Pakenham Genealogy Pt1

Issue Date: 14/7/2009.

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MICHAEL CUFF - 1694 14


















3. THOMAS PAKENHAM (b1713)          4. ELIZABETH CUFFE (d 1794)
5. EDWARD PAKENHAM (d abt 1720)     6. MICHAEL CUFF (b1694)
7. FRANCES SANDFORD (d abt 1756)    8. SIR THOMAS PAKENHAM (b1673)
9. MARY NELMES                      10. FRANCIS CUFF (d1694)
11. HONORA O'BRIAN                  12. HENRY SANDFORD
15. MARY LILL (d 1665)              16. SIR JAMES CUFF (d1678)
17. ALICE AUNGIER (d1702)           18. MICHAEL BOYLE (d 1702)
19. MARY O'BRIAN                    20. ROBERT FITZGERALD (d1698)
More on Henry Sandford Pakenham, Hamiltons and Stewarts from Janet Adams:

Dublin National Library, 5/2/1998
From Pakenham Papers, PRONI (5/11/96) ref D971/1/...
Langford Lodge ownership extracts show family tree.
Family tree of Pakenham from Irish Nat Library (PT).
Ancestral File some Pakenham and most Upton & Ormsby.

DNB: Dictionary of National Biography
PT: Pakenham Tree in the PRONI;
    also Burkes landed gentry.
References in brackets are to LDS Ancestral File.
GPS: Gerald Pakenham Stewart History
Wendy Reid[i]  provided Helen Pakenham & Hamilton info 1/2003.


2nd Baron Longford,
AC08/43  (PPDV-3H)

From Complete Peerage, by GEC & Pakenham Tree:
Born: 1/4/1743 Pakenham Hall, Westmeath. (1/1/1743, Dublin re AF)
Parents: Thomas Pakenham & Elizabeth Cuff.
RN Lt. 12/8/1761, Master & Commander, 29/5/1765,
Post Capt 31/5/1766. Knight of the Shire for Longford 11/1765
Privy Councilor 1/1777.
Died: 3/6/1792 @ Pakenham Hall  (other sources: 3/7/92)

Married 25/6/1768 (PT) (or 15/5 - PRONI) @ St Mary, Dublin:


(18KN-1CJ)  AC08/44

Born: Abt 1750 Dublin, Ireland (ref AF) or 1748, of Summerhill, (PT).
Parents: Hercules Rowley & Elizabeth Upton (PRONI)
See Pakenham 3 for their ancestry.
Died: 12/3/1816

PRONI, D3319/9/14 13/1/99:
Copy will of Countess of Longford, held by her daughter, Elizabeth:

Pakenham Hall 1/1/1813

Being now thanks God in perfect Health of Mind and Body, I wish to dispose of £5000 left by L Kennedy(?) in my Power - leaving Dear Son E.M. Pakenham or any of my sons possessing L. Lodge Estate at my Death, residuary Legatee.  To my Dear Daughter Mrs H Stewart, To Mrs Henry Hamilton and to my Dear Grand-Daughter Kitty Hamilton of Brown Hall, to each I leave one thousand Pounds - to my Dear Daughter Wellington & my Dear Sons H.R. Pakenham and Harry I leave two hundred pounds each as a token of gratitude -  My Diamonds I imagine belong of Right to my Dearest Longford. Lest this may be a mistake with a truly grateful I leave them to him. To my excellent friend Mrs Gullif??? I leave two hundred pounds as mark of perfect esteem and affectionate regard - to Gilliand and to Kelly my own maid I leave each £50 - to John Kent if he is my servant at the time of my Death leave 30 gns - to Peggy Joy who has always lived with me L leave £20 .....

Also to my niece Bess Nugent I leave £200.

C Longford. Lady.

PRONI D3319/9/30:

Copy letter from EM Stewart describing the death of his grandmother, dated March 20 1816:

It has pleased God to grant my dear Grandmother an early release out of this life. She expired without pain on the night of Monday the 12th. She had been quite sensible of her approaching death and even anxious for a release for some days before. On Saturday she had prayers read to her by my uncle Henry in presence of my uncle Longford, uncle Hamilton, my mother and aunt Caroline, little Kitty and John Hamilton and Mrs Gullifer. Uncle Hercules was then at Langford Lodge and I was with my father a short distance from town. After prayers she spoke separately to almost all those I have mentioned. She told John Hamilton to do his duty and he would have peace at the last, for it required no cleverness to please God Almighty. My mother and aunt Caroline scarcely ever left her. She was put to bed and she expressed he hope that she should never rise from it. She was teased with a troublesome cough at the time. On Monday morning uncle Hercules arrived. When she had seen him she blessed all her children and said "may He make you happy in this life and above all hereafter." Her whole soul seemed occupied in devotion. I think that ever since the death of my uncle Edward she has been weaning herself from this world more particularly - She had uncle Henry to read to her in the Bible, When he came to the words "Thy word if truth" in the 17th of St John, she repeated the words after him and added "beautiful". She asked him to speak
Missing page??

My grandmother had said to me "go instantly she said, write it down while it is fresh in your memory".

And so I did. During all these things while every one around her was in tears quite unable to repress their emotion, she was calm and composed. Her serenity seemed almost to amount to a feeling of pleasure. When she saw W.S. on a handkerchief which my mother put into her hand Tell my dear William, she said, that this handkerchief of his was of use to me, it will gratify him to know it. I write down this little incident to show what attention to the feelings of others she professed to the very last, which she always had while living. She has both lived and died an example to us all. When her physician came on Monday, she said to him, I thought I should have been released before this, but I suppose I am not worthy of it. She became extremely weak and unable to speak for some time before she died. She ceased coughing entirely. It seemed as if God had determined that nothing should interrupt the peace of mind in her last moments. She sighed two or three times then looked up and smiled. That heavenly mile remained on her countenance even after death. I saw that countenance some hours after her Spirit had fled and indeed it was Heavenly. If ever I should doubt of the Holt Religion I profess, may I think of this - remember that this is the death of the righteous and believe.

1/1: Elizabeth Pakenham (PRONI)                       AC07/22

Born 18/7/1769 (PT)
Died 10/8/1851, Dublin, Bur Mt Jerome (GPS).
Elizabeth Pakenham M: Jan 1793 Rel: William Simpson
Tyrcollen, Donegal, Ireland (no parents listed)
Married: Henry Stewart, - see Stewart File
2/1. Rev. Edward Michael Stewart - See Stewart file.

Married: Jane Renwick,
3/1. Elizabeth Stewart - See Stewart File.
   Married: Frederick Jasper Chadwick.

1/2. Mary Pakenham, born 17/1/1771, died 1789 (PT)
1/3: Catherine Sarah Dorothea Pakenham (PPDV-5T) (re PRONI & AF),

Born: Abt 1772, Dublin (re AF & IGI).
Born: 14/1/1773 (PT).
Sir Arthur Wellesley, (PPDV-00) (later Duke of Wellington)
Born: 29 Apr 1769 Upper Merrion Street, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
Marriage settlement 8/7/1806, ref D971/1/D/4) (IGI marriage date: 10/4/06, Dublin). Sir AW son of Rev Hon Gerard Wellesley of London.

Catherine & Arthur Wellesley's marriage settlement gives details of a sum of £4000 in which EMP was involved as a Lt Col.

Issue of Arthur & Catherine Wellesley:
2/1. Arthur Wellesley (PPDV-2B) (AF)

Born:  3 Feb 1807 Harley Street, Marylebone, Middlesex, England
Married: Elizabeth, Duchess Of Wellington Hay (18KN-1DQ)
Born: Abt 1810 Harley Street, Marylebone, Middlesex, England


2/2. Charles Wellesley (Maj-Gen) (18KN-1G5) (AF)

Born: 16 Jan 1808 Chief Secretary's Lodge, Dublin, Ireland
Married: Augusta Sophia Anne Pierrepont (18KN-1JK)
Born: Abt 1810
Chief Secretary's Lodge, Dublin, Ireland

1/4. Frances Pakenham, born 1/1773, died 1/10/1774 (PT).
1/5. Thomas, 3rd Baron & 2nd Earl Longford, (PRONI)

Born: 14/5/1774., died 24/5/1838.
Succeeded to Barony on death of father 1792, & Earldom, 27/1/1794 on death of his grandmother (Elizabeth Cuffe). (PT)
Captain Tom Surveyor General of Ordinance 1795 (ref R Holmes on Wellington.)
Dublin Dir 1820: 10 Rutland Square E, and Park House.
Married, 23/1/1817: Lady Georgina Emma Charlotte Lygon (d 1835), 5th dau of William, 1st Earl Beauchamp.
Issue (7 sons & 3 dau) (ref Burkes):
2/1. Edward Michael Pakenham, 3rd Earl, major 2nd Life Guards,

born 30/10/1817, died unm 27/3/1860.

2/2. William Lygon Pakenham, 4th Earl. Born 1819,

married 1862, Selina, 3rd dau of George 3rd Lord Dynevol. Created Lord Silchester (1821). Ed Winchester. Abbreviated descent follows:
3/1. Thomas Pakenham, 5th Earl.(1864-1915),

married Julia Child-Villiers
4/1. Edward Arthur Henry Pakenham, 6th Earl
4/2. Francis Aungier Pakenham, 7th Earl (1905-2001)

Married Elizabeth Harman, novelist (died 2002).
5/1. Thomas Frank Dermot Pakenham, B 14/8/1933.

6/1. Eliza Pakenham b 3/11/1966,

married Alexander James Chislholm 1983,
7/1. Aiden Carus, 29/7/1996.

1/6. Helen Pakenham, 8/1775-1807 (PT).

Married James Hamilton, son of James Hamilton & Isabella (Stewart, dau of William & Eleanor (King) Stewart) (21/10/1771-1805).
Ref GPS, 1798.
Helen Pakenham B: Abt 1781 Father: Pakenham of Brown Hall, Ballintra, Donegal, Ireland
Helen Pakenham M: 1799 Spouse: James Hamilton, Brown Hall, Donegal,
2/1. John Hamilton (1800-83), M Mary Rose.

3/1. James Hamilton, b 3/6/1821?, d 1915.

Married: Dorothea Elizabeth Stewart, dau of William Stewart, MD, 2nd son of William Stewart of Horn Head, she died 1916.
4/1. William Stewart Hamilton, b. 8/1864,

Capt Royal Inniskillin Fusileers, Married 7/10/1911, Winifred Mary Percy, dau of Percy Weston, of East Sheen.
5/1. James Montgomery, b 1913.

3/1. Mary Hamilton (1825-77), M. Frederick Augustus Courbarron.

FAC from Jersey.
4/1. James Hamilton Augustus Courbarron (1863-1904)

M Mary Morrisey (lived Sydney).
5/1. Mildred Gertude Courbarron (1889-1963).

M. Patrick Hopkins
6/1. Allan Hamilton Augustus Hopkins

M. Dorothy Flyght
7/1. June M. Hopkins, M George Reynolds Reid

   8/1. Wendy Reid
      She provided Hamilton info 1/2003.

Mary Hamilton's family are also described on a web site: - Hamilton.htm  (Jan 2004).
Contains some photos.

1/7. Harriet, born 9/1776, died 31/7/1777 (PT).
1/8. Sir Edward Michael Pakenham (Major-General) (PRONI)

Born: 19/3/1778. Died: 8/1/1815 @ Battle of New Orleans
Major by purchase aged 17 (ref Richard Holmes Book)
Army Lists from 1810 for E.M. Pakenham:
Lt Col 17/10/1799 of 64th Regt of Foot (PTree).
Lt Col of 7th regiment of Foot (Royal Fuzileers) from 5/5/1804.
Listed there til 1813.
Col 25/10/1809
Maj Gen 1/1/1812, listed as Local Rank, Spain & Portugal
1814: Col of 6th West Indian Regt of Foot 21/5/1813
also K.B. and medal with clasp
1815: ditto but knighted G.C.B. & cross.
1816: shown killed New Orleans with 6th Regt of Foot.
Mentioned as Adjutant General to Wellington 1811 in "Sharpe" novel.
Inherited Langford Lodge.
Refer to HP0012.txt P3, for relationship with Capt. John Armstrong

Sir Edward Pakenham (1778 - 1815)


    Entered Army 1794; commanded the 64th (1803) at the capture of St Lucia, where he was wounded; brevet colonel, 1805; joined Wellington in the Peninsula after Talavera; led the decisive movement of the third division at Salamanca, 1812, his conduct earning him a remarkable eulogy from Wellington; commanded the north division at Sauroren, 1813; killed while directing an assault on New Orleans.
   The Battle of New Orleans Dec 1814/Jan 1815, was a disastrous attempt by the British to take New Orleans with a sea-born force led by General Pakenham. He was killed in the last assault on 8 January 1815. The British suffers almost 2000 casualties, the Americans 13.

Ref Richard Holmes on Wellington:
Led 3rd Division at Battle of Salamanca in first charge. Wounded at Battle of Badajoz.

    Pakenham's sister, Catherine, had married the Duke of Wellington and 'Ned' was one of the young men with ability that Wellington had picked for his staff. He was a very able commander having commanded a battalion of Fusiliers at the tender age of 19.
Took over the fighting Third division from Picton who was too ill for Salamanca in 1812 and it was his division that broke the French centre. He commanded the third division until the capture of Madrid. In 1813 he was given command of the 6th Division at the Battle of the Pyrenees.
He commanded the ill-fated American Expedition in 1814 and died at the battle of New Orleans.
Ned Pakenham should not be confused with his brother, Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham who was AG to Picton at Badajoz.

The 93rd Highlanders.

    The 93rd, set sail for New Orleans, September 18, 1814, their total strength was 964. They embarked on three ships H.M.S. Alceste, Bedford and Belle Poule from Plymouth, to take part in the British government's latest folly: an attempt to capture New Orleans. They landed in Barbados on November 4, remaining there until the 12th, sailing then to Jamaica. Many of the soldier's wives and children traveled with them who acted as laundresses.
    The entire British Force came together at Jamaica and the combined fleet of 50 ships sailed from there on November 26. They arrived off Ship Island on December 8. Ship Island is a narrow sand island 12 miles off the coast of the State of Mississippi.
    The troops embarked from Ship Island on December 22, in small boats. The men were in the boats from 140 hours to 190 hours before reaching land. The distance from Ship Island to the spot where they landed is about 75 miles. A winter front passed while they were crossing the water, they encountered rain, sleet, frost and a strong north wind. It would have been very choppy and extremely cold. In fact some of the troops who came directly from the West Indies, did not have warm uniforms and many died of exposure.
    The aerial photograph shows the swampy area off the nose of the plane, where the 93rd landed. They moved along the canal on the Villere plantation. The plantations used the canals to drain the swampy fields. The canals ran from the Mississippi River levee across the flat ground. The planters mostly raised sugar cane and the cane would have been cut in November, so the furrowed fields had a stubble of cane stalks and would have been very muddy.
    The British came through a maze of swampy water ways to get below New Orleans without being detected. From the air  it doesn't look like much but it was quite a feat to navigate in long boats and barges across the open water from Ship Island where the British fleet anchored; then to push through the bayous and canals until they came to somewhat solid land. The elevation here is about 3 meters above sea level to 5 meters below sea level. With the freezing temperatures, rain, fog, mud and more mud the British Army had there hands full just fighting mother nature.
    For this expedition and the only time in their history, the 93rd were deprived of their kilts and feathered bonnets and sent into action in tartan trews  and a particularly unbecoming form of cocked Kilmarnock bonnet. But they were well led, and their morale was by now indestructible.
    The 93rd landed on the evening of the 23rd December, having spent, like the rest of the brigade, six days and nights packed in open boats, with inadequate rations. The boats returning to Ship Island for supplies, cannons etc. It was necessary to deepen and widen the canal so the boats could move further inland  with the heavy cannons they brought off the ships. 
    The distance from the swamp to the river is about 1 mile. 
    They moved up through the swamp to be involved piecemeal in a chaotic dog fight which lasted all night. The advance guard had been surprised by a night attack by 1,200 hastily assembled militiamen; by dawn superior discipline and training prevailed, and the Americans withdrew, leaving behind 74 prisoners; and there the brigade stayed, nine miles from New Orleans, while the whole army of 6,600 men, came up into position on the north bank of the Mississippi, where it was continuously galled by gunfire from two armed schooners out in the river. The Commander-in-Chief Edward Pakenham came up on Christmas Day and took decisive action, destroying one schooner with red-hot shot and chasing the other up mid stream.
   General Andrew Jackson made his stand behind a canal some five miles forward of New Orleans. His right flank rested on the river; his left on a swamp. Across his mile long front he built out of cotton bales and sugar casks filled with earth, a parapet twenty feet deep with a short glacis sloping down to the canal bank; and on it he mounted four well protected heavy guns. Along the parapet, invisible and almost invulnerable, he had about 3,500 men. Pakenham's general advance on 28 December was brought to a halt some 750 yards in front of this position; and there, under bombardment, rain and sleet lay the troops.
   Another futile advance on 1 January, after a three day bombardment of the American cotton bales, ended the same way, and cost the 93rd 1 Officer and 9 men killed, and 10 men wounded. Undeterred, Pakenham ordered a third, and this time disastrous, assault on 8 January. So there they stood, rock-like, in close order, being slowly destroyed by the concentrated fire of the whole American line, until Lambert, the surviving General, after a careful survey, at last withdrew them. They came back with parade-ground precision, leaving three-quarters of their total strength killed or wounded, and having laid the foundations of an immortal legend: a reputation for disciplined and indomitable courage which was to last as long as the regiment. The British had nearly 2,000 casualties that day, of whom 557 were from the 93rd. The Americans behind their parapet had 6 killed and 7 wounded.
   "Alexander Morrison died in battle 8 January 1815."  
   The pay/muster records from September 25 to December 26, 1814 show that Alexander was paid or due £3, 7s. 8d. There is an entry indicating he was paid for having 14+ years service, but no enlistment date.  The records then show Alexander from December 26 until January 8, 1815.
    (Many thanks to Lawrence Packard of Louisiana for his assistance with the information and photograph's included in this page.)

The Ancestral File has the following, but this line appears nowhere else:

1/1. Edward Michael Pakenham [Sir] (23R9-029)   

Born: 19 Mar 1778 , Westmeath, Ire
2/1. Susannah Pakenham (23R8-65S) Born: <1801> Perth, Ontario,

sp-Dan Ramsey (23R8-64L) Born: 1800, Canada
3/1. Elizabeth Ramsey (23R8-3M6) Born: 1823 , Quebec, Canada

sp-John Josiah Cass (23R8-3L0) Born: 1823 Chatham, Quebec,
4/1. Almira Cass (23R8-3ND)    Born: 13 Apr 1846 , Quebec,
4/2. Daniel Ramsey Cass (23R8-254) B: 27 Feb 1848 Chatham,

sp-Miriam Fuller (23R8-26B)
Born:  1 Feb 1857 Chatham, Lachute, Que, Can
5/1. Abigail Florence Cass (23R8-114)

Born: 10 Sep 1872 Lachute, Argentuel, Quebec, Can
sp-George William Sweet (23R8-10W)
Born: 26 Nov 1871 Harford, Cortland, Newyork

5/2. Electa Elizabeth Cass (23R8-27J)

Born:  8 Mar 1877 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-Frank Louis Behl (23R8-V6G)
Born: 12 Jan 1876 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
6/1. Vernon Behl
6/2. Glenn Behl
6/3. William Auburn Behl

7/1. Gretchen E. Behl (who contributed 6/1 - 6/3.)

5/3. John Albert Cass (23R8-28Q)

Born:  7 Sep 1878 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD

5/4. Johiel Josiah Cass (23R8-29X)

Born: 13 Feb 1880 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-Erma J. Fusselman (23R8-Z8D)
Born: 17 Feb 1879 Leigh, Colfax, Nebraska

5/5. Loren Ramsey Cass (23R8-2B5)

Born: 17 Dec 1881 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-Zella Myrtle Wood (23R8-Z9L)    Born: <1892> , Sd

5/6. Theresa Jane Cass (23R8-2CC)

Born:  3 Dec 1883 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-Henry Brown (23R8-ZBS)
Born:  6 Jul 1875 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD

5/7. Dewitt Clinton Cass (23R8-2DK)

Born: 14 Jun 1885 Scotland, Bonhomme, So. Dakota
sp-Mary Elizabeth Homan (23R8-ZD7)
Born: 26 Nov 1891 Aaronsburg, PA

5/8. Lilly Mae Cass (23R8-2FR)

Born:  1 May 1886 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-William Arthur (Bud) Brown (23R8-ZC1)
Born:  4 Jul 1882 Sioux Falls, IA

5/9. Gordon Fuller Cass (23R8-2G0)

Born: 11 Mar 1890 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-Jennie (Jane) Johnson (23R8-ZFF)
Born: 1899 So. Dakota

5/10. Daniel (June) Cass (23R8-2H6)

Born: 25 Jun 1894 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD

5/11. Mary Ella Cass (23R8-2JD)

Born:  5 Dec 1898 Scotland, Bonhomme, SD
sp-Frank Porteus (23R9-0N1)
Born: 1894 Scotland, Bonhomme, Sd.

4/3. Mary Ellen Cass (23R8-3PL) Born:  7 Sep 1851 , Quebec,
4/4. Amelia (Minnie) Cass (23R8-3QS)   

Born: 17 Jan 1854, Canada

4/5. Johiel Cass (23R8-3R1) Born: 22 Feb 1857, Quebec.
4/6. John Albert Cass (23R8-3S7) Born: 1860, Quebec, Canada
4/7. Johiel (2) Cass (23R8-3TF)  Born: 1865, Quebec, Canada
4/8. Susan Cass (23R8-3VM)  Born: 1865/1870, Quebec, Canada

1/9: Sir Hercules Rowley (or Pakenham (re PRONI)

(Hercules Robert on PTree & DNB)
Born: 29/9/1781
Died: 7/3/1850 (IGI 1849)
Lieutenant General, entered army 1803; served throughout the Peninsular War, and was described as "one of the best officers or riflemen I have seen"; major general 1837, KCB 1838; lieutenant general 1846.
Ref Richard Holmes, slightly wounded @ Brilos, nr Obidas in Peninsular War, 15/8/1808. Served with Wellington in 95th Rifles. 
PT & Gartree Church monuments:

Married: 25/12/1817 Hon Emily Stapleton, 4th dau of Thomas, 22nd Lord Le Despencer (mem born 9/12/1798, died 26/1/1875).

Lt Gen Sir Hercules Rowley Pakenham KCB, Col of 43 Light Infantry,
Deputy Lt of Co Antrim and for 8 years Lt Gov of Portsmouth, commanding the SW district of England. He was 3rd son of 2nd Lord Longford and grandson of the Countess of Longford who survived her son.  Born 1781, he entered the Army 1803, in which he served with highest distinction, having been engaged at the siege & capture of Copenhagen 1807, also in the peninsular campaigns of 1809, 10, 11 & 12, including the Battles of Elkadeir, Roleia Viniera, Ponchal, Foz d'Aronca, Salincal, Busaco, & Fuentes d'Onor and siege & storm of Cuidad Rodrico, 2 sieges & storm of Badajoz, at the asault of which he was severely wounded. He received the Gold Medal for Busaco, Foz d'Aronca, Cuidad Rodrico & Badajoz and Silver Medal for Roleira Viniera and 2 clasps.  (names may not be correctly spelt by A3M!)
He married Hon Emily Stapleton, dau of Lord Le Despencer, by whom he left 6 sons and 3 daughters.
Inherited Langford Lodge from brother Edward.

He died suddenly at Langford Lodge 8 March 1850.

Refer to HP0012.txt P8, for relationship with Capt. John Armstrong

Issue of Sir HRP & Emily Stapleton (PRONI):
2/1. Edward William Pakenham, eldest son,

Born 9/1819, died at Inkerman, Crimea, 5/11/1854.

2/2. Rev. Arthur Hercules Pakenham,

29 Jul 2006 "Alex Watson"[ii]
Rev. Arthur H Pakenham was my families landlord in the Griffith's valuation for the Parish of Templepatrick in the townlands of Kilgreel and Ballynabarnish.

2/3. Thomas Henry Pakenham, esq, CB, Lt.Gen.,

Col East Lancashire Regt, formerly MP for Antrim, JP, DL.
Born 26/6/1826, died 20/2/1913.  (monument & gravestone)
Married, 1862: Emily (Elizabeth - Burkes) Staples (born 7/3/1836, died:6/2/1919). Eldest dau of William Clarke of New York.
3/1. Hercules Arthur Pakenham, Esq, CMG, b. 1863,

ref Burkes:-
Senator N Ireland Parliament, Col Commandant 16th Middlesex Vol  Rifle Corps (London Irish), Capt (ret) Gren. Gds. Sometime ADC to the Gov. Gen. of India, and Major 4th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles, served Sudan 1885, and Great War (despatches, CMG), JP, DL and High Sherriff co Antrim 1907.
Seat: Langford Lodge, Clubs: Carlton & Army & Navy.
Married, 15/11/1895 (PRONI): Lilian Blanche Georgiana Ashley (dau of Rt Hon Evelyn Ashley. P.C.)
4/1. Col Hercules Dermot Wilfred Pakenham.

Lt. Gren. Gds.
Memorial: born 29/7/1901, died, Dunkirk, 2/6/1940.
Married, 1927: Helen Margaret Hebeler (dau of Capt RS Hebeler, Queens Royal Regt.) (Burkes)  
5/1. Michael Pakenham.

4/2. Joan Esther Sybella Pakenham, (Burkes)

Married 1926 Angus Campbell, late 9th Lancers.

4/3. Beatrix Helen Constance Pakenham.  (Burkes).

2/4. Edward (Edmund on mem) Powerscourt Pakenham 6th son,

Born 24/12/1832, died India 25/9/1861.

2/5. Robert Maxwell Pakenham, 4th son,

born 4/1834, died Lucknow, 26/2/1857.

2/6. Charles Wellesley Pakenham

Memorial: Lt Col, Grenadier Guards, youngest son,
Born 21/6/1840, died 15/10/1873 in "Hydaspis", Red Sea.

2/7. Emily Pakenham

Married: Sir Edward Samuel Hayes settlement 7/1837

2/8. Elizabeth Catherine Pakenham,

married Thomas Thistlethwaite, 2nd dau, died 22/1/1885. (re memorial).

1/10. William Pakenham.  (PT)

Born: 20/9/1782
Died: Drowned in Saldanha Frigate, of which he was Captain lost in Loch Swilly Bay in 1812.
Married: Annie Coleman,
(this marriage is doubtful according to family sources)
2/1. Anne Pakenham, married Major Thomas Channon,

Marriage certificate from Gibraltar but the name for Anne Packenham is actually Anne Peake
Many descend, inter alia:
3/1. James Robert Channon, m Mary Woolcote

Built a house in Hornsby north of Sydney naming it Packenham.
4/1. James Channon, m. Sarah Newbery (b abt 1847)

5/1. Alice Emmaline Channon, m. Henry S. Rishworth.

      3/1. Thomas Channon, M. Frances Hamilton Baker

         4/1. Ellen Elizabeth Channon, M. Mr Dhu

            5/1. Affield Elizabeth Hamilton Dhu, M. Mr Coleman.

               6/1. William Coleman (author of this branch)

1/11: Henry Pakenham (PRONI - assumed from M/settlement)

Born: 8/1787 (PT) Became "the Very Reverend"
Marriage settlement of The Hon & Rev Henry P & Eliza Catherine Sandford, dau of the late Rev Wm Sandford of Castlerea, Roscommon & Jane Sandford. 14/1/1822 (D971/1/D/2/27).
(also found m/settlement of William Robert Wills and Mary Grey Sandford 10/10/1816, probably the sister of Eliza Catherine - D971/1/D/2/16) (7/2009)
The Honourable and Reverend Henry Pakenham was the fifth son of Edward Michael Pakenham 2nd Baron Longford. He married in 1822 Eliza Catherine Sandford, sister and co heiress of Henry Sandford 2nd Lord Mountsandford. At the time of Griffith's Valuation the Pakenham estate in county Roscommon was in the parishes of Dysart and Fuerty, barony of Athlone, Kilbride and Roscommon, barony of Ballintober South and Ballintober, Baslick and Kilcorkey, barony of Castlereagh. It amounted to over 3,000 acres.

2/1. William Sandford Pakenham, (1826-1886),

m. 1857 Henrietta Constantia Frances Verner (d 1923). (Debretts)

Robert Sandford Pakenham B: 1 May 1866
Father: William Sandford Pakenham, Grand Canal Street-0764, Dublin
Mother: Constance Verner
Eliza's sister, Mary Gray Sandford, produced the line of Wills-Sandford, her GGG Grandson, Thomas George Wills-Sandford[iii], produced descendancy tree.

2/2. Henry Sandford Pakenham,

m. Grace Catherine Mahon, 11/3/1847.
Dean of St Patrick's Dublin, 1845-64. More from Janet Adams
Connects via Grace Mahon's grandfather's sister, Theodosia's descendants with the Ogilby & McCausland families, who were known to Antony Maitland in 2003 (Marcus McCausland & Francesca Farzer Darling).

1/12: Caroline Penelope Pakenham

(PRONI - assumed from M/settlement)
Born: abt 1788, of Longford re IGI
Married: Henry Hamilton, settlement 17/6/1809, ref PRONI D971/1/D/2/7)


Also found in PRONI:
Married: William Verner and Miss Mary Frances Hester Pakenham, dau of Edward William Pakenham

Generation 9 ************************




From Complete Peerage & PT:
Born: 5/1713, Pakenham Hall,
Created Baron Longford of Longford 27/4/1756
Died: 30/4/1766, other sources say 1776, bur at Killuccan.
Parents: Edward & Margaret Pakenham
Married 3/1740:




Parents: Michael Cuff & Frances Sandford, heir of father.
Irish wills 705: Michael Cuff(e) Dublin 23/8/1741 narrate 7/8/1744. mentions his wife, dau Elizabeth Pakenham, husband Thomas Pakenham esq, cousin James Cuff of Elm Hall Mayo, his heir? Land in Longford & Dublin (Aungier St & York St).
Died: 27/1/1794 (PT).
Created Countess Longford 1785, after husband's death, with remainder to male issue.

1/1. Edward Michael Pakenham                     AC08/43

All the following from Pakenham Tree:

1/2. Elizabeth Pakenham Born 1/1742 (PT)

- referred to as Kitty Pakenham's maiden aunt.

1/3. Frances Pakenham, born 1744, died 27/7/1772

Married 6/1766, John Ormsby Vandeleur of Madanstown, Kildare, died 20/6/1777. 2 sons.

1/4. Helen Pakenham, born 1745, died 10/5/1777.

Married 24/6/1768, William Sherlock of Sherlockstown, Kildare, died 28/3/1788. 4 sons, 1 daughter.

IGI:  Hellena Packenham C: 7 Feb 1745
Saint Peter And Saint Kevin, Dublin,
Father: Thos. Packenham Mother: Eliz.
Helena Pakenham B: Abt 1747 of Longford, Ireland
Father: Thomas Pakenham, Mother: Elisabeth Cuff.

1/5. Robert Pakenham, born 11/1748, died Gibralter 7/7/1775.

Elected Knight of the shire for the county of Longford 7/1768. Capt in the 33rd Regt 1774.

1/6. Mary Pakenham, born 1749, died 19/5/1775.

Married 1770, Thomas Fortescue of Adamstown, co Meath. 2 daughters.

1/7. William Pakenham, born 1756, died 1769.
1/8. Thomas Pakenham, born 29/9/1757. Became Admiral in Navy.

1757-1836; entered Navy 1771; honourably acquitted by court martial for the loss of his ship, 1781; his conduct in the battle of 1 June 1794 spoken of as particularly brilliant; admiral 1810, GCB 1820.
Married Louise, dau of John Staples of Lissane.
2/1. Edward Michael Pakenham, born 23/8/1786.
2/2. Thomas Pakenham, born 12/10/1787.
2/3. William Pakenham, born 1789.
2/4. ANO on PT, 2 alternatives:
1. Louisa Pakenham, listed in PT as "ANO" born 18/10/1790.
Probable name from Mike Newman[iv] (15/9/2001), who says she married Colonel Morris, and had son Joseph whose daughter, Elizabeth Jane, was his paternal great-grandmother.
2. John Pakenham, b. 18/10/1790, from Ian Anderson[v]

24/8/2003. From Ian Anderson:
   I am not related to the Pakenhams, however I am a medal collector and I have a Naval General Service medal 1793 clasp St Sebastian to John Pakenham, Lieutenant.  O'Byrne's Naval Biography, page 851, deals with this man.  It was compiled between 1845 and 1850 on a Who's Who system of the British Navy and while there are some strange things in it from time to time, it is reasonably accurate.  If you can't get a copy of this, I can probably arrange to send you the information.  However, it states amongst other things that John Pakenham was born 18 October 1790, is the fourth son of the last Admiral Hon. Sir Thomas Pakenham, GCB (second son of the first Lord Longford), by Louisa, daughter of the Right Hon. John Staples and brother (with Lieut. Henry Pakenham, Royal Navy (1827) who died in April 1839) of the present Edward Michael Conolly, Esq, DCL, Captain R.A. and M.P. Donegal.
    Captain Pakenham is first cousin of Major General Hon. Sir Edward Michael Pakenham, GCB who fell at New Orleans 8 January 1815;  of Lieut. Gen. Hon. Sir Hercules Robert Pakenham, KCB, a distinguished Peninsula officer;  of Captain Hon. William Pakenham, RN who was lost in the Saldanha frigate in 1811;  and of the last Duchess of Wellington.  This officer entered the Navy 22 April 1801.  He accepted retirement 1 October 1846.  He married 3 November 1817 Caroline Emily, third daughter of the late Rear Admiral Sir Home Riggs Popham, KCB, by whom he had issue a son and three daughters. There is also another Pakenham, called Thomas Alexander, born 3 March 1820, he is the third son of the late Earl of Longford, by Georgiana Emma Charlotte, daughter of William, first Earl of Beauchamp.  His eldest brother, the present Earl of Longford, is an officer in the Second Life Guards and three other brothers are also in the Army.
    What I am trying to establish is the date of his death.  Like all medal researchers, I tend to play around with these things from time to time and no doubt by spending a lot of money I can get the information quickly, but I have 23 NGS MGS medals, Waterloo etc. and they all interest me from a research point of view and I plod away at getting the information.  I have, from the Public Record Office, a photocopy of John Pakenham's Memorandum of Services to 1815, written in his own hand and signed.
    If any of this information is of interest to you, please feel free to use it.  If you have or come across any information in regard to him, I would be pleased if you would pass it on to me.

2/5. Sir Richard Pakenham, 1797-1868.

ref DNB (after date of PT!).
of Trinity College, Dublin; minister plenipotentiary to Mexico  (1835-43); the United States (1843-7), and at Lisbon (1851-5).

"John O' Grady"[vi] 22/1/2004:

No.  70178  
                  Book No. 101   Page No. 126
Biggs Pigott

of Indented Deeds of Lease and Release bearg date the Twenty Sixth & Twenty Seventh days of Octr One Thousd seven hundd & Forty & made Between John Biggs Pigot of Brockley in the Co of Somerset & Kingdom of Great Britain Esqr of the one pt & Thos Packenham of Packenham Hall in the Co of Westmeath & Kingdom of Ireland Esqr of the other pt Whereby the sd John Biggs Pigot for & in Considn of the sum of one Thousd seven hundd & Twenty Eight pds Ster Irish Currency & Lawfull Money of Great Britain to him in hand pd at & before the Ensealing & Delivery thereof by the sd Thos Packenham the receipt whereof the sd John Biggs Pigot Doth thereby acknowledge & thereof & of every pt thereof doth Acquit release & Discharge the sd Thos Packenham his heirs Exrs Admrs & Assigns for Ever by these Prests Did for him & his Heirs Grant Bargain sell alien remise Release & for Ever Quit Claim & Confirm unto the sd Thos Packenham his heirs & asss All yt & those the Lands & Town of Killure contg one Hundd & Sixty six acres Two Roods & three perches Plantn measure be the same more or less the Upper Lispole Contg Fifty Two acres of Like Measure be the same more or less & the Lower Lispole Contg Fifty acres of Like Measure be the same more or less Scituate lying and being in the Bary of Demyfore & Co of WMeath aforesd wth all & singr their & every of the Rights Members & appres thereunto belongg or in any wise appertg Togr wth all & singlr the Messuages Houses Tofts Mills Buildgs Lands Tenemts Meadows Pastures Heaths Turbarys Moores Marshes Boggs Waters Watercourses Fishings Quarrys Woods Underwds appendces & appres whatsoever to the sd recited Lands & Premes & every & any part of ym belongg or in any wise appertg & ye revn & revns remr & remrs Yearly & other Rents Issues & Profits of all & singr the Premes & all ye Estate Rt Title Int possion property Profit Claim Challenge & Demd wtsoever both in Law & Equity of him the sd John Biggs Pagott & his Heirs of in & to the same & every pt & pcell thereof To have & to hold all & singr the sd Lands & Premes to him the sd Thos Packenham & his Heirs to the use of him the sd Thos Packenham his heirs & ass for Ever & to & for ye sevl uses Intents & Purposes in the sd Deeds of Lease & Release mentd & Contd Which sd Deeds are Witnessed by George Edwd Packenham of the City of London Mercht & John Smith of the City of Dublin Gent And this Meml is witnessed by the sd Geoe Edwd Packenham & the sd John Smith
The signature and seal of    John Biggs Pigott
Signed Sealed and Delivd in Presce of
Geo Edwd Pakenham
John Smith Sworn by John Smith
Sworn before me on the 26th day of Novr 1740 at or near the hour of Twelve a Clock in the Forenoon
Will Parry Dep Regr

This Deed seems to relate to the lands of Colure and Lispole, also noted in Deed No. 5343

2/6. Robert Pakenham, Rev DD (4 sons). (line from Debretts).

3/1. Charles Pakenham, Major, 1844-1918,

M. Emily Blanche Harrison. D. 1899
4/1. George de la Poer Beresford Pakenham, b 1875.

M. Emilie Elsie Fowler.

4/2. Hewitt John Havelock Pakenham, b. 1880.
4/1. Robert Edward Michael Pakenham, Capt, 1874-1915

M. 1900 Anna Fowler, dau of William Fowler. Her sister, Emilie M. George de la Poer Beresford Pakenham.
5/1. Ivo Robert Raymong Lygon Pakenham, b. 1903
5/2. Emilie Estelle Rosemary Pakenham, b. 1907

M. 1932, Kenneth Evelyn Parker, Sqdr Ldr, corrections from Alix Ramage-Hayes,

2/7. George Dent Pakenham, Capt

3/1. Gustavus Conolly Pakenham, 1856-1924

4/1. Compton Thomas Pakenham - 1893

************************ Generation 10 ************************



Edward Pakenham B: Abt 1703 Father: Thomas Pakenham, Westmeath, Ireland
Died: 1720, bur Killucan. (PT)
      1721 (ref Complete Peerage)

Parents: Sir Thomas Prime Serjeant at Law & Mary (Nelmes) Pakenham.

Married: Margaret, dau & heir of John Bradstane (PT)
1/1. Thomas Pakenham                             AC09/85
1/2. George Pakenham, born abt 1714, died 1768, aged 54.

Married: Elizabeth Voyeur?
2/1. George Edward Pakenham
2/2. Thomas Richard Pakenham
2/3. John Henry Pakenham, born 1757.

1/3. Mary Pakenham, born abt 1710, died 1785, aged 75.

Married: Mr Chambers of co Mayo.




PT shows:
Born 1694
Parents: Francis Cuff & Honora, Countess of Ardglas.
Died 24/7/1744.
MP for Longford.
In Dublin National Library, Analecta Hibernica Vol 15 1944 p372:
Marriage settlement exists in "Baker Papers".
Married 1/8/1718, Frances Sandford:



Parents: Henry Sandford of Castlereagh & Elizabeth, dau of Robert Fitzgerald of Kildare.
Died: 1756 or 7.

Issue of Michael & Frances (Sandford) Cuff:
1/1. Elizabeth Cuff                               KO09/86

*********************** Generation 11 ************************



Prime Serjeant at Law of Ireland.
of Pakenham Hall,
Parents: Henry & Mary (Lill) Pakenham.
Died 1706.
Married, 1673, Mary Nelmes.



Parent: Richard Nelmes, Alderman of London.
Died: 1690.
Issue of Thomas & Mary Pakenham:
1/1. Edward Pakenham                              AC10/169.
1/2. Thomas Pakenham, died 1722.

Married: Anne, dau of John Smith, of Kiltomb.
2/1. Eleanor Pakenham, married Abm.

Fuller of Violet Hill, Dublin, 2 sons.
Elinor Pakenham C: 4 Nov 1720 Parents: Thomas & Anne Pakenham Killucan, Westmeath, Ireland

2/2. IGI: Martha Pakenham C: 5 Aug 1723

Parents: Thomas & Anne Pakenham Killucan, Westmeath,

   2/3. IGI: Mary Pakenham C: 2 Nov 1721

Parents: Thomas & Anne Pakenham Killucan, Westmeath.

IGI: Thos Pakenham C: 2 Oct 1675
Father: Thomas Pakenham Saint Nicholas Within, Dublin,

1/3. Philip Pakenham
1/4. Henry Pakenham, Chaplain to the English Factory at Oporto?

died 1725.
IGI: Henry Pakenham B: Abt 1703
Father: Thomas Pakenham, Westmeath, Ireland

1/5. Robert Pakenham, died 1728.

IGI: Robert Pakenham C: 16 Nov 1676
Father: Thomas Pakenham Saint Nicholas Within, Dublin,

1/6. Frances Pakenham, died 1756.

Married: George Nugent, of Castlerickard?, co Meath
2/1. George Nugent, died 1764.

3/1. George Nugent.

2/2. Jane Nugent

Married John Whiting
3/1. George Whiting.




PT: of Ballinrobe.
Parents: Sir James & Alice (Aungier) Cuff.
Died: 26/12/1694.
Married: Honora,



Parents: Primate Boyle
Married 1st: Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Ardglass & became Countess of Ardglas.

Issue of Francis & Honora Cuff:
1/1. Francis Cuff, Knt of the Shire for the co. Mayo.

   Died unmarried 12/11/1717.

1/2. Michael Cuff                              KO10/171
1/3. Mary Cuff, died 3/10/1750

Married: Mr Whitfield.




of Castlereagh
Married: Elizabeth Fitzgerald:




Parents: Robert Fitzgerald of Kildare & Mary Clotworthy.

Issue of Henry & Mary Sandford:

1/1. Frances Sandford                             KO10/172

************************ Generation 12 ************************




of Tullenally (now Pakenham Hall - ref 1800) in co Westmeath.
Born: 1611 (net)
Parents: Robert & Eleanor (Horsey) Pakenham
         Burkes shows father Henry, g/father Robert.
Buried: 1691 at Mayne.
Married 1st: Mary Lill.
Married 2nd 1670: Anne Pigott, sister of Sir Thomas Pigott, and widow of Capt James Pierce, dau of John & Martha (Colclough) Pigott, g/dau of Sir Robert Pigott & Anne St Leger. (ref Chris Pigot[vii] of NSW Australia, who descends from Ann's brother Robert)
Email 19/1/2004.
A Pakenham tree has her married to Mr Bridgwater, but CP thinks that this refers to the sister of her grand father, Sir Robert. The Pierce name comes from Burke's.



Died 12/6/1665 (net)
Parent: Robert Lill of Trim.

Issue of Henry & Mary (Lill) Pakenham:
1/1. Sir Thomas Pakenham                          KO11/337
1/2. Theophilus Pakenham, s.p.
1/3. Philip Pakenham
1/4. William Pakenham, die 1740 of Carma, co Wicklow.

Married Martha Ogle,
2/1. William Pakenham, sp.
2/2. Robert Pakenham, sp.
2/3. Thomas Pakenham, sp.
2/4. Martha Pakenham, married  Mr Trobe?
2/5. ANO, married Mr Eaton.

1/5. Eleanor Pakenham, married J. Smith
1/6. Mary Pakenham, married Mr Robinson.
1/7. Martha Pakenham, married Mr Ryder.

Issue of Henry & Anne (Pigot) Pakenham:
1/8. Robert Pakenham, Clerk, died 1745.

Robert Pakenham B: Abt 1634
Father: Thomas Pakenham Dublin, Ireland
Married Miss Best of co Carlow.
2/1. Edward Pakenham, died 1765.

Married Elizabeth, dau of Admiral John Wells.
3/1. John Wells, Capt RN.
3/2. Edward Wells, Capt RN
3/3. Helen Wells.
3/4. Elizabeth Wells.

2/2. Robert Pakenham, sp.
2/3. Best Pakenham, sp.
2/4. Charles Pakenham, sp.

1/9. Anne Pakenham, married Robert Beatty of co Longford.

2/1. Robert Beatty.




Of Ballinobe, Master of the Ordnance
Parents: Thomas & Jane Cuff
Died: 1678.
Married: 4/1/1655, Alice Augnier



Parents: Ambrose & Griseld (Bulkeley) Aungier
Died: 1702.
Issue of Sir James & Alice Cuff:
1/1. Francis Cuff.                          KO11/341
1/2. James Cuff
1/3. Thomas Cuff
1/4. Ambrose Cuff
1/5. Charles Cuff
1/6. Gerald Cuff of Elmhall, co Mayo.

Married Dorothy Wynne of co Sligo, dau of Lieut Gen Wynne.
2/1. James Cuff, died 1766

Married: Elizabeth Gore, sister to Arthur, Earl of Arran.
3/1. James Cuff, Rt Hon, created Baron Tyrawley, 7/11/1797.
3/2. Michael Cuff.

1/7. Daughter Cuff, married to Mr Lamb, West India Merchant.
1/8. Jane Cuff

Married 4/9/1677 to Sir Henry Bingham of Castlebarr.

1/9. Griseld Cuff.

Married: Rev Ralph Rule.

1/10. Alice Cuff, died 1725.

Married: James Macartney, Justice of the Common Pleas,
He died 16/12/1727.
2/1. James Macartney, died 1768.

Married: Catherine Coote.
3/1. Frances Macartney.

(additions by Margaret (Greville) Giles[viii] of Sth Australia, Apr 2003.)
Married: Fulke Greville of Wilbury, co Southampton
4/1. Algernon Greville, b abt 1750.
4/2. William Fulke Greville, Capt RN (1751-1837).
4/3. James Greville (17/6/1753).
4/4. Henry Francis Greville (c1760-1816).
4/5. Frances Ann Greville.
4/4. Charles Greville (2/11/1762-26/8/1832).

The Fulke forename was in the Grevilles, an old English family, since 1554 when Fulke Greville MP and poet to Queen ELizabeth.
He later became Baron Brooke of Beauchamps Court and Warwick Castle.

2/2. Lyttleton Macartney, created Baron Westcote.

1/11. Lettice Cuff, died 1701

Married: Francis ??shall of Ballyshannon, died 1701.

1/12. Mary Cuff.
1/13. Douglas Cuff.




Born: abt 1610
Died: 1702 aged 92.
the younger (1609?-1702), archbishop of Armagh, nephew of Michael Boyle (1580?-1635); MA Trinity College, Dublin; incorporated MA Oxford, 1637; DD, 1637; chaplain-general to English Army in Munster; privy councillor in Ireland and bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, 1660; bishop of Dublin, 1663; chancellor of Ireland, 1665; archbishop of Armagh, 1675.
Father possibly Richard Boyle (d.1645), divine; brother of Michael Boyle the elder.
Married: 1641, Mary O'Brian


Parent: Dermot, 5th Baron of Inchiquin
Issue of Michael & Mary Boyle:
1/1. Murrough Boyle

Created Viscount Blessington 1673, died 1718.
Married 1st: Mary dau of John Parker of Dublin, died 1648
Married 2nd: Anne Coote dau of Charles, Earl of Mountrath, died 1725.
Issue of Murrough & Mary Boyle:
2/1. Mary Boyle, M. Sir John Dillon of Lismullen, co Meath.

3/1. Mary Dillon, married 1708 Capt David Dunbar.

4/1. Charles Dunbar, died 1778,

married Penelope, dau of Mark Morgan.

Issue of Murough & Anne Boyle:
2/1. Charles Boyle, 2nd Viscount Blessington, died 1732.
2/2. Anne Boyle, died 1742,

Married William Steward, 2nd Viscount Mountjoy, died 1727.
3/1. William Steward, 3rd Viscount Mountjoy,

created Earl Blessington 1745, died 1768.
Married Eleanor Fitzgerald.

1/2. Elizabeth Boyle,

married Denny Muschamps? from whom Lord de Vesci? descends.

1/3. Eleanor Boyle,

married to William Hill, from whom Lord Hillsborough descends.

1/4. Honora Boyle                                 11/342



of Kildare
Parents: George & Joane Fitzgerald
Died: 1698.
Married: Mary Clotworthy.


1/1. Robert Fitzgerald, 19th Earl of Kildare.
1/2. Elizabeth Fitzgerald                     KO11/344

Continued on Pakenham 2

From Wendy Reid Jan 2003:

My Hamilton descent is from the the 1st Duke of Hamilton.  The Hamilton seat of Brownhall in Co. Donegal was founded by John Hamilton, a grandson of the 1st Duke.
He came from the Scottish family whose seat at the time was Broomhill, Lanarkshire.
Land in north western Ireland was granted to him and he took possession of lands at Murvagh - just out of Donegal town and near to the coast.
The original Brownhall house was built there around 1550 and in 1690 his descendant, James Hamilton, moved the family seat to nearby Ballintra where the present Brownhall house still stands today - and still occupied by the present John Hamilton.
The family maintained the old tradition of naming the eldest son after the grandfather, so since then the line has gone John - James - John - James etc, down to John today.
His eldest son is James.

Fortunately, the family has maintained an unbroken line of ownership of the estate down through the centuries. The estate is not as extensive as it had been back in the 1800's due to debts left by my 4th Great Grandfather, John H, but it stands as one of the few estates still remaining in the original family's hands.
The debts were not down to bad management. That particular John H inherited Brownhall just before the Famine and spent a good deal of the family finances on his tenants. He built several churches, instigated Sunday schools, built a workhouse and mills to create employment at the time.
As a result his tenants did not suffer the same fate suffered by so many others.
A book was recently published about this man and I've sent you a link on it.
His daughter, Mary, married Frederick Courbarron, a farmer from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Her son, Augustus James, eventually settled in Australia in 1888 and I descend from him - my GG Grandfather.

This Hamilton family married with several Stewart families, namely the Killymoon Stewarts. Isabella Stewart, daughter of Col. William Stewart (b.1710) of Killymoon, married John Hamilton and their eldest son, James, married Helen Pakenham.
The John Hamilton of the book is the eldest child of the Hamilton/Pakenham marriage.
You have covered this Stewart line quite well in your site.

I had a look at the line of Eleanor King - wife of William Stewart - of Rockingham.
Her father, Sir Henry King, was one of those not very well liked by the Irish.
They lived in the town of Boyle, Roscommon, and last year I paid a visit to the house still there. It was destroyed by fire some time ago but has been completely restored and is now a museum to the history of the family and the Earls of Kingston.
I would like to get back there again and tour the place properly as back then I was 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant and found the two hour tour quite a haul !. Very informative though - I just remember constantly looking for somewhere to sit down:)).
At the moment one of my missions is to trace back further on the line of the Killymoon Stewarts, one thing I know is that they are connected to the Athenree Stewarts.
In 1999 there was an exhibition at the Ulster Museum featuring William Stewarts son, James and his "Grand Tour" of Europe.
Another family that married with the Brownhall Hamiltons is the Crightons (Creightons) who were the Earls of Erne.
The James Hamilton, who built the present Brownhall house at Ballintra in 1690, married Jane Crighton, daughter of Col. Abraham Crighton. This family were the owners of Crom Castle in Co. Fermanagh and his grandson was the 1st Earl of Erne.
If you like, I can send you the section of my family tree relating to the Hamiltons ?.
I have the entire tree on disc - its huge going back to the 1200's - but haven't run it on the computer since I arrived here from Australia in Feb last year.
I hope it has travelled well, I've over 1100 individuals entered and have only had to do the entire thing once when my pc crashed and I lost the data. Ive learned to do back ups since then.

More on Henry Sandford Pakenham and Stewarts/Hamiltons from Janet Adams:
"Janet Adam"[ix]
Fri, 21 Feb 2003 16:58:36 +1100

I think I have identified James Henderson's 2nd wife.  I have attached a skeleton chart to show how she fits in with my mysterious gggma Letitia Greenfield Knox and other Knox.  LGK remains a difficult one.  She is either the first child of Letitia Greenfield and George Knox (as shown) and was brought up in Ireland by relatives OR she may be the child of one of the daughters of Rev Andrew Greenfield's first marriage and another Knox.  There was no shortage of Knoxes around Dromore, George is said to be the 2nd child of 26. He was in Jamaica from about 1798 until 1804.
I have accidentally found you another interesting Pakenham.  He is the Rev Henry Sandford Pakenham. I looked and you don't appear to have him in your files although you have his brother.  He was the Dean of St Patrick's Dublin immediately after Jonathon Swift and was the child of the Very Rev. Henry Pakenham and his wife Elizabeth Sandford.  He is thus another nephew of Kitty Pakenham. He comes complete with blood curdling story.  He is tangentially connected to the Knox family in Roscommon.  (there is a brief chart in the attachment.)  Jane Mahon, the sister of Lord Hartland married George Knox.  George was a local Crown Agent for the area which included his brother in law's estates.  These were 30,000 acres of formerly O'Connor land and included Ballykilcline which experienced an infamous clearance of rent defaulters. George Knox supplied lists of tenants for this purpose.  From 1834 there were lengthy legal proceedings. By 1847 the townland was occupied by 60 police, 25 cavalry and 30 infantry.  When the tenants were defeated they were evicted and their homes "tumbled".
The 2nd Lord Hartland laid out the street in front of his Strokestown Park House, Roscommon to be wider than the Ringstrasse in Vienna. The 2nd and 3rd Lords Hartland died childless and their nephew Maj Denis Mahon succeeded to the estates but not the title.  This was 1845 in the midst of the Famine. He sent, at his own expense, 3 shiploads of his tenants to Canada on "coffin ships" and 158 of them died. Opinion was divided on whether he was benevolent in saving them from dying in the fields or deliberately getting rid of them to make way for cattle.  His remaining tenants did not give him the benefit of the doubt and shot him dead.  His only child Grace Catherine had married Rev Henry S.Pakenham 8 months previously.  The only ray of sunshine in this tale is that the Dean and his wife became richer but probably not by the 10,000 pounds per annum of former years.  The estate remained intact until the 20thC
This comes from sources such as IGI, a site devoted to Ballykilcline, the Cork Examiner November 1847, other articles and chance findings.

Descendants of William Robert Wills DL JP-161
16 Sep 2001, Tom Wills Sandford[x]

1. William Robert Wills DL JP-161 (b.1779;d.14 Aug 1859)

sp: Olivia St. George-558 (b.1784/1785;m.1803;d.17 Jun 1815)
sp: Mary Grey Sandford-162
(b.8 Oct 1789;m.11 Oct 1816;d.14 Feb 1851)
2/1. Thomas George Wills-Sandford DL JP-125

(b.15 Aug 1817;d.13 Apr 1887)
sp: Theodosia Eleanor Blagden Hale-126
(b.9 Apr 1818;m.29 Sep 1841;d.23 Aug 1857)
3/1. William Robert Wills-Sandford-13

(b.12 Apr 1844;d.3 Apr 1889)
sp: Adelaide Elizabeth Jephson-14
(b.24 Jan 1850;m.26 Mar 1874;d.29 Jun 1880)
4/1. Charlotte Georgina Wills-Sandford-679

(b.25 Jul 1875;d.20 May 1940)  
sp: Charles Wood-698
5/1. Patrick Wood-818
5/2. Edward Wood-819

6/1. Catherine Wood-820
6/2. Joan Wood-703
6/3. Mary Wood-704

5/3. Catherine Wood-699

4/2. Mary Adelaide Wills-Sandford-680

(b.29 Sep 1877;d.23 Jan 1956)

4/3. Thomas George Wills-Sandford-5

(b.9 Nov 1879;d.10 May 1948)
sp: Kathleen Fanny Burrowes-4
(b.8 Oct 1880; m.12 Feb 1907 d.25 Jul 1963)
5/1. William Robert Wills-Sandford-6

(b.3 Feb 1909;d.31 Oct 1986)
sp: Charlotte Frances Louise Murphy-7
(b.16 May 1906 USA; m.1 Apr 1939;d.29 Oct 1989)
6/1. Thomas George Wills-Sandford-1

(b.30 Apr 1940)
sp: Heather Evelyn Macara-2

(b.18 May 1937; m.21 Oct1967)
7/1. Katherine Heather Wills-Sandford-3 (b.14 Nov 1972)

5/2. Kathleen Mary Wills-Sandford-8

(b.19 Apr 1911;d.3 Jan 1991)

3/2. Theodosia Eleanor Wills-Sandford-671

(b.14 Apr 1846;d.24 Apr 1907)

3/3. Alice Mary Wills-Sandford-672

(b.29 Nov 1847;d.9 Feb 1931)

3/4. George Hale Wills-Sandford-662

(b.26 Jul 1849;d.16 Sep 1882)

3/5. Edward Wills-Sandford-Wills-663

(b.20 Feb 1851;d.14 Feb 1923)
sp: Amy Henrietta Guinness-664

(b.3 Jun 1865;m.28 May 1889;d.3 Nov 1955)
4/1. Lucy Eleanor Wills-Sandford-Wills-666

(b.1889/1890; d.18 Nov 1971)

4/2. Mary Grace Wills-Sandford-Wills-667

(b.1 Jul 1891; d.1987)
sp: Sydenham Harvey Brancker Blandy-668
(m.2 Feb 1924; d.18 May 1925)
5/1. Mary Elizabeth Blandy-669 (b.16 Dec 1924)

sp: Christopher Bramwell-681 (b.1903;d.1982)

3/6. Godfrey Robert Sandford-Wills-670

(b.5 Oct 1852;d.Jan 1929)

3/7. Evelyn Louisa Wills-Sandford-673

(b.Abt 1854;d.28 Oct 1941)
sp: William Frederick Hammersley Smith-674

(b.16 May 1843; m.20 Jul 1881; d.8 Mar 1923)
4/1. Evelyn Eleanor Smith-675

(b.28 Apr 1882;d.Aft Apr 1956)
sp: George Hugh Mercer DI RIC-676 (m.16 Feb 1904)
5/1. Violet Mercer-677
5/2. Olive Mercer-678

2/2. Jane Catherine Wills-Sandford-524 (b.8 Dec 1818)
2/3. Elizabeth Udney Wills-Sandford-525 (b.15 Aug 1820;d.1871)

sp: Godfrey Wills-522 (m.18 Jul 1844; d.1866)
3/1. Ormonde Wills-809
3/2. Kingsley Wills-821
3/3. Alice Mary Wills-810    sp: Charles Wynne Eyton-811

4/1. Dorothy Eyton-812
4/2. Joan Eyton-813
4/3. Robert Eyton-814
4/4. Margaret Eyton-815
4/5. Sandford Eyton-816

2/4. William Sandford Wills-Sandford-526

(b.26 Mar 1822;d.8 Feb 1882)
sp: Julia Foster-530 (m.30 May 1849)
3/1. Harry Wills-Sandford-683 (b.13 May 1850;d.20 Jan 1872)

3/2. Florence Mary Wills-Sandford-686

sp: John Graham Carrick Moore-689 (m.8 Feb 1872)

3/3. Arthur Pakenham Sandford-Wills-684

(b.7 Jan 1856;d.27 Jul 1950)

3/4. Geraldine Wills-Sandford-687 (b.Jan 1859)

sp: Arthur Dendy-694 (m.19 Oct 1899)
sp: Loftus Moller Le Champion-695 (m.28 Nov 1908)

3/5. Maude Wills-Sandford-688 (b.May 1860)

sp: Hunter-Blair-697
4/1. Colin Hunter-Blair-817

3/6. Reginald Wills-Sandford-685 (b.5 May 1862;d.Bef 1948)

sp: Mary Phillips-691 (m.1892)
4/1. Georgina Phillips-692

2/5. Henry Sandford Wills-528 (b.10 Apr 1826; d.1840)
2/6. Ellen Maria Sarah Wills-Sandford-527

(b.25 Nov 1827; d.19 Jul 1901)

2/7. Caroline Julia Wills-Sandford-529

(b.1833/1834; d.18 Nov 1915)
sp: Roberts-629 (Not Married)

2/8. Maria Roberts-630

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