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Issue Date: 9/10/2015

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HP: 3

CG: 3



2.             OTIS AUGUSTUS POOLE 6



4.             AUGUSTUS POOLE 16


6.             JOHN ARMSTRONG 18



8.             SAMUEL POOLE - 1777 19

9.             SARAH CHEESMAN - 1784 19


10.           PIERCE POOLE - 1749 20

11.           ELIZABETH RUSHMORE 20

12.           RICHARD CHEESMAN - 1765 20

13.           ELIZABETH WEEKS 20


14.           JAMES POOLE 24

15.           HANNAH RUSHMORE 24

16.           JOHN RUSHMORE 24

17.           PHILENA SMITH 24

18.           JOSEPH CHEESMAN 24

19.           SARAH BADGLEY 25

20.           GEORGE WEEKS - 1732 25

21.           SARAH HALL - 1732 25


22.           PIERCE POOLE 26

23.           JOHN RUSHMORE 28

24.           MARY CARMAN 28

25.           JONATHAN SMITH 29

26.           EPHRAIM CHEESMAN 29

27.           ANTHONY BADGLEY 30

28.           THOMAS WEEKS 30

29.           SARAH TOWNSEND 30

30.           BENJAMIN HALL 30


31.           PIERCE POOLE 31

32.           THOMAS RUSHMORE abt 1655 31

33.           SARAH HICKS 32

34.           CALEB CARMAN 34

35.           JONATHAN SMITH 36

36.           GRACE MOTT 36

37.           THOMAS CHEESMAN 36

38.           ANTHONY BADGLEY 41

39.           ELIZABETH THORNE 41

40.           SAMUEL HAIGHT 42

41.           SARAH NOBLE 42

42.           THOMAS WEEKES - 1651 42

43.           ISABELLA HARCOURT - 1662 43

44.           GEORGE TOWNSEND - 1661 43

45.           MARY HAWKSHURST - 1660 43


46.           THOMAS RUSHMORE - 1609 43

47.           MARTHA HICKS 44

48.           THOMAS HICKS - 1640 45

49.           Mary Butler, 45

50.           CALEB CARMAN - 1658 48

51.           HANNAH SEAMAN 48

52.           JOHN (ROCK) SMITH 50

53.           HANNAH STRICKLAND 50

54.           ADAM MOTT 50

55.           JANE HEWLETT 50

56.           RICHARD VALENTINE 51

57.           NICHOLAS HOYT - 1622 51

58.           SUSANNA JOYSE 52

59.           WILLIAM NOBEL 52

60.           FRANCIS WICKES - 1616 52

61.           ELIZABETH LUTHER 52

62.           RICHARD HARCOURT 53

63.           ELIZABETH POTTER 53

64.           JOHN TOWNSEND 54

65.           ELIZABETH COLES 54


67.           MARY REDDOUGH 55


68.           JOHN HICKS - 1605 55

69.           HOROD LONG 55

70.           ELIAS DOUGHTY 61

71.           JOHN CARMAN 61

72.           JOHN SEAMAN, Capt. 63

73.           MARTHA MOORE 63

74.           JOHN STRICKLAND 63

75.           SIMON HOYT - 1590 63

76.           DEBORAH STOWERS - 1593 63

77.           SAMUEL LUTHER 64

78.           THOMAS TOWNSEND 64

79.           ROBERT COLES 65

80.           MARY HAWXHURST 65


81.           ROBERT HICKS. 65

82.           Elizabeth Morgan, 65

83.           FRANCIS DOUGHTY 66

84.           JOHN CARMAN 66

85.           FLORENCE FORDHAM 67

86.           JOHN HOYT - 1590 68

87.           WALTER STOWERS - 1568 68

88.           SAMPSON HAWKHURST 68

89.           JOHN HOYT 69

Oyster Bay & Carpenter History 76

Ellen Bennem 76

(Robert) Stocker Woolley 77

John "Rock" Smith's Descendants 89

Carman Family: 94



    This is the family of my paternal grand-mother, Eleanor Isabella Poole, born Chicago 16/12/1878, died 1967, married Nathaniel George Maitland.
    Eleanor Poole was the daughter of Otis Augustus & Eleanor Isabella (Armstrong) Poole, Otis from Beloit, Ill and Eleanor born in Ireland.
    Her Poole line extends back to Pierce Poole, born about 1700-9, died Long Island, 1775. His antecedents were not established by Bert Poole (see below), although he produced some speculation.
   His sons and grandsons married into several of the well known New England families of Hicks, Weeks, Rushmores etc, whose genealogy is known much further back than the Pooles. There were several Poole families in the area, but the links have not been established.
   This paper is a summary of the data contained in Herbert Poole's family history, with later additions by A Maitland (1996 & on) from family, internet and from LDS IGI & Ancestral Files. "Bert's Begats" as his family history was know in the family contains a lot of first hand accounts of his immediate ancestors and relations: he started writing his account at the beginning of the 20thC when he was in Japan. He made a world tour in 1905 when he visited the Irish Armstrong relatives and their Scottish relations. His earlier New England ancestors were derived mainly from other printed studies done by other Americans produced during the latter half of the 19thC.

The Irish Armstrongs are covered in a separate file, and includes the outline of HAP's work and much extra data found since: Irish Armstrongs

Information on Manchester Family.
Ingols, Taber, Browne, Scottow, Gray, Cory, Dennis, Wilbor, Smith, Thompson, Briggs, Potter, Call, Brigden, Symes, Benjamin, Lettice, Cooke, Masters, Howland, Leighton, Errington, Lowden, Wilson, Graves, Mirricke

Some links, usually "doc" files, on this document will not work on line: they contain information which is not publicly available.

Extra Rushmore Family data (not for internet)
(Robert) Stocker Woolley




Bert Poole's original text extracts.


References "HP..." are to Bert Poole's original texts.

References "AF" and of the type (FJ2C-DB) are from the LDS Ancestral File.


References "CG" are to internet source (8/2007):
These are included verbatim, and repeat/confirm much of what is in HAP's original text.

Carman Genealogy Home Page.mht
"Welcome! Here you will find the history and genealogy of the Carman family, the descendants of John and Florence Carman,  from their arrival in New England in 1631, to their settlement of Long Island, New York in 1644, to their spread across the United States and Canada today."

New York Marriages:
New York marriages.pdf

                                   |Pierce Poole

                            |James Poole

                      |Pierce Poole                        |Thomas Rushmore 

                      |     |                  |Thomas Rushmore

                      |     |            |Thomas Rushmore

                      |     |            |     |Martha Hicks

                      |     |      |John Rushmore

                      |     |      |     |                |Robert Hicks

                      |     |      |     |            |John Hicks

                      |     |      |     |            |   |Elizabeth Morgan

                      |     |      |     |     |Thomas Hicks

                      |     |      |     |     |      |Horod Long 

                      |     |      |     |Sarah Hicks

                      |     |      |           |          |Francis Doughty

                      |     |      |           |      |Elias Doughty

                      |     |      |           |Mary Doughty

                      |     |Hannah Rushmore

                      |            |                       |John Carman

                      |            |                  |John Carman

                      |            |           |Caleb Carman

                      |            |     |Caleb Carman

                      |            |Mary Carman

                |Samuel Poole

                |     |            |John Rushmore

                |     |     |John Rushmore

                |     |     |      |Mary Carman

                |     |Elizabeth Rushmore

                |           |                  |John Smith

                |           |            |Jonathan Smith

                |           |            |     |Hannah Strickland

                |           |      |Jonathan Smith

                |           |      |     |             |Adam Mott

                |           |      |     |     |Adam Mott

                |           |      |     |Grace Mott

                |           |      |           |       |Lewis Hewlett

                |           |      |           |Jane Hewlett

                |           |Philena Smith

          |Augustus Poole    

          |     |                        |Thomas Cheesman

          |     |                  |Ephraim Cheesman

          |     |                  |           |Richard Valentine

          |     |                  |     |Margaret Valentine

          |     |           |Joseph Cheesman

          |     |           |      |Sarah Haight

          |     |     |Richard Cheesman

          |     |     |     |            |Anthony Badgley

          |     |     |     |      |Anthony Badgley

          |     |     |     |      |     |Elizabeth Thorne

          |     |     |     |Sarah Badgley

          |     |     |            |                   |Simon Haight

          |     |     |            |           |Nicholas Haight

          |     |     |            |           |       |   |Walter Stowers

          |     |     |            |           |       |Deborah Stowers

          |     |     |            |     |Samuel Haight

          |     |     |            |     |     |Susannah Joyce

          |     |     |            |Phebe Hoyt

          |     |     |                  |Sarah Noble

          |     |Sarah Cheesman

          |           |            |Thomas Weeks

          |           |     |George Weeks

          |           |     |                  |John Townsend

          |           |     |            |George Townsend

          |           |     |            |     |Elizabeth Coles

          |           |     |      |Sarah Townsend

          |           |     |            |Mary Hawksworth

          |           |Elizabeth Weeks

          |                 |      |James/?/Benjamin Hall

          |                 |Sarah Hall

    |OA Poole

    |     |      |Otis Manchester

    |     |Maria Manchester

    |            |Hannah Ingols

EI Poole


1.                 ELEANOR ISABELLA POOLE


The paternal grandmother of Antony Maitland, the author of this document and sister of Herbert Armstrong Poole.
Arrived Bubbling Well Rd Nov 1898. Her friend Ethel Wilcockson married NGM's brother, 1899. NGM appeared later, in about 1902.

BornHAP: 16/12/1878, Chicago, Ill (3731 Forest Avenue?).
Parents: Otis Augustus & Eleanor Isabella (Armstrong) Poole.
MarriedHAP: Nathaniel George Maitland, Christ's Church, Yokohama, 14/9/1904.
DiedDSM: 1967, West Byfleet.

A contact that appeared (7/2008) via Bert Poole’s write up and subsequently EIP’s photo albums, WH Lippincott:

So grateful you are out there. Your album offering is wonderful, not least because none of the very few pictures I have of my young grandmother show her smiling. The smile in the picture you sent is the same as it was during her later days when I had lots of contact with her.

Edward Rogers and his wife Ellis Rogers had two daughters, Cecile and Margaret. Cecile was born in Japan but ended up in California, while Margaret married a Brit named Jackson. The Jackson's had two adopted sons (Norman, British; and Maurice, French) and lived in Manchester. I met both sons (long ago) but do not know of their whereabouts today (actually, if I remember it correctly, the brothers did not get along in their common business and Norman committed suicide years ago).

Mr. Rogers died in Pasadena, CA September 30, 1929. This was quite bad timing because his considerable estate from his Yokohama business affairs had to be sold off at 10 cents on the dollar following the crash of October 29th. Ellis died there sometime later; I was acquainted with her but born too late (1941) to have met Mr. Rogers.

I am working on an account with photos of my mother's side of my family. This includes attempting to resolve some unanswered questions on "where they fetched up." So formal were my ancestors' references to each other that I only knew my great grandfather as "Mr. Rogers" until quite recently. Unfortunately there is no one left but me and my older brother to ask these days. By the way, my brother confirms that Cecile often mentioned the name Poole from the Yokohama days.Thank you for your kind reply. I will send you a few photos that might be of interest to you as I get into the scanning phase of my project.

Sent: Wednesday, July 16, 2008
To: WH Lippincott

Dear Mr Lippincott,

Thanks for your email. Cecile Rogers rang another bell for me in my  files, which are not on the website due to size constraints. I have 3 photo albums belonging to my grandmother, OM Poole's sister. I always forget which of her brothers was the photographer. Any way, I had a look at the list of the titles of the prints and your grand mother appears.
Attached are 2 jpg's, one of the whole album page, the other of the print of your grandmother at higher resolution. Where abouts have your family fetched up? As you may have seen, mine ended up in England (or Wales to be precise in my case).

Antony Maitland

WH Lippincott wrote:
While searching for information on my great grandfather Edward Rogers, I stumbled across the autobiographical page of Otis M. Poole. I all but fell out of my chair on seeing in the search abstract a reference to Mr. Poole "visiting my friend Cecile Rogers who was studying piano in Leipzig." Ms. Rogers was my grandmother and was born in Yokohama, apparently becoming later a friend of OM Poole. I recall mention of the name Poole during my early years and was told a number of times of my grandmother's time in Leipzig.
Edward Rogers was one of two British citizens managing the American firm "China & Japan Trading Company" in Japan. Mr. Rogers spent much if not all of his career there, ending in the employ of Standard Oil.
In any event, it was great serendipity finding Mr. Poole's account of life in Japan, including the great earthquake and fire of 1923. It dovetails neatly with what I had been told over the years.




2.                 OTIS AUGUSTUS POOLE

AM05/03  HP2

BornHAP: 20/12/1848, Beloit, Ohio
Parents: Augustus & Mary Bishop (Manchester) Poole
DiedHAP: 1/4/1929, Berkeley, Ca.

Addition to Bert Poole's records of Otis' travels:

Took his family to Yokohama in April 1888.

San Francisco (except 1916) immigration records (ancestry.com):
Otis A Poole:

1860 Census: Beloit, Wisconsin. All in same house.
Maria B Poole (37, Housekeeper, real est 2000, personal est 5000, New York), Otis A Poole, (11, Wisconsin), Nettie M. (9, Wis), Sarah C (7, Wis), Otis Manchester (Merchant, RE 15000, PE 2000, Rhode Island), Hannah (60, Mass), Mary I (24, NY), + 2 servants.
1880 Census, District 30, Chicago, Cook, Ill:
Otis A Poole, (31, Salesman/Wholesaler, Wis, NY, NY), Eleanor I (38, keeping house, Ireland x 3), Herbert A (2, At home, Ill, Wis, Ire), Eleanor I (1, at home, Ill, Wis, Ire), Thomas K Little (28, boarder, Dry goods salesman, Ire x3), Minnie Little (23, boarder, Ire x3).
Littles (Mr & Mrs) Eleanor (Armstrong) Poole's cousin.
1882: Janesville Daily Gazette [Wisconsin] June 1, 1882. Transfer of Real Estate filed for Record in the office for Register of Deeds... Wednesday May 24 [1882] Otis A Poole et al. to A.B. Carpenter, part of section 28, of Beloit..£1175.00.
1889, 92, 94, 99, 1905, 08: Directory: Poole, O.A. clerk, Smith Baker & Co, Yokohama.
1896: Arr Honolulu from SFO on Belgic 27 March through passenger, Hawaiian Gazette March 31, 1896.
1897: Arr Honolulu from SFO on Coptic, 7 April Hawaiian Gazette April 9, 1897
1903, 18 Nov, Hongkong and Other Ports, SS Gaelic.
1904, Nov, Hongkong, Shanghai, Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama, SS Coptic.
1905, 27 Nov, Hong Kong, China, SS Doric.
1907, 8 Nov, Hongkong, Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama, SS Persia.
1908, 22 Nov, Hongkong, Macao, Shanghai, Nagasaki, Kobe, Yokohama and Honolulu, SS Mongolia.
1909, 12 Nov, Hong Kong, China, SS Manchuria.
1910, 18 Nov, Male  Yokohama, Japan, SS Siberia.
1911, 9 Nov, Hong Kong, China, SS. Tenyo Maru.
1913, 12 Nov, Yokohama, Japan, SS. Chiyo Maru.
1914, 9 Nov, SS. Siberia.
1915, 8 Nov, Yokohama, Japan, SS. Shinyo Maru.
1916, 20 Nov, Arr. Vanceboro, Maine, USA from Yokohama, SS Empress of Russia
1918 18 March, Passport: resided out of US in China 1886-1887 and Japan 6 months of each year 1888 to 1917. Tea Merchant. Leaving from San Francisco, on Ecuador, April 6 1918.
1918, 5 Dec, Yokohama, Japan (dep 15/11/1918), SS Ecuador, to Wm. O. Morse, Room 2137, 17 Cedar St, NY.
1920, 3 Dec, Yokohama, Japan, SS Venezuela.
1920, April 3, passport: resided outside of US, Yokohama & Shiduata, Jaoan, May to December since 1886 to 1919. Tea Merchant, Leaving from San Francisco on SS Venezuela on April 3 1920.
1921, April 2, passport issued, Otis A Poole, born Beloit 20 Dec 1848, father Augustus Poole, born Long Island. Domiciled US, perm res Chicago Ill, last Passport Jan 20 1920, going to Japan, & China Commercial Business. Leaving from San Francisco.
1922, 2 Jan 1922, Yokohama, Japan, SS Golden State.
1923, 2 Dec, Shimidzu, Japan, SS President Pierce.
1923, 2 Mar, Passport Issued Washington: Application Illinois, co Cook, born Beloit, 20 Dec 1848, father Augustus Poole born in New York State, resided outside US in Asia from Mar 1922 to Oct 1922 and from Mar 1921 to Oct 1921, domiciled in US permanent res Congress Hotel Chicago, Ill, a buyer, last passport from Washington DC Feb 26 1921 and was cancelled, intend to go abroad temporarily and return within 12 months, to visit Japan to execute my orders for tea, Shanghai to visit my daughter, Mukden, Manchuria to visit my son. Intend to leave US from San Francisco on SS President April 5 1923 for my 75th voyage across the Pacific
1924, 17 Oct, Yokohama, Japan (dep 2/10/1924), SS President Cleveland, to 98 Wall st, NY.
1925, 26 Dec, Yokohama, Japan, SS Siberia Maru.
1926, 15 Dec, Yokohama, Japan, SS President Pierce.

Madison Wisconsin State Journal November 14, 1863
Janesville, Nov. 13.
The Draft for Dane county began at 10 o'clock this morning, in sub-divisions.
The Board of Supervisors and the committee of the Common Council were present, and all arrangements were excellent. A blind boy from the State Institute drew the ballots.
Quota 12 — Enrolled 39.
Robert Black,          William Barrow,
Edmund Higginbothem    Samuel McKianey,
George Davidson,       Peter Galletly,
Henry Hummell          Michael Duan,
Thomas Long            Leroy B. Wheeler,
William Slater         Augustus Poole.

San Francisco Chronicle 31 March 1884
Popularity of Slide-Making — Notes of Local Amateur Photographers.
An interesting Illustrated lecture under the direction of the California Camera Club, was given in Metropolitan Hall last Monday night. The theme was “A Day In Yokohama." The lecturer, Otis Poole, was thoroughly familiar with his subject  and gave an entertaining talk in explanation of the pictures flashed upon the screen. He had chosen only the most beautiful and picturesque phases of Japanese life, and told not a little that was new of the quaint man and women of the Orient
The slides, if the general judgment of the experts as to be accepted, were among the best ever shown in this city. Each was artistically coloured, end was realistic to the last degree. The Japanese are, perhaps, the best lantern slide makers in the world. It la one thing to make a slide and quite another to color it, but in the latter process the Japanese have no rivals. Another advantage of their slides is that they are very cheaply made. They are practically without competitors in a very popular field.
Slide-making is becoming a great fad among the amateurs of this city and State. The stereopticon it somewhat of an expensive luxury, but amateurs obviate a large part of the expense by forming clubs and purchasing one outfit. Views of the city and of California are the moat popular. Chinatown seems to be an inexhaustible field, and not a week passes that there are not several parties of local and Eastern amateurs in the dismal places crowded by unusual sights and scenes.
Every preparation has now been at ado for the second outing of the California Camera Club this season. This outing will be one of the most interesting ever given by the club. It will be held at the Midwinter Exposition to-morrow, and from present indications every member of the club will be ready to take a snap shot at all scenes or incidents which may attract attention. Amateur photographers have found in the Fair an opportunity which they never had before and will not have again, at least in this generation. Many thousands of pictures have already been taken within the gates, and thousands more will be the result of tomorrow's outing.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle 27 Jan 1893
Illustrated Lecture by a Resident of Yokohama.
Some features of Japanese home life unfamiliar to the majority of people hereabout were pictured by Mr. Otis Poole in the studio of the photographic section of the Brooklyn Institute, at 201 Montague street, last night. Mr. Poole is the representative in Yokohama of a New York tea house. He had been in Japan three years and, an enthusiastic photographer, has managed to transfer to lantern slides some remarkably interesting scenes of Japanese life. He is home on a visit just now, but he brought 500 views with him to entertain his friends at home. It was a selection from these that was shown at the studio on Montague street last night. From his Japanese series Mr. Poole had eliminated the pictures of temples, other public buildings and subjects that the average lecturer would naturally select. His sildes dealt entirely with home life In Japan, familiar street scenes and agricultural life and methods of work. He projected on the white side wall of the studio, by means of a stereopticon, pictures of children at school, the Japanese taffy vendor, Japanese wrestlers, views of a tea plantation and interior glimpses of the factories where the tea is dried, rolled and packed; the interior of a tea grower's home, and views in almost every room in the house, a chrysanthemum garden, scenes during the cherry blossom and harvest festivals, and pictures of the huge rice fields and the stages of rice cultivation. After the lecture a vote of thanks was tendered to Mr. Poole, who, by the way, deplores the prevailing Japanese tendency to adopt foreign dress and manners.

Boston Daily Globe February 6, 1897
In place of the fortnightly whist tournament the members of the Newton club will be entertained this evening by Mr Otis A. Poole of New York with an
Illustrated talk on "The Tokiado."
  This afternoon the Newton chapter of the Daughters of the Revolution will give a whist party in the assembly hall of the Newton clubhouse. More than 300 invitations have been issued.

Syracuse Evening Herald January 29, 1898
The lecture by Otis A. Poole for the benefit of the public library fund will be given in the Presbyterian church on Wednesday, February 2d. instead of on February 4th. as first planned.

Syracuse Semi Weekly Standard February 4, 1898
The public library fund received a large contribution Wednesday night, when the proceeds of the stereopticon lecture upon “Japan”, by Otis A. Poole, were handed over to the proper persons. The Presbyterian church, where the lecture was held, capable of seating more than 500 persons easily, was filled to its utmost capacity and more than $100 was taken in. As the regents’ department duplicates this amount, the whole sum gained will be quite an addition to the fund.
The efforts of a few prominent persons of Fulton to get a free library extend over a period of two years. In 1895 Melville Dewey, secretary of the board of regents, came here and before a large assemblage of citizens of Fulton stated the benefits arising from a public library. Since then a number of lectures have been held at different times and a considerable sum raised towards this end.

Syracuse Standard February 4, 1898 – repeated first paragraph.

The San Francisco Call 13 Dec 1898
Otis Poole, the well-known Oriental traveller and author, is a guest at the Palace.

Waterloo Daily Courier February 25, 1899 Iowa
Otis A Poole, of Yokohama, was in the city yesterday calling on the wholesale grocers. Mr Poole sells teas and his wife and three children live in Yokohama.

Hawaiian Gazette October 31, 1899
Prom Yokohama, per stmr. Doric, October 30.—
For Honolulu—Mra. Hsii York Kai and servant, Lee Choo, Mrs. Shang See, Miss Loo Hia On, H. Nuguchl. Mrs, Loo Chang She, Mrs. Leang Hung Hin, Wong’Tin Chong, Lin Coon Chuck. D. Yoanow. For San Francisco  —Capt. W. H. Anderson, U.S.A.: Dr. B, Apple, Dr. Herrick. Master Frank Beatty, Thos. Dorr, T. Greldanas. W. B. Harrison, J. M. Janes, Fred. B. Jones. Wm. Maxwell, Maj. C, W. McCawley. U.S.M.C.; A. Ploos van Amatel, M. Shibata, Lieut E. Stevenson, R.N.; F. Vivanti, Y. Yoahioka, Mrs,W. H. Anderson. Mrs. Wm. H. Avery, Lieut Col. A. B Baylasa, U.S.V.; Mrs. F. E. Baetty, Miss Emily Beatty, Dr. MW.Franklin, Alfred H. Gould. Mrs. W. B. Har­rison. Mrs. J. M. Janes, Mrs. C. P. Low and maid. F. Howell, Y. Oki, Otis A. Poole. Miss E. Poole. Trumbull White, Mrs. F. Vivanti, Lord Balcarres.

The Washington Times 27 Nov 1901
War Tax Causes Falling US Exports from Japan.
SAN  FRANCISCO.  Nov. 26. Oits A. Poole. Who has crossed the Pacific thirty—two times in the interest of one of the largest tea firms of Japan, arrived on the steamer Doric today.
He declares that the exports of tea from Japan and other producing countries to the United States are falling off as a result of the duty of 10 cents a pound imposed by the United States in 1898 as a war tax.
"This duty,” Poole said. "is 80 per cent of the value of the article, and has injured trade Immeasurably. What makes it seem worse is that there is no tax or duty on coffee, tea drinkers bearing the whole burden. Those interested believe that President Roosevelt will favor the abolition of this duty on tea."

Eau Claire Weekly Telegram February 6, 1902
Otis A. Poole of Yokohama, Japan, was at the Galloway yesterday. He represents a tea house.

Eau Claire Leader January 28, 1904
Piano Studio, Truax Building.
Special bargains in furs at Gelhaar’s fur factory.
R. V. Simms, of Chicago is at the Galloway House.
J. C. Hansen, of Chicago, was in the city last evening.
John Murphy, of Chippewa Falls was a caller in the city yesterday.
Miss Mayne Yaeger leaves Saturday for Chicago.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Proctor, & girl.
The question was, will the cars run, or will they not. They didn't so the people decided to walk.
Whitaker Wright had the misfortune of changing his name in his old age, for he went wrong, even as some do here.
A woman in Superior asks five thousand dollars for a stolen bed, this heats Oshkosh by several notches.

The Uniform Ranks of the K. of P. are arranging for a grand ball at the Pythian Hall. February 16.
Otis A. Poole of Yokohama, is registered at the Galloway. Mr. Poole is in the tea business.

The Hawaiian Star 9 April 1907
With three days later mall from the mainland the O. & O. S. S. Coptic, Cap­tain Dixon, arrived this morning from San Francisco, docking at the Hackfeld wharf at 8 o'clock. She sails for the Orient at 6 o'clock this afternoon. Pleasant weather was enjoyed through­out the trip. No vessels were sighted. There is but one stop-over passenger for Honolulu, Mr. M. Maddison.
Lorrin Andrews, formerly Attorney General of this Territory, is bound for Shanghai. E. Quackenbush and Otis A. Poole, bound respectively for Shang­hai, and Yokohama, are tea merchants. Col. George M. Dunn, accompanied by his wife, two daughters, baby and ser­vant, is of the United States Army and bound for Manila. Lieutenant A. H. Dixon, for Yokohama, is a member of the British army.

San Francisco Chronicle 19 Nov 1910
Otis Poole, a tea exporter of Yokohama, is at the Palace. He arrived on the Siberia yesterday.

The San Francisco Call 10 Nov 1911
Tenyo Mara Reaches Port
The Japanese liner Tenyo Maru, Captain Ernest Bent, arrived early yesterday morning from the far east with 90 cabin passengers, 48 In the second cabin, 106 Asiatics In the steerage. The cargo of 6,000 tona Included 930 bales of raw silk and 15,230 chests of tea. The Tenyo also brought treasure valued at $30,000. Although the liner passed quarantine before 8 a.m. the tide did not suit for docking until about noon.
After leaving Yokohama the Tenyo encountered a typhoon which played with the big ship for about 24 hours, but inflicted no damage.
Among the passengers was A E. Carlton, American vice consul at Hong-kong, who has come home on leave.
Otis Poole, a teaman who has been travelling back and forth between here
and the orient for many years, was a passenger on the liner. A. A. Moore Jr.
of Oakland and his wife, who have been hunting In the Philippines, returned on the Tenyo.

The Hawaiian Star 2 April 1912
H. D. B. B0ULE, W. J. Schroath. Otis Poole, C. S. Averlll, J. Coullin, E. B. Moss and David Cady, all tea men going to Formosa and other tea markets in the Orient, are through passengers in the Chiyo Maru.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 4 April 1913
Otis Poole is a tea buyer who is enroute to the east as a passenger in the Pacific Mail liner Siberia.

Belvidere Daily Republican Illinois, 17 Oct 1923
Chester Poole, son of Otis Poole of Belolt, was a heavy loser In the recent Japanese disaster, he writes home. He and his wife and three children escaped with only the clothing they wore. Their home and all contents were destroyed and his office and house safe was looted by vandals.

Cutting in P43-02:
The Japan Advertiser, Tokyo, Wednesday April 3 1929
Long-Time Resident of Yokohama Passes Away at Age of 80 in California

Word was received in Yokohama yesterday of the death of an old resident of Japan, Mr. Otis A. Poole, who passed away suddenly Monday at the .age of 80 years in Berkeley, California, according to a cable to his son Mr- H. A. Poole, of the Standard Oil Company in Yokohama.
Mr. Otis A. Poole had been connected with the tea business since his first arrival in the Orient in 1886 and held the unique record of the 'largest number of trans-pacific crossings of any man other than those directly connected with the sea as a profession. He made a total of 82 crossings previous to his retirement in 1926.
Mr. Poole first came to the Far East with (E. A. Shoyer and Company, with whom he was connected for two years in Amoy, China, later coming to Yokohama in 1888 with Smith, Baker and Company. Alt the time the tea merchants of Japan moved to Shidzuoka in 1909, Mr. Poole went with them to the southern center, where he was engaged in this trade as an independent buyer and shipper.
Mr. Poole, was well known for his large library in Shidzuoka the enjoyment of which he generously shared with his friends there. He retired from active business in 1926 and went to live in Berkeley, California, where he remained up to the time of his death on Monday. He is survived by two sons Mr. H. A. Poole, of Yokohama; and Mr. 0. M. Poole, of Dodwell and Company, now in New York; and a daughter, Mrs. N. G. Maitland, at present in London. Mr. Otis A. Poole was born in Beloit, Wisconsin.

MarriedHAP, 17/2/1876, Chicago, Ill:


AM05/04 HP3

BornHAP: 14/9/1841, Holly Park, Leitrim, Antrim, NI.
Parents: John & Eleanor Isabella (Wilson) Armstrong
DiedHAP: 14/6/1918, Yokohama, Japan.
Brought to US by father June 1853.
Eleanor Armstrong married 1st in 1871, John Young, divorced 1872.

Dear Mr. Maitland,
From Janet Clement, 8/2014.
I am the great-granddaughter of John W. Young(e), the scoundrel who married Eleanor Isabelle Anderson.  I was glad to read that she had the good sense to separate her life from his, as I'm sure it resulted in a much happier family history.  I knew nothing about my great-grandfather until I began sidetracking while doing some elementary family research a few years ago.  Your description of Eleanor's life with J.W. dovetails with the ample stories I have found out about him, most recovered from the Fort Wayne, Indiana, papers and have answered some of the questions I've had:  were their two J. W. Young(e)'s?  (He seems to have added the 'e' to his name after prison.) -- how could he have accomplished all that his obituary attributed to him? (reference the Fort Wayne newspapers for 25 Dec 1906 and 1 Jan 1907, among other papers); and given the number of instances of illegality he perpetrated, did he lie about his medical degree? -- to list a few.  The latter question you have answered in your description of Eleanor's life and the description and reservations about his personality bore witness throughout his life, both in misdeeds and an extraordinary ability to ingratiate himself with others. At the time of his death, he was revered by some, reviled by others and viewed as an eccentric by all.  Fortunately, my great-grandmother, DeEtta O. (Smith) Younge, finally divorced him in 1903-05, but unfortunately, a lot of damage had been done to his two sons, my grandfather and great-uncle (another son died of diphtheria at about age 8.)  My mother is the last surviving child of that generation, and although she suffers from dementia now, I hesitate to give more recent information.  As an apple on that branch of the family tree, I'm happy to say that my mother's generation, my cousins and I have rolled far away from those roots!  We have strong women in our family, thank goodness!

My understanding of J.W.'s exploits is gleaned from newspaper clippings, but agrees with most of the facts written in Eleanor's story, although some details and timing were reported differently.  I retired recently and am hoping to get to Washington, D. C. to research government records on J. W.   By the way, I was excited to see the Anderson branch's connection to Rufus Putnam and the Burlingames. Rufus watched over me as I studied or sketched many fall afternoons along the Muskingham River. Of course, Rufus was made of cement with one foot stuck in his boat as he pointed toward the town of Marietta and its college!  They also named a stern-wheeler after him (eternally tied to the dock) and a dormitory.   Small world!

I do have a couple of pictures of J. W. if you're curious -- although I think the newspaper description of him as slight is more accurate than what I read in your family descriptions.
Sincerely, Janet Clement

1/1. Herbert Armstrong Poole, born Forest Ave, Chicago,

Died 1965.
1899: Directory, Assistant, Frazar & Co, Yokohama.
1905: Directory, assistant, and acting consul for Belgium, Mosle & Co, Tokyo.
1908: Directory, managing director, Mosle & Co, Tokyo.
1917: directory, Assistant, Standard Oil Co of New York, Kobe.
1920: directory, Attorney, Standard Oil Co of New York, Kobe.
Arrivals San Francisco:
17 Oct 1924, Koke, Japan, SS. President Cleveland
21 Jun 1915, Manila, Hongkong, Shanghai, Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama, SS. Korea.
14 Jan 1921, Shanghai, China, SS. Korea Maru
1936, July 27, Arrivals NY from Southampton, Queen Mary:
Poole, Herbert Armstrong (58 etc)
1936, April 8, Arrivals NY, Queen of Bermuda from Hamilton Bermuda:
Poole, Herbert A (58, 1878 Chicago Ill, 366, Adams St, Milton Mass), Maya L (52, 1884), Eleanor Q (18, 1918), Molly M (16, 1920), David A (14, 1922, Boston).
1938, December 5, arrivals NY, from San Juan Puerto Rico, SS Borinquen
Poole, Herbert A (61, Oct 15 1877,)
1939, July 29, arrivals NY, from Hamilton Bermuda, Monarch of Bermuda:
Poole, Herbert A (62)
1957, 7 Oct, Bermuda to NY on Pan Am Airways (1 of 6 passengers).

Author of "Bert's Begats"  For his autobiography see HP1
Married: (1) Rebecca N. Ballagh, (died 9/9/1909), Kobe 18/12/1908, Tokyo.
Married: (2) Maya Lindsley (born 25/12/1884, Yokohama, died Milton, 15/8/1951), 25/9/1915, Milton, Mass.
2/1. John Lindsley Poole, born 22/12/1916, Kobe, died

1/11/1989 (US Social Sec), Miami Fla.
Married Doris K Lorber (born 2/9/1923, Baltimore), 10/12/1949 Coconut Grove, Fla.
3/1. Catherine Poole, born 24/9/1950 Coral Gables, Fla.
3/2. William Thayer Poole, born 5/1/1952 Coral Gables, Fla.
3/3. Elizabeth Quintard Poole, born 9/3/1953 Coral Gables.
3/4. Charlotte Poole, born 19/1/1955 Coral Gables, Fla.
3/5. Alessandra Poole, born 1956 Coral Gables, Fla.

Jessie Moniz Hardy, 5/2009
Doris Lorber was the daughter of Charles A Lorber:
It seems that in January 1940 Charles Lorber was flying a Pan Am aircraft. When he landed in Bermuda his was one of the very first American planes to have all their mail seized for inspection by the British. They were looking for information being sent to Germany, and also things like diamonds. At this time America was not in the war, and did not appreciate having its mail read by the British.
Charles put up a fight and would only release the mail at bayonet point, apparently. This appears to have been about a year before he crashed his plane off of Puerto Rico.

2/2. Eleanor Quintard Poole, born 25/1/1918, Kobe, died

Peterboro, NH, 25/4/1998. 603 525 6605/4480

Was an invalid for last years of her life.
Married: (1) Ernest Edward Hilton, (born 30/3/1922, Wigan, Lancs) 22/12/1945, London, England,
3/1. George Quintard Hilton, born 29/10/1946, Boston, Mass.

1/2005: a psychiatrist resident at 33 Mill Rd, Durham, NH03824. (Kpoole)
Married Karin V. Wright,
4/1. Christopher Hilton, born 1975. Married 2004.
4/2. Andrew Hilton, born 1977.
4/3. Duncan Hilton, born 1980.

Married (2) Thomas G Bamford, (born 3/4/1926, Middleton, Lancs), in Bermuda.
3/2. Sheila Bamford, born 31/7/1950, Richardson House, Boston.

4/1. Gillian Bamford, born 1977.
4/2. Allison Bamford abt 1979 (KPoole)

3/3. Herbert A Bamford, born 28/7/1952, Boston. Worked for
   Rand Mcnally as PA to Mr Mcnally until the latter died.
3/4. Thomas I Bamford, born Boston, 26/3/1955, an investor.

6/2000: both Bertie & Tommy at Box 413, 767 Middle Hancock Rd, Peterboro NH, their mother's former house.  Tel 603 525 4480. manages nursing homes (1/2005, K Poole)

2/3. Molly Manchester Poole, born 7/7/1919, Mukden,

Manchuria, died abt 8/1999, Oregon buried in Lindsley crypt, Milton, Mass.
Married, 30/8/1947, in Roseburgh, Or, George N Lenci MD (a good friend of RA Poole, born 29/6/1918, Englewood, NJ., died 30/8/1990, Roseburg, Or, of Heart  Failure.  Parents George & Julia (See) Lenci).
Was living (6/1993) at 17, Southgate Rd, Roseburg, Oregon, 97470
From a letter received from Molly Lenci 12/2/1994:
3/1. Robert L Lenci, born 4/2/1949, Rochester, NY.

2/1994: Their son, Robert lives in Bella Coola, B.C. Canada: he became a Canadian citizen in order to be accepted as a professional forest engineer for International Forest Products Inc in Hagensborg, B.C.
Married: Patricia Spragg, born London, England, where her father was stationed in WW 2.
6/2000: Box 6, Hagensborg, BC VOT 1HO.
4/1. Pamela June Lenci, born in Bella Coola 15/6/1986.

3/2. Susan Thayer Lenci, born in Roseburg 24/7/1950.

Married Peter Saffery (a Hawaiian) in Honolulu 28/7/1978.
6/2000: divorced, teaches Hawaiian, lives at 948, Lunahai Place, Kailua, Hawaii, 96734, 808 263 0657. Died Hawaii, 2004.
4/1. Maya Lenci Saffery, born Honolulu 23/10/1980
4/2. Sara Quintard Saffery, born Honolulu 29/4/1983

3/3. Laura Lindsley Lenci, born 18/7/1953, Roseburg.

Married Dennis Edward Ahlstrom, 14/9/1874, divorced.

3/4. Virginia (Ginger) Washburn Lenci

born 29/11/1956 Roseburg.
6/2000: works in PR for local power utility. Married Bill Nickelberry, 14036, Chelsea Rd, Lake Oswego, Or 97035, 503 697 3949.  Bill manager, real property services, Oregon Dept of Administrative Services. bnberry uswest.net

2/4. David Armstrong Poole, born 15/5/1921, Boston:

198, Chappaqua Rd, Briar Cliff Manor, Westchester, NY10510
Tel: Home 914 941 2122  Office: 212 687 5200.  An Investment Analyst, still working part time 6/2000. International Investors Inc. Retired by 2005.
Died 29 November 2008, Southbury, CT, where they had moved in that summer.
Married (1), Jacqueline Choin, divorced,

3/1. Francis A. Poole, born 26/6/1953, Paris,
   now a French citizen.

Married (2) 11/9/1965 in Essen, Karin Blacker, born Essen Germany,
3/2. Mark Poole, born 1967.
   1/05: 51 Old Stagecoach Road, Redding, CT 06896
3/3. Maya Poole, born 1970, married Trevor Furrer

1/2005: at Tourney Road, Redding, Ct. 06896
4/1. Trevor Karroll Furrer, born 16/11/1999.
4/2. David Blacker Furrer, 20/11/2001.

Antony, hi --- You have no idea who I am but I am in your family history, married to David Armstrong Poole, who is listed under Herbert Poole. I knew for a while that you have the whole clan history on the internet and have poked around in it now and again. I guess I felt like a little more reading today, maybe because it is snowing outside and pretty quiet here in my little music school office. You have done an amazing job keeping up on the more recent developments on all the many branches of the family. Here are a few things I noticed: George Hilton, son of Eleanor Quintard Bamford (daughter of Herbert Poole) is not a dentist, he is a psychiatrist, and he is still working; his address is the same; his oldest son just got married last year (you may want to contact him for details). Eleanor’s daughter Sheila has two daughters, Gillian, whom you list, and Allison (probably 2 years younger). Eleanor’s son Herbert Bamford no longer works for Mr McNally, the gentleman died. He is doing something else somewhere, but I don’t really know what. Her son Tom (Thomas Bamford) is working again, managing Nursing Homes, again, I don’t know any details. He lost too much money in the stockmarket  and could no longer afford to be just an investor. He still lives at the old homestead in Hancock, near Peterborough, New Hampshire, which, by the way, he has renovated beautifully and in which he displays all the eastern treasures his mother had. Priceless art and furniture.

Now to Molly, daughter of Herbert Poole (sister of my husband): her daughter, Susan Thayer Lenci Saffery very sadly shot herself last year in Hawaii – I really can’t remember exactly when it happened. We had just met her earlier that year, when she came over here to visit with the family together with a very close dear Hawaiian friend. They took David along for the New Hampshire visit and all had a great time. They also stayed with my daughter, Maya, in Connecticut, so everyone felt so good about getting acquainted and they made a really good connection. But apparently, Susan had been depressed for a while and planned her “exit”, this visit with the family being to her like a farewell. My daughter flew out to Hawaii to be with Susan’s daughters (whom she had met a few years earlier at Molly’s funeral in Boston)and also to be with the Hawaiian friend, Uei. My daughter, Maya Furrer (under David Armstong Poole) has now 2 children: add David Blaker Furrer, b. 11.20.2001. Number three is expected next May – I’ll update you then. Also my son, Mark Lindsley Poole, will be getting married in September this year. So I will update you on that also.

You may want to change my daughter’s address: Maya and Trevor Furrer, Tourney Road, Redding, Ct. 06896. Their phone number is still: 203-938-3132,

My son lives at: 51 Old Stagecoach Road, Redding, CT 06896. I don’t have their phone number with me here in the office, they just got a new one. Finally, my husband, going on 84 (in May) is still going strong, although he retired from his investment job a few years ago. He is basically healthy, although he has a spinal problem and is becoming very crooked. Also, he is beginning to limit himself mentally more and more, staying mostly home going nowhere with anybody, but he walks our little dog, Chester the Jack Russell terrier, every day morning and afternoon. By the way, I have met your grandmother, to me “Aunt Eleanor” as well as your father, Donald Maitland, her son. In 1965, right after our wedding in Germany, we stopped over in London and my husband took me out to West Byfleet to have tea with “Aunt Eleanor”, where her son, Donald, dropped by to see us. I have also known and often visited Uncle Chester and Aunt Doro who then lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, in a wonderful home with the Blue Ridge Mountains as their backdrop. We are in touch with Eleanor’s children, we do see each other now and again and invite each other to family functions. We have met Molly’s daughter Ginger, but not the other daughter, nor the son who lives in Canada. He did come to Molly’s wedding, however, and my daughter met him (I did not attend the funeral). We see cousin David Manchester Poole and his wife, Sally, once every year in summer, when they come up north from their home in Florida. And we have visited with cousin Richard Poole in Maclane, Virginia, but not for a few years. You know, at this point I have to go back to work and will stop here. If you have any questions and we can be of any help with information or anything, let me know. David will probably be thrilled to hear when I get home that I wrote to you.

Karin Poole

1/2. Eleanor Isabella Poole, born 16/11/1878.
1/3. Otis Manchester Poole,

Born 6/9/1880, Forest Av Chicago, Ill.
1899, 1905, 08: Directory, Assistant, Dodwell & Co. Yokohama.
1909, Sept 18, SS St Louis, NY from Southampton (as his biog) Dep 11/9/1909 from Southampton.
Otis M Poole 21 Jun 1915 abt 1880  Male Manila, Hongkong, Shanghai, Nagasaki, Kobe and Yokohama, SS. Korea
1915, 4 Aug, dep Southampton, a merchant, SS Baltic for New York.
1917: Directory, Acting Manager, Dodwell & Co. Yokohama.
1920: Directory, Manager, Dodwell & Co. Yokohama.
1923, Jan 4th, SS Majestic, arr NY from Southampton, to 101 Water St NY.
1925: manager Dodwell & co Kobe.
1936, 7 April, SS Alaunia Southampton to NY. With Dorothy, to 72, Hobart St, Summit NJ.
Died Missing Acres, Crozet, Charlottesville, Va, 21/10/1978.

Married 21/6/1916, Dorothy May Campbell (18/5/1895-9/2/1988)
Dorothy Campbells story on Campbell.
Doro naturalised Yokohama 21 June 1916. (ref immigration 1936)
2/1. Anthony Campbell Poole, born 29/3/1917,

died 18/4/1944, Lima, Peru. Married 19/12/1943, Luba Gustus.

2/2. Richard Armstrong Poole, born Yokohama, 29/4/1919.

6/2000, retired at 817 Mackall Ave, McClean, Va 22101.
Tel 703 356 6001 Fax 448 1270
Died 26/2/2006, McClean, Va.
For his life and obituary, see RAPoole1,
Married, 2/11/1957, Jillian Hanbury (born 11/8/1930)
CEO, The Fund for Arts and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe, 2016 N. Westmoreland Street, Arlington, VA 22213. 2/2009.
3/1. Anthony Hanbury Poole, born Washington, 6/2/1961.

6/2000: living in 2314, N. Burlington St., Arlington, Va22207, Vice President of Kelley Anderson & Associates, Inc, a business development firm supporting industry companies bidding for US government contracts.
Married, 25/5/1984, Gaithersburg, Md, Elizabeth Schweitzer, born Gaithersburgh, 5/2/1960.
4/1. Natalie Quinn Poole, born Rockville, MD, 21/12/1997
4/2. Alison Campbell Poole,
   born Rockville, MD, 21/12/1997

3/2. Colin Rawnsley Poole, 16/1/1964.

6/2000: living at 1108 Calle Catalina, Santa Fe, NM 87501-1016, An artist.

2/3. David Manchester Poole, born 4/7/1920, Yokohama.

6/2000: retired at 9820, Cuddy Ct, Fort Myers, Fla 33919.
Married, 23/6/1950, Noonsocket, RI, Sally Cooper Jarret, born 15/6/1927.
Died 26/10/2010, Harford.
3/1. Jeffery Campbell Poole, born 11/6/1952, Huntington, LI.
6/2000: in the financial investment world.
3/2. Christopher Jarret Poole, born 11/11/1954, Huntington,   


Jillian Hanbury's parents:
Anthony Hanbury & Una Rawnsley.
Una's brother, Conrad married Elsin Little, who still lives in Norfolk (4/2002). Telecon with her 14/4/2002, re Annie Gray (Maitland) Forsythe


Rosalind Rawnsley Information 10/2001. - Not on website.






4.                 AUGUSTUS POOLE

AM06/05  HP4

No Doubt: HAP gives letters etc proving this couple. IGI also has marriage.
BornHAP: 12/4/1820
Parents: Samuel & Sarah (Cheesman) Poole.
DiedHAP: 6/4/1853 Beloit, Wisconsin.
Janesville Gazette April 23, 1853: In Beloit on the 5th inst, Augustus Poole, in the 33rd year of his age.
1840 census, West Oswego, NY: Augustus Poole (1M,20-30; 1F<5;1F,20-30; 1F,60-70. A possibility.
1850 census: none suitable for Augustus & Maria.
1850 Census: Utica Ward 3, Oneida, NY:
Otis Manchester (52, Draper/Tailor, $25000, RI), Hannay (50, Mass), Henrietta (19, NY), Mary (14, NY), Abigail Ingols (80, Mass), Louisa Hitchort? (48, NY), Allis Smith (20, Wis), Mariah B Pool, (27, NY), Otis M Pool (1, Wis).

HAP extract: Augustus was educated in Hempstead after which he went to Buffalo and worked in his brother Rushmore Poole's office for a few years, and then emigrated further west to Beloit with his brother Benjamin Tredwell Poole

MarriedHAP: 20/9/1847, Utica, NY (IGI has 27th):

5.                 MARIA BISHOP MANCHESTER


BornHAP: 13/12/1822
DiedHAP: 5/3/1873

IGI, Ch: 1/1/1825  First Presbyterian Church, Utica, Oneida, NY.
Parents: Otis & Hannah (Ingols) Manchester, see Manchester file.
1860 Census: Beloit, Wisconsin. All in same house.
Maria B Poole (37, Housekeeper, real est 2000, personal est 5000, New York), Otis A, (11, Wisconsin), Nettie M. (9, Wis), Sarah C (7, Wis), Otis Manchester (Merchant, RE 15000, PE 2000, Rhode Island), Hannah (60, Mass), Mary I (24, NY), + 2 servants.
1870 census: Beloit:
Manchester O. (78, RI), Mary (34, at home, NY), Poole Maria (47, housekeeper, NY), Nettie (19, Teacher school, Wis), +1 unreadable, 2 servants.

1/1. Otis Augustus Poole, b. 20/12/1840
1/2. Antoinette Manchester Poole, b. 24/5/1851. No Issue.
1/3. Sarah Poole, b. 29/8/1852. Died 1861.

Maria/Augustus Engagement:

These are transcribed from photo copies (real, on photograph paper), found in the Dower House collection.

They are the from Maria Manchester and Augustus Poole to Otis Manchester about their forthcoming marriage.

Copy of a Letter to Mr Otis Manchester, Utica, NY.
These letters are also transcribed in HP0004.txt.

Strictly Confidential
Beloit Feby 9th 1847

My very dear parents,
     I presume that you are prepared for the subject of this letter by what has already been written by a Mr Reynolds and Clarke and are perhaps surprise that by a so long delay giving you my confident and asking your advice when I say much need it. It is time at that I have given my heart's best affections to one who four short months ago was an entire stranger to me.

    When we first came here and intimacy sprang up between Clarke and Augustus Poole, and they have ever since been like brothers. I studied his character very closely at first, because I wished to know under what influence my brother was placed, as far as I could judge I found him to be a person of good principles, and one with a whom a sister would be willing and pleased to have a brother associate. I have seen him at a great deal this winter. I received his attentions for some time as I a compliment paid to my brother, but my heart has long told me that he was more than a brother's friend to me, although I did not know his intentions until week before last. He has since then spoken more plainly to me and I have promised to be his wife provided - have my parents approbation and consent to our union, for without that I should not be happy. He asked at first for permission to speak on the subject to my father when he came out in the spring. I gave it to him, and until then we shall firm? our plans, nor come to any decision. I do not feel that I have acted rashly in this affair. I think I know my own heart, and that I love him well enough to leave all for him, and I place implicit confidence in the affection he has professed for me. It is very pleasing to me, and I presume will be to you to know that my friends Mr and Mrs Reynolds and Mr and Mrs Hughes are satisfied with the steps I have taken, and I think that we are suited to make each other happy. He is one who I think and hope you will be willing to her something as a son, and grant a share of that love you have ever bestowed on me. He is pleasing in his personal appearance, gentlemanly in his manner, and kind and affectionate in his disposition. He is not wealthy, but has enough of this world's goods to satisfy me.
    Our engagement is suspected here, but not known by any but the family. Why do our wish it to be until father comes out and his advice is given. And I would rather my dear parents that it should be known by no one but yourselves at home for the present, at least. How often mother, during the past week I have wished that you were here to be my adviser, I feel of more than ever the need for a mother's council. I do not feel that I love you my dear father and mother any the less because I have learned to love another, nor that I shall be loved the less by you because I ask you to bestow a share of your parental affections upon that other. I shall expect to hear from you soon. Can you tell me father, when you expect to be here? Feeding confident that we shall have your blessing and your prayers I remain your affection daughter,

Beloit March 23 1847.
Dear Sir
    Being an entire stranger to you, it is with some feeling of awkwardness that I address you upon a subject deeply interesting to your daughter Maria and myself and has, and no doubt will cause you no little anxiety.
    You have had from her at an acknowledgement of our mutual protestations and it is natural that you should want to know all about the man with whom she has consented to unite her dealings. I shall be as frank to you concerning my prospects as I have been to her.
    That her circumstances will be bettered by the union I am not sanguine enough to believe - for were I anywhere else than in the West I could not marry - my circumstances would not permit. But for the time I have been in Beloit I consider my business sufficiently encouraging to warrant me in saying that I can support a wife - not in luxury, but comfortably as most men in Wisconsin can where all new beginners and like myself poor. Had all men had good prospects East, the West had never been settled, and I am emboldened by a the example of many that have had to commence the world as I have done and obtained competence and I am encouraged by the hope ?? by patience and ??. I shall have like ?? that she may be happy, I shall never cease to strive.
    Of my character and principles I can say nothing for in speaking of myself little shall I grace might cause. Your approval is not to be obtained by my professions myself substantiated by the opinions of others.
     My father was a merchant and farmer in North Hempstead, Long Island where my mother now resides, in humble circumstances but respected: whose aim was to know what's right and practise what he knew. He died 14 years ago leaving his children to commence the world as he had done - without anything. I left home at 15, and went to Buffalo in a store with my brother (who is still there) where I was resident eight years. If you have any acquaintances in that city, I trust you will make inquiries, and I feel I assured my reputation will appear unsullied. Since leave there I have spent near two years St Louis, Mo. and had been established here since October 1845.
     Such is a brief account of me who asked the best gift a father can bestow.
     At first it was thought best, to defer any definite arrangements in regards to the finale of our present wishes until I had had the pleasure of meeting you face-to-face, as it was your intention to be here this spring. But now our plan agreed upon is this - Maria will return to Utica with you and in the fall I will come after her - provided the "stranger" shall be approved and in the interim you will have learned more about him.
   Respectfully, Augustus Poole.

6.                 JOHN ARMSTRONG

AM06/07  HP6

Full Details not in HAP of all Irish Ancestors are on a separate file (IrishArm), including other Armstrong branches in West Indies etc.

Born: 29/12/1820
Parents: Capt. John & Helen (Kirk) Armstrong
Died: 24/9/1892, USA
Married (1st) 20/1/1840:

7.                 ELEANOR ISABELLA WILSON


Born: 8/1817
Parents: Charles & Eleanor (Mullarkey) Wilson
Died: 28/4/1848, Leitrim, Ireland.

1/1. Eleanor Isabella Armstrong, b. 14/9/1841, Leitrim.
1/2. Henrietta Armstrong, b. 11/6/1843, Leitrim. Married.

John Armstrong married, 22/10/1949, 2nd: Henrietta Wilson, sister of Eleanor, with issue.




8.                 SAMUEL POOLE - 1777

AM07/09 HP8

BornHAP: 29/4/1777, Hempstead, LI.
Parents: Pierce & Elizabeth (Rushmore) Poole
DiedHAP: 2/4/1853, Omega, LI. Buried at Christ Church, Manhasset, L.I.
HAP: A farmer and  merchant, and was Inspector at Schools in Hempstead in 1819.
1820 Census: Westchester:
Samuel Poole: 1m >26, 1F 16-18, 1F >26. Possibility.
1830 Census: North Hempstead: Samuel Poole + 1m 10-15 yrs, 1m 15-20, 1m 50-60, 1F <5, 1F 40-50
1850 census not found.

MarriedHAP: at St George's Church Hempstead, on May 20/1804.


9.                 SARAH CHEESMAN - 1784


BornHAP: 6/10/1784
Parents: Richard & Elizabeth (Weekes) Cheesman.
1840 Census, North Hempstead:
Sarah Poole, 1F 5-10, 1F 10-15, 1fF 50-60,
1860 Census, North Hempstead (next to Samuel C):
Sarah Poole (72, NY) + 2 servants.
Died: 9/10/1863, buried at Christ Church, Manhasset.

Issue of Samuel & Sarah Poole (inter alia):
1/1. Augustus Poole, 12/4/1820
1/2. Samuel Cheesman Poole, 8/2/1815, M. Esther Lax Powell.

1840 Census, North Hempstead:
Samuel C Poole, 1M <5, 1M 20-30, 1F 20-30
1850 Census, North Hempstead:
Samuel (35, Farmer owned real estate value 8000), Esther (30), Edgar (10).
1860 Census, North Hempstead:
Samuel C Poole (45, Merchant, RE 4000, PE 2000, NY), Esther L (41, NY), Edgar C (20, Merchants Clerk, NY), Samuel C (16, Farmer, NY) Mary A (12, NY), + 2 servants.
2/1. Edgar Cheesman Poole, 17/4/1840, m. Florence E. Barker,

who descended from Christopher Hauxhurst (ref Ellen Baker) and Jarvis Mudge.

1/3. Mary Elizabeth Poole, (1/4/1806-27/12/1890)

M. James Parshall Smith
2/1. Rushmore Poole Smith M. Emma Appleby

3/1. Adelaide Rushmore Smith M. Alexander Waldron June

4/1. Orrin Brenner June M. Pearl Elizabeth Blackburn,

Dau of John Henry Blackburn & Hannah Lawton Gibbs Mackie. HLGM dau of William John Mackie
Bro. William ancestor of Christa Ferrie Erekson (See End).

3/2. Sarah Joanna Smith (30/03/1826-12/01/1891)

M. Robert Alexander Gregory
4/1. Julia Gregory m James Flynn

5/1. Gregory Flynn m Olive Kelly
   6/1. David Mapes Flynn, b 13/08/1923

1/4. Benjamin Tredwell Poole, B 10/04/1807, M. Juliet Thompson.

1840 Census, North Hempstead (between Sarah & Samuel C):
Benjamin T Poole, 1m <5, 1m 30-40, 1F 30-40.
Issue, not complete.
2/1. Sheridan Poole, B 5/02/1837
2/2. Frederick A Poole, B. 1/08/1847




10.              PIERCE POOLE - 1749

AM/08/17 HP16

Born: 20/1/1749-50
Parents: James & Hannah (Rushmore) Poole
Died: 5/9/1778

11.              ELIZABETH RUSHMORE

Born: abt 1750
Parents: John & Philena (Smith) Rushmore.
Died: 16/5/1797.

Issue of Pierce & Elizabeth Poole.
1/1. Samuel Poole.

12.              RICHARD CHEESMAN - 1765

AM/08/19  (FJ2C-DB) HP18

Born:  3 Jun 1756  @ Cows Neck, Hempstead, New York
Ch (IGI): 5 Mar 1762 (or adult christening)
Saint Georges Church, Hempstead, Nassau, New York

Parents: Joseph Cheesman & Sarah Badgley
Died: 18 Jan 1832

Married, 10 Aug 1782 (IGI: Albany, NY):

13.              ELIZABETH WEEKS


Born: 30/3/1764
Parents: George & Sarah (Hall) Weeks - HP
Died: 17/9/1852.
1840 Census: North Hempstead: Elizabeth Cheesman, 70-80 yrs + 1F 10-15 yrs.
Also next door, her nephew by sister Catherine, Hampton Dodge.
1860 Census: North Hempstead:
Catherine Dodge, age 55, real estate value 8000
Elizabeth Cheesman, age 86.

1/2. (HP) Sarah Cheesman (1784-1863)

IGI: chr: 18 Jan 1786 Hempstead, Nassau

Issue Richard & Elizabeth Cheesman, Hempstead, Nassau, NY, inter alia:
1/1. Joseph Cheesman, chr: 18 Jan 1786, b 15/12/1782.

M. Maria Mitchell
2/1. Oscar Cheesman, b. 1/1/1818

M. Harriet Pollock
3/1. Marie Louise Cheesman, b. 1868,

M. Dudley Arthur Van Ingen. (HAP has Dudley Walsh Van Ingen)

1/2. Phebe Cheesman, 10/2/1792-22/9/1831.

M. 26/1/1813, George Rapelye (17/6/1787-13/10/1836)
2/1. Martin Rapeleye, 22/10/1818-8/8/1872

M. 3/7/1844, Ann Elizabeth Roe (27/3/1827-5/11/1895)
3/1. Charlotte Rapeleye (1/2/1857-1928+)

M. (1) Arthur Seaman, (2) George M. Clark
George M. Clark half sister ancestor of Ann Flannagan, ref email Oct 2003.

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 22:23:47 -0500
    George M Clark, ref number in your posted genealogy I 1727 and second husband of Charlotte Rapelye was the half brother of my ancestor, Mary Fletcher Lee.  Both George and Mary were children of Eliza Chumard, though by different fathers. I have been tracking the Clark/Churmard/Lee family for several months and thus it was exciting to find him in the 1880 and 1900 census and now in your list of genealogy on the internet!.
    George M Clark seems to have had an interesting life.  He was the second child of four born to Jesse Clark and Eliza Chumard in Corning New York (Steuben Co)  August 1836   Jesse had lived in Carbondale PA in the late 1820's and was a founder of the Carbondale (PA) Methodist Church, as was Eliza's first husband (John Fletcher Lee) and John F Lee's parents (Vene and Polly Lee)  After John Fletcher Lee died near Carbondale, possibly over the border in Wayne Co, PA,in 1830, the widowed Eliza married Jesse Clark, had one daughter, Adele D Clark in 1833 in PA, and moved to Corning about 1835 where they were founding members of the Corning Methodist Church. (Steuben Co NY)  Jesse Clark was a lumberman and businessman and in 1849 went to California for the gold rush, but died along the route west of cholera.
     George M Clark may have served in the Civil War; it is clear that his brother, William H Clark did, but there are a several men named George Clark from Corning, so I am not certain of this.  He appears in his cousin's diary in the late 1860's married to "Minerva" and living a few years in Trappe (Talbot Co) MD beside his half sister, Mary Fletcher Lee and her enterprising husband, Edwin Avery Jeffery.  Edwin was in those years a fruit farmer and inventor and had George Clark and MM Clark witness one of his patents for an invention in the late 1860's in MD. In 1880, George and Minerva and son John J Clark, b Jan 1866 are found in the Corning NY Census where George was working as a travelling salesman.
     In 1891 George's half sister Mary (Mary Fletcher Lee Jeffery)died in Jersey City, and George is listed in her obituary as then living in Wausau WI.  In Jan 1913 his sister Adele (widow of Joseph F Moore of Corning) died and the obituary lists George as living then in Scranton. I found him listed in Fed Census of 1900, ED 99, Scranton. Jun 14, 1900, living on Mulberry St with his (presumably second) wife of 0 years, Charlotte R, age 42; and with his son John J age 34, an asst manager of the International Correspondence School, and Charlotte's daughter, Mabel L Seaman, age 16.
     I see that you have listed George's death date as 1914 and wonder if you can tell me more about him or his son, or where he died. Would you know if he was a member of the church founded by his father, Carbondale Methodist?  Any other information about him?
     I bet this is way more than you would want to know about George M Clark, but should you be aware of any of his descendents who would like to have the information, I am glad to elaborate more. Also, I have a photo of him and first wife Minerva taken in about the late 1860's..(and photos of his mother and two sisters and several nieces and nephews.)
Sincerely,  Ann Flanagan   

Wed, 12 Nov 2003 15:05:46 -0500

    Thanks for getting back to me with regards to what you know about George M Clark.  I can see that as a second husband with no children to connect him, he is not closely related to your family.
   George M Clark is not all that closely related to me either, but as I have a nice photo of him with his first wife, Minerva, and a diary which mentions him, I have enjoyed piecing some of his "story" together.  He probably served in the Civil War, was a salesman, and lived close to My ancestors for many years. George's mother was Eliza Chumard, a Daughter of Samuel Chumard who was an early settler of Wayne Co PA His Parents probably met at the early founding of the Carbondale Methodist Church (not too far from Scranton in Luzerne/ Lackawanna Co PA about 1828 where Eliza's first husband, John Fletcher Lee, and eventually second husband (after John Lee died in 1830 ) met.
     Eliza Chumard was my gr gr gr grandmother and I have a photo of her and a small hat and now a lot of information about her life in Wayne Co PA, Carbondale, and Corning NY.  Her eldest child, Mary Fletcher Lee, married Edwin Avery Jeffery, an inventor and their youngest child, (my gr grandmother)Anne Wilkinson Jeffery, was the person for whom I was married.  (that would make Mary Fletcher Lee and George M Clark half brother and sister)
    Someday I plan to search more of the Carbondale and Scranton records for information about various relatives who settled there.  If I turn up anything about this family I will let you know.

Information from Charles Hollander, 5 Jan 2002

… Marie Louise Cheesman married Dudley Arthur Van Ingen, not Dudley W. Van Ingen. Dudley Walsh Van Ingen was Dudley A.'s father and my great-grandfather. Marie died Feb 1916, and Dudley A. died 1 Aug 1917.  They were married 26 Apr 1900 in Brooklyn.

1/3. Elizabeth Cheesman, 1797-1869. (HP18p5)

HAP has M. Robert Stocker Woolley, issue Sadie, Charles & Nelson.

Information from: George Woolley 21 Dec 2001

1/4. Susannah Cheesman, b 2/5/1802

Picture on file.
This line from Carrie Smith, 2/2008
She found from internet down to GWA - from then by family info.
Married John Armstrong.
Carrie Smith:  All I have been able to figure out (using censuses and marriage report) are that he was born in Ireland, married Susannah in 1828, lived in Hempstead and Buffalo. I think he died in the 1860s because I find him on the 1860 census in Buffalo, NY, but on the 1870 census Susannah is living with her brother William.
2/1. William Cheesman Armstrong (picture with Eliza on file)

b. 28/8/1830 N. Hempstead, Queens. M. Eliza Watt,

3/1. George William Armstrong, b 4/3/1865, Buffalo.

Picture on file.
Died Canton, Fulton Co, Ill, June 1950.
Married Maggie (nee Dust) West, 22/8/1898, Clark Co, Missouri.
Funeral services for George W. Armstrong, 735 Maple St, who died early this morning in Graham hospital following five years of illness, will be conducted Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Murphy Memorial home.
Born March 4 1865 in Buffalo, N.Y., a son of William and Eliza (Watt) Armstrong, he was marred Aug 22, 1898 in Clark County, Mo., to Maggie D. West, who survives.
Other survivors are a son, Alva Armstrong of Decatur: a step son, Clarence E. West at hoem; and a granddaughter, Mrs William Burdick of Decatur. A brother and two sisters preceded him in death.
He had been a resident of Canton for 40 years, was a retired coal miner and was a member of the Eagles lodge.
Burial will be in Greenwood cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home.
4/1. William Alva Armstrong,

Born 19/2/1900 Sherrard, Mercer Co., Illinois, Died March 24, 1983 in Macomb, McDonough Co., Illinois.  Eloise survives.
Married Eloise Willis, 16/10/1948, Havana, Mason Co., Illinois.
William Alva lived in Canton, Fulton Co., Illinois from childhoon until about age 37.  He was a Coal miner.  In about 1937 he, along with Annie and Helen, moved to Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois where he worked for Prudential Ins. as an agent.

5/1. Carelin Dell Armstrong

born on October 22, 1950 in Decatur, Macon Co., Illinois. M. Mr Smith.

WAA married 1st Annie Houldsworth (now deceased).  They married in 1922 in Canton, Fulton Co. Illinois. They had one daughter Helen Louise, born October 2, 1924 in Canton. She married William Louis Burdick (deceased 2003) in June 1947 in Decatur, Illinois.

3/2. Elsie H. Armstrong (1856 - 1887),
3/3. Charles A. Armstrong (1857 - 1910),
3/4. Nellie E. Armstrong (1862 - 1916).

1/5. William Poole Cheesman, b 30/1/1805, d bef 22/10/1880

From Ancestry.com, died 1 Oct 1880 – this is by no means substantiated! (05/2012)
Another old and highly-respected citizen, Mr Wm. Cheesman, has passed away, his death having occurred yesterday at his residence No. 48 Court Street. He was a resident of Buffalo for over half a century. William Cheesman was born in North Hempstead, Queens County, L.I., in January 1805, his parents being farmers. His first occupation in settled business was in the crockery store of his elder brother, in the firm of Weeks and Cheesman, Water Street, New York. At the age of 21 (in 1826), before the opening of the Erie Canal, which he witnessed, he came to this place, then a village, to reside, and took a position in the branch store of Weeks and Cheesman, on Main Street, afterwards the firm of Poole and Cheesman, where he remained in successful business life, until the general breakdown of 1837. That disaster swept form him his all, as it did in the case of so many others.
His next start in business was the carrying on of a small livery stable, in 1842, on Main Street, opposite the old American Hotel, and many of our older citizens will remember William Cheesman as the genial companion who boarded with them in that, then finest hotel in the Western regions.
In 1844 her removed to the larger stable on Pearl Street, built by Edward Stevenson, and in it he remained. After 1850, the firm became Cheesman and Dodge, Mr. Dodge being his nephew. In 1868 Mr. C. sold out and retired from active business.
And now, after 54 years' residence, having come to Buffalo when its business was small, its stores and residences few and scattered, its streets knee deep in mud, and a large portion of those who walked them were Indians; after having lived among the people until the Indians disappeared, the stores and residences dozens of times quadrupled - as are its people and wealth - and spread over a large territory; its streets lengthened and paved to an aggregate approximating to a hundred miles, with broad avenues, boulevards and spacious parks; while the most of his associate pioneers have gone to honoured graves, he also takes his place among them in our beautiful suburban "city of the dead".
Mr. Cheesman was a most genial gentleman; possessed of great kindness of heart, strict honesty, and integrity of purpose, it was no wonder that he endeared himself to all who knew him. He never married, but leaves four nephews: Rushmore Poole, his old associate in business, Hampton Dodge, and Cheesman Dodge, and Joseph Armstrong; also a sister, Mrs Luson Armstrong, and her family, of whom Joseph is one, in this city.
The funeral is to take place from No. 48 Court Street, tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon at 2.30 o'clock.




14.              JAMES POOLE

AM/09/33 HP32

Born: 14/7/1728, Jamaica NY
Parents: Pierce & Mary (Lawrence?) Poole
Died: 4/5/1804

Original extract in the NYG&BR Vol 19, p 11 checked.

   HP makes no direct statement of the marriage of JP (son of and father of the Pierce's).
     The second extract quoted on HP40 talks of Hannah as the daughter of John Rushmore, and John is quoted as the son of Thomas on HP54, and is given as our direct ancestor. It is notable that in this extract, Hannah surname is still Rushmore in 1775, but that Pierce and Elizabeth are already married.
     The IGI (NY) on P39,034 (1992) shows a marriage between James Poole and a Mary Langdon on 4/12/1748. This also looks a likely candidate for our ancestor, maybe a first marriage of JP.
     John Rushmore must have been born before 1683 (father's death): a Hannah R is shown in IGI to be born in 1716: this is a plausible date for our Hannah. It would be expected that JP would be born about the same time.
     The IGI NY shows James P marrying Mary Langdon (P39,034 1992) in 1740 in Nassau, Hempstead. This is also a possibility for our ancestor.
     HP and the IGI both quote a marriage for a Pierce P to Sarah Pierce in 1740 in Nassau.
     If Pierce (2) was married about 1772, he cannot have been born later than 1752, and his father not later than 1732 who cannot therefore have been the product of the marriage of Pierce (1) and Sarah in 1740. Solomon P, who married Laetitia Jackson in 1766 (8 Sept 1766 from NY Marriages index), could easily have been the product of this, a second marriage. Solomon's children all appear to be younger than the other branches of the same generation.
     The best guess is that JP was born of a first marriage of Pierce P and an unknown, and that Solomon was the product of a second marriage to Sarah Pierce. JP probably then produced Pierce (2), by Hannah Rushmore, either in or out of wedlock.


15.              HANNAH RUSHMORE

Born: 1724
Parents: John & Mary (Carman) Rushmore
Died: 1/11/1809
1/1. Pierce Poole
1/2. Mary Poole.


16.              JOHN RUSHMORE

AM/09/35  HP34
Born: abt 1725
Parents: John & Mary (Carman) Rushmore
Died: 10/7/1759


17.              PHILENA SMITH

Born: 1729
Parents: Jonathan & Elizabeth Smith
Issue (inter alia):
1/1. Elizabeth Rushmore.

18.              JOSEPH CHEESMAN

AM/09/37 (FJ27-G4)


Born:  5 Nov 1715 @ Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York.
Parents: Ephraim Cheesman & Esther Cheesman or Sarah Haight.
Died: abt Apr 1772.
Married: 1738.

19.              SARAH BADGLEY


Born: Abt 1720/1721 @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Parents: Anthony Badgley & Phebe Haight
1/1.  Mary Cheesman (FJ2C-7G)

Born: Abt 1740     @ Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
Married: Isaac Lawrence (FJ2S-Z2) 1761

1/2. Phebe Cheesman (FJ2C-8M)

Born: Abt 1742     @ Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
Married: William Hutton (FJ2T-06)

1/3. Sarah Cheesman (FJ2C-9S)

Born: Abt 1744      Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
Married: Fordham Burtis (FJ2T-1C) 20 Feb 1765

1/4. Joseph Cheesman (FJ2C-B0)

Born: Abt 1746     @ Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
Married: Elizabeth Crawford (FJ2T-2J)

1/5. Anthony Cheesman (FJ2C-C5)

Born: Abt 1755     @ Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
IGI: Chr: 5 Mar 1762 St Georges, Hempstead, Nassau, NY.
Married: Hannah Smith (FJ2T-3P) 17 Dec 1780

1/6. Richard Cheesman (FJ2C-DB)

IGI: Chr: 5 Mar 1762 St Georges, Hempstead, Nassau, NY.

1/7. Elizabeth Cheesman (B7QB-2S)

Born:  6 Jul 1756  @ Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
IGI: Chr: 5 Mar 1762 St Georges, Hempstead, Nassau, NY.
Died:  2 Sep 1798  @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Married: Philip Thorn (B7QB-1M) 18 Apr 1779

1/8. Samuel Cheesman (FJ2C-FH)

Born: Abt 1760     @ Cows Neck, Hampstead, New York
IGI: Chr: 5 Mar 1762 St Georges, Hempstead, Nassau, NY.


20.              GEORGE WEEKS - 1732

AM9/39 HP38

Born: 5/10/1732
Parents: Thomas & Sarah (Townsend) Weeks - HP
Died: 22/6/1797
Married 20/2/1750 (HP)
George Marriage to Sarah Hall entries IGI:
  20 Feb 1750  Nassau, New York
  14 Feb 1758 Albany, Albany, New York
  14 Feb 1758 New York, New York, New York
  20 Feb 1758 Hempstead, Nassau, New York

21.              SARAH HALL - 1732

Born: 25 Aug 1732, Wallingford, New Haven, Connecticut
Parents: Joseph & Elizabeth (Richmond) Hall
         Benjamin & Phebe (Llewellin) Hall (HP)
Died: 4/9/1822

Sarah HALL B: 8 Oct 1732
Father: Joseph HALL   Mother: Elizabeth RICHMOND
 Tiverton, Rhode Island

Sarah HALL B: 8 Sep 1732
Father: Joseph HALL    Mother: Elizabeth
South Kingston, Washington, Rhode I.

Children of George Weeks & Sarah Hall, Hempstead, Nassau, NY. (IGI)

1/1. Thomas Weekes, born 13 Nov 1758
1/2. Sarah Weekes, born 2 Dec 1761
1/3. Elizabeth Weekes, born 3 Mar 1764
1/4. William Weekes, born 13 Oct 1765
1/5. Mary Weekes, born 4 Mar 1767
1/6. John Weekes, born 19 Sep 1768
1/7. George Weekes, born 31 Jan 1770
1/9. Richard Weeks, born 28/12/1773,

Died 11/1838, bur Old Hempstead.
Married Rebecca Smith, died 19/8/1866, bur Old Hempstead




22.              PIERCE POOLE

AM/10/65 HP64

Born: abt 1705
Parents: William Poole
Died: 1775, Hempstead, LI.

From HP064:
   Pierce Poole, according to our family bibles, was born about 1709, (probably as early as 1700), and died at Hempstead, L.I., in 1775, place of birth not known. The name Pierce is spelled in various documents as Pearce, Pearse, Pierssey, Percy, Pearcy, and Pars: our family bible spelled it Pearce, but Pierce seems to be the most common spelling. Our family records state he was an Englishman by birth, the father of James Poole: that he lived in Jerusalem, L.I., and that he bought the old Poole place at North Side, L.I., where he and his son James lived their whole lives.
    I can find no actual record of the names of his parents, but from the records of Brookhaven, L.I., its proximity to Hempstead, and the name William, the third son of Pierce Poole, it is probable that Pierce was the son of William Poole of Brookhaven. See what I have written under Subject 128. Hempstead Town Records prove that Pierce Poole lived there from 1721-2 to 1769 as follows:-  Vol 3, p 164 states that "Pierssey Poole, his earmark is a happeny aforesaid each ear, and a nick in each hapenny, entered this 12th day of October 1736, by me, Micah Clark". In the will of Samuel Thurston of Jamaica, L.I., dated January 25/1721-2, Percy Pool signed as a witness. On November 5/1769, Percy and his sons James and Solomon, signed a road petition.

Married: (1) Mary Lawrence? (2) Sarah Pierce
Issue by Sarah Pierce:
1/5. William Poole, M. Mary Langdon, dau of Ezekiel Langdon.

2/1. Pierce Poole, b. 31/1/1780,
   bur Old Hempstead, 27/3/1808.

Issue by Mary Lawrence:
1/1. James Poole, b. 14/7/1728
1/2. Solomon Poole - many issue - See below.

HAP, abreviated, (HAP64aP1): (full text)
Solomon Poole's birth and death dates are not known, but he was probably born between 1730 and 1735 at Hempstead, and died at Morrisania, (now called Fordham) in Westchester County, New York.
Solomon married at Hempstead, on September 8/1766, Letitia Jackson
Issue:- (taken from his will, so may not be in proper order)
2/1. Townsend Poole.

...birth as 1769 at Hempstead, L.I., and his death at Fordham on October 27/1852, over 83 years of age. He married at Trinity Church, New York, on 1 September 26/1789, Euphemia (Effy) Devoe, born at Fordham in 1772, died there November 3/1852, seventh child of John and Maria (De Bevoise) De Voe,
Issue:- (from Records of the Dutch Reformed Church, Fordham)
3/1. Solomon Poole, born at Fordham, January 11/1790,

died at Tremont, (Bronx) N.Y., May 4/1858.  He married at Fordham, on December 3/1823, his cousin, Deborah Corsa, born at Morrisania in 1798, died at Tremont, N.Y., January 30/1862, daughter of Andrew and Mary (Poole) Corsa, see page 6.
Issue:- (from the Dutch Reformed Church, Fordham, records)
4/1. Townsend Poole, born at Fordham, April 7/1826,

date of death unknown. He married at Eastchester, N.Y., on November 20/1856, his cousin, Mary Ann Weeks, daughter of John and Melicent (Poole) Weeks. I haven't discovered her birth and death dates, nor the names of their children.

2/2. Jackson Poole, m Mary Eleanor Corsa,

son Isaac, dau Ida Maria, dau Sara L'Hommedieu m. Floyd Trafford Gould, father Ora Bancroft Gould:

Phyllis C. Stehm (Oct 2002).
Ora Bancroft Gould was born ca 1860 in Walworth, Wayne Co., NY, the son of Joseph Gould (1819-1896) and Julia T. Bancroft (ca 1823-1876). Joseph and Julia are buried in the Gould Cemetery, which can be viewed on the Wayne Co.GenWeb site. Julia is a descendant of Stephen Bancroft Jr.(also buried Gould Cem.) and a long line of Bancrofts back to the 1700's in early America. Joseph Gould is the son of Daniel Gould who originally came from Connecticut to Walworth and is also buried in the Gould Cemetery(named after him).  Joseph Gould's will is posted on the Wayne Co. GenWeb site. Joseph and Julia's other children were Marquis D. who lived in New York City area and was a lawyer, R.D. Gould, buried Gould Cem. Mercy M. Gould Peacock, also buried Gould Cem. Mercy Peacock was the administrix of her fathers' will in 1896.

3/1. Isaac Poole m. Sarah Ann Valentine

4/1. Amanda Poole, m. Theron Robinson

5/1. Isaac Poole Robinson

m. Maria Anderson Fowler, dau of Benjamin Fowler & Ellen Maria Bennem. This line connects with Rachel Evans  rokki - bellsouth.net


The AF has a line from his son Townsend. - See end of this paper.

Patricia Finn Morris Information, 22/12/2001:

… from a family bible owned Louis Millicent Poole. The bible originally belonged to Solomon and Deborah (Corsa) Poole. We also own oil portraits of Solomon and Deborah (or "Sol and Debbie") painted c. 1855. Deborah Corsa's father, Andrew Corsa, was a hero of the American Revolution, having served Generals Washington and Lafayette as the youngest of the "Westchester (county) Scouts". One source relates an anecdote describing him running away from distant British gunfire, only to ride back shamefacedly to his companions who knew there was no immediate danger.

Solomon Poole
b. 11 Jan 1790, Fordham, Westchester Cy, NY
d. 4 May 1858, Tremont, Bronx, NY
& Deborah Corsa m. 3 Dec 1823, Fordham, NY
b. 9 Apr 1798, Fordham, Westchester Cy, NY d. 7 Jan 1862, NY?
4/1. Townsend Poole b. 7 Mar 1826, NY

d. 21 Jul 1904, Porter Station, Newcastle Cy, DE
M. Mary Ann Weeks b. 7 Aug 1832, NY
d. 3 Jun 1898, Christiana, Newcastle Cy, DE
m. 12 Nov 1856, Greenville, Westchester Cy, NY
5/1. Solomon Edgar Poole b. 28 Feb 1858, NY d. 27 Jul 1927, DE
5/2. Sarah Augusta Poole b. 23 Mar 1860, NY d. 9 Apr 1935, DE
5/3. Mary Amanda Poole b. 22 May 1863, S. Fordham, Westchester Cy, NY d. Newcastle Cy, DE
5/4. Henry Clay Poole b. 16 Sep 1865, Fordham, Westchester Cy,

d. 24 Jan 1946, Chester, Delaware Cy, PA
M. Louisa Atmore Fowler b. 8 Sep 1872, Wilmington, Newcastle, DE d. 25 Dec 1940, Eddystone, Delaware Cy, PA. m. 29 Oct 1892, Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD
6/1. infant Poole b & d. 21 Sep 1893, Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD
6/2. Henry Alan Poole b. 5 Dec 1894, Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD

d. 16 Aug 1969, Philadelphia, PA
M. Ella L. McMahon 1939.

6/3. Louisa Millicent Poole b. 27 Aug 1896,

Elkton Cecil Cy MD. d. 10 Jan 1968, Carneys Point, Salem Cy, NJ M. John Franklin Finn b. 25 Oct 1893, Principio Furnace Cecil Cy MD d. 17 Aug 1974, Salem NJ. m. 23 Jun 1917, Linwood ,Delaware Cy, PA
7/1. John  Alan Finn

b. 17 Mar 1919, Elkton, Cecil Cty, MD, M. Louise Ann McConnell, 17 Jun 1950,  Penns Grove NJ. b. 3 Apr 1928, Carneys Point, Salem County, NJ.

7/2. Catherine Ann Finn

b. 24 Jan 1953, Richland, Benton Cy, WA
m. 22 Jun 1974, Naperville, IL5/1. Neal Christopher Worstell, b. 3 Aug 1977, Naperville, Du Page Cy,IL

7/3. Mary Ellen Finn,

b. 19 May 1954, Richland, Benton Cy, WA, m. Santo Molina 5 Jul 1975, Naperville, IL

7/4. Patricia Louise Finn

b. 13 Jun 1955, Richland, Benton Cy, M. Gregory Scott Morris b. 10 Mar 1952, Aurora, Kane Cy, IL. m. 23 Feb 1985, DeKalb, IL
1/2002: both resident in DeKalb Ill, Gregory a Supervisor of audio/visual department at the University Northern Illinois, and Patricia as an actress.

7/5. Elizabeth Jean Finn

b. 10 Jun 1956, Richland, Benton Cy, M. Stuart M Dziura  m. 28 Feb 1961, Fulshear, TX
8/1. Meagan Elizabeth Dziura b. 14 Jan 1987, Houston,
8/2. Sarah Louise Dziura b. 11 Sep 1988, Houston, TX
8/3. Thomas Michael Dziura b. 5 May 1992, Fairfax, VA

7/6. John Michael Finn b. 29 Sep 1960,

LaGrange, Cook Cy, IL.  M. Jeanine Ellen Lubbers b. 4 Nov 1970, Columbia, MO, m. 29 Jun 1996, Urbana, IL

7/7. Jeanne Winifred Finn b. 30 Jan 1921, Linwood,
   Delaware Cy,

7/8. Sandra Antoinette Finn, b. 20 Jan 1938, Carneys
   Point, Salem Cy, NJ

6/4. Walter Townsend Poole b. 28 Jan 1901,

Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD. d. 18 Dec 1901, Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD

6/5. Florence Irene Poole b. 18 Jan 1903,

Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD. d. 1986, Philadelphia PA.  M. Jacobus Vandenbergh

6/6. Mary Augusta Poole b. 29 May 1907,

Elkton, Cecil Cy, MD, d. 12 May 1936.  M. William Jacobs

4/2. Martha Poole b. 1828, NY?
4/3. infant Poole b. 1833, NY?
4/4. Deborah Poole b. 1835, NY?


23.              JOHN RUSHMORE

AM/10/67  HP66

Born: abt 1696
Parents: Thomas & Sarah (Hicks) Rushmore


24.              MARY CARMAN

Born: abt 1707
Parents: Caleb & Margaret Carman

Issue (inter alia):
1/1. Hannah Rushmore, 1724, married James Poole
1/2. John Rushmore, 1725, married Philena Smith.
1/3. Thomas Rushmore, b  abt 1727, d 1792

2/1. William Rushmore, b 14/10/1744

died Nov. 26, 1838, in his 88th yr. [Will proved* February, 13, 1839, Queens County, Liber 2, p. 631]

Internet Site, 10/2002: Our line continues from Hannah, the sites finish with Hannah marrying James Poole.
…born Abt. 1696, and died Aft. 1753.  He married Mary Carman, daughter of Caleb Carman and Margaret Unknown. Religion: Not a Quaker.

Children of John Rushmore and Mary Carman are:
i.  Thomas5 Rushmore, b. Bet. 1726 - 1728; d. 1792.
ii.  Carman Rushmore, b. Abt. 1725; d. October 30, 1812,

Hempstead, Long Island, New York;
m. (1) Hannah Bedell, Bef. 1760; b. Abt. 1729; d. October 30, 1812;
m. (2) Hannah Raynor, September 22, 1760; b. 1729; d. October 30, 1812. Burial: Buried in Hempstead Town Cemetery

1: Both died on Oct. 30, 1812.  Carman in his 88th year of age and Hannah in her 84th year of age.
2: Carman's will proved Queens County, New York Nov. 19, 1812 Liber C,

More About Carman Rushmore and Hannah Badell:
Marriage: Bef. 1760
More About Carman Rushmore and Hannah Raynor:
Marriage: September 22, 1760

iii.  John Rushmore, b. Bet. 1725 - 1727; d. July 10, 1759;

m. Philena Smith, May 8, 1749. Marriage: May 8, 1749

iv.  Martha Rushmore.
v.  Phebe Rushmore.
vi.  Abigail Rushmore.
vii.  Hannah Rushmore, b. 1724; d. November 1, 1809;

m. James Poole; b. Abt. July 14, 1728; d. May 5, 1804.


25.              JONATHAN SMITH

AM10/71 (FJ27-DR)

Born: Abt 1672
Parents: Jonathan & Grace (Mott) Smith
Married: Elizabeth
1/1. Philena Smith, 1729.


26.              EPHRAIM CHEESMAN

AM10/73 (FJ27-DR)

Born: Abt 1683 @ Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York
Parents: Thomas Cheesman & Margaret Valentine

AF: ESTHER Cheesman (FJ27-FX)
HAP: Sarah Haight
Born: Abt 1687 @ Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York
1/1. Joseph Cheesman (FJ27-G4)


27.              ANTHONY BADGLEY

AM10/75 (1VTK-LT)

Born: 1695 @ Of Flushing, Queens, NY
Died:  3 Apr 1732  @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Parents: Anthony & Elizabeth (Thorne) Badgley

Married: 12 Nov 1719 @ Flushing, Queens, New York

AF: Phebe Haight (FJ27-6Q) (BHDZ-H6) (8MH6-JP)
HAP: Phebe Hoyt.

Born: 12 Nov 1701  @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Died: 20 Jan 1731
Parents: Samuel Haight & Sarah Noble
Issue (ref AF):
1/1. Sarah Badgley (FJ27-7W)
1/2. Anthony Badgley (FJ27-83)

Born: Abt 1722     @ Salt Point, New York
Died: 10 Oct 1810  @ Clinton, Dutchess, NY
Married: Sarah  (FJ2T-FF)

1/3. Samuel Badgley (FJ27-98)

Born: Abt 1723 , Dutchess, New York
Married: Elizabeth Tobias (GSQL-KS)

1/4. Elizabeth Badgley (FJ27-BF)
   Born: Abt 1724, Dutchess, New York
1/5. Stephen Badgley (FJ27-CL)
   Born: Abt 1726 @ Flushing, Queens, New York


28.              THOMAS WEEKS

AM10/77 HP76

Born: 4/6/1684
Parents: Thomas & Isabella (Harcourt) Weeks - AF & HP
Died: 1761


29.              SARAH TOWNSEND


Born: 14/5/1685, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY.  (IGI & HP)
Parents: George & Mary (Hawkshurst) Townsend - HP
Died: 1759
Issue of Thomas Weeks & Sarah Townsend, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY (IGI)
1/1. Thomas Weeks, born: 11 Nov 1713
1/2. Ezekiel Weeks, born: 27 Jul 1715
1/3. Mary Weeks, born: 9 Oct 1717
1/4. Richard Weeks, born: 13 Aug 1719
1/5. George Weeks, born: 5 Oct 1732


30.              BENJAMIN HALL

AM10/79 HP78

Died: abt 1792.
Married: 9/7/1727 PHEBE LEWELLIN

1/1. Sarah Hall, abt 1732.

Other issue: Phebe, Mary, Hannah & Catherine

IGI Information: John Hall born about 1605, Newport R.I.  His son, Henry born 1637, Washington, Westerly of, R.I.  His son, James born abt 1665-1675, Washington, Westerly of.  He married Sarah Babcock at Westerly, abt 1692: F516520 0002 Their son, Joseph born 8/7/1703 at Westerly: C502011 2232 Also James born 17/9/1701, same parents: a brother?  Joseph married Elizabeth Richmond 11/11/1731 at Washington, St Kingston, (8401903-60).  Sarah Hall born 8/9/1732, Washington RI (Joseph/Elizabeth) Sarah Hall born 8/10/1732 Tiverton (Joseph Hall/Elizabeth Richmond).  These last are probably the same person.

James Babcock born 1612, Newport RI.  James married Sarah Brown 1640.
Their son, James born 1641, Newport James married Jane Brown 1663 Newport RI.  Sarah Babcock born 1666-69, Washington, Westerly of.

Nicholas Brown born 1600, Newport, Portsmouth of.  He married Francis Parker 1637, Newport, Portsmouth of.  Jane Brown, their daughter, born 1645, Newport, Portsmouth.

Francis Parker born 1604 Newport, Portsmouth of F822441 0022.

An Elizabeth Richmond born 1707, Newport, Little Compton.




31.              PIERCE POOLE

AM/11/129 HP128

1/1. Pierce Poole, b. abt 1705.

Date:  Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:40:59 -0500
    If this inquiry is a bother, please just delete. Your site peeked my interest because of the Borden line from Headcorn. We are descended from that line as are many millions of other Americans. It's well documented however I have had this nagging impression for years that the Borden of Headcorn and the Boorman of Headcorn are actually the same family.
    I suspect that the surname of Borden was a result of Quakerism. I can't prove this of course as I am not privy to the church records if any exist. I have searched for earlier wills from Headcorn but to no avail.
    I find it interesting that you quote from Herbert Armstrong Poole, as the Poole family of Kent is connected to the Boorman family by marriage. In particular a rogue named Anthony Poole who literally threw his first wife and children out on the street. I would love to find that man in a genealogy file just to satisfy myself that he died a horrid death. He would have died in the early 17th century.
    Any connection you can lead me to as a connection between the Borden family and the Boorman family would be appreciated.

Yours,  Patty Sullivan


32.              THOMAS RUSHMORE abt 1655

AM/11/133  HP132

Born: abt 1655
Parents: Thomas & Martha (Hicks) Rushmore.

Internet site, 10/2002:

was born Bet. 1650 - 1660 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York, and died Bef. 1733. He married Sarah Hicks Bet. 1693 - 1695, daughter of Thomas Hicks and Mary Doughty.  She was born 1672 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York, and died Bef. 1723.
Census: 1698, The Hempstead Census of 1698 taken August 31, 1698 lists Thomas, Sarah, An, Martha, Thomas, and John on the same page as communicated by Edw. Doubleday Harris.

1: Some genealogies also include daughters Sarah, Ann and Martha, but others don't.
2: 1665, Ensign in the militia.  Those days ensigns were appointed at 16 years of age.

Children of Thomas Rushmore and Sarah Hicks are:
i.  Thomas Rushmore, b. Bet. 1693 - 1696, Of, Hempstead, Long Island, Nassau Co., New York; d. Abt. 1753, Hempstead, Long Island, New York.
ii.  John Rushmore, b. Abt. 1696; d. Aft. 1753.
iii.  Martha Rushmore, b. Abt. 1697.
iv.  Ann Rushmore, b. Abt. 1698.

Werner says Thomas Rushmore married, (about 1693-1695), Sarah ---, date of birth unknown, said to have died about 1723, probably earlier. Thomas and Sarah's names were bracketed in the Hempstead Census of 1698. Some genealogies say that Thomas' wife Sarah, was the daughter of Thomas and his second wife Mary (Doughty) Hicks, who were married in 1676, see subject 266, but neither Thomas Hicks' will of 1728, nor the Hicks Genealogy by Benjamin D. Hicks, mention any daughter Sarah. It might be possible that Thomas Hicks' will of 1728 failed to mention her, if she died before he made his will. However I carry on the Hicks line

33.              SARAH HICKS

Parents: Thomas & Mary (Butler) Hicks

Kathleen Everitt has (see under Thomas Hicks):
2. Richard Everitt Jr. b. 1644/5 in  Springfield, MA
m. 6-10-1713 to Sarah (Hicks) widow of  Thomas Rushmore (a sister to Elizabeth above) d.  1722 in Jamaica, Long Island

1/1. John Rushmore, abt 1696.
1/2. Thomas Rushmore, abt 1694-1753:

line from him to Marcia Van Der Berg, source also “Cullen” in Family Tree Maker – addresses lost!.
M. Anneke Hendrickson.
2/1. Silas Rushmore, 20/7/1727-1810, M. Phebe Titus, 3/2/1753

HAP has some of Silas’s issue, but the line continues from him to Marcia Van Der Berg, source also “Cullen” in Family Tree Maker – addresses lost!.

3/1. Samuel Rushmore, 14/3/1761-1792, M Mary Darin, b 1761.

4/1. Peter Rushmore, b 29/6/1783-9/7/1855

M 24/8/1807 NY, Amelia Wyatt, 15/3/1791-6/1/1871
5/1. John W Rushmore 20/4/1814

M Mary Ann Smith, 6/7/1809-12/12/1874
6/1. John P. Rushmore, 8/3/1840-20/12/1920

M. 25/12/1865, Ellen Philena Kilbourn

7/1. Edgar David Rushmore, 26/12/1866-6/9/1934

8/1. Maxine Charlotte Rushmore, 27/4/1912-

7/1/1982, M. 28/4/1927, Carl Robert Tarnow, 18/10/1907-7/1/1982.
9/1. Gail Rushmore mother of Marcia Rushmore, who m Mr Van Den Berg, info via email, date unknown.

8/2. Ethel Rushmore, M Herbert Tarrow.

6/2. Charles M. Rushmore, 1849

(ref Sharon (Heneger) Miller, 6/08)
M. Jeanette Loree
7/2. Nellie May Rushmore,

b. Sep. 6, 1876 (Newaygo Co., Michigan)

d. Nov. 13, 1951 (Paris, Michigan)

m. Sep. 5, 1893 William G. Hurst b. Aug. 20, 1873 d. Feb 13, 1952 (son of William Hurst & Julia Griffin)  Morely, Mecosta County, Michigan, Witnesses:  Leroy Rushmore & Louise McDonald, Officiant B. Wm. Goosens, Catholic Priest, Source:  Mecosta County Records (Marriage, Book A2, Page 80, Record 1188)

Cause of Death:  Acute Cerebral Hemorrhage  Antecedent Causes: Chronic Cholecystitis Dilatation  Due to: Chronic Lupertun  Sugnificant Conds.:  Chronic Nephritis

Buried By:  J.W. Livingston at Reed City Michigan, Burial At:  St. Anne's Cemetary on Nov. 16, 1951, Doctor:  Paul D. Kilmer, Source:  Mecosta County Records (Death, book H, Page 597)
8/1. Charles LeRoy Hurst b. March 3, 1894 (MI) d. July 17, 1972
8/2. Julia Hurst b. 1896 d. 1952 (married Babcock)
8/3. Jennett b. Nov. 14, 1898 d. Feb. 1984

m. William Coe (son of Wm. Coe and Mary Ann Brown) Sept. 30, 1919, Paris, Mi. Witnesses:  John Cavanaugh & Melinda Hurst, Officiant:  J. Felix Vogt, Pastor, Source:  Mecosta County Records (Marriage, Book B-2, Page 74, Record 5954)

8/4. Maggie b. June 8, 1899

8/5. William Francis Hurst b. 1901 d. 1977

(bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery Big Rapids MI)
m. Mary Whalen (daughter of Peter & Mary Whalen) b. 1904 Canada, d. Feb 26, 1951 (Wayne Co., MI)  (buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery Big Rapids, MI) April 20, 1921
m. Ethelina Bezeau b. Jan. 26, 1902 d. March 1993 (Wayne Co. MI) (Source SSDI)
Issue of William Francis and Mary (Whalen) Hurst:
9/1. Daniel 1925-1995 (Wayne Co, MI)

m. Edna? b. 1928 d. 1987 (Garden City, Wayne, MI) (Source SSDI)

9/2. Ellen b. 1927  d.1992 (Wayne Co, MI)

m. Paul Plante b. 1928 d. 1960

9/3.    *Living Hurst m. William (Nip)

Moltrup b. 1926 d. 1983 (Wayne Co, MI)

9/4 & /5. *Living Hurst
9/6. Patricia Hurst b. 1936  d.1991 (Wayne Co, MI)
9/7. Julia Catherine Hurst   b. 1937

d. 1990 (Osceola Co., MI) Buried St. Anne's Cemetery Paris, MI
m. 1955 Albert Thomas Henegar b. 1935  d. May 2, 1991 (Osceola Co., MI) Buried St. Anne's Cemetery Paris, MI
5 Children, 12 grand children and 1 g/grandchild
Includes Sharon (Henegar) Miller, born 1965, who supplied this line.
10/1. b. 1959 m. 1980  Living Grossbauer b. 1955, 2 ch b. 1985&92.

10/2. b. 1961 m. 1979  Boyce, 1 ch, Boyce b. 1980, g-ch Jordan b. 2000 *Not married to Jordan mother

Boroff b. 1983 *Not married to Boroff Father. m. 1989 Flagg  b. 1962, Flagg b. 1990, Flagg b. 1992
10/3. Christopher Thomas Henegar b. 1963 d. Feb. 25, 2005 (Osceola Co., MI) Buried St. Anne's Cemetery Paris, MI, m.1982   Living Whalen, Sharp
Living Sharp *Note:  Children were adopted by "Sharp" Step-Father, m. Living Poore,
Living Henegar b. 1989,
Living Logan-Henegar b. 1992 *Not married to Logan Mother,
10/4. Sharon Henegar b. 1965, m.1997 Miller b. 1970.
Miller b. 1996, Miller b. 1997, Miller b. 1999
10/5. Henegar b. 1967

8/6. John W. (Bingo) Hurst b. 1903 d. 1979

(buried at St. Anne's Cemetery Paris, MI) d. May 14, 1979 (Big Rapids, Michigan)

8/7. Martin G. Hurst b. July 15, 1908

d. Nov. 26, 1910 (Green Twp. Mecosta Co., Michigan) Age:  2 yrs, 4 mo., 10 days

8/8. Mary Elizabeth Hurst 4/3/1912-1986

  m. Edison (Ed) Russell (son of R.H. Russell & Sarah Wood) May 14, 1932

8/9. Marjorie Ellen Hurst b. Nov. 14, 1914

d. March 5, 2005 (Houghton Co., MI)
m. Sanford "Sandy" Diamond b. 1909 d. 1986 (Houghton Co. MI) (Source SSDI)

8/10. Martin Hurst b. Aug 15, 1921

d. Jan. 1968 (Source SSDI)

5/2. Amelia Mary Rushmore, 27/1/1809
5/3. Samuel Rushmore, 3/11/1811.

4/2. Silas Rushmore


34.              CALEB CARMAN

AM/11/135  HP134

Born: abt 1682 (1684 ref Ray Justus)
Parents: Caleb & Hannah (Seaman) Carman.
Died: 1745
Married: 1704 Margaret ???
1/1. Mary Carman, abt 1707.


The descent of Mary Carman in the following does not agree with HAP and looks unlikely from a date and age viewpoint.
AM Aug 2007.

In the name of God, Amen. I, CALEB CARMAN, of Hempstead in Queens County, being of perfect mind. I leave to my wife Margaret, one negro wench, and the use of 1/2 my lands and estate for life, and 1/2 my moveable estate. I leave to my son Caleb, one cow and calf, and 1/4 of my undivided lands and rights on the Great Plains. I leave to my son John 1/4 of the same, and to my son Silas also 1/4. I leave to my daughters Hannah and Margaret each 1/8 of my movable estate, except as above. I leave to my son Joseph my dwelling house, and all my land and meadow in Hempstead, and he is to pay all my debts. I leave to my daughters Phebe and Mary, 1/8 of my movable estate. I make my wife and my son John executors. January 3, 1744/5. Witnesses, John Rushmore, Charles Peters. Proved, April 1, 1746 - Abstracts of Wills Vol IV 1744-1753, page 529, The New York Historical Society, 1895.

Caleb is listed in the Company of Captain John Carpenter's Militia, at Jamaica, New York in 1715. He recorded his stock mark in 1707 which was a swallow fork in the right ear and a halfpenny the foreside of the left ear (HTR 2:238). He received in his father's will "...I leave to my son Calop, the land which he now lives on, lying by the Plain Edge, near the Great meadow. And the meadow lying at the East meadow." This was a parcel of about 50 acres according to town records.

Caleb4 Carman (Caleb3, John2, John1) was born 1684 in Hempstead, Queens, New York and died in March 1745/46.  Caleb was married twice. First to a woman named Ann who was born about 1679 and died about 1713. He married second, Margaret Valentine, daughter of William and Abigail Valentine.

Children of Caleb and Ann (______) Carman:
Caleb Carman
John Carman
Silas Carman
Benjamin Carman - born about 1711 and probably died before 1745 as he is not mentioned in his father's will.
Hannah Carman

Children of Caleb and Margaret (Valentine) Carman:
Margaret Carman
Phebe Carman
Mary Ann Carman
Joseph Carman

The following does not agree with HAP and looks unlikely from dates:

MarAnn5, Caleb4:
Mary Ann5 Carman (Caleb4, Caleb3, John2, John1) was born in 1720 in Hempstead, Queens County, New York; Baptized 10 October 1756 at St George's Church, Hempstead, Queens County, New York; died 24 October 1821 in Kings County, New Brunswick; and is buried in Bayview Cemetery, Spragg's Point, New Brunswick. She married 31 October 1752 at St George's Church, Hempstead, Queens County, New York to Thomas Spragg, born 23 February 1729/30; Christened 23 February 1729/30 (no sense in wasting time) at St George's Church, Hempstead, Queens County, New York; died 22 February 1812 at Springfield, Kings County, New Brunswick; and is buried with his wife in Bayview Cemetery, Spragg's Point, New Brunswick; son of Edward and Margret (Gritman) Spragg.

When the American Revolution started, Thomas Spragg refused to sign the association papers to support the revolution. He was taken into custody, and later escaped. He was forced to leave his family to the hardships of the war. His farm was taken over by the revolutionaries, by a Lt. Codwis. The farm (186 1/2 acres) was later sold in a forfeitures sale ( Mar 27 1782) and the mother and children put off the farm. The same Lt. Codwis was the purchaser of the farm. Thomas Spragg with twenty-eight other men left for New York City. With these men, (that he had engaged in Dutchess Co to serve under him), he became a part of the "Rogers Corp" of the British army. Because he was a farmer, he was not given a commission by the British and he fought as a private in the war. He and these men fought as part of the successful assault on Fort Montgomery on the Hudson River. Thomas Spragg received a "ball" in his arm, which remained for as long as he lived. One of his sons was sent nearly fifty times by the British officers, into the country- side for intelligence (this would have been son Richard). At the close of the war, in 1783, all Tories had to leave the new United States. Thomas Spragg was made a captain of a company of Torie Loyalist. With his and the families of the other Tories, they moved to St. John river area, of Kings Co, New Brunswick, Canada. As a result of their adherence to the Royal cause in the American Revolution, they asked the British for aid and relief for their loses in the revolution. Thomas Spragg received a grant of land of about 2000 acres on the "Belleisle Bay" on the St. John River, in Kings Co. New Brunswick, Canada. This area was called Spragg's Grant or Spragg's Pt. It was later changed to Hatfield's Pt - "ROYAL RAIDERS OF THE TORIES OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION"

Children of Thomas and Mary Ann (Carman) Spragg:
Thomas Spragg - Christened 10 February 1756 at St George's Church, Hempstead, Queens, New York, died as an infant.
Richard Spragg
Hannah Spragg
Mary Spragg
Elizabeth Spragg
Caleb Spragg
Jane Spragg
Elijah Spragg


35.              JONATHAN SMITH

AM/11/141  HP140

Born: Bef 1650
Parents: John (Rock) & Hannah (Strickland) Smith
Died: 1724

Married: abt 1671

36.              GRACE MOTT

Born: 1653
Parents: Adam & Jane (Hewlett) Mott
1/1. Jonathan Smith.


37.              THOMAS CHEESMAN

AM11/145 (FJ2Q-CN)

Born: Abt 1645 @ Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York
Alice Eicholtz (8/2002) disproves any theory that he was born 1640 in Kingston-on-Thames, England.

Married: 1670
AF: Mary Valentine (confirmed by Alice Eicholtz) (FJ2Q-DT)
HAP: Miss Valentine
Born: Abt 1645 @ Hempstead, Nassau, New York
Parents: Richard Valentine & Deborah (or Rachel)
1/1. Ephraim Cheesman (FJ27-DR)
1/2. Richard Cheesman

(Rootsweb, The Phillips, Weber, Kirk, & Staggs families of the Pacific Northwest, 8/2007)
Birth: 9 NOV 1674 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Death: 2 SEP 1744 in Waterford Twp, Gloucester Co, NJ

Richard Cheesman was a cooper (barrel and cask maker) by trade; later, a landowner, became a miller and yeoman. He witnessed a deed at Hempstead on March 11, 1706, signing with his special mark.
Richard appears to be the same as Richard Chrisman, member of Colonel Thomas Farmer's NY Militia Regiment, in service in New Jersey in 1715; and evidently settled in Monmouth County, NJ in connection with the settlement there of his wife's sister and brother-in-law, Mary (Stringham) Hegeman and Adrian Hegeman.
On March 26, 1720, " Richard Cheesman of Monmouth County, in ye Eastern division of ye Province afores Cooper" purchased for 145 pounds from William Thorne of the County of Gloucester, yeoman, plantation where Thorne dwelt in Gloucester on both sides of the Southerly Branch of Timber Creek, " Called or known by ye name of 'Christianity'" 484 acres; witnessed by John Kay, Josiah Kay, Ambros Copland, Richard Bull . This deed cites neighbors as Thomas Thorne, George Matlack, Joseph Cooper, Thomas How, John Walker, Isaac Sharp and Abraham Porter. This represents the first recorded appearance of the Cheesman Family in Southern New Jersey.
On September 26, Richard Cheesman purchased 93 acres, in Gloucester County and Township, from Lancelot Brown for 73 pounds, " butted and bounded" by lands of William Royden, Richard Chew, and John Roe, all early Upton settlers. In the commendable custom of that day, the deed cites previous titles: "Same tract purchased by Lancelot Brown and Charity his wife, of John Brown, which said land was purchased by Chrity Wainright before her marriage with John Brown, among other lands, of Ralph Sutton, November 15, 1720."
May 28, 1728, Richard Cheesman was fellow bondsman with Ephraim Cheesman, the latter administrator of the estate of his deceased brother, William; the widow Cicely, having renounced her privilege as administratrix; Richard's identity know by his characteristic mark made to his name, a large crude R.
The will of Richard Cheesman, dated March 19, 1743, probated on September 7, 1744, indicates he was a rich man for those times. His will mentions his wife, Hannah and four sons, but as was the custom in those times, daughters were usually excluded. Hannah his wife, he gave 20 pounds per year during her life time, to be paid by the sons; and to live with son Thomas. Thomas Cheesman: to have land on south side of Cooper's Creek, in Gloucester Township, except a piece of meadow for Peter his brother. Richard Cheesman to have land on which he now lives, on the fork of Timber Creek, Gloucester Township. William Cheesman to have land on the north side of Cooper's Creek, Waterford Township. Peter Cheesman to have land where the sawmill and wharf stands, and all other lands in Gloucester County. Benjamin Cheesman was devised no land by his father's will but was named executor along with brothers Thomas and Peter. The will was witnessed by Andrew Ware, David Richman and Robert Hubs.
Father: Thomas Cheesman b: 1640 in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey,
Mother: Mary (Margaret) Valentine b: ABT 1657 in Hempstead, Long Island, NY
Marriage 1 Hannah Stringham b: 3 APR 1676 in Jamaica, Queens, NY
Married: 10 JAN 1693/94 in Long Island, NY
Thomas Cheesman b: 18 OCT 1707 in Waterford Twp, Gloucester Co, NJ

Ancestral File (TM) - ver 416F   DESCENDANCY CHART 09 AUG 1996 Page 1

Thomas Cheesman Born: Abt 1645 Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY
1-- Thomas Cheesman Born: Abt 1645 Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY

sp-Margaret Valentine Born: Abt 1645 Hempstead, Nassau, NY
2-- Ephraim Cheesman Born: Abt 1683 Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY

sp-Esther Cheesman Born: Abt 1687 Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY
3-- Joseph Cheesman Born:  5 Nov 1715 Oyster Bay, Nassau,

sp-Sarah Badgley Born: Abt 1720/1721 Flushing, Queens,
4-- Mary Cheesman  Born: Abt 1740 Cows Neck, Hampstead,
  sp-Isaac Lawrence  Born: [1740]
4-- Phebe Cheesman  Born: Abt 1742 Cows Neck, Hampstead,
  sp-William Hutton  Born: [1742]
4-- Sarah Cheesman  Born: Abt 1744 Cows Neck, Hampstead,
  sp-Fordham Burtis  Born: [1744]
4-- Joseph Cheesman  Born: Abt 1746 Cows Neck,   
  Hampstead, NY, sp-Elizabeth Crawford  Born: [1746]
4-- Anthony Cheesman  Born: Abt 1755 Cows Neck,  
  Hampstead, NY sp-Hannah Smith  Born: [1755]
4-- Richard Cheesman  Born:  3 Jun 1756 Cows Neck,
  Hampstead,  sp-Elizabeth Weeks  Born: [1756]
4-- Elizabeth Cheesman  Born:  6 Jul 1756 Cows Neck,

Hampstead, NY sp-Philip Thorn  Born: 27 Sep 1744 Flushing, Long Island, NY
5-- Abigail Thorn B: 4/9/1780 Flushing, Long Island,
5-- Joseph Thorn  B: 18/9/1782 Flushing, Long Island,
5-- Susannah Thorn B: 13/3/1784 Flushing, L. Island,
5-- Richard Thorn B: 29 Feb 1786 L. Island, Queens,

sp-Mary Ann Armstrong  Born: 22 Sep 1784 Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, NY

5-- Isaac Thorn B: 6/2/1789 Flushing, Long Island, NY
5-- Catherine Thorn B: 1/3/1792 Flushing, L. Island,

4-- Samuel Cheesman  Born: Abt 1760 Cows Neck, Hampstead, NY

Wed, 07 Aug 2002   From:
Alice Eichholz

Dear Cheesman researchers,
Just wanted you to know that there is no way that the Thomas Cheesman baptised at Kingston-Upon-Thames in 1652 could be the one who was born in 1640 and settled in Hempstead, LI.  Please pass this on to anyone who is using that information in their ancestry and make the corrections on the web that you have entered.
The origin of that "speculation" was Francis James Dallett's article in The American Genealogist Vol. 48 (Jan 1972), No.l 1, p. 31-2, entitled, "The Valentine and Cheesman Families of Hempstead: A Theory as to their Origins." That is what it was, a theory that was suggested. At the time records of England's parishes were not that readily available to those in the states.  Now that they are more readily available, it is very easy to DISPROVE the theory.

Family History Library
Film #0097138 - Kingston-Upon-Thames Parish Register 1622-1665

Bk 7 beginning in 1636
18 July 1639 Efraime Cheesman married Ann Rason
6 May 1641 Ann, daughter of Efraim Cheesman baptized
19 Jan 1642 Elizabeth, daughter of Efraim Cheesman baptized
1 Mar 1643 Ann Cheesman buried [the daughter]
19 Jan 1644 Efraim, son of Efraim Cheesman baptized
28 Mar 1647 Morgan, son of Efraim Cheesman baptized
22 Feb 1647/8 Morgan, son of Efraim Cheesman, a child buried
3 Feb 1648 Ann, daughter of Efram Cheesman baptized
1 Feb 1651/2 Thomas, son of Efraim Cheesman baptized
30 May 1652 (repeated 30 June 1652) Ann, daughter of Efraim baptized

Book 8 1653
21 Jan 1657/8 Efraim Cheesman, cordwainer, buried [the father]
11 Apr 1664 Henry Robinson married Ann Cheesman [the widow, and mother]

Book 9
26 Apr 1671 Mary Cheesman, daughter of Ephraim Cheesman baptized
4 Feb 1673/4 Ann Cheesman, daughter of Ephraim Cheesman baptized
11 Aug 1676 Ephraim Cheesman, butcher, buried [the son]

>From these we can see that there was no Thomas Cheesman born to Ephraim and Ann in 1640. They clearly baptized all of their children as infants and there are no space for another Thomas to have been born in 1640.  Their actual son Thomas appears clearly to have been born in 1657 and baptized at that time.  Then, the father died in 1657 and the widow remarried in 1664.  Son Ephraim grew up in town, had children there and then died.  This clearly cannot account for a Thomas Cheesman who settled in Hempstead.
Additionally, there are two other Cheesman families in Kingston-upon-Thames during this time period -- Joseph and Nicholas -- no other Thomas Cheesmans and none of the family names in that town equate to any families in Hempstead in the early settlement group.
For the record, also, Thomas Cheesman's wife was Mary Valentine.  Her father, Richard Valentine's unrecorded will located at the  Long Island Historical Society [now called the Brooklyn Historical Society and closed until 2003] calls her the wife of Thomas Cheesman.  This is documented The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record  Vol. 108, Number 4 (October 1977), p. 107 -- submitted by K.T. Travo -- however, I would like to see the will myself and plan to do that when their collections reopen next year. 
Hope this helps you. I plan on publishing this in the Record as soon as is possible, but would appreciate your help in passing the word.
Also, I have been able to straighten out the children of Thomas and Mary (Valentine) Cheesman and their grandchildren,  including the several Benjamin Cheesmans.

Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG
Box 766, Montpelier, VT 05602

Ancestry.com 9/12/2005

See note above disproving Thomas from Kingston.

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Contact: Bruce Duffy 

ID: I14029
Name: Thomas CHEESMAN
Sex: M
Birth: ABT. 1640 in Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England 1
Death: ABT. 1713 in Hempsted, Long Island, New York 1
[Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #4777, Date of Import: Apr 26, 1997]

Ref #1: AHS Bulletin, Aug 1972, Issue #12, pg 11

Name listed in Hempstead real estate tax records of 10/11/1683.
Owned 1 hourse and 7 cows. First Cheesman listed on Long Island, 8 acres Called it Hungry Harbor.

Baptized about age 12 in February 1652 at Kingston Upon Thames
Came to America is 1660's

Family information (him and his children) mostly from "Cheesman Family Heritage Volume I" by David Cheesman

During the reign of King Henry VI [1422-1461], Robert Chesman of Lewisham and East Greenwich owned vast amount of acreage and estates in Nottingham. These properties stayed in the Chesman family for generations passing from heir to heir. Robert Cheesman married Jeane Cavell, the daughter of Bernard Cavell, Esquire. The couple's wealth was tremendously enlarged when they combined their huge estates and holdings. They were finally passed to the Stoddard family by marriage. Alice Cheesman, daughter of Thomas Cheesman, married Robert Stoddard.

Their son, George Stoddard, began the construction of Nottingham Place in 1560.

Edward Cheesman [Cheseman] was a nobleman and a principal officer of the royal household, serving as cofferer to Henry VII from 1485 to 1509 and served as the Lord of the Manors of Norwood and East Greenwich. He was given sable and ermine to add to his coat of arms in the year 1510 by the king for his loyalty and service. Edward died the same year (1510) and his son, Robert Cheseman was made Lord of Norwood Manor by heir.
Robert married Lady Dacre and had issue. Their eldest son, John Cheesman carried on the Cheseman/Cheesman fortunes. Robert died in 1547 at Norwood Manor and a monument erected at Norwood Chapel remain to this day.
John Cheesman became Lord of the Manors at Norwood, Lewisham and Greenwich on the death of his father, Robert Cheseman/ Cheesman. Between 1553 and 1558, John Cheesman expanded his estates astly. He purchased the Manor of Easterly from the crown. He died in 1577 and his son, Robert Cheesman, named after his grandfather of Norwood, inherited the estates.
Robert died in 1610, passing the estates onto his son, Robert "the younger" married Eleanor Amine, the daughter of Thomas Amine. Robert and Eleanor Cheesman had two sons, Robert and John.
John Cheesman married Elizabeth De Laval of Northumberland and had a son whom they named Robert Peter Cheesman. John died in 1699 and passed his estates to his sons.
Robert Peter Cheesman married Eleanor Smithson of York and had a son whom they named John Cheesmant to honor the child's late grandfather, except the letter "t" was added to the Cheesman surname.
John Cheesmant, Esquire, high sheriff of Davanner Park in 1811, and of Penybont Hall in County Radnor, Wales, was a prominent barrister at law of the most Honorable Order of the Bath, and served in Parliament. He was the son of Capt. John and Sarah Grace Chessment. John Chessment married Mary Price, wealthy daughter of John Price of Davanner Park. To impress his wife, John Chessment proved his direct lineage to Sir Edward Cheseman (died 1510), and applied for and was granted an additional surname of Severn. Having proven his direct paternal ancestral lineage to Sir Edward Chesman, cofferer to King Henry VII, John Cheesment was granted the ancient Cheesman escutcheon of Kent and Middlesex Counties by royal license. His escutcheon was essentially the same as the Cheesman coat of arms except for slight modifications, namely lancer spear heads were added and illustrated as piercing each of the mullets. Also the three mullets were modified to appear scalloped. The ancient crest, featuring a dexter hand holding the royal crown was replaced with a white horse pierced in the breast by an arrow. The Cheesman escutcheon colors of Black, white and silver remain and the family motto "Virtes Secura Sequetor" were not changed..


England's bloody Civil War divided families and neighbors during the period from 1649 to 1660. Many Cheesman males were long under a cloud of suspicion of being loyal to Charles I and Charles II. This suspicion was caused because so many Cheesmans had served in the royal households, the court and other high posts for generations. During this period some of the Cheesmans fled to Scotland, Ireland, France, Holland and to British and Dutch Colonies in the New World. Those openly loyal to the king fled England for the sake of their families and fear of the executioner's axe ... a fate King Charles I met on the 30th of January 1649.
Some of the Cheesmans that fled England returned when Charles II was restored to the throne. Some chose to remain in America, Canada, Ireland, and throughout Europe.

It was probably during these troubled times in the 1650's through 1660's that under cover of darkness Thomas Cheesman (1640-1713), among others, came to settle in that region of the New World called New Netherlands, now known as New York.

Father: Ephraim CHESMAN b: WFT Est. 1586-1629
Mother: Ann RASON
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Marriage 1 Mary Margaret VALENTINE b: BET. 1640 - 1650 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: WFT Est. 1667-1699 1
 Ephraim CHEESMAN b: BET. 1670 - 1673 in Hempsted, Long Island, New York
 Richard CHEESMAN b: 9 NOV 1674 in Of Hempstead, Nassau, Long Island, New York
 William CHEESMAN b: ABT. 1675 in Hempsted, Long Island, New York
 Samuel CHEESMAN b: ABT. 1680 in Hempsted, Long Island, New York
 Benjamin CHEESMAN b: BEF. 1698

Brøderbund WFT Vol. 1, Ed. 1, Tree #4777, Date of Import: Apr 26, 1997


38.              ANTHONY BADGLEY

AM11/149 (1VTK-0Q)

Born: Ca.1660 @ Flushing, Queens, NY
Married: 1692

39.              ELIZABETH THORNE

(1VTK-1W) (92ZV-R0)

Not in HP
Born: CA.1664 @ Of Flushing, Queens, NY
1/1. George Badgley (FVC8-GV)

Born: Abt 1686 @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Married: Mary Hatfield (FJ2T-GL)

1/2. George Badgley (FJ2Q-T3)

Born: Abt 1688     @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Married: Mary Hatfield (FJ2T-GL)

1/3. Anthony Badgley (1VTK-LT)
1/4. George Badgley (1VTK-M1)

Born: 1696         @ Of Flushing, Queens, NY
Died: 19 Sep 1759
Married: Rachel Hatfield (BHDZ-JC) 1717

1/5. Sarah Badgley (FVC8-H2)

Born: Abt 1696/1698 @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Died: 1785
Married: Joseph Doty (BHDZ-LP) 1721

1/6. Phoebe Badgley (1VTK-N6)

Born: 1698         @ Of Flushing, Queens, NY
Died: 26 Jun 1776
Married: Peter Willcochse (BHDZ-KJ) 15 Sep 1715

1/7. James Badgley (FJ2Q-WF)

Born: Abt 1699 Flushing, Queens, New York
Died: 18 Jul 1777 Essex, New Jersey
Married: Hannah Kelsey (92SV-DK)
This line from Susan (Miller) Hawkins 11/2008
2/1. Joseph Badgley

3/1. Ruth Badgley Mar. Mr Ludlum

4/1. Hamilton Ludlum

5/1. Smith Dey Ludlum

6/1. Clarence LeRoy Ludlum

7/1. Floyd Ludlum

8/1. Gloria Ludlum M Mr Miller

9/1. Susan Miller, Mar Hawkins

Miller-changed from Maglieri by Miller grandfather who immigrated to USA from Italy in 1903.


1/8. John Badgley (1VTJ-XF)

Born:  9 Sep 1700  @ Flushing, Queen, NY
Died: 16 Oct 1759
Married: Euphemia Badley (1VTJ-ZL) and 1 Others
Married: 1719
Married: Euphemia Radley (KRLL-8V) 1719

1/9. Sarah Badgley (1VTK-PC)

Born: 1700         @ Of Flushing, Queens, NY
Died: 30 Jun 1785
Married: Joseph Doty (BHDZ-LP) 1721

1/10. Elizabeth Badgley (FJ2Q-ZR)

Born: Abt 1702     @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Married: Uriah Hadges (BHDZ-MV)


40.              SAMUEL HAIGHT

AM11/151  (8MH6-8B)

Born:  1 May 1647  @ Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Died: 12 Nov 1712  @ Flushing, Long Island, Queens Co., New York
Married: 1692 @ Windsor, Hartford, CT
Parents: Nicholas & Susanna (Joyse) Hoyt
Married 12/11/1719

41.              SARAH NOBLE


Born: Abt 1651     @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Parents: William & Ann Nobel
Issue (ref AF):
1/1. Nicholas Haight (8MH6-3G)

Born: Abt 1667     @ Flushing, Long Island, Queen, New York
Died: 7 Dec 1730   @ Flushing, Long Island, Queen, New York
Married: Patience Titus (46H8-PS)
Married:  5 Jul 1704 @ Of Westbury, Queens, New York

1/2. Samuel Haight (8MH6-BN)

Born: 1667         @ Eastchester, Dutchess, New York
Died:  1 Jul 1712  @ Eastchester, Queens, Long Island, NY
Married: Charity  Field (8MJ7-Q0) (KRLK-C8)

1/3. Jonathan Haight (8MH6-CT)

Born: Abt 1670     @ Rye, Dutchess, New York
Died: @ Rye, Westchester, NY
Married: Rebecca Haight (Marnam) (QBHG-S2) (8MJ7-R5)

1/4. David Haight (8MH6-D1)

Born: Abt 1672     @ Rye, Dutchess, New York
Died: @ Rye, Westchester, NY
Married: Phebe Haight (Marnam) (QBHG-T7) (8MJ7-SB)

1/5. John Haight (8MH6-F6)

Born: Abt 1674     @ White Plains, Dutchess, New York
Died: 13 May 1740  @ White Plains, Westchester, NY
Married: Phebe Titus (T0JN-GN) 14 Mar 1716

1/6. Susanna Haight (8MH6-GC)

Born: Abt 1676     @ New York
Died: 27 Nov 1760  @ Of Flushing, Long Island, New York
Married: Richard Griffin (8MJ7-TH) Abt 1695 @ Flushing, Queens, LI

1/7. Sarah Haight (8MH6-HJ)

Born: Abt 1678     @ New York
Married: Silas Titus (46H8-NM) 8 Oct 1704  @ Wesbury?, Nassau, New York

1/8. Phebe Haight (8MH6-JP)
1/9. Mary Haight (8MH6-KV)

Born: Abt 1690     @ New York
Married: David Eustace (8MJ7-WT) 13 Feb 1711

1/10. Hannah Haight (8MH6-L2)

Born: Abt 1692     @ New York
Married: Isaac Thorn (FVC9-H6) 1722
Married: Robert Field (T0JN-K6)

1/11. Phebe Haight (FJ27-6Q)

Born: 12 Nov 1701  @ Flushing, Queens, New York
Died: 20 Jan 1731  @
Married: Anthony Badgley (1VTK-LT) 12 Nov 1719 @ Flushing, Queens,


42.              THOMAS WEEKES - 1651

AM11/153  (MLSR-ZJ)

Born: Abt 1651 New Amsterdam, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York
IGI ch 6/7/1651.
Parents: Francis Wickes (C18N-TB) & Elizabeth Luther (C18N-VH)
Married 1679:

43.              ISABELLA HARCOURT - 1662


Born: 1662

Parents: Richard & Elizabeth (Potter) Harcourt
1/1. Thomas Weeks
1/2. Jonathan Weekes
1/3. Isabel Weekes, D. 1730, M Robert Brush
1/3. Deborah Weekes, 1685-1739, M Richard Ellison.
1/4. Richard Weekes, D 1717.

Additional descendant: Vivian Marie Koch (1/2007)

Her husband and his family built the World Trade Center.  His book "Men of Steel" (the story of the building of the World Trade Center and the family that built it), is his family.  The book came out in 2002 and the name Wickes is mentioned in book.
Unfortunately, the book might be in a library but had one printing. 


44.              GEORGE TOWNSEND - 1661

AM11/155 HP154

Born 1661, Oyster Bay (IGI)
Parents: John & ELizabeth (Coles) Townsend
Died: 1697
Married: 17/11/1684 Lynn, Essex, Mass or Oyster Bay, NY (IGI)

45.              MARY HAWKSHURST - 1660

Born: 1660.
Parents: Henry & Mabel (Burrows/Ruddick) Hawxhurst

1/1. Sarah Townsend, b 1685.
1/2. George Townsend, 
   M: 1711 Rosannah Coles Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY

Children of George Townsend & Mary Hawxhurst, Oyster Bay:
1/3. Samson Townsend, b. 1692.




46.              THOMAS RUSHMORE - 1609

AM12/265 HP264

Born: 1609, Wales.

HAP summary:
Thomas Rushmore was born in Wales, England, in 1609, and died at Hempstead, L.I., in 1682-3. He came to Hempstead in 1648, and was a blacksmith.

Thomas Rushmore married, 1st, Martha ---, said to have been a Hicks, but I cannot find the name of her parents, nor birth and death dates: she may have been a sister of John "Rock" Smith.
Thomas Rushmore married, 2nd, Martha Smith, who died before 1695, daughter of John, "Rock" and Horod (Long) Smith, see subject 280, whose will proves this marriage, and also that after Thomas' death, Martha married, 2nd, Francis Chappelle, and bore him two sons, William and Stephen Chappelle. Francis was town clerk at Hempstead.

Died: abt 1682, Hempstead, LI

Internet sites:
Shows B 1609, London, died 1682, London, Spouse unknown.

These sites have an extra generation between Thomas (1609) and Thomas (1655):
Birth: 1628-1632, Wales, England
Death: bef 3 May 1705, Hempstead Long Island New York
Occ: Blacksmith and town clerk from 1666-1678
Reli: Signed a letter that he was Reformed Protestant Christian and not a Quaker to join Hempstead Community
Spouse:     Martha Hicks
Marr: 1650-1659
Issue: Thomas Rushmore b abt 1655.

The internet sites seem to be the more likely line:

See Marcia Van Den Berg's information on the Rushmore descent.

Married (ref HAP, probable): 

47.              MARTHA HICKS

1/1. Thomas Rushmore, abt 1655

Internet site:
was born Bet. 1628 - 1632 in Wales, England, and died Bef. May 3, 1705 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York.  He married (1) Martha Hicks Bet. 1650 - 1659.    He married (2) Martha Smith Aft. 1665, daughter of John Smith and Horod Long.  She died Bef. 1695.

Maitland site shows he died in 1682-3. 1658, He had 10 acres and 1 cow in Hempstead. February 4, 1663, Town meeting granted him and others 8 acres each on the north side bounded by Hope Washburne's allotment at Herricks. Employed by Burnham as an apprentice or household servant.
September 6, 1649, Court of Hartford, CT found him and 2 others guilty of "disorderly carriage in the meeting house upon the Sabbath Day."
June 7, 1655, Found guilty of being drunk and fined 10 shillings in Hartford, Connecticut. Per Howard Rushmore, the Rushmore's came from England and were from Scotland originally.  The name is for the Rushes found near the moors in Scotland.
Location: 1649, Member of the Hartford, Connecticut colony.
Location 2: Abt. 1656, Joined the English settlement of Hempstead in New Netherland in what is now Nassau Co., New York.
Occupation: Blacksmith, and town clerk from 1666-1678.
Religion: To join Hempstead, had to sign a letter that they were "Reformed Protestant Christians and not Quakers"

More About Thomas Rushmore and Martha Smith:
Marriage: Aft. 1665

Children of Thomas Rushmore and Martha Hicks are:
i.  Thomas Rushmore, b. Bet. 1650 - 1660, Hempstead, Long Island, New York; d. Bef. 1733.
ii.  John Rushmore, b. Bet. 1650 - 1660; d. Aft. 1713.
iii.  Daughter Rushmore, m. John Tredwell.
Fact 1: Martha Rushmore sued her son-in-law John Tredwell for abusing her swines.
iv.  Elizabeth Rushmore.
Census: 1698, Census of 1698 lists her at the home of Thomas Ellison.  She may have been a housekeeper.
v.  Jacob Rushmore.
Children of Thomas Rushmore and Martha Smith are:
vi.  Ann3 Rushmore.
vii.  Mary Rushmore.


48.              THOMAS HICKS - 1640

AM12/267 HP266

Born: 1640, Weymouth, Mass
Parents: John & Horod (Long) Hicks
Died: abt 1740, Little Neck, LI
Married 2nd, 6/7/1676, Flushing
(Quaker Meeting, Flushing shows 6 July 1677) Registered in Directory as residents as Flushing 1698, ref Terre 4/2004):

Married 1st:

49.              Mary Butler,

dau. of Richard, of Stratford, CT) widow of John Washburne, (by whom she had a son, John).

Issue by Mary Butler (HAP has only Thomas & Jacob, with the remainder issue of Mary Doughty – see notes below):
1/1. Thomas Hicks m. Deborah Valentine.
1/2. Jacob Hicks b. about 1669, m. 1690, Hannah Carpenter, he d. 1755.
1/3. John Hicks,
1/4. Phebe Hicks.
1/5. Elizabeth Hicks,

HAP: mentioned in her father's will, but no further data and therefore probably died young.

However, mentioned in deed of 1712.

Ref Kathleen Everitt:
Thomas Everitt,  b. 1643/4 in Springfield, MA
m. 1677 to Elizabeth Hicks  b. 1661 in Hempstead, Long Island
Father: Thomas Hicks, b. 1642 in Newport, RI, m. 1657/8, d. before 1741/2, Mother:  Mary (Butler), widow of John Washburne b. Stratford, CT d. before 1676

1/6. Mary Hicks
1/7. Sarah Hicks 1678.

Married 2nd:

Born: abt 1638, Flushing
Parents: Elias & Sarah Doughty.
Died: 1713.

Issue of Thomas & Mary (Doughty) Hicks:
1/8. Joseph Hicks
1/9. Isaac Hicks.
1/10. Benjamin Hicks,
1/11. William Hicks
1/12. Stephen Hicks,

1/13. Charity Hicks,

From Long Island Genealogies Internet:
1/3. Isaac,
1/4. William,
1/5. John,
1/6. Charles,
1/7. Benjamin,
1/8. Charity,
1/9. Mary,
1/10. Elisabeth,
1/11. Stephen,
1/12. Phebe m. Samuel Seaman, son of Capt. John.

Dave Richardson
Someone was kind and sent me this. Please Post-em to someone else who needs the information.
Regarding the children of Thomas Hicks...
" Different sources estimate different birth dates for the children and assign them in some cases to different mothers in different birth orders. However an original document has been located which clarifies this issue. On February 10, 1712/13 Thomas executed an instrument for the CT Probate District of Fairfield, Estate of Mary Hicks of Cornberry Neck, NY, relinquishing all claims to the Stratford, CT property which his first wife, Mary (Butler) Washburn Hicks, had inherited from her father, Richard Butler of Stratford, in favor of her children. The instrument specifically names "ye legatys as follows: John Washburn, grandchild of the deceased; Thomas Hicks, John Hicks, Jacob Hicks, sons of the deceased; and Phebe Hicks, Mary Hicks, Sarah Hicks, and Elizabeth Hicks, daughters of the deceased." (Fairfield Probate District, File #2868) The division of property among the heirs is subsequently listed and confirmed in the Land Records of Stratford, Vol 2, p 111, as per the order of the Probate Court. (Microfilms of these original documents are available at the Ct State Library in Hartford, CT) That leaves Issac, Benjamin, William, Charles, Charity, Stephen, and a second Mary as children of his second wife, Mary Doughty."

Name: Kathleen Everitt
My ancestor is Richard Everitt
   b. 1613 in England
   m. 1)  6-29-1643 in Springfield, MA to Mary Winch
   m. 2)  about 1652 in Long Island to ?? Smith – perhaps dau. Of William Smith
   d. 1668 in Jamaica, Long Island

Richard had at least 4 sons:

1. Thomas
 b.  1643/4 in Springfield, MA
 m.  1677 to Elizabeth Hicks  b. 1661 in Hempstead, Long Island
      Father: Thomas Hicks
         b. 1642 in Newport, RI
         m. 1657/8
         d. before 1741/2
      Mother:  Mary (Butler), widow of John Washburne
         b. Stratford, CT
         d. before 1676

2. Richard Jr.
b. 1644/5 in  Springfield, MA
m. 6-10-1713 to Sarah (Hicks) widow of  Thomas Rushmore (a sister to Elizabeth above)
d.  1722 in Jamaica, Long Island

3.  John
b. 1646 in Springfield, MA
m. to Elizabeth Stevenson
Father:  Edward Stevenson
Mother:  Anne ??
4.  Nicholas
b. 1647/9 in either Springfield, MA or Hempstead, Long Island
m. Elizabeth ??
d.  1723 in Jamaica, Long Island

Some of my sources: 

Book entitled Colonial Families of Long Island, NY and CT by Herbert Furman Seversmith

Correspondence with Mr. Jack Mount

Book: Stephen Hendrickson Everitt 1806-1844 – Descendants of Richard Everitt, Patentee of Jamaica, Long Island 1656  by Constance Gerrodette Bowe

Correspondence with Virginia Everitt

Your Richard married to Elizabeth Clare is a son of Nicholas, #4 above.
I would be happy to correspond with you about this line. 
Kathleen Everitt

From Bunkers Long Island Genealogy Home Page (8/2007):

JACOB4 Hicks (Thomas3 John2 Robert1) lived at Rockaway, m. Hannah Carpenter, had:
2/1. Samuel m. Martha Doughty.
2/2. Stephen,
2/3. Thomas, m. 1730, Temperance Titus, dau. of Silas and Sarah Haight.
2/4. Joseph,
2/6. Jacob.
2/7. Benjamin b. about 1716, m. 1736, Phebe b. 1717, d. 1800, dau. of Silas Titus and Sarah, he d. 1744.

3/1. Silas b. 1737, m. 1762, Rachel, b. 1742, dau. of Samuel Seaman and Martha Valentine.
3/2. Benjamin b. 1739,

m. 1765, 1st Elisabeth Mott,
4/1. Mott Hicks,
2d 1774, Mary Mott, dau. of Jehu and Ruth (Powell).
4/2. Elisabeth b. April 24, 1775, m. Cornell Willis.
4/3. Silas b. 1777, m. Sallie Titus, dau. of Silas.
4/4. Sarah b 1780, m. Henry Haydock.
4/5. Mary b. 1782, single.
4/6. Temperance b. 1784, m. 1812, Henry Mott.
4/6. Benjamin b. June 14, 1790, m. Mary Morrill.
4/7. Phebe b. 1793, m. Abraham Brookes, son of Charles and Amy.
4/8. Robert M. b. 1799, m. Rosanna Leggett.

3/3. Samuel b. 1741,

m. 1st 1765, Phebe Seaman,
2d 1794, Amy (Shotwell, dau. of Joseph) widow of Charles Brooks.
Children of SAMUEL HICKS and (Phebe) Seaman:
4/1. Isaac b. 1767,

m. Sarah Doughty, dau. of John and Abigail, he d. 1820.
5/1. John D. b. 1791, m. Sarah Rushmore, b. 1790, d. 1893, he d. Oct. 10, 1829.

5/2. Robert m. Mary U. Mott.

5/3. Benjamin m. Elisabeth Hicks, dau. of Whitehead.

5/4. Isaac,

5/5. Mary, d.

5/6. Elisabeth m. 1st Wm. Seaman, 2d Wm. T. Cock, son of Samuel.

4/2. Samuel m.

4/3. Valentine m. Abigail, dau. of Elias Hicks.

4/4. Phebe m. John Clapp.

4/5. Elisabeth b. 1771.

3/4. Sarah b. 1744, m. 1764, Richard Albertson, she d. 1818.

2/8. Elisabeth,
2/9. John, m. 1st Martha Smith.

3/1. Samuel m.,
3/2. Joseph m.,
3/3. John m.
3/4. Elias b. 19/3/1748, m. Feb. 1, 1771, Jemima Seaman, dau. of Jonathan and Elisabeth, he d. Feb. 27, 1830.

4/1. Martha b. 1771, m. Royal Aldrich, son of Stephen and Mary, he d. 1839.
4/2. David b. 1773, d. 1787.
4/3. Elias b. 1774, d. 1789.
4/4. Elisabeth b. 1777, d. 1779.
4/5. Phebe b. 1779, m. Joshua Willets.
4/6. Abigail b. 1782, m. Valentine Hicks.
4/7. Jonathan b. 1784, d. 1802.
4/8. John b. 1789, d. 1805.
4/9. Elisabeth b. 1791, d. single 1871.
4/10. Sarah b. 1793, m. Robert Seaman, son of David and Sarah, she d. 1835.

3/5. Stephen bapt. 9/9/1750. 1st Mary Hewlett, b. 1758.

4/1. John,
4/2. Martha m. James Poole.
4/3. Sarah m. John Cornell.
4/4. Oliver m.,
4/5. Phebe m. William Imlay.
4/6. Mary single,
4/7. Stephen7 m.
4/8. Abraham m. Rachel Seaman, dau. of Gideon.
4/9. Whitehead7 b. 1797, m. Mary Ann Merritt, dau. of Jesse and Mary.

Stephen M. 2nd Phebe Powell

2/10. Sarah,
2/11. Hannah, m. David Titus, son of Silas and Sarah.




50.              CALEB CARMAN - 1658

AM12/269 HP268

Born: 1658.
Parents: John & Hannah Carman. (71)
Died: abt 1725.

Married, abt 1680:

51.              HANNAH SEAMAN

Parents: Capt John & Martha (Moore) Seaman
Died: Abt 1696
1/1. Caleb Carman, 1682.
1/2. Benjamin Carman, b.1688, m. Ann Mott

2/3. Adam Carman 1722/23 - 1804

m. Philadelphia Titus 1727 - 1807
3/1. Jacob Carman 1747 - 1814

m. Rachel Weeks 1751 - 1820
4/1. Adam Carman 1774 - 1841

m. Hannah Dean 1781 - 1844
5/1. Israel Carman 1800 - 1848

m. Charity Lockwood Currey 1806 - 1874
6/1. Emmer D. Carman 1832 - 1884

m. Martha Elizabeth Bearden 1843 - 1880
7/1. Samuel Sheldon Carman 1873 - 1962

m. Fannie Sweet Maxwell 1871 - 1957
8/1. Mary Olive Carman 1915 - 1999

m. Ray Winthrop Justus 1916 - 1990
9/1. Ray Winthrop Justus 1945 -
Supplied this tree from Adam, 2/1/2004, email
Lives in Chandler, Az, 1331 W Folley St.
His line back agrees with HAP with minor date variations.

In the "Calendar of Land Records of New York" we find an entry as follows: "1684 June 25, Caleb and John Carman and others of Jamaica, on Long Island," petition for "a patent of a certain tract of land lying within the Jurisdiction of the Town of Flushing, Long Island," etc., etc. The Caleb and John of this petition are traced as sons of John(2)(John(1) and therefore of the third generation. Both were born in Hempstead - John(3) about 1656, and Caleb(3) about 1658. - American Families of Historical Lineage, Long Island Edition, National Americana Society, NY, undated.

"Caleb was a farmer (HTR 5:326). He was a freeholder of Hempstead in 1683 (DHNY 2:523 ff) and prob. before. In 1684 he received a home lot from the town situated near those of brother Benjamin-3 Carman, Samuel Pine, Ephriam Valentine and Obediah Valentine (HTR 1:427) doubtless the same place at which he dwelt in 1698 (REC 45:54 ff). Between 1723 and 1729 his home is located in the "South Woods" (HTR 8:384). In his will he states that his home was north of Samuel Embree's and he had a neighbor of that name in 1698 (HTR 45:54 ff). Indubitably he occupied the same spot from 1684 until his death and it was situated south of the "town spot" and prob. north of Hicks Neck. In 1685 he was the owner of 180 acres in Hempstead (HTR 8:130 ff). - "John-1 Carman of Hempstead, Long Island and Some of his Descendants Thru His Son John-2", Collection of the Library of the New York Genealogy and Biographical Society, New York City.

"In the name of God, amen. September 9, 1720. I Calop (Caleb) Carman Sr. of Hempstead, Queens County on Nassau Island, yeoman, being sick and weak. I leave to my wife all my movable estate during her widowhood, but if she remarries again, then to my daughters. I leave to my son Calop, the land which he now lives on, lying by the Plain Edge, near the Great Meadow. And the meadow lying at the East Meadow. I leave to my son Benjamin, my house and my home lot in Hempstead; bounded north by my brother John's land, east by highway, north by Samuel Hinery (or Ginery), and west by highway. I leave to my son Samuel, all my lot at a place called Hicks Neck, in Hempstead. I leave to my two youngest sons Samuel and Benjamin, all my meadow at Coe Neck, and all my meadow at Hicks Neck I leave to my three sons, all my rights of land, divided or undivided, not herein given. I make my son Calop, and Adam Mott, Jr., executors. Witnesses, Samuel Embree, Benjamin Valentine, Abraham Bedell. Proved, October 23, 1729. [The name is spelled Caleb Carman in probate, which is the true name]" - Abstracts of New York Wills, New York Historical Society, unrecorded wills, p.148.

Caleb3 Carman (John2, John1) was born in 1655 at Hempstead, Long Island and died there about 1729. He married Hannah Seaman (yes another one!, named in her father's will) about 1681, born about 1663 and died after her husband, daughter of John Seaman, Jr. and Hannah Williams.

Children of Caleb and Hannah (Seaman) Carman:
Hannah Carman - born about 1682, Hempstead, Queens, New York and no further information.
Caleb Carman
Phoebe Carman - born 1686, Hempstead, Queens, New York and no further information.
Benjamin Carman
Martha Carman - born 1690, Hempstead, Queens, New York and no further information.
Abigail Carman - born 1692, Hempstead, Queens, New York and no further information.
Samuel Carman - born after 1699, Hempstead, Queens, New York and died before 1759. Received from his father in his will, his lot in Hicks Neck. Samuel then blends in with the other Samuels of the time and it is not known to me which Samuel he may have been after 1720.


52.              JOHN (ROCK) SMITH

AM12/281 HP280

Born: Abt 1615, USA
Parents: Mr Smith & Jane Strickland
Died: 1705, Merrick, Hempstead, LI

'The Town of Hempstead had a large quota of Smith families from it's earliest days, probably none of these related to one another originally. Among the town's proprietors and those who paid toward the patent were no less than six John Smiths. Very naturally, they were often distinguished by an added appellation. ... John Smith "Rock" (one of these six men) and his family became known as the "Rock" Smiths. This word might be spelled Rock, Roc, Rox, R or r; it might appear instead of a first name, as a middle name, as a word or symbol following the surname, and even between surname and Junior or its symbol J. This diverse usage shows it was not an alias or second surname or mother's maiden name, but merely an identifying term.' (Bailey). Other early Long Island Smith families had similar appellations, therefore "Tangier" Smith (of Mastic and Manor of St. George), "Bull" Smith (of Smithtown,) "Black" Smith (of Merrick,) and "Blue" Smith (of Hempstead.) As to be expected, these early Smith families often intermarried, making research complicated. The origin of the appellation is uncertain, engendering much speculation among various commentators.

Much of the lineage recorded, showing the descendancy from John "Rock" Smith to the Brookhaven Hamlet Smiths derives from a "Smith" Cedar Grove cemetery monument, Patchogue, NY. This eccentric monument, erected in 1909, purports to show the "complete" genealogy of the "Rock" Smiths from early Colonial days to Mrs. Ruth Newey Smith, who erected the monument. Hundreds of names are inscribed on the monument. This monument was transcribed by Mrs. Caleb M. Edwards, and appeared in the Long Island newspaper, Newsday, 16 Sep 1993.
See end of this paper.


53.              HANNAH STRICKLAND

Parents: Lt John & Jane Strickland.
1/1. Jonathan Smith, bef 1650.


54.              ADAM MOTT

AM12/283 HP282

Born: Abt 1620, Essex, England
Parents: Adam & Ann Mott (no other data about them)
Died: abt 1685,
Married, 28/7/1647, New Amsterdam:

55.              JANE HEWLETT

Parents: Lewis Hewlett (born Buckingham, England, no other data)
Died: 1669.
1/1. Grace Mott, 1653.


56.              RICHARD VALENTINE

AM12/291  (1VTK-ZQ)


Born: 1619, Eccles, Lancs, England?
Died: Bef 1684, Hempstead, LI.
Married: DEBORAH  (1VTL-0V), HP: Rachel
Born: Abt 1624 @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
1/1. Margaret Valentine (FJ2Q-DT)
1/2. Richard Valentine (FJ2Q-HC)

Born: Abt 1645     @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: Sarah Halstead (BHDZ-ZL)

1/3. Deborah Valentine (FJ2Q-JJ)

Born: Abt 1650     @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: William Foster (FJ2T-67) 1674

1/4. Richard Valentine (1VTL-BL)

Born: 1650         @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Died: 1725. Married: Sarah Halstead (BHDZ-ZL) 1686

1/5. William Valentine (1VTL-CR)

Born: 1655         @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Died: 1704, Married: Abigail (BHF0-0P) (FJ2T-7D) 1680

1/6. Deborah Valentine (1VTL-DX)
   Born: 1657, Married: Wm. Foster (BHF0-1V) 10 Mar 1674

1/7. Mary Valentine (1VTL-F4)
   Born: 1659, Married: Thomas Cheesman (BHF0-22)

1/8. Jonas Valentine (1VTL-G9)

Born: 1660         @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: Grace (BHF0-37) (FJ2T-BW)

1/9. Ephriam Valentine (GSQL-QN)

Born: Abt 1660     @ Hempstead, Nassau, New York
Died: 31 Jul 1729, Married: Rachael Gildersleeve (FJ2T-9Q)

1/10. Obadiah Valentine (1VTL-HG)

Born: 1661         @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Died:  2 Apr 1739, Married: Mary  (BHF0-4D) (FJ2T-8K)

1/11. Jonas Valentine (KRLM-81)

Born: Abt 1665     @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: Grace (KRLM-96)

1/12. Nathan Valentine (FJ2Q-PD)

Born: Abt 1667     @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: Esther Weeks Smith (FJ2T-C3)
Married: Jane Southard (GSQM-2C)

1/13. Ephraim Valentine (1VTK-WD)

Born: 1668, Died:  ? Aft 1704
Married: Rachel Ellison (1VTK-XK) 1688
Married: Rachel Valentine (SMLW-0P) ? 1688

1/14. Benjamin Valentine (FJ2Q-QK)

Born: Abt 1670     @ Hempstead, Long Island, New York
Married: Mary Odell (FJ2T-D8)

1/15. Ann Valentine (1VTL-JM)
    Born: [1670], Married: Thomas Clements (BHF0-5K)

1/16. Nathan Valentine (1VTL-KS), Born: [1672]


57.              NICHOLAS HOYT - 1622

AM12/301  (8MH6-M7)


Born: 10 Nov 1622  @ Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: 7 Jul 1655   @ Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Married: 12 Jun 1646 @ Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Parents: Simon Hoyt (8MH6-S3) & Deborah Stowers (8MH6-T8)
Married: 12 Jun 1646 @ Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

58.              SUSANNA JOYSE


Born: Abt 1626     @ Windsor, Hartford, Conn.
Died:  4 Jul 1655  @ Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut

Also Married: John Joyce (8FNH-VR) Abt 1645 @ Yarmouth, , MA

1/1. Abigaile Joyse Hoyt (PF44-33)
   Born: Abt 1645
1/2. Samuel Haight (8MH6-8B), 1/5/1647.
1/3. Jonathan Hoyt (Hoite) (9J88-2N)

Born:  7 Jun 1649  @ Windsor, Hartford, CT
Died: 21 Mar 1696  @ Guilford, CT
Married: Sarah Pond (9J88-1H)
Married: Mary Bell (GSQC-NC) 6 Mar 1678, Windsor, Hartford, CT

1/4. David Hoyt (8MH6-QQ)

Born: 22 Apr 1651  @ Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Died: Jun 1704     @ By Indians
Married: Sarah Welles (79GR-CC) 3 Apr 1673
Married: Mary Wilson (GSQC-QP)
Married: Abigail Cook (GLJW-R2)

1/5. Daniel Hoyt (Haight) (8MH6-RW)

Born: 10 Apr 1653  @ Windsor, Hartford, CT
Died: 15 Jul 1655  @ Windsor, Hartford, CT
Married: Sarah Welles (QBHG-QP) 3 Apr 1673


59.              WILLIAM NOBEL

AM12/303 (8XH6-CG)

Not on HP
Born: Abt 1620
Married: Abt 1645:ANN  (FJ2R-28) Born: Abt 1622
1/1. Sarah Noble (8MH6-9H)


60.              FRANCIS WICKES - 1616

AM12/305 (C18N-TB)

Born: 1616, North Wyke, Devon, England (HP)
Died: 25 Jun 1687 Gravesend, Oyster Bay, New York
Married: 1639, Musketa Cove, Oyster Bay, New York (IGI also)

61.              ELIZABETH LUTHER


Born: Abt 1620, Musketa Cove, Oyster Bay, New York
Died: Gravesend, Oyster Bay, New York
Parents: Samuel Luther (MLSR-KG)
Children of Francis Weeks & Elizabeth Luther: Gravesend, Kings, NY
(from AF)
1/1. Ann WICKES (30Z7-QT)

Born:  3 Apr 1635, Gravesend, Oyster Bay, New York
Chr: 9 Jul 1651 (IGI & AF).
Died: 1670 Oyster Bay, New York
Married: Joseph CARPENTER (30Z7-PN) Married:  2 Sep 1674

1/2. Samuel Sr. Weekes (MLSR-MS)

Born: Abt 1642, New Amsterdam, , New York
Chr.: 31 Mar 1647, Died: 1698
Married Elizabeth Reddocke (MLSS-BD) Abt 1669 , New Amsterdam,
IGI: 1672 Oyster Bay, Queens, New York or 1673 Westchester,
Issue (IGI): Oyster Bay:
2/1. Samuel Weeks, born: 1670

M. Anne Carpenter.
3/1. Samuel Weeks, B: 1700 Oyster Bay, Long Island (IGI)

2/2. Humphrey Weeks, born: 1674
Matinecock, Nassau:
2/3. George Weeks, born: 1676
2/4. Francis Weeks, born: 1678
2/5. Philip Weeks, born: 1680
2/6. James Weeks, born: 1682

1/3. John Weekes (MLSR-QB)

Born: Abt 1644 , chr: 31 Mar 1647 Matinecock, Oyster Bay, New York, Died: 1700,  Married Jane  (MLSR-RH) 1664

1/4. Joseph Weekes (:MLSR-SN)

Born: Abt 1646, Matinecock, Oyster Bay, New York
Chr.: 31 Mar 1647, Died: 1734
Married: Hannah Reddocke (MLSR-TT) Abt 1666
IGI: RUDICH, Elizabeth M: 26 Mar 1670
Spouse: Joseph Weeks  Oyster Bay, Nassau, New
2/1. Samuel Weeks, m Hannah Ruscoe 1721, Oyster Bay (IGI)

1/5. Elizabeth Weekes (MLSR-W6)

Born: Abt 1647, Matinecock, Oyster Bay, New York
Chr.: 31 Mar 1647
Married: Nicholas Simplins (MLSR-V1) Abt 1668

1/6. Thomas Weekes (MLSR-ZJ)

Born: Abt 1651 New Amsterdam, Oyster Bay, Long Island,
Married: Isabella Harcout (MLSS-0N) Married: Abt 1672
C: 9 Jul 1651 Gravesend, Kings, New York IGI

1/7. James Weekes (MLSR-H4) & IGI.

Born & chr: 24 Nov 1652, Gravesend, Oyster Bay, New York
Died: 1715
Issue (IGI)
James & Elizabeth (Carpenter) Weeks, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY,
2/1. Thomas Weeks, born: 1694
2/2. James Weeks, born: 1698
2/3. Thomas Weeks born: 1698

1/8. Daniel Weekes (MLSS-1T)

Born: Abt 1654, Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York (IGI 1655, Hempstead). Died: 1698
Married Mary Alling (MLSS-21) Abt 1674

Daniel Weeks m Mary Alling
Oct 1690 Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York
Daniel Weeks:
Father: Daniel Weeks Nassau, New York Mother: Mary
Daniel Weeks, born: 1 Jan 1758
Abraham Weeks, born: 21 Sep 1691
Father: Daniel Weeks  Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York Mother: Mary
Francis B: 1698
Father: Daniel Weeks Oyster Bay, Nassau, New York Mother:

Cold Spring, Putnam, New York
Abigail Weeks, born: 1760
Rosanna Weeks, born: 1762


62.              RICHARD HARCOURT

AM12/307 HP306

Born: Abt 1623, USA?
Died: Aft 25/4/1696, Oyster Bay, New York
Married: Abt 1651:

63.              ELIZABETH POTTER

Born: Abt 1635, USA
Parents: Robert & Isabel (Anthony) Potter
(no other data on these)
Died: Gravesend, Oyster Bay, New York
1/1. Isabella Harcourt, 1662.


64.              JOHN TOWNSEND

AM12/309 HP308

Born: Norwich, England
Parents: Thomas & Mary Townsend
Died: 1668, Oyster Bay, LI

65.              ELIZABETH COLES


Parents: Robert & Mary (Hawkhurst) Coles
Died: aft 10/5/1671.
Issue Oyster Bay, Nassau (IGI):
1/1. George Townsend B: 1661
1/2. Elizabeth Townsend B: 1665
1/3. John Townsend, m. Phebe Williams

2/1. James Townsend, m. Audrey Almy

3/1. Jacob Townsend, m. Phebe Seaman

4/1. Samuel Townsend, m. Sarah Stoddard

5/1. Capt. Solomon Townsend, m. Anne Townsend.

Re Rose Wright, dau of Mary Townsend, dau of Henry, son of Henry bro of John.

Email 19/6/2005 from  Sharilyn Whittaker

I have been studying this material on the marriages of Rose Wright and the marriages of her issue, and am puzzled by how Wright Coles, son of Rose Wright and Nathanial Coles, could have marred a half-sister, Sarah Birdsall, daughter of Rose Wright and Samuel Birdsall.
You may not be aware that this is how you are showing things in your data. While I have not studied these families at any length, it seems virtually certain to me that such a marriage would not have taken place.

Sharilyn Whitaker

1.  www.antonymaitland.com/hptext/hp0618.txt
In this file, Sarah Birdsall is quoted as the daughter of Samuel and Sarah (Wright) Birdsall. (P4 in the original).

2.  www.antonymaitland.com/hptext/hp0600.txt
In this file she is quoted as the daughter of Samuel and Rose (Wright) Birdsall.

I suspect that Bert also got confused when taking notes or something or that his original sources gave different information: I note that at the top of the files, the sources are different.

The logic is that Samuel married Sarah, another daughter of John Wright and Mary Townsend. If you have anything to support that idea, I would like to know and correct the files.



AM12/311 HP310

Born: Bef 1630
Parents: Sampson Hauxhurst
Died: aft 1674
Married, 1655:

67.              MARY REDDOUGH


Parents: Henry & Mabel (Burroughs) Reddoughes
1/1. Mary Hawkhurst, B: 1660
1/2. Sarah Hawkhurst, married William Crooker:
1/3. Jane Hawkhurst, married Jarvis Mudge,

Doty descendants m. dau of Edgar Cheesman Poole. (ref Kelly internet: see MoldMudge-Kelly.doc)

1/4. Sampson Hawkhurst (1671-25/1/1733), M. Hannah Townsend.

From email from Maria T. Keith, mtkrn1@msn.com 30/7/2001

This is what I have pieced together so far:

1 Hugh Croker b: 1568 in Exeter, Devonshire, England

d: 1660 in   Barnstable, MA
+Agnes Bonnville m: 1580
2 Hugh Crooker II b: 1623 in Exeter, Devon, England/Exeter,
2 Francis Crooker b: 1624 in Exeter, Devon, England/Exeter,
  d: 1700 in Marshfield, MA +Mary Gaunt
2 William Crooker (CROKER)I b: 1636 in Rye, Westchester Co.,

d:  in on his way to England to claim his inheritance
+Anne Gregory b: January 29, 1624/25 in Nottingham, m: 1671 d: January 15, 1713/14 in Huntington, Suffolk Co., NY
3 Hannah Crooker +Moses Forman

*2nd Husband of Hannah Crooker:
+Joseph Weeks I m: 1698 in Oyster Bay, Nassau Co., NY d: 1754

3 Joseph Crooker b: in Oyster Bay, Nassau Co., NY d: in   
  died in infancy
3 Sarah Crooker b: in Oyster Bay, Nassau Co., NY
   +Charles Lewis
3 Mercy Crooker b: in Oyster Bay, Nassau Co., NY
   +Samuel Ruscoe
3 William Crooker (CROKER)II b: 1671 in Oyster Bay, Nassau

Co., d: March 05, 1685/86
+Sarah Hawxhurst b: Abt. 1674 in Matinecock, Nassau Co., NY




68.              JOHN HICKS - 1605

AM13/533 HP532

Born: 12/10/1605, London, England
Parents: Robert & Elizabeth (Morgan) Hicks
Died: 5/1672, LI..

John Hicks M. 2nd 1662, Rachel, widow Starr, he d. 1672.

Married, 1st, abt 1634, St Faith's London, England

69.              HOROD LONG


Born: Abt 1620, England,  d 1bt 1662
1/1. Thomas Hicks, 1640.
1/2. Hannah Hicks m. William Haviland.

1/3. Elisabeth Hicks m. Josias Starr.


John Hicks was born in 1607 in London, England, died in May of 1672 in Hempstead Township, Queens County, New York.  Immigrated to America in 1635, lived at Weymouth, Mass. and Newport, R.I. before coming to Hempstead in 1642. He served as Adjuster of Indian land claims in 1647. Delegate from Long Island in 1663 to a Council whose aim was to secure aid from the General Court at Hartford against the Dutch. Delegate from Hempstead in 1665 to a Council called by Governor Nicholls to make alterations to existing laws. Representative from Flushing in 1653 to the Coucil called by Gov. Stuyvesant. Justice of the Peace 1666. Grantee of Patents of land in Hempstead March 6, 1666. Among the the first patentees for Flushing granted by Gov. Keith to English Immigrants.

He married three times, first to Herodias Long before 1636 in England.  This ended in divorce:

1655, June 1. Divorce granted to JOHN HICKS of Flushing, L. I. from his wife, HARDWOOD LONG, with right to Hicks to remarry. - "First Settlers of Ye Plantations of Piscataway and Woodsridge Olde East New Jersey" part 5, page 778 (from the "Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the office of the Secretary of State, Albany, N. Y., edited by E. B. O'Callaghan, 1865." Dutch Manuscripts, 1630-1664)

"Married, second, Florence Carman, widow of John1 Carman, who, at her death, was sued by John2, Caleb, and Benjamin Coe in behalf of brother Joshua to get the estate of their father back, which Hicks appears to have gotten through the marriage of him to the widow Carman. This land is assumed to be the area known briefly as Fordham's necke, later to be Hicke's necke (because John Hicks now owned the property of John Carman), and later to become Baldwin Harbor. John Hicks appears to have lost most of the property in the suit. Because of this law suit John Hicks has a pre-nuptial agreement made between him and his third wife, Rachell Starr. "Hicks, John; in 1641, came, with Thomas and Robert, from Holland to New York; 1645, named in Dutch patent for Flushing; 1650, or about that date, at Far Rockaway; 1653, Memb. of Engl. Convention from Flushing; signed the petition, with others; 1658, appointed at Hempstead to settle lines with the Indians, acting as Assistant Magistrate; 1663, Delegate to Hartford from Hempstead, and appointed Magistrate; 1665, Member of Assembly from Hempstead" - List of Proprietors of Hempstead in 1647, The Early History of Hempstead, L. I., by Charles B. Moore, Long Island Source Records, from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, p.580.

John Hicks, having learned his lesson, prepared the following pre-nuptial agreement for his third wife, Rachel Starr:

January the 22 1662 - Conditions of an agreement betwixt John Hickes of Hempstead of the one party , And Rachell Starre of Oysterbay of the other Party Jointly and freely agreed upon by both parites before they enter or joyne in Marriage estate, about the settling of their Estates, and for the preventing of Differences betwixt the Children of the said John Hickes and Rachell Starres shall bring to the said John Hickes of her owne (being taken upon Inventory) If it please God to take her away first by Death, that then ye said estate which Shee brought to ye said John Hickes shall return to ye children of ye sd Rachell Starre. And likewise, the estate of said John Hickes, which is given in by him by Inventory, the Day and year above written, In ye presence of Mr Richard Gildersleeve, Mr Robert Ashman, & Jonas Houldsworth, Amounting to the Summe of thirteen thousand three hundred and sixty gilders, and all Debte Discharged, shall likewise return to his children, in case that the sd John Hickes bee taken away by Death before her the sd Rachel Starre, (as is before specified to her children). And further it is agreed upon between them, that it shall please God that their estate shall or Do increase that then the said increase shall equally bee divided, the one half to him and his children, the other half to her and her children, at the death of either of them. And further the sd John Hickes Doth give to the sd Rachel Starre (in case hee Die first) During her widowhood, the house and lands and Meddowe belonging to it and Six Cows, Foure Oxen, with the instrument of husbandry belonging to them, with so much of the housaldstuff as she shall think meet for her Necessary use and a good horse for her use. In witness whereoff wee do Mutually hereunto set our hands the day and yeare before specified.
Richard Gildersleave      John Hickes
Robeert Ashman             Rachell Starre
Jonas Houldsworth

"John Hicks, Hempstead, "Being weak in body but sound in understanding," makes son Thomas executor, and "he is to pay to my wife Rachel, L100 in cattle, according to wheat at 5 shillings a bushell." Leaves to wife household utensils "besides her own wearing clothes, and what goods my said wife brought with her to me." I leave to each one of my daughter Haviland's children, a colt." Leaves to daughter Hannah L100, one third in horses and two thirds in cattle. Legacies to "children of my son Thomas," and to "my son-in-law Josyas Starr." Dated April 29, 1672. The will is also signed by his wife Rachel, "in token of her satisfaction." Witnesses, Jonah Fordham, Richard Valentine. Proved at Court of Sessions, held in Jamaica, June 14, 1672. Anthony Waters, Clerk. Letter of Administration granted to Thomas Hicks, June 17, 1672." - Abstracts of New York Wills, New York Historical Society, NYHSW001:0023.

Children of John and Heriodias (Long) Hicks:
1/1. Hannah Hicks
1/2. Thomas Hicks
1/3. Elizabeth Hicks

Life of Herodias Long

This is some account of that redoubtable and undoubtedly, glamorous lady, Herodius Long, who played such havoc with the domestic peace of several households in seventeenth century Rhode Island Households.

Herodias was born in England about 1623/4, but where or who her parents were, is, as yet, unknown. She married John Hicks by license date 14 March 1637/8 in St Faith’s, the underchapel of St Paul’s, London, and soon after left for New England. They first settled in Weymouth, Massachusetts, where Hicks was granted land in 1637. Thence they removed to Newport, Rhode Island, where Hicks was one of those admitted an inhabitant since 1:3mo.: 1638, and on 14 September 1640 he was made a freeman. He was on a jury, probably in March 1641/2 and again on 3 December 1643. On 7:1mo 1644/5 he was before the Court and bound for £10 to keep the peace for beating his wife Harwood Hicks and to continue bound until his wife should come and give evidence concerning the matter. This is his last appearance in Rhode Island records. He removed to Flushing, Long Island, then in the government of New Netherland, where on 19 October 1645 he was designated as on of the Patentees to settle Flushing in a Patent granted by Governor William Kieft. In 1647 he was an adjuster of Indian claims and he was Delegate from Newtown to a meeting called by the Governor in New Amsterdam 26 November 1653. on 2 July 1658, he was Assistant at Hempstead. In 1666 he was a Justice of the Peace at Hempstead and held office until his death. His will, dated 29 April 1672, was proved at Jamaica, New York, 14 July 1672.

When Hicks went to New Netherland, Herodius remained in Rhode Island. On 12 December 1645 John Hicks wrote from Flushing to John  Coggeshall at Newport the following:

Now for parting what way there is seeing she have carried the matter so subtilly as she have known nt, but if there be anyway to bee used to untie the Knott, wch was at first by man tyed that so the world may be satisfied I am willing thereunto, for the Knot of affection on her part have been untied long since, and her whoredom have freed my conscience on the other part, so I leave myself to yor advice being fee to condissend to your advice if ther may be such a way used for the final parting for us.

*The following also in http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=nymets&id=I0929 8/2008

*Sevensmith states that she obtained a divorce from Hicks in Rhode Island on Dec 2, 1643. On Jun 1, 1855, John Hicks was granted a divorce from Herodias in the Court at new Amsterdam by Governor Peter Stuyvesant.*

The original of the decree in the state archives at Albany and a translation follows:

We the councillors of New Netherland having send and read the request of John Hicks sheriff of Long Island, in which he remonstrates and presents that his wife Herwood Longh has ran away from him about 9 years ago with someone else with whom she has been married and had by him 5 or 6 children. His wife having therefore broken the bond of marriage (without having given any reason thereto) he asks to be qualified and given permission to marry again an honourable young girl or widow (in accordance with political and ecclesiastical ordinances, The above mentioned councillors having taken notice of the above request and in addition to the affidavits and declarations attached therto made by trustworthy inhabitants of this Province, they find that this request cannot be refused and that they therefore have given him letters of divorce and fee and frank … widow in the bond of marriage….. allowed to enter in accordance with political and ecclesiastical ordinances; done and given in our meeting Ad ut supra. New Netherlands and have attached out seal in red wax. Was signed Nicasius de Sille, la Mantagne, Conn: Van Tienhoven.

After Hicks went to New Netherland, and possibly before, Herodius went to live with George Gardiner of Newport as his common-law wife and had numerous family. This George Gardiner was admitted a Freeman at Newport on 17 December 1639, and he resided there the rest of his life. He had been admitted an inhabitant the preceding year (1638). On 9 April 1639 he witnessed William Coddington’s deed to William Tyng of his Massachusetts lands, and on 1 May 1639 he witnessed Richard Collacot’s note to William Coddington. It may be suggested that perhaps George Gardiner may have been a young man in the employ of Coddington at this time. In 1662 he was a Commissioner. He died testate after 22 October 1673, and about 1677, but the records of probate of his estate was in the lost Newport records.

*Herodias became a ardent follower of George Fox, and on Mar 11, 1658 she, 'the mother of many children, with a babe sucking at her breast," accompanied by a girl, Mary Stanton, who helped to carry the child, walked from Newport to Weymouth to bear witness and was whipped ten stripes by order of Governor Endicott.

By 1664, she had had enough of George Gardiner and presented a petition to the King’s Commissioners, then ion Rhode Island, asking for separation from him. It was referred by the Commissioner to Gov Benedict Arnold, who placed it before the General Assembly. In this petition she states that upon her father's death, she was sent to London by her mother "in much sorrow and griefe of spiritt, and there taken by on John Hicks unknown to any of my friends, and by the said Hicks privately married in the under Church of St Paules, called St Faith's church, and in a little while after, to my great griefe, brought to New England, when I was between thirteen and fourteen years of age, and lived two years and half at Weymouth, twelve miles from Boston, and then came to Rhode Island about the year 1640, and there lived ever since, till I came hear to Pettycomscutt. Not long after my coming to Rhode Island, there happened a difference between the said John Hicks and myselfe, soe that the authority that then was under grace, saw cause to part us, and ordered that I should have the estate which was sent to me by my mother, delivered to me by said John Hicks; but I never had it, but the said John Hicks went away to the Dutch, and carried away with him the most of my estate; by which means I was put to great hardship and straight. Then I thought to goe to my friends, but was hindered by warres, and the death of my friends. My mother and brother loosing their lives and estates in his Majesty’s service, and I being not brought up not to labour, and young, knew not what to do to have something to live, having noe friend; in which straight I was drawne by George Gardiner to consent to him soe fare as I did, for  my maintenance. Yett with much oppression of spirit, judging him not bot be my husband, never being married to him according to the law of the place; also I told him my oppression, and desired him, seeing that hee had that little I had, and all my labour, that he would allow me some maintenance, either to live apart from him, or else not to meddle with me; but hee always refused. Therefore, my humble petition to your honours is, that of that estate and labour hee has had of mine; and that the house upon my land I may enjoy without molestation, and the hee may alow mee my child to bring up with maintenance for her, and that he may be restrained from ever meddling with me, or troubling mee more” The Commissioners, Sir Robert Carr, George Carwright, and Samuel Maverick handed this petition to Governor Arnold on 20 March 1664/5 “to doe justice to the poore petitioner to the best of your judgement.”

The General Assembly took the testimony of George Gardiner and of Robert Stanton, a Newport Quaker, and close friend of George and Herodias. Gardiner admitted that “he cannot say that ever hee went on purpose before any magistrate to declare themselves, or to take each other as man and wife, or to have their approbation as to the premises.” Stanton on being asked “whether hee knew that aver George gardiner and Hored, his reputed wife were ever married according to the custom of the place,” answered “that hee knew noe other marridge, but onlye one night being at his house both of them did say before him and his wife that they did take one the other as man and wife.”

May 3, 1665, Assembly decreed the separation of the parties, but did not find things exactly as stated by Herodias:

Whereas Hored Long, heretobefore the wife of John Hicks, and since the reputed wife of George Gardener of Newport in Rhode Island, by a petition presented unto the Right honorable His Majestyes Commissioners did most impudently discover her owne nakedness by declaring therein unto their honours, that although she had lived fro a long space of time with the aforesaid Gardenr, as in a married estate, and had owned him as her lawfull husband, yett she was never lawfully married to him, neither could owne him in such a relation, and soe consequently that she had lived all this time in that abominable lust of fornication, contrary to the generall apprehension of her neighbors, she having had by the aforesaid Gardener many children...and upon diligent search have found it to be even soe as the aforesaid Hored hath declared, and that by the confession alsoe of the aforesaid Gardener, soe that the horrible sin of uncleannes in which they had lived for the space of eighteen or twenty years together, and had under cover of a pretend marriage (owning each other as man and wife), being now and not before, by her own acting and confession brought to light and most shamefully expressed to the publicke view, to the extreme reproach and scandall of this jurisdiction...

They were each to pay a fine of £20 before the next sitting of the Court in October and “ the aforesaid Gardener and Hored are hereby straightly required that from henceforth they presume not to lead soe scandalose a life, lest they feel the extreme penalty that either is or shall be provided in such cases.! They proceeded to renact the Act of 1647 for such cases, with further additions, and declared it should be stricktly enforced.

At this same sitting of the General Assembly (3 May 1665) Mrs Margaret Porter, the elderly wife of John Poster, presented a petition to the Assembly, asking that her husband be made to support her. This John Potter had been a Freeman at Toxbury, Massachusetts, in 1633. Belonging to the Hutchinson party, he had moved with Coddigton to Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1638. He continued to reside in Portsmouth until he removed to Pettaquamscutt (South Kingstown, Rhode Island) after 20 January 1657/8, on which date he and several persons purchased from the Indians a large tract of land known as the “Pettyquamscott Purchase.”

In her petition, Mrs Porter “doth most sadley complaine that her said husband is destitute of all congugall love towards her, and sutable care for her; that hee is gone from her and hath left her in such a nessesetous state that unavoidably she is brought to a mere dependence upon her children for her dayley supply, to her very greta grieffe of heart; and the rather considering that there is in the hands of her husband a very competent estate for both their subsistence; whereupon the said Margrett hath most earnestly requested the General Assembly to takke of her and to take her deplorable estate into their serious consideration, so as to make some suitable provision for her reliefe, out of the estate of her husband; and that speedily, before hee and it be conveyed away.” The Assembly, “having a deep sense upon their hearts of this sad condition which this poor and ancient matron is, by this means, reduced into,” directed that all deeds and conveyances made by John Porter since his departure from her shall be void and of no force. On 27 June 1665 he was releases from restraint, as he had made such provision for her for life as satisfied her. Soon after John and Margaret Porter were divorced and John married Herodias.

On 1 January 1670/1 John Porter and wife Herodias deeded to William Gardiner, son of George of Newport, 200 acres at Narragansett, which bounded westerly on Henry Gardiner. On 27 December 1671 they deeded to Nicholas Gardiner one sixteenth interest in 1000 acres of land in the Pettaquamscutt Purchase. A map of the land on the west side of the Pettasquamscutt River made on 5 October 1705 shows the contiguous lots of Nicholas, Will, Henry, Benoni, and George Gardiner and of John Watson. On 19 may 1671 Benoni, Henry, George and Nicholas Gardiner were inhabitants of Pettaquamscutt, who tool the oath of allegiance to King Charles.

John Hicks and Herodias had two children, Hannah and Thomas, and possibly a third child. When he went to Flushing, Hichs evidently carried his children with him. Hannah married about 1653/4 William Haviland of Flushing. In 1666 he obtained a patent from Governor Nicolls of four thousand acres on Madman’s Neck. He died shortly before 28 January 1741/2 aged nearly 100 years. The New York Post Boy under date o January 1749 states that “he left behind him of his offspring above three hundred children, grandchildren great grandchildren, and great great grandchildren.” His will dated 15 May 1727, was proved 28 January 1741/2. He married first between 23 February 1657 and 19 January 16758 Mary widow of John Washburne and daughter of Richard Butler, who died before 1677; and he married second in 1677 Mary Doughty, daughter of Elias Doughty of Flushing who died in 1713. He had thirteen children.

After his divorce from Herodias, in 1655 John Hick married Florence, a widow of John Carman, who died shortly thereafter and he married third after 22 January 1662 (the date of their prenuptial agreement) Rachel the widow of Thomas Starr, who survived him.

After his separation from Herodias, George Gardiner married Lydia, daughter of Robert Balloe of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and Boston Massachusetts. By her he had Joseph, born 1666/7; Robert born about 1668; Lydia probably born about 1670; Mary born about 1672; and Peregrine born about 1674. These children lived in Newport and Providence/ After Gardiner’s death Lydia married second William Hawkins of Providence on 14 June 1678.

The destruction of the Newport records renders it difficult to give an exact account of the children of George and Herodias, and their ages are only approximate. From the order in which they signed the oath of allegiance in 1671 it would seem that the sons were born in this order: Benoni, Henry, George William and Nicholas. In 1727 Benoni is said to have testified calling himself about ninety years old. It would seem that, like many old people, he overstated his age considerably and his brother Henry, who in 1738, called himself “aged about 93” was considerably nearer the mark. In 1711 Nichols called himself about fifty-seven.

There can be no doubt that Benoni, Henry, George, William and Nichols were the children of Herodias. They all shred in the Pettaquamscutt lands of John Potter. On April 8 1692, at a meeting of the Pettaquamscutt proprietors, Benoni, George William and Nicholas Gardiner and John Watson made their brother Henry Gardiner their agent to sign on their behalf. In the deed of John & Herodias Porter to William Gardiner of 1 January 1670/1 he is called the son of George Gardiner of Newport. On 17 November 1705, Benoni, Henry George William and Nicholas Gardiner and John Watson together with their wives  Mary, Joan, Tabitha, Elizabeth and Hannah Gardiner and Rebecca Watson, all of Kingstown sold 410 acres on Point Judith Poong to John  Potter for £150 to be paid to Thomas Hicks of Flushing, Long Island.

Dorcas, wife of John Watson, was also a child of George and Herodias. Is had been stated that John Watson’s second wife Rebecca, was another daughter, but this appears to be less certain. John Watson and Dorcas were married before 7 November 1673 when the witnessed, apparently as husband and wife, a deed of George Gardiner, jnr. To Nicholas. Dorcas died before 1702, when John Watson and his wife Rebecca deeded land to his son John. Rebecca may have been, but not necessarily, another daughter of George and Herodias.

With respect to the children of George Gardiner and his second wife Lydia Ballou, Joseph, Robert and Peregrine were clearly their children. Lydia Gardiner, who married 4 April 1689 Joseph Smith of Providence, was also probably, and child of this marriage. She was carried to Providence, by her mother after her second marriage to William Hawkins. Their daughter Mary, born about 1672, married at Providence 18 July 1690 Archibald Walker and had five children born between 1691 and 1709. Their son, Nathan, born 26 June 1704, was an Ensign in the forces under command of Major Caulfield in the Island of Ratan. His will, dated 25 November 1744, was proved in the Prerogative Courts of Canterbury (314 Edmunds) on 15 October 1746. In it he left a bequest to his “cousin John Gardiner” (Joseph, George) Merchant in Rhode Island.

It is worthy of note that the will of John Aylesford, dated 26 January 1638/9, proved 23 February 1638/9, mentioned his lands in Little Ockenbury, his plantation in Barbados and made a bequest of £5 to “Odias Long”.

George and Herodias were the ancestors of the prominent Gardiner family of Narragansett and Maine; and the Gardiners, who were important merchants at Newport in the eighteenth century, descended from George and Lydia. John Gardiner of Newport, son of Joseph and grandson of George and Lydia, was deputy Governor of Rhode Island, May 1754 to May 1755 and Lieut Governor September 1756 to January 1764. In  1787 Hon. Sylvester Gardiner of North Kingstown, a descendant of George and Herodias, was a member of the Continental Congress from Rhode Island.

Written by G Andrews Moriarty, from Rhode Island History, Vol XI (1952) P84-92.

...John Hicks went away to the Dutch, and carried away with him the most of my estate...

May 13, 1665, Margaret Porter divorces John Porter who then marries Herodias


70.              ELIAS DOUGHTY

AM13/535 HP534

Born: abt 1632, England
Parents: Francis & Bridget Doughty.
Died: abt 1690
Married abt 1659, Flushing, LI,  SARAH
She Died: 1726.
1/1. Mary Doughty, abt 1658
1/2. Elias Doughty, abt 1664,

died about 1/12/1744, Flushing (HP)
Married Elizabeth Hinchman 5/6/1718 Flushing.
Descendant Terre Doughty (Firock at Aol.com, 6/2004)


71.              JOHN CARMAN

AM13/537 HP536

Born: 8/7/1632. Roxbury, Mass
Parents: John & Florence Carman  (84)
Died: 1684, Hempstead, LI
Married abt 1655: Hannah  AM13/537
Born: abt 1637
Died: abt 1680
1/1. Caleb Carman, 1658

"John Carman was a miller of grain, a sawmill operator, and prob. a farmer too (REC 65:115 & HTR vol. 1&2). A mill of his stood on the west side of Hicks Neck (HTR 8:365). He acted as a Townsmen of Hempstead in 1663 (HTR 1:131) John-2 Carman's last will, dated 1684 and prov. same year. he dir Caleb-3 and John-3 to manage his Brother Joshua's estate, if he wished; Mentions dau. Abigail; two eldest sons John and Caleb (executors) were to receive the field called "Tylsum" (Toilsome?); son Benjamin-3 was to receive the house formerly belonging to "Latten" and "the old field at the south"; sons Joshua-3 and Joseph-3 (minors) who were to have his grinding and sawing mills upon their majorities, the mills to be run meanwhile by John & Caleb; sons Samuel & Thomas who were to have the meadow next to the lot formerly Jacksons (these sons were doubtless minors too). The overseer of the will was Samuel Emory (Embree doubtless) and John Pine (REC 65:115)". In 1714 ref. was made to "Capt. John Carman, dec.". John-3 (his son) was liv. 1720 (bro. Caleb-3's will), was a Capt.... quite possible that the 1714 note was an error." - "John-1 Carman of Hempstead, Long Island and some of his descendants thru his son John-2", Henry Alanson Tredwell Jr, Brooklyn, NY, August 1946.

After the death of his mother in 1660/61,  John2 Carman, Caleb Carman and Benjamin Coe (husband of Abigail Carman) sue John Hicks in court to recover for their brother, Joshua Carman, the estate of their father which had passed to John Hicks when he married their widowed mother. "... This land is assumed to be the area known briefly as Fordham's necke, later to be Hicke's necke (because John Hicks now owned the property of John Carman), and later to become Baldwin Harbor. John Hicks appears to have lost most of the property in the suit. Because of this law suit John Hicks has a pre-nuptial agreement made between him and his third wife, Rachell Starr." - The Early History of Hempstead, L. I., by Charles B. Moore, Long Island Source Records, from the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, p.580.

"Will says eldest son John, Caleb2, dau. Abigail, son Benjamin, sons Samuel and Thomas, to have the land that lies near Robert Jackson's younger sons Joshua and Joseph. Brother Joshua's property to be taken care of for him, he to live with John and Caleb if he wishes to. Sons John and Caleb executors." - "Genealogies of Long Island, compiled by Mary Powell Bunker, p.165.

"In 1682, John Carman, sen., John Carman, jnr., and Caleb Carman, agree to pay Jeremy Hobart, the minister, yearly during the time we live under his ministry: John, sen. L2, John, jnr. 10 shilling, and Caleb 10 shilling." - "Genealogies of Long Island, compiled by Mary Powell Bunker, p.164.

18 March 1686, In Confirmation of a bargain made between John Carman and John Tredwell, said Carman's sons, John and Caleb of Hempstead, conveyed to John Treadwell by deed... certain meadow lands lying "in ye Est fli" of Hick's Neck, bounded by a creek on the east side; and, at the same time in furtherance of said bargain, John Treadwell conveyed to the two Carman grantors, 17 acres of meadow lands on Hick's Neck, bounded easterly , by Robert Jackson's land, and on the north by land of the said John and Caleb; also one acre off the south end of John Treadwell's fresh meadow - New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, vol. II, p379.

John married about 1656 in Hempstead Hannah. The Seaman Genealogy states she was Hannah Seaman. Seaman Genealogy also contends it is from the line of the 6th daughter of Captain John Seaman 'that Great Adam Carman was born'. For this to be, all other facts being true, she would have to have been a Seaman. Others are not so sure of her surname, but her given name was undisputedly Hannah. So you have to make our own call on this one, I prefer Seaman.

Children of John and Hannah (Seaman) Carman:
John Carman
Caleb Carman
Samuel Carman
Benjamin Carman
Hannah Carman
Abigail Carman
Thomas Carman
Joshua Carman
Joseph Carman


72.              JOHN SEAMAN, Capt.

AM13/539 HP538

Born: abt 1607, Essex, England.
Died: abt 1694, Hempstead, LI
(Also married Elizabeth Strickland, dau of John Strickland)
Married abt 1655:

73.              MARTHA MOORE


Born: 21/10/1639, England.
Parents: Thomas & Martha (Young) Moore
Died: 1698
1/1. Hannah Seaman.

74.              JOHN STRICKLAND

AM13/563 HP562

Born: Bef. 1629, Westmoreland, England.
Died: 1672.
Married: Jane.
1/1. Hannah Strickland.


75.              SIMON HOYT - 1590

AM13/601 (8MH6-S3) HP600

Born & chr: 20 Jan 1590 @ Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died:  1 Sep 1657 @ Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut
BUR.: 1 Sep 1657
Parents: John Hoyt (8MH7-18) & Ruth, (of Dorset, England, no other data)
Also Married: Susanna SMITH (8MJ9-RF) and 2 Others

Married:  2 Dec 1612 @ Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England

76.              DEBORAH STOWERS - 1593


Born:  1 May 1593 & chr.: 5 Jun 1593 @ Dorchester, Dorset,
Died: 1634 England
Parents: Walter Stowers (9J5G-26) & Mrs. Walter  (9J5G-3C)
1/1. John Hoyt (93W3-H9)

Born: 1610, England
Died: 28 Feb 1687 Of Salisbury, Essex, Mass
Bur.: 29 Feb 1687 Amesbury, Essex, , Massachusetts
Married: Mrs Frances Hoyt (93W3-JG) 1643/1644 @ Salisbury, Essex,
Married: Mary Jewell (LTDF-6D) 1643/1644

1/2. John Hoyt (8MH6-VF)

Born & chr: 12 Mar 1614 Upway, Dorchester, Dorset,
Died:  1 Sep 1684, NY
Married: Abt 1639

1/3. Walter Hoyt (8MH6-WL)

Born:  9 Jun 1616 Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Chr.: 1618 Windsor, Fairfield, , Connecticut
Died: 1698/1699 Windsor, Fairfield, , Connecticut
Bur.: 1698 Norwalk, Fairfield, CT
Married: Elizabeth ST JOHN (PLKW-X8) 1643, Windsor, Conn
and 5 Others Married: 1643 Windsor, , Conn

1/4. Thomas Hoyt (8MH6-XR)

Born: 20 Sep 1618 @ Upway, Dorchester, Dorset
Died:  9 Sep 1656
Married: Elizabeth Russel (8MJ9-Q8) 1643 @ Stamford, Fairfield, CT

1/5. Thomas HYATT (J6PC-RL)

Born: 20 Feb 1618  Of, Stamford, Fairfield, CT
Died:  9 Sep 1656 @ Stamford, Fairfield, CT Bur.: Sep 1656
Married: Elizabeth Russell (KC1X-X4)

1/6. Deborah Hoyt (8MH6-ZX)

Born:  9 Aug 1620 Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: 30 Jun 1628 Upway, Dorset, England

1/7. Nicholas Hoyt (8MH6-M7)

Born: 10 Nov 1622  Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died:  7 Jul 1655  Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut
Married: Susanna Joyse (8MH6-ND) 12 Jun 1646 @ Windsor, Hartford,

1/8. Moses HOIT (PK87-4C)

Born: 1625/1632 Died: Abt 1712
Married: Elizabeth  (PK87-5J) Abt 1658

1/9. Ruth Hoyt (8MH7-03)

Born:  2 Jan 1625 Upway, Dorchester, Dorset
Died:  9 May 1627 Upway, Co. Dorset,

1/10. Mary Hoyt (G82S-MS)

Born: 1635 Fairfield, Fairfield, CT
Married: Thomas Lyon (N9TP-6S) (G82S-LM) (NTJC-KH) 1654 @ Fairfield, Fairfield, Connecticut

1/11. Miriam HOIT (PK87-FW)

Born: Abt 1636
Married: Samuel Forman (PK87-DQ) 25 Mar 1662


77.              SAMUEL LUTHER

AM13/611 (MLSR-KG)

No HAP data.
Born: [1594]
1/1. Elizabeth Luther (C18N-VH)

Born: Abt 1620, Musketa Cove, Oyster Bay, New York
Died: Gravesend, Oyster Bay, New York
Married: Francis Wickes (C18N-TB) 1639 ,


78.              THOMAS TOWNSEND

AM13/617 HP616

Born: 8/1/1594-5, Norwich, England, probably.
Parents: Henry & Margaret (Forthe) Townsend.
Died: 22/12/1677, Lynn, Mass.
Married: Mary
1/1. John Townsend.

Thomas Townsend:
born: 8 Jan 1594
Father: Henry Townsend, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut                         Mother: Margaret FORTHE
Children of Thomas Townsend, Oyster Bay, Queens, NY:
John Townsend, born: 1659
Thomas Townsend, born: 1661
Henry Townsend, born: 1663

Children of John Townsend & Elizabeth Oyster Bay IGI:
Ann Townsend B: 1644
Hannah Ann Townsend B: 1649
John Townsend B: Abt 1653
Mother: Elizabeth Coles
James Townsend S: Abt 1643
Mother: Elizabeth Montgomery
Elizabeth Townsend B: Abt 1645
Mother: Elizabeth Montgomerie
Rose Townsend S: Abt 1648
Mother: Elizabeth Montgomery
Sarah Townsend S: Abt 1656
Father: John Townsend
Mother: Elizabeth Montgomery
Daniel Townsend S: Abt 1663


79.              ROBERT COLES

AM13/619 HP618

Born abt 1597, Sudbury Suffolk
Died: 18/10/1655, Warwick, RI.
A possible parent line from the IGI:
Thomas Cole M 5 May 1594: Mabell Wilchyne, Lavenham, Suffolk,

Married abt 1630:

80.              MARY HAWXHURST


Born: abt 1605. England.
Parents: Sampson Hauxhurst (see below - generations confused)
Died: 2/11/1656.
1/1. Elizabeth Coles.




81.              ROBERT HICKS.


The emigrant.
Baptised: England about 1575,
Died: at Plymouth, Mass., on March 24/1647,
Parents: James and Phebe (Allyn) Hicks, see subject 2128.
Married, 1st, in England, in 1596,

82.              Elizabeth Morgan,

Died about 1607,
Parents: John Morgan of Southwark, a leather dealer.

Issue (iter alia):- (by his first wife Elizabeth Morgan)
1/1. Elizabeth Hicks.
1/2. Thomas Hicks. Baptized at Bermondsey, February 19/1603,
bur 1604.
1/3. John Hicks. Baptized at London, England, October 12/1605.

He married, 2nd, at London, England, in 1610, Margaret Winslow, whose will was dated July 8/1665, proved March 6/1666.
1/4. Samuel.2
1/5. Ephraim2 m. 1649, Elisabeth Howland, dau. of
    John and Elisabeth, of the "Mayflower."
1/6. Lydia,
1/7. Phebe.


Stephen2 m. 2d Margaret Winslow and had:

83.              FRANCIS DOUGHTY


Born: England
Parents: Francis Doughty, died 1634.

Married: Bridget

1/1. Mary Doughty
1/2. Francis Doughty
1/3. Elias Doughty

84.              JOHN CARMAN


Leonard Gable, 8/2009:
The Carman's and Seaman's are from ENGLAND. There was a Carman and a Seaman burned at the stake at Norwich in 1558.

One of the great challenges about John Carman, patentee of Hempstead, Long Island is that there is more than one John Carman in early New England history:  For instances all of the following men named John Carman leave records behind in 17th century America, but it is unlikely they are the same man.

A John Cannon get his name changed and becomes John Carman in the later records of the ship Fortune which arrived in America in 1621.

A John Carman is recorded in the records of the ship named  "Plough" which was originally bound for Maine but lands in Boston in 1631.

Although he does not show up on the ship's passenger list, another John Carman is generally presumed to have arrived on the "Lyon" in 1631.

And then there are ships records that show a John Carman having at least been on a ship as crewman  that visited Boston.

Our John Carman of interest here, cannot be all of them. But history has left us little to identify any of them

The John Carman who is the center of our attention here, is supposed to be born about 1606 probably in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire,  England (supposed in that there is no hard proof, just family folklore) and died in Hempstead, Long Island (the English didn't seize the area from the Dutch until 1669 so prior to then it wasn't New York and Hempstead was semi-independent of New Netherlands, but occupied by permission). before 15 October 1653. He married Florence Fordham, born about 1610 and died 7 Feb 1660/61 at Jamaica, Long Island.  Florence is often referred to as the daughter of Rev. Robert Fordham who John went to Long Island with and signed the treaty for the land that founded Hempstead in 1641, but she is much more likely Robert Fordham's sister.

From the church records of Roxbury, we have hard evidence that John Carman arrived in 1631;  He had no children with him when he came; his first born was born in 1633; and "Florence Carman wife of John Carman" is entered into the church record in 1632 (it doesn't say in the entry whether she was arriving then by ship, which would imply they were married in England and she sailed later, or if that was married to John there in Roxbury).

From Roxbury there is mention of John Carman in Lynn, Massachusetts until 1637 when they moved to Sandwich, Massachusetts on Cape Cod.  It is assumed he then left for Wallingford and then Stamford, Connecticut as that is where the band of patentees of Hempstead moved from.  However, John Carman's name never appears in Stamford records. So did he really move to Stamford, or did he associate with these men by another (yet to be found) reason?

John Carman and Robert Fordham travelled to Long Island ahead of the band of pioneers as their "agents" in 1643.  The deed signed with the Indians is dated 13 November 1643, so they were indeed there before the main party came over.  The commemorative mural of the event that hangs in Hempstead Village Hall is probably accurate.  Snow is still scarce on Long Island in November, but it is getting cool (Some artistic license was taken with the muffler to cover the face of John as no one knows what he actually looked like.) So chances are they wintered on Long Island that winter of 1644, probably on the south shore which is considerably warmer than the north and the Long Island Sound is cold and rough any time of year, and may have been around present day Merrick, Long Island where John did set up his homestead once the Town of Hempstead was established later in 1644.

John Carman died before 15 October 1653 in Hempstead, Long Island a respected and influential man of means.


85.              FLORENCE FORDHAM

Internet, 8/2007:
The general belief was that Florence Fordham was the daughter of Rev. Robert Fordham, who with John Carman went to Long Island and signed the Indian treaty for the roughly 200,000 acres that comprise modern day Nassau County, Long Island.  I am not sure where that all started from for sure, but more likely she is the sister of Robert Fordham and John Carman and Robert Fordham were brothers-in-law.

Tredwell Fleet Carman, in his letter of 1880 to Ezra Ayres Carman states that John and Robert were brother's-in-law in a rather matter-of-fact way.

Issue HP:
1/1. John Carman, b 1632 (71)

Children of John  and Florence (Fordham) Carman:
John Carman
Abigail Carman
Caleb Carman
Benjamin Carman - born about 1640, died about 1694
Thomas Carman
Joshua Carman

After John's death, the widow Florence Carman re-married in 1656 to John Hicks.

86.              JOHN HOYT - 1590

AM14/1201  (8MH7-18)

Born: 20 Jan 1590 @ , Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: @ Dorchester, England
Parents: John Hoyt (FVC8-P3)
Married: 1589 @ Upway, Dorset, England

RUTH   (8MH7-2F)    (MGR1-19)

Born: Abt 1571 @ Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: 1664 @ England
1/1. Thomas Hoyt (LSHN-94)
   Born: [1588]
1/2. Thomas Hoyt (8MH7-3L)

Born: 1588 @ Upway, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: 1651
Married: Elizabeth  (8MJ9-LK)

1/3. Simon Hoyt (8MH6-S3)
   Married: Deborah Stowers (8MH6-T8) and 3 Others


87.              WALTER STOWERS - 1568

AM14/1203  (9J5G-26)

Born: 1568 @ , Dorchester, Dorset, England
Married: Mrs. Walter  (9J5G-3C)
Born: Abt 1569 @ , Dorchester, Dorset, England
1/1. Nicholas Stowers (8WRD-JW)

Born: 1591/1595, Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.
Died: 17 May 1646, Charlestown, Suffolk, Mass.
Married: Amy Stowers(Marnam) (QBHG-L1)
Amy  (8WRD-K3) Married: Bef 1600 Lynn, Essex, Mass.

1/2. Deborah Stowers (8MH6-T8)

Born:  1 May 1593 Dorchester, Dorset, England
CHR.:  5 Jun 1593 Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: 1634, England
Married: Simon Hoyt (8MH6-S3) 2 Dec 1612 Upway, Dorchester, Dorset,

88.              SAMPSON HAWKHURST


Ref HP1238:

Sampson Hawkhurst was born 1571 and died 1627. He matriculated at Balliol College at Oxford, England, on November 6/159O. He received his B.A. on June 25/1593, and B.D. from Magdalen Hall on July 9/1607. He was Vicar at Nuneaton, Warwickshire from 1626 to 1627. His wife's name is not known.

1/1. Mary Hawkhurst. Died 1656.

She married about 1630, Robert Cole or Coles, born 1591-7. She emigrated to New England with her brother Christopher, and was in Ipswich, Mass., in 1650, but later moved to Rhode Island. Robert died October 18/1655. see subject 618 for issue and further particulars.

1/2. William Hawkhurst. Born 1600.
   Was of Magdalen Hall November 6/1618.
1/3. Christopher Hawkhurst. He was a Vicar.

He married about 1655, Mary Ruddock and five children. See subject 310 for issue and further particulars.

Re: Hawkhurst 
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004
From: Carol Mushero, from Maine

I do so appreciate your writing to me, thanks so much. I will check and see just where in England they came from, but they came from there and settled in Oyster Bay Long Island (the ritzy place now) New York. From there they went to Canada. They lived in Queens Co. New Brunswick, predominantly Chipman and surrounding settlements.
    Our Hawkhurst name is famous for a place in Kent with the same name, and thus emerged the Hawkhurst pirates who smuggled and did other piratical activities. I was corresponding with a retired police captain in Fredricton who's email name was the Hawk, and he was enthralled with the pirate story.
    Let me check my files and get a point of origin for you. You said your Hawkhursts were older than mine, of that I have no doubt. A question for you: Where in Ireland did your Leckey's come from? Mine were from Donegal, and went to Canada in 1824. I would so love for there to be a connection.


Sarah Hawkhurst 1855 Chipman Canada, Jotham 1829 Waterborough, Canada, Jotham 1792 Canada, Issac 1766 N.Y., Jotham 1740 N.Y., Samson 1707 N.Y., Samson 1667/1670 N.Y., Christopher Hawxhurst 1635 Warwich England, Samson Hawxhurst, Shrewsbury England, Christopher Hawxhurst Shrewsbury England, William Hawxhurst 1498 Shrewsbury England.
Sarah Hawkhurst married William Lecky in Chipman, Queens County New Brunswick, Canada.
Sarah 1855 married William Leckey and had George W., (immigrated in 1910) George W. m. Nellie Chadbourne and had Cecil, Cecil m. Julia Smith and had Ruby, and Ruby m. Frederick Danforth and had me. There you go. My earliest Hawxhurst of record is 1498.

Warmest regards,  Carol

Date:    Fri, February 27, 2004 6:28 am
Hannah Townsend, who married Samson Hawxhurst was b. 1630. She was the dau. of John Townsend and Johannah Smith. John was b. abt. 1661 in Warwick England. He d. 9 Mar 1705 in Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York. Johannah was b. abt 1660 and d. bef. 1693. John was the son of Henry Townsend b. abt. 1631 in Norwich Eng. and d. 1695. His wife was Anne Coles b. abt. 1639. The rest are names only, but go back. Henry's father was Thomas Townsend. Thomas's father was Henry Townsend of Brecon-Ash England who married Margaret Forthe.

This does not agree with Bert Poole:
My original source (HA Poole) has a different line from Hannah, who married Sampson Hawkhurst (b 1671):
Hannah (b abt 1680)
James (b 1665) & Audrey Almy
John (b abt 1630) & Phebe Williams
John & Elizabeth Coles
Thomas (b 8/1/1595) & Mary
Henry (b1568) & Margaret.

*********************** NEXT GENERATION ************************

89.              JOHN HOYT


Not on HP.
Born: [1530]
1/1. John Hoyt (8MH7-18)

Born: 20 Jan 1590, Dorchester, Dorset, England
Died: Dorchester, England
Married: Ruth  (8MH7-2F) and 1 Others
Married: 1589 Upway, Dorset, England


Unknown connection:
Children of Joseph Weeks & Elizabeth New London Twp, New London, Conn:

Jane Weeks, born: 19 Dec 1765
Mary Weeks, born: 16 Oct 1767
Edward Wells Weeks, born: 18 Jul 1769
Joseph Weeks, born: 26 May 1771
Abigail Weeks, born: 27 Feb 1774

WEEKS, Thomas: 10 Feb 1701
Spouse: Ann COLE   Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island

WICKES, Thomas: 10 Feb 1701
Spouse: Ann Goston COLE  Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island

WICKES, Thomas: 20 Feb 1702
Spouse: Ann COLE OR COLES   Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island

WICKES, Thomas B: 28 Jan 1710
Father: Thomas WICKES Mother: Ann, Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island

WICKES, Thomas B: 8 Sep 1715
Father: John WICKES Mother: Sarah, Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island

WEEKS, Samuel B: 1700
Father: Samuel WEEKS Mother: Anna CARPENTER, Oyster Bay, Long Island City, Queens, New York

WEEKS, Samuel B: 29 Apr 1712
Father: Joshua WEEKS Mother: Abigail, Newport, Newport, Rhode Island

WICKES, Samuel B: 2 Feb 1722
Father: Thomas WICKES Mother: Ann, Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island

WEEKS, George B: 27 Nov 1739
Father: Edmund WEEKS Mother: Elizabeth WRIGHT, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY

WEEKS, George B: 23 Feb 1762
Father: Samuel WEEKS Mother: Catherine MILLER, Long Island City, Queens,

Ancestral File (TM) - ver 4.18   PEDIGREE CHART 06 FEB 1999

Born: 1795 PLACE: <Of High Bridge, , NY>
Parents: Townsend Poole (GZMB-G7) & Effy(Euphemia) Devou (GZKT-LR)
Married: Deborah CORSA (GZMB-LW)
Born: <1799>

Born: 1771 @ Of High Bridge, NY
Married: Effy(Euphemia) Devou (GZKT-LR)
Born: 1775 @ Of High Bridge, , NY
Parents: John Devoe (4MK0-Z6) & Mary Debevoice (916S-GP)

1/1. Solomon Poole (GZMB-HD)

Born: 1795  <Of High Bridge, , NY> Married: Deborah CORSA (GZMB-LW)

1/2. Townsend Poole (GZMB-JK)

Born: 1797 <Of High Bridge, , NY> Married: Deborah CROMWELL (GZMB-M3)

1/3.  John Poole (GZM7-ZD)

Born: 1799 <Of High Bridge, , NY> Married: Phebe Devoe (GZM7-C9)

1/4. Elizabeth Poole (GZMB-KQ)

Born: 1803 <Of High Bridge, , NY> Married: Jeremiah CROMWELL (GZMB-N8)

Born: 1733 @ Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: 1809 @ Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Parents: Daniel Devoe (4MK1-3T) & Margaret CALJER (GW3W-J4)
Also Married: Maria DEBERVOICE (P1NP-5L) @ Morrisania, Westchester,

Married, 1754: Mary DEBEVOICE (916S-GP)
Born: 21 Mar 1744 @ Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: 1809, Of Wstchs Co, NY
Parents: Carel Debevoise (JMXN-ZH) & Eve Van Voorhees (JMXP-4B)

1/1. Margaret Devou (GZKT-DQ) Born: 1755, Westchester, New York> 

Married: Martin MCEVOY (GZM6-LC) 1778             

1/2. Margaret Devoe (MX89-DP)

Born:  1 Oct 1755 Morrisania, Westchester,
Married: Martin MC EVOY (MX89-CJ) 1778      
Married: Martin MCEVOY (GZM6-LC) 1778       

1/3. Elizabeth Devou (GZKT-FW)

Born: 1760 Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Married: Nicholas Berrian (GZM7-6F)

1/4. Margaret Devoe (JMXK-L6)

Born:  1 Oct 1762 Morrisania, Westchester,
Married: Capt. Martin MC EVOY (19D7-8CH) 5 Dec 1778, New York,

1/5. Sarah Devou (GZKT-G3)

Born: 1762  Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Married: John Weeks (GZM7-7L)

1/6. Charles Devou (GZKT-H8)

Born: 29 Jul 1765 @ Morrisania, Westchester, New York
Died: 1838 NY
Married: Mary Weeks (GZM7-8R) 1798              @

1/7. Anna Devou (GZKT-JF)

Born: 1767 Morrisania, Westchester, N. Y.
Married: Jacob Berrian (GZM9-82) 18 Sep 1796  White Plains, Westchester,

1/8. Frederick Devou (GZKT-KL)

Born: 16 Sep 1768  Morrisania, Westchester, New York
Died: 1830
Married: Deborah Weeks (GZM9-97)

1/9. Elizabeth Devoe (JMXK-PP)

Born: 5 Jun 1770 Morrisania, Westchester,
Married: Nicholas Berrian (MX89-FV) (GZM7-6F) 13 May 1787  New York,

1/10. Eve Devoe (K7KQ-S0)

Born:  2 Nov 1772, Westchester, New York
Married: Townsend Poole (MX89-G2)

1/11. Sarah Devoe (JMXK-QV)

Born: 21 Mar 1775 @ Morrisania, Westchester,
Married: John Weeks (MX89-H7)

1/12. Effy(Euphemia) Devou (GZKT-LR)

Born: 1775 Of High Bridge, NY
Married: Townsend Poole (GZMB-G7)

1/13.  Euphemia (Effie) Devoe (JMXK-R2)

Born: 2 Nov 1777 Morrisania,

Married: Townsend Poole (19D7-8KQ) 26 Sep 1789 @ Fordham, Bronx, New York

1/14. John Devoe (3JJ2-4S)

Born:  5 Feb 1778  Westchester,
Died: 3 Feb 1864  Wstchs Co, NY BUR.: Feb 1864

Married: Sarah Weeks (3JJ2-50) 5 Apr 1804, Westchester, NY

1/15. Anna Devoe (JMXK-S7)

Born: 14 Jan 1781  Morrisania, Westchester,

Married: Jacob Berrian (MX89-JD) and (GZM9-82)

Daniel DEVOE
Born: 1686 (ABT)             @ Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: 1774                   @ , Westchester, New York
Parents: Frederick Deveaux (8QZK-JV) & Hester TERNEUR TOURNEUR (8QZK-K2)

Also Married: Margaret COLYER (GZKT-1T) 1714

Married.: 24 Aug 1714
Margaret CALJER (GW3W-J4)
Born: 1690  Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: Bef 27 Oct 1773
Parents: Jurian CALJER (GW3W-MM) & Elizabeth VANDERHOVEN (GW3W-NS)
1/1. Hester Deveaux (GZKT-21)

Born: 1715, Westchester, New York
Married: Peter BANTA (GZM4-QR) & Peter RANTA (11TJ-0T2)
Married.: 1736  Westchester, Westchester, New York

1/2. Elizabeth Deveaux(DE VOUW) (GZKT-36)

Born: 1717, New York?
Married: Isaac VARIAN (GZM4-RX) 12 Aug 1732 Westchester, New York

1/3. Daniel Deveaux(DE VOUW) (GZKT-4C)

Born: 1720 Morrisania, Westchester, NY Died: 1777
Married: Aeltie MARTLING (GZLP-Q1) 1739 Old Church, Tarrytown, NY
Married: Aeltje Lettie MARTHING (MX89-KK): 1739
Married: Allye (Letty) MARTLING (P1NP-84), Westchester, New York

1/4. Cornelius Deveaux(DEVOO) (GZKT-5J)

Born: 1722 @ Fordham, Westchester, New York. Died: 1794
Married: Hester DAY (GZM6-FH): 25 Oct 1748 @ Dutch Church, Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, NY

1/5. Lena Deveaux (GZKT-6P)

Born: 1724  Fordham, Westchester, New York
Married: Isaac ODELL (GZM6-GN) 1749 @ Westchester, Westchester, NY.
Married: Richard ODELL (MX8W-19)

1/6. Mary Deveaux (GZKT-7V)

Born: 1726 Fordham, Westchester, New York
Married: Oblinus HENDRICKS (GZM6-J1) 1753 Westchester,  New York
Married: Henry OBLEMUS (MX89-LQ) &  VREDENHURGH (MX8W-2G)

1/7. Lavina Devoe (JMXM-8Q)
   Born: 1728 Fordham, Westchester, New York

1/8. Margaret Devoe (JMXM-9W) Born: 1729 Fordham, Westchester,  
   New York
1/9. Abigail Devoe (BVKZ-KS)

Born: 1731 Fordham, Westchester, New York
Died: 1809 Westchester, Westchester, New York
Married: Henry ODELL (2NTX-12) 23 May 1759 New York,

1/10. John Devoe (4MK0-Z6)

Born: 1733 Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: 1809 Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Married 1754: Mary Debevoice (916S-GP)

1/11. Levi Devoe (MX80-P1)
   Born: 1735 Fordham, Westchester, New York

1/12. David Devoe (MX80-Q6)
Born: 1737 Fordham, Westchester, New York

Born: Abt 1711 @ Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Died:  9 Oct 1736 @ Bushwick, Kings, NY
Parents: Carel Debevoise (JMXR-0W) & Margaret MESEROLE (G1DM-W2)

Married.:  9 Oct 1736
Eve Van Voorhees (JMXP-4B)
Born: 20 Jan 1719 @ New Utrecht, Kings, New York
Chr.: 29 Jan 1719 @ Gravesend, Kings, New York
Died: 1793   Bushwick, Kings, New York
Parents: Koert Van Voorhees (JMXP-N3) & Neeltje (Cornelia) HEGEMAN (JMXP-20)
1/1. Margaret Debevoise (JMXM-FL)

Born:  9 May 1738 @ Bushwick, Kings,
Married: Peter CALJER (19D7-FJD) 6 Sep 1758 @ Albany, Albany, New York
Married: Peter COLYER (MX88-92)

1/2. Nelly Debevoise (JMXM-GR)

Born: 16 Mar 1740 Bushwick, Kings, New York Died: 23 Mar 1806
Married: Carel Debevoise (MX8P-NQ) 4 Nov 1762 @ Albany, Albany, New York

1/3. Carel Debevoise (JMXM-HX)

Born:  5 Feb 1742 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: Maria VAN HOUTEN (MX8P-PW) 4 Jun 1764 @ Albany, New York

1/4. Mary Debevoice (916S-GP)

Born: 21 Mar 1744 @ Morrisania, Westchester, NY 
Died: 1809 Of Wstchs
Married: John Devoe (4MK0-Z6) 1754.

1/5. Anna Debevoise (JMXM-J4)

Born: 26 Jan 1746 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: Dr. Andrew VAN ALEN (19D7-FM1) 27 Jan 1776  @ Albany,
Married: Andrew VAN ALLEN (MX7Z-TL)

1/6. Coert Debevoise (JMXM-K9)

Born: 28 Oct 1748 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: Elizabeth SLOAT (MX8P-SF)

1/7. John Debevoise (JMXM-LG)

Born: 14 Apr 1751  Bushwick, Kings, New York Died: 15 Mar 1829
Married: Jane BEAGLE (19D7-FPF) 18 Nov 1775, Albany, New York
Married: Jane BEGEL (MX89-V4)

1/8. Catherine Debevoise (JMXM-MM)

Born: 22 Mar 1753 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: John BOSKIRK (19D7-FQM) 2 May 1775  Albany, New York
Married: John BUSHIRK (MX89-W9)

1/9. Jacobus Debevoise (JMXM-NS)

Born: 31 Jan 1755 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: Aletta Or Lette RAPALJE (19D7-FRT) 24 May 1782 Albany,

1/10. Isaac Debevoise (JMXM-P0)

Born: 10 Jul 1757 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: Jane Debevoise (MX8P-J2)

1/11. Anna DE BEVOISE (TM9V-MX)

Frederick DEVEAUX (8QZK-JV)
Born: 1645 Near Rochelle, Annis, France
Died: Nov 1743 Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Parents: Daniel TOURNEUR (GW3W-P0) & Jaqelin DE PARISIS (GW3W-Q5)
Married.: 24 Jun 1677  Dutch Church, New Haarlem, New York
Born: 1662  Flatbush, Kings, New York
Died: 1721, Westchester, NY
Parents: Jean Daniel TOURNEUR (FNLX-7Q) & Jacqueline DE PARISIS (FNLX-8W)
1/1.  Jacob Deveaux (GZKR-8R)

Born:  1 May 1678       @ Westchester, Westchester, New York
Chr.:  1 May 1678       @ Harlem, New York, New York

1/2.  Rachel Deveaux (GZKR-9X)

Born:  1 May 1678  Westchester, Westchester, New York
Chr.:  1 May 1678  Harlem, New York, New York Died: Aft 1743
Married: Johannes Dyckman (9NG1-PV) 1702 @ Harlem, Westchester, New York
Married: Johannes Dyckman (GZKR-P1) 21 Aug 1702 @ Ref Dutch Church, Harlem, New York
Married: John Dyckman (11TJ-3G9)

1/3.  Hester Deveaux (GZKR-B4)

Born:  8 May 1680  Westchester,
Chr.:  8 May 1680  Harlem, New York,
Married: Levi VINCENT (GZKR-W2) Abt 1701 @ Westchester, NY

1/4.  Susannah Deveaux (GZKR-C9)

Born:  1 Jul 1682 New York
Chr.:  1 Jul 1682 @ Harlem, New York
Died: 1721, Westchester, New York
Married: Andrew NAUDAIN (GZKR-X7) 1689, Westchester, New York
Married: Mr. COUTON (11TJ-3JP)

1/5.  Frederick J. Devoe (Deveaux) (GZKR-DG)

Born: 1684 Harlem, Manhattan, NY
Died: 1753 @ Morrisiania, , NY
Married: Mary ODELL (GZKS-QB) 24 Aug 1720  Morrisania, Westchester, New
Married: Hester DYKMAN (GZKS-LM) 1753, Westchester, New York

1/6.  Fredrick DEVAUX (MX8W-3M)

Born: 1684 Dutch Ref., Harlem, New York
Died: Apr 1753  Morrisiania,
Married: Mary ODELL (GZKS-QB) 6 Jul 1720 @ Morrisania, Westchester, New
Married: Hester DYKMAN (GZKS-LM) 1753 @ , Westchester, New York
Married: Hester DYKMAN (MX89-QF)

1/7.  Daniel Devoe (4MK1-3T)

Born: 1686 (ABT) Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: 1774, Westchester,
Married: Margaret COLYER (GZKT-1T) 1714
Married: Margaret CALJER (GW3W-J4) 24 Aug 1714

1/8.  Daniel Deveaux (GZKR-FM)

Born: 1686 Morrisania, Bronx, New York
Chr.: 1686 Harlem, New York
Died:  8 Nov 1774 Delavan, Tazewell, Illinois
Married: Margaret COLYER (GZKT-1T) 14 Aug 1714 @ Bushwick, Kings, New

1/9.  Abel Deveaux (GZKR-GS)

Born: 1688 Morrisania, Westchester, NY Died: 1774, Westchester, New York
BUR.: 1774
Married: Magdalena HUNT (GZMC-BN) 1717, Westchester, New York
Married: Magdalina HUNE (P1N2-JV) Harlem, Westchester, New York

1/10.  Mary Deveaux (GZKR-H0)

Born: 1689  Morrisania, Bronx, New York
Married: Joshua BISHOP (GZKW-0X) 1743  @ Harlem, Westchester, New York
Married: Eavourt BROWN (GZKS-1P) Harlem, Westchester, New York

1/11.  Leah(Lena) Deveaux (GZKR-J5)

Born: 1691 New York
Married: Peter GENDRON (GZKS-7Q) & Nathaniel BAILEY (GZKW-14)

1/12.  Dinah Deveaux (GZKR-KB)

Born: 1694 Morrisania, Bronx, New York

Married: Lewis GUYON (GZKS-8W) 1712  @ Harlem, Westchester, New York
Married: Tobias COCHLIN (GZKW-GC) Bef 1728 @ Harlem, Westchester, New

1/13.  Joseph Deveaux (GZKR-LH)

Born: 1696 Morrisania, Westchester, NY
Died: 1774, Westchester, New York BUR.: 1774
Married: Sarah BLOM (GZN3-PK) 1725  @ Harlem, Westchester, New York
Married: Sarah MONTAYNE (GZN3-QQ) @ Harlem, Westchester, New York

1/14.  Judith Deveaux (GZKR-MN)

Born: 1698  Morrisania, Bronx, New York
Died: 1700  @ Westchester, Westchester, New York BUR.: 1700
Married: John BARHYTE (GZKS-J9) 1718  @ New Rochelle, , New York
Married: Johannes BARHYTE (19D7-9R5) 1718 Westchester,

1/15.  Abigal Deveaux (GZKR-NT)

Born: 1700  Morrisania, Bronx, New York
Died: 1720  @ New Rochelle, , New York

(GW3W-MM) (P1N3-HT)
Born: Abt 1667 Of Morrisania, Winchester, NY
Married: Elizabeth VANDERHOVEN (GW3W-NS)
Born: Abt 1669 Of Morrisania, Westchester, NY
1/1.  Margaret CALJER (GW3W-J4)
Born: 1690  Morrisania, Westchester, NY  Died: Bef 27 Oct 1773
Married: Daniel Devoe (4MK1-3T) 24 Aug 1714

Born:  1 Aug 1680 Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Chr.:  1 Aug 1680 Flatbush, Kings, New York
Died & BUR: Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Parents: Jacobus DE BEAUVOIS (JMXR-KT) & Maria JOOSTEN (JMXR-9G)

Married.: 1703 Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Margaret MESEROLE (G1DM-W2)
Born: Abt 1687 Of Amersfoort, Kings, New York
Died & BUR: @ Brooklyn, Kings, New York
Parents: Jean MESEROLE (G1DL-WW)& Marretje COEVERT (G1DL-X3)

1/1. Jan Debevoise (JMXN-W5)

Born: 1704 Brooklyn, Kings, New York Died: 26 Apr 1777
Married: Jane RAPALJE (MX89-96) and 1 Others
Married: Jannetje RAPALJE (19D7-FVG)

1/2.   Jacobus Debevoise (JMXN-XB)

Born: 1709  @ Brooklyn, Kings, New York  Died: 1776             
Married: Maria VAN HOUSEN (MX8L-0V) 13 Apr 1736 

1/3.   Carel Debevoise (JMXN-ZH)

Born: Abt 1711 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Died:  9 Oct 1736 Bushwick, Kings, NY
Married: Eve Van Voorhees (JMXP-4B)  9 Oct 1736    

1/4.   Johannes Debevoise (JMXP-0M)

Born: Abt 1713 @ Brooklyn, Kings, New York Died: 19 Nov 1792
Married: Hannah BETTS (MX7W-Z1).: 15 Jun 1749      

Born: 1688 @ Flatlands, Kings, New York, United States
Died: 1750 @ Gravesend, Kings, NY
Parents: Gerrit Coerte Van Voorhees (JMXP-RL) & Willemtje PIETERS (JMXP-JD)

Married.: 13 Apr 1716 Gravesend, Kings, NY
Neeltje (Cornelia) HEGEMAN (JMXP-20)
Born: 1688 @ Gravesend, Kings, New York, United States
Died: @ Gravesend, Kings, NY
Parents: Joseph HEGEMAN (GBFN-MJ) & Femmetje VANDERBEECK (84DN-47)
1/1. Stephen Van Voorhees (JMXP-35)
   Born: 1717 Gravesend, Kings, NY
1/2.  Eve Van Voorhees (JMXP-4B)

Born: 20 Jan 1719 & Chr.: 29 Jan 1719 @ Gravesend, Kings, New York
Died: 1793 Bushwick, Kings, New York
Married: Carel Debevoise (JMXN-ZH) 9 Oct 1736

1/3.  Isaac Van Voorhees (JMXP-5H)

Born: 1720 Gravesend, Kings, New York Died: 1793              Married: Marya  (MX8B-T3)

1/4.  Antje Van Voorhees (JMXP-6N)

Chr.: 11 Feb 1722  Gravesend, Kings,
Died: Abt 1723 Of New Utrecht, Kings, New York

1/5. Antje Van Voorhees (JMXP-7T)

Chr.: 13 Feb 1724 Gravesend, Kings,
Married: Johannes DERJE (14D1-T00) Abt 1745 Of Gravesend, Kings,
Married: Johannes DURYEA (MX8B-V8) 30 Apr 1748  @ Oyster Bay, Queens, NY

1/6. Lucretia Van Voorhees (JMXP-81)
   Born: 1726 Gravesend, Kings, NY

1/7. Maria Van Voorhees (JMXP-96)

Born: 1728 Gravesend, Kings, New York
Married: Dirck LANE (MX8B-WF) 16 Jun 1748   

1/8.  Catherine Van Voorhees (JMXP-BC)

Born: 1731 Gravesend, Kings, NY
Married: Simon VAN ALSDALER (MX8B-XL) 17 Nov 1753
Married: Simon VAN AISDALER (19D7-GTF) 17 Nov 1753.

1/9.  Neeltje Van Voorhees (JMXP-CJ)

Born: 28 Apr 1734 & Chr.: 23 May 1734 @ Gravesend, Kings,
Died: 1797
Married: Daniel LAKE (MX8B-ZR) 14 May 1755 @ Of Gravesend, Kings, New

1/10. Sarah Van Voorhees (JMXP-DP)
    Chr.: 5 Jul 1737 Gravesend, Kings,

1/11. Gerrit Van Voorhees (JMXP-FV)

Chr.: 15 Mar 1739 @ Gravesend, Kings, New York
Died: 18 Nov 1816  Married: Ann BEEKMAN (MX8C-0W) 1760

1/12.  Adrian Van Voorhees (JMXP-G2)

Born: 1741 Gravesend, Kings, NY
Married: Altje COVENHOVEN (MX8C-13)

Oyster Bay & Carpenter History


Ephraim and Josias, sons of Ephraim Sr., acquired title to lands.

According to Thompson's History of Long Island, Ephraim and Josias purchased land in the town of Oyster Bay, on Long Island, N. Y., on the 9th of January, 1685, some six years after their arrival in this country. On the 26th of May 1663, the Indians sold a part of Mantinecock to Capt. John Underhill, John Frost and William Frost; another part on the 20th of April, 1669, to Richard Lating; another part, on the 1st December, 1683, to Thomas Townsend, and upon the 9, h of January, 1635, the chiefs, namely, Sucanemen alias Runusuck Chechayen, alias Quaropin Samase (son of Tackapausha), being empowered by the rest of the Indians, conveyed the residue of Mantinecock, together with some other lands, for the price of sixty pounds of current merchantable pay, to James Cook. Joseph Dickenson, Robert Townsend, Stephen Birdsall, James Townsend, Daniel Weeks, Isaac Doughty, John Wood, Edmund Wright, Caleb Wright, John Wright, William Frost and John Newman: and thereupon the said grantees agreed to accept as joint purchasers with them the following named persons, being then the acknowledged inhabitants and freeholders of the town, comprising the most complete list of names at the time which the records present.

Among some forty-eight names appear the names of Josias and Ephraim Carpenter.

It appears that Ephraim and Josias Carpenter purchased lands in Oyster Bay, which joins Hempstead on the north.

Timothy Carpenter, when he arrived in America, was only thirteen years old, and was too young to purchase land or participate in municipal affairs. It appears he engaged in the cooperage business, in which his grandson, William, and his great-grandson, Seaman, also engaged in. Timothy Carpenter, being a Quaker or Friend, was not allowed to Dave any kind of monument erected to. mark his place of burial. No family plots for burial were allowed; they were interred in rows, without regard to relationship, side by side. For this reason it is impossible to find his burial place. The town records of Hempstead, Long Island, were destroyed by fire on the 31st of October, 1797.

Timothy Carpenter, second son of the above Timothy 1st, removed from Hempstead, some fifty miles distant, to North Castle, in the county of Westchester, N. Y., where he purchased a farm, on which he resided until his death, and was interred in the Quaker burialgrounds at Chapaqua. His will was dated July 21, 1763, admitted to probate August 30, 1769, and is recorded in the Surrogate's office in the city of New York.

The above has been furnished by Mr. W. C. Barker. It is believed that it is a branch of the Massachusetts family, as Joseph, the eldest son of William, of Providence, settled on Long Island in 1664.

Ellen Bennem

Her dau married the GGG granddau of Pierce Poole 1 via Solomon Poole.
From:  "Rachel Evans"
 I am emailing you in regards to your posting at rootsweb about Ellen Bennem. I am curious if you have any further information about her as I believe she is in my family tree. I have an Eleanor Maria "Ellen", born 9 March 1827. If this is her I have further information on her family if you are interested. sincerely, Rachel Evans

       Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006
 I came in possession of copies from a Family Bible for the Bennem family. Was bought by her grandfather, John Bennem. It passed down to his son, John, who is Ellen's father. Ellen was listed as Eleanor Maria. The family seems to have at least one Eleanor every generation that I've found but they never use the name. It is usually Ellen or Nellie in records.
 She was born 9 March 1827 to John Bennem and Catherine Cornell. I'm descended from Ellen's youngest brother (yet another john). I have part of both her parents lines done into the 1600's while I have hit walls with others. Was quite a shock to find the listing for her. I have not found many references to the Bennem family in other's research. Most I have ended up doing on my own due to quite a few mistakes I found in the one history of the family I did happen to locate.
 I'll see what records I have on Ellen's family. I know I gathered quite a bit while researching in the Zion Church, Douglaston, NY. Have done quite a bit of research on any of the Bennem's I did find with hopes of maybe finding something further about my direct line ancestors. I do know Benjamin and Ellen were married 4 July 1845 at Zion. The family was very closely linked with the church. Her father being a vestryman, her Cornell grandfather being only revolutionary war veteran buried there, and her brother John is listed on the graveyard tour.

(Robert) Stocker Woolley

21/12/2002, George Sherman Woolley

(George Woolley died 2 Oct 2004, Montgomery General Hospital)

I am a direct descendant from Stocker Woolley ("Robert Stocker Woolley") who married Elizabeth "Eliza" Cheesman December 26, 1821 where they lived on his Lakeville, Nassau County, Long Island, New York farm that I have visited many times during my youth when my uncle Daniel Stocker Woolley owned this farm at 325 Lakeville Road & opposite to Lake Success.

I have his children from his second marriage to Elizabeth Cheesman as:  Hobart Sanford Woolley born March 29, 1825 (my great grandfather), Thomas Tredwell Woolley born November 9, 1826, and Cornelia Woolley born November 29, 1827 and married Richard Allen on April 14, 1850.

I have found no record that Stocker Woolley's first name was "Robert" in our Woolley family Bible.  Stocker was son of Benjamin Woolley who married Susannah Stocker.

I have found no records of Stocker Woolley's children from his second marriage to Elizabeth Cheesman as being:  Sadie C. Woolley, Charles Woolley, Nelson Woolley, Eugene Woolley, or Emma Woolley.  I have found no records of their births, deaths, marriages, or such event locations.

I did find a list of heirs in the will of William Poole Cheesman born January 30, 1805, never married, and died before October 28, 1880.  His will was probated December 15, 1880 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York. His will mentions as his heirs some of the following:
Charles Woolley, Nelson C. Woolley, Sadie C. Woolley of Geneva, Robert S. Woolley, and Emma Woolley of Great Neck.

Elizabeth Cheesman was William Poole Cheesman's older sister.

Hobart Sanford Woolley born 3-29-1825, died 5-9-1883, married 3-2-1858 to Phebe Brinkerhoff.  They are my great grandparents at their Lakeville farm.
Thomas Tredwell Woolley born 11-9-1826, died 1-29-1858 (pre-deceased William Poole Cheesman)
Cornelia Woolley born 11-29-1827, died 3-9-1891. married 4-14-1850 to Richard Allen born 7-18-1820, died 7-28-1905.

I have traced my Woolley roots back to 1066 AD in England; and Elizabeth Week's roots back to 160 AD.

George Sherman Woolley, Jr.  (born 9-8-1930 in Jamaica, Queens Co., N.Y.)

23 Dec 2001 10:25:27 -0500

There was no Robert S. Woolley living in Lakeville, Long Island in 1880. 
However there was my great grandfather Hobart Sanford Woolley living on the Woolley homestead Lakeville farm until his death on May 9, 1883. 
It is possible and probable that Hobart could be misread as "Robert" in William Poole Cheesman's will.

Thomas Tredwell Woolley b. 11-9-1826, d. 1-29-1868, married Jane Hewlett; and had the following children:  Charles Woolley (died young), Eugene Woolley (died in infancy), Nelson Cordwise Woolley (married Frances Zobrist), and Emma Woolley b. 1861, d. 1947 (never married).

Thomas Tredwell Woolley was son of Stocker Woolley and Elizabeth Cheesman.  Elizabeth Cheesman was William Poole Cheesman's sister.

Sarah (Sadie) Woolley was the second-born daughter of Thomas Tredwell Woolley and Jane Hewlett

This may clarify some of the mystery regarding "Robert S. Woolley" and a few others mentioned in William Poole Cheesman's will.

Fri, 20 Feb 2004 From: "George Woolley"

Stocker Woolley (no "george" found in his name here)  married 1st Phebe Tredwell, and they had 4 children before she died in 1820; then he married Eliza Cheeseman, and they had 3 children (including my great grandfather Hobart Sanford Woolley who married Phebe Anne Brinkerhoff.
Hobart Woolley & Phebe Anne Brinkerhoff had 10 children before she died two months after her twins were born (both twin boys were dead by then too).  They had 5 other sons and a daughter.  My paternal grandfather was Sherman Tredwell Woolley (twin) to William Cheeseman Woolley.
I have photos of Hobart Sanford Woolley on down, and of his wife  her parents. They lived on the Woolley Homestead farm at 325 Lakeville Road, Lake Success, New York. I have visited that farm many times when I was younger (before my father's brother, Daniel Stocker Woolley died in 1949). Uncle Dan was my grandfather's older brother who owned the Woolley Homestead farm for many years prior to his death there  (his only child, Harold Townsend Woolley died during the terrible 1918 flu epidemic while enlisted in the U.S. Navy after he shared a blanket with one of his friends who died shortly before he died.
Stocker Woolley was a farmer who inherited the Woolley Homestead farm from his father, and the adjoining Treadwell farm from his first wife, Phebe Treadwell. He lived on the Woolley Homestead farm from 1790 until his death in 1857). This farm was located  at 325 Lakeville Road (at Lake Success), Great Neck - Manhasset, L.I., New York. After his first wife Phebe died, he was unable to raise his young children by himself, and he had to "farm them out" to live with other Woolley family members.
Stocker Woolley, youngest son of Benjamin Woolley, lived on the Woolley Lake Success Homestead farm in Great Neck, Long Island, New York from 1790 until his death. He inherited the Lake Success farm from his father, AND the adjoining Treadwell farm from his first wife, Phebe Treadwell. He had 4 children from Phebe, and 3 more from his second wife, Elizabeth Cheeseman.
What we know about the Woolley farms and their early owners, by H. Leslie Hicks:
 The Woolleys were one of the first settlers of Great Neck, Nassau County, L.I., New York
 June 10, 1766  Robert Mitchell sold 104 acres and 43 square rods in the middle of Great Neck, Long Island to Henry Stocker for 100 Pounds.
 May 20, 1772  Uriah Mitchell sold 30 adjoining acres to Benjamin Woolley for 32 Pounds.

November 30, 1773  Benjamin Woolley Married Susannah Stocker, daughter of Henry Stocker.

In his will, Henry Stocker left his 104 acre farm to Susannah Stocker Woolley and to her Husband, Benjamin Woolley, in two equal shares.
August 20, 1809  Susannah Stocker Woolley died in July, and on this date all their children deeded over their mother's half interest in the farm to Benjamin Woolley, their father.
April 21, 1810  Benjamin Woolley sold his original 30 acres of  his land to his younger sons, John and Stocker Woolley for 300 Pounds.
May 30, 1811 Stocker Woolley married Phebe Tredwell of Lakeville, Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y.
March 5, 1814  Benjamin Woolley sold the 104 acre Stocker Woolley farm to John and Stocker Woolley for $2,000. A missing document of approximately the same dating must have assured him of a continuing home on the farm.
March 22, 1814   John and Stocker Woolley bought from William Tredwell (Stocker Woolley's father-in-law)  141 acres at Lake Success, the "Whitending Yard" on the lake shore, and 6 acres of salt meadow , all for $6,750.
March 23, 1814  The four sisters of John and Stocker Woolley signed off any residual interest in the 104 acre Great Neck farm, and cleared the title to John and Stocker Woolley.
April 28, 1814  Stocker Woolley deeded over to John Woolley his half interest in the 104 acre Great Neck Farm for $ 3,000.  Presumably, although the document is not at hand, John similarly made Stocker Woolley sole owner of the Lakeville farm.  Wooley Homestead House built in 1814 at 325 Lakeville Road.
May 12, 1814  John Woolley signed an agreement assuming sole responsibility (and relieving Stocker Woolley from the partied pation) in fulfilling a prior agreement between them and Benjamin  Woolley, their father, under which Benjamin Woolley was to have:
(a) Two rooms in the farmhouse.
(b) "good and comfortable and decent boarding, lodging, and washing".
(c) privilege to keep one horse, one cow, one hog, and six fowls.
(d) The use of two acres of land for the full term of his natural life, but Benjamin "hath not the liberty to take any person or persons to live with him without consent of said John and Stocker Woolley"

August 21, 1815  Stocker Woolley sold 57 of his wife's Tredwell farm acres (along the highway down the Hill  toward  --?--- Avenue) to Nathaniel Williams for $ 1,275.

May 5, 1818  William Tredwell died (his wife, Winnefrid died September 19, 1830).  Phebe Tredwell (Hobart Sanford Woolley's first wife) inherited her father's adjoining Lakeville farm.
 August 8, 1820  Phebe Tredwell Woolley died, and her husband, Hobart Sanford Woolley inherited the adjoining Lakeville Tredwell farm from his deceased wife, Phebe.
October 2, 1820  Benjamin Woolley died. 
December 26, 1823  Stocker Woolley took a second wife, marrying Eliza Cheeseman. At some date unknown, there must have been an agreement by someone, presumably Stocker Woolley, with some of the Tredwells to provide lifetime housing, etc.  on what is evidently a copy of pertinent paragraph which reads:
        "to provide and accommodate her with good meat and drink and other necessities for her support daily and every day in due concern; and to have the use of the room in the northwest corner of the house in which the said William Tredwell now lives, and to have sufficient room in the said house to store and keep their goods and to bring them good wood to the door of the said house sufficient to keep and support one fire and to provide and furnish her good wool sufficient to make clothing for her, and to keep for them one horse  on the said premises both winter and summer so they keep their own horses, and the privilege of one hog to run on the premises in the orchids so to be food in the summer season for their hogs."
 August 19, 1857  Stocker Woolley died.  Hobart Sanford Woolley gave a mortgage to his brother and half brothers, and came into ownership of the Lakeville farm located at 325 Lakeville Road.
This Lakevile farm is also known as the Woolley Homestead farm.
Stocker Woolley was a farmer who inherited the Woolley Homestead farm from his father, and the adjoining Treadwell farm from his first wife, Phebe Treadwell.    He lived on the Woolley Homestead farm from 1790 until his death in 1857).  This farm was located  at 325 Lakeville Road (at Lake Success), Great Neck - Manhasset, L.I., New York.   After his first wife Phebe died, he was unable to raise his young children by himself, and he had to "farm them out" to live with other Woolley family members.
Stocker Woolley, youngest son of Benjamin Woolley,  lived on the Woolley Lake Success Homestead farm in Great Neck, Long Island, New York from 1790 until his death.  He inherited the Lake Success farm from his father, AND the adjoining Treadwell farm from his first wife, Phebe Treadwell.  He had 4 children from Phebe, and 3 more from his second wife, Elizabeth Cheeseman.

What we know about the Woolley farms and their early owners, by H. Leslie Hicks:
The Woolleys were one of the first settlers of Great Neck, Nassau County, L.I., New York
June 10, 1766  Robert Mitchell sold 104 acres and 43 square rods in the middle of Great Neck, Long Island  to Henry Stocker for 100 Pounds.
May 20, 1772  Uriah Mitchell sold 30 adjoining acres to Benjamin Woolley for 32 Pounds.
November 30, 1773  Benjamin Woolley Married Susannah Stocker, daughter of Henry Stocker.
In his will, Henry Stocker left his 104 acre farm to Susannah Stocker Woolley and to her Husband, Benjamin Woolley, in two equal shares.
August 20, 1809  Susannah Stocker Woolley died in July, and on this date all their children deeded over their mother's half interest in the farm to Benjamin Woolley, their father.

April 21, 1810  Benjamin Woolley sold his original 30 acres of  his land to his younger sons, John and Stocker Woolley for 300 Pounds.
May 30, 1811 Stocker Woolley married Phebe Tredwell of Lakeville, Nassau County, Long Island, N.Y.
March 5, 1814  Benjamin Woolley sold the 104 acre Stocker Woolley farm to John and Stocker Woolley for $2,000.
 A missing document of approximately the same dating must have assured him of a continuing home on the farm.
March 22, 1814   John and Stocker Woolley bought from William Tredwell (Stocker Woolley's father-in-law)  141 acres at Lake Success, the "Whitending Yard" on the lake shore, and 6 acres of salt meadow , all for $ 6,750.
March 23, 1814  The four sisters of John and Stocker Woolley signed off any residual interest in the 104 acre Great Neck farm, and cleared the title to John and Stocker Woolley.
April 28, 1814  Stocker Woolley deeded over to John Woolley his half interest in the 104 acre Great Neck Farm for $ 3,000.  Presumably, although the document is not at hand, John similarly made Stocker Woolley sole owner of the Lakeville farm.  Wooley Homestead House built in 1814 at 325 Lakeville Road.
May 12, 1814  John Woolley signed an agreement assuming sole responsibility (and relieving Stocker Woolley from the partied pation) in fulfilling a prior agreement between them and Benjamin  Woolley, their father, under which Benjamin Woolley was to have:
(a) Two rooms in the farmhouse.
(b) "good and comfortable and decent boarding, lodging, and washing".
(c) privilege to keep one horse, one cow, one hog, and six fowls.
(d) The use of two acres of land for the full term of his natural life, but Benjamin "hath not the liberty to take any person or persons to live with him without consent of said John and Stocker                 Woolley"
August 21, 1815  Stocker Woolley sold 57 of his wife's Tredwell farm acres (along the highway down the Hill  toward  --?--- Avenue) to Nathaniel Williams for $ 1,275.
May 5, 1818  William Tredwell died (his wife, Winnefrid died September 19, 1830).  Phebe Tredwell (Hobart Sanford Woolley's first wife) inherited her father's adjoining Lakeville farm.
August 8, 1820  Phebe Tredwell Woolley died, and her husband, Hobart Sanford Woolley inherited the adjoining Lakeville Tredwell farm from his deceased wife, Phebe.
October 2, 1820  Benjamin Woolley died. 
December 26, 1823  Stocker Woolley took a second wife, marrying Eliza Cheeseman. At some date unknown, there must have been an agreement by someone, presumably Stocker Woolley, with some of the Tredwells to provide lifetime housing, etc. on what is evidently a copy of pertinent paragraph which reads:
       "to provide and accommodate her with good meat and drink and other necessities for her support daily and every day in due concern; and to have the use of the room in the northwest corner of the house in which the said William Tredwell now lives, and to have sufficient room in the said house to store and keep their goods and to bring them good wood to the door of the said house sufficient to keep and support one fire and to provide and furnish her good wool sufficient to make clothing for her, and to keep for them one horse on the said premises both winter and summer so they keep their own horses, and the privilege of one hog to run on the premises in the orchids so to be food in the summer season for their hogs."

August 19, 1857  Stocker Woolley died. Hobart Sanford Woolley gave a mortgage to his brother and half brothers, and came into ownership of the Lakeville farm located at 325 Lakeville Road.
This Lakevile farm is also known as the Woolley Homestead farm.
My Uncle "Dan" (Daniel Stocker Woolley) was my favorite uncle who also took a liking to me as I grew older and while I was approaching graduation from Cornell University, Uncle Dan told me that he would buy a farm for me after I graduated; but, unfortunately, nothing was in writing before he died January 4, 1949 (2 years before I graduated early).  By: George Sherman Woolley, Jr. (October 11, 1999)
After the sudden unexpected death from pneumonia of Phebe B. Woolley in 1874, Frederick Woolley's father, Hobart S. Woolley, was unable to raise all of his children by himself, so some were "farmed out" to live with other adult relatives.  Only Samuel, Daniel, Frederick, Charles, & Sherman Woolley remained on the farm to live with their father.
Daniel Stocker Woolley was born in his home at 325 Lakeville Road, Great Neck, N.Y. in the same room as his father was born.  He resided in this homestead farm home during his entire lifetime. All Uncle Dan's siblings were born in this house slept in the same Woolley cradle that continued to be used by the descendants of Sherman Tredwell Woolley, including William George Woolley (son of Robert George Woolley & Linda Jacobson) and Debra Ann Woolley-Gregory Allan Syfert children.
His business letterhead  of one time read:
"D.S. Woolley & Bro,, Grazing Farm"
"Horses boarded by the month or year at owner's risk.  Best care -"
P.O. Address Little Neck                               
Telephone 24J Great Neck-
Agents for Real Estate, International farm & harvesting machinery, Coe Mortimer Co. fertilizers and genuine Peruvian guano,
Glen Cove Mutual Insurance Co.
Railroad Station - Great Neck. (February 19th, 1913) Lakeville, L.I.                
Daniel S. Woolley was an active civic leader in Little Neck and Great Neck who promoted many civic improvements. He was responsible for making arrangements for securing the property on which the Lakeville School stands (as of 1949), and was instrumental in the organization of some of the stations of the Manhasset-Lakeville Water District, of which he was a commissioner.
He was a former agent for the Glen Cove Mutual Insurance Company.   He had also served as a trustee and vice-president of the Roslyn Savings Bank, a director of the Bank of Great Neck, and as the first cashier of the Great Neck Trust Company.
He was a trustee of the Lakeville School District for 40 years, and was a deacon and elder of the Dutch Reformed Church (now known as the Community Church of North Hempstead, in Manhasset.
Daniel S. Woolley became superintendent of the Little Neck Union Bible School in 1918, and served in that capacity until 1945.  During his 27 years as superintendent, he became interested in establishing a community church in Little Neck; and in 1926 he offered to guarantee a minister's salary for several months, if the men of the Bible School would canvas the community to ascertain whether the residents would support such a church.... and thus the Community Church of Little Neck was born.
   Later on Daniel S. Woolley made substantial contributions toward improvements in the church building. He was also active in securing permission to establish the Sperry Gyroscope Corporation (later, Sperry-Rand Corp.)  in the Lakeville area.
   Daniel S. Woolley took-in & raised  Eleanore "Woolley" as if adopted.  Eleanor  was a foster child who was never adopted.  She later married attorney Floyd Martin Sheffield. Floyd Martin Sheffield died October 26, 1957 and Lawrence Miller Woolley was his estate's Executor.

   The Woolley homestead farm was adjacent to Westbury House that was the country estate of financier and sportsman John Shaffer Phipps (1874-1958) and his wife, Margarita Grace Phipps (1876-1957). Mr. Phipps was the son of Henry Phipps, a partner in the Carnegie Steel Company and a noted philanthropist. Mrs. Phipps was the daughter of Michael Grace of Kilkenny, Ireland, who, with his brother William, founded the Grace Shipping Lines in South America.  Mrs. Phipps used to occasionally climb through the barbed wire fences to visit with Nellie Van Siclen Woolley. The Phipps had a row of full-grown trees planted along the fence line ajsoining the Woolley Homestead farm in order to screen their view of the Woolley farm buildings. After Mr.Phipps died, his wife was reputed to be one of the wealthiest women in the world.

Dear Antony,
I grew-up on Long Island, New York not far from my Uncle Dan's farm. We lived in Douglaston, Long Island while I attended high school and Cornell University (Ithaca, New York). My parents purchased that house from Uncle Dan (the Douglaston house was presumed to be over 200 years old at that time). After I married in 1952, my parents sold the Douglaston house and relocated to their converted summer home on 26 acres in Callicoon (up-state in the Catskill Mts.), New York.
My wife & I relocated to Montgomery County, Maryland in 1956 with our 4 children (another daughter was born here). We owned 3 houses here (none more than 5 miles away from where we now have resided for more than 33 years.
Emigrant Robert Woolley (born August 2, 1615 at St. Albans Abby, Hertfordshire, England) was the son of Robert Woolley & grandson of Thomas Woolley who lived in the St. Albans Clock House/tower for more than 40 years after Thomas Woolley leased it from the Town for 40 years. Emigrant Robert Woolley is at Fairfield, Connecticut where he purchased a house & 6 acres in 1638. He relocated to Southampton, Long Island about 1655 and married a second wife with whom he had 5 daughters and a son, Robert. My line is from his first marriage (wife still unidentified) and his oldest son, John Woolley.
Emigrant Robert Woolley inherited his father's estate (oldest surviving son) and is also mentioned in Alice Pemberton William's 1634 will that I have copied from Internet. I also copied her husband's England will.
Interestingly, Emigrant Robert Woolley's mother was Tecla Pemberton. Tecla's father was Roger Pemberton whose sister, Alice Pemberton married James Williams who was a London wool merchant. Alice Pemberton and James Williams are the parents of Rev. Roger Williams who is called the father of Providence, Rhode Island and became a Rhode Island Governor.
Thomas Woolley, of the Clock House, was a Burgass, and gentleman. At the Inquisition taken at Ware, August 15, 1609, after the death of Thomas (Wolley) Woolley, gentleman, it was proved by witnesses that: "Thomas Wolley was seised in fee of the Manor of Harpsfield Hall and a messauage in the Vyntree in St. Albans, a messauge in the Parish of St. Stephens, and a messauge in the Malt Market, St. Albans; and had enfeoffed one Ellen West, widow, and one Robert Wolley of the Clockhouse. To the use of Robert Wolley , eldest son of said Thomas, for the life of Thomas, and thereafter, to the use of Ellen Wolley, wife of said Thomas, and after her death, then to Robert forever".    Other messauges to sons, one to each. in St. Albans:  Thomas, Richard, John, and Benjamin, and two messauges to Joan Wolley, sole (surving) daughter of said Thomas. "Thomas Wolley died, so seised, on June 3, 1608, and Robert Wolley is his son and next heir & at his father's death was aged 30 years and more."
St. Albans, a borough and market town in the hundred of Cashio, or liberty of St. Alban's, county of Hertford, 12½ mi. southwest of Hertford, and 20 mi. north northwest of London. See also Parishes within 10 miles of St Albans, Hertsfordshire. St Albans includes the churches Abbey, St. Michael, St. Peter and St. Stephens. Thus far, of the records included here, the only parish records included are selected extracts from IGI entries for the Abbey and St. Peter's. There are also still many more St. Alban's entries still to be extracted.
Emigrant Robert Woolley's young son (from second marriage to Anne Woodruff), Robert (Jr.or III) relocated to Elizabethtown (now Elizabeth), New Jersey where his listed as being among the founders called Elizabethtown (E-Town) Associates, and in about 1699 he drew a 100 acre Westfield Lot #69 ("Clinker Lot # 69).  To-date, I have not found any other records about him other than that there is a line of New Jersey Woolleys who claim to be descendants of emigrant Robert Woolley and Anne Woodruff (his father & mother).
I also have a great amount of information about this New Jersey line; but no positive direct-line proof other than information based upon heresay.
I have also been in touch with Warren Stocker Woolley who lives in Bayside, Long Island, New York (next town just west of Douglaston). Most of the Douglaston kids attended Bayside High School; but my sister & I commuted to another high school further away where our mother & her siblings also graduated from). Warren S. Woolley is the brother of Harold Oakley Woolley, Jr. Their grandfather was William Stocker Woollley.  Their gg grandfather was Stocker Woolley whose first wife was Phebe Tredwell.
A man who lives in St. Albans Abby, Hertfordshire, England. Donald Pelletier sent me some photos he took of the Clock house/tower that is now a tourist attraction because it was built in the 1400's. He contacted me via Internet because he was researching some English Pemberton family genealogy that was connected with my Pemberton line. It's amazing how much computers, Internet, and E-mail have so drastically changed our lives in such a short time-span.
Best wishes from Rockville, Maryland, USA,
George S. Woolley, Jr.

Donald Pelletier of St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England took photos of the Clock House & Bell Tower in 2001, and E-mailed them to George S. Woolley, Jr. who then included them in the Scrap Book section for Robert Woolley, Thomas Woolley's father.


Dear Antony,

Today I added your Maitland genealogy & connected our common dots.  Your Maitland genealogy is extremely interesting, and involves so many interesting world areas.  Do you still reside near London, England ?

My emigrant, Robert Woolley came from St. Albans Abby, Hertfordshire.  His mother was Tecla Pemberton whose father once shot an arrow in the air with his longbow and killed an unseen poor woman.  As atonement, Tecla's father, Roger Pemberton, built 5 Alms houses that are still standing.  I discovered a photo of them on the Internet recently, as well as photos of the Town Clock Tower leased by emigrant Robert Woolley's grandfather, Robert Woolley who also owned Hatfield House where Queen Elizabeth I  lived before becoming Queen of England.

Emigrant Robert Woolley was also a cousin of Rev. Roger Williams, the founder of Providence, Rhode Island, and its first Governor.  Roger Williams mother was Alice Pemberton, Roger Pemberton's sister who married James Williams of London.

Emigrant Robert Woolley married Anne Woodruff (his second wife), and their son Robert, Jr. became listed among the founding fathers of Elizabeth, New Jersey and he drew a 100 acre "Clinker Lot" in Westfield, New Jersey in 1699.

Emigrant Robert Woolley inherited his father's estate, and also had a small inheritance from Alice Pemberton Williams.  I found copies of her will and her husband's will on the Internet.......dated: 1620 & 1634 !!   Emigrant Robert's sister, Ellen Woolley, is mentioned in James William's will, along with Rev. Roger Williams & siblings.

I have no problem with your inclusion of my genealogy information along with yours.
If you want to view the interesting St. Albans Abby photos, try entering "St. Albans Abby photos" on your Internet program.

I think your parents are Donald Sidney Maitland & Rosemary Joyce Lister Parks, and your sister is Eleanor Lindley.  You are 15 years younger than I am.  Tomorrow is our 52nd wedding anniversary !!  Time really flies when your having fun !!!

Have a great day.
Best wishes, George

Christa Ereksen wrote: 3/2003.
 I found your family at ancestory.com and I found that we are related although distantly. I did find however that you are missing us on this line so maybe I can shed some light. My paternal grandmother's name is Marion Ferrie, her parents are Cornelious James Ferrie and Mable Parker Mackie. Now the Ferrie lines goes all the way back to Ireland and is extensive. Mable Parker Mackie's parents were William Mackie and an unknown spouse. William Mackie's parents are William Mackie and Hannah Gibbs Whiting (I got this from an 1880 census). This census also lists their children as being Alice, William, Lizzie, Sumner, Edward, Charles, Hannah Lawson Gibbs, and James Henry Mackie. This William Mackie is my direct decendant. This Hannah Lawson Gibbs Mackie is married to John Henry Blackbird. Their daughter is Pearl Elizabeth who is married to Orrin Brenner June. Orrin is the son of Alexander June and Adelaide Rushmore Smith. Therefore there is the connection. I don't know if you are interested in this but I have 16 generations with much of your help. Thank you Christa Ferrie Ereksen

16 Feb 2004 "Christa Ereksen"

I am so glad to here from you. I put the family tree away for the last few months because I am trying to finish a degree and never have time to work on it during the year so i focus on it during the summer. I almost forgot I even wrote you that message. I live in California, the Ferrie line or Ferry (someone changed the spelling ) is mostly from the Staten Island area. I was born in New Jersey, but have been out here awhile. Lets see CJ is what my dad called (Cornelious James) born 8/18/1894 in New York, died 1/30/1977 in New York. Married Mable Parker Mackie. She was born in 1893 in Massachusetts (I think she is a connection to the Mayflower but I cant find who her mothers parents were) She died after 1920, but before 1950's my father has no recollection of her and CJ was a widow by the time my father remembered which would be after 1949. They had Marion Emmajean Ferrie (my grandmother), Walter Parker Ferrie, Edward James Ferrie, and Cornelious Paul Ferrie (Uncle Paul). Marion married Erek Ereksen (Erek died in 1968 from Jaudice and Live failure), they had Paul Ereksen, Emma Jean Ereksen, Cornelious Ereksen (Neil), and Hans Christian Ereksen. Paul married Christine (my mothers father died in 1966 from an industrial accident) and they had Christa and Ereka (my connection), Walter married Mary Deskiner and they  had Rhoda, Parker Winston, and James Ferrie, (Walter died 1/23/2003 and is buried in Tottenville, Staen Island) Edward married Julia Zayol and they had Allyson, Edward, and James Paul,  and Cornelious Paul died 7/30/1946 in a submarine off the coast of Greenland during the war. He never married. I have a little more, but I hope this helps. Hope to hear from you soon.

Christa Ereksen

To: 30/7/05

Dear Mr. Maitland,

I don't know how many persons do respond to the genealogical research you published in the internet. At least you made me happy! I do research on a person called Alexander Georg Moslé whom you probably remember from the family history of Herbert Poole. Moslés business in Japan has always been a mystery, everybody knows about it but nobody knows anything in detail or has any documents to prove the story. Thus the personal story of Mr. Poole fills the gap and perhaps will lead to further results.

That Mr. Moslé has not only been a clever businessman, he also collected Japanese art and brought together an estimated collection, especially sword fittings etc. I got a large collection of letters he had written to a very young lady in the 1930s and 1940s. I hope that the project will be published.

Therefore I would like to ask you whether you know of other materials, documents, records and so on from Herbert Poole which tell something about Moslé? I am surprised that in the family history he did not mention whether he and Moslé met again in the USA or in Leipzig. In the 1930s Moslé spent a large part of the year in the USA and since 1940 until his death in 1949 he stayed in USA permanently.

When did Herbert Poole die? May be I did not read all your research publications in the internet in depth.

As for me I am a free-lance researcher, especially in the field of Japanese studies (history, culture, art etc.) and live in Germany.

Best regards

Carolin Reimers

Dr. Carolin Reimers
Alteburger Str. 62
50678 Köln

Ref Captain Solomon Townsend from Andrew & Kathy Way aandk  at mindspring com October 2005.

From Logan's Book page 48 Chapter IX

...the Emigrant ship Glasgow arrived (New York)Oct. 3, 1775. Its arrival and the action taken were recorded in the of HMS Asia by Captain Vandeput (Asia 64 gun ship of the line was stationed in New York Harbor to prevent the landing of arms and ammunition and to assist loyalist refugees to escape to Boston)

This is a different date from end of September mentioned before.

Capt Vandeput report:  ...emigrant ship was boarded. Ten of the seamen were impressed into the King's service, a crew of 31 men and two petty officers were put aboard her. After provisions for 28 days had been put aboard she sailed for Boston on the fifth day November 1775. Aboard her were 255 emigrants.

Interesting its not 251. Wonder why. Perhaps Mr Fraser and Mr Chisholm, and maybe Mr. Chisholm's 1/2 brother plus 2 others (wives?) were not counted since they were the organizers and families.

Next talks about enlisting men into British military.

After the ship Glasgow was re-provisioned and all the enlistment formalities completed it sailed for Halifax and discharged its cargo of emigrants and their worldly goods. (Glasgow returned to Boston) and was re-commissioned as a transport with the British Navy. The Master, Captain Townsend, was permitted at his own request to remain as master under Naval Command.

Solomon Townsend, according to his family records took The Glasgow back to England and she was held there for safe keeping until the war was over. While he was in Paris he gave his allegiance to Benjamin Franklin and took the Rebel side in 1778.

Since there was a frigate HMS Glasgow with the North American fleet, it was renamed the Glasgow Packet. The ship was registered with Lloyds of London and appeared in the 1776 Register. It was built in New York in 1769, 250 tons register, draught loaded 17 feet.

This is probably an error. According to "Cargoes of Despair and Hope" The Glasgow Packet came over with Murdoch Mclean in charge. In June of 1776 the Packet was part of the attack on Charlestown, SC. Its men, including Alexander Chisholm were taken Prisoner when it was stuck on a sand bar at Dewee's inlet, 21 July.

When the ship containing the highland emigrants made its way into Halifax Harbor, Captain Alexander McDonald the commandant of the training depot of the Highland Emigrant Regiment was writing a letter. The letter was dated Jan 2, 1776. So the arrival of the ship pinpointed, the date exact.


Page 50 Despite strenuous efforts to recruit men he had only 200 recruits to date mostly from PEI and Newfoundland with 35 loyalists from Boston.

You mean before the Glasgow crew arrived?

housed in Halifax at the Red Barracks designed to accommodate over 1000 men...
Some sections would be occupied by the men and lads of eleven years up. These were enlisted as drummer boys. The other sections would house the women and children.

When Capt. McDonald checked them thru, and took their names, (Alice asks would this information be in letters of Capt McDonald? - The "Letter Book of Captain Alexander McDonald" is a collection of copies of his letters collected by the New York Historical Society and published in 1883. A copy is in the Nova Scotia Archives. The "Naval Documents of the American Revolution" is also in the Nova Scotia Archives. (In 1976 when Logan's book was first published) ...still under compilation. Vol 6, the most recently published only extends to December 1776. ...It contains original documents from British as well as American sources.

Are you near there? Do you know someone who could look for us?

When Capt. McDonald checked them thru and checked their names, it sounded like the roll call of the clans which had followed Prince Charlie. Some of the older men had fought at Culloden. It was a great day for Capt. McDonald. His battalion was augmented by over a hundred men and all highlanders.

Page 51 ...Capt. McDonald remarked in his report to Major Small, his commanding officer in Boston. "There were almost as many women as men on the ship They had enough luggage to fill St. Paul's Church" This was remarkable as we know the Hector which had arrived a little more than two years earlier, was more characteristic of an emigrant ship. It contained 33 families and 25 unattached men.


To repeat Muster Table of His Majesty's Ship Asia  is as follows (the best I can do. Fairly certain of family names but unsure of first names - will list first names with comments.

Hugh Fraser Hugh of the Black Isle??
John ? Mc________ Pherson?  First name appears to be Jn with the letter n having a large tail upwards.
  This style of writing of first name I will use John Don'd McDonald Alpine Grant
Don'd ________Cameron?
John McDougal
B_ _ McDonald
Ang (reading as Alex) _ (reading as Mc) Daniels or Donala Maybe McDonald
Donald Grant
Alex Grant
John Grant
John McDonala_ (?last letter swills downward)
Finley McMillan (reading as Mill _ _)
Wm. McHili_ _ _ (guessing at McHiliand)
Donald Cameron
James McGregor
Sinel (cannot guess) McDonald_ _ (last letters unknown) Discharged 7 Dec (?) 1775 reason cannot read
John McFee
James Frazier (l)
William Frazier
Alex McDonald (the letter d swills upwards)
Donald Patterson
first name can't read McDonald
Alex Barclay
Ewan Mc can't read guessing at McDonald
Alex Mc ? (Donald?) first one to have number 21 beside name in column appears to be Qualities
John Ferguson
Donald McDougal
Alex McDougal (1)
can't read first name guessing at Farqihen McDonald
John Chrisholm (1)
John Ferguson
Wm (guessing) Chrisholm(1 number beside name)
guessing William, McDonald under time of discharge 7 Dec. 1775  cannot read comments
Alex can't read family name guessing at Gmarll with a number 2 beside name ( Number in Family ?)
John  (appears W 6) Donald (3)
Donald McDonald (12)
Donald Frazier
Do?y McDougal
Evan or Ewen McDougal
Finlay Cameron
Donald McDonald (3)
unknown McHellan - too hard to even guess
Donald McMillan
John McDonald (4)
appears might be John, Cumming
James Cumming
John Frazier
Alex Cumming
Ewan McPhee
Ewan McDonald
Samuel Cameron
Donald Grant
James McPhee
Alex Frazier
Donald Frazier  (2)
Alex McIntosh
Donald McDonald (4)
Alex McDougal (2)
Alex McDougal  (3)
John Coisholm (2)
first name ? Chrisholm (4) Can you make out any of the letters?
first name ? Chrisholm (2) "   "    "      ""              "
unknown first name Frazier (2)
unknown first name McDonald
Donald Chrisholm
Hugh McDonald comments looks like he died 5 Dec. 1755 two words unknown 3 word looks like Boston
looks like John first name  Chrisholm
Donald McDonald (number can't read if it is a number)
John Bain????? something written beside name can not read
unknown first name, Grant
unknown first name, Cameron
unknown first name, McDougal

In Hold
N???? (Norm?) Perry comment made hard to read - may 15, Dec. 1775 can not read rest
Ch??? think family name is Murdock  (could it be Charles?)
El????  first name, unknown last name, comment 17 Dec. 1775, can not read rest.

End of list. 74 names - does it include children who would become drummer boys???? No female names shown. It would appear only adult males were listed.

5 Chisholm's in Logan's book at demobilization, including Alex Chisholm.
7 Chisholm's in above list, plus may have been wife and children if there were numbers behind name.
  Note thou our John McPhee b. 1725 had a wife and small child or children and no number shown beside his name.

Rock John Smith's Descendants Recorded on Unique Monument

Old-time Names Sound Odd in These Days - Many People in This Area Directly Related to Those Listed



John "Rock" Smith's Descendants

8/2008: http://longislandgenealogy.com/MonumentArticle.html

Recorded on Unique Monument in Lakeview Cemetery, Patchogue
     This eccentric monument, erected in 1909 in Lakeview cemetery, Patchogue, NY., purports to show the "complete" genealogy of the "Rock" Smiths from early Colonial days to Mrs. Ruth Newey Smith, who erected the monument. Hundreds of names are inscribed on the monument. This monument was transcribed by Mrs. Caleb M. Edwards, and appeared in the Long Island newspaper, Newsday, 16 Sep 1993. Unfortunately several errors have since been identified which makes the account fundamentally flawed.  "Joshua Smith of Coram was not a descendant of the "Rock" Smiths, as stated on the monument, and repeated by Mather (at p. 564), and countless others since.  Nor was he a descendant of Arthur Smith, "the Quaker", who happened to build his home in Setauket against a large rock.  His correct ancestry is Joshua-5, John-4, William-3, Bartholomew-2, William-1, as first pointed out by Jacobus in 1949 (TAG 25:68), and as corrected and amplified by Fred C. Hart in 2003 (TAG 78:30)."  -Ted Sanford
     Even so, the monument is extremely interesting.

     A monument of unique character is the statue-surrounded shaft of gray metal composition shown herewith, which was erected by the late Mrs. Ruth Newey Smith in Lakeview cemetery, on the sides of the base being a complete genealogy of  the "Rock" Smiths from early Colonial days down to Mrs. Smith's time. She was one of four sisters, women of distinctive character and talent, and probably she had this in mind in having the four women's figures made part of the monument. They are Faith, Hope, Charity and Liberty. The inscription has been donated as transcribed and corrected by Ted Sanford.



(South Side)

Erected in memory of father and mother, Micah and Betsey Newey Smith, and my three sisters, Charlotte G., Betsey Ann, and Augusta J.

- By Ruth Newey Smith -

"Honour thy father and thy mother; that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee".

John Smith, (called Rock John,) lived in Stamford, Conn., for a while in 1641; then in Setauket, L.I., in 1655; His son John had an only son Joshua, who married Margaret, dau. of David and Mary Swezey Edwards, son of Jonathan, one of the first settlers of Setauket; a sister of Benajah Edwards, and also of the wife of Daniel Brewster, Jr., son of Daniel Brewster, Sr., who was the third son of the Rev. Nathaniel Brewster, the first settled minister of Setauket.  John the 2nd settled in Coram, 1657.

Joshua Smith and Margaret Edwards, his wife, had issue to wit: Ananias 1st, born Mar. 7, 1729, married Desire Swezey; Isaac, born Mar. 1, 1731; settled in Coram, died Feb. 6, 1789; Mary, born Mar. 1, 1733; Bethiah, born Sept. 27, 1735; Sarah, born June 1, 1738; Jonathan, born May 8, 1741; Daniel, born Mar. 20, 1744 (called Pointer Daniel); Ruth, born Jan. 22, 1746, married John Birdsey, of Middletown, Conn; Phebe, born June 14, 1749.

Ananias 1st, and Desiar, his wife, had issue to wit: Sarah, born Mar. 23, 1755, had three husbands, Beebe, Yarrington and Smith; Joanna, born Dec. 17, 1762, married Humphrey Avery; Ananias 2nd, born July 26, 1764, (or 1753, H.F.S.) married Desiar Smith, only dau of Uriah and Desiar Yarrington; Daniel, born Oct. 10, 1768, married Hannah Moger, died Apr. 1, 1850; Joshua, born May 5, 1771, married Mary Gerard who was born Jan. 15, 1776; Jerusha, born 1773, married Phineas Rose, died Oct. 31, 1846; Betsey, married John Rider; Mary, married Abraham Duryea; Hannah, married Moses Marvin; Stephen, never married.

 Daniel, son of Ananias 1st, married Hannah Moger and had issue to wit: Micah, born Jan. 12, 1792, married Betsey Newey, Jan. 6, 1816; Charlotte, born July 24, 1793, died Sept. 24, 1794; Catherine, born June 24, 1795, married Wm. Newins, Mar. 31, 1812; Ann, born Apr. 16, 1797, married James Smith, Sept. 10, 1819; Huldah, born Dec. 3, 1798, married Harry Smith, Apr. 26, 1821, died Oct. 18, 1849; Hannah, born Dec. 1, 1800, married Wm. Smith, April 26, 1821, died Apr. 27, 1846; Wallace, born Jan. 18, 1803, married Deborah Duryea, Jan. 15, 1828;

Esther, born May 1, 1806, married Benjamin Case, Jan. 17, 1828; Nelson, born Jan. 2, 1808, married Ann Woodhull, Jan. 15, 1829, died Apr. 16, 1830; Wm. Clark, born Feb. 17, 1810, married Eliza Baker, Sept. 12, 1831, died Nov. 4, 1851.  Catherine, wife of Wm. Newins had a large family of sons and daughters; Esther, wife of Benj. Case, had two sons and two daughters, Benj., Daniel, Mary and Martha; Hannah, wife of Wm. Smith, of Hempstead, had a family of sons and daughters; Huldah, wife of Harry Smith, had no  issue; Charlotte died an infant; Ann, wife of James Smith, son of Thomas Smith, born at Hempstead, Nov. 7, 1771, died Aug. 21, 1825; Mary Edwards, wife of Thomas, born at Sayville, Aug. 23, 1772; James Smith, son of Thomas and Mary, born at Sayville, Apr. 27, 1796, died Jan. 23, 1846; Ann and James, had issue to wit: John H., Thomas H., Catherine, James D., Sarah, and Charles G.; Wallace was a sea captain, had a family; Nelson, married but had no issue; Wm. Clark, who married Eliza Baker, had a family to wit: Floyd, married Henrietta Mapes, issue, Irving, Edwin, Everett, and Carrie; Sarah Elizabeth, married Freeman Mattern, issue, Frank and William; Temy Ann, married Capt. George Mapes, had one son, Millard; Willet, married Melissa Terrel, had one dau., who married Coleman Gordon; George Jefferson, married Mary E. Smith; Emily Jane, married Samuel Geo. Chapman, had two sons, Noble, and Wm. Issue of George J. and Mary, to wit: Ida Jos., Lizzie Maud, Horatio, Maria, Lila May and Lillia J.

Sarah Smith, dau. of Ananias 1st, born Mar. 23, 1755, died Mar. 4, 1833, married Eliphalet Beebe, of Orient, L.I., born July 1, 1750, issue, Betsey, and Sally; 2nd husband, Wm. Yarrington, of Coram; 3rd husband, Isaac Smith, of Coram, (Bull Smith,) father of Polly Jonah Smith, mother of Oliver Perry Smith of Patchogue, N.Y.  Betsey Beebe, born Oct. 23, 1789, daughter of Sarah, married Joseph Avery; Joseph Avery, born May 8, 1790, married June 30, 1811, had issue to wit: Maria, born Nov. 1, 1813, died Oct. 6, 1836; Humphrey, born Mar. 17, 1818, died Sept. 26, 1846; Sarah, born Apr. 22, 1820; Eliza, born Aug.7, 1822, died May 7, 1891; Welden, born Jan. 8, 1825, died Aug. 12, 1865; Beebe, born Mar. 2, 1827, died May 8, 1862; Rosilla, born Mar. 7, 1830, died Oct. 27, 1886; Emeline, born Jan. 27, 1832, - living.  Eliza, married Warren Hawkins, issue, 3 sons, 1 dau.; Welden married Mary Buckingham, 1 son, 1 dau,; Rosilla, married Wm. C. Rogers, 1 dau, Emma Jane, born Apr. 9, 1874, who married Clifford C. Greene, 1 son, Wilson C., born Sept. 7, 1897.

(East Side)

Sally Beebe, daughter of Sarah, dau. of Ananias Smith 1st, married Stephen Roe, issue, Lester, Thomas, Matilda and Betsey.  Lester Roe married, had son and dau., Thomas Lester, and Mary, both have children.  Hannah Smith, daughter of Ananias 1st, born Oct. 10, 1759, died 1826, married Moses Marvin, had issue to wit: Daniel, born Nov. 20, 1780; Seth, born Nov. 20, 1783; Moses, born Mar. 27, 1786; Jerusha, born Aug. 7, 1788, died 1869, married Still; Joseph, born Mar. 22, 1790, died Aug. 14, 1885, married Sally Hammond; Nathan, born Nov. 5, 1793, died Nov. 11, 1825, married Sally Danes, sister to Peter and Nelson Danes of Blue Point, had a son and a daughter, Moses and Mary.  Moses married Almedia Wheeler, had 2 sons and 1 daughter.  Mary married George Jennings, had 2 sons and 2 dau., all have families.

Joseph Marvin, son of Hannah and Moses, had issue to wit: Maria, born May 15, 1810, married Major Charles Smith, issue, Edgar, Nathaniel, Agnes, Joseph; Hammond, born 1814, married Sarah Leek, issue 9 children; Phebe, born 1818, married Wm. Clark Beal, issue, 4 children; Sarah, born 1820, married Brainard Beal, issue 5 children; Electa, born 1822, married Thomas Conklin, no issue; Henrietta, born 1824, single; Hannah, born _____ married Sylvester Homan, issue 1 son 2 daughters; John Calvin born _____ single; Mary Zuba, born _____ married Theodore Hutchinson, had twins, Alonzo and Grace; Grace married Emmett Howell, had 1 son and 2 daughters,

Joanna Smith, daughter of Ananias 1st, born Dec. 17, 1762, married Humphrey Avery, born Thursday, July 12, 1750, had issue to wit: Lucinda Humphrey, married; Joseph, married Betsey Beebe, daughter of Sarah by her 1st husband, June 30, 1811, had 3 sons and 5 daughters; Susan, married; Elizabeth (Betsey) married; Joanna, Jr., William married Mary Ann Smith, daughter of Elkana (Bull Smith) had issue to wit: William Nelson, Walter, Joseph, Edward, John, Salem, Jacob, Harriet and Miama, 7 sons and 2 dau; Salem, married.  Lucinda Avery, born May 11, 1788, died Feb. 13, 1879, married June 25, 1807, Zebalon Gillette, born Nov. 4, 1778, died Feb. 27, 1828, had issue to wit: Gelston, born Oct. 31, 1808, 1st wife Rosella Randell, had 3 sons, Filander, Gillette, and John; 2nd wife, Charlotte Terry, issue Hannah M., Isaac, and Cornelia; Edgar, born Nov. 19, 1811, died Sept. 5, 1893, 1st wife, Jane Mills, issue, Edward, Daniel, Henry, Emma, and Isaac, 2nd wife, Amy Weeks, 1 son, John; Lucinda born June 27, 1814, died young; Lucille, born April 7, 1816, (alive now,) married Austin Roe, Aug. 24, 1836; Austin Roe, born Mar. 2, 1808, died Aug. 13, 1893, had issue to wit: Justus, born Nov. 4, 1837, married Martha Ketcham, issue 4 sons, 2 dau, Howard, Austin, Agnes, Henry, Florence, Nathaniel; (This branch runs into ten generations from "Rock John")

Amelia, born May 31, 1840, married Charles Burd, issue, Clara and Charles; George C., born Oct. 15, 1844, lost at sea near Cape Horn, Apr. 17, 1863; Sarah G., born Dec. 9, 1850, died Oct. 18, 1866; Gelston G., born Oct. 28, 1852, married Ella Robinson, one son, George; Emma B., born Feb. 19, 1855, married John Newton, issue Lucille, Raymond, Millard and Gillette; Howard, died in infancy; Mary G., born May 27, 1820, died Sept. 13, 1876, married Richard Howell, issue Charles Z., Caroline and Edgar; Charles Z., born Jan. 12, 1827, died June 2, 1906, married Phebe Edwards, issue, Ida, Edw., Lucille, and Inez.

Descendants of Daniel Smith, son of Ananias 1st, grandfather and great-grandfather of Ruth N. Smith: Hannah Moger Smith, wife of Daniel, born June 11, 1769, read the Bible through 69 times, died Jan. 27, 1852; issue, Wallace, died September 17, 1852; Catherine, died March 25, 1857; Micah, died February 24, 1875; Ann, died July 21, 1876; Betsey Newey, wife of Micah Smith, died January 30, 1867, Micah Smith and Betsey Newey, daughter of Rev. Simon Newey and Ruth Darling Goldsmith, born September 29, 1798, had issue to wit:

Samuel Newey, born Jan. 1, 1817; Andrew Jackson, born Feb. 2, 1819, living; Edgar, born Dec. 30, 1820; Charlotte G., born Jan. 22, 1823; Brewster, born Mar. 26, 1825, Betsey Ann, born Mar. 22, 1828; Augusta J., born March 20, 1831; Bradley Sellick, born March 26, 1833; Ruth Newey, born Dec. 17, 1835, has read the Bible through 89 times; Orin Brewster, born Sept. 9, 1839; Capt. Samuel N., married Sarah C. Bailey, died Oct. 7, 1897, had issue to wit: Brewster, Jessie, Gussie, Ruth, Lincoln, Samuel, Jay, Charlotte and Olive; Edgar never married, died Dec. 14, 1888.

Charlotte G. married Chas. Hy. Keech, died August 5, 1887; Brewster died Oct. 6, 1840; Betsey Ann, married John L. Roberts, M.D., died Dec. 7, 1897; Augusta J. married, died January 8, 1901; Capt. Bradley S., married Emily Clark, in England, drowned March 26, 1867, off Cape Hatteras, Steamship Juno, all on board lost; Ruth Newey, married Albert Smith.  Had one son; Orin B., married Frances Ann Lyon.  Gardner C.G. Smith, son of Albert and Ruth Newey Smith, born 8 Dec. 1868, married Nellie L. Wellington, and had issue to wit Wellington, born Saturday, Mar. 6, 1897; Albert Charles, born Wednesday, April 6, 1898; Bradley Newey born Wednesday 1:20 P.M., Oct. 16, 1907; Ruth Kasefang, born Friday 9 A.M., Feb. 5, 1909, No. 458 Greene Ave., Brooklyn, New York.  [Died Jan. 10, 1972]

(North Side)
Joshua, son of Ananias 1st, born May 5, 1771, married Mary Gerard, Oct. 15, 1793,died Feb. 1, 1844; Mary Gerard born Jan. 15, 1776, issue: Joshua 2nd, born March 4, 1794, died July 29, 1882, age 88 years; Lydia born Aug. 4, 1796, married Charles Homan; William, born July 7, 1798, married Abigail Tuttle; Jeremiah, born June 25, 1800, died Feb. 23, 1810.  Joshua 1st again married a widow, Elizabeth Robinson Smalling, issue: Nancy E., born March 20, 1834, married Wm. Hiram Newins, Nov. 23, 1851, had issue 3 sons, 2 daughters.  Joshua 2nd married Ann Maria Hammond, Feb. 22, 1816, issue, to-wit: Edmund Brewster, born Dec. 1, 1816, no issue; Phebe Ann, born Aug. 16, 1818, married Stephen Weeks, had 5 sons and 2 daughters; Coleman Nicholas, born May 14, 1820, married Esther Ann Smith, had family of sons and daughters.  Jerusha, daughter of Ananias Smith 1st, married Phineas Rose, had issue to-wit: Lester, drowned Dec. 1, 1827; Rumsey, married Temperance Osborn, 2 sons, Phineas Lester and Charles E.; Cyntha, married David Wicks, three daughters; Betsey, born Sept. 18, 1803, married Ananias Smith 3rd, who was born March 15, 1790; issue 3 sons and 2 daughters, Phineas Rose and son Lester, Isaac Ruland and Wm. Risley, were coming from New York to Patchogue in the sloop "Lenity" which capsized on Fire Island bar, and all were drowned 1st Dec, 1827.  Phineas L. Rose had an only daughter, Jane F.; Charles Edwin Rose born Dec. 20, 1834, married Madeline L. Roe, born July 24, 1838, had issue, to wit: Henrietta E., born Nov. 2, 1857, one son; Charles Gunther, born April 17, 1859, two daughters; Theodosia Bell, born Oct. 23, 1861, one son; Fred Lester, born Sept. 30, 1866, two sons, Walter Scott, born Dec. 28, 1870, two daughters.

Descendants of Mary, daughter of Ananias 1st, and Abraham Duryea: Mary, married James Jayne, moved to Oneida Co., N.Y.; Ruth, married Jacob Southard, settled at Rockaway, L.I., had 2 daughters, Betsey and Peggy; Julia, married _____ Osborn, issue, Adeline and Mary Elizabeth; Henry, married and lived at Wading River, L.I.; Rebecca, married Hy. Duryea, issue, Fanny, Palmira and Deborah.  Fanny married Loyd Bryant.  Palmira married Elihu Mathews, had issue.  Deborah, born Sept. 28, 1812, married Wallace Smith, January 15, 1828, issue to wit: Amelia Ann, born Feb. 13, 1831; Palmira born May 31, 1832; Sarepta, born Nov. 7, 1834; Wm. Wallace, born Oct. 1836, Clark, born March 4, 1839; Rebecca, born Dec. 28, 1845; John, born Feb. 15, 1849; Samuel born June 25, `850.  Amelia Ann married Wm. Hy. Manning, April 21, 1850.  Sarepta married Charles Welch, had one child, Mary Catherine, who married James Stoddard, Apr. 4, 1872, issue, Mary Ellen, Alexander and William.

Descendants of Betsey Smith, daughter of Ananias 1st, and John Rider , her husband:  John, Jr., married Phebe Smith, sister of "Submarine" Bill Smith; Mary, married Gershon Terry; Abigail, married David Terry; (2 brothers married 2 sisters.)  Betsey married Daniel Marvin, issue, Smith and Barney; Barnabus; Joshua; Smith, born Nov. 21, 1791, married Phebe Roe, died July 26, 1865, had issue, two daughters, Ellen, and Georgiana, born Apr. 22, 1828, died May 24, 1908.  Ellen Rider married Alfred Davis, issue to wit: Samuel Smith, married Alice Swezey, issue, Miller, Nellie, Bertha and Emma; Georgie R., married George F. Homan, issue Edw. and Jerome; Phebe Roe, married Charles Wallace Ruland, issue, Fred M., Clarence W., Ethel May, Hannah Smith, and John Ray; John Alfred, married Sefrona Meyers, issue, Phebe, George, Bessie, Senora, Wallace, Lucy, Mariah and Jerome.

Betsey Rider Marvin, 73 years old when she died; her son Barney, 69.

Ananias 2nd, born July 26, 1764, married Desiar, only daughter of Uriah and Desiar Yarrington Smith of Coram, L.I., N.Y., Sept. 7, 1788, had issue to wit:  Ananias 3rd, born Mar. 15, 1790, married Betsey Rose; Betsey, born Feb. 5, 1792, married Roger Avery; Daniel, born Mar. 29, 1794, married Lettie Turner; Charry, born Oct. 18, 1795, married John Avery; Uriah, born Mar. 23, 1798, married Anster Avery; Jason, born May 14, 1799, married Maria Hicks; Desiar, born Aug. 31, 1800, married Appollus Swezey.  Ananias 3d, married Betsey Rose who was born Sept. 18, 1803, had issue to wit: Ellen, Marshall, Timothy, and Washington.  Ellen married John Horton, had one son,  Smith Gunther, born Aug. 8, 1874, issue, Marion and Gerald.  Betsey , married Roger Avery, had issue to wit: Roger, Jr., Mary, Susan, John, Bathsheba, Anster, Esther, Samuel, Sabilla and Elizabeth, born Jan. 12, 1827, died Feb. 12, 1903, married Oct. 4, 1851, to Brewster H. Saxton, he, born Mar. 27, 1822, died July 9, 1888, son of Richard and Polly Hammond, issue: Geo. Wm., born Dec. 26, 1854, Libbie Foster, born Mar. 16, 1856; Abraham Lincoln, born Feb. 9, 1860; Roger Avery, born Feb. 19, 1865, married Sept. 6, 1893, one son.  Daniel and Lettie Turner had issue to wit: Rose, Sally, Elvira, Kate, and Brewster.

 (West Side)

Charry, daughter of Ananias 2nd, born at Coram, married John Avery of Patchogue, May 2, 1814, died June 22, 1882, issue to wit: Wm., born Mar. 3, 1815, had issue, Mary E. and Augusta; Humphrey, born Dec. 2, 1816, had a family, John W., died in infancy, Charles W., married Grace A. Lane of Mattituck, issue, Irene Lupton and Humphrey Roger; Sally and Susan, (twins) born Apr. 1, 1819.  Susan married John Woodhull, Sally, married Clark Smith of Blue Point, had issue to wit: Clark, Jr., married Miami Avery, Harriet, married Jacob Avery, Sarah Jane, married Clark Smith, issue, Samuel A. and Emmett C., Mary Etta married Samuel L'Hommedieu, issue to wit: Jonah Wilson, Elizabeth, Emeline, Josephine, John, and Maggie; Harriet, Jan. 26, 1822, married Washington Smith, son of Ananias 3rd.  Uriah and Anster Avery had issue to wit: Marilla ; Rebecca, married Clark Howell, 2nd husband, James Swezey; Ann; Matilda, married Daniel Wheeler; Sarah; Clark, married Sarah Jane Smith, issue, two sons, Samuel A., born June 9, 1867, Emmett C., born Dec. 1, 1872.  Jason and Maria Hicks, issue to wit: Theodosia; Ann Amelia, married Jackson McGregor; Lydia, married George Able Wood; Mariah.

Desiar and Appollus Swezey, issue to wit: Huldah; Jennett, married Charles W. Baker, had 2 sons, Forest and Filmore; Calvin had family.  Children of Lizzie (Smith) Avery and Van Rensler Swezey, to wit: Floyd, Sarah, and Wm. Henry.

John Smith, (Medford Station John) son of Isaac 2nd, born 1785, married Sarah Corwin, dau. of Rev. Jacob Corwin, 1806, issue to wit: Jacob Baldwin, born June 17, 1807; John Rockwell, born Mar. 7, 1809; Ameila Ett, born Aug. 12, 1811; Alfred, born Mar. 26, 1814; Storrs Lester, born Aug. 28, 1816; Floyd, born Feb. 7, 1819; Sheldon Roe, born Dec. 17, 1822; Floyd Edgar, born Nov. 20, 1826.

Jacob Baldwin Smith married Eliza Davis, issue to wit: Deborah, married John Sweeney, 2nd husband, James Borland; John, married Louisa Seaman; George, died in Libby Prison; Clara, married Mr. Butler, 2nd husband, Mr. Abry; Angie, married B. Sweeney.

John Rockwell Smith married and had issue to wit: Betsey, Sarah, Merritt, Amelia Augusta, Floyd Edgar, and Gertrude.

Amelia Ett Smith married Jehial Hildreth Woodruff and had issue to wit: Wm. Edw., born Apr. 16, 1835; Amelia Augusta, born June 16, 1838; John Nichols Sanford, born Sept. 3, 1840; Emma Levina, born Aug. 28, 1842.  Alfred Smith married Elizabeth Terry, one son, Charles Floyd, born July 6, 1839, Storrs Lester Smith married Fanny Swezey, had issue, Francis A., Alice J., and Laura E.  Amelia Augusta, daughter of Amelia Ett married Capt. Humphrey Leaming, Mar. 4, 1860, issue: Inez, born feb. 27, 1864, married Judge Walter H. Jaycox; Byron, born Oct. 30, 1866; Gussie, born July 1, 1871, married Walter Scott Rose.

John Smith, (Station John) died Oct. 19, 1858, 73 years.  Sarah Corwin, wife of John, died April 17, 1873, age 83 years, 11 mo., and 3 days.  Floyd Edgar Smith, Capt. of Schooner Hiram E. Gerard, drowned Jan. 1853, coming from Baltimore to New York, and all on board were lost.

Richard W. Smith, of Coram, known as "Sheriff Dick", son of Joshua 2nd, son of Joshua 1st, son of John 2nd, who settled in Coram, 1657, had issue as recorded by the Rev. Smith Dayton, two sons, Joshua and Isaac.  Joshua died July 4, 1811, leaving two children at his death, Richard W., who married Julia Ann Westgate, daughter of John and Hannah Westgate, and Martha Smith who married Dr, John E. Elderkin, of Setauket.  Richard W. had 3 sons, Wm., Richard W. Jr., and John Edgar Smith.

There are several branches that have run into ten generations from "Rock John", our first ancestor.

Carman Family:

From Leonard Gable of Fort Worth, 4/2009

Ahnentafel Chart for John CARMAN
First Generation
      1.    John CARMAN  was born in 1606 in HemelHempstead, ,  , England. He died on 29 MAY 1654 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York.

John married Florence FORDHAM  daughter of Philip FORDHAM and Elizabeth SHOTBOLT in 1629/1630 in Hampstead, Surrey, England. Florence was born about 1610 in  , , , ,England. She died on 07 FEB 1661 in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Second Generation

      2.    John CARMAN  was born in 1584 in  , , , ,England. He died after 1606. He married Abigail about 1605.
      3.    Abigail  was born about 1586. She died after 1606.

Third Generation
      4.    John CARMAN  was born in 1563 in Hamel, Hampstead, Surrey, England. He died .

Fourth Generation
      8.    John CARMAN  was born in 1541 in Hemel Hempstead, England .

Fifth Generation
      16.   Thomas CARMAN  was born about 1517 in Hamel, Hampstead, Surrey, England. He died on 19 MAY 1558 in Norwich, , , England.  The cause of death was Burned At The Stake For Religious Reasons.

Sixth Generation
32.   John CARMAN  was born in 1482 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Seventh Generation
64.   Thomas CARMAN II  was born in 1459 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Eighth Generation
128.  Thomas CARMAN  was born in 1430.

Ninth Generation
256.  Henry CARMAN  was born in 1404 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Tenth Generation
512.  John CARMAN II  was born in 1378 in Hemel, Hempstead, England. He died . He married Ann STRATFORD.

Eleventh Generation
1024. John CARMAN  was born in 1354.

Twelfth Generation
2048. William CARMAN II  was born in 1325 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Thirteenth Generation
4096. William CARMAN  was born in 1299 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Fourteenth Generation
8192. Henry CARMAN II  was born in 1273 in Hemel, Hempstead, England. He died . He married Matilda.

Fifteenth Generation
16384.      Henry CARMAN  was born in 1254 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Sixteenth Generation
32768.      John CARMAN  was born in 1224 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Seventeenth Generation
65536.      Henry Thomas CARMAN  was born in 1199 in Hemel, Hempstead,

Eighteenth Generation
131072.     William CARMAN II  was born in 1174 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Nineteenth Generation
262144.     William CARMAN I  was born in 1149 in Hemel, Hempstead, England.

Twentieth Generation
524288.     John CARMAN III  was born in 1125 in Surrey, England.

Twenty-first Generation
1048576.    John CARMAN II  died after 1096.

Twenty-second Generation
2097152.    John CARMAN  was born before 1042. He died after 1086.

Ahnentafel Chart for Florence FORDHAM

First Generation
1.    Florence FORDHAM  was born about 1610 in  , , , ,England. She died on 07 FEB 1661 in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

Florence married John CARMAN  son of John CARMAN and Abigail in 1629/1630 in Hampstead, Surrey, England. John was born in 1606 in HemelHempstead, ,  , England. He died on 29 MAY 1654 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York.

Second Generation
2.    Philip FORDHAM  was born about 1584 in Sacombe, Hertfordshire, England. He died about 1602 in , Hertfordshire, England. He married Elizabeth SHOTBOLT in Kelshall, Hertfordshire, England.

3.    Elizabeth SHOTBOLT  was born about 1587 in Sacombe, Hertfordshire, England.

Third Generation
4.    William (Of Sacomb) FORDHAM  was born in 1520/1525 in Sacombe, Hertfordshire, England. He died before 27 MAR 1581. He married Elizabeth GOURNEY.
5.    Elizabeth GOURNEY  was born about 1535 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.

Fourth Generation
8.    Richard FORDHAM  died . He married Elizabeth Or Agnes STOUGHTON.

10.   GOURNEY  was born about 1541 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England. He died . He married Isabel.

11.   Isabel  was born about 1545 in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, England.

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