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Dear Reader,

I am Antony Maitland living in Mid Wales with my children, my wife no longer being alive. I have researched, and am continuing to research, both our families, Maitlands and Kirk-Owens. When I look at a site, I want to find out as soon as possible if anything is relevant, therefore, to save the reader wading through long pages of irrelevant detail, here is a list of those names that are associated with the research that I have carried out.

For a little more detail, go to my Home Page or click on the family name which interests you and work from there. For interest, the total text content of this site is over 3600 A4 pages, with more in GEDCOM and jpg files, the latter containing a few photographs and trees as drawings. You may also contact me at the addresses and numbers at the contents page.


Main Famly Lines

The table below has the main family lines explored: click on one for a short cut to the relevant part of the site.

Armstrong of Illinois, USA

Armstrong of Ireland & Scotland

Branthwaites of Cumbria, England

Browns of Chester, England

Carpenters of Exeter, England

Chadwick of Ireland & Canada

Chapman of Newcastle & London

Cheesman of New England

Cleugh/Clough's of Newcastle

Coleys of English West Midlands

Copes of English Midlands

Dolman of Alrewas & Burton, England

Duntons of English West Midlands

Fryer of Birmingham & English Midlands

Hemmings of Worcestershire/Warwickshire

Henderson of Ontario, Canada & Antrim,Ireland

Ingols of New England

Kings of Reading, Berkshire, England

Kirk-Owen of Liverpool & Canada

Listers of Staffordshire & Shropshire,England

Maitlands of Scotland, Jamaica & England

Manchesters of New England

Owens of Liverpool

Pakenhams of Langford


LISTS There is a complete list of our ancestors on the following links. Only direct ancestors are listed, but within the files, each ancestor has a section under which is shown a descendancy as far as has been found. See:

Maitland Ancestor List

(Kirk)-Owen & Chadwick Direct Ancestors

Poole Ancestor List (mostly US)

Complete Ancestor List The links on the lists take the reader directly to the file containing the details of the individual concerned. As the site is split up into a number of relatively small files, it is not easy to search for non-direct line names. They can, however be found by downloading a Gedcom file if the reader has suitable software.

And for GEDCOM and other trees, see Tree List