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Issue Date:	9/6/2005
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DNB: Dictionary of National Biography
PT: Pakenham Tree
Follows from end of Pakenham 1

GERALD FITZGERALD, 9th Earl of Kildare

                            ROBERT PAKENHAM

of North Witham
Parents: Edmond & Frances (Seckford) Pakenham
Burkes shows a different line back from here.
Died: 1651.
Married: Eleanor Horsey, of Elliston, Dorsetshire.

Issue of Robert & Eleanor Pakenham
1/1. Edward Pakenham, died 1670, sp.
1/2. Henry Pakenham                               KO12/673
1/3. Philip Pakenham, died 1683, sp, bur at Blessington, co Wicklow.
1/4. Robert Pakenham, of Bracklyn?, died 1703, bur Killucan.
   Married Anne Coddington, sp.

                               THOMAS CUFF

Parents: Robert & Catherine Cuff
Married: Jane ....
1/1. Sir James Cuff                               KO12/681
1/2. Thomas Cuff, married Mary Caulfield, dau of Thomas & Anne (Moore) 
Caulfield of Donamon. Anne dau of Sir Charles Moore. 

Mark Holmes of Adelaide, Australia descends from Thomas and Mary, via James, Ann who m Thomas Wade.


Parents: Sir Francis & Douglass (Fitzgerald) Aungier
Died: 1654.
Married: Griseld Buckley


Granddaughter of Doctor Lancelot Bulkeley
Launcelot Bulkeley (1568?-1650), archbishop of Dublin; MA, Oxford, 1593;
beneficed in Wales, 1593-1620; archdeacon of Dublin, 1619; claimed the
primacy unsuccessfully; imprisoned, 1647; his see sequestered by the
Commonwealth, 1649.

Issue of Ambrose & Griseld Aungier:
1/1. Alice Aungier                                KO12/682
1/2. Francis Aungier, died 1700
   Succeeded his uncle as Lord Aungier in 1655; was made Gus. Rot. (?) of
   the co of Longford 11th March 1661 was created Earl of Longford 18th
   Dec 1677. He was Governor of Carrickfergus master of the Ordnance a
   Commissioner of the Revenue and a Privy Counsellor.
   Married: Anne Chichester, dau of the 1st Earl of Donegal, widow of
   John Butler, Earl of Gouran.
1/3. Gerald Aungier, Governor of Fort St George in the East Indies
   Died 1690.
1/4. Ambrose Aungier, succeeded his brother, Francis, in 1700 as Earl of
   Longford, died 1706, when title became extinct. Was a Commissioner in
   the Revenue.
1/5. Douglass Aungier, died 9/9/1713,
   Married in 1659 Lieut Gen Edward Ludlow.


16th Earl of Kildare
Parents: Thomas & Frances (Randolph) Fitzgerald.
Married: Joane Boyle, daughter of Lord Cork (prob 1st, 1566-1643).
16th earl of Kildare (1611-1660), rebuilt ancestral castle at Maynooth;
befriended Shirley, the dramatist, when in Dublin; governor of Co.
Kildare, 1641; governor of Dublin for the Parliament, 1647.

Issue of George & Joane Fitzgerald:
1/1. Wentworth Fitzgerald, 17th Earl of Kildare, died 1664.
   Married: Lady ELizabeth Holles
   2/1. John Fitzgerald, 18th Earl of Kildare. Died 1707, no issue.
1/2. Robert Fitzgerald                            KO12/687.

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------


Parents: Robert & Elizabeth (Berkeley) Pakenham
Married: Frances dau of Humphrey Seckford of Ispwich, Suffolk.
Issue of Edmond & Frances Pakenham:
1/1. Sir Philip Pakenham, knighted 1616, died 1636, sp.
1/2. Henry Pakenham, sp.
1/3. Edmond Pakenham, sp.
1/4. Thomas Pakenham, sp.
1/5. Robert Pakenham                              KO13/1345
1/6. Mary Pakenham.


Parents: John & Joane (Denny) Cuff
Died: 1573.
Married: Catherine Cutter.
Issue of Robert & Catherine Cuff:
1/1. Robert Cuff of Crych, died 1623
   Married: Elizabeth dau of James Clerk of Norton Fitzwarren.
   2/1. Robert Cuff of Crych, 1623
   2/2. James Cuff
   2/3. Hugh Cuff
   2/4. John Cuff.
1/2. Thomas Cuff                                  KO13/1361
1/3. William Cuff.


Born: abt 1562.
Parents: Richard & Rosa (Steward) Aungier
Created Lord Aungier of Longford, 29/6/1621, Master of the Rolls.
Died: 8/10/1632, aged 70
Married: Douglass Fitzgerald


Parents: Edward & Mabel (Leigh) Fitzgerald.

Issue of Sir Francis & Douglass Aungier:
1/1. Gerald, Lord Aungier, died 1655.
1/2. Ambrose Aungier.                             KO13/1363

                            THOMAS FITZGERALD

Parents: Edward & Mabel (Leigh) Fitzgerald
Married: Frances Randolph
Issue of Thomas & Frances Fitzgerald:
1/1. George Fitzgerald                            KO13/1373

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                             ROBERT PAKENHAM
of Tooting, Surrey, Clerk of the Green Cloth
Parents: Nicholas Pakenham
       Later handwritten note on the tree "wrong"
       Perhaps a son of one of the other sons of Sir Hugh Pakenham.
Died 1552.
Married Elizabeth Berkeley:

                           ELIZABETH BERKELEY
Parents: Sir Maurice & Margaret (Horrington) Berkeley.
Married, 2nd: Robert Livesey, Issue by him: Edward, & Gabriel.
Issue of Robert & Elizabeth Pakenham:
1/1. Robert Pakenham of Tooting, Surrey & North Witham, Licolnshire.
   Ward to Sir Henry Sydney (son of father's aunt Anne), died 1598.
   Married, Ursula, dau of Clement Chickeley, of Cambridgeshire
   2/1. Sir Henry Pakenham, of North Witham,
      Died 1620, sp. Buried at North Witham.
   2/2. Clement Pakenham, heir to his brother,
      died sp 1651, buried Noth Witham
      Married Jane... died 1667, buried with her husband.
1/2. Edmond Pakenham                              KO14/2689
1/3. John Pakenham, of Wimbledon, Surrey, died 1601, sp.
1/4. Anthony Pakenham, sp.

                                JOHN CUFF
of Crych.
Parent: John Cuff
Married: Joane Denny, dau of Sir William Denny.
1/1. Robert Cuff                                  KO14/2721
1/2. William Cuff
1/3. John Cuff
1/4. Dorothy Cuff
1/5. Ursula Cuff

                             RICHARD AUNGIER

Parents: John & Eleanor (Bacon) Aungier
Died: 1581.
Married: Rosa, dau of William Steward of Cambridge.
Issue of Richard & Rosa Aungier:
1/1. Sir Francis Aungier                          KO14/2675
1/2. John Aungier
1/3. Richard Aungier
1/4. Edward Aungier
1/5. Thomas Aungier
1/6. Henry Aungier
1/7. Jane Aungier
1/8. Elizabeth Aungier
1/9. Mary Aungier
1/10. Catherine Aungier.

                            EDWARD FITZGERALD
Parents: Gerald & Elizabeth (de Grey) Fitzgerald
Married: Mabel Leigh, dau of Sir John Leigh of Stockwell.
Issue of Edward & Mabel Fitzgerald:
1/1. Gerald Fitzgerald, 14th Earl of Kildare, died 1611.
   Married: Elizabeth, dau of Lord Delvin.
   2/2. Gerald Fitzgerald, 15th Earl of Kildare, died 1620, no issue.
1/2. Thomas Fitzgerald                            KO14/2745
1/3. Douglass Fitzgerald                          KO14/2726

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            NICHOLAS PAKENHAM
       Later handwritten note on the tree "wrong"
Parents: Sir Hugh Pakenham & Miss Sackford.
Married: Miss Coleman.
Issue of Nicholas Pakenham:
1/1. Robert Pakenham                              KO15/5377

                          SIR MAURICE BERKELEY
Sheriff of Rutland, 12 Eliz.
Parents: 2nd son of Thomas & Margaret (de la Launde) Berkeley
Married: Margaret dau of Sir John Horrington
Issue of Sir Maurice & Margaret Berkeley:
1/1. Elizabeth Berkeley                           KO15/5378

                               JOHN CUFF
of Ilchester, co Limerick.
Died: 1544
1/1. John Cuff                                    KO15/5441
1/2. Robert Cuff
   2/1. Thomas Cuff of Denyst.
   2/2. Philip Cuff.
   2/3. Hugh Cuff, Secretary to the Earl of Essex, died 1600.

                              JOHN AUNGIER
Parent: Richard Aungier
Married: Eleanor Bacon
                              ELEANOR BACON
Parent: John Bacon
Issue of John & Eleanor Bacon:
1/1. Richard Aungier                              KO15/5449
1/2. Anne Aungier
1/3. Margaret Aungier

                            GERALD FITZGERALD
PT: 9th Earl of Kildare
9th earl of Kildare, (1487-1534); educated in England; appointed lord
high treasurer of on his return to Ireland, 1504; lord justice & lord
deputy, 1513; gained great successes against the Irish; charged with
maladministration at instance of Ormonde, and removed 1520; reappointed
1524; again removed, being charged with treason by Ossory (Ormonde) and
imprisioned in the Tower, 1526; returned to Ireland with Skeffington,
whom he dispalced as deputy, 1532; wounded at siege of Birr Castle,
1533; again summoned to England and died prisoner in the Tower.
Parents: DNB, Gerald Gitzgerald, 8th earl
Died: 1534.
Married, 1st: unknown.
Issue by 1st wife:
1/1. Thomas Fitzgerald, 10th Earl of Kildare.
   Baron Offaly & 10th earl of Kildare (1513-1537), son of Gerald, 9th
   earl; appointed deputy governor of Ireland, 1534, but renounced his
   allegiance and slew Archbishop Allen; submitted to Lord Leonard Grey,
   1535; executed at Tyburn with his five uncles.

Married, 2nd: Elizabeth de Grey

                            ELIZABETH DE GREY
Parents: Sir Thomas & Cecilie de Grey
Issue of Gerald & Elizabeth Fitzgerald.
1/2. Gerald Fitzgerald, 11th Earl of Kildare, died 16/11/1585.
   Married: Mabel, sister of Sir Anthony Browne, Viscount Montecute.
   11th earl (1525-1585), son of Gerald, 9th earl; educated in France
   and at Rome; served with the knights of Rhodes against the Moors and
   with Cosimo de'Medici; restored to his estates by Edward IV, and to
   earldom by Mary; warred against the Irish and Spanish invaders;
   committed to the tower on suspicion of treason, 1582; allowed to
   return to Ireland, 1584; died in London.
   2/1. Henry Fitzgerald, 12th Earl of Kildare, died 1593.
      Married: Lady Frances Howerd, 2nd dau of Charles, Earl of
   2/2. William Fitzgerald, 13th Earl of Kildare.
1/3. Edward Fitzgerald                            KO15/5489
1/4. Elizabeth Fitzgerald (DNB only), 1528?-89. Married Sir Anthony
   Browne & Edward Fiennes de Clinton, earl of Lincoln.

Sat, 14 Feb 2004 From: "Doreen Thomas" <>

l.  Gerald Fitzgerald 9 EoK married Elizabeth de Grey
2.  Gerald Fitzgerald (think he was the 11th EofK) born 1525  Died Nov. 16, 1585, married Ellinor o'Kelly
3.  Gerald Fitzgerald Born 1546 Married about 1585 Died Abt. Aug. 1600.
Married Margaret Bowen
4.  Gerald Fitzgerald Died 1667  married Anne O'Dempsey.
5.  Thomas Fitzgerald Married Sibilla Pigott
6.  Stephen Fitzgerald Born 1662 Died June 3, 1716  Married Martha Gilbert, Died Dec. 26, 1713
(All of the above information  came from a lady in Canada, she sent no
7.  Castilina Fitzgerald Married Nathaniel Julian
8.  Christopher Julian Born 1724 Mountrath, Ireland
Died July 18, 1808 Mountrath, Ireland. Married Anne ?
.9.  Christopher Julian Born March 31, 1789 at Mountrath Ireland Married
Nove. 3, 1811 died Nov 16, 1847 Kingston Ont. Canada Married Lucy White Born 1789 PA, Queens Co Ireland died Aug 14 1834 at Grosse Isle, Quebec, Canada

   (All of this information came from the Journal, explained below)

17.  Jane Julian married George Mason
 18  Gilbert Christopher Mason married Mary Herren
19   Christianna Mason married Otto Rhoades
 20   Frances Rhoades married Hollis Jack
 21   and myself (Doreen)
     (This is from my family history)

I rec. the Julian Journal which the no 9 Grandfather Christopher Julian kept on board the ship coming over, so I know that is all true.  The information of Castiliana Fitzgerald of Morett Castle, was information he put in this journal.  The rest of the information came from a lady in Canada who went to Ireland and did some research, her husband is descended from the Julian Line, like I am.  I do not have documents to back this up other than the fact of history that I have gleamed from the information of the history of Ireland, and also that Castiliana married into the Fitzgerald, which would make her one of my grandmothers and I trust the lady from Canada..  I would love to see  the book you speak of, however that  belongs to Ireland I know, because I doubt if I will ever get to go to Ireland, but would love to.  I also have names of the Colclough's and others that are married into this line.
I am having a time trying to find the daughter of Major John Pigott who was married to Martha Colclough, the daughter's name was, Sibilla Pigott, who married Thomas Fitzgerald, I cannot find her on the net, but the pedigree that the lady from Canada send showed that she married Thomas Fitzgerald.  I have found him and quite a lot , well not a lot, but some info. for him. I did find your Pakenham Genealogy Pt.l on the net, by accident, I typed in Major John Pigott of Ireland and sites came up and I found the name of Pigott, when I typed into it, I found out it was one of the Grandfather's I was looking for and you even had his dad and mom and a brother Sir Thomas Pigott.  I thought o.k. maybe my Sibilla will be in here, but she wasn't.
Then I looked closer and saw that you had entered this information..  You are really good at this.
Thanks for taking the time for this.

Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 19:27:39 -0400
From: "Susan Gilbert" sg5
Hi......enjoyed seeing your website.....researching the Sir William Gilbert clan of Kilminchy, Queens County, Ireland and noticed Martha Gilbert on your tree, who married Stephen Fitzgerald. 

Martha was the daughter of Henry Gilbert and Gertrude St. Leger (Henry 
also married a Pigott), grandparents were Sir William Gilbert (I think 
he came to Ireland from Spondon, Derbyshire) and his wife Catherine 
Castillion, plus Sir William St. Leger and his wife Gertrude Heywood. 
All those family names have extensive trees, my database goes back 
further than that and is a work in progress. The Saint Legers go all the 
way back to Sancto Leodegardio, born 1010 and died 1087. The Castillions 
revert back to Castiglione, one of them was at court and teaching Latin 
and Italian to the future English queen. He was imprisoned in the Tower 
of London three times, leaving an inscription that still shows today 
next to the fireplace in the Broad Arrow Tower. 

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            SIR HUGH PAKENHAM
of Lordington.
Parent: Hugh Pakenham.
Issue of Sir Hugh Pakenham & Miss Sackford.
1/1. Sir John Pakenham, of Lordington.
   Issue, dau & sole heir:
   2/1. Constance Pakenham
      Married: Sir Geffery de la Pole, 2nd son, of Lordington, jure
      uxoris. His parents were Sir Richard de la Pole, kight of the
      Garter, died 5 H 8, & Margaret Plantagenet, countess of Salisbury,
      beheaded 1541, 33 H 8.
1/2. Nicholas Pakenham                            KO16/10753
1/3. Anne Pakenham.
   Married, 1st, Sir Henry Fitzwilliam, slaim at Flodden Field (1513).
   Married, 2nd, Sir William Sidney, father of Sir Henry, grandfather by
   Anne to Sir Philip Sidney.
   ref DNB:
   Sir William Sidney (1482-1554), soldier, fought at Flodden, tutor &
   steward to Prince Edward, 1538 etc.
   Sir Henry Sidney (1529-1586) thrice lord deputy of Ireland, president
   of Wales, etc.
   Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) soldier, poet etc.

                             THOMAS BERKELEY
Parents: Sir Maurice & Margaret (Bynon) Berkeley
         Son & heir.
Married: Margaret de la Launde.
                          MARGARET de la LAUNDE
Parents: Sir Thomas & Katherine (Welles) de la Launde.
Issue of Thomas & Margaret Berkeley
1/1. Sir Maurice Berkeley                         KO16/10755

                             RICHARD AUNGIER
Parent: John Aungier
1/1. John Aungier                                 KO16/10897

                               JOHN BACON
of Co. Cambridge
1/1. Eleanor Bacon                                KO16/10898
1/2. Margaret Bacon, Married Sir William Butt of Norfolk

                            GERALD FITZGERALD
8th earl (The Great) (d.1513), son of Thomas Fitzgerald, 7th earl;
nominated deputy-governor in Ireland by the council in Dublin, 1477, and
held office in opposition to a nominee ot Edward IV; afterwards deputy
for Richard, duke of York, and his son, Prince Edward; pardoned by Henry
VII, and continued in office; attainted and imprisioned in the Tower as
a partisan of Wrabeck, 1494; reappointed deputy of Ireland, 1496; died
of a wound received in battle with a Leinster sept.
1/1. Gerald Fitzgerald                            KO16/10977

                           SIR THOMAS de GREY
1st Marquis of Dorset (1451-1501), succeeded his father, John, 8th
baron, as 9th baron Groby, 1461; created earl of Huntingdon, 1471,
having fought for Edward IV at Tewkesbury; KB and marquis of Dorset,
1475; privy councelor, 1476; took arms against Richard III and joined
Richmond (see Henry VII) in Brittany, but did not accompany him to
England; his titles confirmed, 1486; imprisoned on suspicion, 1487;
served with the expedition to aid the emperor Maximillian, 1492, and
against to Cornish rebels. 1497; early patron of Wolsey.
Lord Groby, created Marquis of Dorset by Edward 4th, K.G. & Privy
Parents: Sir John & Elizabeth (Wydville) de Grey.
Married: Cecilie Bonville:
                            CECILIE BONVILLE
Parents: William, Lord Bonville & Harrington.

Issue of Sir Thomas & Cecilie de Grey:
1/1. Elizabeth de Grey                            KO16/10978

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                              HUGH PAKENHAM
of Lordington, Sussex, Sheriff of Wiltshire.
Parents: Theobald Pakenham
Died: 37H6.

1/1. Sir Hugh Pakenham                            KO17/21505

                          SIR MAURICE BERKELEY
of Berkeley.
Parents: Sir Thomas & Petronella (Brookby) Berkeley.
Died: 14H8, 1522
Married: Margaret dau of Sir John Bynon of Clayton.
1/1. Thomas Berkeley                              KO17/21509

                         SIR THOMAS de la LAUNDE
of North Witham, Linclonshire
Died: beheaded 1469.
Married: Katherine Welles:
                            KATHERINE WELLES
Parents: Lionel & Margaret (Beauchamp) Welles.
         4th dau & coheir to her heir & naphew.
Issue of Sir Thomas & Katherine de la Launde:
1/1. Margaret de la Launde                        KO17/21510

                             JOHN AUNGIER
Of Co. Cambridge
Died: 1500.
1/1. Richard Aungier                              KO17/21793

                            THOMAS FITZGERALD
7th earl of Kildare (d.1477), lord deputy of Ireland, 1455-9, for
Richard, duke of York, and 1461-2 for Clarence; lord chancellor of
Ireland, 1463; attainted 1467, but respited and restored; again deputy
for Clarence, 1468-75.
1/1. Gerald Fitzgerald                            KO17/21953

                              SIR JOHN GREY
Lord Groby
8th Baron Ferrers of Groby (1432-1461), Lancastrian; not summoned to
parliament, and usually styled Sir John; first husband of Elizabeth
Woodville (queen of Edward IV); killed at second Battle of St Albans.
Parents: Sir Edward & Elizabeth (de Ferrars) Grey
Died: Battle of St Albans, 39th Henry 6th.
Married Elizabeth Wydville:
                           ELIZABETH WYDVILLE
DNB: spelt Woodville.
Parents: Richard Wydville, Earl of Rivers.
Married, 2nd: King Edward 4th.
Issue of Sir Thomas & ELizabeth de Grey:
1/1. Thomas de Grey                               KO17/21955

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            THEOBALD PAKENHAM
Parents: Thomas Pakenham.
1/1. Hugh Pakenham                                KO18/43009
1/2. John Pakenham, Prebendary of Langtoft 1445, promoted to the Prebend
   of ???hall 1449, Treasurer of the Cathedral 1459.
   Died 1477, buried in the Middle Isle of the Cathedral.

                           SIR THOMAS BERKELEY
of Wymondham, eldest son of:
Parents: Sir Lawrence Berkeley.
Died: 3H7, 1488.
Married: Petronella, dau of William Brookby.
Issue of Sir Thomas & Petronella Berkeley:
1/1. Sir Maurice Berkeley                         KO18/43017

                           LIONEL, LORD WELLES
6th Baron Welles (1405?-1461), soldier; a Lancastrian; succeeded his
grandfather in estates 1421; knighted 1426; accompanied Henry VI to
France 1430; summoned to parliament 1432-1460; served at Calais, 1436,
1451-6; lord-lieutentant of Ireland, 1438-40; fought at St Albans 1461;
slain at Towton and attained.
sum 10 to 38 H 6. (to abt 1467)
Parents: Eudo & Maud (Graystock) de Welles.
Married, 1st: Jane, dau of Sir Robert Walerton.
Married, 2nd: Margaret Beauchamp:
                           MARGARET BEAUCHAMP
Parents: Sir John & Edith (Stanton?) Beauchamp.
Married, 2nd: John Beafort, Duke of Somerset.
Issue of Lionel & Margaret Welles, inter alia:
1/1. (DNB) Richard Welles, 7th Baron, summoned to parliament 1455-66 as
Baron Willoughby de Eresby in right of his wife; fought on the
Lancastrian side at St Albans, 1461; submitted to Edward IV 1461;
attainder reversed 1468; beheaded because of rebellion of his son
Robert; attained 1475.
1/2. (DNB) John Welles, first Viscount Welles (d. 1499), son of Lionel;
a Lancastrian; fled to Brittany 1483; fought at Bosworth; created
Viscount Welles, 1487.
1/3.  Katherine Welles                            KO18/43020

Issue of John & Margaret (Beauchamp) Beaufort:
1/1. Margaret Beaufort, married: Edmund Beafort, Earl of Richmond,
   2/1. King Henry 7th, Married Elizabeth, dau of King Edward 4th.

                           SIR EDWARD de GREY
Parents: 2nd son of Edward, Lord Grey of Ruthin.
Died: 36th Henry 6th
Married: Elizabeth de Ferrars:
                          ELIZABETH de FERRARS
Parents: Sir Henry & Elizabeth Ferrars.
Issue of Sir Edward & Elizabeth de Grey:
1/1. Sir Thomas de Grey                           KO18/43909

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                             THOMAS PAKENHAM
of Pakenham.
Parents: Sir William Pakenham.
1/1. Theobald Pakenham                            KO19/86017
1/2. Hugh Pakenham, Prebendary of Langtoft in the Cathedral Church of

                          SIR LAWRENCE BERKELEY
of Wymondham.
Parents: John Berkeley
Died: 37H6
1/1. Sir Thomas Berkeley                          KO19/86033

                             EUDO de WELLES
Parents: John Baron Welles & Eleanor Mowbray
Died: before father.
Married: Maud, dau of Ralph Graystoke.
1/1. Lionel, Lord Welles                          KO19/86039

                           SIR JOHN BEAUCHAMP
of Bletsho (Bedfordshire).
Parents: Sir Roger & Joane (Clostal) Beauchamp
Married: Edith, dau of Sir John Stanton?
1/1. Margaret Beauchamp                           KO19/86040

                            SIR HENRY FERRARS
Parents: William & Phillippa Ferrars.
Died: before father, William, ie bef 1445.
                            ELIZABETH MOWBRAY
Parents: Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, probably 1st duke (1366-99).
Issue of Sir Henry & Elizabeth Ferrars:
1/1. Elizabeth de Ferrars                         KO19/87818

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                          SIR WILLIAM PAKENHAM
Parents: Sir Edmund & Rohesia (de Valoines) Pakenham.
1/1. Thomas Pakenham                              KO20/172033

                              JOHN BERKELEY
of Wymondham.
Parents: Sir Thomas & Isabel (Hamlyn) Berkeley
Died: 27Edw3.
1/1. Sir Lawrence Berkeley                        KO20/172065

                          JOHN BARON de WELLES
of Grimsby.
Parents: Sir John & Maud (Ross) de Welles
Died: 49 Edw 3.
Married: Eleanor, dau of John, Lord Mowbray of Axholme.
1/1. Eudo de Welles                               KO20/172077

                           SIR ROGER BEAUCHAMP
Parent: Roger Beauchamp
Died: 14H4.
Married: Joane, dau of William Closter.
1/1. Sir John Beauchamp                           KO20/172079

                         WILLIAM, BARON FERRARS
of Groby.
Parents: Henry & Joane Ferrars.
Died: 1445.
Married: Phillippa, dau of Robert, Lord Clifford.
Issue of William & Phillippa Ferrars:
1/1. Sir Henry Ferrars                            KO20/175637

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                           SIR EDMUND PAKENHAM
Parents: William de Pakenham.
Married: Rohesia de Valoines.
                           ROHESIA DE VALOINES
Parents: Robert & Erin de Valoines
Issue of Sir Edmund & Rohesia Pakenham.
1/1. Sir Edmund Pakenham
   Married: Mary, dau of John Comyn of Scotland.
1/2. Sir William Pakenham                         KO21/344065

                           SIR THOMAS BERKELEY
Parents: Thomas Lord Berkeley & Joane Ferrars.
Married: Isabel, dau & heir of John Hamlyn of Wymondham, Leicester(?).
1/1. John Berkeley                                KO21/344129

                    SIR JOHN de WELLES, BARON WELLES
Parents: Sir Adam & Eleanor (Bardolph) de Welles.
Died: 35 Edw 3.
Married: Maud dau of William Lord Ross of Hamlake, died 12 Ric 2.
1/1. John Baron de Welles                         KO21/344153

                             ROGER BEAUCHAMP
Parents: Roger & Sibill (Patshull) Beauchamp
Died: before father.
1/1. Sir Roger Beauchamp                          KO21/344157

                           HENRY, LORD FERRARS
of Groby.
Parents: William & Margaret Ferrars
Died: 11 Richard 2nd.
Married: Joane, dau of Sir Thomas de Paynings, died 17 Richard 2nd.
Issue of Henry & Joane Ferrars:
1/1. William Ferrars                              KO21/351275

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                           WILLIAM de PAKENHAM
of Pakenham, Suffolk, a Judge Temp Edw 1.
1/1. Sir Edmund Pakenham                          KO22/688129

                           ROBERT DE VALOINES
Lord of Campress & Orford.
Parents: Robert & Rose (Blount) de Valoines.
Died: 10Edw1. (abt 1284)
Married: Erin de ??lot.
1/1. Cecily de Valoines, coheir.
   Married: Sir Robert de Clifford, Comptroller of the Household to
   King Edw 2, father to Robert, Earl of Suffolk.
1/2. Rohesia de Valoines                          KO22/688130

                          THOMAS, LORD BERKELEY
Parents: Maurice, Lord Berkeley & Lora Plantagenet.
Summoned to Parliament 23 June 1295.
Married: Joane, dau of William, Lord earl Ferrars & Derby.
1/1. Son Berkeley.
1/2. Sir Thomas Berkeley                          KO22/688237

                     SIR ADAM de WELLES, LORD WELLES
Summoned to Parliament 6 Edw 3. 1333
Parents: Sir Adam & Joane (D'Engain) de Welles.
Married: Eleanor, dau of John, Lord Bardolph.
1/1. Sir John de Welles.                          KO22/688305

                             ROGER BEAUCHAMP
of Lidiard Sragoze? & Bletsho.
Lord Chamberlain of the Houshold,
Parents: Mr Beauchamp.
Died: 50Edw3.
Married: Sibill Patshull
                             SIBILL PATSHULL
eldest sister & coheir of of Sir William Patshull
Parents: Dau of Sir William & Mabel Patshull.
1/1. Roger Beauchamp                              KO22/688313

                          WILLIAM LORD FERRARS
of Groby.
Parents: Henry & Isabel Ferrars
Died: 1371.
Married: Margaret, sister of Robert de Clifford, Earl of Suffolk,
         Died: 49 Edward 3rd.
Issue of William & Margaret Ferrars:
1/1. Henry Ferrars                                KO22/702549

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                           ROBERT DE VALOINES
Heir to his brother, Alan.
Parents: Robert & Isabella (Creke) de Valoines.
Married: Rose, dau & coheir of William Lord Blount of Ikesworth.
Issue of Robert & Rose de Valoines:
1/1. Robert de Valoines                           KO23/1376259

                         MAURICE, LORD BERKELEY
Parents: Thomas & Joane (de Someri) Berkeley
Died 4 April 1298
Married: Lora
Parents: dau & coheir of Richard, natural son of King John.
1/1. Thomas, Lord Berkeley                        KO23/1376473

                           SIR ADAM de WELLES

Baron, d 1311, held estates in Lincolnshire; accompanied Hugh le
Despenser to Gascony, 1294; knighted c. 1296; fought against the Scots
1298, 1300, 1303-4, 1309-10; constable of Rockingham Castle, 1299;
summoned to parliament 1299-1311.
Constable of Rockingham Castle, summoned to Parliament as Lord Welles,
6 Feb 1298
Parents: Sir Robert & Isabelle (de Peritou) de Wells
Married: Joane D'Engain.
                             JOANE D'ENGAIN
Parent: dau & sole heir of John D'Engain
1/1.  Sir Adam de Welles, Lord Welles              KO23/1376609

                              MR BEAUCHAMP
Parents: 3rd Son of Walter & Alice Beauchamp.
1/1. Roger Beauchamp                              KO23/1376625

                          SIR WILLIAM PATSHULL
of Bletsho.
Parents: Simon & Isabel de Patshull
Married: Isabel, dau & coheir of William, Lord Grandison.
1/1. Sir William Patshull, coheir with sister.
1/2. Sibill Patshull                              KO23/1376626

                           HENRY, LORD FERRARS
of Groby.
Died: 17th Edward 3rd.
                            ISABEL DE VERDUN
Parents: Theobald & Elizabeth de Verdun
Issue of Henry & Isabel Ferrars:
1/1. William Ferrars                              KO23/1405097

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            JOHN DE VALOINES
Parents: Roger & Agnes de Valoines.
Married: Isabella Creke
                             ISABELLA CREKE
Parents: Robert de Creke
Aunt & coheir to Sarah de Creke.

Issue of Robert & Rose de Valoines:
1/1. Alan de Valoines, died 6R1,sp.  abt 1197
1/2. Robert de Valoines                           KO24/2752517

                          THOMAS, LORD BERKELEY
Parents: Thomas, Lord Berkeley & Joane de Gower
Married: Joane dau to Ralph de Someri, Lord of Campden, Glocester.
1/1. Maurice, Lord Berkeley                       KO24/2752945

                           RICHARD PLANTEGENET
Parents: natural son of John, King of England
DNB possibility:
earl of Cornwall (1209-72), second son of King John.
Married: Rose de Dozver.
1/1. Lora                                         KO24/2752946

                          SIR ROBERT de WELLES
of Alford Cumbersworth & Grimsby, Lincolnshire.
Parents: William de Welle
Married: Isabelle, dau of Adam de Peritou.
1/1. Sir Adam de Welles                           KO24/2753217

                             JOHN D'ENGAINE
Parent: Nicholas D'Engain, Baron of Grimsby, Lincs.
Died: before father.
1/1. John D'Engain                                KO24/2753218
Parent: dau & sole heir of John D'Engain

                            WALTER BEAUCHAMP
of Powick (Worcs) & Alcester
Parents: 2nd son of William & Isabel (Mauduit) Beauchamp.
Died: 56Hen3 (1272)
Married: Alice ...
1/1. Mr Beauchamp, 3rd son.                       KO24/2753249

                            SIMON DE PATSHULL
of Bletsho.
Married: Isabel, dau & heir of John de Steingeur.
1/1. Sir William Patshull                         KO24/2753251

                           THEOBALD DE VERDUN
DNB: spelt Verdon.
The younger, (d 1316), baron; son & heir of Theobald de Verdun the
elder; substitute for his father in the Scottish Campaign, 1298;
knighted 1298; summoned to Parliament 1299; succeeded to the estates
1309; lieutenant of Ireland 1313.
Died: 1315 (PT).

                           ELIZABETH de CLARE
Parents:  Gilbert & Jean de Clare
Heir to her brother.
Died: 1360
(1291?-1360), 3rd daughter of Gilbert de Clare, 9th earl; born at Acre;
married, (1) John de Burgh (d 1313), son of Richard, 2nd earl of Ulster;
(2) Theobald, Baron Verdon (d. 1316); (3) Robert (or Roger), Baron
Damory (d.1321); became (1314), on the death of her brother, Gilbert de
Clare, 10th earl, Lady of Clare; endowed 1336, University Hall,
(afterwards called Clare Hall or College), and gave it a body of
statutes, 1359.
Issue of Theobald & Elizabeth de Verdun:
1/1. Isabel de Verdun                             KO24/2810194

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            ROGER DE VALOINES
Baron of Orford,
temp Maud the Empress.
Parents: Peter & Albreda de Valoines.
Married: Agnes.
1/1. Son.
1/2. John de Valoines                             KO25/5505033

                             ROBERT de CREKE
Lord of the Manors of Combe & North Creke & Hillingdon in Suffolk.
1/1. Isabella Creke                               KO25/5505034
1/2. Bartholomew de Creke
   Married: Margaret dau of Geffery Haines
   2/1. Sarah de Creke, died sp.
      Married: Roger FitzPeter FitzRobert.
1/3. Dionysea de Creke.

                          THOMAS, LORD BERKELEY
Parents: Maurice & Alice de Berkeley
Married: Joane, dau & heir to Sir Ralph de Gower, Lord of Wotton.
1/1. Thomas, Lord Berkeley                        KO25/5505889

                            WILLIAM de WELLES
Lord of Wells, 1279.
Parents: Sir Robert & Margery de Welle.
1/1. Sir Robert de Welles                         KO25/5506433

                        WILLIAM, BARON BEAUCHAMP
of Elmsley & Hanslap (Hanslope, Beds).
Parents: Walter & Joane Beauchamp.
Married: Isabel Mauduit

                             ISABEL MAUDUIT
Sister & heir to William Mauduit, Earl of Warwick
Parents: William & Alice (de Newburgh) Mauduit
1/1. Walter Beauchamp                             KO25/5506497

                           THEOBALD DE VERDUN
DNB: spelt Verdon.
The elder, (1248?-1309), baron; son & heir of John de Verdon; visited
Ireland, 1275, 1285, 1295-9; personally attended th parliament at
Lincoln, 1301.
1/1. Theobald de Verdun                           KO25/5620387

                            GILBERT de CLARE
   Earl of Gloucester
Died: 1295.
Married: Jean of Acres, died 1307.
Parents: King Edward 1st & Queen Eleanor.
9th earl of Clare, 7th of Hertford, & 8th of Gloucester (1243-1295),
called the Red; son of Richard de Clare, 8th earl; married Alice, niece
of Henry III, 1253; succeeded to the earldom, July 1262; refused the
oath of allegiance to Prince Edward, 1263; acted with Simon de Montfort,
1263; was reconciled to Henry III Oct 1263; massacred the Jews of
Canterbury, 1264; commanded the Centre at Lewes, 1264; quarrelled with
Montfort, Nov 1264; protected the banished marcher lords, 1265; fled to
the Welsh Marches, 1265; joined Prince Edaward, and prevented Montfort
from crossing the Severn, commanded the division at Evesham, Aug 1265;
joined Prince Edward in reducing the Cinque Ports, 1266; pleaded for the
disinherited barons, 1266; refused to attend parliament, Jan 1267, took
London, 1267, but was reconciled to Henry III two months afterwards;
took the cross 1268; obtained restoration of their lands to the
disinherited barons, 1271; proclaimed Edward 1st, Nov 1272; divorced his
first wife, 1271 (or 1285); fought against the Welsh 1276-83; married
Joan, daughter of Edward I, 1290; took the cross, 1290; imprisioned for
making private war, 1291; driven out of Wales by a native rising, 1294.
Joan of Acre, countess of Gloucester & Hertford (1272-1307), 3rd
daughter of Edward I and Eleanor of Castile; after 5 years on Spain was
betrothed to Hartmwnn, son of Rudolf of Habsburg, 1279; married at
Westminster Abbey, 1290, Gilbert de Clare; after his death privately
married Ralph de Monthermer, 1297.

Issue of Gilbert & Jean de Clare:
1/1. Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester
   Slain at Bannockburn, 1 Edward 3rd.
   10th earl of Clare, 8th of Hertford, 9th of Gloucester, (1291-1314),
   son of Gilbert, 9th earl; ward of Ralph de Monthermer, 1296;
   companion of Edward II; served in Scotland, 1306; summoned to
   parliament, 1308; commanded the English forces in Scotland, 1309;
   adhered to Edward II in his dispute with Lancaster, 1310; mediated
   between Edward II and Lancaster, 1313; killed at Bannockburn, 1314.
1/2. Elizabeth de Clare  (3rd dau)                KO25/5620388

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            PETER DE VALOINES
In the time of the Conqueror had 12 lordships in Essex 1 in Kent 1 in
Linclonshire 17 in Hereford 20 in Norfolk & 6 in Suffolk, founded Priory
of Burnham in Norfolk. Baron of Orford in Suffolk.
Married: Albreda, sister to Eudo Dapiser? to King Hen 1.
1/1. Roger de Valoines                            KO26/11010065

                           MAURICE de BERKELEY
Parents: Robert FitzHarding & Eva.
Died 16/6/1189.
Married: Alice, dau of Roger de Berkeley, Lord of Dursley.
1/1. Thomas, Lord Berkeley                        KO26/11011777

                           Sir ROBERT de WELLE

Parents: son & heir of Sir William & Emma de Welle.
Died: 1242.
Married: Margery ....
1/1. William de Welles                            KO26/11012865

                            WALTER BEAUCHAMP
Parents: Walter & Bertha Beauchamp
Married: Joane, dau of Roger, Lord Mortimer
1/1. William, Baron Beauchamp                     KO26/11012993

                             WILLIAM MAUDUIT
Earl of Warwick & Baron of Hanslap.
Parents: Robert & Isabella Mauduit
Married: Alice de Newburgh
                            ALICE de NEWBURGH
Heir to her brother, earl of Warwick.
Parents: Wateran & Mary (de Bohun) de Newburgh
1/1. William, Earl of Warwick.
   earl of Warwick (1220-1268), became earl of Warwick, in right of his
   mother, 1263; sided with the barons, but afterwards joined Henry III;
   surprised and taken prisoner at Warwick Castle, 1264.
1/2. Isabel Mauduit                               KO26/11012994

                            RICHARD de CLARE
8th earl of Clare, 6th earl of Hertford & 7th earl of Gloucester (1222-
1262), son of Glibert, 7th earl ; succeeded, while still a minor, 1230;
obtained possession of his Glamorgan estates, 1240; defeated by the
Welsh, 1244; went of pilgrimage, 1249; visited the pope at Lyons, 1250;
refused to join Henry III's expedition to Gascony 1253; envoy to
Scotland, 1255, and to Germany, 1256; defeated by the Welsh, 1257;
joined Simon de Montfort against the king 1258;, quarrelled with
Montfort, 1259; in friendly attendance on the king, 1259-6; quarrelled
with Prince Edward, 1261.
Issue of Richard de Clare:
1/1. Gilbert de Clare                             KO26/11240775

                             KING EDWARD 1st
Married: Eleanor
1/1. King Edward 2nd
1/2. Jean of Acres.                               KO26/11240776

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                           ROBERT FITZHARDING
Had a grant of the honour and castle of Berkeley, took the name of
D. 1170, founder of the second house of Berkeley; probably grandson of
Eadnoth, the staller; as reeve of Bristol supported the cause of the
Empress Matilda, and bought much property in the west from Robert, Earl
of Gloucester; granted by Henry II the Lordship of Berkeley Hernesse;
built priory of St Augustine's; now Bristol Cathedral.
Eadnoth (d.1067) staller of master of horse  under Edward the Confessor
and William I. Slain in battle with sons of Harold, 1067.

Parents: Harding & Livida.
Married: Eva, dau of Godiva, sister of William the Conqueror.
1/1. Maurice de Berkeley                          KO27/22023553

                          Sir WILLIAM de WELLE
Parent: Walter de Welle.
Married: Emma, dau & heir of William, Lord Gremsby.
1/1. Sir Robert de Welle                          KO27/22025729

                            WALTER BEAUCHAMP
Witness to Magna Charta
Parents: William & Joane (Walorick) Beauchamp
Married: Bertha, dau of Lord Bins?
1/1. Walter Beauchamp                             KO27/22025985

                             ROBERT MAUDUIT
Lord Hanslap.
Parent: William Mauduit
Died: 6H3, 1322.
Married: Isabella, dau & coheir of Thurston Basset
1/1. William Mauduit                              KO27/22025987

                           WATERAN de NEWBURGH
Earl of Warwick
Parents: Roger & Gundred de Newburgh
Died: 6John
Married: Mary, dau of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford
1/1. Henry de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick
   Married: Margery, dau of Henry D'Oyley the elder.
   2/1. Margery de Newburgh, sp.
      Married, 1st: John Marshall, brother to William, Earl of Pembroke
      Married, 2nd: John de Plessetis.
   2/2. Sir Thomas Newburgh, Earl of Warwick, sp.
      Married: Ela, dau of William Longspec, Earl of Salisbury & natural
      son ro King Henry II.
1/2. Alice de Newburgh                            KO27/22025988
   Heir to her brother.

                            GILBERT  de CLARE
1/1. Richard de Clare                             KO27/22481549
7th earl of Clare, 5th of Hertford & 6th of Gloucester (d.1230), among
the 25 barons appointed to carry out Magna Charta, 1215; excommunicated
by Innocent III, 1216; succeeded his father in the earldon of Hertford;
inherited, through his mother, the earldom of Gloucester, 1217; fought
against the Welsh, 1228; attended Henry III to Brittany, 1230.

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

a younger son of the King of Denmark, went to England with William the
Conqueror. Married Livida.
1/1. Robert FitzHarding                           KO28/41224305

Sister of William the Conqueror.
1/1. Eva                                          KO28/41224306

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP
Baron Beauchamp.
Parents: William & Maud (Braose) Beauchamp
Died: 3R1, 1192.
Married: Joane, dau of Sir Thomas Walorick
1/1. Walter Beauchamp                             KO28/44051969

                             WILLIAM MAUDUIT
Parents: William & Martha Mauduit
1/1. Robert Mauduit                               KO28/44051973

                            ROGER de NEWBURGH
Parents: Henry & Margaret de Newburgh
Married: Gundred Warren.
                             GUNDRED WARREN
Parents: William, Earl of Warren & Surrey.
Married, 2nd: William Lambarte, by whom Henry de Lambarte, Standard
              bearer to King Henry II.
1/1. Wateran de Newburgh                          KO28/44051975

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            WILLIAM BEAUCHAMP
Baron of Elmley
Parents: Walter & Emely (D'Abetot) Beauchamp
Married: Maud, dau of William, Lord Braose of Gower.
1/1. William Beauchamp                            KO29/88103937

                             WILLIAM MAUDUIT
Parents: son & heir of William & Hawise Mauduit, a Norman came in with
the Conqueror.
Married: Maud, dau of Nicholas, Lord Hanslap in co. Bucks.
1/1. William Mauduit                              KO29/88103945

                            HENRY de NEWBURGH
Invested Earl of Warick by William the Conqueror
Parents: Roger & Edelina de Bellmont.
Married: Margeret, dau of Jacguinus, Earl of Warwick
1/1. Roger de Newburgh                            KO29/88103949

                    WILLIAM, EARL of WARREN & SURREY
second earl of Surrey (d.1138), frequently desribed as earl of Warrene;
elder son of William de Warrenne (d.1088); took part in the defence of
Courcy against Duke Robert, 1091; unsuccessful suitor, c.1094, for
Matilada. afterwards consort of Henry I; joined Duke Robert when he
invaded England, 1101; withdrew to Normandy; pardoned by Henry II, 1103;
fought in Normandy. 1106, 1119, 1135; attended Stephen's Court 1136.
Parents: William Earl of Warren & Gundred
1/1. William de Warrenne (DNB), 3rd earl Surry, d.1148.
   2/1. Isabel de Warrenne. d. 1199. Heiress of father.
1/1. Gundred                                      KO29/88103950

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                            WALTER BEAUCHAMP
Steward to Henry I.
Parents: 2nd son of Sir Hugh Beauchamp, who came in with the Conqueror
Married: Emily, dau & heir of Urso D'Abetot, Baron of Elmley in co.
1/1. Walter Beauchamp                             KO30/176207873

                            ROGER de BELLMONT
A Norman, Lord of Pontanlomac
Married: Adelina, heir to her brother, dau of Wateron, Earl of Mellent
1/1. Henry de Newburgh                            KO30/176207897
1/2. Hugh, Earl of Mellent, died sp.

                    WILLIAM, EARL of WARREN & SURREY
1st Earl of Surrey (d.1088), fought as knight at the Battle of Mortemer,
1054; married Gundrada of Flanders; granted Mortemer Castle by Duke
William; fought at Hastings, 1066; recieved great grants of lands and
built castles at Lewes in Sussex, Reigate in Surrey, and Castle Acre in
Norfolk; granted Conosborough, Yorks, 1069; fought against the refugees
in Ely, 1071; joint chief justiciar, 1075; helped to suppress the
rebellion of the earls of Hereford and Norfolk; founded the Cluniac
priories of St Pancras, Lewes, 1077, and of Castle Acre; fought in Main,
1085; remained faithful to Rufus, 1088; granted the earldom of Surrey,
c.1088; fatally wounded at siege of Pevensey Castle.
Married: Gundred, dau of William the Conqueror
Gundrada de Warren (d.1085), wife of William de Warrenne, first Earl of
Surrey, and co-founder with him of Lewes Priory, 1077; her tombstone
placed in St John's Church, Southover, Lewes, at end of 18th C.

1/1. William Warren.                              KO30/176207899

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                        WATERAN, EARL of MELLENT
1/1. Hugh, Earl of Mellent, died sp.
1/2. Adelina                                      KO31/352415794

                          WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR
Duke of Normandy.
Parents: Natural son of Robert II, duke of Normandy
Married: Matilda only dau to Baldwyn V, Earl of Flanders, also known as
"The Godly".

---------------------------- Next Generation -----------------------

                       ROBERT II, DUKE of NORMANDY

1/1.  WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR                       KO32/704831593
1/2. GODIVA                                       KO28/82448612

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