28/25622
   Born: Abt 1179, Scotland
   Marrried: Duncan, Earl Of Carrick (9T9Q-VG) Abt 1200
1/2. Walter Stewart                                        AM27/12801
1/3. David Fitzwalter (GR3R-P5) B. Abt 1182, Scotland

                        GILCHRIST, EARL Of ANGUS
                          AM28/25603 (9G80-FB)
This is the old Celtic line, later taken by the female line to Norman
Born: Abt 1154, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland Died: Bet 1207-1211
Parents: Gillbride, Earl of Angus & Miss Dunbar
                      MARJORY PRINCESS Of SCOTLAND
                         AM28/25604  (9FTG-98)
Born: 1152, England  Died: Abt 1213
Parents: Henry, Prince of Scotland & Gundred de Warenne

1/1. Duncan, Earl Of Angus (9G80-C0)
   Born: Abt 1170  Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland D: Bet 1207-14
   Married:: Mrs-Duncan, Earl Of Angus (PZ6W-D4)
1/2. Beatrix De Angus Born: Abt 1184,                      AM27/12802

                            ROBERT DE BRUCE,
                           BARON OF ANNANDALE
                         AM28/25617  (9G42-M7)             DNB
Born: Abt 1164 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Died: 1245 Bur.: Saltre Abbey, Stilton, Huntingtonshire, England
Parents: William De Bruce, Baron of Annandale & Mrs Christine Brus
Married.: Abt 1209 Huntingdonshire, England

                          ISABELLE HUNTINGDON
                         (Princess of Scotland)
                         AM28/25618  (9G42-3G)
Born: Abt 1199 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
Died: 1251/1252, Bur.: Saltre Abbey,, Huntingdonshire, England
Parents: David Earl Of Huntingdon, & Maud De Meschines
1/1. Beatrice Bruce (9G42-ND) Born: Abt 1202 Of, Carrick, Argyllshire,
   Married: Hugh De Neville (9G4T-S8)
1/2. Robert "the Competitor" De Brus                        AM27/12809
1/3. Bernard Bruce, Lord of Exton (9G42-QQ)
   Born: Abt 1212 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
   Married: Constantia De Morteyn (9G4T-R3)
1/4. Richard De Bruce (9G42-RW) Born: Abt 1214 Of, Annandale, Dumfries
   Died: 26 Jan 1287

                           GILBERT DE CLARE,
                           EARL OF GLOUCESTER
                         AM28/25619  (8WKL-2P)             DNB  PAK
Born: 1182, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
Died: 25 Oct 1230, Penrose, Brittany, France
Bur.: 10 Nov 1230, Tewksbury, Gloucester, England
Parents: Richard De Clare, Earl of Hertford & Amice Fitzrobert,
Mar.: 9 Oct 1217, England
                            ISABEL MARSHALL,
                          Countess of Cornwall
                         AM28/25620  (8XJ6-6P)
Born: Of, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Chr.: Apr 1206 , St. David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Died: 16 Jan 1240, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England
Bur.:  Beaulieu, Southampton, England
Parents: William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke & Isabel Fitzgilbert De
Also Married: Richard Prince Of England, Earl of Cornwall (8XJ6-0N)
Mar.: 30 Mar 1231, Fawley, Buckinghamshire, England
1/1. Amica De Clare, Countess of Devon (8WKL-42)
   Born: 27 May 1220, Usk, Mommouthshire, Wales
   Died: 30 Nov 1284/1287
   Married: Baldwin De Reviers (JNH3-G9) Abt 1234 Breamore, Hants
1/2. Richard De Clare, Earl of Gloucester (8503-D3)
   Born:  4 Aug 1222, Gloucestershire, England
   Died: 15 Jul 1262 Ashenfield Manor, Waltham, Kent,
   Bur.: 28 Jul 1262, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England
   Married (1): Margaret Burgh (9FZ6-D3) Abt Sep 1236 St Edmund's,
   Wexford, Ireland
   Married (2): Maud De Lacy (FSLG-6W) On Or Bef 25 Jan Lincolnshire,
   2/1. Gilbert de Clare, (1243-1295)
      Married: Joan of Acres, dau of Edward 1st.
      3/2. Elizabeth de Clare, on Chadwick/Pakenham line KO25/5620388.
1/3. Isabel De Clare (8WKL-7K)                             AM27/12810
1/4. Sir William De Clare (8WKL-57) Born: 18 May 1228, Gloucestershire,
   Died: Retherford Bur.: 23 Jul 1258 Dureford Abbey
1/5. Adeliza De Clare (8WKL-8Q) Born: 1228?, Gloucestershire,
1/6. Gilbert De Clare (8WKL-6D) Born: 12 Sep 1229, Gloucestershire,
   Died: Aft 1241
1/7. Agnes De Clare (8WKL-9W) Born: 1229, Gloucestershire, England
   Married:  Dugal (8WKL-DF)

                        DUNCAN, EARL OF CARRICK
                         AM28/25621  (9T9Q-VG)
Born: Abt 1174  Of Galloway, Scot.
Died: 13 Jun 1250
Parents: Gilbert, Of Galloway (Carrick) & Mrs Gilbert,
Mar.: Abt 1200
                           AVELINA FITZWALTER
                         AM28/25622  (GR3G-55)
Born: Abt 1179 Of Scotland
Parents: Alan Fitzwalter, High Steward of Scotland (GR3G-7H)
1/1. Neil, Earl Of Carrick (9G46-LL)                       AM27/12811
1/2. John De Carrick (GR3G-6B) Born: Abt 1203

                             PHILLIP DE KETH
                          AM28/37185  (852X-P9)
Born: Abt 1161 Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland
Died: Bef.  1225
Parents: Malcolm De Keth (852X-RM) & Unknown
Mar.: Abt 1186
                                EDA LORENS
                          AM28/37186  (852X-QG)
Born: Abt 1166 Of Humbie, East Lothian, Scotland
Parents: Hugh Lorens (FBZM-1W) & Eda Frazer (FBZM-23)
1/1. Hervey De Keth                                         AM27/18593

                             UDARD DE FRASER
                          AM28/37217  (9QC8-02)
Born: Abt 1131 Of, Drumelzier, Peebleshire, Scotland
Parents: Gilbert Fraser & Mrs-Gilbert Fraser
Mar.: Abt 1161
Miss KYLVERT (9QC8-17)
Born: Abt 1135 Of,, Peebleshire, Scotland
Parents: Kylvert & Unknown

1/1. Adam Fraser (9QC7-XQ)
   Born: Abt 1162 Of Oliver Castle, & Drumelzier, Peebleshire,
   Married: Constantia Mrs Fraser (9QC7-ZW) Abt 1192
1/2. Sir Bernard Fraser (9QC8-2D)                           AM27/18609
1/3. Gilbert Fraser (9QC8-3K) Born: Abt 1166 Of, Drumelzier,
   Married (1): Christian  (9QC8-HM) Abt 1196
1/4. Simon Fraser (9QC8-4Q)
   Born: Abt 1168 Of, Keith In East Lothian, Peebles-shire, Scotland
1/5. Nessius Fraser (9QC8-5W)
   Born: Abt 1170 Of, Oliver Castle, Peebles-shire, Scotland

                            GILCHRIST OGILVIE
                          AM28/37219  (9QC9-MG)
Born: [1142] Of, Angus, Angusshire, Scotland
This may be the same as Gilchrist Ogilvie, s/n AM28/25603
MARJORY (9QC9-NM) Born: [1144]
1/1. Mary Ogilvie (9QC8-GG)                                 AM27/18610

                            WALTER FITZALAN
                       (High Steward of Scotland)
                         AM29/51201  (GR3Z-W1)
Born: Abt 1106, Paisley Abbey, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Died: 1177
Parents: Alan Fitzflaald (H118-70) & Avelina De Hesding (H118-85)
Married: Abt 1131
                            ESCHYNA DE MOLLE
                         AM29/51202  (H12C-MK)
Born: Abt 1125
Parents: Thomas De Londoniis (H12C-NQ) & Unknown
Also  married: Robert De Croc (H12C-SF)
1/1. Alan Fitzwalter (High Steward of Scotland)            AM28/25601

                        GILLBRIDE, EARL Of ANGUS
                         AM29/51205  (9G80-HN)
Born: Abt 1118, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland. Died: Abt 1187 Parents:
Dufugan, Earl of Angus
Born: Abt 1118 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland
Died: Abt 1187
Daughter De DUNBAR (H11T-D6)
Born: Abt 1124 Northumberland, England
1/1. Adam, Earl Of Angus (H11T-XX)
   Born: Abt 1152, Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland. Died: Bef 1198
   Married:: Unknown
1/2. Gilchrist, Earl Of Angus (9G80-FB)                    AM28/25603
1/3. Gilbert Of Angus (859D-L9), Born: Abt 1156, Powrie, Forfarshire,
1/4. William Of Angus (859D-MG), Born: Abt 1158, Forfar, Angusshire,

                       HENRY, PRINCE Of SCOTLAND
                        (EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND)
                          AM29/51207 (8XJC-RB)             DNB
Born: Abt 1114/1119, Scotland
Died: 12 Jun 1152,   Bur: Kelso, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Parents: King David I of Scotland & Matilda Huntingdon
Married.: 1134/1139, England
                          GUNDRED De WARENNE,
                          Countess of Warwick
                          AM29/51208 (GS4Z-H4)
Born: Abt 1117, Warwick, Warwickshire, England
Died: Lvg 1166, Warwickshire, England Bur: Kelso, Roxburgh, Scotland
Parents: William II De Warenne (Warren), Earl of Surrey (8PTS-0L) &
Isabel (Elizabeth) De Vermandois (8XJB-1D)
Married 1st: Roger De Beaumont (Earl of Warwick) (84ZZ-FR) Bef 1130
    Called Roger de Newburgh on Pakenham tree:        KO29/88103949
    Issue of this line continue on the Pakenham family.
Married, 2nd: Henry Prince Of Scotland
Married, 3rd: William De Lancaster, Lord of Kendal (V9T6-VD) Abt 1154

1/1. Malcolm IV "The Maiden" King Of Scotland (9FTG-4D)
   Born: 20 Mar 1141/1142, Scotland
   Died:  9 Dec 1165, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
   Bur.: Holy Trinity Church, Dumfermline, Scotland
1/2. William I "The Lion" King Of Scotland, Earl of Huntingdon (9FTG-
   5K) Born: 1143, Scotland
   Died:  4 Dec 1214, Sterling, Stirlingshire, Scotland
   Bur.: 10 Dec 1214, Abbey of Arbroath, Arbroath, Angusshire,
   Married:: Ermengarde De Beaumont (Queen of Scotland) (9FTM-8R)
   Mar.: 5 Sep 1189, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, England
   Concubines: 6: (9G43-Z3) (9G44-7F) (9G44-C4) (9G44-FG) (9G44-HS)
   Ref Barbara Erskine:
   2/1. King Alexander II of Scotland, died 1249
      Married, 1st, Joanna, eldest dau of King John of England.
      Issue: 3/1.  King Alexander III, succession died with him in
1/3. David Earl Of Huntingdon (Prince of Scotland)
                                               (9FTG-6Q)  AM29/51235
   Born: 1144, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
   Died: 17 Jun 1219, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
   Bur.: Abbey Of Saltre, , Huntingtonshire, England
   Married:: Maud De Meschines, 26 Aug 1190, Scotland
   Concubines: 2: (9G42-F6) (9G42-9H)
1/4. Ada Princess Of Scotland (7Z10-SG)
   Born: Abt 1146 Huntingdon, Died: 11 Jan Aft 1204
   Married:: Floris III "Crusader", Count Of Holland (7Z10-2N)
   28 Aug 1162
1/5. Ada Princess Of Scotland (V9VC-H9)
   Born: Abt 1147, Scotland
   Married:: Florence Count Of Holland (V9VC-G4) 1162,
1/6. Matilda Princess Of Scotland (9FTG-83) Born: Abt 1148, England
   Died: 1152, England
1/7. Marjory Princess Of Scotland (9FTG-98)                AM28/25604
1/8. Margaret Princess Of Scotland (Duchess of Brittany) (8HRW-DG)
   Born: 1154, Northumberland, Northumberland, England. D.: 1201
   Married:: Conan IV "le Petit" Count Of Bretagne (9FTZ-HC) 1159/1160,
   Married:: Humphrey De Bohun (Constable of England) (8XJS-05) Mar.:
   Bef Apr 1175  England ?

                           WILLIAM DE BRUCE,
                           Baron of Annandale
                         AM29/51233  (9FG3-VJ)             DNB
Born: Abt 1142 Of, Annandale, Dumfrieshire, Scotland
Died: 1215
Parents: Robert "Le Meschin" Brus, Baron of Annandale (9FG3-NH) &
Eufemia Mrs. Brus (9FG3-S6)
Married.: Abt 1162
CHRISTINE, Mrs Brus (9G48-BH) Born: 1144
1/1. Robert De Bruce, Baron of Annandale (9G42-M7)         AM28/25617
1/2. William De Bruce (9G48-CN) Born: [1166], Annandale, Dumfrieshire.
1/3. John De Bruce (9G48-DT) Born: [1168], Annandale, Dumfrieshire.

                       DAVID, EARL Of HUNTINGDON,
                           PRINCE OF SCOTLAND
                         AM29/51235  (9FTG-6Q)
Born: 1144 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
Died: 17 Jun 1219, Jedburgh, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Bur.: Abbey Of Saltre, , Huntingtonshire, England
Parents: Henry Prince Of Scotland, Earl of Northumberland (8XJC-RB) &
Gundred De Warenne (GS4Z-H4) (see \AF2408A)
Also: Concubine 1 & 2 (9G42-F6) (9G42-9H)

Mar.: 26 Aug 1190, Scotland
                           MAUD DE MESCHINES
                         AM29/51236  (9G42-0X)
Born: Abt 1163 Of, Cheshire, England
Died:  6 Jan 1233
Parents: Hugh "Of Kevelioc" Earl Of Chester, Viscount D'Avranches
(V9TW-RR) & Bertrade De Montfort (Evreux) (8XQ5-Z5)
1/1. Robert De Huntingdon, Prince of Scotland (9G42-14)
   Born: Abt 1191 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
   Died: Abt 1221 Dy
1/2. Henry De Huntingdon, Prince of Scotland (9G42-29)
   Born: Abt 1193 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire,
1/3. Margaret Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9FG0-MW)
   Born: Abt 1194 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
   Died: Aft 6 Jan 1233
   Married: Lord Alan De Galloway (9FG0-LQ)
   Mar.: 1209 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England

1/4. Isabelle Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9G42-3G)  AM28/25618
1/5. Matilda Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9G42-4M)
   Born: Abt 1203 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England
1/6. John Le Scot, Earl of Chester (9FTV-SH)
   Born: Abt 1207 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, Scotland
   Died: Bef 6 Jun 1237 Sp, Darnal, Yorkshire, England
   Bur.: St Werburg, Chester, Cheshire, England
   Married: Helen Verch Llewelyn (91SQ-0V)  1222
1/7. Ada Huntingdon (Princess of Scotland) (9G42-60)
   Born: Abt 1216 Of, Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire,
   Died: Abt 1265
   Married: Sir Henry De Hastings (9G4V-08) Mar.: Bef 1237

                           RICHARD DE CLARE,               DNB
                          4th EARL OF HERTFORD
                         AM29/51237  (9G8Z-MC)
Born: 1162, Tunbridge Castle, Kent, England
Died: 30 Dec 1218
Parents: Roger De Clare, Earl of Hertford (d 1173) (8WKL-Q5) & Maud
(Matilda) De Saint Hilary (8WKL-RB)
Mar.: Bef 1182
                           AMICE FITZROBERT,
                         COUNTESS OF GLOUCESTER
                         AM29/51238  (9G8Z-NJ)
Born: 1160, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, England
Died:  1 Jan 1224/1225
Parents: William "Mafonache" Fitzrobert, Earl of Gloucester (V9V7-D7) &
Hawise "De Beaumont" Of Leicester (V9SW-XJ)
Also Married: William Fitzrobert (9G91-Q4)
1/1. Gilbert De Clare, Earl of Gloucester (8WKL-2P)        AM28/25619
1/2. Maud (Matilda) De Clare (GLCB-1D)
   Born: Abt 1184 Of, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England, Died: 1213
   Married: Roger De Lacy (91QF-P2) Mar.: Abt 1191 Of, England
1/3. Richard De Clare (8WKL-LG) Born: 1186 London, Middlesex, England
   Died:  4 Mar 1228, London, Middlesex, England

                           WILLIAM MARSHALL,
                          1st EARL OF PEMBROKE
                         AM29/51219  (84ZX-0D)             DNB
Born: 1144/1146 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Died: 14 May 1219 Caversham Manor, England
Bur.: May 1219 Round Chapel Of Knight's Temple, London, Middlesex,
Parents: John "the Marshall" Fitzgilbert (FLHC-QJ) & Sibilla (Sibyl) De
Salisbury (91SN-V3)
Mar.: Aug 1189 London, Middlesex, England

                      ISABEL FITZGILBERT DE CLARE
                         AM29/51240  (84ZX-1K)
Born: Abt 1172 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Died: 1220, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
Bur.: Tintern Abbey, Tintern, Monmouthshire, England
Parents: Richard "Strongbow" Fitzgilbert De Clare, Earl of Pembroke
(91SF-H7) & Eve (Aoife) Mcmurrough, Countess of Ireland & Strigoil.

1/1. Margaret Marshall (FSLG-G9) Born: Abt 1190
1/2. Maud (Matilda) Marshall, (83XC-M5)
   Born: Abt 1192 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Chr: Sep 1201
   Died: 27 Mar 1248 Bur: Tintern Abbey, Chapel Hill,
   Married (1): Hugh Le Bigod, Earl of Norfolk (83XC-L0) Bef 1207
   Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Married (2): William Plantagenet (Warren), Earl of Surrey (8WKJ-QV)
   Mar.: 1225 Surrey, England
1/3. Eve Marshall (84ZT-3H)
   Born: Abt 1194 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Died: Bef 1246, England
   Married: William De Braose (84ZT-2B)
   Mar.:  2 May 1230 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
1/4. Gilbert Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZV-7M)
   Born: Abt 1196 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Chr.: 1203 St David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Died: 27 Jun 1241, Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
   Bur.: Temple Church, London, Middlesex,
   Married (1): Marjory Princess Of Scotland (9FV1-8D)
   Mar.: 1 Aug 1236, Berwick, Sussex, England
   Married (2): Mrs Gilbert Marshall (LLZV-8S)
   Married (3): Margaret DE Lamvallie (G8BD-DR)
1/5. William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZR-2C)
   Born: May 1198 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Died: 11 Apr 1222 Bur.: 15 Apr 1231 Temple Church, London, Married
   (1): Alice De Betune (LLZB-SC)
   Mar.: Abt 1214 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Married (2): Eleanor Princess Of England (8WKP-JJ) 23 Apr 1224
1/6. Richard Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZR-3J)
   Born: Abt 1200 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Died: 16 Apr 1234 Kilkenny, Castle, Kildare, Ireland
   Bur.: 17 Apr 1234 , Kilkenny, Kildare, Ireland
   Married (1): Gervaise Le Dinant (LLZV-1L) Abt 1222
   Married (2): Gervaise De Dinan (V9S6-RR)
   1222 Of, Dinan, Brittany, France
1/7. Joane Marshall (LLZV-RD) Born: Abt 1202 Of, Pembroke,
   Died: Abt 1234
   Married: Warin Munchensy (N2KT-77) Mar.: Abt 1217 Of, Pembroke,
1/8. Anselm Marshall (84ZX-LH) Born: Abt 1204 Of, Pembroke,
   Died: 22 Dec 1245, Chepstow Bur.: Tinton Abbey
   Married: Maud De Bohun (FHLF-R3) Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire,
1/9. Isabel Marshall (8XJ6-6P)                             AM28/25620
1/10. Walter Marshall, Earl of Pembroke (LLZV-DH)
   Born: Abt 1206 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Died: 24 Nov 1245 Gooddrich Castle, London, Middlesex,
   Bur.: Tintern, Abbey, England
   Married: Margaret De Quincy, Countess of Lincoln (91SM-0G)
   Mar.: 6 Jan 1242 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
1/11. Sibyl Marshall (84ZW-WW) Born: Of Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Chr.: 1209, St. David's, Pembrokeshire, Wales    Died: 27 Apr 1245
   Married (1): William Ferrers, Earl of Derby (B3D9-2C)
   Mar.: Abt.  1223 Of, Pembroke, Pembrokeshire, Wales
   Married (2): Walter Dunstanville (B455-71)
   Married (3): Ingeram Pratellis (B455-86)

                          GILBERT, OF GALLOWAY
                         AM29/51241  (9T9Q-15)
Born: Abt 1126 Of, Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland
Died:  1 Jan 1185
Parents: Fergus Lord Of Galloway (9T9P-ZT) & Elizabeth Princess Of
England (9T9Q-00)
Mar.: Abt 1173 Of Carrick, Ayrshire, Scotland
Mrs-Gilbert, Of Galloway (Carrick) (PZ62-7S)
Born: 1126?

1/1. Duncan Earl Of Carrick (9T9Q-VG)                      AM28/25621

                             MALCOLM DE KETH
                          AM29/74369  (852X-RM)
Born: Abt 1135 Of Humbie, E. Lothian, Scotland
Died: Aft 1220 Of Humbie, E. Lothian, Scotland
Parents: Herveus Or Hervey Or Herbert De Keth, Marischal (852X-SS) &
1/1. Philip De Keth, Marischal (852X-P9)                   AM28/37185
1/2. David Keth (852X-T0) Born: Abt 1170 Of Humbie, E.  Lothian,

                               HUGH LORENS
                          AM29/74371  (FBZM-1W)
Born: [1170]
Mar.: Bef 1190 Of, Keith Symon, East Lothian, Scotland
                                EDA FRASER
                          AM29/74372  (FBZM-23)
Born: Abt 1170 Of, Keth Symon, East Lothian, Scotland
Parents: Simon Fraser (NS4T-2J) & Mrs-Simon Fraser (NS4T-3P)
1/1. Eda Lorens (852X-QG)                                   AM28/37186

                              GILBERT FRASER
                          AM29/74433  (9QC8-63)
Born: Abt 1098 Of, Tweeddale, Peebleshire, Scotland
Died: Aft 1109    Mar.: Abt 1128
Mrs-Gilbert FRASER (NS4T-06)
Born: Abt 1102 Of, Tweeddale, Pebblesshire, Scotland
1/1. Oliver Fraser (9QC8-K0)
   Born: Abt 1129 Of Oliver Castle, Tweedmuir, Peebleshire, Scotland
   Died: Aft 1199
1/2. Udard De Fraser (9QC8-02)                              AM28/37217
1/3. Son Fraser (9QC8-L5)
   Born: Abt 1133 Of, Drumelzeir, Peebleshire, Scotland
1/4. Maria Fraser (9QC8-MB)
   Born: Abt 1135 Of, N. Hales, Peebleshire, Scotland
   Married (1):  Ness (9QC8-NH)

                          AM29/74435  (9QC8-PN)
Born: [1109]
1/1. Miss KYLVERT (9QC8-17)                                 AM28/37219

                         DUFUGAN, EARL Of ANGUS
                         AM30/102409  (9G80-K1)
Born: Abt 1190 Forfar, Angusshire, Scotland
1/1. Gillbride, Earl Of Angus (9G80-HN)                    AM29/51205
   Married: Daughter De Dunbar (H11T-D6)

                        KING DAVID I of SCOTLAND           DNB
                              "The Saint"
                         AM30/102413  (8XJB-C4)
Born: Abt 1080/1082, Scotland
Died: 24 May 1153, Carlisle, Cumberland
Bur.: Dunfermline, Fifeshire,
Parents: King Malcolm III & Margaret "Atheling"
Married.: 1113/1114, Scotland
                       MATILDA (Maud) HUNTINGTON
                          (Queen of Scotland)
                         AM30/102414  (8XJC-MM)
Born: Abt 1072 Huntington, Huntingdonshire, England
Died: 23 Apr 1130/1131 Scotland
Bur.: 1130/1131, Scone, Perthshire, England
Parents: Waltheof Of Northumberland & Judith Of Boulogne
Also Married: Simon De Saint Liz or Semlis (Ct Hntngtn & Nrthmptn)
(GS4V-19) 1090, Huntingdonshire,
1/1.  Child Prince Of Scotland (8MMC-VJ) Born: [1108]
1/2.  Malcolm Prince Of Scotland (V9S2-08)
   Born: Abt 1113, Scotland
1/3. Henry Prince Of Scotland (8XJC-RB)                     AM29/51207
1/4. Malcolm Prince Of Scotland (8XJC-NS)
   Born: Abt 1114, Scotland      Died: Scotland
1/5. Clarice Princess Of Scotland (V9S2-1F)
   Born: Abt 1115, Scotland
1/6. Claricia Princess Of Scotland (8XJC-P0)
   Born: Abt 1116, Scotland Died: Abt 1135, Scotland
1/7. Hodierna, Princess Of Scotland (8XJC-Q5)
   Born: Abt 1117, Scotland    Died: Abt 1140, Scotland

                         WILLIAM II De WARENNE             DNB (PAK)
                             Earl Of Surrey
                         AM30/102415  (8PTS-0L)
Born: Abt 1065 Sussex, England
Died: 11 May 1138, England
Bur.: Priory Of Lewes, Lewes, Sussex,
Parents: William De Warren & Gundred Of England

Married.: Bef 1118, France
                    ISABEL (Elizabeth) De VERMANDOIS
                         AM30/102416  (8XJB-1D)
Born: Abt 1081 Valois, Bretagne, France
Died: 13 Feb 1131,        Bur.:  Lewes, Sussex,
Parents: Hugh De Crepi, Count of Vermandois, & Adelaide
Also Married: Robert De Beaumont, Count of Meulan, (9FTX-N3) 1096

1/1. William III De Warenne (Warren), Earl of Surrey (8WKS-C3)
   Born: Abt 1110 Vermandois, Normandy, France  Died: 1148 Laodicea
   Married: Adelia De Talvas (Talvace) (8WKS-D8)
1/2. Reginald De Warenne (Warren) (8PTS-34)
   Born: Abt 1113 Vermandois, Normandy,
   Married: Adela De Mowbray (91SL-7J)
1/3. Ralph De Warenne (Warren) (8PTS-49)
   Born: Abt 1115 Vermandois, Normandy, France
1/4. Gundred De Warenne, Countess of Warwick (GS4Z-H4)     AM29/51208

                            ROBERT DE BRUCE,
                           Baron of Annandale
                         AM30/102465  (9FG3-NM)            DNB
abt 1138-1189
Parents: 2nd son of Robert de Bruce II
Married: Eufemia
1/1. William de Bruce                                      AM29/51233
1/2. Robert de Bruce IV, died bef 1191

                            RICHARD De CLARE               DNB
Died: 1176
Married: Eve McMurrough
1/1. Isabel de Clare                                       AM29/51240

                      MALCOLM III King Of Scotland         DNB
                         AM31/204825  (8XJB-53)
Born: Abt 1033 Atholl, Perthshire,
Died: 13 Nov 1093 Alnwick, Northumberland,
Bur.: Holy Trinity Church, Dumferline, Fifeshire,
Parents: Duncan I King Of Scotland (8XJK-C3) & Sibyl Fitzsiward (B1DK-
Also Married: Ingebiorge Arneson (8XJK-7D) Abt 1059 Atholl, Perthshire,
Married.: 1067/1069 Atholl, Perthshire,

                          MARGARET "ATHELING"
Princess Of England (9FTX-SR)
Born: Abt 1043/1045 Wessex, England
Died: 16 Nov 1093 Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian,
Bur.: Dunfermline, Fifeshire,
Parents: Edward "Atheling", Prince Of England, The Exile, (91QS-T8) &
Agatha Von Brunswick (9HMF-HN)

1/1. Edward Prince Of Scotland (8XJB-7F)
   Born: Abt 1068 Scotland   Died: 16 Nov 1093 Edwards Isle, Scotland
1/2. Edmund Prince Of Scotland (8XJB-8L)
   Born: Abt 1070 Scotland   Died: Montague, Somersetshire, England
1/3. Ethelred Prince Of Scotland (8XJB-9R)
   Born: Abt 1072 Scotland
   Died: 13 Nov 1093 Scotland Bur.:Kilremont Church
1/4. Edgar King Of Scotland (8XJB-BX)
   Born: Abt 1074/1075 Scotland
   Died:  8 Jan 1106/1107  Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Mid-Lothian,
   Bur.: Dunfermline, Fifeshire,
1/5. Prince Of Scotland (V9VC-CL) Born: Abt 1074 Scotland
1/6. Prince Of Scotland (V9VC-DR) Born: Abt 1076 Scotland
1/7. Alexander I King Of Scotland (8XJ3-9S)
   Born: Abt 1077/1078 Scotland
   Died: 23 Apr 1124 Stirling, Stirlingshire,
   Bur.: 25 Apr 1124 Dunfermline Abbey, Dunfermline, Fifeshire,
   Married: Sibyl Elizabeth (8XJ3-2L) 1107
1/8. Matilda "Atheling" Princess Of Scotland (AFN:8XJ0-JL)
   Born: Abt 1079/1080 Dunfermline, Fifeshire,
   Died: 1 May 1118 Westminster, Middlesex,
   Bur.: Jun 1118 Church of St Peter, Westminster, Middlesex, Married:
   Henry I "Beauclerc" King Of England (8XJ0-6V)
   11 Nov 1100 Westminster, London, Middlesex,
1/9. David I "The Saint" King Of Scotland                  AM30/102413
1/10. Mary Princess Of Scotland (8XJB-D9)
   Born: Abt 1084 Scotland
   Died: 31 May 1116 St. Saviors Monastery, Bermondsey, Middlesex,
   Bur.: Bermondsey, Middlesex,
   Married: Eustache III Count De Boulogne (8XJK-4V) 1102

                                WALTHEOF                   DNB
               Earl Of Northumberland, Earl of Huntingdon
                         AM31/204827  (V9VL-BD)
Born: Abt 1042 Northumberland, Chr.: (Minor-1055)
Died: 31 May 1076       Bur.: Jun 1076 Crowland, Lincolnshire,
Parents: Siward Biornsson Earl Of Northumberland (V9VL-RM) & Aelfled
(Elfleda) Of Bernicia, Countess of Northumberland (V9VL-FW)
Married.: 1070 Artois, France
                      JUDITH Of BOULOGNE (V9VB-5F)
Born: 1054/1055 Lens, Artois, France
Parents: Lambert Of Boulogne, Count of Lens (V9VB-8X)
& Adelaide "Countess Of Aumale" Countess Of Ponthieu (V9VB-2W)

1/1. Matilda (Maud) Huntington (8XJC-MM)                   AM30/102414
1/2. Alice (Adeliza) Huntingdon (9PGC-G4)
   Born: Abt 1085 Flamsted, Hertfordshire, Died: Aft 1126
   Married: Ralph De Toeni (De Conches) (9PGC-FX) 1103 England

                           WILLIAM De WARREN
                         AM31/204829  (GXQC-Z6)
Also                         KO31/352415797
Born: Abt 1055 Bellencombe, S Infr, France
Died: 24 Jun 1088 Lewes, Sussex, England
Bur.: Priory Of Lewes, Lewes, Sussex,
Parents: Ralph De Warren (FLGX-8C) & Emma Mrs De Warenne (FLGX-9J) Also
Married: Goet Gouet (8PTT-5L)
Married.: Bef 1077 Normandy, France

                     GUNDRED, Princess Of England,
                           Countess of Surrey
                         AM31/204830  (8PTS-DN)
Born: Abt 1063 Normandy, France
Died: 27 May 1085 Castle Acre, Acre, Norfolk, England
Bur.: Priory, Lewes, Sussex,
Parents: William I "The Conqueror" King Of England, Duke Of Normandy,
(8XHZ-SV) & Matilda (Maud) Countess Of Flanders (8XHZ-T2)

1/1. William II De Warenne (8PTS-0L)                       AM30/102415
1/2. Reginald De Warren (8PTS-FT)   Born: Abt 1082 Sussex, England
1/3.  Edith De Warren (8PTS-H6) Born: Abt 1084 Sussex, England
   Married: Drew De Monceux (8PTS-MV) & Gerald De Gurney (9FTF-RJ)
1/4. Gundred De Warren (9FK0-XR)
Born: Abt 1085 Acre Castle, Acre, Norfolk, England

                       HUGH "The Great" De CREPI,
                          Count of Vermandois,
                         AM31/204831 (8XJ9-QV)
Born: Abt 1050 Vermandois, Normandy, France
Died: 18 Oct 1102 Tarsus, Cilicie     Bur.: St Paul De Tarse Parents:
Henri I King Of France (8XJC-GR) & Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna Grand Duchess
Of Kiev (9FV2-R4)
Married.: Abt 1064 France

                    ADELAIDE, Countess Of Vermandois
                         AM31/204832  (8XJ9-R2)
Born: Abt 1050 Valois, Bretagne, France
Died: 23 Sep 1120/1124 Vermandois, Normandy, France
Parents: Herbert V Count Of Vermandois (9G81-VP) & Parvie (Pavie)
Countess Of Vermandois (GP1Z-S5)
1/1. Agnes De Vermandois (8XJ9-S7)
   Born: Abt 1065 Valois, Bretagne, France   Died: Aft 1125
   Married:  Marcis, Marquis delVaste (9GB6-MD)
1/2. Constance De Vermandois (8XJ9-TD)
   Born: Abt 1069 Valois, Bretagne, France
   Married: Godefroi (Gottfried) De Laferte-Gaucher (9GB6-NK) Abt 1100

1/3. Maud (Matilda) De Vermandois (8XJ9-VK)
   Born: Abt 1071 Valois, Bretagne, France       Died: 1080
   Married: Raoul De Beaugency (9G4B-TC) Abt 1111  Beaugency, Loiret,
1/4. Raoul I Count Of Vermandois (8XJ9-WQ)
   Born: Abt 1073 Valois, Bretagne, France
   Died: 14 Oct 1152 Bur.: St Arnoul, Crepy
   Married: Eleonore De Champagne (8XJ1-5T) 1124/1125 Div
   Married: Alix De Poitou (9GB6-R3) 1142 Div
   Married: Laurette De Lothringen (9GB6-S8) 1152
1/5. Henry Lord Of Chaumont (8XJ9-XW)
   Born: Abt 1075 Valois, Bretagne, France     Died: 1130
1/6. Simon De Vermandois (8XJ9-Z3)
   Born: Abt 1077 Valois, Bretagne, France
   Died: 10 Feb 1148 Selencie   Bur.:  Orcamp Abbey
1/7. Beatrix De Vermandois (8XJB-07)
   Born: Abt 1079 Valois, Bretagne, France
   Died: Aft 1144     Married: Hugh III De Gourney (9GB6-TF)
1/8. Isabel (Elizabeth) De Vermandois (8XJB-1D)            AM30/102416
1/9. Daughter De Vermandois (8XJB-3Q)  Born: Abt 1085 Valois, Bretagne,
1/10. William De Vermandois (8XJB-4W)
    Born: Abt 1087 Valois, France Died: Abt 1096
1/11. Son De Crepi (Count of Vermandois) (V9T6-WK)
   Born: Abt 1090 Crepy, France       Died: 1152

                          ROBERT DE BRUCE, II
                         AM31/204929  (9FG3-NM)            DNB
abt 1078-1141
Parents: Son of Robert de Bruce I
1/1. Robert de Bruce III                                  AM30/102465

                            ALAN FITZFLAALD,
                         SHERIFF OF SHROPSHIRE
                         AM31/102401  (H118-70)
Born: Abt 1078, Dol, Normandy, France Chr.: Shropshire, England Died:
Parents: Fledaldus Or Flaald Senescal Of Dol & Mrs Ditto

Married.: Abt 1105
                           AVELINA De HESDING
                         AM31/102402 (H118-85)
Born: Abt 1095 Shropshire, England
Parents: Ernulf De Hesding (HPFK-DP) & Unknown
1/1. Walter Fitzalan (GR3Z-W1)                             AM30/51201
1/2. Jordan Fitzalan, Senescal of Dol (H11J-4K)
   Born: Abt 1108 Tuxford, Nottinghamshire,   Married: Mary  (H11K-S5)
1/3. William Fitzalan, Lord of Oswestrie  (H11J-BL)
   Born: Abt 1110 Oswestrie, Shropshire,    Chr.: Bef 1165
   Died: 1160      Married: Helen Peverel (924H-ZW)
1/4. Simon Fitzalan (H12C-WX) Born: Abt 1123 Scotland

                          THOMAS De LONDONIIS
                         AM31/102403  (H12C-NQ)
Born: Abt 1100
1/1. Eschyna De Molle (H12C-MK)                            AM30/51202

                          FLEDALDUS Or FLAALD
                            Senescal Of Dol
                         AM32/204801  (H11K-NG)
Born: Abt 1046 Dol-de-Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, France
Parents: Alan, Senescal Of Dol (HPFN-02) & Unknown
Married: Abt 1084 Mrs-Fledaldus Or Flaald Dol (PZ7H-ZH)
Born: Abt 1050 Dol, Normandy, France
1/1. Alan Fitzflaald (H118-70)                             AM31/102401

                           ERNULF De HESDING
                         AM32/204803  (HPFK-DP)
Born: [1055]
1/1. Avelina De Hesding (H118-85)                          AM31/102402

                       WILLIAM I "The Conqueror"           DNB
                            King Of England,
                           Duke Of Normandy,
                         AM32/409659  (8XHZ-SV)
Born: 14 Oct 1024 Falaise, Calvados, France
Parents: Robert II of Nroamndy
Chr: 1066 Norman Conquest, As An Adult;
Died: 10 Sep 1087 Hermentruvilleby, Rouen, Seine-Maritime, France
Buried.: Abbey of St Stephen, Caen, Calvados, France
1050 Castle Of, Angi, Normandy, France

                             MATILDA (Maud)
                          Countess Of Flanders
                         AM32/409660  (8XHZ-T2)
Parents: Baldwyn V of Flanders
Died: 1083
1/1. Gundred, Princess Of England, Countess of Surrey AM31/204830

                         ALAN, Senescal Of DOL
                         AM33/409601  (HPFN-02)
Born: 1020? Dol-de-Bretagne, Ille-et-Vilaine, France
1/1. Fledaldus Or Flaald Of Dol (H11K-NG)        AM32/204801
1/2. Alan, Senescal Of Dol (H11K-PM)
   Born: Abt 1056, Abbey Of St Florent, Brittany
   Died: 1097 Sp,, Jerusalem, Palestine
1/3. Rivallon (Rhiwallon), Monk of Mexuoit. (H11K-R0)
   Born: Abt 1058

                       DUNCAN 1 King Of Scotland
                         AM32/409649  (8XJK-C3)
Born: Abt 1013 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Died: 14 Aug 1040 Iona, near Elgin, Scotland (killed By Macbeth)
Buried.: Iona, Near Elgin, Scotland
Parents: Crinan De Mormaer & Bethoc (Beatrix) Princess Of Scotland
Married.: 1030 Scotland
                            SIBYL FITZSEWARD
                         AM32/409650  (B1DK-HK)
Born: Abt 1014 Northumberland, England Died: 1040
Parents: Seward Earl Of Northumbia & Mrs-Seward
She Also married:
(1) Gillacomgan Mormaer Of Moray (9G5V-C8)
(2) Macbeth King Of Scotland (8XJJ-JS)

1/1. Malcolm III King Of Scotland (8XJB-53)                AM31/204825
1/2. Donald "Bane" III King Of Scotland (8XJK-FF)
   Born: Abt 1033/1034 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
   Died: Aft 1097 Rescobie, Angusshire, Scotland
   Buried.: Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland
   Married: Mrs-Donald III Queen Of Scotland (8XJL-7J)
   Married.: 1059 Rescobie, Angusshire, Scotland
1/3. Melmare (Melkofr), Earl Of Atholl, Prince of Scotland (8XJK-1C)
   Born: Abt 1038 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
1/4. Duncan Earl Of Moray (V9VV-KP)
   Born: Abt 1038  Morayshire, Scotland
   Married: Octreda Of Allerdale (V9VV-QK) Abt 1076 , Cumberland,

                 EDWARD "Atheling", Prince Of England,
                               THE EXILE
                         AM32/409651  (91QS-T8)
Born: 1016 (41-1057) Wessex, England
Died: 1057 London, Middlesex, England
Parents: Edmund II "Ironside" & Ealdgyth (Algitha)
He Also married: Elflaed Of England (91RP-5H)
Married.: Abt 1035 London, Middlesex,

                          AGATHA Von BRUNSWICK
                         AM32/409652  (9HMF-HN)
aka: (Agatha Of Hungary)  (HNJD-X1))
Born: Abt 1018 Braunschweig, Prussia
Died: 13 Jul 1024
Parents: Liudolf Count Of Brunswick & Gertrude Von Egisheim
1/1. Edgar "Atheling", Prince Of England (GS4H-FT)
   Born: Abt 1036 Wessex, England         Died: Aft 1126
1/2. Margaret "Atheling" Princess Of England (9FTX-SR)     AM31/204826
1/3. Christina "Atheling", Princess Of England (GS4H-G1)
   Born: Abt 1044 Wessex, England

                           SIWARD BIORNSSON,
                         Earl Of Northumberland
                         AM32/409653  (V9VL-RM)
Born: Abt 1012 Denmark
Died: 1055 York, Yorkshire, Buried.: Galmanho Abby, York, Yorkshire,
Parents: Biorn (Bjorn) Ulsiusson & Unknown
He Also Married:
Godiva, Countess of Northumberland (V9VL-SS) Abt 1044 England Married.:
Abt 1033 Northumberland, England
                     AELFLED (Elfleda) Of BERNICIA
                         AM32/409654  (V9VL-FW)
Born: Abt 1016 Bernicia, Northumbria, England
Parents: Aldred Of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria & Unknown

1/1. Waltheof Earl Of Northumberland (V9VL-BD)   AM31/204827
1/2. Sybil  (8Q7S-QL)
   Born: Abt 1048 Northumberland, England           Died: 1070
1/3. Osbeorne  (8Q7S-RR)                Born: Abt 1050 Northumberland,

                          LAMBERT Of BOULOGNE,
                             Count of Lens
                         AM32/409655  (V9VB-8X)
Born: Abt 1020 Boulogne, Picardy, France
Died: 1054 Battle Lille, Flanders
Parents: Eustache I Count De Boulogne & Mahaut Of Louvain
Married.: Abt 1053 Normandy, France
                          "Countess Of Aumale"
                          Countess Of Ponthieu
                         AM32/409656  (V9VB-2W)
Born: Abt 1027 Normandy, France
Died: Bef 1090
Parents: Robert I Duke Of Normandy & Harlette De FALAISE
She Also Married:
(1) Enguerrand II Count Of Ponthieu, Sire d'Aumale (V9VB-P6)
Abt 1045 Normandy, France
(2) Eudes III Count Of Aumale, Count of Troyes (9R46-9N)
Abt 1056  Normandy, France

1/1. Judith Of Boulogne (V9VB-5F)                 AM31/204828

                           ROBERT DE BRUCE, I
                              AM32/409857                  DNB
Died abt 1094
Founder of family in England. From Bruis, nr Cherbourg, came with the
Conqueror & recieved grants of land in Cleveland, Yorks.
1/1. Robert de Bruce II                                   AM31/203929

                           CRINAN De MORMAER,
                            Abbot of Dunkeld
                         AM33/819297  (8XJK-GL)
Born: Abt 0975  Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Died: 1045 Dunkeld, Perthshire, Scotland
Parents: Duncan, Lord Of Mormaer & Mrs-Duncan Mormaer
Married.: Abt 1010 Atholl, Perthshire,

                 BETHOC (Beatrix) Princess Of Scotland
                         AM33/819298  (8XJK-HR)
Born: Abt 984  Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Parents: Malcolm II King Of Scotland & Mrs Malcolm

1/1. Daughter Princess Of Scotland (9G83-P4)
   Born: Abt 1011 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland  Married: Unknown
1/2. Duncan I King Of Scotland (8XJK-C3)            AM32/409649
1/3. Maldred Earl Of Dunbar, King of Cumbrie (8XJJ-WP)
   Born: Abt 1015 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland    Died: Abt 1045
   Married: Ealdgyth (Aglithia), Princess Of Northumberland (8XJJ-XV)
   Abt 1036

                       SEWARD Earl Of Northumbria
                         AM33/817299  (FLGZ-65)
Born: Abt 978 Scotland
Parents:  Biorn &  MRS. Biorn
Mrs Seward (FLGZ-7B)
Born: Abt 982 Northumbia, Scotland
1/1. Sibyl Fitzsiward (B1DK-HK)                        AM32/409650

                          EDMUND 11 "Ironside"
                            King Of England
                         AM33/819301  (B19R-1N)
Born: Abt O992 Wessex, England
Died: 30 Nov 1016 London, Middlesex, England
Buried.: Glastonbury, Somersetshire, England
Parents: Ethelred II "The Unready" & Alfgifu (Aelflaed)
Married.: Abt Aug 1015 London, Middlesex, England
                          EALDGYTH (Algitha),
                         AM33/819302  (91QS-S3)
Born: Abt 995 Wessex, England
Parents: Morcar Of England & Edgitha Of England
1/1. Edward "Atheling", Prince Of England (91QS-T8)    AM32/409651

                      LIUDOLF Count Of Brunswick,
                         Margrave in Freisland
                         AM33/819303  (96LJ-V8)
Born: Abt 1011 Brunswick, Germany
Died: 23 Apr 1038
Parents: Bruno Von Brunswick, & Gisele Duchess Of Swabia
He Also married:
Gertrud Countess In Nordgau (96LJ-N7) & Gertrude De Gand (MQD7-0C)

Married.: 1020
Born: 0999?

1/1. Agatha Von Brunswick (9HMF-HN)                   AM32/409652
1/2.  Ida Countess Of Brunswick (978N-DF)
   Born: Abt 1023 Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany
   Married: Leopold, Margrave Of Neumark (978N-57)
   Married.: Abt 1046 Braunschweig, Braunschweig, Germany

                        BIORN (Bjorn) ULSIUSSON
                         AM33/819305  (91VQ-D5)
Born: Abt 990 Denmark
Died: 1045/1049
Parents: Ulf Thorgilsson & Estrid Svendsdatter
1/1. Siward Biornsson Earl Of Northumberland (V9VL-RM)  AM32/409653

                          ALDRED Of BERNICIA,
                          Earl of Northumbria
                         AM33/819307  (V9VN-3G)
Born: Abt 994 Bernicia, Northumbria, England
Died: Abt 1039
Parents: Ughtred Earl Of Northumbria & Eggfrida
1/1. Aelfled (Elfleda) Of Bernicia (V9VL-FW)          AM32/409654
1/2.  Daughter Of Bernicia (V9VL-G3)
   Born: Abt 1020 Bernicia, Northumbria, England

                               EUSTACHE I
                           Count De Boulogne
                         AM33/819309  (9HMS-N2)
Born: Abt 1004 Boulogne, Vendee, France
Parents: Enricule Comte De Boulogne & Adeline
Married.: Abt 1005 Brabant, Belgium
                           MAHAUT Of LOUVAIN
                         AM33/819310  (V9VB-CG)
Born: Abt 984 Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
Parents: Lambert II Count Of Louvain & Gerberge De Lorraine
1/1. Lambert Of Boulogne, Count of Lens (V9VB-8X)     AM32/409655 1/2.
Eustache II, Count De Boulogne (9QVV-NJ)
   Born: Abt 1030 Boulogne, France      Died: Abt 1093
   Married: Ida De Bouillon (9QVV-BS) Dec 1057

                                ROBERT I   (or II)
                           "The Magnificent"
                            Duke Of Normandy
                         AM33/819317  (8XJ0-S0)
Born: Abt 0999 Normandy, France
Died:  2 Jul 1035 Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey
Buried.: Nicaea, Bithynia, Turkey
Parents: Richard II "The Good" Duke Of Normandy & Judith Princess Of
Also Married: Estrid (Margret), Of Normandy (9R45-D2)

Married.: Abt 1023 Not Married
                          HARLETTE De FALAISE
                         AM33/819318  (GS5C-51)
Born: Abt 1003 Falaise, Clavados, France
Parents: Fulbert De Falaise & Doda Mrs Of Falaise
She Also Married: Harlevin De Conteville (8JF1-F3)
1/1. William I "The Conqueror" (8XHZ-SV)              AM32/409659
1/2. Adelaide "Countess Of Aumale" (V9VB-2W)          AM32/409656
1/3. Godiva ref Pakenham family:                      KO29/82448612

                        DUNCAN, Lord Of MORMAER
                        AM34/1638593  (9G9W-HH)
Born: Abt 0949 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
Mrs-Duncan Mormaer (8HSF-H5)
Born: Abt 0951 Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland
1/1. Crinan De Mormaer (8XJK-GL)                      AM33/819297

                      MALCOLM 11 King Of Scotland
                        AM34/1638595  (9G83-Q9)
Born: Abt 970 Scotland
Died: 25 Nov 1034 Glamis, Forfarshire, Scotland
Buried.: Iona, Argyllshire, Scotland
Parents: Kenneth II King Of Scotland (9G83-TS) & Mrs Kenneth, (9G83-V0)

Married.: Abt 983
Mrs-Malcolm Queen Of Scotland (9G83-RG)
Born: Abt 962 Scotland
Parents: Sigurd  (GS63-1B) & Unknown

1/1. Bethoc (Beatrix) Princess Of Scotland            AM33/819298
1/2.  Donalda Princess Of Scotland (8XJJ-HM)
   Born: Abt 986 Scotland
   Married: Finlaech (Findlaech) Of Scotland (8XJJ-GG) 1004
1/3. Anleta (Thora Donada), Princess Of Scotland (9G83-SM)
   Born: Abt 0988 Scotland
   Married: Sigurd II Driga, Jarl Of Orkney (8XJL-41) 1008

                        AM34/1634597  (FLGZ-8H)
Born: Abt 953 Scotland
Parents:  Styrbiorn (FLGZ-BT) &  Mrs Styrbiorn (FLGZ-C1)
Born: Abt 958 Scotland
1/1. Seward Earl Of Northumbria                       AM33/817299

                              ETHELRED 11
                     "The Unready" King Of England
                        AM34/1638601  (B19R-5C)
Born: Abt 0968 Wessex, England
Died: 23 Apr 1016 London, Middlesex, England
Buried.: St Paul's, London, Middlesex, England
Parents: Edgar "The Peacable", King Of England (GS4H-P7) & Elfrida
(Elfthryth), Queen Of England (GS4H-QD)
Also married:
Married: Emma Princess Of Normandy (B19R-Q9), 1002  Normandy, France
       Dau of Richard the Fearless of Normandy
Married.: Abt 985 Wessex, England

                  Alfgifu (Aelflaed) Queen Of England
                        AM34/1638602  (GS4H-MV)
Born: Abt 968 Wessex, England
Parents: Thored Ealderman Gunnarsson (GS58-CM) & Mrs Thored G. FLGP-R0)

1/1. Edmund II "Ironside" King Of England             AM33/819301
1/2.  Elfgifu Princess Of England (8XQ8-94)
   Born: Abt 997  Wessex, England
   Married: Alfgar III Earl Of Mercia (B19T-5M)
1/3. Elgiva (Alfgifu) Princess Of England (V9VM-T4)
   Born: Abt 989 Wessex, England
   Married: Ughtred Earl Of Northumbria (V9VN-0X) Abt 1010 England
1/4. Athelstan Prince Of England (B19R-7P)
   Born: Abt 0986 Wessex, England         Died: 1016
1/5. Egbert Prince Of England (B19R-8V)
   Born: Abt 0988  Wessex, England        Died: Abt 1005
1/6. Edred Prince Of England (B19R-92)
   Born: Abt 0990 Wessex, England
1/7. Edwig Prince Of England (B19R-B7)
   Born: Abt 0991  Wessex, England        Died: 1017 England
1/8. Edward Prince Of England (B19R-CD)
   Born: Abt 0994 Wessex, England
1/9. Edgar Prince Of England (B19R-DK)
   Born: Abt 0996 Wessex, England
1/10. Edith Princess Of England (B19R-FQ)
   Born: Abt 0997 Wessex, England
   Married (1): Edric Streora, Earl Of Mercia (B19R-LL) (915X-XK)
1/11. Wulfhild Princess Of England (B19R-H3)
   Born: Abt 0999 Wessex, England
   Married (1): Ulfcytel, "Snylling", Earl Of East Anglia (B19R-NX)
   (8XJQ-3D) (915Z-9F)  Abt 1015 Wessex, England
1/12. Miss Princess Of England, Queen of Ringmere (B19R-J8)
   Born: Abt 1000 Wessex,, England
   Married: Athelstan, King At Ringmere (B19R-ZH) Abt 1021 Wessex,,
1/13. Miss Princess Of England, Abbess (B19R-KF)
   Born: Abt 1001 Wherewell, Hampshire, England
1/14. Aethelreda Princess Of England (9G9V-V8)
   Born: Abt 1042 Dunbar, East Lothian, Scotland
   Married: Gospatric, Earl Of Northumberland (8XJJ-Z2) Abt 1057

                           MORCAR Of England
                        AM34/1638603  (GS5R-M3)
Born: Abt 0960 England
Edgitha Of England (GS5R-N8)
Born: Abt 0960  England
1.  Ealdgyth (Algitha), Queen Of England              AM33/819302

                          BRUNO Von BRUNSWICK,
                       MARQUIS OF WEST FRIESLAND
                        AM34/1638605  (R6DJ-KK)
Born: 0960 Derlingo, Westfriesland
Died: 1012/1014
Parents: Ekbert "One-Eyed" Count Von Ambergau (R6DJ-N3) & Frederuna
                        GISELE Duchess Of Swabia
                        AM34/1638606  (978N-8Q)
Born: 11 Nov 0999 Schwaben, Bavaria
Died: 14 Feb 1043
Parents: Hermann II Duke Of Swabia (9GB5-CV) & Gerberga (9GB5-D2)
She Also married:
(1) Ernst, Duke Of Swabia (978N-7K) Abt 1013/1014 Schwaben, Bavaria
(2) Konrad II Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire, King of Italy  &
Burgundy (9HMT-5L) 21 Nov 1017
1/1. Liudolf Count Of Brunswick (96LJ-V8)              AM33/819303

                            ULF THORGILSSON
                        AM34/1638609  (8Q7V-S7)
Born: Abt 0967 Halland, , Sweden
Died: 22 Sep 1027
Parents: Thorgils Sprakling (8HJ6-T3) & Sigrid Mrs Sprakling (8HJ8-4Q)
Married.: Abt 987
                          ESTRID SVENDSDATTER
                          Princess Of Denmark
                        AM34/1638610  (8HJ7-L1)
Born: Abt 967 Denmark
Died:  9 May
Parents: Svend I "Tveskaeg" "Forked Beard" King Of Denmark and of
Norway and of England (DRDN-T9) & Swietoslava (Sygryda) (Gunhild)
Princess Of Poland (6TKJ-XP)
She Also Married:
(2) Richard II "The Good" Duke Of Normandy (9HMD-XR), 1017
(3) Vsevolod Vladimirovich Prince Of Vladlmir Volynsk (B6DR-3N)

1/1. Svend II "Estridsen" (8Q7V-HN)
   Born: Abt 988 Denmark/England  Died: 29 Apr 1076 Doderup, Abenraa,
   Buried.: Hellige-Trefolg, Kirken, Roskilde, Denmark
   Married: Thora (8Q7V-JT) and 3 Others
1/2. Biorn (Bjorn) Ulsiusson (Estridsen) (91VQ-D5)    AM33/819305
1/3.  Asbjorn Estridsen (8Q7V-VK)
   Born: Abt 992 Denmark                  Died: 1086
1/4. Bjorn Estridsson Gabelbart (8HJ8-2D)
   Born: Abt 994                          Died: 1086
1/5. Niels Estridsen (8Q7V-WQ)
   Born: Abt 996

                          Earl Of Northumbria
                        AM34/1638613  (V9VN-0X)
Born: Abt 971 Northumbria, England
Died: 1016
Parents: Walroef Or Siward  (GS58-7X) & Elfeda  (GS58-84)
Also Married: Elgiva (Alfgifu) Princess Of England (V9VM-T4), abt 1010
Married.: Abt 991 England

                        AM34/1638614  (V9VN-60)
Born: Abt 973 England
Parents: Aldun [Bishop] (V9VN-4M) & Unknown

1/1. Eadulf Of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria (V9VN-29)
   Born: Abt 992 Bernicia, Northumbria,             Died: Bef 1043
1/2.  Aldred Of Bernicia, Earl of Northumbria (V9VN-3G)   AM33/819307

                      ENRICULE "le Petit Arnoul",
                           Comte De Boulogne
                        AM34/1638617  (9HMS-RK)
Born: Abt 976 Boulogne, Artois, France
Died: Abbaye De Samer-aux-bois, France
Parents: Arnoul (Arnold) (Ernulfe), Comte De Boulogne (9HMS-TW)
& Mrs-Arnoul, (G5QN-26)
                          Comtesse De Boulogne
                        AM34/1638618  (8XQ7-7M)
Born: Abt 0980 Boulogne, Artois, France
1/1. Rosetta (Rosella) De Saint Pol (G5QN-3C)
   Born: Abt 1000 St. Pol, Artois, France
   Married: Rudolph (Ralph Or Rodolph), Count Of Guisnes (G5QN-0T)
   Married.: Abt 1026 Guisness, Picardy, France
1/2. Eustache I Count De Boulogne (9HMS-N2)           AM33/819309

                               LAMBERT II
                            Count Of Louvain
                        AM34/1639619  (9HMJ-0H)
Born: Abt 0952  Louvain, Brabant, Belgium
Died: 1015
Parents: Rainer III Count Of Hainault (9HMH-X6) & Adele (Alice)
Countess Of Equisheim (9HMH-ZC)
Married.: Abt 994

                          GERBERGE De Lorraine
                        AM34/1639620  (9GDD-TG)
Born: Abt 977 Lower, Lorraine, France
Died: 1015/1018
Parents: Charles Prince Of The Franks, Duke of Lorraine (9GDD-8J) &
Bonne Adelaide (9GDD-QX)
1/1. Mahaut Of Louvain (V9VB-CG)                      AM33/819310
1/2.  Lambert III "Baudry" Count Of Louvain (92D4-BX)
   Born: Abt 0995 Lorraine, France
   Died: 21 Sep 1062  Buried.: 1062 Cloister Of, St. Gertrud, Nivelles,
   Married: Oda De Lorraine (9HMR-VX)

                         RICHARD II "The Good"
                            Duke Of Normandy
                        AM34/1638633  (9HMD-XR)
Born: Abt 0963 Normandy, France
Died: 28 Aug 1026 Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, France
Buried.: Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, France
Parents: Richard I "the Fearless" Duke Of Normandy (9HMD-VF) & Gonnor
De Crepon (9HMD-WL)
Also Married:
(2) Estrid Svendsdatter Princess Of Denmark (8HJ7-L1), 1017
(3) Pope Or Papie, Duchess Of Normandy (9R45-F7) Abt. 1024 Normandy,
Married.: Abt 981 Normandy, France
                    Princess Of Brittany (BRETAGNE)
                        AM34/1638634  (9HML-RQ)
Born: 0956 Bretagne, France
Died: 1017  Normandy, France
Parents: Conan I Duke Of Bretagne (9HML-SW) & Ermangarde D' Anjou
1/1. Adelais (Judith), Princess Of Normandy (9HML-KP)
   Born: Abt 0990 Normandy, France
   Died:  7 Or 27 Jul Aft, France
   Married: Renaud I Count Palatine Of Burgundy (9HML-JJ) Abt 1011
1/2. Richard III Duke Of Normandy (9R45-2B)
   Born: Abt 0997 Normandy, France        Died:  6 Aug 1028
   (1) Mrs-Richard-III, Concubine 1 Of Normandy (9GB5-RX)  Abt 1016
   (2) Adele (Alix) Princess Of France (9HMQ-FK) Jan 1026/1027
   (3) Mrs-Richard-III, Concubine 2 Of Normandy (9GB5-T9)
   Married: Mrs-Richard-III, Concubine 3 Of Normandy (9485-Z3)
1/3. Robert I "The Magnificent" Duke Of Normandy           AM33/819317
1/4. William Duke Of Normandy (92D5-NS)
   Born: 1001 Normandy, France            Died: Jun 1025
1/5. Eleanore Princess Of Normandy (9R45-61)
   Born: Abt 1005 Normandy, France
   Married: Baudouin IV "Barbatus", Count Of Flanders (9R45-CV)
1/6. Miss Princess Of Normandy (92D5-RB)   Born: 1007 Normandy,

                          FULBERT De FALAISE,
                        AM34/1638635  (GS5L-BT)
Born: Abt 978 Falaise, Calvados, France
Doda Mrs Of Falaise (GS5L-C1)
Born: Abt 980 Falaise, Calvados, France
1/1. Harlette De Falaise (GS5C-51)                          AM33/819318

                        RICHARD I "The Fearless"
                            Duke of Normandy
Married: Gomme de Crepon
1/1. Richard II of Normandy                               AM34/1638633
1/2. Emma of Normandy