By Gerald Draper.

Author's Note

When I was researching the Henderson Family Tree, I discovered
many interesting facts about the people who are listed as names
and dates. The purpose of this paper is to record this
information, in the hope that it may be of interest to some
members of the present generation of the extended Henderson
family. The word "extended" is certainly very apt in this 
context. It really is extraordinary how the family of James and
Amelia Henderson has grown in two hundred years with branches,
many miles apart, from County Down to New Zealand, Australia,
Canada, England, Wales and the Irish Republic. Genealogists are
constrained by hard facts and it is frustrating to find that the
records of the Presbyterian Church, at Castlereagh, are missing 
and we cannot trace the parents of the first Henderson on the 
We do know that James and Amelia were descended from Scottish
parents. Who were they? and what were they doing in Ulster in
1766? Although there were many exceptions, it was customary in 
the 18th century to name the first boy after his father and it 
is reasonable to speculate that the father of James Henderson 
(1766-1834) was also a James Henderson. Unfortunately we cannot 
make a similar guess in respect of his bride because the name of 
James and Amelia's first daughter was never recorded. These 
First Hendersons were probably born between 1726-1746 and may 
have left Scotland for Northern Ireland between 1726 and 1765. 
Scotland was experiencing great social and political changes 
during this period, particularly after 1746,when the Jacobites 
were defeated at Culloden Moor. Northern Ireland, on the other 
hand, was a land of opportunity and settlers from Scotland and 
England were given every encouragement to make their future in 
the Province.
I am conscious of the fact that there must be many more 
interesting facts about the particular Hendersons I have 
referred to in these notes, and also many interesting facts 
about those Hendersons who are not mentioned in any detail. I 
can only apologise to those concerned and reiterate that this is 
not intended to be a family history.

Many members of the Family have contributed to both the Tree and
these notes and it is not possible to list them all. However I
must thank Bill & Primrose Henderson, Jocelyn Eustace, David
Small, Peter Henderson, Jack Draper, Robin & Mary Henderson and
Pamela McArthur for all their help.

I have no doubt that the circulation of these notes will 
generate both corrections and additions to this work.

Gerald Draper

Old Chestnut,
Onslow Road,
Surrey. KTl2 5AY
24th June 1995

1	The Hendersons of Northern Ireland

There are three origins of the name "Henderson" from opposite
ends of Scotland. The Hendersons in the Borders seem simply to
be the "sons of Henry", and the name is often found in the 
variant of Henryson. They were not a significant power in the 
Borders although they were still classed as a riding clan. 
William Henderson was Chamberlain of Lochmaben Castle around 
1374. He received a pension from the King of England when he was 
driven from his lands in the Lordship of Lochmaben, and is 
believed to have died around 1395. From Dumfriesshire the family 
spread across into Liddesdale, but they do not appear in the 
list of border clans named by parliament in 1594 in its attempts 
to suppress the border reivers.

From the Dumfriesshire family descended James Henderson, who
became Lord Advocate around 1494 and was later appointed to the
Bench. He acquired the lands of Fordell in Fife (located just
North of the Firth of Forth Bridge, near Edinburgh.) and there
erected a fine fortified mansion. Fordell was to become the
designation of the Lowland chiefs, and it is from this family 
that the present chief descends. The castle is no longer in 
Henderson hands but was restored this century by the former 
Solicitor General for Scotland, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn,Q.C. who 
died in 1995. After the Hendersons left Fordell Castle at the 
end of the nineteenth century many fine family portraits found 
there way into the Collection of the National Portrait Gallery 
of Scotland.
Perhaps the most prominent of the Hendersons of Fordell was
Alexander Henderson who was born around 1583. He was educated at
the University of St. Andrew's where he became a Master of Arts
and, some time before 1611, a Professor of Philosophy.

He later became minister of the Parish of Leuchars. He was
violently opposed to Charles l's attempts to reform the Church
of Scotland and especially to the introduction of the new prayer
book in 1637. He travelled to Edinburgh to present a petition to
the Privy council, denouncing the new prayer book and stating 
that it had not received the sanction of either the General 
Assembly of the Church or of Parliament. Henderson along with 
Johnston of Warriston drafted the National Covenant which was 
first sworn and subscribed in Greyfriars Churchyard in Edinburgh 
in 1638.
Thousands of persons of all classes clamoured to subscribe. When
the General Assembly met in Glasgow in 1638 they unanimously
elected Henderson as Moderator. He was in the forefront of 
Church affairs and therefore of politics throughout the troubled 
Reign of Charles 1, and was also responsible for drafting the 
Solemn League and Covenant in 1643. When the King surrendered 
Himself to the Scottish army in 1646 it was for Henderson that 
he sent to discuss a reconciliation with his disaffected  
Henderson met the King in an attempt to persuade him to accept
the Church's demands. He failed and the attempt damaged his own
health to such an extent that he died in August 1646. He is
buried in Greyfriars Churchyard the scene of his greatest 
triumph and site of a monument to his memory.

Thomas  Henderson  of  Dundee, who  began  his  career  as  a
lawyer, became one of Scotland's greatest astronomers in the
nineteenth century, and was appointed the first astronomer Royal
for Scotland.

The Hendersons in the north of the country lived at Glencoe and
took the English version of their name from the Gaelic

Maceanruig, claiming descent from a semi-legendary Pictish
prince, Eanruig Mor MacRigh Neachtain or "big Henry son of King
Neachtain". Neachtain is said to have reigned from 700-724 and
to have built the Pictish stronghold of Abernethy. It is not
known when the sons of Henry first came to Glencoe, but it 
appears that their individual identity was lost when the last of 
their chiefs, Dugall Maceanruig, produced an heiress who, 
according to tradition had a son, Ian Fraoch, by her lover, 
Angus Og of Islay. 
His son called Ian Abrach, took his patronymic MacIan, which was
thereafter to designate the Macdonald chiefs of Glencoe. The
Hendersons were not forgotten however and they traditionally
formed the chief's bodyguard. When the house of MacIan of 
Glencoe was attacked by government troops in 1692 it was later 
to be termed the Massacre of Glencoe. The Chief's piper and 
personal attendant, big Henderson of the chanters, a man almost 
6'7" in height and of prodigious strength, was among those 

In the far North the name Henderson arises again but from a 
Quite different source. Hendry, one of the younger sons of a 
fifteenth century chief of the Clan Gunn, hereditary crowners or 
coroners of Caithness, formed his own gilfine, or sept, which 
took his name.
There is no obvious connection between the Caithness Hendersons
or Mackendricks with either the Glencoe or Borders families.

The present Chief of the Henderson Clan, who established his
rights before the Lyon Court, is John William Philip Henderson 
of Fordell, "Rossyth", 7 Owen Street, Toowoomba, Queensland, 


The Hendersons of Northern Ireland are descended from James
Henderson who was born at Castlereagh, County Down, in 1766.


James Henderson was descended from Scottish parents. Tradition
has it that they were from the Borders but there is no proof to
either substantiate or deny this claim.

Henderson Coats of Arms.

Crests and Coats of Arms are personal to a particular individual
who permits his children to use them with certain variations
e.g. denoting an elder son. All members of a family can however
wear the family badge. The Henderson badge is a cubit arm Proper
the hand holding an estoile Or surmounted by a crescent Azure 
and it carries the motto "Sola Virtus Nobilitat" -Virtue Alone
Enobles. The earliest known crest in this branch of the family
appears on silver forks assayed, in Dublin, in 1808 and 
inherited by Annie Peacock Henderson.  This crest depicts a 
dexter arm, embowed in armour holding a short sword or dagger. 
As these forks were made, before her father, Reverend William 
Henderson, was born, it is likely that they were commissioned by 
James Henderson (1766-1835). The same crest appears above the 
Henderson Memorial erected by James Alexander Henderson at the 
cemetery at Newry.
The Court of the Lord Lyon, at Edinburgh, which is responsible 
for heraldic affairs in Scotland, state that the Arms which are
featured on this memorial, with the crest, do appear to resemble
the shield of Henderson of Fordell. There are two further Coats
of Arms in the family, one featuring three Piles Sinister 
probably the Arms of James Alexander Henderson, and certainly 
used by him as Mayor of Belfast; and a completely new Coat of 
Arms possibly granted when his son, James Henderson, was 

James Henderson (1766-1835) married Amelia Magill who was born
in 1771. We don't know when they were married but it was probably


around 1796. James and Amelia had seven children; James born on
the 8th June 1797, William, Alexander, George born in 1814 and 
Henry born on the 27th December 1820. There were three daughters 
but we do not know the names of the first two girls, the third
daughter was Isabella. James and Amelia lived at Littleton, 
Prospect Place Newry and at Belle Vue, Mount Pleasant, Belfast.

James Henderson (senior) died at Belfast on the 28th July 1834
aged sixty-eight. His wife Amelia also died at Belfast, on the
29th April 1844, aged seventy-three.

Descendants of James Henderson (1766-1834)

James (junior) married Anne Peacock on the 12th November 1822
Anne was then twenty-two and James twenty-five. Anne was born at
Newry on the 4th May 1799. She was the daughter of Alexander
Peacock, proprietor of the Newry Telegraph, who was born on the
16th October 1774 and Anne Mitchell, born on the 12th March 1774.
James Henderson later acquired the newspaper as a result of this

Alexander Peacock died, at Newry, on the 14th June 1837,aged 
sixty-three, and his widow, Anne, died at Newry, on the 9th 
January 1854, aged seventy-nine. Anne and James Henderson had 
four sons and seven daughters. When Anne Henderson died on the 
29th April 1844, aged forty-four, her last child Henry George 
was just one year old.

Five years later, on the 17th May 1849, James Henderson married
again. His new bride was Jane Eliza Magill, nee Knox.

James started his career in the newspaper business working with
the Newry Telegraph and also with the Belfast News Letter.

Belfast News Letter.

The Belfast News Letter;

The Belfast News Letter was originally founded by Henry Joy on
the 1st September 1737. It remained in the ownership of the Joy
family until it was taken over by a syndicate of Edinburgh
businessmen in 1799. One of the new partners was Alexander 
Mackay who was born at Edinburgh, on the 31st January 1764, and 
who came to Belfast in 1798. Mackay bought out the other 
partners in 1803.
Mackay had a son who was also called Alexander Mackay and who 
was born in 1794. Unfortunately this boy predeceased him in 1829 
and when Alexander (senior) realised his end was near he 
contacted James Henderson (1797-1863) who had worked for him, at 
one time, and asked him if he could recommend somebody to take 
over the News Letter.

Descendants of JAMES HENDERSON (1797-1863) and ANNE PEACOCK:


James suggested that his eldest son, James Alexander, who was 
Then twenty-one would make a fitting publisher and manager for 
the Belfast News Letter. Mackay agreed and James Alexander left 
Newry for Belfast to manage the paper.

Alexander Mackay died at Belfast, on the 5th November 1844, and 
one year later, James Alexander Henderson was married to his 
second daughter, Agnes Mackay. The ceremony was conducted by the 
Reverend Dr.James Morgan, at the Presbyterian Church Belfast, on 
the 11th December 1845. Agnes was then twenty-four years old, 
having been born at Belfast on the 19th September 1821.

James Alexander and Agnes had ten children, five daughters and
five sons; The first daughter was named Jane and she married James

Boyle, the second child was named James and he was born on the
26th April 1848,the third child was named Alexander Mackay and
he was born in 1850. Alexander married Susan Mercer Goodwood on
the 26th April 1877, the fourth child was named Anne and she
married Edward Van Brabant of Courtrai, the fifth child was 
named Agnes, the sixth child William, the seventh child was 
named Catherine Mackay who was called Katie. There is a memorial 
window to Katie in All Saints Church, Dundela, near Norwood 
Tower. The eighth child was named Henry Trevor and he was born  
on the 29th July 1862. Trevor was educated at the Royal Belfast 
Academical Institute. He was knighted and became Sir Trevor 
Henderson, taking up residence at the family home, Norwood 
Tower, Strandtown. The ninth child was named Charles Westbourne 
and he was born in 1863. 
Charles married Daisy Scott and they had a daughter in 1916. The
daughter was named, Daisyann, and she married Simon Francis Low.
Daisyann and Simon also had a daughter born in 1943 and named
Jennifer. Daisyann and Jennifer Low live in East Sussex. Charles
Westbourne married a second time, to a Margaret Redman who died
in 1993 aged ninety-two. James Alexander's tenth child was named
Florence Elizabeth.

James Alexander Henderson became Mayor of Belfast on the 4th
January 1873. He was also a Justice of the Peace and he lived at
Norwood Tower, CO. Down.

Sir James Henderson (1848-1914)

James Henderson was undoubtedly the most famous son of James
Alexander and Agnes, becoming the first Lord Mayor, in 1898,and
also the first High Sheriff of the City and County of Belfast.
He is credited with the fine City Hall which stands in the centre

of the City today. James was born at Mount Collyer Park, 
Belfast, the home of his grandfather, Alexander Mackay, and he
took a Law degree at Trinity College Dublin.

He was called to the Irish Bar in 1872 and he became Editor of
the Newry Telegraph in 1873, retaining that position until 1883.
He became Managing Proprietor of the Belfast News Letter and
Belfast Weekly News.

He was appointed President of the Master Printers Federation of
Great Britain and Ireland. He married Martha Pollock and they 
had five sons; David, born in 1881, who married Florence 
Kirkwood in 1904,the year of his death. David and Florence had a
daughter, named Vida, who married Robert Heaney; the second son
James was born in 1889;

James Henderson was made a Freeman of the City of Belfast in 
1912 and he was knighted By H.E. The Lord Lieutenant at the Vice 
Regal Lodge, Phoenix Park, Dublin on the 12th January 1899. Sir 
James Henderson lived at Oakley House, Windsor Park, Belfast.

Commander Oscar Henderson (1891-1969)

James and Martha's third child was named Oscar, and he was born
on the 7th October 1891. Oscar was educated at Bradfield,
Osborn, and the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth. He married
Alicia Mary Henry on the 4th August 1921.

Commander Oscar Henderson served in a destroyer during World War
1 and he was second in command of H.M.S Iris at the famous 
Battle of Zeebrugge, on the 23rd April 1918,when a British force 
Blocked the Mole by sinking a ship across the entrance. Oscar 
took command when the Captain was killed and was awarded a D.S.O 
for his part in this epic. Oscar became Comptroller and Private


Secretary to the Duke of Abercorn, the first Governor of 
Northern Ireland. He was awarded a C.V.O and a C.B.E for his 

During the 1800's the Hendersons lived at Norwood Tower Co. 
Down, a fine castellated residence in its own grounds.

It was assumed that this house or it's Dower House, Clonaver, 
would pass to Oscar when Florence Elizabeth, his aunt, died but  
she decided to leave both together with a majority holding in 
Belfast News Letter shares to the Musgrave side of the family. 
It was a bitter blow to Oscar and his family. They could do  
nothing about the houses but they did succeed in buying back the 
News Letter shares.

Oscar And Alicia had two sons;

Captain Oscar William James Henderson (1924-  ) known as Bill 
was born on the 17th August 1924. Bill was educated at 
Brackenber House and Bradfield and he married Rachel Primrose 
Forrest the daughter of Colonel John Forrest, C.M.G of Belfast, 
on the 2nd of February 1949. 
Bill Henderson served in the Irish Guards from 1942-1947 and 
held the rank of Captain. He was Chairman of the Belfast News 
Letter until it was sold in 1989. Bill played an important part 
in securing the franchise for Ulster Television, in 1958,and was 
a Director of this company up to the 1st September 1994. He is 
currently Chairman of Universities Press plc and Ewart plc and 
was awarded an O.B.E in 1984. 
He was made a Deputy Lieutenant for Belfast in 1977. Oscar 
William James and Primrose have three daughters; Mary Gail, born 
18th May 1950, and married to Reginald Alan Clark on the 11th 
September 1971. Gail and Alan have two sons Michael born on the 
3rd July 1974,and Rory born on the 11th May 1977.


The second daughter was named Jacqueline Kelso and she was born 
on the 29th June 1952. Jacqueline married Alistair Peebles on 
the 25th September 1977 and they live in Buckinghamshire. 
Jacqueline and Alistair have three children; Rebecca born on the 
17th July 1981, Eleanor born on the 26th January 1984 and James 
Alexander born on the 5th September 1988. Oscar and primrose's 
third daughter was named Penelope Primrose and she was born on 
the 17th May 1956. Penelope or Penny, as she is known, became a
journalist and worked in the Belfast News Letter. She married
Geoffrey Rawlings on the 24th July 1976 and they have two
children Michael born on the 20th June 1981 and Ivan born on the
25th August 1983. Bill & Primrose live in East Belfast, on the
Craigantlet Hill, not two miles from the old family home, 
Norwood Tower, now a housing estate.

Robert Brumwell Henderson (1929--)

Commander Oscar Henderson's second son was named Robert Brumwell
or Brum as he is known. Brim was educated like his brother at
Brackenber House school, Belfast, and Bradfield. He took his 
degree at Trinity College Dublin. His first wife was Joy Duncan 
whom he married in 1952. They have two daughters; Glynis born on 
the 22nd February 1955 and Sally born on the 13th May 1958.

Glynis married Simon Hall in 1989. In 1970 Brum married Patricia
Ann, daughter of Matthew Davison of Belfast. Brum and Patricia
live at Ballynahinch, CO. Down.

Brum became a career journalist in the Belfast News Letter from
1951-1959. He was appointed General Manager of Ulster Television
Ltd. in 1959, managing Director in 1961 and Chairman in 1983-1992.
He was awarded a C.B.E in 1979 and an Hon Doctorate of 


at the Ulster University in 1982. Brum has published a number of
books including Midnight Oil (1961), A Television First (1977) 
and Amusing (1984). He was a Director of ITN from 1964-1966.
James and Martha's second son was named James and he was born in
1889. James was a bachelor and an academic taking his M.A and 
Law Degree at Trinity College Dublin. After service in the Army
Service corps (1914-1918) he worked in newspapers in Dublin, 
learning his apprenticeship for a career in the Belfast News 

He became a Deputy Lieutenant of Belfast, a Director of Reuters
and of the Press Association and gave many years of service to
the Newspaper Society. A golfer of distinction he was once
runner-up in the Irish Open Championship.

James and Martha's third son was born in 1893 and named George
York. He was commissioned in the Army and sadly, killed in 
action in France on the 22nd November 1917, just twenty-four 
years old having been awarded an M.C for gallantry.

Their fifth son was born on the 10th January 1895 and named
Richard Lilburn Henderson. Richard married Rebecca Hobson and
they adopted a daughter, named Carol, who was born on the 12th
December 1947. Carol married Patrick Kilbride on the 3rd April
1971 and they have two children; Simon born on the 19th August
1973 and Vanessa born on the 31st July 1978.

Sir James and Martha Henderson's sixth child was named Mary  
Agnes Florence Elizabeth Henderson and she was born in 1899. 
Mafe, as she was known (the first letters of each of her 
Christian names which were those of her four aunts!) married 
J. Wilfrid Haughton in 1920 and they had two children; Wilfrid J 
Haughton who was born 


in 1921. Wilfrid married Priscilla McLaughlin in 1944. Wilfrid
and Priscilla had four children; Howard Haughton, born in
1947, married Carol McKee in 1974 and had four children; Graham
Haughton born in 1976, Anna Haughton. born in 1982, Peter 
Haughton born in 1984 and Rebecca Haughton born in 1986.

Wilfrid and Priscilla Haughton's second child was born in 1950
and named Richard Haughton, the third child was Anne Haughton 
born in 1953 who married Chris Lansdowne and the fourth child 
was David Haughton who was born in 1959 and married Shona 
Hutchinson in 1990. David and Shona Haughton have a son named 
James William who was born in 1993.

Mafe and Wilfrid Haughton's second child was born on the 20th
August 1925 and named Rosemary Haughton. Rosemary married George
Clarke in 1952 and they have three children; Jessica Kathleen 
who married the Reverend John Perceval Clarke in 1977. Jessica 
and John Clarke have three children, Lucy Roseanne Clarke born  
in 1979, Andrew Dudley George Clarke born in 1981,and Peter 
Wilfrid John Clarke born in 1985.

Rosemary and George Clarke's second child was born in 1959 and
named Roseanne Clarke. Roseanne married Alan Francis Broderick
in 1991 and they have a son, who was born in 1992,and named
Nicholas William George Broderick.

Rosemary and John Clarke's third child was born in 1952 and 
named Wilfrid D Clarke. In 1982 Wilfrid married Eleanor Norah 
Beattie and they have three children; Matthew Wilfrid Clarke 
born on the 27th March 1983, William Timothy Clarke born on the 
14th November

1986 and Sarah Eleanor Clarke born on the 19th August 1991.

ANNA (1825--)


Anna was James and Anne Henderson's (1797-1863) second child and
she married R.O.Blackadder of the Belfast Bank, Dundalk, on the
14th November 1848. They had five children; Amelia, Norrie, 
Bertha Ada and Annie. Their daughter, Ada, married Dick Palmer 
and they had two daughters, Annabelle and Florence and one son, 
named Eric.
Annabelle married Frank Bennet and Florence married a man named
Stokes. The other daughter, Annie, married John Hamilton, an 
Inland Revenue Official.


William Henderson was the third child of James and Anne 
Henderson and he was born, at Prospect Place, Newry, on the 16th 
December 1826. His father was the proprietor of the Newry 
Telegraph at that time. Two of William's uncles were in the 
ministry of the Presbyterian Church, Reverend Alexander was a  
Military Chaplain and the Reverend Henry was the minister of the 
1st Presbyterian Church, at Holywood, Co. Down. William was only 
seventeen when his mother died and his mother's death made a 
deep impression on him.
He decided that he would also enter the ministry and was being
prepared for Trinity college Dublin when his minister advised 
him to go to Belfast college. After graduation he went to 
Edinburgh and entered the New College of the Free Church of 
shortly after he was licensed he was invited to be a pastor at
the 2nd Armagh Presbyterian Church. William was ordained in
December 1850. He also became the Presbyterian chaplain to the
County Gaol and clerk to the Armagh Presbytery. He later became
the Editor and Manager of the Presbyterian newspaper, the 
Monthly Messenger. William married Eliza Jane, daughter of 
Philip Dixon Hardy M.R.I.A of Dublin and Marianne Hall, on the 
27th October 


1857,at Zion Chapel, King's Inns Street, Dublin. Both William 
and Eliza were thirty years of age. William and Eliza had six
children; Philip Dixon born on the 21st September 1858 and who
was twice married. He had a daughter Kathleen Jane by his first
wife who was brought up by her Aunt Jeanetta (Nettie) at
Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Kathleen never married and died in 1964..
We know Philip Dixon's second wife was Edith Mary Archer. They
were married at Hackney on the 5th June 1905 and had a daughter
on the 7th May 1909 and named Sheila Margery. Philip worked in
a London stockbroker's office; William and Eliza Henderson's
second child was named Annie Peacock and she was born on the 7th
January 1860 at Greenfield Manse, Armagh. Annie married Harry
Carter Draper FCS.; The third child was named Eliza Hardy and 
she was born in 1861; the fourth child was named William Francis 
and he was born on the 5th August 1862. William married Daisy
Chetham-Strode of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. Daisy died on the
24th November 1900 and he married again, this time to Ella Mary
Gray; the fifth child was named James Alfred and he was born on
the 25th October 1864, James became a solicitor on the 30th
December 1887 and he lived at 3 Palmerston Villas, Rathmines,
Co. Dublin; the sixth child was named Jeannetta Gillespie. She 
was born on the 25th February 1867 and did not marry.

William was never particularly robust but he had enjoyed good
health. Unfortunately he was attacked by a malady about a year
and a half before his death which baffled the doctors of his day.
William died at Littleton, his brother's (Henry George)
residence, at Newry, on the 25th of June 1868. He was forty-one
years of age. His widow, Eliza Jane, left Armagh and moved to her


parent's house at Dublin, with her six children. Eliza Jane
Henderson died at Airfield Road, Rathgar, Dublin on the 29th 
August 1908.

Annie Peacock Henderson (1860-1949)

Annie Peacock was married, when she was twenty-one, to Harry 
Carter Draper who was the same age. His father, Harry Napier 
Draper was a leading research chemist who invented colourless 
iodine and Drapers Dichroic Ink. This ink was famous for its 
non-fading and beat resisting qualities and was widely used by 
government departments and also by the legal profession. Harry 
Napier Draper was also a very wealthy Dublin businessman. His 
son, Harry Carter, was also interested in the academic aspects 
of chemistry and like his father he was a Fellow of the 
Chemistry Society and an examiner in chemistry at Trinity 
College and the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland. A keen 
yachtsman he owned three yachts at one time and won many prizes 
for Trans Irish Sea races with Will 0' the Wisp. Unfortunately 
he had little interest in business matters but he was being 
groomed to take over the family business. The family had a Town 
house in Dublin and a large estate in Co. Kildare, called 
Clonsilla Lodge, which is now used as a convent. Annie and Harry 
had three sons; Harry Henderson Draper who was born 17th 
December 1881, was educated at King William college, Isle of 
Man. Harry Napier fell off the mast of a four master Sail 
Training Yacht at San Francisco and was in hospital in America 
for over a year. Although Harry was the eldest he never got on 
with his father which resulted in the second son, Edwin 
Henderson Draper, who was born on the 15th March, being
groomed to take on Bewley & Drapers, the family business.


unfortunately Edwin did not enjoy good health and like his 
father was more interested in an academic rather than a business 
He had married Emilie MacDougall, daughter of an East India
Company executive, on the 5th June 1907 and they had a son, John
Napier, who was born on the 15th December 1908. John Napier 
Draper was educated at Kingstown Grammar school, Avoca School 
and Trinity College Dublin. He entered the teaching profession, 
teaching at Kingstown Grammar School, and became Headmaster of 
Avoca School and Newtown school, one of the largest 
comprehensive schools in Ireland. John Napier married Norah 
Blood Smyth who had served, as a meteorologist, with the Womens 
Royal Air Force in World War 11.
Norah played a key role in securing postal votes for disabled
people in the Irish Republic.

Sadly Edwin Henderson Draper died at Trim when he was just forty
-six years of age, on the 23rd June 1930.

Annie & Harry Draper's third son was named Alfred Henderson
Draper. He was named Alfred after Annie's brother, Alfred. He 
was born on the 22nd October 1890 and attended Kelvingrove House
School, at the Bridge of A1lan,when he was eight years old.  
Alfred Henderson Draper completed his education at St Columba's
College, at Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin.

Alfred joined the family business, Bewley & Drapers, but later
became the Sales Director for William Gaw Ltd, manufacturing

Alfred married Mona Violanta Johnson on the 1st December 1915.
Mona was the daughter of Thomas Johnson, Builders, of Derby who 
had been commissioned to repair British Army Barracks in Ireland.

Mona and Alfred had two sons, Derek Johnson born on the 22nd


September 1918 and Gerald Carter born on the 24th November 1926.
Derek was educated at Kingstown Grammar School. He joined the
North Irish Horse on the outbreak of World War 11 and was
commissioned in the Hampshire Regiment, on completion of his
O.C.T.U course at Sandhurst. The Hampshires were equipped with
various tanks but had Churchill, flame throwers, when they 
landed in France, shortly after D Day. Derek served with his 
regiment as it fought its way through, France Belgium, Holland 
and Germany until the end of the War. After VE Day he became a 
Town Major in Germany.

Derek married Irene Lucy Field on the 29th May 1943. They 
Adopted two children; Elizabeth born on the 25th December 1955 
and David born on the 6th January 1966. Elizabeth married Allan 
Killip of Jersey and they have two sons: Jonathan born on the 
16th February 1981 and Oliver born on the 20th August 1987. They 
also have a daughter, Katherine born on the 22nd October 1982. 
David married Petra Simmendinger, from Hanover, and they have a 
son, Michael Adrian Johnson Draper, who was born on the 22nd 
November 1993.

Derek joined British European Airways Cargo Division,at the end
of the War, and became a specia1ist in the carriage of freight 
by air. After BEA and BOAC merged he was appointed head of the
British Airways Cargocentre at London Airport. Derek Johnson
Draper retired from British Airways in 1982. Derek & Rene Draper
live at Sunbury-on-Thames.

Gerald Carter Draper, or Gerry as he is known, was educated at
Avoca school and Trinity college Dublin where he took a
Moderatorship in Modern History and Political Science. Although
he had planned for a career in the British Foreign Service he


decided to join Aer Lingus as an executive management trainee in
1947. Aer Lingus was then an Anglo-Irish company and two
graduates were recruited from Trinity and two from the National
University. One of the graduates from National was Garret
Fitzgerald, who became the Irish Prime Minister. Gerald married
Winifred Lilian Howe, daughter of Frederick George Howe, of 
London, on the 19th May 1951 and they have four children; 
Valerie Carter born on the 1st March 1952 who married Anthony 
Cowles. Valerie & Tony have a daughter, Sopie Laura, born on the 
7th January 1988; Hilary carter born on the 11th April 1954 who 
married Robert Longman. Hilary & Robert have three children, 
Jennifer born on the 16th January 1977, Matthew born on the 18th 
November 1979 and Michael born on the 15th January 1989; Shirley 
Carter born on the 15th June 1956 who married David Ormsby. 
Shirley and David have four children, Emma born on the 17th July 
1976, Marc born on the 31st July 1978, Sarah born on the 12th 
February 1980 and Samuel born on the 11th March 1982.
Lilian and Gerald's fourth child was named Alan Carter Draper 
and he was educated at Granchester House, Milborne Senior and
Tonbridge schools. He graduated with a BA Hons. degree in French
at St David's college, Lampeter and obtained his Commercial
Pilot's Licence. He is now a Flying Instructor at the College of
Air Training, Perth.

Gerald became Advertising & Public Relations Manager for Aer
Ljngus, resigning,in 1959,in order to join his boss, who had 
become Chief  Executive of Central African Airlines, at 
Salisbury, S.Rhodesia. Gerald became Traffic & Sales Manager and 
Then Commercial Manager for CAA, which was the national airline 
for the 


Federation of Southern Rhodesia, Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
When Dr Banda started to challenge the Federation, Gerald 
decided to move back to England. He was appointed Advertising 
Manager for British European Airways in 1964,and later General 
Manager Market Development. He became Director of the British 
Airways Travel and Sales Division. Director of commercial 
Operations and a member of the British Airways Board in 1977. He 
represented British Airways on many company bards, including 
International Aeradio Ltd. and Intercontinental Hotels Uk. Ltd. 
He was chairman of British Airtours Ltd and Sovereign Holidays. 
Gerald was awarded an O.B.E in 1974.

When he retired as Managing Director Intercontinental Services, 
in 1983, he became a Consultant Director for Lazards in the City 
and later established his own management consultancy, Draper
Associates Ltd. This company had offices at Baker Street, London
and undertook assignments for American Express, Time Magazine,
BUA, Westland Helicopters, J.Walter Thompson and many other 
leading companies. One of these clients was Hoverspeed UK Ltd. 
and Gerald became its Managing Director and Vice chairman. When 
the company organised a management buy-out, Gerald became one of its owners.
Having turned the loss-making company into a profitable 
business, Hoverspeed was sold to Sealink in 1986. Gerald is a
Fellow of the chartered Institute of Marketing and also a Fellow
of the Institute of Travel. He became Master of the Worshipful
Company of Marketors in 1990. Gerald and Lilian Draper live at
Walton-on-Thames, Surrey.

William Francis Henderson 1862-1929;

William Francis Henderson was born at Newry, on the 5th August


1862. He became a stockbroker in Dublin and was very religious
which is not surprising as his father was a Presbyterian 
minister and his mother was the daughter of Philip Dixon Hardy, 
author of a number of religious books. William Francis, or 
Willie as he was known, married Daisy Chetham-Strode who was 
born at Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand, at Monkstown Church, 
Kingstown  (now Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin on the 5th June 1897. 
William and Daisy lived at 1 Cowper Villas, Rathmines,Dublin and 
Daisy bore him two children;

Gladys Emily born on the 24th September 1898 at 1 Cowper
Villas, Rathmines, co. Dublin and Harold William born on the 1st
February 1900 at Dublin. Sadly Daisy died on the 24th November
1900 when she was just twenty-four years of age.

On the 18th July 1903 Willie married again, this time to Ella 
Mary Gray, daughter of Alexander Gray of Dublin. Willie and Ella 
Lived at  Hawthornden, Howth, co. Dublin. They had three sons; 
James Alfred, David and William George together with three
daughters; Marjorie, Elsie and Ella Mary.

Marjorie Henderson was born on the 12th May 1904 and married
Ralph Kerr. Marjorie and Ralph had three children; Maryl Kerr 
born on the 16th April 1938 who married David Kent Murphy, or 
Kent as he is known, and had three children; David Murphy born 
on the 22nd November 1960 who married Rose Marie Berberian. 
David and Rose had a son named Adrian Murphy who was born on the 
17th August 1993.

Maryl and Kent's second child was born on the 6th January 1963
and named Beth Murphy. Sadly Beth died aged ten on the 6th
September 1973.


Later Maryl and Kent adopted a son who was named James Kerr
Murphy and he married a girl named Ann.

Ralph and Marjorie Kerr's second child was a son named Hugh Kerr
and he married Elizabeth Watts. Hugh and Elizabeth Kerr have 
four children; Martha Kerr born on the 3rd August 1968, Gavin 
Kerr born on The 25th December 1969, Rachel Kerr born on the 
22nd October 1971 who married Wayne Bezner, and Shannon born on 
the 2nd April 1993.

Ralph and Marjorie Kerr's third child was named James Kerr and
he married a girl named Ann. James and Ann Kerr had three
children: a daughter, named Julie, who was born on  the 9th 
March 1961 who married Robert Barker. Julie and Robert Barker 
have a daughter named Sophie who was born on the 12th December 
James and Ann Kerr's second child was named Gillian and she was
born on the 17th September 1962. James and Ann Kerr's third 
child was named Joanna and she was born in 1967.

Marjorie Henderson's second husband was Lynn Snyder.

Unfortunately Willie Henderson's Dublin business was not
successful and he emigrated to Canada in 1915. His wife, Ella, 
and all his children, except Gladys, who was known as Peggy, 
joined him at Fenlon Falls, Ontario early in 1916.

Peggy was completing her final year at Alexandra College in
Dublin and it was agreed that a relative in England, on the
Chetham-Strode side, her mother's family, would look after her.
Peggy married William Francis Small and they had two
children; David William Small born on the 9th June 1927 and 
James Miln Small born on the 15th June 1933.

David Small married Annette Elizabeth Borrie on the 27th August


1955 and they have three children; Mary Helen Small born on the
10th June 1956, Francis David Small born on the 5th April 1958 
and John Edward Mun Small born on the 19th April 1959. Mary 
Small married Peter Baker and Francis Small married Jennifer 
Francis and Jennifer Small have three children; Michael Francis
David Small born on the 2nd August 1990, Caroline Jennifer Holly
Small born on the 28th November 1992 and Peter James Martin 
Small born on the 7th April 1994. David and Annette's third 
child was named John Edward Miln Small and he married Susan 
Juliet Ann Maylin.

James Miln Small, second son of Peggy Henderson and William
Small, married Sorel Corfield on the 6th June 1959 and they have
two children; Angus James Small born on the 28th March 1966
Emily Jane Small born on the 30th October 1967.
After schooling in Scotland, at Lathallan and Glenalmond, David
William Small served in the Army Intelligence Corps for three
years before going up to Corpus Christi College, Cambridge where
he graduated in Law. David worked with the Distillers Company 
for thirty-five years, the last twelve years as a Director. He 
retired in 1987.
His brother James Miln Small, known as Jimmie, followed him to 
the same schools and went up to Emmanuel college, Cambridge 
where he graduated. He spent a number of years with Czarnikow 
Ltd., a commodities broker before being appointed London 
Representative for the Swaziland Sugar Corporation. Jimmie Small 
retired to Wiltshire in 1994.

Harold William Henderson was the second child of Willie 
Henderson and Daisy Chetham-Strode of New Zealand. He 
accompanied his

father to Canada and joined A.E.Ames and Company Ltd., in 1916, 
in British Columbia. He was Manager of their Victoria Office 
from 1931-1957 and resident Director of the company (1951-1964) 
when he retired. Harold married Verna Morris in Victoria in 1926 
and he died on the 23rd April 1979 leaving two daughters; Gladys
Patricia, known as Pattie, born in 1926 who married Douglas Dewar.
Pattie and Douglas had two children; Twins Ian and Douglas born
in 1953. Pattie married again, this time to Nobel Manzer and 
they had a son, Peter, born in 1959. Harold and Verna 
Henderson's second child was named Janet Ann and she married a 
journalist, John Scott. Janet and John Scott have two children; 
Hugh Harold Henderson Scott and Catherine Scott. Janet and John 
Scott live in Quebec, near the Vermont border.

Elsie Henderson (1905-1990) was the second daughter of William
Francis and Ella Henderson and she was born on the 31st December
1905. Elsie served in the Royal Canadian Air Force and was the
commanding officer of the composite Training School at Jarvis
Street, Toronto, which trained some 7000 women for the Air Force
in World War 11. Elsie later became personnel Manager for
Simpsons, one of Toront6's leading stores.

William Francis and Ella Henderson's third child was born on the
4th April 1908 and named James Alfred Henderson. James married
Cora Louise Berry and they had three sons; John Henderson born 
in 1952 and who sadly died that same year, Peter James Henderson 
who was born on the 29th July 1953 and married Dawn Gibson. 
Peter married again, his second wife is Kathleen Ann Gawel and 
she was born on the 12th March 1953. Peter Henderson is a 
computer specialist and lives with Kathleen at Toronto, Canada.


James and Cora Hendersons third son was named Bruce William
Henderson and he was born on the 18th August 1958. Bruce married
Simone Angastiniotis and they have a daughter named Tara Lindsay
Henderson who was born on the 13th December 1992.

William Francis and Ella Henderson's fourth and fifth children
were twins, born on the 1st February 1910,and named David and
William Francis Henderson, but sadly David died at birth and
William died on the 13th October l910, he was just eight months
old. Their sixth child was born on the 7th June 1911 and named
Ella Mary Henderson. Ella died at St Thomas, Ontario, Canada, on 
the 22nd February 1988.


William (1826-1868) was followed by David who was born on the
14th October 1828. David left Newry for Australia as he could 
not marry as he wished. He died at Melbourne on the 16th June 
1853 aged twenty-four and a half years of age. The next child 
was Amelia and she was born on the 13th September 1830. Amelia 
died unmarried when she was nineteen years of age, on the 17th 
November 1849. The next child was Elizabeth who was born on the 
25th February 1833. Elizabeth also died unmarried, aged thirty-
three, on the 7th June 1866. The next child was named Isabella 
and she was born on the 18th May 1834. Isabella died unmarried 
aged fifty-two, on the 4th February 1896. The next child was 
named Fanny and she was born on the 22nd January 1836. Fanny was 
just five years of age when she died on the 10th March 1841. 
Fanny was followed by the birth of Margaret on the 25th December 
1837 but once again James and Anne Henderson were to witness the 
tragic loss of yet another child at an early age. Their daughter Margaret died on


the 18th October 1845, just seven and a half years of age.

Fortunately they fared better with their next child Maria who 
was born on the 26th December 1839 and who lived for sixty-five
years. (see page 33). Maria was followed by Henry George who was
born on the 11th April 1843. Henry was the proprietor of the
Newry Telegraph from 1863. He also started the Irish Echo and
Dublin Evening Standard. Henry died at Dublin on the 7th 
February 1888.


James Henderson had four children by his second marriage; Edith
Jane born on the 16th September 1851 who married Norman Kerr
M.D,F.L.S London.; John Alexander Knox born on the 19th 
September 1852 who died when he was two, on The 13th July 1855; 
Henrietta Cuppage (Rita) born on the 18th February 1854 and 
Cecil Knox born on the 12th May 1856 who also died in his early 
years. He was just fourteen years old when he died on the 7th 
May 1870.


William was the second son of James Henderson and Amelia Magill.
He became a confidential clerk and Book-Keeper in the Belfast
Commercial chronicle. He married Martha Johnson at the
Presbyterian Meeting House, at Antrim, on the 22nd November 1822.
The ceremony was performed by the Reverend James Carley, 
Unitarian Minister of Antrim. Martha was the youngest daughter 
of Andrew Johnson of Ballyharvey, Co. Antrim, and William and 
Martha had four children; Elizabeth Henderson who died 
unmarried, at New York, Martha Henderson who married a man named 
Robeson and died in the USA in 1914, Amelia Henderson who was 
born in June 1832.
We do not know the name of the fourth child. Amelia's father


William Henderson died of cholera, at St Therese, on his way to
Montreal on the 7th August 1832 when she was just two months old.
William left a widow and four daughters.

Amelia married John Leishman, a teacher, and the son of David
Leishman and Janet Birrel of Canonbie, Dumfriesshire. Amelia and
John Leishman were married at Linenhall Street Presbyterian
Church, Belfast, on the 12th October 1848. Amelia and John 
Leishman had two children who died in their infancy. Amelia and 
John Leishman's third child was named John George Alexander 
Leishman and he was born at Pittsburg on the 28th March 1857. 
John George became President of the Carnegie Steel Company and 
he was later appointed U.S Ambassador to Turkey, Italy, and 
finally Germany. On the 9th September 1890 he married Julia 
Crawford, daughter of Edward Crawford, at Homewood Baptist 
Church, Pittsburgh.

John George Leishman and Julia had two children; Martha who died
unmarried and Nancy Louise who was born on the 2nd October 1894.
Kaiser William of Germany became very concerned when the Crown
Prince Willie started to take considerable interest in Nancy, 
they were always together. It is believed the Kaiser pressured 
Nancy to marry Charles Rodolphe Englebert Phillipe Leon, 13th 
Duke of Croy. They were married on the 27th October 1913 and 
having borne the Duke three children, Nancy was treated very 
badly by him. The Duke was very fond of the ladies and matters 
came to a head when the Duke attempted to give family furs to 
the children's Governess Nancy walked out on him but had great 
difficulty obtaining a divorce as he was a Roman Catholic. 
However Nancy discovered that a divorce would be possible in 
France if she obtained the consent of two Archbishops.


This is what she did and the divorce was agreed on the 19th June
1922. She even succeeded in making the Duke pay all expenses. 
The Duke later married the Governess but she did not last long 
as the Duke had two further wives!

Nancy then married Andrew de Oldenburg, the Danish Ambassador at
Paris. Dr Jocelyn Eustace lunched with them, at the Embassy,in
1939. They were taking down paintings to store for the War. 
Sadly Andrew de Oldenburg died soon after, on the 15th September 
Nancy then went to live at Copenhagen where she died in 1992.
Nancy's daughter, Antoinette, married Douglas Auffm-Ord and they
live at Dullmen in Germany, Majorca and Paris.  The second
daughter, Marie Louise, who is known as Lulu, had a daughter who
died at an early age. Lulu married again after the death of her
first husband. Her second husband was a wealthy man named Fred
Adams. They have a house in Paris and in the French countryside.
Nancy's mother, Amelia Leishman, married again, and her second
husband was Captain John Bateson of the US Army. Amelia Leishman
died at Pittsburgh on the 20th December 1905.


Alexander was the third son of James Henderson (1766-1834) and
Amelia Magill and be was born at Belfast in 1801. He was
educated at the Old College, Belfast and received his General
certificate from that College in 1826. This certificate was
regarded by the Presbyterian church as the equivalent to a
university degree. From 1823-1829 he was Librarian of the
Linenhall Library in Belfast. Destined to take a place in the
family newspaper he decided at the age of seventeen to enter the


He was licensed by the Belfast Presbytery and on the 20th June 
1829 he was ordained Minister of the 1st Lisburn Presbyterian 
Church. He resigned from that post in 1855 and became the first 
Irish Presbyterian Chaplain appointed to the British Army. He 
was stationed at the Curragh, Colchester, and Dublin and 
according to the "Evangelical Witness" "He was a great
favourite with the Presbyterian soldiers" Unfortunately his
health  deteriorated  and  he  was  transferred  to Warley, in
Essex, which was classed as an easy station. He died, at the
Barracks, aged sixty-seven and unmarried, after a severe illness
on the 21st July 1868. His brother, the Reverend Henry Henderson
of Holywood Co. Down was with him during the last days of his


George Henderson was born in 1814 and he lived at Emyvale, Newry.
He succeeded his brother, James, as Editor of the Newry Telegraph.
George was married twice. His first wife was Isabella Barclay
Williamson, daughter of Alexander Williamson of Lambeg. George 
and Isabella had four children but they all died when they were
young. The first child was named Alexander William and he was
born in 1833. Alexander died at the age of seventeen on the 29th
September 1850. The second child was named Emily and she was 
born in 1840 but died aged eleven on the 7th August 1851 The 
third child died in infancy on the 8th January 1844. The fourth 
child was named Ann Hardell and she was born on the 18th October 
1845 but died on the 7th November 1845. George's second wife was
Catherine Ward, daughter of James Ward of Strawberry Hill, 
Lisburn who also bore him four children.

The first child was named George William and he joined the Royal
Navy. George William died at port Royal Jamaica on the 26th July
1878 on board H.M.S Bullfinch. The second child was named James
Ward and he married Alice Mary Clarke, daughter of Edward P 
Clarke of Kingstown on the 28th April 1896. The third child was 
named Alexander and he died, in infancy, on the 11th October 
1860. The fourth child was named Emily Catherine and she was 
born in 1860 (possibly a twin of Alexander). Sadly Emily did not 
live very long and died when she was nine years old, on the 25th 
February 1869.


Was the fourth son of James Henderson and Amelia Magill and was
born in Belfast on December 27th 1820. Henry followed in his
brother Alexander's footsteps and decided to enter the Ministry.
He was licensed in Belfast in November 1842 and was ordained on
September 25th 1844 as the Minister for the 1st Presbyterian
Church at Holywood, Co. Down. Henry occupied this pulpit for
thirty-four years. On the 9th June 1846 he married Sarah Jane
Russell, the daughter of John Russell, solicitor, of Newry at 
Sandys Street Presbyterian church, Newry. He died at Glenard, 
Holywood on the 7th December 1879,aged fifty-nine.


Henry & Sarah had seven children; Mary, Emily known as Lily, who
married the Reverend John O'Reilly-Blackwood, incumbent of
Ballywalter, Co. Down, l878-l893 and Chaplain to Mission to
seamen, Cork  (1894-1897). Lily and John Blackwood had four
children; a daughter, Edwin, Noel and Verine.

The Reverend Henry and Sarah's third child and first son was


named Herbert Richardson and he died at New York on the 31st 
July 1897. The fourth child was named Alexander and he opted for 
a career in the Church of England in spite of the strong
Presbyterian family background.

Canon Alexander Henderson; (1854-1963)

Alexander Henderson graduated from Queen's university Belfast in
1874 with a B.A. He entered Bishop Hatfield's Hall, Durham
University that same year and was awarded a Licentiate in
Theology in 1876. He was ordained a Deacon in 1877,aged twenty-
three and a priest on the 22nd September 1878,at Manchester, 
aged twenty-four years. His first post was at St.Oswald's, 
Collyhurst, on a 140 stipend. He remained there from 1877-1882. 
In 1882 he moved to Holy Trinity Church, Selhurst and remained 
there until 1885. His next posting was to St. Andrew's Cardiff 
where he stayed until 1892. He was Rector of Burton, 
Pembrokeshire, from 1892-1894.

The Reverend Alexander Henderson was posted to Canton, China in
1894 and remained overseas until 1901.

In 1901 he returned to Britain and became Rector of St John the
Baptist Church, Cardiff. He was appointed a Canon in 1935.

Alexander Henderson married Gertrude Harrison in 1885. Alexander
and Gertrude had three children:

Sir Alan Gerald Henderson:

The first child was named Alan Gerald and he was born, at 
Cardiff on the 22nd March 1886. Alan Henderson was educated at
Westminster School and Christ Church, Oxford where he read Law.
In 1909 he entered the Indian Civil Service and married Joan
Margaret Takle in 1922. Alan was appointed Secretary to the


Government of Bengal in 1932 and he became a Judge of the
Calcutta High Court in 1933 retaining this post until 1937.

He was knighted for his services in 1945. Alan and Joan 
Henderson had a son named Alexander John (he was known as Jack). 
Jack's first wife was named Trixie and they had two children: 
Robin Alan Louis who married and had two daughters; and Olivia 
Martha Hope who is also married and living in Australia. Jack 
Henderson married again, this time to Sheila Atha who now lives 
at Chalfont, St Giles, Buckinghamshire.

Canon Alexander's second child was Gertrude Aileen and she was
born on the 11th November 1887. The third child was Denys Arthur
who was born on the 25th December 1888 and who married 
Jacqueline Ellen Olivier Riches in 1919. Denys served in the 
Royal Navy and became a Commander. Denys and Jacqueline have 
three children; Pamela Mary born on the 26th September 1918 who 
married Alan Dennis MacArthur on the 16th October 1942. Pamela 
and Alan McArthur live at Clifton, Bristol and they have four 
children; Nicola Jane born on the 10th August 1944 who married 
Andrew Harland in 1969. Nicola and Andrew Harland had a son 
named James Robert Andrew who was born on the 7th August 1970. 
Andrew died in 1971 and Nicola later married Charles 
Fairweather, in 1976.
Nicola and Charles Fairweather had two sons; Edward Charles born
on the 29th May 1978 and Henry Nicholas born on the 30th January

Pamela and Alan McArthur's second child was named Allan Robin
Dayrell who was born on the 28th June 1946 and who married Susan
Diana Cheshire in 1977. Allan and Susan McArthur have three


children: Alistair Hugh Dayrell born on the 31st March 1979; Sam
Robin Dennis born on the 3rd July 1981 and Robert Douglas Allan
born on the 5th May 1985.

Pamela and Alan McArthur's third child was named James John
Dennis and he was born on the 21st June 1950. James married
Elaine Ward on the 7th September 1974 and they have three
children: Alexandra Jane born on the 10th March 1976; Andrew 
Duncan John born on the 12th June 1977 with his twin brother Ian 
Stewart Dennis.

Pamela and Alan McArthur's fourth child was named Joanna Mary 
and she was born on the 28th January 1953. Joanna married Simon 
Robin Fuller in 1979 and they have three children: Emilia 
Catherine born on the 20th May 1982;Chloe Nicola born on the 9th 
December 1984 and Thomas Richard Simon born on the 14th January 
Denys and Jacqueline Henderson's second child was named Robin
Denys Henderson and he married Mary Woodcock in 1950.
Denys and Mary have three children: Michael Robin who was born 
on the 9th February 1953 and married Jan Marie Rachel Morrell in
1978. Michael and Jan a1so have three children; Annabel Rachel
born on the 29th June 1982, Edward Michael born on the 13th 
December 1984 and David William born on the 15th April 1990. 
Michael and Jan Henderson live in New Zealand.

The second child of Robin and Mary was named Susan Mary Carolyn
and she was born on the 30th April 1954. Susan married Michael
John Lynskey in 1990 and they have two children; Rachel Kate 
born on the 19th August 1992 and Belinda Lucy born on the 17th
February 1995. Robin and Mary's third child was named Elizabeth
Jane Rosemary and she was born on the 10th April 1958. Elizabeth


Henderson married Alban Pierre Robert Roy in 1985 and they have
three children Felix William Didier born on the 14th March
1988, Melanie Chantal Mary born on the 2nd March 1991. and 
Jacques Robin Emmanuel born on the 15th September 1994. Robin 
and Mary's fourth child was named Jennifer Anne Gillian and she 
was born on the 2nd November 1959. Jennifer married Paul Thomas 
Ahearne in 1987 and they have two children Isabelle Tara 
Margaret born on the 19th April 1989 and Victoria Kate Gabriel 
born on the 29th October 1990. 

The following was inserted/changed by Mike Henderson:

"Robin Henderson joined the Royal Navy, like his father before 
him. When he retired from naval service, with the rank of 
Commander, the family emigrated to Australia. After working for 
the Institution of Engineers in Canberra, he retired to Manly, a 
beachside suburb of Sydney." He served his entire career with 
the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy, although he was based in 
Sydney with his aircraft carrier as part of the Far East Fleet 
for a time in 1944/45.

Canon Alexander Henderson died on the 17th May 1963 at 16 The
Lees, Malvern.

The Reverend Henry and Sarah Henderson's third son was named
Edwin and he was born on the 14th August 1856. Tragically Edwin
was accidentally drowned when he was seventeen, on the 16th 
August 1873.

The Reverend Henry and Sarah Henderson's fourth son was named
Ernest and he married Agnes Quinn. Ernest became an engineer 
with the Great Northern Railway and afterwards President of the
Canadian Salt Company Ltd. Ernest and Agnes Henderson had a
daughter, named Creina, who was born on the 14th July 1887, 
Creina Henderson married the Reverend Roy Chadwick and they had 
a daughter, named Elizabeth, who was born on the 16th August 
Elizabeth Chadwick married Rex Kirk Owen in 1949 and they had a
daughter named Alice. This daughter married Anthony Maitland on
the 16th October 1976 and they have two children; Oliver born on


the 17th June 1984 and Isabel born on the 4th September 1980.
Alice and Anthony Maitland live in Powys, Wales.

Maria Henderson (1839-1905)

Maria was the tenth child of James Henderson (1797-1863) and 
Anne Peacock, and she was born on the 26th December 1839. Maria 
lived with her brother, James Alexander, at Norwood Tower and 
she taught his younger children. This was where she met her 
future husband Frank Const Barker. Frank Barker was one of James 
Alexander's business friends. All the Barker family used the 
middle name Const after a Mr Const of Piccadilly, London. Mr 
Const was a wealthy business friend of Frank's father, Richard 
Barker, and when he died he left the family a large sum of 

Maria Henderson and Frank Barker were married on the 15th
September 1862 and lived at Sorrento House, Dalkey, Co. Dublin. 
They had eight children;

Margaret Frances Const Barker (Meta) founded St Christopher's
College for Nursery Nurses at Tunbridge Wells which was later
taken over by Barnardos. Meta died in 1934; The second child was
named Francis Const Barker and he married Kathleen McGilligan.
Francis died on the 1st May 1928; The third child was Kathleen
Const Barker who married James Musgrave and had four children; 
The first child was (sir) Christopher Musgrave and he was born 
on the 18th October 1892. Christopher married Kathleen Chapman. 
Sir Christopher and Lady Kathleen Musgrave had four children; 
the first child was named Richard, who inherited the title, and 
who was born on the 10th February 1922,the second child was 
named Michael and he was killed in action, with the 1st B.N. 
Irish Guards, on the 5th February 1944, at the Anzio Bridgehead, 
in Italy, Elizabeth, 


and Anthony. Sir Christopher Musgrave died on the 12th May 1956.
His heir, Sir Richard Musgrave married Maria Cambanis and they
have two sons Christopher and Shane and also four daughters.
The elder son is named The Hon. Shane Husgrave.

Kathleen and James Musgraves' second child was named Frank and
he married Kathleen Gray. The third child, Dorothy Maud, was 
born in 1900 and she married Togo Nash Peake. Dorothy died on 
the 16th February 1991. The fourth child was named Kathleen 
Joyce Musgrave and she married Edmund Saville Monckton, llth 
Viscount Galway.

They had a daughter named the Hon. Rose Winsome Monckton, who 
was born in 1937 and died in 1980. Kathleen Joyce died on the 
1st February 1975.

The fourth child of Maria and Frank Barker, Evelyn Const
Barker, married Charles Gifford and they had three children: 
Margaret who died on the 5th March 1979; Sheila Maria who
married Robert Lowry and who died on the 19th January 1990; and
Charles Blake Gifford who was born on the 2nd February 1910 and
became an actor on the stage. He died on the 18th August 1952.
His mother Evelyn Const Gifford died on the 18th February 1945.
The fifth child of Maria and Frank Barker was named William
Gerald Conat Barker and he died in 1884,in Australia.

The sixth child of Maria and Frank Barker was Edith Maud Const
Barker, known as Maud, and she married Benjamin Frank Eustace 
J.P. Edith and Benjamin had five children: John Frank Fawcett
Eustace, born on the 31st October 1902 who married Natalie 
Diamond and had two children; Mary born on the 16th September 
1938 and John born on the 22nd March 1947. Their daughter Mary
married Major Charles Kaiser and they have a daughter, Sheila


Vivienne born on the 26th June 1964.

Their son, John Edwin married Helen McKinley and they have three
children: Nicholas born on the 6th January 1973; Caroline born 
on the 28th November 1967 and Annette born on the 12th September

The second child of Maud and Benjamin Eustace was named Pauline
Beryl, and Beryl, as she was called, married John Phair who 
became the Bishop of Ossory and Ferns.

Maud and Benjamin Eustace's third child was named Veronica Pearl
and she was born on the 26th August 1906. Pearl as she was 
called married Sir William Francis Broadbent, the third Baronet, 
who was a solicitor.

Sir William's grandfather, the first Baronet, came from
Huddersfield, Yorkshire and was Physician Extraordinary to Queen
Victoria. He was also Physician to King Edward Vl1 and to the
Prince of Wales. Pearl died on the 8th November 1951.
Maud and Benjamin's fourth child was named Henry Jocelyn Eustace.
He was born on the 23rd July 1908 and he became a leading member
of the medical profession in Dublin.

The fifth child of Maud and Benjamin Eustace was named Benjamin
Goodbody Eustace and he married Janet Stephenson. Benjamin and
Janet had two children; Benjamin Ian Eustace born on the 11th 
July 1936 and who died, aged 23,on the 3rd December 1959;and 
Peter Jocelyn Eustace born on the 24th February 1938 who married
Bernice Passmore.

Unfortunately we do not have any record of the christian names
of James and Amelia's three daughters. However we do know that


one married a man named MacKenzie and that both were drowned on
their way to Australia. The second daughter married a man named
Robert Rea. The Rea's had three sons and five daughters. The 
sons were; Hugh who married a girl named Kelsey, William who 
married a girl named Hopkirk and had four children; Maud, Helen 
Ethel and Cecil. Ethel married a man named Haslett and they had 
two children; Ethna and Desmond. The Rea's third son, Henry T 
married a girl named Small and they had three children; Vivian 
T.T Rea who was killed in action. Violet, who married a man 
named Stevenson, and Winnie who married a man named Boyd.

The Rea's daughters were; Annie, Margaret who married a man 
named Crotty, Jane who married a D.C.Salmond and Henriett.

James and Amelia Henderson's third daughter was named Isabella
and she married Robert Waugh at Melbourne and had a child.

Transcribed by A Maitland, 29/12/2001.

Additions by A Maitland


Re: Jack Leishman, son of John G A Leishman

Date: Sat, 27 Mar 2004 20:57:31 EST

From: DrRNDal@aol.com

Dear Antony,

John Dalles here. You will recall we have corresponded regarding the Henderson and Leishman family.

I have been working to try to find the living descendents of the three children of John George Alexander Leishman and Julia Crawford. I am hoping that you may be able to help me with my current impasse...

Martha Leishman Hyde's only child was Henry B. Hyde and his two granddaughters have recently published a book about their grandfather called "After the Ball" written by their friend Pamela Beard. In it they give some, but not much, information about the family tree. In the past, I have been e-mailing one of these two granddaughters, but they do not know what became of Ambassador Leishman's papers. (They were very glad to have the information I shared with them).

I have also been in touch with the keeper of the von Croy family archives in Germany, and he sent me a very helpful handwritten family tree with some details, including the fact that John Jr. married and then adopted the daughter of his wife.


I have recently been in touch with Nancy Leishman and Karl von Croy's daughter, Princess Marie Louise von Croy, now Mrs. Fred Adams. She tells me that she is fairly certain that if anyone still has the Ambassador's papers it would be her Uncle Jack's adopted daughter. She believes Jack received his father's papers at the time of his death in 1924. She says that when her Uncle Jack died (1942) or soon thereafter, his widow and adopted daughter went to the US and settled on Long Island, where the

adopted daughter married "a pilot". She does not recall names. She says they lost track of her about 1950 when her mother died.

I have reached an impasse of sorts, because the information I have is not helping me find out what may have become of Jack's adopted daughter.

>From the handwritten family tree from the von Croy archives, here is what I do have...

John George Alexander Leishman Jr

Born in Pittsburgh PA January 16, 1887

Baptized in St Stephen Episcopal Church, Sewickley (near Pittsburgh PA) April 1, 1888 (these records still exist and were confirmed to me by their present rector)

Graduated from St. Paul's private boy's preparatory school, in 1905 (confirmed to me by the school)

Said to have attended Cambridge University (but their alumni office has no record of this)

Was the protégé of Baroness Henri de Rothschild in France before his first marriage.

Jack Leishman married (1)

September 18, 1911 at The Episcopal Church, Cadenabbia, Lake Como, Italy,

Elizabeth Helene Gardner Demarest (1892-1931)

The daughter of Warren Gardner Demarest and his wife Elizabeth Charlotte (maiden name not known to me) of NY.

Note that she was later divorced from Jack Leishman (1917) and subsequently married two more times:

(2) Alastair St. Clair Leveson-Gower, married April 27, 1918 [their daughter Elizabeth became Countess of Southerland. Baroness of Strathnaver.]

(3) George (Georgij Aleksandrov), Baron Osten Dreisen, married in 1931; later that year Elizabeth died.

Jack Leishman married (2) (not sure of date but believe AFTER 1924)

Anna Pauline Verelpen (dates not known, but born circa 1888 - 1894, died circa 1950) called "Pauline"

Pauline's first husband's last name is hard to read on my handwritten family tree from the von Croy archives.

It appears to be Boucard or Boucart but the "u" could be an "n" and the "r" could be an "n".

(I have asked Mrs Adams to please clarify but have not heard back from her).

Pauline Verelpen's daughter from her first marriage was named Jacqueline.

Jack died in Paris January 2, 1942 and is buried in the Verelpen plot of the Cimetierie de Bagnolet (This cemetery must be either the famous Pere Lachaise or Charonne; both are near the de Bagnolet location. Cimetiere Charonne is at 116 rue de Bagnolet, P1 St-Blaise, 75020 PARIS (Founded in 1791).


Here are the mysteries...

Google.com has no Verelpen listed as a family name, anywhere.

The first husband's last name is so hard to decypher I am not sure who he may have been.

One researcher believes that this may be the correct line:

About the only interesting alternative spelling I've come up with for Pauline Anna's married-name is Boucard. Examining Magistrate Judge Henri Boucard of Paris presided for Mme. Caillaux, wife of the former Premier and Minister of Finance, who killed Gaston Calmette, editor of the Figaro, on March 16, 1914. Also there's a Jacqueline Boucard dob ~1926 on an old Ancestry.com family tree. She married Maurice Sautreau, who I'll bet is the one who was killed in WWII per the French monument in the center of Chenoise village, Seine-et-Marne, France. They had 3 children, and it might be worth your attempt to contact this tree's owner.



30/3/2004: added John Dallas email.

3/3/2005: corrections to pps 31-33 my Mike Henderson