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14.1        The  Stewart of  Killymoon  Papers 36

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This is the history of the family of Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of Edward Michael Stewart, wife of Frederick Chadwick and great grandmother of Alice (Kirk-Owen)_Maitland. The Stewarts are thought to have come over to Ulster in the early 17thC from Scotland. Much of this history has been collected from papers in the PRONI and from the work of Gerald Pakenham Stewart.

1. Hamilton Family


Sources are shown as footnotes in the format 1,2,3...
Other notes such as email addresses not for publication are given as footnotes in the format i,ii,iii...

Try T3007 Stewart papers - letters

T559/36 p86 (PRONI) has a Pedigree of the Stewarts of Killymoon, starting with a Henry Stewart: this should be James Stewart 1. 
PRONI D3319/13/2:
GPS: “Stewarts of Ballymenagh, Killymoon & Tyrcallen”. A monograph by GP Stewart, BA LLB, Indian Civil Service til 1947 then to home in New Zealand, 1982.  About 30 pps. A copy of this is held in the PRONI and held by A Maitland in a separate volume.

Comments about sequence of male Christian names, James & William: James 1 father William?
PRONI Stewart papers D3319-2,7-11.
Stewart-Kennedy Notes: D700 p455/6

EMC: Edward Marion Chadwick - Chadwick History.
EMCO/Ont: EMC - Ontarian Families
Graves: From research by Ontario Genealogical Society.
SLP: Succession Lists for Parishes.
JJF: Genealogy of the Jaffrey-Jeffrey Family, by Helen H. Iver, 1925. PC sent by Linda Hill, Apex, NC, 4/4/2003. Copy of copy sent to Carl G. Smedberg.
Charles Addison: 11/2006, letters re Henry Stewart (1799-64).

   An extensive pedigree of the Wingfield family of England and Ireland. (A Charles Wingfield of Shropshire, who must have been of the same family, was an early member of the Midland Gliding Club at the Long Mynd, a club to which Antony Maitland belonged).
Nick: (N

Debrett’s Baronetage of England, 1815.

(Google Books)
Debrett's Baronetage of England: Containing Their Descent and Present State, Their Collateral Branches, Births, Marriages, and Issue, from the Institution of the Order in 1611... / by John Debrett
By John Debrett
Published by Printed for F. C. and J. Rivington, 1815
Item notes: v.2
Original from Harvard University
Digitized 25 Apr 2007
Page 1120 STEWART.


CO. Tyrone. June 14, 1803.

The Right Hon. JOHN STEWART, late Attorney-General in Ireland, M.P., in 1802, for the county of Tyrone, created a Baronet, as above, married Mary, daughter of Mervyn Archdall, of Castle Archdall, co. Fermanagh, Esq., (by Mary Dawson, daughter of Viscount Carlton) and by her (who d. in 1795) had issue: 1. Mary, b. in 1791, d. 1810; 2. Hugh, 6. March, 17931 and 3. Mervyn, b. in 1799.

Andrew Stewart, (commonly styled captain Andrew Stewart,) who, with lord Castle Stewart, to whom he was related, and his (Andrew's) brother James, who afterwards fixed his residence at Ballymona, co. Tyrone, went from Scotland to Ireland about the year 1627: on his marriage, (as hereafter mentioned,) he obtained from lord Castle Stewart the greater part of the manor of Castle Stewart; but he afterwards built, and resided on, another seat, called Gortigil, near Stewart's Town, GO. Tyrone (at a spot immediately adjoining the present residence of the Castle Stewart family,) which has ever since been in possession of captain Stewart's descendants : he served with colonel Robert Stewart, of Fry, in defence of the forts of Dnngannon and Mountjoy in 1641; and at the rising of the rebels at Artrea, or Ardtreigh, co. Tyrone, for the purpose of destroying the protestant families of that county, his house was attacked; but with a few Scots' followers he defended it for two days, when assistance was sent to him from Mountjoy Fort. Captain Stewart m. Sarah, eldest daughter of lord Castle Stewart, (commonly styled lord Ochiltree, and sister to Mary, countess of Suffolk,) by whom (who survived him, and d. in 1687,) he had issue : l. Robert, who had an only child, Janet, who m., in 1684, John Bell, of Mulluntear, esq.; 2. Hugh, (of whom hereafter); 3. James, an officer R. N., who m. ------ daughter of admiral sir Cloudesley Shovel (A3M: who was responsible for and died in, a major naval disaster in the Scilly Isles), and d. gallantly in battle. Captain Stewart having long been an object devoted to vengeance for the zeal and loyalty he evinced in the royal cause, was, at length, put to death by rebels about the year 1650. Hugh, the 2d son, m. Margaret, daughter of Thomas Morris, of Mountjoy Castle, esq., and had issue, John, of Gortigal, who m. Mary, daughter of ---- Kennedy, and had issue, Hugh and James, and several daughters. Hugh Stewart, the eldest son, in holy orders, rector of Suman, co. Tyrone, m. Sarah, daughter of the rev. Andrew Hamilton, (a relative of the marquess of Abercorn, from whom he obtained the two valuable parishes of Toboyne aud Donogheady, both in the presentation of the Abercorn family, in Ireland): by his 1st wife, the sole daughter and heiress of sir William Cunningham, of Cunningham Head, in North Britain, and of Castle-Conyngham, co. Donegal, bart., and had issue: 1. John, created a baronet, as above; 2. Andrew, an officer in the service of the East India Company, who fell in an engagement in India; and 3. Henry, in holy orders, rector of Toman, co. Tyrone, m. Sophia, daughter of -— Clossy, of Dublin, esq., and has issue: Henry, John, William, Bagnall, Hugh, and other children; 4. Anne, m. Humphrey Nixon, of Nixon Lodge, co. Cavan, esq.; 5. Sarah, m. William Baillie, of Termsker, co. Tyrone, esq.; and 6 Amelia, d. unm.; and
I. The right, hon. sir JOHN, the eldest son, was created a baronet, as above.

Anns—Or, a lion rampant, within a double tressure, connterflory, gules, within a bordure, gobony, azure and argent.

5          Generation


KO05/06  (GPS533)

Sources: EMC, IGI, Newspaper, Cemetary (ref Wellington Hist Soc)

Parents: Edward Michael and Jane (Renwick) Stewart,
Ref Grave:
Born: 13/10/1839
Married: Frederick Jasper Chadwick, 3 September 1861
Died: 3/8/1894, buried Woodlawn Cemy, Guelph. (Graves)

6          Generation



Much of the detailed lineage of the Stewarts that follow is from the  work by Gerald Pakenham Stewart (Stewart2 file). Other sources are documents in PRONI, newspapers and several papers on the Jeffrey family and EMC papers.

Born: Dublin, 24/9/1797 (GPS522 & SLP)
Died: at Knockbreda, Belfast Dec 2 1883 (SLP). (no will details)
Buried: Glendermot Church, Co Derry.
Parents: Henry Stewart and Elizabeth Pakenham,

Summary: (AM from PRONI info 8/1999, with extra from JJF)

EMS was farming in a small way in SW Scotland, at Baldoon, near Wigtown, near the shore of the estuary where there are still "Baldoon sands" shown on maps. Possibly after a hard winter, by 1832 he had decided it was not a viable proposition.  The land was rented from Mr Arbuckle. There was evidently talk and papers about life in North America. He decided to go to Upper Canada with Matthew Arbuckle (the son of his landowner?), with whom he may have been farming at Baldoon, to see for himself what Canada was like. He sailed by the "Eagle" on 27 May 1832, from Liverpool. It is not known how long he spent in Canada, but he was presumably in Britain when he was married in September 1833.
   His time in Baldoon explains his meeting Jane Renwick Jeffrey, who is said by EMC to have come from Dumfries-shire: JJF describes her father as an Edinburgh lawyer; maybe he had property in Allerbeck. No information has appeared about his marriage except for a reference in the notes of letters received by his parents of congratulations sent and a date in GPS. A collection of drawings and paintings in Jane's sister Agnes's Sentiment Book holds a pencil drawing by Jane of Wigtown from Baldoon: Jane must therefore have been at Baldoon at some time.
     A number of Jane's siblings emigrated to North America in the 1830's, the first seeming to be her younger brother, Alexander (at the age of 16). They were mostly in the US, but her sister Isabella married Rev Bold Cudmore Hill of Co Haldiman, Ontario. Another sister, Agnes was a painter. Several of her close relatives were also artists. Who set the trend is unclear.
     He, his wife Jane, son Henry William and maid arrived in Canada by February 1835 and lodged for a time  with a Doctor. History does not relate where. They were in Cayuga by 1839, when his mother wrote to her nephew, Charles Wellesley, asking him to look out for them.
Note: IGI Mathew Arbuckle was ch 16/12/1804 at Kirkmuir, near Wigtown (opposite Baldoon Sands), child of Robert Arbuckle and Jean Anderson.

He was in Holy Orders, of Guelph and of Clooney, co.  Derry,

SPL: educated Armagh Roy. Sch. by Dr Carpendale, TCD as FC June 7 1813 aged 15.  BA 1817, MA 1824, BA Cantab 1820.

1820, Termoneeny (SLP): Curate, nom Dec 2 (DR)
1830, Donaghenry, Armagh (SPL): "appears", curate.
1832, onwards: Canada.
1867, Balteagh (SLP):
      acted as Temporary Curate residing in Glebe House.
In son Henry's Entry in SLP, refered to as "of Ballymenagh, co Tyrone & Corearn, Donegal"
Barrister at Law.
Went to Canada 1832, but afterwards lived in Derry.
Window to father and son at All Saints, Clooney.

Internet 26/11/00, list of Clergy (Archives of Diocese of Niagara):
1851-59 St Alban's Acton
1858, St George's Guelph, Assistant.
1859 Returned to Ireland

MA Cantab, wore black scull cap in later years. Came to Canada about 1832, residing for a time in Cayuga in Co Haldimand; not having at that time any Ministerial charge, he joined the Militia called out to suppress the rebellion of 1837 (French Canadians led by Papineau rebelled in 1837, opposing the union of French and British Canada), and served in the Niagara Frontier where he was captured by the rebels and narrowly escaped being put to death by them; subsequently settled at Guelph as Assistant Minister of St George's Church and resided there many years but ultimately returned to Ireland.

Letter from EM Stewart to Mother (PRONI D3319/9/4):

My dear Mother,
I will go to Pakenham Hall on tuesday next I know no objection to my going to Tyrcallen with you and Heny. I saw Aunt Bess today Miss Edgeworth & Miss Honora Edgeworth & Master Francis Beaufort Edgeworth paid her a long visit. Miss Edgeworth very condescendingly recognized me and asked particularly for James & I had the honor of handing her to her coach - Mr Edgeworth as she told us is trying experiments on wheel carriages, but he is not able to walk tho' he is much better - I saw Saint Lawrance several times lately he walks very well. George Knox son to the Bishop of Derry got a premium - Willy seemed to think that Marpendale had been beaten but it was no such thing he cut for the premium with Honnor. Dicky Pakenham has not the first Volume of Willy's Demosthenes. pray tell him that me? try & recollect who has it that I may get it from him, that I may bring it with me, that I may read my examinations in it. Pray tell him also that I took proper care, tho' he did not to notify to the proper officers his departure from Colege(?)
                     I am your afft son EM Stewart.

 This letter must have been written about 1814 whilst he was at TCD. The reference to "Aunt Bess" must have been to his spinster great aunt, Elizabeth Pakenham, who died about 1818.

Letter from Edward Michael Stewart re Canada, 1832.
Addressed to Henry Stewart esq, 6 Leinster Sq, Dublin.

Liverpool 12 May (1832)
My dear father,
I have received your letter begun the 10th and ended 11th from Dublin. Dr Wm and I left our friends at Baldoon yesterday morning after breakfast, & Matthew drove us to Garhiestown and saw us off - we had a good passage & came into the smooth water of the river late last night, & up to the quay this morning - Dr Robert was not at home having been called up before 5 this morning - His landlady has received us hospitably & given us a good breakfast & dressing rooms; but not knowing where the lodging which Dr Robert has engaged for me is, I am staying here with all my luggage, which is not a little, till the Doctor comes home. I am particularly glad that you are writing to Matthew Arbuckle himself. I advised and almost entreated him to write to you yesterday, & I hope he may do so; but lest he should not, I will lay before you a calculation he made & shewed me on Wednesday night last.

For his outfit, passage, journey, & expenses in Canada until a purchase can be made, suppose - £100
Expenses of personal establishment for a year, including servant - say £100
Interest on £1000 at 5 percent - 50
The suppose £2000 invested so as to produce immediately 15 percent, for one year = £300 one share of which = £150;
which, subtracted from expenses of first year leaves £100 debt; and every subsequent year proceeds of investment only = personal expenses.
From this it results that either I must ascertain that probable return of £2000 invested in land or otherwise in Upper Canada, will be more than 15 percent, before Matthew Arbuckle can prudently leave Scotland; or some other arrangement must be made. Mr Arbuckle spoke to me about it himself yesterday morning the last thing before taking leave of me, & I only replied that he must know, as well as I, that you would never expect Matthew to do any thing from which he should not have a fair return, and that as Mr Arbuckle himself had told me that he always had hitherto found you disposed to be liberal, so he might reckon upon finding you so still. Having stated this to you, I hope I may take leave of the subject altogether, for it is entirely a matter between you and the Arbuckles, & I do not wish to be a go-between in a case where direct communication between partied is so easy. I have received a newspaper article with an article on Canada marked. I thank my mother for her letter, but do not want any thing that I can think from Dublin.
I suppose from what you say that Beaumaris has met your approbation.
                    Your very affte.
                              Edward Stewart.
                    Dr Wm delivers his respects.

From the foregoing letter, it appears that Edward Stewart was going into partnership with Matthew Arbuckle with £1000 each in land in Upper Canada: Arbuckle hoped to borrow at 5% and reinvest in Canada and return 15% or more to cover his living expenses. He is supposed to have gone to Canada about 1832, this letter may have been written on his way via Liverpool.

This letter is part of a collection "Stewart of Tyrcallen" (Stranorlar, Donegal) papers: PRONI ref D3319/11.

D/3319/10: transcripts in note form of letters received by Henry & Elizabeth Stewart.
12/1831: letter about the price of wheat and storms: Arbuckle's farm.
2/1832: ref W Ferguson's (of Woodhill) book about journey to USA
7/1832: "he (EMS?) had not been living long at Baldoon before he began to be aware that farming in Scotland would never do for him - such farms not profitable and large ones requiring more skill experience and capital to render? than so that he is master of the competition for the land is such that men offer what they know is above the value .... suggests "going to see for myself what sort of place is UC via New York with the intention of returning to report unless we agree that it would be advisable for me to remain longer in Canada & whether it may not be proper to tell Mr Arbuckle that it is not probable I shall stay another quarter at Baldoon.

2/1832: mentions Capt Roxboro who had been 17 years in UC and had land in Niagara: taking his family out.
31/3/1832: sailing Scotland to Bushmills - preparation for Edward & Matthew going.
3/4/1832: "Matthew and I have been looking over Emigrant tracts.
9/5/1832: From Baldoon to Garlieston by steamer to Liverpool and then by railroad to Beaumaris.
22/5/1832: sorry not to see parents before departure across the Atlantic. note "Eagle" sailed 27/5/1832.

Ref Liverpool Mercury about 20 May 1832:
"To be despatched punctually on 26th inst For New York The regular trading first class American ship
H.Lyon, Master

Burthen 510 tons, coppered and copper fastened, and sails fast. This ship is now on her second voyage and is equal in every respect to the best of the packets: she has elegant accommodation for ten passengers, and space between decks where a limited number of steerage passengers will be taken.

For terms apply to Captain Lyon on board Princes Dock or to
Wm & Jas Brown & Co.
Notice in the Mercury the following week showing Eagle sailed on the 27th.

10/1833: reference of Henry writing to Mrs Jeffrey.

Letter from "Caroline": I heartily rejoice at your Edwd's happy prospect I delight in his having met with a lass meet for him they have my hearty prayers for time and Eternity.
23/10/1833: other congratulations on Edwards marriage.  EMS seems to have been in Britain for 1834.

1816: interesting letter describing grandmother's death (D3319/9/30).

2/1835: "Edwad says they had a prosperous journey Jane Henry-Wlm and their made Patten. They are accommodated at the house of Mr Forde MD. They have a good sitting room and 2 bedrooms off it. We have got 2 tables a bed a chest of drawers a large Basin stand all of Black Walnut a Franklin stove a carpet and 6 chairs. Mr Forde furnishes a bedstead for Eliza and a lot of pegs to hang things on We eat with Mr Forde he is Cardner??  and Jane housekeeper?. Mrs Griffiths is here today Jane and baby having paid them a visit by invitation and were much pleased indeed with the whole family and their new home.  It is a great ?? for them to have a doctor so near them in that forlorn Country but her appears happy and nobody can be more than that.

1853: extract from piece about house research in Guelph, Ontario, using as example a house built by Rev Arthur Palmer (see below) ......

This indicates that Palmer was the fourth owner of that property, after the Canada Company, John McDonald (a Canada Company surveyor), and George Tiffany (another Canada Company surveyor). Palmer purchased some 23 acres from Tiffany (the B & S, or Bill of Sale) and Tiffany gave Palmer a mortgage for at least part of it. This does not tell us much about any house on this large property. However, Palmer took out another mortgage for 1800 pounds in September of 1853 from Rev. E.M. Stewart, who happened to be his assistant minister at St. George's. This mortgage was renewed in 1856, and repaid in 1859. Presumably, this money was used to build what Palmer called Tyrcathlen, and which was renamed Ker Cavan in 1928. (see end of this section for more about Arthur Palmer).

The name of the house "Tyrcathlen" must be a bastardisation of the  Stewart family home in Ireland.

Married: 12/9/1833 (GPS) (IGI, Ballymenagh, Donegal)



Ref JJF:
Born: 20/3/1805, died 16/2/1878.
Parents: John Armstrong & Elizabeth Catherine (McConnell) Jeffrey.
 (Renwick being the name of her aunt Jane's husband)

Ref EMC: "Jane Renwick, dau of John Jeffrey of Allerbeck, Dumfries" & Mrs Jeans (the latter from the Ancestral File).
Ref GPS: Jane Renwick Jeffrey, dau of John Jeffrey of Allerbeck Dumfries; later information from the GPS family say that her mother may have been "Elizabeth Catherine McConnell daughter of William McConnell of Wigtown, Sheriff Substitute". EMC in Ontarian Families, agrees.

Note on the back of small pastel of woman and girl at Burcher Cottage:
"Mrs Jeffery - formerly Jean Renwick and daughter. Jane Renwick afterwards Mrs E.M. Stewart whose daughter Elizabeth was married to FJ Chadwick." Also on back in pencil "CR Chadwick 1896" (Charlotte Rose (Aunt Nonie)).

1998: picture now at the Gables.
This was written about 1896 by Charlotte Rose Chadwick, dau of FJ Chadwick and grand daughter of Jane Renwick.

This does not agree with information from the Jeffrey family research. It implies that Jane's mother was Christian named Jean and had perhaps been formerly married to Mr Renwick. The mother in the pastel must be Elizabeth McConnell.

Ref GPS update, 8/2000:
Born: 20.3.1805, Died: 16.2.1878, Clooney, Co Derry
Buried: Glendermot Church, Co Derry
Parents: John JEFFREY - 524 Elizabeth Catherine McCONNELL - 2966

Issue of Edward Michael & Jane (Renwick) Stewart (SLP refers to 7 children).  (IGI has births in Ireland, Donegal)

EAC: FAPC had Uncle Augustus & Aunt Caroline with sons Gussie & Vaux

1/1. Henry William Stewart: (GPS467) Details

Born: 24/9/1834 in either:

Cayuga (SLP) (35m W of Niagara, ako as Haldimand)
IGI has birth Ballymenagh, Donegal. SLP prob correct.
Family letters imply he was Irish born.
Died: 5/11/1910, Knockbreda (bur also). (SLP).
Listed under Chancellors of Down:
TCD BA 1857, Ord D & P 1858, Toronto.
1858-60, Guelph.
1860-61, Oak Ridge.
1861-63, Head Master Guelph Grammar School.
1863: Curate, Kilberry, Kildare.
1867: @ Knockbreda, installed as Chancellor of Down, Sept 20.

Married (GPS), 10/4/1860, St George's Church, Guelph:
Frances, 2nd dau of Ven Arthur Palmer, Archdeacon of Toronto and his wife Hester Madeline Crawford.
Born 3/5/1836-26/1/1911 (died Belfast, bur Knockbreda).
1876 Landowners Donegal: Rev Henry William Stewart, address Rathowen, owned 303 acres

Checkemian History:
.....In reporting this, Henry William Stewart, Rector & Rural Dean of Knockbreda, in the Church of Ireland’s Diocese of Down, affirmed "I have seen the document and the seal but of course cannot read them." In 1889 he is reported to have been preaching in the Presbyterian Churches of Belfast, notably Berry Street Church and St. Enoch’s Church, Belfast and it was noted that "He enjoys the confidence of and is warmly recommended by the most eminent men in the Presbyterian Church of Scotland."

In 1890 he was still preaching and lecturing in Belfast as Stewart noted, "He can now speak English fairly well and he hopes to become a naturalized English subject before he goes back to the East." It was at this time that he was taken up by Archbishop Plunket, Anglican Archbishop of Dublin, as Stewart notes that Checkemian was still in Belfast on 5 September 1890 and had visited the Archbishop. Stewart had a high opinion of him, "I believe him to be a sincere man – and to be a man capable of exercising a powerful influence over others ... It is no doubt an ambitious undertaking, but he is evidently a man of great energy and perseverance."

2/1. Edward Michael Stewart GPS473, B. 24/3/1864 D. Knockbreda

22/7/1931, married 19/12/1918 Helen Margaret Imray, dau of George Imray of Culdean, Granton-on-Spey.
3/1. Francis Marion Eugenie m Michael Farrar-Bell

2/2. Arthur Henry Stewart, (GPS478), born 1869 M. @ Runnymede,

Kansas, Alice dau of Arthur W. Mosse of Castletown, Kilkenny.
Arthur Wellesley Mosse, address Ballyconra, Ballyragget, owned 1,350 acres (Landowners Co Kilkenny, 1878, holdings over 1 acre)
3/1. Frances Constance Stewart, MD., born 1891.

2/3. Pakenham Thomas Stewart, born 1871, died 1938, M. 1901

Mary Dupre Fennell, dau of John George Fennell of Melbourne.
3/1. Mary Fennell Stewart, born 1904.
3/2. Gerald Pakenham Stewart, born 1906,

the author of "GPS", he died 1998, New Zealand. 
His family continues on Stewart 2 (restricted access)

2/4. Rev William Stewart (GPS482), b 1896

Rector of Rillingston. Married: Estelle Atkinson
3/1. Katherine Estelle Stewart,
   married Avu Cesare Colliva, an Italian, 2 dau.
3/2. Esme Mary Stewart b.1913 , Noel P. Woodgate-Jones, MP.
   5 children.

2/5. James Robert Stewart, (GPS484), b 1878

3/1. James Robert Stewart, born 1878, M. Kate Payne Dickson

4/1. Joseph Ainslie Stewart, born 1917

2/6. John Alexander Stewart, (GPS486), born 1881

M. 5/4/1904 Lydia Christine d of Duncan Malcolm of Belfast

Jeanette Conacher, (Perth, Western Austrlia)
Fri, 09 May 2008

She was my maternal great Aunt by the name of Lydia Christine Malcolm.  She appears to have married John Alexander Stewart 5/4/1904 (possibly Belfast?)  and they seem to have had a son Henry William Basil.

I have always thought there was a connection between Lydia's Stewart marriage and her brother's emigration to New Zealand. He was James Black Malcolm and emigrated from Belfast in 1878 on the Lady Jocelyn as part of an Ulster Plantation emigration scheme set up by George Vesy Stewart. George was of the Stewart of Athenree family which I understand has connections to the family you have put up on your site. James Malcolm I believe belonged to the Enniskillen Dragoons at one stage, I understand a Stewart regiment.

I am in regular contact with the archivist in Kati Kati, NZ (I was B in NZ) where the Athenree Stewarts settled. One of my Malcolm relatives is buried next to Adela Stewart who was the wife of Capt Hugh Stewart. I am in touch with some of the descendants of this family in NZ.  I see on your web site that Pakenham Thomas Stewart, brother in law to our Lydia, also spent some time in NZ so he may be the family connection to the Ulster settlement scheme I have been looking for. My great grandfather was Duncan Malcolm of Belfast, Lydia Stewart's father.

Fri, 16 May 2008  From:

I have spent a number of years hunting for a maternal blood relative whom I knew only as Lydia Christina Stewart. I was told she was the sole executrix of my great great grandfather, Duncan Malcolm's (of Belfast) Will (poss dated early/mid 1900s). I was told by family years ago that Lydia had married well and I assumed she was Duncan Malcolm's daughter, the more so because I think her mother was Christina Black/Malcolm.

I believe it is she (named as Lydia Christine Malcolm, dau of Duncan Malcolm of Belfast) that I have found in your web site. You show that Lydia married John Alexander Stewart (b 1881 to Henry Wm Stewart and Frances Palmer) in 1904. Duncan Malcolm was a room paper merchant in Victoria Street, Belfast, from the early 1860s until the early 1900s so far as I can find. I understand he was quite well off.

For some reason, Duncan had cast his son (James Black Malcolm, my great grandfather) from his estate. We had been told that James had been a 'naughty boy' but, as happens in families, a veil seems to have been drawn. One story was that he might have been drummed from the army, another that his father purchased his release due to rising tensions in Europe at the time. James apparently trained as an accountant. He went to Kimberley S Africa and then to New York from where his father brought him home. In 1878 his father sent him to NZ as  'cadet' as part of the Stewart of Athenree's Ulster Plantation private settlement scheme in Kati Kati (Bay of Plenty, North island).

I have always strongly felt there was some relationship between the Malcolms and the Stewarts but could never establish it. It seems the Athenree and Killymoon Stewarts are related in some way. There might also be a link thru the Inniskillen Dragoons which James allegedly belonged to for a bit and which I understand was a Stewart regiment.

Christina's sister, Jessy (?Cameron) Malcolm  married John Bain, a JP in Belfast; their daughter, also Jessy, married into the Lord/Earl of Essex's family (the Cecils). So the Malcolm clearly had friends in high places (the girls were supposedly very beautiful - Jessy Bain had been known as the Belle of Belfast).

I have attached a couple of pictures: the man with moustache is James Black Malcolm, brother to Lydia Christina Malcolm who married John Alexander Stewart. The other picture is of his son, Guy Cameron Malcolm, James' son, and my maternal grandfather. All so sad because James' three other children died quite suddenly in their late teens: I think the two daughters from that terrible Asian flu that swept the world around WW1, and the other son, Francis, from a fall at school that damaged his spine. Grandpa said his mother used to say no one knows what real sadness is until you have lost several of your children. So, Guy was their sole surviving child and doted on his parents. He was wonderful to them as an adult as they had had a tough life. I understand that the oftimes roguish James, was also a very loveable and likeable Irish character.  I found an obit to him in a 1924 NZ newspaper the other day that stated ' A well-known resident, Mr James Black Malcolm, died at his residence yesterday .. (in Mt Eden, Auckland).  I recall Grandpa telling me that his father used to take part in Irish Protestant marches in Auckland and I think he belonged to an Orangemen's Masonic order as well. Grandpa, I think was a Grand Master but I need to check on this again.

Yes, I came to Australia from NZ when we married. My husband, Arthur, is Sth African and we met at University in Auckland. We are both geographers. Our 2 sons Mark and Andrew, were born here and both are married, one living in Perth with his family, where we also live, and the other, with his family in Houston, Texas. We have five grandsons aged from 4 to 9 years of age.  Arthur is a retired academic and we now enjoy retirement to the fullest, having been able to travel while we can - Antarctica and Mongolia.

My great great aunt Lydia Malcolm did indeed marry John Alexander Stewart in Knockbreda Parish Church, Belfast, 23 Sept 1903 at Belfast Register Office before witnesses David Crighton and Mary Orr. John Stewart was shown as a tea merchant of Knockbreda Park, Belfast, son of Rev Henry William Stewart, a Church of Ireland clergyman. Lydia also shown of Knockbreda Park, daughter of Duncan Malcom, wall-paper merchant. But oddly, they were married again on April 5, 1904, at the Church of Ireland parish church of Newtownbreda, Knockbreda by her father (I wonder if this is meant to be by her f in law? - will have to wait until I get the documents) with the Witnesses being Duncan Malcolm and William Stewart. John was shown as 22 and Lydia 32. You get the feeling the registry office marriage did not meet with the approval of Rev Stewart -- or indeed Lydia's father who supposedly was a Plymouth Brethren!

But, But ..... I am also wondering if there was more to it as I think you show a birth of Henry William Basil Stewart in 1903. Could he have been born them prior to or soon after their registry office marriage?

Also an earlier census entry suggests that Lydia was b in 1867, even earlier than her marriage certificate suggests.


I had been told by a Malcolm aunt of mine that Lydia married twice. She did indeed  --- but to the same man!!

They married first in a registry office in the City of Belfast in Sept 1903; then again in April 1904, this time with John's father Rev Henry Stewart officiating at his parish church in Knockbreda, Belfast. The other witness to this marriage was Lydia's father, widower Duncan (who one record sent me shows him to be a Plymouth Brethren!! - the rest of his famiy were church of Ireland or Presbyterian from what I know so far). So its looks as tho some respectability was visited upon the couple in 1904. She was a good deal older than John at marriage - he 22 and she 32 (tho maybe even 37 as earlier data suggest). Added to this is a possible son, Henry William Basil born to them in 1903 - but there are no firm dates for this.

The couple's name comes up again on the death certificate for Lydia's father, Duncan Malcolm, at Inverloch/Inverlock, Ballycultra, Belfast in July 1913 when Duncan dies at age 86 and 3/4 yrs (of pneumonia). The name Inverloch is curious because that was where my grandfather told me Duncan Malcolm was born in Scotland (c 1825) -- but I can find no place of that name there (except Inverlochy Castle nr Fort William or Loch Inver on the N West coast of Scotland ). I have also found a James Stewart living at Inverloch, Marino, around the same date -- probably in the same household? (John did have a brother James who married poss after 1913 as he has a son, Joseph, b 1917).

Also confirmed in a copy of Duncan Malcolm’s Will of 1901 was the fact that his daughter Lydia (then still single) was the sole beneficiary and executrix of his estate.

3/1. Henry William Basil Stewart, born 1903,

Married Josephine P. Bottomley

Thu, 25 Oct 2007 From Liz Carnell

I was doing a search of the internet for descendants of William Hyde from Belfast and I've come across William Henry Basil Stewart b 1903 who married Josephine P. Bottomley.
I wonder if you know anything about this couple and whether they had any children? I believe that Josephine many have been the daughter of William Gray Porter Bottomley and his wife Josephine Hyde.
I was told yesterday that one of Josephine Hyde's sisters who married into the Peacocke family adopted a girl called Pat, (born in 1902) after she was orphaned. Josephine Hyde Bottomley died in 1902, perhaps in childbirth so we think perhaps Josephine P. Bottomley is also the orphaned 'Pat'. It seems likely as the cousin who emailed me yesterday said that 'Pat' had married "Basil Stewart".

4/1. Denzil John Reginald Stewart, born 1935

5/1. Tamzin Stewart.
5/2. Rowan Stewart.

2/7. Frances Mary Stewart, 1861-1937, unmarried (SLP & GPS470)
2/8. Jane Charlotte Stewart, GPS471, born 1862,

married 1884 James (Jonas - GPS) Sealy Poole MD
3/1. Madge Poole, born 1891

2/9. Hester Madeline Stewart (GPS475),

Following from Frederick Pike, 2/2008.
Born 1867, died 1943, Milnthorpe.
Married (believed in Alexandria) 27/9/1894 Lt Octavius Harold Daniel Cmdr RN who was the 8th child of the Rev Robert Daniel who, at the time, was the vicar of Osbaldwick and headmaster of Archbishop Holgate school (which still exists as a well-run comprehensive). He was born 19th March 1869 in St Giles, Yorkshire and died in October 1960 in Milnthorpe, Westmorland (now Cumbria).
3/1. Kathleen Lilla Daniel,

b Knockbreda 20/9/1897, d 20/5/1989
M. Geoffrey Owen Pike, (b 20/1/1897-18/1/1959).
10/4/1929, St Mary's Alverstoke, Hants.
4/1. Kathleen Ann Pike, b 21/11/1930, d. 18/9/2005.
4/2. Frederick Owen Pike, b 10/3/1933 (supplied this line 2/2008).
4/1. Madeline Pike, b 10/8/1935

2/10. Kathleen Elizabeth Martha Stewart (GPS477), b 1867,
   died @ Knockbreda 24/8/1892
2/11. Elizabeth Margaret Stewart (GPS480),
   m 24/7/1818(!) William son of Victor C. Taylor of Belfast

1/2. Charlotte Jane Stewart, born 26/11/1836,
   Became nun in S.A.(GPS530). Died 29/10/1921.
1/3.  John Alexander Stewart (GPS531)

Ref SLP:
Born: 24/7/1838, Cayuza, Canada W.
Educated @ Guelph Grammar School entered TCD July 2 1856 aged 18, BA 1860, MA 1867, ordained 1862, P 1863 Curate Maghera 1863-1872 1872-
1861: Stewart, Rev. Alexander, 97 Donegall Street (Belfast Directory)
1880 Clooney, Perpetual Curate & Incumbent.
Died of Consumption: 21/12/1880, Glandore Cottage Cork age 42.
Window to him and father at All Saints, Clooney.
Married, 1869: Eliza Charlotte Gough (GPS532). B 1840, died 1894, dau of Benjamin Bloomfield Gough19 GPS460
The following from Nicholas Lloyd 4/2008.
2/1. Edward Pakenham Stewart (GPS575) 18/4/1870-1966

M. Amy Postill (1866-1958)
3/1. Hugh Percy Stewart (9/11/1899-1992),

M 6/9/1925, Helen Ayres (6/6/1897-1993)
4/1. Barbara Mary Stewart

married Geoffrey Lloyd (11/6/1928-1989).

5/1. Nicholas Lloyd who supplies this line.

4/2. Dau 2, M. Oliver Atkinson (1927-1978)

2/2. Hugh Gough Stewart (GPS577)
2/3. Percy Bloomfield Stewart (GPS578)
2/4. Elinor Mary (Nora) Stewart (GPS580)

1/4. Elisabeth Stewart, b. 13/10/1839.                KO05/06

Married Frederick Jasper Chadwick, G Grandfather of Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland.

1/5. Pakenham Edward Stewart, b. 9/3/1841, d. 11/11/1861. (GPS535)

Bur Woodlawn Cemetary, Guelph: 3rd son of Rev E.M. Stewart: plot purchased by him.
PRONI D3319/9/76 contains a letter and a small drawing supposed to be a good likeness of "Pakenham" aged 5.

1/6. Katherine Caroline Stewart, 11/7/1842-11/1/1866, (GPS536)
1/7. William McConnell Stewart, 30/3/1844-20/3/1865, (GPS537).

Palmer Family, sons of Ven Arthur Palmer, who came to Canada from  Ireland, 1832. Founded St George's Church, Guelph and presided there for 40 years (1832-74 ref internet), Retired to Ireland, 1873:

Son of Ven. Arthur Palmer (EMS was his assistant minister in 1853):
Arthur Palmer 1841-97 (Ref JS Burnett), returned to Ireland and became a Latin scholar and Fellow of Trinity College, Dublin.

2/1. Uther Palmer, died young man without issue (ref JSB).
2/2. Arthur Palmer, a civil engineer with the Federated Malay

Railways until late 1920's died London abt 1945 (ref JSB).
Married, 1st, Dorothy Ward (B. NZ 6/6/1898, d S'oton 1/3/1980).
Married 2nd, Nora Judith Miller, died 2/2/1991, Kent.
3/1. Janet Frances Palmer, born Kuala Lumpur, 1921.

Living in Hampshire 2000.
Married Mr Burnett, both living south of Boston, 10/2000.
4/1. Jeffery S Burnett, born 21/10/1947. 

10/2000, resident  nr. Boston, Mass.
5/1. Child 1 Burnett
5/2. Child 2 Burnett.


7          Generation




EMC: of Tyrcallen, co .... Ireland.
Parents: William Stewart of Killymoon, co. Tyrone and his w. Eleanor,  dau of Sir Henry King, Bart.

Ref GPS525:
Born: 1/5/1749,
Died: Dublin, 10/9/1840, Bur Derryloran.
of Tyrcallen & Corcam, Donegal. BA TCD 1768, Middle Temple 1766, Irish bar 1773.  MP for Longford Borough.
D3319: ".. Land Agent - perhaps accountant - who managed the estate affairs of a number of families from an office in Leinster St, Dublin with a partner, G.C. Swan. He bought the Tyrcallan estate, Starnorlar, Donagel, from the Rev Oliver McCausland in 1789 with a partner, George Whitlocke, of Wokingham, Berks.
MS103 p113, Nat Library Dublin:
Certificate of Arms of Henry Stewart of Starnorlar, Donegal, 2nd surviving son of the later William Stewart of Killymoon. 20/2/1799.


Stewart, Henry, Esq., J.P., Tyrcallen, Stranorlar, co. Donegal
Stewart, W., Esq., J.P., Killymoon, co. Tyrone

Dublin Directory 1797 & 8:
Henry Stewart agent, 6, Chatham St.
Directory 1800: 6 Leinster Square.
Dublin Directory 1835:
Henry Stewart, esq, 6 Leinster Square.
Agents: Stewart and Kincaid also at 6, Leinster Square.

Married: 7 Jan 1793


KO07/22  GPS526.

Born 18/7/1769 (PT)
Parents: Edward Michael & Catherine (Rowley) Pakenham
Died 10/8/1851, Dublin, Bur Mt Jerome (GPS)

See Pakenham files for full history.
dau of Edward Michael Pakenham, 2nd Baron of Longford. Her sister, the Lady Catherine Pakenham, married Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington. A brother, Sir Edward Pakenham, was a general in the British army who lost New Orleans to Andrew Jackson in 1815.  Left £1000 by her mother, Dowager Countess of Langford.

Letter to Hon Elizabeth Stewart from B Fitzgerald 3 Jan 1837, declining to invest in Cayuga Upper Canada (EMS was there by then).

PRONI D/3319/9/60:
Rough copy of letter to Charles Wellesley in Canada 22 March 1839 (7?)
My Dear Charles, ... this letter to let you know that my son EM S is settled in Upper C; he may not chance to meet you but if he does, I bespeak your goodwill towards him - He dwells with his wife & their 3 children in a log house. He has settled on land he purchased in the Woods of Cayugar a few miles from York? (Via Hamilton) which is his post town, he has several very respectable neighbours. They have raised a frame church in the village of Cayunga and have a Pious Clergyman to officiate ???? sent out by the Society of H.J.?  with Ministers of Our Church to which I believe your cousin Honbl Capt Wellesley is Secretary The Principal Settlers of that place showed themselves Loyal on the first ??? in UC - ???? - I do not know when this may find you may God bless you ?????? with your late uncle L. This family & I .... you showed kindness to my son - remembering your mutual attachment from childhood ?????? approaching marriage. May EH prove such a person as your dear mother could have liked for them. She must be worthy ?????.
Do you sometimes think of your dear mother & the excellent instructions she gave to you both by Precept and example & do you read the bible she gave you & take time to consider that you have a soul to be saved, which the burden? of business and amusement seems to remove from the recollections of so many but I hear from?  dear Charles but not from you. - your uncle Hercules & family moved from Langford Lodge last week on their way to Portsmouth where he is to be Governor Genl of the District - There are few now living who dearly loved your excellent mother or more highly value the many admirable qualities of your noble father than your Uncle Stewart & my self. Your AUNT E.

D3319/7/7: Letter re right arm amputation was this EM Pakenham.  Also included were letters from General EM Pakenham to Henry Stewart.

D3319/9/..: Letters to Elizabeth Stewart (nee Pakenham) from brothers, in particular Henry addressed her as "Bess". He seemed the closest brother.

Letters from Henry S to Elizabeth were frequent when he was travelling and seemed affectionate.

10/4/1815: letters re death of Elizabeth's father EMP.
Letters from Dr Thos Carpenter about education of boys at Armagh - EMS in 1807 & "little boy" in 1813 (James born 1805?).

Bess was in Cheltenham in 1807 - several letters sent there..  In particular about her 2nd daughter, Harriett Ponsonby, who died after a rapid decline over 6 weeks in 1815 near Dundrum.

Many letters from son Thomas Stewart - Kelso in 10/5/1826, Broom Hall 4/1821.

William Stewart at Churchfield in 1834 (a house belonging to the Casement family of Ballymena). He then moved to Ballycastle. His wife Ann had not been well at this time.

A letter from her brother Longford described the death of Kitty (Pakenham) Wellesley 24/4/1831. She had been ill but seemed to recover, but then relapsed and died peacefully in her sleep.

Elizabeth Stewart was godmother to B. Fitzgerald.

A letter from EMS in Cayuga 28/10/46 about a drawing of "Pakenham" aged 5: a small crayon drawing was attached. (prob EMS's son)

She wrote to nephew Charles Wellesley in Canada if he should meet EMS.

PRONI D/3167/A/42: 1805
Letters from John Nash about cottage design and Curtains.

Issue of Henry & Elizabeth (Pakenham) Stewart:

1/1. Edward Michael Stewart (1797-1883) (EMC & GPS)        KO06/11
Issue (GPS only):
1/2. Henry Stewart (re D3319 - GPS727) 1799-1872

Charles Addington has him dying about 1864, by the dates from a notarised document refers to him as dead by 1865.
There are death registrations for Henry Stewart aged 63 in Stranorlar in 1864 (V2P333 & V17P247).
DC, Killygordon, Stranorlar (Donegal):
Died 19/2/1864, Corcam, married, 63, Esquire & Landed Proprietor, Gout in the Stomach during five days, Isabella A Stewart widow of the deceased, Corcam. (from Charles Addington).
Married 1st: Lucy Elizabeth Norris (GPS728), Died: 14.7.1854, Corcam
Bur: Stranorlar.  Father: John Norris

Ref Charles Addington.
Henry Stewart was a trustee of the marriage settlement of John Style Norris (1812-1902) (Lucy's brother) and Elizabeth Anne Tonge (1814-85). They were children of John Francis Norris (d 1854) & Henrietta Style. JFN a GG Grandson of Admiral John Norris (6th G Grandfather of Charles Addington).

Henry married, 2nd, 1856: Frances Isabella Anne Style (GPS729)
Father: William Style, Captain - 2969 Of Maidstone, Kent

The Times, 12 Aug 1868, Unpaid dividend in the names of Capt Wm, Style, RN, John Style Norris, Henry Charles Norris, & Thomas Stewart “of Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, Esquire.”

Capt Style d. 24 Feb 1868 (ref O’Bryne’s A Naval Biographical Dictionary)
Issue of Henry & Lucy Stewart:
2/1. William Norris Stewart (GPS900), b 1836, died young.

1/3. Catherine Stewart(GPS2970)

Died Summerhill, Co Meath, Buried in Summerhill Mausoleum

1/3. Thomas Blakeney Lyon Stewart, born 1802 (GPS459)

Married, 29/3/1857: Anne Penrose (GPS735), Born: 1807
Father: James Penrose

1/4. William Stewart, Rev, no issue. (GPS528)

Born: 14.4.1794, Died: 4.5.1858, Buried: Mt Jerome, Dublin of Tyrcallen, Co Donegal59
Married, 18/12/1816: Anne Eliza Williams (1798-1873) (GPS529)

1/5. James Robert Stewart born 1805. (GPS736)

29.10.1805-10.12.1889 JP and DC (or DL) for Dublin, MA.
Dublin Dir 1845: 11, Longford Terrace, Monkstown and 6 Leinster Sq.
Married, 27/10/1835: Martha Eleanor Warren
(born 1814-5/5/1865, dau of Richard B. Warren, QC).
2/1. Rev Henry Stewart GPS 42, 10.8.1836-189644

Married, 21/8/1861: Martha (Matty) Angelina HAMILTON - 364
Born: 1834, Drumconrath , Meath, Ireland, died, 1908
Parents: Edward Michael & Martha Anne Fortescue Hamilton
3/1. Edward Hamilton Stewart (GPS 800
3/2. James Robert Stewart (GPS 802
3/3. Martha Louise Stewart (GPS 803
3/4. Emily Gertrude Stewart (GPS 804

2/2. Col. Richard Warren, RE, Stewart GPS 377,

Born: 6.11.1837,
Died: 1910
Married, 20/9/1864: Mary Jane CHISHOLM  GPS378
3/1. Elizabeth Martha Stewart (GPS 805)
3/2. James Robert Stewart (GPS 807)
3/3. Florence Mary Stewart (GPS 808)
3/4. Dudley Warren Stewart (GPS 809)
3/5. Eleanore Lucy Stewart (GPS 810)
3/6. Edyth Blanche Stewart (GPS 812)
3/7. George Blakeney Stewart (GPS 813)
3/8. Mabelle Stewart (GPS 814)
3/9. Eileen Stewart GPS 815

2/3. James Robert Stewart GPS 379, JP.

Born, 9.8.1839 Died, 1890
Married, 1871: Gertrude Trench - 435 Dau of Frederick William le Poer Trench - 2177
3/1. Florence Emily Stewart (GPS 816)
3/2. Kathleen Stewart (GPS 817)
3/3. Henry Pakenham Stewart (GPS 818)
3/4. Helen Stewart (GPS 819)
3/5. Charles Trench Stewart (GPS 821)

in the South Irish Horse in the First World War), lived in Dun Laoghaire.

Page 6982, 3rd Sep 1914
The undermentioned to be Second Lieutenants (on probation):- Dated 4th Sept 1914 Charles Trench STEWART,
M. Norah Eileen,
4/1. Thelma Stewart,

She was in the WRNS and was killed (aged 23) on 23 July 1944 while on torpedo dive bombing training, with her husband Sub-Lieut Arthur Jackson, and another officer.

2/4. Edward Pakenham Stewart GPS 457,

Birth, 27.2.1841, Death 1864? Summerhill,
Married, 2/11/1869: Charlotte Henrietta Pim - 495 Died 1907
3/1. Charlotte Eva Stewart (GPS 822)
3/2. Ada Mary Stewart (GPS 823)
3/3. George Pakenham Stewart (GPS 825)

2/5. Augustus Phillip Stewart (GPS 496), 5/10/1842-1864.
2/6. William Thomas Stewart (GPS 497), 10/2/1844-27/10/1926.
2/7. Elizabeth Martha Stewart GPS498, 12/11/1845-1870, Malaga.
2/8. Emily Lucy Stewart (GPS 500, b. 27/4/1848.
2/9. Rev Robert Warren Stewart, MA (GPS501) born 9/3/1850,

Married, 1876: Louisa Katherine Smyly of Dublin.
He was a missionary in China & was murdered by Boxers with wife in 1895, some children escaped.
From (8/2004): Dr Ian Welch, PO Box 7034, Farrer ACT 2607, Australia. See his paper: "Nellie. Topsy and Annie" for a description of this event.
Robert and Louisa were not killed by Boxers. They were killed by a sect known as Vegetarians. The Boxer movement was not active in Fukien Province in 1895.
The three boys at the top of your list were in England, at school, at the time.
3/1. Arthur Dudley Stewart (GPS 827)
3/2. Philip Smyly Stewart (GPS 828
3/3. James Robert Stewart (GPS 829
3/4. Mildred Eleanor Stewart (GPS 830
3/5. Kathleen Louisa Stewart (GPS 831
3/6. Herbert Norman Stewart (GPS 832) killed.
3/7. Evan George Stewart (GPS 833)
3/8. Hilda Sylvia Stewart (GPS 834) killed.

2/10. George Francis Stewart GPS 734,

Birth 1.11.1851, Death, 1928.
Married, 28/6/1881, Georgiana Lavinia Quin - 781, Dau of Richard Robert Quin.
3/1. Clements George Stewart (GPS 835
3/2. Robert Henry Rynn Stewart (GPS 836
3/3. Mary Selina Stewart (GPS 837
3/4. Ethel Georgiana Stewart (GPS 838

2/11. Arthur Blakeney Fitzgerald Stewart (GPS 2965, 5/8/1853-1855.
2/12. Caroline Hamilton Stewart (GPS 2770, 19/8/1855-1855.
2/13. Mary Florence Stewart (GPS 782, Birth 19.2.1858

Married, 27/4/1889: Robert William NORMAN (GPS783)
3/1. Luke Gardiner Norman (GPS839)
3/2. Conolly George Norman (GPS840)
3/3. Robert Warren Norman (GPS2764)
3/4. Georgiana Eleanor Norman (GPS2763)
3/5. Dudley Stewart Norman (GPS2765)
3/6. Patrick Elwyn Norman (GPS2766)

2/14. Arthur Blakeney Stewart (GPS784), 12/9/1860-1879.

1/6. Thomas Stewart.
1/7. Margaret Stewart, married William Reid of Randolphfield, Stirling (ref administration above).



Born: 1768
Parents: Andrew & Agnes (Armstrong) Jaffrey.
Died 13/7/1822.
An Edinburgh Lawyer, referred to as "of Allerbeck, Dumfries" by EMC.

Married: 1802:


Born: 10/1784, died 9/1856.
Parents: William McConnell of Culbac and Elizabeth Hannay.
(ref EMCO & JJF)

Elizabeth McDowall Hannay M. William McConnell, 22 DEC 1783   Stoneykirk, Wigtown  (IGI) several Elizabeth Hannay’s on IGI.

A painting of Elizabeth McConnell and her daughter, Jane, is at the Maitland’s house. Another copy is owned by Lizzie Nelson.

The inscription on the reverse of Lizzie Nelson’s copy is more accurate than that on the reverse of the Maitland copy.

“Elizabeth Catherine McConnell and her daughter Jane Renwick Jeffrey
Drawn in crayons by Miss Catherine Jeffrey from an oil in the possession of ?? Cunningham, for Mrs E.M. Stewart left by her to her daughter Charlotte ??
Given to Kathleen Elizabeth Martha Stewart by her loving Aunt Charlotte Jane Stewart
3 Marguerite Terrace January 1884.”

Issue (born Edinburgh? Dates mostly from JJF, with some data (issue of these individuals indicated, but not detailed):
1/1. Elizabeth Jeffrey, 6/9/1803,

Married Rev Robert Cunningham of Stranraer, Scotland.
Issue, inter alia:
2/1. Agnes Cunningham, 23/6/1846-18/08/1896

M. William Armstrong
3/1. Elizabeth Cunningham Armstrong 3/6/1870
   M. William Forsyth

The Rev Robert Cunningham achieved much in his life, including founding the Edinburgh Institution for Maths and Language which later became Melville College which is now part of Stewart's Melville College in Edinburgh.

... a plaque in his honour in the house where he lived and died which is now the North West Castle Hotel, Stranraer.

In memory of Rev. Robert Cunningham 1799  - 1883
who lived in North West Castle from 1860 – 1883
Headmaster George Watson’s College, Edinburgh (1826 – 1832)
Founder Headmaster of The Edinburgh Institution for Language and Mathematics, Edinburgh (1832 - 1837),later known as Melville College, amalgamated with Daniel Stewart’s College in 1972 to form Stewart’s Melville College
Vice Principal of Lafayette College, Pennsylvania (1837 – 1839)
Founder Headmaster of Blair Lodge School, Polmont (1841-1851)
“O God! O good beyond compare,
If thus Thy meaner works are fair,
If thus Thy glory gilds the span
of ruined earth and sinful man,
How glorious must that mansion be
where Thy Redeemer shall dwell with Thee”

Presented by The Melville College Trust, November 2005

2/2. William Buchan Armstrong 12/7/1872
2/3. Robert Armstrong 26/05/1874
2/4. James Armstrong 22/7/1877
2/5. Susan Tait Armstrong 21/10/1879
2/6. John Armstrong 8/5/1882
2/7. Jeffrey Armstrong 21/5/1885
2/8. Louisa Helen Armstrong 16/4/1887.

1/2. Jane Renwick Jeffrey, 20/3/1805, Issue.
1/3. Agnes Jeffrey, 25/11/1806-9/3/1897.

Studied art Edinburgh & London. Emigrated to US 1837, settling first in Canandaigua, NY. Taught drawing and painting at Ontario (NY) Female Seminary Canandaigua 1838-59, then moved to Rochester to Brother William. Her "Sentiment Book" in the Rare Book Collection of the University of Rochester (1990).

1/4. Catherine Jeffrey, 15/8/1808-6/3/1895
1/5. Isabella Jeffrey, 1/3/1810, Of York, Co Haldiman, Ont.

She also was an artist, maybe best of all the sisters
Married: Rev Bold Cudmore Hill, he killed falling from horse 1870.
2/1. Jeffrey Hill, Rev of Southampton, Co Bruce, Ont.
2/2. Arundel Charles Hill, Rev, BD Canon of St Paul's London Ont.
   Married Emily, dau of Dawson Delamere.
2/3. Renwick Hill, died unm. 1878
2/4. Elizabeth Catherine Jeffrey, died unm 1871.

1/6. William Jeffrey, 22/4/1812-1867, Issue.

Emigrated to New York, 11/10/1836. Lived in Canandaigua, Ontario County, NY state, for 4 years prior to oath of allegiance, 17/11/1841. Later lived in Rochester, NY.  (ref EMCOnt)
Married (1): Caroline Greer, (2) Virginia Haring
2/1. Frederick Jeffrey, killed in action US Army 1861-5.

1/7. Robert Jeffrey, 26/11/1813-29/7/1846, D. Toledo, Ohio, EMCOnt
1/8. Alexander Jeffrey, 10/5/1815.

Emigrated to New York bef 17/11/1831. Later of Lexington, Ken.
Married (1) Delia Granger (ref EMCont):
2/1. Julia Granger Jeffrey,

M. Albert Augustus Porter of Niagara Falls,
3/1. Alexander Jeffrey Porter, m Margaret Maude Langmuir.

2/2. Charlotte Ross Jeffrey m. Charles Theodore Pierson
2/3. Betsey Chapin Jeffrey, m. Nathaniel Beattie Rochester.

Married (2) Rosa Vertner (Griffith) Johnson.

2/4. Alexander Jeffrey
2/5. Dunbar Griffiths Jeffrey.
2/6. Virginia Abercrombie Jeffrey.

1/9. John Jeffrey, 2/6/1817-18/2/1881,

married Georgiana (Wylie) Keats. Of Lexington. Also and artist - his diary survives and is in Ontario.


8          Generation



KO08/41  GPS538:

Born: 1710
Buried:     14.5.1797, Derryloran (now known as Cookstown, Tyrone)
MP, Co Tyrone 1747 - 176819; High Sheriff 1738

Rebuilt Cookstown.  Elder for the Presbyterians of Ulster and by 1750 the largest landowner in Tyrone. He also built an aqueduct to bring water to Cookstown from springs high up on his estate, and a weir across Ballinderry River to provide power for his linen mills. Colonel in Militia, raised a corps of artillery volunteers. Killymoon Castle " a superb and beautiful seat with ample and cultivated domains. The old house was burnt down late 18th or early 19th C.66 Nat Library of Dublin has a collection of papers (MS 8734) containing rents rolls for mid 18thC:

a) Undated income:
       Freehold Rent: £2287-5-5
       Church lands:  £2424-9-11
b) 1772:
       Freehold Rent: £2287-5-5
       Church Lands:  £2359-5-4
c) 1764:
       Recd Arrears of Nov 1763: £709-12-10
       Recd Rent for Nov 1764:  £1168-13-5
       Arrears at Nov 1764:     £3676-3-11-3/4
       Arrears at Nov 1763:     £2176-15-3.5
       May & Nov 1764 rents:    £3370-14-11.25

       Note increase in arrears! Document lists all tenants.

Married, 11/3/1741:


KO08/42  GPS539.

Born 9/1722
Parents: Henry King & Isabella Wingfield
Died 3/1810.

Eldest dau of Rt Hon Sir Henry King of Rockingham, Bt MP, co Roscommon.

Issue of William & Eleanor Stewart: Details
1/1. James Stewart, GPS 766, 1742-1821 Lawyer.

See below for full description of Stewart of Killymoon papers.
Married Hon Elizabeth Molesworth, 6th dau of 3rd Viscount Molesworth.
Ref Nat Library of Dublin: Cost £26-19-11 to register pedigree and Arms 31/3/1809.
Also in collection are a number of letters about support for his election to Parliament 1775. Also letters from AH Trench.
2/1. Mary Eleanor Stewart (5/9/1775-1866) (GPS856)
2/2. Louisa Stewart (1778-1850), married HJ Clements (GPS857)

3/1. Elizabeth Catherine Henrietta Clements, (1813-27) (GPS890)
3/2. Selina Clements, (1814-92), (GPS2159)
   Married Cousin Rev Henry GJ Clements.
3/3. Louisa Clements (1816-79) (GPS2161)
3/4. Mary Isabella Clements (1816-90) (GPS2162)
3/5. Henry Theophilus Clements (1820-1904) (GPS2163)

Married Gertrude Markham. Issue:
4/1. Henry John  Beresford Clements (GPS2166)
4/2. Alfred William Clements (GPS2167)
4/3. Robert Markham Clements (GPS2168)
4/4. Marcus Louis Stewart Clements (GPS2169)
4/5. Gertrude Mary Catharine Clements (GPS2170)
4/6. Selina Margaret Maud Clements (GPS2171)

3/6. Catherine Clements, 1822-1830, (GPS2172)

2/3. William Stewart, 1780-1850, (GPS859) never married, &

lost estate.

2/4. James Charles Stewart, 1784-1869 (GPS860)
2/5. Richard Stewart (GPS861).  

1/2. Henry Stewart, 1744- (Young)  (GPS768).
1/3. Isabella Stewart, 1745-1833 (GPS769), married John Hamilton  

(10/10/1735-16/5/1811, son of James Hamilton of Brown Hall, Donegal & Dorothy Green)
2/1. James Hamilton died 1805 (GPS12), married Helen Pakenham,

dau of Edward Michael & Catherine (Rowley) Pakenham
3/1. John Hamilton, 1800-83,(GPS2084)

Married Mary Rose 1823.
4/1. James Hamilton (GPS2086)
4/2. Mary Hamilton (GPS2090)
4/3. Arabella Rose Hamilton (GPS2096)
4/4. Helen Hamilton (GPS2098)

Married, 1858, Mary Simpson

4/5. John Hamilton (GPS2104)
4/6. Catherine Hamilton (GPS2105)

3/2. Edward Michael Hamilton, Rev. died 1861, (GPS2106)

Married, 1838, Mary Anne Fortescue. Issue:
4/1. Edward Hamilton (GPS2108)
4/2. John Hamilton (GPS2109)
4/3. Martha (Matty) Angelina Hamilton (GPS364)
4/4. Chichester Hamilton (GPS2113)

3/3. Catherine (Kitty) Hamilton (GPS2114)

Married: Rev. William Henry Foster. Issue:
4/1. Catherine Helen Foster (GPS2116)
4/2. Arthur Hamilton Foster (GPS2097)
4/3. William John Foster (GPS2122)
4/4. Catherine Wilhelmina (Mina) Foster (GPS2137)

2/2. Abraham Hamilton (GPS758)
2/3. Eleanor Hamilton (GPS2044)

Married: Henry Coddington. Issue:
3/1. Elizabeth Coddington (GPS2046)

Married as 2nd wife, rev Thomas Lindsay. Issue:
4/1. Robert Henry59 Lindsay (GPS2058)
4/2. Henry Lindsay (GPS2059)
4/3. Thomas Lindsay (GPS2060)
4/4. Edward - Lindsay (GPS2062)
4/5. Hamilton Lindsay (GPS 2064)
4/6. John Lindsay (GPS 2065)
4/7. Frederick Lindsay (GPS 2066)
4/8. William O'Neill Lindsay (GPS2067)
4/9. Ellen Lindsay (GPS2068)
4/10. Bessie Lindsay (GPS 2070)
4/11. Isabella Lindsay (GPS2071)

3/2. Isabella Coddington (GPS2055)
3/3. Eleanor Coddington (GPS2056)

2/4. Dorothea Hamilton (GPS2073)
2/5. Henry Hamilton (GPS2074)
2/6. Robert Hamilton (GPS2075)
2/7. William Stewart Hamilton (GPS2076)

Married, 1st, Harriett Blackwood. Issue:
3/1. John Hamilton (GPS2078)
3/2. Hans Blackwood Hamilton (GPS2079)

Married: Frances Milford (GPS2080). Issue:
4/1. William Hamilton (GPS2081)
   Married, 2nd, Miss Blacker. Issue:

3/3. Abraham Hamilton (GPS2083).  

1/4. William Stewart, 1746-60, (GPS771)
1/5. Robert Stewart, 1747-94, (GPS772), Lt Col,
   died unm. Martinique.
1/6. Henry Stewart, 1749-1840. (GPS525).
1/7. Edward Stewart (GPS773), Birth 28.6.1750, Death 1.2.1833

Married, 31/7/1777: Amelia Anne Marlar - 774, (17.1.1758-10.3.1816) Daughter of John Marlar, merchant. London
2/1. Anne Stewart (GPS841), b1779.
2/2. Eleanor Stewart (GPS842), b. 1780.
2/3. Emily Stewart (GPS843), b.1781.
2/4. William Stewart (GPS844), b.1782.
2/5. Isabella Stewart (GPS845), b. 1783.
2/6. Edward Stewart (GPS 846, b.1784.
2/7. John Stewart (GPS 847, b. 1785.
2/8. James Stewart (GPS 848, b.1786.
2/9. Charlotte Stewart (GPS 849, b. 1787.
2/10. Frances Vere Stewart GPS 850 Birth Date: 1788

Married: Chambre Townshend,
3/1. Horace Townshend (GPS2183)

Married, Mary Susan KIRBY (GPS2184)
4/1. Charlotte F. Payne Kirby (GPS2185)
4/2. Mary Stewart Payne Kirby (GPS2187)

2/11. Eliza Stewart (GPS 852, b. 1789.
2/12. Susan Stewart (GPS 853, b. 1791.
2/13. Henry Stewart (GPS 854, 1791-1872.

Married: Frances Maria Atkinson17 - 855, 1798-1873.
3/1. Edward Henry Stewart (GPS 862, 1838-1914).
3/2. Joseph Atkinson Stewart (GPS 863, 1839-1913.

1/8. Rev. Thomas Stewart, (GPS775), 5/1751-27/11/1788.
1/9. John Stewart(GPS776), 5/12/1753-143/1839.
1/10. Helen Stewart(GPS777), b abt 1764.
1/11. Frances Ann Stewart. Birth: 1764, Death: 1.1806

Married, 1764,  George Stuart (not rel, GPS779, 1760-1806)
2/1. Rev. John Stuart (GPS892)
2/2. Eleanor Stuart (GPS893), Married Robert Evans.
2/3. Anne Stuart (GPS895), 1798-1814.
2/4. Frances Stuart (GPS896)

Married: James Robert Whyte - 897
3/1. James Whyte (GPS760), 9/9/1832-16/3/60.
3/2. George Stewart Whyte (GPS761),

Birth: 6.7.1835, V.C., K.C.B., K.C.S.I., K.C.M.G. Notes:  Defender of Ladysmith
Married, 31/10/1874: Amelia Maria Bailey - 2681, daughter of Archdeacon (Bishop?) Bailey
4/1. James Robert Whyte (GPS2682)
4/2. Rose Frances Whyte (GPS2683)
4/3 May Constance24 Whyte (GPS 2684)
4/4. Amy Gladys Stewart Whyte (GPS 2685)

3/3. John MA, Whyte (GPS864), b. 16/7/1839.
3/4. Frances Anne Whyte (GPS 2190)
3/5. Jane Eleanor Whyte (GPS 2191)
3/6. Victoria Isabella Whyte (GPS2192)

Married, 2/11/1854, John Marcus Clements (GPS2193)
Of Glenboy, Leitrim.
4/1. John Marcus Clements (GPS2194)
4/2. James Robert Clements (GPS2195)
4/3. George Stuart Clements (GPS2196)
4/4. Charles Henry Clements (GPS2202)
4/5. Henry Victor Clements (GPS2207)
4/6. Katherine Frances Clements (GPS2208)
4/7. Selina Mary Louise Clements (GPS2209)

3/7. Elizabeth Whyte (GPS2212), Death: 30.8.1893

Married, 28/1/1864: Robert James Montgomery (GPS2213).
Death Date: 13.5.1893
4/1. John Alexander Montgomery (GPS2214)
4/2. Francis James Montgomery (GPS2215)
4/3. Janet Maud Montgomery (GPS2216)
4/4. Elizabeth Barbara Isabel Montgomery (GPS2217)

2/5. Rev. George Stuart (GPS898), Married Katherine King.
2/6. Jane Stuart (GPS2981), died young.



Born: 1732  (ref JJF)
Parents: John (or Andrew) Jaffrey.
Died: 3/1/1795.

Minister at Tundergarth, Ruthwell, Lochmaben.

An Andrew Jaffray (1650-1720), a Quaker, published a pamphlet in 1677 to the inhabitants of Aberdeen (ref Early English Books on Line.

This family was extensively researched by Helen H. McIver of Washington DC, who published her "Genealogy of the Jaffrey-Jeffrey Family". A copy of this work was given to A Maitland by Linda Hill in 2003, and was in turn a copy of one held by Carl Gustav Smedberg of NY.

Married, 8/11/1762:

Agnes Armstrong 1733

Born: 1733
Parents: William Armstrong (1691-27/1/1733) & Jean Somerville (1705-3/4/1790) [JS dau of John S & Agnes Veitch; AV dau of William V & Marion Fairlie, ref tree at - Anne Stoval McIver Tree])

Died: 16/10/1793

1/1. William Jaffrey, 1764, died Bruges.
1/2. Robert Jaffrey, born 1766, died 9/1792
1/3. John Armstrong Jeffrey, b 1768
1/4. Isabella Jaffrey, b. 1770, Issue
1/5. Jane Jaffrey, b. 29/5/1774, Ruthwell.

M. 13/8/1791, Lochmaben, William Renwick, son of James Renwick. (WR born Manchester, England on April 16th 1769 - they came to New York in Oct 1794, where she died Oct 6th 1850. She was daughter of Andrew Jaffray, Great great Grandmother of Daphne Smedberg"
Issue, inter alia:
2/1. James Renwick (30/5/1792-12/1/1863)

Married Margaret Ann Brevoort (issue inter alia)
3/1. Edward Sabine Renwick, 3/1/1823

Email from Allen Hankosky, Texas, 6/2005:
The Renwicks were from New York  Are you related to Edward S. Renwick from New York? His father was Professor James Renwick of Columbia Univ. His brother was a leading U.S. architect. He was working on St. Patrick's Cathedral, he designed Vassar College and the Smithsonian institution. Edward's uncle was Captain Charles Wilkes, U.S.N. who sailed around the world for the Smithsonian.

2/2. Robert Jeffrey Renwick
2/3. Agnes Armstrong Renwick
2/4. Isabella Renwick, 20/9/97,

M. Charles Gustavus Smedberg, 1815.
3/1. William Renwick Smedberg, 19/3/1839, M Fanny Raymond.

4/1. William Renwick Smedburg, 3/1/1871-1942
   4th US Cavalry.

3/2. James Renwick Smedberg, 18/3/1833-11/8/1912. Issue.

This may be him!
A listing of duels in California (illegal after 1861):
James R. Smedberg and F. W. Gardner fought at Sausalito with duelling pistols in Aug., 1869; S. was wounded in the hand at the second fire. His second was Col. Stuart M. Taylor; while Howard Crittenden attended Gardener. In this, one of the latest, if not the very latest duel in California, both parties displayed great nerve.
4/1. Agnes Adams Smedberg, M. Max Lee Rosenfeld

5/1. John Rosenberg, b.5/5/1901.
5/2. Caroline Smedberg Rosenfeld, b.21/7/1898

M. William Walter Sunkel.
6/1. Maxine Louise Sunkel, b. 20/6/1922

3/3. Oscar Smedberg (27/12/1781-29/08/1845),

M. 12/6/1860, Alice Tillou (18/8/1840-16/2/1905)
Issue, inter alia:
4/1. Marion Smedberg, b 16/9/1865.

M. 13/9/1887 William Faulkner Bush, b 25/7/1860.
5/1. Oscar Smedburg Bush, M. Phyllis Lloyd Davies

Dau of Gwyllim Lloyd & Ansie (Hastings) Davies

4/2. Julian Kemble Smedberg, b 28/10/1876.

M. 8/3/1913, Lilian Grace Eveline Greeene, b. 3/6/1875. He was US consul to Edinburgh 1938

to 1943. Ref Crispin Agnew 1/2011
5/1. Daphne Green Doveton Tillou Smedberg,

2/5. William Renwick.
2/6. Jane Jeffrey Renwick

Married Charles Wilkes, (1798-1877), the son of John DePonthieu Wilkes and Mary Seton. His aunt was Elizabeth Ann Seton (first American saint). Charles lived with Elizabeth after his mother died and before Elizabeth went to Italy with her sick husband. Charles was a lieutenant in the U.S. Navy when he commanded the U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842. This book is about this expedition and is full of pictures and drawings. Charles was promoted to Admiral in 1866. His gggrandfather was Israel Wilkes and his great-uncle was John Wilkes, known as "Wilkes No. 45" while he lived in England. (from a book quoted in email 4/2005).

2/7. John Renwick
2/8. Sarah Kemp Renwick
2/9. Agnes Renwick

Sarah Kemp, granddaughter of James Renwick, daughter of "late" Dr John Kemp of Columbia College, mentioned as her cousins, William, John, Jane, Agnes Renwick and Isabella Smedburg and the children of her cousins James & Robert Renwick in her 1820 will. She must therefore have been a daughter of William Renwick's sister.
Sarah was of New York, and left property on Lake Cayuga, Seneca County, and a farm near Newburgh, Orange County, both of which derived from her grandfather, James Renwick.


9          Generation



KO09/81  GPS540

Born: 1665
Died & Buried: Derryloran, 1726

..was a very waywood boy in his youth and after an adventurous career in his native land and in Paris, received a commission in the  Austrian Artillery 1/1/1703. He took part in Central European wars and in Balkan campaign, friend of Emperor Joseph 1.
T559: (Captain) will dated 23/5/1726, proved 21/7/1726.

Married, 1709:



dau of Patrick Agnew of Killwaughter, Antrim.

1/1. William Stewart, (GPS538)
1/2. Patrick Stewart, b. 1711, (GPS762)

a wine merchant, Dublin (also T559)
Married: Mary dau of Ben Arthur Heywood of Drogheda 1735 no issue;
T559: will dated 9/4/1741, proved 26/5/1744.
2/1. Anne Ellinor Stewart, aged 3 in 1741, (GPS881).

Married: Michael Frederick Trench (GPS882)
3/1. Maj Gen. Frederick William Trench (GPS883)
3/2. Rev. Segar Stewart Trench (GPS884)
3/3. Mary Sarah Trench (GPS885)

Married: Sir Compton Domeville. - 889
4/1. Anne Helena Compton Domeville (GPS786)
Married: Sir Thomas Winnington, MP.
4/2. Elizabeth Louisa Compton Domeville (GPS2219)
4/3. Emily Frances Compton Domeville (GPS2220)
4/4. Frederick Henry Compton Domeville (GPS2221)
4/5. Charles Compton Domeville (GPS2222)
4/6. William Compton Domeville (GPS2223)

3/4. Anne Trench (GPS886)
3/5. Elizabeth Trench (GPS887)
3/6. Sarah Helena Trench (GPS888)

1/3. Margaret Stewart, B.1712, (GPS764)

Married:  William Agnew of Killwaughter (her cousin).
2/1. James Agnew (GPS877).
2/2. Helen Agnew (GPS878), Married Edward Jones.
2/3. Margaret Agnew (GPS879)




Eldest dau of Rt Hon Sir Henry King of Rockingham, Bt MP, co Roscommon.
(his Brother-in-law became Viscount Powerscourt). The Wingfield family have complied a thorough pedigree starting with Robert de Wingfield who was alive in 1087.

Ref Wendy Reid (for her notes on the Hamiltons, see below):
Sir Henry King, was one of those not very well liked by the Irish. They lived in the town of Boyle, Roscommon, and last year I paid a visit to the house still there. It was destroyed by fire some time ago but has been completely restored and is now a museum to the history of the family and the Earls of Kingston.

3Rd Bt Pc Sir Henry KING (5453) was born at Rockingham, Roscommon, Ireland. He died in 1740.
He 1702-27 MP For Boyle. PC 1733.

Married: 1722:

Isabella Wingfield


Dewin Genealogy: #688 (these reference numbers are included to aid following the extensive genealogy of the Wingfields).
Parents: Edward Folliott & Eleanor (Gore) Wingfield.
She "13th in Descent From Edward I" - Debrett.

1/1. 902. Barron Kingsborough Robert KING (5851).

1/2. 903. 1St Earl Of Kingston Viscount Kingston Edward KING
1/3. Eleanor King. (not in Dewin).


10     Generation



KO10/161  GPS462:

Born: 1625
Parents: James & Margaret (Lindsay) Stewart.
Died: Derryloran, 1706, T559: will dated 2/11/1727, proved 5/12/1727 Of Killymoon, 1690 MP for Charlmont.

Married: 6/1664



Parents: John Shaw (Dau of a County Antrim Gent).
JS of Glenarm, Antrim. (T559: her cousin was Robert Lindsay)
Died: 1727.

1/1. James Stewart, born 1665 GPS540,
1/2. Alexander Stewart (d young, bef 1705?) (GPS753)
1/3. John Stewart (Drowned in river  at Killymoon) (GPS755)
1/4. Henry Stewart (3rd son, Sheriff of Co Tyrone 1711

d. 7/3/1717) (GPS754).
T559: of Killymoon, will dated 14/12/1714, proved 3/8/1721.

1/5. Margaret Stewart, (GPS756)

Married: 1706 Clotworthy Upton esq. of Castle Upton as 2nd wife - no issue, d 1707. Clotworthy's dau Elizabeth by 3rd wife created Viscountess Langford ... Details
Elizabeth's daughter, Catherine Rowley married Edward Michael Pakenham, father of Elizabeth Pakenham who married Henry Stewart.

Dublin Nat Library has a rent roll for "Mr Upton's estates and debts thereon chargeable at the intermarriage with the daughter of Wm Stewart of Killymoon".
Rent payable: £205-3-4       Freehold:     £377-11-11
Interest:     £348-0-0       Ld Dungannon: £463-1-0
              £553-3-4       Other lands:  £364-0-0
                             Less                £553-3-4     
                             Net:          £651-9-7

1/6. Mary Stewart, no details, d. 4/11/1701 Killymoon. (GPS759),
1/7. Catherine Stewart, married James Moores of Co. Tyrone.
   2/1. Catherine Moores, GPS2679, married James Moore.


KO10/167 - Dewin #514.

Parents: Lewis Wingfield
He died on 7 January 1728 at Folliott.
Married, 1st,  Eleanor Gore (5439),
daughter of Sir Arthur Gore (142406).
Married, 2nd, Arabella Lloyd (5441).

This Wingfield line from

May/June 1690 - Briefed King William on the situation in Dublin just prior to Battle of the Boyne, having come out in a small boat. [Story in Impartial History of Ireland p. 64-66 (1693)].

1695 - Barrister and King's 2nd Counsellor-at-Law.
Held Benburb Castle 1660-76 and represented himself (there being no Lord Powerscourt) successfully in the famous House of Lords case versus S Chappel 13 March 1722 to retain it in the family [19l9 Bm].
1717 - House in William Street, Dublin.
1717 - Inherited Powerscourt Castle.

Eleanor Gore (5439) was born at Newton Gore, Mayo, Ireland. She died in 1703. She Buried Killala Cathedral, Ireland. She Her Father Was Almost Certainly The Commanding Officer OF Lewis Wingfield, Her Father-IN-Law.

Issue of Edward Wingfield Esq and Eleanor Gore:
1/1. Richard Wingfield 687, 1st Viscount Powerscourt

(3rd Creation), born 1697; married Anne Usher (5450); married Dorothy Beresford Rowley (5452).

1/2. 688. Isabella Wingfield,

married 3Rd Bt Pc Sir Henry King (5453).

1/3. 689. Sidney Wingfield (5456)

married Acheson Moore (5455) on 17 April 1723.

Arabella Lloyd was born at Killala,, Ireland. She died on 12 January 1728. She Father Bishop OF Killala. There were no known children of Edward Folliott Wingfield Esq and Arabella Lloyd.


11     Generation



KO11/321  GPS 731

Died & Buried, 1679, Derryloran

Notes: Of Ballymenagh Ref GPS monograph PRONI). 
A Presbyterian who migrated from Scotland (Edinburgh ref Ont) early in the reign of James I (abt 1616). Took up residence in Ballymenagh Castle in 1619, bought Killymoon in 1634 from Shane Roe O'Neil, acquired lease of Cookstown in 1666, and built first castle at Killymoon in 1671.  Probably from Edinburgh about 1616 Generally supposed to be the younger brother of Capt Andrew Stewart, who came to Ulster with Lord Ochiltree about 1620.
Capt Andrew listed by J Montgomery Seaver as “Stewarts of Athenry”.

See Stewapdx for more detail:
The first list of Scottish applicants for Ulster allotments, completed by September 14, 1609. given in volume VIII of the official edition of the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland:
STEWART, HARRY, of Barskimming: surety, Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.
STEWART, JAMES, of Rossyth: surety, William Stewart of Dunduff: 2,000 acres.
STEWART, ROBERT, uncle of Lord Ochiltree: surety, said Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.
STEWART, ROBERT, of Robertoun: surety, William Stewart of Dunduff: 2,000 acres.
STEWART, ROBERT, in Edinburgh: surety, William Stewart of Dunduff: 2,000 acres.
STEWART, WILLIAM, of Dunduff: surety, Lord Ochiltree: 2,000 acres.
2nd List, awarded:
1500 acres: WILLIAM STEWART, brother of Lord Garlies (in County Donegal).
1000 acres:
JOHN STEWART (in County Donegal).
ROBERT STEWART, of Haltoun (in County Tyrone).
ROBERT STEWART of Robertoun (in County Tyrone).
SIR WALTER STEWART, of Minto (in County Donegal).
WILLIAM STEWART, of Dunduff (in County Donegal).

Married, 1624:


KO11/322  GPS732

Baptised: South Leith 1/11/1608 Dau of Robert Lindesay of Leith, small settler (1000 acres) at Loughray Tyrone.

The first list of Scottish applicants for Ulster allotments, completed by September 14, 1609. given in volume VIII of the official edition of the Register of the Privy Council of Scotland:
LINDSAY, MR. ROBERT, in Leith: surety, George Smailholm in Leith: 2,000 acres
Awarded in 1610: ROBERT LINDSAY (in County Tyrone), 1000 acres.

1/1. William Stewart (GPS462 & T559)
1/2. Robert Stewart (T559)
   2/1. James Stewart married Catherine.  (T559)  + 5 dau.
1/3. Catherine Stewart (GPS744)
1/5. Mary Stewart (GPS746), married James Richardson.
1/6. Jane Stewart (GPS748), married Thomas Goodlett.
1/7. Sarah Stewart (GPS750), Married Mr Birkby.
1/8. Anne Stewart (GPS752)

Capt James Stewart of Killymoon
Marriage articles before made with Elizabeth Stewart dau of George Stewart of Orater, co Tyrone, date 4/1693 did grant release to confirm to Walter Dawson and Wm Stewart Currigan townland of Newtown (different ink) and all? in Co Tyrone also the townland of Ardenchon in the Parish of Dalsay Steventon in Kirkudbrightshire. Robert Stewart my fathers other lands in Scotland forced in remainder for debts of father for life of Elizabeth wife long since dead.  Issue living Jane 1st dau = James Stewart als Foster who has taken the name of Stewart dau Margt = John Scott. Henry Stewart of Caragan grandfather & William Stewart his son & Henry Stewart, son of said Wm Stewart & Agnes Stewart als Lane.
Exec. James Stewart als Foster
Date 3/12/1721 died 1721 (may be 1724).


KO11/333 377

Born circa 1623.
Parents: Edward & Ann (Cromwell) Wingfield
He died After Sep 1673 Before 16 at Scurmore, Sligo, Connaught Ireland.
2ND Son Lewis Was Called Richard IN Father'S Will. He Under Age 21 IN 1632.
1638 - Received £1000 from father's will.
Commonwealth (Roundhead) soldier in his teens.
Received £400 in Viscount Powerscourt's will.
1660 & 1661 - Commissioner of Ordinance collecting money (40s or 10s) for Army in Co Sligo and Co Mayo.
21 Jan 1661 - Received Charles II's pardon for fighting on the other side in the English Civil Wars.
1665 - Lieutenant in Militia, flourishing at Scurmore.
(Sources: Wingfield Memorials, 40; 1816-1820 Records of Ireland Pp249-300 Soc of Generals; C & P (Irld) 39: 1660-62/188 -1669-70 P 553).

Married Sidney Gore (5433), daughter of Capt, Sir Paul Gore (142401). Sidney Gore (5433) was born at Manor Gore, Donegal, Ireland. She died in 1677. Lewis Wingfield May Have Been Called Richard (2nd Son) Debrett. She Sister OF Sir Ralph Gore, Ancestor of Earls OF Ross.

Known issue:
1/1. 514. Edward Folliott Wingfield Esq (5440).

married Eleanor Gore (5439); married Arabella Lloyd (5441).

1/2. 515. Lewis Wingfield (5442).
1/3. 516. Thomas Wingfield (5443)

Died Without Issue - Sources-Wingfield Memorials P 41 And Debrett.

1/4. 517. Anne Wingfield (5444).
1/5. 518. Isabella Wingfield (5445).
1/6. 519. Eleanor Wingfield (5446).

12     Generation




254. (5426)

Born: Ireland.
Parents: Richard & Honora (O'Brien) Wingfield
Died on 22 April 1638 at Carnew, Wicklow, Ireland.

Distinguished Against The Rebels.
Lived Butler Lane Dublin.
Of Carnew, County Wicklow and Butler land, Dublin until he inherited Powerscourt, "With Lands and Jewels". Knighted 1603.
1615 in Lord Deputy Chichester's funeral procession at Carrickfergus (Vls J. Of Arch.v 9/105)
1636 - Inherited much land from mother, Honora (O'brien) Wingfield. Bought much land in County Wicklow. Served Charles I in Sundry Employments of Trust. (Hist of Powerscourt. 145)

He married:
Anne CROMWELL (5427)
Born at Okeham.
Parent: Lord Edward Cromwell (142400), at Tickencote, Rutland.
Died on 11 July 1636. Buried at Templebecan, Wicklow, Ireland - Alias, Stangonal, Alias Powerscourt.

Known Issue:
1/1. 375. Francis Wingfield (5430)

Under 22 in Nov 1631 - Still Living 16 April 1638 -.
He OF CO Clare And CO Limerick, Ireland. Died Without Issue.

1/2. 376. Anthony Wingfield (5431) died in 1653 at London.

Citizen and wool merchant of London

1/3. 377. Capt Lewis Wingfield (5432), born circa 1623;

married Sidney Gore (5433).

1/4. 378. Edward Wingfield (5434)

1638 willed £800 in father's will. He Not Mentioned in grandmother Honora's will of 1650. He Not mentioned in brother Anthony's will in 1653.

1/5. 379. Cromwell Wingfield (5435)

Born at Newcastle, Wickow, Ireland. Died after January 1705.

He OF Kilmurry & OF Newcastle, CO Wicklow, Tenant OF Thomas Mallet AT Robertstown, CO Limerick 1650.
1638 LEFT £800 BY HIS FATHER, LEWIS Wingfield.

1/6. 380. Christiana Wingfield (5436)

Married Henry Hartestongue (5850).
Husband Was Counsellor And Then A Judge.

1/7. 381. Richard Wingfield Esq (5437),

Born 1621 at Powerscourt, Wicklow, Ireland; married Elizabeth Folliott (5438).

13     Generation




Parents: George & Ratcliffe (Gerrard) Wingfield, #108

Flourishing at Robertstown Castle County Limerick (Opposite Shannon Airport) 1592-1619.
"Hath a castle, a fair store house".
1599 on Earl of Essex's Ulster Expedition
1600 Also of Ballycullen, 2 m west of Ashkeam now a Georgian house.
1606 30 Aug Tenant of Sir Richard Boyle's at Tullow County
1613 a House at Smithstown, County Clare (his wife's property)
1614 of Castel Cragge, County Limerick - 4100 acres

Married Honora O'Brien (5425), daughter of Teige O'Brien (142399), in 1590.
Born at Smithstown, Limerick, Ireland. Grandfather 1ST Baron Inchiquin, Died 1557,
Descendant OF Brian Boroimhe, King OF Ireland. She Buried Abbey OF Ennis, Co Clare.
1650 "OF Smithstown, CO Limerick.
1/3. 254. Sir Edward Wingfield (5426),

born at Ireland; married Anne Cromwell (5427).

1/2. 255. Lady Honora Wingfield (5428), born 1596;

married Sir Donogh Macconner O'Brien (5429).


108. (5420)

Parents: Lewis & Margaret (Noone) Wingfield.

1525 - Living, no sons. Brother Richard to pay 40s P.A. from Bishop Sutton's will if RW the eldest survivor.
1538 - Mugged in London by Mr Thomas Martell and servants. King Henry VIII's council took up his case.
1538 - Living in Wooley. (Derby Collection 6688,BM) this was probably Wooler in Northumberland from whence came the Worcester Wingfields in the 16th Cent. (See Nash's "Worcester" [London, 1782, W Tree; Worcs R.O.]
Father Lewis' will PR 1526 held in Hants Record Office, Winchester, Extant 1989.

Married Ratcliffe Gerrard (5421), daughter of Sir Gilbert Gerard (142398), on 18 July.
Ratcliffe GERRARD (5421) died on 9 September 1634. She Father Master OF Rolls TO Queen Elizabeth. SOURCES OF INFORMATION ON RATCLIFFE GERRARD WINGFIELD (RN5421):
Not mentioned in father's will, although a son, Ratcliffe, yet this Ratcliffe Gerrard married post 1592 "Thomas Wingfield of Easton next Letheringham"

1/1. 165. Richard Wingfield (5424), married Honora O'Brien


 54 (5296)

Born at Letheringham, Suffolk,, England.
Parents: John & Elizabeth (FitzLewis) Wingfield
Died after 1526.
Married Margaret Noone (5297), daughter of Henry Noone (142375),
Maiden Name Possibly Derby (Records 142).

1/1. 104. John Wingfield (5414) died after 1538.


1/2. 105. Sir Richard Wingfield (5415),

married Christiana Fitzwilliam (5416).

1/3. 106. Thomas Wingfield (5417).


1/4. 107. Catherine Wingfield (5418) married Anthony Pounds
1/5. 108. George Wingfield (5420), married Ratcliffe Gerrard 1/6. 109. Godfrey Wingfield (6003) Executer of Lewis Wingfield's

Will Dated 1525. Lewis Died 1526. He Other Executor was Sir Robert Wingfield.

1/7. 110. Robert Wingfield (6045)

Mentioned in father Lewis' will as younger brother of George Wingfield 5420.


31 Knt of the Bath (5040)

Born circa 1428 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.
Parents: Sir Robert & Elizabeth (Goushill) Wingfield
Died on 10 May 1481.
Buried at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.

He married Elizabeth FitzLewis (5041), daughter of Sir John FitzLewis (85805) and Anne Montacute (85806), circa 1450.
Elizabeth FitzLewis (5041) was born circa 1431 at Essex, England. She died circa 1497 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England. She was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk, England. She Name may be Elizabeth FitzLewis Wingfield.

1/1. 46. Sir Robert Wingfield (5153), born CA 1476-1515;

Married Lady Joan "Mary" Clinton (5154).

1/2. 47. Sir Edward Wingfield (5147) married Anne Widvile

daughter of Earl of Kent Richard Widvile (142336).

He Died without issue.

1/3. 48. Henry Wingfield (5149)

died in 1500 at Rendlesham, Suffolk. Buried at Letheringham, Suffolk. He A Priest.

1/4. 49. Sir William Wingfield (5150)

Married Jane Waldegrave (5151), daughter of Sir Thomas Waldegrave (142337). He died on 4 December 1491 at Letheringham, Suffolk. He was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk.

1/5. 50. Sir Thomas Wingfield (5152) died at Bosworth.
1/6. 51. Sir Richard Wingfield (5303), born CA 1441-1461

Married Duchess of Buckingham Katherine Woodville (5302); married Bridget Wiltshire (5304).

1/7. 52. Walter Wingfield (5155) married Female McWilliam.
1/8. 53. Sir John Wingfield (5294), born CA 1430-1479;

Married Margaret Durwarde (5295).

1/9. 54. Lewis Wingfield (5296),

born at Letheringham, Suffolk; married Margaret Noone.

1/10. 55. Capt Sir Edmund Wingfield (5298),

married Margaret Ashwell Wentworth (5299).

1/11. 56. Sir Humphrey Wingfield (5300), married Ann Wiseman.
1/12. 57. Sir John Wingfield (5145),

born c1450 at Letheringham, Suffolk; married Anne Touchett.

1/13. 58. Anne Wingfield (5305) married John Echingham.
1/14. 59. Elizabeth Wingfield (5306) A Nun.
1/15. 60. Katherine Wingfield (5307) married Robert Brewse.
1/16. 61. Elizabeth Wingfield (5308)

married Francis Hall (5309), son of Thomas Hall (142382) and Alice Bromswell (142383).



Parents: John & Margaret (Hastings) Wingfield
Born in 1403 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.
Died on 21 November 1451 at Letheringham, Suffolk, & was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk.

This is the last Will of Sir Roberd Wingefeld Knight made a Cambridge the 6th day of October the reign of king henry the vi after the conquest xxxi. In the beginning he prayeth his Feffees that they would make astate after his decease to Elizabeth his wife of the Manor of Lederingham with all the lands tenements Rents and services with all the appurtenances lying in divers Towns to the said Elizabeth term of her life with her dower of all my other Manors lands tenements Rents and services Being in the Shire of Suffolk outsept Caldwaller. And also he prayeth his Feffees that they will make astate to John his Son to him and to his Heirs male of his body lawfully begotten of the Manors towns and with the Reversion of the Manor of Lydringham with all the lands tenements Rents and services in foresaid which the said Elizabeth holdeth term of Life to him and to his Heirs male of his body lawfully begotten. And in case the said John die without issue male of his body coming that then all the sid Manors lands tenements Rents and services with the appurtenances Remain to Robard the son of said Sir Robard to him and to his Heirs male of his body coming. And for Default of Issue male of his body coming that then all the said Manors lands tenements Rents and services remain to Thomas the son of the said Sir Robard to him and to his Heirs male of his body coming: And for Default of issue male of his body coming that then all the said Manors lands tenements Rents and services Remain to William the son of the said Sir Robard to him and to his Heirs male of his body coming and for Default of issue male of his body coming that then all the said Rents tenements and services Remain to Havy the son of the said Sir Robard to him and to his heirs male of his body coming. And for default of issue male of his body that then all the said Manors lands tenements Rents and services Remain to Elizabeth and Ann and Katherine daughters of the said Sir Robard to have and to her Heirs male of her body coming. And for Default of issue male of her body coming to Remain to the Right Heirs of said Sir Robard Wingefeld.
page 2 missing
profits of the Manor of Westale the first year after his death shall all go to pay his Debts and to reform his apperstiences (?). And after this Done he prayeth his Feffees to make astate to John his son to him and to his Heirs male of his body coming the Remainder of the said Manors As the Manor been aforesaid. Also the said Sir Robert Will that John his Son a Relic of the holy Cross and a piece of Silver with a [tonerkill] to him and to his Heirs male of his body coming as the Manor been aforesaid. Also I will that John my Son nought attempt nor be about to break my Will upon pain of my Curse. And the Residue of all my goods without or left my Will performed then I Will It be done for me and mine [Annatere] by the Advice of my Executors. In Witness whereof to this present Writing I have put to my Seal the Day and year abovesaid.

Probate granted 21 of the month of November AD 1454.
Right hand Margin - Last Wish(es) pf
Sir Robert Wing [felde], Knight.

Lady Elizabeth Goushill (5035), daughter of Sir Lord of Hault-Hucknall Derby, Robert Goushill (27653) and Duchess Elizabeth Fitzalan (44415), circa 1430.
Born in 1404 at Arundel or Heveringham, Notts.
Died after 1443.

1/1. 31. Sir Knt of the Bath John Wingfield (5040),

born circa 1428 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England; married Elizabeth Fitz Lewis (5041).

1/2. 32. Sir Robert Wingfield (5050) was born circa 1431.

married Anne Harling (5049), daughter of Sir Robert Harling Knt (142312) and Jane Gonville (142313). He died before 23 November 1481 at Rushforth, Suffolk, England. He was buried at Rushforth, Suffolk, England.

1/3. 33. Sir Henry Wingfield, born c1434, Orford, Suffolk,

Married Alice Harte (5051); married Elizabeth Rookes (5053).

1/4. 34. Sir Richard Wingfield (5047) was born circa 1435.

died at Letheringham, Suffolk, England. He was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.

1/5. 35. Sir Thomas Wingfield (5043) was born circa 1438.

married Mary Clifford (5042), daughter of Sir Roger Clifford (142307) and Joan Courtenay (142308). He married Phillipa Tiptoft (5044), daughter of Sir John Tiptoft (142309). He died at Letheringham, Suffolk, England. He was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.

1/6. 36. Elizabeth Wingfield (5058), born circa 1438;

married Lord Paulet (5939); married Sir William Brandon

1/7. 37. William Wingfield (5048) was born circa 1440.

died in 1510 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England. He was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.

He Died without issue - Served in France.

1/8. 38. Katherine Wingfield (5056) was born circa 1444.

married John Bonville (5846).

1/9. 39. Anthony Wingfield (5045), born circa 1446;

married Mary Duke (5046).

1/10. 40. Agnes Wingfield (5057), born 1448 at Orford, Suffolk,

married John de Fremingham (5196).

1/11. 41. Alice Wingfield (5054) B. c1450 Orford, Suffolk.
1/12. 42. Margaret Wingfield born circa 1452. Unm.

Sir John Wingfield

15, of Letherigham

Born circa 1345 at Letheringham, Suffolk.
Parents Thomas & Margaret (de Boville) Wingfield
Died in 1389, buried at Letheringham, Suffolk.

MP For Suffolk. Knighted 1389. Slim, Droopy Moustache.
1383-89 Member of Parliament for Suffolk.
Held Cleervands Manor, Framlingham; Lee, Cheshire; Gisloham, Lowestoft, Stamford. For Which One Quarter and One Sixth of a Knight's Fee, Commanded When Required Guards at Framlingham Castle.

He married:
Margaret Hastings (5030) was born circa 1355 at Elsing, Norfolk, England, daughter of Sir Hugh de Hastings (54407) and Anne Le Despenser.
She married Sir John Russell (54495), son of Robert Russell
Died & buried in 1397 at Letheringham, Suffolk,
Father's Brass at Elsing Church. Moated House Still Extant.
The Hugh Hastings Brass Is the Most Famous in England
1/1. 20. John Wingfield (5031) buried at Letheringham, Suffolk.

Summoned AS A Graduate Before Richard II[Proc. 47/127/1]. Died Without Issue.

1/2. 21. Sir Robert Wingfield (5032),

born circa 1370 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England; married Elizabeth Russell (5033).


Parent: John Wingfield
11. Sir, Knt of Letheringham
Born: circa 1328 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.
Died: in August 1378 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England. He was buried at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.

Inherited Badingham.
Lanky, Monkish Looking, His Monument Is in Wingfield Church.
1346 Fought at Crecy [Salt Xvi,96] (Edward Iii Defeated the French). In the Retinue of Earl of Arundel.

Left 12 Silver Spoons and 6 Pieces of Plate and De Brews' Armour Which Was "Never to Leave the Family."

Held Metton and Hasketon.

1347 Keeper of Bromfield for the Black Prince

Married Margaret de Boville, before 1345.

born at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.
daughter of Sir John de Boville (54403) and Petronella Scales
Married (1): Sir William Carbonell (142302).
She died at Letheringham, Suffolk, England.
Her married name was Wingfield.

Miserere of Margaret and Her Husband, North Choir, Norwich Cathedral (Carved Wooden Busts)
Held Falcons Hall, Rickinghall.
The two known children of Sir, Knt of Letheringham Thomas7 de Wingfield (5022) and Margaret de Boville (5023) were as follows:

1/1.  Elenor Wingfield born Suffolk, England.

She married Sir Knt William Hoo (5925).

1/2. Sir John Wingfield,

born circa 1345 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England; married Margaret Hastings (5030).


7. Lord of Wingfield

7. Sir Lord of Wingfield John6 WINGFIELD
Born: circa 1305 at England.).
Parents: John Wingfield
Died: circa 1358.

Sir John Wingfield Held Lands in:
Yorks (Nettons, balne, 8 Miles East of Pontefract, of John of Warren, Earl of Surrey) 220 Acres
Hants (Crondall, near Farnham)
Norfolk (Maidestone, near Frettenham)
Suffolk (Hurts Hall, Saxmundham; Saxlingham).

Married: Elizabeth Honypott (5016), daughter of John Honypott Esq (54532) and Juliana Unknown
Elizabeth HONYPOTT (5016) was born circa 1309 at England. She died CA 1298-1388. She Honypott Arms: 8 Torreauxes, 3,2,2 And 1.[Vis. Norfolk 1563] There IS Still A Honeypot Farm AT Wingfield Today.

1/1. 10. Sir John Wingfield, Lord of Wingfield (5020),

Born at Saxmundham, Suffolk, England; married Elenor or Alianore de Glanvyle (5021).

1/2. 11. Sir Thomas DE Wingfield, Knt of Letheringham (5022),

born circa 1328 at Letheringham, Suffolk, England; married Margaret de Boville (5023).

John DE Wingfield

5. Sir Lord of Wingfield & Dennington

Born circa 1279 at England.
Parents:  Thomas de Wingfield
25th April 1279 Going Beyond the Seas with Edward I Was William De Brews, of Stowlangtoft, Suffolk Who Nominated John Wingfield and Richard De Brews as His Attorneys until Christmas. (Reyce 257)
1290-1302: Alice Wingfield Sister of Ada, of next Manor to Holt, Norfolk Widow of Walter De Wingfield was Heiress of Robert De Bringhurst (Near Rockingham Castle). (Vch Leics 82; Iro De 221-4).
1308 & 1310 Letitia De Wingfield, of Darsham and Syleham Presented to Hulverton Church by the Countess of Norfolk (Alice De Hemnonia. (F of F, Suffolk, 1189-1482, Rye 1900). Letitia De Wingfield's Daughter Married Sir Hugh Hercy of Grove, Yorks. [Vis-Yorks 1584/5].

He married Ann "Peach" Peche (5010), daughter of Sir John of Peche's Manor Peche (54530), before 1305.
Sir John Peche of Peche's Manor, Diss (Blomford V18) Had Sir Ralph's or Curple's Manor, Helmenham and Flixton (Blomford V, 185)
1302 Hugo Peche Was One of two Knights (MPs) for Suffolk. [Reyce 257]
1310-12 John Botetourt, Governor of Framlingham Castle. [Hawes 36]

1/1. 6. Giles Egidius Wingfield (5014)

Lord of Stradbroke "The Poaching Parson".
Born at England. He died without issue.

1/2. Sir Lord of Wingfield John Wingfield (5012),

Born circa 1305 at England; married Elizabeth Honypott (5016).

1/3. 8. Richard Wingfield (5011), Lord of Dennington,

born 1305 at Suffolk, England; married Female Unknown (5015).

1/4. 9. Roger Wingfield (5013)



4. Lord of Wingfield and Westerfield

Born in 1280 at England.
He died circa 1322.

R and A Buried at Priory Church, Woodbridge, Suffolk [Copinger II,369]
Wife's uncle was Thomas Weyland, Chief Justice, 1257, Was accused of taking fines for Breaking Assize of bread and ale at Middleton, near Dunwish, Suffolk. Sacked 1289. Banished to Tower. (Parker III).
1248 and 1256 Henry III visited Framlingham Castle disguised as a monk.

He married Alice Weyland (5008),
daughter of Sir Nicholas Weyland (54399). Born CA 1189-1248 at Cromer, Norfolk. She died CA 1220-1329.
In 1248, 1254, 1256 and 1257 Henry III [1216-72] Called on Those Holding £15 Worth of Land to Take Order of Knighthood and Accompany Him to Wars in Gascony, France. Included Sir Nicholas, Sir William and Sir John De Weyland, Sir William and John De Bovile; Sir William, Robert, -, Hugh Peachie [Reyce 63-66]
1257 Famine and Pestilence
1270-1288 Nicholas De Weyland Held Garboldisham, Norfolk and Lands near Sudbury, Suffolk and Shipham and Cromer. [Blomfield's Norfolk Iii, 478; 1, 172; Copinger Ii, 369;1,96
1275 Alice Held Cromer for a Pair of White Gloves a Year [Blomfd Iii,478].
1/1. 5. Sir John DE Wingfield, Lord of Wingfield & Dennington,

born circa 1279 at England; married Ann "Peach" Peche (5010).



Born CA 1146-1216 at England. He died CA 1183-1292.
Parents: Robert & Joan (Falstaff) Wingfield
He was styled "Of Wingfield Castle" [Reyce'S Breviary], Although The Castle was not built of stone until 1385.

He married Joan Falstaff/Falstolf (5006), daughter of Sir John Fastolfe (54397), CA 1172-1248.
Born CA 1152-1219 at England. She died CA 1183-1298. Her married name was De Wingfield.
Father's Descendant (?) Married to Sir John Falstolfe 1398, Squire to Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk.
Kirkley Falstolfe's Hall Believed Part of the Dowry Passed in 1552 from Descendant, Anthony Wingfield, K.G. To Daughter Mary. [Copinger V, 83]
Ancient Seat of the Falstolfes Was at Kimberley, Norfolk.

1/1. 4. Lord of Wingfield and Westerfield Thomas4 DE Wingfield

(5007), born 1280 at England; married Alice Weyland (5008).



1/1. 3. Robert DE Wingfield, born CA 1146-1216 at England;

married Joan Falstaff/Falstolf.


(Robertus de Campo Venti)

Born at England. He died at England. He was buried at England.
Was Living C. 1087, 1100;
Was Witness to Deed of the Nedhams, Temp. Henry I (1100-35). (Source: Norris' Collections)
Main Wingfield Manor 1087: the Extent of the Land Was 3 and a Half Miles by Half a Mile = 240 Acres. This Was Held by a Freeman and Worked by 7 Bordars.
24 Acres of Glebe : Manor Enfeoffed 1086 by the Abbot of Ely to Roger Bigod (Father of the Earl of Norfolk) of Framlingham Castle, 1101.
Domesday Book: 1086 "In Wighafelda a Freeman by Commendation and Soche [Held] 10 Acres Valued at 20 Pence.
Landholders Summoned to Salisbury to Pay Homage to William the Conqueror."
Gough's "Sepulchral Monuments", Vol Ii, Mentions a "John Wingfield, Two Generations Before 1087".
1/1. 2. John de2 Wingfield (5003), born at England;

married Female Unknown (5004).

14     Stewart Background papers


14.1 The  Stewart of  Killymoon  Papers

(D/3167 and  D/2966/92/B)


The Stewart of Killymoon papers comprise c.850 letters and papers, 1761-1845, of the Stewart family of Killymoon Castle, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone, principally of James Stewart of Killymoon, MP for Co.  Tyrone, 1768-1812, and his wife, the Hon. Mrs Elizabeth Stewart, Molesworth.


James Stewart was the eldest son of William Stewart of Killymoon and Eleanor King of Rockingham, Co. Roscommon.  Shortly before embarking on his long parliamentary career, the young James Stewart did the Grand Tour in Europe.  A splendid portrait of him (now in the Ulster Museum) was painted in Italy some time in 1767 by Pompeo Batoni, the highly fashionable painter of foreign visitors to Italy and then at the height of his considerable powers.  Early the following year Stewart was reported to have left Turin on his way home.  The future 2nd Duke of Leinster (eldest brother of Lord Edward FitzGerald) wrote to his mother in March 1768 describing him as 'a gentlemanlike young man, and also very amiable. I know no gentleman better liked than he has been in every town he has passed through.

Stewart succeeded his father as one of the MPs for Co. Tyrone in 1768, retaining the seat continuously and without a contest for the next thirty-two years in Dublin and a further twelve after 1800 at Westminster.  It was said of him that 'without place or pension, one shilling of public money has never found its way into his pocket ... during a period of 44 years'.  Most county seats in the Irish Parliament, like most of the boroughs, were dominated by great landowning families.  Tyrone was unusual at this period in having a large number of independently minded Presbyterian voters, and its great landowners happened to be a loggerheads.  Only when faced by a combination in 1812 was Stewart obliged to retire.

Though he himself was a member of the Protestant Ascendancy, as it came to be called, his father was (and remained) a Presbyterian.  This was ironic, in view of the fact that Killymoon and over half the Stewart estate was churchland, held on 21-year leases under the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Armagh.  Stewart became one of the leading spokesmen in the Irish Parliament for the northern Presbyterians and was instrumental in promoting legislation to mitigate or remove the penal laws which affected them.  In particular, he supported the Act (19 & 20 Geo. III, c.6) that repealed the Test Act for Protestant Dissenters, proposed the Act (21 & 22 Geo. III, c.25) declaring marriages by Presbyterian ministers valid, and helped to secure an increase in the "regium donum", the annual grant to approved Presbyterian clergy.  The Presbyterians' regard for him was shown not only by electoral support but also, in the usual fashion of the time, by numerous presentations of silver plate.

Stewart was prominent in the Volunteer movement, from its foundation in the late 1770s to its suppression in 1793.  He was the close ally of the Volunteer commander-in-chief, James Caulfeild, 1st Earl of Charlemont, was active at Volunteer meetings and parades, and in September 1783 took the chair at the second great convention of northern Volunteer companies in Dungannon, in preparation for the national meeting in Dublin.  After Lord Charlemont's celebrated but still mysterious breach with Grattan in 1783, Stewart became Charlemont's principal spokesman in the House of Commons (thanks to the general inarticulacy of those whom Charlemont returned, after Grattan, for the family borough of Charlemont, Co. Armagh).  Like Charlemont, and unlike Grattan, Stewart opposed all political concessions to the Roman Catholics; not until the Union had transferred the Irish representation to Westminster did he come round to support of Catholic Emancipation.

By a curious confusion, Charlemont's letters to Stewart almost all passed into the possession of Stewart's younger brother, Henry Stewart of Tyrcallen, Co.  Donegal, and passed down that branch of the family (see PRONI, D/3319); the rest of Stewart's papers passed down the female line through Stewart's daughter, Louisa, who in 1811 married into the Clements family of Ashfield, Co. Cavan, later of Lough Rynn, Co. Leitrim.  The papers which passed down the collateral male line have been re-united with those which passed down the direct female line to constitute D/3167/1.

In 1772 Stewart married Elizabeth Molesworth, daughter of the 3rd Viscount Molesworth. She was one of the survivors of a tragic fire in London in 1763, where she was living with her widowed mother. Lady Molesworth, two of her daughters and six of the servants were killed. Two other daughters were badly injured when they jumped from upper windows - one had to have a leg cut off after landing on the railings below - and a third was severely burned.  Elizabeth Stewart became in 1794 a co-heiress of her late brother, the 4th Viscount Molesworth, and inherited a share of the Molesworth estates in Dublin City, near Swords, Co. Dublin, and in and around Philipstown, King's County. Another sister, Louisa, was married to William Brabazon Ponsonby, 1st Baron Ponsonby, the leader of the celebrated political 'cousinhood' of that name - a connection which strengthened Stewart's links with the Whig opposition, both before and after the Union.

After the Union, Stewart also formed a friendship with the Prince of Wales which has been much exaggerated in family mythology (although the Prince did at least trouble to condole with Stewart's son and successor, William, on Stewart's death in 1821). Stewart is also popularly reputed to have lost Killymoon to the Prince in an unsuccessful bet. This almost certainly apocryphal incident is not documented in the papers, which do however contain some documentation, 1803-1804, about the early 19th century re-building of Killymoon by John Nash, and about the furnishing of it by Thomas Tatham of London, 1809-1810; there are also earlier letters of architectural interest from Frederick Trench (1795) and Robert Woodgate (1801).

A visit to Killymoon

In 1824, when Stewart's widow and the Stewarts' unmarried son, Colonel William Stewart, were living in Killymoon, they invited their Tyrone neighbour, John Burges, '... to pass a few days at this romantic and most beautiful place [as Burges recorded in his diary (PRONI, T/1282/1, pp.10-13)]. It may be well termed so, for I suppose its equal is not to be found in any country for the most perfect combination of wood, water, mountain and undulation of ground.

My brother and I rode there. ... We arrived at the bridge which spans the widest part of the river, famed for its enormous sycamores.  At one side is a long glade, richly wooded at its furthest end.  On the other you see the castle, at that time nearly shut out by elms of picturesque forms.  We passed the bridge and through fine specimens of the old Irish pines, fir, now no more.  We gained the park, and soon found ourselves in the apartments allotted for us. ...

[When the dinner gong sounded, they descended] '...  the grand staircase, for grand it is ... .  Colonel Stewart took the head of the table, and his venerable mother the foot, a lady of the old school, so clever, so agreeable, such a one is not to be seen now, so kind, so anxious to please, so dignified, with the greatest good nature. William Stewart was the Sir Charles Grandison of the day, what some would call fine, but fineness was natural to him and it did not sit unseemly on him.  He had the softest voice and the gentlest manner, and with all the courage and prowess of a hero.  His gallantries as a man of fashion are well known, the only portion of his character I wish to veil over...

The following morning we lionised this magnificent place. Every walk and drive brought us into new features.  The extensive gardens, celebrated for an enormous pear tree, caught our attention. The length of said tree is something immense.  Also, I must not forget the huge Portugal laurel and the larch...;.  The silver firs are equal to the most luxuriant [?piceas] in the pinetums of the present day. It would be difficult to find such specimens now. The dark green of the foliage and the thickness of the stems seem as if they belonged to some distant hemisphere.  The spruce firs, too, are very fine. The grandeur of the timber, particularly the oaks and sycamore, quite give you the idea of a scene of Claude Lorraine's, and that dark, clear river always running rapidly along [?creates] a scene that perhaps might border, without its cheerful and its darling sound, upon the gloomy.'

Killymoon Castle and the estate were sold on Colonel Stewart's death in 1850.

The (Killymoon) papers
See Appendix

14.2 The  Stewart (of Tyrcallen)  Papers



The Stewart Papers comprise c.2,250 documents (including some volumes) and c.25 outsize maps.  They derive from the Tyrcallen branch of the Stewarts of Killymoon, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone: in particular, to Henry Stewart of Tyrcallen, Stranorlar, Co.  Donegal (1743-1840), younger brother of James Stewart of Killymoon, M.P.  for Co. Tyrone, 1768-1812. For further information about the family, see the calendar of the Stewart of Killymoon papers (D/3167), one section of which was also deposited by Mr H.W.B. and Mr G.P. Stewart.  For another related collection, see T/3007.


Henry Stewart's wife, Elizabeth, was a daughter of the 2nd Lord Longford and a sister of the Duchess of Wellington.  For this reason, some sections of these papers consist of letters to, as well as from, members of the Longford/Pakenham family, 1755-1846.  The letters from the Duchess of Wellington run from 1813 to 1831, and there are earlier 'Grand Tour' letters from Mrs Stewart's and her brother, the 2nd Earl of Longford, 1793-1795.  Henry Stewart himself was a land agent - perhaps 'accountant' would be a better word - who managed the estate affairs of a number of families, on a basis which was professional by the standards of the day, from an office in Clare Street and then at 6 Leinster Street, Dublin.  The bulk of the archive relates to his clients' (and his own) estate and business affairs.

The (Tyrcallen) papers
See Appendix

Probably Rev Frederick William Stewart, died 4/1/1884, admon. 22/2/1884, of Farnham House, Finglas, co Dublin, batchelor, granted to Margaret Reid, (wf of William Reid) of Randlophfield, Stirling, the sister and one of the next of kin.

From Wendy Reid Jan 2003:
Wendy Reid

My Hamilton descent is from the the 1st Duke of Hamilton.  The Hamilton seat of Brownhall in Co. Donegal was founded by John Hamilton, a grandson of the 1st Duke.
He came from the Scottish family whose seat at the time was Broomhill, Lanarkshire. Land in north western Ireland was granted to him and he took possession of lands at Murvagh - just out of Donegal town and near to the coast. The original Brownhall house was built there around 1550 and in 1690 his descendant, James Hamilton, moved the family seat to nearby Ballintra where the present Brownhall house still stands today - and still occupied by the present John Hamilton. The family maintained the old tradition of naming the eldest son after the grandfather, so since then the line has gone John - James - John - James etc, down to John today.
His eldest son is James.
Fortunately, the family has maintained an unbroken line of ownership of the estate down through the centuries. The estate is not as extensive as it had been back in the 1800's due to debts left by my 4th Great Grandfather, John H, but it stands as one of the few estates still remaining in the original family's hands.
The debts were not down to bad management. That particular John H inherited Brownhall just before the Famine and spent a good deal of the family finances on his tenants. He built several churches, instigated Sunday schools, built a workhouse and mills to create employment at the time.
As a result his tenants did not suffer the same fate suffered by so many others.
A book was recently published about this man and I've sent you a link on it.

His daughter, Mary, married Frederick Courbarron, a farmer from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Her son, Augustus James, eventually settled in Australia in 1888 and I descend from him - my GG Grandfather.

This Hamilton family married with several Stewart families, namely the Killymoon Stewarts. Isabella Stewart, daughter of Col. William Stewart (b.1710) of Killymoon, married John Hamilton and their eldest son, James, married Helen Pakenham.

The John Hamilton of the book is the eldest child of the Hamilton/Pakenham marriage.

You have covered this Stewart line quite well in your site.

I had a look at the line of Eleanor King - wife of William Stewart - of Rockingham. Her father, Sir Henry King, was one of those not very well liked by the Irish.
They lived in the town of Boyle, Roscommon, and last year I paid a visit to the house still there. It was destroyed by fire some time ago but has been completely restored and is now a museum to the history of the family and the Earls of Kingston.
I would like to get back there again and tour the place properly as back then I was 8 months and 2 weeks pregnant and found the two hour tour quite a haul! Very informative though - I just remember constantly looking for somewhere to sit down:)).

At the moment one of my missions is to trace back further on the line of the Killymoon Stewarts, one thing I know is that they are connected to the Athenree Stewarts.
In 1999 there was an exhibition at the Ulster Museum featuring William Stewarts son, James and his "Grand Tour" of Europe.

Another family that married with the Brownhall Hamiltons is the Crightons(Creightons) who were the Earls of Erne.
The James Hamilton, who built the present Brownhall house at Ballintra in 1690, married Jane Crighton, daughter of Col. Abraham Crighton. This family were the owners of Crom Castle in Co. Fermanagh and his grandson was the 1st Earl of Erne.

I don't know how much information, if anything, you would like about the Grenfells.  I know on my own tree that I rarely  go further back than one generation in families who married in, if for no other reason that the amount of information increases very rapidly indeed if you do otherwise.  So unless you ask I shan't do anything.  We think the Grenfells are an interesting family, with all sorts of adventurers.  One John Grenfell was killed by bush rangers in Australia, but it led the the arrest and conviction of the outlaws, so in honour of him they gave the township of Emu Creek the new name of Grenfell.  There's Lord Grenfell, of course (not close enough to me ...), and Sir Wilfred, who was my father's first cousin.

If you like, I can send you the section of my family tree relating to the Hamiltons ?.
I have the entire tree on disc - its huge going back to the 1200's - but haven't run it on the computer since I arrived here from Australia in Feb last year.

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