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Issue Date: 21/1/2020

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PART 1                INTRODUCTION


Dolman Genealogy 1-1


4 Introduction 1-4



4.1 FLORENCE DOLMAN (1892-1968) 2-1


5.1 ENOCH DOLMAN (1861-98) 2-1

ALICE ADA TATE (1863-1944) 2-2


6.1 ENOCH DOLMAN (1) 1837-1913 2-7

PHOEBE COLEY (1836-1911+) 2-8

6.2 THOMAS TATE (2) 2-10



7.1 MOSES DOLMAN - 1792 2-10

HANNAH WAIT 1795 2-11

7.2 JOHN COLEY (1803-1884) 2-15



8.1 JOSEPH DOLMAN (1758-1819) 2-18


8.2 JOHN WAIT 2-24

SARAH CANTRELL - 1768 2-24



9.1 MOSES DOLMAN (Dollman) - 1733 2-29




9.3 JOHN WAIT 2-31

10 GENERATION 10 2-33

10.1 THOMAS DOLMAN (Doleman) 2-33

MARY WOOD - 1712 2-33

10.2 JOSEPH TRITTLEBANK - 1694 2-44

MARY BECK - 1704 2-44

11 GENERATION 11 2-45

11.1 WILLIAM WOOD - 1688 2-45

ANN LAKIN  -1688 2-45

11.2 ROBERT TRITTLEBANK - 1666 2-45


11.3 HENRY BECK - 1674 2-46

12 GENERATION 12 2-47

12.1 JOHN TRITTLEBANK (1621-) 2-47

12.2 WILLIAM BECK 2-47

13 GENERATION 13 2-48

13.1 ROGER TRITTLEBANK - 1584 2-48






4 Introduction: Alrewas 3-1

5 Introduction: Yoxall 3-2

6 Graves Alrewas: 3-3

PART 4        MOKES of Derbyshire - Alternative Lines 4-1

4.1 ROBERT MOAKS - 1687 4-1

4.2 Robert MOAKES/MALKES 4-1

5 MARY MONKS - Alternative Line 4-3

5.1 THOMAS MONK - 1718 4-3

5.2 RUTH SMITH 4-3











THOMAS DOLMAN (Doleman) 5-1

WALTER DOLMAN - 1633 5-1


5 The Dolman family of Maiden Bradley & Salisbury, Wiltshire 5-1

6 Owners of Shaw House 1581-1728: Dolmans of Berkshire 5-2

Other Dolman wills: 5-5

PART 6        CHANGES 6-1


                                   |THOMAS DOLMAN
                             |MOSES DOLMAN (1733-1808)
                             |     |        |ROBERT WOOD
                             |     |   |WILLIAM WOOD (1688)
                             |     |   |    |ELLEN

                             |     |MARY WOOD (1712-1785)
                             |         |    |JOHN LAKIN
                             |         |ANN LAKIN (1688)
                                            |ANN HANCOCK

                       |JOSEPH DOLMAN (1758-1819)

                       |     |                             |JOHN TRITTLEBANK    
                       |     |                       |ROGER TRITTELBANK
                       |     |                 |JOHN TRITTLEBANK
                       |     |                 |     |DOROTHY CARDALL
                       |     |           |ROBERT TRITTLEBANK
                       |     |     |JOSEPH TRITTLEBANK (1694-1750)
                       |     |     |           |DAVID FISHER
                       |     |     |     |ELIZABETH FISHER (1662-1718)
                       |     |ELIZABETH TRITTLEBANK (1732-58)
                       |           |        |WILLIAM BECK
                       |           |     |HENRY BECK (1672)

                       |           |     |  |DOROTHY BIDDLE
                       |           |MARY BECK (1704)

                                         |MARY LANCASTER
                 |MOSES DOLMAN (1792-1875)
                 |     |     |ROBERT MOKES (?-1782)
                 |     |MARY MOKES (1758-1819)
                 |                |JOSEPH HARDING (
                 |           |ANN HARDING (1720-1801)
                 |                |ANNE FISHER (1720-1801)
           |ENOCH DOLMAN (1) (1837-1913)

           |     |           |JOHN WAIT
           |     |     |JOHN WAIT
           |     |HANNAH WAIT (1795-1876)
           |           |     |HENRY CANTREll
           |           |SARAH CANTRELL
           |                 |ELIZABETH
     |ENOCH DOLMAN (2) (1861-98)
     |     |           |SAMUEL COLEY
     |     |     |JOHN COLEY (1803-1884)
     |     |     |     |PHEBE NEWTON
     |     |PHOEBE COLEY (1837-1917?)
     |                 |THOMAS HILL
     |           |MARY ANN HILL (1804-1883)
     |                 |MARY
     |ALICE ADA TATE (1863-)

4 Introduction

The Dolman family's connection with the author of this collection of family histories was Florence Dolman, who was Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland's maternal grandmother. Florence was born in Wolverhampton, England, but in 1911 she emigrated to Alberta, Canada, with her mother and sister, where she married Frederick Kirk-Owen. Florence’s brother, Reginald went to the US, Illinois the previous year as a farmer before appearing in the Calgary area soon after.
The Dolmans were a family of Basket Makers in Alrewas, about 5 miles NE of Lichfield, Staffordshire, England. They appear in the area in the late 17thC and remain in the area to this day. They married into a number of local families, including the Waits of Yoxall and Trittlebanks of Alrewas. There are many well preserved gravestones in Alrewas church yard featuring this family. Some members moved to Burton-on-Trent with increasing industrialisation.

Florence Dolman's mother was Alice Tate from Sussex: her family is

described on a separate file, Tates of Sussex.

There are a number of Dolman families round the country: one was at Shaw House, now in Newbury. There was a Dolman connection with the King family around Swallowfield – probably this branch. There is no indication that they had any connection with our Dolmans of Lichfield.

This derivation of the Dolman family genealogy was started with the Entries in a traditional family bible as follows:

DOLMAN BIBLE  Family Register

Parent's Names:
Thomas Tate, born 30 January 1838
Anne King, born 18 February 1838.

Children's Names:
Alice Blanche Tate, born Feb 18 18--.  (date scratched out)
Emily Caroline Tate, born June 5 1861
Alice Ada Tate, born Nov 29 1863
James Thomas Tate, born May 6 1866
Harry Tate, born Dec 27 1870.

Alice Ada Tate, married Oct 26 1885
Emily Mary Dolman born Aug 15 1886
Enoch Herbert born Oct 4 1888
Ethel Dolman June 10 1890
Florence Dolman born Aug 23 1892
Reginald Dolman born Dec 16 1894

Alice Blanche Tate Died May 26 18--.


Other sources are given as endnotes.
Footnotes contain information not for publication.

1/BMD. Civil BMD Records        2PR. Parish Records.
3. IGI/AF.                     4 Cen. Census.
5. Family interview.           6: Newspaper & other publications
7: Wills                       8MI: Tombstone
9/Fam. Family History              9a: Bible
9p: Photo Albums.
EAC: Betty Chadwick/Kirk-Owen/Vernon/Thomas, mother of Alice Maitland.
AF: LDS Ancestral File
FMP: Find my past website with images of PR – FMPt, transcript only.
IGI: LDS original database
Lichfield Record Office Wills Indices have been searched, but few Dolman & no relevant Wait’s & Trittlebanks found. (2/2011).

PART 2                DOLMAN FAMILY




4.1  FLORENCE DOLMAN (1892-1968)


Birth Certificate held.
BornBMD: April 23 1892 @ Merridale Rd, Wolverhampton.
Parents: Enoch & Alice Ada (Tate) Dolman
Married: Frederic Kirk Owen Owen Pages in 1914 in Calgary, Alberta[1].
DiedFam: 19/6/1968, Vancouver, Canada.

    According to Elizabeth Kirk-Owen (nee Chadwick), Florence's daughter-in-law, Rex's mother was a Dolman from the Wolverhampton area, possibly Glenthorne, Penn, Wolverhampton. This is born out by birth records and the family bible which shows his mother's, Florence, mother to have been born Alice Ada Tate.
    Frederick and Florence both moved to Canada before the Great War to a farm bought by Alice Ada near Calgary after the death of Enoch, Florence's father. It is probable that they met in Canada.
    Florence was injured in a riding accident and walked with a severe limp for the rest of her life: EAK-O describes her as a "loving person". Photographs exist of her at Rex's wedding in 1947 and again in 1964.

From G grand dau, Tory (Thompson) Bilinski[i]:
Passenger list showing Alice coming to Canada with Ethel and Florence:
Name: Florence Dolman, Age: 19,  Date of Arrival: 26 Oct 1911, Vessel: Empress of Britain, Port of Arrival: Montreal, Quebec, Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Destination: Didsbury, Alberta.

After Frederick’s death, Florence went to England in 1956, and departed Liverpool on the “Rathlin Head” 26 January 1956:
Florence Kirk-Owen, dest St John NB, dob 23/4/1892, UK address 28A Holland St, London. (Rex & Betty’s address).

Issue (inter alia, see Owens):
1/1. Reginald (Rex) Kirk-Owen.




5.1  ENOCH DOLMAN (1861-98)


The father of Florence Dolman.
Birth & Marriage certificates held.

Certs/Census/DB show:
BornBMD: 8/10/1861 at 1, George St, Burton.
..... Father: Enoch Dolman, Mother: Phoebe, formerly Coley (?).
Father's Occupation: Brewer's Clerk. (Burton 12/1861 ref 6b 281.)
Parents: Enoch (1) & Phoebe (Coley) Dolman
DiedBMD: 16/2/1898, aged 36 (W'ton 6b 364 3/98), 76, Merridale Rd, W'ton aged 36, meat salesman, of Abscess in the abdomen, Phoebe Dolman present.
Will: left all to wife (also as executrix) in will dated 23/8/1892. Gross value £4098-0-5, net personal 668-2-1.

From the census and other information, he followed his father as a butcher in Burton-on-Trent, before setting up on his own in Wolverhampton. As a foreign meat salesman in the 1890's, he took advantage of the advent of refrigerated ships bringing meat from abroad (probably the Americas).

According to EAC, he was master of the Albrighton Hunt although this is not born out by Bailey's directory of Hunts.

Of his children, Emily married William Alexander Montgomery; Emily lived near Belfast. Ethel Dolman married.
Reginald, the brother, went to Canada, served in the army during the first war, and died about 1940’s.

Alice, Florence and Emily went to Canada in 1911, where Alice died in 1944. Maybe following Reginald?

1885: @ marriage, a butcher in Burton on Trent.
1891 Census, Brighton House, Crawford St, W'ton:
Enoch Dolman (29, Butcher, W'ton), Alice (26, Brighton), Herbert (2, W'ton), Emily (4, W'ton), Ethel (10mths, W'ton), Harry Tate (brother-in-law, 29, butcher, Brighton), plus 2 servants
1892 (Kelly's): residence, Brighton House, Merrydale Rd
Trade: Foreign meat salesman, Market Hall & 66 Queen St & 11 Worcester St.
1892, Florence's birth: @ Merridale Rd, a meat salesman.
1901 Census, 76 Merridale Rd (all children b. Wolverhampton):
Alice Dolman (Hd, Wid, 37, Meat Salesman, Portslade), Emma (11), Enoch (12) Ethel (10), Florence (8), Reginald (7), Elizabeth Thrupp (servant)

Will: "of Merrydale Rd, Wolverhampton, died 16/2/1898, prob London 26/3/1898 to Alice Dolman, widow. £4098-0-5d.

MarriedBMD: Alice Ada Tate 26/10/1885 @ St Andrew's, Portslade. 
Steyning 2b497 12/1885.
Enoch Dolman (age 24, bachelor, occupation: Butcher, residence Burton on Trent) & Alice Ada Tate (age 22, spinster, residence Portslade by Sea) married 26/10/1885 at St Andrews Church, Portslade by Sea.
Fathers: Enoch Dolman (Butcher) and Thomas Tate (dead).
Witnesses: ?? Card (?) & Emily Card (?).


ALICE ADA TATE (1863-1944)


Birth & Marriage certs held. Bible entry.
BornBMD: 29/11/1863 @ The Half Brick Beer House, Portslade
Birth Certificate registered 18/1/1864, (Steyning 2b258 3/1864)
DiedBMD 26/5/1944, Vancouver.
Parents: Thomas & Ann (King) Tate.

1871 Census: @ Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade with mother
1881 Census: @ Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade with mother & step father.
1885: resident at Portslade by Sea.
1901 Census, 76, Merridale Rd, Wolverhampton.
(Hd, wid, 37, Meat saleswoman, Portslade), Emma (11, W'ton), Enoch (12, W'ton), Ethel (10, W'ton), Florence (8, W'ton), Reginald (7, W'ton).
Elizabeth Thrupp (servant, 21, Willenhall).
1911: Census, 8, Lyndhurst Rd, Wolverhampton:
Alice Dolman (Hd, 47, Widow, 6-5-1, Foreign Meat Saleswoman, Meat Shop), Emp, Brighton), Enoch, (s, 22, Assistant meat salesman, worker, W’ton), Ethel (d, 20, W’ton), Florence (d 18, W’ton), + servant.
1916 Census, East Calgary, 44, 8th St W:
All arrived in 1910 – maybe?
Alice Dolman, 52, England, income
Reginald Dolman, (at Sayall) 21, England, rancher
Ethel Dolman, 25, England,
Florence Owen, 23, England
Frederick Owen, 27, England, Bank Clerk.
Reginald Owen, 1, Alberta,
From Tory (Thompson) Bilinski:
Confirmed with

Passenger list:
Destination Didsbury, Alberta (30 miles N of Calgary).
Alice Dolman, aged 48, occupation in UK, housekeeper – same in Canada
Ethel Dolman age 21, Nil occupation in UK, Domestic in Canada
Florence Dolman  Age: 19, Nil occupation.

Date of Arrival:  26 Oct 1911
Vessel: Empress of Britain
Port of Arrival:  Montreal, Quebec,
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Roll: T-4783

She died in Vancouver it looks like.... Before she lived in Didsbury, AB (it's mentioned on Reginald Dolman's Attestation papers)

1921 Census, Red Deer 44, Lorne Municipality, Alberta
Person, father, mother,
Year of imm, year of Nat, Nat, Racial origin,
Rex, 21, 41, 2, SW, Lorne, O B-B, S, W (1/8), Head, M2, M, 37, England, England, England, 1910, -, Canada, English
Edith, Wife, F, M, 29, England, England, England, 1918, -, Canada, English,
Thomas, Son, M, S, 1, Alb, England, England, -, -, Canada, England,
Alice Ada, Mother, F8, W, 60, England, England, England, 1911, -, Canada, England,

British Columbia Death Index: 1872 to 1979:
Name: Alice Ada Dolman
Age: 80, Death Date: 26 May 1944
Place of Death: Vancouver
Registration #: 1944-09-643839 BCA #: B13183 GSU #: 1983206

Issue of Enoch & Alice Ada (Tate) Dolman (all born Wolverhampton):
1/1. Emily Dolman, born 15/8/1886Bible,

(married Reginald Montgomery whose brother became Viscount M of Alamein. She lived near Belfast. This is from Betty (Chadwick) Kirk-Owen, whose recollections were not always reliable! There is no other evidence of this story).
Another version was, an Isabel Dolman married a Hartford Montgomery-Hyde. But again, there is no evidence – Harford Montgomery Hyde, barrister, did not marry an Isabel, or any other Dolman.
Married Emily Mary, eldest daughter of the late Enoch Dolman, and Mrs Dolman of Wolverhampton, William Alexander Montgomery, eldest Hartford H. Montgomery of Strandtown, Belfast, June 8 1910 at St Phillips, Penn Fields, Wolverhampton[2]. Decorated  for Gallantry 1916[3].
The Montgomery’s were auctioneers etc in Belfast, established in Portadown in 1863.

1/2. Enoch Dolman, born 2/10/1888Bible, baptised as Enoch Herbert,

11, St Marks Rd, Wolverhampton, 1/11/1888AC.
Emigrated to Regina, Saskatchewan, before 1914.
Married 30/1/1914, Regina, lived there 10 years and moved to Chicago. The Leader-Post (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada) Fri, May 21,1926, Downloaded on Oct 16, 2019

Enoch H Dolman Charges His Wife With Desertion and In fidelity—Is Unknown Here.
Special to The Leader)
CHICAGO. Ills., May 30.—Enoch Dolman, cattle buyer for a large Chicago Packing HOUSE  and formerly located in Regina, today filed for divorce from his wife Irene charging her with desertion and in fidelity. According to the bill file by Attorney James Fardy In the Superior Court the couple were married in Regina, January 30. 1914 and lived there for nearly ten years. In 1923 Dolman was transferred to this district and on January 2. 1924 his wife left him. He charges that she ran away with another man and is now living with him in Cleveland The case will come up late this summer before Judge Joseph Sabath Attorney Pardy is endeavouring to locate the wife to serve papers of notification on her. If he cannot locate her in Cleveland he says he will advertise in Regina, where he believes she may have returned.

1/3. Ethel Dolman, born 10/6/1890Bible,

went to Canada in 1911 with her mother and sister, Florence, and she married Harold J. Frund, Calgary 1924 (index only)AC.
She was a singer and musician and appeared in concerts in Calgary[4].

1/4. Florence Dolman, born 23/4/1892Bible,
1/5. Reginald Dolman, born 16/12/1894Bible.

Died: 21/3/1972.
Married Editha Constance Edwards, 11/11/1918.
He sailed to the Americas in 1910, and arrived in New York 2/4/1910, on the SS Campania, aged 16, 4 months, as a farmer, from Wolverhampton, Glenthorne, Penn, Mrs Dolman relative. To Illinois maple park?
Went to Canada.
Attestation  papers for Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force:
Reginald Dolman of Didsbury, Alba (Alberta) Can.
Born Wolverhampton, Staffs.
Next of Kin: Mrs Alice Dolman of Didsbury Alba Can, mother.
DoB: Dec 16 1894
Trade: Farmer, un married.
7 march 1916.
Description on Enlistment:
Age 22, 5’9”, hanging mole on left side of neck, small brown mole on left side of back
Complexion: fair, eyes blue, hair blonde, CofE.
Returned to Calgary still unm, sailed 31 Dec 1918 in SS Scandanvian: arr St John’s NB 10/1/1919. A private (609141), reserve unit ARD, 137 btn.
Married Edith, b 1892, England (1921 Census)

Veteran dies at 78 in city[5]

Funeral services for Reginald Dolman, 78 were held Friday ST LUKE’S Anglican Church. Arch deacon C. Murray Starr officiated with burial following in Alio-Reste Memorial Gardens.

Mr Dolman died last Tuesday in Red Deer General Hospital.

Born Dec. 16 1893 at Wolverhampton., England. Mr Dolman came to Canada to farm at Didsbury  in 1912. He joined the Canadian Army in 1914, serving until 1918, when he returned to Didsbury.

On Nov. 11, 1918, Mr Dolman married the former Editha Edwards. The couple farmed at Rimbey until 1957 when they moved into Red Deer.

Mr Dolman worked in the city as a commissionaire until his retirement

in 1968. He was a life member of Rimbey Canadian Legion, and an ardent fisherman.

Mr. Dolman is survived by his wife, Editha of Red Deer; two sons. Thomas of Calgary and Brian of Rimbey; a daughter of Kelowna, B.C.; 10 grandchildren and a great granddaughter.

Eventide Funeral Chapel, Red Deer, in charge of arrangements.

Red Deer, Alberta about half way between Calgary & Edmonton.

Red Deer Advocate (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) Thu, Feb 22, 1973
Deaths  7

DOLMAN - Mrs. Editha Constance Dolman of Suite 5, 4815 46 Street, Red Deer, passed away on February 20, 1973, at the age of 81 years. Predeceased by her husband, Reginald in March, 1972, Mrs. Dolman is survived by two sons, Thomas of Calgary and Brian of Rimbey; a daughter, Mrs. Betty Ritchey of Kelowna, B.C.; 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; two sisters, Mrs. Muriel Fildes and Mrs. Barbara Howell, both in England; a brother, Percy Edwards in Wanganui, New Zealand; and several nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held from St. Luke's Anglican Church, Red Deer, on Saturday, February 24, at 1:30 p.m. with The Venerable Archdeacon C. Murray Starr officiating. Interment will follow in Alto-Reste Memorial Gardens. If friends desire, donations may be made to St, Luke's Anglican Church Memorial Fund or the Canadian Cancer Society. Eventide Funeral Chapels Ltd. of Red Deer in charge of arrangements. Phone 347-2222.

2/1. Thomas Herbert Dolman, b Calgary, Alberta, 30/10/1919.

Thomas “Tom” DOLMAN[6]
1919 – 2010
Mr. Thomas “Tom” Herbert Dolman passed away at Drayton Valley Hospital on March 3, 2010 at the age of 90. He was born in Calgary, Alberta on October 30, 1919. Tom was married to his loving and devoted wife of 63 years, Annie (Nan) until her passing on July 31, 2009. He grew up in Rimbey, Alberta and after serving in the Canadian Armed Forces during World War II, returned with Nan to farm and work as a mechanic in Rimbey until moving to Osoyoos, B.C. in 1967. Later they moved to Calgary and then to Red Deer, where they lived until 2008 when they moved to the Drayton Valley Continuing Care Centre. Tom is survived by his sister Betty (Ron predeceased) Ritchie of Kelowna, B.C.; brother Brian (Frieda) of Rimbey, Alberta; son Peter (Mary Rose) Dolman of Drayton Valley, Alberta; daughters Mary Anderson of Red Deer, Alberta, Barbara (Kevin) Hill of Burnt River, Ontario and a dearly missed Patricia Margaret Dolman, formerly of Red Deer, Alberta now residing in Heaven with Nan and eagerly awaiting a visit from Tom; granddaughter Anne Marie (Rick) Dolman of Victoria, B.C.; grandsons Scott Dolman of Drayton Valley, Alberta, Russell (Krissy) Hill of Kinmount, Ontario, Michael (Raechelle) Hill of Fenelon Falls, Ontario and Jason (Angie) Anderson of Red Deer, Alberta; great grandchildren Chelsea, Austin and Colton as well as many nieces and nephews. A Funeral Mass has been held. Interment followed at the Mount Calvary Cemetery, Red Deer. Memorial tributes in Tom’s honor may be directed to the Alzheimer Society of Alberta, 10531 – Kingsway Ave, Edmonton AB T5H 4K1. Condolences may be forwarded to the family at: EVENTIDE FUNERAL CHAPELS, 4820 – 45th Street, Red Deer, Alberta T4N 1K5.

Married Annie 1943.
3/1. Peter Dolman, married Mary Rose.

4/1. Anne Marie Dolman
4/2. Scott Dolman

3/2. Mary Dolman, married Mr Anderson.

4/1. Jason Anderson, married Angie.

3/3. Barbara Dolman, married Kevin Hill

4/1. Michael Hill, married Raechelle

3/4. Patricia Margaret Dolman, died bef 2010.


2/2. Reginald Brian Dolman

Reginald Brian DOLMAN

Apr 30, 2013 OBITUARIES[7]
Mr. Reginald Brian Dolman passed away in the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre on Tuesday April 30, 2013 at 83 years of age.  Brian was born in Bentley, Alberta on January 13, 1930. He lived on the family farm south of Rimbey until he retired in 1991 and moved into town. He was known to be a hard worker and spent a lot of time camping and fishing in the later years. Family and friends were very important to him. Brian is survived by his children Robert (Wendy), Melvin, Marj and Marilyn, all of Rimbey.  He was proud of his eleven grandchildren: Darren (Erin), Randy (Kathryn), David (Betty), Jonathan (Ashley), Jocelyn, Brad (Katrina), Greg, Sharlene, Michael, Dianna and Seth. He also loved his eight great-grandchildren.
Brian was predeceased by his wife, Frieda in November of 2010, son, Neil in 1985 and daughter-in-law, Marj Braak-Dolman in 2001. He was also predeceased by his parents, Reginald and Editha, brother Tom and sister, Betty Ritchie.
Funeral services were held from the Rimbey Christian Reformed Church on Monday May 6, 2013 at 2:00 PM.
The family would like to thank Dr. Boorman and the other doctors and nursing staff at the Rimbey General Hospital for all the care and compassion that Brian received in the months he spent there.

If friends desire, Memorial donations may be made to the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre Acute Care, PO Box 440 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0.

Dolman, Frieda[8]

Mrs. Frieda Dolman of Rimbey, Alberta passed away in the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre on Wednesday November 17, 2010 at the age of 82 years.
Predeceased by a son Neil Dolman and by a daughter-in-law Marjorie Braak Dolman, Frieda is survived by her loving husband of 58 years Brian of Rimbey, two sons; Robert (Wendy) Dolman of Rimbey, Melvin Dolman of Rimbey, one daughter; Marj Dolman of Rimbey, eleven grandchildren; Jocelyn, Brad (Katrina), Greg, Darren (Erin), Randy, David (Betty), Jonathan (Ashley), Sharlene, Michael, Dianna and Seth and five great grandchildren.  Frieda also leaves to mourn two sisters; Elsie Boger of Castor, Alberta and Kathy Dohanwick of Vegerville, Alberta.

A celebration of Frieda’s life was held from the Rimbey Christian Reformed Church on Saturday November 20, 2010 at 1:00 PM with Reverend David Holmes and Reverend Bill Nieuwenhuis officiating. Interment of Frieda’s cremated remains took place in the West Haven Cemetery.

If friends desire, memorial contributions may be made to the Long Term Care unit of the Rimbey Hospital and Care Centre PO Box 440 Rimbey, Alberta T0C 2J0.
Born Freida Engel of Romania, with siblings in Canada[9].

3/1. Robert Dolman, married Wendy.
3/2. Melvin Dolman
3/3. Marjory Dolman,
3/4. Neil Reginald Dolman, died 19/6/1985, Rimbey, tractor accident[10].

Married Marilyn, 1980
4/1. Jocelyn Dolman, born abt 1982
4/2. Bradley Dolman, born abt January, 1985.

2/3. Elizabeth Dolman, married Mr Richie. Died bef 2013.





6.1  ENOCH DOLMAN (1) 1837-1913


Father of Enoch Dolman (2)
Marriage cert held.

PR/Certs/IGI show:
ChPR: 30/4/1837 @ All Saints, Alrewas.
Parents: Moses & Hannah (Wait) Dolman
Died after 1911.
Probably Burton 6b457 aged 76 1913 Q2

Neither he nor Phoebe appear to have left a will.

He started off as a grocer in Alrewas, a village between Burton-on-Trent and Lichfield, where his family had lived for several generations.
Between 1861 & 71, he was a clerk in a Brewery in Burton-on-Trent, a big brewing centre. By 1881, he was back in the meat trade in Derby, by 1891 as a butcher and game dealer in Burton, living for over 30 years (1871-1901) in Stapenhill. His son, Enoch joined him in the butchery business and later moved to Wolverhampton. He may have been a Methodist: he was married in a Methodist Church. His wife's family may have been the leaders in this choice: Methodism was popular in the Black Country among the industrial workers.

Enoch Dolman, who styles himself “the American Butcher,” was summoned before the magistrates at Derby Police Court on Tuesday, for exposing meat for sale on a stall in Prince’s-street without paying toll.—Mr. H. F. Gadsby, the Town Clerk, appeared to prosecute, and the defendant admitted the fact of offering the meat for sale on the 10th and 17th ult., but denied his liability to pay toll for the stall. —In stating the case, Mr. Gadsby said by a charter granted to the borough by Charles II. Derby was declared a borough for the holding of markets, and the Corporation were made owners of the markets. By the Corporation's Act of 1867 they had power to continue holding the ancient markets granted by the old charter. The defendant was, however, summoned for a breach of the 13th section of the Markets and Fairs Act, which provided that any person offering goods for sale on premises which were not a dwelling-house or shop, was bound to pay market tolls. The defendant was a dealer in American meat, offering it for sale in several towns. He had a stall on a piece of land in Prince’s-street, and sold his meat at such prices as were, no doubt, to the detriment of the persons who paid toll and who kept stalls in the Market Hall. He had been requested to pay toll for the stall, but refused.—The defendant said he rented the land by agreement, and paid his rent monthly. Ho had no intention of acting in defiance of the Markets Committee, and he simply had his stall there because he could not get one in the Market Hall. It was a piece of bona-fide ground that he claimed exemption upon.—The Magistrate’s Clerk : But that does not make it a dwelling-house or shop.—Defendant : It is my shop, and therefore my premises. I have dwelling-places all over the land, and as a free man I dwell everywhere.—Mr. Francis Walker, assistant Market Hall keeper, proved that the defendant had a stall, movable, 24 feet long by 4 feet wide. It was a temporary structure.—Defendant : It was movable ? Could you move it?—Witness : Not perhaps by myself—Mr. Harrison, assistant borough surveyor, said the stall was a structure which could be removed.—The defendant: But which hasn’t been. —In answer to the Magistrates’ Clerk, the defendant admitted that it was not a shop or dwelling-house.— The Clerk : Then the case is proved.—Mr. Gadsby read a report of a case, on all-fours with the present one, where the decision of the borough justices of Wigan was appealed against by the defendant, but with no success.—The defendant said he desired to occupy a stall in the Market Hall, but found there was none to let. He applied for permission to “stand” in the Market-place, but this was refused. He claimed the stall as his own premises, the same as the magistrates would their houses.—Mr. Gadsby said it was purely a question of principle, and he would not ask for the full penalty to be imposed.— The Bench fined the defendant Is. and costs.

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Lichfield Mercury - Friday 23 January 1885

Married[12] Phoebe Coley 27/1/1859, Mount Zion Chapel, (New Connection Methodists), Horsley Fields, W'ton.  Enoch, 21 years, Bachelor, Occupation: Grocer of Alrewas, father: Moses Dolman, L??  Keeper. Phoebe, 22 years, Spinster, of Horsley Fields, W'ton. Father: John Coley, Iron-foundry Foreman.  Witnesses: Reuben Dolman (brother), Elizabeth Coley (sister).

PHOEBE COLEY (1836-1911+)


The mother of Enoch Dolman (2).
Marriage cert held.

Born: 5/1836 - 4/1837 in Dudley.
Baptised: St Peters Wolverhampton, 27/2/1837: while she put down Dudley as her place of birth in the census’s, the St Peter’s baptism fits best. Her parents were married in Wolverhampton, and lived there for most of their lives.
Parents: John & Mary Ann (Hill) Coley

No Will to 1920. Still alive 1911 (ref Census 1911).
Probably: died Burton 1917 Q3 6b 380 age 81.

1841 Census, Union Mill Rd, Wolverhampton, with parents.
1851 Census Horsley Fields, W'ton. ("at home" 14, Dudley)
1859: at marriage, @ Horsley Fields.
1861 Census Horsley Fields: with children (24, Dudley). 
MarriedBMD: Enoch Dolman 27/1/1859, Mount Zion Chapel,

Issue of Enoch & Phoebe Dolman (with unchecked Birth & marriage index refs, 8/2000):
1/1Cen. John Dolman, born 1860, Burton.

Bth Cert 6B 296 12/1860, Burton. Probably died before 1864.

1/2BMD. Enoch Dolman, born 8/10/1861, Burton.
1/3Cen. John Coley Dolman, born 1864, Burton. A meat Salesman.

Marriage Index: John Coley Dolman Burton 6b 510, Mch/1900
1881 Census: with parents
1891 Census, 44 Steade Rd, Ecclesall Bierlow, Sheffield:
John Coley Dolman (27, Meat Salesman, Burton), Julia (27, Burton), John Hy (4, Sheffield), Francis Herbert (3, Sheffield), William Hawley (viz, 60, Leicester) Elizabeth Hawley (vis, 39, Nottingham)
1901 not found on index.
Will: Annie Elizabeth Lee Dolman of Glenhyrst, Saltergate Chesterfield (wife of John Coley Dolman) died 2/9/1901 to the said John Coley Dolman £473. Also mentioned Willoughby Thompson, retd earthenware manufacturer.

St C Index: age 28, Chesterfield 7b 444.
Will: John Coley Dolman of Saltergate, meat salesman, Chesterfield died 26/12/1901. Left property and effects to his 3 children by will dated 24/12/1901. Executrix, Phoebe Dolman, mother. Prob London, 17/2/1902 to Phoebe Dolman (wife of Enoch of 387 Rosliston Rd, Stapenhill) £817-1-2d.
St C Index: age 38, Chesterfield 7b 423.

1/4Cen. Mary A Dolman, born 1866, Burton.
   Marriage Index: Mary Ann Dolman, Kidderminster 6c 367, 6/1900.
1/5Cen. Rose Dolman, born 1868 Stapenhill,
   Marriage Index: Rose Dolman, Lincoln, 7a 1228, looks unlikely!
1/6Cen. Louisa Dolman, born 1869 Stapenhill.
   Marriage Index: Louisa Dolman, Burton on Trent, 6b 543, June 1902.
1/7Cen. Henry Dolman, born 1872 Stapenhill.

1901 Census, Stapenhill:
Henry Dolman (29, Meat Salesman, Stapenhill), Mary E (25, Burton), Henry (5, Stapenhill), George (3, Derby).
Info from John Nickels email 7/2004.
Ellis Island: April 26, 1906, SS Teutonic, Liverpool-NY
Dolman, Henry aged 34 years 3m Meat Salesman, Chesterfield.
  Going to live with brother Walter, 114 Selden Av Detroit.
M. Mary Ellen Kenworthy, but left her and was not heard from again.
2/1. Henry Dolman (1896, Stapenhill d 1976 Swadlingcote)

M. Mary Ann Walton (b 1893 Church Gresley)
3/1. Dorothy Mary Dolman (17/2/1923-15/4/2000)

M. William Frederick Nickels
4/1. John Nickels (1956, Ashby de la Zouch)

informant of this line: res Bretby, Burton on Trent 7/04!
M Sally Batchelor (1952,Rochester - 1991, Derby)
5/1. Andrew Nickels, 1986, Derby
5/2. Richard Nickels, 1988 Derby.
5/3. Sarah Nickels, 1990, Derby.

4/2. Sally Ann Nickels (1960, Ashby de la Zouche)

3/2. Audrey Doreen Dolman (alive 7/04)

2/2. Phoebe Dolman (1895-1895)
2/3. George Leonard Dolman (1898-1903)
2/4. Lilian Dolman (1901-abt 1998)

1/8Cen. William E. Dolman, b 1875 (C01),

His wife Lucy was the informant on Enoch’s DC.
1901 Census, Main St Alrewas:
William E Dolman (Hd, 26, ??, Alrewas), Lucy E (26, Utoxeter) Lucy Helen, (4mths, Alrewas).
2/1. Lucy Dolman, b abt 1900 Alrewas.

1/8Cen. Walter Dolman, born 1876 Stapenhill,

Marriage Index: Walter Charles, Eccleshall B, 9c 673, June 1900
1901: @ Stapenhill - no Ellis Island trace.
By 1906 resident 114 Selden Av Detroit.
1910 Census, possibility, 38-Wd, Philadelphia, Walter S Dolman born 1875, Philadelphia.
Not found on US death index.

1/9Cen. Nellie Dolman, born 1878 Stapenhill.
   Marriage Index: Nellie Dolman, Burton, 6b 638, Sept 1901.
1/10Cen. Frederick Dolman, born 1882 Stapenhill.

1828, Pigots shows Frederick Dolman Chape Maker of Oxford St, Newtown, Bilston

6.2   THOMAS TATE (2)




1/3. Alice Ada Tate 29/11/1863. (Bible, C71 & 81)

This line is continued on Tates of Sussex




7.1  MOSES DOLMAN - 1792

KO07/09  (251B-T6)


Father of Enoch Dolman (1)

IGI & PR shows:
ChPR: Alrewas 1/7/1792, at cost of 3 pence  (Census: 1792-3).
Parents: Joseph & Mary (Monks) (AF: Mokes 251B-HG)
Died: MI: 2/2/1875 (bur 6/4) Alrewas age 83 with Hannah. No will.

He and many of his contemporary family were basket makers, Moses from at least as early as 1825 until 1861, although he may have been a lock keeper for a short period about 1859. This was a time when canals were being built round this area.
The family had been in Alrewas for about 100 years. They continued in the basket trade: a John Dolman, basket maker of Alrewas was the heir to his wife's will in 1911.
Alrewas is a small village about 5-6 miles northeast of Lichfield in Staffordshire, just west of the Burton on Trent road. It contains many houses dating from the early part of the 19thC. Fradley, also connected with this family, is a mile or two west of Alrewas.

Alrewas churchyard contains many well preserved stones, made from a fine hard wearing stone, similar to slate. They are now set out around the wall. They reveal many family connections.
1835 Pigot’s: basket maker, Moses jnr – must be to his father, Joseph’s younger half brother.

1841 Census Alrewas: (N1/48)
Moses Dolman, (45 Basket maker), Hannah (45), Edward (18, Basket maker), Sarah (12), Elizabeth (10), Ruben (6), Enoch (4).  All born in Staffs.

From 1825-37 he was a Basket maker, according to PR christenings.  In 1841, several other Dolmans were found who were Basket makers.

1851 Census, Chapel St, Alrewas:
Moses (58, Basket maker, Alrewas), Hannah (56, Yoxall), Reuben (16, Basket maker, Alrewas), Moses (9, Alrewas).

1859: son's marriage, a L??(unreadable - Lee/Lock??) Keeper.

1861 Census, Puddle Dock, Alrewas:
Moses (67, Basket Maker, Alrewas), Hannah (66, Alrewas) Ann Sanders (dau, Wid, 35, Draper & Grocer, Alrewas), Moses (19, Basket Maker).
1871 Census, 7, The Dock, Alrewas:
Moses (78, Basket Maker, Alrewas), Hannah (76, Alrewas), Moses (30, Lab).

MarriedPR: Hannah Wait  @ Alrewas 7/7/1817
(ref PR: he a bachelor of Alrewas, she a spinster of St Nicholas, Lichfield).  Witnesses: Martin Wait & Charles Salt.


KO07/10  (BM6B-CJ)

Ch: 5/7/1795FMPi @ Yoxall.
Parents: John & Sarah Wait.
Married: Moses Dolman @ Alrewas 7/7/1817
(ref PR: he a bachelor of Alrewas, she a spinster of St Nicholas, Lichfield).  Witnesses: Martin Wait & Charles Salt.
DiedMI: Alrewas 9/6/1876 aged 82 (Tombstone). DC age 81.

Issue (ch IGI Alrewas):
1/1. Joseph Dolman 10/9/1817,
1/2. Mary Dolman 24/10/1818,

Married Thomas Hammersley b abt 1815.
ref 25/11/06 Chris Hammersley[ii]

1/3. Ann Dolman 14/7/1821,

Possibly a servant in Woodhouses, Yoxall in 1851 and a widow of Mr Sanders by 1861.

1/4. Edward Dolman 26/6/1823, (IGI/Cen.) bur 22/12/1903 age 80.

MI: Edward d. 22/12/1903 age 80, Selina 29/5/1895 age 73, bur Alrewas.
1850 PO Upper Brook st, Basket & Sieve maker.
1851 Census, Upper Brook St, Rugeley:
Edward Dolman (hd, 27, basket maker employing 11 men and 1 boy, Alrewas), Selena (29, Beeston on Trent), Joseph (3, Rugeley), Hannah (2, Rugeley), Enoch Dolman (Relative, 13, Basket maker, Alrewas).
1861 Rugeley, Horse Fair:
Edward Dolman (37, Basket Maker, Alrewas), Selina (39, Burton), Ann (9, Rugeley), Elizabeth (7, Rugeley), Edward (5, Rugeley), Emily (4, Rugeley), John (8mths, Rugeley).
1871 Census, 8 The Dock, Alrewas:
Edward (47, Basket Maker) Selina (49, Burton), Edward (15), Emma (14), John (10, scholar), Francis (8), dau (4).
1881 Census, Dock, Alrewas:
Edward (57, BM, Alrewas), Selina (59, Rugeley), John (20, BM, Rugeley), Francis (18, Ag Lab, Alrewas), Hannah (14, Alrewas)
1891 Census, The Dock, Alrewas:
Edward (67, MB, Alrewas), Selina (wf, 69, Burton on T), Francis (28, son, Farmer, Rugeley), Rebecca L (dau in law, 21, Cannock), Ada (Gdau, 1, Alrewas).
1901 Census, Butt Croft, Main St, Alrewas:
Edward Dolman (wid, 77, Basket maker & farmer, employer, Alrewas), Moses (bro, widr, 60, Old Ag Lab, worker, Alrewas)

Married: Selina Shilton, 17 December 1846, Alrewas (Banns read in Rugeley), he of Rugeley, a basket maker, son of Moses, basket maker, Selina of Alrewas, dau of George Shilton, Gardener, by banns, witness George Shilton, jne and Ann Dolman.
(bur 29/5/1895 age 73).
Both bur Alrewas.
2/1. Hannah Dolman 24/9/1848,
2/2. Ann Dolman 10/8/1851,
2/3. Elizabeth Dolman 7/8/1853,
2/4. Edward Dolman 3/6/1855, Rugeley
2/5. Emma Dolman 4/1/1857.
2/6. John Dolman, b 1860. (ref Rachel Wyatt, 12/02),

1891 Census, Fox Lane, Alrewas:
Joseph Adams (hd, wid, 70, Farmer, Tatenhill), John Dolman (nephew, 30, BM, Rugeley), Harriett Dolman (niece, 36, Tatenhill), Edward Dolman (G Neph, 1, Alrewas).
1901 Census, Fradley Lane, Alrewas:
John Dolman (40, BM & Farmer, Rugeley), Harriet Eliz (39, Tatenhill).
married Fanny.
3/1. Frances Elizabeth Dolman, born Burton, 1915, lived in

Alrewas, died abt 2002. Granddaughter, Rachel Wyatt[iii].
M. Kenneth Howkins
4/1. Christine Howkins - 2/2004 lives local Staffs,

M. Mr Hodson.
5/1. Rachel Hodson, M. Mr Wyatt

4/2. Steve Howkins, b Lichfield, 11/2/49

moved to Australia abt 1979, res Melbourne (8/2005[iv])

3/2. Selina Dolman, born 1913,

emigrated to Australia as a "£10 Pom".

2/7. Francis Dolman, b 1863 (ref RW), married Rebecca.

3/1. Edward Dolman, b 1910, Alrewas? wife, Nellie alive in Alrewas 2002.

2/8. Hannah Dolman, abt 1867, Alrewas.

1/5. Moses Dolman 24/8/25PR PR: died 31/7/1827,
1/6. Moses Dolman 16/4/31PR,
1/7. Hannah Dolman 13/5/1827,

Married Mr Sanders, widowed by 1861.

1/8. Sarah Dolman 15/2/1829,
1/9. Elizabeth Dolman 22/11/1830-1896,

These descendants were sent to me sometime ago, but neither give any marriage date, and neither can I find one on the databases. (10/2019).

Ref Laurie Vaughan[13], 2014:
John Bramall, husband of Elizabeth Dolman, was born in 1829, the son of another John Bramall, b 1797, died 1871, who was the son of another John Bramall b 1740 died 1807, another son was Thomas Bramall, b 1784

who married twice, the second wife Elizabeth Cooper, had 8 children, one of which was Edward Charles, b 1834, from whom Edwin is descended. So there are a lot of generations before we share a grandfather.

Ref Valerie Cook, Dec 2005: M. John Bramall 1828-1905, of Alrewas
2/1. John Bramall, abt 1850-1900, M. Emma Bengree from Wolverhampton

both died aged about 48-50.
3/1. Ethel Bramall,

M. John Ward from Grantham, a brewer at Ansells brewery.
4/1. Mr Ward

5/1. Valerie Ward, m Mr Cook.

3/2. Harry Bramall, 1889, M. Julia Barlow, 1889-1949

4/1. Julia Bramall, 1910-70, M. Thomas Roche, 1910-63

5/1. Julia Roche, 1949, M Wilfrid Britton, b.1941

6/1. Steven Britton, b. Lichfield 1969,

M. 1998, Ingrid Bowen
Ingrid supplied this line through Genesreunited.

Dear Mr Maitland,  I have been reading with interest you site especially all the family history on the Dolman family. My great-great grandmother was Elizabeth Dolman who was the daughter of Moses Dolman and Hannah Wait. She married a John Bramall also from Alrewas and their son also John married Emma Bengree from Wolverhampton and the family finally ended up living in Aston in the centre of Birmingham. Although I have now moved with my husband, son, his wife and two grandsons to the South of France, we live in a small hamlet just south of Carcassonne and Limoux close to the foothills of the Pyrenees. I have a photograph of Elizabeth Dolman and her husband taken around 1880 I think. Any further information you may have that you would be willing to share with me I should be very grateful.
Yours, Valerie Cook

Thank you so much for responding to my email. I hope you had a good Christmas. John and Emma moved from Wolverhampton to Aston, Birmingham and had several children one being Ethel my grandmother (both Emma and John died very young, Emma at 48 and John two years after) who married John Ward from Grantham who was a brewer at Ansells Brewery. Strangely enough my Mother who is now in her eighties recently moved to within 5 miles of Alrewas without knowing of the connection.

2/2. Mary Eleanor Bramall,

married George Smailes (ship's chandler) in Burton on 1889 and went on to live in Cardiff.

2/2. Mabel (May) Bramall, B 24/5/1876, died 21/7/1974.

Married Thomas Edward Parry, about 1896 probably in Cardiff. TEP was born in Carmarthen and was a master ironmonger in Penarth.
3/1. Edith Elsie Parry,[v]

The Bramalls[14]:
  Ernest Edward Peel Bramall was born on 5 January 1865 at 12 Oxford Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, England. He married Constance Eva Haselden, daughter of Joseph Haselden and Emma Maria Saunders, on 4 June 1888 at Alexandria, Egypt.
Child of Ernest Edward Peel Bramall and Constance Eva Haselden
Major Edmund Haseldon Bramall b. 25 Aug 1889, d. 1964

   Major Edmund Haseldon Bramall was born on 25 August 1889 at Benisouef, Egypt. He was the son of Ernest Edward Peel Bramall and Constance Eva Haselden. He married Katherine Bridget Westby on 24 February 1915 at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. He died in 1964.
     He gained the rank of Major in the service of the Royal Artillery. He lived at 2 Symons Street, Sloane Square, London, England.
Children of Major Edmund Haseldon Bramall and Katherine Bridget Westby
Sir Ashley Bramall b. 6 Jan 1916, d. 10 Feb 1999
Field Marshal Edwin Noel Westby Bramall, Baron Bramall b. 18 Dec 1923

    Field Marshal Edwin Noel Westby Bramall, Baron Bramall was born on 18 December 1923. He is the son of Major Edmund Haseldon Bramall and Katherine Bridget Westby. He married Dorothy Avril Wentworth Vernon (of the Hilton Park Family), daughter of Brig.-Gen. Henry Albemarle Vernon, in 1949.
Hon. Sara G. M. Bramall b. 1951
Hon. Nicolas Bramall b. 1952

1/10. Reuben Dolman

He seemed to have been baptised twice, once as a methodist, and a second time into the established church, there is no doubt that these are both the same, and the earlier one with the birth date fits with the census ages:
1st b. 9/10/1834, Alrewas, ch 20/10/1834AC, Burton extra, non conformist, primitive Methodist of Moses Dolman & Hannah formerly Wait.
2nd ch Alrewas, 30/4/1837, of Moses and Hannah, basket maker.
Married probably Elizabeth Johnson (born 1835, Repton)
(re C91 stepmother) Index Burton 1862Q4.
Elizabeth was born 16/1/1834, and baptised 9/1/1834 Repton of Samuel & Hannah (next line above Joseph, son of Samuel Doleman) – Repton & Barrow non conformists.
1861 Census, 4, Mansfield Rd, Sr Alkmund, Derby:
William Limberly (hd), Reuben Dolman (lodger, 26, Timber Salesman, Alrewas).
1871 Census, Spring Terrace, Stapenhill:
Reuben Dolman (36, Stockkeeper in Brewery, Alrewas), Elizabeth (36, Repton), Frances, 9, scholar, Derbyshire), Anne (5, scholar, Burton), Arthur (8 mths, Derbyshire)
1881 Census, 55 Station Rd, Burton on Trent:
Reuben (Hd 45 Brewery Clerk, Arewas), Elizabeth (46, Repton), Frances (17, Derbyshire), Anne (15, Burton), Arthur (11, scholar, Burton), John (5, scholar, Burton)
1891 Census, 55 Station St, Burton:
Reuben (Hd 56, Brewer's Clerk, Alrewas), Elizabeth (57, Repton), Arthur B (20, Meat Salesman, Findon Derby.), John (15, Railway Clerk, Burton), Fanny Johnson (Stepmother, Wid, 89, Derby).
1901 Census, 55 Station Rd, Burton:
Reuben (66, Brewer's Clerk, Worker, Alrewas), Elizabeth (67, Repton), John (26, Brewers Clerk, Worker, Burton).
Will: Reuben Dolman of Mt Carmel St, Derby, died 19/11/1910 to Arthur Beaumont Dolman and James Arthur Lorrimer, clothiers. £3257-5-6d
A Possibility???
St C Index for above: age 70 Derby 7b 332.
2/1. Frances Dolman, abt 1862,
2/2. Anne Dolman abt 1866,
2/3. Arthur B. Dolman abt 8/1870.
2/4. John Dolman b. abt 1876, Burton.

1/11. Enoch Dolman 30/4/1837.
1/12. Moses Dolman 11/7/1841,

1861 with parents.
1871 with parents.
1881 Census, Main St, Alrewas:
Moses Dolman (38, Basket maker), Amelia (24, Alrewas), Amelia Morecroft (m-in-law, 65, Atherstone, Derby).
PR shows Reuben & Enoch ch same day, sons of Moses & Hannah.
Basket Makers.
1881: Moses Dolman of Alrewas, Basket Maker, judged to owe Barnett Beirnstein £8[15].
1883: Moses Dolman, egg & butter dealer, Walsall - liquidation[16].
of Wheat Sheaf Inn, 98 Birmingham Rd, Walsall, victualler, brewer, and egg and butter dealer, Mar 20. At Marlow, Potter & Marten’s, sol Walsall – liquidation by arrangement or composition[17].

Also with families:
William & Mary: Daniel (16/10/1825 - 30/12/1889MI)
1881 Census Alrewas: Daniel (55, farmer 44 acres), Mary A (wf, 49) William & Sarah: Henry (28/6/1823 - 26/10/1902MI), Joseph (7/3/1826 -24/3/26PR).
William & Hannah: Elizabeth (29/9/1833 - 30/2/1836PR)

Another unidentified Dolman family:
1841 Census, Alrewas:
William D (30, BM, y), Mary (30, BM, y), William (5, y)
1851 Census, Long St, Alrewas:
William D (wid, 40, BM, Alrewas), Eliza Mathews (lodger, wid, 40 Hartstone, Derby), William D (19, BM, Alrewas), William Riley (lodger's son, 11, Alrewas), Fanny Riley (lodger's dau, 10, Alrewas), Jane Mathews (lodger's dau, 7, Alrewas), Harriett Mathews (lodger's dau, 1).
1861 Census, The Principle St, Alrewas (all b Alrewas):
William D (Hd, unm, 28, BM, Alrewas), Mary Smith (housekeeper, unm, 31), Elijah ditto (son, 7, scholar), Sarah Ann ditto (5, Scholar), Andrew Smith (son 5), Emily Smith (dau, 1).
1871 Census, Alrewas, 9 Lichfield St (all b Alrewas):
William D (49 [should be 39], Ag Lab), Mary (39), Andrew (16, Ag Lab), Martha (8, Scholar), Edmund (6, scholar), Abel (5, scholar), Elisha (5mths).
1881 Census, Alrewas, Fox Lane(all b Alrewas):
William D (45, BM), Mary (49), Edmund (16, Ag Lab), Abel (12, Butcher's Boy), Elisha (11, Scholar) William (8, scholar).
1901 Census, Main St, Alrewas:
Edmund Dolman (Hd, 36, Genr & farm Labourer, worker, Alrewas), Mary (wf, 38, Laundress, at home, Derbys), Herbert (son, 17 Ordr Ag Lab, worker, Alrewas), Harry (s, 13, Alrewas), Percy E. (6, Willington, Derbys)

7.2  JOHN COLEY (1803-1884)


Born abt 1803, Rowley Regis (or Cradley).
Bapt: Cradley St Peter, Worcs, 29 May 1803,
Parents: Samuel & Phebe
There is John Coley in the transcriptions baptised the same day of Humphrey and Mary – it is not obvious of this is a transcription error or there realy were 2 John Coleys the same day.

No will, 1881-90.
DCBMD: Died 27/3/1884, Stroud Rd, Blakenhall, 81 yrs, Iron Foundry Cashier, Senile Decay, Phoebe Lloyd, niece?, Monmore Green, Wolverhampton.
    The baptism of Samuel & Phebe fits the best fit to his reported age and birth place in the census. From the slim evidence of daughter Phebe's name, the best bet for his parents would be Samuel & Phebe Coley.
        Cradley parish was formed in 1799 from Halesowen and ecclesiastically refounded in 1841. It became a separate Civil Parish in 1866 in Worcestershire [Halfshire Hundred] and Shropshire [Brimstree Hundred] until 1844 and entirely Worcestershire thereafter. Transferred in 1974 to West Midlands.
Alternatives for John would be 26/6/1803, Bilston ex. Thomas & Hannah,
     (c) IGI/PR: 29/5/1803 Cradley ex Humphrey & Mary

    He evidently started work at the Union Mill in Wolverhampton, rising to become an Iron Foundry Manager by 1861; Wolverhampton was then a developing part of the Black Country, England's industrial heart.

Union Mill, Wolverhampton:

....Benjamin Mander’s interests were certainly diverse, perhaps too much so for his own profit as a businessman (we shall see that he died leaving a meagre estate). His promotion in 1812 of the Wolverhampton Flour and Bread Company, which built and operated the Union Mill, together with the Union Poor House (a fine building to a radial plan which stood on the Cleveland Road) as a philanthropic adjunct, again led to notoriety.

The company was modelled on the more famous Birmingham Union Mill, largely as a charitable venture to provide cheap bread to the poor in the period of economic difficulty and social agitation which followed the Napoleonic wars. In 1812 the labourers were suffering from a depression in agricultural prices and trade in a brutal climate of protection which favoured the landowners, and there was deep unrest, leading to rioting in the streets. Against a background of growing population and 35 years of war, piracy, and blockade, the price of bread had inexorably risen. There were years of dearth, as when in 1795 Pitt had taxed the use of flour in hair-powder, and then saw fit to forbid its use altogether. Since Benjamin had become a master baker, bread had gone from being the staple diet of the poor to being in some cases a luxury item. The Union Mill was founded on a sense of mission and high principle, intended to keep the price of good quality bread cheap.

The Union Mill project was launched when the promoters offered mass subscriptions to the public one market day in August 1812. The idea caught on immediately, and the public welcomed it by subscribing.

1841 Census, Union Mill Rd, Wolverhampton:
John Coley (35, Office Clerk, Y), Mary Ann (35, N), Elizabeth (7, N), Phebe (5, N).
1842: (Maria's b/c): book-keeper at Union Mill Rd, Wolverhampton.
1851 Census: Horsley Fields:
John Coley (47, Iron Foundry Clerk, Rowley Regis), Mary Ann (46, Straw Bonnet Maker, Dudley), Elizabeth (18, Straw Bonnet maker, Dudley), Phoebe (14, "at home", Dudley), and Maria (9, scholar W'ton)

1851 Wolverhampton Directory:
James Coley, Manager, Crane Foundry, St John's Sq (this company bought by The Parkes family, Antony Maitland's grandparents, in the 1930's). Was this any relative?

Also in Horsley Fields:
Henry Coley (b abt 1816 in Wolverhampton), a victualler, Lucy (b abt 1826 in Willenhall), his wife and 2 young children,

1859: Phoebe's marriage, an Ironfoundry Foreman (@ Horsley Fields?).
1861 Census, 96, Horsley Fields, Wolverhampton:
John (57, Iron Foundry Manager, Cradley Heath), Mary Ann (56, Dudley), Elizabeth (28, Straw Bonnet Maker, Dudley), Maria (19, Straw Bonnet Maker, W'ton), Also staying were Enoch Dolman and daughter Phoebe & Grandson John.
1871 Census: 12, William St?, Wolverhampton.
John (67, Clerk in Iron Foundry, Rowley), Mary Ann (66, Dudley).
1881 Census: 17, Cross St, Wolverhampton.  (All Davies born W'ton) John Davies (38, Pattern Maker), Maria (39), Alice M. (14), Frank E. (Scholar, 9), John Coley (f-in-law, 77, former Clerk, Rowley), Mary A. Coley (M-in-L, 76, Dudley).

MarriedPR: Mary Ann Hill 19/6/1830 @ St Peter Or Collegiate, Wolverhampton, both OTP, bachelor/spinster, Witnesses: John & Mary BiddulphFMP.



The mother of Phoebe Coley.
(Hill confirmed by Maria's b/c)

Census & IGI show:
Born: abt 5/1804-4/1805 in Dudley. (Cen51, 61, 81).

The best fit is born 16/7/1804, baptised 10/12/1812, of Thomas & Mary Hill, Dudley. At the same time, baptised George, born 20/5/1808.
Dudley non conformist, Wesleyan.
Prob died 1883 Q2 Wolverhampton 6b 334 aged 78

Also William 8/3/1807.
Thomas Hill married Mary Hughes, 13/11/1800, St Thomas, Dudley, of PedmoreACt.

(a) poss (IGI) Brierley Hill 10/3/1805 ex Jasper & Hester.
(b) poss (IGI) Bethesda Chapel, Albion St - New Connection Methodists, ??????,  6/8/1805, ex Jos & Mary.
(c) poss (IGI) St T, Dudley, 30/9/1805, ex John & Jane.

d) Bapt 10/12/1812, born 1804 of Thomas & Mary Hill, Dudley.
e) Bapt29/3/1807, of Charles and Sarah, Dudley

As with her husband, John Coley, there is little evidence of her parents and birthplace, although her age and place of birth are consistent through the census's; above is right for the place, but the christening date is a few months late.
Her daughter was married in a Methodist Chapel: Mary Ann Hill could have been christened at the Bethesda Chapel shown above.
Another possible line is given at the end of this section.

1851 Census, @ Horsley Fields, Wolverhampton:
1861 Census: Horsley Fields with family.
1881 Census: @ 17, Cross St, Wolverhampton.

Married: John Coley, 19/6/1830 @ St Peter Or Collegiate, Wolverhampton (IGI).

Issue of John Coley & Mary Ann Hill:
1/1. Elizabeth Coley, ch St Peters Wolverhampton, 27/2/1837, John a Clerk,

She was reported as 18 in 1851 and 28 in 1861, so probably a late christening.

1/2. Phoebe Coley, ch St Peters Wolverhampton, 27/2/1837, John a Clerk,
1/3. Maria Coley: Born: 8/2/1842 @ Union Mill Rd, Wolverhampton

(Wolverhampton XVII 374 March 1842) father John Coley, bookkeeper, mother Mary Ann formerly Hill reg. 4/3/1842.
1871 Census, 13 William St, Wolverhampton. (next door to Maria's parents. John Davis (29, unreadable), Maria (28), Alice M. (4)
1881 Census: 17, Cross St, Wolverhampton.  (All Davies born W'ton)
John Davies (38, Pattern Maker), Maria (39), Alice M. (14), Frank E. (Scholar, 9), + parents
1891 Census, 33 St Mark’s Rd, Wolverhampton:
John Davies (48, Engine Turner, W'ton), Maria (49), Alice M. (24) Frank S (19, Pattern Maker Engineering).
1901 Census, Welbourne St, Wolverhampton:
Frank E Davies (29, Engineer Pattern Maker, W'ton), Mary (32), Maria (mother, 59), Anne (dau 1, W'ton), Alice M (sister, 33, dressmaker).
Married: John Davies (b abt 1843, W'ton)
Issue (b W'ton):
2/1. Alice M. Davies (1867),
2/2. Frank E Davies (1872).

Married Mary b abt 1869
3/1. Anne Davies abt 1900.

1/4. Alfred Coley St Thomas Dudley, 10/4/1831, abode Dudley.

Other possibilities:
Mary Anne Hill C: 10 Mar 1805 Parents: Jasper & Hester Hill; Brierley Hill, Stafford, England
Jesper Hill C: 12 Oct 1806 Parents: Jesper Hill  & Esther Jasper Hill
M: 30 May 1804 Spouse: Esther Baker, Halesowen,
Jasper Hill B: Abt 1779 Spouse: Esther Baker of Halesowen,
Esther Baker C: 5 Mar 1762 Father: John Baker Mother: Joan Stafford, Saint Bartholomew, Wednesbury,
Esther Baker C: 4 Dec 1767 Father: Thomas Baker Mother: Mary Bushbury,
Esther Baker B: 13 Jun 1767 Parents: James & Elizabeth Baker St. Martin, Birmingham, Warwick.
Esther Baker C: 13 Jun 1767 Parents: James & Elisabeth Baker Saint Martin, Birmingham, Warwick,
Hester Baker C: 19 Sep 1775 Parents: Robt & Sarah Baker, Kington, Worcester,
Esther Baker C: 18 Aug 1776 Parents: Joseph & Eliz Baker Seighford,
Ester Baker B: Abt 1778 Spouse: Charles Burdett of St. Martins, Birmingham, Warwick,
Esther Baker B: 13 Sep 1781 Parents: Joseph & Ann Baker Kidderminster,
Mother: Ann
Esther Baker C: 16 Jun 1782 Mother: Hannah Baker Kingswinford,
Esther Baker C: 7 Oct 1783 Parents: Samuel & Ann Baker Saint Clement, Worcester,
Ester Baker C: 7 Aug 1785 Parnets: Joseph & Susannah Baker Rowley Regis, Stafford, England.




8.1  JOSEPH DOLMAN (1758-1819)

KO08/17 (251B-G9)

ChPR: 10/11/1758, Alrewas (his mother buried same day).
Bur.: 9 Nov 1819 Alrewas, age 60FMP. (Riley has 31/12/1837)
No will listed either date.
Parents: Moses & Elizabeth (Trittlebank) Dolman.
   (the only possibility at Alrewas)

Married (1) Jane Hinckley (R9M7-GQ) 6 Jul 1778 Lichfield, who was bur Jane Dolman, wife of Joseph, bur 7/5/1779, AlrewasFMP. d in childbirth.
Banns read in Lichfield & Alrewas, he of Alrewas, she of LichfieldFMP.

South Staffs Directory 1818 has Joseph Dolman, farmer & basket maker, Fradley.

See below for line from Mary Dolman dau of Jane Hinkley, baptised 7/5/1779, Alrewas.

Married(2)PR Mary Mokes:  2 Apr 1780 Fradley, Alrewas, Staff, both OTP, by bannsFMP. Daniel Dolman witness.


KO08/18  (NX8Z-1L)

(Also AF has: MARY MOKES (251B-HG))

The generally accepted line is shown here: another possible line from Mary Monks is given later in this paper.

Ref Riley & others:

Chr: 30/7/1758, AlrewasFMP.
Parents: Robert & Ann (Hardin(g)) Mokes.
Bur: 9/11/1819.
PR shows a Mary Dolman aged 76 bur 5/12/1837, Alrewas.

Issue of Joseph & Mary (Mokes) Dolman (IGI ch Alrewas):
1/1. Joseph Dolman (251B-PH) 25/3/1781, (IGI/Census)

1818 S. Staffs directory: Joseph Dolman, Fradley farmer & Basket maker.
1841 Census, Fradley: Joseph (50 Farmer), Martha (50), Henry (20).
1851 Census, Fradley: Joseph (70, Farmer of 40 acres), Martha (65), Thomas (S, 25, Farmer), Ann (D, 22), Henry (3, visiting, labourer's child, Withington).
1861 Census: 129/130, Horninglow St, Burton:
Thomas F Gadoby (28, Bricklayer, Kegworth, Leics), Ann (33, Hadley/Fradley?), Ann (1.5, Hadley), Emily (4 mths, Burton), Joseph Dolman (F in Law, 80, Farmer, Alrewas).
Married: Martha Wiggin (AF) (BM6B-81) 24 Jan 1809
Issue, All Saints Alrewas:
2/0. John Dolman, ch 21/12/1809, Alrewas. (IGI)
2/1. William Dolman, (5/12/1815 IGI PR Film),
2/2. Joseph Dolman, (6/10/1818 IGI PR Film),

1850 PO Grocer of Stafford St.
1861 Census, 2 Green Lane, Walsall:
Joseph (43, Hay & Corn Dealer, Fradley), Ann (44, Walsall), Elizabeth (20, Walsall), William (18, Farmer, Lichfield), Henry (14, scholar, Walsall), Joseph (10, scholar, Walsall), Alice (5, Scholar, Walsall), Ann (3, Walsall).
Married Ann Forgham 23/10/1839FMPi, he bachelor, are 22, Balier, of Fradley, son of Joseph, a farmer, she spinster of Walsall, age 23 dau of James Forgham
3/1. Elizabeth Dolman abt 1841.
3/2. William Dolman abt 1843.
3/3. Henry Dolman abt 1847.
3/4. Joseph Dolman abt 1851.
3/5. Alice Dolman abt 1856
3/6. Ann Dolman abt 1858.

2/3. Henry Dolman, ch. 26/1/1820 (IGI PR film),

1861 Census, 3 Green Lane, Walsall:
Henry (41, Wid, Corn Dealer, Alrewas), Henry (13, Whittington), Mary Ann (10, Scholar, Whittington), Robert George (8, scholar, Whittington).
1871 Census, 22 Dudley St, Walsall:
Henry (48, Railway Servant, Fradley), Louisa (wf, 38 Lichfield), George (18 Railway Porter, Whittington), Jane (8, dau, Scholar, Cliff Warwickshire)
Henry Dolman Marriage Index XVIII 137 Lichfield 1846 Q4 (only one in range 1845-49).
Issue by first wife:
3/1. Henry Dolman, abt 1848.
3/2. Mary Ann Dolman, abt 1851.
3/3. Robert George Dolman (or George Robert), abt 1853.

Info from John Bibby, 10/08[vi]
Married Elizabeth Scale Jones, Liverpool, 23/5/1882
4/1. Elizabeth Jane Dolman, 29/3/1889, Toxteth,

Married William Bibby, 1/6/1909
5/1. William Eric Bibby, 9/11/1910-1/5/1973

Issue by 2nd wife, Louisa
3/4. Jane Dolman, b abt 1863, Whittington.

2/4. Frederick Dolman, (17/12/1821 IGI PR Film),

PR: Frederick bur 31/12/1830 age 9.

2/5. Thomas Dolman, (4/10/1824 IGI PR Film),

Married, Alrewas 22/2/1847FMPi, Bachelor of Alrewas,  basketmaker,  Mary Anne Thompson of Alrewas.
1851 Census: Lichfield St, Alrewas:
Thomas (26, Basket maker, Alrewas), Mary (24, Alrewas), Frederick (3, Alrewas), Hannah (1, Alrewas).
1861 Census: Fox Lane, Alrewas, all b Alrewas:
Thomas (36, Basket maker), Mary (35), Alfred (14) Hannah (11), George (9), Arthur (5), William (2), Louisa Thompson (55, M-in-L, Works at Mill)
1891 Census, Crabtree Cottage, Fox Lane, Alrewas:
Thomas Dolman (Hd, 67, BM, Alrewas), Frank (son, 15, Farm Servant, Alrewas), Thomas Myatt (27 s in L, Mill wagonner, Blithebury), Hannah (dau, 37, Alrewas)
3/1. Alfred Dolman Married to Alice Ann Yeomans.

Children of Alfred Dolman and Alice Ann Hallam/Yeomans
4/1. Herbert Dolman b. Dec 1880, Alrewas.
4/2. Mary A. Dolman b. 1883, Alrewas.
4/3. Ethel Dolman b. 1885, Alrewas.
4/4. Alice Dolman b. 1888, Alrewas.
4/5. Ada Dolman b. 1889, Tamworth
4/6. Alfred Dolman b. 1894, Stapenhill
4/7. Edwin Dolman b. 1899, Stapenhill

2/6. Ann Wiggin Dolman, ch: 17/7/1828 IGI PR Film).

Married Thomas F Gadoby (PR)
3/1. Ann Gadoby, 1860, Hadley
3/2. Emily, 1861, Burton.

1/2. Ann Dolman Ch: 12/4/1783PR,  (251B-QN)
1/3. John Dolman (251B-RT) ch: 8/1/1786PR Alrewas, (PR/IGI/Census)

1841 Census, Alrewas: John (60, Labourer), Mary (55) & Ann (12).
1851 Census, Alrewas: John (66, Ag Lab), Mary (67, Dunstall), + 2 small children.
1861 Census, Alrewas: Mary (80, Pauper).
PR: Buried 20/12/1855, age 70.
PR: Sarah bur 8/12/1835 age 21.
Married: Mary Brown 26/4/1807
AF shows (incorrectly) married: Sarah Pardow (BM6B-96) 8 Feb 1808
Issue (IGI):
2/1. John Dolman, (8/2/1809),

A possibility:
1861 Census, Budy Plat, Alrewas:
John Dolman (56, BM, Alrewas), Sarah (55, Alrewas), Frances Kneveton Bateman (niece, 14, visitor, Alrewas)

1871 Census, 27 Mill End, Alrewas:
John Dolman (Hd, 64, Wid, BM. Alrewas).

1851 Census, George Lane West, Lichfield:
John Dolman (hd, 42, Ag Lab, Fradley), Mary A (wf, 41, Lichfield), Ann (14, Lichfield), Eliza (12, Lichfield), Henry (10, Lichfield), Harriet (8, Lichfield).

1871 Census, Lombard St, Lichfield:
John Dolman (Hd, 63, Gardener’s Labourer, Fradley), Mary A (wf, 59, Lichfield), Roseina (14 scholar, Lichfield), William (13, scholar, Lichfield)

3/1. Ann Dolman, b abt 1837
3/2. Eliza Dolman, b abt 1839
3/3. Henry Dolman, ba abt 1841
3/4. Harriet Dolman, ch Lichfield, St Michael, 11/4/1843

of John & Mary Ann, of Greenhill, labourerFMP.
Young Harriet Dolman in that family married Frederick Lawrence on 10 Aug 1862 at Lichfield, Staffordshire, England and went on to give birth to my paternal grandmother, Gertrude Lawrence (b. 1873), plus EIGHT other daughters and one son (Samuel, b. 1871). Gertrude then married my paternal grandfather, William Walker, had my father (Edward Alfred Walker), plus 1 daughter and up to 8 sons. Gertrude and William emigrated to New Zealand in 1906, giving birth to a son David Corinthic Walker at Tenerife! My father married an Australian, I was born in New Zealand in 1952 and have lived in Australia since 1958 when my father retired here.[vii]

3/5. Roseina Dolman, b abt 1857
3/6. William Dolman, b abt 1858.

2/2. Elizabeth Dolman, (26/5/1811),
2/3. Thomas Dolman, 25/4/1813, Alrewas (IGI, not PR)

1834: Thomas Dolman, butcher Alrewas (Whites)
A possibility.
1891 Census, Fox lane, Alrewas:
Thomas Dolman (Hd, 77, Osier Dealer, Alrewas), Elizabeth (wf, 65, Lichfield).

2/4. Sarah Dolman, (4/5/1814),
2/5. Hannah Dolman, (9/7/1815),
2/6. Phineas Dolman, (30/5/1817),

1839: at Stafford Assizes 11 March 1839, aged 22, acquitted of “simple burglary” (ancestry book image).

1841 Census, Pyrford Brook, Alrewas:
Phineas Dolman (20, BM, Y), Mary (20, BM, Y).
1851 Census (Alrewas Chapel St): Phineas (widower, 30, Basket Maker), Emma (8), Charlotte (5).
1861 Census (Fox Lane):
Phineas (43, B/M), Maria (32, Lichfield), Alfred John (6), Bertha (2).
1871 Census, 12, Lichfield St, Alrewas (all b Alrewas).
Phineas (53, BM), Maria (43), Beatrice (9, scholar), Lillian (3,)
1891 Census: Fox Lane, aged 72, Basket Maker, Maria aged 63, b Lichfield.
He remarried aft 1851: Maria Marston, Q4 1851, Mar Index.

He died 5/4/1904 aged 87 & Maria died 22/12/1904 aged 74 (MI).

Issue by first wife:
3/1. Emma Dolman, chPR: 11/12/1842 of Phineas & Mary.
3/2. Charlotte Dolman, b abt 1846
Issue by 2nd wife:
3/3. Bennett chIGI 26/3/1852 of Phineas & Maria.

Benet bur 2/4/1852.

3/4. Alfred John Dolman, b abt 1855
3/5. Beatrice b 1862 Bertha b 1858: maybe the same.
3/6. Lillian Dolman b abt 1868.

2/7. Margaret Dolman, (8/2/1820 m 1836?),
2/8. Frederick Dolman, (31/8/26, PR d 18/10/1848 age 21),
2/9. Ann Dolman, (28/6/1829).

1/4. Elizabeth Dolman (251B-S1) chPR: 23/3/88,

AF: Married: John Cooper (BM6B-BC) 6 Jul 1807
PR shows: Elizabeth Dolman, spinster of Alrewas, married Francis Wait, bachelor of Yoxall at Alrewas 24/8/1820, witnesses: Moses Dolman & Ann Dolman.

1/5. Sarah Dolman chPR: 23/5/90,  (251B-F4)
1/6. Moses Dolman(1/7/92PR),
1/7. Daniel Dolman (IGI/Census) (251B-VC)

Ch: 7/2/97 of Joseph & Mary.
1841 Census, Fradley: Daniel (45, Farmer), Hannah (40), Mary (15), Moses (13), Daniel (11), Job (9), Helen (5), Abel (2).
1851 Census, Fradley: Daniel (55, Baker), Hannah (54).
1861 Census, Fradley: Daniel (65, Baker & Provisions), Hannah (64 Fradley).
Married: Hannah Upton 28/9/1819, Walsall.
(AF shows M. Hannah BM6B-DP).
Chr 23/12/1796, Alrewas, died 28/1/1867, Fradley.
Her Parents: Job & Elizabeth (Brown) Upton.
Issue (IGI, confirmed and extra info by Jackie Riley 5/2000):
2/1. Joseph Dolman, born 23/7/1820, died 30/1/1900.

M. 16/11/1845 Mary Ann Wilson (died 23/8/1889).
Probate Index: Joseph Dolman of Walsall, Staffordshire, died 30 January 1900 Probate London 13 march 1900 to Abel Upton Dolman commercial traveller and Frank Henry Dolman stirrup manufacturer Effects £890 18s 4d.
1861 Census, 81 Stafford St, Walsall:
Joseph (40, Grocer & Provision Dealer, Fradley), Mary A (42, Bham), Emma (14, Walsall), Louisa (11, Walsall), Joseph E (5, Walsall), George A (3, Walsall), Abel W (brother, 22, Assistant, Fradley).
3/1. Emma Dolman, b 1847
3/2. Louisa Dolman, b 1850
3/3. Joseph E. Dolman, b 1856
3/4. George A. Dolman, b 1858.

2/2. Elizabeth Dolman, born 29/9/1822.
2/3. Mary Ann Dolman, born 18/7/1824.
2/4. Caroline Dolman, born 25/6/1826, died 22/12/1833.
2/5. Moses Dolman, born 27/4/1828, died 23/11/1909.

1861 Census, 18, New Rd, Walsall:
Moses Dolman (33, Grocer, Fradley), Caroline (wf, 36, Walsall), Joseph Butter (father, 72, Gear Buckle Maker, Smalley, Derby).
1871 Census, 14 New St, Walsall:
Moses Dolman (43, Grocer), Caroline (45),
1881 Census, 98 King St, Walsall:
Moses Dolman (53, Inn Keeper, Fradley), Elizabeth (37, B'ham), Arthur H (6, Walsall), Alice M (3, Walsall), Lizzie (1, Walsall).
M, 1st, Caroline Butter, died 1871-1873.
M, 2nd 20/9/1873, Elizabeth Hubbard (died 10/6/1909).
3/1. Arthur Hubbard Dolman, b. 13/7/1874, Walsall,

died 9/3/1962. M. 1904, Elizabeth Nellie Reynolds.

3/2. Alice Maud Dolman, b. 18/3/1878, Walsall, d. 2/1890.
3/3. Lizzie Dolman, b. 27/1/1879, died 12/4/1948.

M. 27/1/1917, Henry G. Hutchings (11/4/1869-13/2/1937).
4/1. Marjorie Elizabeth Hutchings,

b. 24/1918, Bournemouth.
M. 8/11/1941, John Thomas Baker (13/12/1918-26//11/1988).
5/1. Jacqueline Elizabeth Baker,

b. 14/1/1948, Bournemouth.
M. 27/10/1977, California, Robert D. Riley.

HGH M 2nd, Wilhelmina Murdock, dau Kathleen, whose g/dau was Joanne Dawe[viii]. 4/2004.

3/4. Louise Whitmore Dolman, b. 28/8/1881, Walsall, d. 18/8/1923

2/6. Daniel Dolman, born 8/11/1829.

1851 Wolverhampton Directory: Daniel & Job Dolman, grocers and provision dealers, Stafford St.
M. 31/8/1862, Sarah Ann Good.
3/1. Florence Ann Dolman, 8/10/1871, St Peter's W'ton. 

2/7. Job Dolman, born 6/11/1831, died 24/9/1910.

M. 17/8/1851, Elizabeth Cox. A boatman of Stafford Rd in 1860.[18]
3/1. Mary Emma Dolman, ch Wolverhampton, 27/12/1860.

2/8. Ellen Dolman, born 23/8/1835.
2/9. Abel Dolman, born 28/5/1837, died 18/3/1838.
2/10. Abel Upton Dolman, born 10/2/1839.

1861 Census, with brother Joseph in Walsall.
M. 12/1/1865, Mary Jane Edwards.
1861, 1 Union St, Worcester
John Edwards (48, Grocer, Ombersley), Elizabeth (49, Staffs), Mary Jane (19, Worcs City), George (17, Clerk, Worcs), Emma (12, Scholar, Worcs), William Henry (10, Scholar, Worcs),
1871 Census, Aston Village, Birmingham:
Abel Upton Dolman (32, Traveller Pension Trade, Alrewas), Mary Jane (29, Worcester), Ernest Edward (1, Aston).
1881 Census, 7 Chatawey St, Aston:
George Edwards (37, Hd, Solicitor’s Clerk, Worcs City), Mary (37, Wife, Worcs City), Helen (12, Scholar, Worcs?), Henry Edwards (10, Scholar, Aston), Kate (8, scholar, Aston), Margaret (4, Aston), Alice (2, Aston), Margaret Colston (M-in-L, wid, 60, Formerly Greengrocer, Worcs City).
Email from Christopher James Hemming Hawkes

8/2009, via;
....Mary Jane Edwards born in Worcester Worcestershire and Abel Upton Dolman who married in 1865 and had a number of children one of whom was Ernest Edward, who was the cousin of my Great Grandfather Edwards, who was Henry Colston born 1870 and died 1960 they had two children, the youngest of which was my Grandmother, she married Ernest Hemming Hawkes in 1938, they had two children, again the youngest of which was my late Father James Roy Hawkes, born 1943 and died in 2006, my Grandmother was born in 1913 and died in 1966, my father married my Mother Elizabeth Temple in 1970 and they had three children, I am their third and the youngest Christopher James Hemming Hawkes, born the 23rd of July 1976, if I can be of any help please don't hesitate to contact me, my 2x Great Grandfather was the brother of Mary Jane Edwards and was George Edwards.
My Great Grandfather Henry Colston was the son of Mary Jane Edwards brother George Edwards who was the next eldest!

1/8. AF also: Hannah Dolman (251B-WJ) ch 9/12/1798.

Married, 24/04/1823: William Wood (BM6B-FV)
(Also by Jackie Riley.). William Wood from Polesworth.
Hannah & William bur Polesworth.
2/1. Joseph Wood, b 1826, M. Louise Hunt

3/1. Annie Louisa Hunt, M Thomas Wainwright 1879

4/1. Ellen Wainwright M. John Wilson Beverley 1920

5/1. Ros Beverley b 1923,

M. Mr Pratt: she provided this line[ix].

1/9. Mary Dolman, born 13/4/1800.

PR: Mary bur 24/5/1835 age 35.


AF shows Sarah Dolman
Issue ch Rosliston, Derby:
William (10/4/1814), Edward (2/9/1821), Mary (23/2/1834)

Line from Jane Hinkley:
(1) Jane Hinkley (ch 28/2/47 St Mary, Lichfield):

Jane Dolman bur 7/5/1779, the day of daughter, Jane’s baptism (Lesley Arnold). Presumably childbirth.

Issue of Joseph & Jane (Hinkley) Dolman (AF):
1/1. Mary Dolman AF ch 7/5/1779FMPt), d: 16 Feb 1832

(re Carol Hanson-Heintz, internet 18/9/02)
M. Joseph Tomlinson b: 1786 d: 3 MAY 1836 (AF)
2/1. Sarah Tomlinson b: 15/2/1808 Fradley, d: 28 Oct 1847

M. William Holland b: 27 May 1804 d: 2 Oct 1844
Sarah & William Holland died in mid-west USA and left descendants in the USA.
3/1. Mary Holland b: 28 Apr 1830 d: 1 Jul 1835
3/2. Joseph Holland d: Nov 1857
3/3. William Holland b: 10 Jan 1834 d: Oct 1853
3/4. John Holland b: 23 Mar 1836 d: 25 Apr 1925

M. Mary Burton b: 26 Feb 1844 d: 15 Jan 1874
4/1. John William Holland b: 25 Oct 1861 d: 5 Nov 1932

M. Anna Stucker b: 10 Jun 1882 d: 7 Jun 1931

4/2. Sarah Isabella Holland b: 8 Sep 1863 d: 1 Oct 1864
4/3. Hyrum Thomas Holland b: 15 Jul 1865 d: May 1918
4/4. Joseph Holland b: 29 Oct 1867 d: 12 Aug 1937

M. Harriet Daniels Brown b: 23/11/1871 d: 17/11/1948

4/5. James Heber Holland b: 3 Oct 1869 d: 1 Dec 1946

M. Caroline Petersen b: 4 Jun 1871 d: 10 Oct 1904
M. Maria Dorthea Westergard b:25/10/1872 d:14/7/1947

4/6. Christopher Holland b: 5 Dec 1871 d: 8 Nov 1929

M. Hannah Sarah Forrester
M. Margaret Ronald
M. Julia Ann Wood b: May 1845 d: 1 Oct 1926

3/5. Thomas Holland b: 3 Dec 1837
3/6. Caroline Holland b: 29 Jun 1839 d: 2 May 1912
3/7. Charles Holland b: 4 Apr 1841 d: 6 Apr 1841

2/2. Mary Tomlinson b 7/6/1812
2/3. Elizabeth Tomlinson, b. 15/2/1814
2/4. Hannah Tomlinson, b 7/5/1817

1/2. Jenny (Twin) Dolman, AF:, ch 7/5/1779) & Jane m Amos Mettan



Born abt 1759/60.
There are no suitable John Wait’s in the area – it is possible that he was an immigrant from elsewhere in the country, or alternatively a non conformist; there was one born in Wymeswold in 1757, but that is a long way away.

Died: 2/9/1840 aged 81. a sawyer of Woodmill, decay of nature, informant Martin Wait, son, of WoodmillDC.
No will listed in Lichfield.

The early family all resided around the hamlet of Woodmill and the village of Yoxall. Timber played a big part in their lives as many were employed in their own timber yard business. This is probably where the cabinetmaking came from.

He was probably the owner/operator of a sawmill (wood), which was continued by his sons and grandson(s).
1841 Census, Woodmill, Yoxall: Sarah wid. 73, Elizabeth 30, Thomas 10. (Thomas probably a grandson).

See below for John Wait, a possible parent.

Married: by banns, 19/1/1782FMPi, Yoxall, St Peter, he signed, her mark.


(age 73 in 1841 @ Woodmill, Yoxall, thus b abt 1768).
She died 16/1/1850, and buried 21/1/1850, aged 84 of Wood Mills, at Yoxall.
Also, William Wait buried Yoxall, 18/12/1849, aged 81 of Morrey??.

Sarah Cantril, ch 12/6/1768 of Henry & Elizabeth, Suttin Cum Duckmanton, Derby – this is the only one found, but geographically unlikely.
There are Cantrells/Cantrils in the Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire peak district, but there is no clue if any of them are relevant – they are quite a distance from Yoxall, making them less likely.

Henry Cantrell of Blyth, Notts, married by banns Elizabeth Woomack, OTP, 22/2/1757, Whitwell, Derby.
Elizabeth Cantrel of Hollinton, bur Longford 19/10/1768
Henry Cantrill bur St Peter, Derby, 13/11/1830, aged 69 of St Peter St.

Issue (IGI ch @ Yoxall):
1/1. Thomas Waite ch Yoxall 9/1/1785FMPi.
1/1. Mary Wait, born 7/1/1787, poss m Michael Upton, Yoxall 10/11/1806 (IGI).
1/2. William Wait, born 20/4/1789 D 1877[19].

Married: Catherine Rowarth (7/8/1808),

1841 Census, St Mary’s Lichfield:
William Wait (50, Timber Dealer, N), Catherine (50, N), Hannah (20, N), Ellen (15, N), William (14, Y), John (11, Y), Matthew (10, Y).
1851 Census, Rotten Row Timber yard, Lichfield:
William Wait (Hd, 62, Timber Merchant, Yoxall), Catherine (61, Yoxall), Hannah (32, Dressmaker, Yoxall), John (23, Tailor, Lichfield), Martha Mary Bird (g/son, 12 scholar, Lichfield).
1861 Census, Rotten Row, Lichfield:
William Wait (72, Sawyer, Yoxall), Catherine (70, Yoxall), Hannah (44, Yoxall).
Issue ch Yoxall (IGI):
2/1. Elizabeth Wait, born 14/10/1810.
2/2. Sarah Wait, born 4/10/1812., Mar. Robert Brewer[x]

3/1. Hannah Brewer, m John Evans.

4/1. Agnes Evans

2/3. Martin Wait, born 21/5/1815, D 1888[20].

1851 Census, Rotten Row, Lichfield (b Lichfield ex noted):
Martin Wait (Hd, 36, Timber Merchant, Yoxall), Mary (36), Henry (10, scholar), William (8, Scholar), Mary Ann (9), Emma (5), Alice (3), Hannah (1).
Issue (from David Hankey, 3/2013):
3/1. Francis Wait
3/2. John Wait, 1856-1926

founder with his brother, Francis Martin of F.M. & J. Wait, Funeral Directors/Cabinetmakers of Lichfield). Married Caroline Morris, from Churchstoke, Shropshire, 1883[21].
4/1. Arthur Martin Wait, 1886-1974[xi]

5/1. Mary Gwendoline Wait, 1919-2009

2/4. Hannah Wait, born 2/3/1817.
2/5. Edward Wait, born 26/9/1819.

1851 Census, Greenhill, Lichfield, St Michael:
Edward Wait (31, Coach Painter, Yoxall), Elizabeth (27, Lichfield Close), William (5, Lichfield), Louisa (2, Aston, Bham).

2/6. William Wait, born 21/4/1821.
2/7. Mary Anne Wait B: 4/10/1824

C: 31/101824 Wade Street Wesleyan, Lichfield,

2/8. Anne Wait. (1822-41)??.

The following are probably from this family, and christened as adults, having been non-conformists earlier. The names tie in with the census’s.

2/9. John Wait C: 29 Sep 1844 Saint Michael, Lichfield,
2/10. Mary Anne Wait C: 29 Sep 1844 Saint Michael, Lichfield,
2/11. William Wait C: 29 Sep 1844 Saint Michael, Lichfield,
2/12. Mathew Wait  C: 29 Sep 1844 Saint Michael, Lichfield,

1/3. Martin Wait (20/4/1791), Married: Sarah (1797-8/2/1872)

Died: 1/9/1878, age 87, bur Woodmill.
no issue found.
C41 Martin 50, Sawyer, Elizabeth 55, Sarah 45, Joseph, Sawyer 17.
1851 Census, Woodmill:
Thomas Wait (59, farmer and sawyer, Woodmill), Sarah (Domestic Lady, 55, Newborough Staffs), Thomas (21, sawyer, Woodmill). aged 20) at Woodmill.
1861 Census, Wood Mill, Yoxall:
Martin Wait (71, Sawyer and farmer of 12 acres, Yoxall), Sarah (66, Newborough, Staffs).
1871 Census, Wood Mill, Yoxall:
Martin Wait (79, Farmer of 5 acres, Yoxall), Sarah (74).
A witness at sister Hannah's marriage.

1/4. Joseph Wait born Yoxall 2/3/1793  ch 31/3/1793

1851 Trade Directory, Yoxall:
Joseph Wait, miller, Wood Mill
Jph. & Martin Wait, sawyers, Wood Mill
1861 Census, Wood Mill, Yoxall (Yoxall-61-09-13):
Joseph Wait (65, Timber Merchant, Yoxall), Mary Ann (64, Cowes, IoW).

Founder of the Methodist Church @ Woodmill and preacher

Died 3/2/1871 & buried @ his church in Woodmill.


From David Hankey, 4/2013[xii]:
Another interesting character was Joseph Wait 1793-1871, brother of my William. He was the Founder of Woodmill Methodist Chapel which still stands to this day. Joseph is buried there along with his first Elizabeth, nee Rogers, and their son also named Joseph.


Joseph senior was married three times altogether. Firstly to Elizabeth Rogers in 1817. She died in 1843 and Joseph went onto marry Ann Tibly in 1846. She, too, died in 1854 and Joseph remarried for a third time to Mary Anne Poole in 1860 aged 67. I can only assume from this he either couldn't cook or didn't like living on his own!! In all of this I can only find two children for him, both by his first wife.

1) 27/3/1817 Elizabeth Rogers (1782-27/9/1843, b. @ Yoxall age 61)
2) Ann ??? (1806-19/3/1854, bur @ Yoxall in 48th year)
2/1. William Wait, born 1/1/1818.
2/2. Joseph Wait, born 4/4/1824-21/1/1895, bur Woodmill)

who m. Martha (1817-5/5/1875, bur Woodmill): sawyer with parents in 1841, with Martha in Woodmill in 1851.
1851 Census, Woodmill, Yoxall
Joseph Wait, (27, Miller master, Yoxall), Martha (35, Domestic Lady, Lindhurst Staffs)
1861 Census, Wood Mill, Yoxall (Yoxall-61-09-11)
Joseph Wait (37, Miller & occupier of 6 acres, Yoxall), Martha (40, miller's wife, Tatenhill)
1871 Census, wood Mill, Yoxall (Yoxall-71-09-13)
Joseph Wait (47, miller & local preacher), Martha (54)
Mrs Elizabeth Wait (Rogers) @ Woodmill with Joseph & his brother Martin in 1841.

1/5. Hannah Wait, born 5/7/1795.
1/6. Sarah Wait, born 26/11/1797.

Married: William Salt (Yoxall 31/10/1819).

1/7. Francis Wait, born 11/5/1800.

Married: Elizabeth Dolman (Alrewas 24/9/1820)

1/8. Ellen Wait, born 11/4/1802.
1/9. Ann Wait, born (27/5/1804.
1/10. John Wait, born 4/1/1807.

Married: Jane Stratton (Burton 20/9/1831).
Issue: John Wait, born 4/12/1837.

1/11. Elizabeth Wait, born 1/7/1810.  Died: before 1841

or poss with mother in Woodmill 1841.

Tue, 20 Apr 2004
   From:  Chris Wait[xiii]

   I am writing to ask if you have any more details relating to the Wait's connected with your family.
   I am particularly interested in establishing if my 4 X Great grandfather Edward Wait may possibly be a son missing from your list of children born to John Wait and his wife Sarah, whom you state may have died before 1841.
  My 4 X Great Grandfather Edward Wait was born Abt. 1783 in Yoxall and  I believe married a Sarah Tunks on the 10 NOV 1806 at Yoxall. He appears in both the 1841 & 1851 Census (I don't have access to 1861, 71 and 1891) and his profession is given both times as a Sawyer.
   You can see how my 4 X Great Grandfather would fit in, possibly being their first born, being born in 1783 or 1784.
   There certainly seems good reason to believe this to be the case, as you state that John Wait was probably the owner/operator of a sawmill (wood), which was continued by his sons and grandson(s). My Edward and his children and Grandchild were Sawyers which clearly has links to the sawmill.
   Edward is the earliest Wait I have in my family tree so it would be great to be able to establish if John and Sarah were his parents and that our families are connected in some way.
    Please find below a list of Edwards descendants which directly come down to me:

EDWARD WAIT(b-1783) married Sarah.
issue: HANNAH WAIT(b-1814)gave birth outside marriage
1861 Census, The Principal St, Alrewas:
John Cooper Wait (25, Hd, Timber Sawyer, Alrewas), Harriett (wf, 24, Manchester), Ednor (dau, 2, Alrewas), Harriett Elizabeth (dau, 1 mth, Alrewas).

EDWARD WAIT though born in Yoxall was living in Alrewas during the 1841 and 1851 census. Hannah may have been born in Yoxall, her son John Cooper Wait was born in Burton upon Trent, where the family largely remained on and off until Albert Edward Wait(b 1898)moved down to Leicester around 1920.

(A3M: Edward Wait a sawyer in 1851).

From then on the family mainly lived in Leicester, before I moved out to Melton Mowbray with my parents in 1977, where I still live today.


In 1841 Census.
(Address said to be unreadable by the genealogist who supplied this information) – Simply Alrewas (A3M)
Edward Wait, age 55, Sawyer HEAD
Sarah Wait, age 57, Sawyer  WIFE
Hannah Wait, age 25, Sawyer DAUGHTER
John Cooper Wait, age 5     GRANDSON

1851 Census
84 Long Street, Alrewas;
                   AGE   BORN       OCCUPATION
Edward Wait        68    Yoxall     Sawyer  (HEAD)
Sarah Wait         70    Uttoxeter          (WIFE)
John Cooper Wait   15    Alrewas    Sawyer  (GRANDSON)
Edward Acton       10    Lichfield, Scholar (GRANDSON)

As you can see this Census information offers me additional lines to follow to uncover more information about EDWARD WAIT. His Grandson, Edward Acton may help to provide some useful leads.

A3M: John Cooper Wait a sawyer in The Principal Street, Alrewas in 1861 with wife & children.

I know I’ve not been in touch for a while but I’ve just had this query posted to me from Genes Reunited and it’s a question I cannot answer. Can you assist? It’s from a Christopher Wait. If it’s easier and you are happy for me to do so, I could pass on your e-mail address directly to him, but I would never do this without your permission. Besides, you might not be able to help either!

Having traced my Family tree back to Edward Wait born in Yoxall (c.1784) I it a dead end as the Parish registers covering this period were missing.
Recently I came across a record for a Mary Wait marrying a Michael Upton in Yoxall on the same date at the same church as my Edward Wait married Sarah Tunks/Tonks. I was able to find her birth in 1797 and her parents name as John Wait & Sarah Cantrell)

I know it's a long shot but it occurred to me that as they married at the same venue on the same date they could possibly be brother & sister, thus giving me the possible parents of my Edward.

I am David Hankey, son of Mary Gwendoline Wait who married Eric Hankey.
I have traced my Wait line back to my 6th great grandfather, John Wait b abt 1707.
My 4th great grandfather, John Wait b 1759 married Sarah Cantrell and between them had 13 children 2 of whom married into the Dolman family.
Hannah b 1795 married Moses Dolman b 1792 in 1817 and her brother Francis b 1800 married Elizabeth Dolman in 1820.
Both marriages took place at All Saints Church, Alrewas.
The problem I am having is tracing the parents of Elizabeth Dolman. I understand Moses's parents were Joseph Moses & Mary Monks.
If you can assist in anyway I would be extremely grateful.

John, 1759-1840 (This John married Sarah Cantrell)

John, 1735-1772 (This John married Sarah Lester)

John, 1707-1743 (This John married Mary Lees)


Samuel Coley, ch 28/8/1774, Halesowen of Samuel & Mary.
              ch 18/6/1775, Old Swinford, of Elijah & Ann.

Samuel Coley married Phebe Newton 6/11/1797, Birmingham, St Martin, both OTP, bachelor & spinsterAC.

1841 Census: New Rd, Cradley, all b Worcs:
Samuel Coley (65, Nailor), Phebe (65), Christopher (25, shoemaker), Elizabeth (20).
1851 Census, New Rd Cradley, all b there ex Liz:
Christopher Coley (39, Chan Maker), Elizabeth (34, chain maker, RR), Maxine (10, scholar),  Charlotte (8, scholar), Eliza (6, scholar), Sarah Ann (4), Rhoda (2), Phebe (mother, 76, domestic duties, Halesowen).
Issue of Samuel & Phebe Coley, ch Cradley:
1/1. Joseph Coley, 11/1/1801, Pedmore, Cradley.
1/2. John Coley, ch 29/5/1803.
1/3. Elizabeth Coley, 16/6/1805, Cradley
1/4. James Coley, ch 28/2/1808.

1861 Census, Richard St, Aston, Bham:
James Coley (53, Gun Barrel Borer, Rowley R), Maria (wf, 53, Cradley), Samuel (son, 13, scholar, Bham).

1/5. Christopher Coley, ch 19/1/1812, M Elizabeth Atwood, 26/12/1839FMPt, H/Owen.




9.1  MOSES DOLMAN (Dollman) - 1733

KO09/33  (251B-JM)

ChPR: Alrewas 21/1/1733
Parents: Thomas & Mary (Miller) Dolman
Bur.: 18 Jun 1808 Alrewas, aged 75FMP.(No will found)

Land Tax Redemption, 1798 (
Streethay, Staffs (between Lichfield & Alrewas)
Moses Dolman, owner, tenant Martha Titley 1/6d. This may well be our Moses.
1782: Moses Dolman, basket maker, apprentice Jno Thompson.

Married at Alrewas:
1) Elizabeth Trittlebank 9/10/1757 by Thomas Fletcher, witnesses Joseph Banks & John Lees (prob church warden).


KO09/34  (251B-KS)

IGI Shows:
ChPR: 27/3/1732 @ Alrewas.
Parents: Joseph & Mary (Beck) Trittlebank
BurPR.: 11 Oct 1758 Alrewas, wife of Moses DolmanFMP.  
MarriedPR: @ Alrewas: Moses Dolman, 9/10/1757, both OTPFMP.

1/12. Joseph Dolman (ch 11/10/1758). (251B-G9)

PR: "Elizabeth, wife of Moses Dolman, was buried October 11 1758. Joseph, son of the said Moses Dolman was baptised the same day."

Moses Married (2) Sarah Fisher (BM6B-5H) 27/9/1760 (PR)
Issue of Moses & Sarah Dolman (IGI):
1/2. Thomas Dolman ch Alrewas: 5/7/1761.
1/3. Elizabeth Dolman ch Alrewas: 18/12/1763 AF: m John Gender.
1/4. William Dolman ch Alrewas: 24/11/1765 - PR bur 13/5/1816,

William Dolman, BM of Alrewas had apprentice Thomas Flint in 1803.
AF shows m. Ann Oakey/n (28/5/1797), ref Richard Dolman, but PR has Elizabeth D wf of William bur 12/3/1788: IGI shows WD m Elizabeth Spencer, Croxall, 1766

1/5. Katherine Dolman ch Alrewas: 15/2/1767 AF: m Henry Greenway.
1/6. Daniel Dolman ch Alrewas: 4/12/1768 AF: m Sarah.
Entry in General Register at Alrewas:
"Sarah, the wife of Moses Dolman, was buried November 11 1768.  Daniel baptised December 4 1768."

Married 3rd: Eleanor Howe (R9M6-PS) 28/7/1770 (PR).

Issue of Moses & Eleanor Dolman (ch IGI):
1/7. Mary Dolman ch Alrewas: 10/2/1771

AF m Isaac Fletcher, 15/11/1801.
2/1. Ann Dolman, ch 14/8/1796 Alrewas, bur 13/12/1847, m John Genders 20/6/1821, St Martin Bham, ref Lesley Arnold[xv]

1/8. Ann Dolman ch Alrewas: 13/11/1776.
1/9. Moses Dolman ch Alrewas: 24/10/1773.

1834, Whites: Basket maker, Alrewas.
1835 Pigots: listed as Moses senior, basket maker
MI: d 3/10/1837 PR bur 3/10, age 63),
MI: Moses wf Elizabeth d. 26/7/1836, age 67 (PR bur 30/7).
Will dated 27/9/1837, proved 29/12/1837
Moses Dolman snr, basket maker of Alrewas.
To Children Mary Gaskell, Jane Yates, Matthew Dolman, Elizabeth Dean, Joseph Dolman, £5 & Ellen Dolman £25. Remainder to Son John Dolmand. Execs son John Dolman & Brother in law Henry Greenaway. John D basket maker & Henry G a farmer. Estate less than £300.

Issue of Moses & Elizabeth, ch Alrewas:
2/1. Mary Dolman ch Alrewas: 13/4/1800.
2/2. Jane Dolman ch 25/10/1801, d 21/5/38 aged 37 (MI).
2/3. John Dolman ch Alrewas: 11/3/03.
2/4. Matthew Dolman ch Alrewas: 13/6/06.

MI: Matthew d 30/12/37 (bur 2/1/38) age 31, Jane (sister m ??) d 21/5/38 age 37.

2/5. Elizabeth Dolman ch Alrewas: 11/9/08.
2/6. Joseph Dolman ch Alrewas: 10/3/11.
2/7. Ellen Dolman ch Alrewas: 6/8/11.

4) PR has Mary Dolman, wf of Moses, bur 11/6/1785: was she 4th wife of this Moses?



Bur: 1/12/1782, AlrewasFMP.[22]
Administration to widow Ann, 20/12/1782, of Alrewas.

The alternative line from Jackie Riley[xvi] (5/2000):
Ref Derby IGI & Settlement exam.
This seems unlikely geographically, although no other suitable births appear.
Chr: 15/12/1717, South Normanton, Derby.
Parents: Robert Moax.

Married: 1/6/1743, Whichnor (next parish to Alrewas), Staffs, by banns, HardinFMP:


Chr: 30/3/1720FMP.
Parents: Joseph & Anne (Fisher) Harding of Alrewas.
Died: 19/3/1801, aged 81, Alrewas.

Issue of Robert & Anne Mokes, ch Alrewas:
1/1. Robert Mokes, ch 24/6/1744FMP, married Elizabeth Neal, 13/11/1771.
1/2. William Mokes, ch 27/8/1746.
1/3. Joanna Mokes, ch 15/1/1748/9.
1/4. John Mokes, ch 5/7/1752. Married Mary.
1/5. Thomas Moakes, ch 28/12/1754, bur Alrewas 1/11/1765.
1/6. Mary Moaks, ch 30/7/1758.

Josephum Harding married Anne Fisher of Alrewas, October 1710, Mavesyn Ridware, Staffordshire (south of Rugeley)FMP.
Issue of Joseph & Ann Harding, Alrewas:
1/1. Joseph Harding, 6/3/1714-5.
1/2. Henry Harding, 14/2/1718, bur 17/2/1718FMP.
1/3. Anne Harding, 30/3/1720.
1/4. Elizabeth Harding, ch 30/9/1722FMP.
1/5. Dorothy Harding, 12/2/1726-7

Ann Fisher ch Longdon St James (S of Rugeley), 20/7/1690, of Jeffrey FisherFMP.
No marriages of births for Jeffrey Fisher.



No birth of John Wait, father of Hannah, has been found in the right age range, but this John had a contemporary family in Yoxall, so our missing John could very well have been his son.

Bur: Yoxall, 6/4/1802, aged 67FMP.

No suitable John Wait’s appear in the databases for Staffordshire 1720-40, but several appear in Repton, Derbyshire, about 10 miles NE of Burton on Trent, although none of these fit the age at death exactly:
1/11/1722 to Thomas Waite & Ann
14/11/1724 to Rebecca Wait
1/9/1727 to William & Mary Waite (probably died see below)
19/11/1733 to Rchd & Ann WheatFMP (also William 21/4/1736)
19/4/1737 to Willm & Mary WaiteFMP.

13/3/1718, William Waite M Mary Gilbert, Repton.

Bur John Waite, Repton, 30/3/1739. NFIAC.

Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811
23/3/1781: Alrewas Thomas Yeld, Cordwainer, App Thomas Wait.

Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811
5/7/1736: Yoxall, Edw Lester, Collermaker, App Will son of Will Day of Burton.

9/1/1729-30: Yoxall, Will Wilson, Taylor, App Jno son of Edwd Lester of Do. (Yoxall?)

This marriage may be correct, but it looks too early, thee were no recorded children for ten years after this date.

Married: Sarah Lester 15/12/1756 Yoxall by banns both OTPFMP, he signed, her mark.

Sarah Wait bur Yoxall, 13/4/1807, aged 65FMP, looks too young for the marriage, but was the age at death accurate, especially as she was illiterate; this is the only Sarah Wait in the area and timeframe?

Sarah Lester:
1. ch 26/8/1734 of Thomas & Sarah, YoxallFMP.
         Thomas married, Yoxall, Sarah Prince 1/5/1731FMP.
2. ch 5/3/1737-8 of John Lester

         John married Elizabeth Wakelin, Lichfield St Mary, 29/5/1737FMP.

Issue of John & Sarah Wait, (IGI ch @ Yoxall):
1/1. John Wait ch: assumed abt 1760
1/2. Ann (28/9/1766 PR),
1/3. William Wait (16/11/1769).

Married: Jane Pott, poss Bham 15/11/1790 (1760-1837, bur Yoxall).
Issue (IGI ch Yoxall):
2/1. Jane Wait, ch 11/10/1791FMPi, Yoxall of William & Jane

Jane Wait M. WILLIAM WILLIAMSON  22 APR 1821FMPi Yoxall, both OTP, banns

2/1. ?Mary Wait ch:  3/7/1796,
2/2. William Wait ch: 17/3/1799,

1841 Census, Yoxall, all b Staffs:
William Wait (40, Lab), Catherine (41), Rosanna (12), Thom (9), Edward (7), William (4), George (2), Ann (3m).

1851 Census, Hamstall Ridware:
William Wait (52, Farm Lab, Yoxall), Catherine (52, FL Wife, Yoxall), George (12, Errand Boy, Yoxall), Ann (7, scholar, Yoxall), Catherine (7, scholar, Yoxall).

1861 Census, Hadley End, Yoxall:
Catherine Wait (wid, 63, Yoxall), Roseanna (32, Yoxall), Ann (20, Yoxall).
1871 Census, Hadley End, Yoxall:
Catherine Wait (wid, 75, Pauper, Yoxall), George (son, 32, Lab, Yoxall).

Married: Catherine Biddulph 17/10/1821 Yoxall (IGI)
Some confusion can be found between the issue of this couple and the son William of John Wait the younger. This seems to be the best order!

3/1. Ellen Wait (ch 10/1/1822, Yoxall IGI),
3/2. Catherine Wait, born 21/6/1823.
3/3. John Wait, C: 10 Oct 1824 Yoxall (IGI)
3/4. Jane Wait C: 25 Mar 1827 Yoxall
3/5. Rosanna Wait C: 22 Mar 1829
3/6. Thomas Wait C: 27 Nov 1831

1861 Census, Hoar Cross Yoxall:
Thomas Wait (30, Farmer of 7 acres, Yoxall), Phoebe (wf, 28, Tatenhill), Roas Ann Woodings (wife’s dau, 4, Scholar, Yoxall), Arthur (son, 1 mth, Yoxall).


3/7. Edward Wait C: 26 Jan 1834

These look to be this Edward, although Edward’s dates do not match up.
1871 Census, Hall Green, West Bromwich:
Edward Wait (32, lab, Loxall), Carrey (30, Wife, Alrewas), Thomas (6, Scholar, W Brom), Roseanna (4, W. Brom), George (1, W Brom).
1881 Census, Wyntor Lane, W Brom:
Edward Wait (43, Pit Banksman, Foxall Staffs), Carrey (40, Wife, Alrewas), Thomas (son, 16 Boatman, W Brom), Hannah (14, W Brom), George (11, Scholar, W Brom), Mary Jane (7, Scholar, W Brom), John (4, W Brom), William (2, W Brom).

3/8. William Wait C: 7 Aug 1836
3/9. George Wait C: 9 Dec 1838, Yoxall
3/10. Anne Wait C: 6 Mar 1841, Yoxall
3/11. Caroline Wait C: 25 Dec 1843, Yoxall

1861 Census, Hemstall Village, Staffs:
Ellen Gould (Housekeeper, Hemstall), Ann Jones (28, Farm bailiff Wife, Hemstall), Samuel Gould (nephew, 2 days, Hemstall), Caroline Wait (17, Servant, Yoxall).

2/3. Mary Wait ch: 9/5/1802.
2/4. John Wait ch: 28/8/1805.
2/5. Ann Wait ch: 7/2/1808.
2/6. Elizabeth Wait ch: 26/5/1811.




10.1  THOMAS DOLMAN (Doleman)

KO10/65  (R9M5-R1)

The Dolmans of the mid to late 17thC, revealed by wills and parish records, were spread around the Midlands, with a concentration in the west around Trysull & Seisdon, one of whom, Thomas died in 1712 of Walsall, but left property in and around Seisdon; this family of Dolmans were probably prosperous, and travelled. The other Midland concentration seemed to be around Derby; a few wills can be grouped together, but there does not seem to be any obvious connection with Thomas of St Werburgh, who married Mary Wood.
One peculiarity is that some of the Alrewas parish records seem to be repeated in Wombourne. If Thomas’s age at death is accurate and he was born in 1700, there are no suitable births shown anywhere, his age at death is stated very clearly in the parish records, although an age such as that should be treated with some reservation.

The 1730 marriage, which fits the facts well, states he was from Derbyshire. A Mary Dolman bur Alrewas 15/6/1650.

A Thomas Dolman, baptised Polesworth, 15/4/1706FMPi of William Dolman, but he probably was married in 1725, quoted age about 22.

Thomas Dolman, widower bur Alrewas 19/6/1793 age 93FMP.

Married: 1/7/1730:
"Thomas Doleman of St Werburgh, Derby, mar to Mary Wood of the parish of Alrewas, Staffs", PR Willington, Derbyshire. (St Werburgh Parish Church of Spondon)
Willington about 4 miles NE of Burton, next parish to Repton: Spondon to the E of Derby.

MARY WOOD - 1712

Chr: 28/6/1712, Alrewas.
Parents: William & Ann (Lakyn) Wood of AlrewasFMP.
Bur: 11/6/1785, Alrewas, wife of Thomas of AlrewasFMP.

Issue (IGI of Thomas & Mary):
1/2. Mary Dolman (R9M5-TC) ref Riley: ch Alrewas: 29/5/1731,

bur 30/5/1731. AF:2/5/30.

1/3. Moses Dolman (251B-JM) ch Alrewas: 21/1/1732-33.
1/4. Thomas Dolman (R9M6-1C) AF only

Chr.: 1736  Alrewas, Staffordshire, Died: 23 Jan 1818
PR: bur Alrewas 23/1/1817 age 81  (b 1736)
Will proved Lichfield Peculiars 22 June 1818, Alrewas.

PR: Elizabeth Dolman bur 10/5/1806, wf of Thomas D:
Elizabeth Erp m.1749, Elford, Derby?? Probably not this Thomas Dolman?

Married: Ann Watson (R9M6-2J) 1 Nov 1767 Alrewas, Staffordshire,
(AF - no IGI, PR: Ann Dolman died 21/4/1827, age 84, assumed to be Ann Watson).
Issue of Thomas & Ann:
2/1. Hannah Dolman (16/4/1768 & 16/4/1770),
2/2. Phineas Dolman (11/4/1773)

Married: Jane Thompson, Alrewas, 7/12/1797 (IGI).
Phineas bur Alrewas 25/12/1850 age 77 (b 1773).
1834, Whites: Basket maker, Alrewas.
3/1. Thomas Dolman ch: Alrewas 15/7/1798,

Possibly from Lesley Gorrell, 2/2006[xvii]:
26 Oct 2007

My cousin's great great grandmother is Elizabeth CARTHY, who married Thomas DOLMAN as his second wife.

Elizabeth had two daughters bearing the surname CARTHY: Mary Ann and Sarah (my cousin's great grandmother).

Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles CARTHY and Hannah DOLMAN. Hannah and Thomas were first cousins once removed.

I have attached details and I would be very pleased to have any light you can throw on this matter. Whilst I have access to many records through the two societies here in Melbourne, distance is still a problem for researchers in Australia.

As you can see, I have not got back any further in the DOLMAN area as it has been too confusing to be accurate but I was fairly confident that I had the correct information until I came across people expressing equal certainty about MILLER.
Best wishes, Lesley GORRELL.

1851 Census Long Street, Alrewas:
Thomas Dolman, wife, Elizabeth; Mary; George; Lavina – all basket makers of; and  Mary A. Carthy – a straw bonnet maker.
1881 Census Elizabeth Dolman is listed as living with her son-in-law, Edward Harris. Edward’s wife, Sarah, was Sarah Carty or (McCarty), and I can only assume that Elizabeth was married  before.

Thomas died 28 JUL 1876 in Fox Lane, Alrewas, 78 years.
He married twice.  He married Mary Green in All Saints, Alrewas, Staffordshire, 1821.  He married Elizabeth Carthy in All Saints, Alrewas, Staffordshire, 17 NOV 1845. 
Elizabeth was born in Alrewas, Staffordshire circa 1812.  According to Census. Elizabeth was the daughter of Charles Carthy and Hannah Dolman.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as wife to Thomas Dolman. Age recorded: 41 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, 2 APR 1871.  2 Lichfield Square. Listed as wife. Age recorded: 62 yrs.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Listed as mother-in-law, widow living on annuit. Age recorded: 73 yrs., POB Alrewas.
He was christened in Alrewas, 15 JUL 1798.  A census listed Thomas as head of household in Alrewas, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street.  Age recorded: 45 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.
A census listed Thomas as head of household in Alrewas, 2 APR 1871.  2 Lichfield Square. Age recorded: 70 yrs. 

Thomas Dolman and Mary Green had the following children:

4/1. Mary Dolman was born in Alrewas, circa 1830.

She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as daughter to Thomas Dolman. Age recorded: 21 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.

4/2. George Dolman was born in Alrewas, circa 1832.

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as son to Thomas Dolman. Age recorded: 19 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.

Issue of Thomas Dolman and Elizabeth Carthy:
4/3. Levina Dolman was born in Alrewas, circa 1845.

She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as daughter to Thomas Dolman. Age recorded: 10 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.

3/2. John Dolman ch 3/2/1805, Alrewas (IGI),

m. Sarah Hucker 8 November 1824 in St. Matthews, Walsall
Sarah Hooker, ch Alrewas 12/3/1797, dau of John & Mary Hooker.
1834, Whites: Basket maker, Alrewas.
1851 Census, Alrewas (all b Alrewas):
John D (hd, 42, BM), Sarah (wf, 53), William (s, 21 BM son), Charles (s, 16, Farm Svnt), Selena (dau, 13, scholar), Enoch (s, 11, scholar).

1861 Census: Fox Lane, Alrewas:
John (55, Basket Maker, Alrewas), Sarah (63, Alrewas), Enoch (21, Ag Lab, Alrewas).

1871 Census, 1 Lichfield St, Alrewas:
John Dolman (Hd, 65, BM, Alrewas), Sarah (wf, 72, Alrewas), Frederick (G/son, 6, scholar, Alrewas)

Sarah was quite a character, having had three illegitimate sons by another man before she wed my great-great-grandfather John Dolman in 1824. It turned out, however, that she wasn't as free and easy with her favours as her younger sister Elizabeth, whom John Dolman bravely 'made an honest woman' of Sarah in November 1824. Their eldest son Edwin was baptised on 30 May 1825, so she was obviously pregnant with him at the time. She then proceeded to produce eight more legitimate offspring by John, including my great-grandfather Charles (bapt. 19 Apr 1835)


Most of this line is from Barbara Terrace[xviii] 23/12/2003.
4/1. Edwin Dolman, b. 1825, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

He married Jane. She was born 1830.
5/1. Charles Dolman, b. 1852, Pelsall, Staffordshire.
5/2. Edwin Dolman, b. 1854, Shelfield, Staffordshire.
5/3. Mary Dolman, b. 1870, Goscote, Staffordshire.
5/4. William Dolman, b. 1852, Pelsall, Staffordshire.

married Ann Hinton 6 October 1882 in Pelsall, Staffordshire, daughter of William Hinton.
6/1. Samuel Dolman, b. 1885, Pelsall, Staffordshire.

5/5. Sarah Jane Dolman, b. 1857.

Married John Bromwell 13 November 1876, Ruehall, Staffs
6/1. Clara Bromwell, b. 1877.
6/2. Fanny Bromwell, b. 1881.

4/2. Frederick Dolman, b. 1826.
4/3. William Dolman, b. 1829, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Died 1907
Married Sarah Collingwood 13 November 1853 Alrewas.
Sarah Collingwood b 1831
Other issue ref Leslie Mazey
Charles Dolman 1852
Andrew Dolman 1855
Martha Dolman 1863 –  1865
Edmund Dolman 1865 – 
Abel Dolman 1866 – 
Thomas Dolman 1867 – 
Abel Dolman 1869
Elisha Dolman 1870 – 1952
5/1. Frederick Alfred Dolman, b. 1854.
5/2. William Dolman, b. 1856, Alrewas, Staffordshire died 1911, 

Married (1) Hannah Peach 4 November 1878 in St. Johns, Horninglow, Staffs, daughter of George Peach and Millicent Goodwin. She was born 14 March 1858 in Hatton, Tutbury, Staffs,
He married (2) Miss Pritchard Unknown in Unknown.
Children of William Dolman and Hannah Peach are:
6/1. George Dolman,

b. 22/10/1879, Horninglow, Burton-on-Trent.
m. Nellie Ellen Thornhill.

6/2. Elizabeth Annie Dolman,

b. 14 December 1881, Horninglow, Burton-on-Trent; m. William Parker.

6/3. William Dolman,

b. 11 June 1884, Horninglow, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire; d. World War I.

6/4. Rosa Dolman,

b. 21 April 1887, Horninglow, Burton-on-Trent, m. Thomas Thornhill.

6/5. Henry Dolman,

b. 22 February 1890, 70 Charles Street, Horninglow, B.O.T, d. 8 July 1965, Moreton, Wirral, Cheshire, England; m. Ethel Dolman, 28 November 1909, St. John's, Horninglow, b. 4 April 1887, Wyggiston St., Horninglow, d. 5 August 1977, Moreton, Wirral,
7/1. Kathleen Nellie Dolman, b 10/11/1910

M. Alexander Herbert Terrace 30/12/1933
8/1. Brian Alexander Terrace, 16/6/1935
   M. Barbara Hunt, b 27/2/1947
8/2. Gillian Kendril Terrace, 7/3/1942

6/6. Edwin Dolman,

b. 7 September 1892, Horninglow, Burton-on-Trent, England; m. May Hodson.

6/7. Ernest Dolman,

b. 26 November 1894, Horninglow,

6/8. Gertrude Dolman,

b. 20 July 1898, Horninglow, d. 1 July 1977, Horninglow, Burton on Trent, m. Albert Arthur Garnham, 21 April 1919.

Children of William Dolman and Pritchard are:
6/9. Eileen Dolman.
6/10. Connie Dolman.
6/11. Robert Dolman.
6/12. Elsie Dolman.

5/3. Henry Dolman, b. 1858, Alrewas, Staffordshire,

Married Anny, in Newhall, Derbyshire, England.
6/1. William H Dolman, b. 1881, Stapenhill, Derbys
6/2. Sarah A Dolman, b. 1882, Burton on Trent,
6/3. Edith M Dolman, b. 1884, Burton on Trent,
6/4. Alice Dolman, b. 1890, Burton on Trent,

5/4. John Dolman, b. 1859, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Died: 1911

Married Hannah Louisa Loverock 1861-1909

born 1861 in Abbotts Bromley, and died 1909.
6/1. John R Dolman, b. 1886, Burton on Trent,
6/2. Jeffrey W Dolman, b. 1887, Burton on Trent,

Died 25/4/1920 Burton
Lesley Mazey[xix]
As for the Dolmans, they do seems to have been full of characters. My grandmother remembers her father (Jeffrey William) was injured during the war and came back with a bad arm (where a bullet went in at the wrist and out at the shoulder) and a limp (he had 1 leg longer than the other and used to pack his shoes with paper). Also, if you look at the whole census for Alrewas in the 1880s or so it seems that half the families in the village have an illegitimate Dolman child living with them so they do seem like the village bad boys.

7/1 Emily Mabel Dolman, G Ma of Lesley Mazey.

6/3. Emily Dolman, b. 1890, Burton on Trent,

5/5. Isabella Dolman, b. 1861.
5/6. Sarah Dolman, b. 1863, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

She married Holden.
6/1. Maria Holden, b. 1885, Burton on Trent,
6/2. Willie Holden, b. 1887, Burton on Trent.
6/3. Percy Holden, b. 1889, Burton on Trent

5/7. Thomas Dolman, b. 1865.
5/8. Harriett Dolman, b. 1866, Alrewas.

Married William Bennett. Born 1868 in Horninglow.
6/1. William J Bennett, b. 1888, Horninglow,

5/9. Thomas Dolman, b. 1867.

4/4. Sarah Dolman, b. 1832.
4/5. Fanny Dolman, b. 1833.
4/6. Sarah Dolman, b. 1834.
4/7. Charles Dolman, b abt 1835, m. Elizabeth Galloway

1891 Census, Main St Alrewas:
Charles Dolman (Hd, 54, Farmer, Alrewas), Elizabeth (wf, 52, Knowle Warks), Arthur J Selvage (Boarder, 25, Schoolmaster’s Asst, Peterborogh). (ref Jan Green[xx] 29/8/2003)
5/1. Fanny Sophia Dolman, b abt 1858, m. John Hooker.

6/1. Claud Donald Hooker, b. 1900,

m. Annie Kitchen.
7/1. Jan Hooker, M. Mr Green

4/8. Selina Dolman, b. 1838.
4/9. Enoch Dolman, b. 1840, Alrewas, Staffordshire.

Ch 21/6/1840, Alrewas (IGI).
Married Ann, born in Alrewas, Staffordshire, probably Ann Rochford, 1865, Lichfield.
1871 Census, 8 Lichfield St, Alrewas (all b Alrewas):
Enoch Dolman (Hd, 31, Ag Lab), Ann (37), Arthur (3), Henry (8mths), Fanny (8 mths).
1891 Census, Fox Lane, Alrewas:
Enoch (50, Road Lab), Ann (56), William (16, Coal Drawer).
1901 Census, Fradley Rd, Alrewas:
Enoch (Hd, 61, Farmer, Alrewas), Ann (66, Alrewas).
Enoch Dolman Dth Reg Lichfield 4th Q 1904 aged 65, 6b335.
DC: 5/11/1904, Fox Lane, Alrewas, 65, General Labourer, Malignant disease of oesophagus, cardiac failure, Lucy Dolman, Daughter in law, Main St Alrewas.
5/1. William Dolman, b. 1875, Alrewas, Staffordshire.
5/2. Arthur Dolman, b 1867

M. Harriett Shipman, 1888
(ref Rev Robert Dolman email 1/1/05)
6/1. Arthur Dolman, b 1892

7/1. Robert Dolman, b 1944, Methodist Minister in Cambridge, 2005.

5/3. Henry Dolman, b abt 1870.
5/4. Fanny Dolman, b abt 1870.

2/3. John Dolman, ch Alrewas: 14/2/1779.

1/5. William Dolman (R9M6-3P)

Chr.:  8 Apr 1740 Alrewas, Staffordshire, Bur.: 15 Oct 1795
Married: Elizabeth Spencer (R9M6-4V) 27/4/1766 Alrewas, (AF).

Was this he in
1755, apprenticed shoe maker to Thomas Yeld, of Alrewas.
1784 as a cordwainer, with apprentice Robert Storer?

1/6. Ann Dolman (R9M5-XV) ch Alrewas: PR: 29/6/1743 AF: 1742)),

Bur.: 14 Jul 1764 Alrewas (AF & ref Riley)

1/7. Catherine Dolman (R9M5-Z2) ch Alrewas: 10/8/1746. (AF 1744)

Bur.: 10 Mar 1749/50 Alrewas, (AF & ref Riley).

1/8. Daniel Dolman ch Alrewas: 17/6/1749  (R9M6-52)

Bur.: 25 Jun 1833 (AF & PR), aged 83.
Married (1): Elizabeth Kendrick (R9M6-67) 10/6/1771 Alrewas, Staffs. (Elizabeth bur 9/4/75 PR).  AF has Elizabeth ch abt 1752.
1788: Daniel Dolman Basket Maker of Alrewas, had apprentice John Shelley.

Prob 6/9/1834, dated 3/6/1833. Of Alrewas, all copy hold estate where I live, to son Thomas Dolman, and the east side of the Belling green and the west side of Belling Green to son William now being in his possession, subject to £20 pa to dau Hannah Cosltey. land held of the Earl of Lichfield  to be to Thomas and the Overi?? beds to William.

Issue (Info from Jackie Riley & Richard Dolman, 5/2000):
2/1. William Dolman 10/11/1771.

Married, 1st: Ann Gibson, 7/6.1802, Barton under Needwood.
MI William d. 3/12/1852 bur 8/12 age 82/1,
MI wf Ann, d 15/2/1813 age 42.
Issue of William & Ann (Gibson) Dolman:
3/1. Elizabeth Dolman, b. 1804,

married Mr Tustin, res  Cheltenham.

3/2. William Dolman, ch. 8/5/1808, or 1806. Died as infant.
3/3. Thomas Dolman, b 1808, died 1895.

Married Jane Warner of Lichfield, 1849, Congleton.
4/1. William Dolman, born 1850

(Chemist & Druggist of Cheltenham) died 1888.
Married, 1863, Cheltenham: Sarah Nott (b. 1846, Gorran, Cornwall)
5/1. Rev William Dolman,

mar. 1902 Alice Maud May Spencer.
6/1. Michael William Dolman, b. 1910,

Married: Isobel Winifred Hunter-Bailey, 1936.
7/1. Richard Michael Dolman, b 1938, London.

The supplier of this information. At school in Barbados, but returned UK in 1951. Father worked in Trinidad from 1939.

7/2. Peter Dolman, b. 1939, Trinidad.
7/3. Sister Dolman, b 1949, Maricaibo, Venezuela.

3/4. William Dolman, ch. 16/12/1810,

1841 Census: William (30, B/maker), Mary (30) William (5)
1891 Census, Main St: widower, 83, Basket Maker.
4/1. William Dolman, m. Mary of Alrewas

(ref Brett Payne, NZ[xxi])
1891 Census, Fox Lane, Alrewas (probable):
William (56 Lab Basket Maker), Mary (61), William (16 Ag Lab)
1901 Census, Fox Lane, Alrewas:
William (68, Basket Maker), Mary (69), William (26 Gen Lab)
5/1. Andrew Dolman (1859), m., 18/5/1878, Alrewas:

Mary Jane Gough (b. 3/7/1859, Whittington)
1891 Census, Fox Lane, Alrewas (all b Alrewas):
Andrew Dolman (Hd, 32, Flour Mill Lab/miller), Jane (wf, 33,), Mary J (dau, 12, Scholar), Emily (dau 11 scholar), William (s, 9, Scholar), George (s, 7, scholar), Sarah A (dau, 3), Fred (s, 1).
6/1. Mary Jane Dolman, b abt 1879
6/2. Emily Dolman, b abt 1880.
6/3. William Dolman, b abt 1882.
6/4. George Dolman, b abt 1884.
6/5. Sarah Dolman, b abt 1888.
6/6. Fred Dolman, b abt 1890.

5/2. William Dolman, abt 1875.

3/4. Daniel Dolman, born & died 1813.
3/5. John Dolman (IGI: 27/12/1814).

Married, 2nd: Sarah Ashmall, 30/12/1817, 9 children

3/6. Joseph Dolman, b 1826, died infancy.
3/7. Hannah Dolman, 1835-1851.    

2/2. Hannah (ch 14/11/1773), bur Alrewas 15/12/1844, aged 71.

Following from Lesley Gorrell:
Married Charles Carthy, Alrewas 31/1/1802. Charles was born in Derby circa 1773. He married Hannah Salt 4 FEB 1793.  (By licence). Charles died 1854 in Staffordshire, at 81 years of age.
3/1. Daniel Carthy ch. Alrewas, 2 NOV 1802.

Bur 24 JUN 1817 All Saints, Alrewas, 15 years of age.

3/2. Hannah Carthy was born circa 1804. 

Twin of William. ch. Alrewas, 6 MAY 1804.

3/3. William Carthy was born 1804.

Twin of Hannah. William died 1804 at less than one year of age.  interred 7 MAY 1804 in All Saints, Alrewas. christened in All Saints, Alrewas, 6 MAY 1804.

3/4. William Carthy ch. Alrewas, 29 DEC 1804.
3/5. Henry Carthy was born circa 1807. 

Bur 3 JAN 1825 in All Saints, Alrewas. christened in All Saints, Alrewas, 25 OCT 1807.

3/6. Thomas Carthy was born circa 1811.

Christened in All Saints, Alrewas, 14 APR 1811.
He married Margaret Eccles in Staffordshire, 1844.

4/1. Arthur Carthy was born circa 1844.

3/7. Elizabeth Carthy born Alrewas, circa 1812.

married Thomas Dolman in All Saints, Alrewas, 17 Nov 1845.  Thomas was the son of Phineas Dolman and Jane Thompson.  He married Mary Green in All Saints, Alrewas, Staffordshire, 1821.  Thomas died 28 JUL 1876 in Fox Lane, Alrewas, at 78 years of age.
A census listed Thomas as head of household in Alrewas, 30 Mar 1851.  Long Street.  Age recorded: 45 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.
A census listed Thomas as head of household in Alrewas, 2 APR 1871.  2 Lichfield Square. Age recorded: 70 yrs.  She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as wife to Thomas Dolman. Age recorded: 41 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker. (PRO HO107 2015 Folio 38, p.20)
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Stafforshire, 2 APR 1871.  2 Lichfield Square. Listed as wife. Age recorded: 62 yrs.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Listed as mother-in-law, widow living on annuit. Age recorded: 73 yrs., POB Alrewas.
Issue of Thomas Dolman and Elizabeth Carthy:
4/1. Levina Dolman born Alrewas, circa 1845.

She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as daughter to Thomas Dolman. Age recorded: 10 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: basket maker.

Elizabeth Carthy had the following children, father unk:
4/2. Mary Ann Carthy was born circa 1830.

She was christened in All Saints, Alrewas, 1 MAR 1830.  She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, 30 MAR 1851.  Listed at Long Street. Single.  Age recorded: 21 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: Straw bonnet maker. (PRO HO107 2015 Folio 38, p.20)

4/3. Sarah Carthy was born Alrewas circa 1833.

She married Edward Harris.  Edward was born in Alrewas, Staffordshire circa 1834.  Edward was the son of William Harris and Maria Roberts.  Edward's occupation: Joiner.  He was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 30 MAR 1851.  Long Street. Listed as grandson to George Roberts. Age recorded: 17 yrs, POB Alrewas;
A census listed Edward as head of household in Snelland, Nottinghamshire, 7 APR 1861.  He is listed as living at Greendale Place. Age recorded: 27 yrs. POB Alrewas, Staffordshire, Occupation: joiner. (PRO RG9 2352, Folio 61, p.20)
A census listed Edward as head of household in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1871.  John Street. Age recorded 37 yrs., POB Alrewas; Occupation: carpenter.
A census listed Edward as head of household in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 4 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 46 yrs., POB Alrewas; occupation: joiner.
A census listed Edward as head of household in Nottingham South East, 5 APR 1891.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 57 yrs, POB Alrewas; occupation: joiner.
She was christened in All Saints, Alrewas, Staffordshire, 11 NOV 1833.  She was listed as a resident in the census report in Oldbury, Worcestershire, 30 MAR 1851.  Age recorded: 19 yrs., POB Alrewas, Staffordshire; a general servant with a family called Hellan, living in Church Street, Oldbury, Worcestershire.  Her name is shown as CARTY.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Snelland, Nottinghamshire, 7 APR 1861.  She is listed as living at Greendale Place. Age recorded 29 yrs. Wife,  POB Alrewas, Staffordshire.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1871.  Age recorded: 39 yrs. Living at John Street, POB Alrewas.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 46 yrs., POB Alrewas.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Nottingham South East, 5 APR 1891.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 59 yrs, POB Alrewas.

Issue of Sarah Carthy and Edward Harris:
5/1. Edward Harris was born in Nottingham 1857.

Edward's occupation: Joiner.  He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snelland, Nottinghamshire, 7 APR 1861.  Greendale Place. Age recorded: 4 yrs., POB Snenton, Nottinghamshire.
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 2 APR 1871.  John Street. Age recorded: 14 yrs., POB Snenton, occupation: designer of lace (apprentice).
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 23 yrs., POB Snenton; occupation: joiner.
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Nottingham South East, 5 APR 1891.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 34 yrs, POB Snenton; occupation: designer.

5/2. William Henry Harris was born 1861.

born in Snenton, Nottinghamshire 1861.  (St. Cath's Index: Mar qrt., Vol.7b, p.177; Radford District) Bill died 1932 Werribee, Vic, at 71 years of age.  (BDM VIC 10788) His body was interred 6 AUG 1932 in Werribee.
He married Annie Chettle Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, 1 Mar 1888.  They were married at the Arkwright Street Chapel, Nottingham, according to the rites of the Wesleyan Methodists, by Certificate. Jamie Hand was the minister. Witnesses: Joseph RICHARDS and Ann Lucy WRIGHT. Groom's details: age recorded 27 yrs.; bachelor; builder; of 77 Snenton Road, Nottingham; father Edward Harris, joiner. Bride's details: age recorded 24 yrs.; spinster of 17 Roby Cottages, Nottingham; father Robert Chettle, gardener.
Annie was born in Dowsdale, Lincolnshire 1864.  Specific POB according to Census. Annie was the daughter of Robert Chettle and Jane [Baker].
Annie died 1956 Armadale, Vic, at 92 years of age.  (BDM VIC 3222)
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Whaplode, Lincolnshire, 2 APR 1871.  Listed with parents and sister, Emma. Age recorded: 7 yrs., POB Dowsdall, Lincolnshire.
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Nottingham, 5 APR 1891.  Listed with husband and son at 16 Roby Terrace, Nottingham. Age recorded: 27 yrs. POB Dowsdale.
Annie immigrated, 1911. Destination: Melbourne, Vic.  She arrived with her husband and three sons in March 1911 on the 'Themistocles'. Age recorded: 46 yrs.
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snelland, Nottinghamshire, 7 APR 1861.  Greendale Place. Age recorded: 3 mths., POB Snenton, Nottinghamshire.
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 2 APR 1871.  John Street. Age recorded: 10 yrs. POB Snenton.
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 20 yrs., POB Snenton; occupation: joiner. (RG11 3347, Folio 47, p.36)
census head of household in Nottingham, 5 APR 1891.  Listed with wife and son at 16 Roby Terrace, Nottingham. Age recorded: 29 yrs. POB Snetton, Nottinghamshire. Occupation: Builder. Bill immigrated, 1911. Destination: Melbourne, Vic.  He arrived with his wife and three sons in March 1911 on the 'Themistocles' and settled in Beulah, Vic. Age recorded: 50 yrs.
6/1. Albert Edward Harris born Nott. 1889.

He was listed as a resident in the census report in Nottingham, 5 APR 1891.  Listed with parents at 16 Roby Terrace, Nottingham. Age recorded: 1 yr. POB Nottingham.
Albert immigrated, 1911. Destination: Melbourne, Vic.  He arrived with his parents and two brothers in March 1911 on the 'Themistocles'. Age recorded: 22 yrs. We understand that he then went to New Zealand.

6/2. William Robert Harris.

born Nottingham, Nottinghamshire 24 APR 1891. died 1973 Victoria, at 82 years of age.
(BDM VIC 5212: Heidelberg district) Age recorded: 83 yrs.
He married Sarah Georgina Blades.  Sarah was born Victoria 1894.  (BDM VIC 17102) Parents: Thomas George Blades and Harriet Frances Sylvester. Sarah died 1974 Victoria, at 80 years of age.  (BDM VIC 23057; Frankston district) Age recorded: 80 yrs.
William immigrated, 1911. Destination: Melbourne, Vic.  He arrived with his parents and two brothers in March 1911 on the 'Themistocles'. Age recorded: 20 yrs.
He was inducted into the military in Point Cook, Victoria, 8 FEB 1926.  (Service No. 2988)
He was released from active duty 8 JUL 1946.  He was a Squadron Leader with the RAAF.
Issue of William Harris & Sarah Georgina Blades:
7/1. William Robert Harris born Beulah, Vic.

2 APR 1914.  William died 1974 Victoria, at 60 years of age.  (BDM VIC 37; Heidelberg district) Age recorded: 59 yrs. He married Verna Leonie Ellen Callaghan Victoria, 1934.  (BDM VIC 970) Name shown as Verna Leonie. Parents: David N. Smith and Sylvia UNKNOWN. Verna died 1966 Victoria.  (BDM VIC 9116; Fitzroy) Age recorded: 38 yrs.
He was inducted into the military in Laverton, Victoria, 18 FEB 1933.  (Service No. 1382)
He was released from active duty 11 FEB 1946.  He was a Flight Lieutenant with 93 Squadron, RAAF.

7/2. Irene Sarah Annie Harris born circa 1921.

Irene died 1978 Victoria, at 57 years of age.  (BDM VIC 24010; Ferntree Gully) Age recorded 57 yrs. She married Ernest George Townsend Victoria, 1940.  (BDM VIC 15816)
Ernest was born in Thornton Heath, England 20 NOV 1917.  He was inducted into the military in Laverton, Vic, 15 JAN 1940.  (Service No. 5902)
He resided in Upwey, Vic 15 JAN 1940.  He was released from active duty 13 JAN 1947.  He was a Flight Sergeant with the RAAF.

6/3. Leonard Harris was born 19 OCT 1895.

was born in Hucknall Torkard, Nottinghamshire, UK 19 OCT 1895.  (St. Cath's Index: Dec qrt., Vol.7a, p.125; Loughborough District) Leonard died 4 OCT 1967 Preston, Vic, at 71 years of age.  (BDM VIC 22225)
He married Myra Florence Hughes Victoria, 1922.  (BDM VIC 4999)
Florrie was born Kingstown, Mildura, Vic 30 MAR 1898.  (BDM VIC 12933) She was known as both Myra and Florrie as a young girl, but changed to Florrie possibly because of friends and cousin who were Myra. Florrie was the daughter of Bernard Walker Hughes and [Maria] Jane Bye. 
Florrie died 9 SEP 1972 in Canberra, ACT, at 74 years of age.
Leonard's occupation: Plumber; MMBW examiner.  He was christened in Hucknall Torkard, 10 DEC 1896.  St. Mary Magdalene Church, Hucknall Torkard. Parents address given as 23 Gorke Street, Huchnall Torkard. Father's occupation: joiner.
Leonard immigrated, 1911. Destination: Melbourne, Vic.  He arrived with his parents and two brothers in March 1911 on the 'Themistocles'. Age recorded: 14 yrs. He was cremated Fawkner, Vic, 6 OCT 1967.
Issue of Leonard Harris and Myra Florence HUGHES:
7/1. Alan Ernest Harris was born 2 APR 1923.
7/2. Noel Leonard Harris was born 7 OCT 1925.


5/3. Minnie Harris was born in Nottingham 1867.

(St. Cath's Index: Dec qrt., Vol.7b, p.190; Radford District) She was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 13 yrs., POB Snenton. (RG11 3347, Folio 47, p.36)
She was listed as a resident in the census report in Nottingham South East, 5 APR 1891.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 23 yrs, POB Snenton; occupation: unemployed.

5/4. Maria Harris was born in Nottingham circa 1868.

(According to 1871 census) Query whether Minnie and Maria are the same person. She was listed as a resident in the census report in Alrewas, Staffordshire, 2 APR 1871.  2 Lichfield Square. Listed with grandmother. Age recorded: 3 yrs. POB Nottingham. (RG10 2917 Folio 42, p.31)

5/5. Francis Enoch S. Harris was born Notts, 1874.

He was known as Frank.
He married Mary Butterworth 1900.
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Snenton, Nottinghamshire, 3 APR 1881.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 6 yrs., POB Snenton. (RG11 3347, Folio 47, p.36)
He was listed as a resident in the census report in Nottingham South East, 5 APR 1891.  77 Snenton Road. Age recorded: 17 yrs, POB Snenton; occupation: frame work knitter. (RG12 2705 Folio 27, p.7)
Francis Enoch S. Harris and Mary Butterworth had the following children:
6/1. Frederick G. Harris born Lancashire 1911.
6/2. Ernest G. Harris born Lancashire 1914.
6/3. Sarah Harris was born in Lancashire 1915.

Daniel Married (2): Sarah Goucher, 28/9/1788
2/3. Thomas Dolman (10/5/1789).

Married. Ann Bromley Derby (24/3/1817)
1851 Census, Long St:
Thomas (61, Farmer of 11 acres), Ann (60, Lichfield), Eliza (30, Dressmaker), Elizabeth (30, Dressmaker), Elizabeth Sayers (3, G/Dau).
1861 Census, Principal St:
Thomas (68, Small fmr), Ann (67, Lichfield), Catherine (37, D/maker), Elizabeth Layer (13, G/D, Publican's Dau, Wirley), Emma Layer (4, G/D).
Thomas died 3/11/1865 aged 76, Ann died 15/11/1865 age 75; same gravestone shows Richard Ottwell, S of Edward & Elizabeth Ottwell Ann married John Sayer (Walsall 16/9/1847), a publican and lived in Wirley.  Elizabeth probably married Edward Ottwell in the 1850's.
3/1. Ann Dolman (16/9/1817),
3/2. Catherine &
3/3. Elizabeth (24/9/1820).

1841 Census, Alrewas:
Daniel (50, Farmer), Ann (48), Ann (20, Dressmaker), Elizabeth (17), Katherine (17).

PR: Harriet wf of John bur 8/2/1811 age 56.

MI: William Dolman d. 10/5/1806 age 51, wf Ann d 9/11/1822 age 74. Thus born 1755: parents??


KO10/67  (BM6B-6N)


This is confirmed by Jackie Riley, a descendant of the Dolman line May 2000.
Chr.: 23 Dec 1694FMP Alrewas, Staffordshire.
Parents: Robert Trittlebank & Elizabeth Fisher

Died: Bef 29/1/1753 Alrewas, (AF). 14/11/1750FMPt.
Residuary legatee of sister Margaret, who in turn was the residuary legatee of their father, Robert.

Married.: 26 Nov 1723FMP Alrewas, Staffordshire, by banns.

MARY BECK - 1704

KO10/68  (BM6B-7T)

Riley has the following:
Ch: 20/2/1703/4FMP, Alrewas.
Parents: Henry & Mary (Lancaster) Beck.

IGI has Henry & Mary M Alrewas, 29/4/1703FMP, Alrewas & Henry Bur 12/8/1728

Issue (AF with refs R9... and Riley without):
1/1. Hannah (Beck) Trittlebank (R9M3-RQ)

Chr.: 28 Nov 1723FMP Alrewas, Staffs.
Riley: bur 2/6/1725FMP, Dau of Joseph.

1/2. Joseph Trittlebank (R9M3-SW)

Chr.: 26 Sep 1725 Alrewas, Staffs, (IGI)
Bur.: 7 Jul 1808 Alrewas, Staffs.

1/3. Hannah Trittlebank,

Chr 18/6/1727 (Riley). (IGI)

1/4. Sarah Trittlebank (R9M3-T3)

Born Abt 1727  Chr.: 18 Jun 1727 Alrewas, Staffordshire,

1/5. Elizabeth Trittlebank ch 27/3/1732FMP, (251B-KS)
1/6. Mary Trittlebank (R9M3-V8)

Chr.: 30 Mar 1730 Alrewas, Staffordshire, (IGI about)
Bur Alrewas, 27/1/1751/2 (Riley)

1/7. Thomas Trittlebank (R9M4-5R)

Chr.:  3 Dec 1734 Alrewas, Staffs.
Bur.: 8 Sep 1786 Alrewas, Staffs.
Married (Riley): 13/10/1761, Jane Yates.
Married: AF: Mrs. Eleanor Trittlebank (R9M4-6X) Abt 1770 Of Alrewas

1/8. William Trittlebank ch 6/1736, ref Riley.
1/9. William Trittlebank (R9M3-ZR)

Chr.:  8 Oct 1739 Alrewas, Staffordshire, (IGI)

1/10. Henry Trittlebank (R9M4-0W)

Chr.: 24 Feb 1741 Alrewas, Staffs.
Bur.: 17 May 1742 Alrewas, Staffs.

1/9. Sarah Trittlebank (R9M4-13)

Chr.: 16 Oct 1743 Alrewas, Staffs. IGI

1/10. Ann Trittlebank (R9M4-28)

Chr.: 15 Jun 1745 Alrewas, Staffs. or IGI: 1746
Bur.: 10 Mar 1750 Alrewas, Staffs.





11.1  WILLIAM WOOD - 1688


William Wood ch Yoxall, 27/10/1688 of Robert & Ellen WoodFMP.

William Wood married Ann Lakyn at Lichfield 29/7/1711, he of Alrewas.

Issue of Robert & Ellen Wood, Yoxall (several repeated at Wombourne):
John Wood, 30/10/1680
Joyce Wood, 11/12/1678, died 26/3/1678-9
Robert Wood, 17/6/1675
Ellen Wood, 30/10/1686
William Wood, 27/10/1688
No marriage of Robert found.

ANN LAKIN  -1688

Ann Lakin ch Yoxall, 25/8/1688, of John & AnnFMP. Repeated at Wombourne

John Lakin married Ann Hancocke, 23/4/1685, Whittington (east of Lichfield).

John Lakin ch Burton, 17/11/1659 of Robert & Maria.
Nothing obvious on Ann Hancock, nor other children.

John Lakin bur 19/12/1676, “paterfamilias” Burton.

Nothing on Robert’s marriage.
Robert Lakin, ch 26/3/1626 of Robert & Juliana, BurtonFMP.

Issue of William & Ann Wood:
1/1. Mary Wood, 28/6/1712, Alrewas
1/2. Thomas 17/7/1715, Alrewas.


KO11/133  (R9M4-T7)

Bur.: 15 May 1729FMPi Alrewas, Staffordshire,

     The AF & Jackie Riley have Robert born 1666 Alrewas, son of John Trittlebank. No evidence for this has been found, but the Alrewas records are fragmented in the late 1650’s and early 1660’s. Maybe due to the turmoil going on with the Commonwealth etc. His father is probably correct, although the 1666 date looks very much as an estimate based on age 25 at marriage, and looks a bit late compared with the rest of the family. The earlier issue of John Trittlebank are confirmed from the PR.

Will dated 19 January 1726 (Lichfield Peculiars, proved, 3 June 1729):
Of Alrewas. Husbandman.
To sons Joseph & Thomas & daughter Mary, wife of Joseph Milner, 1 shilling.
To daughter Mary, the remainder. Daughter Margaret exec.
Witnesses: Robert Francis & Jno Lilly.

Inventory, dated 19/5/1729:
His purse & apparel:                                        0-10-0
In the Kitchen:
Two old kettles & one pot                                   0-4-4
One table & 4 stools                                        1-2-6
The Handiron, fire shovel & other iron things:              0-2-8
One doz trenchers, an old tub, a pail & some cooking ware: 0-3-4
In the Chamber:
One bed and all belonging to it                             1-0-0
In the parlour:
One bed and furniture and 2 coffers                         1-4-10
One old cow in calf                                         3-5-0
3 barren cows and 2 calves                                  9-0-0
Some manure                                                 0-4-6
For other things seen and not seen                          0-3-4

Married.: 20 May 1691FMP King's Bromley, Staffordshire,


KO11/134  (R9M4-D0)

The AF has her born Abt 1670 Kings Bromley, Staffordshire, but there is no evidence of this: Kings Bromley records start about 1673. There are several Fishers in Tipton, but this is too far away.
There were a number of Fishers in the Alrewas PR in the mid 17thC.

Elizabeth dau of David Bap Alrewas, 21/6/1662FMP.

Bur.: 25 Apr 1718 Alrewas, Staffordshire, buried in woollen, wife of Robert, affidavit by Mary BeckFMP.

1/1.  Mary Trittlebank (R9M4-WK)

Chr.: 29 Oct 1692 Alrewas, Staffs.
Bur.: 30 Oct 1735 Alrewas, Staffs.
Married: Joseph Milner (R9M4-VD) 23 Jul 1724 Alrewas,
2/1. Elizabeth Milner, in aunt Margaret’s will.

1/2. Joseph Trittlebank chr: 23/12/1694 (BM6B-6N)
1/3. Thomas Trittlebank (R9M5-5W)

Born Abt 1697  Alrewas, Staffs. - 8/11/1696 (ref Riley)
Bur.: 19 Jan 1772 Orgrieve, Alrewas, Staffordshire,
Married: Sarah Schoffield (R9M5-63) 9 Jun 1723 Alrewas.
Issue (IGI): Elizabeth (2/8/1724), Margaret (23/3/1723 or 4).

1/4. Margaret Trittlebank (R9M4-JN)

Chr.: 1 Apr 1699 Alrewas, Staffordshire,
bur Alrewas 8/11/1736 (ref Riley)
Will, dated 31st Oct 1737, proved Lichfield peculiars 25/12/1737.
Of Alrewas.
To brother Thomas & niece Elizabeth Milner, £1-1s (1 guinea).
Remainder to brother Joseph.
Witnesses: Thos Hokier, Sarah Snofield & John Terry.

11.3  HENRY BECK - 1674

KO11/135  (R9M3-G6)

Ref AF:
Chr.[23]: 17/11/1672FMP, Chilcote, Leics of William & Dorothy (Biddle) Beck.
      This is the only one in the area and date range.

Married: Mary Lancaster, 29/4/1703, Alrewas.
No baptism for Mary Lancaster found, although there was a Lancaster family at the time in Alrewas. E.g. George Lancaster, ch 30/12/1680, Alrewas of John.

Issue of Henry Beck:
1/1. Mary Beck 20/2/1703/4FMP, Alrewas. (BM6B-7T)
1/2. Elizabeth ch. 6/4/1706, bur 19/4/1706.
1/3. Son Beck ch. 9/5/1708, Alrewas
1/2. Elizabeth Beck, ch Alrewas 7/12/1713, of Henry.




12.1  JOHN TRITTLEBANK (1621-)

KO12/265 (R9M5-GG)

This is probably the correct line, see comments under Robert’s entry.

Chr.: 17 Oct 1621FMP Alrewas, Staffs,
Parents: Roger Trittelbancke & Dorothy Cardall

1656 & Jan-Mch 1657-8, and other periods later in the PR missing.

No marriage found.
Issue, at Alrewas:
1/1. Thomas Trittlebank (R9M4-M6)  Chr.: 22 Feb 1645-6FMP.
1/2. unnamed son (maybe John) of Trittlebank (R9M4-NC) Chr.: 24 May 1649FMP
1/3. William Trittlebank (R9M5-K0) born 10 May 1655, ch 6/6/1655FMP.

Bur.: 17 Mar 1720 Alrewas, Staffs,
Married: Sarah Reynoulson (R9M5-L5), 9 Feb 1678 Of Alrewas,
IGI, Alrewas:
2/1. Dorothy Trittlebank, 15/12/1679
2/2. Sarah Trittlebank 6/5/1682
2/3. Mary Trittlebank 12/10/1685

1/4. Thomas Trittlebank (R9M4-QP) Chr.: 9 May 1658FMP.
1/5. Dorothy Trittlebank (R9M4-RV), young child, bur 22 Feb 1658-9FMP.

No baptism found.

1/6. Roger Trittlebank (R9M4-S2) Chr.: 21 Jan 1659-60FMP.
1/7. Robert Trittlebank (R9M4-T7)  Born: 1666 Alrewas, Staffs.


KO12/269  (R9M3-6S)

Born: 1650FMP, Chilcote, full date & parents not readable.

William Beck married Dorothy Bidle, Newbold Verdon, Leics, 10/11/1670, he of Chilcote, she OTP.FMP
No suitable Dorothy Biddles found.

1/1. Dorothy Beck (R9M3-85) Chr.: 13 Aug 1671 Chilcote, Staffs.

Bur.: 20 Sep 1676 Clifton, Staffs,

1/2. Henry Beck Chr.: 17 Nov 1672FMP  Chilcote, Staffs,
1/3. William Beck (R9M3-G6) 20 Jul 1674  Chilcote, Staffordshire
1/4. Thomas Beck (R9M3-CN) Chr.: 28 Aug 1676  Chilcote, Staffs,
1/5. Mary Beck (R9M3-DT)   Chr.: 21 Jul 1678 Chilcote, Staffs,
1/6. Robert Beck (R9M3-F1) Chr.:  9 May 1681 Chilcote,

Bur.:  9 Nov 1682 Clifton, Staffs,





KO13/529  (R9M5-9L)

Chr.: 16 Feb 1583/1584FMP Alrewas, Staffs,
Buried.: 15 Nov 1662FMP Alrewas
Parents: John Trittlebank (AF has & Joan, but not in PR, although a later burial of Joan, wife of John confirms this).

Married.: 14 Jul 1611FMP Alrewas.


KO13/530  (R9M5-BR)

Born: Abt 1590 Of Alrewas, Staffs,
Buried.: 23 Apr 1640FMP Alrewas, wife of Roger Trittlebank.

1/1. Agnes Trittlebank (R9M5-CX)  Chr.: 12 Sep 1612 Alrewas.
1/2. Katherine Trittlebank (R9M5-D4) Chr.: 10/9/1616 Alrewas.

1/3.  Roger Trittlebank (R9M5-F9) Born: Abt 1619 Alrewas.

Buried.: 30 Sep 1620 Alrewas, Staffs,

1/4. John Trittlebank ch: 17 Oct 1621 Alrewas, Staffs, (R9M5-GG)





KO14/1059  (R9M4-XQ)

Born: Abt 1556/1560 Alrewas, Staffs,
Married.: Abt 1581 Alrewas, Staffs – nothing found on databases.


KO14/1060  (R9M4-ZW)

Born: Abt 1560 Of Alrewas, Staffs,
Buried.: 4 Oct 1614FMP Alrewas, Staffs, spelling uncertain, but this is the most likely, described as wife of John T.

Issue of John & Joan Trittelbanke:
1/1. Isabella Trittelbancke (R9M5-02) Chr.: 25 Apr 1582FMP Alrewas,
1/2. Roger Trittelbancke Ch: 16 Feb 1583/1584 Alrewas, Staffs,
1/3. Margery Trittelbancke (R9M5-JS)  Chr.: 29 Jun 1586 Alrewas,

Bur.:  4 Oct 1614 Alrewas, Staffs.
Married: Ralph Shell (R9M5-HM) 2 Mar 1626 Of Alrewas,

1/4. John Trittelbancke (R9M5-3K) Chr.: 13/3/1589/1590 Alrewas,

Bur.: 19 May 1593 Alrewas, Staffs,

1/5. Isabella Trittelbancke (R9M5-4Q) Chr.: 21 Sep 1604 Alrewas,

PART 3                THE SETTLEMENTS


4 Introduction: Alrewas[24]

Description: The village of Alrewas could perhaps be described as a village of waterways. It is situated approximately five miles north- east of Lichfield, south of the River Trent and west of the mouth of the River Tame, while at Fradley Junction the Trent and Mersey and the Coventry and Fazeley Canals converge. The name may mean ‘hill by the water’, ‘alder swamp’ or ‘alluvial land with alders’.

At the time of the Domesday Survey in 1086, the manor was held by the King and consisted of three hides, in acreage some 360 acres. 24 acres of meadow land are recorded, later called Essington Meadow. This meadow would have been common to the use of all the inhabitants in the village. There was a large fishery, unsurprisingly given the physical location of Alrewas next to two rivers and this produced 1,500 eels. Woodland, managed for the purpose of producing timber and fuel amounted to one league by half a league The male population was recorded as 28 of which 20 were farmers, or villeins, one a serf and six were poor peasants called bordars. There was also a priest.

Before and during the Middle Ages the cultivation of the land was carried out using the open field system. Farming activity was supervised and regulated through the manor court and there is an excellent series of mediaeval court rolls for Alrewas in the Staffordshire Record Office, documenting this process of agricultural regulation. Alrewas provides one the of best examples of the open field system in Staffordshire, which largely continued there right up until the beginning of the 19th century, when the surviving parts of the open fields were enclosed.

In 1666, 80 households were assessed for the Hearth Tax in Alrewas, 20 in Orgreave and 37 in Fradley. The largest house at the time was the manor house with 11 hearths. This belonged to John Turton, who owned the manor at that time. Later the Turtons were to move to Orgreave Hall which was probably built about 1668. They sold the manor of Alrewas to the Anson family, later Earls of Lichfield, in 1752. It remained the property of the Earls of Lichfield until 1953 when the estate was sold off.

A church was recorded by the year 822 when Alrewas was chosen to be a prebend by Bishop Aethelwald. The present church, dedicated to All Saints, has Norman features and has undergone a number of architectural changes over the centuries. The church has a ring of eight bells, all of which were recast in the 20th century. However the earliest reference to the Alrewas bells is recorded in the parish register in 1585, with a note that ‘the seconde bell and the greatest bell weare cast at Nottingham by Henry Oldfield, bellfounder’. By the 19th century, there were also Wesleyan and Primitive Methodist chapels in the village.

The building of the canals had an important influence on Alrewas. It contributed to the development of a new settlement at Fradley Junction, providing housing and facilities for those working on canal and barge maintenance and in related trades. Along the canal banks, warehouses and new industries grew up, such as the Midland Counties Cement and Plaster Works. In particular a new cotton spinning mill was built in 1784 to take advantage of the new canal network. It has operated since then with varying degrees of success and producing many different types of product, including tape, flour and cattle food.

The traditional industry in Alrewas, however, as befitting its location was basket making with the willow being supplied from osier beds in the parish.

The manor was bought by Lord Anson (Admiral) in 1761 from the Turton family, see parish records file 066.

5 Introduction: Yoxall


Description: The village of Yoxall is situated north east of the city of Lichfield. The river Swarbourne flows through it to join the Trent and it is thought that the original Anglo-Saxon settlement may have been on the river’s west bank. As a result of the river there are two bridges, Trent Bridge and Hall Bridge.

The first part of the name, Yoxall, is thought to derive from the Old English, geoc, which has more than one meaning including ‘a measure of land’ or the ‘yoke of oxen’. The second part of the name may derive from ‘halh’ meaning a small valley or hollow. The generally accepted meaning of the name is ‘a secluded piece of land large enough to be ploughed by one team of oxen’.

In the Domesday Book Yoxall is recorded as Locheshale, part of the lands of the Bishop of Lichfield and held by Rauen and Alwin as tenants. There was enough land for four ploughs to till. Many of the buildings in the main street with modern fronts have much older structures behind them. In particular Reeve End Cottage has the remains of a fourteenth century timber-framed house which had an aisled hall, said to be the only surviving one in Staffordshire. This feature suggests an original owner of some wealth and status at the time of its building.

In 1532-1533, 35 families were recorded in Yoxall, 12 at Bond End, 18 at Snails End, 16 at Woodhouses , 8 at Morrey and 11 at Hoar Cross, making a total of 550 persons in 100 families. By the time of the Hearth Tax assessment of 1666, 149 households were recorded in the constablewick of Yoxall. This would have included all the hamlets already mentioned. In 1689 Celia Fiennes travelled through Yoxall but sadly gave no description of what she saw.

Yoxall’s parish church is dedicated to St Peter. It was largely rebuilt between 1865 and 1868 by the architect Woodyer. A Roman Catholic church is situated at Wood Lane, originally built in 1795 and enlarged in 1854. The original building was disguised so that it did not look like a church at a time when Roman catholics were still subject to some persecution. The village also had two Primitive Methodist chapels.

Yoxall remained a farming community until well into the 20th century with a number of agriculturally related trades located in the village. A Victorian village shop which was formerly situated in Hadley Street was removed in its entirety and re-assembled at the County Museum at Shugborough. A cottage hospital, the Meynell Ingram Cottage Hospital, endowed by the Meynell-Ingram family, was built in 1873.

Notable connections with the village are the family of Mary Arden, the mother of Shakespeare, who purchased Longcroft Hall, now demolished, in 1576. Yoxall Lodge was the home of Rev Thomas Gisborne, a friend of William Wilberforce who frequently visited the village to meet with his friend. George Walton, the father of Izaak Walton the angler, also lived at Yoxall.

As with many villages in Staffordshire, Yoxall has a strange phenomenon. Horses refuse to pass the spot where a skeleton of a boy was discovered. He was proved to be the apprentice of the local blacksmith. The boy committed suicide because he received such ill treatment at the hands of his master and was buried in unconsecrated ground.

For those who want to know more, there is an excellent study of the early modern social history of Yoxall in A social history of Yoxall in the 16th and 17th centuries, edited by Denis Stuart. This can be consulted in the William Salt Library in Stafford or at Lichfield Library.

For more information about Yoxall, see the Victoria County History Staffordshire, Volume X pp 281-306.

6 Graves Alrewas:

Dolman Daniel 18891230 Age 64 Dolman William 18521203 Age 82

Dolman Ann 18130215 Wf of Wil. Age 42 also 3 in infancy
Dolman Hannah 18510930 dau of William & Sarah age 17

Dolman Thomas 18651103 Age 76
Dolman Ann 18651115 wf of Thomas Age 75
Ottwell Richard   S of Edward & Elizabeth Ottewell & G/son of above.

Dolman Phineas 19040504 Age 87
Dolman Maria 19031222 wf of Phineas Age 74

Dolman Moses 18370930 Age 63
Dolman Elizabeth 18360726 Wf Age 67
Dolman Mathew 18371230 Age 31
Dolman Jane 18380521 his sister & wf of John?? Age 36

Dolman Edward 19031222 Age 80
Dolman Selina 18950529 Wf age 73

Dolman Moses 18750206 Age 83
Dolman Hannah 18760609 Age 82

Dolman Harriett Elizabeth 18110208 Wf of John, age 56
Dolman Edward ???  Son, Age 14 mnths

Wait Edward 18520117 Age 68

Dolman Reuben 19601227 Age 67
Dolman Elizabeth 19800116 Age 77

Waitt Joseph 18670206 Age 36
Waitt Elizabeth 18670702 Age 38
Waitt Martin William 18660713 Age 2

Dolman Ernest 19630207 Age 70
Dolman Sarah Georgina 19650703 Age 72 Wf
Dolman Thomas Ernest 19280818 Age 5

Dolman Henry 19021026 80th yr
Dolman Charlotte 19270628 97th yr
Dolman Robert Ishmael 19451225 Age 71

Dolman William 18060510 Age 51
Dolman Ann 18221109 Age 74 wf
Dolman Lilias 19120612 Age 75

Dolman Hannah 18670122 Age 70 Wf of Sam
Dolman Samuel 18741224 Age 78

Lester John 18731223 born 18071011

Lester Sarah 18340404 Age 43 Wf of John Winfield
Francis Julia 18820124 Age 9, niece of Sarah Dolman

Dolman Frederick 19181016 Age 60

Wait Ann 18540319 48th yr, 2nd wf of Joseph of Woodmill

Poole William 18571120 82nd yr

Lester Jane 18570503 Age 51 wf of Thomas of Woodhouses

Wait Elizabeth 18430927 Age 61, wf of Joseph of Woodmill

Wait Jane 18371231 Age 67, wf pf William

Beynon John 18500209 56th yr

Woodmill Methodist:
Wait Joseph 18710203 b 17930302, founder of church

Wait Martha 18750505 Age 58, wf of Joseph
Also Wait Joseph 18970121 Age 70

Wait Sarah 18720208 Age 75, wf of Martin
Wait Martin 18780901 Age 87

Green Joseph 19070801 Age 80
Green Harriett 19131030 Age 88

Sharratt Joseph 19220625 Age 71
Sharratt Elizabeth 19220523 Age 62

PART 4                MOKES of Derbyshire - Alternative Lines


The Riley Alternative Line:
There seems no evidence that this is the correct ancestry of Robert Mokes who lived in Alrewas in the mid 18thC – it seems a long way from Alrewas.

4.1  ROBERT MOAKS - 1687


Chr: 27/9/1687, South Normanton, Derbys.
Parents: Robert Moaks

Issue, ch South Normanton:
1/1. Mary Moax, ch 25/12/1713, M. 6/11/1739, John Hemingway.
1/2. Sarah Moax, ch 13/5/1716
1/3. Robert Moax, ch 15/12/1717.
1/4. Willm Moax, ch 19/6/1720, married 21/9/1764, Mary Jepson.
1/5. Martha Moax, ch 1/7/1722, married 24/5/1751, Joseph Hunt.
1/6. Elizabeth Mokes, ch 21/1/1727/8.
1/7. Sarah Moakes, ch 1/3/1729/30.



From PR's Matlock Derbyshire (via Stephanie Smith, Australia[xxii], 4/2006)
Spouse: Jane
1/1. Mary (1674-)
1/2. Elizabeth (1676-)
1/3. Edward (1677-)

Birth: 1677, South Normanton Derbyshire
From PR's Matlock Derbyshire
2/1. Robert Moakes, Birth: 1697.

Spouse: Mary Nail, Marr: 9 Jan 1726, South Normanton,
3/1. John Moakes or STORAH

Birth: 1724, South Normanton Derbyshire

Spurious child of Robert Mokes and Hellen Storah
4/1. Elizabeth Moakes Birth: 1727, south Normanton.
4/2. Sarah Moakes, Birth: 1729, South Normanton Derbyshire

2/2. Richard Moakes, Birth: 1700
2/3. Edward Moakes, Birth: 1702
2/4. Francis Moakes, Birth: 1705
2/5. Elizabeth Moakes Birth: 1707
2/6. Thomas Moakes

Birth: 1710, South Normanton Derbyshire
Death: 1778, South Normanton Derbyshire
Burial: 21 Apr 1778, South Normanton Derbyshire

>From PR's Matlock Derbyshire 2005
Spouse: Ann Birth: 1710, South Normanton Derbyshire
Death: 12 May 1802, South Normanton Derbyshire
3/1. Felix Moakes, Birth: 1738

Marr: William Wild: 21 Dec 1755, South Normanton Derbyshire

3/2. William Moakes

Birth:1740, South Normanton Derbyshire
Death: 1795, South Normanton Derbyshire
Burial: 20 Feb 1795, South Normanton Derbyshire
Married: Mary
4/2. Sarah (1767-1787)
4/1. Edward Moakes, Birth: 1765, South Normanton

Marr: 22 Jun 1790, South Normanton Derbyshire
Spouse:   Rebecca Gregory
Birth: 1770, South Normanton Derbyshire
Death: 1805, South Normanton Derbyshire
5/1. Thomas (1790-) South Normanton Derbyshire

Occ:  Collier
Married: Mary Bamford 20 May 1812, South Normanton

5/2. Edward (1794-1806)
5/3. Sarah (1797-1798)
5/4. Mary (1800-)
5/5. Sarah (1800-1801)
5/6. Matilda (1802-)

4/3. Mary Moakes Birth: 1772, South Normanton
4/4. Martha Moakes Birth: 1775, South Normanton
4/5. William Moakes Birth: 1777

Parents William Robinson & Elizabeth
Marr: Ann Robinson 6 Feb 1809, South Normanton
5/1. Diana Moakes Birth: 1813, South Normanton Derbyshire
5/2. George Moakes Birth: 1815, South Normanton
5/3. William Moakes Birth: 1820
5/4. Martha Moakes Birth: 1823, South Normanton
5/5. Jane Moakes Birth: 1825, South Normanton
5/6. Edward Moakes Birth: 1827, South Normanton
5/7. Maria Moakes Birth: 1828, South Normanton

4/6. Thomas Moakes Birth: 1779, D 19/5/1788, S. Normanton
4/7. Elizabeth Moakes Birth: 1784, South Normanton

Married: Edward Gaskin:     10 Apr 1809
4/8. Hannah Moakes Death: 1789, South Normanton

3/3. Sarah Moakes Birth: 1743, South Normanton Derbyshire
3/4. Francis Moakes Birth: 1749, South Normanton Derbyshire
3/5. Sarah Moakes Birth: 1750, South Normanton Derbyshire
3/6. Robert Moakes Birth: 1756, D: 7/1756, S. Normanton.
3/7. Edward Moakes Birth: 1759, Bur: 23/2/1759 S. Normanton
3/8. Thomas Moakes Birth: 1745, South Normanton.

From PR's Matlock Derbyshire 2005:
Marr:  Elizabeth THORNLEY, 17 Sep 1769, South Normanton
4/1. John (3/1/1770-)
4/2. THOMAS (1774-1858)
4/3. Elizabeth (1781-)
4/4. Sarah (1785-)

This line is continued in Mokes Family History.
2/7. Hannah Moakes Birth: 1713

1/4. Thomas (1680-)

Married: Rebeckah Bowring, 1 Nov 1704, South Normanton Derbyshire
2/1. John Moakes Birth: 1705

Married: Olive Simpson, 20 Oct 1735, South Normanton Children:
3/1. Rebecah (1736-)
3/2. Anne (1743-)
3/3. Hannah (1745-)

Married: George Bowler, 12 Aug 1771, South Normanton

2/2. Elizabeth Moakes, Birth: 1706

1/5. Jane (1685-)
1/6. Robert (1687-)
1/7. John (1688-)

2/1. Elizabeth (1707-)

1/8. Anne (1695-)

2/1. William Maux/Bradon Birth: 1715, South Normanton

Spurious son of J Bradon

5 MARY MONKS - Alternative Line


The other alternative line, deduced from AF, not thought to be correct by other researchers:
Mary Monks Chr.: 29 May 1757 Longdon, Staffs., England
Parents : Thomas Monk & Ruth Smith
Husband:  Hunter (NX8Z-0F) ref AF:
This is assumed to be the correct family of Mary Monk, the wife of Joseph Dolman: the data is from the Ancestral file and shows Mary Monk marrying a "Hunter". However, from the IGI and pariish records, she seems a likely candidate: Longdon by Lichfield is only about 5 miles from Alrewas.
IGI Shows:
Ch: a) abt 1760, spouse Joseph
    b) 29/5/1757 @ Longdon by Lichfield
Parents: None listed on IGI, but AF shows Thomas & Ruth (Smith),  with Mary marrying "Hunter".
Refer: File "MONK" under ancestral file.

5.1  THOMAS MONK - 1718

KO09/35  (NX8J-7T)

From Ancestral File (AF2408J, 24/8/95):
Chr.: 19 Feb 1718 Rugeley, Staffs.
Bur.: 14 Apr 1781 Longdon, Staffs.
Parents: George Monk & Margaret Godwin
Married: 14 Aug 1752 Lichfield, Staffs.


KO09/36  (NX8F-VP)

Born: Abt 1726
Bur.:  7 Apr 1804 Longdon, Staffs.
Issue of Thomas & Ruth (Smith) Monk:
1/1. George Monk (NX8F-WV)   Chr.: 15 Dec 1753 Longdon, Staffs.

Bur.: 10 May 1834  Longdon, Staffs.,

1/2. Alice Monk (NX8X-Z9)    Chr.: 1 Nov 1754 Longdon, Staffs.

Married: Francis Howell (NX8X-X4) 7 Sep 1774 Longdon, Staffs.

1/3. Thomas Monk (NX8F-Z7)

Born: Longdon, Staffs. Chr.: 21 Apr 1756 Longdon, Staffs.
Died: 16 May 1826 Longdon, Staffs.
Married: Eleanor Wooley (NX8G-9W) 6 Aug 1782 Longdon, Staffs.

1/4. Mary Monk (NX8Z-1L)
1/5. Richard Monk (NX8G-1J)  Chr.: 17 Apr 1759 Longdon, Staffs.
1/6. Margaret Monk (NX8Z-3X) Chr.:  2 May 1762 Longdon, Staffs.

Married: Henry Startin (NX8Z-2R) 28 Feb 1793 Alrewas, Staffs.

1/7. John Monk (NX8Z-44)     Chr.:  3 Jul 1763 Longdon, Staffs. 

Bur.: 12 Nov 1828 Lichfield, Staffs.
Married: Ester Davies (NX8Z-59) 8/10/1792 Lichfield, St. Chad.

1/8. Joseph Monk (NX8G-42)   Chr.: 24 Feb 1765 Longdon,

Bur.:  3 Nov 1789 Longdon, Staffs.

1/9. Benjamin Monk (NX8Z-6G) Chr.:  9 Feb 1766 Longdon, Staffs.

Married: Ann Kee (NX8Z-7M) 15/10/1766 Lichfield, St. Michael's



KO10/69  (NX8L-13)

From Ancestral File (AF2408J, 24/8/95):
Born: Abt 1681 Rugeley, Staffs.
Bur.: 17 Jun 1761 Rugeley, Staffs.
Parents : Richard Munke & Allice Fradsall
Married.: 29 Oct 1713 Rugeley, Staffs.



KO10/70  (NX8L-JN)

Chr.: 13 Feb 1680 Rugeley, Staffs.
Parents : Walter Godwin (NX8L-GB) & Grace (NX8L-HH)
Issue of George & Margaret (Godwin) Monk:
1/1.  Alice Monk (NX8Z-MP) Chr.: 12 Sep 1714 Rugeley, Staffs.

Married: Henry Chadbiurne (NX8Z-LJ) 14/9/1748 Longdon, Staffs.

1/2. George Monk (NX8J-6N)   Chr.:  7 May 1716 Rugeley, Staffs.
1/3.  Thomas Monk (NX8J-7T)


KO11/137  (NX8L-D0)

From Ancestral File (AF2408J, 24/8/95):
Chr.: 21 Jan 1643 Rugeley, Staffs.
Parents: William Munke & Elizabeth Morris
Married: 15 Jul 1680 Penkridge, Staffs.


KO11/138  (NX8L-0W)

Born: [1643]
1/1. George Monk (NX8L-13) Abt 1681 Rugeley, Staffs.
1/2.  John Munke (NX8Z-NV)

Born: Abt 1684 Rugeley, Staffs.  Died: 1761 Rugeley, Staffs.
Married: Dorothy Parker (NX8Z-P2) 30/3/1714 Stretton, Staffs.

1/3. Joseph Munke (NX8L-3F)  Born: Abt 1685 Rugeley, Staffs.
1/4. Mary Munke (NX8Z-RD)    Born: Abt 1687 Rugeley, Staffs.

M: James Whittingslow (NX8Z-Q7) 29/12/1714  Eccleshall, Staffs.

1/5. Hanna Munke (NX90-W6)   Born: Abt 1688 Rugeley, Staffs.

Married: Richard Devill (NX90-V1) 9 Mar 1709 Rugeley, Staffs.

1/6. Richard Munke (NX8Z-SK) Born: Abt 1690 Rugeley, Staffs.

Married: Frances Mason (NX8Z-TQ) 21/12/1715 Eccleshall, Staffs.


KO12/139  (NX8L-GB)

From Ancestral File (AF2408J, 24/8/95):
Born: [1654]
Married:: Grace  (NX8L-HH)
Born: [1658] Bur.: 9 Nov 1684  Rugeley, Staffs.
1/1. Margaret Godwin (NX8L-JN)


KO12/273  (NX8L-74)

From Ancestral File (AF2408J, 24/8/95):
Born: [1612]  Rugeley, Staffs.
Married: 29 Sep 1630, Rugeley, Staffs.


KO12/274  (NX8L-89)

Chr.: 18 Mar 1612 Rugeley, Staffs.
1/1. William Munke (NX8L-9G) Chr.:  6 Mar 1636 Rugeley,

Bur.: 12 Apr 1636 Rugeley, Staffs.

1/2. Ellen Munke (NX8L-BM)   Chr.:  1 Mar 1637  Rugeley, Staffs.
1/3.  William Munke (NX8L-CS) Chr.:  1 Mar 1640 Rugeley, Staffs.
1/4.  Richard Munke (NX8L-D0)
1/5. Joan Munke (NX8Z-W3)    Chr.:  9 Jan 1649 Rugeley, Staffs.

Married: Isaac Harriman (NX8Z-VW) 2 May 1681 Lichfield, Staffs.


KO11/139  (NX8L-GB)

From Ancestral File (AF2408J, 24/8/95):
Born: [1654]
Married:: Grace  (NX8L-HH)
Born: [1658] Bur.: 9 Nov 1684  Rugeley, Staffs.
1/1. Margaret Godwin (NX8L-JN)

1891 Alrewas Census (all b Alrewas unless otherwise stated):
Main St: Charles Dolman (54, farmer), Elizabeth (52)

Fox Lane: Andrew Dolman, (32,Flour Mill Lab) Jane (33), Mary (12) Emily (11), William (9) George(7), Sarah (3), Elisha (32, Ag Lab), Charlotte (24, Portobello Scotland), Willm (1) Enoch (52, Road Lab), Ann (56), Willm (16, Coal Drawer)
William (56, Basket Maker Lab), Mary (61), Willm (17, Ag Lab)
Phineas (72, Basket Maker), Maria (63, Lichfield)
Thomas (77, Osier Dealer) Elizabeth ((65, Lichfield)
Joseph Adams (Hd, 70, Wid, farmer, Tatenhill) John D (nephew, 30 B'maker Rugeley), Harriet (niece 36 Tatenhill), Edward (1)

Main St:  Arthur (33, farm lab), Alice (27) Samuel W. (5), Arthur (3), Albert Ed (2), Baby (3wks)

William (83, wid, b'maker) + lodger
The Dock: William Waight (60 Ag Lab), Elizabeth (60), Thomas (38 Ag Lab)








The connection from Walter who married Elizabeth Greene in Penn to this generation of Trysull seems reasonable, but the downward connection is more uncertain, as is the upward one back to Walter of Alrewas. The Alrewas records of this time are very difficult to read.

Ch (IGI): Poss. 12/10/1671, Trysull.
Parents (IGI): Walter & Elizabeth (not given in IGI, but other Dolmans of period @ Trysull had these parents; children reflect grandparents names.
MarriedFMP: Ann Goraway, 2/3/1694-5 @ Lichfield Cathedral.

Issue (IGI ch @ Walsall):
1/1. Thomas Dolman (2/4/1695)FMP,

Ch: St Matthew, Walsall, 2/4/1695FMPt.  (AF ref AF2408I)
Parents: Thomas & Ann
This one too old for burial age?

1/2. Walter Dolman (15/12/1696)FMP,
1/3. Nathaniel Dolman (11/4/1682),
1/4. Ann Dolman (29/8/1700),
1/5. Elizabeth Dolman (8/11/1702),
1/6. Mary Dolman (17/6/1705),
1/7. Martha Dolman (6/6/1707)
IGI: Ann Dolman m. Thomas Nichols, Lichfield, 8/5/1733.



Ch (IGI): 3/10/1633 @ Alrewas.
Parents (IGI): John & Jane (Carrier).
Siblings: nil found.
Married (IGI): Elizabeth Greene @ Penn, 25/4/1667
Died: A Walter Dolman was buried Claverley, 2/10/1707. No will.
Issue (IGI ch @ Trysull):
1/1. Thomas Dolman (12/10/1671),
1/2. John (1/9/1675),
1/3. Nathaniel (11/4/1682).



Ch About 1601 @ Alrewas.
Married: Jane Carrier
1/1. Walter Dolman ch 3/10/1633

5 The Dolman family of Maiden Bradley & Salisbury, Wiltshire

Quote from:

There is much conjecture as to the origin of the name "Dolman".  The name is fairly common on the continent but there are also many records of the name predating the 16th Century in England.

This current research has shown rather an abundance of the name in the country, especially in the north midlands.  Burton on Trent, Stafford and Arle was consistently crop up in the GRO indexes for the 19th century.

Some reference books on surname meanings refer to the similarity between "dull" and the "dol" of Dolman but fail to reach consensus. Spelling variations include Dollman, Doleman or even Dolan. The descendants of one branch of the family in Maiden Bradley even change from Dolman to Doman and back again during successive generations and the literary standards of the times must be borne in mind when undertaking research.

The dictionary definition "a hussar's jacket" and "dolmen sleeves" may indicate a tailoring background but nothing of this nature has been discovered apart from the Dolmans of Newbury referred to later. Again, no connection here has yet been discovered.

Two major namesakes have been found recorded. One is the Reverend Dolman and his family from Pocklington Yorkshire. An extensive history may be found in genealogical biographies. No connection has been established.

Ref Terry O'Brian[xxiii] 4/2010:
Timothy Dolman of Maiden Bradley (MB), son of William Dolman & Hannah Gifford, baptised 13 Mar 1748 MB, married Mary Coleman MB 13 May 1775 - had 6 children (2 in baptised MB, 4 baptised in Longbridge Deverill).  The family, as Doman's, relocated to Longbridge Deverill, then Hill Deverill, and later some relocated to South Australia.

6 Owners of Shaw House 1581-1728: Dolmans of Berkshire

from (5/07)

Shaw House was completed in 1581 by Thomas Dolman, a member of a successful family who had made their fortune from the cloth industry in Newbury. This impressive manor has witnessed centuries of political and social tension and evidence exists for its contribution to some of the most notable events in English history.

Shaw House Watercolour The striking nature of its architecture established the Dolmans' position as pre-eminent in Newbury and the surrounding area. The Dolman family have been significant to the development of Shaw House; in all it was passed down through six generations between 1554 and 1728. During this time visitors to Shaw included several kings and queens on their royal progresses around the country as well as courtiers travelling from London to Bath. It then became the setting for part of the Second Battle of Newbury in 1644, acting as headquarters for Charles I, while hand-to-hand battle was fought in the gardens between his army and that of the Parliamentarians. Over the succeeding centuries Shaw House has been the country retreat of a Duke, the residence of an 18th century investor who had interests in the West Indian sugar plantations, and the home of a large Victorian family. At the outbreak of World War II the house was requisitioned by the War Office as accommodation for troops. Following the bombing of Newbury Senior Council schools in 1943 it took on its final role as a school for many generations of Newbury children. Having stood empty for over a decade a major restoration programme has rescued it from near dereliction and left it refurbished for the benefit of the community.

The Dolman family is traditionally considered to have come from Pocklington in Yorkshire
At All Saints Church, Pocklington there is a tomb to Thomas Dolman (d.1589) with his kneeling family. This is supported by the similarity of the Arms granted to Thomas Dolman II in 1587 to those of the Dolmans in Yorkshire as both feature wheatsheafs.

By 1536 Thomas Dolman appears to have inherited from his father since it is his name that appears on a document relating to a general statute on cloth measures. In this document Thomas is listed as a manufacturer of broadcloths (a heavy woollen cloth woven on a broadloom) and kerseys, (a heavy woollen cloth woven on one-man looms), which suggests that by this time the Dolmans had their own factory. Despite the importance of Newbury in the manufacture of cloth, Thomas Dolman understood the need to control the production of wool for the cloth in order to maximise his profit. It is no doubt that it was with this in mind that he purchased the Manor of Stanton in Gloucestershire, which at this time was one of the major areas for the production of fleeces. Dolman further advanced his ambitions by marrying Elizabeth Harrison of Southampton whose father owned ships involved in the transport of cloth to the continent.

The Dissolution of the Monasteries under Henry VIII lead to considerable amounts of land being available for aspiring families to improve their position. The Manor of Shaw had belonged to Winchester College until 1543 when it was exchanged for land with the Crown. It was not until 1554 that Thomas Dolman was able to buy the Manor of Shaw from Lord Clynton and Henry Herdson for £600. In 1557 Dolman purchased the remaining land and the mills on the manor which had remained in the ownership of the Crown, for the sum of £323.13s.4d. with:

"two water mills under one roof called the corn mill ....the stretch of river from the place called the Spout, to the footbridge and the fishing thereof."

At this time, when Thomas Dolman began to acquire land and property around Newbury, the cloth industry was declining as a result of an increase in cloth manufacture on the continent. Dolman's move from manufacturing to income derived from land and property was perfectly timed. He had made vast sums of money and like so many of his contemporaries he was ambitious to move up the social ladder. The acquisition of the Manor of Shaw enabled the Dolman family to gain a foothold amongst the landed gentry. Within fifty years of the purchase of Shaw their wealth and education projected them into the Court's innermost circles, by the early 17th century Shaw House was sufficiently impressive for the King and Queen to stay there on Royal Progresses.

Thomas Dolman II (1542-1622)

Thomas Dolman was educated at Oxford. He was granted Arms in 1587 and appointed Sheriff of Berkshire the following year. In 1591 he married Margaret Forster of Aldermaston, a member of an established gentry family. In 1598 Dolman became a Justice of the Peace. His first wife died in 1602 and Dolman married Ann Braye "a gentilwoman of London, daughter of Owen Braye deceased", the deed of the marriage settlement is dated December 1602. The Inventory of Thomas Dolman's property, made after his death in 1622, provides an invaluable guide to the original disposition of rooms at Shaw and gives an insight into the manner and quality of life in the house at this time.

Humphrey Dolman (1593-1666)

Humphrey Dolman is not associated with any changes to Shaw House and therefore it is likely that he continued to use the rooms as they were described in the 1622 Inventory. Like his father he was educated at Oxford and Lincoln's Inn. He married Anne Quarles, the daughter and heir to John Quarles a Merchant Adventurer of London, and their eldest child Thomas was born in 1621. In 1635 Humphrey Dolman was appointed Sheriff of Berkshire.

Humphrey's place in the history of Shaw is associated with the Second Battle of Newbury on 27th October 1644, when Shaw House was used as the King's headquarters. Donnington Castle, to the north west of Shaw, was a Royalist stronghold and Shaw House became an integral part of the defensive position that the King established to the north of Newbury. The river and marshy ground to the south of Shaw together with the raised terraces of the garden provided an obvious place for the King to have his headquarters.

Humphrey Dolman was nominated a member of the parliamentary committee of Berkshire in 1647, although his sons' estates were listed as sequestrated by the Parliamentary Commissioners. Throughout the remaining years of Humphrey's life there are periods when he alone is the signatory of official documents, and at other periods both Humphrey, and his son Thomas, sign. After the Restoration in 1660 Humphrey's name no longer appears. This may indicate that either Humphrey was ill and no longer capable of running the estates, or perhaps this transfer of control was in response to political events. In 1664, two years before Humphrey's death, it was Thomas who signed the document authenticating the Dolman pedigree when Elias Ashmole held his visitation.

Humphrey's nuncupative will was dictated in the presence of his doctors as he was "lying in his bed in an upper room (being his usual lodging and chamber) of his dwelling house in Shaw" on 13th May 1666. He simply left "all his estate whatsoever both within door and without" to his son Thomas.

Sir Thomas Dolman III (1621-1697)

Thomas, like most of his family, was educated at Oxford and Lincoln's Inn. He married Margaret (or Margery) Hobday, the daughter and heir of John Hobday of Thornton, Warwickshire in 1651. She died in 1686. In February 1661 Thomas Dolman was knighted as a reward for his support for the Crown during the Civil War. In the same year he became MP for Reading and he also was appointed as a JP.

From 1677 to 1685 he was Clerk to the Privy Council - a manuscript in the Inner Temple records that "Sir Edward Waller is dead & succeeded in the Council Chamber by Sir Thomas Dolman". Sir Thomas was opposed to the Catholic policies of James II and was removed from the bench in 1687.

Sir Thomas's eldest son Humphrey died in 1687 aged 35. The parish register for St Mary's Church, Shaw records his burial on 3rd July as Sir Humphrey Dolman, son of Sir Thomas Dolman. Little is known about Sir Humphrey, either the reason for his knighthood or his role in the history of Shaw.

Sir Thomas Dolman IV (1657-1711)

The death of his older brother in 1687 meant that Thomas Dolman became heir to Shaw at the age of thirty. After studying at Oxford he became an attorney at Lincoln's Inn in 1683. He married Dorothy Bell (daughter of John Harrison of Scarborough), the widow of Henry Bell the Windsor Herald but they did not have any children; she died in 1708. He became MP for Reading in 1705 and the fact that he had a house in Ayre Street, Westminster suggests that he took an active part in the government of the country. He also had a country house in Epping, Essex. He was a J.P. and Deputy Lieutenant of Berkshire, as well as being a colonel of the Berkshire Militia.

On October 27th & 28th 1703 Thomas and his wife entertained Queen Anne at Shaw on her return journey from Bath to London. Dolman was knighted at St James's on November 7th following this visit.

Sir Thomas died without issue and all of his six siblings died before him. The estate consequently passed to the surviving children of his brother Dr Lewis Dolman. Sir Thomas carefully listed the line of succession, allowing for Shaw to pass to his cousin Philip Henshaw if none of the Dolman heirs had children. In the event it was his niece Dorothy who inherited the estate but encumbered with debts she entered into sale negotiations with the Duke of Chandos in 1720.

James Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos (1674-1744)

James Brydges was descended from a long-established aristocratic family, his father being the 8th Lord Chandos of Sudeley, and the family had estates in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Radnorshire and Worcestershire. Educated at New College, Oxford, James Brydges' career moved swiftly and in 1698 he became MP for Hereford. His ambition to obtain a lucrative office of national importance was fulfilled in 1707 when he was appointed Paymaster General of the Queen's forces abroad. Officially responsible for the finances of Marlborough's campaigns in the Spanish Wars of succession (1702-1713), he handled huge sums of money that he managed to his own advantage and which made him enormously wealthy. There were a number of official posts available in government at this period where it was acknowledged that the shrewd use of this money for personal gain was considered an acceptable perk of the office. James Brydges however took this to new limits and he is estimated to have made between £600,000 and £700,000 during the period he held this position. In 1714 he not only succeeded his father as 9th Lord Chandos but was also created Viscount Wilton & Earl of Carnarvon in the honours at the accession of George I. He was elevated to Marquis of Carnarvon & Duke of Chandos in 1719.

(the Brydges family owned Boultibrooke House outside Presteigne, Radnorshire, two owners of which were friends of Antony Maitland from 1980 onwards).

Other Dolman wills:

Thomas Dolman of Tatenhill, d 18/8/1917 Prob to Sarah D. widow & Edith Nunns (wf of William Nunns) £981-15-7d
William Frederick Dolman of Derby St, Burton-on-Trent, d 16/10/1918, admin to Florence Mary Dolman, widow. £468-1-7d.
Harriett Elizabeth Dolman of Alrewas (wf of John D) d 8/2/1911 £28-6-2 to John D, Basket Maker.
Reuben Dolman of Mount Carmel St, Derby, d 19/11/1910 to Arthur Beaumont D & Alexander Lorrimer, clothiers. £3257-5-6d (aged 70)
Jemima Dolman of Inkerman House, Ashgate Rd, Chesterfield (wf of Henry Dolman, farmer) died 24/8/00. St C Chesterfield 7b 418, aged 63.

1871 Census, Chesterfield:
Henry Dolman, (33, Police Officer, Tucknall, Derby), Jemima (33, Wilson, Leicester), Matthew (11, Newhall, D.), Mary (9, Beedon), Lucy A. (6), Broward, Derby), Jemima (4, Derbyshire), Henry (4).

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Captain William Alexander Montgomery, Royal Irish Rifles, of Penthorn, Knockdene Park, Belfast.

For conspicuous gallantry in action. For five hours he fought a running fight in the trenches, and held up the enemy’s advance. Eventually he threw bombs himself till utterly exhausted, when he had to he carried to our lines. He set a splendid example all day.

A son of Mr. Harford H. Montgomery, Monacherra, Malone Park, Captain Montgomery was educated at Campbell College, Belfast, and afterwards entered the firm of Messrs. William Montgomery & Son., auctioneers and surveyors, in which he is a partner. He is a Fellow of the Sur­veyors' institute of London. He was wounded on 1st July last. Mrs. W. A. Montgomery was for­merly Miss Emily Dolman, Wolverhampton.

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[9] Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Sun, Aug 26, 2007 Page 43

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On August 23, 2007 Erna Wietzel of Westlock, Alberta passed away peacefully at the age of 88 years.

She will be greatly missed by her family grandchildren, Cam (Paulette) Wietzel of St. Albert, Kim (Jeff) Hamm of Sherwood Park and Kelly (Cindy) Wietzel of Fort McMurray; great-grandchildren Kaitlyr and Brett Wietzel, Amanda and Kevir Hamm and Connor, Morgan and Alex Wietzel; and daughter-in-law, Eileer Wietzel of Newbrook. Erna also leaves behind three sisters, Elsie Boger ol Castor, Cathy Dowhaniuk of Vegreville and Frieda (Brian) Dolman of Rimbey. She will be missed by the entire Wietzel and Engel families. Erna was predeceased by her husband of 56 years, John in 1994, sons Harold (1944) and Dennis (1989); and siblings Hilda, Olga and Fred.

Erna Engel, born in Romania, on September 3, 1918 immigrated with her family to the Castor area in 1928. After marrying John Wietzel in 1937, they moved to the Onoway area where they farmed until 1974, finally retiring in Westlock. Erna and John loved travelling, gardening and spending time with family and friends. Over the years many people have been recipients of her gifts, whether a beautiful quilt, fresh vegetables from her garden or a wonderful meal.
Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) Wed, Dec 1, 1993 Page 54

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On November 30. 1993. Mr Fred Engel of Edmonton passed away at the age of 58 years He is survived by his loving wife Connie, his two children. Lezley (Darcy) Lischynski of Castor. Gordon (Pam) Engel of Toronto; his four stepchildren. Herb Ewing. Brad (Sonya) Ewing. Brenda (Albert) Coutu, Bonnie (Geoff) McDonald; his grandchildren. Koral, Natalie, Nicole Brianne. Matthew and Shawn, his sisters Elsie (Henry) Bogar of Castor. Erna (John) Wietzel of Westlock, Olga Stemwand of Vegreville, Freida (Brian) Dolman of Rimbey. Kathy Dowhaniuk of Vegreville and numerous nieces and nephews

[10] Red Deer Advocate (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) Thu, Jun 20, 1985 Page 13

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Accident kills Rimbey farmer

RIMBEY — A 30-year-old Rimbey farmer was killed when he was pinned under a tractor that left a country road and rolled southwest of here Wednesday morning.

Neil Reginald Dolman apparently lost control of the tractor which rolled into the south ditch of a road about eight km from town, RCMP said today.

"That road had bumps there," his father Brian Dolman said.

“I think he just lost control because he had a tank full of water behind him on a trailer."

Besides his father, he is survived by his wife Marilyn, whom he married in 1980; children Jocelyn, 3, and Bradley, five months; and brothers Melvin and Rob. with whom he farmed.

Mr. Dolman was pulling a water wagon when the mishap occurred at about 10 a m A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m Monday in Rimbey Anglican Church.

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20 Jul 1674  Chilcote, Staffordshire,
Parents: William Beck (R9M3-6S) & Mrs. Dorothy Beck (R9M3-70)
Abt 1701 Chilcote, Staffordshire,
Married Mrs. Sarah BECK (R9M3-HC)
Born Abt 1675 Chilcote, Staffordshire,
chr: 23/2/1700 Chilcote, Staffordshire,
1/1. Mary Beck hr: 23/2/1700 Chilcote, Staffordshire,
1/2. Thomas Beck (R9M3-KP)

Chr.: 4 Oct 1702 Chilcote, Staffordshire,

1/3. William Beck (R9M3-LV)

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