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Maitland Genealogy - Lister Section


    This family seems to have been surnamed Lester and Lister at various times: the name seems to have changed mid to late 19th Century.
    This is the family of Ethel Ann Lister, grandmother of Antony Maitland. She came from Willenhall, but her father's family originated in the East Shropshire coal-fields of Broseley and Benthall, where they married with families of Bradley, Roper and Hughes (farmers of Wellington, Salop). They migrated to the Wolverhampton/Willenhall area in the 1830's. Ethel's mother was a Palmer from Enville, West of Wolverhampton. Both families typify the movement of population into the Black Country from outlying rural communities.
    During the late 18thC and early 19thC, many of the Lister family worked in the mines in Broseley and Benthall districts. Coal production in Broseley declined in the 1830's, with only 126 people being employed in coal mines in 1840. Ironstone and clay mining continued longer. This industrial decline probably led to Thomas Lister's migration to Wolverhampton where the mines were still developing and profitable.
    The tithe records for Broseley show a number of Listers owning or renting property in Broseley: a Thomas Lister was one of these, but it is not likely that he is our ancestor, who moved to Wolverhampton about this time. He probably would not have done so if he had significant property interests.
    Broseley is located in the southern end of the Coalbrookdale coal-field. There are a number of minerals available, notably coal, ironstone, brick, red and tile clays and limestone to the west of the Broseley Fault, at Benthall. All these minerals have been exploited over the years. The minerals are at a comparatively shallow depth and were mined by insetts (adits, drift mining) into the hillside, by shallow shafts or in the case of limestone by quarrying. Thomas Lister variously described himself as a coalminer or stone miner (ironstone).
    There were other Lesters around Willenhall in the 19thC, connected with Purslows in Wolverhampton.

1. Civil BMD Records           2. Parish Records.
3. IGI/AF.                     4. Census.
5. Family interview.           6: Newspaper & other publications
7: Wills                       8: Tombstone
9. Family History              9w: JP&S Documented history.
9a: AS Parkes.                 9p: Photo Albums.

Sources as endnotes.
Private information as footnotes (removed before websave).

Appendices and other References:
Lister Will full text
1. Reference to early Listers in Broseley in "Broseley Anti-Felons".
2. Background on Canals on the Severn.
3. List of Mines in Cheshire & Shropshire
4. Broseley Directories (Lister mentions)
5. Churches: All Saints Broseley (St Leonard's)
6.           Birchmeadow Chapel
8. Piggots 1822:
9. Piggots 1835:

Broseley Local History Society - source of much background information.



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5.        ********************* GENERATION 5 *********************** 5-1


SARAH PALMER - 1856 5-2

Details of SAMUEL LISTER: 5-3

6.        ********************** GENERATION 6 ********************** 6-1


MARTHA ROPER - 1822 6-2

DAVID PALMER - 1814 6-3


7.        ********************** GENERATION 7 ********************** 7-1

THOMAS LISTER - 1803 7-1

ANN BRADLEY - 1806 7-2




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JOHN BRADLEY - 1778 8-1

ANN LYSTER - 1777 8-1

TIMOTHY ROPER - 1740 8-1

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10.      ******************* GENERATION 10 ******************* 10-1

THOMAS LISTER: - 1735 10-1

JOHN BRADLEY - 1710 10-1

MARY BEVAN - 1712 10-1





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JOHN SCALE, jnr - 1677 11-1



JOHN SCALE, snr. 11-3

Pipemaking 11-3


12.      HUGHES FAMILY 12-1



Tithe Apportionments: 12-4

JOHN HUGHES - 1737 12-6


JOHN HUGHES - 1712 12-6

MARY SHEPHARD - 1713 12-6

EDWARD HUGHES - 1674 12-7

ALICE PEARSE - 1672 12-7







13.      Other Lister Stories 13-1

The Broseley Anti-Felons 13-1


THE WILLENHALL SUPERMAN (George Lister 1832-1905) 13-4

Changes: 8


                 |Thomas Lister (1803-1874)
                 |     |                 |John Lister
                 |     |           |?Thomas Lyster?
                 6     7     |Thomas Lyster
                 |     |     |     |Mary Bradley
                 |     |Elizabeth Lyster (1784-)
                 |           |Ann Farmer
           |William Lister (1827-1884)
           |     |                                   |Nathaniel Bradley
           |     |                             |Thomas Bradley
           |     |                       |Morris Bradley
           |     |                       |     |Alice
           |     6                 |John Bradley
           |     |                 |    |Elizabeth Rogers
           |     |           |Francis Bradley
           |     |           |     |    |Thomas Bevan
           |     |           |     |Mary Bevan
           |     |           |          |Elizabeth Clea
           |     |     |John Bradley
           |     |Ann Bradley (1806-1883)
           |           |           |Samuel Lyster
           |           |     |William Lyster
           |           7     |     |           |John Scale
           |           |     8     9     |John Scale, jnr
           |           |     |     |Elizabeth Scale
           |           |Ann Lyster
           |                 |           |Francis Bradley
           |                 |           |     |Mary Bradley
           |                 |     |Francis Bradley
           |                 |     |     |Jane
           |                 |Elizabeth Bradley
           |                       |           |Thomas Darby
           |                       9     |William Darby
           |                       |           |Sarah
           |                       |Elizabeth Darby
           |                             |Jane
     |Samuel Lister    (1856-1923)
     |     |                 |Timothy Roper
     |     |           |Timothy Roper
     |     |     |Timothy Roper
     |     |           |Elizabeth Kidson
     |     |Martha Roper     (1822-)
     |           |     |Samuel Morris
     |           |Mary Morris
     |                 |Martha Evans
Ethel Ann Lister (1885-1951)     
     |           |John Palmer
     |     |David Palmer (1814-)     
     |Sarah Palmer (1856-1938)
           |                             |John Hughes
           |                       |Edward Hughes
           |                       |     |Judith Bartlom
           |                 |John Hughes (1712-)
           |                 |     |     |John Pearce
           |                 |     |Alice Pearse
           |                 |           |Jane Jones
           |           |John Hughes (1737-)
           |           |     |           |William Shephard
           |           7     8    |Richard Sheapard
           |           |     |    |      |Jane Owen
           |           |     Mary Shephard
           |           |           |Sara Dogg
           |     |John Hughes (1762-1851)
           |     6    |Mary
           |     |       
           |Hannah Hughes (1820-)
                 |Ann Davies


4.           ******************** GENERATION 4 *************************




Born[1]: 1/9/1885, Willenhall 
Birth Cert Wolverhampton Q4 1885 6b 589
BC: 1/9/1885 of 15 Lower Lichfield St, Wolverhampton.
Parents: Samuel & Sarah Lister.
Married: 15/4/1915, Arthur Josiah Parkes More
Died[2]: 3/9/1951, Oaken, Codsall. Service at Codsall Church.

Obtained Second Class in Stage 1 in Inorganic Chemistry (Practical & Theoretical) from Board of Education, South Kensington, 1905.

1/1. Rosemary Joyce Lister Parkes (14/6/1919),
1/2. Elizabeth Ursula Parkes. (1922).

The following is from RJLM & AM memories.
    Her daughter, Rosemary, thinks that she was conceived in Stresa on Lake Maggiori in Italy, where her parents were on R&R towards the end of the 1st World War. Her mother, a VAD nurse, had travelled there by train, no mean feat at that time, probably done as a uniformed nurse which aided travel in those times.
    She had a good sense of humour. She was brought up by her parents in the Trinity branch of Protestantism. RJLM remembers her swearing all to secrecy that they had played bridge on a Sunday, which would have been disapproved of by her parents. She had a brain haemorrhage in September 1937, when RJLP was studying for Cambridge entrance, and spent some time in hospital. Her letters to RJLM in Egypt show her as being a caring mother and give a good indication of their war-time life in Codsall. She remained somewhat disabled - A3M only remembers her seated. She died in September 1951 (brain tumour?), while the family was on holiday in Abersoch, N Wales: I (A3M) remember RJLM leaving in a hurry for home without us children - we knew something awful was happening, but not what. Arthur commissioned a window on the west front of Codsall Church in her memory.
    She was a nurse in the 1st War at Clandon Park (post cards dated 1916/7). (West Clandon, nr Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7RQ, National Trust Property)

Dower House Docs:
To Italy, 20/9/1918, Modano?
Passport "British Control Milan"
     Bearer is processing to London UK via Paris. For the purpose returning home her husband's leave having terminated. Address "The Manor" Willenhall. 2/10/1918. Entry into France at Modane (N of Briancon) 2/10/1918.
   Passport Endorsements: Travelling to Italy via France. Bearer declares that she is proceeding to Rapallo Italy for the purpose of meeting her husband on leave there 11/9/1918.
Military Permit Office: Italy, joining Husband valid for the duration of his leave at Rapallo. Report British Consul on arrival at Turin. Via Havre Paris etc. Authorisation from French "to join husband".


5.           ********************* GENERATION 5 ***********************



The father of Ethel Parkes.

Definitive Sources: BC/MC/DC/Will & RJL Parkes

Birth & Marriage certs held.
Born[3]: 8/8/1856 @ Portobello, Willenhall
Parents: William & Martha (Roper) Lister.
Died[4]: @ 229 Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton, 22/1/1923,
Age 66 W'ton 6b 584
Married[5]: 26/12/1881 at Parish Ch, St John, W'ton, Sarah Palmer.

    Born and raised in Portobello, Willenhall, his father was a coal miner, a trade in which he was in 1881: the only Samuel Lister of the right age listed in 1881 census was probably him as a miner lodging in Ogley Hay, Brownhills. Through the list of Listers in the area, there seems to be little standardisation of the spelling between LISTER and LESTER. In 1881, he was spelt Lester, but looks to be the right one. By his marriage at the end of that year, he was resident in Paradise St, Wolverhampton. 10 years later in 1891 he had moved to 15, Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall where he was a "commission agent", and listed as a tea & furniture dealer in 1892. There is a curious reference in the London Gazette in 1892 of a Samuel Lister in a partnership of an iron foundry. Our Samuel was the only one in Willenhall in 1891, so maybe he had made an investment in the foundry.
    In contrast to the commercial agent, the commission agent conducts business in his own name for the account of others. Like the commercial agent, he works for a commission, but he can claim it only when the deal he has made with the third party has actually been performed.
    In 1901, they lived in Bank Street, Willenhall, as a Furniture dealer: Ethel's later Parkes family live a few doors away!
    They moved from the Manor Estate, Willenhall (where they were in 1908 - postcards were addressed there), to Bakers Buildings (including son Howard) in Wolverhampton in abt 1910. Probably 13 Bank St Willenhall in 1915. At his death, he lived with his wife and Gladys and Howard at 229 Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton: Gladys lived here until her death in 1962, a house well remembered by the surviving Parkes descendants.
    These Listers were Methodists and observed Sunday's strictly - when Ethel and her children made their own meals and played games on Sundays, they were sworn to secrecy not to tell their grandmother Lister! They were probably teetotal.
    He bought a carpet and drapery business in Chapel Ash for his son Howard, whose health was not good enough for military service in the Great War, according to Rosemary (Parkes) Maitland. A copy of a payment note from Samuel Lister & Son, dated 9 Aug 1933, was headed “House and Office Furnishers, Piano and Gramophone Dealers. Established 1880, proprietor Excors of the late H.F. Lister, then at 15 Lichfield Street.
    This business, Samuel Lister and Sons continued trading at 15 Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall until the late 1970s, and was finally wound up 24 April 1980. The property having been bought for £5750 in June 1961 (presumably rented before that) and sold for £10000 June 1979. The property was owned by RJLM & EUW and rented to the business. “The Shop” as it was known in the family used to supply the Wolverhampton family with furniture and bedding, and was to Antony & Lindley a slightly mysterious organisation!
    He left his house and contents to his wife with the rest of his estate (about £9500) in trust for his children with the income to his wife for life: an annuity was payable to Gladys, who needed help all her life.

Express and Star, January 23rd 1923:
Lister January 22nd at 229 Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton. Samuel Lister J.P. (suddenly) aged 66 years. Interment at Willenhall New Cemetary on Thursday 25th at 12 pm. Service at Trinity Chapel, Compton Rd, Wolverhampton at 10.30 am.
Express and Star, January 25th 1923: (print not clear)
The late Mr Samuel Lister today Thursday 25th
Prior to the interment at Willenhall, service held at Trinity Weslyan Chapel, Compton Rd, Wolverhampton. List of attendees, including the bench of Willenhall and strong representation of police.

Dower House Collection.
Letters of condolence from many inter alia:
Darlaston St Circuit, Methodist
Willenhall Urban District Council
Staffs Education Committee, Walsall Rd School. "always found him conscientious sympathetic and helpful."
Wolverhampton (Rugby Union) Football Club
Murton & Varley Ltd - as a customer - a perfect gentleman.
Schedule of petty sessions - JP
3 post cards to Howard, Sarah & Ethel from France about 22 April 1908, while they were on holiday elsewhere (addressed to The Manor) or simply on holiday from school.

Samuel Lister & Sons – Shop
London Gazette 26 May 1950: to be struck off Companies Register within 3 months if no cause given not to. Dissolved LG 21 Nov 1950.

Walsall Archives / Local History Centre

Conveyance 35/31/3

26 Jan 1914

Conveyance. 1. Samuel Lister of Willenhall, furniture dealer. 2. John Albert Harper of same, ironfounder. For 475 (1) to (2) parcel land in Lister Street, Willenhall.

Walsall Archives / Local History Centre

Conveyance 35/30/5a-c

(8 Oct 1903)

Copy conveyance. 1. Wolverhampton Freeholders Permanent Benefit Building Society. 2. Samuel Lister of Willenhall, furniture dealer. For 3,200 (1) to (2) 4a. 3r. 5p., part of lands called Hovel Piece, Churchyard Piece, and Summer House Piece, near Monday Alley and Birmingham Street, Willenhall (Plan of property included) Enclosed Second copy of said deed.

Walsall Archives / Local History Centre

Willenhall History Society Website 29/1/00 (download 26/11/01)

Lister Street. This street was originally named Mount Pleasant but was renamed Lister Street on 29.07.1910 in honour of Councillor Samuel Lister who was elected a member of the Willenhall Urban District Council on April 18th 1898 and served as chairman from 1908 until 1912. He also served as Overseer for the Poor. (Josiah Parkes jnr was also a councillor) (Willenhall History Society Website, 29/1/2000).

London Gazette 19 May 1980:
Appointment of Liquidators

Nature of Business: FURNITURE RETAILERS.

Address of Registered Office: 15 Lower Lichfield Street,

Willenhall, West Midlands.

Liquidator's Name and Address: Norman Kirkham, 14 Lichfield

Street, Wolverhampton.

Date of Appointment: 24th April 1980.

By whom Appointed: Members.

Is this ours?? Our Samuel Lister is the only one in Willenhall 1891 Census
London Gazette, 22/11/1892:
NOTICE is hereby given, that the Partnership which has for some time past been carried on by Samuel Lister, Oliver Joseph Harvey, and John William Windsor Hall, under the style or firm of Lister, Harvey, and Hall, at the Etna Foundry, Birmingham-street, Willenhall, in the county of Stafford, in the trade or business of Ironfounders, has been dissolved by mutual consent. — As witness our hands this 11th day of November, 1892.




The mother of Ethel Parkes.

Definitive Sources: BC/MC/DC/Will & RJL Parkes

Born[6]: 1/10/1856 at Church St, Willenhall,
Parents: David & Hannah (Hughes) Palmer.
Died[7]: of 229 Tettenhall Rd, W'ton @ Queen Victoria Nursing Institute, W'ton, 25/7/1938.
Prob, Bham, 27/9/1938 to AJP & Reginald Harris. £6986-10-10d
Will dated 7/11/1930 appointed AJ Parkes and Reginald Harris of Number 1 New Road Willenhall Executors.
Married: Samuel Lister 26/12/1881 @ the Parish Church of St John, Wolverhampton (age 24, of Paradise St).

To daughter Gladys Lister 25 pounds.
To Granddaughter Rosemary Parkes 25 pounds at 21 years old
To Granddaughter Elizabeth Ursula Parkes 25 pounds at 21 years

The remainder to daughter Ethel Parkes.

Witness Martha J Lister & Gertrude Nellie Humphreyson.

1881 Census, 98, Tettenhall Rd, W'ton: probably her.  Sarah Palmer (23, Cook, Willenhall), Charles Matthews, Head.

Her granddaughter, RJL (Parkes) Maitland said she was a splendid woman - had a cataract operation abt 1937. She and Ethel would go to London for evening shows.

1/1. Ethel Ann Lister b. 1/9/1885
1/2. Gladys Hilda Lister

Birth Registered at Wolverhampton 3/1891 ref 6b 616 (646?)
Born 21/12/1890 at 15, Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall.
Father: Samuel Lister. Mother: Sarah, formerly Palmer.
Father's Occupation: Commission Agent.

Scholars Certificate given by London Institute for the Advancement of Needlework, "Very Good" in Plain Needlework "Bag", July 1904.
Very Fair in Plain Needlework, Pillowcase.

Aunt Gladys never married, and lived at 229, Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton, where her parents had lived, and was rather eccentric:
AJP, her brother-in-law found her very trying (he said she must have been dropped on her head at birth!), but looked after her affairs. To children, she was fascinating and her house on Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton was a treasure trove, if a little dark and smelly!
She died in 13/6/1962 at 229 Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton, of cancer of rectum, and in her will of 26/4/1962, left her nieces her jewellery and personal effects and the cash residue to her 4 nephews and nieces (£4830-6-1d each at Jan 1963, including 2677 JP&S 10/- shares, after scrip issue 50%).
Her estate was valued at £36240, (about £500,000 in 2005) and makes interesting reading: Aunt Gladys was must have behaved in a traditional manner towards traders and owed about £1075 (£15000 in 2005) locally, about 1/3 to James Beattie Ltd for "food supplied"!

Dower House collection:
Gladys H Lister confirmed 2 June 1906. First communion 17 June 1906. St Anne's Chapel.(P28-01)

1/3. Howard Frank Lister,

born: Willenhall, abt 1896 (census).
Died 2/11/1930 at 229 Tettenhall Rd, leaving £8215-9-2d.[8]
Was not strong and never married. His will of 3/1/1925 described him as a furniture dealer of Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton and appointed AJ Parkes and a solicitor as executors. He left the capital in trust, the income to go to his mother Sarah for her life, and after her death to his sister, Gladys. After Gladys' death the residue should have reverted to his other sister, Ethel but she predeceased Gladys.
It appeared that the capital became part of Gladys' estate on her death in 1963.
Referred to as "Bill" in many letters of condolence - obviously much liked. Also a member of the Rugby Club. Many of the letters referred to the suddenness of his death, and how much he was liked. I think this was reflected in his niece, Rosemary Parkes memory of him.



Birth Certificate: Wolverhampton 6B 419, 9/1856
Born at Portobello, Willenhall, 8/8/1856, reg 26/8/1856
Father: William, a Coalminer. Mother Martha, formerly Roper.

Marriage Certificate:
Samuel Lister/Sarah Palmer: Wolverhampton 6b 908, 12/1881.
Married 26/12/1881 at Parish Ch, St John, W'ton. 
Samuel L, age 25, Bachelor, of Paradise St. Occupation: Miner.
Father: William Lister, a Charter-master.
Sarah Palmer, age 24, Spinster, of Paradise St.
Father: David Palmer, Bolt-maker.
Witnesses: John Lister & Emily Edwards.

1861 Census, Portobello:
With parents: Samuel (4, Portobello):
1871 Census, Mill St, Willenhall: with family
1881 (mar cert): a miner @ Paradise St, Wolverhampton.
1881 Census, Chester Rd, Ogley Hay, Brownhills:
Samuel Lester, Lodger 24, Miner (born Portobello). In the house of a Robert Preece, whose children were born in Willenhall. Another lodger was Leonard Davis, also a miner from Willenhall.
1885 Ethel’s BC: @ 15 Lower Lichfield St, Commission Agent.
1891 Census, @ 15, Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall:
Samuel (34, Commission Agent), Sarah (34), Ethel (5), Gladys (6 mths) and a servant, Hannah Lloyd (niece, 16) all born Willenhall.
1892 Kelly's directory: Tea & furniture dealer, 15 Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall.
1901 Census, Bank St, Willenhall: (all b Willenhall)
Samuel Lister (Hd, 44, Furniture Dealer, Employer), Sarah (44), Ethel (15, Pupil School Teacher), Gladys (10), Howard F. (5)
1911 Census, 7 Thompson St, Willenhall:
Samuel Lister (Hd, 54, married 20, 3 children born & alive, Furniture Dealer, Willenhall), Sarah (54), Ethel (Dau, 25, Assistant Teacher Salop CC), Gladys (Dau, 20, Assistant Teacher Salop CC).
1915: of The Manor, Willenhall, House Furnisher.

Prob 18/4/1923, Lichfield to Howard Frank Lister, furniture dealer & Reginald Harris solicitor, £9459-19-3d.
Will of 8/2/1922 appointed Howard Lister, AJ Parkes & Reginald Harris (solicitor of Willenhall) as Executors.

Furniture and household effects to Sarah Lister.
Fifty pounds to his assistant Charles Henry Smith.
An annuity of one hundred pounds to Gladys until the death of Sarah.

The remainder after expenses and duty to be invested and the income (including rents etc from properties) to be for his wife, Sarah's use until her death. After her death, this trust fund to become the property of his children.


6.           ********************** GENERATION 6 **********************



The father of Samuel Lister.
Definitive Sources: PR/MC/DC & Census backs up PR.

Ch[9]: 14/1/1827 @ St Leonard, Broseley. PR chkd. 
Parents: Thomas & Ann (Bradley) Lister.
Died1,9: 24/12/1884, Willenhall, aged 59, Miner, Died from Apoplexy, not from violence, Coroner's inquest, 27/12/1884 by Staffordshire coroner, BW? Phillips. (copy probably in Walsall).
Bur with Martha in Little London Baptist Chapel, Willenhall.

Married[10]: 12/11/1848 Martha Roper.

Express and Star, Saturday 27 December 1884:[11]
Sudden Death at Willenhall.
A man named William Lister (age unreadable) residing in Willenhall died suddenly on Friday morning. The deceased went to bed the night previous apparently in good health. The cause is supposed to be apoplexy.

A coal miner in Portobello & Willenhall. Little else is known, although there is an entry in the Trade Directory for a William Lister as a publican in Willenhall: bearing in mind that his father had a pub in later life, this might be our William. He was described in Census 1881 as a miner and at Samuel's marriage as a Charter Master - this was the title for the gang boss of the labour in the mines. The charter master employed the other miners as a contractor. His death from apoplexy not violence suggests someone known for being rowdy!

See under father's entry for comments about the coal industry in the area.

1841 Oxford St, W'ton with parents, coal miner aged 15.
1848 (Mar. cert): over 21 and a miner living in Portobello,
1851 Census, New Village, Bilston:
William Lester (24, Coal Miner, Shropshire), Martha (27, Shropshire).
1856 (Sam L Bth): a miner in Portobello.
1861 Census, Portobello:
William (34, Miner, Broseley), Martha (37, Broseley), Mora (dau, 7, Portobello), Samuel (s, 4, Portobello), John (s, 1, Portobello), James Lister (19, servant).
1871 Census, Mill St Willenhall:
William (45, Coal Miner), Martha (48), Mira (17), Samuel (14, Coal Miner), John (11), Jonas Abraham (10), Sarah (8),
1881 (Samuel's  marriage.): A Charter Master.

1864 Trade Dir - was this him?
William Lister, Old Malt Shovel P.H., High St Portobello.

1881 Census, 15, Clemson St, Willenhall: Lester
William (58, Coal Miner, Portobello), Martha (58, Broseley), John (21, Smith, Portobello), Jonas (20, Portobello), Sarah (18, Portobello).
Also at this address (b Willenhall):
Ebeneezer Lloyd (30, lockmaker), Nora (wf, 26, Portobello), Clara (5), Arthur (4), William (3), Daniel (11mths)

Marriage: William Lister/Martha Roper, W'ton XVII 437, 12/48. 
Marriage Certificate shows:
Married 12/11/1848 at the Collegiate Church, W'ton.  William Lister, full age, Bachelor, a miner, of Portobello and Martha Roper, full age, spinster of Portobello. His father Thomas, a miner.
Her father: Timothy. deceased.
Witnesses: T. Wolding & J Biddulph.



The mother of Samuel Lister.
Definitive Sources: PR/MC/DC & Census backs up PR.

She is the most likely spouse for William Lister: they were both born and raised in Broseley. There is some doubt about her siblings, see her parents entry, which show a gap between their later children and an earlier group christened in the Anglican church: this may have been due to them having to "register" the birth under the Protestant church.

Ch2PR: 26/6/1822 @ Birch Meadow Baptist Chapel, Broseley. "#30, Broseley" PR transcript.
(Census61: born 5/1823-4/24, C71,81 & 91 imply after 2/4/1822 DC show a slightly lower age). On balance, the 1822 Broseley baptism looks correct.

Parents: Timothy & Mary Roper.

Martha Lester, 07/09/1900, 76, 87 Union St, Willenhall, Widow of William Lester, Coal Miner, Senile Decay, William Lester Lloyd, 87 Union St, Willenhall, Wolverhampton 1900 Q3 06b 398

Married: William Lister 12/11/1848 @ the Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton.

1848 (marriage): over 21 living in Portobello, Willenhall.
1851 Bilston.
1861 Census: age 37 (b. in Broseley) @ Portobello with William.
1871 Census: age 68.
1881 Census: age 58 as above.
1891 Census: 15 Clemson St, Willenhall, with daughter Mora Lloyd.
Martha Lester (68, M-in-law, Willenhall???)
This must be the family, as William & Martha were at this address in 1871.

Issue of William Lister & Martha Roper (b. Portobello):
1/1. Mora Lister, Born 1854 (census).

Variously know as Mora, Mira and Nora on census.
Married Ebeneezer Lloyd (b 1853, Willenhall).
1881 Census, 15, Clemson St, Willenhall: Lester
William (58, Coal Miner, Portobello), et al.
Ebeneezer Lloyd (30, lockmaker), Nora (wf, 26, Portobello), Clara (5), Arthur (4), William (3), Daniel (11mths)
1891 Census: 15 Clemson St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall).
Ebeneezer Lloyd (38, Rimlockmaker), Nora (wf, 36), Cicely (15), Arthur (14, Assistant Boot Shop), William (13, Scholar), David (11, scholar) Martha Lester (68, M-in-law, Willenhall???)
1901 Census: 86, Union St, Willenhall. (all b. Willenhall)
Elizabeth Lloyd (Hd, wid, 46, Clothier), Cicely H (25), Arthur J (24, Boot Salesman), William G. (23, Factor Warehouseman), Daniel V (20, Clerk at Stone Quarry).
Mora must have died after 1891, Ebeneezer then remarried and died before 1901. The issue are all listed as Elizabeth's children. The alternative is that Elizabeth & Mora/Nora are the same person – the ages fit.
2/1. Cicely Lloyd, abt 1876
2/2. Arthur Lloyd, abt 1877
2/3. William G. Lloyd, abt 1878
2/4. Daniel V. Lloyd, abt 1880

1/2. Samuel Lister, Born 8/8/1856.  AM05/07
1/3. John Lister, Born 1860. Nil 1901

1881 with parents
1891 Census: 86, Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall. All b Willenhall.
John (31, Assurance agent), Martha (wf, 26, Milliner), William (6 scholar), Lily (4), Edith (2), Martha (1).
1901 Census, 2 Froysell St, Willenhall:
John (41, Draper), Martha (wf, 35,), William (16, Assistant Draper) Lilly (14), Edith (12), Martha (11), Doris (3).
1911 Census, Froysell St, Willenhall, 5 rooms, all b Willenhall.
John Lister (HD, 51, Married 27 yrs, 6 ch born alive, 5 living, Draper, Clothier etc, on own account), Martha Jane (wife, 48), William (son, 26, Drapers Assistant) Edith (dau, 22), Martha (dau, 21), Doris (13,

A Martha J. Lister witnessed Sarah's will 1930, of Froysell St, Willenhall. Probably Mrs John Lister.
2/1. William Lister, abt 1885.
2/2. Lilly Lister, abt 1887.
2/3. Edith Lister, abt 1889.
2/4. Martha Lister, abt 1890.
2/5. Doris Lister, abt 1898.

1/4. Jonas Abraham Lister, Born 1861.

1881, 71 with parents.
1891 Census, 107 Wood St, Jonas 30 (Coal Dealer & Grocer), Clara (26) John (2), Francis Tunnicliffe, Servant (14)
1901 Census, 77 Wood St, Willenhall (all b. Willenhall):
Jonas Lister (40, Insurance Agent), Clara (37), John (12, scholar), Samuel (8, scholar), William (5, scholar), Norman (1), Myma Kynaston (boarder, wid, 33), George Kynaston (nephew, 4, America).
1911 Census, 8 Stringer Lane, Willenhall, 5 rooms, Listers born Willenhall, all “workers”. Signed as Jonas Abram
Jonas A Lister (Hd, 50, married 24 years, 4 born alive, 4 living, keysmith), Clara (wf, 46), John (son, 22, Groom), Samuel (son, 19, Caster), William (son, 16, bootmaker assistant), Norman (son, 12) 2 Boarders Samuel (56) & Bert Green (13)
Married, St Anne’s Willenhall, 7/3/1887, he a coal dealer of 37 Wood St, aged 26, father William (dec, Miner), Clara Webb, 22, spin, Newhall St, father Joseph Webb (dec, Miner) by Banns[12]
Issue, ch St Anne’s, Willenhall where shown[13]:
2/1. John Lister, ch. 26/10/1888, Stingers Lane, Coal Dealer.
2/2. Samuel Lister, ch. 2/3/1893, 20 Mill St, Key Manufacturer.
2/3. William Harold Lister, ch 13/2/1896, 30 Union St, Coal Dealer.
2/4. Jonas Abraham Lister, ch 23/7/1899, 71 Wood St, Insurance Agent.
2/5. Norman Lister, born abt 1900.

1/5. Sarah Lister, Born 1863.



Definitive Sources: PR/MC/DC/Census.

The father of Sarah Palmer. Little is known of David Palmer, except for his being a lockmaker in Willenhall. His birth and parents names are speculative, see below under John Palmer.

Ch[14]: 2/10/1814 @ St Mary, Enville, Staffordshire.  (PR chkd).
Parents: John & Mary Palmer. (re father's initial at marriage & age).
Died[15]: 8/12/1878, 15 Church St, Willenhall, aged 64. (DC)
Married[16]: Hannah Hughes, 27/3/1843.

1840: no Palmers in Enville Tithe, but Joseph Turner & William Cooper were there.
1841 Census: no relevant David Palmers in database.
1843 (marriage): locksmith in Willenhall.
1846: Lucy Bth, Locksmith @ King St, Willenhall.

1851 Census, Willenhall (this looks like the family in spite of ages of David & Hannah):
David Palmer (25, Locksmith, Shropshire), Hannah (25, Wellington), Hannah (7, scholar, Willenhall), Lucy (5, Willenhall), Matilda (3, Willenhall), David (6mths, Willenhall)

1856 (Sarah Bth): Locksmith @ Church St, Willenhall. 

1861 Census, Church St, Willenhall:
David (46, Lockmaker's Jouneyman, Envil), Hannah (40, Wellington), Harriet (17), Lucy (15), Matilda (scholar 13), David (scholar 11), Catherine (scholar 9), Eliza (scholar 7), Sarah (scholar 5), Eleanor (2), Mary Jane (3 mths).

1871 Census, Church St, Willenhall
David (56, Widower, Rimlockmaker, Envil), Catherine (Schoolmistress, 19), Jane (10) & James (7).
1881 (Sarah P Mar.): A Boltmaker, @ Paradise St, W'ton (?).

No Palmers in Envil 1861 (1851 illegible)

Also in Willenhall was William Palmer, the date is right for him to be the William Palmer born in Enville 1803, but his place of birth is consistently Worcester:
1835: Trade Directory of Willenhall: William Palmer, rim lock maker, Stafford Street.
1841 Census, Union St. Willenhall:
William Palmer (35, Lock M, Y), Mary (35, Y), Antony Cassery (10mths, N).
1851 Wolverhampton Directory, Willenhall Union St:
William Palmer, Iron Rim lock Manufacturer.
1864 Trade Dir: William Palmer, Rimlockmaker, Union St, Willenhall.
1861 Census, Union St, Willenhall:
William Palmer (59, Locksmith, Worcester), Mary (55, Willenhall), Mercy (13, Scholar, Willenhall).
1871 Census, 15 Union St, Willenhall:
William Palmer (70, Rim Lock Maker, Worcester), Mary (65, Willenhall).

Enville 1852.

Marriage Certificate: Wolverhampton 17 296, 3/1843.
Married by banns @ the Collegiate Church, Wolverhampton 27/3/1843.
David Palmer, full age, Bachelor, Locksmith, res Willenhall, father: J Palmer, dead.
Hannah Hughes, full age, Spinster, of Willenhall, father J Hughes, farmer.
Witnesses: J Bidulph & J Perkins (D & H illiterate). (MC)



The mother of Sarah Palmer.

Definitive Sources: PR/MC/DC/Census.
The connection of her supposed parents is a bit speculative, but seems reasonable:

Ch[17]: 7/5/1820, Wrockwardine.
Parents: John & Ann Hughes.
Died[18]: 21/12/1865, Church St, Willenhall, aged 42. (DC)

The most likely from IGI and other data is:
Ann Hughes C: 7 May 1820 - PR checked.
Parents: John Hughes & Ann, of "Lea", a labourer.
Wrockwardine, Shropshire, England.
Wrockwardine is the next parish West of Wellington.

a) Ann and Hannah seem to be synonymous.
b) Her father, "J. Hughes", a farmer at her marriage in 1843.
c) John became a farmer of 21 acres by 1842 (tithe apportionments)
d) John from Lea died in Bilston, but buried Wrockwardine.
e) Census61 data shows born 1820/1, Wellington, Shropshire.

The Non-conformist registers for this date are not available at Shrewsbury.

Wellington transcript chkd, but probably not too reliable - all PR held at church (5/98) - original checked, but none found.

1841: not with family in Wrockwardine.
1843, marriage: Resident in Willenhall
1856 (Sarah Bth): @ Church St, Willenhall.
1861 Census: @ Church St with family.

Issue of David Palmer & Hannah Hughes (all b @ Willenhall re Census):
1/1. Harriet Palmer, born 1844.
1/2. Lucy Palmer, B. 26/2/1846 King St. Willenhall (BC)

D. 10/2/1916, 86 Salop St. Dudley
1861 Census, with family.
Married William Wildgoose B. 29/7/1842 Tutbury Staffs, 31/10/1864 at the Wesleyan Methodise Chapel Willenhall
A file cutter in lock industry.
D. 12.12.1901 in Crocketts St. Dudley
This line provided by Dorothy (Wildgoose) Hickman, 7/2006.
Most of this family still live in Gornal area.
2/1. Harriet Matilda Wildgoose B. 31.5.1869 Coseley

D. 17.11.1870 Dudley St. Bilston.

2/2. Lawrence William Wildgoose B. 1871 Bilston.
2/3. Fredrick Wildgoose B. 2.3.1874 27 Broad St. Sedgley

D. 15.7.1953 67 Merridale St. Wolverhampton), A bootmaker.
Married Mary Blakeway, 19.12.1896 at the Registry Office Dudley.
3/1. Gladys Hilda Wildgoose (B. 25.5.1897 Upper Gornal Staffs.)
3/2. Mary Elizabeth Wildgoose B 27.8.1899, 40 The Inhedge Upper Gornal
3/3. John Wildgoose (B.22.7.1901 The Inhedge Upper Gornal

married Mary Elizabeth Hyde(Mother) on the 26th Dec.1926 St. Peter’s Upper Gornal, A fitter & turner.
D. 20.7.1975 at 52 Kettles Bank Rd Gornal Wood West Midlands.)
All issue still live in Gornal and the surrounding areas except Kathleen who lives in Melbourne Australia.
4/1. Molly (Mary) Wildgoose,  B.26.6.1928 in Lower Gornal

M. Bertram Bennett on 17.12.1049 at the Wesleyan Methodist Church Gornal Wood. And they had 5 children.

4/2. Jean Elizabeth Wildgoose,  B.13.4.1930 in Lower Gornal

D.5.1.2003 in Wordsley Hosp. Wordsley
M. Richard Skidmore at St James’s Church Lower Gornal, and they had no children

4/3. John Frederick Wildgoose, 

B.17.7.1932 in Upper Gornal
M. Beatrice Heath on the 19.3.1955 at Dudley Registrar
6 children.

4/4. Kathleen Wildgoose, B.8.6.1935 in Lower Gornal

M. Ivor Jansz on 4.2. 1956 at St. James’s Lower Gornal
4 children. Resident Melbourne, Australia 7/2006.

4/5. Dorothy Suzanne Wildgoose, B. 25.5.1940 in Gornal Wood

Who provided this line.
M. Donald Hickman 26.3.1960 at Dudley Registrar.
5/1. Stuart Hickman, B. 21.10.1960 M. Margaret Williams

6/1. Adam Hickman, (B 17.6.1979)
6/2. Daniel Hickman, B. 5.5.1993

5/2. Mark Hickman, B. 14.10.1961, M. Tracey Burns.

6/1. Joseph Hickman, (B 13.8.1992).

5/3. Allan Hickman, B.4.10.1965, M. Wendy Smith

6/1. David Hickman, (B.10.8.2005)

5/4. Janette Hickman, B.19.10.1967, M. Mark Bonaccorsi

no children. Mark died suddenly after 9mths of marriage.

4/6. Maureen Wildgoose,  (B.22.1.1944 in Gornal Wood}

M. Terence Pearson, 7.10.1961, St. Francis’s Church Dudley. 6 children,

3/4.Florence Matilda Wildgoose,

(B.17.2.1905 39 The Inhedge Upper Gornal  D.11.5.1956 at 107 Tipton Rd. Sedgley.

2/4. Emily Gertrude Wildgoose, 

(B.29.5.1876 9 Bank Rd. Roseville Coseley D. 25.7.1880 51 Addison St. Wednesbury).

2/5. Albert Hughes Wildgoose,

(B. 7.9.1883 37 Trinity St. Oldbury D. 26.12.1889 7 Crockett St. Dudley.)

2/6. Edith Ellen Wildgoose,

(B.23.7.1878 8 Raglan St. Willenhall. D. 12.8. 51 Addison St. Wednesbury)

1/3. Matilda Palmer, born 1848

1871 Census, Russell St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall, ex William)
William Baker (27, Locksmith, Tamworth), Matilda (23, Milliner), Florence S (2), Ellener Palmer (sister-in-law, 12, servant).
1878: William Baker informant to David Palmer’s death, of 14 Riley St, Willenhall.

1881 Census, 98 New Hall St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall ex William)
William Baker (37, Assurance agent, Locksmith, Tamworth), Matilda (33), Florence Sarah (12, Scholar), Frederick Hughie (6, Scholar), James Thomas Palmer (b-in-law, 18, locksmith).
1891 Census, 49, Bearswood Hill, Harbourne, B'ham:
William Baker (47, Assurance superintendent), Matilda (43), Frederick R.H. (16, elementary teacher), John Cartwright (visitor, 25, elementary teacher).
1901 Census, 33 Prescott? Rd, Walsall:
William Baker (57, Assurance superintendent), Matilda (53)
2/1. Florence Sarah Baker, 1869.
2/2. Frederick Hughie Baker, 1875.

1/4. David Palmer, born 1850. No census record 1871.
1/5. Catherine Palmer, born 1852.
1/6. Eliza Palmer, born 1854.
1/7. Sarah Palmer, born 1/10/1856.
1/8. Eleanor Palmer, born 1859 – with sister Matlida in 1871.
1/9. Mary Jane Palmer, born 1861.

1881 Census, 42, Walsall Rd, Willenhall - possibly her:
Jane Palmer, (19, Gen Servant, Willenhall), Edward Edwards head.

1/10. James Thomas Palmer, born 1864.

1881 with sister Matilda.
1891 Census, 16, Lower Lichfield St, Willenhall:
James Palmer (27, Brass Padlock Maker, Willenhall), Ann (27, W'hall), Fred (3 mths, W'hall)
1901 Census, 22 Riley St, Willenhall:
James Palmer (37, Electrical Fitter), Ann (37), Fred (10), Sammi? (5), Bert (<12mths).
Married Ann Elton (ref email Liz Freeman 7/08).
2/1. Fred Palmer, abt 1890.
2/2. Sammi (Minnie) Palmer, abt 1896.
2/3. Bert Palmer, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 3/5/1900, Riley St, Brass Dresser[19].


7.           ********************** GENERATION 7 **********************




The father of William Lister.
Definitive Sources: PR, Census, DC’s.

IGI/PR shows:
This looks to be the correct individual, there is a certain amount of variability in his quoted age in the census's and his gravestone.
Ch2: 9/10/1803 @ St Leonard, Broseley.
(C61: 5/1805-4/06 C51:5/01-4/02).
Parents: Base son of Elizabeth (Lyster).

Buried: Wood St Cemy, Willenhall, with Ann and dau Mary.
MI Wood St Cemetary, Willenhall:
"In Memory of Thomas Lister who died December 31 1872 aged 71 years. Also Ann his wife who died March 20 1883. Also daughter Mary."
(transcribed by Lynn (Tonks) Spearing: almost illegible 12/2000 - very sad and rundown).
DC W'ton 1873 Q1 6b 387, age 60 is this right??
DC: 31/12/1872, age 60 (should be 70/1), of Portobello, Willenhall, Coal Miner, Fatty degeneration of the Heart 4 years, informant Eliza Passant (her mark). Wolverhampton, 1873 Q1 06b 387, 2/1/1873.

Probate Index: Thomas Lister 25 November 1873. The Will of Thomas Lister late of the “Cock” Inn Portobello in the Parish of Willenhall in the County of Stafford Butty Miner and Beer Seller who died 31 December 1872 at Portobello was proved at Lichfield by Hamlet Maitland of 91 Stafford Street Dudley in the County of Worcester Glass Painter one of the Executors.

This Cock Inn was probably on High Street, Portobello, now the A454 Willenhall Rd. Probably about opposite the site of the 1950’s Union Locks Portobello factory.

What the connection with Hamlet Maitland in Dudley is difficult to imagine, particularly as Hamlet Maitland appears to have been a skilled craftsman, while Thomas Lister was probably unskilled!

1871 Census, 91 Stafford St, Dudley:
Hamlet Maitland (Hd, 57, Glass Decorator, Hanley Staffordshire Potteries), Mary (50, Glass Burnisher, Hanley), Thomas (son, 23, Glass Gilder, Hanley).

Internet search a forum message from 2008:
“My husband is a direct descendant of Hamlet Maitland, born 1821, married Mary Hackney in Hanley. Moved to Dudley in 1850s, and died in 1867. I would love to go further with Hamlet, but have drawn a blank. Any help anyone?”[20]

Organisation / Butty system[21]
During the early part of the nineteenth century, the coal miners were not directly employed by the owners but by a contractor, called a "Butty". He engaged with the mine owner to deliver coal or ironstone at so much per ton. He employed the labourers required using his own horses and tools. After the 1872 Coal Mines Act the ‘Butty’ system disappeared.

Beer Houses:[22]
In the late 17th century, and early 18th century, spirits, mainly gin, were available very cheaply. This led to a lot of drunkenness throughout the country, and so parliament decided to pass the 1830 Beer House Act as a way of providing the population with a less intoxicating drink, at an affordable price. Under the terms of the act, any householder who paid tax could apply for a licence, which would be given on the payment of 2 guineas. Anyone possessing a licence could open a public house or a beer house, and sell beer, but not spirits, or fortified wines.

An extra licence to sell cider cost just 1 guinea. Anyone selling spirits or fortified wines would loose their licence. Beer houses were usually family homes, where beer was sold in the front room, or sometimes shops. They were scattered throughout the town.
By 1842 Willenhall had 21 beer houses and 29 pubs. Ten years later the number of pubs had increased to 38. The pubs became an essential part of the working man’s life, especially after a hard day in the factory.

Married2: Ann Bradley 20/4/1823 @ St Leonard, Broseley, by Banns, both OTP, witness Elizabeth Kelsy, John Geary (C/warden??) (PR)

Thomas Lister was a miner, born in Broseley, Shropshire, an early industrial area, and worked in the local mines. Broseley declined in the 1820's with steel making finishing by about 1835, and the mines reducing. He seems to have moved to the newer pits in the Wolverhampton/ Willenhall area between 1831-33: these pits remained active until the mid 20thC: pit mounds were still there in the 1950's. His sons followed him down the pits. In 1861 he was described as a coal & stone miner: a reference to iron ore mining.

It is probable that Thomas and Ann moved from Broseley before 1841, first to Wolverhampton and then in the 1850's to Portobello.

The LDS Ancestral File shows possible family ending up in USA, progeny of John Lister born Willenhall 8/1837.

1824-32 (births): a collier in Broseley
1834: 2 Thomas Listers listed in Electoral List:
     a) freehold house, High St Broseley
     b) freehold house & Garden & Malthouse, Broseley.
1834: Thomas a miner of Wolverhampton.
1838: a miner of Wolverhampton.
1841 Broseley, Thomas Lister 40, Wine Merchant. yes.
1841: Thomas a miner of Oxford St.
1841 Census, Oxford St, W'ton:
Thomas Lester (40 Coal Miner, N), Ann (40, N), Eliza (15, N), William (15, CM, N), Samuel (10, CM, N), George (8, CM, Y), Thomas (7, CM, Y), Amy (5, Y), John (4, Y), Abraham (3, Y).
1848 (William's Mar): a miner (prob in Portobello)

1851 Census, High St Portobello:
Thomas (49, a coal miner, Broseley), Ann (45, Broseley), Thomas (s, 21, Coalminer, Broseley), Hannah (16), John (Coal Miner, 14), Abraham (12, Coal Miner), Jacob (10, Scholar) all W'ton ex noted.

1861 Census, Portobello:
Thomas (55, a coal & stone miner, Broseley), Ann (53, Broseley), Thomas (s, 30, Coalminer, Broseley), Jacob (s, 20, Coalminer, W'ton), Samuel (g/son, 12, coalminer, Portobello) and Hannah (g/dau, 8, Portobello).

In later years kept the Cock Inn, High St Portobello.

1864 Trade Dir: Thomas Lister, Beer retailer, High St Portobello.
1871 Census, High St, Willenhall, Cock Inn:
Thomas (68, Coal Miner & Publican), Ann (67, Bushbury, Staffs - poss misunderstanding), Elizabeth (15, g/dau, servant, Portobello), Abraham (6, g/son, servant, Willenhall).

1881 Census, High St Willenhall, Cock Inn:
Ann (78, Widow), Thomas Passent (52, s-in-law, colliery labourer Shrewsbury), Eliza Passent (55, dau), Abraham Lister (g/son, 16, Locksmith, Portobello).

1881 Census, High St Broseley:
John CW Lister (wine merchant, W'ton, 39) + family - prob not ours.

Poss, but too young:
Ch: 14/2/1808 @ St Leonard, Broseley. (Census61: born 5/1805-4/06).
Parents: William & Elizabeth.
Siblings: Sarah (22/9/1810 & 30/6/1810)

London Gazette, 19 June 1849, iss 20989, p1967:
...By indenture dated 8 May, William Smith of Much Wenlock )deeds) over to John Sanderson Thomas of Redcliff Street, Bristol and Thomas Lister, of Broseley, wine merchant all his estate on trust for themselves and his creditors...
This is probably another Thomas Lister.

1828 Directory (also in Piggot’s 1828-9):
Broseley, John Lister & Sons, Hope & Seed Merchant.
Also as a maltster.
1835: Thomas Lister, of Broseley, maltster & wine and spirit merchant.



Definitive Sources: PR, Census, DC’s.

Born: C51: Broseley 5/05-4/06 or C61: 5/07-4/08.
Ch[23]: 31/8/1806, St Leonard Broseley
Parents: John & Ann (Lyster) Bradley.
Again, this is the most likely candidate.
Married2: Thomas Lister 20/4/1823 @ St Leonard, Broseley (PR)
Died1: 20/3/1883 @ High St Willenhall aged 78 (wid of Thomas, coalminer) Erysipalis 5 days. Informant, Eliza Passant, dau (mark of).
1861 Census, Portobello:
Ann (53, Broseley) with family.

Issue (ch @ St Leonard, PR & Census)
1/12. Eliza Lister, born 7/3/1824 or 3/4/1826.

The above date comes from available records, but a cup found in the Maitland Dower House collection has “Elizabeth Lister born April 3rd 1826” in gold lettering.
This date agrees with Elizabeth Lister’s stated ages on the census returns.
Perhaps Eliza (1824) was an earlier daughter who died early?

Informant at mother's death.
She appears to have married Thomas Thomas Passent as his second wife – they were together in the Census of 1881.
Census 1871: 25, Leabrook Rd, Wednesbury:
Thomas Passant (41, miner, Salop, Pontesbury), Mary (44, wf Pontesbury) + Harriot (18, W'ton), Alfred (16, W'ton), Charlotte (14, W'ton), Thomas (10, Scholar, Willenhall), William (7, Codsall), John (5, Bloxwich).
Were these the same Thomas Passant: looks the same.
1881 Census, High St Willenhall, Cock Inn:
Ann Lister (78, Widow), Thomas Passent (52, s-in-law, colliery labourer, Shrewsbury), Eliza Passent (55, dau), Abraham Lister (g/son, 16, Locksmith, Portobello).
Issue probably of Thomas & Mary Passant:
2/1. Harriot Passant, b abt 1853, W’ton
2/2. Alfred Passant, b abt 1855, W’ton
2/3. Charlotte Passant, b abt 1857, W’ton
2/4. Thomas Passant, b abt 1861, Willenhall
2/5. William Passant, b abt 1874, Codsall
2/6. John Passant, b abt 1866, Bloxwich.

1/22. Ann Lister, born 10/7/1825.
1/32. William Lister, born 14/1/1827.
1/42. Samuel Lister, born 3/12/1828.

IGI/PR show:
Ch: 3/12/1828 @ St Leonard, Broseley. (Cen51: born 5/1829-4/30).
Married: Harriet ??? (born Stafford 1831).
1851 Census, Booth Sq, New St, Portobello:
Samuel (21, Coalminer, Broseley), Harriet (20, Staffs, W’ton) Harriet or Samuel (dau in census, 2M, Willenhall) .

Maybe him:
1861 Census, Walsall:
Samuel Lister (Hd, Wid, 37, Victualler, W’ton), Eliza (dau, 5 scholar, Portobello) + servants
1871 not found, were the children with his parents?

This is probably the Samuel Lister in 1861 Census:-
London Gazette 26 July 1864
ford, Victualler, having -been adjudged bankrupt by the

Registrar of the County Court of Staffordshire, bolden at

Stafford, attending at the County Gaol of Stafford, on tbe

llth day of July, 1864, and the adjudication being1

 directed to be prosecuted in the County Court of Staffordshire,

holden at Wolverhampton, is hereby required to surrender

himself to Charles Gallimore Brown, Esq., a Registrar of

the said last-mentioned Court, at the first meeting of

creditors to be held before the said Registrar, on the 29th

day of July instant, at twelve o'clock at noon precisely, at

the said Court. Charles Gallimore Brown, Esq., of Wolverhampton, is tbe Official Assignee

London Gazette August 19 1864:-
Samuel Lister, late of Willenhall, in the  county of Stafford, Victualler, having been adjudged bankrupt by the Registrar of the County -Court of Staffordshire, holden at Stafford, attending at the County Gaol of Stafford, on the llth day of  July, 1864, and the adjudication being directed to be prosecuted at the County Court of Staffordshire, holden at Wolverhampton, a public sitting, for the said bankrupt to pass his Last Examination, and make application for his Discharge, will be held at the said Court, at Wolverhampton, on the 29th day of September next, at twelve o'clock at noon precisely, the day last aforesaid being the day limited for the said bankrupt to surrender. The Registrar of the said Court is the Official Assignee.

Issue (b Willenhall):
2/1. Harriet Lister, born 1849.

1/52. Thomas Lister, born 31/10/1830.

Possibly a beer retailer, High St, Portobello, 1864.
1861 Census, with parents.
1871/81 not found.
Assumed Issue (no other sibling fits the bill! from 1871 & 1881 censuses):
2/1. Elizabeth Lister, b abt 1856
2/2. Abraham Lister, b abt 1865.

With Grandmother Ann Lister, 1881, see under Aunt Eliza above.

1/62. George Lister.

IGI/PR show:
Ch: 2/9/1932 @ St Leonard, Broseley. (Cen61: born 5/1832-4/33).
Died: 28/4/1905, bur Bentley Cemetary 3/5/1905.
Referred to as Willenhall strongman.
Married: Mary ??? (b. Dudley 1831-3).

Research on this Lister line has been given to me by Lynn (Tonks) Spearing, 12/2000, and transcribed:
   "All the Listers and their families still live in and around the Willenhall area, only one of Isaac's sons left Willenhall around the 1950's to live in Halifax he ran a carpet business I think it was Jacob. My mother remembers American relatives coming over to visit in the early 50's two of the cousins were named Irene and Clarice the same as my mother and her sister.
   The family also has "other links" with your Parkes line. Over the last 50 years most of the Lister family has worked at Josiah Parkes Portobello, my uncle John Lister recently retired after nearly 50 years.
   I was working there myself in the late 1960's and remember your grandfather AJ Parkes he was in a wheelchair at that time, I also remember Mr. Egar, Mr. Fryer and Mr. Maitland, would he have been your father?
   Most of the younger members of the family are still working at the Portobello works, I have very fond memories of the place I had a good job there and it was an excellent place to work and I enjoyed my time there until I married in 1971 and moved to Cyprus for three years as Allan was in the army at the time. Our son Simon was born out there in 1973 our daughter Lisa was born three years later back in the UK.
   A coal miner of some repute for his strength and endurance. Reputed to have fathered 35 children. A good write up of his feats was published in a local paper about 1984. Married Ann (1853-1918) later in life."

Both he and son Isaac went to Yorkshire to work in the Wakefield mines in 1891.

1851 Census, New St, Portobello:
George (19, iron miner, Broseley), Mary (20, Dudley), Thomas (s, 3 mths, Willenhall).
1861 Census, Portobello: (now Lister)
George (28, iron miner, Broseley), Mary (28, Dudley), Mary Ann (d, 9, Willenhall).  Abraham (s, 5, W'hall), Isaac (3 mths, W'hall) Thomas probably dead.
1871 Albion St, Willenhall (all b Portobello exc parents):
This must be the same family in spite of disparity in ages, he they were next door to brother John. It looks as though Mary Ann was written down twice as Mary Ann & Ann.
George (46, miner coal, Broseley), Mary (42, Dudley), Isaac (15, miner coal) Elizabeth (10) Naney (8) Mary Ann (19) Ann (19) Eliza (14), Jacob (6)
1881 Census, 15, Shepwell Green, Willenhall:
George Lester (47, Coal Miner, Broseley), Ann (wf, 28, Dudley), Isaac (son, Coal Miner, 22, Portobello), Elizabeth (20, Portobello), Jacob (16, Bondsman, Portobello), Abraham (10, scholar, Willenhall), George (7, scholar, Bilston), Alice (5, Bilston), Eliza (4, Bilston), William (1, Bradley).
1891 Census Bailey’s buildings, Eastmoor, Wakefield, Yorks:
George Lister (58, Coalminer), Ann (36), Abraham (21, Coalminer), George (18, coalminer) Alice (15, Millhand spinner), Eliza (14, none), William (12), Ada (10), Arthur (5) all b Staffordshire except William in Shropshire.
1901 Census Broge Pl, Willenhall:
George Lester (68, Coal Miner underground, Broseley), Ann (46, Dudley), William (22, Coal Miner under ground, Bradley), Ada (20, Varnisher in Lock Factory, Willenhall), Arthur (15, Rim lockmaker, W'hall).
Ann must be 2nd wife - ref age of Isaac and Ann! She died 1918.
Issue (b Willenhall):
2/1. Thomas Lister (1851-<'61),
2/2. Mary A. Lister (1852),
2/3. Abraham Lister (1856) died bef 1870,
2/4. Isaac Lister (1861),

1891 Census, 38, Piccadilly, Wakefield:
Isaac Lister (29, Coal Miner, Portobello), Ann (24, Willenhall), Mary (scholar, 5, Willenhall), Samuel (4, scholar, Willenhall), Isaac (2, W'hall), Elizabeth (3 mths, Yorkshire)
1901 not found.
Married Ann Gutteridge (1863-1931).
3/1. Mary Lister, b. 1884,

married 1905 at St Giles, Willenhall, Samuel Blunt (b. 1879).
4/1. Alice Blunt
4/2. Reg Blunt
4/3. Lily Blunt
4/4. Horace Blunt
4/5. Rose Blunt, b. 1911

Married Leonard Muir
5/1. Lawrence Muir, b 1933

6/1. Jayne Muir, b 1967, married M Gray
6/2. Helen Muir, b 1969, married Mr Rowe

4/6. George Blunt
4/7. Norman Blunt
4/8. Mary Blunt (alive 3/2007)
4/9. Eileen Blunt

3/2. Samuel Lister, b. 1886,

married 1907, St Giles, Willenhall, Harriet Wolverson.

3/3. Elizabeth Lister, b. 1888, married John Davies.

4/1. Frederick Davies, married Elsie,

5/1. Valerie Davies.

4/2. Doris Lister, married Joseph,

5/1. Pauline.  

3/4. Isaac Lister, b. 1890, married Mary ....
3/5. George Lister, b.1892, married Ethel Troth.
3/6. Frederick Lister (1895-1961),

Married Jane Williamson (1898-1971, always known as Jinny).
4/1. Irene Lister (1920-1980), (known as Reenie)

married 1st cousin William Fergusson (see below).

4/2. Frederick Lister (1922-1933).
4/3. Clarice Lister, born 17/8/1924 (living 2/2008).

Married Joseph John Henry Tonks, (1926-1976).
5/1. Lynn Tonks, b. 1951,

married 1971, Alan Spearing.
The supplier of the descendants of George Lister. Lived and worked initially in Willenhall: later moved to Polperro, Cornwall. Died 5/11/2005 after a short illness.
6/1. Simon Spearing, b. 1973, Cyprus

(father in Army). Married Samantha Richardson in 2007 (living Sheffield 2/2008)

6/2. Lisa Spearing, b. 1976,

UK. Married Richard Whitehouse abt 1997 (living Oxford 2/2008).
7/1. Hannah Whitehouse, b 2003
7/2. Sophie Whitehouse, b 2005.

5/2. Deborah Tonks, b. 1962, Willenhall.

Married David Llewellyn in 1986. Living W'ton 2008
6/1. Kyrie Llewellyn b 1986

(emails 2/2008, supplied the later information).

6/2. Shane Llewellyn, b 1990.

5/3. Stephen Tonks.

4/4. John Lister, b. 1927, married Mary Rushton.

5/1. Stephen Lister.
5/2. Karen Lister.
5/3. Dawn Lister.

4/3. Doris Lister (1930-1980), called Dot

married Frank Green.
5/1. Frank Green.
5/2. John Green.
5/3. Alison Green.
5/4. Roger Green.

4/6. June Lister, b.1935, married Alan Gittins

(d. early 1990's).
5/1. Lorraine Gittins.
5/2. Anthony Gittins.
5/2. Adrian Gittins.
5/4. Maxine Gittins.             

3/7. Jacob Lister, b. 1897, married, 1st, Alice Roberts,

2nd, Kathleen Lawless.

3/8. Alice Lister (1900-1940),

married William Fergusson, born 1897, died late 1980's.
4/1. William Fergusson (1920-2000), married Irene Lister

5/1. Jennifer Fergusson, b.1950.

3/9. Lillian Lister, b.1903,

died mid 1990's at the Blind Institute, Sedgley, where she had lived for many years, she had been blinded as a little girl by a doctor putting drops in her eyes, the doctor later committed suicide.

2/5. Eliza Lister, b 1857 (some doubt about this one)
2/6. Elizabeth Lister, b 1860
2/7. Naney Lister, b. 1863
2/8. Jacob Lister, b. 1866.
2/9. Abraham Lister, b. 1870
2/10. George Broadfield Lister, b 1874.

Married Julia Blanton
3/1. Fred Lister

4/1. Ivan Frederick Lister

5/1. Dawn Lister, M Mr Jones

2/11. Alice Lister, b. 1876 Bilston
2/12. Eliza Lister, b. 1877, Bilston
2/13. William Lister, b. 1880, Bradley.
2/14. Ada Lister, b. 1881, Willenhall.

Married Samuel Thomas.

2/15. Arthur Lister (1885, Willenhall). 1901 with parents.

1/7. Hannah Miah Lester, ch St Peter’s, Wolverhampton, 7/8/1834[24].
1/8. John Lester, ch St Peter’s, Wolverhampton, 28/8/1836[25].

1864-5 Trade Directory, John Lester, Shopkeeper of Portobello.
1861 Census, Portobello:
John Lister (25, Stone Miner, W'ton), Ann (25, Salop, Trench), William (10mths, Portobello), Charles Foster (23, Stone Miner, Broseley), David Foster (18, SM, Broseley).
1871 Census: Albion St, Willenhall.
John Lester (34, Miner Coal, W'ton), Ann (34, Salop), William John (11, Portobello), George Henry (8, Portobello), Eliza (4, Willenhall), Hannah M (2, Willenhall), Betty Ann (2mths, Willenhall).
1881/91 not found.

Ancestral File shows as descendants of Thomas & Ann Lester: John Lester (1JP7-8M)
Born: Aug 1835 Willenhall, Staffs,
Married: Ann Bailey (1JP7-9S)
Born: 27 Oct 1836 Nuselsne, Salop.
2/1. Thomas Lester (21P6-D6) Born: [1859]
2/2. Mary Ann Lester (21P6-FC)    Born: [1861]
2/3. John William Lester (1JP7-LC)

Born: May 1861 Willenhall, Staffs, Engl

2/4. George Henry Lester (1JP7-MJ)

Born: 26 Sep 1863 Willenhall, Staffs.
Married: Nellie Ward (BBTK-ZX)    Born: [1863]

2/5. Abraham Lester (1JP7-NP)

Born: 26 Oct 1865 Willenhall, Staffs.
Married: Susie Hilda Mitchel (BBTL-03)    Born: [1865]

2/6. Eliza Lester (1JP7-PV)

Born: 26 Sep 1866 Willenhall, Staffs.
Married: Claude Hamilton (BBTL-18)    Born: [1866]

2/7. Myra Hannah Lester (1JP7-Q2)

Born:  6 Sep 1869 Willenhall, Staffs.
Married: Alma Hobson (BBTL-2F)    Born: [1869]

2/8. Betsy Ann Lester (1JP7-54)

Born:  2 Feb 1871 Albion St, Willenhall, Staffs.
Married: Jesse Hobson (1JP7-4X)
Born:  8 Aug 1850 Hillhouse, Huddersfield, Yrks.
3/1.  Jesse Ver Hobson (52QW-FJ)

Born:  4 Mar 1889 Oxford, Franklin, ID
Married: Annie Sophronia Hadley (62PQ-KG) Born: 19 Sep 1891 Brigham City, B-Elder, UT

3/2. Amelia Ann Hobson (52QW-GP)

Born: 24 Dec 1891 Oxford, Franklin, ID
Married: Thomas Henry Bone (25CB-HH)
Born:  5 Jan 1890 Kaysville, Davis, UT

3/3. Herbert Eugene Hobson (5B66-SF)

Born: 31 Jul 1895 Oxford, Franklin, ID
Married: Hazel Lillian Mcneal (D2VF-62) Born: [1895]

3/4. Alice Gertrude Hobson (52QW-55)    Born: LIVING

Married: Robert Leon Paul (25TN-LT)    Born: LIVING
4/1. Marjorie Lucille Paul (52QW-B1)    Born: LIVING

Married: Raymond Roy Payne (4S4C-CL)    Born: LIVING

4/2. Roberta Lorraine Paul (52QW-C6)    Born: LIVING

Married: Lyman Weight Rothwell (5HG9-88)
Born: LIVING sp-LIVING (CZ98-NT)    Born: LIVING

4/3. Betsy Jean Paul (52QW-3S)    Born: LIVING
4/4. Robert Hobson Paul (52QW-DC)    Born: LIVING

3/5. John Reynol Hobson (52QW-J2)

Born: 21 Oct 1900 Oxford, Franklin, ID
sp-Rose Ella Johnson (21P6-3M)
4/1. Melba A.  Hobson (6DGW-WT)

Born:  6 Jan 1923 Oxford, Bannock, ID

4/2. Derril Robert Hobson (6DGW-X1)

4/3. John Harvey Hobson (6DGW-Z6)

Born: 28 Sep 1926 Oxford, Bannock, ID DKMM-WS)

4/4. Rose Ella Lorraine Hobson (6DGX-0B)
4/5. Alton J. Hobson (6DGX-1H)

sp-Betty Joyleen Salvesen (RWQB-J2)

4/6. Leah Hobson (6DGW-HR)

sp-De Wayne Madsen (6DGW-JX)

4/7. Phil Hobson (6DGX-2N)

3/6.  Althea Betsey Hobson (52QW-K7)
3/7. Edith Eliza Hobson (1S2B-VQ)

Born: 18 Aug 1908 Swan Lake, Bannock, ID
Married: Joseph Gibson Hadley (1S2B-TK)
Born: 12 Jun 1907 Ogden, Weber, UT
4/1. Kenneth Jay Hadley (5B66-FJ)
4/2. Colleen Hadley (5B66-55)

Married: Robert Lee Worley (5B66-6B)

4/3. Baby Hadley (5B66-GP) B: 10/6/1934 Ogden, Weber.
4/4. Baby Hadley (5B66-HV),B: 26/10/1936 Ogden, Weber.
4/5. Sharen Hadley (5B66-J2) B: 3/2/1938 Ogden, Weber.
4/6. Baby Hadley (5B66-LD) B: 18/6/1946 Ogden, Weber.

1/9. Abraham Lester, born Wolverhampton, ch St Peter’s 11/2/1838[26].
1/10. Isaac Lester, ch St Peter’s, W’ton, 24/11/1839, a miner.

Bur: 19/8/1840, age 9 mths, of Oxford St[27]

1/11. Jacob Lester, ch St Peter’s Wolverhampton, 4/7/1841[28], Oxford St, Miner.

1861 with parents.
1864-5 Trade Directory, Jacob Lester Grocer of Portobello.
1871 Census, High St, Willenhall:
Jacob Lester (30, Miner & grocer, Bewdley), Elizabeth (38, Knighton, Radnor), Emily Jane (5, scholar, Portobello), Mary Elizth (3, Portobello).
1881 Census, Green Hill, Codsall, Staffs:
Emily J Lester (16, housemaid, W'ton). Probably her.
MI of Wood St Cemetary, Willenhall:
"Jacob Lester of Portobello, who died July 15 1874. Age 33 years. Also Mary Elizabeth daughter of the above Jacob and Elizabeth Lester Who departed this life May 17 1879 aged 11 years and 6 months."
Issue of Jacob & Elizabeth Lester:
2/1. Emily Jane Lester, born abt 1866, Portobello.
2/2. Mary Elizabeth Lester, born abt Dec 1867, died 17/5/1879.

1/12. Martha Lester, ch Wolverhampton, 10/10/1843, of Oxford St.

Martha Lester bur St George’s, 19/10/1843 aged 9 mths, of Oxford St??[29]

1/13. Sarah Lester, ch St Peter’s, 24/5/1845, Oxford St Miner[30].

Probably son of Thomas Eliza Lister, b 1813 Wolverhampton:
1851 census 51, Green Lane Wolverhampton (eastern):
Thomas Lister, (38, Miner), Eliza (38), William (Miner, 9), Martha (6), Charels (4), ?? (son, 2), Samuel (7mths). All b W’ton.

1891 Census, 39 Chapel St, Wolverhampton, all b W’ton:
Samuel Lester (43, Coal Miner), Mary (45), Richard (20, Tool Fitter) Mary A (15), Rosanna (13), Harriet (10), Samuel (8), Arthur (3).



The father of Martha Roper. His and his wife's origins are very uncertain. The best alternative is listed below. There are effectively 2 groups of his children, the earlier christened in the established church, the latter christened as Baptists. It is assumed that they were of the same parents.

Best Bet from age of 1st child.
Ch: 19/1/1783 @ St Leonard, Broseley.  (PR)
Parents: Timothy & Elis. (Tim = Elizabeth Kidson 3/10/1775 Barrow)

Married: Mary Morris, 14/12/1807 @ St Leonard, Broseley
         (transcript chkd, nothing more shown).

Died: before 11/1848 (Martha's marriage), nothing found, so probably before 1837.
Possibly Wolverhampton XVII 257 1840 Q4.

A Sarah Roper aged 12 was a servant to Esther Lister, aged 60, in Broseley House Green in 1841.

1838 Tithe: Timothy Roper renting from Benjamin Leadbeater, House & Garden ref 93f 0/0/5.




(a): Ch: 2/3/1788, Broseley (PR) (more likely due mother's name and her daughter & granddaughters & father’s name & son Samuel)

Parents: Samuel & Martha (Evans) Morris who married Broseley, 28/9/1785 (PR)
Samuel Morris:
(a) ch 15/2/1767, Broseley, of Samuel & Jane
Samuel m. Jane Davies 22/7/1768, Worthen.
(b) ch 27/3/1763, Broseley, of Richard & Elis.
(c): IGI has Samuel Morris, spouse Martha Evans Broseley, abt 1760.  Martha Evans: ch 25/8/1765, Broseley of Thos & Martha
one possibility!

Her siblings: John (20/8/1786),

Broseley Tithe:

Samuel Morris, sen renting house & garden (38d) from Thomas Wilde.

(b): Ch: 20/8/1786, Broseley, at Linley, (PR)

Parents: Henry & Hannah Morris.
Henry M. married Hannah Jones 9/2/1778, Tasley or Fasley.
IGI has several Henry's.
Her siblings: John (18/1/1778 @ Linley), Sarah (b abt 1778, ch 21/7/1782), Elizabeth (ch 21/4/1782 @ Linley)

Issue of Timothy Roper & Mary Morris:

It is probable that these are all the same family, who became Baptists in mid life. He is described as a collier in all but John's record, daughters called Martha run through sons daughters.
1/1. William Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley, 23/4/1809. PR

1841 Census, Cannon St, W'ton, a possibility:
William Roper (30, moulder, N), Sarah (30, N), John (8, N), Martha (1, Y)., informant at nephew Timothy’s DC

1/2. Samuel Roper, ch 6/6/1814, St Leonard, Broseley.

1841 Census, Canon St, Wolverhampton:
Samuel Roper (27, Forgeman, Y), Elizabeth (27, Y), Mary (6, Y), Martha (2, Y).
1851 Census: Kimberworth, Yorkshire.
Samuel Roper (37, Mill Furnaceman, Bradley, Shropshire), Elizabeth (37, Benton), Martha (11, Scholar, W’ton), Timothy (7, W’ton), William (4, West Bromwich), Samuel (2, West Bromwich).
1861 Census, 77 Midland Rd, Kimberworth:
Samuel Roper (47, Mill furnaceman, Broseley), Elizabeth (47, Benthall), Timothy (17, Iron Puddler, W’ton), William (14, Iron roller, W Bromwich), Samuel (12, Lab at iron works, W Brom), Charles (9, Scholar, Masbro).
1871 Census: Kimberworth, 62, Foundry St:
Samuel Roper (59, Iron Worker, Broseley), Elizabeth (57, Benthall), William (son, 24, Iron Worker, West Bromwich). Charles (son, 19, Ironworker, Masbro, Yorks).
2/1. Mary Roper, b abt 1835
2/2. Martha Roper, b abt 1839
2/3. Timothy Roper, b abt 1840.

ref DC: died 1/11/1840, informant was William Roper.

2/4. Timothy Roper, b abt 1844
2/5. Samuel Roper, b abt 1849
2/6. Charles Roper, b abt 1850

1/2. Ann Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley, 1/10/1815 (PR).
1/3. Sarah Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley, 10/1/1819 (PR).

A possible line from Andrew Hill
M. Robert Gething (collier) 3/4/1836
Robert Gething b 1816 d 1883 married Sarah Roper b 1816 d 1847 on (No 602) 3rd April 1836 at St Leonard’s Broseley, Shropshire. Both signed X. Witnesses were: John and Charles Smith.

1841 Census Broseley:
Robert (25 coalminer) Sarah (25), Mary Ann (11), Harriet (2)
Ref Andrew Hill of Dudley, 11/2002.

Robert Gething married again after Sarah's death on 16th May 1847 Benthall, Shropshire.

22nd January 1849 at the Parish Church, Benthall. Robert Gething married Diana Harris b 1811 d 7/12/1878 (nee Boden).

2/1. Mary Ann Gething, ch 31/6/1837 St L Broseley.

M. Alfred Edwards, s of William Edwards, 22/2/1857, Dudley
3/1. Eliza Edwards, M. Luke Garbett 12/7/1884, Dudley.

4/1. Beatrice Alice Garbett, 11/9/1884, Dudley.

Gt Grand son Andrew Hill.

1/4. Martha Roper, ch @ Birch Meadow Baptist Chapel (nc),

Broseley 26/6/1822.  (PR)

1/5. John Roper ch @ Birch Meadow Baptist Chapel (nc),

Broseley.  29/7/1825, (PR) #30, Hockley, Broseley.

1/6. Timothy Roper ch @ Birch Meadow Baptist Chapel (nc),

Broseley 22/8/1828.  (PR) #30, Broseley.

The Birchmeadow [Strict and Particular] Baptist Chapel was built in 1803 following a split in the Old Baptist Church in Broseley. This engraving shows the chapel as it was built. It ceased to be used for religious worship c.1927

Alternative for Timothy:
Probably too young.
Ch: 3/10/1790 @ St Leonard, Broseley.
Parents: Timothy & Sarah.
Siblings: Charles (2/7/1780), Elizabeth (1/6/1777)?? 
No Ropers voting 1834.
This may be the Timothy Roper with wife Sarah in Bilston 1851 aged 63, a coal miner born Broseley.
Timothy Roper Married Sarah Danks, Wolverhampton St Peters, 28/6/1813 (IGI).

1851 Census, Camphill, Wednesbury, Lodgers:
Thomas Roper (60, Brazier Tinman, Broseley), Mary (59, Broseley)
1851 Census, 159 High St, Bilston:
Timothy Roper (63, Coal Miner, Broseley), Sarah (59, Bilston).
Probably Timothy ch 3/10/1790 of Timothy & Sarah

Broseley Birch Meadow Chapel. 17

Particular Baptist. Extracts.
1822 " June 26. Martha, d. of Timothy & Mary Roper, 30, Broseley, Salop.
1825, July 29. John, s. of Timothy & Mary Roper, No. 30, Hockley, Broseley, Salop.
1828 " Aug. 22. Timothy, s. of Timothy & Mary Roper, No. 30, Broseley, Salop.
1831 " Oct. 26. James, s. of Thomas & Maria Roper, No. 58, Broseley, Salop.
1832 " Dec. 22. John, s. of William & Sarah Roper, Wood, Broseley, Salop. Aug. 18, 33.
1832 " Dec. 22. John, s. of William & Sarah Roper, Wood, Broseley, Salop. Aug. 18, 33.
1833 " Oct. 27. William, s. of Thos. & Maria Roper, Ockley, Broseley, Salop.
1835 " Mar. 7. Mary, d. of Samuel & Elizabeth Roper, Cherry Tree Hill, Dawley, Salop.
1829 Mar. 14. Selina, d. of Richard & Mary Lister, Church Street, Broseley, Salop.
1831 " Dec. 23. Fanny, d. of Richard & Mary Lister, nr. Delph, Broseley, Salop



The father of David Palmer:

It becomes very speculative to trace back from via John Palmer.

Son David's marriage cert (1843) only shows "J. Palmer, farmer, dead" as his father, but David's birth to John & Mary fits Census information & therefore it is assumed that John is the correct forename. He was a labourer around 1814, the PR listing him of 4 Ashes: there is a 4 Ashes, Enville.
Four Ashes house is a historic house, of 1660 with later additions. From the PR abode information, it is likely that John Palmer was a worker on the estate, probably living in a cottage there.
There is a also settlement called 6 Ashes to the north of Enville.
His origins are uncertain, some possibilities follow:

Origin of the name:
A pilgrim, so called from the palm-branch, which he constantly carried as a pledge of his having been in the Holy Land. 'Here is a holy Palmer come, From Salem first, and last from Rome.' Scott's Marmion.

Issue of John Palmer & Mary ch St Mary, Enville:
1/1. William Palmer, ch 15/5/1803 (IGI)

was this the one who was a rimlock maker in Willenhall?

1/22. James Palmer, 6/10/1811 PR. (father a Labourer of 4 Ashes)

1851/61 not found.

1/32. David Palmer, 2/10/1814 PR. (Labourer of 4 Ashes)
1/4. Ann Palmer, 16/11/1817 PR. Nil further to 12/1824

John Palmer Ch:
a) 3/10/1781 Kinver
Parents: Richard & Mary  (PR chkd)
Issue of Richard & Mary Palmer (IGI, ch Kinver):
1/1. Mary Palmer C: 29 Dec 1776
1/2. Thomas Palmer C: 25 Dec 1778
1/3. John Paumer C: 3 Oct 1781
1/4. James Palmore C: 25 Nov 1787
1/5. Ann Palmer C: 15 May 1791

IGI has several alternatives, none convincing.
Several possible Richards.

b) Ch: 8/1/1797 Kinver - too young
Parents: John & Mary. (PR chkd)

Died: before 1843 (ref David's marriage).
1811-14 (children's bth): a labourer of Four Ashes (PR).
1841 Census, Kinver:
John Palmer (65, Farmer, no), Hannah (60, yes), John (25, yes) +2 others.

John & Mary Palmer (IGI):
John Palmer Married 5 Apr 1795 Mary Stringer @ Saint Mary, Enville, Stafford,
Issue @ Kinver: John Palmer 8/1/1797 (see above).

Other Palmers @ Kinver:

Gravestone, Kinver:
William Palmer "of Compton" died 25/5/1776, aged 78, + wife Isabel?

1841 Census, Kinver:
John Palmer (60, Milkman, yes), Susannah (60, yes), Richard (20, Roller, yes).

Neither of the above seem likely: our John was probably dead by the time of the census.
The second is most probably John Palmer & Susannah Worrall.

Enville No Palmers 1861 and 1851 (1851 difficult to read).
Several Palmers in Kinver 1851, but none obviously relevant.

John & Susanna Palmer (IGI):
John Palmer Married 15 Apr 1800 Susanna Whorrall @ Kinver, Stafford.

Issue of John Palmer & Susannah:
Ch @ Kinver, Staffs:
1/1. Richard Palmer C: 16 Jan 1803

Married: Mary Quarry, 1/7/1821, Kingswinford, Staffs.
Issue of Richard Palmer & Mary, Ch @ Kinver, Staffs:
2/1. William Palmer C: 21 Oct 1821
2/2. John Palmer C: 23 Nov 1823
2/3. James Palmer C: 20 Mar 1826
2/4. Richard Palmer C: 17 Aug 1828

1/2. Mary Palmer C: 17 Mar 1805
1/3. William Palmer C: 22 Nov 1807
1/4. Harriott Palmer C: 22 Jul 1810
1/5. Ann Palmer C: 22 Jul 1810
1/6. John Palmer C: 27 Sep 1812
1/7. Caroline Palmer C: 6 Feb 1818 Parents: John Palmer & Susan
1/8. Elizabeth Palmer C: 7 Jan 1821


John Palmer Married 13 Apr 1818 Ann Haverley, Sedgley, Stafford,
John Palmer Married 27 Aug 1804 Ann Steel, Sedgley, Stafford.
Henry Palmer C: 27 Dec 1813 Parents: John Palmer & Susanna Bishops Castle, Shropshire,
Thomas Palmer C: 26 Mar 1815

Richard Palmers:

Richard Palmer C: 4 Apr 1774
Parents; William Palmer & Mary, Kinver, Stafford.

1851 Census, Claverley:
Richard Palmer (77, farmer of 137 acres & 1 lab, Stourport), Catherine (72, Highley), Catherine (37, daughter, Kinver), Catherine (g-dau, 14, Kinver), William (brother, 80, annuitant, Stourbridge).

Richard Palmer C: 8 Sep 1734
Parents: Richard Palmer & Kesiah, Kingsley, Stafford.

Richard Palmer C: 3 Jun 1771
Parents: William Palmer & Ann, Wolverhampton, Stafford.

Richard Palmer C: 29 Nov 1818
Parents: Richard Palmer & Catherine, Kinver, Stafford.


8.           ********************* GENERATION 8 ***********************



The mother (unmarried) of Thomas Lister

IGI Best Bet: (ref father's name & sisters Eleanor & Sarah)
              (several other alternative routes exist)
Ch 21/11/1784, St Leonard, Broseley.  PR (nil deaths to 12/86)
Parents: Thomas & Ann (Farmer) Lyster.

IGI: Elizabeth Lister M Edward Wellings, Broseley, 6/11/1806.

Issue ch @ Broseley:
1/1. Sarah Lister, ch @ St Leonard 17/12/1802. PR
1/2. Thomas Lister, ch @ St Leonard 9/10/1803. PR    AM07/25
1/3. Sarah Lister, ch @ St Leonard 25/12/1806. PR
1/4. Eleanor Lister, ch @ St Leonard 29/12/1806.



Ch: 25/10/1778, St Leonard, Broseley (best bet @ Broseley) (PR)
Parents: Francis & Mary.
Married: Ann Lyster 31/1/1796, Dawley Magna.



Several Ann & Hannah Lysters poss on IGI.
Best Bet: Ann Lyster.
Ch 5/1/1777, Much Wenlock (PR chkd.)
Parents: William & Elizabeth (Bradley).
Married: John Bradley 31/12/1796, Dawley Magna.
       Witness Robert & Jane Evans.

Issue of John Bradley & Ann Lyster, (IGI, St Leonard):
1/1. Francis Bradley, 5/11/1797.
1/2. Eliz Bradley, 7/7/1799.
1/3. Geo Bradley, 6/9/1801.

1841 Census, Broseley Wood:
George (40, coalminer), Sarah (35), John (15, coalminer), Thomas (12, coalminer), William (10, coalminer), George (7), Levy Evans (2). Levy a nephew in 1851.

1851 Census, Broseley Wood:
George (50, Coalminer), + wife, initial S. & 5 sons & 2 daughters, initials only). All born Broseley.

1/4. Jno Bradley, 22/1/1804.
1/5. Eliz Bradley, 4/4/1804.
1/6. Frans Bradley, 4/4/1804.
1/7. Ann Bradley, 31/8/1806.                    AM07/26



There are several lines before this Timothy, which originate from Francis & Margaret Roper who were producing children about 1640 in Broseley.

Line 1:
Ch: 3/2/1739-40, Broseley (PR transcript).
Parents: Tim & Ann Roper.
Buried: 10/7/1806, Broseley ???

Line 2:
Ch: 17/2/1739-40, Michael & Phebe Roper (PR Transcript)

See under his father, Timothy (or Michael) Roper for the alternative lines. There is no indication which of these births was the correct one.

Timothy Roper M Charity Lee, 5/5/1755, Broseley – IGI.

Married 1:  Sarah Lee, 11/5/1761, St Leonard, Broseley.
Sarah ch 7/9/1740 ex Charles & Elis. or 29/12/42 ex Ed & Mary

Issue of Timothy Roper & Sarah Lee:
1/1. John Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 4/7/1762.
1/2. Mary Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 1/1/64.
1/3. Susanna Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 31/8/66.

Married 2:  Elizabeth Kidson, 3/10/1775, Barrow.

IGI: dau of Charles & Eliz Kitson, ch Barrow 17/3/1745.
Also Mary ch 23/10/1743
Also Margaret Kitson, Barrow, ch 2/7/1721 of William & Elizabeth.

Issue of Timothy Roper & Elizabeth Kidson:
1/4. Elizabeth Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 8/9/1776.  (PR)

Married Robert Pinner 5/8/1800, Broseley???

1/5. Anne Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 28/6/78.        (PR)
1/6. Sarah Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 20/8/80.       (PR)
1/7. Timothy Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 19/1/1783.  AM07/27
1/8. William Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 24/9/1786. (PR only)
1/8. William Roper, ch St Leonard, Broseley 25/10/89.


9.           *********************** GENERATION 9 **********************



Ch: St Leonard, Broseley, 16/1/1763 - too young?  (PR)
The IGI does not list a Thomas Lister between 1/11/1747 & 1763.

Parents: Thomas & Mary (Bradley) Lyster
Married: Anne Farmer, St Leonard, Broseley, 4/5/1779.  (PR)

A Thomas Lister owned, rented or let a number of properties in Broseley Tithe 1838

Edward and John Lister were also property owners 1838.



Many births shown, none obviously correct.
Married: Thomas Lyster, St Leonard, Broseley, 4/5/1779.

Issue of Thomas Lyster & Ann Farmer:
1/1. Eleanor Lister, ch @ St Leonard 14/5/1780.
1/2. Sarah Lister, ch @ St Leonard 26/5/82.
1/3. Elisabeth Lister, ch @ St Leonard 21/11/84 (PR).  AM08/50
1/4. Richard Lister, ch @ St Leonard 3/6/87.
1/5. Abraham Lister, ch @ St Leonard 25/12/1790.



The father of John Bradley

IGI, most likely sequence:
Ch: 14/7/1751, St Leonard, Broseley.  PR
Parents: John & Mary (Bevan).
Married: Mary (IGI: Mary Evans, 26/5/1772, St Leonard).
Issue (ch @ St Leonard, Broseley):
1/0. Elizabeth Bradley, 19/2/1775 IGI
1/1. George Bradley, 3/8/1777.  (PR&IGI)

A George Bradley, House & Garden Brosley Tithe 1838 (387d)

1/2. John Bradley, 25/10/78.    (PR&IGI)
1/3. Mary Bradley, 26/3/80.     (PR&IGI)
1/4. Anne Bradley, 20/5/82.     (PR&IGI)
1/5. Francis Bradley, 24/10/84. (PR&IGI)

A Francis Bradley bur Broseley 10/2/1786.

1/6. William Bradley, 12/9/86.  (PR&IGI)
1/7. Elisabeth Bradley, 10/10/90. (PR&IGI)
1/8. Anne Bradley, 26/8/92.     (PR&IGI)
1/9. Sarah Bradley, 13/4/94.    (PR&IGI)

Date: Sat, 31 May 2008
From: "Sheila Mitchell"

  I am descended from Sarah Bradley the daughter of Francis Bradley born in 1751 and his wife Sarah. The bulk of the information I have regarding this line comes from a now deceased uncle who spent his life tracing our ancestry. He did this at a time when one needed to go to registrar's offices etc. and did not have the benefit of the internet.
  When I began retracing his steps I discovered, like you and Nicholas that Francis Bradley was married to Mary Evans although a search of Family Search indicates that Sarah was born to Francis and Sarah Bradley. I can find no marriage for Francis and Sarah but feel it is possible that Sarah died after the birth of their daughter, Sarah and that Francis then married Mary Evans in 1772.  I did wonder whether there might have been two Francis Bradleys however as my Francis is the son of John Bradley and Mary Bevan then this is unlikely.

My line of descent is as follows.
Francis Bradley and Sarah had a daughter Sarah.
Sarah married on the 8th Feb. 1796 Samuel Page.  They had four children, William born 1797; Elizabeth born 1798, Sarah born 1800 and Harriett born 1805 (all born in Madeley)
  Harriett married William Morris at Wellington in 1827 they had four children, Eliza born in 1828; Sarah born in 1830; Henry born in 1832 and Ellen born in 1839.
  Eliza Morris had a son William Henry Morris in 1851 by - it is said - her employer John Fisher, Esq.
  William Henry Morris married Margaret Eleanor Duncan in Leeds in 1878 they had a son Frederick Harding in 1883.
  Frederick Harding Morris married Edith Chittenden in 1912 in Portsmouth.  They had nine children.  Their youngest daughter, Jacqueline Elizabeth born in 1933 gave birth to me in 1949 in a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns but as she was under 16 she was unable to keep me and I was adopted.  She subsequently married my natural father, Allan Stanley Russell and they went on to have four further children.  I met the family in 1969.
  If this is of interest I will happily furnish you with more information.
  I am particularly curious to find out if anyone else in the extended family knew anything about Eliza Morris.  She died whilst quite young and her son William seems to have been cared for by his aunt Sarah.  Efforts to find more about John Fisher have been unsuccessful.  Sheila Mitchell

AM Reply 1/6/08:
Thanks for the email. It has made me look more closely at what I have written about the Bradley's!
I have also rechecked the IGI. I find that Francis & Sarah had several children christened at St Leonard:

Issue of Francis & Sarah, St Leonard, IGI:
Mary Bradley, 7/5/1769, died 7/1/1772
Sarah Bradley, 28/4/1771.
William Bradley, 12/12/1773.
Elizabeth Bradley, 17/3/1776
Jane Bradley, 30/8/1779, Benthall.

These cross over with Francis & Mary, so must have been different Francis's. Francis (1751) would have been only just 17 when Mary (1769, dau of Francis & Sarah) was conceived, I think that Francis (who had issue with Sarah) was not the one born in 1751. There was a Francis born on Benthall (next door) in 1744, who may have married Mary Pickering, 1766.

Who was Fanny Bradley, 9/1/1766 of Francis & Mary?

One begins to wonder about the accuracy of the IGI transcript, perhaps Mary was transcribed as Sarah sometimes! I have not looked at that part of the original. It seems to me that there were certainly at least 2 Francis's breeding at the same time.

Francis & Mary Evans producing issue between 1775 and at least 1786, when this Francis may have died, another Francis & Mary continuing to breed 1790 on to 1804.

It needs a lot more study, and a visit to Shrewsbury to look at the originals, and see which children survived beyond infancy.

As to the Morris family, again, I have not looked closely, but should as I have a Timothy Roper marrying Mary Morris, Broseley, 1807, but have not looked very hard at that yet (as with other projects of mine, completion date is measured in decades!).

Sorry not to be more definite, in fact to cast a shadow of doubt over your line. Let me know what you think.

1/10. Francis Bradley, 3/1/96.  (PR - of Fras. & Mary)

A Francis Bradley, House & Garden Brosley Tithe 1838 (938b)

1/11. Jane Bradley, 17/6/98.          PR&IGI
1/12. Mary Bradley, 29/11/1801.       PR
1/13. Maria Bradley, 21/3/1804.       PR

Seems a long child bearing period: maybe two wives &/or couples: short break between William & Elisabeth.



Ch: 3/1/1750, Barrow, Shropshire
(IGI & PR - at marriage "of Barrow")
Parents: Samuel & Elizabeth (Scale) Lyster

Married: (1) Elizabeth Bradley 16/8/1775, Willey.  "William Lister of Barrow, wheelwright, & Elizabeth Bradley, spinster OTP, by sp. licence, wit Juli Forrester & Elizabeth Forrester"

(2) Ann Davis, Much Wenlock. 6/2/1780.  "William Lister, widower, OTP & Anne Davies, Spinster OTP" - both signed themselves.
Issue: 8 children by 2nd marriage.



IGI Best bet:
Ch: 14/7/1750, Benthall        PR transcript
Parents: Francis & Elizabeth (Darby).
Buried: not at Much Wenlock or Barrow.
Married:  William Lyster, 16/8/1775, Willey. (as 1st wife).

Issue of William Lyster & Elizabeth Bradley:
1/1. Ann Lyster, ch Much Wenlock, 5/1/1777.          AM08/52

Ch Much Wenlock (IGI)

Issue of William Lyster & Anne Davies, Much Wenlock.
1/2. Sarah Lyster C: 22 Nov 1780
1/3. Elizabeth Hannah Lister C: 13 Mar 1783
1/4. Jane Lister C: 6 Nov 1785
1/5. Mary Jane Lyster C: 1 Jun 1788
1/6. Frances Lyster C: 2 Jul 1790
1/7. Catharine Lyster C: 27 Nov 1791
1/8. Mary Lister C: 11 Apr 1795
1/9. William Leister C: 20 Sep 1796



Ch (IGI/PR)  NB PR T/S not checked between 1700 & 1710:

Eliz dau of Tim Roper, bur St Leonard, 2/5/1742 (PR Transcript)

At this time (3/2010) it has not been possible to narrow down the origins of Timothy Roper born about 1740. Three alternatives are shown below:

This is the earliest suitable Francis Roper on the IGI & Broseley T/Script.

Issue of Francis Snr & Margaret Roper (no birth or marriage):
1/1. Thomas 16390721
1/2. Anna 16410321
1/3. Francis 16430702

Margaret Rhodes probably dau of Thomas & Margaret ch Broseley 27/2/1649 (IGI/PR T/Script).
Issue of Francis & Margaret Rhodes:
2/1. Timothy Base son of 16680616 Francis & Margaret Rhodes

Marriage: 27/2/1693 of Timothy Ropier & Sarah Leadbeater
Issue of Timothy & Sarah:
3/6. William 16940610
3/7. Jane 16961018
3/8. Timothy 2/2/1698-9,              AM09/105

One Possibility
Issue of Timothy & Ann Roper (no marriage found):
4/1. Margt Roper, (4/7/1725),
4/2. Anne Roper, (19/4/28),
4/3. Jane Roper, (29/7/30),
4/4. Sarah Roper, (10/12/32),
4/5. William Roper, (2/2/35),
4/6. Elizabeth Roper, (31/8/1737)
4/7. Mary Roper, (31/8/37),
4/8. Timothy Roper, (3/2/40),           AM08/53
4/9. Thomas Roper, (26/6/43).

3/9. Sarah 17010212

Issue of Francis & Margaret Roper (probably Margaret Rhodes).
2/2. Frances 16700316
2/3. Joan 16720206
2/4. Edward 16730202, Francis Jnr
2/5. Mary 16810307
2/6. Francis 16811103
2/7. Margaret 16830311, Bur 20/7/1684
2/8. Thomas 16850630
2/9. John 16870208
2/10. Margaret 16890403
2/11. Francis 16911103
2/12. Samuel 16940318

1/4. Margaret 16451230

Married: John Bagnall, 1/5/1672

1/5. John 16500210
1/6. Edward 16521219
1/7. William 16551202 Bur 6/8/1676

Another unidentified Timothy Roper:

Issue of Timothy & Mary:
3/1. John 16701210 Bur 5/4/1678
3/2. Michael 16730413 Bur 11/6/1676
3/3. Mary 16780922, Bur 16790831
3/4. Edward 16810101

Issue of Edward & Sarah (no Mar on IGI):
4/1. Timothy Ropier, 15/4/1705         AM09/105

Issue see above

4/2. Francis Ropier, 3/11/1707
4/3. Margarett d. of Edward Roper & Sara  17101227
4/4. Will. s. of Ed Roper & Sarah  17131102
4/5. Mich. s. of Ell Roper & Sara  17160903

Issue of Michael & Phebe:
5/1. Timothy 17400217           AM08/53
5/2. 17460309 John
5/3. 17471206 Phebe
5/4. 17500826 Susanna

4/6. Mary d. of Ed. Roper & Sarah 17190607
4/7. Ed. s. of Ed. & Sara Roper 17220401

3/5. Francis 16840413

George Ropier, ch Bridgnorth of Robert & Anne Ropier:

Issue of George & Dorothy Ropier, Broseley:
1/1. John 16760406
1/2. George 16780924
1/3. George 16840803
1/4. Elizabeth 16870202
1/5. Timothy, of Linley 16891112 – probably not ours.


10.       ******************* GENERATION 10 *******************



Ch: St Leonard, Broseley, 5/10/1735 PR
Parents: John & Elenour (only child, no marriage, several Johns)
Married: Mary Bradley  3/8/1760, St Leonard, Broseley.
1/1.  Mary Lister, ch St Leonard 26/4/1761.

A Mary Lister, dau of Thomas Lyster bur 31/7/1779.

1/2. Thomas Lister, ch St Leonard 16/1/1763. PR      AM09/99
1/3. Anne Lister, ch St Leonard 27/12/1764.



Ch: 1/3/1710, Broseley (Bradley in transcript)  PR
Parents: Morris & Elizabeth (Rogers) Bradley
Married: Mary Bevan, 20/12/1734, Broseley.      PR



Ch: 28/1/1712, St Mary Magdalene, Bridgnorth.
Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth (Clea).

Or 13/10/1717, Shrawardine, ex William & Ann.   (prob too young)
Married: John Bradley, 20/12/1734, Broseley.

Issue of John Bradley & Mary Bevan (ch @ Broseley - PR chkd):
1/1.  Maurice Bradley, ch Broseley, 7/9/1735.
1/2. Mary Bradley, ch Broseley, 11/12/37.
1/3. John Bradley, ch Broseley, 2/5/42, bur 4/5/1742
1/4. John Bradley, ch Broseley, 10/4/43. bur 8/12/1751
1/5. Ann Bradley, ch Broseley, 1/9/45.
1/6. George Bradley, ch Broseley, 15/1/49. bur 8/12/1751
1/7. Francis Bradley, ch Broseley, 14/7/51.          AM09/101



Samuell Lister, Broseley, 18/1/1694 of Sam & Rosamond
Samuell Lister, Broseley, 24/10/1698 of Sam & Rosamond
Sam Listor, Broseley, 15/4/1714, of Tho & Jane
Sam Listor, Broseley, 25/2/1721, of Tho & Mary.

Of Barrow.
Married: 7/9/1741, Barrow, by Banns:
"Elizabeth, dau of John Scale, jnr, of Shurlett Miner, and his wife Ann."



Ch: 25/6/1715, Barrow (deaths chkd to 1738)
Parents: John Scale, jnr & wife Ann
Deaths chkd to 1738 - nil.

Issue of Samuel & Elizabeth (Scale) Lister:
1/1. William Lyster, ch 3/1/1749, Barrow.         AM09/103
1/2. Elisabeth Lyster, ch 5/11/1751 Barrow.



The father of Elizabeth Bradley

Ch2PR: 22/5/1716, Benthall (PR)
Parents: Francis & Jane
Buried2: Francis Bradley, Collier, Benthall, 29/11/1765 - probably him.
Married2: Elizabeth Derby 26/8/1740, Benthall (PR TR no further info)




Ch2PR: 30/3/1718, Broseley
(IGI shows spouse of Francis B b abt 1718)
PR Eliza dau of Will. Darby & Jane.

Parents: William & Jane. (note mother's name & 3 dau called Jane).

William ch 5/12/97 ex Thomas & Sarah Alveley, Shrops.
Siblings: Thomas (22/12/1700), Jane (18/4/1703), William (3/3/06), Mary (13/5/08), Anne (18/2/11), Mary (18/4/1714).
IGI has:
Thomas Darby marrying Sarah 1696 Alveley
Thomas ch Much Wenlock 1/11/1644 of John & Mary.

Issue of Francis Bradley & Elizabeth Darby (IGI & PRTR, Benthall):
1/1. 2PRWillm Bradley, ch Benthall 28/12/1740.
1/2. 2PRJane Bradley, ch Benthall 30/1/43.
1/3. 2PRFrancis Bradley, ch Benthall 2/2/1744-5.

M. 19/5/1766, St L. Mary Pickering.  (IGI several poss Mary's)
Issue, (IGI & PR TR):
2/1. Fanny (St L 9/11/1766),
2/2. Francis (Bentall 31/1/1768),
2/3. Mary (Bentall 26/1/70),
2/4. Geo. (Bent. 9/10/74),
2/5. Arthur (Bent. 24/11/76).

1/4. 2Joyce Bradley, dau of Francis & Elizabeth

bur Benthall 29/2/1744. No birth found.

1/5. 2PRMary Bradley, ch Benthall 29/11/47.
1/6. 2PRElizabeth Bradley, ch Benthall 14/7/50.         AM09/104
1/7. 2PRJane Bradley, ch Benthall 28/1/53 - no burial found.
1/8. 2PRJane Bradley, ch Benthall 31/8/55.
1/9. 2PRArthur Bradley, ch Benthall 9/7/58.
1/10. 2PRJane Bradley, ch Benthall 14/7/61.

Other Bradleys at Benthall were:
George & Jane (s John, 31/5/1752)
George & Eleanor (Edward 10/1/1761)
Sarah Bradley, widow, bur 7/5/1748.


11.       ******************** GENERATION 11-13 *******************



Several John's, none very convincing.
1.  ch 14/11/1686, ex Samuel & Rosamund, Broseley.  PR
2.  ch 29/5/1692, ex John & Catherine, Broseley.  PR

1/1. Thomas Lister: 5/10/1735


Other Listers at Broseley:

Thomas Lister
ch 29/5/1635, St Leonard’s, Bridgnorth (Broseley?).
Parents: Charles & Elizabeth
Siblings: John (10/5/1643)

Samuel Lister
ch 16/11/1656, Broseley (PR)
Parents: Thomas & Isabel
Siblings: Eliz. (12/12/1652 PR), Edward (15/10/1654 PR), Rosamund (6/2/1659 PR), Richard (30/9/1660 PR), Anne (26/11/1663 PR), Mary (18/11/66 PR)



IGI Best Bet:       (AF 1LJC-VW)
Ch: 31/8/1679, Broseley (Maurice on bth) PR.
Parents: Thomas & Alice Bradley.
Married: Elizabeth Rogers, 15/5/1709. (many Elizabeth Rogers') PR.
1/1. John Bradley, (1/3/1710),
1/2. Mary Bradley, (20/1/1712).



IGI Best Bet:
Ch: 10/7/1684, Cleobury Mortimer
Parents: Thomas & Margt. Beavon
Married: Elizabeth Clea 14/2/1711,
      (Several Elizabeth Clea's at Bitterley, 1668, 1683, 1685).

Issue (ch St Mary Magadlene, Bridgnorth):
1/1. Mary Bevan, 28/1/1712.                          AM10/202
1/2.  Thomas Bevan. 17/1/1714.

Possible issue on IGI:
2/1. Anne Bevan, 31/10/1731.
2/2. John Bevan, 24/2/1734.

1/3. Samuel Bevan, 10/2/1717.
1/4. David Bevan, 25/8/1720.

JOHN SCALE, jnr - 1677


Ch: 10/11/1677, Barrow. IGI
Parents: John & Ann Scale, (snr?)

Issue of John Scale, jnr & Anne:
1/1. Anne Scale, ch 30/3/1714, Barrow.
1/2. Elizabeth Scale, ch 25/6/1715, Barrow,    AM10/206

1/3.  Mary Scale, ch 17/11/1717, Barrow.
1/4. Francis Scale, ch 6/12/1719, Barrow.

John Scale married Elisabeth Whitehouse, Barrow, 10/9/1729



ch: 19/9/1680, Bentall - best bet.
Parent: Mary Bradley
Married: Jane (from children's Bapt).
Issue IGI/PR:
1/1. 2PRMargery Bradley, ch Bentall, 21/4/1706.
1/2. 2PRMary Bradley, ch Bentall, 30/5/1708.
1/3. 2PRElizabeth Bradley, ch Bentall, 14/2/1711
1/4. 2PRJane Bradley, ch Bentall, 30/8/1713.
1/5. 2PRFrancis Bradley, ch Bentall, 22/5/1716.   AM10/207
1/6. 2PRLarans Bradley, ch Bentall, 23/2/1718.

Probably married Sarah, issue, inter alia:
2/1. 2William Bradley, 14/4/1751
2/2. 2Mary Bradley, 29/2/1756.

1/7. 2PRMartha Bradley, ch Bentall, 24/4/20.
1/8. 2PRJoyce Bradley, ch Bentall, 28/4/23.
1/9. 2PRJoyce Bradley, ch Bentall, 13/5/26.

Sarah Bradley, ch Bentall, 3/9/25, dau of Edward & Sarah.



IGI Best Bet:
Possible Ch: 11/3/1638, Broseley.  (AF: 1632, Broseley)
Parents: Nathaniel & Margaret.
Married: Alice (nil on IGI, AF b abt 1636, Broseley)

Issue of Thomas & Alice Bradley PR Printed shown:
1/1. John Bradley, ch Broseley, 21/2/1657.

Ref Ancestral File, submitted by AF83-046732, M/F 1394207
Loyn Blacker, 905 East St, Rupert, ID, USA 83350.
Married: Sarah Cullis (1LJB-Q3)
dau of Thomas [b. 28/6/1635, Broseley, s of Hugh & Eleanor] & Katherine Cullis
Chr.: 23 Dec 1660 Broseley, Shrops., England
2/1. Anne Bradley (1LJC-7M)

Chr.: 17 Feb 1683/4 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

2/2. William Bradley (1LJB-MK)

Chr.:  8 Feb 1686/7 Benthall, Shrops., England
Married: Eleanor Rowley (1LJB-NQ)
Dau of William & Sarah [Taylor dau of Henry & Isabell] Rowley
Chr.: 21 Feb 1681/2 Broseley, Shrops., England
3/1. William Bradley (1LJC-3X)

Chr.: 10 Oct 1710 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

3/2. Joyce Bradley (1LJC-44)

Chr.: 25 Oct 1713 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

3/3. John Bradley (1LJB-K7)

Chr.: 26 Feb 1715/6 Benthall, Shrops., England
Married: Ann Hiatt (1LJB-LD)
Born: Abt 1717 Of St. John, Bedwardine, Worcs.
4/1.  Mary Bradley (1LJC-1L)

Chr.: 29 Jun 1739 Tewkesbury, Gloucs, Eng

4/2. Elizabeth Bradley (1LJ5-V3)

Chr.: 27 Sep 1741 Tewkesbury, Gloucs.
Married: Charles Wilkes (1LJ5-TW)
Born: Abt 1740 Of Tewkesbury, Gloucs.

4/3. Ann Bradley (1LJC-2R)

Chr.:  9 Mar 1744/5 Tewkesbury, Gloucs.

3/4. Jane Bradley (1LJC-59)

Born: Abt 1717 Benthall, Shrops.

3/5. Elizabeth Bradley (1LJC-6G)

Chr.: 19 Jan 1723 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

2/3. John Bradley (1LJC-8S)

Chr.: 17 Jan 1689/90 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

2/4. Edward Bradley (1LJC-90)

Chr.: 10 Aug 1692 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

2/5. Esther Bradley (1LJC-B5)

Chr.:  1 Dec 1695 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

2/6. Sarah Bradley (1LJC-CB)

Chr.: 20 Oct 1700 Benthall, Shrops, Eng

1/2. Mary Bradley, ch Broseley, 24/4/59.
1/3. Laurence Bradley, ch Broseley, 19/4/62.

Laurence & Elizabeth Bradeley had son Francis 20/6/1727, Broseley.

1/4. Thomas Bradley, ch Broseley, 29/10/64.
1/5. William Bradley, ch Broseley, 29/3/71.
1/6. Adam Bradley, ch Broseley, 21/9/1674.
1/7. Richard Bradley, ch Broseley, 28/12/1677,
1/8. Maurice Bradley, ch Broseley, 31/8/1679 PR.      AM11/401

Note gap 1664-71.



Married: Anne.
Buried: Anne, wife of John Scale, snr, pipemaker, 29/11/1723.

Issue of John & Anne Scale:
1/1. John Scale, ch Barrow, 10/11/1677
1/2. Richard Scale, ch Barrow, 23/5/1680.
1/3. Francis Scale, ch Barrow, 30/8/1683.
1/4. Thomas Scale, ch Barrow, 1/11/1686.
1/5. William Scale, ch Barrow, 17/1/1688.
1/6. Ann Scale, ch Barrow, 14/5/1690.
1/7. William Scale, ch Barrow, 1/9/1695.

Misc PR:
Richard Scale & Francis Mason of Shurlett Miners, 5/6/1723.
Thomas Scale, infant, 11/3/1710.
Thomas Watkins of Wentnor, labourer, & Elizabeth Scale of Shurlett, 13/2/1719, by Banns.


RE: John Scale jnr
Date: 30 Nov 2007
From: "Peter Taylor"

Nearby Broseley was the pipemaking capital of the world - well almost. Pipes, for smoking tobacco, were made there from the mid 1500s until the late 1950s I believe. My family came from Benthall and were pipemakers from c1660 until WW1. As pipes are regularly dug up there is a big interest in them archaeologically as most were stamped with the makers initials. They are useful for dating purposes so any details on a pipemaker are most welcome by archaeologists. The pipemaking families of the Severn Gorge inter-married and were very closely knit hence my interest in other pipemaking families.

Below is a list of known Bradley pipemakers:

AB Andrew Bradley       Broseley         c1690 1730
EB Edward Bradley       Bridgnorth   1861 1871       c1854 1871+
EB Elizabeth Bradley    Bridgnorth      1871    +1871+
GB George Bradley       Broseley                C18
GB George Bradley       Broseley     1783 1788       +1783 1788
HB Henry Bradley        Benthall              c1660 1700
IB John Bradley Broseley                C18
IB John Bradley Broseley             1828 1834       +1828 1834+
MB Mary Bradley Bridgnorth      1871    +1871+
RB Richard Bradley      Broseley     1851 1861       +1851 1861+
WB William Bradley      Bridgnorth   1841 1871       c1831 1871+

If any are likely to be of interest to you I can send more details.





B: Abt 1610 of Broseley, Shropshire, England (IGI & Printed PR). 
Issue of Nathaniel & Margaret Bradley:
1/1. Elizabeth Bradley C: 24 Jun 1632 Broseley, Shropshire PR.
1/2. Elenor Bradley C: 21 Mar 1634/5 Broseley, Shropshire PR.
1/3. Thoms. Bradley C: 11 Mar 1637/8 Broseley, Shropshire PR.
1/4. Johis.  Bradeley C: 4 Apr 1641 Broseley, Shropshire PR.
1/5. Richard Bradley C: 5 Mar 1643/4 Broseley, Shropshire PR.
1/6. Jane Bradley C: 29 Aug 1647 Broseley, Shropshire PR.



A sketch of Lea in about 1833 done by Revd Edward Pryce Owen is in the Shropshire Archives, ref 6001/201 P38.

“Lea, Wellington, Salop. From this place Charlton castle was supplied with spring water”.




From Shropshire PR printed:
John, s of John of the Lea and Mary, bap 20/4/1767, Wrockwardine.

The fact that he was "of the Lea" makes this the most likely candidate, and the age is similar to that from 1841 Census, although does not agree with the 1851 and d/c and burial figures.

IGI Alternative: Jn Hughes C: 1 Jan 1762
Father: Wm Hughes, Wellington, Shropshire, Mother: Judith
LDS shows this John buried 5/12/1768.

Buried Wrockwardine: 8/4/1851 aged 88.
("Died Bilston, but his usual abode the ... his? wife? was Lea in this p.")
Death Cert: died 4/4/1851 at New Village, Bilston, aged 89, formerly farmer, informant Thomas Lloyd of New Village, Bilston.
1851 Census: aged 89.

Thomas Lloyd was presumably the husband of his daughter, Martha.
   Lodging with Thomas & Martha in 1851 were William Adams (spelling?) aged 57 and Elizabeth Adams, a widow of 23. No indication if they were related.

   The father of Hannah Hughes, he was a farmer at The Lea, Wrockwardine, near Wellington, Shropshire. He rented just over 21 acres (about 8 ha) from the Duke of Cleveland in Charlton township, astride the Watling Street (A5).
   A John Hughes also owned 2 cottages in Wrockwardine which were rented to John Hall: it is assumed that this was our John Hughes. He died in Bilston, where he must have been visiting or living with family. By 1851, there appeared to be only one Hughes family in Wellington/Wrockwardine (Edward, b. 1802).

Married at Wrockwardine: John Hughes bachelor OTP married Anne Davies of Holy Cross, Shrewsbury, spinster, 22/1/1806, by lic. (PR & IGI)

ANN DAVIES & IGI & PR Transcript:
Ann, dau of Thomas & Marg't b 11/7/1777, ch 15/8. St Chad, Shrewsbury.
Seems old, but agrees with age at death.

Died: Ann Hughes of Lea bur Wrockwardine 23/1/1842 aged 67.
D/C: died 17/1/1842 at The Lea, age 68, wife of John Hughes, labourer, abscess of liver, informant Martha Hughes (her mark) of the Lea.

Issue of Thomas & Margaret Davies:
IGI has a number of marriages in Shropshire during the period.

From the children’s dates, the most suitable marriage was:
Margaret Jones, 15/7/1775, Great Ness. IGI only – PR not available on line.

Maria Davies, ch 11/2/1776, St Chad.
Ann Davies, ch 15/8/1777, St Chad.
John Davies, b 21/9/1781, ch 15/10/1781, St Chad, d. 1/4/1786.
Eliz Davies, ch 15/9/1782, St Chad
Willm Davies, ch 9/12/1783, St Chad.
Sarah Davies, b. 9/6/1784, ch 1/8/1784, St Chad
Martha Davis, ch 15/6/1785, St Mary.

James Davies, ch 18/3/1768, Wellington.
Eliz Davies, ch 15/1/1771, Wellington.
Jn Davies, ch 31/5/1776, Wellington.
John Davies, 26/12/1778, Wellington.
Phebe Davies, 10/1/1783, Wellington.

On the IGI the following alternatives are shown, but neither agree with age at burial.

Born (1) C: 16 Jun 1771 B: 20 May 1771
Parents: Thos. & Ann Davies, Saint Chad, Shrewsbury, Shropshire,

Born (2) C: 22 Jul 1770
Parents: Robert & Mary Davies, Saint Martins, Shropshire,

St Martins: of Robert Davies of the Rock, sawyer, and Mary:

Mary, ch 9/10/1768
Ann, ch 22/7/1770
Robert, b 9/4/1773, ch 17/4/73
Rebecca, b 4/8/1775, ch 13/8/75
Sarah, d of RD Rock, bur 1/12/1780
Robert D, blacksmith, & Mary Boodle, banns, 20/5/1755.
St Chad:
Bur woollen, Thos, d of Robt & Mary b. 17/8/1764, bur 23/9/64.
Robert, s of Robert & Mary, labourer, born 11/4/1780, ch 16/4
Robert, s of Robert Davies, bap 19/1/1767, bur 20/1/1767
Eliz, dau of R&M born 3/8/1770, bur 19/8/1770
Eliz, dau of R&M, born 11/9/1776, bap 6/10/1776
Willm, s of R&M born 28/4/1774., bur 3/2/1781
Geo & William s of R&M born 25/9/1778.


Issue of John & Ann Hughes:
(only Ann found on IGI: 2/2001, were the rest in Wellington - not on IGI - not found on Wellington PR either)
1/1. Mary Hughes, 1806
1/2. Elizabeth Hughes, 1816
1/3. Martha Hughes, 1812-6

(Census's 41 & 51, if same person, disagree) None found 1861 – too many.
Ref Census, married Thomas Lloyd, Issue:
2/1. Amey Lloyd, b abt 1844, Lear (Lea?)
2/2. Thomas Lloyd, b. abt 1847, Lear.
2/3. Eliza Lloyd, b. abt 1850, Lear.

1/4. John Hughes, 1817 (age from C41 - unreliable?).

John Hughes of Lea bur Wrockwardine, 5/11/1843 aged 34

1/5. Ann (Hannah) Hughes, 7/5/1820, Wrockwardine.

QR441/172 1854 Q3 – John Hughes, deceased, Wrockwardine, inqstn.
John Hughes of Wrockwardine, died 10 May 1855 of mortal scalds. Coroner’s court, with jury.

1842/Q3, QR383/156 Martha Hughes, spin, Wrockwardine, recognizance
(summons to appear before the ¼ sessions as witness).
24/6/1842, Martha Hughes of Overley Hill, Wrockwardine, spinster, assigns £50, to appear at next sessions at Shrewsbury, to prefer a bill of Indictment against Elizabeth Haywood, wife of Thomas Haywood of Uckington, labourer, for stealing a gown, her property.

Tithe Apportionments:

Charlton township, Wrockwardine Parish (#69), 1838:
Hughes, John (Lea) 21-0-32 acres of mixed pasture, meadow & arable, rented from Duke of Cleveland.
109, Far Bank & Old House Meadow - Meadow, 3-1-24
116, Cottage Garden, 0-3-7
117, Croft - Pasture, 0-0-22
118, Sidelong Piece, - Pasture, 0-2-36
119, Sidelong Piece, - Arable, 0-2-36
120, Far Leasow, - Meadow, 2-1-16
122, Saw Pit Leasow - Arable, 1-2-0
129, Clover Leasow - Arable, 3-1-4
130, Hill Leasow - Arable, 4-2-11
133, Sheep Leasow - Arable, 1-3-1
133a, Patch - Arable, 0-1-1

Leasow = pasture.

This holding was on either side of the Watling St (A5) London to Shrewsbury Rd, a few hundred yards east of the cross road between the A5 and the side road to Charlton hamlet.

The site was visited by A Maitland March 2005. The line of the Watling Street road is unchanged from that shown on the tithe map. The area where John Hughes' holdings lay is shown as having a small loop track to the North of the main road, with some buildings on it. This track has disappeared, although there is a trace of it in a depression in the field and a couple of Oaks beside it. The immediate area has been greatly changed by the building of the M54 just South of the holding area. It seems probable that the main farm to the west, between the Lea and Charlton has grown and taken in the surrounding land and buildings.

Hughes, John (Ocuby Hill???), Croft, 2-0-2 acres arable.

Wrockwardine township:
Hughes, John 2 cottages rented to John Hall.

1841 Census, Charlton:
John Hughes (hd, 75 farmer), Ann (68), Mary (35 or 55), Elizabeth (25), Martha (25), John (24), Charles (15), Margaret (5).

1851 Census: no sign of John & family.
1851 Census, Bealton:
Edward Hughes (49, Ag Lab, Dudley? Staffs) Mary (40, Ercal), Frances (8, W'dine), John (5, W'dine), Beth (1, W'dine).

1851 Census, New Village, Bilston:
Thomas Lloyd (45, Labourer in Iron Works, Montgomery?), Martha (39, Salop, unreadable), Amey (7, Lear, Salop), Thomas (4, Lear), Eliza (1, Lear), William Adams?? (lodger, 57, Blacksmith, N/Known), Elizabeth Adams?? (widow, 23, N/K), John Hughes (lodger, widower, 89, Lear).
Lear presumable = Lea

Miscellaneous references:

Census 41, Mossey Green, Wellington:
John Hughes (Labourer, 60), Elizabeth (50)
           Overley Hill:
John Hughes (65), Mary (65).

Other Hughes Found:
Burials @ Wrockwardine:
Hughes      Roseanna      18340812 of Wrockwardine age 28
                  (Thomas & Roseanna parents in Wellington 1829)
Hughes      Phillip       18290123 of Wellington
Hughes      John          18240905 of P. House, age 100
Hughes      John          18491130 of Broomfield age 75
Hughes      Harriet       18501106 of Bratton aged 3

There were also a number of Hughes' found in the 1841 Wellington township Census. Also found in the Tithe records:
Ketley, Wellington:
Elizabeth Hughes, House & Gdn from Duke of Sutherland.
Wellington Township, both near New St:
Mary Hughes, 12 houses - tenanted.
Eleanor Hughes, 2 houses to Enoch & Thomas Hughes.
John Hughes, tenant of William Lawley.

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 8  ************************

From PR online & IGI: Wrockwardine Also PR transcription.
Probable sequence (11/2003):



Born: 18/4/1737, Wrockwardine,
Parents: John & Mary Hughes, "of the Lea" – she probably Shephard (PR Printed).

P316/L/8/19 Apr 27,1763 (Settlement examinations)

Examination of  John Hughes,  Wheelwright,  14yrs ago Apprentice to Jn Onions, Uppington, wheelwright, after 1 yr moved with Master to Aston, Wellington, after 5yrs they moved to Wroxeter. 5yrs ago hired as servant to Wm. Edwards, Whatling St.  Wellington, wheelright.

Married St Julian’s Shrewsbury (PR transcript):
26/1/1762: John Hughes of Wrockwardine, Wheelwright, Bachelor & Mary Roberts OTP, Spin, by licence.


There are a lot of alternatives born in Shrewsbury, without more information, it is not possible to choose.

Issue (Wrockwardine, Shropshire) - all PRxi:
1/1. John of J&M (privately) bap 7/3/1763 & bur 23/3/1763

(IGI & Acom)

1/2. Alice Hughes C: 1 Jul 1764 (IGI &
1/3. John Hughes, s of John of the Lea and Mary, bap 20/4/1767.

(IGI & Acom)

1/4. William Hughes C: 6 Oct 1769 (IGI &
1/5. Mary of J&M ch 21/5/1772, bur 16/2/1778 age 5 (IGI & Acom)
1/6. Martha Hughes C: 19/6/1775 (IGI &

Also on Acom:
1/7. Thomas, s of J&M ch 31/12/1780 Wrockwardine PR
1/8. Ann d of J&M bur 31/12/1799 Wrockwardine PR.

26 Jan 1762: Mary ROBERTS  Saint Julian, Shrewsbury,  This one.
28 Apr 1765: Mary DAVIES Saint Julian, Shrewsbury, JH OTP MD of St Mary by Banns
31 May 1769: Mary NAGINGTON Hinstock, Shropshire,
22 Jul 1771: Cathrine JEFFREYS Holy Cross And Saint Giles, Shrewsbury,
1 May 1780: Catherine BURGES Wrockwardine, Shropshire, (JH of Wellington)

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 9 *************************


Gen 9:

Born[31]: 23/8/1712, Wrockwardine. (IGI & Acom) PR
Parents: Edward & Alice (Pearse) Hughes, "Taylo(e)r of the Lea"

Marriedxi, Wrockwardine, (IGI & Acom) PR
John Hughes (implied OTP) & Mary Shephard of Wellington, mar 16/4/1732


Ch: 13 Dec 1713 Wellington, IGI PR
Father: Richard & Sara Sheapard

Issue, Wrockwardine, Shropshire (All on PR transcript):
1/1. Alice d of J&M of the Lea, ch 5/6/1734 (IGI & Acom)
1/2. Mary of J&M ch 9/1/1735/6 (IGI & Acom)
1/3. John s of J&M of the Lea, ch 18/4/1737 (IGI & Acom)
1/4. Thomas s of J&M, ch 4/6/1738, prob bur 9/6/1749

(IGI & Acom)

1/5. William, s of J&M, ch 3/5/1741, Prob bur 17/12/1743

(IGI & Acom)

1/6. Edward, s of J&M ch 26/5/1745, bur 14/6/1746 (IGI & Acom)
1/7. Edward Hughes C: 5 Nov 1751 (IGI &

IGI Other alternatives:
Mary SHEPHERD C: 23 May 1714
Father: John SHEPHERD Deuxhill And Glazeley, Mother: Elizabeth
Mary SHEPHERD C: 9 Jun 1712
Mother: Mary SHEPHERD Quatt Malvern, Shropshire,
Mary SHEPHERD C: 29 Dec 1708
Father: John SHEPHERD  Ditton Priors, Shropshire, Mother: Mary

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 10 ************************


Gen 10:

Ch: 9/1/1673-4, Wrockwardine, (Acom/IGI) PR
Parents: John & Judith (Bartlom) Hughes.

Edward Hughes of the Lea, bur 12/12/1737 (PR Transcript)

Administration available at Lichfield B/C/11

Inventory of Edward Hughes of Rockwardine[32]
Appraised by George Smith & Thomas Ffelton 28/4/1738
One Cow           £2/0/0
The Goods in the House Place  £0/15/0
Goods in the Chamber one bed & other things     £1/5/0
and over the house a very old bed               £0/10/0

Edward Hughes of the Lea, tayler, and Alice dau of John Pearse of the Brook m. 12/5/1708


Ch: 12/1/1671-2, Wrockwardinexi.
Parents: John & Jane (Jones) Pearce
Alice wf of Edward Hughes of the Lea, bur Wrockwardine 20/11/1725

Issue, Wrockwardine:
1/1. John, s of Edward of the Lea, taylor, bap 23/8/1712 (IGI & Acom) PR


(Shephard spelling unified!)
Ch: 24/10/1684, Wellington PR
Parents: William & Jane (Owen) Shephard

Married: Sarah Dogg, Wellington (IGI) 10/9/1710 PR B(anns)

Issue, Wellington:
1/1. Mary Shephard, ch 13/12/1713,  PR
1/2. Thomas SHEAPARD C: 6 Mar 1719-20 PR

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 11 ************************


Gen 11:

John Hughes & Judith Bartlom, m 16/7/1658, Wrockwardine PRxi

Issue, Wrockwardine, (Acom):
1/1. John Hughes, son of John bap 4/4/1662
1/2. David, s of J&J ch 30/5/1665 (IGI also) PR
1/3. Judith, d of J&J ch 17/9/1667 (IGI also) PR
1/4. Edward s of J&J, ch 9/1/1674 (IGI also) PR
Also on Acom:
John of Aston, bur 1/4/1684 pr

pr: John Hughes of the Wilmore bur 3/12/1660
PR William h bur w 23/12/1669

John Hughes Bur Wrockwardine, 31/12/1674

Will available on Staffs Name Index – a taylor.

Inventory of John Hughes[33]
March 7 1674 also 26 March 1675.
Mention of Charlton ref 19thC census’s

Imp. The lease of the house wherein he did live                         £4
The moneys due to the Testator in the hand of Thos Binell of Alscot     £10
In the hand of Roger Mannering of Charlton                              £10
2 Cows                                                                  £6
1 Horse                                                                 £2
12 sheep                                                                £2/10
4 beds with all the things belonging to them                            £6
Brass & Pewter                                                          £4
Trinen Ware                                                             £0/10
Bacon                                                                   £1
Iorne Ware as pott, pothooks and other materyalls belonging to his
oration                                                                 £0/10
Corne and Hay in the house and Barne and in the ground                  £2
Wearing Apparell                                                        £4
All things forgotten                                              £0/3/4

Other Early Hughes:
17/6/1624: William Hughes M Katherine Ashwood. P16
9/5/1638: David Hughes Bur (25)
4/4/1657: David Hughes Bur (32)
16/11/1648: Elizabeth Hughes (28)
1/1/1678-9 Mar Edward Hughes & Dorothy Edwards 51
23/4/1680 Bap Joyce dau of Edward & Dorothy Hughes 54
22/6/1671 Bur Elizabeth Tristram alias Hughes 44
30/12/1616 Bur Nicholas Hughes 12
14/12/1624: Bur Maude Hughes 17
17/6/1651: Bur Walter Hughes 30
17/6/1624: mar William Hughes & Katherine Ashwood 16.
30/3/1656-7: Bur Mary Wife of William Hughes 32
10/4/1657: Bur William Hughes 32
23/12/1669: Bur William Hughes 43

31/12/1799: Bur Ann dau of John Hughes & Mary (255)
12/10/1800: Bap John s of Richard & Mary Hughes (256)
10/1/1808: Bur Sarah, dau of John Hughes & Mary (267)
9/7/1809: Bap John, s of John Hughes & Mary (270)
23/6/1811: Bap John Base son of Mary Hughes (272)
4/8/1811: Mary dau of John Hughes & Mary (272)

15/5/1784: Mar Richard Manwaring b, Mary Hughes. (287)
7/5/1798: Mar Thomas Hughes & Mary Evans (by Thos Oliver, Minister) (294)
21/5/1810: mar John Welch & Mary Hughes (308)
13/11/1803: Mar Thomas Rolands & Mary Hughes (300)

Administration of William Hughes Lichfield 3/4/1661.


John Pearce of Longlane, bur Wrockwardine, 25/1/1680
John Pearse, of the Lea, pauper, bur 18/1/1715 (Acom)
Katherine Thomas, a servant of John Pearce, bur Wr 4/7/1675

John Pearce & Jane Jones mar Wrockwardine, 12/6/1665[34]


Jane, wf of John Pearse of the Brooke, bur 3/3/1710-1 pr

Issue of John & Jane Pearce, Wrockwardine:
1/1. Alice Pearse, ch 12/1/1671-2. pr 44
1/2. Mary Pearce, ch 21/5/1669 of J&JP (Acom). Pr p42
1/3. John Pearce, ch 18/5/1666 of J&JP[35]
1/4. Elizabeth, d of John & Jone ch 27/9/1672. pr 45

Ralph Pearce s of John bur 6/3/1678-9 (B 24 Jan of John & Isabel)

Robert Pearce Bu Wrockwardine, 18/7/1647.
Thomas Pearce of Admaston bur W 27/4/1670.
Ralph Pearce Bur W 21/5/1671.
Anne Pierce of ye Long Lane bur 24/8/1664.

Robert, s of John Pearse of Admaston, yeoman, ch 27/5/1711.
William, s of JP of Alscott, yeoman, ch 5/1/1703


IGI: Willm. SHEPHEARD C: 26 Sep 1639
Father: Willm. SHEPHEARD Newport, Shropshire, Mother: Mary

M: 25 May 1681  Jane Owen Wrockwardine, Shropshire PR no further info.


Jane OWIN C: 9 May 1661
Father: John OWIN Newport, Shropshire, Mother: Ellen
Jane OWEN C: 3 Sep 1660
Father: Thomas OWEN Lilleshall, Shropshire, Mother: Jane
Jane OWEN C: 9 Jun 1660
Father: Hugh OWEN  Saint Chad, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Mother: Mary
Martha, d of Hugh Owen, bur 30/6/1667, St Chad
Hannah, d of Hugh & Margaret Owen, ch 1/10/1657, St Chad
Jane, d of Hugh & Mary, ch 9/6/1660        

Issue: Wellington, Shropshire (IGI):
1/1. Richard SHEPHERD C: 24 Oct 1684
1/2. William SHEPHARD C: 8 Sep 1682
1/3. Sarah SHEEPHARD C: 24 Jul 1692


13.       Other Lister Stories

The Broseley Anti-Felons


This article was originally published in the Wilkinson Journals 9 and 11 - 1981&83

(Extracts only, see Full Text)

“The Anti-Felons” was the name by which they were popularly known. Their full title was “The Broseley Association for the Prosecution of Felons”. They were one of many such associations existing in the 18th, 19th and well into the 20th centuries, which originally had the sole purpose of bringing petty criminals to justice. They flourished in the days prior to the compulsory establishment of borough and county police forces.

The Prestwich family were vintners. Early in the 19th century they left Broseley for London where their trade flourished. Joseph Prestwich married Catherine Blakeway in 1809 in Broseley. They had a son Joseph who became Professor of Geology at Oxford and was the author of a well-known work on “The Coalbrookdale Coalfield”. After the departure of the Prestwich family for London their business in Broseley was taken over by the Listers.

At the Anti-Felons’ meeting held on April 20th, 1820, at the Fox Inn, Broseley, a new committee was formed consisting of: Mr. A. Brodie, Mr W. Hazeldine (represented by Mr. Thomson), Mr. W. Fifield, Mr. Thos. Roberts, Mr. Jno. Lister, Mr. Abr. Wyke, Mr. Samuel Roden, Mr. Geo. Hartshorne. Any four of these men could act in conjunction with the Treasurer who had been in office since before 1789.


Pigots & Tibnams, 1822, 1828 & 1835.

Hop and Seed Merchants:
Lister John and Son, Broseley: 1822, 1828 (and wine & spirit),
Lister Thomas, Broseley: 1835

Lister John and Son, Broseley: 1822, 1828
Lister Thomas, Broseley: 1835

Wine & Spirit Merchants
Lister John and Son, Broseley 1822, 1828
Lister Thomas, Broseley: 1835
Thomas Lister, 1841: Winemerchant, High St, Broseley, aged 40.

Public Houses:
Elephant, John Bradley, Broseley: 1828
Elephant & Castle, Edwd. Lister, Broseley: 1835
Edward Lister 1841: Elephant St, Innkeeper, aged 65.
Spirit Vaults, Thomas Lister, Ironbridge: 1835

Retailers of Beer
Lisseter William, Ironbridge 1835

Lister William, Iron bridge: 1828
Lisseter William, Ironbridge: 1835

Lister John Matthews, Broseley 1835

Listers in 1838 Tithe Apportionment:

Davenport, John; 
Thomas Lister, 800, Upper Brier Acre, Arable, 5/1/30
               846, Lower Brier Acre, Arable, 5-2-5
Forrester, Lord;
John Lister,    78, Garden, 0-0-13
         300a, House & Garden (H&G), relet to John Brown, 0-0-25
               407, H&G, relet to George Mason
Thomas Lister,  159, Barn Field, Yard, poole
                379a, H&G, Shop, relet to Francis Glaze
                907, Pitch Hirst, Meadow, 5-2-5
Edward Lister,  214, Elephant & Castle PH
                215a, House & Yard, relet to Edward Glover
                215b, Shop, relet to Francis Littlehayes
                215c, Shop, relet to John Fenton.
                327, H&G, relet to Thomas Higginson
                217b, House & Yard, relet to Francis Littlehayes
John Roper      251e, H&G, relet to Lucy Roper
                251f, H&G, relet to George Jones
                251g, H&G, relet to Thomas Farmer
George Bradley  387d, H&G
John Raby       397a, H&G, relet to Samuel Morris
Thomas Morris   548c, H&G
Towing Path Co  767, H&G used as storehouse & Garden, relet to Richard B                         
Francis Bradley 923b, H&G
Thomas Morris   1071b, H&G

William Gwynn:
Edward Lister   29g, House
Francis Blythe Herries:
Edward Lister   505, Garden in Worf Field
                508, Worf Piece, 1-1-3
                510, Weavers Garden, 2-0-11
                896, toll Gate Piece, 1-3-35
Margaret Lister 691a, H&G
                697, Garden
James Foster    685b, H&G, relet to John Lister

John & Lloyd Lister:
Henry Grove     32, Cottage & Garden

John Lister:
Thomas Haines   89c, House & Yard (H&Y)
William Parsons 89d, H&Y
John Hayman     89e, H&Y
John Dearborn   89f, House
William Davies  91a, H&G
William Cartwright 193d, H&Y, Shop, Stable
Hannah Guest    219, H&G
John Lister     282a, house

Thomas Lister:
Thomas Lister   89g, Warehouse
John Westhay    339b, H&G
Abraham Westhay 339c, H&G

Edward Lister:
William Allison 287c, House
William Hopton, 282b, H&G

John Potts:
Sarah Roper & James Harrison, 42d, H&G
William Roper:
Benjamin Bradley 108d, H&G & Pigsty

Thomas Wilde:
Elizabeth Roper 37f, House
Samuel Morris sen 38d, H&G

Rev Thomas Forrester (Glebe):
Thomas Lister   824, Parson's Piece
Lord Forrester  266b, carthouse, relet to Edward Lister.

Richard Scale: Piece of Land, 3-0-0
Sir John Acton:
Thomas Roper    220, Cottage & Land, Meadow, 0-0-30
                227, Garden, Meadow, 0-0-15
                222, H&G & Croft, 0-2-14

      Mon, 25 Nov 2002 21:24:21 +0000
Andrew Hill.

I began searching my family history about 2 years ago. I knew from people alive and who I can remember some of my ancestors. I remember my Great Grand mother Beatrice Alice Garbett who died in her 90's. I looked her birth up and found:

No 306, 11/9/1884, 5, Fisher Street, Dudley, Beatrice Alice Garbett, Girl, Father, Luke Garbett (Puddler) mother, Eliza Garbett (formerly) Edwards. registered 23/10/1884 by X Eliza Garbett, 5, Fisher Street, Dudley.

I then looked for a marriage for Luke and Eliza.

No 396, 12/7/1884, St John's Church, Dudley,
Luke Garbett, 23, Bachelor, Iron worker, Dudley Port, (father) Benjamin Garbett (deceased) Moulder.
Eliza Edwards, 20, Spin, Fisher Street, Dudley, (father) Alfred Edwards (deceased) Brewer.
X Luke and X Eliza, Witnessed by Daniel and Sarah Ann Smart.

Eliza was around 7 months pregnant and Daniel Smart was the church beadle and Sarah Ann his sister. So unsure if there had been a family rift?

I then looked on the 1881 census to find their parents and where they were living?

Luke Garbett drew a blank and I have not been able to get any further? Luke was probably not his first name. I checked deaths of Benjamin Garbetts before 1881-1863 and only came up with a few that could have been his father, but ages were not supplied on early ones. I have checked Dudley Port, Tipton area parish records and found no Benjamin Garbett with a male son of Lukes age?

Eliza Edwards was living with her parents at 5, Fisher Street, Dudley:
Alfred Edwards,Brewer,49, born, Lanterdine, Hereford.
Mary A. Edwards, wife, 44, born, Broseley, Shropshire.
William Edwards, son, 20, Maltster, un,born Dudley, Worcs.
Alfred Edwards, son, 18, Moulder (mf), un, born Dudley, Worcs.
Eliza Edwards,daugh, 17, un, born Dudley, Worcs.
Harriet Edwards, daugh, 11, un, Scholar, born Dudley, Worcs.
Clara Edwards, daugh, 9, Scholar,born Dudley, Worcs.
Julia Edwards, daugh, 5, Scholar, born Dudley, Worcs.

There was a multitude of Eliza Edwards on G.R.O. in the Dudley area, so to move on quickly I searched, found and got Clara Edwards birth certificate (to get Mary's maiden name)

No 294, 13/10/1871, Court no 8, 30, Castle Street, Dudley, Clara Edwards, girl, father, Frederick Edwards (Inn Keeper, Brewer) mother, Mary Ann Edwards (Gething), registered 9/12/1871 by X Frederick Edwards.

I then looked for a marriage between Frederick and Mary Ann before 1861:

No 118, 22/2/1857 St James Church Dudley,
Alfred Edwards, Full age, Bach, Labourer, Dudley, Father William Edwards (farmer) Mary Ann Gethen, Full age, Spin, Dudley, Father Robert Gethen (miner)
X  Alfred X Mary Ann     Witnesses: James Webb, X Elizabeth Webb.

So I knew Mary Ann Gethen, or Gething born about 1837, Father Robert (miner). I went to Shrewsbury Archives and found the baptism:

N0 580, 31/6/1837, St Leonards Broseley, Salop, Mary Ann Gething, parents, Robert (collier) and Sarah Gething, Broseley Hill.

As I have told you I then found Robert Gething and Sarah Ropers Marriage on I.G.I. as a down load. I also saw the 1841 census details.

On the 1861 of Dudley:
Frederick Edwards, 29, Labourer Railway, born Adforton, Hereford.
Mary A. Edwards, 24, Wife, born Broseley, Salop.
Sarah A. Edwards, 3, Daugh, born Dudley, Worcs.
William Henry Edwards, 7 months, son, born Dudley, Worcs.

All ages on the 1841 census of Broseley are all given (not rounded up to the next 5th year)
So Sarah would have been born around 1816. She married Robert on 3/4/1836, aged about 20 and had Mary Ann 30/6/1837.
I know Sarah was christened in 1819 but families often couldn't afford it just after the birth of a child.
Do you know if any other Roper was christened at the same time?
No father was given for Robert or Sarah, on their marriage certificate.

THE WILLENHALL SUPERMAN (George Lister 1832-1905)


Whose amazing coalface feats installed him as King of the Black Country Colliers over 100 years ago

In a recent issue, Mrs. L. Spearing of Wednesfield, asked readers for information about her ancestor, George Lister, of Willenhall. She believed that he had been a noted strongman at the end of the last century, when, apparently, he attracted the nickname of the "Big Hitter".
   The tale of this amazing Black Country great of the 19th century has, until now, remained unpublicised. and we are eternally grateful to Heath Town reader, Leonard Muir, for allowing us to borrow a remarkable document, dating from the 1890s, that describes some of George Lister's strongman feats. The hand-written document consists of a large square of card, with a photograph (reproduced right) of the ageing "Big Hitter" mounted at its centre. The scribe who assembled this unique record remains unknown - even though the wording begins, "Dear Reader, I George Lister, born on the 16th August, 1832...", it is believed that the writer's educated and styled hand could not have been that of the 'hard as nails' miner from Willenhall.

Ancestral Links

Mr. Muir has distant ancestral links with the "Big Hitter", who was the great grandfather of his wife. Rose Elizabeth (nee Blunt). She was born six years after his death, in 1905. The document had previously been in the possession of Rose's aunt, Lilly Lister (George's grand-daughter), who lives in Sedgley.
   It appears that George Lister was a man highly proud of his strength, and, in particular his ability to work harder and longer than any other man - in his job as a collier. He was obviously well-known throughout the Black Country and beyond, as he worked at a number of collieries, on a freelance basis. Often wagers were staked on his ability to cut further into a seam than another powerful grafter, or, even, a gang of men. As the photograph shows, George was a stout, hard-featured fellow, and he must have won much more money than he lost in these gruelling encounters!
   Born in Broseley, Shropshire, he moved with his family to Willenhall at an early age. It is stated at the beginning of the document, "I cannot boast of my own strength, but of God who enabled me by his Almighty power to do the following work..." The first feat recorded took place in 1850, when he was 18 years of age - "In Sparrow's Field I did twenty and a half days work in one week". In this and following statements he was obviously comparing his workrate to that normally expected.
   A similar feat was recorded for the year 1851, in Badger’s Field, for Charles Simms. The fields referred to would have been the site of the coal-workings.
   Ten years later, in 1861, “At Tividale, for W. Rounds, three and a half days holing in one day”. In 1862, “In Priestfield, for John Easilow, 21 ½ yards and six inches in one day”.
   During this period other similar feats were recorded at The Junction (for Messrs Willetts), at Lums in Lancashire, at Bilston (for Edward Reynolds), at Polesworth, at Brownhills, (for Joseph Owen), at Sneyd Pool (for Charles Hathers), at The Meadows (for Richard Willetts), at Hednesford Old Pits, at Lane Head (for John Adams).

Wager At Ashmore Park

    The first wager he referred to was connected with a feat at Ashmore Park Colliery (for John Hill), in 1881, when he worked against James Jaques and Richard Brazier, one on nights, the other on days. "The two drove nineteen yards in one week, I drove nineteen and a quarter yards."
    A little earlier, in 1872, he told how he had a miraculous escape in Joseph Owen's Brownhills pit - "I had been working all nights, and after ringing to be drawn up I turned to reach a bottle, and the cage started up without me. During its ascent a carriage wheel (about 1cwt) was thrown down the pit, and knocked the end of the cage off".
   Referring to another wager, he describes how he worked against a man called Samuel Boughey, who cut ten feet in longer time than ittook the "Big Hitter" to cut thirteen.
   In the early 1890's, when he was almost 60 years of age, he was still "gooin strong". He did four and a quarter days work in six hours at Whitehouse Field, Moseley Village (for John Southan), and also recorded similar achievements at Granville Colliery, Swadlincote, Stanton Lane, Colliery, Derbyshire, and Fenn's Old Colliery (for William Bickley).
   Not only did his employers have ample reason to appreciate George Lister's phenomenal workrate.   "In 1860, an accident happened at Peascroft. I rescued a man named Clayton, after he had been buried for 13 hours...In 1861, Joseph Probert, and Thomas Rudge were stopped up. I was sent for and drove over nine yards in a little head and got them both out alive...In 1872 Thomas Bradley of Spring Bank was stopped in by a fall of roof. I cleared from 6 to 7 yards and got him out alive".
   And the feats go on - so numerous that space does not allow us to mention them all.
   There is no reference to the nickname, "Big Hitter", or why he should have been so-described. But, in those tough old days, men were used to settling arguments with their fists, and, no doubt, George's strength was often put to good use on such occasions.
    The barons of 19th century industry expected no less than blood, sweat and tears from their workers, who, when viewed in the light of today's expectations, were a cruelly downtrodden class. Even so, a man of George Lister's calibre would have been something of a phenomenon, much sought after and well rewarded by the coalmasters of his time.
   Today, the tables have been turned - industrial, rather than human muscle is generally in the ascendancy, and technological developments have reduced physical exertion at the pitface and on the assembly line. Nevertheless, in any age, the 'hard work' ethic of the Big Hitter would be wholly worthy of emulation. He was a legend in his own time, and is rightly described as The King of the Black Country Colliers!


Following last month’s article on “The Willenhall Superman”, George Lister, we have received further correspondence from Wednesfield reader, Mrs L Spearing, who originally made mention of her strongman ancestor several months ago.

She has managed to unearth more details relating to the remarkable life of George Lister (alias "The Big Hitter"). It is believed that during his two marriages he fathered over thirty children, and, on one occasion, fellow miners at Brownhills tried, unsuccessfully, to kill him, because his phenomenal workrate resulted in less work for themselves. Mrs. Spearing has also managed to obtain a copy of his 'burial card', dating from 1905. She writes...
"With reference to the front page article for May, "The Willenhall Superman". Since writing to you, asking for information from your readers, I, and my cousin, Mrs. J Schubert, have done some research.
   I was able to copy the document in the possession of Len and Rose Muir. You were quite right when you said it could not have been written by the "hard as nails" miner, because George Lister could neither read nor write. It was, in fact, written by a poet, named Thomas Bratt, who also wrote the verses enclosed. These were discovered only recently by my uncle, John Lister, in a wallet belonging to his father who was "The Big Hitter's" grandson. He was given the name of "The Big Hitter" by his fellow workmen, because of the way he could swing the hammer.
   It is said he fathered 35 children, but we have yet to prove this fact. When he was 19, he was married with a baby son, Thomas, who was named after George's father. Thomas, who. in his later years, kept the Cock Inn. High St., Portobello (which no longer exists). When he was 53 years old, "The Big Hitter" fathered a son, Arthur, who was born in 1885.1 do not know if this was his last child, or if there were more after this date.
   About the time of the photograph you printed, "The Big Hitter" was living in Bridge St, Portobello, and he kept pigs. My grandfather, Frederick Lister, used to tell of the hams, hanging round the room in his grandfather's house, so the family obviously ate well.
   As it says in the tribute, he was a very generous man to his starving neighbours, and very peace-loving. Even so, the men who worked with him, in the Brownhills pit, tried to kill him in 1872, by throwing a carriage wheel down the shaft. They said he was a Demon, because he could do so much work and they thought he was doing their share, when, in fact, he never took work from them maliciously. He just worked hard to earn a living.
   He died in 1905, at the age of 72, a great age for a hard working miner of thos days. His death was brought about him shovelling a large mound of earth that had to be levelled. He was doing this on a cold snowy day in April. A few days later he developed pneumonia. He never recovered.

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DUDLEY 212650/59100

In memoriam: George Lister.

A Tribute from a Friend.
Another genius has passed away,
And left this humble mortal coil of clay,
To mingle with the angels pure and free,
In that bright land, to us a mystery.

In days gone by by at times, he’s tried to save
His fellow comrades from a lingering grave,
He’s oft assisted others who were poor
When hearing they were starving near his door.

Gifted by god a mysterious way,
One of the greatest workmen in his day.
But one who never dropped his fellow’s wage,
Not even when he was advanced age.

But unexpected. Death, he came one day,
And took his power, and gifts and life away
But farewell friend, I hope all shall meet
Some day around our loving Saviour’s feet

Portobello      Thomas Bratt (Braft?)



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