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Sources and Abbreviations: 4-3


5.        ********************* GENERATION 5 ********************** 5-1


6.        ******************* GENERATION 6 *********************** 6-1

WILLIAM FRYER jnr - 1827 6-1




7.        ********************** GENERATION 7 ********************* 7-1

WILLIAM FRYER snr - 1806 7-1

SARAH ANN BAKER - 1804 7-2

GEORGE STAIT - 1789 7-15

KEZIAH WILKES - 1791 7-16

8.        ********************* GENERATION 8 ********************** 8-1

JAMES FRYER - 1781 8-1






9.        ********************* GENERATION 9 ********************** 9-1

WILLIAM FRYER - 1748 9-1

ROBERT WILKS – 1703 9-1


JOSEPH HEMING - 1724 9-7


10.      ****************** WILKES GENERATION 10 ***************** 10-1


SARAH QUINNEY - 1678 10-1

PAUL BAYLIS - 1674 10-2

JOSEPH HEMMING - 1688 10-2

Susanna Monger 10-4

11.      ****************** WILKES GENERATION 11 ***************** 11-1





John Stait, 12-1


Fryers In New Zealand 12-7

From Otago Witness, 11 August, 1860: 12-8

13.      ********** Fryer Speculative GENERATION 10-13 *********** 13-1

Fryer Speculative GENERATION 10 13-1



Fryer Speculative GENERATION 11 13-1


MARY ETHRIDGE - 1678 13-2

Fryer Speculative  GENERATION 12-13 13-5





Other Hemmings 14-1

Other Wilkes 14-2

JOSEPH WILKES – Not ours 14-2

Other Bayliss Line: 14-2

GEORGE BAYLIS - 1682 14-2

GEORGE BAYLIS – 1642? 14-3

Fryer Miners Willenhall 14-4

Kinwarton Church 14-4

Gt Alne Church 14-4

Monumental Inscriptions: 14-5

Exall: 14-5


William Hemming of Stratford-Upon-Avon & USA 14-7

Nicholas Heming 14-8

15.      Changes: 15-1




Arthur Parkes

     |                                   |John Fryer

     |                             |John Fryer

     |                             |     |                 |William Etheridge

     |                             |     |           |William Etheridge

     |                             |     |     |Thomas Etheridge

     |                             |     |     |     |Margaret Goodall

     |                             |     |Mary Etheridge

     |                             |           |Eleanor Brookes

     |                       |William Fryer

     |                       |     |Sarah Giles

     |                 |JAMES FRYER

     |                 |     |Ann Russell

     |           |WILLIAM FRYER snr

     |                 |Hannah Wright

     |     |WILLIAM FRYER jnr  


          |            |JOHN STAIT

          |       |GEORGE STAIT 

          |       |    |     |John Hooper

          |       |    |MARY HOOPER


                  |          |Robert Wilkes

                  |    |JOB WILKES

                  |    |     |Mary Taylor

                  |KEZIAH WILKES

                       |                 |Nicholas Hemming

                       |           |Joseph Hemming

                       |           |     |Ann Staples

                       |     |Joseph Hemming

                       |     |     |Susanna Taylor

                       |ELIZABETH HEMMING

                             |Ann Gibbs

Sources and Abbreviations:

OTP: abbreviation for “of this parish”

ACi: image
ACt: transcription
FMPi: Findmypast image
FMPt: Findmypast transcript
FMPt – ditto, transcript only.
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Paperspast – New Zealand newspapers

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Paul Fryer[i], 9/2008 – Descendants of Benjamin & Charlotte Fryer.
Paul Fryer, 11/2008 also sent an ancestry of our first John Fryer – this seems speculative, but is shown from Generation 11 back.

A puzzle - who was William Henry Fryer living in Tettenhall in 1871, born in Tettenhall about 1803 with his family? A Magistrate, Deputy Lieutenant & Banker.

William Flemming Fryer, ch Tettenhall, 17/11/1801, of Richard & Mary.
1841 Tettenhall, Richard Fryer, age 70, Banker, Y, Mary 65 Y.
Richard Fryer of Wergs b 11/11/1771
      ch Wednesbury 11/11/1770, of Richard & Dorothy.
      m Dorothy Fryer, 08 Dec 1767 Saint Phillips, Birmingham, Warwick
Richard Fryer b 26/3/1719 of Wednesbury.

Richard Fryer 1851 Census, b W'ton, Solicitor Dorking aged 44


Elizabeth Fryer was the mother of Arthur & Cyril Parkes, grandfather and G uncle of Antony Maitland.

Elizabeth Fryer's nephew was chairman of Josiah Parkes & Sons after Arthur Parkes.

     During the 19thC, the Fryers were a family of painters & decorators Birmingham and the West Midlands of England who originated on the borders of Worcestershire and Warwickshire to the west of Stratford, where they were local farmers and farm labourers. They and the other related families were some of the many who migrated from the agricultural country economy  into the industrial expansion of the Midlands. This expansion had taken off in the 17thC, and accelerated in the 18thC, the population of Birmingham rising from about 11000 in 1720 to 73000 by the end of that century. The driver for this expansion was metalworking, but this brought with it the support trades, such as the house decorating by the Fryers, the building by the Staits and stone masonry by the Wilkes’s. These “immigrant” families retained their links with their country origins, so transport must have been important. In later years this would have been aided by the development of railways. A line ran between Stratford and to the north of Bidford from the early 1860’s.
    The first Fryer about whom we know much was James Fryer (1781-1844): it is a slight assumption that the James Fryer in Willenhall in 1841 is the same as the one born in Alcester, but there is a common thread in the decorating trade through James, his son William and grandson William. This is reinforced by James’s 5 children being born in Alcester, and the eldest son, William snr appeared in Willenhall, but born in Bidford. Trade directories show James as painter in Alcester until 1835, and in Willenhall by 1841, where he died 3 years later.
     James’s son, William Fryer, snr, was already in Willenhall by 1835 as a painter & decorator, and remained there for the rest of his life, but he was married in Aston, Birmingham, 1825, so must have moved through there. The 1825 marriage is the only one recorded in the right period; there are a couple of puzzles about this marriage, his age of 22 does not agree with his baptism and census ages, and that he was a widower. Sarah Baker’s age of 21 agrees both with the later censuses and her baptism, so she looks correct. In any case he looks young to be a widower already, although there was a marriage between William Freer and Deborah Cornforth in Birmingham a year earlier. Additionally, William jnr was baptised in Aston Juxta in 1827, confirming the marriage, although the eldest son, Thomas George was born in Alcester: his baptism cannot be found. All William’s later children were born in Willenhall, so he was there by 1831. Their baptisms do not show up, but he was probably non conformist, as many were. William snr appeared in the press at an insolvency hearing in Wolverhampton in 1858, when he was a painter etc of Union ST, and also a dealer in Grocery and Huckstery Goods. Insolvency was fairly common in those days when most people did not deal with banks and have the facility to borrow easily.
    William jnr was baptised in Aston Juxta, moved with his father to Willenhall, and then on to Edgbaston when he married Carline Stait who was originally from Temple Grafton in Warwickshire. Caroline’s brother George was at the time a builder in Edgbaston, but retired later to the family farm in Temple Grafton: George’s building business was probably the connection with William Fryer’s decorating trade. William remained in the Edgbaston & Sparkbrook areas of Birmingham, until his death, always in the decorating and painting trades; like most people of the time, he changed addresses frequently, moving from one rental to another. He appeared in the press at liquidation hearings  between 1874 & 1882, which was probably the same case. His daughter, Elizabeth married William Edmund Parkes, who was even staying with them at the time of the 1881 census, a month before their marriage. William jnr’s youngest daughter, Charlotte, married James Sumpter Husband: AJ Parkes, Elizabeth’s son, was appointed executor to Husband’s will, but refused the appointment: lack of trust!
    A brother of William jnr, James became a brass founder in Willenhall, and many of his descendants continued in the foundry business: The Springvale foundry (A Fryer & sons Ltd), brass founders, only closed in about 2018. The A Fryer was probably James’s son Andrew and continued by one of his sons. Another son of Andrew emigrated to the US and died in Alabama in 1973.
    Elizabeth’s mother was Caroline Stait, who was born in 1829 in Temple Grafton, between Alcester and Stratford on Avon. Caroline’s parents were George and Keziah, George was mostly referred to as a carpenter, and a master carpenter at death, and therefore a skilled man. Caroline’s brother, another George, was for a  time a builder (developer?) in Birmingham before he returned to the family farm in Grafton.
    As well as George, Caroline had a brother, John, who emigrated to the Antipodes, first to Victoria, Australia for a few years, where some of John’s children were born and stayed. In 1862, John himself moved on to Dunedin in the south of New Zealand, probably following the Otago Gold Rush of 1861-3. He would have cashed in on the wealth coming from the Rush by establishing a large construction business, responsible for some civic buildings in the city. He left a number of children, most of whom raised families in Victoria.
    The father of George senior, John, was also a carpenter (and probably builder) in Temple Grafton and left a will showing him to be a man of substance, detailing several properties left to the survivors of his 9 recorded children, only two of whom left traceable family, George and his brother Michael, who also seemed have moved towards Birmingham. As John married Mary Hooper of Worcestershire in 1774, his was probably born before 1755: before that date the Temple Grafton are unreadable. There were earlier John Staits in Gloucestershire, but there is no clue of any connection. So this line stops at John Stait born about 1750.
    Keziah Wilkes, grandmother of Elizabeth Fryer, was one of a large, extended family of farmers and Stone Masons in the general area around Bidford on Avon, Alcester and Stratford. Her father, Job Wilkes was a stone mason of Exhall, (near Bidford) and son of a mason; he left 6 recorded living children, 2 sons at least were stone masons and seemed to have extended their trade into Birmingham, some of the younger generation moving there and continuing the mason trade there, particularly Solomon & sons in Upper Trinity St, Birmingham. The Birmingham branches seemed to maintain their connections with the Bidford area however: this extensive branch can be traced by the trade. Job’s father, Robert, was another mason and stone cutter  of Bidford, who left a will naming has children; his personal estate was around 600, a not insignificant sum in 1786. Little is known before Robert, he being the only recorded child of Joseph Wilkes.
     Keziah’s mother, Elizabeth Hemming was from another large family in the area: her father, Joseph was a farmer at Haselor, a nearby parish where a nephew of hers owned 240 acres. Her grand-father, also Joseph Hemming, was a flax dresser from Great Alne. Joseph snr left a will and inventory in 1737 showing household goods, quite a bit of cash, and a lot of flax in stock: he evidently traded in the commodity as well as processing it.

Some name spellings vary over time: I have generally used Wilkes with an ‘e’. I have spelt Baylis, but in some places, the name is spelt Bailis. Likewise, Fryer can sometimes be Friar and occasionally Freer.

Bidford Records stop on IGI before about 1680.

1791 Directory, Wilkes in Bidford:
(Parishmouse Warwickshire)

Job, Stone mason
John (F) stone mason & Victualler, (Apothecaries Arms)
John Stone Mason,
Joseph snr, Victualler
Joseph jun Stone Mason
Paul, stone mason
Solomon (F) stone mason.

1781: James Fryer b Alcester
1806: William snr born Bidford/Alcester
1815: James Fryer, glazier of Alcester
1820: James Fryer, freeman of Alcester
1828: James Fryer, Ornamental Painter, Alcester
1830: James Fryer, Ornamental Painter, Plumber & Glazier, High St (West’s).
1835: James Fryer, plumber painter & decorator of Alcester.
1825: William snr mar Aston, B’ham, of Bordesley
1835: William snr Plumber. Painter & glazier, Little London, Willenhall.
1839: William snr ditto
1842: William snr ditto
1841: William snr ditto (born: N)
1841: James Fryer painter etc Willenhall
1844: James Fryer died Willenhall
1851: William snr Union St Willenhall, b Alcester.
1851: William jnr Union St Willenhall, b B’ham.
1851: William Painter etc Union St, Willenhall Pigot’s
1858: William snr past 18 months in New Rd, Willenhall & 4 years before at Union St, bankrupt
1852: William jnr marriage, B’ham
1861: William snr Willenhall, b Alcester
1866: William snr died Willenhall, master painter
1861: William jnr (b Grafton) & Caroline at Grafton with in laws
1871: William jnr & Caroline Islington, Broad St, B’ham, house painter, B’ham.
1874: William jnr bankrupt Broad St, B’ham
1881: William jnr Broad St Painter & Decorator
1882: William jnr at Ladywood (bankruptcy)
1891: William jnr at Ladypool Rd
1897: William jnr died Sparkbrook



5.              ********************* GENERATION 5 **********************



Definitive Sources: BC/MC/DC/Will/Census & JP&S records

Born: 28/3/1853BC @ Lady Wood Grove, Edgbaston.
Parents: William, (Plumber & Glazier) & Caroline (Stait) Fryer.
Died: 18/5/1927DC @ Draycott Cottage, Newbridge Rd, W'ton.
Married: W.E. Parkes

Elizabeth Fryer seems to have been born at her brother's house in Edgbaston. His family lived in Birmingham, but retained contact with her mother's Stait family in Temple Grafton, Warwickshire, visiting in 1861 census. The presence of her fiancée in the 1881 census staying in her parental home confirms that this is the correct Elizabeth Fryer. Her Fryer grandfather lived in Union Street, Willenhall, this being probably the connection (see William Fryer below). We have a photograph album, put together by her for William Cyril, the annotations show her affection for her husband: there are a few pictures of her, in particular one of her as a pretty girl of about 11 years old. She only appears as an old lady in AJ Parkes' photograph album with his family on holidays in Wales. Her granddaughter, RJLP, had little memory of her.

                                     CWP B01 WE Parkes & Elizabeth

Census: 1851: Lady Wood Grove: George & Mary Stait present: her uncle.
      William & Caroline must have been living with her brother when Elizabeth was born.
1861: visiting Uncle George Stait in Grafton with parents.
1871: 101, Islington (Broad St), B'ham, with family, a tutor.
1881: @ 29, Broad St with family: WEP visiting.
1881 (marriage): age 28 @ Broad St, B'ham
1891: @ 6, Walsall Rd, Willenhall.


Will dated 4/7/1925, appointed WC Parkes and AJ Parkes Trustees.  Prob Lichfield 18/6/27, CWP & AJP, £2927-1-7d.
Brother Harry Fryer 50 pounds. Sister Florence Lines 50 pounds
Charlotte Husband (wife of James Sumpter Husband) 25 pounds (see below)
Maid Miss Wallis 1/7th of salary per year of employ.
To grandchildren alive at her death, in equal shares, 238 Preference shares and 62 "A" Ordinary shares in JP&S.

The remainder of estate and effects real and personal in equal shares to two sons. (AJP & WCP).
For Full Text of Will


6.              ******************* GENERATION 6 ***********************


WILLIAM FRYER jnr - 1827


Definitive Sources: PR/MC/DC & Census backs up PR.
Other Sources: Census 51, 61,71, 81, IGI.

Annotated by Elizabeth (Fryer) Parkes for CWP & AJP “I think this is your grandfather Fryer” A8/B52.

B. 29/9/1827, ch 14/9/1828ACi, Aston Juxta, St Peter & St Paul, B’ham, of William & Sarah Ann Frier of Albion St, Painter & Glazier: this agrees with the census’s
Parents: William & Sarah Ann Fryer.

Died[1]: 13/11/1897DC, 176, Castleford Rd, Sparkhill, Birmingham, 70, Retired Painter, Pernicious Anaemia & exhaustion, William Fryer, son Albert Rd Stechford, Yardley.
No will listed on index.

Married: Caroline Stait 5/7/1852MC, Edgbaston Church, Birmingham.


He is most likely the same William Fryer who lived with William & Sarah Ann ('41 & '61, Mary Ann in 1851) Fryer in Union St, Willenhall in 1851, when his daughter's future Parkes father-in-law lived next door. Both the age and place of birth correlate.


His Fryer grandparents, James & Hannah, also lived in Portobello, Willenhall in 1841, but were not born in Staffordshire. There is a link by profession: James was a plumber & glazier, William snr a painter & decorator and William jnr a plumber & glazier. Three of his probably brothers were living in the area in 1881, 2 in similar trades, see under his father's entry.


His marriage to Caroline Stait, whose family came from Temple Grafton, Warwickshire, close to his supposed family in Alcester & Bidford. They retained contact with her family and were visiting her brother in Temple Grafton in 1861.


By the date of his marriage, he was a plumber in Birmingham, but was resident in Lady Wood Grove, Edgbaston when Elizabeth was born. They lived later at various addresses around Broad St, Birmingham, where he was a plumber and decorator. Probably died before 1901.
See under his father for possible New Zealand relatives.



1841 Census: with parents.
1850 Melville Directory, Union St, Willenhall: William Fryer, painter, decorator & glazier.
1851 Census: @ 1, Union St, Willenhall with parents, age 23, painter & decorator (like father), born B'ham.
1852 (Marriage): in B'ham, full age, bachelor, a plumber.
1853 (Elizabeth's birth): Plumber & Glazier, Lady Wood Grove.
1861 Census, Grafton:
George Stait (Hd, 42, Builder, Grafton), Mary (Wf, 40, Alvechurch), Elizabeth Holden (niece, 14, Scholar), William Fryer (Visitor, 34, Plumber & Painter, Grafton), Caroline Fryer (vis, 30, Dressmaker, Grafton), Elizabeth (8, scholar, B'ham), Caroline (6, scholar, B'ham).
1864 (Mary birth): Plumber & Painter (Master) at 102 Islington, B'ham.
1865: partnership with George Stait, brick-makers, Hob Lane, Yardley, dissolved.
1869 (PO directory) 102, Broad St, Painter, Plumber & Paperhanger
1871 Census: 102 Islington (Broad St):
William (48, House Painter, B'ham), Caroline (47, Grafton), Elizabeth (18, Tutor, B'ham), Charlotte Hannah (15, Scholar, B'ham), William (16 or 10), Mary Keziah (6, B'ham), John Henry (4, B’ham), Edith Florence (4 mths, B'ham).
1871 Post Office, a plumber
1874[2]: Another Liquidation by arrangement:
A meeting of the creditors of William Fryer, painter and house decorator, 155, Broad Street, was held yesterday, at the office of Messrs. Wright and Marshall, Town Hall Chambers, New Street.—The statement of the debtor’s affairs showed liabilities amounting to £768. 1s., and assets amounting to £185. 6s. 10d.—The creditors passed a resolution to accept a composition of 4s. in the pound, payable in two instalments.
This dragged on into 1882[3]:
In re WILLIAM FRYER.—The debtor, described as a painter and decorator, late of 155, Broad Street, but now residing in lodgings at 26, Wood Street, Ladywood, both in Birmingham, has filed his petition for liquidation, with liabilities estimated at £300., and assets not yet ascertained. Messrs. Wright and Marshall, of 86, New Street, are solicitors for the debtor.
1875: August - probably moved about this time - address on surviving letter.
1875 & 78, a plumber etc of 155 Broad St
1881 Census: At 29, Broad St, B'ham.
William (53, painter & decorator, B'ham), Caroline (wf 50, Grafton) Elizabeth (dau 28), William, (s, 28, Clerk), Mary (dau 16) John Henry (s, 14), Florence Edith (dau, 11): all ch born B'ham.  WE Parkes was staying.
1881 Elizabeth's Marriage: Painter & Decorator @ Broad St.
1890-97: House Decorator of 75, Ladypool Rd, B'ham
No entry for will to 1902.
1891 Census, Ladypool Rd, Sparkbrook.
William Fryer (63, Painter, B’ham), Caroline (59, Grafton), John Henry (24, Labourer General, B'ham), Mary K. (26, Dom Servant, general, B'ham)
1895[4]: Property

LOT II.—The well-built Premises,  No 75, Ladypool Road, consisting of Dwelling HOUSE (set back from the street), with Two-Story SHOPPING, STABLING for two Horses, and YARD, having a gateway entrance from Tullingham street. The whole let to Mr. William Fryer, at a rent of £31 4s, the tenant paying all rates and water rent.

Leasehold for seventy eight years from September 29, 1895. Ground rent £3, 13s 3d.


LOT 12.-TWO Substantial HOUSES. Nos. 63 and 66, Ladypool Read. Having a  frontage of 12 yards. and set back from the street.

There is a Gateway between the two Houses, giving access to Shopping at back of No. 65, which, with the house, is let at £23 he tenant playing rates and water rent. No. 63 is let at £23 8s., the landlord paying rates.

Total annual income £46. 5s.

Leasehold for seventy six years from June 24, 1895 Ground rent £5. 1s 9d.

Lots 11 and 12 are situated in the busiest part of Ladypool Road. The Houses are ripe for conversion into Retail Shops, which can be done at little coat, as both Properties stand back from the street."

Married[5]: Caroline Stait 5/7/1852, at Edgbaston Parish Church, both "full age", bachelor & spinster, he a plumber, residing in Birmingham, she at Edgbaston. Witnesses: Thomas Lee & Charlotte Stait (Caroline's sister).





Definitive Sources: PR/MC/DC & Census backs up PR.

Ch: 30/5/1829PR @ Temple Grafton.
Parents: George & Keziah (Wilkes) Fryer.
Died[6]: 12/6/1893DC, 75 Ladypool Rd, Birmingham, 63, Wife of William Fryer, Plumber (Master), Fatty degeneration of Heart 2-3 years probably Asthenia 14 days, William Fryer, widower.

No will listed.

1841 Census: Caroline Stait with her family in Grafton aged 11.
1851 Census, Somerset Place, Frederick St, Edgbaston:
Richard Bamford (Staff Officer of Pensions & Major in Army), Caroline Stait (servant, 22, Temple Grafton), among several servants & family.

When married, she was a dressmaker living in Edgbaston, but was not with her brother in 1851. A year later, her daughter, Elizabeth was born at Lady Wood Rd, Edgbaston. This was the address of Caroline's brother George, in 1851. She evidently remained close to him and was visiting him in 1861 in Temple Grafton. At that time, she was still dressmaking. Probably dead by 1901.

Issue of William Fryer & Caroline Stait (Census: all born B'ham):
1/1. Elizabeth Fryer 28/3/1853.
1/2C. William Fryer Birth reg. Birmingham Q1/1861FMPt, mother Stait

1871 & 1881 with parents.
Married Clara Hemington, reg. Q3 1888FMPt, West Bromwich.
1891 Census, Ashow Villa 1, Clarence Rd, Kings Norton:
William Fryer (30, electroplate manufacturer, B’ham), Clara (26, Needingworth).
1897: Albert Rd, Stechford, Yardley, father’s death.
1901 Census: Morton Rd, Yardley (note address at father’s DC)
William Fryer (40, Traveller, Hardware, B'ham), Clara (36, Hants, Needingworth), Arnold (6, Middx, Willesden).

1/3A,C. Mary Keziah Fryer 22/4/1864, 1hr 5m pm. At 102 Islington.

Cert found in Dower House collection.
Death Index: Mary Keziah Fryer, age 33, Solihull, 6d 371, 1897 Q4. Same Q as entry for William.

1/4. John Henry Fryer, Birth Reg. Q2 1867FMPt, Birmingham, mother Stait.

(called Harry Fryer in Elizabeth's will).
Died: Q2 1928, age 59, Reg Birmingham North.
1901 Census, 56, Whitehead Rd, Aston Manor, B'ham:
John H. Fryer (Hd, 34, House Painter & Decorator, B'ham), Florence (31, B'ham), Ethel S.M. (3, Aston Manor), Edward C (10mths, Aston Manor).
1911 Census: 97, Aston lane, Handsworth:
John Henry Fryer (Hd, 44, M, 14,2,2,0, House Painter, B’ham), Florence (41, m, B’ham), Edward C. (10, B’ham).

Married: Florence Vale (ref son ECF's B/C), Reg. Aston Q1 1897FMPt.
Another transcription has him married at Sparkbrook, Birmingham. 18/1/1897ACt.
Florence Prob. died Q1 1947, age 77, reg Birmingham.
2/1. Ethel SM Fryer, born 1898, Aston Manor.
2/2. Edward Camden Fryer.

Chairman of JP & S after AJ Parkes.
Born 16/8/1900 @ 56, Whitehead Rd, Aston Manor, Warks.
Died June 1976, Stafford (d/reg).
Father: John Henry Fryer - Master House Painter
Mother: Florence (formerly Vale).
Married: Kay (b 1910, died 1999, Exeter).
3/1. Michael Fryer, worked at JP&S for a number of years before

moving on in about 1980.
Married: Anne ???
4/1. Karen Fryer
4/2. Nicola Fryer
4/3. Sarah Fryer
4/4. Andrew Fryer.[ii]

5/1. Edward Fryer, b.1994.
5/2. Emily Fryer, b. 1997.

3/2. Jill M. Fryer. Birth reg. Jillian M Fryer, Q4 1946, Stoke.

Married (Oliver) Peter Dixon, Q2 1965, Birmingham region.
AJ Parkes made the speech at their wedding. Jill a product of Reading University, The Central Office of Information and France. Peter a lawyer.
4/1. Oliver Dixon[iii]
4/2. Rachel Dixon.

Speech by AJP at Jill & Peter's wedding.
    I think I had better tell you why I think I have been asked to propose this toast this afternoon.
    It is a genealogical reason though I hope that also there is mutual respect on both sides. I certainly have  a great respect for the Fryer family.
    The genealogical side I think can sound somewhat complicated -  I will put it in two ways -  Jill is  my mother's grand niece, or to put it another way,  Jill's paternal great grandfather was my mother's father. I leave it to you to work out my relationship to Jill, and having taken this into consideration I take it as a compliment that I am now doing my duty.
   The wedding is between a production the one hand of the Reading University, the Central Office of Information and France, and on the other the law and London University, and no doubt both the husband and the wife will find that they have much in common to argue about.
   However, I would warn them that Robert Louis Stevenson said that marriage is a battlefield and not a bed of roses. I cannot think of anything more uncomfortable than sleeping on a bed of hybrid teas - especially as thornless roses had not been invented in Stevenson's time. However, I think I see what he means.
    Then as regards the field of battle idea, he obviously means that there would be differences of opinion as I have already hinted at. I can only hope that the foils that these two will use will have buttons on them so that no damage will be done.
    I have looked up the meaning of their Christian names. Jill comes off reasonably well, apparently, because the books give no meaning of her first name, but curiously enough the meaning of the word Marian is not very happy so I will not tell it to you.
    As you all must know Peter means a rock, and I hope that he will be always rocklike if he ever should need to defend her, and I have no doubt that the rock will soften on occasion and that he will not descend into putty.
    Talking of names, it has always seemed to me that parents do not always give due consideration when they are doing the names of their offspring; for instance Diana may grow up to have no liking whatever for horses, Gloria may turn out to be no beauty, and Helen may not have a face which could launch a thousand ships.
     One of my favourite bedtime books is Palgraves Golden Treasury and looking through my copy the other night I came across ????? which I now recommend to them both to read, in fact I have got a copy here which I am going to give to Jill. I hope they will both appreciate the words.
       There is little more that I can say. They are both obviously nice people and I believe that they will be very happy and live useful lives,

1/5C,W. Edith Florence Fryer, born Birmingham, Birth reg. Q1 1870FMPt,.

Mother Stait.
Called Florence Lines in Elizabeth (Fryer) Parkes' will.
Died: Edith F Lines Q4 1929, age 59, Reg Birmingham South.
Married, Edith Florence Fryer & Frederick William Lines Aston Q1 1890FMPt
The marriage register has him as LineR, but the censuses are LineS, as is His birth reg. index in Newington, Q2 1861FMPt, mother Doggett.
His death reg. Birmingham, Q1 1931ACt aged 71, reg. Birmingham South.
1891 Census, 42, Heath St, Kings Norton:
Frederick W. Lines (30, Tailor's assistant, Kennington, Surrey), Edith F. (21, B'ham), Elsie F. (2 months, Balsall Heath).
1901 Census, 19, Teresa Rd, Bordesley, Birmingham:
Frederick W. Lines (38, Tailor's Labourer, Kennington, Surrey), Edith F. (30, B'ham), Elsie F. (10, Balsall Heath), Edith M. (9, Balsall  Heath), Alison F. (5, B'ham).
1911 Census, Sparkbrook, Birmingham, all B Birmingham.
Frederick William Lines (50, Tailor’s Clerk, Kennington), Edith Florence (41 mar 21 yrs, 5 children all living), Elsie Florence (20, Clerk), Edith Mary (19, Milliner), Alison Frances (15, cash desk), William Edward (9, school), Charles Frederick (6, school)
2/1. Elsie Florence Lines, 1890, Balsall Heath.
2/2. Edith Mary Lines, 1891, Balsall Heath.
2/3. Alison Frances. Lines b abt 1896, B'ham.
2/4. William Edward Lines, b abt 1902
2/5. Charles Frederick Lines  b abt 1905

A family of Lines were in Temple Grafton in 1891 Census (Charles, 43, Hd, Stonemason, Grafton + family).

1/6C,W. Charlotte Hannah Fryer Birth reg. Q2 1856FMPt Birmingham, ma. Stait.

Charlotte Husband, wife of James Sumpter Husband, was left money in Elizabeth (Fryer) Parkes' will "for her own personal use".
A master tailor in 1881.
See below for details on James Sumpter Husband.
Died Bournemouth, Q2 1931, aged 75.


Sources: Documents found in AJ Parkes affairs.

He married Charlotte Fryer, daughter of William & Caroline, reg. Q1 1875, B’ham.

He bought Dove Farm, Temple Grafton, owned by Stait family in 18th & 19thC and sold by Mary Stait to James Sumper Husband 25/6/1899 for £350. Mary Stait would have been the wife/widow of James' wife's uncle, George Stait.

He called himself an uncle of AJ Parkes and appointed AJP an executor in his will dated 14/3/1940, an appointment AJP refused in correspondence in August 1941 after Mr Husband's death on 3 August 1941. Other executors were his solicitor and his son-in-law John Frederick Howard Smith of Walsall.

Probate 28/11/1941, of 3 Alumhurst Rd, Bournemouthe, to Douglas Cuthbertson & John Frederick Howard Smith, £11645/6/2d.
His Will made 14/3/1940:
His appointed Executors were Solicitor James Cuthbertson, Son-in-Law John Frederick Howard Smith of Walsall and Nephew Arthur Josiah Parkes of Oaken Manor.

He left: £100 to each of his daughters, Mabel Florence, Katherine Emily Frances and Isabel Madeline.
£100 invested in trust for daughter Alice Gertrude, interest to be paid half yearly, for life.
£3-3s yearly to Grand daughter Constance Seymour until aged 21.

He left remainder of his estate in 8 parts to his son, James Fred (1 part, already married) and his four daughters, Alice Gertrude (1 part, also married) and Mabel Florence (2 parts), Katherine Emily Frances (2 parts) and Isabel Madeline (2 parts) who appeared to be unmarried. Half a part to go to James' wife of James' predeceased JSH.  He appeared to have reservations about his son's behaviour ("in the event of his causing any trouble or annoyance to of his relations or to any other person ..), and gave the trustees the option to reduce or stop payments to him.  At the time of his will, he was of Durley Court Hotel, Durley Road, Bournemouth. He appeared to have owned flats in London, factory premises in Shoreditch and shops in Poole. Mabel was at the time resident at Holme Lea, Almhurst rd, Bournemouth.  Mention is also made of "the late Mr C.G. Husband", also referred to as Uncle Charles Husband by Mabel, presumably James' brother.

Fred Smith, Oakwood Lodge, Sutton Rd, Barr Beacon, Walsall.

1871 Census, B’ham St Barnabas (RG10/3090):
Robert O Husband (55, Plymouth), Catherine F (59, Totnes, Devon), Catherine F (26, Ilfracombe), Charles G (23, Ilfracombe), James S (21, B'ham), Matilda C (17, B'ham) + servants & apprentices
1881 Census, 1, St Martin's Place, Birmingham:
All born B'ham:
James Sumpter (31, Master Taylor), Charlotte H (wf, 25, Master Taylor), Constance C (3), James H (5), Matilda Edith (2) + servant & nurse.
1891 Census, Solihull (RG12/2461):
James Sumpter Husband (41, B'ham), Charlotte H. (35, B'ham), James F. (15, Handsworth), Alice G (11, B'ham), Mabel T (8, Olton Warks), Katherine ET (6, Olton), Ethel M (5, Olton)
1901 Census, Santa Monica, Blackwood Rd, Sutton Coldfield:
James S Husband (51, Master Taylor, B’ham), Charlotte (45, B’ham), Charlotte (23, B’ham), Edith M (22, B’ham), Alice G. (21, B’ham), Mabel A (18, Aston), Katherine E (16, Aston), Ethel M (15, Aston), Dorothy PM (9, Aston), Isabel M (7, Aston).

1/1. James Frederick Husband, b abt 1876, Birmingham.
1/1. Charlotte Husband, b abt 1878, Birmingham
1/2. Edith Matlida Husband, b abt 1879, Birmingham
1/3. Alice Gertrude Husband, b abt 1880, Birmingham
1/4. Mabel Florence Husband, b abt 1883, Aston
1/5. Katherine Emily Frances Husband, b abt 1885, Aston
1/6. Ethel M Husband, b ant 1886, Aston,
1/7. Dorothy Phyllis Maud Husband, b abt 1892, Aston

She married Roger Tempest Poad Philson 16 June 1918 in England before returning to New Zealand.
From her grandson Bill Zimmermann email, 8/2013[iv]

1/8. Isabel Madeleine Husband, b abt 1894, Aston.

William Fryer                          Caroline (Stait) Fryer.
CWP Album A32 & 33
WF deduced from B52/A8 (above)
These 2 are annotated 6 & 5 copies, and look to be the same sitting, indicating that they were for family circulation, so they  may have been William & Caroline Fryer, although William does not look quite like the one above, definitely identified as William Fryer.


7.              ********************** GENERATION 7 *********************

WILLIAM FRYER snr - 1806


The father of William Fryer, jnr.
Sources: PR, DC, IGI, Census, Directories, Internet/emails.

Notes probably by Elizabeth (Fryer) Parkes for CW & AJ Parkes:
CWPA1 Faint Pencil Maybe Mr Fryer Snr?? (CW Broad St 1862-64).
CWPA5  "I think this is your great grand mother Fryer"

   (LBP 1876-78) Probably contemporary with A6 (Sarah Ann Fryer)

Ch: 29/6/1806PR @ Bidford (Warwickshire) – he gave his place of birth as Alcester in the census’s, but the Bidford baptism coincides with age and there are no other William Fryers listed.
Parents: James & Hannah (Wright) Fryer.
Died[7]: 31/8/1866, Bow Street Willenhall, 61, Painter Master, Gout many years Diarrhoea 6 weeks, Emma Fryer, Clemson St, Willenhall.
No will Listed.

He was a painter & Decorator all his life

Summary of Issue:
1/1. William Fryer (1827-1897)
1/2. Thomas George Fryer (1826-1870), 2x married, 4 chldren
1/3. Sarah Jane Fryer (1831-)
1/4. Hannah Fryer (1833- aft 1891) married George Aston, & issue.
1/5. Phebe Fryer (1834-). M Henry Slater
1/6. James Fryer (1836-1913-7), married Ann Hayes & 6 children +g/ch.
1/7. Miriam Fryer (1838-1893), married James Dugmore
1/8. Isaac Fryer (1841-1914) Married 2x, 1st Harriett Anslow, 12 children
1/9. Francis Fryer (1843-1904), Married Jane Chamberlaine, 9 children.

Also William Freer M Deborah Cornforth, Wid & spin, B’ham St Phillip, 23/8/1824. Nothing further found on Deborah – looks unlikely to be a widower by age of 18.

Sarah Ann Baker M William Freer, Aston Juxta, Birmingham, 13/11/1825 Act.
Banns at Aston St Peter & St Paul, William a widower age 22, Ann Spinster age 21, both of Bordesley,  Marriage record has him as a bachelor, both OTP. No other marriage has been found.
  Sarah Ann Fryer informant on James Fryer’s D/C.


Ch: 2/12/1804FMPi, St Peter, Wolverhampton
Parents: John & Sarah Baker.

Sarah Ann (Census 41, 51, 61, 71)

She died: 21/2/1881DC, 35 Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall, 76, Widow of William Fryer House Painter, Natural Decay, Benjamin Fryer, son of 36 New Rd, Willenhall.

The evidence for William snr's family line is given under his son, William jnr.
Little London about ½ mile N of Willenhall centre.
1835: Willenhall Directory 1835, at Little London, Plumber, Painter & Glazier.
1839, Robson: Little London, plumber, painter & Glazier.
1842, Pigot: ditto
1841, Census, Little London, Willenhall:
William Fryer (35, Glazier, N), Sarah Ann (35, N) William (14, N), Thomas (15, N), James (5, Y), Benjamin (4, Y), Sarah (10, Y), Hannah (8, Y), Phebe (7, Y), Mariam (3, Y)
1845, 47, 51 (Slaters Directory), Union St, Plumber & Painter. (& 1850 PO).
1851 Census: at 1, Union St, Willenhall (issue Willenhall):
William (45, painter & decorator, Alcester), Mary Ann (wf, 46, Wolverhampton), William (s, 23, Painter & Decorator, B'ham), Hannah (dau, 18 dressmaker), James (s, 15), Benjamin (s, 13), Miranda (dau, 12), Isaac (s, 9), Francis (s,7)  all born Willenhall except Wil.
1851 Wolverhampton Directory, Union St, Willenhall, Painter, Plumber & Glazier.

22nd day of January. 1858

Whereas a Petition of WILLIAM FRYER the Elder, at present and for eighteen months last past residing in the New road, in the Township of Willenhall, in the parish of Wolverhampton, in the county of Stafford, carrying on the trades or businesses of a Painter, Plumber, and Glazier; and for four yean immediately preceding thereto of Union-street, in the township of Willenhall aforesaid, carrying on the trades or businesses as aforesaid, part of the said time dealing in Grocery and Huckstery Goods, an Insolvent Debtor, having been filed in the County Court of Staffordshire at Wolverhampton, and an Interim Order of Protection from Process having been given to the said William Fryer, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said William Fryer is hereby required to appear In Court before the Judge acting in the matter of the said Petition, on the 16th day of FEBRUARY, 1858, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the COURT HOUSE, QUEEN-STREET, WOLVERHAMPTON aforesaid, for his FIRST EXAMINATION touching his debts, estate, and effects, and to be further dealt with according to the provisions of the said Statutes; and notice is hereby given that the choice of Assignees is to take place at the time so appointed.

All persons indebted to the said William Fryer, or who have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. CHARLES GALLIMORE BROWN, the Official Assignee acting in the matter of the said Petition, at his Office, 10 Queen-street, Wolverhampton aforesaid.

H. and J. E UNDERHILL, Attorneys, Wolverhampton."
Final judgement given later in the year.
1861 Census, Bow St, Willenhall:
William (55, Retired Plumber & Painter, Alcester), Sarah Ann (wf, 56, W'ton), Isaac (20, Brass founder), Sarah (6, Willenhall).
1871 Census, 16 The Brook, Wednesfield):
Sarah A Fryer (66, widow, occupation unreadable, Wolverhampton)
D/C: Sarah Ann Fryer: 1881 Q1 Wolverhampton 6b 381.

Issue (from Census, born in Willenhall except William):
   The inclusion of Census data is a little speculative, but all the dates and some professions tie in. Note that two wives were born in  Alcester.
1/1. William Fryer b. B. 29/9/1827, ch 14/9/1828ACi, Aston Juxta.
1/2. Thomas George Fryer, b 1826 (C41, not b Staffs).

No birth on databases, but he must have been of William & Sarah Ann: his wife Emma of Clemson St was the informant at William snr’s death.
Died 31/1/1870, Q1 age 44FMPt, Willenhall, glazier, <£20 exec William Cadwallader, Carter of Bilston.
Married 1st, 25/5/1848FMPi, Wolverhampton: Thomas George Freer, full, bachelor, painter, of Willenhall, son of William Freer, painter. Harriet Hill, 19, spinster, Willenhall, dau of John Hill, key smith.
Harriet Fryer died Q1 1861, reg. Wolverhampton.
Married 2nd: Emma Cadwalader, Wolverhampton, Q1 1861FMPt.
Emma remarried 17/4/1872FMPi, as a widow, full age father William Cadwalader, W’ton St Matthew, James Purcival, full age, minor, father Richard both of Bilston Rd (W’ton).
1851 Census, Monmore Lane, Willenhall:
Thomas Fryer (24, Plumber & Glazier, Alcester), Hannah (21, Willenhall), Sarah Ann (2, Willenhall).
1861 Census, Middle Gardens, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Thomas G Fryer (34, Painter), Emma (21), Sarah Ann (12), Fanny (9).
1864/5: T Fryer, painter, plumber in Clemson St.
1871 Census, Clemson St, Willenhall:
Emma Fryer (Hd, widow, 32, Sedgley), Sarah Ann (step-dau, 22), William Arthur (son, 3, Willenhall), Charles Phillips, (Boarder, 20, House Painter, Bushbury). Emma’s age must be incorrect.
1881 Census, Sedgley:
James Purcival (44, coal miner, Sedgley), Emma (42, Sedgley), Alice (6) Sedgley).
Note Sarah Ann Fryer, and compare with informant on James's death cert. Also Emma Fryer of Clemson St informant at William’s death in 1866.
2/1. Sarah Ann Fryer, b abt 1849, Willenhall
2/2. Fanny Fryer, b abt 1852, Willenhall.
2/3. Thomas George Fryer died Q3 1858, Wolverhampton – must be this family.
2/4. William Arthur Fryer, b abt 1868 son of Thomas & Emma.

1/3. Sarah Jane Fryer, ch St Giles Willenhall 20/3/1831, William, glazier[9].

Nothing more on her.

1/4. Hannah Fryer 1833, a dressmaker in 1851 in Willenhall.

marriage Q2 1852 to George Aston, Wolverhampton.
1861 Census, Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
George Aston (30, Locksmith), Hannah (28), Ann Maria (8), Abel (4), Hannah (9mths).
1871 Census, 133 Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
George Aston (40, Locksmith), Hannah (38, Dress maker), Ann Maria (18, bolt maker), Abel (14, scholar), Hannah (10, Scholar), George (6, scholar), Sarah Jane (3)
1881 Census, Wood St, Willenhall
George (51, Dead Lock Maker), Hannah (48), Hannah (20, Brass Dresser), George (16, Brass Dresser), Sarah (13, Scholar), Charlotte (11, scholar), Charles A (7, scholar).
1891 Census + 3 grandchildren
George Probably son of John & Hannah Aston of Willenhall, see end of this family group.

1/5. Phebe Fryer, b. abt 1834.

Married 1/9/1855FMPi, Wolverhampton, a spinster, of Vauxhall?, dau of William a painter, Henry Slater, Bachelor, blacksmith, son of William Slater a gardener.
1861 Census: Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall:
Henry Slater (31, Blacksmith, Aldridge), Phebe (25, Willenhall), William (5, W’ton), Frances (1, W’ton).

1/6. James Fryer

No will found.
Ref Irene Bishop (22/4/2003 & Feb 2004):
Born: 1836 in Willenhall (Census). D. 1913, Willenhall – Q2 1917 age 82 Wolverhampton.
Married: 6/5/1857FMPi Ann Hayes (IB) (b 1841, Willenhall, ref Census)
James Fryer, full, brass-caster, father William, Painter & Decorator, Ann Hayes, 17, father Timothy Hayes brass-caster resident Willenhall, Coll Church, Wolverhampton.

1851 Census @ 1, Union St, Willenhall with parents.
1861 Census, Union Street Willenhall:
James Fryer (25, Brass Caster, Willenhall), Ann (21, Willenhall), George (3, Willenhall), Thomas (11 months, Willenhall).
1871 Census, Birmingham St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
James Fryer (Hd, 35, Brass Caster emp 2 men), Ann (wf, 30), Francis (son, 7, scholar) Thomas (son, 10, scholar), Andrew (son, 6, scholar), Rose (dau, 5 months).
1881 Census, Grundy St, Wolverhampton: (all b staffs, no "ditto" under Wolverhampton).
James Fryer (45, Brass caster), Ann (40), Francis Timothy (17, Brass Caster), Thomas (20, Japanner out of work), Andrew (15, brass caster), William (1), Arthur (4), Harry (8, scholar), Rose (10, Scholar)
1891 Census, 32, Doctors Piece, Willenhall:
James (55, Brass Caster/publican), Ann (50), Rose (20), Harry (18, B/caster), Arthur (14, B/c), William (11, scholar)
1901 Census, Birmingham St, Willenhall:
James Fryer (wid, 65, Brass Caster), Arthur (24, Brass caster), Mary Ann (d-in-l, 24, Lane Head Staffs), William (21, Brass Caster, W'ton), Alice G (g/dau, 1 week, Willenhall)
2/1. George Fryer, birth reg. Q2 1858 Wolverhampton.

B 16/4/1858, Willenhall, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 8/1/1872[10], adult, brass caster of Clemson St.
No will.
Married: Eliza Jane Purslow, 15/7/1883, St Anne’s Willenhall. He Bachelor, Brass Caster of Willenhall, 25, father James. She dau of John Purslow, miner decd, spin of 22.[11]
Died: Q2 1895FMPt, age 37, reg. Wolverhampton.
1891 Census, Willenhall Rd:
George Fryer (Hd, 33, Brass Caster, Willenhall), Eliza (wf, 30, W’ton), John James (son, 7, scholar, Willenhall), Sarah Ann (dau, 5, scholar, Darlaston), Mary Ann (dau, 3, Portobello), Rosa (dau, 18mths, Willenhall).
1901 Census, Willenhall:
Eliza Fryer (Hd, wid, 40, manageress of factory, Worker, W’ton), Mary Ann (dau, 13, Willenhall), Rosey (dau, 11, Willenhall), Albert (son, 5, Willenhall).
1901 Census, Swinton:
Henry Edwards (42, widower, Coal Hewer), Harry Fryer (7, Willenhall) & William Constable (23, boarder, Willenhall)
Married: Eliza Fryer & Henry Edwards Q3 1901, Barton upon Irwell, Lancs.
1911 Census, Swinton, Lancs.
Henry Edwards (54 married 9 yrs, 1 child died, coal mine Hewer, Silverdale) Eliza (50, Willenhall), Harry Albun Fryer (step son, 17, apprentice house painter, Willenhall) Albert Vincent (step son, 15 apprentice dresser, Willenhall).

Much of the following is from tree information on a family DNA website, which threw up a link to my DNA. The earlier parts of this tree agree with this paper, and may well have used my work as a reference. Having found that George Fryer’s widow remarried and moved to Swinton, Lancs, this looks fine.
3/1. John James Fryer, b 28/4/1884, ch 14/10/84, Willenhall,

D 1917, France.
Married Elizabeth Perrens of Willenhall, she died 1864, Swinton, Lancs.
4/1. Harry Fryer, b 1911, Barton & died 1985, Salford, Lancs.
4/2. Albert Fryer, b 5/1/1909, Swinton, D 1/5/1986, Blackpool.

M Hilda Plummer, B 17/6/1810, Swinton, D 21/3/1967, Blackpool.
5/1. Celia Mary Fryer, b & d 1936
5/2. Son Fryer, who M Linda May Robinson (1948-2009)

3/2. Sarah Ann Fryer, Ch 6/1/1886, Darlaston.

George brass caster of Gt Cross St.

3/3. Mary Ann Fryer, b 20/3/1888, ch 22/11/1888FMPi,

Portobello, Willenhall.
M Edward Bradburn (1867-1951), Barton, Lancs.
4/1. Eric Bradburn, B 3/2/1919, Manchester,

died Maidstone 16/9/1960. He married Mary Hayman
5/1. Clive Bradburn, b 1947

3/3. Rosie Fryer, B 10/10/1889, ch 7/11/1889, of George & Eliza,

Brass caster of Doctor’s Piece, Willenhall.
Entered school, Willenhall, 1/3/1897, DoB 10/10/89FMPi. School admissions.

3/4. Albert Vincent Fryer, B 29/4/1895, ch 23/5/95FMPi, Willenhall,

D Q2 1973, Heywood, Lancs.

3/1. Harry Alban Fryer, born, Willenhall reg Q2 1893, W’ton.

Mother Purslow
Died 17/3/1920 of 6 Coller St, Swinton, Lancs, journeyman painter & decorator. £93/5/5d. Age 28 from BMD index

2/2. Thomas Fryer, b abt 1860 Willenhall, ch St Anne’s Willenhall,

8/1/1872[12], adult, brass caster of Clemson St.

2/3. Francis Timothy Fryer, (ref I. Bishop: b 8/3/1864, W'ton)

Ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 4/4/1872[13], of Clemson St, Brass Founder. Same date as brother Andrew. Adult christening, confirmed by Civil Reg. Q2 1864FMPt, Wolverhampton, mother Hayes.

Died 11/1934, Darlaston – no will.
M. 10/5/1886, Willenhall, Sarah Turner of Willenhall, (25/1/1868-26/12/1923) B&S, 22 & 19, brass Caster, son of James, caster, dau of Benjamin Turner DCD.
1891 Census: 29 Mill St, Willenhall:
Francis Timothy Fryer, 27, brass caster, Wolverhampton, with family. (2/18)
1901 Census, 6 Railway Lane, Willenhall:
Francis Fryer (37, Brass Caster), Sarah (33), Violet A (14, Gen Servant - domestic), Ethel (10), Alice (7), Francis (5), Arthur (4), William (1) All b Willenhall.
1911 Census still at Railway Lane.

3/1. Rosa Fryer, b 17/8/1888FMPi, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 6/9/1888,[14]

Died Q1 1890FMPt age 1, reg Wolverhampton.

3/2. Violet Annie Fryer, b Q4 1886 Reg Wolverhampton.
3/3. Ethel Emma Fryer, b 22/9/1890FMPi, ch 15/10/1890, Willenhall.
3/4. Alice Fryer, ch 25/4/1893, Willenhall of Railway Lane.

M. Silas Turner (no connection with Sarah), no record of this.

3/5. Francis James Fryer, ch 21/5/1895, Willenhall.
3/6. Arthur Fryer, ch 16/2/1897, Willenhall
3/7. William Fryer, ch 9/6/1899, Willenhall.
3/8. Elsie Fryer, B Willenhall 1/11/1904, d. Millicent, S Aus.

7/6/1995, M. George Edwin Smith, of Darlaston, 26/12/1929.
4/1. Irene Smith. Married Mr Bishop. Grew up in Willenhall.

Irene (Smith) Bishop - ref email 22/4/03

3/9. Alfred Herber Fryer, b 15/5/1907DC, d Q1 1986, reg Walsall
3/10. David Fryer b Q4 1910, d. Q3 1914 age 3, reg Wolverhampton.

Thomas Turner:
17/2/2004 from Irene Bishop[v]:
Thomas Turner b.1791 Locksmith - wife Sarah (?) b. 1796
m. Wolverhampton, 15/8/1813FMPi, Sarah James.

Children of above:
1. Benjamin b. c.1822 (My. Gt. grandfather) Locksmith

Benjamin (above) married Caroline Bartle b. 1834. Marriage 26th May 1851, Registry Office, Wolverhampton. Daughter of John Bartle, (wife's name Maria Henshaw) Lichfield St. Willenhall. 1881 census shows Benjamin and Caroline living at 6 Mill St. Willenhall, Benjamin died before 1886 when their daughter m Francis Fryer
1/1. Sarah Turner b. 1868 m. Francis Timothy Fryer b. 1864 (my grandparents). Marriage May 10 1886, Willenhall Parish Church.
1/2. Maria b. c. 1854 m. Job Webster. Lived Wolverhampton. Son Jesse, Petty Officer - died aged 31 when ship "Cressy", Royal Navy, torpedoed 22.Sept. 1914, North Sea. Other children also.
1/3. Emma - b. Willenhall. Lived at Bedworth, or had some connection with this town -
1/4. Benjamin - born Mill St. Willenhall.1861.
1/5. George -     ditto      b.1863          m. Sarah ? - had son James who was a teacher at Portobello School, Willenhall about 1917 and daughter Irene.
1/6. William - b.c. 1870 married Sarah. Lived in Thorn Road, later Ann Street Willenhall. Had adopted son. William died before Sarah.  Sarah was treated badly by the adopted son with whom she lived until she died about 1957.  (My mother went to see her about a year before she - Sarah- died - and I remember how upset my mother was when she got back from the visit.
They also had lodgers - I do not know whether they were actually related to the family - William Robinson, aged 21, Carpet Bag Frame Maker & Thomas Horton, aged 58, Lockmaker.

2. John b. 1827
3. Henry b. 1833
Plus others - at this stage not traced

Other children of Benjamin and Caroline:
My grandparents - Sarah and Francis Fryer had several children:
Violet Annie, Ethel Emma, Alice, Francis, William, Elsie (my mum) Alfred, David (died at age 4 years). Arthur died at 16 years and two children died at birth.

Alice Fryer married Silas Turner - mum said there was no connection to HER mother's Turner's as far as she knew - however - Turner is a very common name in Willenhall - there are many Turner's. There were several Turner families living in Mill St. Willenhall and some were related to our Turner's - also some connection with the name Enoch Holt who married a Mary Turner (living in Union St 1841 census.

I found a Sarah Ann Turner b. 11.03.1867 to Jeremiah and Catherine Jane Turner at Fazeley. No connection at the moment with my Turner's.

15/3/2004: (Irene Bishop, Adelaide)
Hi Antony - I found this snippet of information amongst my Wootton (Willenhall/Bilston) collection, my dad's side of the family. 
Sarah Stanton Wootton m. Samuel PARKES St. Ann's Church, Willenhall, 12.3. 1882.  She was my Gr. Gr-mother's sister. There was some connection also with the name Ecklestone - but dad was very reluctant to talk about it - but they were related somehow.  By the way - you mentioned the Fryer's in the Manor area of Willenhall - two of mum's sisters - Ethel and Alice I believe - both worked as "domestic servants" in the "Manor" - and mum said there were Fryer connections there also.  My mum was the only girl in the family not to go into Domestic service - she worked at Pinson's in The Dale, until her mother died tragically and she had to give up work to look after her father and two brother's (aged 17 and 21 - and old enough to look after themselves I would have thought - but women did that in those bad old days).

2/4. Andrew Fryer, b Q1 1866, Reg. W’ton, mother Hayes.

ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 4/4/1872, Brass caster of Clemson St.[15]
Died Q1 1937, Reg Bilston, aged 70. No Will.
1891 Census, Willenhall Rd, Short Heath:
Andrew Fryer (25, Brass Moulder, Bradmore), Martha Louisa (22, West Bromwich), James Andrew (4 mths, Short Heath).
1901 Census, Fletcher’s Lane, Willenhall, all b Willenhall unless otherwise stated (This looks the correct one):
Andrew (Hd, 35, Brass Caster, worker, Bradmore), Martha L. (wf, 31, West Bromwich), James A (s, 10), Eddie H. (s, 8), John A. (s, 3), Horace (s, 1), Libby (d, 5)
Married Martha Louisa Otway, St Paul Wolverhampton, 12/12/1889FMPi, B&S, brasscaster, both of Ashland St, his farther James, brasscaster, hers James Hurst Otway, Clerk.
Martha L died Q1 1953, reg. Wednesbury.

3/1. James Andrew Son of Andrew & Martha Louisa, ch 7/1/1891FMPi.

Caster of Stringes Lane, b 7/11/1890.
died: 13/2/1973, aged 82, Mobile County, Alabama, USA

BURIAL Pine Crest Cemetery Mobile, Mobile County, Alabama, USA, He served in WWI from June 14, 1918 until May 14, 1919. He was naturalized while in the service at Leavenworth, Kansas on August 9, 1918.
He married Biloxi, MS native, Christine Pandella on June 29, 1926 in Mobile, AL.
James was a musician, music teacher and voice teacher for many years in Mobile. He was survived by his wife; one sister, Mrs. Lilly Colston, Willenhall, England; two brothers, Horace Fryer and Edward Fryer, both of Willenhall, England.

3/2. Edward Harold Fryer, b 16/2/1893FMPi, ch Willenhall, 16/3/1893

Married: Hannah Richards, 17/3/1919, St Anne’s, he 26, bachelor, brass moulder of St Anns Rd, father Andrew, brass moulder; She 25, spinster, Ward St, father Colin Richards, Locksmith.
1939 Census, Willenhall:
Edward H, Harold E, Vera Fryer (corrected to Deeming).
Issue, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, of 12 Ward St, a brass caster:[16]
4/1. Harold Edward Fryer, b 24/6 1919, ch St Anne’s 15/7/1919,
4/2. Vera Fryer, b 19/12/1920, ch St Anne’s 18/1/1921,

3/3. Lilley Fryer, B 3/11/1895FMPi, ch 2/1/1896, Willenhall,

Fletchers Lane, brass caster. She married Thomas W Colston, Q4 1938, reg Bilston. Alive 1973
1939 Census, Darlaston:
Thomas W Colston, (b. 5/11/1866, Coach Painter), Lilly Colston, Vincent Fryer (b 20/10/1923, Lockmaker)
4/1. Vincent Otway Fryer, reg Wolverhampton,

mothers maiden name Fryer. Probably an illegitimate son of Lilly. Prob married Q1 1957, Dorothy A Cadman, Reg Bilston. Death reg Walsall, 12/2004.

3/4. John Arthur Fryer, b 7/7/1897FMPi, ch 12/8/1897, Willenhall.
3/5. Horace Otway Fryer, B 7/9/1899FMPi, ch Willenhall 28/9/1899,

of Fletcher’s Lane Alive 1973
1939 Census. Neechals Lane, Wednesfield:
Horace O Fryer (b 7/9/1899, M, Material Control Clerk, foundry), Florence J (31/7/1903 M), Martha L (3/3/1869, widow)

2/5. Rose Fryer b. 1/10/1870, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 4/4/1872,

Died 1/9/1925, Wolverhampton.
Married 15/6/1891FMPi, Willenhall, B&S, 20 & 21, both of Doctors Piece, Frederick Fletcher, a polisher, father Joseph, a blacksmith (1869-1948). Her Father a Brass caster of Clemson St.[17]
3/1. Emma Fletcher, born Q2 1892FMPt, reg. Wolverhampton, ma. Fryer.

Married Q3 1913FMPt, William J Whitehouse, reg. Wolverhampton.
4/1. Alice Mary Whitehouse, birth reg. Q2 1921FMPt,

reg Wolverhampton, mother Fletcher.
Married Q2 1942, reg. Wolverhampton, William R. Hallsworth
5/1. Brian Hallsworth, b 1946

2/6. Harry Alban Fryer birth reg. Q2 1872, Wolverhampton, mother Hayes.

ch 3/11/1872, St Anne’s Willenhall, Brass Caster of Russell St.[18]
Probably died Q2 1837, age 64 reg Bilston.
Married Mary Ann Bentley, Q1 1896FMPt, reg. Wolverhampton
1901 Census, 9 Wood St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Harry Alban Fryer (Hd, 28, Brass Caster, Worker), Mary Ann (wife, 27), Florence (dau, 16 months)
3/1. Florence Fryer, b Willenhall abt 12/1899.
3/1. Sarah Ellen Fryer, b 3/6/02, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 22/6/1902,

Brass Caster of 10 Wood St.[19]

3/3. Ada Fryer, b. 10/6/06, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 1/7/1906,

Brass Caster of 32, Upper Lichfield St.[20]

2/7. Arthur Fryer b. Q1 1877, Reg. W’ton, ch 5/3/1878 of J&A,

Brass-caster of Church Terrace St. Anne's Road, Willenhall.
founded Springvale Foundry,
Married Mary Ann Harper, reg. Q4 1900FMPt, Wolverhampton.
Died: 7/12/1943, of Springvale St, Willenhall, Probate to Mary Ann Fryer, widow & Arthur & Jim Fryer, brass-casters, £9242/15/d
1901 Census, with father as a brass caster.
Issue of Arthur & Mary Ann Fryer, ch St Anne’s Willenhall (he a brass Caster):[21]
3/1. Alice Gertrude Fryer, b 25/3, ch 18/4/1901, Mount Pleasant.
3/2. Hilda Fryer, b 5/9, ch 25/9/1902, Birmingham St.
3/3. Arthur Fryer,  10/6, ch 30/6/1904, Stafford St.
3/4. Laura Fryer, b 19/1, ch 15/2/1906, 47 Stafford St.

2/8. William Fryer b. Q2 1880FMPi, ch Wolverhampton, 9/4/1880,

of James & Ann, 72, Evans St, brass caster
These dates agree with the censuses of 1881 & 1891 & 1901.
1901 Census, with father, a brass caster.
1911 Census, not found

There is a US family of William Fryer, father James, but the age is consistently incorrect and agrees more with William born in 1882 in London to a father James. The US William does not appear to have followed the type of trade our William he had in 1901. See end note for this family[22]. This family was proposed by an internet contact in 2004.

1/6. Benjamin Fryer, born 1838, no record found.

Died probably Q2 1911, reg Wolverhampton, age 74.
Information from "Christopher Lewis"[vi], Nov 2006.

Married Charlotte Stait (dau of George & Keziah) abt May 1858, Temple Grafton.
1861 Trades Dir: Plumber & Painter Market Place, Birmingham.
1864: ditto of New Rd Willenhall.
1871 not found.
Feb 1881: 36 New rd, Willenhall, Sarah’s death cert.
1881 Census, 84, New Rd Willenhall:
Benjamin (45, Master Painter, Willenhall), Charlotte (46, Grafton), Elizabeth (22, B'ham), B Willenhall: George (20, Glazier), Benjamin L (Pupil Teacher), Caroline (15), Mary (13, Pupil Teacher), Herbert H (6, scholar), Frederick J (2).
1891 Census, New Railway St, Willenhall:
Benjamin Fryer (wid, 54 House Painter), Elizabeth (32), Caroline (25), Mary (24, School Mistress), Herbert (16, Manfs Clerk), Frederick (12, scholar). All Willenhall ex Elizabeth.
1901 Census, 72 Wood St, Willenhall:
Benjamin Fryer (64, Wid, House Painter, Willenhall), Charlotte Elizabeth (42, House keeper, B'ham), John Frederick (22, Factory Order Clerk, Willenhall).
1911 Census, Stafford St, Wolverhampton:
Benjamin Fryer (74, wid, Retired house painter) Charlotte Elizabeth (52, Housekeeper, B’ham), John Frederick Stait Fryer (32, married under one year, Shipping Clerk export), Martha Ellen (28, Liverpool).
2/1. Charlotte Elizabeth Fryer, b.Q1 1859, B'ham, died Q4 1950, W’ton.
2/2. George Fryer, Q2 1861, Willenhall, father a Glazier.

Birth reg Wolverhampton, mother Stait.

Married: Emily Waine, Q1 1883, reg Aston.
Died: Q1 1910, age 48 reg Wolverhampton, no will.
1891 Census, Lwr Lichfield St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
George Fryer (30, Painter), Emily (wife, 27), Emily Waine (7, scholar), George (6, scholar), Francis (3), Charles (1), Infant (no Christian name, 3 months), Sarah Fryer (Serv, 16, General Servant).
Sarah probably his cousin, dau of Isaac Fryer.

2/3. Benjamin Leopold Fryer, b. Q1 1863, Willenhall.

Reg W’ton mother, Stait
Married Susan George, Q2 1887, reg Nottingham
Died 2/12/1914 of Lyndhurst, Victoria Park, Wavertree, Liverpool, Probate to Susan Fryer, widow, £462/12s.
1891 Census, 9, Cranmer Grove, Nottingham – probably him:
Benjamin L Fryer (28, Clerk, Willenhall), Susan (wf, 27, Stockton on Tees), Gladys (dau, 1, Nottingham).
1911 Census, St Paul’s Sq, York
Benjamin Leopold Fryer (47, married 23 yrs, Millers Manager, Willenhall), Susan (46, Stockton on Tees) Gladys Mercie (21, single, governess student, Nottingham)
3/1. Gladys Mercie Fryer, b Q3 1889, Nottingham.

2/4. Caroline Fryer, b. 1866, Willenhall.
2/5. Mary Hemming Fryer, b. Q2 1867, Willenhall, Reg Wolverhampton.

Married George Lewis Q4 1893, Reg W’ton. S of Joseph & Tirza Lewis.
1881 Census 59, Wednesfield Rd, Willanhall:
Joseph Lewis (Rim lock Maker, 33), Thirza (29, Wednesfield), George (10), Ann (8), Mary (7), Louisa (5), Joseph (3), Frank (1). All B Willenhall
1911 Census, Tettenhall Rd, Wolverhampton:
George Lewis (40, M 17 yrs, Commercial Traveller, Boot  Shoe, Willenhall), Mary (43, Willenhall), George (16, school, W’ton), Basil (13, school, W’ton). – descendants from Basil Ewart

2/6. Herbert Howard Fryer, b. Q3 1875, Willenhall, Reg W’ton, Ma Stait.

Died: Q2 1957, age 82, Reg Wolverhampton. No will.
Married Jane Ann Ashton Q4 1895, reg Wolverhampton.
She died Q3 1920, aged 45 reg Wolverhampton.
1911 Census: 115 Bilston St, Wolverhampton:
Herbert Howard Fryer (36, Decorator) Jane Ann (35), Samuel Herbert (15, Clerk, Willenhall, Florence Stait (dau, 13, Scholar, Willenhall), Henry Vincent (son, 10, scholar, W’ton), Jennie (dau, 6, W’ton).
Issue, 1st 3 Ch Wolverhampton, HH a fraimer & paper hanger of Dartmouth St.
3/1. Samuel Herbert Fryer b 20/41896, ch 15/8/1900
3/2. Florence Stait Fryer, b 25/9/1897, ch 15/8/1900
3/3. Henry Vincent Fryer, b 14/7/1900, ch 15/8/1900.
3/4. Jennie Fryer, b Q4 1904.

2/7. John Frederick Stait Fryer, b. 1879, Willenhall.

Died: 25/10/1959 of 16 Wells Rd, Wolverhampton, £2341/7/8d.
Q3, 1959, aged 80 reg Wolverhampton.
1911 Census – with father Benjamin.
This line from Paul Fryer, 9/2008[vii]
1939: Leamington Spa, John F Fryer, b 24/1/1879, Civil servant, Martha E, b 30/6/1882, retired shopkeeper, Benjamin JR b 3/6/1911, Civil servant.
Married Q1 1911, Leicester,
Martha Ellen Bath, b 30/6/1882, West Derby, Lancs.
D. 26/10/1964, Shrewsbury.
3/1. Benjamin John Fryer, b. 3/6/1911, Wolverhampton, D 1963.

Married Elizabeth Maymon, b. 1916, Preston, Lancs.
4/1. Paul Raymond Fryer, b. 3/10/1944, Preston, Lancs.

Married Christine Mary Roberts, b. 1945, Wrexham.
Moved to Canada 1975.
5/1. Robert Mark Fryer, b. 1969, Bangor, Caernarfon.

Married Kimberley Dawn Potts,
b. abt 1972, Bellville Ont.
6/1. Emily Elizabeth Fryer, b ~1994 Bellville Ont.
6/2. Rebecca Fryer, b ~1997, Bellville

5/2. Alun John Fryer, b. 1972, Bradford on Avon.

4/2. Christopher John Fryer, b. 1946, Shrewsbury.
4/3. David Graham Fryer, b. 1947, Shrewsbury.
4/4. Andrew Nicholas Fryer, b. 1952, Shrewsbury.

1/7. Miriam Fryer born Q2 1838, Reg Wolverhampton, mother Baker.

Married James Dugmore, Q1 1859, Reg Wolverhampton.
1861 Census Crow St, Willenhall:
Miriam Dugmore (H serv, 22, Housekeeper), James Dugmore (boarder, 27, Heel Tip Forger), William Dugmore (1)
1871 Census, Willenhall St, Darlaston:
James Dugmore (37, Shoe tip forger, Willenhall), Miriam (34), William (12, scholar), Rebecca (7, scholar), James 5 (scholar) Sarah Ann (3, scholar, Darlaston), Miriam? (dau, 18, Darlaston)
Miriam Dugmore died 1/6/1893FMPt, buried Methodist MI, Willenhall
James probably buried 1881, Wood St Methodist, Willenhall.

1/8. Isaac Fryer born 1841, died Q4, 1914, age 73, reg. W’ton, no will.

2 births registered at Wolverhampton, both mother Baker: Q4 1841 & Q2 1840; the latter died Q4 1840.
No will.
Married 1st, 25/5/1863FMPt, Bilston, Ann Aston b abt 1845, Willenhall, died 1891-1901 (1895ACdna?), her father Richard (& Sarah).
Ann was with her family & siblings in 1861, but not in 1851.
She does not appear to be closely related to Mary Aston who married George Fryer in 1887, or Mary’s uncle George, married to Hannah Fryer.
Married 2nd: Harriet Rowley, nee Anslow, Q1 1898, reg. Wolverhampton.
She married 1st Joseph Anslow, 17/1/1869, Wednesfield, aged 18, father John, Joseph Rowley, son of Joseph, age 26.

1871 Census, 4 Field St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Isaac Fryer (28, Brass Caster), Ann (25), George (4, scholar), Charles (2), Isaac Arthur (8 months).
1881 Census, 35, Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall: (all b Willenhall)
Isaac (39, Brass Caster), Ann (36), George (15, Brass Caster), Isaac (11, scholar), Ellen (8), Sarah (6, scholar), Mary (1).
1891 Census, 12 Cemetery St Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Joseph Rowley (Hd, 48, Brick Layer’s Lab), Harriet (wf, 40), Ernest (20, Iron caser), Roland (17, Brick layer’s Lab), Joseph (15, Brass caster), Gilbert (13), Clara (8).
1891 Census, 3 Clothier St, Willenhall (RG12/2239 f64) (b Willenhall):
Isaac Fryer (50, Brass Caster), Ann (46), Isaac (20, Locksmith), Ellen (18), Thomas (13, Brass Caster), Henry (11, Scholar), Arthur (8, scholar), Percy (5, scholar), Jessie (5, scholar), Alfred (2)
1901 Census, 110 Warwick St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Isaac Fryer (59, Brass Caster (moulder)), Harriet (53, Dressmaker), Thomas (24, Brick Maker), Arthur (18, Brass caster), Percy (15, Brass Caster), Alfred (13, Locksmith), Clara Rowley (step-dau, 20, Dressmaker), Charles Rowley (stepson, 13, Brass Caster), John Anslow (f-in-L, wid, 79, Locksmith, Church Easton).
1911 Census, Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall:
Isaac Fryer (69, brass caster), Harriet (61, Willenhall) & 2 boarders.
2/1. William Fryer died accident 31/5/1866, aged 2, inquest 2/6/1866.
2/2. George Fryer, b. Q2 1866FMPt, Willenhall, reg W’ton, mother Aston.

George Married Mary Aston Q2 1887, reg Wolverhampton.
1891 Census, Wednesfield rd, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
Geo Fryer (25, Brass Master), Mary (23), Flo (3, scholar), unreadable (1).
1901 Census, Waggon & Horses, Willenhall, all b. Willenhall
George Fryer (34, Brass Founder, employer), Mary (32), Ernest George (7), Florence (13), Beatrice (5).
1911 Census, 1 Wednesfield Rd, Willenhall:
George Fryer (44, brass caster, married 23 years, 4 kids), Mary (43), Florence (23), Ernest (17, brass caster), Beattie (15).
Died: 17/4/1947FMPi, of Wednesfield rd Willenhall, Probate to Ernest George Fryer, brass caster, 3648/3/2d.
3/1. Florence Fryer, b at 1888
3/2. Ernest George Fryer, ch Willenhall 11/6/1893FMPi,

of George & Mary, brasscaster of Wood St.
Died 2/12/1973, of 63 Victoria St, Willenhall, Probate B’ham, £8712.

3/3. Beatrice Fryer, b abt 1896

2/3. Charles Henry Fryer, b. abt 1869, Willenhall.

Still living as a brass caster in 1926 (Gertrude marriage).
Married 1st: Hannah Elizabeth Simmons 10/7/1887, St Anne’s Willenhall; he aged 19, bachelor, Brass Caster, Little London, father Isaac, Brass Caster: she 19, spinster, 41 Russell St, Joseph Simmons, Blacksmith.[23]
(ref email Julie Lonsdale 7/2010[viii])
Hannah probably died Q2 1919, aged 52.
Married 2nd: Sarah Ann Oakley/Davies, Wolverhampton district, Q2 1920, by whom he had at least 1 child, daughter Irene FryerACdna.
1891 Census, 37 Russell St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Charles Fryer (22, Brass Caster), Hannah (23), William (11 months) + family of 4 boarding.
1901 Census, 7 Queen St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Charles Fryer (Hd, 32, Brass Caster), Hannah (wf, 33, Washing), William (s, 10), Charles (s, 9), Nelly (dau, 7), Arthur (s, 3), Emma (d, 9mths).
1911 Census, 3 Court Chapel Green, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
Charles Fryer (Hd, 43, Brass Caster, worker), Hannah (44), Nellie (18), Arthur (14, scholar), Emma (11, scholar), Clarice (4), Florrie (2).

Simmonds Family:
These were probably Joseph Simmonds & Mary Lettsam, Mar Reg W/ton Q3 1865.
1871 Census, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
Benjamin Ledson (hd, 49, Rim Lock Maker), Ann (wf, 45), Frederick (son 15, Rim Lock Maker), Thomas (son 10, scholar), Benjamin (8, scholar) Ann (dau, 6, scholar), Joseph Simmonds (S-in-L, 25, Rim Lock maker, W’ton), Mary Simmonds (dau, 21, Seamstress), Ann Simmonds (3, scholar), Emma (1) – Ann = Hannah Elizabeth, b Q4 1867, reg Wolverhampton, mother Ledsome.
1901 Census, 17 Church St, Willenhall (all b Willenhall):
Joseph Simmons (Hd, 55, Rim Locksmith, Worker), Mary (wf, 51), Teresa (dau, 21 Lock finisher) Augustine (Son, 19, Rim Locksmith, worker), Benjamin (16, Ball polisher, Worker), Charles (12), Stephen Joyce (boarder, 16, key stamper), Gertrude Fryer (niece, 12)

Issue of Charles Fryer & Hannah Simmons:

3/1. Gertrude Fryer, b Q2 1888, Reg Wolverhampton, mother Simmons.

Not mentioned in most Censuses but with Gt Uncle in 1901. Her birth certificate confirms these her parents. She was the grand mother of Julie Lonsdale. Was she born before her parents marriage? (Ref JL).

3/2. William Fryer, 1890.

3/3. Charles Henry Fryer, 1892

4/1. James William Fryer, 1924

5/1. Mark Fryer of Wolverhampton,

Contact via 6/09.

3/4. Nelly Fryer 1894.
3/5. Arthur Fryer, 1898.
3/6. Emma Fryer, 1900. b 19/6/1900

Ch 5/7/1900 St Anne’s Willenhall, 15, Chapel Green, brass Caster[24].

3/7. Clarice Fryer, b 4/7/1907

ch St Anne’s, 25/7/1907, 20 Raglan St, Brass Caster[25]

3/8. Florence Fryer, b abt 11/1909, Reg Wolverhampton mother
Issue of Charles & Sarah
3/9 Irene Fryer, (1923-2009). M Ronald Terry (1921-2000)

4/1. Graham Terry. (re ancestry)

2/4. Isaac Arthur Fryer, b. Q3 1870, Willenhall.

Married: Delilah Cox, 22/3/1893, St Anne’s Willenhall. He: bachelor, 22, Locksmith, 1 Wednesfield Rd, father Isaac brass caster; she spinster, 18, of 29 Newhall St, father Thomas Cox, Miner.
1901 Census, 3 Wood St, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
Isaac Fryer (30, Locksmith), Delilah (26, Lock-screw maker), Isaac (3).
1911 Census, Wood St, Willenhall, all b Willenhall:
Isaac Fryer (40, M 18yrs, Locksmith Delilah (36, Isaac (13), Arthur (6), Harriett (4)
3/1. Isaac Fryer, 14/6/1898, ch 6/7/98, Willenhall, father a key-smith.
3/2. Arthur Fryer, ch 22/5/1904FMPt, Willenhall
3/3. Harriett Fryer, B Q4 1906, Reg Wolverhampton.

This was put forward as a son to Isaac & Delilah, but no relevant trace found in this part of the world.
3/2. Charles Henry Fryer (ref Leslie Moore[ix], 9/2001)

4/1. Charles Henry Fryer

5/1. Laura Fryer, Married Mr Moore

6/1. Leslie Moore, married Lycia.

2/5. Eliza Ellen Fryer, b. Q3 1872, Willenhall, Reg W’ton. Ma Aston.
2/6. Sarah Jane Fryer, b. Q1/1875, Willenhall, Reg Wolverhampton.

Married, St Anne’s, by Banns, 6/6/1897, George Smith. She 22, spin, Wednesfield Rd, Isaac, Brass Caster; he 24, bachelor, Brass caster of 135 Bloxwich Rd, father Samuel a locksmith.[26]
1891 – probably with cousin George, son of Benjamin.
1901 Census, 30 Fearnside St, West Derby, Liverpool, (all b Willenhall:
George Smith (Hd, 28, Brass Moulder, Worker), Sarah J (wf, 25), Samuel (son 2), Isaac (son 2 mths, Liverpool)

2/7. Thomas Bernard Fryer, b.Q2/1878, Willenhall, Reg Wolverhampton.

Died Q3/1926, age 49, Reg Wolverhampton as Thomas B.

2/8. Henry Fryer, b. Q4/1880, Willenhall, Reg Wolverhampton. .
2/9. Arthur James Fryer, b. Q3/1882, Reg Wolverhampton

1901 with parents.
Died Q3 1965, age 82, reg Wolverhampton.
Prob. founded Springdale Foundry??
Married Martha Ecclestone, 5/5/1907 St Anne’s Willenhall. He 24, bachelor, Brass Caster, 110 Bloxwich Rd, father Isaac; She 24, spinster, 1 Malthouse Lane, father Joseph, a Presser.
1911 Census, 28 Bloxwich Rd, Willenhall, with Martha & son Arthur.
Issue, ch St Anne’s Willenhall, 28 Bloxwich Rd, brass caster:[27]
3/1. Arthur John Fryer, b 12/12, ch St Anne’s, 16/1/1908.
3/1. Horace Fryer, b 1/11, ch St Anne’s, 3/11/1911.
3/1. John Fryer, b 30/6, ch St Anne’s, 18/7/1916.

2/20. Percy Fryer, b. Q3 1885, Reg Wolverhampton.

Married Q1/1910, Elizabeth Houghton, reg Wolverhampton.
She was ch Darlaston 9/1/1888, of Elihu & Elizabeth Houghton, Stamper of Willenhall Rd.
1911 Census, Clemson St Willenhall:
Percy Fryer (Hd, 25, Elizabeth (wf, 23, mar 1 yr, Elizabeth Houghton (M-in-L, 47, Darlaston), Elizabeth Houghton (s-in-L, 22, Hand Presser, lock works, Darlaston), Elihu Houghton (B-in-L, 16, brass caster, Middlesborough)

2/12. Jessie Fryer, b. Q3 1885, Reg Wolverhampton
2/12. Alfred Fryer, b. Q3 1888, Reg Wolverhampton.

1/9. Francis Fryer born Q2 1843FMPi, mother Baker, reg. Wolverhampton.

1871 not found.
Died 26/6/1904, 163, High St Bloxwich, Probate to Jane Fryer, widow, £309/16/2d.
1881 Census, High St, Bloxwich:
Frank (38, Plumber & Painter, Willenhall), Jane (33, Alcester), B. Bloxwich: Frank (13, scholar), William (11, scholar), Florence (9, scholar), Harry G (8, scholar), Caroline A (6), Mary F (4), Arthur E (1), Sarah Chamberlaine (mother-in-law, widow, 64, Alcester).
1891 Census, 163, High St Walsall:
Frank Fryer (50, Decorative Painter & Plumber), Jane (43), Sarah Chamberlaine (wid, grandma, 75), Frank (23, Decorative Painter), Florence (19), Harry (18, Painter), Caroline (16, dressmaker), Frances M (dau, 14), Beatrice (6), Frederick (5) (all ch Bloxwich).
1901 Census, 163, High St, Bloxwich:
Frank Fryer (58, House Painter, employer, Willenhall), Jane (53, Alcester), William (31, House Painter), Jenny (16), Frederick (12), Mary Allibone (dau, 23), Fred Allibone (g-son, 2 wks) All young b Bloxwich.

Married: Jane Chamberlaine, born 1848, Alcester, no record found.
Jane Probably died Q1 1924, age 76, reg Aston.
Issue all born Bloxwich, reg Walsall, mother Chamberlain:
2/1. Frank Fryer, b. Q1 1868, Bloxwich.
2/2. William Fryer, b. Q4/1869, Bloxwich.
2/3. Florence Fryer, b.Q4 1871, Bloxwich.
2/4. Harry George Fryer, b. Q1/1873, Bloxwich,

Married Mary Ann Walters, Q2 1898, Reg Walsall.
1901 Census, 65 Lumley St, Walsall:
Harry G Fryer (Hd, 28, Painter & Grocer, Employer, Bloxwich), Alice M. (wf, 25, Walsall), Mabel I. (dau, 2, Walsall).

2/5. Caroline Augusta Fryer, b. Q1 1875, Bloxwich

Married Q4 1895 Albert Edward George, Reg Walsall.
1901 Census Stafford St Walsall:
Albert Edward George (32, Butcher, Walsall), Caroline Augusta (25, Walsall), Grace (1, Walsall)

2/6. Frances Mary Fryer, b. Q2 1877, Bloxwich.

M. 30/4/1900, Bloxwich, Frederick Joseph Allibone, 26, a Butcher of Wellington, Salop, father John, a Blacksmith, She 23, of High St Bloxwich, father Frank, Plumber & Decorator.
3/1. Fred Allibone, b 3/1901, Bloxwich.

2/7. Arthur Ernest Fryer, b 1880 ch. 19/6/1883. Bloxwich.

Died early, not in subsequent census’s, Q3 1883 Reg Walsall

2/8. Beatrice Jenny Fryer, b. Q2 1885, Bloxwich.

Married Joseph Herbert Pedley, Q1 1907, reg Walsall.
1911 Census, Bridgtown, Cannock
Joseph H  Pedley (32, Grocers Manager, Walsall), Beatrice J, (26, mar 4 yrs, Bloxwich), Dennis (11 mths? Cannock)

2/9. Frederick Howard Fryer, b. Q2 1889, Bloxwich.

Married Gladys D Whateley, Q4 1915, reg Walsall
Probate: Montford Rd, Walsall, died 16/10/1953 to Gladys Dorothy Fryer, widow, £5040/16/9d

Aston Family who intermarried with the Fryers:

She was probably the daughter of Edwin was the son of
1851 Census
John & Hannah Aston of Wood St in 1851:
John ch Willenhall, 14/8/1796, b 13/2/1796, of Thomas & Ann.
John (55, Bilston), Hannah (54),

1/1. Edwin Aston, ch 30/3/1823 (28 in 51), Willenhall, father a locksmith.

Edwin (48) & Mary (40) Aston of Wood St Willenhall in 1871,

2/1. Mary, (2) b 1868 M Married George Fryer Q2 1887, reg Wolverhampton.
2/2. Elizabeth (18),
2/3. Ann (12),
2/4. Edward (8)
2/5. Samuel (5)

1/2. Joseph (25),
1/3. John (23),
1/4. George ch 7/2/1830, Willenhall, of John a locksmith.
Prob married Hannah Fryer, dau of William & Sarah.
1/5. Thomas (17)
1/6. William (15),
1/7. Abel (13),
1/8. Eliza (9),
1/9. Ann M (7)

Ann Aston who married Isaac Fryer:
Richard Aston ch Walsall, 31/1/1812FMPt of William & Sarah.
1851 Wolverhampton Rd, Willenhall
Richard Aston (41, Curry Comb maker, Walsall), Sarah (41), Eliza (18, Walsall), Sarah (16, Willenhall), Joshua (3, Willenhall), George (10 mths, Willenhall).
1861, Willenhall: Richard Aston (50, Walsall), Sarah (50, Hanley), Ann (16, Willenhall), Joshua (13, Willenhall), Sarah (g/d, 6, Willenhall), Maud Mary (g/d, 7 months, Willenhall)



The father of Caroline Stait.
Sources: PR, IGI, Census, BMD Index

Ch2: 1/11/1789 @ Temple Grafton, Warks. (PR)
Parents: John & Mary (Hooper?) Stait

Married: Keziah Wilkes (Census & Children's Births)
No other info on IGI or Pallot’s.

Died1,8: 4/3/1859, Grafton, 69, Carpenter (Master), Paralysis several years, Rachel Southern.
Buried: 9/3/1859 @ Temple Grafton age 69 (PR). No Will found.

No will indexed.

Summary of Issue:
1/1. Caroline Stait (1817-26)
1/2. George Stait (1819-73), with issue
1/3. Charles Stait (1822-59)
1/4. John Stait (1823-1884). Emigrated to Australia & New Zealand.
1/5. Job Stait (1825-1904)
1/6. Betsey Stait (1827-51)
1/7. Caroline Stait (1829- Married William Fryer
1/8. Charlotte Stait, (1833-) married Benjamin Fryer, brother of William.

On most christening entries between 1817 & 1833, he was described as a Carpenter, but on 2, 3 & 8 he was a labourer. He was still a carpenter in 1841 & 1851.
In 1821, Temple Grafton consisted of 40 houses and 336 inhabitants.
George probably lived at what is now Dove House Farm in Temple Grafton, where his parents had lived, and which passed on to his son George, see under this son for more information.

Left property by his father’s will.

1841 Census, Grafton (all born in county, Warwickshire), later referred to as Temple Grafton[28]:
George Stait (50, Carpenter), Keziah (45), Charles (20, Taylor), John (18), Joseph (16), Elizabeth (13), Caroline (11), Charlotte (9).
1851 Census, Grafton:
George (Hd, 61, Carpenter, Grafton), Keziah (wf, 59, Bidford), Charlotte (dau, 18, Grafton).
No relevant gravestones at Grafton.

Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive
[no title]  ER10/3/1485  2 October 1872

Information of Thomas Reeve Hobbins, Stratford-upon-Avon, law clerk v. George Stait, one of the Overseers for Grafton for failing to return jury lists for the parish.
With carbon letter 15 Oct from John Lane, Justices Clerk to George Stait re adjournment until 18th.

Married about 1815, but not found. However, the LDS has a Kexia Wilks married to George “Haite”, St Andrew, Worcestershire, 25/11/1816, but there is no link to an image: the transcription simply has Worcestershire, but Temple Grafton parish Church is St Andrew, so this is probably correct. Nothing is found in Temple Grafton however.



Sources: PR, BMD Index.

Assumed to be the correct woman by the unusual name: ages in Census etc tie in. Marriage not found. In 1851, she was in Grafton and was 59 & born in Bidford.  There were a lot of her relatives in the area about this time, see under her father, Job Wilkes.
She was left 5 shillings in her father’s will of 1825, as wife of George Stait, confirming the line.

Ch2: 29/12/1791 @ Bidford. (PR)
Parents: Job & Elizabeth (Hemming) Wilkes
Married: George Stait, no further info.

Death8: bur 16/5/1860 @ Bidford age 68. No will found
Died1: 12/5/1860, Grafton, 68, Widow of George Stait, Carpenter, Disease of Heart, James Clerk. (Note reg. 1861, but both dates 1860).
D/C Stratford 1861 Q2 6d 305.

Issue of George Stait & Keziah Wilkes (all ch Temple Grafton,PR):
1/1. Caroline Stait. Ch 30/11/1817,

Buried: 4/7/1826 @ Temple Grafton age 11.

1/2. George Stait jnr. Ch 28/2/1819, died 4/7/1873 (left will).

Married: Mary Webster, born Alvechurch.
Edgbaston, 17/4/1843, George Stait, full, bachelor, carpenter, William St, father George, a carpenter, his mark.
Mary Webster, full, spinster, William St, father William Webster, farmer, signed.
Overseer (of the poor) Temple Grafton, 1872[29].
Mary Stait bur Temple Grafton, 22/10/1900, aged 86, of Ardens Grafton.

Will: late of Temple Grafton, builder, who died 4 July 1873 at Temple Grafton, proved at Birmingham by Mary Stait, widow, relict the sole executrix (28 May 1874, under £100).
Birmingham Daily Post 12 July 1873: On the 4th inst at Grafton after a long and painful illness, George Stait, late of Ladywood.

He was a carpenter and builder, initially in Edgbaston and seems to have moved back to Grafton in the 1850's when he built a new house there, possibly about the time of his parents death; he sold a number of properties in Birmingham in 1856/7, probably prior to retiring back to Grafton. His brother, Charles, also in the building trade, seems to have been living in Ladywood Road when he died in 1859.

His niece, Elizabeth Fryer was born in Ladywood Grove in 1853.

1851 Census, Ladywood Grove, Edgbaston: George Stait (Hd, 32, carpenter, Grafton), Mary (36 Alvechurch, Worcs).
1856: sold a house & land at Chester St
1857: sold several properties in Ladywood Land, Birmingham
1861 Census, Grafton: George Stait (Hd, 42, Builder, Grafton), Mary (Wf, 40, Alvechurch), Elizabeth Holden (dau?, 14, Scholar), William Fryer (Visitor, 34, Plumber & ?, Grafton), Caroline Fryer (vis, 30, Dressmaker, Grafton), Elizabeth (8, scholar, B'ham), Caroline (6, scholar, B'ham).
1865[30]: dissolved partnership with William Fryer as brick-makers of Yardley.
1871 Census, Grafton:
George (52), Mary (52), Elizabeth Holden, niece (22, Mumble? Warks).

1872: in Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive
ER10/3/1485  2 October 1872
Information of Thomas Reeve Hobbins, Stratford-upon-Avon, law clerk v. George Stait, one of the Overseers for Grafton for failing to return jury lists for the parish.
With carbon letter 15 Oct from John Lane, Justices Clerk to George Stait re adjournment until 18th.
1881 Census index not found.
1891 Census: Mary, widow aged 76 "living on own means", Alvechurch.

2/1. Elizabeth Stait, b abt 1853
2/2. Caroline Stait b abt 1855

Dove House Farm, Temple Grafton (visited by AM 1996):
This house is built on land owned by the Stait family, probably for some time before 1814 when Mary (Hooper) Stait owned a house and land 1814 in Temple Grafton (1815 Inclosure Awards). It then consisted of 5 cottages (acres-2-25), an orchard (0-2-19) and a 2nd orchard (1-0-20), in all about 1 hectare. George jnr built Dove House Farm in about 1860, a pleasant looking stone house. There are (1996) the remains of older buildings in the corner of the garden.
It was described as a modern house in 1860, and the builder was reputed to have been from Birmingham: this refers to George's time in Edgbaston. It was sold by George's widow, Mary Stait, to James Sumper Husband 25/6/1899 for £350, her niece's husband.
Old deeds refer to many Staits, including Keziah, John etc. Deeds   temporarily gone missing.  Now (1996) owned by David and Pam Clarke, Alcester Worcs B49 6NT 01789 773853.  They left early 1999.

Joseph Beesley and his wife Eliza Keziah (nee Huckfield) bought Dove House, Temple Grafton and the family lived there from 1900 until 1986. Joseph Cyril Beesley, was born there 17/01/1901.

The house was sold in 1986 to the Clarks.[x]

Also enquiring at house recently,
Mrs Rhoda Owen (Qwen), Plas Llysyn, Caersws, SY17 5JT.

1/3. Charles Stait. Ch 15/12/1822.

Buried, Grafton: Charles (of Ladywood Rd, B'ham) 1/6/1859 age 37.
No will found.
2 August 1837: Charles son of George Stait of Grafton, carpenter, apprenticed to John Keeley of Stratford-upon-Avon, tailor, for 5 years[31].

1/4. John Stait. Ch 12/1/1823, Temple Grafton. See full story Section 12.

1841 in Temple Grafton, not on 1851 or 61 census’s.
He married in Birmingham in 1845 and emigrated to Australia about 1852 and on to New Zealand in 1862, quite probably encouraged by the Otago Gold Rush.

Summary of Issue:
2/1. Charlotte Elizabeth, b 1850, England. Nothing more.
2/2. John Stait, 1853-1936, builder in Dunedin, with issue.
2/4. Keziah Stait 1858-1940, M Walter Gore.
2/3. Edward Stait, 1860-1888.
2/6. Sarah Ann Stait, 1862- M Henry Liggins
2/5. Caroline Stait, 1866-1940, M Alex Boyne & Charles Robertson.
2/7. Allen Eustace Stait, son of Emma, 1884-1959, Married twice.

1/5. Job Stait. Ch 3/4/1825.

Death Index: Job Stait, Kings Norton, (Worcs). Q2 1904 aged 79.

Job Stait, carpenter Grosvenor St West
Married, Harbourne, 12/10/1845FMPt, age 21, father Geo, Emma Windle age 20, dau of William Windle.
1851 Census, West Grosvenor St, Birmingham:
Job (Carpenter), Emma (25, B'ham), William (4, B'ham), George (2, B'ham), Samson (1, B'ham)
1861 Census, Rawlins St, Ladywood, B’ham:
Job Stait (Hd, 36, Carpenter, T Grafton), Emma (wf, 35), William (14, Carpenter), George Thomas (12, Carpenter), Sampson Wilkes (11, scholar), Hannah Elizabeth (8, scholar), Frederick Benj (6, scholar), Emma (2), Joseph Jesse Septimus (4mths) (all ch b B’ham).
1871 not found.
1881 Census, 45 Crabtree Rd, Birmingham (All Sts):
Job Stait (54, Joiner, Grafton), Emma (54), William Cotton (cousin, Wid, 60, Jeweller, B'ham), Emma (dau, 22, Polisher (gold), B'ham), Walter (son, Silversmith, 18, B'ham), Job (14, jeweller, B'ham)
1891 Census, 1 Louisa Place, Birmingham, with Frederick.
1901 Census: with son Frederick
2/1. William Henry Samuel Stait, born Q3 1846, Reg B’ham, mother Windle.

Married: Elizabeth Clayton, Q2 1869, Reg Kings Norton, Worcs.
Died: William Henry Stait, Q3 1908, age 62, reg West Bromwich
1881 Census, 64 Woodward St, W Bromwich, all b B'ham except noted:
William Stait (34, Carpenter & Joiner), Elizabeth (33), Henry (11, scholar), Ellen (9, scholar), Annie (6, scholar), William (5, scholar), Edith (2, W Brom), Jesse (1, W Brom).
1901 Census, Handsworth, B'ham:
William Stait (54, Carpenter & Joiner, Worker, B'ham), Elizabeth (wf, 52, B'ham), Ellen (29, Watch Making, worker, B'ham), William (25, commercial traveller, B'ham), Edith (22, school teacher, W Bromwich), Jessie (son, 21, Clerk, W Brom), Elizabeth (19, W Brom), Walter (17, Chaser, gold, worker, W Brom), Leonard (15, Pattern Maker, worker, B'ham), Cicely (12, B'ham), Horace (9, B'ham), Beatrice (7, B'ham).

2/2. George Thomas Stait, born Q2 1848, Reg Birmingham.

Married 9/1/1876ACi, St Mark, Birmingham, 27, Carpenter of Whitmore St, father Job Stait, carpenter, Eliza Busby, 23, of Mill St, father James Busby dcd. B&S by banns.

Died: Q3 1909, age 61, Reg Birmingham
1881 Census, Crabtree Rd, B'ham:
George Stait (33, Carpenter & Joiner, B'ham), Eliza (28, B'ham), George H (4, B'ham), Louisa (2, B'ham).
1891 Census, Birmingham All Saints, all B Birmimgham:
George Stait (42, Carpenter), Eliza (39), Louisa (12, scholar), Emma (9, scholar), Walter (8, scholar), Alfred E (1).

2/3. Samson Wilkes Stait, born Q1 1850, Reg Birmingham

(named after Uncle?).
Died Q4 1926, age 76, Reg Birmingham North.
Married: 13/7/1874, Edgbaston, Samson Wilkes Stait, full age, bachelor, carpenter, father Job Wilkes?? (error), carpenter, Mary Stanton, full ages, spinster, father Turner Stanton, labourer, both of Edgbaston
1881 Census, Burntwood County Lunatic Asylum, Staffs:
Samson Wilkes Stait (31, Carpenter & Joiner, B'ham), Mary (28, Wolverley), Mary Jane (6, scholar, Walsall), Edith Emma (4, scholar, Walsall), Ernest Samson (2, Walsall), Alice (11 mths, Burntwood).
1901 Census, 17, Brookfield Terrace, B'ham All Saints:
Samson Stait (51, Carpenter, B'ham), Mary (48, Worcs, Wolverley), Mary J. (26, Dressmaker, Walsall), Alice (20, Warehouse girl, Burntwood), Albert W. (17, Jeweller's apprentice, Burntwood), Ruth (16, Warehouse girl, Burntwood), Leonard J (13, Errand Boy, B'ham), Frederick W. (11, B'ham), Clifford L. (6, B'ham).
1911 Census, Dudley Rd, Birmingham:
Samson Wilkes Stait (61, Carpenter Education Committee, Ladywood) Mary (58, Wolverley), Alice (30, Clerk Jeweller Office, Burntwood),  Albert Wendham (28, Jeweller, Burntwood) Ruth (26, domestic, Burntwood), Leonard John (24, Jeweller, Birmingham), Fredrick William (21, Clerk, Birmingham), (Clifford Douglas (16, Office Boy, Birmingham).

2/4. Hannah Elizabeth Stait, b 1855 (Census).
2/5. Benjamin Frederick Stait, born abt Q1 1855, reg Birmingham.

1881 not found.
1891 Census, 7, Louisa Place, B'ham All Sts:
Frederick B Stait (Hd, 36, Carpenter, B'ham), Elizabeth (wf, 37, Darlaston), Gertrude (14, scholar, Longton Staffs), William (3, Longton), Elizabeth (1 mth, B'ham), Job (father, wid, 66, Carpenter, Grafton).
1901 Census, Selly Oak, Birmingham:
Frederick B Stait (46, Carpenter, B’ham), Elizabeth (48, Darlaston), William E (13, Cocoa Worker Cadbury’s?, Longton Staffs), Elizabeth (10, B’ham), Job (father, 76)
3/1. Gertrude Alice Stait b Q4 1876, Reg B’ham.

Married Aston, 30/3/1902, Harry Maurice Whitehouse she 25 he 26, her father Frederick, his Robert Whitehouse

2/6. Emma Stait, born Q4 1858, B'ham.
2/7. Joseph Jesse Septimus Stait, b Q4 1860 Reg B’ham (census).
2/8. Walter Stait, born Q1 1863, B'ham.

Married Q4 1885, Walter Douglas Stait & Jane Elizabeth Whitmarsh, Reg Kings Norton.
1881 Census, with parents
1891 Census, 5, Goldsmith Terr, Ellen St, B'ham:
Walter D Stait (28, Electroplate manufacturer, B'ham), Jane E (31, B'ham), Walter W. (4, B'ham), Lily (5 months, B'ham).
1901 Census, Camden St, Birmingham, all B B’ham:
Walter Douglas Stait (38, electroplate manufacturer), Jane E (40, Walter W.V. (14, Electroplate), Lily Elizabeth (10), Elsie (6).

2/9. Job Stait, born 1867, B'ham. Not found 1891.

1/6. Betsy Stait. Ch 2/12/1827, Elizabeth (Betsy) buried 10/5/1851 age 24.
1/7. Caroline Stait. Ch 30/5/1829.
1/8. Charlotte Stait. Ch 17/2/1833,

a witness at Caroline's wedding.
Married: Benjamin Fryer (S of William), Temple Grafton, abt June 1858.


8.              ********************* GENERATION 8 **********************



The father of William Fryer snr.
Sources: PR, IGI, PR bur. Census
No newspaper references to our James Fryer.

There was a James Fryer, esq, in Bewdley in the first part of the 19thC, no obvious relationship, a prominent man.

IGI/PR show:
Ch: 25/3/1781PR @ Alcester, (agrees with Census41 and DC)
Parents: William & Ann (Russell) Fryer.
Died: 20/9/1844DC, age 63, Willenhall, Plumber & Glazier of Paralysis, informant Sarah Ann Fryer, present at the death.  (Death Certificate).
Sarah Ann was son William's wife.
No will listed at Lichfield.

Married: Hannah Wright 23/7/1804ACi @ St Phillips, B'ham. No more info in PR. (best guess).
A number of Hannah Wrights appear in the IGI.

There are William and 4 siblings being born at Alcester.
There was also a family of James & Hannah at Fladbury, Worcester, about 10 miles SW of Alcester, where James was a labourer: these must have been a different family.

Jas Fryer, 16/3/1824, so Jno Fryer, Alcester to Jno Fryer, Alcester, plumber & glazier.
Thomas Fryer 16/3/1857 to John Joseph Heath & Edmund English, engravers, Birmingham.

Mary Edwards, 13/9/1845, widow of Edward Edwards, bound to James Fryer of Alcester. To be removed from Birmingham. Died 4/12/1845 £2-19s-0d chargeable.

1820 Freeholders of Warwick

This list was donated to me by Robert Deloyde, who extracted it from a  book published by Mr JW Unett. He was the agent for Mr Lawley, it was  printed by a Mr T Knott Jun, the poll took place over a number of days 31 Oct., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th, & 7th, November 1820, the two candidates names were, Francis Lawley Esq. & Richard Spooner Esq., Mr Lawley was the eventual winner this is a breakdown of the results:
Fryer James Alcester

Pigot 1828-9:
Alcester, James Fryer, Ornamental Painter, High St Alcester.

Pigot 1835, James Fryer as plumber, painter & Decorator, Alcester.

1841 Census, Portobello, Willenhall:
James Fryer (60, Plumber & Glazier), Hannah (70), not born Staffs.

Issue of James & Hannah (ch dates & places):
1/1. William Fryer, (Friar in PR) ch. Bidford 29/6/1806PR,
1/2. Hannah Fryer, ch. Alcester 18/6/1809PR,

Hannah Fryer, 20/10/1817, Dau of James Fryer, Alcester to Hannah Wilkins of All Saints, Evesham, straw bonnet maker.
Poss marriage Ann Fryer William Hinton, Alcester 17/2/1833, B&S OTP.
1851 Census, High St Alcester:
William Hinton (43, Baker), Ann Hinton (46), William (17), Susan (15, Ann (13), Mary (8), Charles (2), George Fryer (nephew, 15, b Alcester).

1/3. James Fryer, ch. Alcester 18/6/1809PR, Not on 1861 Census.
1/4. Elizabeth Fryer, ch. Alcester 29/12/1811PR NFI,
1/5. Ann Fryer, ch 15/6/1815, Alcester of James & Anna, glazier of Alcester.

These 4 are probably not the same James & Hannah Fryer:
1/5. Susannah Fryer, ch. Fladbury 9/2/1812, (Fladbury Hill & Moor)
1/6. Charles Fryer, ch. Fladbury 3/4/1814, (of Moor, Labourer)

Not on 1861.
1851 Census, Moor, Worcs, maybe this one is spite of age:
Charles Fryer (32, Ag Lab, Moor), Susannah (30 wife of Ag Lab, Besford), John (12, Moor), Thomas (10, Moor), George (6, Moor), Sarah (3, Moor).

1/7. John Fryer, ch. Fladbury 15/6/1817, (of Moor, Labourer)
1/8. Mary Fryer, ch. Fladbury 25/3/1821. (of Moor, Labourer)


The father of Sarah Ann Baker, dau of John & Sarah, ch 2/12/1804
There were two contemporary John & Sarah Bakers with issue in Wolverhampton: they were only married about a year apart, and there is no indication which children belong to which couple

John Baker married:
A: Sarah Pritchett 31/12/1801FMPi, St Peter, Wolverhampton, widower & spinster, by banns.
   Catherine, wife of John, bur 17/5/1794.
B: Sarah May, 2/3/1802FMPi, batch & spin, by banns, wit Richard Baker.

Census 1841: 2 John Bakers aged 60 in Wolverhampton:
1: Walsall St, Ind, with Ann aged 20.
2: Union Mill Rd, Iron founder with Mary aged 60.


IGI: most probable for Staffordshire:
Ch Tipton 19/8/1781, of Samuel & Sarah

SARAH MAY: too many without more information.

Issue of John & Sarah Baker, Wolverhampton:

Thomas Baker, ch 27/12/1802, Probably of Sarah Pritchett:

These could be either May or Pritchett:
Sarah Ann ch 2/12/1804
Ann Baker ch 8/3/1807
Jane 18/7/1807
John 19/2/1809
George 20/7/1809
Eleanor ch 8/9/1811
Henry b 12/10/1811, ch 12/7/1812

Sarah, dau of John & Dorothy, ch 14/6/1760, bur 15/3/1776, W’ton St Peter

Dorothy, wife of John Baker, bur 26/5/1801, probably Dorothy Baker, M. John, 3/3/1760, Bach & wid by banns.

John Baker M Wolverhampton, 9/10/1830FMPi Hannah Fryer B&S both OTP
It is possible, though geographically unlikely that Hannah, mother Hammah, was the daughter of James & Hannah Fryer in Alcester.
1851 Census, North St Wolverhampton:
John Baker (42, House, land, ale & corn agent), Hannah (43, Hosier, Warwickshire, town unreadable), Elizabeth (18), Emma (16), Ruth (12), Fanny (9), Edward J (5), Hannah Fryer (M-in-L, 78, Warwick)
1851 Census, Salop St, W’ton:
George Baker (Hd, m, 71, Cabinet Lock Maker, emp 2 men, Bridgnorth), Sarah (wf, M, 68, W’ton), John (son, unm, 46, lock maker, W’ton), Eliza (g/dau, unm 23, house maid, W’ton), William (son, unm 42, lock maker, W’ton), Joseph (g/son, unm, 18, App Captian maker?, W’ton)



Temple Grafton BT's?

The father of George Stait, and grandfather of Caroline Stait who married William Fryer. From his will, he was a man of substance although described as carpenter. He owned several properties on the village. His marriage to Mary Hooper looks plausible, but her birth in Severn Stoke in 1745 is somewhat speculative: it is the only one in the area which fits her age at death, but is quite a way from Temple Grafton, where she was resident at marriage. However, as John Stait was the owner of several properties, he may have travelled around. Similarly, there is no immediately local John Stait, the nearest ones were in Northern Gloucestershire: his probable burial record gives no age at death. One possibility would be a family of Stait(e) around Winchcombe, but there is no evidence to choose them. A further study of the Gloucester wills might reveal an origin.
Of his children, several of whom were alive in 1808, only son George has a definitely identifiable family. There was a Michael with a marriage in 1802 & family in Birmingham, but no real indication of it was him. A later birth to a Michael Stait, labourer, in 1818 in Temple Grafton and marriage to a Lydia Bonhill in 1801 in Bearley, not far to the east do not look very likely.

John Staite Winchcombe of John & Ann 1740

IGI/PR show:
The records before abt 1755 are unusable: the BT's can be examined.

The burial records are difficult to read between 1805-13, but John Staite buried 11/1/1809, probably him, although seems a long time before probate was granted.
Will: John Stait, Temple Grafton, proved 17/10/1812 (Worcs RO 19/5/2009).
of Temple Grafton, Carpenter, dated 20/10/1808.

...unto my well beloved son George Stait my dwelling house with the garden belonging to the same with the orchard called the Upper Orchard on the North side
... to Job Stait the house occupied by Abraham West with the garden belonging to the same with the orchard on the South side the same called Lower Orchard
both George & Job to pay £5 to siblings Michael, Joseph Charlotte and Mary
...unto my daughter Charlotte Stait the house and garden in the occupation of William Palmer
...unto my son Michael Stait the next house and garden adjoining the above now in the occupation of John Cornhill
...unto my daughter Mary Stait the house and garden adjoining (the last mentioned) in the occupation of William Shrivington
...unto my son Joseph Stait my Dove House with ground adjoining to the same being eleven yards in Breadth from the wall be the lane leading to Whitsun Moore and twenty six yards in length the Dove House being about the middle of it
... my dearly beloved wife Mary Stait shall enjoy have and hold the above premises and receive their rents and profits... during her natural life, but if she marry again .. my children immediately take each to their part and she to have my household goods and nothing else
And as I was under the necessity of borrowing an hundred pounds upon the above mentioned premises my will is that when my children take to their respective shares for each of them to pay the sum of sixteen pound thirteen and four pence into Mr John Fishers hands in order to pay the sum I borrowed of him
...if any one of my children die without heir their part to be valued and divided equally among all the rest. And if any of my sons or daughters have a mind to sell their parts that they shall sell it to one of their brothers of sisters
And I do appoint Mr John Fisher Senr and John Fisher jnr sole executors of this my last will and testament
...set my hand and seal this twentieth day of October in the year of our Lord One thousand eight hundred and eight
John Stait, the mark of
witness: Richard Foxley & William Cowper
Proved 17 October 1812
the personal estate does not exceed the sum of twenty pounds.

Other John Staite’s: Winchcombe, Glos & Guiting Power.

Married: Mary Hooper 17/10/1774 @ Temple Grafton (both of TG)
         Witnessed by John & Ann Martin, who signed.



This is the only Mary Hooper found of the right age, but is quite a long way from Temple Grafton, and so seems rather unlikely.

Ch: Severn Stoke 24/3/1745FMPi fits best (ref death & PR’s).
Parents: John & Eleanor.
PR chkd: An infant Mary Hooper bur @ Severn Stoke 14/1/1752.
Married: John Stait 17/10/1774 @ Temple Grafton (both of TG, PR)

Death (buried @ Temple Grafton, PR, but no St Catherine Record):
Mary Stait 4/1/1839, "age 93 of Birmingham".
Thus born 5/1/1745 - 1/1/1746.

Mary (Hooper) Stait owned house and land 1814 in Temple Grafton (see below George jnr, son of George (1789-1859)). Thus John died between 1805 (end of records) and 1814.

The databases have Severn Stoke as Staffordshire: this is incorrect, the record is in Worcester County Records.

Issue of John & Mary Stait, ch @ Temple Grafton – all PR:
1/1. Joseph Stait, ch. 23/11/1776,

Left property by his father’s will.

1/2. Job Stait, ch. 29/8/1779,

Left property by his father’s will.

1/3. John Stait, ch. 18/2/1781 buried Temple Grafton 19/3/1782,
1/4. Mary Stait, ch. 16/6/1782,

Left property by her father’s will.

1/5. Charlotte Stait, ch. 25/3/1785,

Left property by her father’s will.
Charity Hill Stait ch 2/4/1809FMPi, dau of Sharlat Stait, TG.

1/6. Thomas Stait, ch. 28/8/1786

buried @ Temple Grafton 20/9/1786,

1/7. Joshua Stait, ch. 11/3/1788

buried @ Temple Grafton 12/12/1788

1/8. George Stait, ch. 1/11/1789 PR.

Left property by his father’s will.

1/9 Michael Stait ch 25/1/1778

Left property by his father’s will.
On the basis that Michael Stait is an uncommon name and there was a movement in towards Birmingham, this is a probable sequence:
Married Ann Westbury, 26/1/1802, Birmingham St Martin, both OTP, B&S.
2/1. John Stait ch 28/12/1802 of Michael & Ann, Welford.
2/2. Harriet Stait ch 14/3/1804 of Michael & Ann, Welford
2/3. Joseph Stait, ch 14/7/1805 of Michael & Ann Stait, TG
2/4. Henry Stait, b 5/12/1806, ch 28/8/1809 B’ham St Phillip

Henry State M Mary Biddle, Solihull, 10/2/1828, by banns both OTP
1851 Census, Darwin St, Bordesley, most b Aston.
Henry Stait (41, B’ham), Mary (42, Solihull), Michael (21 B’ham), John (19, Baker), Mary (15), Jane (13), Charlotte (10), Henry (9), Joseph (7), Thomas (2), Flora (1), 2 servants & Amelia Biddle, (14, visitor, Aston)

2/5. William Stait, b 14/3/1807, ch 28/8/1809, B’ham St Phil
2/6. Eleanor Stait bur 12/10/1818, Chapelry of St Mary B’ham, dau of Michael & Ann, Pritchett St.

A Michael Stait also Married Lydia Bonhill, 8/3/1801, Bearley, Warwickshire, (E of Gt. Alne)
Harriet ch 13/12/1818FMPi TG, dau of Michael Stait, labourer of Grafton. She was prob buried TG 12/9/1830, age 13.

Joseph Stait Bachelor OTP, M An Foster, widow OTP, 11/4/1808ACi, B’ham St Martin.



A stone mason of Exall at death.

Issue in summary:
1/1. Sampson Wilkes (1779-1856), a stone mason, unmarried
1/2. Joshua Wilkes (1781-1865). A farmer with many descendants
1/3. Jemima Wilkes (1783) married Benjamin Harvey. NFI.
1/4. Jessie Wilkes (1789-1878)

1/5. Keziah Wilkes (1791-) Married George Stait
1/6. Benjamin Wilkes (1794-1832), bachelor

Job lived at Exall and Bidford (only about 1-2 miles apart). Bidford is a Lordship given by King John to Llewellyn, Prince of Wales, on his marriage to John's daughter, Joan. In the Elizabethan times, was a "resort" for Shakespeare et al.

Ch 25/9/1748FMPi, Bidford (age correct for death)
Named as Job Benjamin Wilks at Ch.
Parents: Robert & Sarah (Bayliss) Wilks

Died: PR: Job d. 11/12/1829 age 80,
wf Elizabeth d. 30/10/1823 age 65,
son Benjamin d 11/1/1832 age 37.
Gravestone shows these three together, but the lettering is not good, so my transcript does not agree with the PR.

PR shows buried at Exall 14/2/1829ACi age 80 thus born 1748/9
Will: Job Wilkes, Exall, 16/7/1829.

Or (this was shown as correct until 9/2008): Ch 25/4/1752 @ Alcester (PR/IGI, AF nil).
Parents: Joseph & Mary

Land Tax Redemption, 1798 Record, 3/2013 Exhall:
Sir Jno Throckmorton, prop, Job Wilkes occupier 0/7/4

Exall in 1821 consisted of 40 houses and 209 inhabitants (not much more in 1998!).

Stone  mason  of Exhall
... I give and bequeath unto my son Jesse Wilkes all that my messuage tenement or dwelling house with the buildings garden and appurtenances thereto belonging And also all those my several pieces or parcels of land belonging thereto, all which said premises are situate and being in the parish of Exhall aforesaid, and contain in the whole eight acres and three quarters of thereabouts to be the same more or less and are now in my own occupation, to hold to him my son Jesse his heirs and assigns for ever subject nevertheless to the payment of the interest and principal money wherewith the same shall happen to be charges at the time of my decease... I also give and bequeath unto my said son Jesse Wilkes all my household goods furniture, stock, crosses, implements of husbandry...

Small bequests to sons Sampson, Joshua, Job & Benjamin, and to daughters Jemima, wife of Benjamin Harvey & Keziah wife of George Stait.

Residual heir of his father and executor of his father’s will.

There were a number of Wilkes (at least 5 other groups) in the area, probably of the same extended family. Some were stonemasons, and appear as the carvers of local tombstones, incl Robert (75 in 1841 i.e. born 1765).

Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive
  Miscellaneous legal and official papers relating to Warwickshire [ER10/3/1 - ER10/3/1717]no title]  ER10/3/70a  9 January 1821
Examination of Lydia Harris, Aston Cantlow, singlewoman, naming George Coleman, servant to Mr. Wilkes, Bidford, as father of her expected child.

See the end of this file for some Wilkes Memorials.

Married: Elizabeth Hemming 26/6/1777 @ Bidford (PR), Bachelor & Spinster, both OTP, witnessed Elizabeth Gibbs & Thomas Fisher (all records), both signed.



IGI/PR Shows:

Ch: 13/9/1758 @ Haselor (PR chkd: no deaths before 1777).
Parents: Joseph & Ann Hemming
Married: Job Wilkes 25/6/1777 @ Bidford.

PR: Elizabeth Wilkes, wf of Job bur Exall 1/11/1823FMPi age 65 thus born 1758. Gravestone gives death as 30/10/1825(3?) age 65.

Also: Elizabeth ch Exall & Wixford 6/7/1755 of Henry & Hannah.  PR checked but an Elizabeth Hemming bur 13/4/1758
Also ch Gt. Alne, 29/4/1759 ex J. Hemming & Ann.

Issue of Job & Elizabeth Wilkes, ch Bidford (mostly from PR)
1/1. Sampson Wilkes, (26/4/1779),

No record of his marriage.
Left 5 shillings in his father’s will.
1841 Census, Bidford:
Samson Wilkes (60, Stone Mason), Henry (45, Stone Mason), Caroline (21), John (14), Eliza (10).
Henry was probably ch 11/9/1793 Bidford of Paul & Laetitia and Caroline his daughter.
1851 Census, Bidford:
Sampson Wilkes (71, Lodger, Stone Mason, Bidford)
Bur 5/5/1856, Bidford, aged 77 of Bidford.
Admon: Sampson Wilkes, stone mason of Bidford, 21/6/1856. to Joshua & John Wilkes of Exall, farmers. Sampson a bachelor.

1/2. Joshua (ch 18/2/1781), bur 20/7/1865, aged 84 of Exall,

Left 5 shillings in his father’s will.
M. 17/6/1805ACi, St Phillips, B'ham, Amy Sanders (b 1782, Bidford), he of Bidford, Amy of St Phillips, bachelor & Spinster.
Amy bur 21/4/1865, aged 83 of Exall.
1841 Census, Exall, all b in county:
Joshua Wilkes (60, stone mason), Amy (55), Drusilla (25), Alexander (20), Joshua (20, John (14).
1851 Census, Grafton, Golden Cross Inn:
Joshua Wilkes (70, Farmer, 44 acres, 2 labourers, Bidford), Amy (69, Grafton), Drusilla (32, Bidford), John (34, Bidford), John (G/son, 2, Bidford).  Joshua bought land at Pig St, Bidford 27/3/1859.
1861 Census, Exhall Lodge, Bidford:
Joshua Wilkes (80, Farmer, 24 acres), Ann (79), Job (48, Stone mason), Drusilla (41, Housekeeper), John (33).
Issue, supplied by Georgiana Hemming[xi] 1/12/02.
2/1. Edward Wilkes, ch 13/7/1806ACi, Bidford
2/2. Charles Wilkes, ch 31/7/1808ACi, Joshua & Emy, Bidford
2/3. Henry Wilkes, ch 24/3/1811ACi of Joshua & Amy, Bidford
2/4. Ann Wilkes, b. Bidford, 1808-11, no trace of her birth.

There is no doubt that she was the daughter of Joshua & Amy, but no baptism found – she may have been a twin of Charles or Henry’s and missed from the record.
Died 8/3/1885, Bur Churchyard, Haselor, Warwickshire, England
Married: Amy Wilkes & Samuel Hemming 8 Dec 1841FMPi Exall, Warwickshire, Farmer of Kemberton Spin of Exall, Full age, Her father: Joshua, farmer; his Samuel, farmer.
Samuel Hemming ch Haselor, 29/5/1796FMPi of Samuel & Ann.
1841 Census, Kinwarton:
Samuel Hemming (40, Farmer), Amy Wilks (30, ind).
1851 Census, Kinwarton, all born there:
Samuel Hemming (55, farmer of 100 acres emp 4 men), Ann (40), John (6), Mary (5), Joseph (3), Amy (1)
1861 Census, Haselor Grounds:
Samuel Hemming (64 farmer of 260 acres, employing 8 labourers & 1 boy), Amey (57, Bidford), John (son, 16, Mary dau, 15), Joseph (son 13), Amy (dau,11).
Amy Wilkes continued to farm at Haselor Grounds after her husband, Samuel's, death in 1862. She eventually went blind and died at Walcott Farm on 8 Mar 1885, at 75 years of age.  She is shown as blind on the 1881 Census, and was living on the farm in Kinwarton, with her children. Joseph was shown as the head at the time of this census.
Amy's position in the Wilkes family is speculative at this time. She may have been named Anne and used Amy as a nickname, after her mother. The records of her marriage to Samuel Hemming must be reviewed and her birth found to positively affirm this assumption.
Issue at Kinwarton, Sam a famer
3/1. Ann Hemming, ch 22/11/1842
3/2. Samuel Hemming, ch 15/8/1843.
3/3. Mary Hemming, ch 21/4/1846.
3/4. John Hemming, ch 25/8/1844
3/5. Joseph Hemming, ch 12/3/1848.
3/6. Amy Hemming, ch 11/11/1849.

2/5. Job Wilkes, b 7/2/1813ACi, Bidford.
2/6. Frederick William Wilkes, b 18/4/1815, Bidford, m Ann

Married, 5/12/1847FMPt Exhall Anne Baskett of Salford, Spinster, by  banns.
3/1. John Wilkes, ch 9/4/1849, Bidford.

2/7. Alexander Wilkes, b. 11/5/1817, Bidford.

M Sarah Hendley, 13/3/1847, Exhall, B&S, he an exciseman, of Exhall, father Joshua, she of Grafton, father Thomas Hendley, Stone mason.
Sarah ch Temple Grafton 21/5/1820FMPi of Thomas & Ann, of Grafton, Mason. Sister of his aunt, wife of uncle Jessie.

2/8. Drusilla Wilkes, ch 11/7/1819, Bidford.
2/9. Elizabeth Wilkes, ch 21/10/1821, Bidford.

M. Thomas Slater, 4/4/1839, Exhall. He over 21, father Thomas, she a minor, father Joshua stonemason (PR)

2/10. Joshua Wilkes, ch 20/7/1824, Bidford

Married: Ann Folkes, 21/4/1846, Bidford.
Joshua Wilkes and his family were enumerated in the 1851 Census in Bidford as follows: Joshua Wilkes, head, married, 26, stone mason master employing 6 men, born Bidford,  Ann Wilkes, wife, 34, born Broadway, Wor Ally Wilkes, dau, 4, born Bidford, War, Amy Wilkes, dau, 2, born Bidford, War Hemming Wilkes, son, 1, born Bidford, Elizabeth Haywood, servant, 12, born Exall, War.
Bidford MI:
Joshua Wilkes of Broom d. 8/10/1879 age 55
Ann, wife, d. 3/12/1878 age 62
Hemming, son, 19/10/1879 age 29.

2/11. John Wilkes, ch 25/6/1826, Bidford

1/3. Jemima Wilkes (19/11/1783),

Married Benjamin Harvey 1/9/1808FMPi Bidford both OTP, B&S, left 5 shillings in her father’s will

1/4. Job Wilkes (22/1/1789)

Left 5 shillings in his father’s will.
[no title]  ER10/3/849  7 July 1837 Contents: Information of Francis Robbins, bailiff to William Crowther, Hillborough, gent., v. Job Wilkes, Grafton, labourer.

1/5. Jessie Wilkes (22/1/1789),

Buried, Grafton 9/9/1878ACi, of Ardens Grafton, age 82
Probate died 4/9/1868, Gent of Grafton,
T/Grafton Banns: Jessie Wilkes (of Exhall) 9/1824 to Mary Hendley OTP.
Married Exall & Wixford Mary Hendley 14/10/1824, He OTP, She of Grafton, Amy Wilkes witness
Mary Hendley ch Temple Grafton, 10/6/1804FPMi of Thomas & Ann Hendley
Also Thomas, ch 8/12/1805FMPi.
Thomas Hendley, married as a widower, Anne Freeman, TG, 8/12/1803FMPi, spinster, both OTP.
His first marriage probably to Mary Niblet, B&S both OTP, Alcester 20/2/1800FMPi. Mary Henly buried TG 26/3/1803FMPi, wife of Thomas. Also 3/4/1803, Thomas Henley buried, (of?) Thomas Henley widowed.
Probably Mary died in childbirth of a son Thomas.
Residuary heir of his father.
1851 Census, Grafton, Cottage:
Jesse Wilkes (65, farmer of 9 acres, Bidford), Mary (47, Grafton), Ann Seadley? (niece, 16 scholar, Grafton).
1861 Census, Grafton: Jessie Wilkes (75, Farmer, Bidford), Mary (wf, 58, Grafton).  Was this the right one? Age?

1/6. Keziah Wilkes (29/12/1791 PR),

Keziah added in the margin of the PR.
Left 5 shillings in her father’s will

1/7. Benjamin (3/2/1794 PR). 

Left 5 shillings in his father’s will.
Benjamin added in the margin of PR.
Benjamin Wilkes buried at Exall 13/1/1832 age 37 (ie b. 1793-4) (Shares Gravestone with parents)
Admon: Exhall, 23/1/1832 Stone Mason, no father & mother, bachelor intestate, Admon to Sampson, SM, his brother, Sam signed.

1/8. Son Wilkes: Burial of a boy, son of Job & Elizabeth, 24/4/1797 (PR)


9.              ********************* GENERATION 9 **********************



The probable father of James Fryer.

There is no evidence of who he was, but a William Fryer buried in Alcester 10/1/1803ACi aged 52 (annotated M married?) looks probable. If so, he was born about 1751, which looks right for a marriage in 1775. There are no recorded baptisms that fit this however, except for a William Freer 20/5/1755 of John & Sarah at St Martin, Birmingham.

An Ann Fryer buried Alcester aged 88, 11/9/1832ACi.

Married: Ann Russell 2/3/1775FMPi @ Alcester, both of Alcester, bachelor & spinster, by licence. (both able to sign register). Married by the vicar of Coughton (just NE of Alcester).
One possibility would be Ann Rishall, ch Haselor 4/3/1750 of John & Sarah.
Another would be Anne Rushall, ch Snitterfield 6/9/1749 of John & Mary.

Issue (ch @ Alcester PR):
1/1. Ann Fryer 19/12/1779 – an Ann Frier bur 5/1/1780,
1/2. James Fryer 25/3/1781,
1/3. William Fryer 26/7/1789.

PR/IGI show possibles:
Ch @ Fladbury: 9/12/1748 of John & Sarah - (PR ch & bur chkd). (John Windle curate: Frier).
18/3/1754 of Thomas & Jane (@ Moor): bur 25/11/58.
16/12/59 of Thomas & Jane, prob too young, in place of one who died '58.

@ Arrow:  23/8/1741 of George & Mary - died young.
Rous Lench: 2/2/1747 of Samuel & Eleanor: PR chkd, prob m. Martha Weston, 4/12/70 @ Fladbury (PR chkd: he from RL, she from Fladbury).

No suitable William Fryer's appear in the records in Warks, but the parish of Fladbury is only a few miles over the county boundary: it seems a reasonable connection to make between Alcester and Fladbury.

A James Fryer died @ Fladbury 17/1/1839, age 61, prob son of William & Hannah ch Bishampton 15/2/1778.



Sources: IGI & PR & Will.

Ch 17/10/1703, Bidford (PR)
Parents: Joseph & Sarah Wilks
Buried, 29/12/1786, Bidford, aged 83

A mason & stone cutter of Bidford in his will dated 15/4/1786, proved 30/12/1786. my four sons Joseph John Paul and Solomon Wilks half a guinea a piece, my daughter Sarah the now wife of William Price the sum of ten pounds my daughter Elizabeth the now wife of John Oakes late of Bidford the sum of ten pounds, to and for her own separate use and her receipt alone shall be a full discharge for the same
...the rest residue and remainder of my real and personal estate money at in trust or otherwise goods chattels and effects of what nature kind or quality soever or wheresoever to be found I give devise and bequeath to my well beloved son Job Wilks of Bidford ...
...appoint my said son Job Wilks whole and sole Executor Robert Wilks, his mark
witnesses: William Hemming, Mary Coveless, Mark Osborne

30 December 1786
Also that the personal estate of the decd of his death did not amount to the value of six hundred pounds

Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811
18/11/1794: Mary Wilkes, master, mantua maker, app Ann Roper

Married Sarah Bailis, Bidford, 23/11/1729PR, by banns.



Good match from children’s names & age at burial.
Ch 24/6/1705 of Paul & Elizabeth Baylis.

Burial: Sarah Wilkes, Bidford, 5/11/1778ACi, aged 73 (PR) – she was not mentioned in Robert’s will of 1786.

Nothing further.

Issue Robert & Sarah (Baylis) Wilkes, ch Bidford:
1/7. Job Benjamin Wilkes, ch 25/8/1748.

Residual heir of his father and executor of his father’s will.

1/1. Joseph Wilkes, ch 25/10/1730.

Legacy in father’s will
MI: bur 1/1/1812 aged 81, Bidford, with Elizabeth.
Married: Elizabeth Edkins, 14/10/1757, Bidford, both OTP (PR)
PR & MI has Elizabeth Wilkes bur Bidford 18/9/1793, aged 57.
Issue Ch Bidford:
2/1. Elizabeth Wilks, ch 10/9/1758, Bidford PR
2/2. Joseph Wilkes, ch 27/1/1761 (PR)

bur 17/5/1763, son of Joseph & Elizabeth (PR)

2/3. William Wilkes, ch 4/4/1763 (PR)
2/4. Sarah Wilkes, ch 9/12/1764. (PR)
2/5. Robert Wilkes, ch 10/4/1767
2/6. John Wilkes, ch 29/12/1769 (PR)
2/7. Mary Wilkes, ch 8/12/1771, prob bur 11/3/1772, Bidford
2/8. Mary Wilkes, ch 9/5/1773
2/9. William Wilkes, ch 17/3/1776

1/2. Paul Wilkes, ch 6/2/1733, bur Bidford, 30/3/1810FMPi, aged 76.

Legacy in father’s will
Married: Mary Watson, 25/1/1758, Bidford, both OTP (PR)
Issue at Bidford:
2/1. John Wilkes, ch 12/10/1758 (PR)
2/2. John Wilkes, ch 29/4/1759 (PR)
2/3. Sarah Wilkes, ch 22/2/1760 (PR)
2/4. Martha Wilkes, ch 2/5/1762 (PR)

Bur 7/5/1763, Bidford, of Paul & Mary (PR)

2/5. Paul Wilkes, 22/1/1764, buried Bidford, 13/10/1846FMPi aged 82

Married: Laetitia Garfield, 3/9/1792, Binton Warwick
Letitia Wilkes bur Bidford, 27/1/1841FMPi, aged 74.
3/1. Henry Wilkes, ch 11/9/1793, Bidford.

1841 Census, with Sampson
1861 Census, 107 Towns End, Bidford: Henry (68, wid, Stone Mason, Bidford)

3/2. Ann Wilkes, infant dau of Paul & Laetitia, d 1807MI & PR
3/3. Thomas Wilkes, ch Bidford, 5/4/1801ACi,

d 11/12/1870MI aged 68, Bidford
A Stone Mason at sons births.
Married Sarah, who died 22/1/1870 aged 65, bur Bidford.
Possible Sarah Smith, ch 12/08/1804 of Anthony & Catherine, Wickhamford. This is only suitable Sarah in Wickhamford, but she appears to have married Thomas Morgan 28/10/1835. However, both Thomas Garfield & Albert Edward’s civil registers have mother Smith on the FMP transcript: it looks as though the Morgan marriage was a transcription error. No Wickhamford images seem to be available
There is also a big gap between Samuel 1829 and Elizabeth & Paul 10 years later...

Other possible marriages, neither look very convincing:
Sarah Poole, Tardebigg, 4/8/1823
Sarah Stokes, Bromsgrove, 7/3/1825.

1841 Census, not found.
1851 Census, Bidford:
Thomas Wilkes (50, Apprentice Stone Mason, Bidford), Sarah (46, Wickhamford, Worcs), Paul (11, scholar, Bidford), Thomas (7, scholar, Bidford), Albert E (5, scholar, Bidford).
1861 Census, 164 High St Bidford:
Thomas Wilkes (60, SM, Bidford), Sarah Wilkes (56, Wickhamford), Paul (son, 20, Stone Mason, Bidford), Albert Ed, 15, SM, Bidford)
Maria Ann ch TG 2/1/1825FMPi of Thomas & Sarah, Stone mason of Exhall.
4/1. Samuel Smith Wilkes, ch TG, 20/9/1829, of Exhall,

of Thomas a Mason.
Married Ann Bickerstaff, 31/12/1850ACt, S Littleton, his father Thomas, her father Charles.
C51, Bidford, Samuel (21, Stone Mason, Graftton), Ann (18, Glover, South Littleton, Worcs), Ann M (4 months, S Littleton)
Worcester was a glove making town.
C91, Bidford: Samuel S. (widower. 61, Temple Grafton)
Buried 18/4/1897, age 67, Bidford, of Broom.
5/1. Solomon Wilkes, ch 14/7/1867ACt.

BROOM[32]. (14/7/1872)

FATAL ACCIDENT—On Sunday afternoon last, little boy, named Solomon Wilkes, son of Samuel Wilkes of this place, was playing near the which foot bridge which crosses the river Arrow at Broom Mills, in company with his sister and other children, when he accidentally fell from the planking on to the weir and the water running over strongly at the time he was carried by its force into the deep water below. The poor little fellow was got out as quickly as possible after the alarm had been given by the children, and Mr. Charles Hobbes, Surgeon, who happened, to be at the house of a friend near, was quickly on the spot, and rendered every assistance, but life was extinct. These facts being laid before the Coroner an inquest has been dispensed with. Deceased was 5 years of age.

5/1. Christopher Ernest Wilkes ch Bidford 20/9/1874FMPi

Of Samuel & Ann, Mason.
died motor accident 3/11/1929. 
CEW was of Broom in 1911, age 41.
He married Q2 1896 Louisa Harriet Osborne, reg. Alcester.
Louisa Harriet Wilkes died 8/3/1957 in 85th year
6/1. Christopher SJ Wilkes RAF, b 21/11/1898, died at sea 24/8/1818, bur France.
6/2. Laura Wilkes b 27/1/1900, died 27/5/1900

4/2. Elizabeth Wilkes, ch Bidford, 15/9/1839, mason of Bidford.
4/3. Paul Wilkes ch Bidford 15/9/1839FMPi, father a Mason

Married, Birmingham St Phillips, 1/10/1865, Paul Wilkes, age 26, Stone Mason of Dale End, father Thomas, Rose Emma Wilkes, age 20, of Church St, father Robert Wilkes, stone mason.
died, 11/9/1898 age 59 & Rose Emma, wife, 18/2/1883 age 37
Issue of Paul & Rose Emma, of Bidford, Mason:
5/1. William Henry Wilkes, ch 25/12/1866FMPt.
5/2. Robert Arthur Wilkes, ch 23/5/1869FMPi.
5/3. Jesse Paul Wilkes, ch 11/1/1874.
5/4. Florence Kate Wilkes, ch 18/6/1876.
5/5. Ernest James Wilkes ch 27/10/1878
5/6. Nora Estella Wilkes, ch 27/2/1881.

Emily Rose Wilkes:
Issue of Robert & Sarah Wilkes.
5/1. Louisa Wilkes ch Bidford 4/10/1840.
5/2. Emily Rose, ch Bidford 7/6/1846 of Robert & Sarah, of Broom, Stone Mason.
5/3. Ellen Wilkes, ch Bidford, 3/6/1849 of Robert & Sarah, mason of Broom.

The only Robert & Sarah marriage found was Birmingham St Martin, 15/9/1834 to Sarah Huband, B&S both OTP. Illiterate, so probably not ours who were Masons and must have been literate.

Sarah Huband, ch Salford Priors, 19/11/1815 of James & Temperance, labourer of Salford.

Robert Wilkes, ch Bidford 29/11/1807FMPi of William & Hester.
William Wilkes married Esther Sorrill, 5/1/1797ACi, Birmingham St Martin, B&S both OTP, both signed.

Who was William Wilkes – maybe the son of Solomon & Mary Wilkes, ch 1773, B’ham St Martin: Solomon probably son of Robert & Sarah??

1851 Census, Broom, Bidford:
Robert Wilkes (44, Ag Labourer, Bidford), Sarah (35, glover, Salford) Sarah A (14, Scholar, Bidford), Louisa (11, Pershore), Ellen R (5, Bidford), Esther (3, Broom) Elizabeth (2 wks, Broom) Mary Wilkes, (35, Sister in Law, glover, Salford)

4/4. Thomas Garfield Wilkes ch Bidford 11/6/1843ACi.

Mason of Bidford
Birth Reg Q2 1843, Alcester, mother Smith.
d. 31/3/1915 age 72
(married Sarah Jane Loxley, Bidford Banns July 1864, both OTP)
Sarah, wife died 24/12/1933 age 87
Thomas Garfield Wilkes died 31/3/1915, in 72nd year
He was a mason in Bidford and did several monuments of the time.

4/5. Albert Edward Wilkes 12/7/1846FMPi, of Bidford, Mason.

Reg Q4 1845, mother Smith.
d. 1/2/1891 age 45.
Married Felicia Churchley, 16/2/1865FMPi, Bidford, both of Bidford, He age 19 a mason, she 20, his father Thomas, a Mason, hers William a Mason. B&S.
Felicia, his wife d. 6/11/1900 age 55MI
Issue, he was a mason in all these, all FMPi:
5/1. Edward Wilkes ch Bidford 30/7/1865.
5/2. William Wilkes ch Bidford 11/10/1868.
5/3 & 4: Eliza & Esther, ch 1/10/1871, Bidford (twins?)
5/5. George Wilkes, ch 20/12/1873 Bidford.
5/6. Sarah Wilkes ch 25/12/1876, Bidford.
5/7. Charles Wilkes, ch. 3/3/1880, Bidford,

d. 21/3/1900 age 20 at Kimberley, S Africa.

2/6. Susannah Wilkes, ch 13/7/1766 (PR)
2/7. Mary Wilkes, ch 15/6/1769
2/8. William Wilkes, ch 10/9/1770 (PR)
2/9. Martha Wilkes, ch 22/11/1772

2/10. Thomas Wilkes, ch 15/3/1776

1/3. Sarah Wilkes, 12/3/1735.

Married William Price, Bidford 14/12/1757, he of Cleve Prior, she OTP (PR).
Left £10 in father’s will who named her husband

1/4. John Wilkes, 3/12/1738.

An owner of the Mason’s Arms in Bidford, no longer existing in 2020, that became the Anglo Saxon, on the High St.

The site of the Masons Arms in about 2020.

Legacy in father’s will
Married, 1st, 28/3/1768FMPt, Mary Cooper both single of Bidford.
Bur: Mary Wilkes, 11/3/1772 Bidford
Married, 2nd, as a widower, Susannah Manly, widow, both of Bidford 24/11/1773ACi.
Bidford MI:
John Wilkes, died 5/11/1815 aged 77
Will: John Wilkes, Bidford, proved 8/3/1816.
Date 15/8/1815. Stone Mason. Dau Ann Smith, wife of Daniel of Bidford SM, Wife Susannah dwelling house called the Masons Arms Inn in Bidford. (Year1912/Miss Ethel Holder Kellys Directory 1940/Fras Hartshorn Kellys Directory) for life then to Ann Smith, used by Manley Ashwin, farrier and George Penuce of Salford Warcs Gent. The g/son john  Wilkes Smith, g/dau Susannah Smith sister of JWS, Dau Jane Outhwaite widow, g/daus Dorothy Outhwaite Jane Outhwaite. daus Ann & Jane execs.  Several pages on the fate of the Masons Arms & the tenancies thereon. Signed.

Job Wilkes as witness (PR).
Susanna Wilkes, wife, Bur Bidford, 22/12/1816 aged 77.
Susannah Morley not found Warks & Worcs IGI.
2/1. Jane Wilkes of John & Mary Bidford, 20/8/1769,

Married William Albert Outhwaite by Licence Bidford, 21/8/1798FMPi
3/1. Dorothy Outhwaite, ch Bidford 8/2/1807FMPi.
3/2. Jane Outhwaite, ch Bidford, 9/2/1802FMPi.

2/2. Anne Wilkes, of John & Susannah, ch Bidford, 23/12/1774.

Married Daniel Smith, 23/12/1807, Bidford, B&S, he of Pebworth, she OTP, by licence. (Pebworth near Long Marston.)
3/1. John Wilkes Smith, ch Bidford 8/9/1811FMPi.
3/2. Susannah Smith, ch Pebworth, 12/2/1809ACi.

1/5. Elizabeth/Betty Wilkes, ch 12/4/1741.

Betty Oakes bur Bidford, 1/2/1811.
Married John Oakes, 18/4/1768, Bidford, both OTP (PR).
Left £10 in father’s will who named her husband
2/1. Job Oaks, ch Bidford 11/11/1770.
2/2. Sarah Oaks, ch Bidford 19/2/1775.
2/3. Elizabeth, Oaks, ch Bidford 14/2/1773.
2/4. Hester Oaks, Oaks, ch Bidford 27/10/1776.
2/5. Lucy Oaks, ch Bidford 6/11/1778.
2/6. Solomon Oaks, Oaks, ch Bidford 5/6/1783.

1/6. Solomon Wilkes ch 21/8/1743.

Legacy in father’s will.
Married Bidford Mary Sale 20/8/1770ACi both OTP by licence, both signed.
Dau of George & Mary Sale, 21/5/1749, Bidford (IGI)
Bur: Solomon Wilkes, Bidford, 13/5/1819, aged 75 (PR)
Will: Solomon Wilkes, Bidford, 23/8/1819. Leaves all to wife Mary, dated 28 January 1814. Property in Bidford & Broome.
Mary Wilkes: Bur 23/3/1739ACi, aged 89, Bidford
Prob 10/4/1839 Date 2 October 1837, widow of Bidford, To Edward Hodges of Ullnington, Knebworth & George Hatton of Bidford in trust for g/ch Henry, William Wilkes & Elizabeth wife of Charles Smith. G/ch George Wilkes Signed. Prob widow of Solomon
2/1. Job Wilkes ch Bidford 22/8/1770 (PR).
2/2. William Wilkes, ch 26/6/1773ACi, Birmingham St Martin, of Solomon & Mary – maybe!
2/2. George Wilkes, ch Bidford, 5/1/1772ACi.

Married 15/6/1795, George of Bidford, Elizabeth Baker of Kington, Worcs (Phillimore)
George Wilkes of Leamington Priors bur Bidford 15/12/1829ACi, age 57.
3/1. George Wilkes, ch Bidford, 10/10/1796ACi
3/2. Solomon Wilkes, ch 8/4/1798FMPi Bidford

Birmingham Post 26/8/1869, deaths: Solomon Wilkes age 71 Highgate Place formerly stonemason of Deritend. MI Moseley 1869
His will proved 10/11/1869, Birmingham, died 25/8/1869, of Highgate place, Moseley Rd, stone mason, wife Harriett. <£800FMPi.
Married, 1st, 22/4/1819ACi, Bidford, Eliza Muddyman, B&S both OTP, by banns.
She died 9/10/1853, in Upper Trinity St, after a long and painful illness in her 57th year[33].
Married, 2nd, Harriet Averill, Moseley, 4/11/1854ACi, she full age, spinster of Moseley, father Thomas, Clerk of Moseley Church. He stone mason of Bordesley, father George, Stone mason.
1841 Census, Upper Trinity St, Aston (ages all rounded down):
Solomon Wilkes (40, Stone Mason), Eliza (40), Mary Ann (20, Y), Selina (15, Y), Edwin (15, Y), Solomon (5, Y).
1851 Census, 77, Upper Trinity St, Aston, Birmingham
Solomon Wilkes (43, Master Stone Mason, Bidford, Eliza (43, Studley), Solomon (19, stone mason, Birmingham)
1861 Census, Aston:
Solomon Wilkes (62, Proprietor of houses, Bidford), Harriett (43, Moseley.
4/1. Mary Ann Wilkes, ch 23/4/1820, Bidford
4/2. Selina Wilkes, ch 5/5/1822ACi, Bidford
4/3. Edwin Wilkes, Ch 25/7/1824 Bidford, of Solomon, SM.

Married, Aston, 29/4/1847ACi, Edwin Wilkes, mason of Bordesley, father Solomon, a mason, Emma Woolaston, of Deritend, father Henry, a plater. B&S both full age.
1851 Census, Aston:
Edward (Edwin in 1861) Wilkes (26, Stone Mason, Bidford), Emma (27, Aston), Eliza (3, Aston).
5/1. Edwin, son of Edwin & Emma, ch Bordesley, 22/10/1854, Publican of High St Bordesley.
Edwin Wilkes, Probate, 29/11/80, died 6/10/1880, age 26 of the Coach & Horses High St Bordesley, Licensed Victualler

4/4. Solomon Wilkes, ch Deritend and Bordesley, 4/3/1832AC1

of Solomon & Eliza, Solomon snr stonemason, jnr died 1908
Married Elizabeth Mary Cox, 1/5/1853ACi, Aston Juxta, Solomon, 22, bachelor, Mason, father Solomon, mason, She spinster, 27, father Thomas Cox, plane maker, both of Bordesley.
She died 16/12/1889[34], Acocks Green.
5/1. Richard Pilgrim Gilbert Wilkes, stone mason, b 1858[35],

ch 27/6/1858FMPt, mother Elizabeth Mary, Deritend & Bordesley.
Stone mason, monumental mason. Born in Aston, Birmingham. He was the son of Solomon Wilkes Junior (c.1832-1908) and grandson of Solomon Wilkes Senior (c.1809-1869), both master stone masons. Richard joined Solomon Junior in the family business by 1881.

3/2. Henry Wilkes, ch Bidford 6/1/1803ACi of George & Elizabeth.

Married Henry Baker Wilkes, 6/4/1828, Birmingham St Martin, Hannah Rogers B&S both OTP – a possibility.

3/3. William Wilkes, ch Bidford, 2/8/1807ACi of G & E.
3/4. Elizabeth Wilkes, ch Bidford, 24/11/1811ACi.

Married Charles Smith, Stratford 2/9/1832ACt.

A Solomon Wilkes married 27/11/1831FMPi, Handsworth, Ann Griffis, both OTP by banns, probably born 26/5/1809, ch Birmingham St Phillip, 31/7/1809ACi of Solomon & Dorothy. Solomon Wilkes married 22/2/1807ACi, Dorothy Motterham, Harbourne St Phillip.



AM09/95  (SSZ9-JG)

Chr.: 5 Apr 1724, Gt. Alne, Warwick, (PR)
Parents: Joseph Heming & Susanna Taylor
Bur.: PR shows Joseph Hemming from Haselor bur Gt. Alne, 4/7/1783.

Admon: Joseph Hemming, of Haselor, 21/4/1787.
Joseph Heming died intestate, and his wife Ann renounced the administration to William Heming, husbandman of Bidford, son and the next of kin of the deceased. The estate was less than £40.

   This family was included in the LDS Ancestral file, which gave much of the following: it has subsequently been corrected from parish records (2020).
They were the parents of Elizabeth Hemming who married Job Wilkes: the birth implied by the baptism is a good fit for her age at burial. They were substantial farmers, but Joseph’s father was in the flax trade: Joseph’s brothers & uncles were spread fairly widely around the western Warwickshire area.

Warwick RO 7/3/96:
    A brief check of the Parish Records showed that the data given in the AF here is not very accurate: a full examination of the surrounding parishes is required.  Carried out 12/4/96. Later searches were done in 2020.

They were substantial famers at Haselor Grounds near Alcester.

Haselor Grounds Farm, Historic England 2001.
This shows that Joseph & Ann started life in Gt. Alne, but moved to the parish of Haselor. A burial in Great Alne probably refers to Joseph.

Ownership in Haselor in 1767 (enclosures):
John Hemming owned The Knoll, 93 acres.
Sarah Heming owned The Crown, 60 acres.

In 1807 the Heming family purchased Haselor Grounds:
        162a..0r..32p   £9629 .. 5s..6d
In 1866 the Heming family purchased part of Walcote Farm  
         41a..3r..  1p   £3014 .. 5s..2d
In 1882 the Heming family purchased Walcote Farm
         46a..3r..38p   £3470
Total    250a..3r..31p   £16113..10s..8d

Heming family purchased other land, plus a row of cottages 
at Great Alne, bringing the total acreage to  258a..1r..13p

Misses Heming The last owners of Haselor Grounds Farm and Walcote Farm until 1925

In 1925 Edward Finnemore purchased the whole estate  258a..1r..13p £5500


Haselor Inclosure Awards of 1767 have John Heming and Sarah Heming both as commoners. John Heming owned 88 acres and Sarah Heming 54 acres.
These individuals do not seem directly connected to our family.

From father’s will:
Item I ... bequeath all that my messuage or tenement with the Barnes Stable yard Garden and one Little Close thereunto adjoining and one other Inclosed ground and three arable lands in Copthorne field ... in Great Alne .. which where lately purchased by me of Edward Hobbins unto my Loving Wife Susana Heming ... and after her decease
Item I .. bequeath the aforesaid messuage ... in Great Alne aforesaid unto my Loving Son Joseph Heming.

A note in the burial records for Samuel Hemming, bur 1727 describes him as a flax dresser, buried in woollen.
Issue, summary:
1/1. William Hemming (1749-1818) M Anne Howes
1/2. Joseph Hemming (1750-1829), M Hannah Man
1/3. Ann Hemming (1751)
1/4. Samuel Hemming (1754-1828), M Ann Wagstaffe.
1/5. Elizabeth Hemming  (1758-1923) M Job Wilkes.
1/6. Simon Gibbs Hemming (1756-1820) M twice
1/7. Mary Hemming (1760-1844) M. Edward Applebee
1/8. George Hemming (1763-1842), may have been married.

Married.: 3 May 1746 Stratford On Avon, Warwick, (PR by Licence)


AM09/96  (SSZ5-QX)

Many Gibbs locally in PR: this is the most likely, although rather older than Joseph, but geographically the closest, adjoining Great Alne..

Ch Aston Cantlow, 17/8/1718FMPi of William & Mary Gibbs, of Aston Cantlow.
Bur.:  9 Mar 1800, Great Alne, Warwick, (PR checked no age given).

Issue of Gulielmi & Marie Gibbs, Aston Cantlow, IGI:
4. GULIELMUS GIBBS Christening: 11 APR 1725
5. LUCAS GIBBS Christening: 22 OCT 1721
6. ANNA GIBBS Christening: 17 AUG 1718
7. GULIELMUS GIBBS Christening: 02 JAN 1715
8. GULIELMUS GIBBS Christening: 24 MAY 1717

William Gibbs Church Warden 1732, Alcester.

For instance, John Gibbs died @ Haselor (MI) 19/6/1778 aged 80
Will: John Gibbs, Haselor, 27/6/1778. – not ours.
Refers to land & tithes which he purchased from Richard & Grace Gibbs. In trust with Richard Bloxham. Leaves all to daughter Mary Wood & Grand children Thomas Woods Mary & Hannah Woods.
    Mary Gibbs, wife, died 18/7/1766 aged 68.
John Gibbs owned North Lodge Farm (74 acres) in Haselor in 1767.

Issue (downloaded from LDS Ancestral File and chkd PR where reqd):
1/1.  William Heming (SSZ5-R4)

Chr.: 28 Dec 1749, Great Alne, Warwick, England (AF, not found on PR)
Bur: 25/7/1818, aged 69 Wootton Waven, of Ullenhall.
Married Anne Howes, Wootton Waven, 19/1/1769, she OTP, he of Alne?

Administrator of his father’s estate.
Issue of William & Ann, also Edward & Betsey at Studley.
2/1. William Hemming, ch 3/2/1771FMPi, Wootton Waven @ Ullinhall Chapel.
2/2. Ann Hemming, ch 2/5/1773FMPi, Wootton Waven.
2/3. Joseph Hemming, ch Wootton Waven 8/5/1782FMPi.

1/2. Joseph Heming (SSZ9-XJ)

Chr.: 26 Sep 1750, Great Alne, Warwick, (PR)
Bur. Mr Jos Hemming, 9/7/1829FMPi Churchyard, Great Alne, Warwick, aged 81.
Married: 28 Jul 1771, Snitterfield, Warwick,
Hannah Man Born: 13 Jul 1753, Snitterfield, Warwick, She was dead by Feb 1823:
Will: Joseph Hemming, Great Alne, proved 17/10/1829
Date 29 June 1819. Farmer, wife Hannah, ch William, Hannah, Naomi (wife of Robert Poole, farmer of Little Alne) & Samuel. R&R to children less Naomi. Signed. Codicil: wife Hannah dead, slight change to bequests. Dated 4 February 1823.
2/1. Joseph Heming. Chr.: 29 Jul 1772ACi, Great Alne, Warwick.

Joseph Hemming the younger, bur Gt. Alne 13/2/1819, aged 46.

2/2. William Heming Chr.:  8 May 1774ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

1841 Census, Wootton Waven, Henley in Arden:
William Hemming (65, Victualler, Y), Richard (35, Gardener, Y).
Died: 30/7/1846, aged 72, Gt. Alne, M.I.

2/3. Samuel Heming, Chr.:  4 May 1777ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Bur: 4/4/1782PR, Gt. Alne.

2/4. Hannah Heming, Chr.:  8 Oct 1780ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Died: 3/12/1846, Gt. Alne, M.I. Unmarried.

2/5. Sampson Heming, Chr.: 20 Jul 1783ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Bur: 14/8/1783, Gt. Alne PR

2/6. Ruth Heming, Chr.: 20 Feb 1785ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Bur.: 4/4/1785, Infant, Gt. Alne.

2/7. Naomi Heming, Chr.: 23 Apr 1786ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Married: Robert Poole of Aston Cantlow 10/4/1817FMPi, Gt. Alne.

2/8. Drusilla Heming Chr.: 23 Aug 1789ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Bur, spinster, Great Alne, 20/8/1815FMPi, aged 26.

2/9. Samuel Heming, Chr.: 19 Nov 1792ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Probable burial, Gt. Alne, 20/2/1865, aged 71.

1/3. Ann Heming  (PR) Chr.: 20 Mar 1751FMPi, Great Alne, Warwick,

1/4. Samuel Heming (PR).

Chr.: 10 May 1754FMPi, Great Alne, Warwick,
Bur.: 14 Feb 1828, Haselor, Warwick, MI age 73,
Married: Ann Wagstaffe 27 Aug 1788, Temple Grafton, he of Haselor.
MI: She died 4/11/1837 aged 75.
2/1. John Heming, Chr.: 25 Jun 1787, Haselor, Warwick,

Died (MI): 17/5/1874.
1841 Census, Haselor, all b in the county.:
John Hemming (49, Farmer), Mary (48, Independent), George (75, Independent)
1851 Census, Haselor Grounds:
John Hemming (unmarried, 63, farmer of 161 acres emp 8 labourers, Haselor) Mary (sister, 60, Haselor)

2/2. Ann Hemming Chr.: 14 Dec 1788, Haselor, Warwick,

2/3. Mary Hemming Chr.: 19 Jan 1791 , Haselor, Warwick,

2/4. Samuel Hemming Chr.: 29 May 1796, Haselor, Warwick,

Married: Amy Wilkes, 8/12/1841FMPi, Exhall, Bachelor & Spinster, Her father Joshua Wilkes, his Samuel Hemming, both farmers
MI: Samuel Wilkes died 13/3/1862 aged 66 of Haselor Grande.
Amy Hemming, wife, died 3/3/1886 aged 75, MI Haselor.
Samuel Hemming died at birth 17/8/1843.
1851 Census, Kinwarton, all born there:
Samuel Hemming (55 farmer of 100 acres emp 4 men), Ann (40)
John (6), Mary (5), Joseph (3), Amy (1)
1861 Census, Haselor Grounds, Haselor:
Samuel Heming (64, farmer of 240 acres, emp 8 labs & 1 boy, Haselor), Amy (57, Bidford), John (16, Kinwarton), Mary (15 Scholar, Kinwarton), Joseph (11, scholar, Kinwarton), Amy (11, scholar, Kinwarton)
3/1. Ann ch 22/11/1842FMPi, Kinwarton, Sam a farmer, d 1848.

Ann Hemming, dau, died, 24/9/1848MI, aged 5 years & 10 months.

3/2. Samuel Heming, ch 15/8/1843FMPi, Kinwarton, bur 17/8/1843, 4hrs.
3/3. John Heming, ch 25/8/1844FMPi, Kinwarton, d 2/3/1894MI, Haselor.
3/4. Mary Heming, ch 21/4/1846FMPi, Kinwarton
3/5. Joseph Heming, ch 12/3/1848FMPi, Kinwarton
3/6. Amy Heming ch 11/11/1849FMPi, Kinwarton

2/5. Joseph Hemming Chr.: 19 Sep 1800, Haselor, Warwick,

1/5. Elizabeth Heming (SSZ5-X0)

ch Haselor, 13/9/1758 ex Joseph Hemming & Ann:

1/6. Simon Gibbs Hemming (SSZB-CQ) (ref AF1010K) (PR)

Chr.:  4 Jun 1756, Haselor, Warwick,
Bur (as Simon): 26/5/1820FMPi, aged 64, Great Alne.
Married(1): SGH of Haselor Elizabeth Man of Fullbrook 9 Jul 1778FMPi, Snitterfield. She was Chr.:  8 Jun 1757, Snitterfield, Warwick.
Bur: 13/12/1791, Gt. Alne  (AF & PR)
Married(2): Ann Bayner 15 Dec 1808ACi, Aston Cantlow, Warwick, both widows, SGB of Gt. Alne, she of Aston Cantlow.
Issue of SGH & Elizabeth Man:
2/1. Simon Gibbs Hemming, Chr.: 15 Sep 1778, Snitterfield, Warwick

Married: SBH of St Martin, B’ham, bachelor 21+, licence  19/1/1802FMPi, Mary Swatkins, age 18+, spinster.   Born: 1784

2/2. Elizabeth Hemming (SSZ6-40) Chr.: 21 May 1780ACi, Great Alne.

2/3. George Hemming Chr.: 17 Feb 1782ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

2/4. Catherine Hemming Chr.: 30 Jan 1786ACi, Great Alne, Warwick,

2/5. Samuel Hemming Chr.: 25 May 1788ACi, Great Alne

Married: Elizabeth Jones, bachelor & spinster of St Peter Aston, B’ham, 15/10/1812ACi.

2/4. James Hemming Chr.: 25 Dec 1790ACi, Great Alne,

Georgiana Hemming of USA descends from one of these.

1/7. Mary Heming, Chr.: 21 Nov 1760, Haselor, Warwick. (PR)

Buried 8/3/1844, Gt. Alne age 82MI.
Married: Edward Applebee (SSZD-S8) 14 Mar 1793, Haselor, Warwick,

1/8. George Heming

PR: George Heming Chr.: 20/3/1763 Haselor, born same day.

These marriages are the same person, but look late for this George, especially as he died in Haselor.
Married Possibly, by licence Mary Stephens, he of Feckenham, Worcs., She OTP, 27/4/1802FMPi. (Feckenham, just SW of Redditch).
Mary Buried 9/2/1806FMPt, Feckenham.
Married: possible Eleanor Hogkins, 26/1/1808FMPi, Wootton Waven, both OTP, & widows.
Bur.: 20 Oct 1842, Great Alne, Warwick, aged 79 (MI: 78)
1841 Census, Haselor, with nephew John.


HASELOR (or Hazeler), in Domesday "Haselove," is a parish near the river Alne, 1 mile south of Great Alne station on the Alcester line of the Great Western railway, and 2½ miles east from Alcester, in the South-Western division of the county, Stratford division of Barlichway hundred, petty sessional division, union and county court district of Alcester, Alcester rural deanerv, Warwick archdeaconry and Worcester diocese. The church of St. Mary and All Saints, situated on an eminence, is an ancient building of stone, in the Decorated style, consisting of chancel, nave, aisles, south porch and an embattled western tower, containing 2 bells: the church was restored in 1883, and again entirely restored in 1892 by Mrs. Cheape, of Bentley Manor, Bromsgrove, and a new east window erected as a memorial to her father, Richard Hemming esq.:  the organ was also moved from the chancel into the south aisle and rebuilt. The register dates from the year 1594. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £73, including 8½ acres of glebe, with residence, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor, and held since 1867 by the Rev. John Heath Sykes B.A. of Worcester College, Oxford, who is also rector of Billesley. Here is a Baptist chapel, erected in 1905, seating 70 persons. Sir Nicholas William George Throckmorton bart. of Coughton Court, is lord of the manor. The principal land­owners are the Marquis of Hertford P.C., C.B., Mrs. Cheape, of Bentley Manor, Redditch, and the Misses Heming. The soil is rich marl; subsoil, sandy. The chief crops are wheat, barley and beans. The area is 2,301 acres of land and 7 of water; rateable value, £2,112; the population in 1911 was 223.


10.          ****************** WILKES GENERATION 10 *****************



No info on IGI for his birth in Bidford or Warwickshire.
The only issue of this couple found was Robert.

Josephus Wilks: 25 OCT 1660 Overbury, Worcester, England

JOSEPH WILKS: 08 FEB 1665 Bromsgrove, Worcester, England

JOSEPH WILKES Birth: 11 APR 1669 Bromsgrove, Worcester, England

JOSEPH WILKES: 04 DEC 1679 Bromsgrove, Worcester, England

JOSEPH WILKES: 09 AUG 1680 Bromsgrove, Worcester, England

JOSEPH WILKS: Birth: 13 JAN 1680 Ribbesford, Worcester, England

JOSEPH WILKS: Birth: 09 MAY 1683 Ribbesford, Worcester, England

The most likely would be Bromsgrove.

Married Sarah Quinney, Bidford, 10/9/1703, by Licence.

Maybe Sarah was 2nd wife: Joseph Wilks M Alice Fox, Studley, 9/11/1701.
Married, Joseph Wilks of Bromsgrove, widower & butcher, Alice Fox Spinster. Looks unlikely to be connected.


Ch: 1/4/1678, Bidford (PR)

Quinney family were at Broome at this time.
Parent: Joseph Quinny – no further information.
Bur Joseph Quinney, Bidford, 24/1/1715.

No Quinney’s appear before this time, even opening up IGI to the whole of England.
A suggestion is that they might have been Irish immigrants:

Irish (Ulster): Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Coinne ‘descendant of Coinne’, a derivative of the personal name Coinneach. Compare Scottish Kenneth and McKenzie.

Also of Joseph Quinney at Bidford:
Johannes Quinney, 6/3/1680
Guilelmus Quinney, 15/8/1686.

Of Josiah Quinney at Bidford:
2. SCHEMUEL QUINNEY Christening: 31/12/1683
3. SAMUEL QUINNY Christening: 03/6/1688, Bur 30/10/1688, s of Josiah
1. SUSANNA QUINNY Christening: 05/12/1690, Bur Susannah 1692 Dau of Joseph
4. JOSIA QUINNY Christening: 16/10/1694
Bur Joseph 20/4/1689 Son of Josiah

Will of John Quinney, yeoman of Broome, Bidford parish, Inventory 1/8/1674. Not immediately obviously related. On file, but not fully transcribed 5/2009, daughters Ann, Mary & Hester, brother in law Francis Halford, son in law Thomas Manning?.
Also Inventory of John Quinney of Bidford, 1714, admon to brother William.
No relevant wills on Lichfield.

Issue, only IGI issue:
1/1. Robert Wilks, 17/10/1703, Bidford (PR)


Ch: 22/5/1674ACi, Bidford
Parents: Paul & Elizabeth Baylis.
Buried: 23/3/1709-10ACi, Bidford, probably him, children show parents

Wife Elizabeth, no marriages for Paul & Elizabeth in right period.

She buried, Bidford 1/8/1714ACi, widow.

Issue of Paul & Elizabeth Baylis, ch Bidford:
1/1. Paul Bailis, 1/11/1702

Prob as bachelor married Exhall Frances Sturdy, spinster, 12/1/1729-30ACi, both OTP.

1/2. Sarah Bailis 24/6/1705,
1/3. Elizabeth Bailis, 18/4/1708 bur 27/4/1708, dau of Paul.
1/4. Elizabeth Bailis, 24/7/1709ACi, Bur 19/2/1709-10.

Paul Baylis snr

Birth – no record, but in the commonwealth era when records were poor.
Paul Baylis Married Elizabeth Baylis 1670ACi, Bidford.
Bur Paulus Baylis, 21/3/1685-6ACI Bidford

Elizabeth Baylis ch 16/6/1647ACt Stratford of Thomas a possibility.

Paul Baylis ch 22/5/1674ACi, Bidford Of Paul.
John Baylis ch Bidford 29/12/1675.
Elizabeth Baylis ch Bidford 17/9/1679


AM10/189  (SSZ9-DR)

Chr.: 29 Apr 1688, Great Alne, Warwick,  (PR checked)
Will: Joseph Heming, Great Alne, proved 8/4/1738.

PR shows Bur: Gt. Alne 26/3/1738, yeoman in wool.
Parents: Nicholas Heming (SSZ9-6Q) & Ann Staples (SSZ9-22)

The eight day of February ... one thousand seven hundred and thirty six
I Joseph Heming of Great Alne in the County of Warwick flax-dresser ...

Item I .. unto my Loving wife Susana Heming all that my messuage or Tenements with the Barnes Stables and Yard Orchard garden and three Closes of Inclosed ground and six acres of Arable Land in the three Common fields and ye meadow ground and all other premises and Appurtenances thereunto belonging to the said messuage Or common L situate in Cladsall (Cladswell now??) in the parish of Inkberrow in the County of Worcester in the possession of Robert Andrews for the terme of four score and nine ?? ??
... and after her demise
Item I bequeath the aforesaid messuage .. unto my Loving Son Samuel Heming..
Item I ... bequeath all that my messuage or tenement with the Barnes Stable yard Garden and one Little Close thereunto adjoining and one other Inclosed ground and three arable lands in Copthorne field (Copton Field (fn. 32) (north of the church)... in Great Alne .. which where lately purchased by me of Edward Hobbins unto my Loving Wife Susana Heming ... and after her decease
Item I .. bequeath the aforesaid messuage ... in Great Alne aforesaid Unto my Loving Son Joseph Heming
Item I .. bequeath unto my loving wife Susana Heming the Half of all my household goods
Item I give devise and bequeath all that my Barne and the Orchard adjoining to the said Barne ... situate in Great Alne unto my loving Son John Heming
And Also I .. bequeath unto my loving son John Heming the sum of one hundred and twenty pounds ...
Item I .. bequeath all my Cottage with the garden and orchard ... called Shepeards Yard in the possession of John Tomblinson situate in Great (Alne?) unto my Loving Son Thomas Heming
Also I .. bequeath unto my said son Thomas Heming the sum of one hundred and thirty pounds ...
Item I .. bequeath unto my Loving Daughter Mary Heming the sum of One hundred and twenty pounds ...
Item after my debts legacy’s and funeral expenses being first paid ... bequeath all .. other my Goods Cattells Chattells Reall and personal estate ... not herein before .. bequeathed unto my two sons Samuel Heming and Joseph Heming to be equally divided between them whom I make ordain constitute and appoint whole and sole Executors of this my last will and testament
And I Doe define my loving Cozen John Staples of Wixford the County of Warwick Yeoman to be Overseer of this my Last Will and Testament ...
Witnessed Dorothy Bayley & Joyce Bayley
Proved 8th April 1738

His inventory totalled £944-16-11d, much of which was Flax and Hemp in various forms. This inventory is extensive and gives an idea of a fairly well-to-do yeoman’s life. (equivalent to £200k inflated, £600K wage inflation).

There are numerous references to bounties for flax growing in Warwick Archives:
FLAX BOUNTY  QS/85  [n.d.]
These documents are held at Warwickshire County Record Office
Administrative history:
For the encouragement of the growing of flax and hemp, the Acts of 7 Geo. III, c.58; 21 Geo III, c.58 and 26 Geo. III, c.43 provided for the distribution to growers, by way of bounties, £8,000 per annum. After testification, claims were required to be sent to the Clerk of the Peace to be by him submitted to each Midsummer Sessions; they were then advertised and finally determined at the next Sessions.

Married, Studley, Warwickshire (about 5 miles N of Alcester): Joseph Hemming & Susannah Monger, 22/2/1717FMPi, both of Great Alne[36].

Susanna Monger

AM10/190  (SSZ9-FX)

No birth found.
Bur Susannah Hemming of Wigglesford (the old name for Wixford), 30/4/1771, Arrow. May be her.
1/1. Samuel Heming (SSZ9-G4)

Chr.:  4 Jan 1718PR, Great Alne, Warwick.
Bur.: 28/2/1747FMPt, Great Alne, Warwick,
A beneficiary of his father’s will, if he outlived his mother.
Will: Samuel Heming, Great Alne, 16/3/1747 A&W (Worcs. Index)

1/2. Joseph Heming (SSZ9-H9)

Chr.:  2 Jul 1721PR, Great Alne.
Bur.: 5 Nov 1721, Great Alne, Warwick,

1/3. Joseph Heming ch 29/4/1724
1/4. John Heming (SSZ9-KM)

Chr.: 8 Oct 1727, Great Alne, Warwick, (PR checked)
A beneficiary of his father’s will, if he outlived his mother.

1/5. Ann Heming (SSZ9-LS)

Chr.: 4 Sep 1730, Great Alne, Warwick,
Bur.: 15 Nov 1730, Great Alne, Warwick, (PR checked)

1/6. Mary Heming (SSZ9-M0)

Chr.: 28 Apr 1732PR, Great Alne, Warwick,
Married: 16/1/1754FMPi, Wootton Waven, Mary of Great Alne, John Watts of Alcester, by licence.
A beneficiary of her father’s will, if she outlived her mother.

1/7. Thomas Heming (SSZ9-N5)

Chr.: 24 Jul 1735FMPi, Great Alne, Warwick,
A beneficiary of his father’s will, if he outlived his mother.
Bur: 4/10/1756, PR: bur in woollen – maybe him.


11.          ****************** WILKES GENERATION 11 *****************


AM11/377 (SSZ9-6Q)

Records between abt 1650 and 1670 not present, for Great Alne
A Nicholas Hemming buried Great Alne 14/6/1682FMPi in woollen – his father??. Prob b 1626 or 1630, Great Alne.

Born: [abt 1662 - AF], Great Alne, Warwick,
Bur.:  1/10/1736, Gt. Alne, (AF shows Kinwarton, not on PR),
       PR shows widower, in wool (see below) No will listed.

From Rootsweb:
...In June 2000 the SBT provided Lathams with a genealogy of the "Heming Family - Following are Father to Son from 1665-1969" (one m). This appeared to have been prepared by a professional researcher. It begins with a Nicholas Heming who married Ann Staples on 5-22-1687 in Kenwarton U.K....
SBT: Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT), repository of the Holy Trinity Church.. (Stratford).

Married 2nd: Nicholas Hemming, 25 Oct 1696PR, Stratford On Avon, Warwick, Rebecka George, Nicholas Hemming of Alne Magna, widower.
Rebecca Hemming, wife of Nicholas, buried in woollen, 11/5/1721, Great Alne.

Married 1st: 22 May 1687ACi, Kinwarton, Warwick, both of Great Alne.
Kinwarton next parish west of Great Alne


AM11/378  (SSZ9-22)

Born: [AF: 1666], Great Alne, Warwick, - probably from marriage record
13/5/1672ACi Alveston, Warwick – Edward Stapeles.
Bur.: Ann Heming 16 Nov 1695, Great Alne, Warwick (AF),

Alveston just East of Stratford.
This Ann seems the most likely, although young for marriage (if she was christened at birth), but she had a brother who seems to have married in Alcester and lived in Exall, and produced a son John Staples who would have been a 1st cousin to Ann’s children (ie Joseph Heming as he mentions John Staples in his will, and describes him as of Wixford).

Another remote possibility: 18/6/1668 of Long Compton of William Staple, but geographically unlikely.

Issue of Nicholas & Ann Hemming:
1/1. Joseph Heming ch 29 Apr 1688FMPi, Great Alne.
1/2. Mary Heming Chr.: 7 Dec 1690PR, Great Alne.
1/3. Ann Heming  Chr.: 6 May 1694, Great Alne, AF only, PR 93-95 msg.

1/4. John Hemming, son of Nicholas & Ann, bur Gt. Alne 8/1/1699

Issue of Nicholas & Rebecca Hemming:
1/5. John Heming (SSZ9-83)    Born: [1695]
1/6. George Heming Chr.: 12 Mar 1697-8FMPi, Great Alne, Warwick,

Bur: George H, son of Nicholas, Gt. Alne, 9/1719PR.

1/7. Samuel(L) Heming Chr.: 12 Mar 1697-8FMPi, Great Alne.

Will: Samuel Hemming, Great Alne, 16/3/1747
Married: Hannah Hebey? – AF – not found on PR.
2/1. Nicholas Heming, Chr.: 20/5/1724ACi, Great Alne, of Sam & Hannah.
2/2. Mary Heming, Chr.: 9/10/1726ACi, Great Alne, Bur: 26/3/1726PR.

1/8. William Heming Chr.: 29 Jan 1702, Great Alne.



Married Johanna abt 1670, Exhall, date not readable
Issue of Edward Stapeles, Alveston:
1/1. James Stapels Christening: 17 JUN 1695ACi
1/2. Sara Stapeles Christening: 13 MAY 1672 Death: 25 MAY 1672
1/3. Anna Stapeles Christening: 13 MAY 1672ACi
1/4. Edward Stapeles Christening: 14 JUN 1674
1/5. Josef Stapeles Christening: 01 JUL 1677
1/6. Mary Stapeles Christening: 22 DEC 1679
1/7. Catherne Stapeles Christening: 05 APR 1681
1/8. John Stapels Christening: 30 AUG 1685

Married Katheren Baker, 10 July 1710FMPi, Alcester, by licence.
2/1. John Staples ch 22/3/1712 Exall of John and Catherine Staples:
    was this the cozen mentioned in Joseph Heming Will of 1737?

1/9. Elizabeth Stapels Christening: 05 JUN 1692
1/10. Mary Stapels Christening: 03 SEP 1693
1/11. Sarah Staples Birth: 18 MAY 1696 Christening: 01 JUN 1696
1/12. Jane Staples Christening: 19 JAN 1699




John Stait,

son of George & Keziah (Wilkes) Stait was Ch 12/1/1823, Temple Grafton.

He married in Birmingham in 1845 and emigrated to Australia about 1852 and on to New Zealand in 1862, `

Summary of Issue:
2/1. Charlotte Elizabeth, b 1850, England. Nothing more.
2/2. John Stait, 1853-1936, builder in Dunedin, with issue.
2/4. Keziah Stait 1858-1940, M Walter Gore.
2/3. Edward Stait, 1860-1888.
2/6. Sarah Ann Stait, 1862- M Henry Liggins
2/5. Caroline Stait, 1866-1940, M Alex Boyne & Charles Robertson.
2/7. Allen Eustace Stait, son of Emma, 1884-1959, Married twice.

   Two photographs in the Parkes family albums, one of a paint and decorating shop, the other of a young woman, were taken by a photographer in Dunedin, New Zealand. The shop, W. Gilchrist & Son was in business in George St between 1867 and 1887. The other photograph was taken by Joseph Allen who was prominent between about 1865 and 1885. John Stait’s executor in 1884 was William Gilchrist. These led to the records of Dunedin, Ned Zealand and it became apparent that John Stait emigrated first to Victoria, Australia in the early 1850’s and then moved to New Zealand 1862.
“J. Stait aged 38, sailed as passenger on the “Dart” from Melbourne for
Otago, September 1862”.


CWP B-09. This was taken close to 1879           A28CWP
as there was another on an internet site
with the same bench, dated December 1879.
So this was either Sarah Ann, ch 1862 or Caroline ch 1866.

MI: Northern Cemetery, Block 101, plot 7, D 3/3/1884 aged 60, bur 5/3/1884
Occupation: Contractor, native of England, 21 years in NZ, died Dunedin.
Last address: Filleul St, Dunedin.
Executor: William Gilchrist & Thomas Osborne
His will probate is held in the Archives New Zealand, Dunedin.
Funeral Notice:
The friends of the late Mr John Stait are respectfully informed that his funeral takes place on Wednesday the 5th inst (March 1884) moving from his late residence Filleul Street at 1 o’clock for St Paul’s Church and thence at 1.30 o’clock for the Northern Cemetery[37]

Had a dwelling house, sold by his trustees, on Leith Street, 21st April, 1892 (Otago Times).

A successful builder in Dunedin.

Married, 1st, Sarah Ann Lee of Birmingham, Q3 1845[38].
Probably born Birmingham 5/6/1822, baptised 30/6/1822 of Joseph & Martha Lee, non conformists.
She died NZ 1876, ref NZ registration, aged 54.
“On the 27th September (1876), at her residence, Filleul Street, Dunedin, Sarah Ann, wife of Mr John Stait, builder; aged 54 years. Birmingham papers please copy”[39].
MI Northern Cemetery, Block 101, plot 7, D 27/9/1876 aged 54, bur 29/9/1876
Occupation: married, native of England, 14 years in NZ, last came from Victoria, died Dunedin
Last Address: Filleul St, Dunedin, funeral contractor Geddes & Co.
Otago Daily Times , Issue 4561, 29 September 1876, Page 2:
Funeral Notice: The friends of Mr John Stait are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late Wife, which is appointed to leave his residence, Filluel Street, THIS Day (Friday) 29th inst, at 3 o’clock, for the Northern Cemetery.

Married, 2nd John Stait to  Emma Allen 1878 (then aged about 30), St Paul's Dunedin (NZ reg. 1878/3072).
John Stait married Emma Allen 1878, St Paul's Dunedin. She subsequently married Donald John McAlpine (she was then aged 45 and he was 54) at Knox Church, Dunedin, 28/3/1892. As John jnr went on to remain married to Mary Down for at least 59 years, this was probably a 2nd marriage by John snr.

Emma Stait (widow of the late John Stait of Dunedin and youngest daughter of the Late Major Allen, Tasmania[40]) subsequently married Donald John McAlpine (she was then aged 45 and Donald was 54) at Knox Church, Dunedin, 28/3/1892. As John jnr went on to remain married to Mary Down for at least 59 years (re 59th wedding announcement in the Melbourne Age on Jan 2nd 1936.)

1866 Listed as a Carpenter of York Place[41]
John Stait:
On HR Electoral Roll Dunedin City, 1865-72.
On OPC Electoral Roll, Dunedin City, 1867-71
1870-1871, Grocer.
John Stait on electoral roll, Dunedin, 1865-66, a leaseholder. Not there 1862.

One time president of Dunedin Builders Association.

There were a number of newspaper entries in his lifetime, many of which concerned him letting properties. There were also many posthumous mentions, again relating to letting or selling property in Dunedin.
Examples are:
Otago Daily Times, 15 April 1874
Charged with leaving obstructions in public Streets without permission from the City Council.
Otago Daily Times , Issue 3648, 14 October 1873, Page 5:
City Police Court:
Breach of Building Regulations
John Stait, contractor, was fined 2/6 and costs for neglecting to keep a light burning after sunset over certain building materials in George Street.
Otago Daily Times , Issue 5499, 3 October 1879, Page 1:
Advert for stone by Bateman & Stait, Builders, Bond St, Dunedin.
TOKOMAIRIRO.-Herald. Otago Witness , Issue 1477, 6 March 1880, Page 10
Reference to Messrs Bateman & Stait, contractors for the High School.
Otago Witness, Issue 1585, 8 April 1882, Page 7
Reference to Messrs Bateman & Stait, contractors for the Refrigeration Plant in Kaikorai Valley.
Otago Daily Times 21 April 1892:
Sale of land in Leith St, Dunedin. Ref will of John Stait.
Otago Daily Times, 25 August 1882, John Stait letting 3 houses in Otago.
Also cottage in Harlem, Otago. John Stait of Filleul St.
Owned property in Dunedin (re sale of his estate):
Hillside, corner of Leonard & Philip St, substantial 4 bedroom house & outhouses
Lease (14 yrs) at Corner of Filluel St & York Place, good 6 bedroom houses with bath outhouses and greenhouse. Ground Rent £11-10s pa (long gone by 2013!)
Lease (10 yrs) of 3 sections on Cargill Rd. with 4 bedroom house & outbuildings

His partnership with Bateman built some important buildings in Dunedin, for example:

The office building as it appeared in the 1880s, with the store building adjoining it at the left rear. Image: Burton Brothers, Hocken Collections S10-221c. Built by Bateman & Stait.

2/1. Charlotte Elizabeth born Q4 1850FMPt, mother Lee, reg. Kings Norton.

Nothing more found. Perhaps she died on the way to Australia.

2/2. John Stait (ref IGI & NZ reg. 1877/587),

Born about 1853, died 1936ACt, Coburg, Vic, Aus
M St Paul's Dunedin, 2/1/1877, Mary Ann Down dau of Thomas James Down, staff sergeant of HM 90th Light Infantry and Mary Down (nee Mullen), who married St. Pauls Cathedral, Bath, Eng. on Christmas Day 1850, granddaughter of late Charles Down of Royal Navy HMS Niobe, 1804 to 1813 and Sarah Down (nee Smith) of Dawlish Devonshire and "St. Martins" and great granddaughter of late Dr. Smith Parish doctor of Leicester Eng. Niece of Mr & Mrs Richard Down (nee Gardiner)of Strand London Eng., June Livingstone (nee Down) Canada, Eliza O'Keefe (nee Down).
Mary Ann died 1944ACt, Coburg, Vic, mother Mary Mullin, father Thos Jas Down. Born abt 1857.

STAIT—DOWN (Silver Wedding-).—On the 2nd January, 1877, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, Dunedin,  Maoriland, by. Archdeacon-Edwards, John, eldest son  of the late John Stait, of Stait and Bateman, contractors and builders, Dunedin, Maoriland, to Mary  Ann, only daughter of the late Thomas James Down, staff sergeant of the 9th Light: Infantry, and Mary  Mullin, now of Maria-road, South Dunedin, Maori  land, and stepdaughter of the late George Mullin, colour sergeant of the 84th Regiment Foot, and grand daughter of late Charles Down, Esq., of St. Martin’s in the Fields, London, England, and great grand  daughter of the late Dr. Smith, parish doctor, of  Lester, England, and niece of the late Richard Down,  of Strand, London, England, and Jane and George  Livingstone, late of Sinclair Jack Company, Montreal, Canada, and Eliza and Dennis O’Keeffe, late garrison sergeant-major of the 90th Light Infantry, and Thomas F. Mullin, private, Band, 81st Regiment Foot. Present address : 46 Gold-street, Brunswick, Melbourne. Home papers please copy. 

The following 59th wedding announcement appeared in the Melbourne Age on Jan 2nd 1936. Couldn't resist copying it to the list. Wish they were my rellies.
We announce with pleasure the 59th year of our marriage at St. Pauls Cathedral, Dunedin NZ on 2nd January 1877 by Rev. Archdeacon Edwards second son of the late John Stait of Grafton, Warwickshire Eng. and the late Sarah Stait (nee Lee) Birmingham Warwickshire Eng. of Stait and Baitman, Contractors and builders, Dunedin NZ to Mary Ann youngest daughter of late Thomas James Down, staff sergeant of HM 90th Light Infantry and Mary Down (nee Mullen), who married St. Pauls Cathedral, Bath, Eng. on Christmas Day 1850, granddaughter of late Charles Down of Royal Navy HMS Niobe, 1804 to 1813 and Sarah Down (nee Smith) of Dawlish Devonshire and "St. Martins" and great granddaughter of late Dr. Smith Parish doctor of Leicester Eng. Niece of Mr & Mrs Richard Down (nee Gardiner)of Strand London Eng., June Livingstone (nee Down) Canada, Eliza O'Keefe (nee Down).

Present address:
"Dawlish" 7 Allen Street, Moreland.

Charles Down M Jane Smith, 1/9/1817, St Margaret Leicester.
Issue of Charles & Jane Down:
St Mary Lambeth:
William Richard Down, 25/12/1821
St Martin in the Fields:
Charles Isaac Down, 25/12/1819
Richard Samuel Down, 25/12/1826, M Elizabeth Gardiner, 30/7/48 St M in F
Jane Ann Down, 25/12/1826,
Thomas James Down, ch 25/12/1833,
Eliza Sophia Down, ch 25/12/1833, M Mr O’Keefe

Mr John Stait appointed acting sexton at Te Henui cemetery, pending a permanent appointment (Taranaki Herald, Volume LIV, Issue 13583, 14 December 1907).

3/1. Sarah Ann Stait B abt 7/1877NZIndex.     

Married, William George Roscoe, son of Mary & the late Robert Roscoe, of Breakaway Creek, Coburg to Sarah Ann eldest dau of John & Mary Ann Stait (nee Down) of Coburg 4th April 1911 (The Age newspaper, ACt).
Information from John Rowe[xii] email 11/10/2003, from Australia.
Sarah Ann died 1968, aged 90 at Footscray, Victoria. Father John Stait, mother Mary Ann Down. Thus born 1878.
Another Sarah Ann died as Sarah Ann Ruscoe, Wellington, 22/11/1934, bur December 1934ACt (not ours).
Wm George Roscoe died 1942 aged 74 father Robert, mother Mary Early.

From internet site of Dunedin married Victoria Aus:
Sarah Ann Stait, m 1911, Wm Geo Roscoe.
4 children,
4/1. Cyril Raymond Down Roscoe, b Condah 1915
4/2. Geo Lancelot Herbert Roscoe, b Coburg 1914
4/3. Linda Carol Roscoe, b Condah 1918
4/4. Stanley Lindsay Down Roscoe, b 1915 Condah.

3/2. Mary Jane Stait b abt 1878 (NZ Reg. 1879/3509).
3/3. Keziah Stait, b abt 1881 (NZ reg. 1881/9565), d 1906ACt, Vic, Aus.
3/4. John Stait, b abt 1884 (NZ reg. 1884/10191)

1909/3208 Amelia Nelson Married John Stait 1909, probably him.

2/3. Edward Stait b abt 1860, died 31/12/1888, Melbourne aged 28.

2nd son of John Stait, contractor (Otago Daily Times)

2/4. Keziah Stait, B 1858ACt, Victoria, Aus of John Stait & Sarah Lee.

married Walter John Gore 4/11/1881, St Paul's Dunedin (NZ reg. 1881/3175 & EVENING STAR, ISSUE 5831, 15 NOVEMBER 1881)
Died 29/2/1940, aged 81, widow, resident of 63 Queens Drive, St Kilda. Born Victoria, Last came to Dunedin. Lived 76 years in province. Bur 2 March (Otago, Andersons Bay, Dunedin)
Died, Walter John Gore,28/11/1918, aged 61, a brickmaker, Resident 63 Queens Drive. Born Australia, lived 55 years on Province. Buried 30 Nov. Influenza epidemic.

2/5. Caroline Stait, born 1866,

NZ reg. 1866/7075
Married[42]: Alexander Boyne, 1/6/1897, St P.
He was aged 60, she was 29, @ Knox Church.
A photograph probably of her is in CW Parkes Album, B9: Caroline is the only daughter found so far of the right age group in Dunedin.

Alexander previously married to Mary, 3rd daughter of William Dawson of Alva Stirling, Scotland, Dunedin, 23/6/1868[43]. She died aged 60 4/2/1896[44].
3/1. Mary Boyne, 1894, by Mary or Caroline??.

MR. ALEXANDER BOYNE, who represented South Ward in the Borough Council of Queenstown for five years, was an old resident of the district as well as a very old colonist, as he arrived in Melbourne in December, 1856. Mr. Boyne was born in Falkirk, Scotland, on the 5th of January, 1837, and was educated in Alva and Edinburgh. At the age of nineteen years, he emigrated to Victoria by the ship “Marco Polo,” Captain Clark. On his arrival in that Colony he worked at the Ovens goldfield, and shortly afterwards was employed on a Government railway survey for nearly two years. He then engaged in mining successively at Forest Creek, Castlemaine, Ballarat, and the Deep Leads, Scarsdale. In 1861 he left for Otago, and followed the “rushes” at Gabriel's Gully and Dunstan until the following year, when he settled in Queenstown, then called “Canvas Town.” The population numbered 20,000, principally engaged in gold digging, at which Mr. Boyne occupied himself as well as in store-keeping. He started in business as an ironmonger and timber merchant in 1871, and built up a very large trade in the district. Mr. Boyne was treasurer of the Loyal Lake Wakatipu Lodge of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity, for many years. He was married, in 1869, to Miss Dawson, who died, and he was again married in 1897 to Caroline, third daughter of the late Mr. John Stait, builder, of Dunedin. Since Mr. Boyne's death, on the 17th of May, 1901, the business has been conducted by his widow[45].

The death took place here on Thursday (19th) of Mrs Caroline Robertson, relict of Mr Charles H. Robertson, a former well- known resident of Queenstown. Deceased was the third daughter of the late John Stait, who was in business in Dunedin for many years as a building contractor. She came to Queenstown as a young woman and eventually married the late Mr Alexander Boyne, sen. He died a few years later, and she was married subsequently to Mr Robertson. Shortly afterwards deceased and her husband removed to Wellington, where they resided for a time, going on then to Hamilton, where Mr Robertson was engaged in the timber trade. After his death there, Mrs Robertson continued to live in Hamilton for a few years coming south about five years ago to live with her brother-in-law and sister (Mr and Mrs T. F. Malaghan) in Queenstown. Deceased was an active public-spirited woman until she was overtaken by ill-health, and she was a highly respected member of the community. The funeral took place on Friday, when, following on a short service in St. Peter’s Church, the remains were interred in the local cemetery, the Rev. W. W. Powell officiating. Mrs Robertson is survived by two sisters—Mrs W. J. Gore (Dunedin) and Mrs T. F. Malaghan—and by two brothers—Mr John Stait (Melbourne) and another in Dunedin. (OTAGO DAILY TIMES, ISSUE 22759, 20 DECEMBER 1935)

2/6. Sarah Ann Stait B 1862ACt, Geelong, Vic Aus.

Married. Henry Herbert Liggins, 1884, Dunedin (NZ marriage index).
He was buried Otago 12/5/1903, aged 43 (NW cemetery records).
A Sarah Ann Stait also married John Hampden Fox NZ reg. 1879/2296. Did he die soon after?

2/7. Allen Eustace Stait, b abt 7/1884 (NZ reg. 1884/13678),

LDS: Son of John & Emma.
Died: NZ reg. 1959/25070, age 73LDS.
Married (1) Isabella Ann Arthur (NZ reg. 1907/7313)
Married (2) Elizabeth Ann MacDonald (NZ reg. 1919/530)
3/1. Emma Isabel Stait b abt 1909 (NZ reg. 1909/1089)

Married William Bate NZ reg. 1927/708

3/2. Stillborn Stait abt 1914 (NZ reg. 1914/1582)

From: "jenny"[xiii]
Subject: Stait-Down Marriage
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 12:55:00 +1000
References: <>

Jenny ...Kyneton..Vic


Gabriel Read, an Australian prospector who had hunted gold in both California and Victoria, Australia, discovered gold in a creek bed at Gabriel's Gully, close to the banks of the Tuapeka River near Lawrence on May 20, 1861; "At a place where a kind of road crossed on a shallow bar I shovelled away about two and a half feet of gravel, arrived at a beautiful soft slate and saw the gold shinning like the stars in Orion on a dark frosty night"[1]. The public heard about Reads discovery via a letter published in the Otago Witness on June 8, 1861, documenting a ten day long prospecting tour he had made. There was little reaction at first until John Hardy of the Provincial Council stated that himself and Read had prospected country "about 31 miles long by five broad, and in every hole they had sunk they had had found the precious metal"[2] With this statement, the gold rush began. Within a year, the region's population swelled greatly, with prospectors swarming from the dwindling Australian goldfields. A second major discovery, close to the modern town of Cromwell in 1862 did nothing to dissuade new hopefuls, and prospectors and miners staked claims from the Shotover River in the west through to Naseby in the north. By the end of 1863, the real gold rush was over, but companies continued to mine the alluvial gold.

Fryers In New Zealand


  There are Fryers shown breeding in the IGI about in the 1880's in Otago (the province of Dunedin). The father was John William Francis Fryer, not a recognisable name, possibly son of Thomas R Fryer. Thomas would have been born no later than 1838. See the end of this paper for the IGI extracts.

Port Chalmers Passengers (Otago): The Margaret Galbraith arr 12/1/1880, Steerage, WH Fryer, Elizabeth, Fanny & Matilda.

No Staits at Port Chalmers records 1860-90, perhaps 25% of passengers recorded).

From: "Elizabeth Graham-Campbell"[xiv]
Subject: [ENG-WIL] Fryer
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 2003

the following is my family I am searching for, William Fryer is my brickwall and I can't seem to find details for him, I was wondering if Lister's may have come across this family in your research. I sent for a Marriage certificate of William and Zibiah, but did not realise that because the marriage took place before 1837 there is no marriage certificate, but the Swindon records office thankfully sent me my money order and a copy of the registration of their marriage, so I was very lucky, also it shows the Banns were called. The minister was a John/Joshua Crabbs? and it was at Trowbridge Wiltshire. The Witnesses to the marriage was a William Fryer who might be williams father but a presumption only and a Isabella Smith who I am also presuming is Zibiah's sister. I can not afford to employ a genealogy researcher to research this man, so was wondering if there was any other avenues I could go down, as I live in Australia.
Regards, Elizabeth Graham-Campbell


+ZIBIA SMITH aka: Zibiah Tibia, Zebiah, Zabia b: October 11, 1801 in Christening in Bratton, Wiltshire m: September 08, 1825 in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England d: December 1842 in Camberwell Baptism: October 11, 1801 Bratton, Wiltshire

2 JAMES HENRY FRYER b: 1828 in Christening at Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England d: November 14, 1898 in on board the ship "Warrimoo" at Wellington Heads. Burial: Karori cemetary, New Zealand Cause of death: heart attack Christening: May 22, 1831 Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England

+SARAH ANN WILLIS m: November 14, 1847 in Monroe County, Georgia, USA

2 WILLIAM THOMAS FRYER b: May 22, 1831 in Christening at Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England d: August 01, 1888 Burial: Gisborne, New Zealand Christening: May 22, 1831 Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England Immigration: July 27, 1873 Left England for New Zealand, arrived in Auckland, 19 October 1873 on board the ship "Hydaspes". From Auckland they travelled to Gisborne, where they remained to their deaths. +HARRIET JONES m: 1854 in London, England *2nd Wife of William Thomas Fryer: +ANN DAY m: 1873 d: December 13, 1897 Burial: Gisborne, New Zealand

2 JANE FRYER b: February 21, 1836
2 JOHN FRYER b: March 12, 1837 in Sussex, England d: August 19, 1902 in Karori Cemetary, New Zealand Christening: March 12, 1837 Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England Occupation: Labourer, candlemaker

.... +SARAH ANN CLIFTON b: June 27, 1856 m: February 17, 1877 in G W Shorts House, Ohiro, Wellington, New Zealand d: March 12, 1919 Burial: Karori Cemetary, New Zealand

2 MARY ANN FRYER b: February 18, 1838 Christening: February 18, 1838 Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England

ISABELLA FRYER b: October 20, 1839 Christening: October 20, 1839 Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England

2 ROBERT FRYER b: February 06, 1842 Christening: February 06, 1842 Saint Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, London, England

From Otago Witness, 11 August, 1860:

Death of Captain Cargill, the first Superintendent of Otago. During the past week there has gone from amongst us the leader and founder of the settlement of Otago. Captain Cargill departed life on Monday the 6th instant, at ten minutes past five o'clock a.m., after an illness of eight days. Dr Hulme, the Provincial Surgeon was in attendance. Had difficulty speaking and walking. The flags at the flagstaffs and vessels in port were hoisted half-mast high; the public offices were closed, and a Gazette, issued. The funeral took place yesterday, a two o'clock. The mortal remains of Captain Cargill were deposited in the public cemetery.  How come he is listed as being buried in England?


Captain William Cargill was a direct lineal descendant of Donald Cargill, the Cameronian minister suffered martyrdom at Grassmarket, Edinburgh, in the year 1680. Captain Cargill was born at Edinburgh, on the 28 August 1784, and was educated at the High School.


In 1802 he joined the army as an Ensign in the 84th Regiment, then stationed in India, In the following year he was promoted to a Lieutenancy in the 74th Highlanders. He served with the 74th Regiment under Sir Arthur Wellesly during the remainder of the Mahratta war, and returned home with the regiment in 1807. The 74th was again on active service in the Peninsular in 1809, having joined Wellington's army after the battle of Talaveram and took part in all the leading operations in that war up to its termination at Toulouse.


Captain Cargill was severely wounded by a musket shot in the leg at the battle of Busaco and was invalided home, where he remained for two years. He rejoined his regiment in 1812 and promoted to a Captaincy in 1813. He was present at the occupation of Madrid and the battle of Vittoria. Vittoria was followed by battles of the Pyrenees - Neville, Nive, Orthes, and Toulouse, at all of which Captain Cargill was present - the 74th forming part of Sir Thomas Picton's division; After Tourlouse he returned home with his regiment. He was not at Waterloo. He retired from the army in 1821.He occupied himself with various civil pursuits (director of the Oriental Bank in London) until 1844. For three years he laboured with a rare degree of energy and singleness of purpose, in the launching of the scheme for settlement of Otago.


He finally left the shores of Great Britain, with a part of the first body of colonists, in the "John Wickliff," in December 1847, and landed in Otago on the 23 March 1848, As the New Zealand Company's agent, and as the representative of the Otago Association, the business of founding the colony rested with him; and in this capacity he continued at the head of the affairs of the settlement of Otago, until may 1850, when, by the cessation of the Company's operations, his official position lapsed; The New Zealand Company's charter having been surrendered two years before....


The advent of the Constitution in 1853 afforded the people of Otago an opportunity of expressing their approval of his past conduct, and confidence in his wisdom and ability. He was unanimously elected as the first Superintendent of the Province on the 6th September 1853. In December 1855, he was elected a member of the General Assembly. His influence was more felt out of the House than in debate; He was re-elected Superintendent in November 1855, and continued to hold office until 3rd January 1860, Six months before that period he had announce to his intimate friends and public that he had received unmistakable warning to prepare for another world, and that he intended to retire from public life.


He was married in 1813, to Mary Ann, the only daughter of Lieutenant Yates, of the royal Navy who survives him. He leaves five sons and three daughters and 43 grandchildren, of which 23 are in the Province.


He was somewhat under the middle size, being 5 feet 5 in height, strongly made with a strong constitution. His gray hair, lofty forehead and expanded brow, gave him a venerable and intellectual appearance. He was an exceedingly early riser. He usually rose between four and five o'clock; spent the early morning reading and writing. He was a great reader.


The one great object of many years of his life was to establish a colony of his countrymen. That object he accomplished, and succeeded in stamping upon the colony of Otago a character which will last as long as people endure, and in rendering his name equally imperishable as the leader and founder of the colony.


Otago Witness Feb. 17th 1898 page 23 column 3

Death of Mr John Cargill


Information has been received of the death at Landsdowne, in the Okanagan district, British Columbia, of Mr John Cargill, brother of his Worship the Mayor, who was a prominent figure in the early history of this portion of the colony. While a young man Mr Cargill served for a short time in the Royal Navy, and spent two or three years on the West India station in the brig Ringdove and the frigate Seringapatam, having left the service and returned to Great Britain he made a voyage about 1841 to Tasmanian and Port Phillip, and, after a cruise among the Pacific Islands, settled in Ceylon, where he was engaged as a coffee planter up to the year 1846. Returning, once more to England he was in time to assist his father, Captain Cargill, in the formation of the Otago settlement, and he came out with him in the John Wickliff. He was one of the earliest runholders in Otago. His first run was on the coast line at Tokomairiro. He afterwards took up the Taieri Plain. On the outbreak of the diggings he removed to what was then looked upon as back country, taking up what afterwards became the well-known Teviot run. Here he joined in partnership with his son-in-law, Mr E.R. Anderson, and Cargill and Anderson's run was long known as one of the finest in the South Island, having a flock of 55,000 well-bred merino sheep. They afterwards took up a large property in the south, known as Gladfield. Unfortunately, owing to the irruption of rabbits and the breakdown in wool values, their ventures resulted in heavy loss, their experience being shared by many of the pioneer settlers, and both Mr Cargill and Mr Anderson turned their eyes to other countries. Mr Cargill left New Zealand for England in 1884. He found his way to British Columbia about 1887, and continued to reside there, with his youngest daughter, up to the time of his death, which occurred at the ripe age of 77 years. While in Otago he took an active part and leading part in the political movements of the time. He was one of the first representatives of the province elected to the General Assembly which met in Auckland immediately after the constitution of the provinces, being returned unopposed in October, 1853, in conjunction with Mr W.H. Cutten, to represent the country district of Otago. Mr Cargill went up to Auckland in the company with his father and the late Mr J. Macandrew to attend the parliamentary session. In 1855 he was elected member of the Tokomairiro district, and in the same year was re-elected M.H.R. for the Dunedin country district with his father. Mr Cargill also took a lively interest in the volunteer movement. During one of his visits to the Home country he joined the Edinburgh corps and became ensign therein; he also attended the School of Musketry at Hythe, and obtained a certificate as a first-class marksman. On returning to the colony he used his knowledge to help in the establishment of volunteering, and he became and continued for some years colonel in the command of the militia and volunteers in the Dunedin district. Mr Cargill was married, shortly after his arrival in the colony, to the eldest daughter of the late Mr John Jones, but she died in January 1868, and he subsequently married a daughter of the late Dr Featherson. Of the first marriage there was a family of four daughters and two sons. Charlotte, the eldest daughter, married Mr Charles Ireland (son of Mr Ireland, Q.C.), barrister, and now resides with him and their family in British Columbia; Madeline married John, son of the late Mr J. Hyde Harris, and now lives in Europe with one daughter; the third daughter married Mr. E.R. Anderson, and she also resides in Europe; the youngest daughter is in British Columbia, and was with her father at the time of his death; and the sons John and Edward, who have settled in British Columbia. The family of the second marriage consisted of three children, of whom two survive, - the elder son being a doctor of medicine at present in South Africa, and the younger son being with his mother in England. The deceased gentleman was a man of high personal character, who won warm esteem of his fellow colonists.


CARGILL, Private Clive Napier Divisional Signal Corps, Otago, who died of wounds received in action at the Dardanelles on June 15, was the eldest son of the late Mr A F Cargill, the great grandson of the late Captain William Cargill, founder of the Otago Province. He was born at Port Pirie, South Australia, and educated at the Albany Street and Mornington schools, Dunedin, and subsequently became a fitter at the Hillside railway workshops. [Auckland Weekly News 22.07.1915]


Saturday April 12 1862 page 4


1848 620     350 males     270 females

1853 2,391

1854, 1855, 1856, and 1857, the population was exactly doubled

1858 6,944

1859 8,899

1860 12,691

That is to say, that in twelve years, it increased by 12,000.

In 1861 came the gold discoveries and the population 27,242 souls by the census, to which number we must add about 3,000 unenumerated, making a total of 30,000. So, prior to the rush caused by the gold discoveries, the population of Otago, although constantly and steadily increasing, remained always small and this population was scattered over 23,000 square miles.

    In 1861 the Province had 4790 horses, 34,545 head of horned cattle and 619,892 sheep. There was also 42,254 acres fenced in, of which 19,255 acres were under crop, so it is evident that the "old identity" must have attended to their own business pretty steadily.

November 1 1862

Description of Otago - a pamphlet published in Edinburgh for distribution at the Great Exhibition

Land may be had at between £1 an £1 10 per acre, with a right to depasture stock. The upset price is £1 per acre, but should two or more persons apply on the same day for the same allotment, it is put up to auction between them, and falls to the highest bidder.  In certain localities there is a deficiency of wood for enclosures. The country is well adapted, undulating, is well watered, its mild climate, for combined agricultural and pastoral pursuits; The whole country, about 12,080 square miles or 8.307.200 acres, is in the possession of flock owners, on license for 14 years. The land, unmanured, yields 35 bushels to the acre, weighing 63lbs per bushel; oats, 45 bushels per acre, weighing 43 lbs per bushel; and barley, 50 bushels per acre, weighing 55 lbs, potatoes 6½ tons per acre; and turnips 28 tons per acre. The nature of the soil is a clayey loam, with a friable subsoil. Sheep including lambs at a million, and importations are large. the clip of wool is satisfactory. Wheat realises on an average realises on average about 6s the bushel, oats about 4s the bushel, and potatoes £6 the ton. The total gross area of the Province is 23,000 square miles, or 14,777,600 acres; of which 8,307,200 acres are occupied by sheep or cattle runs, 968,320 acres as Hundreds (up to date March 1862) and 5,502,080 unoccupied or barren.

13.          ********** Fryer Speculative GENERATION 10-13 ***********


Fryer Speculative GENERATION 10

This line back from William Fryer above makes some sense, and is the only one found in the area, but there is no real proof that it is correct; some was from the LDS Ancestral File. I include it as a speculation!
The original records have mostly been checked.



The father of William Fryer snr.

IGI show:
(1) Best Bet (others too young or died):
Ch 29/9/1718 @ Fladbury   (AF also)
Parents: John & Mary.
Siblings: See father.
Married (IGI): Sarah Giles 30/11/1743 @ Fladbury (PR chkd: both of Fladbury).



The IGI does not list any suitable local Sarah Giles's, but several Gibbs & Gilkes appear in Fladbury PR.

Issue (IGI ch dates & Fladbury):
1/1. Mary Fryer, b. 23/12/1744,
1/2. William Fryer, b. 9/12/1748,
1/3. James Fryer, b. 23/3/1750,
1/4. Elizabeth Fryer, born ?, bur Fladbury 14/4/1758
1/5. George Fryer, b. 10/4/1753,
1/6. John Fryer, b. 6/4/1755.
1/7. Ann Fryer, dau of John & Ann, bur Fladbury 5/12/1762 (PR)

Fryer Speculative GENERATION 11




The father of John Fryer snr.

IGI/PR show: Prob ch 1670'ish, AF: abt 1674.
Married (IGI & AF): Mary Ethridg 30/9/1697 @ Fladbury (PR chkd).

Shows John & Sarah Giles and 3 generations from Samuel & Eleanor Alcox.

Seems a long child bearing span: maybe two sets of parents, but probably not.  Burial records may clarify the fate of the Johns.

Samuel is the last child in the PR: William does not appear. The Fladbury records were made up from other information between abt 1706-12 (BT's?); in the late 17th C they are a bit muddled. From 1645-1660 they are made up from memory, not having been kept during the Commonwealth. John Fryer may have been born during one of these poorly recorded periods.
The spelling varies between Friar, Frier & Fryer depending on the vicar.
No trace has been found of John Fryer's origin in Worcs or Warks: a check in Gloucs might be worth a try.
A large family of Farr's appear in Fladbury in the 17thC, but do not appear after 1700: could the name have changed?

Prob died Fladbury 3/11/1731.  (AF agrees)

Edward Fryer ch 9/8/1607, Cropthorne, father Edward.  Grandfather of John???
Edward Fryer m. Elizabeth Ireland 2/4/1627, Abbotts Morton, Issue: John (29/11/1629), Edward (24/2/1632).

George Fryer m. Hannah Branson, Rouse Lench 23/5/1695
Brother of John??

Issue: Mary (5/11/1696)

Also children of Richard Fryer @ Claines, 1563-1599.

PR: early pre 1620 PR difficult to read - old script - fashion seemed to change abt 1620.

From Paul Fryer, 11/2008:

I copied down the following information from the Genes Reunited family tree of Rich Horton, who responded once to my message and opened up his FT for me... so you can ... follow it up if you have the appropriate sources.

He shows individuals as follows:

Edward Fryer, b. abt 1582 at Overbury, Worcs (IGI), married Julia Bates (b. abt. 1584) in 1605 at Worcester.

Edward & Julia had child:
Edward Fryer, baptised 9 Aug 1607 (IGI) at Cropthorne, Worcs. (Fryer FT & PRs). He married Elizabeth Ireland (b abt 1609) on 3 April 1627 at Abbot's Morton.

Edward & Elizabeth had children:
Edward Fryer, baptised 24 Feb 1632 at Abbot's Morton.
Joan Fryer, b. abt. 1635.  Married Thomas Godfree on 28 Oct 1668 at Abbot's Morton
John Fryer baptised 29 Nov 1629 at Abbots Morton. He presumably married but no name given, and he was the father of John Fryer (1674) in your tree who married Mary Ethridge (Fryer FT & PRs).  RH gives date of birth for the younger John Fryer as abt. 1667 rather than the 1674 you have.  No info on any other children.

I had a look around the LDS Family Search website and found some of this, but wasn't able to tie the details as tightly from that site as he has done - he may have other sources.  If you find anything that either confirms or disagrees with his findings I would appreciate your letting me know.

Register of Duties Paid for Apprentices' Indentures, 1710-1811 Record for Thos Fryer – 3/2013:
24/11/1722 master: Thos Fryer of Fladbury Worcs, Cordwr Apprentice Thos son of Wm Athrelsoe of Fladbury



The wife of John Fryer.

Ch 28/11/1678 @ Cropthorne (PR chkd).  (AF)
Parents: Thomas & Eleanor
Married: John Fryer 30/9/1697, Fladbury.
(IGI: abt 1722 source quotes Mary Ethridge. PR: died 17/1/1723).
AF gives death 17/12/1761. Nat Bur index lists this burial of Fladbury.

William Ethridge married Elizabeth Kent 18/9/1715 @ Strensham (PR)
James Ethridge married Sarah Taylor 8/10/1715 @ Strensham     (PR)
     (all 4 of Besford).
William   ch 28/5/1721 @ Besford of James & Sarah
James     ch 2/3/1726 @ Besford of James & Sarah
Margaret Ethridg bur Fladbury 30/4/1721.

Issue of John Fryer & Mary Ethridge (ch @ Fladbury):
1/1. Thomas (24/8/1698),

1710: apprenticed to Jonathan Ingles, cordwainer of Fladbury.
1722: Thomas Fryer, cordwainer of Fladbury, apprentice master to Thomas Athrelsow.
Thomas Fryer married Anne Braggington @ Church Lench 9/5/1721.
He of Fladbury, she of Sheriff’s Lench. (Phillimore)
Issue: Ann (1/6/1722-11/12/23), John (12/7/1724 - 13/7).

1/2. Ann (29/12/1700),

ref AF: Married: Timothy Finch (D41W-GW) 16/6/1736
Born: [1700]

1/3. Mary Fryer, ch 19/1/1703) (AF 18/6/1703)
1/4. Eliz. Fryer, ch (18/9/1705),
1/5. George Fryer, ch (13/10/1706),
1/6. John Fryer, ch (14/11/1708), died 10/9/1711
1/7. John Fryer, ch (10/10/1711), died 24/11/1711
1/8. John Fryer, ch (13/7/1712), died 16/7/1712
1/9. Susanna Fryer, ch (13/7/1712),
1/10. Margaret Fryer, ch (18/7/1716), died 2/1/1722 (AF)
1/11. John Fryer, ch (28/9/1718),
1/12. Samuel Fryer, ch 26/3/1721.   (AF 25/8/95)

AF Submitter:
Brent L Bowen, 4210, Minstrell Lane, Fairfax, Va, 22033-3217.
IGI shows married Eleanor Alcox (born 1719, AF) 19/10/1745 @ Rous Lench, Worcestershire, England
AF shows he died 9/6/1776, Rous Lench.
AF shows: Elenor Alcox b 1719 of George (b1683) & Elizabeth (Sale, b1697). George Alcox b 1683 of William (b1657, Rouslench) & Elianor Toony (b 1661 Rouslench).
Issue ch Rous Lench:
2/1. George Fryer (18/6/1746),

Married: Ann Winnet (D41W-CD)    Born: [1746]

2/2. William Fryer (2/2/1747),

PR shows married Martha Weston 4/12/1770, he of Rous Lench, she of Fladbury.
Many Weston's appear in Fladbury PR: they were farmers according to misc notes (ref tithes?) in PR. Ones John Weston referred to as "Mr William Weston" at burial in 1721.  Mr Weston was communicant at Fladbury 25/12/1716.  Children of William & Martha also appear in the 1780's in Bishampton.
Issue (IGI), ch Rous Lench:
3/1. Mary (24/8/1771),
3/2. John (16/7/1774).

2/3. Eleanor (2/7/1750),

Married John Davis 9/4/1774 @ Rous Lench.

2/4. Thomas (7/1/1753),
2/5. Samuel (2/2/1755),
2/6. John (13/5/1757),
2/7. James (15/6/1760),
2/8. Joseph Fryer ch. 6/6/1762.

IGI shows married Mary Partington (Born: 1764 Churchlench) 10/12/1788 @ Church Lench.
Issue, ch
3/1. Mary Fryer

Chr.: 28 Jul 1793 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.
sp-Robert Wilkins (D41W-5C)    Born: [1793]

3/2. Eleanor Fryer (2VVP-8S)

Born: 1793 Rouslench, Worcestershire, England
sp-William Stanley (2VVP-7M)
Born: 1806 Rous Lench, Worcester, England
4/1. Ellen Fryer Illigt (5DMS-B0)

Chr.: 14 Mar 1823 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng. 
sp-Robarts (D41T-VP)    Born: [1823]
sp-Charles Houton (D41T-WV)    Born: [1823]

4/2. Thomas Stanley (5DMS-C5)

Chr.:  3 Feb 1827 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng.

4/3. Thomas Stanley (2VVP-MP)

Chr.:  3 Feb 1827 Rous Lench, Worcs, Eng
sp-Ellen Mills (BZDX-1L)    Born: [1827]

4/4. Elizh Stanley (5DMS-DB)

Born: 25 Mar 1829 Rous Lench, Worces, Eng

4/5. William Stanley (2D0R-8F)

Born: 25 Dec 1830 Rous Lench, Worcester, England
sp-Ann Daniels (2D0R-9L)   
Born:  3 Mar 1833 Pendock, Worcester, England

4/6. Job Stanley (5DMS-FH)

Chr.:  4 Dec 1832 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng. 
sp-Hannah Taplin (D41T-X2)    Born: [1832]

4/7. George Stanley (2VVP-Q7)

Chr.:  2 Nov 1834 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng. 
sp-Harriett Firkins (BZDX-2R)    Born: [1834]

4/8. Sarah Elizabeth Stanley (2VVP-RD)

Chr.: 18 May 1836 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng. 
sp-George Halford (BZDX-3X)    Born: [1836]

4/9. Abel Stanley (5DMS-GN)

Chr.:  8 Jul 1838 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng. 
sp-Sarah E. Powell (D41T-Z7)    Born: [1838]

4/10. Abel Stanley (2VVP-SK)

Born:  8 Jul 1838 Rous Lench, Worces, Eng

4/11. Sophia Stanley (5DMS-HT)

Chr.:  8 Mar 1840 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng.

4/12. Sophia Stanley (2VVP-TQ)

Born:  8 Mar 1840 Rous Lench, Worces, Eng

4/13. Anne (Anne) Stanley (2VVP-VW)

Chr.: 29 Aug 1841 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng.
sp-Charles Cooper (BZDX-44)    Born: [1841]

4/14. Richard Stanley (5DMS-J1)

Born: Abt 1843-44 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng.
sp-Maria Millington (D41V-0C)    Born: [1843]

4/15. Henry Stanley (2VVP-W3)

Born:  5 Jul 1845 Rous Lench, Worces, Eng

4/16. Henry Stanley (5DMS-K6)

Chr.:  5 Jul 1846 Rous Lench, Worcester, Eng.
sp-Jane Day (D41V-1J)    Born: [1846]
sp-William Stanley (5DMV-FR)
Born: 1806 Rouse Lench, Worcester, Engl.

3/3. Sarah Fryer (5DMW-5J)

Chr.: 18 Apr 1796 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.
sp-William Roberts (2SVH-H2)
Born: 1798 Abbots Morton, Worcestershire, England

3/4. Elizabeth Fryer (5DMW-6P)

Chr.: 18 Feb 1798 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.

3/5. Eleanor Fryer (5DMW-7V)

Chr.: 15 Nov 1801 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.
sp-William Stanley (2VVP-7M)
Born: 1806 Rous Lench, Worcester, England

3/6. Ann Fryer (5DMW-82)

Chr.: 18 Nov 1804 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.
sp-Henry Izard (D41W-8V)    Born: [1804]

3/7. Phobe (Phebe) Fryer (5DMW-97)

Chr.: 20 Apr 1810 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.
sp-John Barlow (D41W-92)    Born: [1810]

3/8. Lettice (Lettye) Fryer (5DMW-BD)

Chr.: 17 Jan 1813 Rous Lench, Worcester, Engl.
sp-William Smith (D41W-B7)    Born: [1813]

1/13. William

(IGI: abt 1722 source quotes mother as Mary Ethridge.
PR: died 17/1/1723).

From Paul Fryer 11/2008:

I copied down the following information from the Genes Reunited family tree of Rich Horton, who responded once to my message and opened up his FT for me.  I have received no further communication or information from him, so you can take this at face value and follow it up if you have the appropriate sources.

He shows individuals as follows:

Edward Fryer, b. abt 1582 at Overbury, Worcs (IGI), married Julia Bates (b. abt. 1584) in 1605 at Worcester.

Edward & Julia had child:
Edward Fryer, baptised 7 Aug 1607 at Cropthorne, Worcs. (Fryer FT & PRs).  He married Elizabeth Ireland (b abt 1609) on 3 April 1627 at Abbot's Morton.

Edward & Elizabeth had children:
Edward Fryer, baptised 24 Feb 1632 at Abbot's Morton.
Joan Fryer, b. abt. 1635.  Married Thomas Godfree on 28 Oct 1668 at Abbot's Morton
John Fryer baptised 29 Nov 1629 at Abbots Morton.  He presumably married but no name given, and he was the father of John Fryer (1674) in your tree who married Mary Ethridge (Fryer FT & PRs).  RH gives date of birth for the younger John Fryer as abt. 1667 rather than the 1674 you have.  No info on any other children.

I had a look around the LDS Family Search website and found some of this, but wasn't able to tie the details as tightly from that site as he has done - he may have other sources.  If you find anything that either confirms or disagrees with his findings I would appreciate your letting me know.

Fryer Speculative  GENERATION 12-13




Probably lived at Charlton, midway between Fladbury & Cropthorne, Worcs. He may have been born at Besford, to the west of Pershore, only a few miles away so this is a possibility.

AF shows: b abt 1646 Cropthorne, but these records are almost nonexistent.

Ch: 17/12/1643 @ Besford (IGI & PR).
Parents: William & Margaret (Goodall) Ethridge.

Married 1st, 2/2/1673 (AF & IGI, but not a PR extract):
Ann Evins (D41W-46) who was bur at Cropthorne 9/11/1674.
PR: Ann Ethridge, wife of Thomas of Charlton.

Margaret Ethridge, "puella" buried 29/11/1684 (PR)
Only one on IGI was born Knighton-on-Teme, 16/5/1661: does not look likely.

Thomas Ethridge married Elizabeth Ireland at Fladbury, 28/10/1686 by licence (PR). Both OTP. Was this a third marriage?
Thomas Ethridge was at communion at Fladbury 25/12/1716.

Cropthorne records between 1643 & 61 non existent except for notes. Many notes in PR of accounts etc of 18thC

Fladbury notes to PR show:
Easter (March 29) 1692: Surveyor of the Highway, Joseph Hurn & Tho Etheridg.
1700: Overseer of ye Poor: Hugh Cole & Tho Etheridg.
1711: Overseer of ye Poor: Wil Black & Tho Etheridg.

Married, 2nd, 5/5/1677 at Cropthorne (PR, no further info). 



AF: 5DMW-36, b abt 1650 - probably born in the civil war period of poor records.
Married: Thomas Ethridge 5/5/1677 at Cropthorne:
Buried 2/4/1683 @ Cropthorne shortly after the birth of and before the death of daughter Elizabeth.

No trace of a suitable IGI entry: a widow Brooks of Charlton buried at Cropthorne 8/12/1696.

Issue of Thomas & Eleanor Etheridge:
1/1. Mary Etheridge (28/11/1678) (5DMW-1T) (PR)
1/2. Thomas Etheridge (5DMX-0S)            (PR)

born: 1 Mar 1680/81 Cropthorne, Worc, Eng
Bur: 10 Sep 1748

1/3. Elizabeth Etheridge (5DMX-10)        (PR)

Born: 20 Mar 1682/83, Cropthorne, Worc, Eng
Bur: 2 Apr 1683 with mother, Eleanor.

Maria (30/4/1693), Sarah (10/9/1699).



Ch: 1/1/1621 @ Besford (PR)
Father:  William
Siblings: Edmond (10/6/1624)
Married: (PR) Margaret Goodall @ Besford 5/1642
IGI: Margaret Goodall ch 1/11/1615 Croome d'Abbott ex Richard & Jane.  (film unreadable).
(Also John of Richard G, 17/6/1608)

Issue of William & Margaret Ethridge:
1/1. William (11/12/1642),
1/2. Thomas (17/12/1643).

James     Ch 12/2/1636 @ Eldersfield father Thomas
James     ch 14/10/1694 @ Besford of James & Eleanor
A Margaret bur Besford 1632, none other relevant 1620-42.

PR's are difficult to read before 1620 due to old script; records were sparse or non-existent during the Commonwealth period: some were written in later from notes and memory.
Besford was readable from 1612 and improved as the priest changed in 1618.
Fashion seemed to change about 1620-30.




Other Hemmings

Gt Alne:
George (d 8/1620) & Ann (d 4/1615) Hemming:
George (ch abt 1595), Timothy (ch abt 1590), Nicholas (ch abt 1600)

Timothy Issue:
Son (30/4/1616), Ann (1619), John (2/12/1620), Thomas (3/1622).
    John & Joanne issue
    Anne (1647), Elizabeth (1655).

George Issue:
Elizabeth (24/9/1615), Nicholas (1619), Timothy (1621), Adory (?1624), William (1624), Nicholas (1626).

Timothy & Eleanor Issue:
    Mary (1655)

    Nicholas Issue (speculative):
    A Nicholas buried 20/6/1682 at Gt. Alne in woollen only.

Nicholas Hemming M Gt. Alne, Anne Hathwaie, 1/5/1624.
Nicholas Issue:
Anne (1/8/1625), George (27/2/1626).

Gt Alne MI:
Richard Hemming: born 10/2/1789, died 12/7/1877.
Richard Hemming of Samuel & Anne ch Stratford, 23/2/1791.

Susan Hemming: born 30/1/1794, died 17/4/1882.

Richard Hemming: born 12/4/1818, died 21/12/1874.
Richard Hemming ch Severn Stoke Worcs, 20/4/1818 of Richard & Susannah.

Bidford MI:
John Hemming, died 27/1/1810 aged 75.
    Of John & Martha Haselor 16/11/1735 (bur 9/1/1736, jnr) or 24/7/1737
    Bur Martha wife of John H jnr, 17/10/1740.
    of William & Susannah, 27/6/1734, Exhall.
    William Hemming M Susannah Bremlye, 6/10/1732, Alcester (William Gibbs Church warden)

John Hemming M Hester Cope, 17/6/1762 Bidford.
Children of John & Esther:
James died 16/2/1805 aged 35
Mary died 9/10/1786 aged 12.
George H ch 3/5/1772, Bidford of John & Hester

George H M. Ann Stephens 30/9/1802
George ch Bidford 27/4/1823 of Ann (George snr dead??)
Henry ch Bidford 5/8/1821 of George & Ann

Other Wilkes

Admiral Charles Wilkes: Charles Wilkes—born on 3 April 1798 in New York City, on 8 February 1877, Rear Admiral Wilkes died at Washington, D.C.
Great nephew of Lord Mayor of London, John Wilkes:
John Wilkes, the son of Israel Wilkes, a malt distiller, was born on 17th October 1725. In 1747 he married Mary Meade, an heiress who owned a large estate at Aylesbury. It was a marriage of convenience and Wilkes spent most of his time with his friends at the Hell Fire Club. After ten years he permanently separated from his wife. Bored by his life of pleasure, Wilkes decided to become involved in politics and in 1757 he was elected MP for Aylesbury.
In 1774 John Wilkes was elected Lord Mayor of London
John Wilkes died on 29th December 1797.


IGI/PR show:
AF Nil.

a) Bromsgrove (Worcs) ex Joseph & Mary  28/4/1719 or 20/3/1722
b) Bromsgrove ex Joseph & Alice 28/5/1712
c) Brailes (Warks) ex John & Milecent 20/1/1711
d) Brailes ex John & Mary 14/11/1703
e) Kidderminster ex William & Mary 16/11/1705

There are a great many Wilkes in the area: it is not easy to make any projections.

Married (PR): Mary Taylor 10/6/1742 @ Alcester by licence.
           IGI also shows the marriage at Alveston - same day.
           Not found in PR.
1/0. Mary Wilkes,

bur 8/2/1746, Alcester dau of Joseph & Mary - PR.

1/1. Susannah Wilkes.

Born 12/5/1743. Dau of Joseph & Mary buried 26/5/1743, Alcester.

1/2. Job Wilkes. Born: 25/4/1752 Alcester PR
1/3. Sarah Wilkes. Born: 25/4/1752.  PR
1/4. Mary Wilkes. Born: 7/5/1756.

Other Bayliss Line:




Ch: Bidford, 5/5/1682 (PR)
Parents: George Baylis & probably Elizabeth
Married: Susannah
Bur Susan Bailis 8/2/1731, Bidford.
Bur George Bailis 12/11/1727 – many burials here – plague – West Midlands epidemics.

Issue of George & Susannah:
1/1. Mary Bailis, ch Bidford, 7/3/1705.

IGI: M. JOSEPH WILLIAMS 25/9/1745 Holy Trinity, Stratford.

1/2. Sarah Baylis, ch Bidford, 9/8/1708.
1/3. William Baylis, ch Bidford, 8/6/1712.

IGI: M. Sarah Richardson, Bidford, 18 DEC 1735.

No record of George & Susannah marriage.



Ch: Gt. Alne 22/8/1641 of John & Ann. Possibility IGI PR images seen.
Bur George Bailis senior, 23/9/1727 – his will.

Will: George Baylis senior, Bidford, 7/11/1727, dated 5/12/1726.
to my loving son George Baylis the sum of ten pounds
to my loving son John Baylis two shillings and six pence to buy him a pair of gloves
to my loving daughter Alice the wife of Paul Smith one shilling
to my loving daughter Mary the wife of William Crow one shilling
to granddaughter Mary Baylis the daughter of my son Edward Baylis the summe of ten pounds with the bedd whereon she formerly lay with the bedhead beddcloaths and all other furniture belonging to the same as alsoe one coffer and one little table to be paid and delivered unto her as aforesaid
to my loving granddaughter Ann Alcock the sum of two pounds ten shillings with one truckle bedstead bedd and bedd cloths and all other furniture belonging to the same
to my loving grandson Thomas Mills one shilling
to my loving granddaughter Mary Mills one shilling
to my loving grandson Richard Biddle one shilling
to my loving grandson George Biddle one shilling
(unknown who the Biddle’s were)
to my loving grandson George Baylis junr whom appoint my sole executor of this my last will and testament all and singular my lands messuages and tenements and all other my effects whatsoever not before given bequeathed by him freely to be possessed enjoyed after my decease
George Baylis (his mark)
Samuel Chamberlin, Thomas Chamberlin, Tho Richards.

Inventory: a Butcher of Bidford, totalled £30, 4/10/1727, included domestic and shop items, refers to a brewhouse. Gives an interesting glimpse of life as a small trader in Bidford.

Issue of George (and probably Elizabeth 1) Bailis, Bidford (IGI):
1/1. Edward Baylis Birth: 22 SEP 1669 Ch: 20 OCT 1669

Bur Bidford 2/1/1683-4, Edward son of George Baylis. (PR)

1/2. JOHAN Baylis: 15 FEB 1671
1/3. DORATHEA Baylis Christening: 10 DEC 1673

Married John Mills (deduced from IGI & grandchildren in father’s Will)
2/1. THOMAS MILLS Ch: 04 SEP 1696 Haselor
2/2. MARY MILLS Ch: 01 NOV 1694 Haselor

1/4. ALICIA Baylis Christening: 20 MAR 1678

Married Paul Smith, willed 1 shilling in father’s will

1/5. MARIA Baylis Christening: 23 OCT 1679

Married William Crow, willed 1 shilling in father’s will

1/6. GEORGIUS Baylis Christening: 05 MAY 1682
1/7. EDVARDUS Baylis Christening: 20 JAN 1683-4

2/1. Mary Baylis, legacy in grandfather’s will

possible ch Chaddesley Corbett 23/12/1711 of Edward & Elizabeth (IGI)

1/8. PETRUS Baylis Christening: 16 JAN 1684
1/9. JANNA Baylis Christening: 16 AUG 1684
1/10. FRANCISCUS Baylis Christening: 16 AUG 1684

Bur Elizabeth, wife of George Bailis, miller, Bidford, 19/08/1708. This is probably his second wife as he was a butcher in his will, but also had a brewhouse, so was probably a miller as well.
Elizabeth, wife of George Baylis, bur 12/5/1684, Bidford.
Possibly married 2nd:
George Baylis M. Elizabeth Alcox, 6/10/1685 IGI.

1/11. Elizabetha Baylis  15 DEC 1686
1/12. Elizabetha Baylis 12 APR 1688

Also at Gt. Alne:
John Baylis  Married Anna Rogers, Gt. Alne, 24/1/1627.
Anne Rogers ch 21/6/1606, Alcester of William Rogers – several others also on IGI.
Anna Baylis, widow bur Bidford, 10/12/1682

Issue of John & Anna Baylis, Bidford:
1/1. Elizabeth of John, 6/9/1629

Bur Elizabeth, dau of John 5/10/1677 – this could have been her, but seems old still to be unmarried then.

1/2. Edward of John, 6/2/1632
1/3. Joan of John, 28/3/1635
1/4. John of John & Ann, 26/7/1637
1/5. George of John & Ann, 22/8/1641

Bur Elizabeth Bailis, widow, 1/8/1714

Fryer Miners Willenhall

Also Josiah Fryer, b abt 1869 Willenhall. Ref David Fryer[xv]
1841 Mamble Sq, Sedgeley:
All born Staffs
George Fryer (40, Miner), Sarah (45), Mary (15), George (10), Thomas (10), Enoch (7), Harriet (15).
Thomas Frier (50, Miner), Hannah (40), Thomas (10), Enid (10), Eliza (7).
1851 Census, New St Willenhall:
All B Willenhall except parents:
George Fryer (Hd, 23, Stone Miner, Sedgeley), Ann (19, Bilston), Hannah (7 mths),
1861 Census, New St Willenhall:
All B Willenhall except parents:
George Fryer (Hd, 33, Stone Miner, Sedgeley), Ann (28, Bilston), Hannah (10), Comfort (5), Richard (2),
1871 Census, 5 Dilloway Lane, Portobello:
All B Willenhall except parents:
George Fryer (Hd, 45, Ironstone Miner, Coseley), Ann (43, Bilston), Hannah (21, employed in colliery), Comfit (16, employed in colliery), Richard (11), Sarah Ann (9), Esther (7), George (4), Josiah (2).

1881 Census, New St, Portobello:
Ann Fryer (Hd, Wid, 55, Bilston), Richard (son, 21, Coal Miner, Willenhall), Sarah Ann (dau 18, key filer, Willenhall), Esther (16, Polisher), George (13, Warehouse Boy), Josiah (11, Scholar), Mary Ellen (8, scholar).

Warwickshire 18/5/96

Kinwarton Church

Est 13th C: in 17th & 18Th C, very popular for weddings as incumbent was described on plaque as being a surrogate on in the case of late 17th C, an archdeacon.

Gt Alne Church

Church pretty but Victorian.
In Nave, brass plaque in memory of Richard & Sarah Heming by their grand children.
Richard Heming M Sarah Sale, B&S OTP, Haselor 8/10/1811.
Prob ch 19/4/1781FMPi of Thomas & Elizabeth, Alcester.
Thomas Heming married Elizabeth Harper, Alcester, by Banns, B&S both OTP, 21/8/1774 FMPi.
Thomas Heming ch Alcester, 4/2/1756FMPi of Thomas & Elizabeth.

Richard Hemming & Sarah Chaire, M Haselor, 3/9/1747 by banns.
Large Stones under yew tree:
Other Stones record William Heming and Joseph Heming, but remainder unreadable.

Visited Dove House Farm,
owned by Stait family in 18th & 19thC
sold by Mary Stait to James Sumpter Husband 25/6/1899 for £350.
Her husband George built the house, described as modern house in 1860.
He died 4/7/1873, leaving a will.
Old deeds refer to many Staits, including Keziah, John etc. Deeds temporarily gone missing.
Also enquiring at house recently,
Mrs Rhoda Owen (Qwen), Plas Llysyn, Caersws, SY17 5JT.


Monumental Inscriptions:



John Wilkes, died 2/11/1786 aged 20
Ann Wilkes, dau, died 22/3/1795, aged 12 (PR bur 25/3 dau of John & Elizabeth)
William Wilkes died 31/1/1804 aged 24 (PR bur 2/2/04)
Elizabeth, 2nd wife died 20/2/1816 (Bur reg. 70)
Mary Wilkes, 3rd wife died 27/12/1823 aged 68.

Frank Cooper Wilkes 24/1/1893 aged 13 years & 19 months.

Jane Wilkes bur 14/6/1833 aged 82.


The Burial in Woollen Acts 1666-80 were Acts of the Parliament of England (citation 18 & 19 Cha. II c. 4 (1666) [1], 30 Cha. II c. 3 (1678) [2] and 32 Cha. II c. 1 (1680) [3]) which required the dead, except plague victims, to be buried in pure English woollen shrouds to the exclusion of any foreign textiles.

It was a requirement that an affidavit was sworn in front of a Justice of the Peace (usually by a relative of the deceased or some other credible person) confirming burial in wool, with the punishment of a £5 fee for noncompliance. Parish registers were marked with the word affidavit or with a note A or Aff against the burial entries to confirm that affidavit had been sworn, or marked "naked" for those too poor to afford the woollen shroud. Some affidavits survive. In many parishes the affidavits were copied into parish registers and these may survive even if the affidavits have been lost. In some Churchwardens' Accounts, which were kept in the Parish Chest, for example St. Elphin's Parish in Warrington, then in Lancashire, I have read accounts of poor families being given wool by the parish in which to bury their deceased family member. These records name the family member to whom the wool was given and the deceased person's name. This legislation was in force until 1814, but was generally ignored after 1770. These related records are generally regarded as a source of genealogical information, and can help provide evidence of economic status and relationships that may be unavailable elsewhere or ambiguous

"In 1666 an Act of Parliament was passed by which people were compelled to bury the dead in woollen. The purpose of the Act was to help the farmers and to encourage the manufacture of woollen goods. The new measure was very unpopular. From the very early times people had been accustomed to bury their dead in linen, and a great many people persisted in continuing the old practice.
To put a stop to disobedience the Government imposed a fine of £5 on the offender, whenever the act was broken.. Half of the £5 was given to the poor and half to the informer. An entry (in one of the Church registers) states that, on at least one occasion, this law was brought into operation against a Salton resident. The entry reads thus: 'Elizabeth Dowker, the wife of Robert Dowker, was interred July 15th., 1692, and her corpse was wrapped in linen, for which the penalty of £5 was imposed, according to the Act of Parliament, and one half was given to the informer and the other to the church wardens, to be distributed to the poor of the parish.'
The Act of Parliament which compelled people to bury the dead in woollen was finally repealed in 1814."

William Hemming of Stratford-Upon-Avon & USA

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 23:58:44 -0600

From: "Dianne Plunkett Latham" < >

From 6-19-00 to 7-3-00 we (Dan Latham and Dianne Plunkett Latham) toured in Ireland and England. June 28 to July 1 was spent in Stratford-Upon-Avon in Warwickshire, the probable birthplace of Dianne's 4th Gt. grandfather, William Hemming. Lathams stayed at Richard Workman's delightful Ravenhurst B & B while there, which is located at 2 Boardwalk, Stratford-upon-Avon
( ). Lathams visited the Holy Trinity Church (HTC), which was the only church in the city during the 1700's, and probable place of William Hemming's baptism. It is part of the Church of England (Anglican). The church and gift shop were visited and Shakespeare's burial place noted within the church. Outside, in the cemetery, the grave stones from the 1700's were broken and unreadable. The broken pieces were used to line the sidewalks as a low fence. The peaceful river flowed behind the church.

In June of 2000 Lathams also visited the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT), repository of the Holy Trinity Church records as well as many other area records. The oldest records were written in Latin. Thus Gillamus fillus Gillamus translates to William son of William. Lathams found 2 dozen or more records for William Hemming (spelled various ways). William may have been a fairly popular name, given that William Shakespeare (1564-1616) resided there. Only 3 William Hemming records from Holy Trinity Church in the SBT card catalogue appeared to have a reasonable possibility of a connection to Dianne Latham's Hemming line (William Hemming m. Scisson Stevens). However, additional corroboration is necessary to confirm the supposition. No further corroboration was found on the Latham's June 2000 visit, e.g. census, probate, property records etc. There were many others of the name Hemming, with various spellings, in the SBT card catalogue. Their relationship to our line is unknown. In June 2000 an E.R. Hemming was listed as living at 63 Hathaway Green Lane, telephone 296-663, in Stratford-upon-Avon but he was not called by Lathams and his relationship to our line is unknown.

The most likely HTC records with a connection to the Wm and Scisson Stevens line are as follows:

Holy Trinity Church - Baptism July 29, 1757 "William son of William Hemmings". Microfilm record DR 243/1-2 p. 129. SBT said that whether there is an s, or one, or two m's, is not significant as the name is spelled various ways. It is unknown how long after his birth that William was baptized, but given that the weather is generally good in the summer, and assuming the good health of the mother and child, it was probably just a matter of days. This baptism record is probably that of William Hemming d. August 18, 1844, husband of Scisson Stevens as our 1889 family bible says that William was from England and Hemming DAR applications say that William was from Stratford-upon-Avon. No marriage record was found for William and Scisson and they most likely were married in the United States. No records were found for Scisson Stevens in the SBT. Perhaps she was born in the United States or elsewhere in England.

Holy Trinity Church - Baptism July 13, 1729 "William son of William Heming".
Microfilm record DR 243/1-2 p. 111. There was no s and only one m. Perhaps this William Heming is the father of William Hemmings baptized July 29, 1757.

Holy Trinity Church - Burial 1764 - "William son of William Heming".
Microfilm record DR 243/1-2 p. 131. DPL made a copy. There was no s and only one m. Perhaps this William Heming is the William Hemming baptized on July 13, 1729. Thus, there probably were 3 generations of William Hemmings. No Marriage certificate was found for this William Heming at the SBT. Perhaps he was married elsewhere in his wife's parent's parish.

The SBT provided Lathams with the following property records in June 2000.
The William Hemmings (2 m's and s) mentioned could possibly be the William Heming bapt. 7-13-1729 d. 1764 and the father of William Hemmings bapt. 7-29-1757. The property records stated:

Sharshaw, [Mary Esther] 386. 1752-1854
Bundle re two houses in Moor Townsend [Greenhill Street] and Meer Street [Meer Pool Lane], Stratford-upon-Avon.

24 & 25 March 1752 - Copy lease and release by William Reader, Bedworth, woolstapler and Susanna his wife (only child of Joseph Hemmings late of Stratford-upon-Avon, stone cutter, deceased) and Samuel Reader, Coventry, woolstapler to Edward Townsend, Alveston, gent. for 180 Pounds of, inter alia, cottage in Greenhill Street in occupation William Hemmings and cottage in Meer Pool Lane in occupation Mary Hemmings.

30 May 1793 - Extract from will (proved June 1794) of Edward Townsend, Alveston, gent., whereby he devised all his 2 messuages in Stratford-upon-Avon to his kinswoman Hannah Higgins.

24 & 25 March 1796 - Conveyance by lease and release from Hannah Higgins, Northampton spinster, to William Cooper, Stratford-upon-Avon, cordwainer, for 28 pounds of cottage in Meer Pool Lane, formerly in occupation Mary Hemmings then of ---Pace, shoemaker.

23 & 24 May 1809 - Lease and release by Edward Waring, Leamington Priors, tailor, and Ann his wife (daughter and devisee of the will of William Cooper, deceased) to Thomas Sharshaw, Stratford-upon-Avon, butcher and Joseph Smith, Stratford-upon-Avon, grocer (his trustee) for 50 pounds of messuage in Meer Pool Lane, Stratford-upon-Avon in occupation Joseph Pace, in trust for the benefit of Thomas Sharshaw.

1854 - Abstract of title (1739-1812) of Trustees of Mrs. William Sharshaw to 2 premises in Meer Pool Lane.

Other deeds were found for William Hemming at SBT, but none of the others were for Stratford-upon-Avon and probably were from towns too far away to be a likely match, e.g., Brailes, , Lower Brailes, Epsell, etc.

Nicholas Heming

In June 2000 the SBT provided Lathams with a genealogy of the "Heming Family - Following are Father to Son from 1665-1969" (one m). This appeared to have been prepared by a professional researcher. It begins with a Nicholas Heming who married Ann Staples on 5-22-1687 in Kenwarton U.K. Many of those in the Heming/Staples line settled in Great Alne U.K. After studying the 28 pages, Dianne Plunkett Latham found no discernable relationship to our Hemming line.

SBT also provided Lathams in June 2000 with a "Pedigree from 1687 Heming, Family of Stratford on Avon, Notes" ER 20/166 OR 97. DPL made a copy. DSI means died sans/without issue. It was a rough draft of the family tree of Robert Hemmings (=Mwry?) who had 4 sons, Richard "died sans I", Robert "Settled S. Compton & left issue two sons", John "born 1687", Joseph "issue 2 or more sons" and Mary Carler. This graph contained a total of 4 generations, but appeared to have no relationship to our line. No author was given and the accuracy of the data is unknown. It was crudely drawn.

In "Registers of Stratford-upon-Avon Marriages 1558-1812 Co. Warwick" transcribed by Richard Savage, Esq, Secty, Librarian SBT, Pub. London, 1898, other William Hemming references were found under various spellings of the surname. It is speculative whether any of these fit the William Hemming (d. August 18, 1844) who must have been in the U.S. before February 8, 1783, when his first child, Thomas, was born in the U.S., or the William Heming bapt. July 13, 1729, or the William Heming buried 1764. These references are as follows:

June 16, 1656 - "William Hemmings of the Parish of Arrow and Mary Jennings of the Parish of Alcester were published of an intent of marriage in the market place of the Burrow of Stratford and being no exception against there proceeding in marriage were upon 6-16-1656 joined together in marriage by William Hiccox Justice of the Peace in the Burrow of Stratford. Witt. George Jennings & Edward Waiter". Could this be an ancestor in our line?

July 10, 1759 - "Wm Wright and Susanna Moor, both of this Par., by Banns, by Edward Kenwrick, Vicar. In Pres. of William Hemmings, Thomas Mills." Could this be the William Heming buried 1764?

Nov. 12, 1757 - "William Mallory, St. Mary's Boro of Warwick and Sarah Simmons, this Par. by lic. by Edward Kenwick, Vicar in pres. of Susannah Walker and William Hemmings." Could this be the William Heming buried 1764?

March 23, 1762 - "Nathaniel Whithead and Elizabeth Cornill, both of this Par., by Banns by Edward Kenwick, Vicar, in pres. of William Hemmings, Walter Roberts." Could this be the William Heming buried 1764?

October 14, 1779 - "William Hemming, Bachelor, and Mary Turner, Spinster, both of this Par., by Banns, by John Whitmore, Curate in pres. of John Hill, John Mills." Could this be the William Hemmings bapt. 7-29-1757? If it is, and it is also William Hemming, husband of Scisson Stevens, could this have been a first wife who died? Is this the William Hemming of our line who d. 8-18-1844, or another?

Aug. 23, 1780 - "Thomas Blackshaw, Bachelor, and Anne Webb, Spinster, both of this Par., by Banns by John Whitmore, Curate in pres. of William Hemming, Jane Dyde." Is this the William Hemming of our line who d. 8-18-1844, or another?

July 15, 1784 - "Thomas Sheldon, Bachelor, and Mary Lea, Spinster both of this Par., by Banns, by John Whitmore. In pres. of William Hemming, Elizabeth Avern." This cannot be the William Hemming of our line who d. 8-18-1844, because he must have been in the U.S. before February 8, 1783, when his first child, Thomas, was born in the U.S. Thus, it appears there was more than one William Hemming in Stratford-upon-Avon.

June 17, 1799 - "William Smith, Bachelor, and Jane Harris, Spinster, both of this Parish, by Banns, by James Davenport, Vicar. In pres. of Merriel Hemming, William Hemming." This cannot be the William Hemming of our line who d. 8-18-1844, because he must have been in the U.S. before February 8, 1783, when his first child, Thomas, was born in the U.S. Thus, it appears there was more than one William Hemming in Stratford-upon-Avon.

The Complete Book of Emigrants in bondage 1614-1775 by Peter Wilson Coldham Page 380 lists William Hemming, sentenced to transportation for stealing a mare and reprieved for transportation 14 yrs Summer 1772 Gloucestershire. Gloucestershire is the county on the southern boarder of Warwickshire where Stratford-upon-Avon is located. Perhaps there is a connection with my line to the horse thief Wm Hemming. When Lathams visited the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in June of 2000, a quick review of Gloustershire records found nothing on William Hemming. Closer inspection should be made. If the William Hemming transportation sentence in the Coldham book's reference to "14 years" is the age of William at the time of the theft of a mare during the summer of 1772 it matches the age of the Stratford-upon-Avon William who would have turned 15 shortly before July 29, 1757. It more likely means that a sentence of 14 years was reprieved in favor of transportation to the United States. If William Hemming who was sentenced to transportation is our ancestor, and he came to the United States during the summer of 1772 at age 15, he would have been a suitable age to serve in the American revolution if he chose to join. Given his transportation sentence, he probably bore no love for the UK and may well have served.

DPL checked with the DAR to see if they had any record of service. On 1-2-04 the following response was received from the National DAR: "Your ancestor was not found in our Patriot Index. This does not mean he did not serve in some capacity during the Revolutionary War. It simply means no one has joined DAR using his service." Given that our Wm Hemming died on August 18, 1844 and pensions were established for American Revolution veterans during the 1830's, a pension may exist for him and should be checked under the Maryland or Ohio records.


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[22] DC has DoB 27/2/1882, father James.


There is also a William Fryer, b 1882, Woolwich, father James, mother Emily & sibling in 1891. This one is William George Fryer, Q1 1882, Bethnal Green.


1930 Census, Stevens Point, Portage Co, Wisconsin

Clara Sutton (hd, 76, Wisconsin, father’s France), William Fryer (47, married at 32, England, salesman, Furnace Shop), Mabel (dau, 38, B Wisconsin, father b Texas), Lillian M, g/ch, 14, Illinois), Marvin G (g/ch, 11, Wisconsin) William S (g/ch, 7 Florida).

1940 Census, Stevens Point, Portage Co, Wisconsin

William Fryer (W, 60, M, England, work in Police Station) Mabel (wife, 49, Wisconsin) Lillian (dau, 24, Wisconsin, typist), Mervin (21, Wisconsin, waiter in restaurant) William (17, Florida)

Married: Chicago, aged 32, Mabel Frances Sutton aged 24, 19/1/1915ACt

Died : Vienna, Va. 8/5/1967, ref his wife former Mabel Sutton of Stevens Point at the home of day Dampe (Lillian) Marzetta, survived by 2 sons, Marvin (Washington DC), & William (Sacramento, Ca)


Emigrated to Canada abt 1900. (2/2004)

US Immigration: Northern District of Illinois: William Fryer, age 27, an inspector, white fair complexion, blue eyes, hair brown, 5ft 2½”, Born Willenhall 21/2/1881FMPi, now 2831 McLean Ave Chicago, came from New Hamburg Canada via Michigan Central Railway- arrived 22 June 1910. Wife Mabel, born in Wisconsin.

     He worked his way down to the northern part of the USA - worked as a railway man I believe.  He had at least one daughter, Lillian, with whom I had some correspondence some years ago - also talked on the phone. Strangely enough - she was like me - a Librarian.

She married Rudi Marzetta - had three children - Dante, Dean and Dana. They are a military family, living in Virginia. I remember Lillian telling me that one of her sons was a Commander on a ship which fought in the Falkland's War. Rudi is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and I think Lillian has passed away now as she was quite elderly when I was in touch with her and I know it hit her badly when Rudi died.


Ref Internet 2004:

Dante R Marzetta II Senior VP - Airport Services, Continental Airlines aged 60. Dau Angie.

3/1. Lillian Mabel Fryer, B 22/1/1916ACt, Chicago

of William A Fryer & Mabel F Shelton.

Died 25/4/2007FAG, buried Arlington, wife of Dante R Marzetta

M Rudi Marzetta. Alive 2006, aged 90.

4/1. Dante Marzetta, US SSI deaths: b 17/5/1917,

died 5/1984, res 22180  Vienna, Fairfax, Virginia. USS Wisconsin, deceased comrades: Dante Marzetta Gunnery Officer, 1952-54.

5/1. Dante R Marzetta II, b abt 1943.

4/2. Dean R Marzetta, M Lillian?

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