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5      GENERATION 5 5

ENOCH DOLMAN – 1861 G5 5


6      GENERATION 6 6

THOMAS TATE – 1838 G6 6


7      GENERATION 7 8

THOMAS TATE – 1809 G7 8


8      GENERATION 8 10

GEORGE TATE – 1776 G8 10



9      GENERATION 9 14

GEORGE TATE – 1744 G9 14





10        GENERATION 10 17

GEORGE TATE – 1706 G10 17


JOHN DALE - 1708 18

JOHN DALE - 1674 18

SARAH ILLMAN - 1680 18







11        GENERATION 11 22





12        GENERATION 12 27


13        GENERATION 13 28




JOSEPH PETER – 1680 G11 29

Elizabeth Dandy 29

JOHN PETER – 1635 G12 30




UNKNOWN PETER – Possibly Robert 33

Peters of Dorking 35

William Peter 35

Geoffrey Peter: 35



Henry Peeter of Dorking 37

Peters RECORDS CHECKED (10/08): 38



6 39

7      GENERATION 7 39



8      GENERATION 8 42




9      GENERATION 9 44

WILLIAM KING - 1730 44



ANN MAY - 1752 44


10        GENERATION 10 47









11        GENERATION 11 50



JOHN COOK - 1689 50

ANN MORGAN - 1687 51

ANTHONY MAY - 1688 51




12        GENERATION 12 53










13        GENERATION 13 55






Allegations for Marriage Licence (Surrey, Peter) 56

Stories of Sussex - Findon 58

William Frankland and his Wonderful house 58



Origins of the Australian Tates 61

Descendants of Edward TATE and Priscilla PLATTS 61

Descendants of Hewlitt William TATE and Mary SMITH 62

Francis Tate (1852-1920) of Lancing 67

14        Changes 68



    The Tate family came from West Sussex, inland from Brighton and married into the Dolman family of the Midlands. One of life's great mysteries is how Alice Tate, a girl born to a publican in Brighton came to meet a meat salesman from Wolverhampton: an early holiday romance, perhaps as a result of new railway travel? For the Dolman family see Dolman 01.
    The Tates were employed in agriculture, as labourers and latterly as wheelwrights. Alice's father was the publican.
    The family was documented by a family member, Lashbrook Laker, a nephew of our Thomas Tate snr, who emigrated to the USA in the mid 19thC. Some of his work is of uncertain accuracy, in particular the marriage of George Tate, 1766; see under his entry.
    Alice's mother was born near Reading, and so another mystery is how she and her husband, Thomas Tate jnr, met when they, with their humble backgrounds lived some 100 miles apart.
    The Reading Record Office holds good records for the King family in the area: interestingly, there are Goddards in the same area from which the King family originated. Maybe this was the connection. The King family were agricultural based and mostly labourers; the earlier ones left little trace beyond parish records.
    The West Sussex Record Office in Chichester has a good collection of parish and other records, which have been studied, but need further work  (7/2004)
    Chichester will indexes were checked (9/2009); there are few relevant Tate wills, some Neal wills were transcribed, but none immediately relevant. No suitable Goddard wills were found.

                                   |WILLIAM TATE??? (1696)
                             |George Tate (b1706)
                       |GEORGE TATE Snr (1745-1827)
                       |     |Sarah Dale
                 |GEORGE TATE(1776-1846)
           |THOMAS TATE (1) (B 1809)
           |           |THOMAS NEAL (1736)
           |     |Mary Neal (1776-1846)           
           |           |     |JOHN GARLAND
           |           |Jane Garland
           |                 |     |JASPER PECKWELL
           |                 |Elizabeth Peckwell
     |THOMAS TATE (2)(1837-76)
     |     |
     |     |     |WILLIAM CARTER??
     |     |AGNES CARTER GODDARD(1809)
     |           |                 |HOLLAND GODDARD??
     |           |           |WILLIAM GODDARD (1723?-)
     |           |     |DAVID GODDARD(B 1761)
     |           |     |     |     |WILLIAM GREENFIELD (1710) 
     |           |     |     |     |     |           |MAURICE GREENFIELD
     |           |     |     |     |     |     |JOHN GREENFIELD
     |           |     |     |     |     |PHILADELPHIA GREENFIELD
     |           |     |     |Sarah Greenfield (1735-)
     |           |     |           |MARGARET POCOCK
     |           |KITTY GODDARD (1791)
     |                            |WILLIAM KING 3
     |                       |THOMAS KING (1702)
     |                 |WILLIAM KING (1730)
     |                 |     |    |John Knight
     |                 |     |Elizabeth Knight
     |                 |          |Temperance
     |           |WILLIAM KING (1766-1831)
     |           |     |                 |THOMAS COOK
     |           |     |           |John Cook (1696)
     |           |     |           |     |     |THOMAS RESTALL
     |           |     |           |     |MARY RESTALL (1669-)
     |           |     |           |           |ELIZABETH BRIERHURST
     |           |     |     |PETER COOK (1713)
     |           |     |     |     |     |JOHN MORGAN
     |           |     |     |     |Ann Morgan (1687-)
     |           |     |Elizabeth Cook
     |     |JOHN KING (1804-1893)
     |ANNE KING (B 1838)
           |                 |THOMAS WATKINS
           |           |THOMAS WATKINS(B 1745)
           |           |     |MARY KESSEL
           |     |GEORGE WATKINS (1784)
           |     |     |                       |THOMAS MAYE??
           |     |     |                 |ROBERT MAY  (??1658-)
           |     |     |           |ANTHONY MAY (1688-)
           |     |     |           |     |ALICE FIELD
           |     |     |     |ANTHONY MAY (1725)
           |     |     |Ann May (1752-)
           |     |           |           |JOHN DEANE
           |     |           |     |JOHN DEANE  (1693-)
           |     |           |           |MARY BLACKMAN
           |     |           |Ann Deane
           |Ann Watkins
                 |                       |EDWARD RAPLEY
                 |                 |Edward Rapley
                 |                 |     |HANNAH NUBRY??
                 |           |JOHN RAPLEY (1726)
                 |           |     |     |THOMAS WILLIS
                 |           |     |ELIZABETH WILLIS
                 |           |           |ANN HORN
                 |     |JOHN RAPLEY (1757)
                 |     |     |Sarah Wray
                 |Sarah Rapley

Berkshire Family

The initial source for the Tate and Dolman families was:
DOLMAN BIBLE  Family Register
This derivation of the Dolman/Tate family genealogy was started with the entries in a traditional family bible as follows:

Parent's Names:
Thomas Tate, born 30 January 1838
Anne King, born 18 February 1838.

Children's Names:
Alice Blanche Tate, born Feb 18 18--.  (date scratched out)
Emily Caroline Tate, born June 5 1861
Alice Ada Tate, born Nov 29 1863
James Thomas Tate, born May 6 1866
Harry Tate, born Dec 27 1870.

Alice Ada Tate, married Oct 26 1885
Emily Mary Dolman born Aug 15 1886
Enoch Herbert born Oct 4 1888
Ethel Dolman June 10 1890
Florence Dolman born Aug 23 1892
Reginald Dolman born Dec 16 1894

Alice Blanche Tate Died May 26 18--.

1. Civil BMD Records           2. Parish Records.
3. IGI/AF.                     4. Census.
5. Family interview.           6: Newspaper & other publications   
7: Wills                       8: Tombstone
9. Family History              9a: Bible                           
9p: Photo Albums.
Other sources have been from internet contacts and web downloads.



Birth Certificate held.
BornBC: April 23 1892 @ Merridale Rd, Wolverhampton.  ....
Parents: Enoch & Alice Ada (Tate) Dolman
Married: Frederic Kirk Owen Owen Pages (no trace on St C Indexes)
Died: abt 1968, Canada.

Ref Elizabeth Kirk-Owen (nee Chadwick), Florence's daughter-in-law:
Rex's mother was a Dolman from the Wolverhampton area, possibly Glenthorne, Penn, Wolverhampton. This of born out by birth records and the family bible which shows his mother's, Florence, mother to have been born Alice Ada Tate.
    Frederick and Florence moved to Canada before the Great War to a farm bought by Alice Ada near Calgary after the death of Enoch, Florence's father. It is probable that they met in Canada or possibly in England: no trace of their marriage was found between 1912-14 on St C Indexes).
    Florence was injured in a riding accident and walked with a severe limp for the rest of her life: EAK-O describes her as a "loving person". Photographs exist of her at Rex's wedding in 1947 and again in 1964.

Issue (inter alia, see Owens):
1/1. Reginald (Rex) Kirk-Owen.


5          GENERATION 5




BornBC: 8/10/1861 at 1, George St, Burton.
Parents: Enoch (1) & Phoebe (Coley) Dolman
DiedDC: 16/2/1898, aged 36 (W'ton 6b 364 3/98), 76, Merridale Rd, W'ton aged 36, meat salesman, of Abcess in the abdomen, Phoebe Dolman present.

MarriedMC: Alice Ada Tate 26/10/1885 @ St Andrew's, Portslade.

Steyning 2b497 12/1885.
Enoch Dolman (age 24, bachelor, occupation: Butcher, residence Burton on Trent) & Alice Ada Tate (age 22, spinster, residence Portslade by Sea) married 26/10/1885 at St Andrews Church, Portslade by Sea.
Fathers: Enoch Dolman (Butcher) and Thomas Tate (dead). 
Witnesses: ?? Card (?) & Emily Card (?).



Birth & Marriage certs held. Bible entry.
BornBC: 29/11/1863 @ The Half Brick Beer House, Portslade
Birth Certificate registered 18/1/1864, (Steyning 2b258 3/1864)
Parents: Thomas & Ann (King) Tate.

1871 Census: @ Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade with mother
1881 Census: @ Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade with mother & step father.
1885: resident at Portslade by Sea.
1901 Census, 76, Merridale Rd, Wolverhampton.
(Hd, wid, 37, Meat saleswoman, Portslade), Emma (11, W'ton), Enoch (12, W'ton), Ethel (10, W'ton), Florence (8, W'ton), Reginald (7, W'ton). Elizabeth Thrupp (servant, 21, Willenhall).

Issue of Enoch & Alice Ada (Tate) Dolman (all born Wolverhampton):
1/1. Emily Dolman, born 15/8/18869a,

married Reginald Montgomery whose brother became Viscount M of Alamein. She lived near Belfast. 

1/2. Enoch Dolman, born 2/10/18889a,
1/3. Ethel Dolman, born 10/6/18909a, she married.
1/4. Florence Dolman, born 23/4/18929a,
1/5. Reginald Dolman, born 16/12/18949a.

Went to Canada, but disappeared.


6          GENERATION 6




The father of Alice Ada Birth PR checked & Marriage Certificate held.
Dolman Bible & PR Shows:
Born2,9a: 31/1/1838, ch 4/3/1838 @ Steyning (PR only, no civil reg). 
Parents: Thomas & Agnes Tate
Died (D/Cert held)DC: 8/6/1876, age 38, Innkeeper, of peritonitis, at The Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade. Ann Tate at death. 

His birthday is given as 30 Jan 1838 in the family bible, but his age in the 1841 census is given as 4, making him born about 1836-37.  No civil record exists of his birth after legal registration in June 1837.
The Parish records show Thomas Tate, son of Thomas & Agnes being christened 4/3/1838, his father being a wheelwright. His father's trade is confirmed on his marriage certificate: there is little doubt that this is the correct connection. He himself seemed a little uncertain about his birth: in 1861 he did not know his birth place, but by 1871, he gave it as Steyning. His father was a wheelwright in Beeding by 1851, when Thomas was a 15 year old labourer. 
   He married Ann King in 1859 in Brighton, when they lived at Portland St: he worked as a brewer's labourer.  When their daughter, Alice, was born, he was a beerhouse keeper at the Half Brick Beerhouse in Portslade (no longer existing in 1994).  He died 1876 at the Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade, although his family still lived in Portslade. His wife remarried and remained at the Pub.

    The Dolman bible has an entry for Alice Blanche's birth on 18/2 and death 26/5 but in both cases with the year scratched out: the King census shows a Blanche aged 1 in 1851. Either Alice Blanche died early or maybe was illegitimate daughter of Ann King when she was very young. Ann was not at Swallowfield in 1851.

Probate Index: 24 July 1876. The Will of Thomas Tate late of Portslade in the County of Sussex Licensed Victualler who died 8 June 1876 at Portslade was proved at Lewes by Ann Tate of Portslade Widow the relict the sole Executrix.

Will: He left a simple will, dated 7 June 1876, the day before he died, leaving all his real and personal estate to his wife Ann, who was also his executrix. He was described as a licensed victualler. The will was proved in Lewes 24/7/1876, with assets less than 100 sterling.

Married1: Ann King 29/10/1858 @ Brighton.
(2B305 Brighton 12/1859).



Birth & Marriage certificates held.

This Line is continued below under Berkshire Family.

Dolman Bible, Cert & PR show:
Born: 18 Feb 1838 at Riseley Common, Swallowfield, Berks.
      PR: Ch 18 March at Swallowfield
      ... father John, labourer, mother Ann, formerly Watkins,
     (Wokingham (for Swallowfield ref census) 6 289 3/38)
Parents: John & Ann (Watkins) King
MarriedMC: 1st. Thomas Tate (2), 29/10/1859 at Brighton.
          2nd. Benjamin Wood (b 1848, re Census81)
He evidentially took on the Clarendon Arms after Thomas' death.

DC: Died 15/9/1888, North Street, Portslade, 50, Wife of Benjamin Wood Publican, Phthisis, B Wood, widower. (Steyning, Q3 1888, 2b 160)

1841 Census: at Swallowfield with mother, but not present in 1851.
Census 1861 & 71: see Thomas Tate (2).
1878, PO Directory, Clarendon Arms, 24 North Street, Portslade by Sea:
Mrs Ann Tate, publican. 1890 & 1899, Benjamin Wood
1881 Census: Clarendon Arms, North St, Portslade.
Benjamin Wood (33, Licensed Victualer), Ann Wood (42, Swallowfield), Thomas Tate (15, son, Butchers Asst, Portslade), Alice Tate (19, Scholar, Portslade).
1891 Census: Clarendon Arms, Benjamin Wood, widower, publican.

Issue of Thomas & Anne (King) Tate:
1/19a. Alice Blanche Tate (Dolman Bible only - DoB erased),

BMD Index Brighton Blanche Alice Tate born Q2 1860, 2b 154.

1/29a. Emily Tate 5/6/1861. (Bible & C71)

Poss Cert Ref: Brighton 2b21

1/3. Alice Ada Tate 29/11/1863. (Bible, C71 & 81)
1/49a. James Thomas Tate  6/5/1866. (Bible, C71, C81)

Cert Ref, Steyning 2b243
1871 Census, at Portslade with parents.
1871 Census, Stonery House, Portslade:
William Reed (49, Gardner master employing 10 men, Hangleton), Maria 41, Handerose Sussex), (Mark, 18, Upper Beeding), Frank (15, Portslade), Anna Maria (14, P'lade), Georgina (11, P'lade), William George (6, P'lade), Albert Edward (4, P'lade).

1881 census, with mother at Portslade.
1881 Census, Stonery, Portslade:
William Reed (59, Farmer 60 acres, emp 8 men, 2 boys, Huncleton Sussex), Maria (54, Crawley), Frank (25, Gardner) Georgina (21), Hariett (19), William George (16, Carpenter), Albert Edward (14, Gardner).
1891 Census, 16, St James St, Kemp Town, Brighton
James T Tate (24, Butcher, Portslade), Harriet (28, Portslade).
1901 Census, 16 St James St, Brighton:
James T Tate (34, Hd, Shopkeeper, Portslade), Harriett (Wf, 39, Portslade), Laurie (dau, 9, Children Brighton), Thomas (8), Harry(7), Frank(4), Georgina Reed (s-in-law, Single, 41, Portslade)
Married Harriet Reed (b abt 1863, Portslade).
2/1. Laurie Tate, abt 1892
2/2. Thomas Tate, abt 1893
2/4. Harry Tate, abt 1894
2/5. Frank Tate, abt 1897

1/59a. Henry Tate 29/12/1870.  (Bible, C71)

1891 Census, Wolverhampton: Butcher with Enoch Dolman.
1901 not found


1841 Census: At Steyning: Thomas Tate (30), Agnes (30), Ann (6), William (5), Thomas (4), Emeline (1). All born in Sussex.
1851 Census, High St Beeding:
With parents: Thomas Tate (15, Agricultural Labourer, Steyning). 

Married at St Nicholas Parish Church, Brighton 29/10/1859.  Both aged 21, bachelor & spinster, residing at 40, Portland St; he a labourer.
His father Thomas, a Wheelwright, her's John, a farmer. 
Witnesses: John Shelley & Caroline Wilson.

1861 Census: At 41, Portland St, Portslade:
Thomas Tate (23, a Brewer's Labourer, birth place N.K).  Ann Tate (23, Swallowfield, Berks)
1871 Census: Portslade: Thomas (33), a publican, Ann (33), Emily (9), Alice (7), Thomas (4), Henry (1).  (+Mary Ann Butcher, servant). 
Also at Portslade: William Tate + family, Thomas's brother. 

1881 Census:
Ann remarried in Portslade

The Clarendon Arms is in North St[1]:
Photo:North St, Portslade


7          GENERATION 7




The father of Thomas Tate (2).

ChPR: 27/3/1809 @ Findon (AF also)
Parents: George & Mary Tate.
Died aft 1891.
A possibility from BMD Index: St Saviour, Q1 1895 aged 87, V1dF111.
Or Thomas “Tadd” 1903 Q4 Chichester 2b 236 age 94.

No will probate found

Tithe awards (1840), show Thomas Tate living in a cottage and garden near the church in Steyning.

1841 Census, At Markington, Steyning:
Thomas Tate (30), Agnes (30), Ann (6), William (5), Thomas (4), Emeline (1). All born in Sussex.

1851 Census, High St Beeding:
Thomas Tate (42, Wheelwright, Findon), Agnes (42, Beeding), William (16, Ag Lab, Steyning), Thomas (15, Ag Lab, Steyning), Caroline (11), Frederick (6), Alfred (10), Geering (4), Edward (1), all remainder born @ Beeding.
Some confusion about Emeline/Caroline: prob the same.
1859: still a wheelwright when son Thomas was married. 
Steyning and Beeding are only about 2 miles apart. The Beeding parish was divided about 1835 into Upper and Lower: Upper is the original church close to Steyning.
1861 Census, Portslade St, Portslade:
Thomas (46, Wheelwright, Findon), Agnes (48), Ann (35, dressmaker, Steyning - should be 25), Frederick (16, bricklayer), Geering (14, scholar, Beeding).
1871 Census, 15, Kemp St, Brighton:
Thomas (61, Carpenter, Findon), Agnes (61, Beeding).
1881 Census, 2 Frederick Gardens, Brighton:
Thomas Tate (68, Carpenter, Findon), Agnes (71, Beeding).
1891 Census, 18, Swift Cottages, Portslade. Portslade-91-34-15.
Charles White (56, bricklayer, Worthing), Elizabeth (52, Hustpierpoint), Thomas Tate (Wid, Boarder, 84, Wheelwright, Findon).

MarriedMC: Agnes Carter Goddard @ Beeding 27/1/1832 (witness Jane Tate)



She was the mother of Thomas Tate (2). Note that there were Goddards in the same area in which Ann King, her daughter-in-law, was raised.

ChBC: 25/9/1809 @ Beeding.
Parents: Base born daughter of Kitty Goddard (Carters at Beeding)
Her father was almost certainly William Carter, who married Kitty soon after Agnes’ birth.

Died: prob Q1 1889, Steyning 2b 191.
DC: Died 6/3/1889, Friars Court, Portslade, 79, Wife of Thomas Tate journeyman wheelwright, Senility, informant Thomas Tate widower.

IGI has her father as William Carter, who married Kitty in the November.

Married: Thomas Tate @ Beeding 27/1/1832.

Issue of Thomas & Agnes Tate (ch PR):
1/1. Agnes Tate, ch Steyning, 22/11/1832,

Died 1837 (Peter East).

1/2. Ann Tate, ch Steyning, 10/8/1834.
1/3. William Tate, ch Findon, 28/12/18352.

Married Elizabeth Witler 1859, Steyning (Peter East)
1841 Census, @ Steyning age 5
1851 Census: Ag Lab in Beeding age 16.
1861 Census: Upper Beeding High St
William (24 Shepherd, Steyning), Elizabeth 22, Shoreham), Emmeline (1).
1871 Census, Portslade: William (35, Shepherd, Steyning), Elizabeth (33, Shoreham), Emmeline (11, Steyning), Agnes (9, Beeding), Frederick (7, Beeding), Alfred (5, Beeding).
1891 Census: 1, Gardner St, Portslade:
Henry Green (Hd), William Tate (boarder, Wid, 54 Gen Lab, Steyning).
1891 Census: Portslade:
William Christopher Strange (67, Decorator, London), Sarah (60, Poynings, Sussex).
1901: 126 Trafalgar Rd, Portslade, a possibility.
William Tate (66, Labourer, Steyning), Sarah (70, Brighton), Frederick (42, Labourer, Steyning), Annie Strange (d-in-law, 32, Hove), Florrie Strange (g-dau, 6, Gosport).
2/1. Emeline Tate born Steyning, 1860.
2/2. Agnes Tate born Beeding, 1863.
2/3. Frederick Tate born Beeding, 1864.

1881 Census, Abinger Rd, Portslade:
James Terry (Hd), Frederick Tate (Lodger, 18, Lab, Beeding).
1891 with brother Alfred.
1901 with parents in Portslade.

2/4. Alfred Tate born Beeding, 1866,

M. Rosina Turner. prob 1885.
Also registered marriage Alfred Thomas Tate (Steyning, 2b520, 12/1885) at the same time as Alice Ada Tate.
1891 Census: 16 Abinger Rd, Portslade:
Alfred (25, Insurance Agent, Brighton), Rosina (25, Laundress, Portslade) Alfred (4, Portslade), Frederick (brother, 27, General Labourer, Brighton)
1901 Census not found.

1/4. Thomas Tate, ch Steyning, 31/1/1838.
1/5. Emeline Tate, ch Beeding, 12/7/1840, (C41 & PE), died 1857.
1/6. Alfred Tate, ch Beeding, 1841, C41. Died 1861 (PE)
1/7. Frederick Tate, ch Beeding, IGI ch 2/3/1845 Findon.

1871 not found.

1/8. Geering Tate, ch Beeding, 1847, IGI & C51,
1/9. Edward Tate, ch Beeding, 1850, IGI & C51.

1871 not found.


8          GENERATION 8



KO08/25  (2NCV-FD)

He was the father of Thomas Tate (1).

ChBC: 26/1/1776 at Findon.  (PR/IGI/AF)
Parents: George & Sarah Tate.
Died: 21/6/1846 @ Findon (AF).
Bur: George Tate of Nepcote Findon 21/6/1846 age 70 (PR).

Married (PR): Mary Neal Petworth 18/2/1798, both of Petworth

    The work of Lashbrook Laker shows George being married to Mary Tank, but no Parish Record evidence has been found. The marriage to Mary Neal is the only one between a George Tate and a Mary. There were none in the relevant period in Findon.  They probably moved (back?) from Petworth to Findon about 1803.
    Tithe Awards, 1839, show George snr living next to George jnr a little north of the gates of Findon Park, in houses and gardens. He probably worked on the Findon Estate (for Lord Goring?).

1841 Census, Nepcote:
Geo Tate (65, Wheelwright, Y), Mary (65, Y), Albert (6, inmate, Y).

George, the son, was at Nepcote in Census 51, born in Petworth 1802.

Mary, wife of George snr, age at death corresponds with date of birth in Pulborough.
     These facts show the connection with Petworth and West Sussex.

AF has a different spouse for George and repeat children entries under different reference numbers, both numbers are included, issue by Mary Tank & Mary Marner included: for more comments see at the end of this section.



Most likely (IGI):
Ch: 22/6/1774 @ Pulborough.
Parents: Thomas & Jane (Garland) Neal
Married (PR): George Tate 18/2/1798, Petworth.

Died: Mary wife of George of Nepcote bur Findon 1/5/42 age 68 (PR).  (this confirms date of birth).

Issue of George & Mary (Neal) Tate, Ch (IGI) as noted,
1/1. Mary Tate, b 15/6/1798, ch. 29/6/1798 Petworth, PR & IGI.
1/2. Sarah Tate, b 29/12/1799, ch. 26/1/1800 Petworth, PR & IGI
1/3. George Tate, b 6/1/1802, ch. 3/2/1802 Petworth, IGI & PR,

Married Frances Kidd (IGI)
(AF: MFJ7-D7, born 1801)
George Tate jnr living in house next to father in Findon, 1839.
1841 Census, Findon: George (35, Wheelwright), Frances (35), George (14, Labourer) Jane (12) Child (Henry? 8) Mary Ann (2)
1851 Census, Nepcote, Findon: George (49, master W'wright empl. 1 man, Petworth), Frances (49 Lancing), George (24, W'wright, Fin) Henry 18, W'wright, Fin), Sarah Ann (12 Fin), Eliza (7 Fin).
Married: Frances Kidd (date & place n/k: FK b. Lancing 1802)
1861 Census, Findon:
George Tate (59, Wheelwright), Frances (59), Sarah A (22, Dressmaker, Findon).
Next entry in Findon, Harriet Tate (wid, 32, Barnet, Middx), Edwin (son, 3, Findon).  Who was this??
1871 Census, Nepcote, Findon:
George Tate (69, Wheelwright), Frances (59), Henry (g/son, 15 Wheelwright's assistant, Brighton).
1881 not found.

Issue of George & Frances Tate, Ch Findon (IGI):
2/1. Fanny Tate, ch.  26/9/1824,

IGI shows Fanny Tate m. John Ayling, Findon 5/8/1850.
PR: Fanny, father George Tate (wheelwright), John Ayling, Bricklayer, baseborn, father Isaac.
1861 Census, 9, Bath Place, Broadwater, Shoreham.
John Ayling (40, Bricklayer, Worthing), Fanny (36, Lodging House Keeper, Findon), Sarah A. (s-in-law, dressmaker, Findon)
1871 Census, 2 Western Terrace, Broadwater:
John Ayling (50, Bricklayer Journeyman, Worthing), Fanny (46), Catherine F Tate (niece, 12, Servant Domestic, Brighton).
1881 Census, 3 West St, Broadwater, Sussex.
John Ayling (60, bricklayer), Fanny (56, Lodging House Keeper), Catherine (niece, 21, Gen Servant), Florence (niece, 17, Gen Servant).

2/2. George Tate, ch.  15/10/1826.

1861 not found

2/3. Jane Tate, ch. 24/5/1829. Married Thomas Kent, London.

3/1. William Kent (who died before 1888) Married Edith Buxton,

Edith + 4 sons emigrated to Canada 1888
4/1. Frederick Kent, g/dau Vicki

2/4. Henry Tate, ch.  9/9/1832.

1861 Census, 32 George St, Hove:
Henry Tate (28, Carpenter, Findon), Catherine (30, Carpenter's wife, Penryn, Cornwall), Henry (5, scholar, Brighton), Catherine (3, Hove), James George (1 mth, Hove).
1871 No sign of James George.
3/1. Henry Tate, abt 1856.

1871 Census, with G/father George.

3/2. Catherine Tate abt 1858

1871 & 1881 with Aunt Fanny.

3/3. James George Tate, 1861.

2/5. Mary Tate, ch.  3/9/1837.
2/6. Sarah Ann Tate, ch.  5/5/1839.
2/7. Eliza Tate, ch.  3/12/1843.

1/4. William Tate 1/4/1804 Findon. IGI PR

A William Tate lived in a house in Findon in 1839 (Tithes), tenant of John Bright, and was a tenant of Charles Goring on 12.75 acres in 2 meadows.

PR: William Tate of Nepcote, buried Findon, 10/6/1840 age 39.
Also AF shows: (MFJF-HK)
Married(1): Harriet Godley (MFJF-JQ) Born: Abt 1808 Findon, Sussex,
2/1. Harriet Tate (MFJF-KW) Chr.: 31 May 1839 Findon, Sussex,

Married(2): Catherine  (MFJF-CV) Born: Abt 1797 Findon, Catherine Tate, wife of William died 1/7/1839, aged 40. (PR)

2/2.  William Ward Tate (MFJF-D2) Born: Abt 1832 Findon,

Findon PR: William Ward Tate infant son of William & Katherine bur 6/1/1823.

2/3. Albert Tate (MFJF-F7) Born:  2 Nov 1834 Findon, Sussex.

1861 not found.

2/4.  Walter Ward Tate (MFJF-GD)  Born: 19 Sep 1836 Findon,    

1861 not found.

1/5. Jane Tait (MFJ7-FD) Born: 25 Aug 1806 Findon, Sussex, not on PR!!

AF only.
AF also has entry: (1JHL-X0)    Born: CA 1803 (48-1851) Findon,
Married: John Laker III (1JHL-WS) of Shipley. She married a Shipley man, John Laker, in 1834 and moved to the Shipley/West Grinstead area where their son, Lashbrook was born in 1835.   The family then moved to Croydon in 1835/6 before emigrating to the U.S.A. around in 1855. Jane died in 1881 in Richmond, Indiana at the age of 78 years. Lashbrook died in St. Charles, Idaho in 1901.
Born: Abt 1808 West Grinsted, Sussex,
2/1. Lashbrook Laker (1G7L-X1)

Born: 21 Apr 1835 Lower Beeding, Sussex, England
Married(1): Annie Bryceson (1RJ4-86)
Born: 12 Jul 1832 Commercial Road, Stepney, East London
Issue of Lashbrook Laker & Annie Bryson
3/1. Elnora Laker, who married Henry Harrison Dalrymple.
3/2. Lashbrook Bryson Laker (went by the name Lash)

was married to Grace Maud Spencer (no issue).
He was an MD, graduated from Chicago.  He served a mission --- unknown where. He died fairly young leaving his wife to live the majority of her adult life as a widow. There were no children. He is buried in the Salt Lake cemetery next to his wife.

Married(2): Kate Cornelia Evans (1G7L-Z6)
Dau of Cornelius & Catherine (Batten) Evans.
Born: 10 Feb 1863 Morgan, Morgan County, UT.
Issue of Lashbrook & Kate (Evans) Laker:
3/1. Daniel Cornelius Laker, Born 27/04/1885.

Married: Martha R. Woodhouse.
4/1. Bryan Laker

5/1. Miss Laker

Married: George Pearson, born 1946.

3/2. Minnie Bayes Laker, b 29/03/1891 – spelt Baize in original download,

corrected by her daughter’s niece, Phyllis Lee McDowell in 2015.
M. William Reuben Moyes, descendant of Deacon Samuel Wright, b 1625/1626 in England.
1/1. Letha Moyes, aunt of Phyllis McDowell.

Married: Elizabeth Ann Batten (QXTD-CS)    Born: [1835]

2/2. Jane Laker (1JHM-55) Chr.: 13 Apr 1837 Merstham, Surrey,

Married: Thomas Hunter (BBR3-N8)  Born: Abt 1834 Of Merstham, Sussex.

2/3. Susan Laker (1JHM-6B) Chr.: 18 Nov 1839 Merstham,

Surrey, Married: John Vosler (BBR3-PF)  Born: [1839] Of Merstham, Suss,

2/4. William Laker (1JHM-7H)  Chr.:  6 Feb 1842 Merstham,

Married: Sarah Tank (BBR3-QL)  Born: [1842] Of Merstham, Suss,

2/5. John Laker (1JHM-8N) Chr.: 6/10/1844 Merstham, Surrey.
Of Kate Evans, inter alia:
2/6. Minnie Baize Laker,

who married William Moyes, whose ancestry has been researched by Ellen Baker, ref email 9/2003.

1/6. Sarah Tait (MFJ7-GK)  Born: Abt 1809 Findon, Sussex, AF only.
1/7. Thomas Tate (MFJ7-HQ) (MFJD-WH)

Chr.: 27 Mar 1809 Findon, Sussex, AF & PR.

1/8. Susan Tate (AF: MFJD-XN) IGI: 10/5/1812 Findon PR

AF: Susan Tait (MFJ7-JW)  Born: Abt 1811 Findon, Sussex,
Married: Thomas Marner, 3/11/1830 @ Findon.
The following appear, but may not be relevant.
1851 Census, Findon:
Thomas Marner (34m Bricklayer Journeyman, Findon), Susannah (33, Wife, Hermanbury), Michael (5, Scholar, Findon), Fanny (4, Findon), Samuel (2, Findon)
1861 Census, Findon, possible:
Thomas Marner (wid, 53, bricklayer, Findon)
1871 Census, Mill Cottages, Findon:
Thomas Marner (54, Bricklayer, Findon), Susannah M (53, Hermanbury), Samuel J (22, Bricklayer's Lab., Findon), Tom Carver (18, Bricklayer's Lab, Findon), Harry Sidney (14, Errand Boy, Findon).

1/9. Mary Tait (MFJ7-K3)    Born: 1813 Findon, Sussex, AF only.
1/10. William Tait (MFJ7-L8) Born: 1815 Findon, Sussex, AF only.


The LDS Ancestral File shows George Tate Snr marrying both Mary Tank and Mary Marner at Findon, but there is no evidence of this in the Parish Records. He is also said to have married Susannah Marner, but this George Tate came from West Tarring (now in Worthing) and was probably born in Sompting 16/10/1774 of George & Ann Holter.  This marriage was 12/6/1802 in Findon.
PR: George T of West Tarring m. Susanna Marner of Findon 2/1802.

AF shows George Tate (incorrectly) married:
Mary Marner (MFJD-T5)    Born: Abt 1773 Of Findon, Sussex,

They were the parents of Mary Marner and had other children: Hannah, Richard, Thomas, Elisabeth, William, Michael and Benjamin.  (ref WDB).

According to AF, she was the mother of Thomas Tate (1).
She was born in Findon and christened on 21 Sept 1783. Her parents were Thomas and Sarah Marner.

AF Submitter: AFTAIT01, 02, 03 Owen J. Cook, AF91-100489 11794, Eton Drive, Grand Terrace, Ca. 92324,



The mother of Agnes Goddard.
PR shows: Ch 24/4/1791 at Beeding (no doubt that she was "Kitty")
IGI shows: Phillidelphia ch 24/4/1791 at Beeding (parents same).
Parents: David & Philadelphia (prob).

1841 Census, Beeding: Phillip Goddard (25, Taylor), Ruth (30), Kitty (50).

Married: None recorded.  Carters figure in the PR.
     IGI shows "Philly" Goddard marrying William Carter 27/11/1809 at Beeding. This was probably her. IGI has Agnes parents as William Carter & Philly Goddard.

BMD Index: Philly Carter died Q2 1839, Steyning 7 316.
DC: Philly Carter, 13/5/1839, Beeding, 48, Consumption, Harriet Goddard, sister, of Beeding.

     It is thus reasonable to assume that Agnes' father was William Carter, but the church was being somewhat pedantic about the names, as they were married a couple of months after Agnes' birth.

1/1. Agnes Carter Goddard (PR 25/9/1809),

Beeding, mother Philly. IGI, Upper Beeding, mother Philly:

1/2. Lavinia Carter, (26/2/1811), d. 3/12/1814
1/3. Peter Carter, (14/10/1812), d 18/10/1812.
1/4. John Carter, (23/9/1813),

Married, Elizabeth Kelsey Norris, Upper Beeding, 27/2/1837 (IGI).
Elizabeth ch 6/5/1810, Steyning of Phillip & Charlotte.
1851 Census, Lower Horton, Beeding.
John Carter (37, Ag Lab, Beeding), Elizt Kelsey (41, Steyning), Moses (10, scholar, Beeding), Willm Alf (8, scholar, Beeding), Charlotte (6, scholar, Beeding), Robert Henry (2)
1861 Census, Horton Hall, Beeding:

John Carter (47, Farm Bailiff, Beeding), Elizabeth Kelsey Carter (51, Steyning), William Alfred (10, Apprentice Wheelwright, Beeding), Frederick (nephew, 3, Brighton).
1871 Census, Park Lodge, West Grinstead:
John Carter (57, Farm Lab, Beeding), Elizbt Kelsey (61, Steyning), Charlotte H (dau, 26, no occupation, Beeding).
1881 Census, Swan Inn, Washington, Shoreham:
Frederick Sayers (Layers?) (32, Publican, Arhurst), Charlotte Hope (34, Wife, Beeding), John Carter (wid, wife's father, 68, Farm Bailiff, West Grinstead)
1891 Census not found.
2/1. Norris (Moses) Carter, 20/9/1840, Upper Beeding (IGI).
2/2. William Alfred Carter, b abt 1843, Beeding.
2/3. Charlotte Ann Carter, 8/6/1845, Upper Beeding (IGI),

married Roderick Sayers.

2/4. Robert Henry Tate, b abt 1849, Beeding.
2/5. Elizabeth Kelsy Carter, 5/12/1852, UB (IGI).

1/5. Lavinia Carter, (1/1/1816),
1/6. George Carter, (1 or 7/1/1816).

1851 Census, Hammer, Lower Beeding:
William Carter (68, Ag Lab, Midhurst), Elizabeth (61, Billingshurst), James (wid, 35, Ag Lab, Steyning), George (son, 22, Lab, Beeding), Elizabeth (Gdau, 6, Beeding),
1861 Findon,
James Carter (40, Carpenter, Pulborough), Ann (42, Alresford), Fanny (13, scholar, Storrington), Rosa C. (10, scholar, Storrington), James W (5, Findon), Louisa (3, Findon).



9          GENERATION 9




Father of George Tate

Christened: 19/9/1744, Newdigate, Surrey. (IGI & PR transcript)
Parents: George & Mary (Peters) Tate

AF/IGI: b abt 1745 & d abt 1/2/1827 age 82

PR: George Tate the oldest bur 1/2/1827 age 82 Findon (there being 3 generations of George Tate alive in 1827).

   The AF and IGI have no real information on this George in Sussex, but Surrey IGI has the following. The age is correct and a line starting in Sussex can be constructed, so this looks likely. An assumption had been made in the AF that he was the son of William Tate (b 1696). There was no evidence of this and William would probably not have been having children by 1745.
   It looks as though he may have married Sarah Dale in Dorking and then remained there for a while before moving to Findon where his later children were born. A study of the Surrey records show this to be a reasonable assumption. Rusper, where Sarah Dale was born, is the next parish to Newdigate.

PR for Washington, Storrington, Sullington, Petworth, Wiggin Holt, Westhampnet checked 1735-50 for George - nil (except Petworth, these are not on IGI).

Diana Tate ch 19/3/1749 @ Petworth, parents Thomas & Sarah - is this relevant???

Married: Sarah (from Findon children PR)
George Tate of Staines, bachelor, married Sarah Dale OTP spinster, 5/6/1770 Dorking, Surrey (PR transcript)
Allegations for Marriage Licences Commissiary Court of Surrey:
4/6/1770: George Tate of Staines, county Middlesex, abode 4 weeks, signs, bachelor, 21, and Sarah Dale of Dorking, spinster, 21 at Dorking.
Most allegations seem to have 4 weeks for the abode.

A George Tate paid tax in New Shoreham 1798.



PR & IGI Shows:
Sarah Dale ch Rusper, Sussex (South of Crawley), 25/5/1744 (PR),
Parents John & Mary, (no marriage for John, Surrey or Sussex)

Issue of George & Sarah (Dale) Tate, Dorking:
1/1. Thomas Tate, 25/8/1770, died 19/10/1770
1/2. Sarah Tate, 25/12/1771
1/3. Elizabeth Tate, 2/2/1774

Issue of George & Sarah Tate, ch Findon (IGI):
1/4. George Tate, ch 26/1/1776 PR.
1/5. Mary Tate, ch 23/11/1777.
1/6. Ann Tate, ch 12/3/1780.

PR: Ann Tate dau of George & Sarah bur 2/12/1818, age 38 Findon.

1/7. Diana Tate, ch 9/3/1783.
1/8. Sarah Tate (PR: d 5/10/1787 prob @ birth.
1/9. Jane Tate, ch 13/1/1788, d. 15/11/1800?, Findon.

The issue that follow agree with the IGI & PR data, with the exception of son George's wife:
Married: Sarah  (MFJ7-NL)    Born: Abt 1742 Findon, Sussex, Eng
1/1. George Tate (2NCV-FD) Chr.: 26 Jan 1776 Findon, Sussex.

Married according to AF, but not PR:
Mary Marner (MFJD-T5)    Born: Abt 1773 Of Findon, Sussex,
Mary Tank (MFJ7-C2)    Born: Abt 1782 Findon, Sussex, Eng

1/2. Mary Tate (MFJ7-QX)    Chr.: 23 Nov 1777 Findon, Sussex,
1/3. Ann Tate (MFJ7-R4)    Chr.: 12 Mar 1780 Findon, Sussex,
1/4. Diana Tate (MFJ7-S9)    Chr.:  9 Mar 1783 Findon, Sussex,
   Diana Tate M. James Slaughter, Broadwater, Sussex, 9/6/1808.
1/5. Sarah Tate (MFJ7-TG)    Chr.: Abt 1785 Findon, Sussex,
1/6. Jane Tate (MFJ7-VM)    Chr.: 13 Jan 1788 Findon, Sussex



IGI possibilities:
C: 7 Aug 1718    Father: Henry Neal, Arundel, Sussex, England
C: 24 Sep 1724   Parents: John & Mary Neal Fittleworth, Sussex,
C: 21 Sep 1736  Parents: Peter & Sarah Neale
Saint Peter The Great Or Subdeanery Of Chichester, Chichester, Sussex,
C: 7 Nov 1745 Parents: Willm & Mary Neal Fittleworth, Sussex, England

Poor Law Record

Reference Number:




Order type:

Settlement certificate


11 Jul 1772








Parish 2


Thomas NEAL























Married: 14 Jan 1772 Jane Garland, Petworth, Sussex,



C: 12 Jul 1744
Saint Peter The Great Or Subdeanery Of Chichester, Chichester, Sussex,
Parents: John & Elizabeth Garland

Issue of Thomas & Jane (Garland) Neal:
1/1. Thomas Neal, ch Pulborough 2/11/1772.
1/2. Mary Neal, ch Pulborough 22/6/1774.    KO08/26
1/3. William Neal, ch Pulborough 23/9/1778.

Neal Wills:
William Neal, of Fittleworth, Vol 36 F 36, 1735
Wife Mary all goods & chattels for life or widowhood
then 2/3 to son William
& 1/3 to dau Ann
also dau Mary wife of Francis Rogers?
dated 30/8/1734 proved 2/9/1735.

John Neal of Kirdford, V41 f 42 1763
Wife Mary, £5, & £60 annuity
Dau Sarah, wife of William Pullen.
Dau Mary wife of Mr Batto? (Thomas Dodds?? – Mary Neal M Thomas Dodds, 10/12/1765, West Stoke).
Son John Neal executor & residuary legatee.
Dated 9/3/1760-1, prove 18/8/1763.

John Neal of Kirdford, V42 f 120 1770
Sick & weak
John Eldridge, mercer, trustee & Samuel Pledge friend
Mother Mary
Sister Mary wife of John Batts?
William, Elizabeth, John, Susanna & Catherine children of late brother William
Sister Sarah wife of William Pullen (Sarah Neal M William Pullen, 19/10/1756, Petworth).
Ann Neal, dau of William Neal residuary legatee



The father of Kitty Goddard
PR/IGI Shows: Ch: 4/7/1761 at Upper Beeding (PR)
Parents: William & Sarah (Greenfield) Goddard
Married: Philidelphia ???. (b abt 1771-6)
         IGI has no suitable marriages.

There were a family of Goddards in Swallowfield and Shinfield contemporary with the Kings: Ann King, daughter of John of Swallowfield (see his entry), married Thomas Tate, Kitty's probable grandson.

Land Tax Redemption, 1798, Ancestry.com 3/2013:
David Goddard for his house, self occupied 0/8/0d

A Phillis Goddard lived with Richard Goddard (David's brother), a schoolmaster, in 1841 and was a widow age 65. This was probably their mother, Philadelphia. 
A Philadelphia Neal ch. Lindfield 21/1/1707 ex Thomas & Priscilla.

Issue (IGI ch Upper Beeding):
1/1. Kitty Goddard, ch. 24/4/1791.

The IGI does not show Kitty, but has Philadelphia ch 24/4/1791, the same date as Kitty. The spelling Kitty is confirmed in the PR. Harriet shown as her sister confirms this line.

1/2. Harriet Goddard, ch 28/5/1792 Upper Beeding (IGI),

informant at Kitty/Philly’s death certificate

1/3. Mary Goddard, ch. 16/2/1794.
1/4. David Goddard, ch. 10/9/1796.

Tithe awards, Upper Beeding, 1843, show David Goddard as owner of House & Garden, with Joseph Goddard next door as tenant. It is likely that this is him, although a death date for father is not known.

1/5. Eliza Goddard, ch 21/4/1797.
1/6. John Goddard, ch. 20/7/1800. of David & Phillidelphia.
1/7. Richard Goddard, ch. 4/7/1802.

IGI has marriage of Richard Goddard & Ann Rook at Southwick, Sussex 21/9/1822.
Probably correct as Southwick next west from Portslade.
Issue: none known, but if Census 1861 correct, there must have been a Daughter at least.
Tithe awards, Upper Beeding, 1843, show Richard Goddard as a tenant on 3 plots of land totalling about 2 acres, including one called "Follies Croft". Beeding tithe map shows the old strip land ownership very clearly.
1841 Census: @ Beeding age 35, a schoolmaster with Phillis(delphia?) (65, Independent widow) Harriet (45 Independent) and Ann (16). 
The enumerator for Beeding in 1851 was Richard Goddard.
1851 Census: High St, Beeding:
Richard Goddard (48, Schoolmaster, Beeding), Ann (43, New Shoreham),  + pupils.
1861 Census: Beeding High St:
Richard (58, Victualler, Beeding) Ann (50, New Shoreham) also Beth Ellin Putto??? (niece 13, General servant, Southampton).

1/8. Jane Goddard, ch.  15/1/1804.
1/8. Jeering Goddard, ch.  2/1/1806.
1/10. Henry Goddard, ch.  10/12/1808.
1/11. Frances Goddard, ch 19/1/1810.

Other Goddards 1851:

Harry Goddard (54, Ag Lab, Beeding), Hannah (58, Schoolmistress, Beanton).

Ann Goddard (54, Cordwainer's wife, Hellingly), Mary Ann (12, Scholar, Beeding), Rich (10, scholar, Beeding), Eliza (8, scholar, Beeding).

Chas Goddard (42, Ag Lab, Beeding), Mary (44), Edw (13), Stephen (10), Fredk (8), Elam (5), Jane (2), Mary (26, Lodger), Thos (20, Lodger), Selwin (18, Lodger) All b Beeding.

Other Goddards in Beeding 1861: Charles (63 + family), Harry (64 + wife), Joseph (64 + family).

1851 Census, 47 Meeting House Lane, Brighton:
John Goddard (66, Ag Lab, Beeding), Sarah (wf, 53, Stationer, Bham), Edward Mitchell (nephew's son, 17, Potboy, Beston, Sussex).
Maybe ch 5/4/1795, Findon of John & Mary.


10     GENERATION 10


GEORGE TATE – 1706 G10


Christened: 30/1/1706, West Tarring.
Parents: William & Elizabeth Tate

No George's in Surrey before this 1738. Suppose this George was born 1706 West Tarring.
Benjamin Tate m. Martha Allcroft, Mitcham, 24/2/1742 IGI

George Tate married Mary Peters, 27/4/1738, Newdigate, Surrey, both OTP Banns

(between Horsham & Dorking) (PR transcript).



Ch: 24/5/1712, Newdigate, (PR)
Parents: Joseph Peter. – Continues in Surrey

Issue of George & Mary Tate, Newdigate:
1/1. Edward Tate, ch 16/2/1738-9 (PR)
1/2. Mary Tate, ch 18/7/1740. (PR)

Maybe married William Ede, 16/4/1760, Horley.

1/3. Elizabeth Tate, 5/3/1741 (PR)
1/4. George Tate ch 19/9/1744 (PR),
1/5. William Tate, ch 3/10/1746, (PR)
   maybe M. Dorking 26/7/1771 Ann Penekeet

Also George ch 29/5/1746 of Benjamin.

Mary Peter Alternatives:
Ch 17/11/1720, Rusper, Sussex (Next Parish S of Newdigate).
Parents: Jno & Eliz Peters
Prob too young

Ch: 26/12/1712, Cowfold, Sussex (5 m SSE of Horsham)
Parents: Edward & Mary.

Ch: 1/6/1705, Horsham, Sussex
Parents: William & Mary
Prob too old, and not the closest.

Newdigate Place was at one time owned by the Dukes of Norfolk, but during the period of interest was owned by the Newdigate family. The main connection with Sussex was probably the London Arundel road.

JOHN DALE - 1708


Ch: 9/4/1708, Rusper
Parents: John & Sarah (Illman) Dale of Horsham (PR)
Marriage: None found Surrey or Sussex.

PR & IGI Shows:

Issue of John & Mary PR transcript ch Rusper:
(this does not look to be a complete list, but is all that there is on the IGI & PR).
1/1. Mary Dale 15/2/1729-30
1/2. John Dale 11/12/1734, Bur 31/12/1734 an infant PR
1/3. Joseph Dale 17/11/1732 Bur 11/9/1742 PR.
1/4. Sarah Dale ch Rusper, Sussex (South of Crawley), 25/5/1744 (PR),

JOHN DALE - 1674


Ch 12/7/1674, Rusper (PR).
Parents: Ralph & Walsingham.

John Dale, husbandman, Married Sarah Illman, 27/11/1705, Rusper (PR).


ch 19/12/1680, Rusper
Parents: John & Margaret (Hill) Illman.
Issue (IGI & PR ch Rusper):
1/1. Margaret Dale (20/4/1706), John labourer & Sarah of Horsham
1/2. John Dale (9/4/1708 John & Sarah Dale of Horsham),
1/3. Edward Dale 4/2/1710 of Jno & Sarah,
1/4. Wm Dayle 6/12/1712 of Jno & Sarah,
1/5. Sarah Dale 14/11/1714 of Jno & Sarah.



No christenings on IGI Surrey/Sussex for Ralph or Walsingham
Ralph Dale M. Walsingham Lee, 16/6/1656, Rusper (PR).
Also listed as at Warnham on IGI, but source looks PR for Rusper, not Warnham.

Issue of Ralph & Walsingham (Lee) Dale, Rusper:
1/1. John Dale 13/2/1658-9, son of Ralph of Horsham, born 6 bur 4/1/1664-5
1/2. Willm Dale (B26/1/1660-1, ch 10/2/60, R & W of Horsham),
1/3. Edward Dale (26/4/1663 of Horsham),
1/4. Thomas Dale (7/1/1665-6 of Horsham),
1/5. Henrie Dale (4/4/1669 of Horsham),
1/6. Joseph Dale (23/6/1672 of Horsham),
1/7. John Dale 12/7/1674 of Horsham.



John Illman m Margaret Hill, 17/6/1662, Rusper (PR, no further info).

Too many John Illmans and none at Rusper. Ditto Margaret.

Issue of John & Margaret Illman (Rusper PR):
1/1. Catherine Illman (5/9/1662),
1/2. William Illman (3/4/1664),
1/3. Elizabeth Illman (10/12/1665, bur Elizabeth dau of John, 9/2/1665-6),
1/4. Marie Illman (19/3/1666-7),
1/5. Margaret Illman (7/2/1668-9),
1/6. John Illman (8/1/1670-1),
1/7. Thomas Illman (19/1/1672-3),
1/8. Mary Illman (14/3/1674-5),
1/9. George Illman (16/6/1678),
1/10. Sarah Illman (19/12/1680),
1/11. Frances Illman (17/12/1682). (note old year system).



Alternatives on IGI:
Jonne_ Garland B: 17 Jun 1660   Father: Peetar Garland
Petworth, Sussex, England

Jonn_ Johanas Garland C: 28 Aug 1668  Father: Ralph Garland Petworth, Sussex, England

Joh Garland C: 27 Jan 1672   Father: Ralph Garland
Petworth, Sussex, England

John Garland C: 12 Aug 1691  Father: Peter Garland
Petworth, Sussex, England

John Garland C: 21 Dec 1694  Father: Abraham Garland
Petworth, Sussex, England

Married: 8 Jan 1727 Elizabeth Peckwell
Fittleworth, Sussex, (3 m SE Petworth)



Ch: 30 Apr 1703, Petworth, Sussex. (PR)
Parent: Jasper Peckwell.

Issue of John & Elizabeth Garland, ch Petworth, IGI:
1/1. Mary Garland C: 4 Dec 1729, b 1st PR
1/2. John Garland C: 14 Mar 1731-2, B 12th PR
1/3. Elizabeth Garland C: 26 May 1734 PR
1/4. Ann Garland C: 12 Sep 1736, B 5th PR.

It looks as though John & Elizabeth moved from Petworth to Chichester:

Issue of John & Elizabeth Garland, ch: Saint Peter The Great Or
Subdeanery Of Chichester, Chichester, Sussex, IGI:
1/5. Henry Garland C: 22 Jul 1739 PR
1/6. Elizabeth Garland C: 20 Dec 1741 PR
1/7. Jane Garland C: 12 Jul 1744, PR             KO9/52.



The father of David Goddard.
IGI shows: Born: abt 1716 Steyning (ref IGI).
Possible Parents: Holland & Mary Goddard @ Petworth 26/5/1723.

Or 20/3/1725 Edburton of William & Mary - looks too young & IGI suggests spouse Frances.
IGI also has William b abt 1716 Edburton.

Land Tax Redemption, 1798, Ancestry.com 3/2013:
Beeding, Wm Goddard occupier:
Rev W Hutchinsson            26/-/-  25 Mar 1799
for the Glebe
Wm Goddard for his land      1/8/-
Ditto                        0/10/-
for land of late Bellings    0/5/4d
for house late               0/5/4d
for land late Bellings       0/5/4d   12 Dec 1798

jno Goddard for his house    0/16/0d

Married 1st: Elizabeth Stevens 26/9/1741 @ Lancing.
Issue of William & Elizabeth (Stevens) Goddard (ch Steyning):
1/1. William Goddard, ch 30/9/1742.
1/2. James Goddard, ch 30/11/1745.
1/3. Mary Goddard, ch 19/7/1747.


Married Ann Goddard, 29/3/1741, Edburton (next parish E of Beeding):
Ann b 8/9/1721, ch 27/9/1721 of William & Mary, Henfield (5N of Beeding)

The only marriage on the IGI was to Mary Betts, 9/4/1721, Saint Olave, Southwark - looks geographically unlikely.

Issue of William & Ann Goddard
1/1. Mary Goddard, 14/6/1742, Edburton.
1/2. Sarah Goddard, 18/3/1744 or 18/3/1745, Edburton.
1/3. Richard Goddard, 8/3/1747, Beeding
1/4. William Goddard, 2/2/1748, Beeding.
1/5. Elizabeth Goddard, 12/6/1753, Upper Beeding.
1/6. Thomas Goddard, 2/11/1754, Upper Beeding.

PR/IGI shows:
William Goddard married 2nd: 23/11/1759 at Beeding. 
(PR) He was a widower when he married Sarah, she was a spinster.

Will of Richard Goddard, Steyning, 13/1/1828, proved 11/1/1828
Son Robert Executor
Grandchildren Henry, Edward & Christina children of late son John, £5
Edward, son of late daughter Mary, £10
Sons George, William 20 gns
Son James £12
Daughter Ann, wife of James Hurst of Nuthurst, labourer £10
Robert £40, and residue.

Poor Law Record

Reference Number:




Order type:

Apprenticeship Indenture


10 Oct 1716








Parish 2


















yeoman Richard PATCHING






Poor Law Record

Reference Number:




Order type:

Apprenticeship Indenture


16 Jun 1739








Parish 2

























Poor Law Record

Reference Number:




Order type:

Bastardy order/bond


23 Nov 1750








Parish 2



Single woman















Edward Read




putative father












Female bastard GODDARD






Poor Law Record

Reference Number:




Order type:

Bastardy order/bond


23 Nov 1750








Parish 2



Single woman















Edward Read




putative father












Female bastard GODDARD









Several in IGI, but only one at Beeding.
Christened: 27/12/1735, Beeding (IGI)
Parents: William & Margaret.

Issue of William & Sarah (Greenfield) Goddard (IGI ch Upper Beeding):
1/4. David Goddard, ch 4/7/1761.                KO09/53
1/5. Ann Goddard, ch 3/9/1762.
1/6. Hannah Goddard, ch 9/9/1764.
1/7. James Goddard, ch 12/5/1765.
1/8. George Goddard, ch 22/3/1769.
1/9. Charles Goddard, ch 23/3/1769.
1/10. Frances Goddard, ch 7/8/1772.

A Frances married William Haybittle @ Shermanbury, 28/11/1793.

1/11. Jane Goddard, ch 23/3/1774.
1/12. Sarah Goddard, ch 24/6/1777.

Possibly an unrecorded son of William Goddard above:
Also seen in PR: Ann, wife of Richard Goddard bur Findon, 14/2/1824, aged 61.

Also will of Richard Goddard, labourer of Steyning, proved at Chichester, 11/2/1828 (STC 1/49 p515).
3 grandchildren, by late son John, Henry, Edward & Christian.
1 grandchild by late daughter Mary, Edward.
Sons George & William £20.
Son James, £12.
Dau Ann, wife of  James ffeast of Midhurst.
Son Robert, executor, £50 in recognition of his care of Richard over years.

Robert Goddard was living in Steyning in 1840 in a cottage & garden.

Issue of William & Mary Goddard:
Ann, 8/9/1720, Henfield.
Richard, 1/2/1722, Edburton
William, 20/3/1725.
Sarah, 12/1/1725
Thomas, 4/2/1727
John, 8/4/1729, bur 17/11/1730.


11     GENERATION 11




William Tate ch 2/2/1672, Midhurst of George, (prob PR)


William Tate ch 7/3/1673, Midhurst, of George & Rachell (prob PR)
Possible spouses Elizabeth (bth W Tarring) & Elinor (abt 1671 of Findon)

Will of William Tate of Midhurst, Blacksmith. Dated 5/5/1682, proved August 1682:
To wife Eleanor all goods & chattels to bring up 2 children for eh life.
Then to 2 sons, John & William.

Issue of William & Elizabeth, West Tarring.
1/1. William Tate, 12/3/1696  (MFJ8-09)

This line is a mixture of LDS Ancestral File and various contributors, Peter East being a major one.

AF has the following descendancy for William, claimed to be the father of our George Tate, b 1745: as of 5/1999, no record of this connection has been found. See under George's entry for 2006 info.

Born: Abt 1696 Of Findon, Sussex,
PR: Bur 7/6/1768 age 72?
Will: Proved at Chichester, 9/9/1768. (V42, p19)
(William Tate snr, Gent of Findon)
Wife Margarett £12 and his best bed and 2 pairs of sheets and furniture for one room.
Son William all lands etc.
Daughter Elizabeth, wife of Edward Hollands £50.
Daughter Jane, wife of Philip Parkham £50.
Daughter Margaret, wife of John (unreadable) £50.
Grand-daughters Margarett and Ann, daughters of John Andrew £20 each.

Also found, 2 wills of Tates of Tarring, James 1791 & Thomas, Blacksmith, 1790.
Married 1st: Margaret (nee Robinson, ref Peter East, who produce much of this family) (MFJ8-1G) abt 1721 (IGI 12/10/1721, Findon or Steyning):
Born: Abt 1700 Findon, Sussex,
PR: Margaret T bur 17/1/1782, widow age 86.
2/1. William Tate (MFJD-ZT)

Inherited father's land. Either he or his son was the Timber Merchant described in the Findon Village Antiquities below.
Chr.: 19/7/1722 Findon, Sussex, PR
PR: he died 3/11/1800.

Land Tax Redemption, 1798, Ancestry.com 3/2013, Findon:
Proprietor    Occupier   Tax
Jno & Tho Sharp   Wm Tate   1/-/-
Sarah Stroud      Wm Tate   1/15/-
Rev W Trench      Wm Tate   1/15/-
Wm Tate jnr       Wm Tate   0/16/-
Wm Tate           Wm Tate   6/13/8
Magdalen College  William Tate 0/6/-d
for the Mill Green

Married: Sarah Page (MFJF-00)    Born: Abt 1733 Findon, Sussex,
Married: Findon 8/10/1754, PR: Mar By Banns, both OTP.
PR: Sarah, wife of William Tate bur 19/6/1772, Findon.
3/1. Anne Tate (MFJF-15)

Chr.: 12 Aug 1754 Findon, Sussex, No PR.

3/2. William Tate (MFJF-2B) 

Chr.:  2 Dec 1755 Findon, Sussex, PR
IGI: Married Ann Seymour.
IGI: Married Elizabeth Last, abt 1780, Findon.
PR: Ann, wf of William T jnr bur 16/1/1778 Findon
PR: Ann, dau of William T jnr bur 13/12/1779 Findon
PR: William T bur 23/5/1811 aged 55, Findon.
Will: Proved Chichester 14/10/1811, dated 18/5/1811 (STC 1/47, p367)
Yeoman of Findon, £2000.
Left: Wife Elizabeth 2 rooms of furniture.  Remainder to Executors Brother George, Brother-in-law John Edwards and friend Charles Coppard. To be distributed 1/4 to wife for life and 1/4 each to children Lucy, William & John (sons when 21).
4/1. Lucy Tate,

IGI poss probably too early: b abt 1760, Findon, M abt 1794, d. 26/3/1803.

4/2. William Tate, b. aft 1790.
4/3. John Tate, b. aft 1790.

3/3. John Tate (MFJF-3H)    Chr.: 3/7/1757 Findon, Sussex, PR
3/4.  Sarah Tate (MFJF-4N)  Chr.: 8 Jan 1762 Findon, Sussex, PR
3/4. George Tate, b 16/10/1763, died 23/9/1837, Shoreham?

M. 30/4/1793 Frances Weller, b. Findon, 8/6/1770, died 30/4/1855.
Issue, inter alia:
4/1. Sarah Tate, b 16/5/1799, M Richard Monkhouse Tillstone of Patcham.

Issue (IGI all ch Findon):
5/1. Frances (20/8/1794),
5/2. Catherine (30/10/1795),
5/3. Mary (23/2/1797),
5/4. Ann & Sarah (16/5/1799)

4/2. Edward Tate, (18/8/1801-19/9/1861)

From Karen email 10/03. Also see paragraph on Australian Tates below (a somewhat speculative line with possible errors).
M. Priscilla Platts (29/05/1803-4/4/1892) 24/12/1826 Shoreham.
Issue, inter alia:
5/1. Ellen Tate, 1822, M Alfred Morrell (French)

E Grinstead 21/5/1850 (IGI etc; Email).
6/1. William Morell.
6/2. George Morell.
6/3. Frederick Morell, M Edith Mary Fairer, Westmoreland

Possibly a wine merchant, and spent time in France.
7/1. Ellen Morell (possible born Bermuda or Jamaica),

M. Maurice Windows of Newcastle-on-Tyne
8/1. Yvonne Windows, M Mr Beal

5/2. Hewlett Tate, (1/2/1835-17/3/1884) D. NSW Australia

M. 4/10/1864, NSW, Mary Smith from Northumberland, (4/4/1830-21/4/1909). Hewlett was an early recruit to the NSW police force.
6/1. Mary Australia Tate.

6/1. Francis 'Fanny' Mary6 TATE, b. 11 Dec 1855, Dungog, NSW;

d. Gravesend, Essex, England..

6/2. Priscilla Mary TATE, b. 25 Oct 1857, Dungog, NSW;

d. 13 Mar 1868, Dungog, NSW.

6/3. Margaret Smith TATE, b. 29 Dec 1859, Morpeth, NSW;


6/4. Hewlitt William TATE, b. 23 Feb 1862, Morpeth, NSW;

d. 17 Apr 1945, Lithgow, NSW.

6/5. Thomas James TATE, b. 24 Jan 1865, Wollombi, NSW;

d. 16 Jun 1945, Brisbane, Australia..

6/6. Robert Andrew 'Dobbyn' TATE, b. 1867, Dungog, NSW;

d. Abt. 1950.

6/7. Mary P TATE, b. 1868, Dungog, NSW; d. 1868, Dungog, NSW.
6/8. Mary Australia TATE, b. 25 Aug 1870, Dungog, NSW;

d. 31 May 1960, Hamilton, NSW.

married George L WEAVER 1892 in Newcastle, NSW, born 1873, died 21 Apr 1942 in Newcastle, NSW.

Children of Mary TATE and George WEAVER are:

7/1. Frances Mary Tate7 WEAVER, b. 1894, Wickham, NSW;

d. 1981, Newcastle, NSW; m. Herbert W SOLLOWAY, 1918, Newcastle, NSW; d. 21 Jul 1947, Newcastle, NSW.

7/2. Sidney Hewlitt Charles WEAVER, b. 10 Jul 1897, Dungog,

NSW; d. 13 Nov 1953, Newcastle, NSW; m. Vera Margaret HALL, 31 May 1933, Newcastle , NSW; b. 31 Jul 1914; d. 08 Aug 1990, Mater Hospital, Waratah, NSW.
8/1. Gordon Weaver who produced this line

7/3. Maggie May WEAVER, b. 1900, Dungog, NSW;

d. 10 Apr 1902, Dungog, NSW.

7/4. Herbert George WEAVER, b. 1903, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 1960, Newcastle, NSW; m. Madge GILMORE, 1933, Hamilton, NSW; b. 1913, Newcastle, NSW; d. 28 Jul 2002, Newcastle, NSW.

7/5. Ena May WEAVER, b. 23 Oct 1906, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 25 Nov 1980, Newcastle, NSW; m. James WILSON, 1925, Bega, NSW; b. 23 Nov 1902, Minmi, NSW; d. 13 Feb 1971, Newcastle, NSW.

7/6. Leslie Ronald WEAVER, b. 27 Sep 1912, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 25 Jan 1980, Newcastle, NSW.


4/3. Frances Mary Tate, ch 21/9/1828

D. 31/1/1939
M. Jesse Pearce Bailey, 12/12/1858, Worthing
5/1. Ellen Bailey, ch 11/1/1862

M. 1/3/1880, Bethnal Green, Charles Edhouse, b. 9/4/1858, St Pancras, d 24/7/1911
6/1. Elizabeth Edhouse, (7/11/1900-4/10/1961)

M. 15/2/1919, Willesden, William East, (1/2/1898-16/10/1973)
7/1. Peter East, 20/1/1938, Willesden

M. Susan Ann Smith, b 26/7/1947 Battersea
8/1. Karen Ann Elizabeth East, 11/9/1978

5/2. William Edward Bailey, 15/11/1863

3/6.  Edward Tate (MFJF-61)    Chr.:  3 May 1765 Findon,
3/7.  Elizabeth Tate (MFJF-76) Chr.:  9 Jan 1767 Findon,
3/8.  Robert Tate (MFJF-8C)    Chr.:  6 Jan 1769 Findon,

PR: Died 11/1/69,nd

3/9. Catherine Tate (MFJF-9J)

Chr.: 31 Oct 1771 Findon, Sussex,
PR: Catherine T m John Coppard May 1792, note father's executor.

2/2. Elizabeth Tate (MFJ8-3S) Chr.: 1/12/1724 Findon, Sussex.

Married: Edward Hollands. PR: M. Edward Holland 4/12/1753, both OTP.
3/1. Edward Holland, ch 16/12/1754, Findon. (IGI)
3/2. Elizabeth Holland, ch 23/4/1758, Lancing. (IGI)

2/3. Jane Tate (MFJ8-40)    Chr.: 17 May 1728 Findon, Sussex,

Married: Philip Parkham, IGI: 31/3/1757 Findon.
3/1. ?? Elizabeth Perkham, ch 9/9/1766, Findon. (IGI)

2/4. Ann Tate (MFJ8-55)    Chr.: 27 Oct 1729 Findon, Sussex,

PR: Ann dau of William & Margaret Bur 25/9/1743

2/5. Margaret Tate (MFJ8-6B)    Chr.: 1732 Findon, Sussex,

Married: John ???
PR Findon: Margaret m. John Chambers 13/3/1756, both OTP.
IGI nil issue.

2/6. Mary Tate (MFJ8-7H)    Chr.: 17 Apr 1734 Findon, Sussex.

1/2. Jane Tate, 9/11/1699
1/3. Edward Tate, 10/1/1701
1/4. John Tate 11/8/1704

John Tate ch. 11/8/1704 West Tarring, bur 10/2/77 Sompting
Also listed as ch 10/2/1704.
Parents: William & Elizabeth.
Married Elizabeth Holliday, 6/5/1731, Sompting.

Issue of John & Elizabeth at Sompting, Sussex (between Shoreham & Beeding/Findon):
2/1. George John Tate

ch Sompting, 12/11/1730 of John & Elizabeth
George John Tate married Ann Slater Sompting, 12/5/1764

2/2. John Tate, ch 12/3/1731

M. Susannah Gur, descendants to Norman Tate:

2/3. Thomas Tate, ch 29/8/1733, d. 5/7/1763

Thomas Tate m Sarah Elliot 2/5/1760, Sompting.
3/1. Jane Tate, ch 24/3/1761,

married George Ederidge, Sompting, 24/6/1788.

2/4. Edward Tate, ch 19/5/1735, died 22/12/1735
2/5. Elizabeth Tate ch 1/9/1737

Married Thomas Howard, 9/6/1768, Sompting.
Issue, Climping:
3/1. William Howard, 8/9/1771.
3/2. Thos Hayward 14/2/1773.
3/3. Elizabeth Heward, ch 27/11/1774, d. 12/5/1779.
3/4. Richard Heward 14/8/1776, d. 20/5/1779
3/5. Richard Heward ch 25/7/1779
3/6. Jane Heward, 8/8/1784

2/6. George Tate ch 29/10/1740

on IGI this George married Ann Holter.
George Tate married Ann Holter 14 May 1770, Sompting,
Issue George & Ann, Sompting:
3/1. Edward Tate, 20/6/1771
3/2. Samuel Tate, 1772.
3/3. George Tate ch 16 Oct 1774 of George & Ann, Sompting.

2/7. Jane Tate, ch 7/11/1745, died 23/6/1748.
2/8. Charity Tate, ch 26/4/1747, bur 26/5/1747

Both George and George John are variously given in the IGI as the issue of William & Elizabeth (Holliday) Tate, and one source differentiates between them as George John marrying Ann Slater. The sources are from submitters to the LDS, not apparently from Parish Records.

1/5. George Tate 30/1/1706
1/6. Thomas  13/2/1709 married about 1739, Mary.

Maybe him:
Poor Law Record Reference Number:      Par/29/32/1/2/15
Parish:  Broadwater Order type:  Settlement certificate
Date:    25 May 1769
Subject  Thomas TATE, married. Foreign Parish: Tarring, West  
Spouse   Mary TATE

Issue, West Tarring
2/1. Thomas Tate, 24/8/1740 of Thomas & Mary

Will of Thomas Tate of West Tarring, blacksmith, 18/12/1790:
Mentions James Tate, youngest son to continue in the business.

2/2. Richard Tate, 10/12/1742, Steyning.

Will listed at consistory court of Chichester, but not found, T/67 1791.
Married Sarah Cole, 10/11/1773, Climping.
3/1. Sarah Tate, ch 26/11/1774, Climping of Richard & Sarah.
3/2. Richard Tate,

ch 1/8/1777, Climping, of Richard & Elizabeth. Married Mary Finey, 9/8/1778, Climping.
1841 Census, Tanant St, Arundle:
Richard Tate (64, Painter, Y), Thomas (17, painter, Y).

2/3. Jane Tate, 27/11/1744
2/4. Mary Tate, 21/5/1745
2/5. Ann Tate, 10/6/1747
2/6. Elizabeth Tate, 26/12/1749

Poss Elizabeth 28/12/1769 W Tarring of Elizabeth Tate.

2/7. Charles Tate, 2/3/1752, Poss married Mary.
2/8. James Tate, 13/7/1756



(IGI only one:)
Born: 16 Nov 1658 Petworth, Sussex,   Father: Jasp Peckwell
Issue (IGI):
1/1. Jasper Peckwell C: 6 Nov 1692
1/2. Elizabeth Peckwell, ch 30/4/1703, Petworth.       KO10/104

Jasper Peckwell M Jane James, 10/2/1627
Issue of JasperJ Peckwell, Petworth:
1/1. Jasper Peckwell ch 20/10/1628.
1/2. Ann Peckwell, 12/2/1632
1/3. Eliz Peckwell, 22/3/1634
1/4. Alice Peckwell, 30/7/1637.

Issue of Jasp(er) Peckwell, Petworth:
1/1. Elinor Peckwell, 8/12/1644.
1/2. Joan Peckwell, 9/12/1646
1/3. John Peckwell, 26/9/1652
1/4. Jane Peckwell, 21/9/1655
1/5. Jasper Peckwell, 16/11/1658.



No issue or marriage for Holland on IGI.

Issue of Holland Goddard, Petworth:
(1-4 look like PR film)
1/1. John Goddard, 9/1713
1/2. Ann Goddard, 1/1717.
1/3. Katherine Goddard, 18/11/1719
1/4. Sam Goddard, 11/6/1721.
1/5. William Goddard, of Holland & Mary.

(a) abt 1716 (IGI)
(b) of Holland & Mary 26/5/1723.

1/6. Ann Goddard, ch 29/12/1724, death 28/5/1725 of Holland & Mary.



Ch: 30/10/1710, West Chiltington, Sussex
Parent: Philadelphia Greenfield.
Several others in IGI, but the mother's name makes this a likely candidate.  No trace of a suitable Margaret Pocock in IGI

Married: Margaret Pocock, 4/11/1729, Beeding.  (IGI)

Issue (IGI ch Beeding):
1/1. Mary Greenfield (6/1/1730),
1/2. Elizabeth Greenfield (28/9/1733),
1/3. John Greenfield (2/3/1734),
1/4. Sarah Greenfield (27/12/1735),              KO10/110
1/5. William Greenfield (6/2/1737).


12     GENERATION 12




Ch: 14/9/1677, West Chiltington (IGI)
Father: John Greenfield.

IGI has no suitable marriages in England, nearest was:
Philidelphia G. M. Thomas Sutton 1/1/1722, West Ch'ton.

Issue (IGI ch @ W. Chiltington):
1/1. Anne Greenfield,(25/10/1697), D 6/4/1711
1/2. William Greenfield (30/10/1710),           KO11/219
1/3. George Greenfield, (3/3/1714),
1/4. Betty Greenfield, (26/7/1719)

Several gaps, poss. incomplete list or two Philidelphias.


13     GENERATION 13




Ch: (IGI) 20/12/1632, West Chiltington.
Parents: Maurice Greenfield.
No obvious line from here, but a number of IGI entries include Maurice Greenfield in the Sussex area.

Issue (IGI ch W. Chiltington):
1/1. Mary Greenfield (22/3/1662),
1/2. Mary Greenfield (6/6/1669),
1/3. Thomas Greenfield (5/4/1675),
1/4. Mary Greenfield (6/8/1675),
1/5. Philadelphia Greenfield (14/9/1677),           KO12/438
1/6. John Greenfield (7/10/1677).
Poss incomplete or several wives &/or John's.


An extract from the Findon Village Antiquities, referring to this part of the Tate family follows:

     I am told that a timber-merchant's business flourished on the southern slope of the Downs at Nepcote for two hundred years between 1775 and 1976 in spite of suffering from two horrendous fires. I have discovered that this timber-yard belonged successively, and for an equal period of time, to two local families, the well-known Tates and the Ockendens.
   By 1785, William Tate, although primarily a timber merchant, farmed 99 acres of Findon agricultural land. He held seventeen acres by copyhold from Findon Manor and this was at Nepcote Green. In all he leased 82 acres from four other different Findon landowners. It could be said that Tate farmed on a comparatively large scale. In those days most tradesmen had agricultural interests, some of them considerable, so it is difficult to calculate which activity was the main source of Tate's wealth, the timber business or that of farming.
   I found William Tate to be mentioned again in the Findon Court Book of 1795. Tate the timber merchant and farmer had been given the right to vote in county elections by 1798, so it appears he had climbed the ladder of success. He was also churchwarden at St. John the Baptist Church in the days when the Reverend William Payne was the vicar.
   The Tate family can next be discovered in the 1841 census for Findon when a wheelwright by the name of George Tate is mentioned living in Nepcote with his wife Mary (née Tank). George was born in the village in January 1776 and died there at the age of seventy on 21st June 1846.
   It is interesting to record here a photograph of the couple's daughter, Jane, who was born in 1803. She married a Shipley man, John Laker, in 1834 and moved to the Shipley/West Grinstead area where their son, Lashbrook was born in 1835. The family then moved to Croydon in 1835/6 before emigrating to the U.S.A. around in 1855. Jane died in 1881 in Richmond, Indiana at the age of 78 years. Lashbrook died in St. Charles, Idaho in 1901.
   It was presumably Jane Tate's brother, also called George (born in 1802), who appears in the 1851 census with an address at the Nepcote site. He was 49 years old at that date and described as a "master wheelwright" and he employed one man. His wife was Frances and he had two unmarried sons, George, aged 24, and Henry aged 18, both also recorded as "wheelwright".


----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 11 ************************

This line is somewhat speculative: there are a lot of Peter’s in the parishes around Dorking in Southern Surrey (Capel, Newdigate, Ockley). There do not appear to be any in Rusper and other small parishes across the border in Sussex.



Ch: Capel 10/6/1680 (PR Printed)
Parent: John Peter.

Ch Capel, Joseph Peter, 2/2/1677-8 of Joseph, bur 12/5/1678 (PR son of Joseph at Bur).
(Joseph Peter Married Ann Roberts Capel, 18/5/1675)

Bur: Joseph 24/9/1722, of Park Gate, Newdigate.
(Park Gate abt 2km NNE of Newdigate)

Capel next parish to SSW of Newdigate.

Joseph Peter & Elizabeth Dandey, both OTP, Newdigate, 11/9/1704.

Elizabeth Dandy

ch 26/9/1685, Newdigate, of James (PR)
(Also Mary of James & Mary Dandy, Newdigate, 5/11/1682)

Bur Elizabeth Peter 4/6/1719 Wife of Joseph, Newdigate.
Bur Mary, wife of James Dandy, 28/7/1724, Newdigate.

Issue of Joseph Peter:
1/1. Elizabeth Peter, ch 21/8/1709, d. 15/11/1720, Newdigate. (PR).
1/3. Mary Peter, ch 24/5/1712, Newdigate. (PR)
1/5. Sarah Peter, ch 18/6/1715, Newdigate. (PR)
1/6. Joseph Peter, ch 11/5/1717, Newdigate. (PR) Bur 24/9/1718

may all be the same family, of Joseph but probably not (bur below):
1/2. Jane Peeter, 24/6/1711, Capel. (PR)
1/4. Joseph Peeter, ch 19/2/1714, Capel. (PR)
1/7. James Peeter, 24/4/1718, Capel. (PR)
Bur: Timithy, wife of Joseph, Capel, 15/4/1718.

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 12 ************************

JOHN PETER – 1635 G12

IGI & PR possibilities at Ockley:

Ch: 22/6/1634 or 6/12/1635
Parent: John Peter

It looks probable that one of these is correct, probably the later, with the former dying without record. This is the only possibility on IGI (or Capel & Ockley PR). None suitable surviving in Dorking.

Buried: John Peter of Gages, 20/2/1695, Capel.
Gages is a farm SE of Capel (on the Capel-Rusper Rd)

Capel was a chapel of Dorking until 1653, so no records before then; however all the suitable John’s in Dorking died early, hence the choice of Ockley.

Issue of John Peter @ Ockley:
1/1. Mary 23/9/1663 (PR)

1/2. Ruth 14/1/1665 (PR)

Maybe the same family, moving to Capel:

Issue of John Peter @ Capel (PR):
1/1. Jane/Jenny Peter 16700523 John
1/2. James Peter 16711103 John of Gages
1/3. John Peter 16730425 John of Gages in Capel
1/4. William Peter 16751121 John of Gages
1/5. Joseph Peter 16800610 John
1/6. Mary Peter 16821030 John
1/7. Ralf Peter 16860622 John of Gages
1/8. Henry Peter 16880318 John of Gages

Other Johns on IGI:
John Peter ch 17/2/1632 of Henry, bur 26/12/1643(PR), Dorking

John Peter ch 7/4/1644, of Jefferey, Dorking
PR Infant son of Jefferey bur 16/5/1644, Dorking

None of the marriages on the IGI look good.
1. John Peter of Thorne & Marie Spenser, 13/10/1671 Horsell (PR) – probably too late.

2. John Peter & Margery Serle  25/5/1669 Findon, Sussex, (IGI) is this a possibility and explains the later connection with the Tates?

3. Mildred Kidder, 6/4/1657, Dorking.

Alternative to John Peter:
Ch Capel, Joseph Peter, 2/2/1677-8 of Joseph, bur 12/5/1678 (PR son of Joseph at Bur).

Issue of John Peter, Capel (IGI)
JOSEPH PEETER Christening: 09 MAY 1731, of John the Glazier, PR
JAMES PEETER Christening: 10 FEB 1733 PR
REBAKAH PETER Christening: 09 MAR 1734 PR

RICHARD PETER Christening: 27 JUN 1737 Son of John the Glasher
WILLIAM PETER Christening: 05 OCT 1739 Son of John the Glasher
THOMAS PETER Christening: 04 JUL 1742 IGI/PR
JAMES PETER Christening: 06 SEP 1745 Son of John the Glasher
BENGAMIN PETER Christening: 27 MAY 1752 PR/IGI

John        17561217    John  Son of John & Jane IGI/PR

Jane        17600502    John  John the Glazier IGI/PR

Some earlier in Great Bookham.
John Peter Married 3/3/1662-3 Jane Freeland.
Issue of John & Jane, Gt Bookham:
Mary Peter 16/5/1664, Gt Bookham.
Elizabeth Peter, 24/1/1676-7 of John, Gt Bookham.

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 13 ************************


It becomes very difficult to differentiate between all the John Peter’s sons of John Peter’s. Best bet would be:

Christening: 13/8/1598 Ockley,
Parent: John Peter of Henhurste

some other choices:-
John Peter’s, all sons of John!:
Christening: 21 APR 1597 Dorking,
Christening: 28 JAN 1599 Wotton,
Christening: 08 APR 1602 Dorking,
Christening: 01 APR 1604 Dorking, s of Thomas (John s of Thomas bur 6/2/1617 Ockley)

John Peter married Rebecca Blake, 16/6/1630, Ockley (IGI & PR)
Ch: Rebecca Blake, 15/1/1603 of William, Dorking (IGI)

Issue of John Peter, Ockley (IGI)
1/1. John Peter Christening: 22/6/1634 PR
1/2. John Peter Christening: 06/12/1635 PR

One of these looks a possibility for John Peter (gen 12) parents and siblings, but no record of first John dying:

1/3. William Peeter Christening: 16/12/1638 PR

1/4. Richard Peter Christening: 13/3/1641 PR

1/5. Ruth Peter Christening: 22/2/1645 PR

No John’s buried in Ockley during this period of births or soon after. A number in Dorking however, including in Homewood, on the border of Capel & Ockley.

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 14 ************************


Other John Peter families:

Also at Ockley:
Issue of John Peter of the Hatch:
1/1. Elizabeth Peter, ch 8/4/1599, bur 26/4/1599.
1/2. David Peter, ch 24/1/1602.
1/3. Thomas Peter, ch 12/5/1605, bur 13/3/1609.
1/4. Anne Peter, ch 14/2/1607.


Ch Ockley 05 APR 1563
Parents: no father given.
(Also Joane, 20/3/1565, Margaret 4/5/1567, Thomas 24/7/1569)

Issue of John Peter @ Ockley:
Ockley: Peter, John Mar. Elizabeth Seman,  24/12/1586 (PR)

Will: Elizabeth Peter of Ockley, widow, sick 14 May 1633:
4 daughters Ruth Lewes, Mary Steere, Elizabeth Steere and Joan Kinge 10s each; to my daughter Jane Steere £5; to my grandsons John Smith and William Lewes 5s each; to my goddaughter Elizabeth Smith £2; to my son in law Henry Steere's four children 5s each; to my son in law Thomas Steere's six children £2 each; to my granddaughter Elizabeth King £1; to my brother George Seeman £1; to the widow of my brother John Seeman 2s; to my brother John Seeman's children 1s each; to my sisters Alice Peter and Frances Terey £1 each; to Joan Isemonger wife of Richard Isemonger 2s 6d; to my goddaughter Elizabeth Isemonger daughter of Richard Isemonger 2s 6d; to my godchildren Is each; residue to my sons John Peter and Robert Peter, execs.

1/1. Ruth Peter ch.  01 OCT 1590 of John (PR), Mar. Mr Lewis

2/1. William Lewis

1/2. Mary Peter ch. 17 DEC 1592 of John (PR), Mar Henry Steere, 16/10/1614, Ockley

Henry had 4 children re Elizabeth Peter will

1/3. Alice Peter ch. 21 OCT 1593 of John (PR)

1/4. John Peter ch. 22 AUG 1596 of John (PR) Prob bur 26/4/1597, Ockley (PR)

1/5. John Peter ch. 13 AUG 1598 – John of Henhurste – executor of mother’s estate

1/6. ??? Danyell Peter – son of John at the Gate, ch Ockley 16/3/1599 (PR)

He may be a son of Henhurste (John of the Hatch has another birth too close) or the son of a different John Peter.
Bur 20/4/1635, Joan wife of Daniel, Ockley
No marriage on IGI to Joan.
Marriage of Danyell Peter, Ockley, 29/9/1635, Mary Wood.
Issue of Danyell Peter, Ockley (at the Gate?):
2/1. Thomas Peter 13/3/1624

Sarah 16510125 Thomas of Averyes
Ruth 16531226 Thomas of Averyes
Susanah 16581114 Thomas of Averyes
Averyes not found, but seems to occur elsewhere as a farm name
Elizabeth 16551216 Thomas of Wooton b 26/11/1655

2/2. Danyell Peter  09/12/1627, bur 23/12/1627 (PR)
2/3. Robert Peter 14/12/1628

Issue of Robert @ Newdigate:
Mary Peter 15/2/1646
Joseph Peter 12/12/1647
Ruth Peter 29/4/1650
William Peter 12/10/1652
Bur Newdigate: Joan Peter 19/8/1659 Wife of Robert
Robert Peter of Newdigate, 27/2/1685/6 (Commissary Court of Surrey)
Dau Susanna £10
   + her children £10 when 21
Son John's children £20 equally when 21
Dau Jane use of £30 for life then to her children
Dau Mary & her children
Dau unreadable
Son Joseph goods that belong to me in the parlor?
    Joseph's son
Joseph Executor
Buried: Robert Peter, 10/3/1686, Newdigate.

2/4. William Peter 04/12/1631

Marriage @ Newdigate: 10/6/1651, William Peter of Capel & Marie Pinion. (PR)

Issue of William Peter @ Capel:
William Peter 16540430 William
Mary Peter 16560727    William
John Peter 16580314    William
Jane/Jenny Peter 16620309 William

Marriage:  Saint Nicholas, Guildford, Johane Young  08/12/1666

Child Peter 16670326 "A child of Wm dying as soon as born"
Ann Peter 16701104 William

Maybe these are of William b. 1654?
William Peter 16770127 William of ??ook
Richard Peter 16830505 William
Bur Capel: Joan Peter 17081103 Wife of William
Bur Capel: William Peter 22/12/1716 William of the Brooke

Will of Joseph Young (X) of Dorking, yeoman, sick and weak 13 Aug 1693:
..to my brother in law William Peter of Capel, yeoman and my wife Rebecca Young my freehold messuage etc. and close (1 acre) in Capel in the occupation of Joseph Peter; to said William and Rebecca my copyhold Breakspear, Capel (130 acres) in the occupation of William Peter and my copyhold messuage Tephams and croft of land called Capel's Lands, Dorking and Capel one in the occupation of Henry Roberts and one in the occupation of Richard King and copyhold messuage and 60 acres in Capel now or late in the occupation of John Francis and any other copyhold in manors of Dorking and Westcott, Dorking; residue to William Peter and Rebecca Young, execs.
Witnesses: William Taylor (X); Mary Hore (X); John Bonwick Proved: 11 Oct 1694 to execs.

1/7. Joane Peter ch. 02 AUG 1601 – of Henhurste – Mar Mr Kinge

2/1. Elizabeth King

1/8. Jane Peter ch. 20/5/1604 – of Henhurste – mar John Steere, 3/6/1628, Ockley.

1/9. Robertt Peter ch. 1/3/1606 PR – of Henhurste  – executor of mother’s estate

Bur 19/8/1659, Joan wife of Robert Peter, Newdigate.
Bur 10/3/1686, Robert Peter, Newdigate

Will of Robert Peter (X) of Newdigate, sick 27 Feb 1685/6:
to my daughter Susan £10 and to her children £10 between them at 21; to my son John Peter's children £20 between them at 21; to my daughter Jane use of £20 for life and then to her children at 21; to my daughter Mary £10 and to her children £10 between them at 21; to my daughter Ruth's children £20 at 21; to my son Joseph Peter all my goods in the parlour and late in the parlour and to his sbn £5; residue to them all and son Joseph, exec. Witnesses: John Bayes (X); Ann Wheeler (X); Elizabeth Walles (X) Proved: 20 Apr 1686 to exec. [DW/PC/7/1 Q.54; DW/PC/5/1686/32] (£118 19s)

Ch Newdigate, PR:
2/1. Joan Peter, ch 16431105
2/2. Mary Peter, ch 16460215
2/3. Joseph Peter, ch 16471212
2/4. Ruth Peter, ch 16500429.
2/5. William Peter, ch 16521012

UNKNOWN PETER – Possibly Robert

Issue: No father given (PR Ockley):
1/1. John Peter ch 05/4/1563
1/2. Joane Peter, 20/3/1565

Married Ockley: Richard Isemonger Richard 15890921 (PR)
2/1. Elizabeth Ismonger (Elizabeth Peter Will)

1/3. Margaret Peter 4/5/1567.

Married Ockley, Pack Gammon, 19/9/1586 (PR)

1/4. Thomas Peter 24/7/1569

This one fits in between Joane & Margaret:
1/5. Richard Peter, ch 4/5/1566, son of Robert

Married Alice Seeman 3/10/1599, Ockley (PR) – sister of Elizabeth (Seeman) Peter above.
2/1. Alice Peter, 3/5/1601 (PR)
2/2. Joan Peter, 16/9/1604, (PR)
2/3. Richard Peter, 22/7/1610 (PR)

Issue of Edmond @ Capel:
Simon 1658

Joseph            16 SEP 1655

Elizabeth         07 FEB 1668
Will of Thomas Young 1663: ... freehold messuage and two acres called South Lawhouse, Capel in the occupation of Edmund Peter...

Another John Peter, origin unknown:
Issue of John & Joane (Joan named in PR) @ Newdigate:
Robert Peter 4/4/1669
John Peter 19/3/1671
Matthew Peter 28/1/1673
Bur Joan, wife of John @ Newdigate, 16/12/1719.
Bur John Peter, Newdigate, 25/10/1678.
John Peter of Newdigate, 14/10/1678 (proved 7/11/1678, Commissary Court of Surrey)
Eldest Son Robert £10  )
Son John £10           )  when they are 21
Son Matthew £10        )
Wife Joane
Executors William Remsall of Rusper & Joseph Peter of Newdigate.

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey:
William Peter of Breakspear Capel, yeoman, aged & infirm  29/5/1714
Residue to son William - messuage Breakspear 130 acres in Capel
Sons Joseph, John & Richard
Buried: William Peter, Capel 9/6/1714

John Peeter of Capel, husbandman 8/7/1612 (to buried in Churchyard)
To son Nicholas £4, dau Alice, to wife Catherine a bed, bolster, and pillow, blanket and coverlet, 2 pairs of sheets an iron pot, an iron posnet, a kettle, two pewter plates, a pewter saucer, a pewter porringer, lead candlesticks, chest she brought with her and all her clothes, woollen and linen an £1; residue to son Edmund, proved 2 March 1618? 1618/9.

Anthony Persivall of Headley, yeoman, 23/9/1618 – John Peter son of Elizabeth my brother’s daughter, now wife of John Peter.

Alice Cobett of Guildford, widow, 23/10/1623  - dau Margaret Peter, son Richard

Margaret Peter of Guildford, 5/9/1622, brother Richard Budd, son Richard <21

An unknown Joseph – maybe from Wotton, some records of which are in Ockley (I think).

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey:
Joseph Peter of Newdigate, yeoman, 3/10/1728
Wife Mary
Dau Mary Weller, wife of Thomas Weller, late of Capel & her children Richard, Thomas, Joseph, Peter.
Dau Sarah Wheeler of Capel, wife of William Wheeler
Sons James & Joseph
Buried: Joseph Peter 24/6/1730, Newdigate.
IGI: Thomas Weller & MARY PETER  Marriage: 09/5/1717 Wotton, Surrey,
William Wheeler & SARAH PETER  Marriage:  28/10/1718   Wotton, Surrey,

Peters of Dorking


William Peter

Issue ch Dorking:
1/1. Richard Peter 15790306

1/2. Geffray Peter 15811203

1/3. John Peter 15850613
1/4. George, s of William bur 27/12/1580

Geoffrey Peter:

William Peter issue Dorking (IGI):
Richard Peter, 15790306

Issue of Richard & Ann Peter
Lawrence Peter, 16141016
Richard Peter, 16170413 Bur 10/5/1627 son of Richard
Martha Peter, 16221017
Martha Peter, 16221017
Ann wife of Richard bur 1/2/1624

Geffray Peter, 15811203

John Peter, 15850613

Ch Jefferey Peeter 3/12/1581, Dorking, son of William.
Mar Jefferey Peeter, Mary Egerton, 11/8/1605, Dorking.
Bur Mary, wife of Geoffrey Peter, Dorking, 23/8/1623
Bur Jefferey aged 66 or thereabouts, 18/5/1648, Dorking (PR)

Issue of Jeffery Peter, Dorking:

2/1. Symon Peter, 16060608

2/2. Marie Peter, 16070131

2/3. Edward Peter, 16110421

2/4. Elizabeth Peter, 16140506

2/5. Jefferey Peeter ch 19/5/1616, Dorking of Jefferey
2/?? Martha Peeter (ref will, not IGI), Mar DANIELL WYCKENDEN Dorking, 16450506

2nd Marriage???
2/6. George Peter, 16260917, bur 2/2/1626-7.

2/7. Mathew Peter, 16271216

2/8. William Peter, 16290311

2/9. Ann Peter, 16330407

2/10. Frances Peter, 16350913, M 23/0/1651, William ?.

Will of Geoffrey Peter (X) of Dorking, yeoman 14 May 1648
to my daughter Mary Lyn wife of Charles Lyn of Leatherhead, weaver £10; to my daughter Martha Wickenden wife of Daniel Wickenden of Dorking, husbandman £10; to my daughter Frances Peter £10; to my son William Peter £10; to my son Mathew Peter £10; my wife Amy Peter to have all goods, etc. she had at our marriage and house and land I live in being (Mr) ... Boorer's land; money I owe to my cousin William Wonham to be paid; sons Simon Peter and Edward Peter, execs. Witnesses: Thomas Hill; Francis Wonham (X); Edward Charlwood Proved: 5 Jun 1648 to Simon, exec, power reserved to Edward [DW/PA/7/13 ff.483r-v; DW/P A/7/1648/27].

John Peter ch 7/4/1644, of Jefferey, Dorking
PR Infant son of Jefferey bur 16/5/1644, Dorking
Bur Jefferey son of Jefferey, 15/5/1648 Dorking (PR)


1/1. John Peter 16160105
1/2. Walsingham Peter 16161114
1/3. Daniell Peter 16180311
1/4. Elizabeth Peter 16210819Bur 5/9/1621
1/5. Joseph Peter 16221220
1/6. William Peter 16280504 Bur 16/11/1635 son of john

Joseph Peter, ch 201/22/1622, Dorking of John Peter.

Joseph Peter
ch 14/7/1649, Dorking
Parent: Joseph Peter
Joseph Peter married Jone Steere 4/7/1648, Dorking
1/1. Joseph Peter 16490714

1/2. Elizabeth Peter 16510418

1/3. Jane Peter 16520309

Joseph Peter Married Ann Roberts, Capel, 18/5/1675.
Issue of Joseph of Capel:
Elizabeth 16760700 Joseph of Brackspers
Joseph    16780202 Joseph Bur 12/5/1678, Joseph s of Joseph @ Capel (PR).

Robert    16830200 Joseph

John      16850419 Joseph

James     16860224 Joseph

Jane      16860822 Joseph

Sara      16860822 Joseph

Jane      16890927 Joseph

John      16940928 Joseph

Ann       16970626 Joseph


Unk father & nephew of Mathew Peeter yeoman of Capel.):

Issue of Robert Peeter:
1/1. John Peeter, ch Dorking 31/3/1594


2/1. Mathew Peeter, b aft 1617

John Peeter of Dorking, husbandman, 10/9/1638.
to my wife Joan Peeter £60 to bring up children and did become bound to her brother Peter late deceased of Cobham, tailor she to deliver writings to Henry Payne of Dorking, citizen and skinner who to deliver to execs, when last of £60 is paid; to my first wife's son John Swaine £1 and to his sister Sarah and brother Thomas Swaine 10s each; to my godson Peter Haybeetle 10s; to my brother William Peeter's daughter Frances and his daughter Joan Peeter £1 each; residue to my son Mathew Peeter at 21 to be brought up by my uncle Mathew Peeter of Capel, yeoman and brother William Peeter of Dorking, carpenter and to see him able to write and read English, execs. (10s each)
Overseers: Geoffrey Peeter of Dorking, ploughwright and Robert Heybeetle of Effingham Witnesses: Mathew Cooke; Henry Payne
Proved: 17 Oct 1638 to exec

Owen Peter (X) of Cobham, yeoman, sick 21 Apr 1640

 (to be buried in the church or churchyard; to poor £5)

to my cousin John Peter, snr. £5; to my cousin Richard Peter £5; to my cousin Mathew Peter £5 in a year if he is then 21 or when 21; to my cousins Elizabeth Peter, Alice Peter, Joan Peter and Bridget Peter £5 each; to my cousin Joan Peter £5 if she is 21 or when 21; to my cousins Elizabeth Goring and Mary Peter £5 each; to my cousin Ellen Peter £5 if 21 or when 21; to my cousin John Peter £5 at 21; to my cousins Henry Bristow, William Bristow, Joan Bristow and Alice Bristow £5 each; I owe my brother John Peter £1 10s and give him £1 10s more; land at Claygate, Thames Ditton to my wife Ann Peter for life and then to my brother John's son Mathew Peter latter paying £1 per annum to the poor of Cobham; all my godchildren in Surrey 5s; residue to my wife Ann Peter, exec, and she to keep my mother in law Catherine Bayly for life or she to have £7 per annum
Overseers: John Hewett; Richard Kinge; John Begg (10s each)
Witnesses: Mary Frey; John Leigh (X)
Proved: 20 Sep 1641 to exec. [DW/PA/7/13 ff.l49Br-v; DW/PA/5/1641/104]

1/2. William Peeter, ch Dorking, 19/12/1596

William Peeter, Carpenter of Dorking
Issue of William Peter:
2/1. Frances ch Dorking 22/12/1633 (PR)
2/2. Joane ch Dorking 1/3/1636 (PR)

Henry Peeter of Dorking

Born abt 1561, prob ch Dorking 15/3/1561, no father.
Married ELSABETH DAYRIE 15961010, Dorking
Bur Elizabeth wf of Henry 26/9/1626
Bur Henry Peter, Dorking, 4/5/1627 aged 66

Issue @ Dorking (IGI):
Elizabeth Peeter 15980202
Elizabeth Peeter 15991230
Elizabeth Peeter 16000420

Henry Peeter 16020206

Mar JANE LUCAS, 16190220, Dorking
Bur Jane wife of Henry 6/10/1647
Issue of Henry, Dorking IGI:
Elizabeth Peter 16201015
Symon Peter 16211122
Ellizabeth Peter 16280427
Henery Peter 16290131, Bur 2/11/1631
John Peter 16320217, Bur 26/12/1643
John Peter 16320217

Temporanc Peeter 16040607

Married EDMOND PALMER 16500416, Dorking


444 6/4/1641 Elizabeth Goring of Dorking, wid, sister Eleanor Peter, brother John Peter <25

Archdeaconry Court of Surrey:
Joseph Peter of Dorking, yeoman, 1/5/1730, Brother Richard.

Peters RECORDS CHECKED (10/08):

Newdigate: Marriages for Peter 1565-1740
Bur to 1730

Capel (starts 1653 – a chapel of Dorking before this):
Ch to 1760
Mar 1656-1702
Bur to 1720
Ockley: Peter Mar to 1539-1663.
Ockley: Peter Bur 1539-1700ish

Ockley: Peter Ch 1539-1725


Thomas Allen – 1831:
Newdigate (not mentioned in Domesday) is a considerable parish, partly in the hundred of Riegate, and partly in Copthorne and Effingham. It adjoins Leigh on the east, Capel on the west, Dorking and Betchworth on the north, and Rusper, in Sussex, on the south.
In 1821 there were two hundred and seven inhabitants, and twenty-two houses. The manor of Newdigate was part of the possessions of the Earls of Warren and Surrey ; it now belongs to the Duke of Norfolk. Church. The benefice is a rectory, in the deanery of Stoke, rated in the valor of Edward I. at twenty marks, in the Liber regis of Henry VIII. at £8. 18«. 4i/. It is in the patronage of the lord chancellor. The church, dedicated to St. Peter, consists of a nave and south aisle, chancel, and wooden tower at the west end, with a small spire. The interior has some little stained glass, including the armorial bearings of the Warrens.
There is a good parochial school in this village, with Ewood. an endowment of £12. per annum. In this parish is Ewood, a mansion formerly surrounded by a park of six hundred acres, in which is a piece of flowing water of sixty acres. This estate, forming part of the ancient possessions of the earls of Warren, Surrey, and Arundel, having been separated from them for several centuries, and passed through many hands, was at length bought by the last duke of Norfolk, who, in 1807, began to erect a new mansion near Ewood, on the brow of an eminence commanding a delightful prospect of the park and water, and of the beautiful wooded heights of Dorking and. the adjacent country. It was intended by his grace for an occasional residence, being at an equal distance from the metropolis and Arundel castle.



   The King family of Berkshire is described below. John King (1804-1893) is the only one about whom much is known. They seemed to have been humble agricultural workers, without many assets and so have left no property or will trails. An ancestry has been pieced together from the IGI, cross checked with the Parish Records (originals or transcripts). As with any lineage of this sort, it has elements of guesswork in it - not good for a court of law! At Mary 2007, a further study of the Reading area Parish records might clarify some of the earlier families.
   A number of this line were christened at Reading St Mary (RSM); in interesting feature of the burial records in the 18thC was the number of individuals (not connected with us!) who were hanged. Several a year.



7          GENERATION 7




The father of Ann King.  PR/IGI/Census shows:
Born: abt 1804-5 (Cen51), ch 29/1/1804 (PR/IGI) @ Swallowfield, (Berks re census).
Parents (IGI): William & Jane
DeathDC: John King: age 89 of Swallowfield, 25/1/1893. (No Will)

John King was variously a small farmer, dealer and publican in Riseley Green, a small village South of Swallowfield, a larger village itself about 5-10 miles South of Reading in Berkshire.

1817: Enclosure map shows John King in same position as later in Tithe Map. He is referred to as "owner of an old inclosure" adjoining a small plot of land available for the poor to collect fuel.

1842 Swallowfield (Berks) Tithe:
John King shown as tenant of Sir Henry Russell of 2 plots:
103: cottage and garden (0-1-2) and
105: "King's Pightle", arable field (1-2-11). Pightle means a small field or enclosure.

Also noted was Thomas Goddard renting 68 acres. References to Goddards is fairly common in the records (parish and Tithe) for this and neighbouring parishes - was there any connection between these Goddards and those in Sussex. All these Goddards seem to be locally born. John's daughter Ann, married to Thomas Tate whose mother was Agnes Goddard. This could be an explanation of how two people of humble backgrounds from geographically well separated areas met before the days of rail travel.
1842 Swallowfield (Wilts) Tithe:
Sarah King (0-1-2)
Swallowfield at this time had some land which was part of Wiltshire, although the main part of that county is many miles away: this anomaly, probably originating since Anglo-Saxon times, was removed in the mid 9thC.

John King's plots are just west of the Blackwater River on a minor road south-east of Riseley, now at the junction of a road called School lane and a lane heading west. In 10/2001, the "fuel plot" is a horse paddock, surrounded by trees, still with the atmosphere it must have had when it was a remote wooded copse. There are small houses along the lane, but they appear relatively recent, but one is probably on the site of John's.

1827-29 Labourer, At Riseley Common.
1831-34 Publican,
1838-43 Carrier,
1841 Census:
Ann K (20, Ag Lab.), Emma (12), Mary (10), Lydia (8), Sarah (6), Ann (3), Ellen (10mths).
1846 Labourer (Swallowfield),
1848 Carrier,
1851 Census:
John K (Dealer 46), Ann (32), Lydia (17), Ellen (10), Betsy (7), John (2), Blanche (3mths).  All born Swallowfield.
1851 All Shinfield & Swallowfield checked.
1853 Shopkeeper,
1856 Farmer,
1858-62 Dealer.
1859: daughter's marriage, a farmer.
1861 Census: not found.
1871 Census, Riseley Common (all b Swallowfield ex Ann):
John King (66, Farmer 16 acres), Ann (52), John (22) Charles (17), Harry (15), Ada (12, scholar), Kate (9, scholar)
1881 Census, Risley Rd, Swallowfield:
John King (76, Farmer 10 acres, Sw.), Ann (64, Swallowfield), Kate (dau, 19, Swallowfield).
1891 Census, Risely Common, Swallowfield:
John King (86, Farmer), Ann (74), Harry (son, 36, Butler), Eliza (d-in-law, 32, Hastings), Harry Jones (g-son, 11, scholar, Hagley Heath Hants)
1901 Census, Risley Common: Ann King (Hd, Wid 84, farmer, Shinfield)

Married (1st): Rebecca Hunt, Swallowfield, 3/9/1825.  He: bachelor OTP, she a spinster OTP, by banns. Witnessed by Henry Leadbetter (a cooper, of a local long standing family), Sophie King, Miriam +1 Clark.
DiedPR: Rebecca King, age 27 of Swallowfield, 19/12/1834.

Issue of John & Rebecca (Hunt) King:
1/1. William King, ch Swallowfield, 10/6/1827.
   1861 not found.
1/2. Emma King, ch Swallowfield, 17/5/1829.
1/3. Mary King, ch Swallowfield, 25/9/1831.

From Duncan Grover March 2003 & Feb 04.
…..I am descended from Mary King, John's daughter by his first wife, Rebecca Hunt. I believe this makes me a 4th half cousin to your wife! Mary married William Lee in Brighton on 28 April 1862 (interesting, another daughter marrying in Brighton: one witness at their wedding was Thomas Tate). Following their marriage, they emigrated to Indiana, Mary giving birth to their eldest son there, William Richard Lee, b 1863. They then returned to England, perhaps because of the US Civil War, and settled in William's home village, Amberley in Sussex.
Their daughter, Ellen, was my great grandmother and was William and Mary's eighth known child born on 1 May 1873 in Amberley. She married my great grandfather, William John Grover, the railway stationmaster at Amberley, on 7 July 1891 in Amberley Church.

Ellen and William had 5 children who reached adulthood, and the  fourth, Albert Edward Grover, was my grandfather, born on 27 July 1906 in Brighton. Albert, a printer, married my grandmother, Beatrice Ena Loveland, on 12 May 1934 in Brighton. They had 2 sons, and the eldest, my father, Peter Albert Derek Grover was born on 17 September 1939. He married my mother, Margaret Rose Theaker on 21 December 1963 in Brighton. I am their eldest child, Duncan Peter Grover, born on 2 July 1967 in Brighton.

1/4. Lydia King, ch Swallowfield, 8/9/1833.
1/5. Elizabeth King, ch Swallowfield, 19/12/1834.
   Died: Elizabeth King: age 13 mths Of Riseley Common 24/1/1836. 
1/6. Sarah King, ch Swallowfield, 19/12/1834
   Rebecca died at the birth of twins, Elizabeth & Sarah.

Married (2nd): Ann Watkins 28/10/1835 @ St Mary, Reading.  Both OTP by banns (both illiterate), witnesses Isaac Warknall?? & Mary Ann Caster.



The mother of Ann King.
Census shows: Born: abt 1817-19 (Cen41,51) @ Swallowfield (IGI nil). Re census, Swallowfield, Wilts.
ChPR 31/1/1819, Shinfield
Parents: George & Sarah Watkins. 
Burial: Ann King, age 87 of Swallowfield, 11/10/1904.  (No Will)
Married: John King 26/10/1835 St Mary, Reading.

Issue of John & Ann (Watkins) King, ch Swallowfield:
All resident at Riseley Common, ref PR.
1/7. Ann King, 18/2/1838.
1/8. Ellen King, 5/8/1840.
1/9. Betsy King, 27/7/1843.
1/10. John King, 19/12/1845 res Swallowfield.

Died: John King: age 13 mths of Swallowfield, 21/1/1847.  PR.

1/11. John George King, 1/10/1848.

1881 Census, Risley, Swallowfield.
George John King (31, Farm Lab, Sw), Rosetta, 26, Fazely Heath), George John (1, Sw).
1891 Census, The Barracks, Swallowfield:
John King (41, Farm Lab), Rosetta (35, Hagley Heath, Hants), George (11, Scholar), Florence (9, scholar), Harry (7, scholar), Percy (3), Terr...? dau (1)
1901 Census, Riseley Common (all b Swallowfield):
John King (52, General Lab), Rosetta (46, Hagley Heath, Hants), George (21, Shopman), Harry (18, Garden lab), Percy (14, Garden Lab), Lottie (12), Bertie (10), Dolly (7), Minifred (5), Nellie (3)
2/1. George John King, abt 1880, Swallowfield
2/2. Florence King, abt 1882, Swallowfield
2/3. Harry King, abt 1884, Swallowfield.
2/4. Percy King, abt 1887, Swallowfield.
2/5. Lottie King, abt 1889, Swallowfield.
2/6. Albert King, abt 1891, Swallowfield
2/7. Dolly King, abt 1894, swallowfield.
2/8. Minifred King, abt 1896, Swallowfield.
2/9. Nellie King, abt 1898, Swallowfield.

1/12. Blanche King, 8/1/1851.

Is this Blanche the one in the Dolman/Tate family bible???

1/13. Charles King, 19/12/1853.
1/14. Harry King, 17/1/1856.

1891 Census, Risely Common, Swallowfield:
John King (86, Farmer), Ann (74), Harry (son, 36, Butler), Eliza (d-in-law, 32, Hastings), Harry Jones (g-son, 11, scholar, Hagley Heath Hants).
1901 not found.

1/15. Ada King, 17/1/1858.
1/16. Kate King, 21/2/1862.

James & Mary Ann King A Gardner in Swallowfield
Issue: Eliza 20/12/1839, James William 27/6/1841


8          GENERATION 8




The father of John King
PR shows: Born: ch 3/8/1766 @ Swallowfield.
Parents: William & Elizabeth (Cook) King
Death: William: age 64 of Riseley Common, 2/12/1831
Tombstone: Swallowfield Ch, "in memory of William King of Swallowfield died 27 November 1831, aged 68" - a substantial grave stone.

Death: Jane King, bur Riseley Common, 2/3/1829 aged 59
Married: Jane (IGI nil Berks or Surrey for marriage).

Issue of William & Jane King, all ch Swallowfield (PR):
1/1. Lucy King, ch. 16/1/1791.

Bur: Lucy, age 20 of Swallowfield, 20/5/1811.

1/2. William King, ch. 30/12/1792.
1/3. Ann King, ch. 19/10/1794.
1/4. Lydia King, ch. 25/5/1799.

Bur: Lydia, age 25 of Swallowfield, 2/12/1825.

1/5. Miriam King, ch.  23/8/1801.
1/6. John King, ch.  29/1/1804.
1/7. Flora King, ch.  24/8/1806.
1/8. + Sophia ?

Marriages: Sophia King m. George Hunt Swallowfield 12/11/1827 (PR) (Witnesses at John & Rebecca's marriage 1825 - Sophie)



ChPR 15/2/1784, Wokingham.
Parents: Thomas & Ann Watkins
1816-21: Labourer @ Swallowfield Mills(?)
1851 All Shinfield & Swallowfield checked.
1851 Census, Spencer's Wood, Swallowfield:
George Watkins (66, Ag Lab, Stratfield Say, Hants), Sarah (65, Shinfield), Esther (19, Swallowfield).
1861 Census, Swallowfield:
George Watkins (Hd, 84, Labourer, Stratfield Hants), Esther (dau, 30, Swallowfield), Alfred (son, 3, Swallowfield; must be G/son). This must be the one in spite of the age.

MarriedPR: Sarah Rapley, 6/2/1802, Shinfield, by Banns OTP B&S.



ChPR: 17/10/1784, Shinfield.
Parents: John & Mary Rapley
Died: between 1851 & 61.

Issue of George & Sarah (Rapley) Watkins (PR):
1/1. Eliza Watkins ch: Shinfield, 12/12/1804.

PR:  Eliza Watkins m Daniel David 18/2/1828.
1841 Census, Friar St, Reading St Lawrence:
Daniel David (30, Publican, Y), Eliza (35, Y), Charles (12, Y).
1851 Census, 144 Friar St, Reading St Lawrence:
Daniel David (46, Brewer's Servant, Wilts Levaltow??), Eliza (47, Shinfield) + visitor & 2 lodgers.
1861 Census, 144 Friar St:
Daniel David (61, Brewer's Lab, Swallowfield), Eliza 60, Shinfield)
Reference to Wilts in 1851 probably because a part of Berks was formerly a peculiar (remote part) of Wiltshire.

1/2. Jane Elizabeth ch: Swallowfield, 9/6/1811.
1/3. Mary Watkins ch: Swallowfield, 9/6/1811.
1/4. Harriet Watkins ch: Shinfield 14/1/1816,

bur Shinfield 22/3/1819 age 3 of Sw.

1/5. Anne Watkins ch: Shinfield 31/1/1819.        KO07/16
1/6. Caroline Watkins ch: Shinfield 28/10/1821.
1/7. George Watkins, b 30/10/1825, Swallowfield

Married: Elizabeth Welsh of Shinfield, 1848
1851 Census, Three Mile Cross, Shinfield East:
George Watkins (25, Farm Lab, Swallowfield), Elizabeth (24, Shinfield), Sarah (2, Shinfield), Jane (1 mth, Shinfield).
1870: farm labourer of Swallowfield West.
1881: Elizabeth W. widow.
2/1. Ernest Watkins, b Swallowfield. 27/8/1870 (youngest)

Married Amy Jane Bowen. Moved to Willesden.
1901: Hiley Rd, Willesden
1904: builder's lab.
3/1. Ernest George Watkins (27/11/1904, W'den-1/6/1993)

Married Urith Nelly Anger(1909-), 1932 Willesden.
4/1. Walter Roger Watkins, b 1937,

m Patricia Hippel 1960
5/1. Ian Watkins who supplied this line 11/9/2003,

Born Bexleyheath. 1990 married, moved to Welwyn GC.
4 sons.

1/8. Esther Watkins, born abt 1832.

Seems a long breeding period, but no other suitable candidates.
Burials @ Shinfield:
Hunt Jane 18130617  age 49 of Shinfield
Howard Sarah 18131116  age 69 of Shinfield
Howard William 18250918  age 77 of Shinfield

1851 Census, Shinfield East:
William Watkins (21, Carpenter, Surrey Send). B in law to William Pickner.
1851 Census, Spencer's Wood, Shinfield:
Sarah Rapley (75, wid, Parish Relief, Bucks) with lodger.


9          GENERATION 9




The father of William King PR shows:
Born: ch 15/1/1730 @ Swallowfield.
Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth
PR: Swallowfield has William King bur 24/7/1789, could be him.
Married: Elizabeth Cook 20/10/1763 @ Shinfield (PR).
William King of Swallowfield and Elizabeth Cooke OTP. By Lic Wit William Cook, both signed. Printed transcript has both of Swallowfield.



Christened: 22/4/1744 Swallowfield (PR)
Parents: Pooter (Peter) & Sarah Cook.  
Most likely due age at marriage and at last child's birth. 
(or 25/3/1739 Arborfield ex William & Ann.)

IGI has no more for Peter Cook Berks.

Issue @ Swallowfield, PR:
1/1. Sarah King, ch. 29/3/1764.
1/2. William King, ch. 3/8/1766.
1/3. Ann King, ch 30/4/1769.

Bur: 18/4/1770,

1/4. Elizabeth King, ch. 30/1/1771.
1/5. Mary King, ch 11/11/1773.

Bur: perhaps, 25/2/1795??.

1/6. John King, ch 26/6/1777.

Bur: 28/10/1777,

1/7. Florence King, ch 23/8/1778.
1/8. Rachel King, ch 3/12/1780.

Bur: 15/3/1781,

1/9. George King, ch 17/3/1781.
1/10. Charles King, ch 29/1/1786.



Ch: 1/1/1745, Reading St Mary,
Parents: Base born son of Thomas Whatkins & Mary Kessel
Married (PR): Ann May, 13/1/1770, Wokingham, by Banns, OTP B&S.

ANN MAY - 1752


Ch 19/5/1752, Wokingham (PR)
Parents: Anthony & Ann (Deane) May
No deaths 1770-1787

Issue of Thomas & Ann Watkins, Wokingham (all PR).
1/1. Thos. Watkins C: 13 Jan 1771
1/2. Thomas Watkins C: 25 Oct 1772
1/3. James Watkins C: 15 Jan 1775
1/4. William Whatkins C: 30 Mar 1777 - handwriting changes in PR
1/5. Moses Watkins C: 18 Apr 1779

Moses married Martha Lee ,East Molesey Surrey in 1809.
had four children
2/1. Thomas Watkins,

married Isabella Anderson, East Molesey Surrey  in 1843.
had eight children, inter alia
3/1. James Watkins,

married Georgina Elizabeth Hopcroft 1882, also in East Molesey & had nine children, inter alia:
4/1. Alice Maud Watkins

married  Spencer Charles Rumney 1928 in  Kingston on Thames, Surrey & had four children, inter alia:
5/1. Geoff Rumney, supplier of this line, 1/2009.

1/6. Joseph Watkins C: 14 Oct 1781
1/7. George Watkins, ch 15/2/1784, Wokingham          KO08/31

John Watkins m Frances Howard, 7/10/1816, Shinfield, OTP, B&S.
Bur: Frances Watkins 1/12/1819 age 27 of Shinfield

Issue of John & Frances Watkins at Shinfield:
Watkins Frances Howard 18191201 (John Publican of)
Issue of John & Elizabeth Watkins at Shinfield:
Watkins James John 18210428 (John Publican of Shinfield)

Bur: John Watkins 15/12/1820 age 32 of Shinfield

Admon: John Watkins wife Elizabeth of Shinfield.
Married: ELIZABETH FLETCHER 07 FEB 1820 Saint Giles, Reading,
The only IGI candidate was:
Born, 09 JUL 1785  & Ch:  29 SEP 1786   Saint Mary, Reading
Parents John & Elizabeth.



ChPR: Shinfield 28/12/1757.
Ch: 13/10/1754

Parents: John & Sarah Rapley
John & Sarah seem to have had 2 sons called John, but the later one seems too young if the first two children of John & Mary are of the same couple.

Only Berks marriage of John & Mary:
Sulhampstead Bannister, John married Mary Brooker, 8/11/1768 (PR chkd both OTP).

Issue of John & Mary Rapley (PR Shinfield):
1/1. William Rapley of Jno & Mary 24/6/1770.
1/2. Jane Rapley of Jno & Mary 2/8/1773.
1/3. Edward Rapley, ch: 4/2/1776. of John & Mary

Possible from Shinfield PR:
Edward Rapley m Sarah Appleby, 26/1/1804, Shinfield
2/1. Charles Rapley 18050310 Edward Sarah
2/2. Frances Rapley 18071227 Edward Sarah
2/3. George Rapley 18110317 Edward Sarah

1851 Census, Shinfield East:
George Rapley (40, Sawyer, Sh'd), Ann (43, Shinfield).

1/4. Mary Rapley, ch: 14/3/1779.
1/5. William Rapley ch: 29/8/1781.

William Rapley, wid, m Sarah Cox, 24/12/1804, Shinfield
Issue of William & Sarah Rapley, (PR Shinfield):
2/1. Elizabeth Rapley, ch 4/9/1803 Bur Shinfield, 7/4/1805 age 1
2/2. Harriet Rapley, 21/4/1806
2/3. Mary Ann Rapley, 29/11/1807.

PR Mary Rapley bur 29/12/1805.

2/4. John Rapley, 25/10/1809.
2/5. James Rapley, 31/5/1812.

1851 Census, Shinfield (all b Shinfield):
James Rapley (37, Ag Lab), Jane (40), Jane (12, scholar), Ann (10, scholar), John Freeman (7)

1/6. Sarah Rapley Ch (PR): 17/10/1784, Shinfield.   KO08/32

1851 Census, Shinfield:
John Rapley (71, Ag Lab, Fulhampsted Bennet??), Ann (74, Highworth, Wilts)
1851 Census, Shinfield East, b Shinfield:
William Rapley (41, Farm Lab) Mary (38, Beach Hill), Elizabeth (21), James (10), Sarah (8), George (5), Henry (3).


10     GENERATION 10




PR shows: Born: ch 19/4/1702 @ Swallowfield.
Parents: William & Mary King
Married: Elizabeth Knight 14/3/1723 @ St Lawrence, Reading.
Thomas of St Lawrence, Elizabeth of St Marie


Prob: ch 18/10/1704,
Parents: John & Temperance @ Reading St Mary (PR, John a labourer)
Buried: 2/1/1733, Swallowfield.

Elizabeth Knight of John a strainger bur 5/1/1705, St Mary.
Elizabeth & daughter Elizabeth buried Swallowfield 2/1/1733.
Elizabeth King bur Swallowfield 4/2/1763.

or: 6/6/93 ex Richard & Laetitia @ Burghill.

Issue of Thomas & Elizabeth King (Swallowfield):
1/1. John King (11/8/1726), PR
1/2. Thomas King (14/8/1728), PR
1/3. William King (3/8/1730). PR           KO09/57.
1/4. Elizabeth King (1732-33)



Christened: 30/12/1713, St Mary, Reading.
Parents: John & Ann (Morgan) Cook (Coock in PR transcript)
Married: Sarah ??             (No trace of marriage on Berks IGI).

Sarah Cook, wife of Peter Cook buried Swallowfield 20/5/1754.
Peter Cook Bur 22/10/1752: was this him?

Issue (ch Swallowfield IGI - various spellings of Cook & Peter = Pooter):
1/1. Elizabeth Cook (16/10/1737),
1/2. William Cook (1/1/1739),
1/3. Pootor Cook (31/8/1740) son of "Pooter" & Sarah, PR,
   PR Bur "Pooter" Cook, 20/6/1741.
1/4. Sarah Cook (22/3/1743) dau of Pooter & Sarah, PR.
1/5. Mary Cook (22/4/1744), PR
   PR Bur Mary Cook, 6/5/1744.
1/6. Elizabeth Cook (22/4/1744).              KO09/58
1/7. Mary Cook (18/8/1747), IGI.
1/8. Peter Cook (11/8/1751) IGI.
Swallowfield Burials only 1739-54.

or Ch: 27/5/1706, ex William & Jane, St Giles, Reading.
Siblings: Edward (25/12/1702) & Peter (27/5/1706).
William m.  20/4/1700 St Giles, Reading, Jane Harrison ch: 17/7/1684 ex James & Ann.





Mary Kessel ch RSM 22/11/1720 of Peter & Mary (IGI & PR)
Ann base born dau of John Round & Mary Kessell, 7/2/1739-40
A Mary Kessel bur Reading St M, 27/2/1759
From IGI/PR looks as though they may not have been married

1/1. Thomas Watkins,

ch 1/1/1745, St Mary, Reading (PR, base born).  KO09/61

Thomas Watkins M. Frances Harrison RSM 12/9/1776
TW bur RSM 14/4/1768 & 17/9/1775



ChPR 16/6/1725, Wokingham.
Parents: Anthony & Elizabeth May
Married: Ann Deane, 6/5/1750, Wokingham, both OTP



ChPR 15/9/1725, Wokingham.
Parents: John & Ann Deane.
Married: Anthony May
Issue of Anthony & Ann May, Wokingham (PR):
1/1. Ann May  ch 19/5/1752.                             KO09/62
1/2. Anthony May Ch: 26/12/1754 (none seen on PR between these 2)
1/3. Robert May Ch: 24/10/1760

Robert & Benjamin May both breeding Wokingham 1750's



John Rapley ch 20/2/1726, Reading St Giles, (PR)
Parents:  Edward & Elizabeth (Willis) Rapley.

Reading St G has extensive notes - read one day!

John Rapley married Sarah Wray 12/10/1746, Swallowfield (PR - no residence given, thus prob of Swallowfield). There are numerous marriages between people of Shinfield, Reading and other parishes.
No sign of suitable Sarah Wray on IGI.

Issue of John & Sarah Rapley, Shinfield (PR only, not chkd on IGI):
1/1. Sarah Rapley, ch 12/4/1747 (PR)
   Prob bur 8/5/1757 or 27/10/1751.
1/2. Elizabeth Rapley, ch 12/1/1751-2 (PR)
1/3. John Rapley, ch 13/10/1754 (PR - no burial found).
1/4. John Rapley, ch 28/12/1757 (PR). See under John for comments on
   these two. The transcript has a cryptic comment about John 1757 - may
   be Thomas? .
1/5. Ann Rapley, ch 27/4/1760 (PR)
   Shinfield PR: William Collis m Ann Rapley, 4/10/1779, both of
1/6. Hannah Rapley, ch 23/1/1763 (PR).

Burial records of this period do not generally comment on who the deceased was, beyond the name.

Also found issue by Jane & John, Fanny 5/9/1749
And Mary (20/11/1748) & Edward (2/1/1743) of Edward & Jane.
Bur: Jane Rapley, 27/2/1751
     Benjamin & Joseph Rapley, 9/1/1745.
Mar Edward Rapley & Ann Flight 20/12/1757, both OTP


11     GENERATION 11




PR shows:
Born: nil at Swallowfield from 1639 on. Many elsewhere
Siblings: Richard ??? (dau Ann by Mary M 3/2/1704).
Married: Mary
Issue of Thomas & Mary King, Swallowfield:
1/1. William King (8/5/1684),
1/2. Mary King (2/2/1690),

Did this Mary King marry Joan Soan, 20/4/1721?

1/3. John King (6/3/1693),

Issue of John & Elizabeth King (IGI):
2/1. John King (16/6/1728),
2/2. Mary King (4/9/1731),
2/3. Ann King (4/1734).

1/4. William King (26/1/1696),

A William King Married ??  Ann Road, Swallowfield, 2/5/1720. ??
2/1. Sarah King (26/1/1721),
2/2. Ann King (28/2/1722),

1/5. Thomas King (19/4/1702), (PR)                KO10/113

Other IGI info:
Charles King ch 14/4/1670 ex Edward
William King married Jane Rod(?) 121/6/1690, Swallowfield.
William K bur 8/5/1694 (ch 1684??)
Edward bur 3/12/1708 & 4/11/1729
William Dyer m Elizabeth K 19/9/1735, both of Sw @ St Giles Reading
William King bur Sw 15/1/1732
Mary King bur Sw 4/5/1732.
Mary King bur Sw 3/6/1688.
Deaths:  John King 26/6/1741, Swallowfield
         Ann King 11/4/1735, Swallowfield.


PR has
John b abt 1672 Swallowfield (IGI). No IGI marriages - were they non-conformists with the name Temperance? Elizabeth the only issue on the IGI.

There is a will of John Knight in Reading:
Dated 20 August 1720, a John Knight buried 13/9/1720, Shinfield.
Inventory dated 15/9/1720.
John Knight, yeoman of Shinfield. Left legacies to sons Richard, Thomas, Samuel, Peter & Joseph, who was the principle heir (probably the oldest). Daughters Elizabeth & Mary, who was named Mary Headland, wife of Daniel and their 5 children.
The inventory shows him to have had household property and farm stock, including 8 cows and a bull, 4 bullocks, 2 fattening cows, 6 hoggs and 17 piggs, 37 sheep, 38 lambs (not a bad lambing proportion for the era) and 6 horses. Estate value £361-1-4d.
IGI has Mary Knight marrying Daniel Headland, Swallowfield, 24/10/1704.
This would imply that if this John is the father of Elizabeth who married Thomas King, he must have had more than one wife. It does not seem possible from IGI information to build up a picture which fits the children in the will of 1720.

JOHN COOK - 1689


ChPR: 21/8/1689 Binfield PR transcript.
Parent: John Cook

Ch: 20/9/1696 St Mary Reading,
Prob too young & married by licence and so not from RSM.
Parents: Thomas & Mary (Restall) -

Married: Ann Morgan, 28/4/1709, St Mary Reading.
PR John Coock & Ann Morgan, licence.



Christened: 27/10/1687, St Mary, Reading. PR transcript
Parents: John & Mary (nil further on IGI)

Issue of John & Ann (Morgan) Coock (ch St Mary Reading, PR transcript):
1/1. Mary Cook, (7/1709),
1/2. Edward Cook,(4/12/1712),
1/3. Peter Cook, (30/12/1713).              KO10/115.



ChPR 8/2/1688, Wokingham
Parents: Robert & Alice May
Married: Elizabeth Beach 20/10/1713, Wokingham. both OTP
Issue of Anthony & Eliz May, Wokingham (PR):
1/1. Elizabeth May C: 20 Aug 1714
1/2. Robert May C: 9 Apr 1719
1/3. Anthony May (16/6/1725)                         KO10/123



ChPR 6/8/1693, Wokingham
Parents: John & Mary (Blackman) Deane,
Married: Anne Howard, 23/8/1724, Wokingham, both OTP.

Issue (IGI):
1/1. Anne Deane ch 15/9/1725PR                         KO10/124
1/2. Mary Dean ch 14/8/1727
1/3. John Dean, ch 24/11/1729
1/4. Sarah Dean, ch 31/1/1733




PR/IGI: Edward Rapley ch 19/10/1687, Swallowfield, of Edward & Hannah.

Edward Rapley married Elizabeth Willis 5/10/1720, Reading St Giles
PR: no further info.



Parents: Thomas & Ann Willis RStM 20/1/1699 PR, a cuttler.
This line seems the most probable and is given below.
Alternative on IGI, PR not chkd: no parents 18/3/1694, Shinfield.

Issue of Edward & Elizabeth (Willis) Rapley, Reading St Giles:
1/1. John Rapley, 20/2/1726.                      KO10/125
1/2. Mary Rapley, ch 19/1/1729 (IGI)

Perhaps Edward Rapley, married Jane, Issue at Shinfield:
Edward Rapley, 2/1/1643, Mary 20/11/1748,
Bur Jane Rapley, 27/2/1751.
Bur: Benjamin & Joseph Rapley, 9/1/1745


12     GENERATION 12




It looks as though this is not a relevant line, see John Cook above Married: 5 Dec 1687 Mary Restall, Swallowfield, Berkshire, (PR transcript, no detail)



Ch: 17 Jan 1669 Saint Giles, Reading, Berkshire, (IGI)
Parents: Thomas & Elizabeth Restall

Other IGI Option:
Ch: 2 Apr 1670 Ufton Nervet, Berkshire,
Parents: Thomas Restall & Dorithy

Issue of Thomas & Mary (Restall) Cook (IGI @ St Mary Reading):
1/1. John Coocke Ch: 20 Sep 1696            KO11/229.
1/2. Thomas Coock Ch: 29 Apr 1688
1/3. John Coocke Ch: 20 Sep 1696



Issue of John & Mary Morgan, PR, St Mary Reading:
1/1. Mary Morgan, ch 11/12/1684.
1/2. Ann Morgan, ch 27/10/1687, married John Cook.   KO11/230
1/3. Elizabeth Morgan, 12/3/1690.

Burials RSM: John Morgan, 18/12/1689 & 2/6/1678 son of Thomas
Mary Morgan 29/9/1686
Mrs Mary wf of Francis Morgan, 2/3/1698/9
Mary Morgan, a strainger, 22/12/1706
Ann Morgan, 5/3/1689/90
Ch John Morgan RSM, 14/8/1678 of Francis & Mary
Ch Mary Morgan, RSM, 1/2/1665 & 20/2/1667 of Francis & Mary



IGI: Robarte MAYE B: 5 Feb 1658
Father: Thomas MAYE Sandhurst, Berkshire, England
Married Alice Field, 31/1/1687, Wokingham OTP PR: 31 March

Issue of Robert & Alice May, Wokingham (PR):
1/1. Anthony May Ch: 8/2/1688,                     KO11/245
1/2. Robert May C: 1 Dec 1692
1/3. John May C: 1 Sep 1695
1/4. Thomas May C: 1 Oct 1698

Will & Inventory of James May yeoman of Swallowfield in Berks RO:
Dated: Nov 1742, James May Buried Swallowfield 8/11/1727
domestic possessions + farm stock:
4 horses, 24 sheep, 1 hogg, 2 piggs, 4 acres wheat in the ground (probably ruined by November!). Total £89
Widow Jane May.
No obvious James May on IGI.



Married 6/10/1691, Wokingham:
John of Wokingham, Mary of Binfield


Issue, ch Wokingham (PR):
1/1. John Deane, 6/8/1693                       KO11/147



Edward Rapley ch 18/11/1649 Swallowfield of Edward Rapley, looks a bit old, but no other Edwards born on IGI or married, if Hanna was 2nd wife.

Married: Hana Nubry, Swallowfield, 6/11/1684 (PR, no further info).

PR: Edward Rapley M. Hana Nubry, Swallowfield, 6/11/1684 earliest Rapley on Berks IGI, no origin on PR. No earlier Nubry/Newberry.

Issue of Edward & Hana, ch Swallowfield (from PR - not exhaustive)
1/1. Edward Rapley, ch 19/10/1687.                  KO11/249.
1/2. Hanah Rapley, ch 29/10/1689
1/3. John Rapley, ch 14/8/1692
1/4. Mary Rapley, ch 18/12/1695

Admon of John Rapley yeoman of Winkfield, 29/5/1742.
to Elizabeth Rapley, widow, also mentioned Henry Bowyer, yeoman, & John Fern, labourer.
John Rapley married Eliz Giles, Sunninghill, 20/8/1727 on IGI



Willis clan on Bradfield PR requires more study (12/02) due to multiplicity of Wills/Willis/Wallis etc.

(a) Richard & Edith Willis of Bradfield 28/12/1675 (PR)
(b) of John 16/2/1672 Bradfield (PR)

Thomas Married Shinfield, 8/10/1688, PR no more info.


IGI nil for Berks on Ann Horn.

Issue of Thomas & Ann Willis at Reading St Mary:
1/1. Ann Willis, ch 31/1/1698. (IGI)
1/2. Elizabeth Willis, ch 20/1/1699PR.              KO11 250.
1/3. John Willis, ch 1/11/1700 (IGI)
1/4. Thomas Willis, ch 2/6/1703, d 11/8/1703 (IGI)

Also found @ Shinfield PR:

John Rapley m Elizabeth Franklin 24/4/1809, Shinfield.
Rapley William  18100211 John Elizabeth
Rapley Mary Ann 18111201 John Elizabeth

Burials @ Shinfield:
Hunt Jane 18130617  age 49 of Shinfield
Howard Sarah 18131116  age 69 of Shinfield
Watkins John 18201215 age 32 of Shinfield
Howard William 18250918  age 77 of Shinfield
Watkins Mary?  18070712
Rapley Thomas 17880703
Rapley James 17920919 pauper
Watkins James 17960501
Rapley Sarah 8/5/1757.

Shinfield Tithe 1842:
Edward Rapley tenant of Alexander Cobham (0-0-18)
George Rapley tenant of Ebeneezer Fuller Maitland (0-0-16)
                        (EF Maitland owned about 240 acres)
John Rapley tenant of John Lamb (0-1-34).


13     GENERATION 13




No Ch info on IGI.
IGI shows:
Married: 18 Apr 1669 Saint Giles, Reading, Berkshire,
Elizabeth Brierhurst

Issue of Thomas & Elizabeth Restall, ch St Giles Reading (IGI):
1/1. Mary Restall Ch: 17 Jan 1669                  KO12/458
1/2. Elizabeth Restall Ch: 20 Sep 1671
1/3. Thomas Restall Ch: 2 Aug 1673

Issue of Thomas & Mary Restall, St Giles Reading, IGI:
Ann Restall Ch: 18 Nov 1726
Thomas Restall Ch: 20 Mar 1728
Mary Restall Ch: 4 Mar 1730
Mary Restall Ch: 28 Oct 1731
Elizabeth Restall Ch: 25 Dec 1733
William Restall Ch: 14 Jul 1736
Elizabeth Restall Ch: 11 Jun 1740
Jonne_ Restall Ch: 22 Sep 1742
Thomas Restall Ch: 17 Nov 1756 (Thomas & Maria)



Parents: Reade & Mary Clark 8/7/1638 Bradfield (PR)
Married: 16/10/1665, Bradfield (PR)


Issue of Richard & Edith Willis, Bradfield:
1/1. Richard Willis, 28/12/1675.                  KO12/499.

----------------------------------------------------------------************************* GENERATION 14 ************************



Reade Willis of John 15/11/1612. PR old script, possibly correct!
PR Burial: Reade Willis, 27/8/1671, Bradfield.

Married: 20/6/1636 Bradfield OTP, PR:


Parents: John Clark (IGI has entry including Agnes, not on PR)
PR Burial: Mary wife of Richardus Willis, 16/8/1665
John Clark and Agnes Hatt?? Married 18/1/1618 PR, (IGI 16/2/1618)

1/1. Richard Willis, ch 16/10/1665.                    KO113/997

Agnes Hatt of Thomas and Agnes 31/10/1602, Peasmore
Thomas Hatt m. Agnes Mason, 14/2/1589, Peasmore

Allegations for Marriage Licence (Surrey, Peter)

issued by the Commissary Court of Surrey
Between 1673-1770, Alfred Ridley Bax, 1907.

Peter Family:

12 June 1733: Joseph Peter of Newdigate, farmer, bachelor, 40, Ann Duffel of Newdigate, spinster, 26; at Hedly. William Constable of Dorking, farmer, 2nd s. JP signs, WC marks.

20/12/1764, Joseph Peters of Kingston, 2nd sign.

22/5/1733. Richard Humfrey of Newdigate, husbandman, bachelor, 25, and Mary Pter of Newdigate, spinster, 21: at Dorking. Richard Somerfield of Newdigate, yeoman, 2nd s. Both mark

26/5/1735. William Bignold of Sheere, cordwainer, 36, and Mary Peter of Hampton, co. Middlesex, spinster, 39; at St Martha on the Hill, Abinger, or Sheere.

2/9/1761. Nicholas Scribens of Dorking, abode 10 years, husbandman, bachelor, 45 and Mary Peters, of Capel, abode 6 weeks, spinster, 30; at Capel. Peter Weller of Beachworth, blacksmith, 2nd s. Scrivens on the Bond. He signs Nicholass Scribuens.

7/3/1755. Matthew Peters of Horn, abode 1 year, butcher, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth Beadle of Horn, abode upwards of 1 year, spinster, 23; at Horn.

20/5/1734. Richard Peters of Woking, blacksmith, 2nd s.

31/7/1741. Richard Peter of Leathered, yeoman, bachelor, 40, and Anne Windham of Leathered, spinster, 30; at Leathered. Thomas Peter, of Leathered, maltman, 2nd s.

19/12/1752. Richard Peters of Ashtead, labourer, bachelor, above 26, and Jane Killick of Ashtead, spinster, above 21; at Ashtead. John Bullen of Great Bookham, labourer, 2nd s.

3/6/1746. Samuel Peter of Great Bookham, victualler, bachelor, above 27, and Ann Parson of the Lower Parish in Guildford, spinster, above 27; at St Nicholas Guildford.

6/4/1752. Samuel Peter of Great Bookham, victualler, 2nd S.

7/8/1756. Samuel Peter of Great Bookham, victualler, 2nd S.

22/6/1770. Samuel Peter of St Saviour, Southwark, abode 4 weeks, cordwainer, signs, widower, and Ann Stent of the same parish, widow; at St Saviour, Southwark.

22/2/1728. William Francis of Beddington, maulster, bachelor, 23, and Elizabeth Peters of Great Bookham, spinster, 24; at Stoake Dauborne, or Fetcham. Thomas Peters of Great Bookham, weaver, 2nd S. Both Sign.

4/2/1737-8. Thomas Peters of Kingston upon Thames, glazier, bachelor, 26, and Ann Marsh of Cobham, co Surrey, spinster, 27; at Long Ditton or Cobham.

10/7/1739. Thomas Peters of K-u-T, glazier, 2nd S.

7/7/1741: Thomas Peter of Fetcham, yeoman, 2nd S.

14/7/1742. Thomas Peters of K-u-T, glazier, widower, 30, and Mary Lewis of K-u-T, spinster, 24; at Long Ditton. Richard Lewis of Thames Ditton, yeoman, 2nd S. Both sign.

19/9/1742. Thomas Peter of Leathered, maltman, 2nd S. Both sign.

25/1/1747-8. James Peters of Dorking, cordwainer, bachelor, 23, and Ann Saker of Dorking, widow; at Reigate. Moses Chandler, of Reigate, victualler, 2nd S. Both sign.

29/7/1747. Thomas Denslow of Epsom, blacksmith, widower, about 40, and Elizabeth Peters, spinster, about 30; at Beddington.

2/6/1748. James Peter of Leigh, co. Surrey, husbandman, bachelor, 23, and Sarah Evans of Charlwood, spinster, 24; at Reigate. John Aptide (sic) of Horley, husbandman, 2nd S. Both mark.

1/11/1749. Richard Weller of Capell, husbandman, bachelor, 30, and Hannah Peter of Wooton, co Surrey, spinster, 22; at Wooton. Charles Orell of Reigate, gardener, 2nd S. Both sign.

14/9/1753. Thomas Peter of Great Bookham, farmer, 2nd S. Both sign

21/4/1757. Richard Rossel of Linfield, co Sussex, abode 5 years, farmer, 23 and Elizabeth Peters of Horley, abode 6 years, spinster, 25; at Horley. Rich’d Humphrey of Horley, 2nd S. (damaged).

30/8/1757. Thomas Peter of Great Bookham, farmer, 2nd S. Both sign

29/10/1759. George Peters of K-u-T, abode near 2 years, glazier, bachelor, 29, and Ann Mitchel of Cranley, abode 3 months, spinster, 22; at K-u-T. Thomas Peters of K-u-T, glazier, 2nd S. Both sign.

17/5/1764. James Ward of Kingston-upon-Thames, abode 40 years, farmer, widower, and Eleanor Peters of Kingston, spinster, 40; at Kingston. Thomas Peters of K-u-T, glazier, 2nd S. Both sign.

5/11/1765. Joshua Young of St Mary, Rotherhithe, bachelor, 26, and Hannah Peters of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, abode 4 weeks, spinster, a minor, 18; at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey. With consent of Hannah Peters, the elder, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, widow, mother of the said minor, who hath no father living or any testamentary guardian appointed. Both sign.

28/1/1766. John Gergory of Cobham, co. Surrey, bricklayer, he marks, bachelor, 29, and Jane Peters of Camberwell, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 21; at Camberwell.

5/4/1766. James Peters of Reigate, abode 4 weeks, cordwainer, signs, widower, and Jane Hackman of Reigate, spinster, 21; at Reigate. (see 25/1/1747-8 above).

8/5/1766. William Farra of Fulham, co Middlesex, sawyer, signs, bachelor, 21, and Elizabeth Peters of Kingston-upon-Thames, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 21; at Kingston-upon-Thams.

25/3/1769. George Peters of West Clandon, abode 4 weeks, day labourer, he marks, bachelor, 21 and Anne Harrison of West Clandon, spinster, 21; at West Clandon. Goerge Westbrook, clerk of St Mary’s Guidlford, 2nd S.

19/8/1770. Samuel Hodges of Kingston-upon-Thames, signs, bachelor, 21, and Eleanor Peters of Kingston-ipon-Thames, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 22; at Kingston-upon-Thames.

23/10/1729. John Peters of Guldeford, victualler, 2nd S. Both sign.

19/4/1731. Francis Bolting of Capel, husbandman, bachelor, 24, and Hannah Peter of Capel, spinster, 17; at Dorking or Capel. John Peters, father of the above Hannah Peters, solemnly declares (being one of the People commonly call’d Quakers), that he is consenting to the marriage of his daughter. John Peters, his mark
                                                  Joane Peters, her mark.
Sign’d in the presence of Peter Street, Ezek Mills. John Roberts of Dorking, 2nd S. Francis Bolting marks. John Roberts signs.

17/2/1731. John Peters of Guldeford, victualler, 2nd S. Both sign.

14/12/1734. John Dunn of Millbrook, co Hants, blacksmith, 21, and Anne Peters of Stoke, co. Surrey, widow, 21; at Stoke, co. Surrey. James Lee of Stoke, innholder, 2nd S. Both sign

25/120/1736. Samuel Boarer of Capell, husbandman, bachelor, 28, and Anne Peter of Capell, spinster, 24; at Leathered. Francis Boting of Capell, husbandman, 2nd S. Both make their mark.

1/12/1746. Robert Smith of West Horsley, husbandman, 30 or thereabouts, and Ann Peter of West Horsley, spinster, 27; at Horsel. Richard Martin of West Hosley husbandman 2nd S.

21/9/1748. John Peters of Ockley, yeoman, bachelor, 28, and Mary King of Ockley, spinster, 21; at Ockley or Wootton. Caleb Wood of Sheere, yeoman, 2nd S. Both sign.

23/12/1756. Catherine Peters of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, abode upwards of 4 weeks last, widow, and James Hughes of St Mary Magdalen, bachelor, 20 and upwards, a minor; at St Mary Magdalen, Bermodsey, “Not knowing any lawfull let of impediment by reason of any pre-contrat entered into before the 25th day of March 1754”. John Hughes, the father, consenting, of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Carman; Rose Cay, wife of Wm. Cay of St Mary Magdalen, fellmonger, is very well acquainted with John Hughes of St Mary Magdalen, Carman, who is very aged and infirm, and therefore could not personally attend to give his consent for his son’s intermarriage. She did see the said John Hughes set his mark to the certificate hereto annexed. “These are to certify whom it doth or may concern that I, John Hughes, of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, in the County of Surrey, Carman, the father of James Hughes, of the same parish, (being aged and infirm), that my said son shall and may intermarry with Catherine Peters of the same parish, widow. In witness .... 23 Dec, 1756.” The mark of John Hughes.

20/8/1757. John Hoare of Great Bookham, abode 4 weeks, servant man, 24, and Ann Peter of Great Bookham. Thomas Peter of Great Bookham, farmer, 2nd S. Both sign.

28/4/1760. Edward Collins of Dorking, abode 3 months, husbandman, bachelor, 25, and Ann Peters of Dorking, abode 2 years, spinster, 22; at Dorking. James Pilfold of Dorking, sadler, 2nd S. He signs, E.C. marks.

8/11/1765. John Peters of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, abode 4 weeks, signs, bachelor, 22, and Mary Young of St Mary Rotherhith, spinster, 21; at St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey.

31/5/1765. Edward Peters of Epsom, abode 30 years, servant, he marks, widower, 57. and Hannah Francis, of Effingham, abode 4 weeks, spinster, 35; at Effingham.

Stories of Sussex - Findon


William Frankland and his Wonderful house


Sir William FRANKLAND (2) was born in 1720 or 1721 At Bengal, Calent, India.(2) 458004
He died on 28 Dec 1805 in Muntham, Sussex, England.(2)
He was baptized in YORKSHIRE, ENGLAND.

William Frankland was born in Bengal during the Governorship of his father there. Setting out for Europe in 1760, he made what was a highly adventurous journey for such a time.

Disguising himself as a Tartar messenger, he crossed the Persian Gulf, made his way from Baghdad to Jerusalem, and visited the site of Babylon and the ruins of storied Palmyra. Enterprise and daring, with the instinct for wandering in unfrequented ways, was in all the Franklands, for they descended from Cromwell through his daughter Frances.

When his travels ended, William settled down here as owner of Muntham and devoted himself for the last forty years of his life to study and mechanical science.
He had a genius for machines and those he could not make with his own hands he invented and had erected by the most skilled workmen he could find.
He made the old house a wonderland. One room was devoted to lathes which performed work of the most delicate and complicated character, from wood-turning for busts to the most delicate medals wrought in wood.
He had a unique collection of clocks and watches ; another room contained machinery for winding, spinning, and other textile processes in miniature ; yet another was devoted to printing by ingenious machines, and elsewhere he was rich in various musical instruments automatically operated, with machines for generating electricity, and optical apparatus of every kind known in his age, all these from his own designs.
Here he lived his happy laborious life, a century too soon for common acceptance of his ideas, foreshadowing the avenues by which the nation was to advance from hit-or-miss handwork to the precision of machinery.

He died in 1805, aged 85, and his collection realised remarkable prices, one turning-lathe being sold for three thousand guineas.

Sir William was who was born in Bengal, India. He was later knighted in Dublin, Ireland and served as a member of Parliament from 1670-1685. He was a Merchant in Bengal, India, as well as in Sussex, England, and later in Dublin, Ireland for the FINDON Co., of Munford Square.
He was the High sheriff of Sussex in 1782 and a Member of the House of Parliament, representing Yorkshire (Thirsk) in 1768-1784.
- Thomas Edward Frankland's uncle, Sir Thomas Frankland, was 3rd Baron of Thirkelby (no child -"Issue")
The next in line was Sir Charles Henry Frankland, another uncle, born 1716, who was 4th Baron of Thirkelby (Yorkshire, ENG.).
Another Thomas FRANKLAND, born 1718, was 5th Baron of Thirkelby, on Sir Charles Henry's death.
No Spouse found for Sir William FRANKLAND, but it is believed she had ties to Ireland, hence their son, Thomas Edward Frankland was born there & apparently raised there, perhaps by Maternal grandparents or some kin of his mother. It is believed that the FRANKLAND family moved from the Yorkshire, England area to Wexford, Ireland to facilitate their E.I.C. trade. One descendant has a family memento - a leather wallet with the words, 'Thomas E. Frankland, Wexford' printed on it.

Yorkshire Pedigrees:
He was a merchant and spent 20 years with the East India Company at Bengal and afterwards was seated at Muntham, Sussex, where he was living in 1771. He was MP for Thirsk and died at Muntham 28 Dec 1805.

William Frankland was a notable Findon landowner and I think he was one of the most intriguing, fascinating and remarkable characters to have carved a slot in Findon history. There will never be another quite like him I can guarantee.
William's father was the governor of Fort William and the boy was born in Bengal in 1720.
In June 2002, I heard from Brian Wenk who has provided me with this photograph of a painting he owns of William Frankland as a boy. This is by Johann Zoffany —

By the age of forty years, William was an unmarried wealthy East India merchant but he left India in 1760 and took on a dangerous three year journey travelling overland through Mesopotamia, Syria and Palestine.

Cleverly disguising himself as an indigenous Tartar messenger, he trekked across the Persian Gulf and and proceeded to penetrate the veiled world of the Ottoman Empire. He procured Turkish, Persian and Armenian passports and obtained a certificate from the Armenian Patriarch to acknowledge his presence in the Holy Land. His trip took in the site of the great and decadent Babylon before venturing on to mystical Baghdad and the then recently unearthed ruins of the city of Palmyra in Syria. Damascus and the city of Jerusalem came next and at the end of his hazardous journey, he no doubt thankfully boarded a ship bound for Constaninople and finally England.

This adventurous and rather unnecessary prolonged journey had been undertaken quite alone, in a potentially hostile part of the globe. It seems William had ample time and money to spare but even then it was no mean feat for a gentleman approaching his middle-age, accustomed as he must have been to the comforts of home life and the pampering from servants.

A travel worn William arrived in England, still unmarried and he began his search for a country residence suitable for retirement. In 1765 he decided on Muntham Court in Findon with its estate of over 2,000 acres.

The property had been built by the 6th Viscount Montague as a hunting box and was enhanced by gracious surrounding plantations and fishponds. William procured the red brick Georgian mansion and estate for £6,300 and settled down to Findon life. The population of the village at this time was approaching around 180. It was an era when a windmill was grinding grain on the hill and cockfighting matches were still being conducted behind the Gun Inn.

What was life at Muntham like in William's days? The estate was well laid out and organised. There were poultry houses, dog kennels and, yes, a piggery. Findon cottagers would have also kept pigs in their gardens at this time.

It is said that in the sixteenth century when villagers could obtain pork they would hang up their bacon to show it off. It was a sign of wealth that a householder could "bring home the bacon". A little bacon would be sliced off to share with guests and everyone would sit around and "chew the fat".

Even at the beginning of the twentieth century people could still recall pigs being allowed to roam the streets. Any household killing a pig would divide the meat with their neighbours, and naturally they expected the deed to be reciprocated in due course. Carefully reared pigs and piglets can, therefore, be imagined wandering at will through the main street of Findon during the time of William Frankland.

Pork was everyone’s favourite meat and it was the traditional Christmas dish in Sussex. Hog's puddings, mince pies, and lard cakes were in evidence as the festive season approached. Perhaps as William was one of the aristocracy and also the landlord, he sat down to tuck into a dish of roast pork, (or it could have been goose), at the "big house" on Christmas Days at the end of the eighteenth century.

William's social equals in the district were Squire William Green of the Manor of Findon, a friend of the Prince of Wales, later King George IV; John Cripps of Sheepcombe and the Goring Family of the Findon Park Estate.

Yeoman farmers worked the surrounding agricultural land. A local tradesman who had additional agricultural interests was William Tate of Nepcote. This was also the time of George Holford the carpenter who instigated the resurrection of the famous Findon Sheep Fair during William's days.

William resided at Muntham Court for the next thirty-nine years. His name was soon to be celebrated as an eccentric who spent much time and money on experimental mechanical devices for the practical application of science. This was much to the astonishment of the villagers who went to work for him at the Muntham estate.


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See Tate Notes for this text.



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Origins of the Australian Tates


Descendants of Edward TATE and Priscilla PLATTS


Gordon Weaver who produced this line 6/2011.

This individual does not fit in with our George Tate George, son of William was too early for this Edward, and his son George was producing children at the wrong intervals for this to fit.
He appears as a descendant of William Tate, generation 11.

Generation No. 1

1. Edward4 TATE (George3, William2, William1) was born 18 Aug 1801 in New Shoreham, Sussex, England, and died 19 Sep 1861 in Brighton, East Sussex, England.. He married Priscilla PLATTS 29 Dec 1826 in St Nicholas, Shoreham, East Sussex, Eng.. She was born 29 May 1803 in St Mary's, Northgate, Canterbury, Kent, Eng., and died 14 Apr 1892 in Brighton, East Sussex, England.
Notes for Priscilla PLATTS:

Family came from Hertfordshire, England

Children of Edward TATE and Priscilla PLATTS are:

i. Ellen5 TATE, b. 1825; m. ? MORRELLAND.
ii.      Edward Purcell TATE, b. 29 Sep 1827, Shoreham, East Sussex, England;

d. Dec 1886, Morpeth, NSW; m. Barbara Loder CAREY, 1852, Maitland, NSW; d. 1915, Hamilton, NSW.
Notes for Edward Purcell TATE:
Mariner by occupation and emigrated to Australia in 1846.

iii.     Frances Mary TATE, b. 21 Sep 1828, Shoreham, East Sussex, England;

m. Jesse Pearce BAILEY, 12 Dec 1858; b. 1834, London, England.
Notes for Jesse Pearce BAILEY: Carpet Planner and fitter

iv.      George (Capt) Boone TATE, b. 26 Mar 1830, New Shoreham, England.;

d. Abt. Apr 1885, Poplar, England.; m. Jane Elizabeth MORRICE; b. 1843, Cripplegate, England; d. 1938. This was in the Weaver history, but appears to be incorrect, see below.
Notes for George (Capt) Boone TATE:
Captain George Boone TATE was a Mariner and Captain of the SS 'Vittoria'

Note from Kevin Brown 29/10/11 via ancestry.com:
He did not marry Jane Elizabeth Morrice. I have the wedding certificate and he clearly married Jane Elizabeth Day.

v. William Platts TATE, b. May 1832.
vi. Hewlitt John TATE, b. 01 Feb 1835, New Shoreham, Sussex, England;

d. 17 Mar 1884, Dungog, NSW; m. Mary SMITH, 04 Oct 1854, St James Church, Morpeth, NSW.; b. 04 Apr 1830, Little Houghton, Northumberland, England; d. 21 Apr 1909, Newcastle, NSW.
Notes for Hewlitt John TATE:
Hewlitt John TATE joined the New South Wales Police Force on the 19 March, 1862, being Constable Number 55, Hewlitt was the first Police Officer to be stationed at Wollombi. Hewlitt resigned from the Police Force on the 31 December, 1865. The New South Wales Police was actually formed early 1862 and prior to that New South Wales was serviced by a Military style Police Service consisting mainly of Colonial Soldiers.

Notes for Mary SMITH:
MARY Information supplied by Audrey BRIDGES. (Granddaughter of Mary's youngest child, Mary Australia SMITH)
Thomas and Margaret SMITH'S first child, Mary, was christened at Long Houghton, Northumberland, England, on the 4th April, 1830, and came to Australia with her parents, a sister and three brothers in 1841. They travelled to Dungog where Thomas, a blacksmith, commenced work for Mr McKay at 'Cangon'. Mary married Hewlitt John TATE who was born on 1st February, 1835, at New Shoreham, Sussex, England, at St. James Church in Morpeth which had been built by Lieutenant E.C. Close in gratitude for surviving the Battle of Albuera, when serving in the Duke of Wellingtons' army in Spain. Hewlitt TATE was a son of Edward and Priscilla (nee Platt) TATE who had been married on 29 December, 1826, in Shoreham, Sussex, where the TATES number among their kin, a Lord Mayor of London, a benifactor of the Tate Gallery and two famous English Test cricketers Frederick TATE and his son Maurice TATE. Mary and Hewlitt lived in Dungog and the surrounding district, Hewlitt being a Police Trooper when Thomas James was born in 1865 at Wollombi. In a letter written from Morpeth on 19 October, 1865 to George, Edward Tate describes a sudden critical illness Hewlitt was experiencing which necessitated bringing a doctor out from Maitland, as well as being treated by the local one at Morpeth, where Hewlitt, Mary and family were now living. Also mentioned was the fact that Hewlitt's mother-in-law, that is, Margaret Smith, had come down from Dungog to be with the family. Hewlitt recovered although he was only forty nine years old when he died in 1894.
Frances Mary 1855
Priscilla Mary 1857
Margaret 1859
Hewlitt William 1863
Thomas James 1865 (As per birth certificate)
Robert Andrew 1867
Mary Australia 1870
Mary made a second marriage to Paddy Lysaght, a blacksmith, in Dungog, Paddy being remembered for befriending 'Brandy', the last aboriginal in the region.
After Paddy died Mary went to Newcastle to live with her youngest daughter, Mary WEAVER, until her death and burial at Sandgate Cemetary in 1909.
Audrey Bridges' grandmother, Mary (Tate) WEAVER, told her that Mary (Smith) TATE, her mother, always referred to George Stephenson as cousin George, but this fact remains unverified.


Mary (nee Smith) TATE is buried at Sandgate Cemetary, Newcastle. Anglican 1. Section 67, grave 15 (No headstone)

vii.     Sarah TATE, b. 05 Feb 1837, Shoreham, East Sussex, England.
viii.    Richard TATE, b. 01 Sep 1839; d. 1840.
ix.      Frank TATE, b. 01 Apr 1840, Shoreham, East Sussex, England;

m. Emma ??; b. 1843, Wednesbury, Staffordshire, England.
Notes for Frank TATE:
Was a Solicitor at Oldham, Redcar, Manchester and London

x. Edwin TATE, b. 15 Jan 1843, Shoreham, East Sussex, England.
xi.      Robert Andrew TATE, b. 1845, Shoreham, East Sussex, England;

m. Elizabeth ?; b. 1856.

xii.     Alfred Charles TATE, b. 09 Jun 1846, Shoreham, East Sussex, England;

d. 1920, Paddington, NSW, Australia; m. Mary Elizabeth MALONE, 1890, Sydney, NSW; b. 1852, Braidwood, NSW; d. 1935, Rosebay, NSW.


Descendants of Hewlitt William TATE and Mary SMITH


Generation No. 1


1. Hewlitt John5 TATE (Edward4, George3, William2, William1) was born 01 Feb 1835

in New Shoreham, Sussex, England, and died 17 Mar 1884 in Dungog, NSW. He married Mary SMITH 04 Oct 1854 in StJames Church, Morpeth, NSW., daughter of Thomas SMITH and Margaret STEPHENSON. She was born 04 Apr 1830 in Little Houghton, Northumberland, England., and died 21 Apr 1909 in Newcastle, NSW.
Notes for Hewlitt John TATE:
Hewlitt John TATE joined the New South Wales Police Force on the 19 March, 1862, being Constable Number 55, Hewlitt was the first Police Officer to be stationed at Wollombi. Hewlitt resigned from the Police Force on the 31 December, 1865. The New South Wales Police was actually formed early 1862 and prior to that New South Wales was serviced by a Military style Police Service consisting mainly of Colonial Soldiers.

Notes for Mary SMITH:
MARY Information supplied by Audrey BRIDGES. (Granddaughter of Mary's youngest child, Mary Australia SMITH)
Thomas and Margaret SMITH'S first child, Mary, was christened at Long Houghton, Northumberland, England, on the 4th April, 1830, and came to Australia with her parents, a sister and three brothers in 1841. They travelled to Dungog where Thomas, a blacksmith, commenced work for Mr McKay at 'Cangon'.
Mary married Hewlitt John TATE who was born on 1st February, 1835, at New Shoreham, Sussex, England, at St'James Church in Morpeth which had been built by Lieutenant E.C. Close in gratitude for surviving the Battle of Albuera, when serving in the Duke of Wellingtons' army in Spain.
Hewlitt TATE was a son of Edward and Priscilla (nee Platt) TATEwho had been married on 29 December, 1826, in Shoreham, Sussex, where the TATES number among their kin, a Lord Mayor of London, a benifactor of the Tate Gallery and two famous English Test cricketers Frederick TATE and his son Maurice TATE.
Mary and Hewlitt lived in Dungog and the surrounding district, Hewlitt being a Police Trooper when Thomas James was born in 1865 at Wollombi. In a letter written from Morpeth on 19 October, 1865 to George, Edward Tate describes a sudden critical illness Hewlitt was experiencing which necessitated bringing a doctor out from Maitland, as well as being treated by the local one at Morpeth, where Hewlitt, Mary and family were now living. Also mentioned was the fact that Hewlitt's mother-in-law, that is, Margaret Smith, had come down from Dungog to be with the family. Hewlitt recovered although he was only forty nine years old when he died in 1894.
Frances Mary   1856
Priscilla Mary 1857
Margaret 1859
Hewlitt William        1863
Thomas James   1865 (As per birth certificate)
Robert Andrew  1867
Mary Australia 1870

Mary made a second marriage to Paddy Lysaght, a blacksmith, in Dungog, Paddy being remembered for befriending 'Brandy', the last aboriginal in the region.
After Paddy died Mary went to Newcastle to live with her youngest daughter, Mary WEAVER, until her death and burial at Sandgate Cemetary in 1909.
Audrey Bridges' grandmother, Mary (Tate) WEAVER, told her that Mary (Smith) TATE, her mother, always referred to George Stephenson as cousin George, but this fact remains unverified.


Mary (nee Smith) TATE is buried at Sandgate Cemetary, Newcastle. Anglican 1. Section 67, grave 15 (No headstone) Children of Hewlitt TATE and Mary SMITH are:

2.   i.  Francis 'Fanny* Mary6 TATE, b. 11 Dec 1855, Dungog, NSW;

d. Gravesend, Essex, England..

ii.  Priscilla Mary TATE, b. 25 Oct 1857, Dungog, NSW;

d. 13 Mar 1868, Dungog, NSW.
Notes for Priscilla Mary TATE:
Priscilla Mary TATE was 10 years old when she died. There are no dependants

iii. Margaret Smith TATE, b. 29 Dec 1859, Morpeth, NSW; m. O'KEEFE.

Notes for Margaret Smith TATE:
There is nothing further known of Margaret Smith TATE and her husband ? O'KEEFE

3.   iv.   Hewlitt William TATE, b. 23 Feb 1862, Morpeth, NSW;

d. 17 Apr 1945, Lithgow, NSW.

4.   v.    Thomas James TATE, b. 24 Jan 1865, Wollombi, NSW;

d. 16 Jun 1945, Brisbane, Australia..

5.   vi.   Robert Andrew 'Dobbyn' TATE, b. 1867, Dungog, NSW; d. Abt. 1950.
vii. Mary P TATE, b. 1868, Dungog, NSW; d. 1868, Dungog, NSW.
6.   viii. Mary Australia TATE, b. 25 Aug 1870, Dungog, NSW;

d. 31 May 1960, Hamilton, NSW.


Generation No. 2


2. Francis 'Fanny' Mary6 TATE (Hewlitt John5, Edward4, George3, William2, William1)

was born 11 Dec 1855 in Dungog, NSW, and died in Gravesend, Essex, England.. She married Henry Harry Hudge' STEGGA 1877 in Newcastle , NSW. He died 1890 in Ryde, NSW.
Children of Francis TATE and Henry STEGGA are:

i.   Mary A7 STEGGA, b. 31 Jul 1877, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 01 Aug 1877, Newcastle, NSW.

ii.  Annie STEGGA, b. 1878, Newcastle, NSW; d. 22 Oct 1880, Newcastle, NSW.
iii. Edith F STEGGA, b. 1881, Newcastle, NSW; d. 1881, Newcastle, NSW.
iv.  Henrietta STEGGA, b. 1883, Newcastle, NSW; d. 1883, Newcastle, NSW.


3. Hewlitt William6 TATE (Hewlitt John5, Edward4, George3, William2, William1)

was born 23 Feb 1862 in Morpeth, NSW, and died 17 Apr 1945 in Lithgow, NSW. He married (1) Anne 'Annie' McNEILL 15 Apr 1885 in Stroud, N.S.W, daughter of Andrew McNEILL and Anne AGNEW. She was born 1861 in Port Stephens, NSW, and died 1895 in Western Australia. He married (2) Sarah GILKISON 17 Jun 1901 in The Free Presbyterian Church,Tinonee, N.S.W., daughter of James GILKISON and Margaret DOUGHERTY. She was born 15 Sep 1878 in Bulladelah, NSW., and died 04 Jan 1950 in Lithgow. NSW.
Children of Hewlitt TATE and Anne McNEILL are:
i. Henrietta Eileen7 TATE, b. 1886, Stroud, N.S.W; d. 1889.

Notes for Henrietta Eileen TATE:
Henrietta Eileen TATE died at 3 years of age and has no dependants.

ii.      William Thomas TATE, b. 08 Oct 1887, Stroud, N.S.W; d. 1967;

m. Katherine CASEY, 1914.
Notes for Katherine CASEY:
NSW Births Deaths & Marriage records show the following birth details of Catherine CASEY, it is not known as to which Catherine CASEY married William Thomas TATE.

(1)      Catherine M CASEY, Born 1886 at Morpeth. Parents: Michael & Bridgett A.
(2)      Catherine CASEY, Born 1886 at Greta.     Parents: John & Matilda.
iii.     Arthur Allan 'Duggan' TATE, b. 1890, Stroud, NSW;

d. Dec 1972, Gloucester, NSW; m. Mildred May BRAMBLE, 1918, Stroud, N.S.W; b. 17 Jul 1889, Stroud, N.S.W; d. 1964, Gloucester, NSW.

iv.      Hewlitt TATE, b. 1891, Stroud, N.S.W; d. 1891, Stroud, N.S.W.

Notes for Hewlitt TATE:
Hewlitt TATE died at infancy.


Children of Hewlitt TATE and Sarah GILKISON are:
v. Archibald Joseph 'Shorty'7 TATE, b. 24 Nov 1902;

d. 29 May 1981, Lithgow, NSW; m. (1) Edith JACKSON, 27 Feb 1933, Lithgow, NSW; m. (2) Elizabeth Young CONNELL, 1948, Lithgow , NSW; d. 1982, Lithgow, NSW.
Notes for Archibald Joseph 'Shorty' TATE:
'Shorty' TATE as he was commonly known, was a well known blacksmith in the Lithgow are for many years and up until the time of death was still working in his profession.

vi.      Opal Myall TATE, b. 03 Jun 1904, Bulahdelah, NSW;

d. 15 Nov 1974, Sydney, NSW; m. James Joseph FINCH, 08 Feb 1922, Stratford, NSW; b. 01 Jul 1892, Waterloo, NSW; d. 26 Dec 1955, Sydney, NSW.

vii.     Myra Elsie TATE, b. 12 Dec 1905, Gloucester, N.S.W.;

d. 19 Mar 1985, Lithgow, NSW,; m. Cecil Stanley COLE, 1924, Lithgow, NSW; b. 07 Dec 1899, Gregra, N.S.W; d. 15 Jan 1955, Lithgow, NSW.

viii.    Hewlitt William TATE, b. 11 Aug 1907, Stroud, NSW;

d. 19 Dec 1907, Stroud, NSW.
Notes for Hewlitt William TATE: Hewlitt William TATE died at infancy.

ix.      John 'Jack' TATE, b. 29 Mar 1910, Stroud, NSW;

d. 06 Jun 1965, Wollongong, NSW; m. Hannah Sternhouse 'Nancy' KIERS, 27 Sep 1941; b. 06 Mar 1914; d. 05 Jul 1996, Port Kembla, NSW.

x. Vida Clarice TATE, b. 12 Aug 1911, Stroud, N.S.W;

d. 12 Aug 1911, Stroud, N.S.W.
Notes for Vida Clarice TATE: Vida Clarice TATE died at infancy.

xi.      Carl Leo TATE, b. 08 Jun 1913, Stroud, NSW;

d. 23 Mar 1975, Lithgow. NSW; m. Mary Facer GOLDIE, 31 Dec 1944, Lithgow, NSW; b. 14 Nov 1916, Tarana, NSW; d. 14 Nov 1991, Lithgow, NSW.

4. Thomas James6 TATE (Hewlitt John5, Edward4, George3, William2, William1)

was born 24 Jan 1865 in Wollombi, NSW, and died 16 Jun 1945 in Brisbane, Australia.. He married Florence McKAUGHAN 20 Nov 1888 in Dungog, NSW, daughter of William McKAUGHAN and Mary McDONALD. She was born 27 Jan 1870 in West Maitland, NSW, and died Jul 1952 in Brisbane, Qld.
Children of Thomas TATE and Florence McKAUGHAN are:
i. Muriel Beatrice7 TATE, b. 1889, Dungog, NSW; d. 1976; m. Cecil HANDLEY.
ii.      Vera Aileen TATE, b. 25 Sep 1891, Dungog. NSW.;

d. 15 Aug 1976, Perth, WA;  m. William Henry PORTER, 03 Sep 1917, Brisbane, Qld; b. 03 Sep 1889, Brisbane, Qld; d. 27 Dec 1942, Manly, Qld.

iii.     Edward Gordon TATE, b. 08 Aug 1896, Dungog, NSW;

d. 16 Nov 1969, Brisbane, Qld; m. Sarah WARRICK, 02 Jun 1930, Charters Towers, Qld; b. 07 Aug 1905, Kalgoorlie , W.A.; d. 23 Jan 1996, Brisbane, Qld.

iv.      Ellis Stephenson TATE, b. 28 Dec 1898, Brisbane, Qld;

d. 26 Dec 1961, Brisbane, Qld; m. Florence Mabel SMITH, 1938; b. 26 Sep 1900, Ipswich, Qld,; d. 23 May 1978, Brisbane, Qld.

v. Vivienne Mary TATE, b. 1903; m. Edward GAMBLE, 1946.
vi.      Pauline Mirth TATE, b. 1907; d. 31 Aug 1936.

Notes for Pauline Mirth TATE:
Nothing further known of Pauline Mirth TATE

5. Robert Andrew Dobbyn6 TATE (Hewlitt John5, Edward4, George3, William2, William1)

was born 1867 in Dungog, NSW, and died Abt. 1950. He married Elizabeth 'Lena' HUTCHINSON 1886 in Newcastle, NSW.
Children of Robert TATE and Elizabeth HUTCHINSON are:
i. Frances May7 TATE, d. 1950, Ryde, NSW; m. James H MILLER; d. 1917, Ryde, NSW.
ii.      Robert William TATE, b. 1886; d. 19 Aug 1942, Newcastle, NSW;

m. Eva Hilda GLOVER, 1912, Newcastle , NSW; b. 1890; d. 30 Dec 1950, Newcastle, NSW.

iii.     Herbert Victor TATE, b. 1887, Newcastle, NSW; d. 1949, Newcastle, NSW;

m. Florence Blanche MIDDLEBROOK, 1917, Hamilton, NSW; d. 1970, Taree, NSW.
Notes for Herbert Victor TATE:
Military records show Private Herbert Victor TATE, Service No. 374, served with the Australian Army during WW1 in the 18 Battalion and left Australia on the 5 March, 1915 and Returned to Australia on 31 October, 1915.

iv.      Ivy TATE, b. 1914; d. 1918.

6. Mary Australia6 TATE (Hewlitt John5, Edward4, George3, William2, William1)

was born 25 Aug 1870 in Dungog, NSW, and died 31 May 1960 in Hamilton, NSW. She married George L WEAVER 1892 in Newcastle, NSW. He was born 1873, and died 21 Apr 1942 in Newcastle, NSW.
Notes for Mary Australia TATE:
For further information see ' WEAVER ' Tree
Notes for George L WEAVER:
For further information see WEAVER tree
Children of Mary TATE and George WEAVER are:
i. Frances Mary Tate7 WEAVER, b. 1894, Wickham, NSW; d. 1981, Newcastle, NSW;

m. Herbert W SOLLOWAY, 1918, Newcastle, NSW; d. 21 Jul 1947, Newcastle, NSW.

ii. Sidney Hewlitt Charles WEAVER, b. 10 Jul 1897, Dungog, NSW;

d. 13 Nov 1953, Newcastle, NSW; m. Vera Margaret HALL, 31 May 1933, Newcastle , NSW; b. 31 Jul 1914; d. 08 Aug 1990, Mater Hospital, Waratah, NSW.

iii. Maggie May WEAVER, b. 1900, Dungog, NSW; d. 10 Apr 1902, Dungog, NSW.
iv. Herbert George WEAVER, b. 1903, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 1960, Newcastle, NSW; m. Madge GILMORE, 1933, Hamilton, NSW; b. 1913, Newcastle, NSW; d. 28 Jul 2002, Newcastle, NSW.

v. Ena May WEAVER, b. 23 Oct 1906, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 25 Nov 1980, Newcastle, NSW; m. James WILSON, 1925, Bega, NSW; b. 23 Nov 1902, Minmi, NSW; d. 13 Feb 1971, Newcastle, NSW.
Notes for Ena May WEAVER: Further information see WILSON Tree

vi. Leslie Ronald WEAVER, b. 27 Sep 1912, Newcastle, NSW;

d. 25 Jan 1980, Newcastlel, NSW.


Francis Tate (1852-1920) of Lancing

It is not known what the connection, if any, of this London line of Tates is to our Sussex/Surrey family.

John Tate:
About 1754  Of St Giles-In-The-Fields, London, England
Marriages: Elizabeth Smith   License: 17 JAN 1779
M. 17 JAN 1779  Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London

Thomas Tate, b Of, Lancing, Sussex, England
Christening: 30 MAR 1783  Sompting, Sussex, England
Parents John & Elizabeth Tate.
M. Jane Pannett 14 AUG 1808 Lancing, Sussex, England

George Tate:
B. 27 MAR 1814, Christening: 15 MAY 1814  Lancing, Sussex.
Parents: Father: THOMAS TATE  Mother: JANE

Francis Tate was born in Lancing, Sussex, on 13th July 1852, the son of Maria Blowers and George Tate, a gardener from Lancing. George Tate (1814-1902), a native of Lancing, had married Maria Blowers (1809-1891) from Yarmouth, Norfolk on 20th September 1840. A daughter named Charlotte was born about 1847 and her brother Francis arrived five years later.
On 6th April 1874, Francis Tate married Jemima Parker (born 1853, Worthing) at Lancing. Jemima Parker was the daughter of Julia and William Parker, a shoemaker of Worthing. Francis and Jemima Tate settled in London, where Francis worked as a stone mason. Francis and Jemima Tate later adopted a young boy named Harry, who had been born in the Kilburn district of London in 1877. At the time of the 1881 census, Francis Tate was living in London with his wife Jemima and their adopted three year old son, Harry. In the 1881 census return, Francis Tate is described as a twenty-eight year old "Stone Mason" from Sussex.
By the end of 1881, Francis Tate had returned to Sussex and was operating a stone works in Worthing. A local trade directory, published in 1882, lists Francis Tate as a "monumental mason" at North Street, Worthing. Francis Tate's North Street Stoneworks became a highly successful business and was to remain in the Tate family for the next ninety years.
On 4th November 1891, Jemima Tate, Francis Tate's first wife, died of pulmonary tuberculosis at the age of 38. The following year, Francis Tate married Catherine Tucker Judd. [Marriage registered in the St Pancras district of London during the 4th Quarter of 1892. Francis Tate's second wife Catherine Tucker Judd was born in Paddington, London, on 12th May 1862.
Francis and Catherine Tate's first child, Chrystobelle Dorothy Tate, was born in Worthing on 5th October 1893. A son named Francis George Charles Tate arrived some five years later on 12th November 1898. A second son, Martin Leslie Tate, was born on 4th September 1900, but sadly he died on 24th June 1901 at the age of nine months.
The 1901 census records Francis Tate and his family at 22 North Street, Worthing. Francis Tate, the head of the household, is entered on the census return as a "Stone Mason (Employer)", aged 48, working "at home". Mrs Catherine Tate, Francis's thirty-eight year old wife, is listed with her three children - Chrystobelle, aged 7, two year old Francis, and her baby son Martin, who was just six months' old and only had three months more to live. Also residing at 22 North Street, Worthing was Harry Tate, Francis Tate's adopted son from his first marriage. Harry Tate is entered on the census return as an "adopted son" and is described as a twenty-three year old "Stone Mason's Assistant".
Francis and Catherine's fourth child Morrison Herbert Cornwall Tate was born during the second quarter of 1905. Morrison Tate died in 1929 at the age of twenty-four.
Harry Tate, Francis Tate's adopted son, married Harriett Hollands in 1908. Harry Tate and his wife Harriett settled in West Tarring. Harry Tate lived with his family at 'Melbourne', 1 Highfield Road, West Tarring from 1908 until 1942, the year he passed away. Harry Tate died at his home in West Tarring on 1st November 1942.


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[1] From internet 5/2013 http://www.mybrightonandhove.org.uk/page_id__6067_path__0p115p210p712p.aspx