Edward Marion Chadwick

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By Edward Marion Chadwick

Toronto 1892

(transcribed by Antony Maitland from copy held by Maurice Chadwick 
of Victoria, BC, 28/4/1998, since destroyed in a house fire, April 


1.  The Chadwick Family, its origins, the name, arms etc
11. The Irish or Ballinard branch
18. Descent of the Irish branch
32. Junior branches of the Irish family
43. The Canadian branch
49. Family of Frederick-Jasper C.
51. Family of Edward-Marion C.
53. Family of Austin-Cooper C.
54. Other Chadwicks in Canada.
The Family of Chadwick is said to have descended from a Saxon
Chieftain, Cedde or Ceadde, who, at the time of the Norman
Conquest, lived at a place near the borders of Yorkshire and
Lancashire named from him Ceaddes-wyke - Chad's Stronghold - and
from which his descendants subsequently took the surname De
Chaddewyck. The main line of the family continued seated in this
place until the present century, when it terminated in a sole
heiress, Sarah Chadwick, who died unmarried in 1822, when the
property passed into the hands of strangers, and the senior
representation of the family devolved upon Chadwick of Healey
Malesyn-Ridware V.V. The Name has in the course of time undergone
a variety of changes of form and spelling; prior to the 15th
Century, Ceaddewyck, Ceaddewyk, Chaddewyc, from 1445 to 1454,
Chadweke, Chaddwyk and Schadweke; from 1454 to 1479 Chadwik,
Chadwck, Chadwike, Chadwic and Chadwyc; from 1480 to 1575,
Chadwike and Chadwyk; from 1520 to 1617, Chadwycke; from 1617 to
1688, Chadwicke: and since that date Chadwick. The writer has been
informed of a curious survival of the kisyllabic (?) form: among
the United Empire Loyalists who settled in Canada, when the
American States became independent, was a Professor Chadwick, who
although spelling his name in the modern form, pronounced it Chad-
e-wick. There are also
                                                  EMC Page 3
diminutives of the name which appears in the various forms
following:- Chaddock, Chadock, Chadwickee, Chideck, Chideock, and
Chidiok: these variations of the name are doubtless a mark of
cadency distinguishing a junior branch. The name also appears as
Chattock, Shattuck and Sedgewick, variously spelled.
     The antiquity of the ancestral stock and the identity of the
arms of the numerous families bearing the names mentioned,
evidence the fact that all those families are descendants of a
common ancestor.
     The arms are all the same, with a difference of tincture, as
those (anciently) of the borough of Rochdale, co. Lancaster. It is
said that Ceadde in order to retain his lands, became a vassal of
the (probably Norman) De-Rachdale, and in accordance with a well
known heraldic custom, assumed his arms with a distinguishing
variation of tincture. The arms of De Rachdale, also called
Richdale and Rishall, are as were, also those of the Borough of
Rochdale. Sa. within an orle of eight martlets and inescutcheon,
arg, the ancient arms of Chadwick being precisely the same, in a
field of sa. The Crest is sometimes a Martlet and sometimes a
White Lily or Flag, both being combined in some modern instances.
- The White Lily, when not borne as a Crest, may be appropriately
used as a Badge.

          Footnote to P4: A recent work, "History of the Parish of
          Rochdale" discredits the above account, because there is
          no record of Rochdale having been held by a family of
          that name, at the same time admitting the force of the
          identity of the arms. It is probable that the King's
          vassal who held this District may have assumed the name
          De Rochdale from the place, previously so called and may
          have held the lands for but a short time.

     The motto is a fragment of Latin verse, and has a double
significance, as the Latin word "Condor" has primarily the meaning
                                                  EMC Page 5:
bright or pure whiteness and secondarily, purity, sincerity or
uprightness, so that the motto may be translated "beauty (or
honour) in whiteness", with especial reference to the white lily
as the emblem of purity with which idea the white martlets are
also consistent or "honour in sincerity" (or uprightness"); thus
forming in its comprehensive signification, a motto worth
endeavouring "to live up to". This motto should always accompany
the crest in case of branches of the family using a second or
special motto - the latter to be placed beneath the shield.
     The name and arms being both of about the same date, it
follows that all persons who bear the name, in any of its forms,
by inheritance are entitled to bear the arms. In cases where
junior branches have not had any difference assigned to them, the
arms are the Auncient Coat - gu. within an orle of eight martlets,
an inescutcheon arg. (as shown in the initial letter on the first
page above). - Crest, a white lily, slipped, stemmed and leaved,
pro. with the motto above described.- These arms however, should
be distinguished by at least some mark of cadency.-
     Three different coats are borne by the Irish branch of the
family. All descendants of John Craven Chadwick (qui obt. 1851),
other than the Cooper-Chadwicks, bear per pale gu. and sa. within
an orle of eight martlets an inescutcheon, arg. charged with a
cross of the first and in the first quarter, a crescent of the
second for difference. Crest, a martlet arg. bearing in his bill a
white lily, slipped and leaved pro. borne fessways, the flower
thereof to the sinister. The mottoes, In candore decus, and
toujours pret.  Cadets of descent from any ancestor prior to John
Craven Chadwick above mentioned, bear gu. within an orle of eight
martlets, arg. an inescutcheon of the same, charged with a cross
of the first; a crescent for difference. Crest, a martlet arg.
Motto In candore decus. These arms (without the crescent) are
depicted in an old Drawing at Ballinard, executed probably in the
17th Century. The white, or silver, used in this Drawing was of an
inferior quality and has long ago become completely discoloured,
but there can be no doubt as to what it was originally. Some of
the cadets bearing this Coat use the motto Toujours pret.
     The Cooper-Chadwicks bear a new grant dated 10th March 1855,
made upon the marriage of Catherine Chadwick to Richard Cooper, a
very different Coat - Quarterly: 1st and 4th or. within an orle of
eight martlets, sa. an inescutcheon gu. charged with a white lily
slipped and leaved pro. for Chadwick: 2nd and 3rd per pale
indented arg.  and sa. three bulls passant counterchanged, a
canton arg: for Cooper Crests, a martlet sa. charged on the breast
with a crescent arg. and bearing in his bill a white lily as in
the arms for Chadwick and, on a mount vert. a bull passant, per
pale, arg. and sa.  gorged with a collar dancette as for Cooper.
There is no motto mentioned in the Grant, but the Cooper-Chadwicks
are of course, entitled to bear the general family motto. They
have sometimes used the motto, Stans cum rege, buut erroneously,
as that is peculiar to Chadwick of Healy and Mavesyn-Ridware.
     On the special grant of arms to Richard and Catherine Cooper-
Chadwick, a question arises as to the rights of issue of the
second marriage of Richard Cooper-Chadwick. The grant, clear
enough for its immediate purpose, has been rendered ambiguous by
subsequent events. The  writer is not aware of its construction
having been any time officially determined. In the absence of any
such official dictum, the question is whether it is to be
construed 1. Strictly, as to Richard and Catherine and their joint
heirs, or 2 Freely, as to them and their heirs respectively or
severally. In the latter case the younger sons of Richard would
bear the arms therely granted; in the former they would (in the
writer's opinion, at least) be entitled only to Richard's
inherited arms of Cooper; but no doubt, on application, they would
be authorised to bear arms as in the grant, but reversing the
order of marshalling, and placing the arms of Cooper in the first
and fourth quarters, and those of Chadwick in the second and
third.  As the arms of Chadwick in this grant differ widely from
the paternal arms, so also those of Cooper which bear no
resemblance to the arms of Cooper of Kilmure, which are, sa. a
chevron wary erm. between three lions rampant, or * Crest, on
chapeau, gu.  turned up erm. a bull passant pro. collared and
hoofed or. Motto -Love serve.

                                                  EMC Page 11:
     The following genealogy of the Irish Branch of the Chadwick
family was compiled by Mrs Letitia Chadwick of Dunmore and Edward
Marion Chadwick of Toronto, and is believed to be quite correct,
(except as to anything which is stated in the text to be
uncertain) in all statements regarding the main line of descent;
but the particulars of junior or cadet branches are not so
reliable and may contain errors or inaccuracies. A good deal of
difficulty was found in tracing this genealogy in consequence of
the carelessness with which parochial records have been kept:
those of Cullen are since 1779 only, the registers prior to that
date having disappeared -at least they are not at Cullen, nor at
          Footnote to P12: It is possible that they may be at
Little use has been made of the parochial registers or other
public sources of information, as the compilers have not had the
opportunity of making such searches beyond a limited extent.  No
doubt a professional genealogist could add much to this work.  It
may also be noted that the family title deeds were lost about 1840
to 1844 having been entrusted to an attorney in London with a view
to prosecuting a claim to the supposed estates of Sir Andrew
Chadwick and were never recovered - probably in consequence of the
death of Austin Cooper Chadwick and John Chadwick of Dublin, who
were concerned in the business. Like all Chadwicks, the Ballinard
family long fancied that they were the true heirs of Sir Andrew
Chadwick, but the enquiries made in tracing this genealogy have
pretty plainly demonstrated that none of our ancestors were
related to Sir Andrew Chadwick, whose relations and heirs are now
well known, thought for a long period a good deal of doubt and
mystery existed with regard to them.

          Footnote to P13: Sir Andrew Chadwick of Carter Place in
          the Manor of Accrington co. Lancaster, and afterwards of
          St James' Westminster, was knighted by Queen Anne 18 Jan
          1709/10.  D. in 1768, said to be aged 90. In his early
          life he lived for a time in Ireland. He was an Army
          Agent and Paymaster, and acquired great wealth, which
          was the subject of an immense amount of litigation
          extending over many years. Our family never had any
          right to any of it.

     The descent of the IRISH or Ballinard Branch of the Chadwick
family is stated in the old Drawing of the arms already referred
to, to have been derived from " an ancient and worthy family out
of Yorkshire in England." The first settler in Ireland is said to
have been a gentleman of good position in England, who, in
consequence of some political or family disagreement, sold his
estates there, and acquired Ballinard, or Ballynard, in co
Tipperary, sometimes described as being in co. Limerick. The
circumstance that the alliances of the family have been apparently
with the families of the Cromwellian Settlement chiefly, seems to
indicate that the Chadwicks came into Ireland at about the time of
this immigration, and perhaps under Cromwellian auspices. For it
is a fact which may be observed on a study of genealogies of
families in the South of Ireland, that those who came into the
Country at this period have constantly intermarried with one
another, generally holding aloof from those of a previous
immigration, who again have similarly kept much within their own
circle, and both avoiding alliances with the Celtic families. "
Ballinard, co. Limerick" was about or shortly before the middle of
the 17th Century, the property of Garrett Fitzgerald, and as it
was about this time that the downfall of the Geralds occurred, it
is probable that the Ballinard referred to may be the same as that
of the Chadwicks, and was acquire by them about 1650 or 1660,
which would also be the date of their settlement in Ireland. There
has long been a family tradition that the first settler in Ireland
married a ward in Chancery named Grace Goggin (or some similar
name) and failing to obtain the consent of the Lord Chancellor to
the marriage, escaped out of England with his wife concealed in a
sack. While it is impossible to say how far this story may be
correct, it is most likely that it is founded on fact, for so
remarkable a story could scarcely have arisen without a
foundation. The writer inclines to the opinion that this Ancestor
was the one whose name is on the stone cover of the family burial
vault at Cullen with the date of death obliterated, because the
Will of Richard Chadwick qui ob. 1720-21, directs the vault to be
repaired from which it is clear that it must have already been a
good while in existence. So that if the first settler in Ireland
died, as is probable, about 1680, the vault would no doubt date
from that time, and being in 1720 some forty years old, might
easily require repairs. If this be so, the name of the first
settler was William and beginning with him the descent may be
traced as follows:-

          Sidenote: Drawing of tombstone:

               HERE LYETH THE BODY OF
               Wm CHADWICK WHO DYED
               THE     DAY         YE

          Rough sketch of the slab covering the vault at Cullen.
          The letters are in relief, running between parallel
          lines also in relief. The inscription is at one end, as
          if for the first interment, leaving space for subsequent
          inscriptions to be added. The dates seem to have been
          chiselled off. The style of the lettering is:

                    example of lettering.

                                                 EMC P17

                                                  EMC Page 18:
m. as is supposed, Grace Goggin, and had issue two sons, vis:-
(but it is not known if these were the only children).

2/1  RICHARD, of Ballinard:-
b. probably 1662 or 1664, m. Mary Baker, and d.s.p. in 1720 - or
before March 1721. His Will leaves Ballinard and Ballinglanna, the
adjoining Estate, to his nephew William and grand nephews Richard,
William, Rodolph and Michael, in successive remainders, and a
legacy to his niece Grace.

2/2  WILLIAM, of Ballinard,
who m. Elizabeth, dau of William Gabbett (name originally Garbett)
of Caherline co. Limerick (who d. 1693) and Alicia his wife, dau.
of Richard England of Lifford, co. Clare. This may be the William
"of 1673" who is mentioned in an old letter, and is stated to have
been buried at Cullen in 1739. He had issue a son and a daughter
(as is supposed, but it is possible that she may have been the
dau. of a brother) viz:-

3/1  WILLIAM, of Gurthakilleen, near Oola, co Limerick, of whom

3/2  GRACE,
m. to Clement Sadlier, and had issue, probably extinct in the male
line, but represented in the female line by the family of Persse
of co. Galway.

                                                  EMC P20:
3/1  WILLIAM, of Gurthakilleen,
m. Jane Greene, of the family of Greene of Kilmanahan co.
Waterford. She d. Sept 1779. William d. 1748 having had issue as

4/1  RICHARD, (living in 1720) of whom below.

4/2  WILLIAM, of Tipperary,
(living in 1720) nicknamed "Big Billy" m. Mary ...... of Cashel
and had issue - see Page 32.

4/3  RODOLPH, (living in 1720) of whom nothing is known.

4/4  MICHAEL, (living in 1720)
who had a dau. m. to Leckey, and she had a dau m. to Despard.

(supposed to have been a dau. of William of Gurthkilleen, but not
certainly known as such) m. to Vere Hunt of Curragh, co. Limerick,
and had issue, one son, who d. inf. She d. prior to 1760, after
which the said Vere Hunt re-married and had issue. His son was
created a Baronet. The name is now DeVere.

     The above named Richard m. 1st Rebecca, dau of James Ellard
of Fairyfield, in 1738, and 2nd, Jane dau. of Nicholas Sadlier of
Kingswell or Sadliers Wells who survived him, and was subsequently
m. to Anthony Armstrong. Richard's will is dated 1769 or 1770, but
he survived later, as one of his sons was born in 1771, and he was
probably not the youngest. He had issue as follows:

          Footnote to P21: The writer has been unable to identify
          the arms of Ellard. A piece of plate at Ballinard has
          the arms of ch impaling, Az. two swords in salhre
          (points in chief) it is not known whose arms these are.

                                                  EMC page 22:
Of his first marriage:

5/1  WILLIAM, nicknamed "Billy Snug",
b. 1743 (or 1741) of whom below.

5/2  RICHARD, nicknamed "Parson Dick" born 1752.
In Holy Orders, Rector of Doone, co. Tipperary, and Kilvernon. M.
Margaret Sadlier and had issue - see page 37. He d.  May 1817.

5/3  THOMAS, of Barnascounce,
b. 1752, d. July 1812. m. Sarah Lockwood (who d. February 1826)
and had issue - see page 34.

5/4  JAMES, an Officer in the Army.
He m. the dau of a Pennsylvanian Planter, and had issue - see page

5/5  FREDERICK, of Littleton and Cullen,
m. Susannah Minchin and had issue - see page 42.

          Footnote to p22: It is uncertain whether Richard or
          Thomas above was the elder.

5/6  A dau m. to William Minchin of Grenhills,
and had issue, one dau.

And of the second marriage:

5/7  NICHOLAS, nicknamed "Posy",
b 1771: d. January 1854. His wife d. May 1826. He had two sons:

6/2  MICHAEL, of whom the latter was living in Tipperary in 1879,
aged 75.

5/8  MICHAEL, m. an heiress.
Lived in Wales and subsequently in Jersey and had issue.

          Footnote to P23: The two lives of Rishard and his son
          Nicholas, from the birth of the former to the death of
          the latter stretched over a period of 140 years or more,
          and the grandson of a man born in 1714, or possibly
          earlier, was still living in 1879 - 165 years - the
          latter has lived in the presence of certainly five
          generations (of which the last has a number of adult
          members) and probably of six, as it is likely that his
          grand mother was living when he was born - some of her
          brothers and sisters certainly were.

                                                  EMC Page 24:
5/1  WILLIAM, "Billy Snug",
m. 1st in 1768 Christiana dau. of John Carden of Templemore, and
his wife Elizabeth, dau of Rev. Robert Craven and his wife Rose
Olway. She d. February 1782. 2nd, Sophia dau of ..... Carden of
Barnane (brother of the said John Carden) and his wife ...... Roe.
She d. September 1825, aged 82.
     He had issue of the 1st marriage only:-

          Footnote to P24: There are some old silver cups at
          Ballinard on which are engraved the arms of Rose Craven
          (nee Olway) arranged as those of a widow. A portrait in
          the possession of the writer has been supposed to hers,
          but Mrs Bryan states that it is a portrait of Mrs John
          Carden (nee Roe) a house shewn in the background being
          Barnane, and that a portrait at Ballinard of a fair
          haired lady, dressed in red, is that of Rose Craven.

                                                  EMC Page 25:
6/1  RICHARD, d. unm. vita parentis?

6/2  JOHN CRAVEN, b. 1778: of whom below.

6/3  REBECCA, m. to Usher Beer and d.s.p.

     m. to .... Collins, a Major in the Army, and d.s.p.

6/5  ELIZABETH, m. 15 Nov 1796, to Edmond Power of Tipperary,
and had issue: viz

7/1  CATHERINE, m. to  her cousin, and had issue.
7/5  JOHN,
7/6  EDMOND.

6/6  CHARLOTTE, m. 10 Aug 1797, to John Bouchier of Bagotstown,
and had issue - see page 29.

6/7  HARRIET, d. March 1782, unm.

6/8  ISABELLA, b. Febry 1782, and d. shortly afterwards.

          Footnote to P25: It will be observed that the death of
          Richard above named caused the only interruption which
          has taken place in the continuous alternate succession
          of Williams and Richards at Ballinard.

     m. in 1799 Elizabeth, dau of Samuel Cooper of Killenure
Castle, co. Tipperary and his wife Frances dau of ..... Butler-
Lowe of Lowes-green, Co. Tipperary. She d. on Easter day 3rd April
     He had issue as follows:

7/1  WILLIAM, b. 1800, of whom below.

7/2  SAMUEL COOPER, of Dunmore, co Waterford, b. Jany. 1801: m.
Letitia, dau of Thomas Hall, of Tipperary, son of Rev. Leak Hall,
of Trim. She d. 1886 S.C.C. died 15th June 1890, s.p.

7/3  AUSTIN COOPER, of Damerville, co Tipperary,
an attorney: m. Anne dau of Dr Millett, of Cove, co. Cork. He d.
April 1846, leaving issue namely:

                                                  EMC page 27:
8/1  WILLIAM, settled in Australia, and has issue.
8/2  JOHN CRAVEN, in Australia,
8/3  EDWARD, in Australia,
8/4  AUSTIN, formerly in Australia, afterwards of Colman and
Damerville, co. Tipperary,
8/5  HENRY, of Damerville,
8/6  ANNA MARIA, m. to ..... Pratt and has issue.
8/7  ELIZABETH, m. to Thomas Taylor in Australia, afterwards
living in England
8/8  FANNY

7/4  JOHN CRAVEN, b. 6 April 1811; see p 43.

7/5  RICHARD, Baptd 8 April 1813, d. unm.

7/6  FREDERICK, of Foxboro' near Clonloughan, co Tipperary,
m.  ........ (who d. 1880) and has issue, 6 children.

7/7  EDWARD BUTLER, a Barrister at law.
Baptd 24 October 1817: d.  unm. 13 April 1857.

7/8  FANNY, m. to Rev John Seymour (brother of Wilhelmina, w. of
William C.) of Clonlougham, near Cloughjordan, co Tipperary, and
d. 1879 leaving issue:

8/1  JOHN,                    #
8/3  EDWARD,
8/4  SUSAN,
8/5  ROSE.

     all unm.

7/9  CHRISTIANA ROSETTA, m. 30 June 1832, to Richard M. Forsayth
M.D. and d. 1871, leaving issue:

8/1  WILLIAM, M.D. has issue,
8/2  ELIZABETH, m. to Rev. .... Patrick and has issue.
8/4  JOHN, - has issue,
8/5  JANE, m. to Heuston Tynam, M.D.

m. 3 July 1827, to Rev William Bryan, and had issue. *

7/11  CAROLINE DAMER, Baptd 29 June 1809: m. Rev Joseph Cooke
Armstrong, and d.s.p. about New Year's 1856. Her husband d. not
long after.

     Footnote to P28: (with * against it)
     Thomas d. 15 June 1880; Elizabeth Mary Christiana m 8 April
     1874 to John Barnes of Ballyglasheen, co Tipperary; Mary
     Louisa; John Craven, d. 12 Dec 1869; Basil William, d. March
     1873; Samuel Cooper; Caroline Damer, m. 1868 to Patrick
     Barnes of Graigue, co Tipperary; Edward Butler in Australia;
     Rosa Josephine m to John William Hughes of Annsgift, co
     Tipperary, d. October 1887; Frederick Austin of Gurteen;
     Arthur of Priestown, co Tipperary, m. October 1889
     Ann?Kathleen, dau of Benjamin Barton of Kilkerran; Charlotte.

                                                  EMC Page 29:
7/1  WILLIAM, (1800),
m. Wilhelmina, dau of John Seymour, in Holy Orders, Rector of
Shronell, co Tipperary (who was a son of John Seymour, in H.O.
Rector of Palace, co.  Limerick, a descendant of Sir Henry
Seymour, brother of K. Henry VIII's Queen Jane) and his wife,
Catherine, dau of ..... Millett and sister of Dr. Millett of Cove,
co Cork (previously m. to .... Jacob) Wilhelmina C d. December
     William m. 2ndly, Charlotte, dau of John Bouchier of
Bagotstown and Charlotte Chadwick (see ante p.25) his wife. She d.
     He had issue of the first marriage only - namely:

8/1  CATHERINE, of whom below.
8/2  ELIZABETH, Bapt'd 31 Augt. 1834 d. April 1839.
8/3  FANNY, Bapt'd 3 July 1836: d. .... 188... unm.

8/1  CATHERINE C. was bapt'd 1 Feby 1833 and d. 12 Decr 1855. She
was m. 6 Febr 1855 to Richard son of Samuel Cooper of Killemure
Castle (see p. 26) who assumed by Royal License, the additional
surname of Chadwick. They had issue,

9/1  WILLIAM (Cooper-Chadwick) b. 14 November 1855. Captain
Tipperary Artillery Militia, m. Annie dau of John Langley of
Knockamure, co. Tipperary, J.P. and has issue:


Richard Cooper-Chadwick m. 2ndly Charlotte, dau of John Bouchier
of Bagotstown (brother of Charlotte w. of William C. see p.29) and
Sarah Eyre his wife; and has issue namely:
10/1  JOHN           10/2  KATE          10/3  RICHARD
10/4  ELIZABETH      10/5  SAMUEL        10/6  CHARLOTTE
10/7  FRANCES        10/8  EDITH

                                                  EMC Page 32:
4/2  Descendants of WILLIAM C. of Tipperary, ("Big Billy"): see
Page 18: who was living in 1720. He m. Mary ...... of Cashel and
had issue namely:-

5/1  RICHARD, a Counsellor m. ..... Butler of Ballybue, co Clare,
and had issue vizt.
6/1  WILLIAM, a Capt in the Army.
6/2  ANNE, m. to ....... Griffith.
5/2  THOMAS, d. May 1826 s.p.
5/3  MICHAEL, a Major in the Army.
5/4  NICHOLAS, called "Big Nick".

5/5  JANE, called "The Beautiful", m. 1stly to ...... Adams of
Cork and had issue:
6/1  WILLIAM, of Tipperary,
6/2  HENRY of Tipperary who m. Alicia Murray and had issue:
7/1  HENRY      7/3  WILLIAM      7/4  GODFREY
6/3  ELIZA, m. to ..... O'Donnell, and had issue:
7/1  JOHN
7/2  JANE, m. to Bartlett, and others.

5/5  JANE m. 2ndly to Philip Corbet of High Park and Tipperary and
had issue, one son and two daus viz:-
6/1  PHILIP of Shrewsbury and of Bittern, Southampton, who m.
..... Carline and had issue:
7/1  ROLAND in the Royal Navy.
7/2  CYRIL in the Royal Navy
7/3  BERTIE in the P & O Service.
7/4  EDITH m. to ...... Taylor of the Abbey, Shrewsbury.
7/5  PAULINE, m. to ..... Seaton of Southampton
7/6  FANNY went to South America
7/7  DORA, m. to ..... Brock of Bittern
7/8  MARY, m. to ...... Shields
7/9  GRACE, m. to ..... Usborne of Bittern.
6/2  JANE, m and had issue

5/6  ELIZA, called "Beautiful Betty", m. to Frederick Meligan (or
Neligan?) in Holy Orders, and had issue
6/1  FREDERICK, in H.O.
6/2  WILLIAM, in H.O. D.D., of Landscape, co Cork.
6/3  SARAH
6/5  Another Daughter.
5/7  RODOLPH, killed in Ballinard lawn by a fall from his horse.

                                                  EMC Page 34:
Descendants of (5/3) THOMAS, of Barnascounce, co. ......,
b 1752, d. July 1812. m. Sarah Lockwood who d. Febry 1826: and had
issue, viz:-

6/1  RICHARD, in the Army: d. in India, unm.
6/2  THOMAS, Col. Bengal Engineers, m. and had one dau:
7/1  SUSAN, m. to her cousin Thomas Chadwick-Graham.
6/3  WILLIAM, Capt. 66th Regt. afterwards Capt. of Pensioners at
Chelsea. m. 1st and had issue 2 sons: and 2ndly and had one dau.
m. 1stly to Charles Ernest Mills, Bengal Artillery and 2ndly to
Capt Hopkins and had issue.
6/4  MICHAEL, killed by a fall from his horse.
6/5  MARY ANN, m. to Francis Richd. Dickson Capt. R.N. (who was
drowned) and had issue:
7/1  THOMAS, Col in the Bombay Army and of Rahoon, Galway. d.s.p.
7/2  JOHN, Col. in the Bengal Army, d. 15 July 1872 unm.
7/3  RICHARD CHADWICK, of Dungarvan
7/4  SARAH, m. to Dr R. Brown, Bengal Army, and had issue.
6/6  REBECCA, m. to .... Harper, Surgeon in the Army of
6/7  JANE, m. to .... Macdonald, Major 35th Regt of Holy Island by
Beal, co. Northumberland, and had issue
7/1  FRANCES,       7/2  ARABELLA JANE
7/3  SARAH FLORA, m. 1844 .... Raleigh Trevelyan.
6/8  ELIZABETH, m. to Robert Blackhall, Col. Bengal Army, and had
7/1  ROBERT, Col Indian Army.
7/2  ANDREW, in the Bengal Civil Service
7/3  a dau m. to James Graham, Col Bengal Army
7/4  SOPHIA m. to ..... Nightingale in the Madras Army.
7/5  a dau m. to James Graham, in the Bengal Civil Service (nephew
of the above Col. Graham).
6/9  ARABELLA, m. to ..... Boyd.
6/10  SOPHIA, m. to ..... Bell.
6/11  SARAH, m 1stly to George Casement, Major, 2ndly to James
Graham, Surgeon in the Bengal Army and had issue:
7/1  WILLIAM STEWART, d. inf. 1832.
7/2  WILLIAM STEWART, Capt of Cavalry, Bengal Army.
7/3  JAMES in a Regiment of Horse, Bengal Army; killed in action
at Lucknow, 1857; he had two infant daurs, also killed at Lucknow.
7/4  THOMAS CHADWICK, m. to his cousin Susan, above named.
7/5  GEORGE, d. inf.
7/6  PHOEBE, m. to Lieut. Genl. Sir John Fordyce, Bengal Artillery

                                                  EMC Page 37:
5/2  Descendants of Rev. RICHARD C., (nicknamed "Parson Dick") -
see page 20 - Rector of Doon, co. Tipperary, and Kilvernon, b.
1751. d. May 1817. He m. Margaret, dau of Nicholas Sadlier, and
had issue:
6/1  RICHARD, of whom below.
6/2  JAMES, a Major in the Army, m. ..... Markham, and had issue:
7/1  EDWARD, a Col. in the Army.
7/2  RICHARD, d. in India.
7/4  MARGARET, m. to .... Sheppard,
7/5  ELLEN, m. to .... Heyton.
7/6  ALICIA, m. to .... Rogers,
6/3  WILLIAM, a Major in the Army, b. 1782, d. June 1855.
6/4  THOMAS, b. 1788 d. Dec 1808.
6/5  NICHOLAS d.s.p.
6/6  ANNE, m. to Joseph Braddish, and had issue:
7/1  JOSEPH,        7/2  WILLIAM.
6/7  ELIZA, m. 1stly to William Kissain and 2ndly to Robert
Armstrong, in Holy Orders: and had issue:
7/1  ANTHONY, in H.O.
7/2  JANE, m. to Austin Cooper,
7/3  ELIZABETH, unm.
6/9  ALICIA, m. to William Sadlier in 1803 and d. in 1835, s.p.
6/10 ELLEN, m. to William Scott, in H.O. and had issue:
7/1  JOHN, in H.O.            7/2  WILLIAM, in H.O.
7/3  RICHARD.                 7/4  SAMUEL.
7/6  MATILDA, m. to .... Bryan and had issue.
7/7  ANNE.                    7/8  ELLEN, m. to .... Winter.
6/11 MARGARET, d. unm. May 1850, aged 55.

6/1  RICHARD, above named, was born 1774, d. July 1836. He
commanded a Company of Volunteers in 1798. He m. 1stly .......,
2ndly Margaret Odell (who was previously m. to Charles Massy, who
left two sons William and John). She d. May 1854 aged 69. Richard
had issue of the first marriage only, namely:-
7/1  RICHARD who was murdered at Holy Cross. June 1829
7/2  JOHN, an Attorney in Dublin, m. .... Briscoe, and had issue:
8/1  CHARLES M.D. of Broadwater co. Down and another son and 3 or
4 daurs.
7/3  SAMUEL, in Spanish Military Service, d. in Spain, unm.
7/4  THOMAS, b. 1812, d. unm Febr. 1838.
7/5  WILLIAM, of Arravale, d. 1874, m. .... and had issue:
8/1  EDWARD, in 7th Dragoon Guards, afterwards 16th Lancers.
8/2  CHARLES of Arravale.
7/6  NICHOLAS, who settled in Australia and d. unmd.
7/7  JAMES, of Cashel, High Constable of Co Tipperary: m.
Wilhelmina (or Grace?) White of Springmount, and had issue, d.
7/8  MARGARET, m. to .... Short and had issue:
8/1  STEWART,                 8/2  ANNE,
8/3  CATHERINE,               8/4  JANE.
7/9  CATHERINE, m. 28 April 1824 to James Rae of Roesborough, co.
Tipperary, M.P., and had issue:
8/1  GEORGE,        8/2  KATE.          and another daur.
7/10 REBECCA unm.
7/11 ALICIA, m. to John Massy of Kingswell, co. Tipperary, son of
Charles Massy above named, and had issue:

8/1  RICHARD of Listowel, co. Kerry.
8/2  FANNY, m. to .... Baker of Lismacue.
8/3  MILLIE                   and others.
     She d. 22 June 1874.

                                                  EMC Page 41:
DESCENDANTS of (5/4) JAMES C., an Officer in the Army, m. the dau
of a Pennsylvanian Planter, and had issue, namely:-
6/1  PETER, nicknamed "the Beggarman", who had a son
7/1  PETER.
6/2  RICHARD, of Birr: m. and had issue.
6/3  ROBERT, nicknamed "Fivepenny", d.s.p.
6/4  THOMAS, m. ..... Massy, and had issue.
6/5  WILLIAM, enlisted in the Army under and assumed name.
6/6  A daur. m. to ..... Waglan of Cashel.

                                                  EMC Page 42:
DESCENDANTS of (5/5) FREDERICK C., of Littleton and Cullen,
m. Susannah Minchin and had issue
6/1  CATHERINE, baptd. November 1782, m. to .... Elard, and d.s.p.
6/2  REBECCA, m. to .... Boyle.
6/3  CLARINDA, m. to .... Homan, and had issue, one daur.
6/4  ALICIA, b. 17 (?) and d. 1880 m. to John (or William)
Bagnell, in Holy Orders, and had issue:
7/.. two or three sons, one of whom fell at Waterloo, another,
M.D., resided at Pau: and a daur. m. to ..... Pellew.
6/5  RICHARD, m. to .... Cornwall, and had issue:
7/.. Sons and one dau:        7/2  MARY ANNE.

                                                  EMC Page 43:

THE CANADIAN BRANCH of the family dates from 1836 in which year

JOHN CRAVEN CHADWICK fourth son of John Craven C. of Ballinard
(see Page 27) came to Canada, and settled at Cravendale near
Ancaster, co. Wentworth.
     John Craven C. was b. 6 April 1811 - m. 1stly, 3 January 1836
Louisa dau of Jonathan Bell of Kensington, co. Middlesex, a London
Merchant, 2nd son of Daniel Bell of Royston, co. Hertford and his
wife, Katherine, dau of David Barclay*: the said Jonathan Bell m..
Maria dau. of Edward Vaux and his wife Mary Johnson.  Louisa C. d.
Easter Sunday 1844.
     The said John Craven C. m. 2ndly, 15 Decr. 1847 Caroline, dau
of Joseph Eade of Newington, co. Middlesex, and Hitchin co.
Hertford and his wife Eliza, daur. of Edward Vaux above named.
Caroline C. d/ 5 Septr. 1874.
     The said John Craven C. m. 3rdly, 4 May 1876 Elizabeth eldest
dau. of James Beatty, Merchant in Toronto, and his w. Anne, dau of
James McKowen of Dublin:

* Footnote to Page 44: David Barclay was of Royal descent thus:
Sir John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset and Marq. of Dorset, son of
John of Gaunt, D. of Lancaster and grandson of K. Edward the III
m. Margaret dau of Thomas Holland, E. of Kent and grandson of Joan
the "Fair Maid of Kent", who was granddau. of King Edward I. Their
dau. Joan was m. to K. James I of Scotland, whose dau. the Prs
Annabella was m. to George Gordon, E. of Huntly, from whom
descended Catherine Gordon, m. in 1648 to Col David Barclay of
Urie, co. Kincardine, whose son Robert Barclay was the father of
the said David Barclay.
the said James Beatty was descended from William Beatty, a Captain
in Londonderry in the memorable Siege of 1688-9.
     John Craven C. served on the Niagara Frontier in the
Rebellion of 1837-38 as a Volunteer in Capt. Alexander Milne's
Troop of Cavalry. Was gazetted Lieut. in the 1st Regt. of Gore
Militia, 27 Novr. 1838. In 1849 he removed to Guelph co
Wellington. Was twice named in the Commission of the Peace for
that County. Was a Delegate in the Diocesan Synod of Toronto on
several occasions; and was nominated a member of the Corporation
of Trinity College Toronto by the Bishop of Niagara in 1875. He d.
10 Nov. 1889.
     Had issue of the 1st marriage only, vizt.

8/1  JOHN CRAVEN, b. 12 February 1837: see p.46.
8/2  FREDERICK JASPER, b. 19 Novr. 1838: see p.49.
8/3  EDWARD MARION, b. 22 Septr. 1840: see p.51.
8/4  AUSTIN COOPER, b. 18 Novr. 1842: see p.53.

                                                  EMC Page 46:
8/1 JOHN CRAVEN C. Oldest son of John Craven C. the settler in
Canada, was b. 12 Febry 1837* D. 8 April 1890.
     M. 1stly 21 June 1860 Elinor Tonee dau of Leslie Battersby,
Lieut in the R.N. of Guelph, and Catherine Jones his Wife: the
said Leslie Battersby was son of Rev. Leslie Battersby of
Slereene, co Sligo, and his w. Anna-Maria Palmer. Elinor Tonee C.
d. 9 January 1868. The said J.C.C. m. 2ndly   April 1870, Sybella
Annie, dau of William Mockler of Durham, co. Grey, who came to
Canada from Fermoy, co. Cork, and his w. Ann dau of ... Atkinson
of Huddersfield, co. Yorkre. Sybella Annie C. d. 22 Febry 1891,
aged 46.
     He had issue as follows:

* Footnote to page 46: Gazetted 11 Febry 1857 Ens: and 20 May 1858
Lieut. in 1st Battn. Co Wellington Militia.

     Of the first marriage:-

9/1  CATHERINE CAROLINE, b. 5 June 1861, d. 4 March 1868.
9/2  CRAVEN BELL, of Galt, co. Waterloo, b. 2 April 1863: who
embraced the Roman Catholic faith, m. Flora Jennie dau of Ralph
Hinds of Puslinch, co. Wellington (who was previously m. to
Alexander Carroll, who d. 29 August 1884, leaving issue one dau.
Isabella Margaret, b. 24 Decr. 1881) and has had issue:-
10/1 ALEXANDER JOSEPH, b. 12 November 1886, d. 30 December 1887.
10/2  WILLIAM FRANCIS, b. 9 January 1889.
9/3  LESLIE CHARLES EDWARD, b. 8 January 1865, d 27 November 1865.
9/4  FRANCIS HENRY, b. 11 August 1866, Removed to Dakota U.S.A.
and afterwards to California.

     And of the second marriage:-
9/5  WILLIAM HERBERT AUSTIN, at present of Durham, co. Grey, b. 27
Jany. 1871.
9/6  SYBELLA EADE NICHOLA, b. Spetr 1872.
9/7  RICHARD FREDERICK, b. 18 April 1874.
9/8  ETHELRED JAMES MOCKLER, b. 15 Octr. 1875.
9/9  NORA ANNIE, b. 2 Janry 1878.
9/10 EDWIN PERCY, b. 18 April 1880, d. 9 Decr. 1880.
9/11 REGINALD BEATTY ATKINSON, b. 10   1883.

                                                  EMC Page 49:
8/2  FREDERICK JASPER C., second son of John Craven C. the settler
in Canada, was b. 19th November 1838 d. 20th June 1891: was a
Provincial Land Surveyor. was for some time the proprietor of the
Guelph Herald Newspaper. Was gazetted Ens. in co. Wellington
Militia 11 February 1857: Lieut. 26 August 1869. Served in County
Council co Wellington and in Town Council of Guelph in several
years; and was Mayor of Guelph in 1877. M. 3 September 1861
Elizabeth, dau of Edward Michael Stewart, in Holy Orders, of
Guelph and of Clooney, co. Derry, I. and his wife Jane Renwick,
dau of John Jeffrey of Allerbeck, co. Dumfries, S. (the said
Edward Michael Stewart was son of Henry Stewart of Tyrcallen, co
.... I. and his w. (Hon.) Elizabeth, dau of Edward Michael, 2nd
Baron of Longford*, and grandson of William Stewart of Killymoon,
co. Tyrone I. and his w. Eleanor, dau of Sir Henry King, Bart.)
and had issue, vizt:

9/1  LOUISA CAROLINE STEWART, b. 8 June 1862.
9/2  CHARLOTTE ROSE, b. 6 July 1864.
9/3  JASPER WILLIAM, b. 10 November 1866.
9/4  EDWARD ERNEST VAUX, b. 27 Feby. 1868 d. 4 Sept. 1868.
9/5  KATHLEEN CHRISTIANA MARIA, b. Christmas Day 1870.
9/7  JOHN CRAVEN EADE, b. 22 June 1875.

* Footnote to Page 50: Her sister was the Duchess of Wellington,
w. of the Great Duke.

                                                  EMC Page 51:
8/3  EDWARD MARION C, third son of John Craven C. the settler in
Canada, was b. 22 Septr.  1840. Resides in Toronto. Is a Barrister
at Law and Solicitor. Has been lay-delegate to the Synod of Dio.
of Toronto on several occasions, and is a member of the Chapter of
St Alban's Cathedral. Was gazetted Ens. in the 2nd. Battn. Queen's
Own Rifles, Active Militia, 30 Novr. 1866; Lieut: 31 July 1868:
Capt: 4 June 1870: Major 29 January 1876: now retired, retaining
rank of Major. M. 28 June 1864, Ellen Byrne, dau of James Beatty
names ante page 42. She d. 10 Febry 1865.
M. 2ndly, 20 February 1868, Maria Martha (b. 28 June 1849) dau of
Alexander Fisher of Toronto and his w. Mary daur of William Brogin
of Port Hoper, co. Durham B. and his w. Elizabeth Wallace. (The
said Alexander Fisher was eldest son of John Fisher of Haldimand,
co. Northumberland C. previously of Tain, co. Ross, S. and his w.
Isabella Dawson*) and has issue, vizt:

9/1  WILLIAM CRAVEN VAUX, b. 6 Decr. 1868. Gazetted 2nd Lieut 36th
Peel Batt. Active Militia, 31 May 1890: Lieut. 3 Jany. 1891: was
appointed Adjt 25 April 1891: exchanged into 10th Royal
9/2  EDWARD ALISTER EADE, b. 13 Feby 1871.
9/3  FANNY MARION, b. 10 January 1873.
9/4  LOUISA MARY CAROLINE, b. 7 Decr 1876.
9/5  GEORGE DARCY AUSTIN, b. 22 Febry. 1880.
9/6  RICHARD ELLARD CARDEN, b. 16 Febry 1885.
9/7  BRYAN DAMER SEYMOUR, b. 24 June 1888.

*Footnotes to page 52:
The said Alexander Fisher having d.s.p. m.  the said E.M.C. is
entitled to bear the arms of Fisher on an esc.  of pretence.
The said E.M.C. resided in Ireland with has aunt Caroline Damer
Armstrong from 1844 to 1851.

                                                  EMC Page 53:
8/4  AUSTIN COOPER C. fourth son of John Craven C. the settler in
Canada, was b. 18 Novr. 1842. Is a Barrister at Law and County
Judge of co. Wellington. M. 19 Decr 1867, Caroline Christie dau of
Ralph Charles Nicholson and his w. Elizabeth Roy, a descendant of
the famous Rob Roy )MacGregor): the said Ralph Chas Nicholson and
his w. Sarah Elizabeth Ellison, and grandson of Ralph Nicholson of
.... co. Hertford: and has issue, vizt.

9/1  HENRY AUSTIN, b. 15 April 1883.
9/2  CAROLINE GLADYS MAY, b. 30 Novr. 1885.

                                                  EMC Page 54:

     Besides the family to which this work relates, there are, or
have been, others of the name in Canada.
     The U.E. Loyalist Profr. Chadwick, named on page 2 left no
descendants so far as the writer is aware. His sister was married
to ...... O'Rielly of Hamilton, and was mother (?grandmother) of
the late Dr. O'Rielly, Inspector of Prisons and Asylums.
     The Chadwicks of co. Norfolk, C. one of whom is the well
known Charles Ely Chadwick, Police Magistrate of Ingersoll, are
the descendants of Eli Chadwick who came to Canada in 1826 from
Preston, co. Lancaster, E.
     A respectable family of yeomen of the name came from
Macclesfield (and previously from co. Stafford E.) in 1830 and
settled in or near Toronto. The immigrant John Chadwick, died in
1847. His son John C. settled in Artemesia, co. Grey, and died
there in 1879. One of this family Rupert C. is said to have
settled in Manitoba and other of them are living in South Africa.
     The name occurs at Rat Portage in Keewatin, C.W. Chadwick is
President of the Board of Trade there.
     There is, or was, a William Chadwick living at Lilloet in
British Columbia, whose wife was a Miss Eastwood of Toronto. His
sister, a school teacher was until lately living in Toronto. They
came from Leeds, co. York, E.
     There is also a family of the name in Montreal, of which is
Stanley M. Chadwick who lived for some time in Toronto.