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Issue Date: 3/12/2015.

The Parkes family of Willenhall, makers of Union Locks, includes Cope from Warwickshire and Turners from Staffordshire/Shropshire.

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1/1.  William Cyril Parkes 5-2

1/2. Arthur Josiah Parkes (1890-1968). 5-3


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1/1. Beatrice Parkes 6-2

1/2. Charlotte Parkes7. 6-3

1/3. William Edmund Parkes (7/4/1855-1920), 6-3

1/4. Josiah Parkes ("junior")9a,4: 6-3

1/5. Catherine Parkes. 6-4

1/6. Elizabeth Parkes: 6-4

1/7. John Parkes: 6-4

1/8. Ebeneezer Thomas Parkes. 6-5

1/9. James Harry Parkes9aw 6-7

DETAILS of JOSIAH PARKES (1823-1899): 6-9

DETAILS of CATHERINE COPE (1822-1903): 6-10

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DETAILS OF JOSIAH PARKES (1778-1845): 7-11

DETAILS of BEATRICE TURNER (1800-1864): 7-11



DETAILS of WILLIAM COPE (1799-1861): 7-14

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William Parkes etc Al 8-3




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JOHN COPE d. 1619 9-4

RICHARD COPE b 1637 9-4

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Elizabeth Davis 10-1




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12.      TURNER FAMILY 12-1



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16.      Other Family Info: 16-1

Cope Family from Brannon Cope website: 16-1

From Graham Sadler, 16-2

Descendants of Benjamin Broadmeadow Cooper 16-3

Descendants of William Riddle 16-5

17.      Towns & Villages 17-9

Bobbington 17-9


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1. Civil BMD Records              2. Parish Records.
3. IGI/AF.                        4. Census.
5. Family interview.              6: Newspaper & other publications   
7: Wills                          8: Tombstone
9. Family History                 9w: JP&S Documented history.
9a: AS Parkes.                    9p: Photo Albums.
10: trade directory               JB: Jill Bradley

A. Civil BMD Records                B. Parish Records.
D. IGI/AF.                          C. Census.
E. Family interview.                F: Newspaper & other pubs.
G: Wills                            H: MI
J. Family History                   K: JP&S Documented history.
ASP: AS Parkes.                     P: Photo Albums.
T: trade directory

Brannon Cope Web site:

Wills: Lichfield indices have been searched for Parkes, Cope, Richardson, Gandy & Lister. Little has been found, most of our Parkes ancestors were of humble origin and left no trail. These wills are complicated by being in Peculiar Courts, and divided between Worcester and Lichfield, with some Shropshire wills in Hereford, in particular Broseley.

Endnotes contain source references (1,2,3...)
Footnotes (i,ii,iii ...) contain other references such as emails etc which should not be on the HTML files.

Trade Directories:
The_Universal_British_Directory_of_Trade 1791 Vol 2
Wrightsons 1818 Birmingham – no relevant entries
Staffs 1834
Pigot 1828-9
Slaters (ex Pigot) 1847
Post Office Directory, 1850.

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Elizabeth Davis Ch: Himley 8/4/1672 of James & Mary Davis
Burials: Tipton, Rowley Regis, Himley



                        RICHARD PARKES

                 |JOSIAH PARKES

                 |                       |Thomas Dunton

                 |                 |Isaac Dunton

                 |                 |     |       |John Blakemyre     

                 |                 |     |     |John Blakemyre

                 |                 |     |Judith Blakemore

                 |                 |           |Alice Poole

                 |           |Thomas Dunton

                 |           |     |Ann Fellows

                 |      JANE DUNTON

                 |           |     |Samuel Whitehouse

                 |           |Jane Whitehouse

           |JOSIAH PARKES

           |     |           |Richard Turner

           |     |     |WILLIAM TURNER

           |     |BEATRICE TURNER

           |           |     |William Cooper

           |           |Sarah Cooper

           |                  |     |James Sparrey

           |                  |Elizabeth Sparrey

           |                       |Elizabeth Sparrey


     |     |                 |RICHARD COPE

     |     |           |RICHARD COPE

     |     |           |     |    |Francis Richardson 

     |     |           |     |SARAH RICHARDSON

     |     |     |WILLIAM COPE

     |     |CATHERINE COPE

     |           |      JOHN GANDY

     |           |SARAH GANDY

Arthur Parkes



1. Willenhall
2. Lock Making in Walsall (& Willenhall)
3. Bobbington
4. Trysull

Fryer Family
Parkes Wills full text




     Our Parkes family originated in the West Midlands and were the founders and major shareholders in Josiah Parkes & Sons, lock manufacturers of Willenhall, whose trademark "Union" became well known in the world building trade. The Parkes name, unusual in much of England, is a very common name in the Midlands.
    They married into various families, some of whom were migrants from the country areas, presumably in search of work. The rise of this family and the country immigrants to the industrial areas is an example of the way the population moved and built up during and after the English Industrial Revolution.
     The line can be traced back to Richard Parkes, a baker, born in Dudley about 1742. The plethora of Parkes's in the area makes it difficult to go further back with any certainty. Richard was probably mayor of Dudley and there was a William Parkes as a baker in Dudley in the mid 18thC: it seems very unlikely that they were not related, but no connection has been found (yet, Dec 2015). We descend from Richard's son, Josiah by his third wife (of four), Jane Dunton, whose family goes back to the early 17thC in Dudley. Josiah 1 was at first a schoolteacher and later a dyer in Bilston. His son, Josiah 2, by his second wife, Beatrice Turner, was the Josiah Parkes who founded the Lock business. The Turners came from an extensive family in and around Bobbington, South West of Wolverhampton. Josiah 2's wife, Catherine Cope, was from a Warwickshire family who probably appeared in the area via work on the newly built canals.
     The lock business was continued into the 20thC by Josiah 2's eldest son, William Edmund (WEP) and later by WEP's sons, Cyril and Arthur. Their mother, Elizabeth Fryer, came from a family of painters and decorators from near Alcester in Warwickshire. Arthur Parkes was the grandfather of the author of this paper. This male Parkes line died out with Arthur and Cyril, both of whom had daughters only. The family remained involved in the business for one more generation, with Donald Maitland who married Arthur's elder daughter, Rosemary.
     The initial research on this branch of the family was carried out on behalf of Professor Sir Alan Parkes, FRS, justifying his request for grant of Arms. He published it in an appendix to his autobiography.
     There were Parkes in Willenhall in 1770 Trade Directory, but probably not our branch. They were Brass Knob Lock Makers of Little London. The trade directories of the time show how the manual trades of an industry such as lockmaking were divided, showing people with specific trades such as key maker. In later times, these specialities disappeared into the main businesses. An interesting effect of this early craft industry was that locks and door furniture were personal, valuable property. Many pre industrialisation doors show how the door furniture was changed frequently as owners moved on, taking their locks with them.
    Papers on industrialisation in Britain, with reference to Canals, and other items of interest is found here.

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Issue of Arthur and Ethel (Lister) Parkes:
1/1. Rosemary Parkes, married Donald Maitland.
1/2. Elizabeth Ursula (Bunch) Parkes, married Peter Waddell.


5.                ******************** GENERATION 5 ***********************



WE Parkes Picture



William, Elizabeth, AJ & CW Parkes (DH Collection, AJ Susser photograph)

BC, MC, DC & Will held.
BornA: 7/4/1855 at father's address: Union St, Willenhall. 
Parents: Josiah & Catherine (Cope) Parkes.
Died: 20/6/1920, of Fernside, the Manor, Willenhall.
Married: Elizabeth Fryer on 18/5/1881, Birmingham.

The following description of WE Parkes is compiled from histories of Josiah Parkes & Sons and from census and other records.

     In 1866, He was at Mr F.K. Williams Commercial & Mathematical Academy, Pipe Hall, Bilston. Two books of his "penmanship" from 1866 and 1868 have survived. The second finishes with a pencil drawing of a country dwelling dated Xmas 1868, and is well executed for a 13 year old. Maybe this is where his son, Arthur's painting skill came from[1].
     WE joined his father and brothers as a clerk in JP&S in 1870's, when Josiah set up a company with him as iron merchants and hardware factors and they moved into 28 Doctor's Piece. By 1880 business was doing well enough for Josiah to employ three men and expand the premises to 18, 29 & 30 Doctor's Piece, and Josiah Parkes, jnr and John Parkes both joined the firm, which changed its name to Josiah Parkes and Sons. William Edmund concentrated on the hardware section and Josiah looked after the iron merchanting[2].
      William lived at Doctor's Piece in the 1880's, but was staying with the Fryer family in Birmingham in the day of the Census in 1881: this removed any doubt about the correct Fryer line! He then described himself as a hardware merchant.[3]
     In 1887 Josiah Parkes Snr retired and in January 1888 a new partnership under the same name was established between William Edmund, John and James Harry Parkes. Josiah Parkes Jnr carried on the iron merchanting business by himself, whilst the other brothers decided to concentrate on the manufacture of locks. William was Chairman from 1916 or earlier until his death in 1920[4].
     A photograph exits of William and his wife, Elizabeth, as a young couple in a formal pose. The photographers address was in Sunderland: perhaps the picture was taken on their honeymoon?
     William and Elizabeth lived at Walsall Rd, Willenhall in 1890 when their younger son, AJ Parkes was born, and later (ref RJLP) the Manor Estate, Willenhall (inheriting his father's house, Fernside) and Paget Rd (WEP).  He was a Justice of the Peace and on the newly formed Willenhall Urban District Council[5].
     When his father died in 1899, he was of Thompson St. By 1901, he and his brothers, Josiah and Harry, his mother and Samuel Lister lived in Bank Street, Willenhall.
     He left the majority of his estate, after provision for Elizabeth, to his two sons, with the option of WCP gaining the controlling interest in the Company, which is what happened, something which annoyed the younger son, AJP, in later life[6].
     An attempt was made by the trustees of his will to simplify the will and leave all equally between the sons. It appears to have failed.
     In surviving photographs, he appears to be a humorous man, always with a nice smile on his face and neatly turned out, with a beard. Like most of his contemporary family, he seems to have been religious, probably Methodist, and maybe teetotal (on the slim evidence of staying at a temperance hotel in Liverpool in 1912!).



BC, MC, DC & Will held.
Born[7]: 28/3/1853 @ Lady Wood Grove, Edgbaston.
Parents: William, (Plumber & Glazier) & Caroline (Stait) Fryer.
Married: W.E. Parkes
DiedA: 18/5/1927 @ Draycott Cottage, Newbridge Rd, W'ton.

Elizabeth Fryer seems to have been born at her brother's house in Egbaston. The family lived in Birmingham, but retained contact with her mother's family in Temple Grafton, Warwickshire, visiting in 18614. The presence of her fiancee in the 1881 census staying in her parental home confirms that this is the correct Elizabeth Fryer. It appears that her Fryer grandfather lived in Union Street, Willenhall, this being probably the connection (see William Fryer below). We have a photograph album, put together by her for William Cyril, the annotations show her affection for her husband: there are a few pictures of her, in particular one of her as a pretty girl of about 11 years old. She only appears as an old lady in AJ Parkes' photograph album with his family on holidays in Wales. Her granddaughter, RJLP, has little memory of her.
From photograph inscription, probably lived at Draycott Cottage, Newbridge Avenue, Sept 1922-May 1927
For full details, see Fryer Family File

Issue of WE Parkes & Elizabeth Fryer:

1/1.  William Cyril Parkes[8]

Born5: 3/12/1887
Died5: 8/3/1966, Funeral 15/3 1230 St Giles Willenhall.
Married5: Beatrice Newman. (b abt 1880, d 5/4/1965), prob abt July 1918.

Beatrice Newman, dau of Thomas & Emma,
Ch of Thomas & Emma: Betty, Em, Bea & Maude.
Thomas Newman, res 170, Sweetman St, 1890
Thomas s of Thomas & Elizabeth

William Cyril Parkes (later CW Parkes, CWP - his wife did not approve of the initials "WC"!), elder son of William Edmund Parkes, joined the family business in 1903.
Medal Awards show was Captain during the 1st war, sailing to France 1/3/1915 in the 6th South Staffordshire Regiment, and was awarded the Victory medal and the 1915 Star. In May 1916, he may have been a Captain, 6th Battalion (South Staffs), TA. He was a Captain when AJP married, 4/1915.

Looking at the regimental records, he must have been in the 1/6th battalion, the South Staffs.
1/5th Battalion, Territorials:
August 1914: in Walsall. Part of Staffordshire Brigade in North Midland Division. Moved to Luton area and in November 1914 went on to Bishops Stortford.
Landed at Le Havre 3 March 1915.
12 May 1915 : formation became the 137th Brigade, 46th (North Midland) Division.
January 1916: moved to Egypt, returning to France next month.
1/6th Battalion
August 1914: in Wolverhampton. Record same as 1/5th Bn.

He was seriously wounded about 1916, and invalided out of the service. He rejoined JP&S with his father. After the latter's death in 1920, CWP became MD and was shortly joined by AJP. He remained as Chairman for much of the rest of his life. Under the terms of his father's will, he was the major shareholder in JP&S. He was a keen country sports person, shooting and salmon fishing.
2/1. Joy Bridget Parkes, born 8/3/1922, Wolverhampton,

died 1995, near Angouleme, France.
Married: Norman Athol Power - further details

1/2. Arthur Josiah Parkes (1890-1968).


Married: Elizabeth Fryer
Married on 18/5/1881, at Mount Zion Chapel, Graham St, B'ham. (Baptist)
His Age: 26. His Occupation: Hardware Merchant.
Residence: Doctor's Piece, Willenhall.
Father: Josiah, his occupation: Hardware Merchant.
Her Age: 28. residing at Broad St Birmingham.
Her father: William Fryer, his occupation: Painter & Decorator.
Witnesses: Josiah Parkes jnr & Elizabeth Parkes.
           (WEP's Brother & sister)
1861 Census: Union St, Willenhall with family.
1864: Trades Directory, W & J Parkes, Iron Merchants, Lock Latch & Bolt makers, Union St.
1871 Census, Union St, Willenhall:
Josiah (48, Iron Merchant, Gornal), Catherine (49, Bilston), William Edmund (17, Clerk to Iron Merchant), Josiah (14), John (9), Elizabeth (11), Ebeneezer Thomas (7), James Harry (4) All children born in Willenhall.
1881 Census:
He was visiting the Fryers at Broad St B'ham but his parents were at 7, Doctor's Piece, Willenhall.
1881 (Marriage): age 26, Hardware Merchant @ Doctor's Piece, Willenhall.
1891 Census: 6, Walsall Rd, Willenhall:
William E. (36, Hardware Merchant, Willenhall), Elizabeth (38, B'ham, Warwick), William C. (3, Willenhall), Arthur J (0, Willenhall).
1899 (father's death): Thompson St, Willenhall.
1901 Census, Bank St, Willenhall:
Will'm Edmund Parkes (Hd, 45, Lock Manufacturer, Employer, Willenhall), Elizabeth (48, B'ham), Wm Cyril (13, W'hall), Arthur Josiah (10, W'hall)
1903 (mother's death): Fernside, The Manor, Willenhall.
1911 Census: 21, Bank St, Willenhall:
William Edmund Parkes (Hd, 55, Married 29 yrs, 2 children living & born, Lock manufacturer, employer, Willenhall), Elizabeth (wf, 59, B’ham), William Cyril (23, Manager lock manufacturer, Willenhall), Arthur Josiah (22, Civil Engineer, Willenhall), Daisy Brown (22, domestic servant).
1915: Lock Manufacturer.

Probate Lichfield, to AJP & WCP, Lock Manufacturers, & Walter John Edwards, chartered accountant, £16187-0-5d
Will dated 2/12/1917, appointed WC Parkes, AJ Parkes & Walter John Edwards of Waterloo Street Birmingham (Chartered Accountant) Trustees & Executors.
To Elizabeth Parkes, Furniture and household effects
To WC Parkes, 3000 Ordinary shares in JP&S.
To AJ Parkes, 3000 Preference shares in JP&S.
An annuity of 400 pounds for life to wife Elizabeth Parkes.
An annuity of 52 pounds for life to sister Charlotte Foster. An annuity of 52 pounds for life to sister Elizabeth Baxter.
The residuary estate to be divided between sons in equal shares, but that WCP shall be at liberty to take as part of his share and at a value made in accordance with the Articles of Association two thirds of the Ordinary Shares in JP&S which may form part of my residuary estate.

For Full Text of Will

Found in Dower House collection (34-04):
Addressed to Miss Lizzie Fryer, 102 Broad St and redirected to 155 Broad St.

Doctors Piece, Willenhall
Tuesday August 17th 1875.

Dear Lizzie,
     I trust that long ere this you have arrived safe at home, and you will see by this that I am here quite safe. I had a special train from Bescot, being the only passenger to Willenhall and so that you may be sure I did not have quite so much crushing etc as there was at Walsall. I hope that you enjoyed yourself during your short stay here, I shall be very happy indeed when I shall see you here again.
    Dear Elizza, I hope I am not too late to ask you for your love and to offer mine in return, so that we may for ever be happy in each others fellowship. I had thought of speaking personally to you about this but did not have a favourable opportunity so I resolved to write and I do pray that I may receive a favourable reply from you whom I so dearly love so now dearest Lizzie I must conclude this short note praying that the blessing of him that dwelt in the bush ever abide upon both of us and that we may blessed for aye. Awaiting your reply, Your affectionately, Wllm E Parkes.
  Post script: I shall write to Mr Fryer upon receipt of a favourable reply from you. WEP

So what happened between 1875 and their marriage in 1881!?
WEP at this time was only 20 and she 22.

6.                ********************* GENERATION 6 ***********************



Census 61,71,81,91
PR ch, MC, DC, Will.
PR/IGI shows:
ChB: 9/9/1823 @ Lower Gornal Chapel (records start mid 1823)
     Abode: Upper Gornal.
Parents: Josiah & Beatrice (Turner) Parkes
DiedA: Fernside, Willenhall, 7/8/1899, aged 76 (ref Tombstone).
DC gives address: Bank St, Willenhall, age 75, retired iron-merchant.
MarriedA: Catherine Cope 10/10/1847 @ Independent Chapel, Queen St?  Wolverhampton.

The following is an amalgam of verbal records (mainly DS Maitland) and a good history of JP&S prepared by the Chubb Archivist.

     Josiah and his elder brother were both born in Gornal, and were "chapel": Josiah's eldest son, William was a Methodist and brought his sons up in that branch of Christianity. The Methodist church was strong in the industrial areas in Victorian times, and encouraged the widespread use of biblical names for the children.[9]
    Josiah Parkes and Sons Ltd (lock manufacturers) was founded around 1840 in Willenhall by Josiah Parkes (1823-99) and his brother, William, and they began their partnership as iron merchants, having premises at 28, 29 and 30 Doctor's Piece. Josiah Parkes had been apprenticed to Hickman's Iron Works in Bilston and was an iron roller, living with his parents in Oxford Street, between 1841 and 1847, when he was married, but in the evenings he helped his brothers in the ironmongery. His wife's family also lived in Bilston, where her father was a labourer. When he was 27, he and his wife, Catherine, moved to premises at 3, Union Street and Josiah began working full-time in the ironmongers. The Parkes brothers traded very successfully in iron and steel with the locksmiths and also traded in the smith's finished products. Most small businesses at this time operated out of workshops at the back of their houses and this is what William and Josiah had been doing, But in 1861 they moved to larger premises - William to 78 Union St with his wife, Elizabeth and four children, and Josiah to 77 Union St with his wife and five children. As the business grew the Parkes children came into the Company.  William's three sons all joined as iron merchants clerks.
    Josiah Parkes had five sons, who were younger than their cousins. Friction developed between the two families about who was going to control the business. To resolve the problem, William and Josiah dissolved the partnership around 1873 and set up two separate businesses, Josiah Parkes and Sons and Parkes, Parkes and Co., both trading from the same address. Later, in 1880, Parkes, Parkes & Co were at 88 Union St, Rim lock makers.
     During the 1870's and 1880's, the company expanded when Josiah's sons joined the company and Josiah set up a company with one of his sons - William Edmund - as iron merchants and hardware factors and they moved into 28 Doctor's Piece. By 1880 business was doing well enough for Josiah to employ three men and expand the premises to 18, 29 & 30 Doctor's Piece, and Josiah Parkes, jnr and John Parkes both joined the firm, which changed its name to Josiah Parkes and Sons. William Edmund concentrated on the hardware section and Josiah looked after the iron merchanting.
     In 1887 Josiah Parkes Snr retired and in January 1888 a new partnership under the same name was  established between William Edmund, John and James Harry Parkes. Josiah Parkes Jnr carried on the iron merchanting business by himself, whilst the other brothers decided to concentrate on the manufacture of locks[10].
     Josiah remained involved with the business as is shown by a photograph of the staff of JP&S with Josiah (and Catherine looking very severe and unamused Victorian) in the guise of the patriarch.
     As well as those of his sons who joined him in the business, two of his sons-in-law, Leonard Baxter (who apparently married two of Josiah's daughters in turn, Beatrice and Elizabeth) and Richard Foster were also involved.[11]
     He and many of his family are commemorated on a grand tombstone in the Apostolic Temple in Willenhall. This confirmed some details of his family.
     Full details of census etc are shown after children list. His estate was valued at £812, with ET Parkes as executor. He left 8 dwellinghouses, 2 fronting Wood Street, Willenhall and 6 at the back of them, to Catherine for life and then in equal shares to sons Josiah, William and Harry. The rest of his personal and real estate was left to his wife. If his wife predeceased him, this remainder would have been left to his daughters, Charlotte and Elizabeth. It must be assumed that as the three sons were already in business, he had already passed them much of his property and was providing for his daughters' families. The same arrangements were repeated in Catherine's will.



PR Ch, MC, Will.
ChA: 10/3/1822 @ Bilston. abode Bradeley, father a Labourer.
Parents: William & Sarah (Gandy) Cope.
Married: Josiah Parkes, 10/10/1847,
DiedA: at Willenhall 14/11/1903, aged 81 (ref Tombstone @ Willenhall).
     DC gives address as Laurel Cottage, Temple Bar.

    Little is known of Catherine Cope; she was born in Bradeley, near Bilston where she was christened. Her father was a labourer. Before her marriage, she was a dressmaker. She and Josiah probably met in Bilston, where she was living with her father. It may be of significance that Josiah's parents and Charlotte's were both married within a year of each other in West Bromwich - maybe this was the earlier connection.
     In her will, she left the income on half of her estate to each of her two surviving daughters, Charlotte and Elizabeth, for their lives. On their deaths, the residue was to be split "per stirpes" between the surviving children and grandchildren.
1901 Census, Bank St, Willenhall:
"Caroline" Parkes (wid, 80, Bradley), May Baxter (g/dau, 21, Willenhall)

Issue of Josiah Parkes & Catherine Cope:

1/1. Beatrice Parkes9a:

Born: 1853 (census) prob reg Wolverhampton 6b 380 1853 Q3 – Mary Beatrice.

Married: Leonard Baxter b. 15/2/1854, Stafford St, Willenhall, son of Richard & Jane (Hinkley) Baxter, a Key Stamper, (ref
(Ref WEP Photo Album notes and tombstone), Leonard later married her sister, Elizabeth. He worked in the business (JP&S).

…of Doctor’s Piece, Willenhall, dau of Josiah Parkes as Iron Merchant, married 15.9.1877 at Baptist Chapel, Willenhall. Wit Josiah Parkes & Elizabeth Parkes, William E. Parkes ref Wolverhampton Sept 1877. LB an Iron stamper of Wood St, Willenhall.
LB died 30/8/1918 at Upper Penn, retired manufacturer of Drop Forging Steel. (Newspaper from

Died8: 8/4/1887 aged 33 (on Tombstone, called daughter of Josiah).
1871 Census: Wood St, Willenhall, pawnbroker, 18, with Charlotte.
1881 Census, 19, Cemetary Rd, Willenhall:
Leonard Baxter (27, Stamper, Willenhall), Beatrice (28, Willenhall), Lillian Beatrice (2, Willenhall), Mabel Catherine (1, Willenhall).
1891 Census, Regent St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Leonard Baxter (36, Stamper & Piercer in Iron & Steel), Elizabeth (31), Mabel (11, Scholar), Jessie (6, scholar), Leonard J (2), Dorothy (1).
1901 Census, 28 Temple Bar, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Leonard (Hd, 49, Stamper, Employer), Lizzie (wf, 41), Leonard (son 12), Harold (son, 9), Dorothy (dau, 11), Jane (mother, wid, 76).
1911 Census, Wellesley Place, Penn Fields:
Leonard (Hd, 57, M Stamper & Pudler, Iron master, employer), Elizabeth (wf, 50, M 23 yrs, 4 born live, 3 living), Mabel Catherine (dau, 30, single), Jessie Elizabeth (dau, 26), Leonard (son, 22, Stamper, iron worker, worker), Dorothy Nellie (dau 21, single), Harold John (son, 19, auctioneer pupil).

2/19p. Lilian Beatrice Baxter, born 1879. (ref WEP Album),

B 13/6/1878, Cemetary Rd, Willenhall.
1891 CensusJB, Regent St, Willenhall, aged 12 with g'mother Jane Baxter (aged 67).
1901 CensusJB, The Terretts, Lapworth, Solihull.
Governess to children of Edwin Clutterbuck.
Died 27/10/1954, of Hillcrest, 30 Richmond Rd, Wolverhampton, spin. Proved by Leonard John Baxter of Hillcrest, 70 Highfield Topsham Devon, Estate Agent nephew of the deceased and Dorothy Jean Connale, of the Rosary, fourdess? Lane, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbott, Devon (wife of Michael James Connale), niece of the deceased, the executors.
£3520-17-9, net £3469-19-0. ( newspapers).

2/2. Mabel (May) Catherine Baxter, born 1880.

1901 Census: Bank St, Willenhall, with grandmother, Catherine.

2/3. Jessie Elizabeth Baxter, b abt 1884

1/2. Charlotte Parkes7.

Born 1854, Willenhall (Census) prob reg Wolverhampton 6b 453 1854 Q2.
Revealed in WE Parkes will, when he left a legacy to his sister, Charlotte Foster. A legatee in Josiah & Catherine Parkes's wills.
Married Richard Foster, an employee of JP&S.

Probate Index: None obvious for Richard Foster or Charlotte.

1871 Census: Wood St, Willenhall, pawnbroker, 17, with Beatrice.
1881 Census, 60 New Hall Rd, Willenhall:
Richard Foster (31, Willenhall), Charlotte (27, Willenhall), Ernest J (2), Richard WC (1).
1891 Census, Temple Bar, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Richard W. Foster (39, File Cutter (master)), Charlotte (36), Ernest J. (12, scholar), Richard W. (10, Scholar), Charlotte (8, scholar), Tom (2).
1901 Census, 89, Union?? St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Richard Foster (49, Lock Manufacturer), Charlotte (47), Ernest (22, Factor Clerk), Richard (21, Engineer), Lottie (19), Tom (12).
1911 Census, Willenhall (all b Willenhall).
Richard Foster (Hd. 59, File Mfr, worker), Charlotte (wf, 57, 35 yrs married, 6 children b alive, 4 still living, 2 died), Ernest foster (son, 32, wid, manager, Lockworker), Lottie Foster (dau, 28, Single), Tom Foster (son, 22, single, Ironmonger, worker)  Guermie? Foster (g/dau, 2)

Issue (as shown in photographs & census):
2/1. Mr Ernest J. Foster, b abt 1879, shown in JP&S group
2/2. Richard W.C. Foster b abt 1880, shown in JP&S group photo.
2/3. Rosie Foster, who "died early (from photo title)".
2/4. Charlotte Foster, b abt 1882.

Died 25/2/1969.
Ref Pateman Tree, Rootsweb Wold Connect.
Married Francis Brockett, (b 9/7/1887, Therfield, Herts, d 25/2/1969) 31/10/1907, Hitchin, Herts. A descendant a family of Brocketts in Hertfordshire, not immediately connected with Lord Brockett.
3/1. Geoffrey Brockett, d 1/1998
3/2. Bernard Francis Brockett, (7/10/1909-9/1/1998),
   M. Ida Nottage (4/3/1909-26/9/1996)
   4/1. Michael Francis Brockett (b 4/12/1935)

2/5. Thomas Alexander Foster, b. abt 1889. Poss M. Annie E.
   Whitehouse, 1915JB.


1/3. William Edmund Parkes (7/4/1855-1920),

1/4. Josiah Parkes ("junior")9a,4:

Born: 1857 Prob Reg Wolverhampton 6b 442 1857 Q1
Probate Index: Nil.
Married: Clara EdgeJB abt 1882, Aston, shown as "Mrs Josiah jnr" in photograph.  Joined father and brothers in JP&S, but later carried on the iron merchanting business by himself9w.
1879: Josiah Parkes, jnr awarded £32 against Philip Taylor, Clothier St, Willenhall, lock Manufacturer (Judges Orders etc)[12].
1881: with parents
1890: @ Morley House, Willenhall,A0
1890: Parkes, Parkes & Co, 88 Union St.A0
1892 a Brassfounder of Wood St.A0
1891 Census, Walsall Rd, Willenhall, (all b W'hall, ex Clara B'ham):
Josiah Parkes (34, Iron Merchant), Clara (36), Florence (8), Ewart WJ (5mths).
1901 Census, Bank St, Willenhall:
Josiah Parkes (Hd, 44, Ironmerchant, Employer, Willenhall), Clara (Wf, 46, B'ham), Florence (dau, 18, Willenhall), Ewert Josiah (10, W'hall).
1911 Census, 43, Compton Rd, Wolverhampton:
Clara Parkes (Hd, 57, Married, B’ham), Florence Elizabeth (dau, single, Willenhall), Ewart William Josiah, (20, Bank Clerk, Willenhall).
2/1. Florence Elizabeth Parkes, 1883, Willenhall.
2/2. Ewert William Josiah Parkes, 1891, Willenhall.

1/5. Catherine Parkes.

Born: 1858, died 18/10/1858 aged 7 months (ref Tombstone).

1/6. Elizabeth Parkes:

Born: 1859 in Willenhall (Census). Prob Reg Wolverhampton 6b 461 1859 Q4.
Married: Leonard Baxter as second wife.
Died: Elizabeth 1926 (ASP)
A legatee in Josiah & Catherine Parkes's wills.
(referred to in WEP Album and WE Parkes will).
1891 Census, Regent St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Leonard Baxter (36, Stamper & Piercer in Iron & Steel), Elizabeth (31), Mabel (11, Scholar), Jessie (6, scholar), Leonard J. (2) Dorothy (1).
1901 Census, 28, Temple Bar, Willenhall (all b. Willenhall):
Leonard Baxter (47, Employer), Lizzie (41), Leonard J.(12), Dorothy (11), Harold (9), Jane (mother, wid, 76).

Probate Index: Leonard Baxter of Wellesley Penn Fields, Wolverhampton, died 30 August 1918 Probate Lichfield, 13 February 1919 to Ebenezer Thomas Parkes bank manager and Harold John Baxter a lieutenant in H.M. Army. Effects £5554.

Issue (ASP):
2/1. Leonard Josiah Baxter, born abt 1889.
2/2. Dorothy Nellie Baxter, born abt 1890.
2/3. Harold John Baxter, born abt 1892.

1/7. John Parkes:

Born: 1862, Willenhall (Census). Prob Reg Wolverhampton 6b 427 1861 Q4.
Married: Elizabeth SharpASP 1890, SunderlandJB.
Worked in the family business. (ref JP&S)
Died8: 26/2/1893 (age 31  ref tombstone)

Probate Index: John Parkes of Walsall Road, Willenhall Staffordshire, factor, died 26 February 1893 at 8 Salem Street, Sunderland, county Durham. Administration Lichfield to Elizabeth Parkes, widow. Effects £1325.

Joined father & brothers in JP&S.
1891 Census, Walsall Rd, Willenhall:
John Parkes (29, Hardware Merchant, Willenhall), Elizabeth (23, Durham), Florence A Sharp (visitor, 18, prob Durham).
2/1. John Wilfred Parkes (1891-1967, ref ASP).

A Chemist, FRIC, worked in chemical industry, latterly for W & HM Goulding (Dublin) in Ireland. See AS Parkes for more details.

2/2. Harold Ebeneezer Parkes b 1893 (ASP & Census).

Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 11:59:19 +0100
From: "allen hindmarsh"[i]
John Parkes married Elizabeth Sharp.
Her father was Taylorson Sharp who married Elizabeth Fowler.
His father was Wm Sharp who married Elizabeth Tonkinson 22 June (my birthday but 1948!) 1832
Elizabeth Tonkinson was the daughter of Wm Tonkinson and Frances Garthwaite who married 8 December 1811
Their son, Henry Tonkinson born 31 October 1832 in Hull  married Sarah Robson 24 Dec 1854 in Bishopwearmouth Durham.
Their son William Tonkinson born 20 August 1862 in Sunderland married Emily Judith Saxby 17 September 1894.
....slowly getting there.....
Her father was Wm Alfred Saxby who married Elizabeth Bowman (date as yet not known)
His father was Samuel Saxby who married 1) Elizabeth Looker abt 1822 and 2) Nancy Brignall 15 June 1824
My cousin in Canada, Dan Lee, is a direct descendant from this Saxby line!
Sam and Elizabeth had a son born abt 1835 in Orsett Sussex who married Rebecca Skeggs 1 November 1856.
Their son Samuel Saxby born abt 1858 Hornchurch Sussex married Susannah Tickner Sep qtr 1879 Romford District
Their son William Henry Saxby born abt 1895 married Mabel Sarah Constance Keel in 1917
To put the Keel's into context, my mothers sister, Queenie Hooper married Cyril Alfred Jellicoe Keel 16 March 1942.
His father was Alfred Edward Keel who married Lilly Ann Butler8 April 1899.
His father was Richard Keel who married Elizabeth Feltham 14 October 1849.
Their son Herbert Keel had a Liaison with Lois Brown and hence Mabel Sarah Constance Keel was born 16 November 1894.
Wm Henry and Mabel Emigrated to Canada around about 1923. Their daughter Dorothy Saxby married Daniel William Lee.
Their son is Daniel Lee born 21 October 1950 Oshawo Canada.
Queenie Hoopers sister, Amy Rosina Hooper was my mother born 17 July 1925 in Hammersmith. Their is a 26 age gap between my mother and father, Albert Hindmarsh. He was born 29 June 1899 in Byker Northumberland.
John James Allen Hindmarsh 22 June 1948 in Karnkie Cornwall and currently reside in Gildersome Leeds!

1/8. Ebeneezer Thomas Parkes.

Much of this line if from AS Parkes.
Born 1865, died 1952 in Purley Reg Wolverhampton 6b 546 1865 Q2
1900: Bank clerk, as executor of his father's will.
A Banker in Oldham and London.
1891 censusJB, Bank Clerk in Rochdale.
Retired in 1832 as Chief General Manager of the Midland Bank.

Probate Index: Ebenezer Thomas Parkes of 3 Russell Hill Purley, Surrey died 13 February 1952 Probate London, 25 April 1952 to Midland Bank Executor and Trustee Company Ltd ad Alan Sterling Parkes research worker. Effects £15519 11s 6d.

1901 Census, 126, Manchester Rd, Rochdale:
Ebeneezer T. (36, Bank Cashier, Willenhall), Helena (35, Willenhall), Reggie (9, Rochdale), Marjorie (5, Castleton), Alan S (6 mths, Castleton)
Married: Helena Banks 1892.
2/1. Reginald Parkes abt 1892.

Took Engineering at Manchester School of Technology, contracted rheumatic fever before finals and did not graduate. Was MD of Whites-Nunan, valve makers and brass founders, absorbed by IMI in 1963 (ref ASP), and wound up March 1970.
London Gazette, 1951 has him being appointed a director of Whites-Nunan.

2/2. Alan Sterling Parkes, born Rochdale 1900, a Professor at

Cambridge, who initiated much of the original Parkes family research (ASP references & 9a).
The work was done for the registration of his coat-of-arms, which was similar to that of his cousin, AJ Parkes, and seem to have been derived from a Richard Parkes who was granted arms in 1614.
Fellow of Christ’s College in the 1960’s when A Maitland was an undergraduate there.

Sir Alan Sterling Parkes: 10 September 1900 - 17 July 1990. Wolfson College.

Alan Parkes was one of the most influential figures in the field of reproductive biology in the twentieth century. He had a huge impact on its growth and development during that time, and the legacy of his work still remains. His research was highly innovative and original because of his imaginative and inquiring mind, which, coupled with an entrepreneurial bent, led him into several very different fields and into uncharted waters. He played a leading role in the spectacular rise of reproductive endocrinology in Britain in the 1920s and 1930s when the nature and activity of many of the reproductive processes in animals and humans and was an essential factor in the development of methods for their control. Even more pioneering was his research in low-temperature biology in the years after World War II. This was sparked off by the discovery that glycerol had a remarkable property of protecting spermatozoa against damage during freezing and storage at very low temperatures. Far-reaching applications arose from this discovery, especially in the preservation of bull semen, which led to a worldwide revolution in artificial insemination in cattle. Later, many other cells and tissues were also successfully frozen, including red blood cells, ovarian tissue and bone marrow, and a new branch of biological science, which became known as 'cryobiology', was born, Effects of deep hypothermia, including freezing, on whole animals were also investigated at that time. Having successfully launched a new area of science, it was characteristic of Alan Parkes to switch to new fields. First he became interested in the influence of pheromones on mammalian reproduction. Then, resuming a long-standing interest in comparative aspects of reproductive physiology in British wild mammals, he became involved in the work of the Nuffield Unit of Tropical Animal Ecology in Uganda, where similar studies were carried out on African animals. Even after retirement from the academic field, he was for some years a consultant to an enterprise in the conservation and captive breeding of green sea turtles in the Cayman Islands. In addition to his research, Alan Parkes was just as influential through the huge amount of work that he did for committees and other activities. Over the years he was on 35 different committees, study groups or advisory groups, and these were concerned with a wide variety of interests. He often served as chairman or secretary and had a great ability to take on a large amount of work and responsibility. He threw himself wholeheartedly into promoting the interests of reproductive biology and was a founding member of both the Society of Endocrinology and the Society for the Study of Fertility. He also played a leading role in the establishment and running of the Journal of Endocrinology and the Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Getting these journals established often required a considerable amount of financial acumen. One of his special concerns was a long-standing interest in demographic and population issues, which led to his working closely with the International Planned Parenthood Federation and the Family Planning Association. He saw the 'population explosion' as a growing threat to the environment and to human welfare, and he was an outstanding proponent of measures to effect population control. Sometimes this led him into controversial areas. He spoke strongly in support of women's right to abortion and questioned the morality of expensive measures to overcome infertility. Throughout his life he was a prolific and lucid writer and his many publications remain a lasting monument to his contribution to science. He entitled the first volume of his autobiography Off-beat Biologist, which is perhaps a very apt description of this remarkable man.
PMID: 18543475 [PubMed - in process]

Married Ruth Deanesley (born 1901, dau of Edward & Ida (Marston) Deansley), in 1933.
3/1. John Francis Anthony Parkes, b. 1936.

Married Margaret Walsh, b. 1966.
4/1. David Alan Parkes, b. 1968.
4/2. Helen Katherine Parkes, b. 1972.
4/3. Andrew James Parkes, b. 1973.

3/2. Katherine Rose Parkes, b. 1939.
3/4. Hilary Deane Parkes, b. 1942

2/3. Marjorie Parkes born Manchester 1896, died Cambridge 1982.
2/4. Rosalind Hilda Parkes, born Rochdale 1904.

1911 Census: 43, Penn Rd, Wolverhampton (all b W’ton ex noted):
Edward Deansely (Hd, 45, M, Consulting Surgeon, Wincanton), Ida Margaret (Wf, 37, 12 years), Joyce (Dau, 11, Student), Ruth (Dau, 9, Student), Richard Marston (Son, 7, Student), Diana (Dau, 4), Edward (Son, 1), Wally Kartherine Schabel (23, S, Nurse, Russia), Nellie Chick (26, S, Parlourmaid, Wombourne), Catherine Cowern, (19, S, Housemaid, Wombourne), Mary Meredith (33, S, Cook, Enville)

Ida Deansley was the daughter of John Marston, who was an extremely successful Victorian manufacturer whose goods helped to make the name Wolverhampton synonymous with quality. He became one of the country's largest manufacturers of japanware, and later made bicycles, motorcycles and cars, that were second to none. He also had an active public life and was Lord Mayor of the town for two consecutive years.
Ida’s brother, John, was responsible for the Sunbeam motor company.
In March 1905 the Sunbeam Motor Car Co. Ltd was formed with a starting capital of £40,000 and John Marston as Chairman. Cars were made at Moorfield Works, off Villiers Street and there were satellite factories at Owen Road, Temple Street, and Ablow Street, where amongst other components car radiators were made.[13]

1/9. James Harry Parkes9aw

Born: 1867, died 1914. Wolverhampton 6b 532 1867 Q3 – as James Harry.

Probate Index: James Harry Parkes of the Krall, Codsall, Staffordshire, died 10/12/1914, Probate London 25 March 1915 to Ebenezer Thomas Parkes, bank manager and John Halstead Cutts, ironmonger. Effects £5199 3s 8d.

Married: Emilie Alice Field (Census01)
Emily may still have been alive in 1944 ("Aunt" Emily & [cousin] Tim referred to in EA Parkes letter of 31st Dec 1944).

Probate Index: Emily Alice Parkes of Compton Court Flats Wolverhampton widow died 17 February 1949 Probate Birmingham 13 May 1949 to Cyril William Parkes company director and Reginald Harris solicitor. Effects £2271 3s 1d.

Worked in family business (Ref JP&S)
Not listed in 1881 index, found by Jill Bradley and boarding school in Summer Hill Rd, B'ham.
1891 census, with parents.
1891 Census, Fern Cottage, Goldthorne Hill, Upper Penn:
George Field (69, Retd Supervisor if Inland Revenue, Cambridge), Sarah (59, Derbyshire Eckington), Emily A (23, Mansfield).
1901 Census, Bank St, Willenhall:
James Harry Parkes (Hd, 33, Lock & General Key Manufacturer, Employer, Willenhall), Emilie Alice (Wf, 32, Mansfield Notts), Harry George (4, Willenhall), Sarah Field (69, m-in-law, Alfreton, Derbys).
1911 Census, Brewood, Staffs:
James Harry Parkes (43, Married 16 Years, 3 ch born, 1 living, Lock Manufacturer, Employer, Willenhall), Emily Alice (42, Mansfield), Harry George (14, Willenhall), Sarah Hobson (Domestic, 39, Bailleston, Lancashire). 15 Rooms.
2/1. Nora who died 19/8/1895, aged 7 months (ref Tombstone).
2/2. Harry George b 25/6/1896 d. 1946

Ch St Stephen’s Willenhall, 25/7/1896, abode The Manor, father a merchant.
(called "Cousin Tim" by AJ Parkes, ref DSM). Harry joined JP&S in 1911. Probably died of TB re EAP letter 11 Feb 1946.
Married Chambers Beatrice Harborne, ?in 1929, divorced during WW2; she remarried Group Capt David and died about 1990[ii].

3/1. Jennifer Parkes, 1930-78.

4/1. Timothy Beauchamp (supplied this correct information 11/2010).

2/3. Mona Christine Parkes, ch St Stephen’s Willenhall 1/4/1900,

father a lock manufacturer.


Marriage Certificate:
Married on 10/10/1847 at an Independent Chapel, Wolverhampton. 
Age: "full".  Occupation: Roller. Residence: Oxford St, Bilston. 
Father: Josiah, his occupation: Dyer (Deceased).
Her age: "full". Her occupation: Dressmaker, of Hall Fields, Bilston.
Her father: William Cope, a Labourer.
Witnesses: Edward D??thaw & William Cope (his mark).

Died: Fernside, Willenhall, 7/8/1899, aged 76 (ref Tombstone).
      D/C: at Bank St, Willenhall, aged 75, Iron merchant (retd) "Morbus Corpus". E Parkes of Thompson St, informant.
Prob Lichfield, 10/7/1900, Executor: ET Parkes, Bank Cashier. £812.
For Full Text of Will

Also found in Gornal PR:
John Parkes ch 24/5/1828 of William & Elizabeth, Labourer of Gornalwood.

1841 Census, Oxford St, Bilston:
Family including: Josiah (17, Iron Roller, Staffs),
1847 (marriage): Oxford St, Bilston. Occupation: roller.
1850 Melville Directory, Union St: William & Josiah Parkes, iron, steel & wire merchants.
1851 Census, 3, Union St, Willenhall:
Josiah (27, Iron Merchant, Gornal), Catherine (28, Bradley).  Next door were the Fryers, the grand-daughter of whom married Josiah's son WEP.
1851 Wolverhampton Directory, Willenhall, Union St:
William & Josiah, iron, steel & wire merchants
Also Samuel Parkes, key maker, Mill St.
1855 (WEP's Birth): Iron Dealer, Union St, Willenhall.
1861 Census, Union St, Willenhall:
Josiah (38, Merchant, Gornal), Catherine (39, Bradeley), B Willenhall:
Beatrice (8, Scholar), Charlotte (7, Scholar), William (6, Scholar), Josiah (5, scholar), Elizabeth (1), + Charlotte Rowland (visitor, mar, 34 Bradeley), John Rowland (2, Bradford/Manchester??), Charlet (2 mths).
Presumably Catherine's sister.
1864: Trades Directory, William & J. Parkes, Iron Merchants, Lock Latch & Bolt makers, Union St.
1871 Census, Union St, Willenhall:
Josiah (48, Iron Merchant, Gornal), Catherine (49, Bilston), William Edmund (17, Clerk to Iron Merchant), Josiah (14), John (9), Elizabeth (11), Ebeneezer Thomas (7), James Harry (4) All children born in Willenhall.
1881 Census, Doctor's Piece, Willenhall:
Josiah (57, Iron Merchant, Gornal), Catherine (57, Bradley), Josiah (24, Iron Merchant's Clerk), Elizabeth (21), John (19, Iron Merchant's Clerk), Thomas (16, Banker's Clerk) (ch b. @ Willenhall) (WEP was at Elizabeth Fryer's on the Census night!).
1881 (WEP's Marriage): Doctor's Piece, Hardware Merchant.
Photograph of Tombstone at Apostolic Temple, Temple St, Willenhall
1891 Census, Harper St, Willenhall:
Josiah Parkes (67, merchant, Gornal), Cath (69, Bilston), Jas Hry (23)

Tombstone at Willenhall:
daughter of Josiah & Catherine Parkes
Died Oct 18th 1858, aged 7 months
Also Beatrice, their daughter and wife of Leonard Baxter
died April 8th 1887 aged 33 years
Also John, son of the above and husband of Elizabeth Parkes died Feb 26th 1893 aged 31 years
Also Nora, daughter of Harry & Emilie Parkes
died August 19th 1895, aged 7 months
Also the above named Josiah Parkes of Fernside, Willenhall died August 7th 1899, aged 76 years.
Also Catherine wife of the above Josiah Parkes died November 14th 1903 aged 81 years.


PR: Ch 10/3/1822 @ Bilston, abode Bradeley, father a Labourer
DC: died 14/11/1903 at Laurel Cottage, Temple Bar, Willenhall, widow of Josiah Parkes, E Parkes son of Fernside, The Manor, Willenhall.

1841 Census: at Hall Fields, Bilston, a Dressmaker
1847 (Marriage): at Hall Fields, Bilston, a Dressmaker.
1851 Census: at Union St with Josiah
1855 (WEP's birth): Union St, Willenhall.
1861 Census: at Union St.
1871 Census: Union St (49, Bilston).
1881 Census: at Doctor's Piece, Willenhall.
1901 Census: not found.
For Full Text of Will


7.                ********************* GENERATION 7 **********************



Ch (PR)B:
8/4/1778 @ the Old Meeting House, Dudley (Presbyterian/Unitarian).
Parents: Richard & Jane (Dunton) Parkes.
Married (2nd)B: Beatrice Turner 5/4/1821 @ West Bromwich.
  Both of this Parish, he a widower, witnesses John & Mary Cooper.
  John Cooper probably a cousin or her uncle (b 1769).
DiedA: 12/6/1845 @ Oxford St, Bilston, age 66, a dyer, congestion of the liver: Josiah Parkes present, of Oxford St. No will found @ Lichfield.

According to Alan Parkes:
born 1778 Dudley and Bilston, parents Richard and Jane Dunton.  He married Beatrice Turner, born 1800 of William Turner of Bilston.
1796: Grover & Chandler of Wolverhampton[14]
   Josiah Parkes was a schoolmaster when his second son by Beatrice Turner was born in 1823, resident in Upper Gornal, between Wolverhampton and Bilston, Staffordshire. His son Richard was born in Bobbington Heath in 1830, when Josiah was still a schoolteacher. The Bobbington Charity School is mentioned in the 1827 Enclosure Map. He became a dyer later and was living in Oxford St, Bilston by 1841. His age of 62 in the 1841 Census is not reliable: the figure on his death certificate agrees with the birth given above.
A tallow chandler at some time later in life (George marriage).
    He was a widower when he married Beatrice Turner in 1821, but no reliable information has been found about his earlier wife/wives. Three possibilities are shown on the IGI. Geographically, the first, to Diana Thomson, is the most likely. The parish records throw no light on this.
    In 1839, J Parkes was in Oxford St, Bilston as a dyer (Robson).
    In 1842 Josiah Parkes was a silk etc dyer in Oxford St, Bilston (Pigot)
    A Jonathan Parkes, Dyer, was active in Oxford St, Bilston in 1845.
A son by earlier marriage or a misspelling of Josiah – probably his son by Diana, born 1820.
    A Josiah Parkes and his brother John, were glovemakers in Worcester in 1821: unlikely to be the same ones.

Probably not ours:
London Gazette, 2 Jan 1821 (issue 17665), p 11:
Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership subsisting between us the undersigned, Josiah Parkes and John Mills, in the trade of coal masters and colliers, at the Knowle Colliery, in the Parish of Rowley Regis, in the County of Stafford, under the firm of Parkes and Mills, was this day by mutual consent – Witness our hands this 25th day of December 1820.

Married (1st, options from IGI):
(a) Diana Thomson 24/3/1811, Halesowen.
PR: JP, bachelor OTP m DT spinster OTP by Banns. 
(many Thompsons & Parkes in Halesowen).
Issue (ch Rowley Regis): Mary (25/12/1811 PR), John (21/5/1820).

(b) Mary Wright,  11/5/1801, Aston Juxta, Birmingham.
Issue (IGI): Thomas Holt (Dudley, 25/5/1802), John Holt (W'ton, 28/2/1803)

(c) Martha Burton  3/8/1807, St Martin, Birmingham.
Issue (IGI): Nil



See: Bilston PR, Staffs RO (Bobbington not on IGI)
BornB: Ch. 25/8/1799, Bobbington  (PR) & of Bobbington.
Parents: William & Sarah (Cooper) Turner (PR).
DiedA: 25/4/1864, Bilston.
Beatrice Whitehead buried Bobbington 1/5/1864, aged 65, of Bilston. This was her, having remarried.

DC: Died 25/4/1864, 50&51 Oxford St, Bilston, aged 65, wife of Edward Whitehead, fruiterer, of Asthma & congestion of lungs, informant E. Parkes of 25 Oxford St (probably son Edward).

Married (2): Edward Whitehead, 26/7/1848, Wolverhampton.
    Professor Alan Parkes stated that Beatrice Turner was born in 1800, and her father was William Turner of Bilston. When married, she was "of West Bromwich". In 1841 she was 42 years old, confirming a date of birth of about 1800; however, Josiah was also shown as being 62 (not 42 as originally read). She is found in Oxford Street, Bilston, in 1851 & 61, married to Edward Whitehead, a grocer & fruiterer, who she married in 1848 when she was a dyer, carrying on from Josiah's business.
    Her third son being christened in Bobbington Heath (confirmed that this was the correct Parkes by Josiah being a schoolmaster in 1830 as he was in Upper Gornal 1823), and her death there point to her having family there. In 1841 and 1851, there were Turners living in the village. William and Sarah were 74 and 73 in 1851: they were her parents. He was born in Trysull (ch 11/5/1777) of parents Richard and Mary.
    Also found were a family of Turners living at 68, Union St, Willenhall in 1851: William, a locksmith born in Willenhall abt 1802 and his wife, Elizabeth, aged 50. They also had lodgers surnamed Turner, was this a brother of Beatrice??.

Issue of Josiah & Beatrice (Turner) Parkes:

1/1. William Parkes

Born: 1821/2 @ Gornal (Census only, no IGI)
(Parish records of this date did not survive).
Probate not found.
Married: Elizabeth Fletcher (re. Paul Bowman & Jill Bradley), b 1818, Willenhall, 26/12/1843, Collegiate Ch W'ton, he a locksmith, her father William Fletcher, Carrier. Both Full age. (MC).

These are probably not ours:
1818 Staffs: William Parkes Pad Lock & Varnish Maker, Walsall St
             Samuel Parkes, Padlock manufacturer, Walsall St, Willenhall.
1842 Pigot: W Parkes pad lock maker, Walsall St, Willenhall.

From JP&S history:
Originally from Gornal, he was an apprenticed locksmith in Willenhall and eventually set up an ironmongery business at 9 Union Street.
Founded Josiah Parkes & Sons with brother Josiah Parkes around 1840 in Willenhall, beginning their partnership as iron merchants, having premises in Doctor's Piece.
By 1851 (1857?) William and Josiah had a partnership and were advertising in the local papers and trade journals as:
William & Josiah Parkes, Iron, Steel and Wire Merchants, Union St.
In 1861 he moved to larger premises at 78 Union St with his wife, Elizabeth and four children.
Friction developed between the two families about who was going to control the business. To resolve the problem, William and Josiah dissolved the partnership around 1873 and set up two separate businesses, Josiah Parkes and Sons and Parkes, Parkes and Co., but they both traded from the same address.  Parkes, Parkes and Co. traded successfully for a while and then both Samuel and Josiah started other businesses.  The Union Street business of Parkes, Parkes & Co. faded out, as did the Samuel Parkes' business. (This part of the JP&S history is not quite correct - Samuel Parkes business remained until early 21stC).

Willenhall Lockmakers & Allied Trades 1835:
William Parkes listed as Padlockmaker of Walsall St, also there 1818, also Samuel Parkes.
1864 Trade Directory: William & Josiah Parkes, Ironmerchants and lock, latch and bolt makers of Union St.

A William Parkes aged 20 was living in King St, Willenhall, in 1841: he was a locksmith. This is probably the same man.

1846: Locksmith, New Rd, Willenhall (Son Sam Birth)
1851 Census: 9, Union St Willenhall:
William (29, Locksmith, Gornal), Elizabeth (31, Willenhall), Samuel (4, Willenhall), Josiah (3, Willenhall), Catherine (1, Willenhall), Richard (brother, 20, Locksmith, Bilston).
1861 Census: Union St, Willenhall:
William (39, Merchant, Gornal), Elizabeth (40, Willenhall), Samuel (14, Scholar), Josiah (12 Scholar), Catherine (10, Scholar), William (8, scholar)
1869: Iron Merchant (Samuel Marriage).
1871 Census 71 Union St Willenhall,
William (49, Iron Merchant, Dudley), Elizabeth (52, Willenhall), Josiah (son, 23, Clerk to Iron Merchant, Willenhall), Catherine (dau, 21, Willenhall).
1881 Census: 88, Union St.
William Parkes (Hd, 59, Iron Merchant, Sedgley), Elizabeth (wf 62 Willenhall).
1891 Census: 92 New Rd, Willenhall: Elizabeth Parkes (wid, 72, own means, Willenhall).
2/1. Samuel Parkes, born 1847,

Born 25/7/1846 Willenhall (BC),
D/CJB: 2/1/1920, The Wheatlands, Aldridge, 73 Lock Manufacturer, S Rowland Parkes, son, informant

Joined father and uncle Josiah as iron merchants clerk. Later became a hardware merchant, Samuel Parkes & Co Ltd, New Rd. Willenhall, (ref Census & JP&S history), which remained in business until abt 2006. There was a Samuel Parkes, keymaker, in Mill St in 1864.
Elected to 1st Willenhall Urban District Council, 1st meeting was held on December 31st 1894.
1872: of New Rd, Willenhall, General Factor (Sam R P B/C)
1881 Census, 94 New Rd, Willenhall (all b Willenhall)
Samuel Parkes (34, Hardware Merchant), Harriet (36), William H. (10), Samuel R (8), Minnie H. (6), Ethel A. (3).
1891 Census, 94 New Rd, Willenhall (all b Willenhall).
Samuel (44, Hardware Factor), Harriet (44), William H. (20, Student in Theology), Samuel R (18, Hardware Clerk), Ethel A (12, scholar) Mabel EK (10 scholar), Jeannie G. (8, Scholar)
1901 Census, New Rd, Willenhall:
Samuel Parkes (54, Hardware Merchant), Harriet (55), Samuel R (28, Hardware Merchant's Clerk), Minnie H. (26), Mabel E.K. (20), Jennie G. (18),
Married Harriet Hodson (B 1844, Willenhall), 9/9/1869, St Stephens, WillenhallJB.
He Bachelor, 23, Iron Merchant, father William P. Iron Merchant
She Spinster, 25, father William Hodson, decd, Book Keeper, lock Manufacturer.
Witness Joseph James Hodson & Catherine Parkes.

Probate Index: Samuel Parkes of the Wheatlands Aldridge Walsall Staffordshire died 1/1/1920 Probate Lichfield 12 October 1920 to Robert James Colley bank manager. Effects £7933 8s 1d.
Will: Left Gross estate £7933/8/1. Net personal estate: £3747/3/5. 12/10/1920.
3/1. William Herbert Parkes abt 1870 Willenhall,

C1901, Clergyman, Hawarden, Flintshire
1940, of The Vicarage, Chelford, near Crewe, Clerk.
Mentioned in S.R.Parkes will, executor and heir.

3/2. Samuel Rowland Parkes B. 25/10/1873, Willenhall

BC: of New Rd, Willenhall, Father Samuel P, General Factor.
D. 24/10/1940, The Wheatlands, Little Aston Rd, Aldridge., age 67, hardware Manufacturer, J Gertrude Parkes, sister, informant.
He left shares in the company to his brother, William, sister Jennie, and a number of the employees.

3/3. Minnie Harriette Parkes abt 1874, Willenhall
3/4. Ethel Adeline abt 1877, Willenhall.

1901 Census, Wolverhampton St, Willenhall:
Josiah Percival Tildesley (Hd, 32, Surgeon & Physician MB London University, own account, Willenhall), Ethel Adeline (Wf, 23, Willenhall), Kenneth Percival (son,2, Willenhall ), Annie Berwick (serv, 23, housemaid).
M. Josiah Percival Tildesley, b 1868, Willenhall, 1897, W’ton
4/1. Kenneth Percival Tildesley, b abt 1898, Willenhall.

3/5. Mabel Eveline Parkes abt 1880, Willenhall.

Mentioned in S.R.Parkes will as heir.

3/6. Jennie Gertrude Parkes abt 1883, unm 1940.

Mentioned in S.R.Parkes will as heir.

2/2. Josiah Parkes, born 2/4/1848 PR Willenhall.

joined father and uncle Josiah as iron merchants clerk, and became a brass founder in Wood Street.
1881 Census, 93, Wood St, Willenhall.
Josiah Parkes (32, Brass founder employing 2 men & 3 boys, Willenhall), Mary (28, Walsall).
1891 Census, 93 Wood St, WillenhallJB:
Mary Parkes (Hd, Wid, 37, Brassfounder, Walsall), Eliza May Hadley (niece, 16, Brassfounder's Assistant, London, Bermondsey), Edith A (niece, 13, BFA, Walsall).
1901 Nil.

2/3. Catherine Parkes, born 1850 Willenhall. (Census).

Ch St Stephen’s Willenhall, 10/3/1850, father a lcoksmith
MJB. abt 1876 West Derby, Lancs, Frederick Henry Fortman (b 1847, Willenhall) 1881-1901, a chemist/druggist, Willenhall.

2/4. William Fletcher Parkes, born 1853, Willenhall (census)

Ch. St Stephen’s, Willenhall 13/3/1853, father a locksmith
(referred to in JP&S history)
No Probate found.
Joined father and uncle Josiah as iron merchants clerk.
Married: Mary Josephine Charnock, B 1850, Liverpool, (re Paul Bowman) West Derby 1879JB. She died 1895, Cannock.
1861 Census, 4 Epworth St, West Derby, Liverpool (All ch b West Derby)
John Charnock (Hd, 49, Flour Dealer & Grocer, Croft, Lancs), Mary (wf, 43, Holyhead), Thomas (17), John (12, Scholar), Mary (10, Scholar), James (8, Scholar), Elizabeth (7, Scholar), Margaret (5, Scholar), Joseph (3) Theresa (9mths) Martha Quirk (Serv, 24, Cook, Isle of Man), Alice Handright (Serv, 20, Nurse, Ireland).
1871 Census, Lyton St, Everton, Lancs.
William Henry T(F)oole (Ironmonger/Master employing 4 men & 3 boys), William F. Parkes (boarder, 18, Ironmonger's apprentice, Willenhall).
1881 Census, 33 Erskine St, W. Derby, Liverpool.
William Fletcher Parkes (28, Ironmonger emp 4 men, 4 boys, Willenhall), Mary (30, Liverpool), Marie Elizabeth (3 mths, L'pool), Mary Charnock (63, m-in-law, Holyhead), James Charnock (b-in-law, 27, Baker, L'pool).
1891 Census: Walsall Rd, CannockJB:
W Fletcher (38, Ironmonger), Mary (40), M Eliz (10), Madeline (8), Francis W (6), Josephine (5), Isabella (4), Josiah J (1).
1901 Census, 67 Caldmore Rd, Walsall:
William F Parkes (wid, 48, Builder's Clerk, Willenhall), Marie E. (dau, 20, Draper's Assistant, Liverpool), Marguerite M. (18, Milliner's improver, Cannock), Josephine (15, Cannock), Isabel K (14, Draper's Assistant, Cannock), John J. (11, Cannock).
1911 Census, 67 Caldmore Rd, Walsall (all b Staffordshire):
William F Parkes (wid, 58, Clerk, Willenhall), Isabel Kathleen (24, Housekeeper), John Josiah (21, Grocers Assistant).
Issue:[15] JB
3/1. Marie Elizabeth Parkes abt 1/1881, L'pool.

Married Mr Follows
Issue: 2 sons & another daughter and:
4/1. Mary MJ Follows, Married Mr Jones

5/1. Anne Jones, b 5/1942, Wolverhampton.

She gave this descent from Marie Parkes[iii]

3/2. Marguerite Madeleine Parkes abt 1883, Cannock.
3/3. William Francis Parkes, b 1884, Cannock.
3/3. Josephine Parkes, abt 1886, Cannock.
3/4. Isabel Kathleen Parkes, abt 1887, Cannock.
3/5. John Josiah Parkes, abt 1890, Cannock.

1/2. Josiah Parkes, ch Gornal 9/9/1823.
1/3. Henry Parkes, born 1823-6,

1841: an engineer, living with his parents.
Married 1: Eliza Fanton, 11/4/1850, Tipton (ages 24 & 21, she a widow bonnet maker, dau of William Granger).
Married 2: Hannah
Census 1851, 3 Church St, Bilston, a possibility:
Henry Parkes (Hd, 25, Mechanic, Wolverhampton), Eliza (33, Bilston (Henrietta (dau, 4 mths, Bilston), Mary Fanton (d-in-l, 11, Bilston), Caroline Fanton (d-in-l, 5, Bilston).
Census 1861, 7, Sir Charles Napier, Bilston:
Henry Parkes (38, Engine Worker, W’ton), Hannah (wf, 40, Bilston), Beatrice (dau, 10, Bilston), Eliza (6, B’ham), Mary Agnes (1, Willenhall).
2/1. Henrietta Parkes, b abt 1851, prob died bef 1861.
2/2. Beatrice, b abt 1851
2/3. Eliza Parkes, b abt 1855. Probably dau of Eliza.
2/4. Mary Agnes Parkes, b abt 1860. Probably dau of Hannah.

1/4. Richard Parkes, ch Bobbington 10/10/1830 (IGI).

Apprenticed locksmith and joined brothers in JP&S, but did not stay. (from census's and Jill Bradley).
1841 Census with parents.
1861 not found.
1862 a carter of Bilston Rd, Willenhall (Samuel's birth).
1871 Census, 12, New Hall Rd, Willenhall (all b Willenhall ex R.).
Richard Parkes (40, Iron scrap dealer), Emma (39), George (15), Kate (13), John (11), Samuel (8), Josiah (6).
1881 Census, 60 New Hall Rd, Willenhall (all b. Willenhall ex Rich):
Richard Parkes (50, Bobbington, Scrap iron dealer), Emma (w, 59), John (grocer's assistant, 21), Catherine (24), Samuel (File cutter, 17), Josiah (File cutter, 15), Alice (scholar, 9).
1891 Census, 10 Cemetary Rd, Willenhall (RG12/2239), all b Walsall:
Emma Parkes (wid, 59), Kate (33), John (31, Carter Iron Warehouse), Josiah (26, Carter), Alice (19).
1901 Census, 65 New Hall St, Willenhall:
Emma Parkes (wid, 69, Iron scrap broker), Alice (dau, 29).
Married Emma Smith (dau of Benjamin, a Lock Maker) 17/1/1853, Tipton.
Issue, ch St Stephen’s Willenhall from PR transcript.
2/1. Mary Beatrice Parkes, ch 14/8/1853.
2/2. George Parkes, ch 20/5/1856
   1891 not found
2/3. Catherine Parkes, ch 23/6/1857.
2/4. John Parkes, 22/4/1860.
2/5. Samuel Edward Parkes,

b. 4/9/1862, Bilston Rd, Willenhall. Ch 5/10/1862
1898, married Mary Ann Robinson, DudleyJB.
1881 with parents, file cutter.
1891 Census, 74 Flood St, Dudley:
Ann Southall (wid, 64), Samuel Parkes (lodger, 28, File Cutter, Willenhall).
1901, Census, 18, Hunters Vale, Aston Manor, B'ham:
Samuel Parkes (37, File Cutter), Mary Ann (35, Dudley).

2/6. Josiah Parkes, ch 12/3/1865.

1871, 81, 91 with parents
1901 Census, Albion Rd, Willenhall:
Josiah Parkes (36, scrap iron dealer), Agnes (31, Shirl Heath), Clarence (3, Willenhall).
3/1. Clarence Percival Parkes abt 1898.

2/7. Alice Parkes, ch 27/8/1871.

1/5. George Parkes, born 3/12/1836, Bilston.

Much of this line was provided by Jill BradleyJB, a GG grand-dau.
DiedJB 8/3/1891, aged 57, house painter, Bronchitis, at Lozells St, Aston Manor.
Ref Jill Bradley:
Married Elizabeth Rice, b abt 1829, Birmingham.
1851: at Oxford St with stepfather, apprentice Painter & Glazier
1861: 129, Oxford St, Painter & Glazier with own family:
1871, Villa St, Aston:
George Parkes (36, painter, Bilston), Elizabeth (40), Edward (13, Jeweller's assistant, Bilston), John (12, Errand Boy, Bilston), Beatrice (10, Burnisher, Bilston), Frances (9, scholar, Bilston), Agnes (5, scholar, Aston).
1881 Census, 13, Villa St, Aston, Warks.
George Parkes (46, Painter, Wolverhampton), Elizabeth (52, B'ham), Edward (26, Painter, Bilston), Beatrice (20, Burnisher, Bilston), Frances (18, Burnisher, Bilston), Agnes (15, Burnisher, Aston manor), Charlotte Fischer (vis, 9, scholar, Wednesbury).
1891, 1901 not found
Marriage: 28/7/1856, Erdington.
He: age 23, Plumber & Glazier, Park Place, Hanbury Terrace, s of Joseph(?), a Tallow Chandler. She age 25, dau of John Rice, Tin Plate worker.
2/1. Edward George Parkes abt 1857.

Died 1/5/1918, 26 Church Vale, Handsworth, age 62, house painter, cardiac failure.
1861 Census, with John & Sarah Rice (g/parents) Park Place, Aston
1891 Census, 145 Lozells St, Aston Manor.
Edward (33, painter & Glazier), Rose (33), George (8), Elizabeth (6), Agnes (3), John (1), Harriet Williams (M-in-L, wid, 72)
1901 Census, 88, Well St, Smethwick:
Edward (43), Rose (43), Elizabeth (dau, 16, Gold Cutter), Agnes (13), John (11), Rose (2).
M. 10/10/1881, Birmingham, Rose Emily Williams (10/10/1857-14/9/1934), dau of Henry & Harriet (Allen) Williams, a baker.
3/1. George Parkes, b. 1882, m Carrie.

4/1. Amy Parkes, M. George Roper.
4/2. George Parkes
4/3. Rose Parkes, M. Arthur Bayliss, 2 children.

3/2. Elizabeth Catherine Parkes

(30/1/1885, D 19/6/1936, 177, Audley Rd, B'ham, age 51 Anaemia.
M. James Tittley 1/7/1911, Handsworth (B. 5/2/1878, Birmingham, s of Joseph & Rebecca (Jennings) Tittley, D. 23/2/1932, Birmingham, aged 54, Bricklayer, Cancer)
1916, James Tittley an ammunition worker.
4/1. Joseph John Tittley (1912-69)
   M. Emma Hodges (1903-74)
4/2. Irene Rebecca Tittley (31/10/1916, Birmingham-98)

M. 26/10/1940, Alfred John Hickman (1914-69). 2 sons Gerard & John James & 1 dau Jill Elizabeth (Hickman) Bradley).
Hickmans have always lived in one of the 3 Gornals, Upper, Lower, or Gornal Wood. Some worked as Boat loaders others were Bricklayers. Back to 1813.

4/3. Horace James Tittley (1919-87)
   M. Rhona Irene Wright
4/4. Howard Thomas Tittley (1921-26).

3/3. Agnes Rose Parkes (1887-1960)

M. Joseph Fletcher (1882-1946)

3/4. John Parkes, b abt 1890, Birmingham.
3/5. Rose Parkes, b abt 1899, Birmingham.

2/2. John A. Parkes, born Bilston abt 1859.

1901 Census, 241 Heath St, Birmingham:
John A (44, Brass Fetler, Bilston), Sarah (wf, 46, Todington), John A. (8, Birmingham), Charlotte Coburn (S-in-L, 35), John Rice (uncle, 63, Wid, Stained Glass Worker).

2/3. Sarah Beatrice Parkes,

born Bilston abt Jan/1861 (age 3mths at Census).
Married 17/2/1881 Aston, Herbert Hastilow, a Coachman, son of Joseph Hastilow a Dairyman.
1891 Census, 116 Albert St, Wednesbury:
Herbert Hastilow (37, Carter, Sutton), Beatrice (30), Avis (9), Frances (7), Herbert (5 mths).
1901 Census, St James Sq, Wednesbury:
Herbert (46, Groom), Beatrice (40), Herbert (10), Alfred (6).
3/1. Avis Hastilow, b abt 1882
3/2. Frances Elizabeth Hastilow, b 15/5/1883, D 16/2/1971.

Married Herbert Gorge Hirons, 3/5/1909, HGH b Duns Tew, Oxfordshire, 21/3/1887, D 24/1/1953.
4 children From Diane[iv]
4/1. Frances Muriel Hirons Stillborn.
4/2. Hilda Muriel Hirons, B 7/2/1911, D 24/12/2000

5/1. Diane Bella?, who gave this information.

4/3. Herbert Alfred James Hirons, B 29/10/1913, D 5/7/1985
4/4. Nina May Hirons, B 26/6/1917.

3/3. Herbert Hastilow, b abt 1890
3/4. Alfred Hastilow, b abt 1895

2/4. Frances Parkes, abt 1863
2/5. Agnes Parkes abt 1866.

1/6. Edward Parkes, born Bilston, 1836-7. (ref Census's).

The descent from Edward has been supplied by his g-grand daughter, Sue Reeves[v] in Nov 2006.
1851 &61, apprenticed to and working with Stepfather.
1851 Census: Chapel House, Sedgeley:
Jonthn Wright (38, Railway Contractor, Hadsworth), Elizabeth (33, London), Ellen, 9, Sedgeley + 5 others.
1864, informant on mother's death resident at 25 Oxford St.
1871 Census, 72, Oxford St, Bilston:
Edward Parkes (34, Pawnbroker, master, Bilston), Ellen (30, wf), Ada Ellen (7, scholar), Albert Edward (6), Percy Edwin (4), Edward (2), Beatrice Jane (10mths). All ch b Bilston.
1881: Fruit and Potato Salesman.
1884 a Clerk
1891 a Commercial Traveller.
1901 the Parish Clerk at St. Michael and All Saints Tettenhall.
1891 Census, Upper Green, Tettenhall - this may be him (RG12/2223):
Edward Parkes (54, Commercial Traveller, Bilston), Ellen (50, Bradley), Edward (22, Cabinet Maker), Maude (19, Dress Maker), Lillian (17, Dress Maker), Aline (16, Pupil Teacher), Nellie (14), Hugh (11), Gordon (6) All issue Tettenhall.
1901 CensusJB. Church Walk, Tettenhall (probably him) (b Willenhall:
Edward (64, Parish Clerk), Ellen (60, Bradley), Maud (dau, 29), Lillian (27, district nurse), Olive (26, Asst schoolmistress), Nellie (24, Asst schoolmistress), Hugh (21, Clerk in manufacturers Office), Edward (22, Cabinetmaker, Bilston).
Married Ellen Matheson Wright, 2 October 1862, Queen Street Independent Chapel Wolverhampton. Witnesses George Lidington and Sarah Ann Wright.
Died on 24 August 1914 in Twyford Danescourt Road Tettenhall.
She was dau. of Jonathan Chell Wright (1813-1876) and Elizabeth Matheson (1817- ), b. on 15 May 1840 in Highfield Coseley Sedgley.
She was 1861 Housekeeper for William Armstrong, Pawnbroker in Wakefield. She died on 25 March 1914.
2/1. Ada Victoria Ellen Parkes,

b. 18/8/1863, 25 Oxford st. Bilston
D. 6 April 1923 in 80 Rugeley Road, Chase Terrace.
1881 a Pupil Teacher.
1881 Census, Parkfield Rd, Bilston:
William Evans (27, House Painter, Willenhall), Ada (27, Home Wife, Bilston), Martha (6), Alice Maud, 3), Harry (5).
1901 Census, Eastgate St, Chasetown, Staffs:
Ada Victoria Evans (39, school teacher), Harry (15, coal miner), Alice Maud (13, school teacher).
By 1901 she had left William and was a School Mistress, When Ada Parkes left her husband William Evans, family history says that a Parkes uncle helped her to move and get a job as a school mistress. Also John James Cooper, maybe another relative, was a mentor at the time.
Married William Evans on 14 July 1884 in St George's Parish Church Wolverhampton. William Evans , son of John Evans (1835- ) and Martha Jones, b. on 27 July 1863 in New Road Willenhall.
A Coal Dealers Son in 1881. By 1901 he is a House Painter.
D. on 22 November 1933 in Wolverhampton Road Heathtown. He is 'of 17 Union Mill Street' and he died from Carcinoma Prostate. E. Spelman daughter informant.
3/1. Martha Evans, born 4/9/1884 in 36 Gomer Street

Married Henry Berresford, 28/4/1903,Lichfield Register Office.
Witnesses Harry Evans and Annie Garbett.
Henry Berresford , s of Henry Berresford (1850- ) and Ann ? (1851- ), born 1886 Burntwood. A Coal Miner Horse Driver.
4/1. Louisa Olive Berresford b. 9/1903 Lichfield 6b496.
4/2. Gordon Henry Berresford born 12/1905 Lichfield 6b461  

A Publican. Kept The Miners Rest at Ogley Hay.

4/3. Alfred Berresford born 3/1908 in Lichfield 6b 496.

A Publican, kept The Jubilee between Hednesford and Littleton. He married Hannah Harpin, 9/1932 Lichfield.

4/4. John Berresford born 6/1910, Lichfield 6b 476.

A Publican. Kept The Miners Rest on Ogley Hay Road.
Married Elizabeth Heggs in June 1937 Lichfield 6b861.

4/5. Cynthia N Berresford born 12/1912 Lichfield 6b 919.
4/6. Ada Matheson Berresford b. 9/1914, Lichfield 6b977.

Married Horace G Colbourne 6/1939, Lichfield 6b 1130.
1/1998 in Walsall D50A 092.

4/7. Millicent Berresford born 3/1917, Lichfield 6b 683.

Married George D Richardson 9/1939 Lichfield 6b 1305.

4/8. Lillian Grace Berresford b.12/1918, Lichfield 6b622.
4/9. Kathleen Martha Berresford b. 3/1920 Lichfield

6b1049. Married William Gill 9/1941 Lichfield 6b 1035.

4/10. Philip Berresford 9/1924, Lichfield 6b 772.

Married Bernice R Jobburns 12/1946, Lichfield 9b 489.
He died in August 1993 in Lichfield 48c 024.

4/11. Winifred Joyce Berresford

born 6/1926, Lichfield 6b 762. She was a Munitions worker Birmingham during WW2.
Married Christopher J Watters 9/1948, Lichfield 9b752.
She died in September 1993 in Lichfield 48c 067.

3/2. Harry Evans born 22/8/1886, 36 Gomer St. Willenhall.

A Coal Miner. D. 27/3/1963, 2 South Close Cannock.
Married 12/4/1909, St Annes Church Chasetown, Jessie Ellen Chapman, (1845-1935) and Martha Wigley (1848-1913), born 5/11/1886 Brownhills. She was a Driver. She drove the horse and cart transporting miners to work. Died in 1958, 82 Rugeley Rd Chase Terrace.
4/1. Harry (Alfred) Evans

born 4/7/1914, Hednesford Road Brownhills Norton. J E Evans reg birth.
Died on 22/12/1916 Jacobs Hall Lane Great Wyrley from Basal Meningitis.
Sapper F J Morris, uncle of 64 Union street Bridgtown, Cannock registered death on December 26th.

4/2. Lillian Eilean (Toby) Evans

born 17/3/1918, Chase Terrace.
She died in September 1997 in Cannock.
Married,5/1943, St Annes Chasetown, Lawrence Douglas Gibbons born 1918, a Master Butcher. Had 2 shops in Cannock. He died in April 1997 in Stafford (SGI).
5/1. Judith Gibbons (1943- )

4/3. Jack Evans

born 4/9/1922, Rugeley Rd. Chase Terrace.
An Engineer in the army during WW2. Then worked for Tarmac servicing, installing and purchasing cranes.
He died in August 1997 in Walsall.
M. Dorothy Marion Barnett , dau. of Barnett and Elsie Phillips, was born on 22/12/1923 Lichfield. A Dressmaker.
She died in August 2003 in  Walsall.
5/1. Robert Barnett Evans (1947- )

4/4. Eric Evans

b. 22/3/1927, 82 Rugeley Rd Chase Terrace
An Electrical Engineer. He married Florence Janet Jeffs on 16 October 1948 in St Pauls Church Stafford.
5/1. Susan Margaret Evans born 23/9/1950.

M. Roger Malcolm Reeves (b 1946), 7/4/1973 St Pauls Church Stafford. son of George Reeves (1913-1986) and Beatrice Veasey (1910-1999), born 6/12/1946 in Leicester. A Photographer.
6/1. David Reeves, b 26/3/1977.
6/2. Katherine Reeves, b 15/10/1980.

5/2. Anne Patricia Evans
born 20/2/1954 Chase Terrace.
A Clerical Officer Tax Office. M Graham Fisher 11/1974 St Pauls Church Stafford, born in 1951 in Stafford.
M Howard Roy Jones 9/1978 in Stafford Register Office. Son of Frank Albert Jones (1915-1978) and Florence Grace Meardon (1916- ).
6/1. Christopher Roy Jones born 29/12/1980 in Stafford. An Electrical Technician ?
6/2. Emily Susan Jones born 16/1/1982 in Stafford. A Teacher.

3/3. Alice Maud Evans, born 20/4/1887 in Suffrage Street

Smethwick reg. Kings Norton. An Assistant Schoolmistress.
Died 29/4/1943, Walsall General Hospital from toxaemia, intestinal obstruction and impacted gallstone aged 56. A L Heath, son present at death.
Married 17/3/1907 in Pictou, Nova Scotia.
William (Bill) Heath, son of Charles Heath (1858- ) and Emily  ? (1861-1898), born in 1882, Boney Hay reg. Lichfield. A Miner.
4/1. William Eric Evans born 7/10/1906, Chase Terrace.

Reg at Lichfield 13.11.1906, d. 1982. A Male Nurse Rubery Hill hospital. Married Ethel Burdett (1908-1979, dau of Joseph & Harriet (Bladon) Burdett), 12/1933 in Cannock 6b1126.
This line from Darren Watkins (6/2008).

5/1. Keith Evans, b 1935
5/2. June Evans, b 1940, Birmingham.

M. Mick Carpenter, b 1940.
6/1. Mark Carpenter, b 1962.
6/2. Michael Carpenter, b 1963.

5/3. Janet Maude Evans, b 1945, Birmingham.

Married Peter Watkins, b 1944, Birmingham.
6/1. Darren Watkins, b 1968.

M. Denise Pearson, b 1966
7/1. Georgia Watkins, b 1993.
7/2. Lauren Watkins, b 1995.

6/2. Andrew Watkins, b 1970.

M Anita Harris, b 1969.
7/1. Poppy Watkins, b 1998.
7/2. Jasmine Watkins, b 2001.
7/3. Tegan Watkins, b 2004.

4/2.Albert Lionel (Jackie) Heath

born 3/1909 in Chase Terrace.
Married Dorothy I Humber December 1934 in Lichfield 6b 1038.

4/3. Alice Maud Mary (Dolly) Heath

born 25/11/1911 Rugeley Road Boney Hay Burntwood. Married Ernie Burdett 3/1933 Lichfield, Died 9/1997 in Lichfield 58c 197.
5/1. Dorothy Burdett, abt 1925
5/2. Sandra Burdett, abt 1925
5/3. Ernie Burdett.

4/4. Cecile Jeanne Heath

born 9/1920 Chase Terrace, Lichfield.
Married Percy J K Dunning 3/1943, Lichfield 6b708.
Died in September 2004 in Reg. Walsall B71A 039.

2/2. Albert Edward Ernest Parkes, abt 9/1864, Bilston.

Full name from St Stephen’s PR)
1891 Census, New Hall St, Willenhall:
Albert EE Parkes (26, Manufacturer's Clerk, Bilston), Harriett (25, Willenhall), Netta J (2, Willenhall), Alice M (1 wk, Willenhall)
1901: Commercial Clerk. Married Harriet May Braddock on 2 August 1886 in Immanuel Church Birmingham, daughter of Richard Braddock (1823- ) and Maria Babb (1826- ), was born in 1866 in Willenhall.
3/1. Dau ch St Stephen’s Willenhall 24/1/1888
3/1. Violet Daisy Parkes, born in 1891,

Christened 28.4.1891 St Stephens Willenhall. Of 1, Newhall St, father a clerk,

3/2. Ellen M Parkes (1898- )
3/3. Netta J Parkes ch St Stephen’s Willenhall 30/11/1888,

AEEP a clerk of Willenhall
Harry Cooper and Netta J Parkes had the following children:
4/1. Harry Cooper ( - )

3/4. Mary Kathleen Braddock Parkes born 1910, 532 Pleck Rd

Walsall. She died in 1957 in Walsall.
Married 31/3/ 1934, Walsall George Stanley Brown, son of George Harry Brown (1889-1917) and Annie Fellows (1893-), born 18/6/1912 Walsall. He died in 1973.
4/1. Norman Edward George Brown born 10/1/1935 Sandhills

(nr Shire Oak) Lichfield Staffs. Aged 16 a Deck apprentice Shell Tankers, P@O shipping Persian Gulf etc. Married Beryl on 21 December 1957 in Leeds Yorks.

2/3. Percy Edwin Parkes, b. 3/1867, Bilston, d. 12/80,  
2/4. Edward Lionel Parkes, abt 3/1869, Bilston.
   Cabinet Maker, Carpenter and Joiner self employed.
2/5. Beatrice Janet B Parkes, abt 6/1870, Bilston.
2/6. Alice Maud Laura Parkes, b. 1/2/1872, Willenhall,   
   dressmaker. d. 8/12/1934, Tettenhall.
2/7. Lillian Grace M. Parkes, abt 9/1873, Willenhall,
   District Nurse. M. Edwin RW Pears.
2/8. Millicent Gertrude Olive Parkes (29/12/1874-31/12/1918).
   an Assistant Schoolmistress.
2/9. Violet Edith Nellie Parkes, abt 12/1876, Willenhall.
   an Assistant Schoolmistress
2/10. Gerard Ivan Hugh Parkes, b 12/1879, Willenhall,

   a Manufacturers Clerk.
   Married Emma Jane Woodward, 18/9/1919 in The Wesleyan Chapel
   Newhampton Road Wolverhampton.
2/9. Hugh Parkes, abt 1880, Tettenhall.
2/10. Gordon Parkes, b 15/5/1884, Willenhall, d 17/10/1889,


1821 (marriage): West Bromwich.
1823 (Josiah's ch.): Upper Gornal, a schoolmaster.
1830 (Richard's ch.) Bobbington, schoolmaster.
1839: J Parks, dyer, Oxford St (Robson)
1841 Census, Oxford St, Bilston:
Josiah (62, Dyer, not Staffs), Beatrice (42, Staffs), Josiah (17, Iron Roller, Staffs), Harry (14, Engineer, Staffs), Richard (10, Staffs), George (6, Staffs), Edward (4, Staffs).
His and Beatrice's age given as 42; this age does not agree with ASP.
Eldest son William was not there.
1845 (Slater's directory) Jonathan Parkes, dyer, Oxford St, Bilston.
1847 Josiah's Marriage: Deceased, last occupation: Dyer.


Other IGI alternatives for Josiah Parkes:
a) Rowley Regis 5/6/1788 ex John/Sarah
     Other children: Mary (1790), John (1793), Thomas (1794), 
     Joseph (1796), Sarah (1800).
     John m.: Sarah Holden W. Brom 1787
              Sarah Brooks Rowley Regis 1783
     John P. ch Rowley Regis 18/5/1766
          Brother Isaac b. 2/26/1769.
b) Oldbury 9/12/1787 ex Isaac/Hannah.
     Other children: Mary (1777), Richard (1780), Sarah (1784). 
     No parent details.
c) Halesowen 8/3/1800 ex George/Hannah. A bit young??
     Other children: Lucy (1788), Sarah (1789), George (1791),
     Phoebe (1792), John (1794), Hannah (1796), Mary (1799),
     Zephaniah (1805).
     George P. b. Hanbury 16/9/1764 ex George/Ann  (P021221 1070)
     George m. Ann Walters 17/5/1759 Hanbury (7709758-2)


Hilaire Belloc

Mother: Bessie Parkes, whose father Joseph had been a Birmingham solicitor, but lived latterly in London. She married at the age of 38 about 1868 (thus born 1830). Her uncle was a Josiah Parkes who died between 1868 and 18/8/1872, HB's father's death, probably nearer 1869.
Refer DNB for Josiah & Joseph Parkes.


1821 (marriage): at West Bromwich, OTP.
1841 Census: at Oxford St, Bilston with family age given as 42. 
1848 (marriage) at Oxford St, Bilston.
1851 Census: Oxford St, Bilston:
Edward Whitehead (54, Provision Dealer & Grocer, Manchester), Beatrice (50, Bobbington), Edward W. (so, 25, Manch.), Francis (son, 19, Manch), George Parkes (s-in-l, 18, Ap to Painter & Glazier, W'ton), Edward Parkes (10?, Ap to Hd of Family, Bilston).
1851 Wolverhampton Directory: Edward Whitehead, Fruiterer & greengrocer, Oxford St, Bilston.
1861 Census: 50&51 Oxford St, Bilston:
Edward Whitehead (65, Grocer & fruiterer, Manchester), Beatrice (62, Bobbington), Edward W. (so, 25, G&F, Manch.), Edward Parkes (25, G&F, Bilston).

Edward Whitehead's Daughter in Law ??????:
1861 Census: 145, Oxford St:
Harriet Whitehead (wife, 22, Bilston), Richard (son, 3, Bilston), Amy (dau, 1, Bilston).

Marriage 26/7/1848:
Edward Whitehead, widower, fruiterer, father Edward, a grinder.
Beatrice Parkes, wid, dyer, Oxford St, father William Turner, gardener.




ChB: 3/3/1799, Polesworth, Warks (NE) (PR).
Parents: Richard & Theodosia Cope
MarriedB: Sarah Gamdy @ W. Bromwich All Saints, 21/5/1821
     PR: both OTP, bachelor & spinster,
         witnesses: Henry Sanson & Catherine Gandy.
DiedA:  15/12/1861 at Hallfields, Bilston, aged 62, a Carter, of Emphysema & Bronchytis.
Buried at Apostolic Temple, Temple St, Willenhall

    William's place of birth in Census 1851 looked like "Hatton", which is near Warwick, but could have been Warton, where his father was born. He gave his place of birth as Polesworth in 1861.
    Polesworth was a centre of coal mining from early 18thC, and was very active by the early 19thC. The Coventry Canal reached there in 1790. The first deep mine was sunk in 1848.
    In 1821, Polesworth consisted of 363 houses and 1834 inhabitants; it is an extensive parish, with subdivisions such as Warton in its NE part. It was a coal mining area, and the Coventry-Fradley Canal was built about 1790.
    William Cope moved to the Black Country possibly following work on the canals. There were several Copes on or around the canal system in the Midlands: these people probably were related to William. For more details see under William's father, Richard.
    William was an illiterate labourer, living first in Bradeley and then in Hall Fields, Bilston. By 1861, he had moved to Duke Street and worked in a forge. He was a carter when he died in 1861. His mother-in-law, Hannah Gandy, then aged 93, was living with him in 1851.



PR/IGI shows:
BornB: Bilston, ch 20/1/1795 at St Lawrence, Darlaston
Parents: John & Hannah Gandy.
MarriedB: William Cope W. Bromwich All Saints, 21/5/1821
DiedA: 3/6/1874 at Union St, Willenhall, age 80, widow of William Cope, labourer in iron works, pneumonia 17 days, Sarah Jane Walker of Union St, present at death.
Buried at Apostolic Temple, Temple St, Willenhall.

1851 Census: Oxford St, Bilston.  With family, age 56, born Bilston.

Issue of William Cope & Sarah Gandy, ch Bilston:
1/1. Catherine Cope 10/3/1822PR, Bradley, Labourer.[16]
1/2. Charlotte Cope 18/4/1824PR, Bradley, Labourer.[17]

This family is from information mainly provided by Christine (Sweeting) Woolass, 5/2008[vi], with additions by Jane Bottomley.
Married John Rowland, from Llangattock, Caerleon in Monmouthshire in 1846 in Wolverhampton as Rowlands. He is a forgeman in the iron works (JB).
John Rowland died in Warrington in 1870 and Charlotte remarried there in 1871 to Thomas Walton. See her on Warrington census that year. in 1881 she's in Openshaw, Manchester and with the Bottomleys in 1901 in Newton Heath as Charlotte Watton. She died in 1901 (Prestwich). They moved around a bit so tricky to find. (CS)

2/1. Hannah Rowland, b 1848 Bilston, D. 1909,

m John Bottomley, b 1843, Warrington St Elphin, 1870. Their children all emigrated to Australia and Canada apart from John William Thomas 1970.
An abreviated descendancy follows, mainly from Christine Sweeting’s Genesreunited tree:
3/1. John William Thomas Bottomley, b abt 1870.

Married Amelia Hurstfield (JB).

I have been doing some research for my cousin, her father was Robert Bottomley, the grandson of John Bottomley 1843 and Hannah Rowland 1848, Hannah was the daughter of Charlotte Cope 1824 and John Rowland(s) married Wolverhampton in 1846. The 1861 census Willenhall shows Charlotte Rowland and two of her children visiting sister Catherine and husband Josiah. I have many photos of Hannah Rowland, her husband and children if you are interested they have been scanned. After Hannah's death husband John and 4 of his children emigrated to Sydney Australia another emigrated to Brandon Manitoba. My cousin's grandfather John 1870 was the only member of the family to stay in England. If you are interested I will give you access to my tree
Regards, Chris ((Sweeting) Woolass via Genesreunited)

Here are the photos as promised, Charlotte's wedding is Hannah Rowland's daughter's marriage to Harry Chappel in 1901, Amelia Botts wedding was Hannah’s daughter's marriage to Alfred Collinson in 1907 on this photo Hannah Rowland is sitting far right with a child on her knee, I think there is a striking resemblance to her Aunt Catherine. Amelias gang is my cousin Sheila's grandad John Bottomley 1870,his wife Amelia Hurstfield and his parents John Bottomley 1843 and Hannah Rowland. Sheila and Marj, are my cousin Sheila, great great granddaughter of Charlotte Cope and her mother Marjorie (nee Sweeting) my dad's sister, this is a current photo Marj is 93. (See Parkes photos).
Issue, inter alia:
4/1. Robert Bottomley (1912-1988),

m Marjory Sweeting b 1914.
Christine (Sweeting) Woolass is daughter of Marjory’s brother George Sweeting.
5/1. Patricia Bottomley, b 1941.
5/2. Sheila Bottomley, b 1944.

4/2. Rowland Bottomley, b. Goole 1902, d. 1981,

Drove steam trains.
Grandfather of Jane Bottomley[vii] (email 8/2008).
M. Phyllis Rushworth (CW tree).
Issue b Goole:
5/1. Brian Bottomley, b abt 1926.
5/2. Peter Bottomley, b abt 1928.

principal of Southport college of art until he died in 1982. Married Mary Ruth Foulger, b 1931
6/1. Mary Jane Bottomley – known as Jane.

B. Derbyshire, 1956.
Married Steven Yelding, div by 8/08.
an illustrator of children’s books.
7/1. Catherine Yelding, b 1983
7/2. Peter Yelding, b 1989.

6/2. Eve Ann Bottomley, b 1958

3/3. Charlotte Bottomley, b 1876 (CW),

M. Henry Chappel, 1901. Photo available.

3/4. Amelia Bottomley, (1880-1917),

m Alfred Collinson, 1907, photo available.
4/1. Stanley Collinson, abt 1910-1939.
4/2. Fred Collinson, abt 1913-1917.

2/2. William Rowland,. B Newland, Glos, 1851. (CS)
2/3. Thomas Rowland, b Newland 1852. (CS)
2/4. Sarah A. Rowland, b Bradford, 1854. (CS)
2/5. Catherine Rowland, b Bradford, 1857. (CS)
2/6. John Gandy Rowland, born Bradford abt 1859.

Married Mary Vickers (CS), b 1861

2/7. Charlet Rowland, born 1861.

1861 Census, Union St, Willenhall: Probable.
Josiah (38, Merchant, Gornal), Catherine (39, Bradeley), .... + Charlotte Rowland (visitor, mar, 34 Bradeley), John Rowland (2, Bradford/Manchester??), Charlet (2 mths).
1871 Census, possibility: 8, Albert Place, Farnworth, Lancs.
Edward Rowland (39, Wid, Collier, Farnworth), John (12, Collier, Farnworth), Mary Ann (dau, 7, scholar, Farnworth)

2/8. Amelia Rowland, b 1863, Bradford,

M. 1891, James Vincent Herbert, he died 1896.

1/3. Sarah Cope 26/3/1826, Bradley, Carrier[18]

Also Sarah Cope bur Bilston, Bradley, 10/12/1826, aged 9 months[19].
perhaps Sarah Jane Walker present at mother's death.

1/4. William Cope, ch 30/12/1827, Bradley, Carter[20].

1851 Census, Hallfields, Bilston, a possibility:
William Cope (Hd, 23, Pudler, Bilston), Mary (wf, 23, Bilston), Isaac (7 mths, Bilston).

1/5. John Cope 26/6/1831, Bradley, Carrier[21], (not found 1871)

Prob Bur Bradley, Bilston, 5/2/1832, aged 7 mths[22].

1/6. Thomas Cope 16/12/1832, Carter, Bilston[23].

a furnace man in 1851, living at home.
1871 Census: 14, Bilston St.
Thomas Cope (38, Man journeyman), Ruth (wf, 37) Sarah (10, scholar), William (9, scholar), Catherine (5, scholar), Mary H.(2), Thomas (3 mths). All b Bilston.

1/7. Hannah Cope 2/8/1835 of Hallfields, Labourer,[24].

DETAILS of WILLIAM COPE (1799-1861):


1822-6 (children's ch): Bradeley, labourer.
1841 Census, Hall Fields, Bilston:
Wm Cope (40, Labourer, No), Sarah (40, Yes), Charlotte (15, Yes), Wm (10, Iron Lab, Yes), Thos (7, Yes).
1847 (Daughter's marriage): (Illiterate) Labourer of Hall Fields, Bilston
1851 Census, Hallfields, Bilston:  (not there 1841 & 61). 
William (Carter, 52, Hatton, Warks), Sarah (56, Bilston), son Thomas (Furnace Man, 18, Bilston) Grand mother, Hannah Gandy (93 Bilston).
1861 Census, 2, Duke St?, Bilston:
William Cope (Labourer (forge), 62, Polesworth), Sarah Cope (wife, 67, Darlaston).
1874 Census: 91 Bath Rd, Walsall:
Sarah Cope (Hd, W, 77, Occupant of Almshouse, Birmingham)


8.                ******************** GENERATION 8 ********************




ChB: 7/5/1741, Rowley Regis,
Parents: William & Hannah (Thompson) Parkes (PR transcript OK).
Died: 1808 (ref AS Parkes) (Rowley Regis has a Richd. Parkes Bur 22 Oct 1808).

No will found at Lichfield.
Canterbury will of Richard Parkes, baker of Halesowen 1810 is not him.

This is the best bet for Richard Parkes birth:

According to Alan Parkes, the father of Josiah Parkes 1 was Richard, a master baker from Dudley, born abt 1742, who married Jane Dunton in 1774 (his third of four wives), and died in 1808 (this comes from Alan Parkes pedigree drawn up by the College of Arms in about 1982).

A Richard Parkes was mayor of Dudley in 1781, as was William Parkes snr in 1732.

1791 Dudley Directory, a Baker.

2nd marriage has Thomas Parkes as witness: he might have been brother.
From the IGI, the only parental combination showing a son Thomas (5/3/1737-8, PR) is William & Hannah. This then is the most likely one.

Other Birth possibilities:
in Sedgley, Rowley Regis, Old Swinford:
ch: 23/4/1738, Rowley Regis, Richard/Margarett
ch: 13/8/1738, Rowley Regis, Samuel/Mary (Mary bur. same day)

ch: 4/5/1740, Rowley Regis, Richard/Sarah (prob not: see below)
Richard Parkes, son of Sarah, widow, buried 19/4/1743: prob Richard born 4/5/1740. See Richard bur 12/9/1741, RR.

ch: 5/11/1745, OS, William/Sarah (William m. Sarah Kindon 3/1/1744)
ch: 22/3/1747, Sedgley, father Josiah - note names.

Queen St, Dudley in the late 1770’s (Asuit Roll of the Inhabitants of the Manor of Dudley and Borough of Dudley).
Also in Queen St:
Ricd Parkes in another hand.
Jos Parkes also
Richd Parkes a in several places: shows presence half yearly.

PR/BT's checked.
10/10/94: Rowley Regis Printed copy of BT's to 12/1745 checked:
Richard Parkes buried 12/9/1741 – this was probably an older man – children seemed to have the parents quoted in this register.

From, 28/3/13:
Land Tax Redemption, 1798, Dudley.
Rcd Parkes owner,
Tenants: tax assessed.
late Bagnall 8d
Cooper 3/6
Duntons 1/6
Wilshres 1/-
Westwood 2/8

Is this our Richard Parkes, if so who is wife Phebe?

Title: Deeds relating to Dock Lane, the Barracks and Mill Street, Dudley
Creators: Robinson; Brooke (1836-1911); of Barford House, Warwickshire; MP for Dudley;

2/1/1786[26]: Feoffment Description: i) Richard Parkes of Dudley, Worcs., Baker, and Phebe [Phoebe], his wife ii) William Timmins of Sedgley, Staffs., Lime man Building plot at Eve Hill (242 square yards), part of close called Eve Hill or Wilkinson's Close, on the turnpike road from Dudley to Sedgley. Consideration: £12 2s Signed, sealed and witnessed (with receipt and memorandum of seisin). Witness inter alia: Richard Parkes jnr
Also a bond by Richard Parkes for £100 that the Feoffment indenture is fulfilled[27].

12/12/1792[28]: sale by Richard Parkes of Dudley, baker and Phebe his wife, to Benjamin Vanes, victualler and John Davis the elder, yeoman, both of Dudley, of a parcel of 1r. 6p. of land at the Mill or Greystone Field Lane, parish of Dudley (awarded in exchange under the Dudley Inclosure), as tenants in common; consideration of £42; livery of seisin endorsed.

23/12/1796[29]: Lease and Release, Date: 23 Dec - 24 Dec 1796

Description: i) Richard Parkes of Dudley, Worcs., Baker ii) Thomas Parkes of Birmingham, Baker, son of i) iii) Jane Parkes of Birmingham, Spinster, daughter of i) iv) Josiah Parkes of Wolverhampton, Grocer and Chandler, son of i) v) William Timmins of Dudley, Limeman Plot of land at Eve Hill on the turnpike road from Dudley to Sedgley [as DE/1/3/389] and 3 houses thereon. Recites feoffment 2 Jan 1786 [DE/1/3/389]. Consideration: 5/-

2nd part of deed: “which said Thomas, Jane and Josiah are all the children of Richard Parkes by Jane Parkes his late wife deceased who before her intermarriage with the said Richard Parkes was Jane Dunton spinster daughter of Thomas Dunton late of Dudley cordwainer deceased, by Jane Dunton his late wife now deceased)”
Again witnessed by Richar Parkes, jnr

Richard Parkes married:
1. Sarah Jessop, at St Thomas, Dudley, 8/9/1767.

Witnesses: Wm Dudley, Ed Jessop (brother?), Mary Haddon. She died 30/9/1772.
Sarah Jessop (Jissop) ch 24/11/1750 @ Dudley.
Parents: Edmond & Hannah
Brother: Edward (19/7/1747) = Mary: son Edward (St T 7/11/94)
Edmond Jessop m. Hannah Fawkes 30/9/1744 St Thomas, Dudley.

Issue of Richard Parkes and Sarah Jessop:
1/1. Richard Parkes (ch 14/5/1769) Alive 1798.

Sedgley Manor Rolls[30]:
466      1798-04-10
Richard PARKES of Dudley baker & Richard PARKES the younger of Birmingham cooper, eldest son of said Richard by Sarah his first wife deceased surrenders four tenements or dwelling houses with nailshops and gardens thereto belonging situate at Nether Gornal now in respective occupation of Samuel CLARKE, Thomas TAYLOR, Stephen ELWELL & Mary WHITEHOUSE surrendered to Thomas NEWTON.

1/2. Josiah Parkes (ch 20/5/1771 & ? Bur 16/9/1772)

2. Frances Windsor, at St Thomas, Dudley. 31/12/1772.
   Witness: Thomas Parkes
   Issue: none shown.    Death: not shown.

3. Jane Dunton at St Thomas, Dudley, 5/9/1774   (PR & IGI P17,390)
   Witnesses: Phebe Slovens, Jonas Stokes +2

4. Phebe, from the deeds below; maybe Phebe Slovens as in Jane’s wedding witness. ASP’s text says 4 wives. Not found in Pallots marriages.

2 & 3 are the same man: the entries carry the same signatures, he was described as a widower for both 2 & 3.

Richard & Jane's children are not on the St Thomas register: they were christened at the Old Meeting House N/C (Presbyterian) where Jane was christened.

This register is found in RG4 2736. The children were baptised by W Wood, but the entries were certified by the next minister who added them at the beginning of his register: these three are not necessarily the only ones.
There is no burial entry for Richard Parkes at St Thomas or at The Old Meeting House.



IGI/PR shows:
ChB: 1/7/1752, Dudley, Old Meeting House Nc (Quaker)
Parents: Thomas & Jane (Whitehouse) Dunton.
BurialB: 13/12/1779 @ St Thomas, Dudley (PR: "wife of Richard Parkes").
Married: Richard Parkes @ St Thomas, Dudley 5/9/1774 (PR)

ASP states: Jane Dunton of Dudley, b 1752, m 1774.

Issue of Richard Parkes & Jane Dunton:
1/1. Thomas Parkes, born 2/9/1775.
1/2. Jane Parkes, born 24/8/1776.

1/3. Josiah Parkes, born 8/4/1778.
1/4. Ann Parkes, dau of Richard & Jane Parkes buried St Thomas 16/6/1779,

no ch entry, but probably this family.

All ch @ The Old Meeting House Nc, Dudley (IGI). (printed copy of Presbyterian register checked 10/10/94 at Lichfield R/O). See Duntons.

Also Josiah Parkes bur RR 13/6/1777 – no more in PR

William Parkes etc Al

These are the descendant of William Parkes snr, a Maltster of Dudley and his son, William, a Baker of Dudley.
William 2nd would have been contemporary with our Richard Parkes’s father – there is no evident connection, but it seems highly unlikely that there were 2 Parkes families as Bakers in Dudley at the same time.

A William Parkes of Kinfare (Kinver) married Bobbington, 7 May 1776, Sarah Bennet: probably no connection.

William Parkes 1st, alive 1735, maltster (ref D/SCAM/1/3/2/60(i) )
Mayor of Dudley, 1732.
1/1 William Parkes 2nd, Baker of Dudley in 1726, d abt 1764

PR: William Parks of Dudley & Phebe Turton OTP licence married, RR.
Phebe of the Brades at marriage.
Phebe daughter of John (gent of Oldbury, dcd by 1726) & Sarah Turton, b 11, ch 14 Sept 1701, Rowley Regis.

2/1. William Parkes 3rd, d abt 1763, candle maker of Birmingham, no issue.
2/2. John Parkes, married Mary, 1774: of Warwick, Linen Draper,

possibly Mary Pugh, married St Martin Birmingham, 3/5/1768 (LDS).
3/1. William Parkes of Warwick (ref D-SCAM-1-3-2-58), merchant
3/2. Son Parkes

2/3. Elizabeth Parkes, married Samuel Thorpe of Banbury, Oxford, Mercer.
2/4. Sarah Parkes, married Bayley Caddick of Tole End, near Bilston, Ironmonger
2/5. Phebe Parkes unm 1772. Married Thomas Blinkham, and died abt 1800.

Thomas Blinkhorn married Phebe Parker(s), Tipton, 10 Nov 1773 (LDS)
TB was of Spitalfields now of Warwick Silk weaver.
They had land at Watson’s Green, Dudley.
3/1. Thomas Blinkhorn


William Parkes, Copy Will of, of Birmingham, candle maker

will dated: 13 Aug 1763, DE/1/6/77
father & mother, not named,
Brother John Parkes, sisters Sarah Parkes, Elizabeth Thorpe & Phebe Parkes
Execs brother John & John Turton of the Brades.

William Parkes Copy Will of, of Netherton, Worcs., Baker

will dated: 15 Oct 1764, DE/1/6/78 Copy Date: 13 Sep 1796

Wife Phebe Parkes.
son John Parkes
Son William (late, see will 1763)
Daughter Phebe Parkes
daughter Sarah Caddick
daughter Elizabeth Thorpe.
Exec: John Turton of the Brades

Phebe Parkes, Copy of Release of Legacies
Dated, 26 Dec 1772, Ref No: DE/1/6/79, Copy Date: 5 Dec 1799
Description: i)
Phebe Parkes, Widow and Executor of William Parkes, late of Netherton, Worcs., Baker, decd;
Bayley Caddick of Tole End, near Bilston, Ironmonger and Sarah, his wife, late Sarah Parkes, Spinster;
Samuel Thorpe of Banbury, Oxford, Mercer and Elizabeth, his wife, late Elizabeth Parkes, Spinster; and
Phebe Parkes, Spinster
ii) John Parkes Estate at Rowley Regis.
Refers to late son William Parkes

Phebe Parkes: Attested Copy Deed to lead the uses of a fine [28 Dec 1774]

Ref No: DE/1/6/80 Date: 6 Sep 1796

Phebe Parkes of Newport Pagnell, Bucks., Widow of William Parkes late of Dudley, Worcs., Baker;
John Parker of Warwick, Linen Draper, son and heir at law of Phebe and William Parkes, and Mary, his wife ii)
Abel Peyton of West Smithfield, London, Linen Draper Tenements and
lands at Netherton; lands in Dudley; and messuage and close in Rowley Regis. Some of the land is in early Turton Deeds, including a nail shop.
Endorsed: '14/5'

Level: Item

Related Material: [bundled with DE/1/6/75 - DE/1/6/91]

For more information contact: Dudley Archives

William Turton DE/1/6/75/1 & 2 1726
Sarah Turton, widow of John Turton, late of Oldbury, Halesowen, gent
John Turton of the Brades, Rowley Regis, Ironmonger
Phoebe Turton daughter of Sarah Turton and sister of John Turton.

Phebe Turton, 1726:

PR: William Parks of Dudley & Phebe Turton OTP licence married, RR.

Pre-nuptial Marriage Settlement by Lease and Release

Ref No: DE/1/6/76/1

Date: 7 Dec - 8 Dec 1726

Phoebe Turton of The Brades, Rowley Regis, Spinster
John Roper of Barnbrooksend, Kingsnorton, Gent & Abraham Stokes of Stourbridge, Worcs., Baker
William Parkes the younger of Dudley, Worcs., Baker
Lease for a year on Messuage called Well Croft, Rowley and land in Rowley Regis.
Pre-nuptial Marriage Settlement by Lease and Release

Ref No: DE/1/6/76/2

Date: 7 Dec - 8 Dec 1726

William Parkes, 1746 Exec of will

Ref No: Z105/13

Date: 1746

Description: to Joseph Woolley of Dudley, locksmith of the 1732 mortgate by demise by John Finch the younger of Dudley, ironmonger and William Parkes of Netherton, baker (executors of Robert Baylies) with further borrowing by Joseph Bolton of Dudley, blacksmith (son of Joseph, deceased) and Eleanor his wife secured by a term of 2000 years.

Level: Item

For more information contact: Dudley Archives

William Parkes 1732 Conveyances

Lease for a year and £18 – lands in Turton deeds.
Ref No: DSCAM/2/3/14/9-11

Date: 1732-1750

Description: Lease and release (24-25 Dec. 1732) by William Parkes the younger of Dudley, Worcs., baker and Phebe his wife, to Thomas Sanders, Rector of Avon Dassett, Warwickshire, of a messuage and lands (the Wellcrofts, the Field and Mucklows Croft) at Rowley Regis, Staffs. (tenants etc. given); consideration of 415.

Level: Item

Technique: Manuscript

For more information contact: Dudley Archives

Bourne family deeds: Watson's Green

Ref No: DSCAM/1/3/2/50-66

Date: 1732-1891

Description: DSCAM/1/3/2/50-51: Deed (10 Nov. 1732) between William Parkes the younger of Dudley, Worcs., baker (eldest son of William Parkes the elder of Dudley, maltster) and Abraham Stoakes of Stowerbridge, Worcs., baker, declaring the uses of a Fine of a messuage and 3 pieces of land (12 acres) adjoining the Watson's Green-Tivedale Road in the parish of Dudley, to Parkes the younger and his heirs and assigns. And extract from the Fine (Michaelmas Term 6 George II = 1732) between Stoakes (Plaintiff) and Parkes the elder, Parkes the younger, Joseph Parkes and John Parkes (Deforciants).

Level: Item

Technique: Manuscript

For more information contact: Dudley Archives




ChB: Polesworth, 24/12/1759.  (PR) of Warton.
Parents: Richard & Sarah (Richardson) Cope.
Married: Theodosia (no marriage on IGI)
         Is Dorothy Cope (with Joseph in 1841) Theodosia???

Polesworth History in Section 17.

Brannon Cope Web site has Richard 2:
son of Richard Cope & Ann Snead
bapt. 25-Jul-1763 in Polesworth, of Warton
This web site does not show Richard & Theodosia's first 2 children, (checked by AM in PR). If born July 1763 this would imply marriage at age 18 1/2 years. This site thus has a different ancestry for Richard Cope 2.
A Richard Cope bur Bilston 23/9/1817 aged 54.

IGI shows: M Docey Wheeler, 15/4/1782 Allesley, Warwick,
PR:- Both OTP, Both signed, Wit Sara Wheeler & William Tompson (educated signature).
Allesley on western edge of Coventry - rather far away.
Dorothy Wheeler, ch 10/2/1758 Saint Phillips, Birmingham, of Robert & Mary Wheeler.
Robert Wheeler M. Mary Allen, 9/9/1745, St Phillips, B'ham.
Robert Wheeler, ch 14/7/1711 Long Compton, Warwick of John & Hannah Wheeler.

Richard Cope, 12/5/1773, Polesworth, so Richard Cope, Warton, Polesworth, decd shoemaker & Sarah, to John Earpe, Orton on the Hill, Leics, cordwainer.

Mary Cope, 23/9/1776, Polesworth, do William Cope, Polesworth, Lab to Edward Orton, Abbey End St, Nuneaton, weaver.

Warton is a hamlet near Polesworth, NE Warwickshire. Tithe & Enclosure records have no mention of Copes. There are no Cope gravestones mentioned in the records of M.I.'s.

Issue, ch Polesworth (IGI, chkd on PR, early ones: R & T of Warton):
1/1. Thomas Cope, ch. 29/11/1782, bur 8/12/1782.
1/2. Mary Cope, ch. 19/10/1783, bur 25/10/1783.
1/3. Joseph Cope, ch. 7/11/1784.

1816: labourer of Polesworth.
IGI: Joseph Cope m Ann Rouse, 1/6/1806, Ilmington, Warwick.
Not very likely, abt 5 miles S of Stratford.
1841: Also in Bilston (not born in Staffs):
Joseph Cope (55, Boatman), Ann (60), Joseph jnr (20, Boatman), Maria (29), Dorothy (79). Joseph born bef 1786 not in Staffs, Boatman. 
In PR John & Dorothy Cope breeding in Newton Regis abt 1807.
2/1. Maria Cope b. abt 1812, ch 19/11/1811, Polesworth.
2/2. Joseph Cope, b. abt 1817, ch 8/12/1816, Polesworth.

1861 Census, 21 Bilston St, Bilston: Joseph Cope (44, Day Labourer @ boat warf, Halesworth?? (Tamworth?)), Elizabeth (wf, 41, W'ton), William (s, 18, day labourer, Bilston), Joseph (s, 14, Boatman, W'ton), Isaac & Abraham (s, 8, scholar, W'ton), Thomas (3, Bilston), Mary (13, W'ton), Anne (5, Bilston), Sarah (6mths, Bilston).

1881 Census, Bilston.
Joseph Cope (64, Iron Works Lab, Warks), Elizabeth (wf, 61, W'ton), Isaac (28, son, IWLab, W'ton), Thomas (23, son, IWLab, W'ton), George Williamson (G/son, 6, Scholar, W'ton).

1/4. Richd Cope, ch. 7/8/1787.

M. 31/7/1808 Ann Jebbet M. Polesworth by Banns, wit Joseph Cope.
Ann signed, RC made his mark. Copy Marriage entry rec’d by email.
Bapt Ann Jebbet 10/11/1782 Grendon Warks of William/Mary Jebbet
2/1. Sarah Cope Married Cousin Thomas K Jebbitt

M. 28/10/1839 Thomas Kirkby Jebbitt, Aston Juxta Birmingham
Alternatives for issue:
1840 1Q Anne Jebbitt Birt Derby of Thomas/Sarah Jebbitt
1841 4Q Emma Jebbitt Birt Lambeth London of Thomas K /Sarah Jebbitt Housekeeper Died 1907 Bur. Salisbury Wilts
1844 5 13 Israel Jebbett Bapt Walsall St. Matthew Staffs Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbett
1844 1Q Mary Jebbitt Birt Lambeth London Parents Thomas K /Sarah Jebbitt Died 2Q 1855?
1845 3Q William Jebbitt Birt Lambeth London Parents Thomas K & Sarah  Jebbitt Engine Fitter Brackley St. Peters Northamp. (1881)
1847 9 6 Thomas Jebbitt Birt Grove St. Southampton Hants. Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbitt Engine Driver LSWR
1848 10 14 George Jebbitt Birt Culver St. Salisbury Wilts Parents Thomas K /Sarah Jebbitt Railway Porter LSWR
1849 5 13 Israel Jebbett Bapt St. Matthew Walsall Staffs Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbett
1850 2Q Richard Jebbitt Birt Salisbury Wilts Parents Thomas K /Sarah Jebbitt M FULHAM 4Q 1881
1851 3 13 Phebe Jebbett Bapt Walsall ST.MATTHEW Staffs Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbett
1851 11 4 John Jebbitt Birt CULVER ST. SALISBURY WILTS Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbitt BOOKSELLER - ST.CLEMENTS MIDDLESEX (1881 CENSUS)
1852 4Q Hannah Jebbett Birt Walsall Staffs Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbett
1853 11 5 Hannah Jebbett Bapt Walsall St. Matthew Staffs Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbett
1855 2 25 Leah Jebbett Bapt Walsall St. Matthew Staffs Parents Thomas/Sarah Jebbett

1/5. Thomas Cope, ch. 26/8/1790 (PR).

Following from Brannon Cope website, 2/2007.
1831-1841: Carpenter, at Coppice Lane, Hartshill
1841 Census: Hartshill-Thomas Cope (Head) age 45 Carpenter
1841-1857: Carpenter, Joiner & Victualler, at 'Royal Oak', Coppice Lane, Hartshill, WAR.
1851 Census: Hartshill-Thomas Cope Head age 59 Carpenter, Joiner & Victualler born Sheepy LEI
Died: 16/8/1857 Hartshill, bur.18/8/1857 Holy Trinity, Hartshill. will: 09-Oct-1857 in Lichfield
Issue of Thomas Cope & Alice Hatton
2/1. Thomas Cope (bapt.17-Apr-1808)

married 2nd: 29-Oct-1818 Mancetter, WAR.
b. Atherstone, WAR, bapt.25-Jan-1793 in P.C. Mancetter, War.
Parents: Thomas Harding & Ann
Publican at 'Royal Oak', Coppice Lane, Hartshill,(1857-aft.1862)
2/2. Elizabeth Cope
2/3. Thomas Cope (b.Jan-1822:d.Apr-1822)
2/4. Ann Cope (b.c.1823)
2/5. Catherine Cope (bapt.03-Jul-1825)
2/6. Maria Cope (b.c.1828) m.bef.1851 to William PEAKE
2/7. Thomas Cope born Hartsill bapt.19/6/1831 Mancetter

died:15/8/1896 in Hartshill, WAR,
bur.18/8/1896 in P. Cemetery, Hartshill, WAR,
will: 31-Oct-1896 in Birmingham.
1841 Census: Hartshill Thomas Cope age 10 born WAR
1851 Census: Hartshill Thomas Cope Son age 19 Age. Lab. born Hartshill
1858: Carpenter at Gosford St., Coventry, WAR
1861 Census: Coppice Lane, Hartshill, Head age 29 Farmer born Hartshill.
c.1862: Carpenter & Collier, at Hartshill, WAR
c.1862: Victualler, at 'Royal Oak', Coppice Lane, Hartshill.
1881-96: Coppice Lane, Hartshill, WAR,(c.1881-1896)
1871 Census: Hartshill-Thomas Cope Head age 39 Labourer born Hartshill WAR
1881 Census: Mancetter Thomas Cope Head age 49 General Labourer born Hartshill WAR
1891 Census: Hartshill Thomas Cope Head age 59 General labourer born Hartshill WAR
married: 14/10/1858 in P.C. of St' Michael, CoventryMC.
Parents: John Banbury & Susannah TEW
bapt.01-Mar-1835 in Church Lawford, WAR.
will: 22-Oct-1898 in Birmingham,
1841 Census: Church Lawford Emma BANBURY age 6 born WAR
1851 Census: Coventry St Michael-Emma BANBURY Serv age 17 Housemaid born Church Lawford
1861 Census: Hartshill Emma Cope Wife age 27 born Church Lawford
1871 Census: Hartshill Emma Cope Wife age 35 Lab's Wife
1881 Census: Mancetter Emma Cope Wife age 45 born Hartshill
1891 Census: Hartshill Emma Cope Wife age 56 born Church Lawford
Issue of Thomas & Emma:
3/1. Ann Cope (bapt.22-May-1859)
3/2. Mary Cope (b.18-Aug-1860)
3/3. Emily Cope (bapt.21-Jun-1863)
3/4. Tom Cope b.09/9/1871 in Hartshill. twin to Harriet

d.01-Dec-1951 in Melton Mowbray Infirmary, LEI.
bur.20-Dec-1951 in Ashby Rd. Cemetery, Hinckley, Leicester.
1881 Census: Mancetter Thomas Cope Son age 9 Scholar born Hartshill WAR
1891 Census: Hatton Thomas Cope Prisoner age 19 Colliery Storekeeper.
Labourer, at Hartshill, WAR,
Publican, at Hinckley, LEI,
County Court Bailiff, at Hinckley, LEI,
Coppice Lane, Hartshill, WAR,
Witherly Mill Witherly LEI,(c.1910-1914)
Hardy Villas Coventry Rd., Hinckley, LEI,(1914-1951)
Married: 19/4/1897 Hartshill PC
Elizabeth Ann STRINGER
Parents: John Stringer & Anne Perkins
b.06-Dec-1877 in Whittington, WAR,
1881 Census: Mancetter Elizabeth Stringer Dau age 3 born Whittington WAR
Issue of Tom & Elizabeth Cope:
4/1. John Thomas Cope (b.20-Dec-1897:d.12-Aug-1917)
4/2. Kate Maria Cope (b.04-Dec-1899:d.23-Feb-1987)
m.18-Jun-1923 in Holy Trinity P.C. Hinckley, LEI. to William Henry BEEBY
4/3. William Brannon Cope b.25-Sep-1902 in Hartshill.

bapt.09-Nov-1902 in P.C. Hartshill, WAR,
Died.01-Aug-1954 City General, Hospital, Leicester.
bur.1954 Cong's Chapel, Burial Ground, Earl Shilton.
25/9/1902-c.1910: Coppice Lane, Hartshill, WAR.
1914-1930: Coventry Rd. Hinckley, LEI,
c.1910-1914: Witherly Mill Witherly LEI
1930-c.1934: Station Rd. Earl Shilton, LEI.
c.1934-1954: 'Brynmore' Equity Gardens, Earl Shilton, LEI.
Hosiery Cutter at Hinckley, LEI,(c.1917-1935)
Engineer at Earl Shilton, LEI,(1935-1949)
Fire Wood Merchant at Earl Shilton,1949-1954
educated at: Hartshill, WAR
m.17-May-1930 in Independent Chapel, Earl Shilton.
Ethel Louisa WRIGHT
Issue of William & Ethel Cope:
5/1. Brannon Cope b.19/10/1935 m.27/7/1957 Dumbleton Ave. Congs. Leicester, Margaret Rita Needham
5/2. Jill Cope (b.16-Jan-1941) m.09-Aug-1963 in Registry Office, Hinckley, to George ELLIOTT.

4/4. Nora Emma Cope (b.27-Mar-1911:d.02-Feb-1997) m.1933 in Holy Trinity P.C. Hinckley, LEI. to John Thomas Adcock (Jack)
4/5. Henry Norwood Cope (b.14-Oct-1916:d.14-Oct-1916).

3/5. Harriet Cope (b.09-Sep-1871)
   m.04-Aug-1890 in PC. Hartshill, to Harry May
3/6. Joseph Cope (b.31-Dec-1873: d.1874).

2/8. Harriett Cope
2/9. Mary Cope (bapt.15-May-1836).

1/6. Francis Cope, ch. 19/2/1797.

IGI: Francis Cope m Catherina Powell, 23/10/1817, Vowchurch, Herefordshire. Not very likely.
Ch of Francis & Catherine Cope (IGI):
2/1. Elizabeth Cope C: 19 Jul 1818 Polesworth, Warwick.

Bur: Cope Eliza  Warton 7th April 1838 aged 20

2/2. Harriot Cope C: 29 Sep 1820 Bilston,
2/3. Richard Cope C: 6 Apr 1823 Polesworth,
2/4. Charlotte Cope C: 1 Jan 1826 Bilston,

PR: Charlotte Cope ch 1/1/1826, parents Francis & Catherine, boatman of Bradeley.

2/5. James Cope C: 1 Sep 1828 Oxford St. Independ., Bilston,
2/6. William Cope C: 1 Sep 1833 Bilston,

1861 Census, 25 ton iron carrier (boat), W'ton:
Francis Cope (63, Capt, Warton, Warks), Elizabeth (wf, 31, Tong)

1/7. William Cope ch. 3/3/1799.                   AM07/19
1/8. John Cope, ch. 4/4/1802.
1/9. Amey Cope, ch. 26/9/1803.




No evidence has been found about John Gandy (5/1999), but the following Gandy's appear: He died before 1841.

A John Gandy buried Bilston 3/11/1831 aged 77[31]. No will found.
This would point to him being the following from the IGI:

Ch: 6/9/1755 St Clements, Worcester
Parents: William & Sarah.
Sibling: Thomas Gandy C: 3 Dec 1758

Other Possibilities:
John Gandy C: 3 Nov 1760
Father: John & Anne Gandy @ Wichenford, Worcester, England
John Gandey C: 31 Aug 1765
Father: William & Jane Gandey @ Holy Trinity, Coventry, Warwick,

William Gandy options:
C: 14 Feb 1727 of William & Elizabeth, @ Studley, Warwick,
C: 12 Mar 1729 of Richard & Elizabeth, @ Studley, Warwick,
C: 21 Apr 1741 of Thomas & Alice @ Tanworth, Warwick,

Other Gandys about the place:
Gandy's appear in Fladbury 1721 (Elizabeth wf of John of Throckmorton died).

Land Tax Redemption, 1799 Record, 3/2013, Darlaston:
Benj Tivens, prop, John Gandy, occupier, 0/0/6d

John Gandy married: Hannah (IGI or Pallots have no information)




Born: abt 1758, Bilston (ref 1851 Census)
Married: John Gandy
1841 Census: Hallfields with daughter Catherine.
1851 Census: @ Hallfields Bilston with daughter Sarah & son in law.  (Age 93, born Bilston)
DiedA: 6/7/1852 at Old Meeting House St, Bilston aged 94, widow of John Gandy, Stocktaker in Ironworks, due to "decay of nature" Catherine Sansone present at death. (death cert).

Jan 2009[viii]: A Hannah Gandy aged 93 in the 1851 Census is recorded with William & Sarah (Gandy) Cope in Hallfields - this was found on the original films before the days of internet census access. There is also a Hannah Gandy aged 92 with Henry and Catherine Sansone in Old Meeting House, Bilston, and so I had not realised that another Hannah Gandy appears elsewhere in Bilston. I think that in fact they are probably the same person, entered twice. There is no doubt that my Sarah Gandy and Charles Gandy and others were both the product of John and Hannah Gandy from the parish records, which I think I checked a long time ago. The existence of Catherine (Gandy) Sanson was deduced from later census searches and her appearance at Sarah Gandy & William Cope's marriage and at Hannah's death; I think it therefore highly likely that Catherine was a sister of our two, and an unrecorded (on the parish records) daughter of John & Hannah. The  coincidence of  2 Hannah Gandy's (an uncommon name at the best of times) being alive at the relatively great age of 92-3  in Bilston in 1851 makes me think that they are both the same - she probably shuttled between the daughters in her last years.

John Gandy M. Ann Smith 12 NOV 1777 Claines, Worcester (between Worcester & Ombersley).
John Gandy Ch. 06 SEP 1755 Saint Clement, Worcester of William & Sarah.

Issue of John & Hannah Gandy, ref IGI):
1/1. Charles Gandy Christened 21/6/1778 in St Leonard’s Bilston[32]

1822: A gun lock smith in Bilston (Edward ch. PR).
Moved to Wednesbury 1805? (All below via LDS)
(Wesleyan chapel opened 1810)
Moved back to Bilston between 1812 and 1814?
lost 2 years how many more kids?
M. Elizabeth Candlett, 15/6/1803 at St Peters, B&S, Wits: Mary Candlett/Joseph Wainwright.[33]
Wit. Mary Candlett & Joseph Wainwright.
2/1. William Gandy,
   Buried St Leonard Bilston 12 Feb 1804[34](P Galloway)
2/2. Sarah Gandy Ch 9th July 1805 St Bartholomew, Wednesbury
2/3. John Gandy 28th June 1807

Married Mary Day St Peters 20th Aug 1826 (P. Galloway)
Witnesses John Kingston / John Biddulph

3/1. William Gandy 1838-1883,

M. Mary Parkes 1836-1901
4/1. John Gandy 1861-1925

M. Jane Smith
5/1. Albert Gandy 1892-1975

M. Mary Blythe 1894-1967
6/1. Frederick Gandy 1923-1978

M. Sylvia Maddocks 1923-2002
7/1. David Gandy b. 1948

M. Christine Brooke b. 1949
8/1. Neil Gandy[ix] b.1974

M. Carolyn Whitehouse, b 1969

8/2. Nicola Gandy, b 1983

7/2. Philip Gandy, b 1960

2/4. Charles ch 24th Sept 1809

Married Pheobe Jones 27th Dec 1830 St Peters 1830 (P. Galloway) Witnesses Edward Bayley/John Biddulph
3/1. Edward Gandy, 6/11/1831, St Leonard, Bilston
3/2. Thomas 23rd Oct 1834 St Leonard Bilston

Thomas Gandy, 11 mths bur Swan Bank Methodist Chapel, Wolverhampton, abode Bilston, 21/9/1835. Ref Peter Galloway site. From Wolverhampton Archives. (13/5/2003).

3/3. Mary or Phoebe Gandy c1840.

M. Thomas Ralph abt 1834, Bilston[x]

3/4. Sarah Gandy, 10/4/1842 St Leonard Bilston.

2/5. Hannah Gandy 23rd Dec 1811 Wesleyan Wednesbury
2/6. Mary ch 18th Jan 1815 St Leo Bilston

bur 28th March 1815 aged 3 mths.[35]

The following cannot be the correct one:
Married William Spate St Peters 28th Aug 1836 (P. Galloway)
Witnesses Elizabeth Spate /John Biddulph

2/7. Catherine Gandy (AFN:4NJS-B6)

IGI Ch: 18 Aug 1816 St Leo, Bilston;
a Catherine G. buried Bilston, 15/1/1819[36]

2/8. Thomas Gandy 18th Aug 1816 St Leonard Bilston
2/9. Maria ch 15th Aug 1819  St Leo, D. 25/3/1888 Willenhall
2/10. Edward ch. 22/4/1822 St Leonard Bilston, (PR - AM)

Edward Gandy ch 28/4/1822, parents Charles & Elizabeth, a Gun Lock Smith of Bilston Mills.

2/11. Elizabeth Gandy, b abt 1824 Bilston

From Deborah at Genesreuinited[xi]:
M. Samuel Jones, b abt 1819, Bilston.
3/1. Clement Jones abt 1845
3/2. Samuel Jones abt 1849 M. Louisa James b abt 1847

4/1. Joseph Jones abt 1876
4/2. Francis Jones abt 1878
4/3. John Jones abt 1880
4/4. Samuel Jones abt 1882
4/5. Joseph Jones abt 1883

5/1. Bernard Jones, M. Sylvia Baugh (1928-2003)

6/1. Matthew Jones, M Deborah Pittam,

joining Josiah Parkes as a commercial apprentice in 1978. Debbie dau of Christopher (1921-2008) & Gwendolyn (Edwards – 1925-2007) Pittam.

6/2. Gareth Jones

M(1). Julia Hadley from Sneyd Lane, Essington, divorced and:
M(2): Kay Gordon from Inverness
Issue of Julia & Gareth:
7/1. Felicity Jones, b 1984

Actress playing Emma Grundy in The Archers. She was recently Margot in the BBC series of The Diary of Anne Frank and, on the big screen, Cordelia Flyte in Brideshead Revisited. This year, she also starred in the Daniel Craig movie, Flashbacks of a Fool. 2/2009: filming The Tempest in Hawaii; she plays the part of Miranda.

3/3. Joseph Jones abt 1851
3/4. Elizabeth Jones abt 1854
3/5. Clara Jones abt 1856
3/6. Charles Jones abt 1862
3/7. William Jones abt 1868

1/2. Edward Gandy, ch 26/3/1786[37]
1/3. Mary Gandy, ch 24/6/1788[38],

married Enoch Hill, St Peter's 29/8/1808 (P Galloway)
Witnesses Margaret Harper / Joseph Wainwright

1/4. Sarah Gandy ch. 20/1/1795 St Lawrence, Darlaston (PR-AM).
1/5. John Gandy ch Darlaston 2/1/1793, (PR-AM)

Died 29/12/1793 (re Charles Ralph)
A John Gandy married Mary Day St Peter's Collegiate, W'ton, 20/8/1826, found from internet site, by Peter Galloway.
John & Mary have son ch 10/10/1830, Bilston.

1/6. Catherine Gandy, b abt 1791:

Witnesses at William & Sarah's marriage Henry Sanson and Catherine Gandy; informant of Hannah's death was Catherine Sansone: were both Catherines the same person and Hannah's daughter?
Catharine Gandy Married Henry Sansom  

Catherine married Henry Sanson, St Peter's Wolverhampton 3/10/1824  S&B
Wit: George Bond/Richard Devey[39]

Married Henry Sansom 3rd Oct 1824 Witnesses George Bond/Richard Devey at St Peters Wolverhampton.
(email from Charles Ralph[xii])

1841 Census, 36 Old Meeting St, Bilston:
Henry Sanson (40, Carpenter, Y), Catherine (50, Y), Catherine (14, Y), Sarah (12, Y), Hannah Gandy (80, lodger, Y).
1851 Census, Old Meeting St, Bilston (all b Bilston):
Henry Sanson (59, master Carpenter), Catherine (60, Domestic at home), Catherine (32, dau, occupation unreadable).


  Early links may come from the fact that the canal system was being built in the area and opened abt 1772.
  The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal linked the river Severn with the Trent and Mersey Canal and opened in 1772.

9.                ********************** GENERATION 9 **********************



PR Shows:
ChB: Tipton 9/7/1710, Transcript book shows 9 June.
Parents: Richard & Elizabeth (Davis) Parkes.

IGI & PR Transcript:
Married: Hannah Tompson Rowley Regis 22/1/1733 (PR t/script)
Hannah Tumptson ch Rowley Regis  12/8/1710 of John & Judeth. (PR t/script).
No marriage of John & Judeth.

Issue: (ch Rowley Regis)
1/1. Thomas Parkes (5/3/1738) (PR TS), (d.14/8/1750 – PR T/S s of WP aged 12)
1/2. Richard Parkes (7/5/1741) (PT TS),
1/3. John Parkes (b 29/6/1744, ch 5/8/1744),
1/4. William Parkes (16/11/1746).

Also at Rowley Regis (IGI):
Issue of William & Elizabeth: Elizabeth ch 13/4/1732
Issue of William & Sarah Parkes (WP M Sarah Mackley Tipton 5/11/1747)
John Parkes ch 3/9/1749
Isaac Parkes ch 26/7/1752



The father of Jane Dunton.

IGI/PR shows:

BornB: 9/11/1717, Dudley, St Thomas (P6,871, 1992).
Parents: Isaac & Ann (Ffollow/Fellows) Dunton.

PR shows his birth as an addition to the Record: they were probably NC by this time, but had to enter birth in Established Church records. There were 4 similar entries to John & Sarah Dunton at the same period.

A Thomas Dunton appears in Queen St, Dudley in the late 1770’s (Asuit Roll of the Inhabitants of the Manor of Dudley and Borough of Dudley). Widow in another hand.

Also in Queen St:
Ricd Parkes an another hand.
Jos Parkes also
Richf Parkes a in several places: shows presence half yearly.
Widow Dunton

Old Meeting House (Dudley) congregation are legally known as 'Protestant Dissenters' and can be traced back to 1662. The first Chapel was erected in 1702, destroyed in 1715 and rebuilt in 1717.
The transition from Old Presbyterianism to Unitarianism was appropriately brought about by reason of the trust deed being one of the open kind 'for worship of God' and the progressive change of thought.

Thomas Dunton was a cordwainer[40], as was his father, Isaac.

George Dunton a cordwainer in Dudley 1791 (Directory)
George Dunton shown born (abt 1728) bur Dudley 26/2/1813.

Married: Jane Whitehouse 26/12/1741, Dudley (P6,871)



IGI shows:

ChB: 14/5/1719, Tipton, Staffs.  (PR shows this)
Parents: Samuel & Ann Whitehouse.
Married: Thomas Dunton 26/12/1741, St Thomas, Dudley.

A William & Phebe Dunton had son Isaac 25/3/1782 @ Gornall.

Issue of Thomas Dunton & Jane Whitehouse:
all @ The Old Meeting House.
1/1. Ann Dunton - buried as dau of Thos Dunton, 1743.
1/2. Isaac Dunton. B 8/2, ch 19/2/1744, of Dudley, Bur 1752
1/3. Mary Dunton. Ch 22/5/1747, Bur 1747 (dau of Thos.)
1/4. Thomas Dunton. Ch 16/11/1749, of Dudley, Bur 1749.
1/5. William Dunton. Ch 12/5/1751, of Dudley, Bur 1751
1/6. Jane Dunton. Ch 1/7/1752, of Dudley.
1/7. Thomas Dunton. Ch: 4/11/1754, of Dudley, Bur: 1755.
1/8. John Dunton. Ch 3/6/1760.

Joseph Dunton Bur Bilston 15/8/1832 aged 68.



Inferred to be “Senior”:

ChB: 29/7/1703 Polesworth, of Warton.
Parents: Richard & Ann Cope.

Richard Cope jnr, bur 15/9/1761.
(note: no issue of Richard & Sarah after this date)
Since referred to as Richard jnr, when he died, his father must have been Richard.

Richard Cope, 12/5/1773, Polesworth, so Richard Cope, Warton, Polesworth, decd shoemaker & Sarah, to John Earpe, Orton on the Hill, Leics, cordwainer.
Mary Cope, 23/9/1776, Polesworth, do William Cope, Polesworth, Lab to Edward Orton, Abbey End St, Nuneaton, weaver.

Richard Cope Married 1/11/1757, Polesworth:
Richard OTP, Sarah Richardson, of Austrey (next to Polesworth), wit. Richard Orton, & Samuel Kettle; by Banns.




At Marriage, "of Austrey", adjacent parish to Newton Regis, thus most likely:
ChB: 31 Dec 1732 @ Newton Regis, Warwick.
Parents: Francis & Eliz. Richardson.
Francis Richardson married Elizabeth Corbett, Newton Regis, 10/4/1732 (IGI).
Francis Richison b. Newton Regis, parents Francis & Mary 15/4/1716.

BurB: Sarah Cope @ Warton, 14/2/1810, aged 82. (thus b. 1728)

Issue of Francis & Elizabeth. ch Newton Regis:
Sarah 31/12/1732
Ann 24/1/1735
Catherine 31/10/1737
Lydia 2/5/1741

Other possibilities:
C: 24 Mar 1730 Father: John @ Saint Martin, Birmingham,
C: 3 Sep 1732 Father: Zaccheus & Mary @ Brailes, Warwick, England
C: 18 Aug 1734 Father: Geo & Eliz @ Mancetter, Warwick,
C: 27 Dec 1740 Father: John & Mary @ Newbold Pacey, Warwick,

Apprenticeship: John Richardson, 23/9/1771, Polesworth, so John Richardson, Warton, Polesworth, Lab to James Tubney, Glenfield, Leics, weaver.
John Richardson ch Polesworth 9/2/1760, of John & Catherine.

Issue of Richard & Sarah (Richardson) Cope, ch @ Polesworth, Warwick:
1/1. Tho. Cope C: 31 May 1758 of Warton (PR).
1/2. Richard Cope C: 24 Dec 1759 of Warton (PR).
1/3. Sarah Cope C: 9 Oct 1761 of Warton (PR).

If Richard's birth date is correct, and his death in 1761 bears this out, it is highly probable that he was married before Sarah Richardson:

A Richard Cope of Warton married Jane Nott, Polesworth, 6/11/1732
Was this an earlier marriage?  If he was born in 1703 & died 1761, this is a strong possibility.

Issue of Richard & Jane (Nott) Cope, Polesworth:
1/1. Elizabeth Cope 1/7/1733, dau of Richard
1/2. Ann Cope 20/12/1738,
1/3. Thomas Cope 11/11/1741, bur 10/12/1741
1/4. Thomas Cope 17/3/1743
1/5. John Cope, 6/4/1746,
1/6. Jane Cope, 28/5/1749, dau of Richard & Jane
1/7. Sarah Cope, 21/6/1752, dau of Richard & Jane of Warton.

Other IGI alternatives for Richard Cope:
Ch of Edward & Eliz Cope, Hatton, Warwick (no ch or marriage data)
Eliz Cope C: 18 Sep 1732
Edwd Cope C: 2 Nov 1733
Jonathan Cope C: 14 Mar 1734
Richd Cope C: 31 Jan 1736

Edward Copes: Many round Uttoxeter & Abbotts Bromley.

ch 24/1/1736 of Thomas @ Polesworth (PR)
Sibs: William 26 Mar 1733/4, Mary 11 Aug 1734

Thomas Cope:
Nil births on IGI
Thomas Cope Married: 1 May 1732 Mary Hudson @ Polesworth, Warwick,
Mary Hudson:
C: 29 Jul 1716 Father: Wm. Hudson @ Polesworth, Warwick, England Bur: Mary, wf of Thomas Cope, 7/2/1738 @ Warton.

Issue of Sarah Cope & Abraham Baxter:
1/1. John Baxter, m. Frances Sevell

2/1. Abraham Baxter, m. Sarah Wood.

3/1. William Baxter, m. Elizabeth Sharrad.

4/1. Michael Baxter, m. Emma Fretter.

5/1. Lillian Baxter, m. John Esau Tew.

6/1. Olive Ellen Tew, m. George Harris.

7/1. Beryl E. Harris, m. Mr Allcoat

(Beryl supplied this line).

POSSIBLE SEQUENCE: (Polesworth records begin 1631 – none suitable on IGI Warks of Staffs).
Index of wills used for relevant period – none at Polesworth after 1705.

JOHN COPE d. 1619

John Cope Will Polesworth proved 31/3/1619 (inventory 1628)
of Warton
Wife Elizabeth
Son Thomas
Dau Elizabeth
Dau Gillian
Son Richard – residual legatee.
Brother Richard
Son Richard executor: Richard Junior? Signed.


From IG & PR.
Richard Cope:
ch 5/3/1637, father Richard, bur 9/1/1705 (called snr.)

Will of Richard Cope of Warton, Polesworth parish: Son John 20 shillings, Rem to son Thomas, also Thomas sole executor. Dated 12/12/1704. Inventory: purse & apparel 10s, money £8. Proved 27 April 1705.
Witness Thomas Dolman.
     Widow Cope bur 22/6/1714.

1/1. Richard Cope, ch 23/1/1679, Warton, father Richard.

bur 15/6/1736 Warton (snr)
IGI has:
M Hannah Hickin, 27/4/1700 – not a PR record – both of Birmingham so may not be relevant.
Ann Cope wife of Richard, bur 27/1/1728, Polesworth.
Issue of Richard Cope, Polesworth:
2/1. Richard Cope, 29/7/1703.
2/2. Elizabeth, 15/1/1705.

1/2. John Cope, ch 18/4/1675

Married: Elizabeth Larkin, 31/10/1703.
2/1. Elizabeth Cope, bur 14/5/1704
2/2. Mary Cope, ch 10/10/1705
2/3. Richard Cope, ch 19/11/1707
2/4. Ann Cope, ch 7/9/1711.
2/5. Joseph & Benjamin Cope, twins, ch 5/5/1714, bur 10/5/1714.
2/7. Catherine Cope, ch 24/6/1715.
2/8. Hannah Cope, ch 5/6/1718.
2/9. John Cope, ch 2/6/1720.

1/3. Thomas Cope - no real evidence of this Thomas being Richard's

son, but it might fit.
Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Cope, snr, bur 20/9/1709.
2/1. Thomas Cope

Wife of Thomas Cope jnr, bur 29/10/1722
3/1. Ann Cope, ch 27/7/1712
3/2. Sarah Cope, ch 24/6/1715
3/4. Thomas Cope, ch 18/6/1718, son of Thomas jnr.

A Thomas Cope of Warton married Mary Hudson of Shettington (?), 1/5/1732, too soon for 3/4 above: was this 2/1 above remarrying?
3/5. William Cope, 26/3/1733/4
3/6. Mary Cope
3/7. Richard Cope. 24/1/1737.

1841 Census, Polesworth:
Mary Cope (60), Mary Cope (70), John Cope (40, Ag Lab).  William Cope (45, Carrier), Lydda? Cope (40, no).
Samuel Cope (40, Ag Lab), Mary (35), Thomas (9), Samuel (7), Elisha (3), Eziah? (1).
Joseph Cope (30, Ag Lab), Staten?? (30), William (15), George (14), John (5).Turazley?? (RG107 1130 f26):
James Cope (45, Ag Lab), Rebecca (50), Elizabeth (20), William (20), James (15), John (13), Harriett (11), George (9), Thomas (7), William (1), Catherine Whitehead (60).

Other Copes:
1851 Census, Oxford St, Bilston:
Samuel Cope (46, Boatman, Worcs) & Martha (45, Bilston) + 2 children..
In Bilston 1820's: 2 Copes & wives, John & Mary, James & Eleanor, both miners.
A William Cope and Elizabeth, his wife also lived with his family in Oxford St, Bilston in 1841 and 51. He was in iron miner, born abt 1805 not in Staffs.  A cousin, perhaps?

Ch of John & Mary Cope (IGI):
Mary Anne Cope C: 5 Jan 1823 Bilston, (born 4/6/1821)
Ann Cope C: 17 Sep 1828 Tipton,

Ch of James & Eleanor Cope (IGI):
James Cope C: 5 Jan 1823 Bilston,  (born 30/6/1821)

both parents had children baptised same day - were they brothers?

Cope Elizabeth Warton 9th January 1838 69
Cope Eliza Warton 7th April 1838 20
Cope Joseph Warton 27th June 1839 70
Cope Thomas Warton 17th November 1839 29
Cope Charles Warton 9th June 1840 2
Cope Daniel Warton 1st February 1841 9m
Cope Abraham Warton 29th January 1843 6w
Cope Lydia Warton 12th January 1845 60
Cope Charlotte Polesworth (Warton) 5th October 1845 35 "Died of Typhoid Fever".
      Prob wf of John Cope, Newton Regis 1841.
Cope Mary Polesworth 30th September 1846 83


10.            ********************** GENERATION 10 *********************




Richard Parkes alternatives:
ch Tipton 7/10/1670 of John & Sarah (PR TS)
Ch Sedgley 28/8/1670 of William Parkes of Coseley (PR TS)
Ch Rowley Regis 24/12/1665 of Richard & Rose Parkes (PR TS)
Richard Parkes m Rose Haden, RR 28/2/1651 (PR TS)
Rose Parkes bur 17/2/1699 RR
IGI has nothing more on Rose Haden.
Richard Parkes Bur 17/1/1713 RR

Soc of Friends, Dudley:
Richard P s of Rich & sarah bur 4/11/1705 P10
Samuel P of R&S 16/6/1709

William Parkes:
M Ann Hill 15/10/1665 RR PR TS
M Sarah Ealis 28/12/1668 RR PR TS

Ch Mary Parkes, dau of John & Sarah, b 15/10/1676, ch 13/11/1676, Tipton.

Elizabeth dau of Richard Parkes of Cackmore ch abt 1653 (damaged page in PR).

Richard Parkes M. Elizabeth Davis, of Himley p, RR, 21/9/1695 (PR TS)

Elizabeth Davis

Ch: Himley 8/4/1672 of James & Mary Davis
Also at Himley:
James 1/6/1680
John 22/2/1673
No further IGI info on James Davis.

Issue of William & Elizabeth Parkes: (IGI private film – not PR – it appears that Tipton may not be in the IGI)
1/1. William Parkes, ChB: Tipton 9/7/1710, Transcript book shows 9 June.



ChB: 9/10/1664 St Thomas, Dudley (PR only, spelt Isak).
Parents: Thomas & Judeth
DiedB: Isaac Dunton, bur St Thomas, Dudley, 6/10/1728.

Isaac Dunton 6/10/1728 - was this him?


1st: "Isaak" to Elizabeth Roedes 27/10/1691 @ St Thomas, Dudley
PR for Isaac ch 3/7/1702 describes Isaac as a Shoomaker. A record of Isaac's, (son of Isaac, shoomaker) death 14/6/1702 may be 1703
Death: Elizabeth, wife of Isaac Dunton, Shoomaker, 13/4/1703.

Issue (IGI & PR)
1/1. Elizabeth Dunton (2/10/1692 +PR - Betty bur. 1694),
1/2. John Dunton (16/7/1695 +PR),
1/3. Hannah Dunton (6/9/1696 +PR),
1/4. Elizab Dunton (1697)
1/5. Isaac Dunton ch 3/7/1702 +PR died 14/6/1702 or 3, Isaac, shoomaker.

2nd: Isaac to Ann Ffollow of Sedgley at St Thomas, Dudley, 22 Sept 1704, a Shoomaker.




(@ 17/7/94, many alternative Ann's to be checked)
Death: Ann Dunton, bur St Thomas Dudley 1725 (PR).

Issue (IGI):
1/6. Isaac Dunton, Ch: 6/1705, Bur 12/5/1709, son of Isaac Dunton
   @ St Thomas Dudley
1/7. Thomas Dunton (b. 9/11/1717, added to the PR)

DeathsB:  Isaac (12/5/1709) & Jasnos (31/1/1710), both sons of Isaac Dunton @ St Thomas, Dudley, probable sons of Isaac & Ann.

Ann Fellow ch at Sedgley (1670-90):

23/3/1671 of John & Susannah Golding
4/12/1673 of John & Ann
26/10/1673 of John
20/9/1674 of Richard & Sarah Wilkes, Ettingshall
23/4/1677 of John & Elizabeth, Nether Gornal
20/3/1683, of Clement & Sarah Fullwood
28/12/1684, of Edward & Ellinor
19/12/1686, of John & Mary.

     The Old Meeting House, Wolverhampton St, Dudley, was Presbyterian and then became Unitarian. The first chapel, built in 1702, was destroyed by riots in 1715. A new one was built in 1717. A printed copy of the records show from 1743 to 1837.
     The destruction of the chapel in 1715 is the probable reason for the absence of any recorded children of Isaac and Ann Dunton except for the 2 added to the St Thomas's register, Isaac in 1705 and Thomas in 1717.
     There were probably more children which were not in the PR. It seems likely, in spite of the gap between Ann & Isaac's marriage and Thomas's birth, that he was their son, particularly as there are deaths recorded for his sons: at this time, many Non-Conformists used Established Churches for burial, hence the burial entries at St Thomas's.



Continue this Line.

The name was spelt both Whithouse and Whitehouse.
AF has Samuel W. b.11/5/1699 Cannock & marrying 1731, Cannock.
The father of Jane Whitehouse.

Possible chs:
1) 6/11/1697 Tipton (of Brierley), Abraham & Mary
2) 6/2/1695 Sedgley, Richard & Hannah – not found on original.
3) 23/4/1686 at Sedgley of parents Samuell & Elizabeth. Dd May '86.
4) 25/11/1683 Dudley, John & Ann.
5) 22/6/1673 @ Sedgley, father Samuell, Gorn(al) (PR TS) no bur to 1680.
   IGI refers to Samuel, spouse Ann born abt 1693 Tipton.

a) Ann Abell 23/11/1715 @ Wombourne
   PR show he from Sedgley, she from Birmingham.
   Ann Abell ch 4/7/1690 @ St Martin, Birmingham, father Georg.

b) Ann Perin 22/9/1717 @ Old Swinford (PR gives no more info)
   Ann Perrins ch 6/2/1685 @ Old Swinford,
   Father: John Perrins

   Siblings: John (1673), Sarah (1674), Daniel (1680), Margrett
  (1681), Joseph (1682).

     If all his children listed below were by one wife, Ann, then she should have been born between 1687-99 (20-45 childbearing) and he would have been born between 1672-99.
     It is therefore probable that he married Ann Abell. She would have been 25 at marriage, while Ann Perrin would have been 32, rather old for the era. He was thus from Sedgley. He was probably older than his wife.

     A Samuell W was a Churchwarden of Sedgley in 1684.

Issue, ch Tipton:
1/1. Jane Whitehouse (14/5/1719),
1/2. Joseph Whitehouse (12/8/1720),
1/3. John Whitehouse (4/3/1723),
1/4. Samuel Whitehouse (4/11/1724),
1/5. Benjamin Whitehouse (6/12/1726),

Also to Samuel & Anna:

1/6. Ann Whitehouse (11/8/1730)
1/7. Benj Whitehouse (21/12/1732).


11.            ********************** GENERATION 11 *********************



N/C records for
Dunton family
Born: None on IGI
PR shows:
Married:  Judeth Blakemore 29/12/1657.
Entry in Register of St Thomas Dudley July 1658:
"Thomas Dunton did bring a certificate the contents whereof were that Thomas Dunton and Judeth Blakemore were married 29 December 1657 by Henry Billingham witnesses were Thomas Stampe(?) +1"
Quaker Bur: Thomas Dunton, 19/2/1704.
This entry would indicate that they were by this time non-conformists, probably Quakers.




IGI Shows:
Ch 3/2/1637-8 at Blymhill, Staffs. (Nr Weston under Lizzard)
Judieth d of John & Alize Blackmyre bap 3 Feb. (PAR TS)

Bur: Alice wf of John Blackmyre 13/7/1638

Parents: John & Alize (Pool) Blakemore.
Sibling: John.
Married: Thomas Dunton, 29/12/1657.
If this is the correct Judith, her family were probably Quakers.

Issue of Thomas & Judeth Dunton (IGI/PR):
1/1. Samuel Dunton, (30/9/1659 - died at 20 days),
1/2. Thomas Dunton, (18/9/1661),

"Thomas Dunton the younger" buried St Thomas 24/7/1694 - b 1661?

1/3. Isak Dunton, (9/10/1664 -PR only),
1/4. Marey Dunton, (16/8/1667),
1/5. Sara Dunton b 7/11/1669 of Thomas (only), Quaker.
1/6. Judeath Dunton, Quakers show Judeth born 21/12/1671

PR Dudley shows born 21/2/1672, ch 17/10/1695, adult ch
Judeth Dunton married Edward Ffinch 21/10/1795 @ St Thomas.

1/7. illegible dau of Thomas & Judith b 4/12/1673 – Quakers. Probably Lydia.

17/10/1695: adult ch at Dudley: Lydia.

1/8. Martha: Quaker shows b 9/2/1676, dau of Thomas & Judith, no surname

but probably Dunton, PR Dudley has b 9/4/1676 ch as adult Quaker, 17/10/1695

The first four were entered as births at St Thomas, Dudley while the last four were @ the Quakers NC, Dudley.

IGI data, none of which look likely:
Thomas Dunton C: 26 Nov 1615
Father: Richard Dunton  Sheldon, Warwick,

Thomas Dunton C: 3 Sep 1626
Father: Thomas Dunton Mother: Joane.
Bickenhill, Warwick, England (near Solihull)

Thomas Dunton B: Abt 1627
Spouse: Martha of Shelton, Warwick, England

Thomas Dunton  C: 5 Apr 1635, bur 16/2/1638
Father: Georgii Dunton   Fillongley,
Warwick, England Mother: Katherine Barsley

Thomas Dunton  B: Abt 1639
Spouse: Esther of Shelton, Warwick, England

Thomas Dunton  S: 12 Jan 1651
Spouse: Martha BARFOOTE   Allesley, Warwick, England



IGI Shows:
Ch: 18/11/1612, Blymhill. (PR TS)
Parents: John & Catherine.
Married: Alice Poole 3/5/1635 @ Blymhill. (PR TS)
1/1. John Blakemyre born 1/5/1636. (PR TS)
1/2. Judith Blakemyre Born 3/2/1637-8               AM11/266



IGI Shows:
Ch 8/1/1591, Brewood, Staffs ??
Married: Catherine.
Issue: John (Blymhill 18/11/1612).

Will: John Blakemore, Series 4 #144 1610, Consistory Court, Lichfield Wills.

Thomas Blackmyre bur 31/10/1617.

RICHARD Blackmyre churchwarden Oct 1618
Margaret wf of Henry B bur 20/5/1620
Alise wf of William B bur 21/10/1624
Humphrey B bur 21/10/1631
Henry S of Nicholas ^ Annis B bur 21/3/1635
Nicholas B bur 18/8/1636
Johane wf of William B bur 2/4/1637
William s of William & Mary B bap 10/4/1639
Andrew s of W&M bap 3/10, bur 4/10/1641
Edward son of William Blakemere & Sarah wife bap 21/9/1648
Anne B widow bur 20/2/1654.


12.            TURNER FAMILY

TURNER RECORDS to 12/2001:

    The following PR have been checked for Turner, Cooper, Hatten Sparrey & Taylor (early only)
Bobbington: C 1645-1870, B 1645-1870, M 1725-1837.
Trysull: CMB 1645-1812 (no entries btwn 8/1678-12/1685) Done from Index.
Claverley: CB 1700-1764, M 1754-64.
12/01: Claverley Records chkd back to 1700 only.
Bobbington Census. Do Trysull & Claverley Census
Trysull & Bobbington Enclosure Awards (Tithes at Lichfield).
Sedgley Searched for Jane Smith - shown in index, but not found try again!




ChB. Trysull, 11/5/1777  (PR)
Parents: Richard & Mary Turner.
BuriedB: Bobbington 24/7/1855, aged 73 of Gospel Ash - in spite of the age, this is probably him. (or William, son of Richard & Ann, ch 17/3/1786, but William b 1777 agrees with the Census)
DCA: Died 22/7/1855, Gospel Ash, Bobbington, aged 78, Gardener, Dropsy, Martha Davies, her mark, of Gospel Ash.

    Also found were a family of Turners living at 68, Union St, Willenhall in 1851: William, a locksmith born in Willenhall abt 1802 and his wife, Elizabeth, aged 50. They also had lodgers surnamed Turner.

    Beatrice is the only child of William & Sarah baptised in Bobbington Parish Church, in spite of the fact that they seem to have still/again been living there in the mid 1850's: suppose they moved to Bilston/Willenhall (as suggested by ASP) where they had other children before moving back to Bobbington. Alternatively, any remaining children may have been baptised as Chapel. Bilston & Willenhall PR 1800-05 checked 12/02, several Turners found, but none ours.
    Many Turners in Willenhall - but no obvious connections (ref Irene Bishop, descendant of William Fryer snr, James Fryer etc).

1820, William Coopers will: weaver of Trysull.

The following property must have belonged to his father-in-law, William Cooper.
1827 Enclosure:
William Turner shown opposite Methodist Chapel on road between Halfpenny Green & Gospel Ash, on the fork to Manor Farm.
Richard Turner shown with 1 acre-1-30 on Forest Lane, leading East from Gospel Ash Farm.
1841 Census, Common Lode, Bobbington:
William Turner (60, Ag. Lab.), Sarah (60).

1851 Census, Shop End 16, Bobbington:
William Turner (Hd, 74, Gardener, Trysull), Sarah (Wf, 73, Bobbington).

1851 Census, Manor Farm, Bobbington:
Thomas Turner (Lodger, 18, Farm Servant, Claverley).

William Turner marriedB:
    Sarah Cooper, Trysull, 12/11/1798, both OTP,
    His mark, her signature.
    witnesses Mary Chock(?) & Thomas Turner, both of whom signed.



ChB: 20/4/1777, Bobbington, Staffs.
Parents: William & Elizabeth CoWper,
BuriedB: Bobbington 4/12/1856, aged 77 of Bobbington.
DiedA: 1/12/1856, Gospel Ash, aged 79, widow of William Turner, gardener, of Dropsy, informant Mary Ann Turner of Gospel Ash.

The heir of her father, William Cooper (land for her mother's lifetime use). "messuage or dwellinghouse situate by the side of Bobbington Heath in the parish of Bobbington" "William Turner of Trysull in the said county of Stafford weaver)”.

Issue of William & Sarah Turner:
1/1. Beatrice Turner, b. 25/8/1799, Bobbington
None listed in Willenhall PR.
IGI possibilities:
1/2. Ann Turner, Wednesbury, 29/12/1800. (PR)
1/3. Maria Turner, Willenhall, 15/9/1811, may have married Wm
   Clark, Claverley, 1828, ref Pallot's index
1/4. Mary Turner, Trysull, 15/3/1812 (PR)
1/5. Joseph Turner, Wednesbury, 28/3/1802. (PR)
1/6. James Turner, Trysull, 29/9/1802.
1/7. William Turner, Wednesbury, 13/10/1805, (PR)

may have married Jane Perry, 1827, Claverley, ref Pallot's.
1861 Census, Aston, Claverley (all b Claverley):
William Turner (59, Lab), Jane (56) John Perry (f-in-l, wid, 84, Lab)

W Brom 1821 PR (internet)
June 28 John Hodgetts, BA, otp & Mary Turner, SP, otp
Wit: William Turner & Hannah Mills

1841 Census, Trysul, Burnt Green:
Joseph Tuner (40, Ag Lab, Y), Mary (39), Joseph (17), Charles (11),  Samuel (8).

1840 Tithe, Alveley, Joseph Turner renting house.

Willenhall Turners:
1841 Census, Willenhall
James Turner (35, Pad Lock Mfg), Fanny,   30, Eliza, 12, Caroline, 9 George, 7, Mary, 6, James 3, Charles,1.

1851 Census, 68 Union St Willenhall:
William Turner (Hd, 49, Locksmith, Willenhall), Elizabeth, (W, 50, Staffs), Sarah R T(Lodger, 28, Willenhall), Hannah T, (Lodger, 22)
1861 Census, 41 Union St, Willenhall:
William (Hd, 62, Locksmith, Willenhall), Elizabeth (W, 65, Darlaston)

See below for earlier Turner families:

13.            ****************TURNER GENERATION 9 *******************




Richard Turner, a weaver of Claverley:

ch Claverley:
(a) 21/1/1738 of William & Mary
(b) 28/12/1734 of William & Elizabeth

It is not possible to establish which is the correct one, but a Richard, son of William, buried 14/9/1741: the most likely one would be the youngest, but this is a very doubtful theory!
Son William Turner also a weaver according to father-in-law's will in 1820.

At marriage: a weaver of Claverley, m. @ Bobbington,
Mary Hatten, 5/3/1764,
Wit. Thomas Rowley (clerk?) Thomas Turner.



ChB: Bob'n, 10/3/1738
Parents: Thomas & Jane Hatten
Mary Turner buried Trysull, 25/5/1791: was this her?

Issue of Richard & Mary Turner @ Trysull:
1/1. William Turner, b. 11/5/1777.
1/2. Sarah Turner, b. 11/5/1777.

Was this a second marriage of Richard?:

Issue of Richard & Ann Turner, Bobbington:
1/1. Thomas Turner 30/3/1783.

Possible issue of Thomas & Jane:
2/1. Edward Turner, ch 24/7/1803

1841 Census, Common Lode, Bobbington:
Edward (35, Ag Lab, Y), Mary (30, Y), Patience (13, Y), Thomas (10, Y), Martha (2, Y).
Possible issue of Edward & Mary Turner (he a Labourer of Bobbington Heath):
3/1. John Turner Ch: 17/12/1826, Bobbington:

1841 Census, Blacklands, Bobbington: John (15, Ag Lab).
1851 Census, Gospel Ash Rd, Bobbington:
John Turner (Hd, 24, Ag Labourer/Wagoner, Bobbington), Emma (Wf, 24, Claverley), Edward (Son, 4, Claverley) Ann (Dau, 11mths, Bobbington)

3/2. Patience Turner 27/10/1828.
3/3. Thomas Turner, abt 1831.
3/4. Martha Turner, abt 1839.

1/2. Richard Turner 21/11/1784, (private bapt).

Richard Turner of H/Green, bur Bob'n 25/12/1856, aged 71.
1841 Census, Blacklands, Bobbington:
Richard Turner (55, Ag Lab), John (15, Ag Lab).
1851 Census, Shop End 17, Bobbington (next door to William & Sarah):
Richard Turner (Lodger, 70, Imbecile, Bobbington)

1/3. William Turner 17/3/1786.
1/4. John Turner 2/7/1788.
1/5. Joseph Turner 13/6/1790.
   Joseph Turner of Gospel Ash, bur Bob'n 11/12/1860, aged 70.

Issue of Richard & Elizabeth Turner, Bobbington:
John Turner 27/4/1777.
Mary Turner 10/5/1778.





Variously spelt Cooper or Cowper.

Born about 1743 from burial.
IGI: William Cooper, ch Enville Staffs 30/5/1742, mother Sarah Cooper. This is probably him, as 2nd dau named Sarah & age at death. PR: illegitimate dau of Sarah Cooper

A couple of Sarah Cooper married in 1746 in Wombourn and 1745 in Kingswinford, probably ch 1717 in Kingswinford and 1718 in Wombourn. No indication if these are relevant.

William Cooper of Common Side, Bobb'n, bur 1/2/1821, aged 78.
No suitable Cooper found Claverley, Trysull or Bobbington.
According to will, a sawyer, died 29 Jan 1821. Left property on Heath Side, Bobbington to wife for life and then to daughter Sarah Turner. Will dated 29 Feb 1820.

See also:
Staffordshire Record Office

D833 and D3468
Records of the Moseley family of Bobbington

DocRefNo  D833/1/2
Title:  Title deeds re land and buildings at Bobbington Heath
Date: 1811-1850
Purchased in 1847 by John Hughes from William and Sarah Turner.
Includes probate of the will of William Cooper leaving lands and house to his daughter Sarah Turner, 1820; and probate of the will of John Hughes, 1850
(12 items)

William Cooper, sawyer, m. Elizabeth Sparry, Bob'n, 3/4/1768,
witness Thomas Rowley & William Morrison.



ChB: Elizabeth Sparry ch Bobb'n, 24/8/1743
Parents: James & Elizabeth Sparrey
DiedB: Elizabeth Cooper, bur Bobb'n, 15/3/1821, aged 78.

Issue of William & Elizabeth Cooper (ch. Bobbington) PR:
1/1. John Cooper 17690716 (witness at Beatrice & Josiah's marriage?),   
1/2. Elizabeth Cooper 2/4/1772 (bur 13/1/1780) (Cowper),
1/3. Nancy Cooper 28/12/1774 (Cowper),
1/4. Sarah Cooper 20/4/1777 (Cowper),                   AM08/36
1/5. William Cooper 1/8/1779 (bur 12/1/1780),
1/6. James Cooper 29/6/1783,

This line from Graham Sadler, 2/2006[xiii]. 3 new PDF’s rec’d 10/2008.
Married Mary Broadmeadow, 9/7/1804, Bobbington, daughter of Edward Broadmeadow and Elizabeth Jannes, born 31 May 1778, Bobbington. Witness Elizabeth Bm & James Richard.
She was born 31 May 1778 in Bobbington Staffordshire, and died 22 Dec 1835 in Swindon Staffordshire
He Died Ketley, Wellington, Shropshire, 18/2/1864, Bur Christ Church, Wellington.

2/1. James Cooper, b. 1809, Bobbington Staffordshire.

d. 15 Apr 1857, Bradley, by hanging. He married Mary Wood 19 Sep 1847 in Wellington Salop, daughter of Richard Wood and Sarah. She was born 1818 in Sheinton, and died 09 Nov 1879 in South Staffordshire Hospital. Wolverhampton.
3/1. James Cooper, b. 03 Dec 1856, Bradley Staffordshire.

Married Mary Elizabeth Lewis 29 Jun 1879 in Sedgley Parish Staffordshire, daughter of James Lewis and Hannah Bailey. She was born 08 Aug 1852 in Bradley Staffordshire.
4/1. Enoch Edward Cooper, b. 21 May 1881, Bradley


d. 09 Feb 1945, 08 Ash Street Bradley Coseley
Married Edith Barrett Jun 1909 in Bradley Staffordshire, daughter of Richard Barrett and Ann. She was born 1887 in Bradley Bilston Staffordshire.
5/1. Edith May Cooper, b. 19 Jul 1921, Bradley

Bilston Staffordshire; d. Apr 1990, Wolverhampton
M. James Edward Sadler, 08 Jun 1940, St. Martins Bradley. Bilston Staffordshire; b. 22 Nov 1912, Sedgley d. Mar 1997, Woodcross Sedgley Staffordshire.
6/1. Graham Sadler (who sent this line from James Cooper)

5/2. Florence Marjorie Cooper, b. 20 Oct 1909, Bradley Bilston Staffordshire.
5/3. Phoebe Olive Cooper, b. 24 Sep 1919, Bradley Bilston
5/4. Maud Cooper, b. 21 Jan 1914, Bradley Bilston
5/5. Annie Cooper, b. 25 Oct 1916, Bradley Bilston
5/6. Mary Cooper, b. 19 Jul 1921, Bradley Bilston
5/7. Lilian Gwendoline Cooper, b. 02 Feb 1927, Bradley Bilston Staffordshire.
5/8. Marie Cooper, b. 21 Aug 1912, Bradley Bilston

4/2. Mary Elizabeth Cooper, b. 26 Sep 1882, Coseley
4/3. James Cooper, b. 30 Jul 1884, Bradley Staffordshire.
4/4. Hannah Bailey Cooper, b. 16 Apr 1887, Coseley.
4/5. Nellie Cooper, b. 25 Sep 1888, Bradley Staffordshire.
4/6. James Harold Cooper, b. 27 Nov 1890, Bradley.
4/7. Daniel Cooper, b. 08 Nov 1886, Coseley Staffordshire.
4/8. James Lewis Wood Cooper, b. 1880, Bradley Bilston.
4/9. Joseph Henry Cooper, b. 09 Apr 1895, Coseley d. 23 May 1896, Wallbrook Sedgley.4/10. Ernest Benjamin Cooper, b. 28 Mar 1892, Coseley d. 14 Dec 1892, Wallbrook Sedgley.

3/2. Sarah Cooper, b. 12 Jan 1851, Pattingham Staffs.

Married George Gough. He was born 1847.
4/1. Louisa Gough, b. 1889, Coseley Sedgley

Married George Grainger. He was born 1889, Coseley Sedgley.

5/1. Ethel Grainger, b. 1916, Coseley Sedgley m. Aubrey  
   Burgess; b. 1916, Wolverhampton Staffordshire.

3/3. Mary Cooper, b. 1856, Bradley Staffordshire.
3/4. Richard Cooper, b. 1849, Ironbridge Shropshire.

2/2. Daniel Cooper, b. 1811, Claverley Staffordshire.

d. 28 Oct 1872, Albrighton. He married Elizabeth Smithyman 08 Feb 1848 in St. Martin Tipton Staffordshire, daughter of Isaac Smithyman and Elizabeth. She was born 1819 in Tipton Staffordshire. Daniel Cooper together with his wife Elizabeth owned the Greyhound Public House in Cross Street Bradley from sometime in the 1840s, until his death in 1871 when the licence was passed to his wife Elizabeth Cooper.
3/1. Daniel Cooper, b. 1850, Bradley Staffordshire.
3/2. Elizabeth Cooper, b. 1853, Bradley Staffordshire.
3/3. William Cooper, b. 1856, Bradley Staffordshire.

2/3. Catherine Cooper, b. 1816, Claverley Staffordshire.

Married John Lockett 09 Nov 1835 in Sedgley Staffordshire. He was born 1815 in Wellington Shropshire.
3/1. Benjamin Lockett, b 1836 Bilston
3/2. Mary Elizabeth Lockett, b 1841, Bilston
3/3. Eliza Lockett, b 1843, Wednesbury
3/4. James Lockett, b Bilston
3/5. Sarah Ann Lockett, b 1849 Ketley Salop
3/6. Emma Lockett, b. 1852, Wellington Shropshire.
3/7. Maria Lockett, b. 1855, Wellington Shropshire.
3/8. William James Lockett, b. 1858, Wellington Shropshire.

2/4. Edward Cooper, b. 1805, Bobbington Staffordshire.
2/5. Sarah Cooper, b. 1807, Bobbington Staffordshire; d. 1885,

Tipton married Thomas Rudd 4/11/1833 Bushbury, son of James Rudd and Eliza. He was born 1804 in Patshull Staffordshire, and died 1885 in Tipton Staffordshire.
3/1. James Rudd, b. 1836.

2/6. Mary Ann Cooper, b. 1810, Bobbington Staffordshire; d. 28
   Jul 1811, Bobbington Staffordshire.
2/7. Mary Ann Cooper, b. 1817, Claverley Staffordshire; d. 02    
   Dec 1822.
2/8. Benjamin Broadmeadow Cooper, b. 1814, Claverley.

died 21 Dec 1893 in Aston Eyre Shropshire.
He married Ann Baker 07 Nov 1839 in St. Thomas Dudley Worcestershire, daughter of Job Baker and Elizabeth Jackson. She was born 23 May 1820 in Oldswinford, and died 09 Apr 1889 in Pattingham Staffordshire.
One of the witness's to Benjamin + Ann's marriage was Sarah (Cooper) Rudd, sister of Benjamin..
3/1. Edwin Cooper, b. 05 Aug 1840, Womborne Staffordshire.

d. 22 Aug 1851, Pattingham.

3/2. Agnes Cooper, b 6/1842, Bradley

Died 20/12/1928, Mosman N.S.W. Australia
Married John Riddle (1836-1916), 1863, Pattingham
13 children inter alia:
4/1. Ernest Cooper Riddle[41], 1873-1939

3/3. Benjamin Broadmeadow Cooper, b. 24/3/1844, Pattingham

d. 1913, W’ton, m. JOSEPH LAWRENCE, 1885, Wolverhampton; b. 1835, Ashby with Stoday; d. 1901, Wolverhampton.

3/4. Emily Elizabeth Cooper, b. 14 Dec 1845, Pattingham
3/5. Daniel Cooper, b. 27 Feb 1848, Pattingham, Staffs.
3/6. Ernest Cooper, b. 24 Feb 1850, Pattingham Staffs.

d. 1895, Bridgnorth

3/7. Arthur Carisford Cooper, b. 22 Nov 1852, Pattingham Staffs.

married when he was 30 years old in Sydney to Caroline Blanche Darbon.[xiv]

3/8. Thomas Edward Cooper, b. 11 Jan 1857, Pattingham
3/9. Alice Mary Cooper, b. 18 Jan 1863, Pattingham Staffs.
   d. 26 Aug 1866, Pattingham Staffordshire.
3/10. Annie Louisa Cooper, b. 07 Jan 1855, Pattingham.

m. JOSEPH JOHN JACKSON, 01 Dec 1888, Christ Church West Bromwich; b. 1855, Claverley Shropshire.

3/11. WILLIAM HARRY COOPER, b. 03 Nov 1858, Pattingham

2/9. Eliza Cooper, b 11/1818, Swindon, Staffs.

1/7. Benjamin Cooper 17860226,
1/8. Elizabeth Cooper 17880203.


1738 Born: Bobbington Staffordshire
Parents: Joseph Broadmeadow, & Mary Clay.
Died: 13 Apr 1809 Bobbington Staffordshire Place:
SP: Married: 06 May 1776 Bobbington Staffordshire
Both OTP, he a husbandman, Bachelor & Spinster, wit Benjamin BM.

Born: 1745 Claverley Shropshire
Died: 12 Dec 1805 Bobbington Staffordshire
Parents: Daniel Janns & Sarah
1/1. Mary Broadmeadow

Born: 31 May 1778 Bobbington Staffordshire
Married: 09 Jul 1804, Bobbington, James Cooper
Son of William & Elizabeth (Sparrey) Cooper, see above.

1/2. Sarah Broadmeadow

Born: 16 Mar 1777 Bobbington Staffordshire
Married: 10 May 1810 Bobbington, John Southall
Died 24 Oct 1842 Bobbington Staffordshire

1/3. Elizabeth Broadmeadow

Born: 07 Nov 1779 Bobbington, Died: 10 Apr 1781 Bobbington 

1/4. Ann Broadmeadow

Born: 01 Apr 1781 Bobbington Staffordshire
Married: 09 Sep 1802, Bobbington Staffordshire William Newton
Witness Sarah BM & Thomas Newton.
Died: 20 Feb 1835 Bobbington Staffordshire

1/5. Daniel Janns Broadmeadow

Born: 06 Oct 1782 Bobbington, Died: 14 Oct 1792 Bobbington

1/6. Elizabeth Broadmeadow.

Born: 24 Apr 1785 Bobbington Staffordshire.
Married:10 May 1810 Bobbington James Richards


From Graham Sadler:
James Sparrey (Sawyer) 25th.March 1780 Bridgnorth Peculiars, worth a read, William Cooper (Sawyer) 28th. July 1821 Bridgnorth Peculiars.
I have a record of the marriage of James Sparry's son James to Jane Bradley, In the Claverley Parish Church, one of the witness's was William Cooper.
I also have a copy of the Will of a John Cooper buried Claverley 1727, I was trying to make a connection to William Cooper but no joy at the moment.
Graham  Lichfield Record Office  The Friary  Lichfield  WS13 6QG

Have a look at the report from the link below.
The Ernest Cooper Riddle the article refers to was the grandson of Benjamin Cooper 1814 Claverley.
If you are interested I will contact Cynthia Riddle, descendent of Ernest Cooper Riddle to see if she has any objections to me passing the information that I have, to you.
Regards Graham Sadler

Elizabeth Cooper bur Bobbington 10/8/1788.

Benjamin Cooper m. Ann Perry 13/5/1753, Bobbington, both OTP.
Issue: John 17531025, Edward 17550307 (bur 2/2/58).

1841 Census: Trysull, William Cooper (35, Ag Lab, N), Hannah (35, Y), Maria (11, Y), Henry (9, Y), William (7, Y), Emma (2, Y).

Also William Cooper of Highgate, Enville, breeding 1817-20.
William Cooper, renting house in Enville Tithe, 1840.

14.            ****************TURNER GENERATION 10 *******************





The most likely candidate:
William Turner ch. Claverley 6/3/1706, of Joseph, a weaver, & Joyce.
Joseph was a weaver (ref PR) and William's son Richard also a weaver.

Alternative (See below):
William Turner ch 24/3/1710 Claverley, William & Esther

The only marriages yet found for William & Elizabeth or Mary, prob neither relevant:

William Turner m Elizabeth Robinson  
Shrewsbury St Giles 7/7/1735 (both of St Chad's)

And for William & Mary:
William T m. Mary Shale, W'ton 15/10/1736, both OTP.

Issue of William Turner, Claverley:
William Turner 17100524   William & Esther
John Turner 17130407      William & Esther
Esther Turner, dau of William Turner, bur Claverley, 19/11/1729

William Turner 17320910   William
   Bur: William Turner, s of William, 3/7/1744.
Thomas Turner 17320926    William
Richard Turner 17341228   William & Elizabeth
Susannah Turner 17350803  William
Richard Turner 17380121   William & Mary
  Bur: Richard Turner, s of William Turner, 14/9/1741
Elizabeth Turner 17391117 William
  Bur: Elizabeth Turner, dau of William, 4/8/1741.
Edward Turner 17400922    William
John Turner 17400928      William  (William Jnr)
Mary Turner 17440221      William & Mary
Edward Turner 17451208    William
William Turner17481113    William
Josiah Turner 17510529    William & Mary
Mary Turner17540505       William & Mary
  Bur: William Turner Snr 9/5/1757.
Richard Turner 17620412   William




Thomas Hatten, OTP m. Jane Smith of Sedgley, Bobbington, 12/12/1735.

Jane Smith not found on Sedgley PR, shown about the right date (1711) on PR index, but not found - PR not easy to read. Transcript of index shows Joan Smith.
Sedgley a centre of nailmaking at this time.
IGI: Jane Smith Pattingham 5/3/1711 of George & Mary. (transcript OK)

Bur Jane Hatten, wf of Thomas, 12/3/1738, Bobb'n.

Issue of Thomas & Jane Hatten, Bobbington:
1/1. Thomas Hatten, 12/9/1736,
1/2. Mary Hatten, 10/3/1738.

Bur Mary Hatten, wf of Thomas, 26/2/1762-3, Bobb'n.
Bur Thomas Hatten, 2/3/1762-3, Bobb'n. Snr or Jnr??

At least 2 families of Hattons in the Claverley area, 1841 & 51.


15.            ****************TURNER GENERATION 11 *******************




IGI: Joseph Turner ch Claverley, 2/4/1677 of William Turner.
     William Turner ch Claverley, 3/12/1654 of William Turner.

Joseph Turner, weaver, married Joyce Taylor, Claverley, 22/4/1705.
Joyce, wife of Joseph Turner, bur 12/4/1734, Claverley.
Bur Claverley, Joseph Turner snr, 3/12/1758.

This looks the most likely with the weaving trade.

1/1. William Turner, ch Claverley 6/3/1706
1/2. Joseph Turner, 24/10/1708, presumably living in 12/1758.

IGI: Joseph Turner, 23/5/1681, Sedgeley, of Thomas & Ann
     Joseph Turner, 2/4/1677, Claverley, of William
     Joyce Turner, 18/4/1675, Worfield, of Thomas & Rachel.

The Alternative line is from William Turner, 1710:

IGI: William T ch Claverley, 18/2/1627 of Henry.
IGI: William T ch Claverley 25/3/1682, of William
PR & IGI: William Turner m. Esther Powell, Claverley, 20/10/1707

Issue of William & Esther (Powell) Turner, Claverley:
1/1. William Turner ch 24/3/1710.
1/2. John Turner, 7/4/1713

Issue of John & Ann Turner, Trysull:
2/1. Esther Turner 19/10/1745
2/2. John Turner 1/7/1749
2/3. Mary Turner 4/8/1751
2/4. Nancy Turner 20/2/1756
2/5. Sarah Turner 18/11/1753
2/6. Susannah Turner 3/9/1758
2/7. Thomas Turner, 14/10/1761, Claverley
Issue of Thomas & Elizabeth Turner, Bobbington:
(Elizabeth 27/1/1802 bur wife of Thomas)
John Turner 17880630 (bur 22/2/1802)
Nancy Turner 17920803.



James Sparrye ch Highley 9/7/1700 of Benjamin & Ann
Benjamin Sparry m. Anne Elizabeth Grove, Alveley 23/5/1698.

NB Trysull index not checked for Sparrey's

James Sparry m. Elizabeth Bradley, Bob'n 8/7/1739 both OTP.

Elizabeth Bradley ch Kingswinford 21/8/1718 of John & Mary.
John Bradley, OTP, m. Mary Cox of Sedgley, Kingswinford, 3/1/1717.

Issue of James & Elizabeth Sparrey, Bobbington:
1/1. James Sparrey, 6/9/1741,

Married Jane Bradley, Claverley, wit William Cooper.

1/2. Elizabeth Sparrey, 24/8/1743
1/3. Jane Sparrey, 5/10/1746.

K'winford: Margaret Bradley, bur 18/6/1719
John B s of John & Mary 12/9/1702
Mary B d of John & Mary 13/7/1723

John Bradley ch 11/12/1696 of Thomas & Elizabeth bur 11 Feb 169(6/7)
John Bradley ch 13/12/1627 bur 26/8/84, of Thomas & Mary Jukes. M Mary.


16.            Other Family Info:


Cope Family from Brannon Cope website:

Richard Cope
Yeoman at Warton
d.1604 in Warton
will: in Lichfield. see:- inventory 1604.(will not found)
Sources: Will Richard Cope 02-Aug-1604 in Lichfield

1/1. Richard Cope: no children known
1/2. John Cope (:d.1628) m. to Elizabeth.

Yeoman Farmer at Warton

d.1628 in Warton
will: 31-Mar-1619 in Litchfield. see:- will and inventory 1619
Sources: Will John Cope 01-Mar-1628 in Lichfield
and had 4 known children:
2/1. Gillian Cope
2/2. Elizabeth Cope
2/3. Richard Cope (b.c.1600:bur.11-Jan-1677)

m. to Margerye
and had 6 known children:
3/1. Ralph Cope (bapt.c.1635:bur.1681)

m.Jun-1656 to Elanor Lakin

3/2. Thomas Cope (bapt.15-May-1636)
3/3. Richard Cope Jun

bapt.05-Mar-1637 in Polesworth of Warton
bur.09-Jan-1704 in Warton.
will: 27-Apr-1705 in Lichfield. see :- will, inventory and admin.
m. to Margaret
and had 7 known children:
4/1. John Cope (bapt.29-May-1663:bur.1671)
4/2. Thomas Cope (bapt.01-Jan-1666)
4/3. Jane Cope (bapt.31-Jul-1672:bur.1676)
4/4. John Cope (bapt.19-Apr-1675)
4/5. Richard Cope (bapt.23-Jan-1678:bur.1686)
4/6. Unbaptised CHILD(:bur.1683)
4/7. Thomas Cope (bapt.07-Oct-1686:bur.27-Feb-1763)

bapt.07-Oct-1686 in Polesworth. of Warton
bur.27-Feb-1763 in Polesworth of Warton
m.01-May-1732 in Polesworth. to Mary Hudson.
and had 3 known children:
5/1. William Cope (bapt.1733)
5/2. Mary Cope (bapt.1734:bur.1750)
5/3. Richard Cope bapt.24/1/1735,

Polesworth, of Warton
m.17-Oct-1762 Polesworth, Ann SNEAD of Kingsbury.
and had 5 known children:
6/1. Richard Cope (bapt.25-Jul-1763) m. Theodosia

See Richard Cope 2 above in main line.

6/2. Jane Cope (bapt.09-Feb-1765:bur.18-Feb-1765)
6/3. Joseph Cope (bapt.27-Feb-1768)
6/4. Mary Cope (bapt.02-Jun-1769:bur.25-Oct-1783)
6/5. Thomas Cope (:bur.08-Dec-1782).

3/4. Thomas Cope (bapt.23-Jun-1639)
3/5. Francis Cope (bapt.20-Mar-1641)
3/6. John Cope (bapt.02-Apr-1645).

bur.11-Jan-1677 in Polesworth.

2/4. Thomas Cope.

From Graham Sadler,


[no title]  330/14  1731-1733

These documents are held at Shropshire Archives

Note book. Evidences collected in the dispute
List of witnesses
Evidence of John Mason "tould me in Rudge parlour" 8 January 1731/2, that when he was a boy, old Mr Crenwell sent him to drive Mr Whitmore's sheep off Rudge Common, after which he never saw or heard of them there till this present winter "unless it were after washing them at the pooll for 2 or 3 dayee to dry them in order to sheering wch was no more than other people die who wash'd theirs sheep there". He remembers one Foxall of Hilton once drover an the Heath but when Mason threatened to complain to his landlord Creswell. Foxall desisted. About 1710 or 1711 Thomason of Sutton began to drive but a sister of Mason's was sent by his father to beat the boy who was set to tend them. Thomason sent to speak with Mason who said he would have used the boy the same and Thomason never sought any remedy. Mr Whitmore declared to Mason he believed Rudge liberty went to the Rill. "he had in his Custody as many writeings concerning Rudge Estate as would fill a Large Kettle that was then in his kitchin standing by em, wch he said would held 2 pails full at the least in his Judgment.
Has heard Dellow went by Mr Creswells order to tell Knock if he did not keep Pattingham Church he wou'd pull his house down" Has heard that Richard Coopers father has gathered the tithes of the masons peice and that he remembers when Mr Whitmore's man turned the rill out of Thomason peice to go on the outside of it but few years age. Says Wheeler of Pattingham has a large ash which grow on the side of Thomasons peice next the gravelly way and carried it off by Mr Whitmorce or Thomas Masons order. By the stool of it which side of the peice it grow, Wheeler says he thinks it was fallen off the Clarely side.
List of witnesses to enquire after and their evidence Memorandum of conveyance of waifs and strays in marriage deed of George Talbot 1633, 1677, 1686; and again to Mr Creswell in 1697
Notes free Coke
Note of deeds, 1666 Sir Ct Clark mortgaged to Ransford the heath adjoining to Blackloch. 1682 Sir Ct was foreclosed "Qu wt time he left Rudge Mote parson Devey says 3 or 4 years before parson Southall died wch must be abt 60 years since abt 1673"
1697 Mr Creswell purchased 1715 Mr Warter purchased 30 October 1662 was the Court held by Sir Ct Clerk "I have the Role" 18 July 1683 was another court held wherein some of Ludson are presented for driving but not Whitmore"
Notes on Commons in law
Further evidence from John Mason aged about 40
Evidence from Mr Butler
Francis Amies aged 55
Thomas Wedge
Littlehales (deleted)
John Clemson of Madeley aged 57
Isaack Kirkham of Shipley
John Mason (deleted)
Francis Wheeler
William Yape
Thomas Northwood
William Hubbald
Francis Devey
George Smith aged 68
William Blakemore of Tong farmer over 60
Ann Rogere of Tonge
George Bradshaw coachman
1731 Expenses on the common suits
Evidence from Mary Belton aged 60
John Blackum aged 72
Margaret Hand aged 56
Benjamin Yates aged 75
Edward Kent aged 50
William Hatton aged 67
Witnesses names, marked if spoken to: witnesses yet to examine
Extract from evidence given in case 1731-3 (2028/330/14)
As to use of Rudge Common and boundary between Rudge and Claverley
"George Smith sais he was borne at a place call'd Tutors-Hill in the parish of Pattingham and is now 68 years of age, and sale that about the time William Wood first set up his Brick killn in the way to Hilton which to the best of his Remembrance is now neare 20 years ages he for some time work't at the said Brickilln and very often in that time as he was posing early in a morning to his work he us'd to meet one Thomas Green an old man who then liv'd by the Hesthside within Clarely liberty driveing his sheep in a morning and observing he usually drove them up to the Gravelly way and no farther, he often asking him why he went with them thither and no farther, his answer was he durst not go farther with them for feare of mischeif or to that effect and that he gave him that answer several times. He sais farther that in this present Mr Whitmore's fathers time and neare 20 years ages he was often times sent for, to come to Ludson and to bring his netts and forretts with him to help Mr Whitmore to take some Rabbitts which lay under some stacks of Corne he had by his House at Ludson and he particularly remembers one time as Mr Whitmore sate by him being brought thither came in a chaise to see him, take up the Rabbitts, one Pratt who was then Mr Whitmores sheppard came to him Master and they falling into discourses together about theire sheep he heard part tell him that he had much ades to keep some of his sheep from straying towards Rudhe Heath when Mr Whitmore seemingly angry tould him he must not suffer them to goe any more that way at which Prat said they shou'd not any more if he cou'd help it, farther that about this time it was much talkt about in the neighbourhood that there was some misunderstanding between Mr Croswell and Mr Whitmore about Mr Whitmore's sheep and it was said as the some Bonds or agreement were entred into about it, but whether it was so or not he knows no more than common discourse George Smith sais that in the time young Mr Creswell liv'd at Rudge he together with one Thomas Northwood and John Tayler who were servants at Rudge were all 3 send by Mr Creswell to Fish the pooll above the New Inn and to draw it with Netts and accordingly they did Fish it and took out severall Good Carp and did not receive the least molestacionfrom any person and person this was done in Mr Whitmore's fathers time.
He sais farther that in the time of Mr Watsons being Lord of Pattingham he with divers other persons of the parish went the Bounds of the said parish in procession and as the thinks it was the last time they were gone and he very well remembers when they came to the New Inn Pooll they fellow'd downe the Rill or watercourse from the pooll down till they came neare the New Inn where there lay a stone in the Rill and when the Ministers of Pattingham and Clarely met they put each of them his foot on the said stone and read the Gospell and afterwards he and all the Pattingham men follos'd down the said Kill on Rudge Heath till they came to an inclosure called by the name of Thomas Masons peice that took in the Kill or Watercourse when they broke through the said Inclosure and follow'd the Rill till they came to Whitmal pooll and so on till they came to the place whence they set out on their procession"


Descendants of Benjamin Broadmeadow Cooper

Generation No. 1

1. BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3 COOPER (JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 1814 in Claverley Shropshire, and died 21 Dec 1893 in Aston Eyre Shropshire. He married ANN BAKER 07 Nov 1839 in St.Thomas Dudley Worcestershire, daughter of JOB BAKER and ELIZABETH JACKSON. She was born 23 May 1820 in Oldswinford, and died 09 Apr 1889 in Pattingham Staffordshire.
One of the witness's to Benjamin + Ann's marriage was Sarah (Cooper) Rudd, sister of Benjamin.
Children of BENJAMIN COOPER and ANN BAKER are:

i. EDWIN4 COOPER, b. 05 Aug 1840, Womborne Staffordshire; d. 22 Aug 1851, Pattingham Staffordshire.

2. ii. AGNES COOPER, b. Jun 1842, Bradley Bilston Staffordshire; d. 20 Dec 1928, Mosman NSW Australia.

iii. BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW COOPER, b. 24 Mar 1844, Pattingham Staffordshire.

iv. EMILY ELIZABETH COOPER, b. 14 Dec 1845, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1913, Wolverhampton; m. JOSEPH LAWRENCE, 1885, Wolverhampton; b. 1835, Ashby with Stoday; d. 1901, Wolverhampton.

3. v. DANIEL COOPER, b. 27 Feb 1848, Pattingham Staffordshire.

4. vi. EARNEST COOPER, b. 24 Feb 1850, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1895, Bridgnorth Shropshire.

vii. ARTHUR COOPER, b. 22 Nov 1852, Pattingham Staffordshire.

viii. ANNIE LOUISA COOPER, b. 07 Jan 1855, Pattingham Staffordshire; m. JOSEPH JOHN JACKSON, 01 Dec 1888, Christ Church West Bromwich; b. 1855, Claverley Shropshire.

5. ix. THOMAS EDWARD COOPER, b. 11 Jan 1857, Pattingham Staffordshire.

x. WILLIAM HARRY COOPER, b. 03 Nov 1858, Pattingham Staffordshire.

xi. ALICE MARY COOPER, b. 18 Jan 1863, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 26 Aug 1866, Pattingham Staffordshire.

Generation No. 2

2. AGNES4 COOPER (BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born Jun 1842 in Bradley Bilston Staffordshire, and died 20 Dec 1928 in Mosman NSW Australia. She married JOHN RIDDLE 23 May 1861 in Pattingham Staffordshire, son of JAMES RIDDLE and ELIZABETH STAFFORD. He was born 1837 in Wisbeech Farm Albrighton Shropshire, and died 27 Aug 1916 in Mosman NSW Australia.

Children of AGNES COOPER and JOHN RIDDLE are:

i. AGNES5 RIDDLE, b. 1862, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1940; m. RICHARD TAYLOR; b. 1862.

ii. EDWIN RIDDLE, b. 1863, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1937, Parramatta NSW Australia.

iii. MAUDE RIDDLE, b. 1865, Bobbington Staffordshire; d. 1941; m. GEORGE GIBBONS; b. 1856.

iv. EDITH RIDDLE, b. 1867, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1916; m. FREDERICK BUCHANAN; b. 1865.

v. ARTHUR RIDDLE, b. 1869, Wee Waa NSW Australia; d. 1954; m. LOUISA STAPLES; b. 1871; d. 1958.

vi. FRANK RIDDLE, b. 1871, Wee Waa Australia; d. 1934.

vii. LILIAN RIDDLE, b. 1871, Wee Waa Australia; d. 1958, Pymble NSW Australia; m. WILLIAM BUCHANAN,

1894; b. 1870, Australia; d. 1917, Australia.

6. viii. ERNEST COOPER RIDDLE, b. 1873, Narrabri NSW Australia; d. 1939, Woollahra NSW Australia.

ix. VIOLET RIDDLE, b. 03 Jun 1876.

x. PERCY RIDDLE, b. 13 Jul 1877.

xi. BLANCHE GOWER RIDDLE, b. 27 May 1881.

xii. HAROLD DICK RIDDLE, b. 05 Aug 1883.

xiii. HILDA MARY RIDDLE, b. 24 Jun 1885.

3. DANIEL4 COOPER (BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 27 Feb 1848 in Pattingham Staffordshire. He married JANE E.PEAKE 1871 in Aston Birmingham, daughter of THOMAS PEAKE and SARAH. She was born 1848 in Compton Staffordshire.

Children of DANIEL COOPER and JANE E.PEAKE are:

i. ERNEST H.P.5 COOPER, b. 1873, Dudley Worcestershire.

ii. ARTHUR J. COOPER, b. 1875, Sedgley Staffordshire.


iii. FREDRICK D. COOPER, b. 1878, Compton Staffordshire.

iv. RICHARD COOPER, b. 1880, Compton Staffordshire.

v. EMILY E. COOPER, b. 1883, Compton Staffordshire.

4. EARNEST4 COOPER (BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 24 Feb 1850 in Pattingham Staffordshire, and died 1895 in Bridgnorth Shropshire. He married ELIZABETH TRENEAR JEFFREY Jun 1878 in Falmouth Cornwall, daughter of JOHN JEFFREY and ELIZABETH TRENEAR. She was born 1856 in Perranaworthal Cornwall.


7. i. CHARLSIE TRENEAR5 COOPER, b. 1879, Bridgnorth Shropshire.

5. THOMAS EDWARD4 COOPER (BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 11 Jan 1857 in Pattingham Staffordshire. He married MARY BAKER 1885 in Ashton Cheshire. She was born 1865 in Staleybridge Lancs..

Children of THOMAS COOPER and MARY BAKER are:

i. DOUGLAS5 COOPER, b. 1886, Bridgnorth Shropshire.

ii. SYDNEY BAKER COOPER, b. 1889, Bridgnorth Shropshire.

iii. TOM COOPER, b. 1892, Bridgnorth Shropshire.

iv. HARRY DICK COOPER, b. 1900, Shrewsbury Shropshire.

Generation No. 3

ERNEST COOPER5 RIDDLE (AGNES4 COOPER, BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 1873 in Narrabri NSW Australia, and died 1939 in Woollahra NSW Australia. He married ANNIE BIBBY. She was born 1873 in Manchester, and died 1948 in Woollahra NSW Australia.

Children of ERNEST RIDDLE and ANNIE BIBBY are:

i. ENID6 RIDDLE, b. 1900, Orange NSW Australia; d. 1986, Alstonville NSW Australia; m. JOHN WARNOCK; b. 1894.

ii. HAROLD J. COOPER RIDDLE, b. 1900, Orange NSW Australia; d. 1900, Orange NSW Australia.

8. iii. JOHN GODDARD RIDDLE, b. 28 Feb 1908, Orange NSW Australia; d. 1996, Wahroonga NSW Australia.

7. CHARLSIE TRENEAR5 COOPER (EARNEST4, BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 1879 in Bridgnorth Shropshire. She married CLEMENT GAZE. He was born 1870 in Morton on the Hill Norfolk, and died 1957.


9. i. WILLIAM6 GAZE, b. 17 Nov 1902, Scole. Norfolk; d. 1996.

ii. CLEMENT GAZE, b. 03 Feb 1908, Norfolk; d. 2000.

iii. CHARLSIE GAZE, b. 1911, Norfolk.

Generation No. 4


was born 28 Feb 1908 in Orange NSW Australia, and died 1996 in Wahroonga NSW Australia. He married ANNE JEANETTE POWER. She was born 22 Jul 1916 in Randwick NSW Australia, and died 2003 in Wahroonga NSW Australia.

Children of JOHN RIDDLE and ANNE POWER are:

i. ANTHONY COOPER7 RIDDLE, b. 20 Mar 1941, Roseville NSW Australia; d. 2004, Boulder Colorado USA;

m. DOROTHY MISURA; b. 19 Jan 1940, Buffalo New York USA.

ii. CYNTHIA RIDDLE, b. 13 Sep 1945, Sydney NSW Australia; m. TACO KUIPER; b. 26 Jul 1939, Pretoria South Africa.


9. WILLIAM6 GAZE (CHARLSIE TRENEAR5 COOPER, EARNEST4, BENJAMIN BROADMEADOW3, JAMES2, WILLIAMA) was born 17 Nov 1902 in Scole. Norfolk, and died 1996. He married OLIVE MARGARET POTTER 1931 in Huddersfield. She was born 1907 in Grundisburgh, and died 1948.


i. WILLIAM7 GAZE, b. 1932, Burston. Norfolk; m. MARGARET CLEGG, 14 Aug 1956, Bressington Norfolk; b. 1935, Bressington. Norfolk.



Descendants of William Riddle

Web Download “Agnes Cooper Riddle.pdf”:
John Riddle, g/son of William married Agnes Cooper 23 May 1861


Generation No. 1

1.    William1 Riddle was born 1756. He married Ann. She was born 1756, and died 28 May 1834 in Albrighton Shifnal, Shropshire..


Children of William Riddle and Ann are:

i.   Jane2 Riddle, b. 1776, Wooler Northumberland.

ii.   James Riddle, b. 1789, Wooler Northumberland; d. 26 Oct 1857, Pattingham Staffordshire. iii.   George Riddle, b. 1790, Wooler Northumberland; d. 30 May 1854, Pattingham Staffordshire.

iv.   Robert Riddle, b. 29 Jul 1793, Wooler Northumberland; d. 09 Oct 1841, Albrighton Shifnal, Shropshire.. v.   William Riddle, b. 1795, Wooler Northumberland; d. 04 Apr 1879, Pattingham Staffordshire.


Generation No. 2

2. James2 Riddle (William1) was born 1789 in Wooler Northumberland, and died 26 Oct 1857 in Pattingham Staffordshire. He married Elizabeth Stafford. She was born 1798 in Wellington Shropshire, and died 10 Mar 1877 in Pattingham Staffordshire.


Children of James Riddle and Elizabeth Stafford are:


4. i.    Caroline3 Riddle, b. 1823, Tipton Staffordshire; d. 03 Aug 1855, Wolverhampton (Pattingham).

   ii.   Mary Ann Riddle, b. 1826, Church Eaton Staffordshire; d. 1906, Wolverhampton (Pattingham).

5. iii.  William Riddle, b. 1828, Albrighton Shropshire; d. 1904, Dudley.

6. iv.   Edwin Riddle, b. 1833, Albrighton Shropshire; d. 1917.

7. v.    John Riddle, b. 1837, Wisbeech Farm Albrighton Shropshire; d. 27 Aug 1916, Mosman NSW Australia.

   vi.   Emma Riddle, b. 1833, Albrighton Shropshire; d. 1904, Ivy Cottage Pattingham.



3. Robert2 Riddle (William1) was born 29 Jul 1793 in Wooler Northumberland, and died 09 Oct 1841 in Albrighton Shifnal, Shropshire..

Child of Robert Riddle is:

8. i.   Ann3 Riddle, b. 1830, Albrighton Shifnal, Shropshire..

Generation No. 3

4. Caroline3 Riddle (James2, William1) was born 1823 in Tipton Staffordshire, and died 03 Aug 1855 in Wolverhampton (Pattingham). She married John Hopkins 1848 in Wolverhampton. He was born 1816 in Gloucestershire.

Children of Caroline Riddle and John Hopkins are:

i. Elizabeth4 Hopkins, b. 1850, Comberbach Cheshire.

ii.      George James Hopkins, b. 1851, Comberbach Cheshire.
9.          iii.   Caroline Hopkins, b. 1852, Comberbach Cheshire.

iv.   John Hopkins, b. 1853, Comberbach Cheshire; m. Kathleen.


5. William3 Riddle (James2, William1) was born 1828 in Albrighton Shropshire, and died 1904 in Dudley. He married Eliza Knowles 12 Jan 1860 in Boningale, daughter of John Knowles and Ann. She was born 1825 in Crab Lane Bobbington Staffordshire, and died 1923 in Cleeve Mill Newent. Gloucestershire.

Notes for Eliza Knowles:

Eliza Knowles was the daughter of John Knowles and Ann ?.

She was christened at Saint Mary's Holy Cross Church Bobbington on October 1st.1825.

Children of William Riddle and Eliza Knowles are:



















6. Edwin3 Riddle (James2, William1) was born 1833 in Albrighton Shropshire, and died 1917. He married Mary Harris 09 Jan 1868 in Tettenhall Wolverhampton. She was born 1834 in Wergs Tettenhall, and died 1907.


Children of Edwin Riddle and Mary Harris are:

i. Emma4 Riddle, b. 12 Oct 1870, Stonehall Staffordshire; d. 17 Dec 1960, Pattingham Staffordshire; m.
Thomas S Faulkner, 22 Sep 1921, Pattingham Wolverhampton; b. 1856, Pattingham Staffordshire.

ii.      Kate Riddle, b. 15 Oct 1873, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 22 Oct 1943, Pattingham Staffordshire.


7. John3 Riddle (James2, William1) was born 1837 in Wisbeech Farm Albrighton Shropshire, and died 27 Aug 1916 in Mosman NSW Australia.
He married Agnes Cooper 23 May 1861 in Pattingham Staffordshire, daughter of Benjamin Cooper and Ann Baker. She was born 1843 in Bradley Bilston Staffordshire, and died 20 Dec 1928 in Mosman NSW Australia.

Children of John Riddle and Agnes Cooper are:
i. Agnes4 Riddle, b. 1862, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1940; m. Richard Taylor; b. 1862.
ii.      Edwin Riddle, b. 1863, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1937, Parramatta NSW Australia.

iii.     Maude Riddle, b. 1865, Bobbington Staffordshire; d. 1941; m. George Gibbons; b. 1856.

iv.      Edith Riddle, b. 1867, Pattingham Staffordshire; d. 1916; m. Frederick Buchanan; b. 1865.

v. Arthur Riddle, b. 1869, Wee Waa NSW Australia; d. 1954; m. Louisa Staples; b. 1871; d. 1958.

vi.      Frank Riddle, b. 1871, Wee Waa Australia; d. 1934.


vii.     Lilian Riddle, b. 1871, Wee Waa Australia; d. 1958, Pymble NSW Australia; m. William Buchanan,
1894; b. 1870, Australia; d. 1917, Australia.

viii.    Ernest Cooper Riddle, b. 1873, Narrabri NSW Australia; d. 1939, Woollahra NSW Australia.

ix.      Violet Riddle, b. 03 Jun 1876.

x. Percy Riddle, b. 13 Jul 1877.

xi.      Blanche Gower Riddle, b. 27 May 1881.

xii.     Harold Dick Riddle, b. 05 Aug 1883.

xiii.    Hilda Mary Riddle, b. 24 Jun 1885.


8. Ann3 Riddle (Robert2, William1) was born 1830 in Albrighton Shifnal, Shropshire.. She married William Bate 31 Jan 1863 in Pattingham Wolverhampton, son of John Bate. He was born 1827 in Pattingham Staffordshire.

Children of Ann Riddle and William Bate are:
i.   Annie4 Bate, b. 1866, Pattingham Staffordshire.

ii.   Lillian Bate, b. 1864, Pattingham Staffordshire.


Generation No. 4

9. Caroline4 Hopkins (Caroline3 Riddle, James2, William1) was born 1852 in Comberbach Cheshire. She married George John Carter 1872 in St.Mary's Church Great Budworth Cheshire, son of William Carter and Christian Pownall. He was born 1838 in Tatton Cheshire.


Children of Caroline Hopkins and George Carter are:
i. Cuthbert5 Carter, b. 1874, Rostherne Cheshire.
ii.      George T. Carter, b. 1877, Rostherne Cheshire.
iii.     William Carter, b. 1879, Rostherne Cheshire.

10. James4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1862 in Pattingham Staffordshire. He married Isabella Mary Brighton 1891 in Westbury on Severn. She was born 1863 in Reading Berkshire.


Children of James Riddle and Isabella Brighton are:
i. Kathleen5 Riddle, b. 1895.
ii.      Marjorie Riddle, b. 1898.
iii.     Robert riddle, b. 1900.


11.   Carry4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1864 in Pattingham Staffordshire. She married George Haskett 1891 in Bromsgrove. He was born 1869 in Frome Somerset.


Children of Carry Riddle and George Haskett are:

i. Leonard G5 Haskett, b. 1893, Paddington London.

ii.      Ernest A Haskett, b. 1897, Swindon Wiltshire.

iii.     may Muriel haskett, b. 1906.


12.   Lizzie4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1864 in Pattingham Staffordshire. She married Elijah Hillman 1891 in Bromsgrove. He was born 1865 in Kingswinford Staffordshire.


Children of Lizzie Riddle and Elijah Hillman are:

i. Ernest F.5 Hillman, b. 1891, Bromsgrove Worcestershire.

ii.      Florence L. Hillman, b. 1893, Kingswinford Staffordshire.

iii.     Harold W. Hillman, b. 1897, Dudley Worcestershire.


13.   John4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1866 in Pattingham Staffordshire. He married Edith Laura Shayle 1897 in Ross. She was born 1872 in Munsley Hereforsshire.


Child of John Riddle and Edith Shayle is:

i.   Robert C E5 Riddle, b. 1898, Little Birch Herefordshire.


14.   Florence Maude4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1868 in Pattingham Staffordshire. She married Humphrey Jones 1894 in Newent Gloucestershire. He was born 1863 in Newent Gloucester.


Child of Florence Riddle and Humphrey Jones is:

i.   Margaret E.5 Jones, b. 1899, Newent Gloucester.


15.   Arthur4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1871 in Pattingham Staffordshire, and died 1955.
He married Alice Mary Foan 25 Dec 1906 in St.Thomas Church Dudley. She was born 21 Apr 1885 in Twickenham Brentford.


Children of Arthur Riddle and Alice Foan are:

i. William James5 Riddle, b. 1907, Tipton Staffordshire; d. 14 Sep 1995, Peterborough Ontario.Canada; m. Fran Gertrude Leclair; b. 1906, Sussex New Brunswick Canada; d. 29 Jan 1993, Peterborough Ontario. Canada.

ii.      Ivy Riddle, b. 1909.

iii.     Arthur Leslie Riddle, b. 1916, Renfrew Canada.


16.   Octavia Annie4 Riddle (William3, James2, William1) was born 1873 in Pattingham Staffordshire. She married Charles Henry Jones 1897 in Newent Gloucestershire. He was born 1863 in Newent Gloucestershire.

Child of Octavia Riddle and Charles Jones is:
i.   Harold C.W.5 Jones, b. 1901, Aston Birmingham.


17. Ernest Cooper4 Riddle (John3, James2, William1) was born 1873 in Narrabri NSW Australia, and died 1939 in Woollahra NSW Australia. He married Annie Bibby. She was born 1873 in Manchester, and died 1948 in Woollahra NSW Australia.

Children of Ernest Riddle and Annie Bibby are:

i. Enid5 Riddle, b. 1900, Orange NSW Australia; d. 1986, Alstonville NSW Australia; m. John Warnock; b. 1894.

ii.      Harold J. Cooper Riddle, b. 1900, Orange NSW Australia; d. 1900, Orange NSW Australia.

iii.     John Goddard Riddle, b. 28 Feb 1908, Orange NSW Australia; d. 1996, Wahroonga NSW Australia; m. Anne Jeanette Power; b. 22 Jul 1916, Randwick NSW Australia; d. 2003, Wahroonga NSW Australia.


18.   Annie4 Bate (Ann3 Riddle, Robert2, William1) was born 1866 in Pattingham Staffordshire. She married Albert Edward C Smith Jun 1888 in Wolverhampton. He was born 1865.


Children of Annie Bate and Albert Smith are:

i. Berkley E.C.5 Smith, b. 1889, Pattingham Staffordshire.

ii.      Amy E. Smith, b. 1890, Pattingham Staffordshire.

iii.     Frederick Smith, b. 1892, Pattingham Staffordshire.


19.   Lillian4 Bate (Ann3 Riddle, Robert2, William1) was born 1864 in Pattingham Staffordshire. She married John Henry Thorpe Sep 1883 in Wolverhampton. He was born 1857 in Pattingham Staffordshire.


Children of Lillian Bate and John Thorpe are:

i. Gertrude H5 Thorpe, b. 1885, Pattingham Staffordshire.

ii.      Charlotte A Thorpe, b. 1886, Pattingham Staffordshire.

iii.     Lillian Thorpe, b. 1889, Pattingham Staffordshire.

17.            Towns & Villages



Description: The remote, rural village of Bobbington is situated in the south-west north corner of Staffordshire on the border with Shropshire. The village remained relatively small until there was some development there in the second half of the 20th century.

The name is Anglo-Saxon and means ‘Bubba’s estate’, Bubba being a man’s name and ‘tun’ meaning estate. In the Domesday Book Bobbington is recorded as Bubintone and it was part of the lands of Robert de Stafford. His tenant at Bobbington was named Helgot. The manor consisted then of land sufficient for six plough teams to work and was worth 40s. The population was 12. By the 12th century the village lay within the Forest of Kinver and the pattern of settlement was quite scattered. Much of the eastern part of the village was waste and marshland and by the 15th century, the marshland is recorded as being drained.

Henry III is recorded at being at Bobbington in 1238 and 1245. He passed through the village in 1256 on his way to Bridgenorth when he ordered the sheriff to send four pipes of wine to await his arrival.

In the poll tax of 1327, 17 people were assessed for tax. By 1532-1533, 19 families were recorded in Bobbington. In 1666 by the time of the Hearth Tax assessment, 31 households were recorded in Bobbington with a further 17 listed as being too poor to pay the tax. Three of the largest houses were Bobbington Hall with 12 hearths, Leaton Hall with 12 hearths and Blakelands with nine hearths. However there were also other substantial houses in the village at that time. By the time of the first census in 1801 the population of the village was 381. In 1971 it had risen to only 548.

Bobbington’s parish church is dedicated to Holy Cross. It is mainly built of ashlar. The church was on the site by the 12th century and has a Norman arcade. The chancel was rebuilt in the 14th century and the tower was added before the 16th century. This was replaced by a new tower over the south porch in the restoration work carried out by Sir Arthur Blomfield in 1878. There was a Wesleyan Methodist chapel by 1830 on Gospelash Road which later moved to a new building in 1884.

Halfpenny Green airfield, now Wolverhampton airport, is in the parish. It was opened in 1941 as a training station. This resulted in the demolition of some buildings on the edge of the airfield, including the buildings of White Cross School. In 1963 the airfield became used for civilian flying. Prince William of Gloucester was killed in an air crash here in 1972 (flying in an air race). He is commemorated in the parish church by a memorial tablet and a wrought-iron flower stand, donated in his memory by his mother, Princess Alice.*

There was early educational provision in the village with a school established at White Cross in 1792. This was for 20 poor boys and 12 poor girls between the ages of 8 and 15. The school was the benefaction of Hannah and Mary Corbett. A school master and a school mistress were provided for. By the mid 1840s it appears that the school was admitting fee-paying pupils as well as providing for poor children. A new school building was built about 1892. In 1896 the school which was called the Free School of Mary and Hannah Corbett or White Cross School, became a public elementary school. A new school was built in 1957 after the demolition of the old school buildings because of their proximity to the airfield. Between 1944 and 1957 the school was housed in temporary accommodation.

Bobbington remained a farming community until well into the 20th century with a number of agriculturally related trades located in the village. In the early 19th century there were donkey and greyhound races in the parish. The novel, ‘The Curate of Cranston’, written in 1862 by the Revd Edward Bradley, the local vicar, was set in Bobbington.

*Antony Maitland, author of this paper, flew from Bobbington/Halfpenny Green Airfield in the early 1970’s.


The foundation of the Abbey in 829 was the key to Polesworth's growth, providing a focus for the local economy for the seven hundred years of its existence. Although the tenure of the Goodere and Nethersole families as Lords of the Manor had lessened the impact, the closure of the Abbey in 1539 must have been a terrible blow to the livelihood of those living in and around Polesworth. It was not until the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th Century that an economic replacement for the Abbey was found, thanks largely to the growth in coal mining in the area.

Coal had been mined on a small scale in Polesworth for hundreds of years, almost certainly as far back as the time of the Abbey itself and possibly further back still. Some of that early mining exploited shallow seams running close to the surface (such as one that ran under the Hall Court, which was mined well into the 19th Century). In other areas, the coal was actually visible at the surface and villagers could simply pick it off the ground.

By the latter half of the 17th Century, coal mining had become firmly established within the Parish of Polesworth. One entry in the Parish Register tells of the "Marriage of John Geatley of Polesworth, Coal Miner" on January 17, 1653. Another records the death of an Edward Atkins in May 18, 1688, who "was killed in a Coalpit, Dordon". Similarly, the churchyard at the Abbey Church holds the grave of Elizabeth Ward, who died in 1772. Her gravestone is engraved with a flare torch, a pick and a shovel.

The extension of the Coventry Canal through Polesworth in 1790 and the development of steam power encouraged a steady growth in coal production in the area. By the 1840s, coal mining and other industries were firmly established in the village (map 1).

In 1848, the first deep shaft was sunk at the Pooley Hall site. Two other collieries were also active in the village at this time. Whitehouse Colliery (also called "Gorby Knob Pit"), sited around a group of shafts between Polesworth and Dordon, was worked between 1855 and 1867. In Polesworth itself, Polesworth Colliery had a number of shafts in and around in the centre of the village. In addition to coal mining, there were numerous quarries and brickworks in operation.

Over the next 60 years, many of the smaller collieries were abandoned and, by around 1900, coal production was concentrated in three main sites (map 2).

Pooley Hall Colliery began production in 1897. In addition to a wharf on the canal, the Colliery also had a stretch of track laid to connect it to the main rail line. In 1951, Pooley Hall Colliery merged with nearby Amington and Tamworth Collieries to form North Warwick Colliery, under which name it traded until its closure in 1965.

Birchmoor Colliery (also called "Cockspur Colliery"), near the village of Birchmoor, was in operation from 1860 until 1927. A tramway was used to transport coal from the site to the canal, the line running overland to Tamworth Road where the wharf, "Polesworth Basin", was located. Established in the 19th Century, the wharf was used by a number of the industries in the village.

On the opposite side of the Watling Street from Dordon, stood the area's third colliery. Birch Coppice, or Hall End, Colliery began production in 1875. It was in operation for over a hundred years, finally closing in 1987. Although, like Birchmoor, it was connected to the wharf at Polesworth Basin by an overland tramway, the colliery also had a rail connection to the branch line at Kingbury, in addition to a second tramline running from a shaft at the nearby village of Wood End.

As mentioned earlier, numerous brickworks were sited in and around Polesworth. Perhaps the best remembered was The Midland Brick and Terra Cotta Co. Ltd., which was established a short distance away from Polesworth Basin in around 1813. The works were more familiarly known as the "pipeworks" or, simply the "brickworks". Still further along the canal stood a steam mill. Grain from local farmers was ground here, then shipped along the canal to Nuneaton and Coventry. In 1912, part of the mill was converted into a cinema, which in turn was replaced, after its closure in 1956, by a soft drinks factory.

Not surprisingly, the canal also spawned a boatyard. Situated near Grendon Road, the yard developed a reputation for the quality of its work and for its "castles and roses" paintwork. A thriving pottery industry also seems to have existed along the canal. Recent research has not only turned up a spoil tip near the location of the boatyard, but also brought to light evidence of strong links between the Polesworth potters and those in Staffordshire.

During the First World War, production at local mines grew and mining became the principal industry for the area. It remained so until the 1980s, when the demand for deep-mined coal declined and many of the collieries closed.

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[i] allen hindmarsh"

[ii] Tim Beauchamp, 11/2010: Beatrice joined the Fannies at the beginning of the war - were they really called that? - and was a driver. divorcing Tim, she bunked off with a Group Captain David  - of Elizabeth's family - whom we knew as Nosegay, and my mother was convinced that her father died of heart-break rather than TB. at my grandfather's graveside, Beatrice said to my mother: 'OK, so now your father's dead, I suppose you better come and live with us'. Beatrice died about 20 years ago, Nosegay about 10 years before that. the letters you sent speak of my mother becoming head girl in about '44, if you look closely, which would have made her too young to be Tim's wife.
i'm writing an autobiography. no, autobiography's too strong a word; memoir perhaps, but perhaps not even that. one of seven chapters so far planned deals with my family. you may be interested to have a copy of my family history when i've done? five or six individuals stand out in various lines - fascinating, even if genealogically rather remote from Maitland. if you've a copy of Debrett to hand, see Proctor-Beauchamp, Bt.
why Bulgaria? a no-brainer really. my present wife is Belarusian, ethnically Russian, and she didn't like living in England. sitting in front of a computer in Almaty (KZ) one evening, six years ago, as one does, we had a straight choice between Bulgaria and Romania. the Bulgars love the Russians for one reason or another, and they didn't then know too much of the English, one way or the other. we've been living here now for five years. with hindsight, though, i'm sure i'd have enjoyed better settling in Transylvania. but i still work for a firm in the City.
if you're ever in Bulgaria, do look us up. we're near Veliko Tarnovo, closer to Bucharest than Sofia, as the crow flies. (i note your address is Knighton. i know Clun very well.)
cell phones don't work in our village; the land line is +359 61 937 234. my email address in my telephone number.

[iii]  Jan/Feb 2013 via
hullo, Graham Sadler has sent me some info . posted by you. Union locks, about the parkes family and lock foundry..very, very interesting, my maternal grandma was marie elizabeth follows nee parkes, her daughter was mary m.j. jones nee follows. I believe there was also a son john josiah a another sibling of marie elizabeth.
Are we related? even distantly? G.S. is a 1st cousin 5 times removed.

Hello antony good to hear from you, and find another cousin, found one more on the parkes side, 5th cousin I think he is, and one on my fathers mothers side, the ottewills. I don't know what you would like to hear about me, I was born and brought up in wolverhampton (May 1942), mother mary jones nee follows had 2 brothers and a sister, I am an only child. married in 1966 went to live in glos. in 1969 Have 2 sons by my 1st husband, whom I divorced in 1987. Remarrried in 1993, a lovely man, younger than me, the boys are very fond of him. Eldest son lives in edgbaston, younger son lives in north cornwall. Peter and I moved to Peterborough Cambs in 2002 when he was headhunted by Perkins Engines, we live only a few miles from Lincs border on the edge of open fields, it is lovely for wildlife and walking the dogs. I like cooking, birdwatching, caravanning, gardening and our rescue lurchers. There I have bored you enough, would you like to tell me a bit about yourself? I would be interested, as we are a small family, well my side is, only 2 cousins on the follows side, and one cousin on the Ottewill/Jones side.
Best wishes Anne
you can email me at home if you would prefer, on

[iv] From Jayne Layfield ( 9/2009: Muriel (still born) Hilda (my mother)Herbert, Nina (still alive age 92 living in Canada)

[v] Sue Reeves <>

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[40] Ref in Richard Parkes 1796 DE/1/3/9/393/2

RIDDLE, Sir ERNEST COOPER (1873-1939), banker, was born on 5 April 1873 at Narrabri, New South Wales, one of thirteen children of English parents John Riddle, station manager, and his wife Agnes, née Cooper. Riddle left Narrabri Public School to join the Bank of Australasia at Narrabri in 1889 as a junior ledgerkeeper/teller. In Sydney during the banking crisis of 1893 he was responsible for the bank's Hurstville agency. After experience at other branches, in 1898 he was appointed manager at Orange where he spent fourteen years. On 14 June, at Hurstville, he married Annie Bibby with Anglican rites.

In December 1912 Riddle was appointed sub-manager in Perth from which he was recruited by (Sir) Denison Miller for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. He took over as manager of its Perth branch in April 1915 where Miller expected he would have ample scope to develop business.

At Orange in 1903 Riddle had joined the Australian Military Forces (militia), rising by 1910 to the rank of major. At the outbreak of World War I he was refused permission to enlist both by the Australasia and later the Commonwealth Bank. Indeed, Riddle was to have a major role in organizing war loans in Western Australia. He was sent to London in March 1922 for experience and to inspect the branch, and returned to Perth in October by way of the United States of America where he met international bankers.

On Miller's death, Riddle was appointed acting manager of the bank's head office in Sydney in June 1923. Promotion was rapid: next January he was elevated to inspector and, in November, appointed manager in Melbourne. Within a year he was deputy governor (October 1925), and in June 1927 he became governor for a five-year term. His appointment occurred shortly after Sir Robert Gibson was elected chairman of the board, and their partnership coincided with Australia's greatest economic and financial crisis. The contrast between them was stark: Gibson was a businessman with no background in banking and finance, Riddle a widely experienced and competent banker. Gibson's drive and intensity allowed him to exert major influence in important policy matters and he assumed full responsibility for encounters with the government about important economic decisions. Riddle readily left this role to Gibson as the bank's predominant trading and savings operations offered him plenty of scope.

Riddle was reappointed governor for a seven-year term from June 1932. That year he attended the Imperial Economic Conference at Ottawa as financial adviser to the Australian delegation. He then went to London where he played a vital part in exchange-rate deliberations. Determined to take the first steps towards a return to sterling parity, Gibson had tried to convince the bank's board. Riddle argued against him because of uncertainty about the continuation of improved commodity prices and an impending loan conversion. Supported by the Bank of England and aided by a lack of enthusiasm for exchange-rate appreciation from some board members, Riddle's advice was accepted. In 1935 he was knighted.

When Riddle gave evidence to the 1935-36 royal commission on banking there were some signs of deterioration in his health. To the then chairman of the bank, Sir Claude Reading, Riddle wrote that he had managed to steer through his evidence without any very embarrassing questions or answers. There is, however, some evidence that the commission was not impressed and Alexander Bell, who had been acting chairman during Reading's absence, subsequently testified for the bank instead of Riddle.

In 1936 Riddle took sick leave. He returned to duty but, suffering from Parkinson's disease, retired in February 1938. In his youth Riddle was a keen sportsman. Always popular, he was an expert rifle shot and first-class golfer, tennis player and bowler. He was a trustee of Church of England property in the Sydney diocese and belonged to the Australian, Royal Sydney Golf and other clubs. He died on 28 February 1939 at his Woollahra home and was cremated. His wife, son and daughter survived him.

His successor, Sir Harry Sheehan, considered Riddle would be remembered 'for his lovable disposition, his honesty of purpose, his straight-forwardness and integrity, and his sound knowledge of banking'.

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Author: J. A. Kirkwood
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