Chadwick of Ballinard Genealogy

The Chadwick Descendants from William Chadwick (b 1636) in Ireland to Elizabeth Chadwick (b 1915) of Victoria BC, Canada. Included are some collateral branches.

Issue Date: 24/9/2015.

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The Ancient History of the Surname Chidwick 5

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                                                    |WILLIAM (?) CHADWICK snr

                                               |WILLIAM CHADWICK

                                                     |Grace Goggin

                                         |WILLIAM CHADWICK, of Gurthakilleen

                                               |ELIZABETH GABBETT

                                   |RICHARD CHADWICK

                             |WILLIAM CHADWICK (?-1825)

                             |     |      |James Ellard 

                             |     |Rebecca Ellard

                       |JOHN CRAVEN CHADWICK Snr (1778-1851)

                       |     |     |JOHN CARDEN

                       |     |Christiana Carden

                       |           |     |Robert Craven

                       |           |Elizabeth Craven

                       |                 |Rose Alway

                 |JOHN CRAVEN CHADWICK (1811-1889)

                 |     |     |Samuel Cooper

                 |     |ELIZABETH COOPER (abt 1778-1831)

           |FREDERICK JASPER CHADWICK (1838-1891)

           |     |          |DANIEL BELL (also desc. in Aus, Maria Suffolk)

           |     |     |JONATHAN BELL (1769-1794)

           |     |     |     |                 |David Barclay, Col

           |     |     |     |           |ROBERT BARCLAY (1648-90)

           |     |     |     |     |DAVID BARCLAY (1682-1769)

           |     |     |     |     |     |Christian Mollison

           |     |     |     |KATHERINE BARCLAY

           |     |     |                       |Robert Freame

           |     |     |                 |John Freame

           |     |     |           |Priscilla Freame

           |     |LOUISA BELL (?-1845)

           |           |     |Edward Vaux

           |           |Maria Vaux (?-1852)

           |                 |Mary Johnson


     |     |ELIZABETH STEWART (1839-1894)


     |Creina Henderson

Appendices: (on Chadapdx)

1. Priscilla Bell Descendants (Maria Suffolk)
2. Bourchier Descendants
3. Sally Chadwick (b 1802)
4: Miscellaneous Dublin Information
5. Jackson & Other Research on Bell Family (Separate file)
6. Murder of Richard Chadwick (1800-27)
7. Rev Richard Chadwick. (Parson Dick, 1757-1817)
8. Parson Dick's House at Chadwille.
9. Beatty Family: EMC's wife's family
10. Mocklers

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Jackson Research of this family  Jackson Research of Bell Family


The bulk of this history up to about 1900 is from The works of Edward Marion Chadwick, extended by other sources as given in the text.

1. Civil BMD Records
2. Parish Records.
3. IGI/AF.
4. Census.
5. Family interview.
6: Newspaper & other pub's   
7: Wills
8: Tombstone
9. Family History:
9c: Edward Marion Chadwick
9g: Gerald Pakenham Stewart (GPS).
10: Other records.
JF: Jeffrey Family
TPC: (Hugh Montgomery-Massingberd, editor, Burke's Irish Family Records)

Sources are also given as endnotes in the form 1,2,3...
Footnotes contain other matters which should not be on web pages such as email addresses etc and are in the form i,ii,iii....


   Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland's mother was born Elizabeth Chadwick: this is her line.
   Much of the earlier Chadwick information comes from a family history compiled by Edward Marion Chadwick (his text here), of Toronto (EMC), at the end of the 19thC. Some is quoted verbatim. Its veracity is not known, but agrees with other sources, but it may in fact have been used as the primary source for other supposed independent write-ups.
   This file contains relevant lines from EMC, but some of the indirect lines are not included here unless additional information has come to light.
  IGI information mostly approximate, probably from sources such as EMC inserted by others. All Ontario relevant entries are included.
A Chadwick Tree is available on "World Connect" on the Internet (12/2000), but this appears to be a copy of EMC's history.
By the end of the 17th century the Chadwick family was established at Ballinard, county Tipperary. In 1738 Richard Chadwick of Ballinard married as his first wife Rebecca Ellard. In 1799 John Craven Chadwick married Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Cooper of Killenure Castle, county Tipperary. They had seven sons and four daughters. The eldest son William had three daughters and when he died in 1876 he was succeeded by his son in law Richard Austin Cooper, who assumed the additional name of Chadwick. At the time of Griffith's Valuation William Chadwick held land in the parishes of Shronell and Solloghodmore, barony of Clanwilliam and Donohill, barony of Kilnamanagh Lower, while Mrs Anne Chadwick held land in the parish of Shronell and the representatives of Richard Chadwick in the parish of Cullen. In the 1870s William's grandson William Cooper Chadwick owned 882 acres in county Tipperary. In November 1882 the estate of Thomas Dowling at Clonbrick and Cotifiagh, barony of Clanwilliam, was advertised for sale. Richard Cooper Chadwick was the tenant.

This house was the seat of the Chadwick family in the 18th and 19th centuries. The present house dates from the early 19th century and incorporates parts of an older building. John Chadwick was resident in 1814 and William Chadwick in 1837 and at the time of Griffith's Valuation. The house was valued at £33 and held from the Earl of Portarlington. The Chadwicks were still living at Ballinard at the beginning of the 20th century.[1]

The Ancient History of the Surname Chidwick found on this site 4/2007.

The chronicles of England, shrouded by the mists of time, reveal the early records of the name Chidwick as a Norman surname which ranks as one of the oldest. The history of the name is interwoven in the colourful fabric which is part of the history of Britain.

Careful research by professional analysts using such ancient manuscripts as the Domesday Book (compiled in 1086 by William the Conqueror),  the Ragman Rolls, the Wace poem, the Honour Roll of the Battle Abbey, The Curia Regis, Pipe Rolls, the Falaise Roll, tax records, baptismal records, family genealogies and local parish records shows the first record of the name Chidwick was found in Staffordshire where they were seated from very early times and were granted lands by the Duke William of Normandy their liege lord, for their distinguished assistance at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 A.D.

Many alternate spellings were found.  They were typically linked to a common root,  usually one of the Norman nobles at the Battle of Hastings. The name Chidwick occurred in many references, and from time to time, the surname included the spellings Chadwick, Chadwicks, Chadwicke, Chadwyck, Chaddick, Chadwich, Chedwick, and many more.  Scribes recorded and spelled the name as it sounded. It was not unlikely that a person would be born with one spelling, married with another, and buried with a headstone which shown yet another. All three spellings related to the same person. Sometimes preferences for difference spelling variations either came from a division of the family or for religious reasons or sometimes for patriotic reasons.

The family name Chidwick is believed to be descended from the Norman race.  They were commonly believed to be of French origin but were more accurately of Viking origin.  The Vikings landed in the Orkneys and Northern Scotland about the year 870 A.D., under their Chief Stirgud the Stout. Later, under their Jarl, Thorfinn Rollo, they invaded France about 940 A.D. After they laid siege to Paris, the French king Charles the Simple finally conceded defeat and granted northern France to Rollo. Rollo became the first Duke of Normandy, the territory of the north men. Duke William who invaded and defeated England in 1066 was descended from the first Duke Rollo of Normandy.

Duke William took a census of most of England in 1086, and recorded it in the Doomsday Book. A family name capable of being traced back to this document or to Hastings, was a signal of honour and for most families during the middle ages and even to this day.

The surname Chidwick emerged as a notable English family name in the county of Staffordshire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated at Rideware with manor and estates in that shire. They were descendant from the Archbishop of Rheims through the renowned Sir Guy Mauvoisin surnamed le Barbu living in 1080 at Rosny in Nantes in Normandy. They moved to Lancashire settling in Chadwick in Spotland. Adam Bamford, Lord of the manor of Chadwick, rented lands to William Chadwick of Chadwick in 1335. They continued to hold property in Healy in Lancashire and Marvesyn (Mauvoisin) and Rideware in Staffordshire. By the 16th century they had acquired Switon Hall in Lancashire which became the main branch of the family. This branch in turn acquired Puddleston Court in the county of Hereford. Notable amounst the family at this time was Chadwick of Swinton Hall.

The surname Chidwick contributed much to the local politics and in the affairs of England or Scotland. During the 12th century, many of these Norman families moved north to Scotland following Earl David of Huntingdon who would be become King of Scotland. Later, in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, England and Scotland ware ravaged by religious and political conflict.  The Monarchy, the church and parliament fought for supremacy. The unrest caused many to think of distant lands. Settlers in Ireland became known as "adventurers for land in Ireland". They "undertook" to keep the protestant faith and were granted lands previously owned by the Irish. In Ireland they settled in Ballinard in the county of Limeric, and Killenure Castle in county Tipperary. 

The attractions of the New World spread like wildfire. Many sailed abroad the fleet of sailing ships known as the "White Sails".

In North America, migrants which could be considered a kinsman of the family name Chidwick, or variable spellings of the name, included Charles Chadwick who settled in Salem Mass. in 1630, and an important branch of the family settled in Toronto, Canada.  Elizabeth Chadwick settled in Potomac Maryland in 1728. Elles, George, James, John, Joseph, Mathias, Nathaniel, Robert, Samuel, Thomas and William all arrived in Philadelphia between 1775 and 1850. From the port of arrival many settlers joined the wagon trains westward. During the War of Independence, some declare their loyalty to the Crown and moved northward into Canada and became known as the United Empire Loyalists.

Meanwhile, the family name was active in the social stream.  There were many notables of this name,  including

Sir Albert Chadwick
Very Rev. Henry Chadwick, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford.
Sir John Chadwick,
Lynn Chadwick, sculptor
Sir Burton Chadwick

Sir James Chadwick, F.R.S. physicist, collaborator in Atomic research, who discovered the neutron in 1932 which led to the production of the atomic bomb.

In the process of researching the Chidwick name, we also traced the most ancient grant of Coat of Arms from the branches which developed their own Arms,  which was "red with a small silver shield surrounded by eight silver birds".

The crest is a lily.

The ancient family motto is "In Candore Decus".


Early Chadwicks by EM Chadwick:

     The family of Chadwick is said to have descended from a Saxon Chieftain, Cedde, or Caedde, who, at the time of the Norman conquest, lived near Rochdale on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire in a place named from him Caeddes-wyck: Chad's stronghold, from which his descendants subsequently took the surname Chaddewyk.
    The Canadian branch of the family descended from William who, possibly under Cromwellian influence, moved to Cullen in Ireland.
   The Canadian branch started with John Craven Chadwick (born 1811) who  emigrated to Ontario about 1830.
   His son, Frederick Jasper Chadwick married Elizabeth Stewart from a Northern Irish family (Antrim), her Aunt and Godmother (Kitty Pakenham) married Arthur Wellesley and became Duchess of Wellington.
   Frederick's son, Frederick Austin Pakenham, married, 2nd, Creina Henderson and was the father of Elizabeth Chadwick, mother of Alice (Kirk-Owen) Maitland. FAP was a priest, firstly in Guelph, Ontario, and later in Victoria BC.
   The Hendersons come from the Belfast area and were an influential family there, controlling newspapers and acting as Mayor and Lord Mayor. Our branch originates from Rev Henry, a Presbyterian Minister. See the Henderson Genealogy



Born5: 17/8/1915, Victoria BC, St John’s Rectory, 1611, Quadra Street.
Parents: Frederick Austin Pakenham & Creina (Henderson) Chadwick.
(She claimed to be born 1916 after Alice was born - no young mother should be over 40!)

Married, 1st5, William Beatty-Chamberlain, Lt RNVR, married 16/3/1941 at St John's Church, Victoria BC. His father was a doctor in the Isle of White. According to Betty, his sister married Wingate of Burma fame but this does not appear to be so. Went to St John's Newfoundland June 1941 on SS Baccalieu. EAC joined him for 1940/41. His parents had new house 1156 Goodwin St, June 1940.
They were married on a Sunday as he was on a ship that had to go to the Atlantic at 24 hours notice. Betty I later papers says she was married 1940, but if it was on Sunday 16th, it must have been 1941 as I originally recorded.

Married, 2nd5, Reginald (Rex) Kirk-Owen, Victoria, BC, 25/3/1949; he died 1959. More about Rex Kirk-Owen

Died: 26/8/2012, Bryn Awelon Nursing Home, Criccieth, Wales at the age of 97. Her funeral service was at St Johns Church, Porthmadog, Wales, with a cremation afterwards at Bangor. The service was conducted by Dr Barry Morgan, Archbishop of Wales. A party, as instructed in her will, followed at Portmerion Hotel in North Wales.

Issue5: Alice Charlotte Kirk-Owen, 3/10/56-14/3/97, married Antony Maitland, author of this text.

Her life, from conversation, albums etc:

    Betty was born in Victoria BC to her father's second wife, his first having died accidentally; he was, by her account an priest of the old style, with an extensive knowledge of the classics. Their life sounded rather Victorian in style: she had a governess until age about 10 when she went to Norfolk House School, Victoria, where she stayed until about 16 or 17. She had some further education at BC university. She did some volunteer nursing before and during the war. She had 2 older, half brothers, Freddy and Jack, who seemed to have spoilt her as a child: the arrival of her younger brother took some of the attention away from her.
   She married WBC in 1941, moving with him to Newfoundland almost immediately after their marriage, she travelling overland by train, he by naval ship through the Panama canal. She was a Red Cross nurse in St John's for a period between arrival in 1941 and her return to BC later in the war, about the time the Japanese landed on Vancouver Island.
   Worked at Comox Hospital (BC?) before marriage.
   After she and Rex were married in 1949, they lived in Prince George (North of Vancouver) for a while where Rex had a cold storage business which was not successful. 
   Met Rex about 1940 (in a streetcar), but did not re-meet until after the War, when Betty had been married to WBC, and Rex to Jocelyn Farmer. In about 1950, they left BC for Toronto by car via California, Mexico and Southern US, Washington etc, staying with brother Freddy in California. Worked in The Whitney Block, Toronto. Lived in 83, Centre Street West, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Nr. Toronto for about 12 months. Sailed from Montreal 25/10/1952.
   On arrival in London, they first lived in Norfolk Sq, Holland Street (28A). Rex worked as an engineer for London Council before studying for the Bar. While in his pupilage, he worked late nights for the GPO to supplement their income (trainee lawyers were not paid at the time). After Alice's birth, they moved out of London to a cottage called Tudor Thatch Cottage, Oakhanger, Bordon, Hampshire, owned by John Burton's wife, Jacqueline, who had lived near them in London, and then to Ropley (Hampshire). They later bought Blagdon House, Keevil, Wiltshire, where Rex died. Worked 6 months in Bath after Rex died.
  Betty somewhat later moved to live with Richard Vernon, a friend from Keevil, in a rented house in Bwlch, near Eglwsfach, where they met RS Thomas, who was the incumbent at the time. They moved again to Bryn Gwyn, near Twyn, Wales where Alice grew up. After Alice left Dr Williams School in Dolgellau for Hatherop Castle in Gloucestershire, about 1971, Betty and Richard bought Burcher Cottage, Titley, Herefordshire, which was nearer for Alice's schooling (a convenience so that Betty could get to the school more quickly to extract Alice from scrapes). Here Betty involved herself extensively in the local social scene and was a member of the Hereford sketching club.
    I, Antony Maitland, can make an unusual claim: to have given my mother-in-law away in marriage not just once, but twice; she came back each time.

Betty's travels in 1949/52.
Glacier National park, 7/1949.
Vernon, BC, 9/1950: Kirk-Owens lived in Barnard Av, Vernon, before the War.
Trip round N America 1951/2:
Pacific Coast 9/51
Fresno, ca, 9/51
Phoenix, 9/51.
New Orleans
Gulf Coast 10/51
Washington DC 10/51
To Canada
Toronto - lived off Yonge St, Richmond Hill
Rex worked for Ontario Hydro @ Niagara.
Windsor Ont, Easter 52
Ottawa 9/52

Norwegian Cruise 13/9/1989-25/9: Bergen Trondenes, Nidaros, Alesund, Masoy, Tromsdal, North Cape, Bodo,

Married, 3rd5 (30/5/1978), Richard Vernon (1900-19/7/1996), of Hilton Park, Staffs & Keevil, Wilts; more about Richard Vernon. Richard was in effect the father of Alice. Given away by Antony Maitland; Betty spent the eve of her wedding at the Maitland’s flat at Evancoyd (Radnorshire).

Married, 4th5 (17/8/1996, Llanfairynghornwy, Anglesey), Rev Ronald Stuart Thomas (1913-9/2000). Given away again by Antony Maitland.
More about RS Thomas

Granny’s Address

As read (& Composed) by grand daughter Isabel at Betty’s funeral

As I am sure you can all calculate, I came late onto the scene in Granny’s life. From all accounts, before my arrival Granny had already seen and done so much. Anecdotes from each part of her life suggest that her attitude was to squeeze in as much as possible all done with enthusiasm and panache.
Elisabeth Agnes, or Betty as she was known, was born in the town of Victoria, in British Columbia, Canada on 17th August 1915.  The year of her birth had in fact, until quite recently, been noted down as a year later, 1916. To all who needed to know or indeed bravely asked, Betty would have had you believe that she was born in 1916, not 1915. This discrepancy was only uncovered recently when my father was undertaking some family history research. When he questioned her about the year difference, Betty turned to Daddy and said “well, no young mother should be over 40!” A neat reversal of her birth date by a year meant she was 39 when Mummy was born!  Betty remained in Canada for her school days and young life before moving to London with Rex Kirk Owen, her then husband, in 1952. Granny may have left her home country behind when she was relatively young but she successfully retained her distinctive Canadian twang for ever more. They settled into life in England, with Rex studying at the Bar. After mummy’s birth, in 1956, they moved out of London to Hampshire. Initially renting a cottage, they soon bought Blagdon House in Keevil where they remained until Rex died, three short years later, in 1959.
After this sad moment in Granny’s life, her tough survival attitude kicked in. Not to be defeated, she dusted herself down and soon found friendship and ultimately marriage with Richard Vernon. Richard was a kind, gentle country loving man who became my mother’s father in all but name, known fondly as Uncle Richard. They, with mummy, moved away from Hampshire to North Wales where Granny’s love of this part of the world began. They spent ten happy years near Towyn until practicalities required them to leave and move just over the border to Titley, in Herefordshire. Here Granny involved herself extensively in the local community and social scene. As a child, I can remember large Christmas drinks parties, Lent soup lunches and the annual attendance at the local Point to Point and Hunt Meets. Life at Burcher Cottage continued in this vein for over 20 years until Richard’s death in 1996. During this time, Granny was not wholly occupied with the social whirl of the area but was also dedicated to looking after her daughter, my mother, during her illness. Granny tirelessly gave support and practical help during this difficult time.
By the mid 1990’s, Granny was a woman in her 70’s. One would imagine, therefore, that life would start to slow down. Not a bit. She found herself in a whirlwind romance with the poet RS Thomas. Leaving Herefordshire behind, they returned to North Wales to live firstly in Anglesey and then to the local village of Pentrefelin. They married in 1996, on her 81st birthday I may add, and Daddy believes he may be one of few to claim that he has given his mother-in-law away not once but twice – to both Richard and Ronald!
Granny played a large role in the formative years of the life of me and my brother. Here are some stories, albeit through the eyes of a child, which I hope give a flavour of the Betty you all may have known and remember. When we were small, she used to collect us from school and the parcel shelf of the car was always so full of delicious treats that she quickly earned the title of “Snack Trolley Granny”.  She was a devil in the kitchen too. Historic roasts on a Sunday; followed by vanilla ice-cream and butterscotch sauce; light fluffy Angel cakes for everyone’s birthdays; and lashings of brandy butter at Christmas.
In the school holidays, Granny would whisk Ollie and me off to stay in Tenby in West Wales or to the Basil Street Hotel in London to give our parents a well earned break. I distinctly remember how deeply impressed I was that you could leave your shoes outside your bedroom door in the evening at the Basil Street and they would reappear in the morning shining brilliantly.  These trips were always full of generous treats and fun activities but there was never any doubt about who was in charge. Granny! Any step out of line and firm granny made a brief appearance.
Trips away were not limited to the confines of the UK. In fact, Granny was rather more adventurous than that. Quite regularly, even when she was in her 70s, she would disappear to a far flung part of Europe. I remember her returning from Albania in the mid 80’s when it was far from being the most stable country. She happily recounted to us that she had returned from the trip with barely a thing left in her suitcase having given clothes and cosmetics to women she had met who had nothing. Carefree, generous and adventurous indeed she could be.
Much of what Granny did was finished with a jaunty twist. Her rather traditional kilt skirts were always teamed with a matching jumper and tights topped off by a quirky beret and a slick of red lipstick. If you looked closely at home, little details hinted at her charming eccentricity - ribbons tied around the TV remote control, corners of cupboards, and walking sticks so they were easy to find; a bizarre collection of alcoholic drinks from herby Chartreuse to the angostura bitters to make her famous drink, Pink Gin; and funny little ornaments and keep sakes from every place she had ever visited. Even the type of cigarette that Granny smoked was more colourful and exotic than others. An annual Christmas request was a packet of the brightly coloured cocktail cigarettes made by Sobraine. In fact, one artist painted her and entitled the piece “Sobraine, So Beti”. Impressively, this twinkle and original personality never went away. In the nursing home we did not make trips down the lane in a wheel chair but in her “chariot”; she would tell me she didn’t want to eat too much so that she could keep “her girlish figure”; and when Christopher first met her she surreptitiously asked him to pop some gin into her plastic beaker.
Finally, I leave you with a thought from Winston Churchill, perhaps less serious than such a situation demands but certainly in keeping with the carefree, slightly naughty livewire Granny was – “I am ready to meet my Maker, Whether my Maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter”.

4         GENERATION 4



Sources: EAC, newspapers, other family.
Born3,5,9c: 9/6/1873 (IGI: Guelph, Wellington, Ont.). Baptized St George's Guelph. (Also confirmed and ordained here).
Parents: Jasper & Elisabeth (Stewart) Chadwick
Died5: 21/12/1952, Oak Bay, Victoria BC. (BC Deaths Index)

He was a gentle, erudite man (keen on the Classical languages), helped by a strong wife. He was a diabetic. He was a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (or was this Trinity, Toronto?). According to EAC, he was a good hunter, and a number of photographs in his album (about 1906) show the evidence of his success; also shown are the camping trips made into the interior of BC. These were made with other friends and families, swimming and canoeing (Canadian style canoes).

Lived early Life at "Rockmaple" near Guelph.
For a good insight into his ministry in St John's, Victoria, see extract from a book, The Iron Church, Chadwick Appendix.

Ref Internet 26/11/00 (Archives of Diocese of Niagara):
1896 Ordained deacon, priest 1897.
1896-1902 Incumbent, Grace Church, Arthur.
1901 Census: Arthur, Wellington:
Rev Chadwick, B. 9/6/1872, Bertha, B. 8/4/1878, Rosa Chadwick (sister), B 22/6/1861, John F. B. 14/5/1899, Frederick, B. 30/9/1900.
1902-1904 St Paul's Dunnville.
1904-1910 Rector of All Saint's Windsor.
1910 Rector of St Paul's, Vancouver, BC. (by invitation of Bishop DePencier.
Abt 1915 Rector of St John's, Victoria.

Newspaper clipping undated, recd ex Maurice Chadwick. (about 1898)
Married, 22nd October, 1898, Alberta Louise, daughter of Samuel

CHADWICK-DICE - At Grace church, Milton, on Wednesday, 22nd June, by the Rev. W.E. White, assisted by the Rev. C.A.  Seager and H.B. Gwyn, the Rev. Frederick Austin Pakenham Chadwick, M.A., incumbent of Arthur, son of the late Frederick Jasper Chadwick, of Guelph, to Berta Louise, daughter of Samuel Dice, Esq., Mayor of Milton.

Samuel Dice.

    Farmer. Real estate and insurance agent. Mayor. 1837-1924.
    Samuel Dice was the second son of George and Agnes Dice who were born in Ireland. Samuel was born in Nelson Township. In 1862 he married Sarah Martin. They had two daughters. His second wife was A. Dorothy Shuert. They had one daughter. He was Mayor of Milton and also served on the Town Council. He served for a number of years as Justice of the Police and Police Magistrate. For further information regarding Samuel Dice please see "Milton Area Biographies, Vol. I" by Alex Cooke. This photograph was taken from "Milton Semi-Centennial, 1857-1907".

Another Cutting, with faded print of FAPC, (undated, but about 1904, Windsor).

   The accompanying picture is a good likeness of Rev. F.A.P. Chadwick, the newly appointed rector of All Saint's church, who will preach his first sermon on Sunday, Nov 15th.
   Rev Mr Chadwick was educated at the public schools and Collegiate Institute of Guelph, Trinity School College, Port Hope, and Trinity University, Toronto. He graduated in 1890 and took an honor course in classes graduating in 1893. Immediately after completing this course, he entered the divinity class winning the Bishop's prize in 1895, and graduated in 1896.
   The journal of the deanery of Haldimand in its correspondence from Dunville says "Mr Chadwick has made himself a very popular indeed. He is a young man full of energy and zeal, and under his ministry, the attendance and interest in the church has greatly increased."

Newspaper cuttings found in Album originally belonging to Creina Henderson. (undated but about Dec 1912 on arrival at St Paul's, Vancouver)

"Rev F.A.P. Chadwick to be Inducted at St Paul's Church on Thursday Evening"
"Rev F.A.P. Chadwick, who has just arrived from his old parish in Windsor, Ont., to take up his work as rector of St Paul's Church, preached his first sermon to his new congregation on Sunday morning. The new rector has a quiet style of speaking, with slow generous gestures, with which he emphasizes the many natural illustrations of his discourse.
"For the first sermon at St Paul's Mr Chadwick chose the text from the Eighty-fourth Psalm, "Blessed are they that dwell in thy house. They shall go from Strength to Strength".

A précis of the sermon followed.

Cutting (undated but about Dec 1912)


More than two hundred of the congregation of St Paul's Church were present at the reception which was given last night in the Church hall in honour of their pastor, Rev FAP Chadwick and his bride, who have returned from their honeymoon. Mr and Mrs Chadwick were married in Windsor, Ont., where Mr Chadwick had charge of a congregation. The chair was occupied by Bishop De Pancier, Archbishop Pentreath of Columbia, also being on the platform. In his address of welcome, the bishop spoke of the warm feeling which existed between the pastor of St Paul's and his congregation, and stated when he presented to Mrs Chadwick a beautiful bouquet of chrysanthemums that it was a token from the congregation of which she was to be one of the guardians.
In reply to the address Rev. Mr. Chadwick warmly thanked them for the welcome they had given to himself and his wife on their return. There was a splendid musical programme during the evening.

Newspaper clipping recd ex Maurice Chadwick.
The Globe and Mail, Dec 23rd/52.

Canon Chadwick - Clergyman Once Noted Athlete
     Victoria, Dec 22 (CP) -  Canon Frederick A.P. Chadwick, 79, Canadian churchman, who for 27 years was rector of St. John's Anglican Church, Victoria, died at his home here Sunday. He had been in ill health for many years.
     Born near Guelph, he received his early education at Guelph public school and Trinity College school, Port Hope.  He graduated from Trinity  College, Toronto, with honours in classics, before entering the divinity class at that institution.
     He was captain of the school's cricket, football and baseball teams and in 1895 played on the Canadian championship rugby team.
     His first church assignment was as deacon of St George's Church, Guelph, in 1896. He served successively at Hamilton, Port Arthur, Dunnville and Windsor before being transferred to St Paul's Church, (EAC: Vancouver then St John's Victoria) Victoria, in 1913, and served there until his retirement in 1940.
    A son is Lt.Cmdr. Ernest Maurice Chadwick, RCN, Ottawa.

Married 1st9c,7, probably, 22/6/1898 (inscription on back of photograph says October, as does EMC, but too late for Jacks birth, paper clipping says June) also Jeffrey Family.

Alberta Louise Dice daughter of Samuel Dice of Milton, Ont. (born 4/4/1878 (C01), and died 16/1/1902 of an Accident, falling down stairs while pregnant??). She had an aunt "Maggie" (EAC remembers "Gt aunt Maggie") - a photo exists of her (DiceMg1H)5.

Issue5 of Frederick & Berta (Dice) Chadwick:
1/1. John Pakenham Dice Chadwick

born 14/5/1899, educated Trinity College, Port Arthur. Died after falling down stairs and being pierced by glass shard from a bottle, then resident in Victoria, BC.
Married Vivienne Mary Charlton, Victoria BC, 24/9/1921.
2/1. Beverly Chadwick, born 18/4/1928.

Married Alan Baynton.
4106 Delmar Ave, Victoria, BC V82 5J6 Tel 479-2710
3/1. Gregory Baynton
3/2. Michael Baynton

1/2. Frederick Stewart Chadwick. born 30/9/1900.

educated at Trinity College, Port Arthur.
Died: 2/1976, Palm Desert (US SSI Deaths).
Married 1st, Helen Naomi Nugent, born 2/1/1901
Married 2nd, Gertrude Nugent, born 2/2/1902, sister of Helen.
Alice & Antony Maitland stayed with Aunt Gertrude in Palm Springs October 1976: a very engaging lady. Also there was Cindy, her step-Granddaughter, who lived there part time. She died about 1990, having lived her last few years with the Faulkners.
Issue of Frederick & Helen Chadwick:
2/1. Carolyn Louis Chadwick, born 28/2/1931.

Married: William Porter (later divorced: Carolyn’s later partner is Alan Gadney, a film producer). Alice & Antony Maitland stayed with them (Carolyn & Alan) in Hollywood, and met up with Holly, her other daughter.
William Porter became a school principal and lives (6/2000) in Las Vegas with 2nd wife, Kathy. William's sister, Jerry has daughter Nancy Ward, married to Mr Westerfield. Daughter Lauren (d.o.b. 1/1985).
3/1. Helen (Holly) Porter born 29/5/1950,

(6/2000, working for the school district administration).
Married, abt 1975, Peter Christos, of Greek extraction, worked in sales. Born 1952, Died 3rd September 2011.
4/1. Theodore John William Christos, 18/7/1979.

8/2001 student at UC, Berkley reading English & Philosophy.
Partner Cherie
5/1. Peter William Alexander Christos, b 13/10/2009 Santa Rosa.

4/2. Alexander Peter Chadwick Christos, 26/9/1981.

Married Daniela,
5/1. Lucas Alexander Christos, b 15/9/2015.

4/3. William Peter Lampis Christos, 21/4/1985.

3/2. Cindy Lynn Porter, 18/5/1956, Pasadena.

Married 4/11/1978, Mostyn Faulkner b. 3/8/1947, San Gabriel, Ca.
4/1. Laurel Alison Faulkener, 27/3/1981, Van Nuys.

Married 25/9/2010, Marcus Rothschild (b. 11/11/1980)
5/1. Violet Rothschild, b 12/1/2012

4/2. Bryn Andrew Faulkener, 23/8/1982, Van Nuys.

3/3. Robert Frederick Porter.
3/4. Sandra Louise Porter, 26/2/1954, LA..

2/2. Dianne Helen Chadwick, b. 11/8/1933, Hollywood,

d. bef 2000. Married Charles Prowse, a Christian scientist.
3/1. Charles Prowse.

4/1. Alana Prowse.

3/2. Colleen Prowse.
3/3. Cathleen Prowse, died of cystic fibrosis before 2000.
3/4. Michael Prowse.

Married 2nd5, Creina Henderson 22/10/1912.

Issue5 of Frederick & Creina (Henderson) Chadwick:
1/1. Elisabeth Chadwick.
1/2. Ernest Maurice Chadwick. born 6/5/1921, Victoria, BC.

Died Victoria BC, 19 May 2008.
Married 28/2/1948, Halifax:
Olga Munro (born 29/5/1921, Halifax, died Victoria BC about 2005). See later for his Obituary.
Issue (with corrections by Julia Chadwick 9/2003:
2/1. Edward Michael Pakenham Chadwick, born 19/6/1950.

Married, 1st, Pauline Sternagle, 2nd, Julia Anne Bray (div 1997)
6/2000: as Dr Michael Chadwick, fishery scientist based in Moncton, working for Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.
Issue of Michael & Julia:
3/1. Samara Grace Chadwick, born 5/9/1982.
3/2. Claire Elizabeth Chadwick, born 12/12/1984.

2/2. Richard Austin Brian Chadwick,

b. 26/9/1952 (Kingston, Ont) (EAC: an entrepreneur).
Married, 1st, Wendy Mcleod.
Issue of Richard & Wendy:
3/1. Rebecca Anne Katherine Chadwick, born 15/1/1974
3/2. Melanie Rose Chadwick, born 1/5/1977.

Married, 2nd, Antigoni Gastis
Issue of Richard & Antigoni (Dinah):
3/3. Christopher Austen Chadwick, born 27/2/1985.
3/4. Rena Alexsandra Chadwick, born 18/3/1987.

2/3. Creina Chadwick, born 28/11/1954
2/4. William Nicholas Munro Chadwick, born 10/6/1959.

Married, 1st, Nichola Ker (dau of Robin Ker).
Married, 2nd, abt 1995, Deborah Gillingham.
Issue of William & Deborah:
3/1. Catherine Emma Chadwick.
3/2. Henry James Munro Chadwick, abt 1999.

Olga had married, 1st, Mr Maclachlan, had issue, Dianne Maclachlan (b 1944), she was moving back to BC in 6/2000 with 2nd husband.

5         GENERATION 5




Sources: EMC, IGI, Newspaper, Cemetary (ref Wellington Hist Soc).

Born3,9c. 19th November 1838 (IGI, born Guelph or Ancaster)
Parents: John Craven & Louisa (Bell) Chadwick.
Died9c,8: 20th June 1891 (Guelph):

He was a Provincial Land Surveyor and was for some time the proprietor of the Guelph Herald Newspaper. He was gazetted Ensign in the County Wellington Militia 11 February 1857 & Lieut. 26 August 1869, and later Captain. Served in County Council, co. Wellington and in Town Council of Guelph for several years; and was Mayor of Guelph in 1877.9c
1867 Directory: Concession 2e, lot fb, freeholder.
1871: resident in Guelph.
1871 Census, Ontario: and Estate Agent, aged 32, in Guelph.
1881 Census, Ontario, Wellington, Estate Agent, aged 41, Irish.

Ontario Genealogical Society 9/1998:
History of Guelph 1827-1927, Leo Johnson:
He was instrumental establishing The Guelph Gas Works producing gas for the first time Jan 18 1871 which brought more industries to Guelph.
Abt 1879:
The new owner, former Mayor F.J. Chadwick was a Grit who had seriously damaged the Tory campaign of the previous year. The owner refused to reprimand the paper’s editor and the Herald was becoming Guelph’s Roman Catholic voice. In the next decade, Catholics had a forum for presenting their side in wars of the editorial page initiated by Rev. Dixon.
Confirms that he was a Mayor of Guelph.

The Canada Gazette (14/2/1857) confirms that there was Ensign Frederick J Chadwick and John C Chadwick jnr in newly formed Guelph Rifles, No 1 Company.

Guelph Site: ……The (Guelph) Herald became a daily under FJC, an alderman who was elected mayor in 1877….

Aberfoyle 1871 census, a village in Puslinch township, 7 miles from Guelph:  Frederick Chadwick con F8, lot 22. Uncertain if this is ours.

Extract from (found on internet):
A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of Graduate Studies of The University of Guelph by


Guelph Herald, F.J. Chadwick. He served on city council several times and in 1877 was elected mayor, he was a founding director of the Guelph Gas Company and an incorporator, along with Innes and other prominent business people, of the Guelph Junction Railway in 1884; among his numerous other roles he was an officer in the local militia and a member of the Guelph Cricket Club.
In 1882, Chadwick left Guelph for the Northwest, and in a dinner tendered in his honour he talked of the deep satisfaction he took in seeing Guelph grow and prosper. His remarks must have had a special resonance for many of the city's prominent builders:

"When I came to Guelph in 1848, it was a small place; the spot on which is now erected the Wellington Hotel [where the testimonial dinner was held] being a lumber yard, and scarcely a building of any pretensions between here and the market place. Her population at that time being counted in hundreds where now there are thousands. Coming here at an early period of my life I might almost claim to be a native, and as you have been kind enough to express in the address I have been identified with everything that has made Guelph what she is. Nothing, since I was able to take my share has been done for the advancement of our good city in which I have not taken an active part."
The Herald under the new and vigorous ownership of F. J. Chadwick turned daily probably in 1872. With the death of the Advertiser, Guelph now had two clearly competitive papers, The Mercury, a dedicated Reform journal and The Herald an unabashedly Conservative partisan. According to Acton Burrows (editor, and subsequently part-owner of the Herald 1874-78) everything at The Herald was improved under Chadwick. "The only feature in the paper, indeed, which did not undergo a change," he wrote, "was its unswerving support of the principles of the Conservative Party.. . 7 , 168

One of the first things Chadwick did was to move the Herald offices to a new location above the Queen's Hotel. He was also soon to persuade a man who had once been the Mercury's best writer, James Fahey, to leave a new position in Hamilton and come and reinvigorate the Herald as editor. Innes in a letter written to a fiend in late 1871 acknowledged Fahey's talent during his time on The Mercury:
Jim Fahey has left me having made an engagement with [Jonathan] Wilkinson [publisher of the Guelph Advertiser 1858-1870] to edit the Hamilton Standard which he proposes to start on the 1st of January. I might have kept him had I been willing to pay him enough, but the fact is he did not altogether suit me. For writing an article there was none better, but he was of little use on the local work, and you know on a country paper that is as important - even more so………..
In spite of Chadwick's energy and willingness to hire the best available talent, there were money problems at the Herald. A former editor, writing of Fahey recalled that "[he] knew what it was to work hard for his wages and work harder to get them when they were earned. I think some of the wage cheques issued at that time by me Guelph Herald are still in circulation. The paper's own history published in 1895 recalls that 'the labor and money lavished by [Chadwick] on The Herald failed largely of accomplishing the desired results…….
F.J. Chadwick went through several partners in an effort to make the paper a success, but finally in 1885 The Herald was sold under chattel mortgage to Henry Gummer.

Buried Woodlawn Cemetary, Guelph, Ont.

"Be kindly affectionate to one another". Rom XII 18.
Also bur here dau Louisa, son Edward Vaux, wife Elizabeth.
Plot record refers to Miss CR Chadwick, 884, Bute St, Vancouver.

EAC (grand-daughter):
All the offspring of Jasper and Elizabeth were born in Ireland, Elisabeth returning there to give birth - this looks unlikely, as the births are shown as Canadian on the IGI etc.

From Internet (6/2005), Berliner Journal 1856 marriages
(Berlin, Ontario!)
13 Feb 1856. On the 22nd ult., at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev JD McGregor, Frederick J. Chadwick, Esq., of Guelph, to Miss Emily Schabbamogger, second daughter of Henry Schabbamagger, Esq.

This marriage is not recorded elsewhere by EMC. No death was found in the Berliner Journal for 1857-1860.

Married9c, 3 September 1861:



Sources: EMC, IGI, Newspaper, Cemetary (ref Wellington Hist Soc)

Parents9c: Edward Michael and Jane (Jeffery) Stewart,
See Stewart files.

Ref Grave:
Born8: 13/10/1839
Died8: 3/8/1894, buried Woodlawn Cemy, Guelph.

Ref EMC:.  An embroidered underskirt worked by first Duchess of Wellington was given by her to Elisabeth Pakenham, by whom it was worn at her wedding, as it was also at their weddings by Jane Renwick Jeffrey, Elisabeth Stewart, and Kathleen Chadwick (Pepler).

Issue3,9c of Jasper & Elizabeth (Stewart) Chadwick (EMC & IGI):
(IGI born Guelph)
1/1. Louise Caroline Stewart Chadwick, b. 8 June 1862

(IGI: b Guelph).
Died 8/6/1901, bur Woodlawn Cemy, Guelph: named Chadwick. Unm.
Ref EAC: married a well known artist.  (Doubtful see above).

1/2. Charlotte Rose Chadwick, EMC: b. 6 July 1864, unm.

Died 27/2/1938 aged 72, (ref Victoria Daily Times, 1938.03.01,11)
Census 1901: Rosa Chadwick, sister of FAPC, with him b. 22/6/1861. aged 39. The original image confirms listed data. This is probably an error in the census, parents married after her quoted birthday.
Remembered by EAC as Aunt Nonnie5: she lived with FAPC for much of her life.

1/3. Jasper William Chadwick, b. Guelph 10 November 1866

(d. 29/1/1920, JF). (IGI) of the Bank of Toronto;
Married 26th November, 1896, Alexandrina Agatha, (an accomplished pianist 28/4/1864-17/11/1943), daughter of Samuel John Cowley, of Toronto, parents William & Patience Cowley, born June 1835, Honiton, Devon, England, and his wife, Agatha Stevenson parents Gustavus & Jane (Stinson) Stevenson of York, Ontario.
[Arms: Silver; a bull passant gules within a bordure sable bezantee]

Additional information from Kim Tate[i], 6/2005 from Stevenson Book P95, whose husband descends from Alexandrina's brother Armstrong: "A  Record of the Descendants of Gustavus and Jane Stevenson; Fermanagh County, Ireland and York Township, Ontario." published 1993 by John Charles F. Stevenson and his wife Louise Mary Stevenson, of Winnipeg.

Chadwick, Alexandrina Amelia - At her home, 538 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, on Wednesday November 17th 1943, Alexandrina Amelia Chadwick, wife of the late Jasper William Chadwick, mother of G.D. Chadwick and sister of Mrs W.J. McBride and aunt of Miss Rita McBride. Resting at Bates and Maddocks Funeral Chapel, 124 Avenue Rd, (just south of Davenport. Service in the chapel Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Interment Mount Pleasant Cemetary.
2/1. William Frederick Chadwick, 21/2/1898-28/4/1898, Toronto
2/2. William Gustavus D'Arcy Chadwick, born 11th May, 1900.

Chadwick, William G. (Gus) - At Toronto on Thursday Dec 6th 1936, William G. Chadwick (formerly of Royal Canadian Dragoons). Resting at Yorke Bros Chapel 2337 Bloor St, W (Willard Ave). Funeral Service at the chapel at 2 pm Interment Mount Pleasant Cemetary.
Married: Marjorie Williams
3/1. Carole Chadwick.

1/4. Edward Ernest Vaux Chadwick, b. Guelph 27 Feb. 1868

died9c,8: 4 Sept. 1868. Bur Woodlawn Cemy, Guelph. (IGI).

1/5. Kathleen Christiana Maria Chadwick, b. Christmas Day 1870.

Married: 12th June, 1895, to William Herbert Pepler, M.D. (9/4/1864-30/4/1924, JF) of Wiltshire?, son of James Pepler and his wife, Emma Eyres (who had 7 more children)[Arms: Silver, on a bend sable, between two bendlets dancettee gules, three silver eagles displayed]
(see Ontarian Families), and has issue:
2/1. Stewart Herbert Pepler, born 30th August, 1896.

1914 photo shows him in the 9th Mississauga Horse, as Captain

2/2. William Arthur Eyres Pepler, born 2nd January, 1899.
2/3. Kathleen Gwladys Pepler, born Toronto 21/1/1901,

died Salisbury, Wilts, 8/5/1994.
Following from Christopher Hall, 13/1/2004:
She gave the Maitlands a sugar bowl for their wedding was and was a teacher of physical education and dance, and through the YWCA was in the late 1920s and 1930s directing physical education and teacher training in India and Eqypt. She was married on 22/4/1939 in Lindi, Tanganyika to H John Hall (b10/10/1909, d 24/5/1994). John was a Master Mariner and a Lt in the RNR,  and he was called up in 1939 for WWII, serving in Zanzibar, Russian Convoys, Atlantic, Mediterranean and The Channel, and finishing as a Commander. After the war J&K lived in East Africa (Dar-es-Salaam, Zanzibar and Mombasa) until J retired to Salisbury in 1965. J subsequently served as Bursar to Salisbury Cathedral School for 10 years. They were both very active in the Cathedral Community (K continuing to run movement to music exercise classes for mature ladies well into her 80s) up until J's failing eyesight and K's occasional loss of short term memory forced them to be somewhat less active. K died aged 93 following a fall, and J aged 84 some two weeks later. Kitty's brothers and sister were Stewart (Toronto), Arthur (Montreal) and Doris (Seneca Falls NY).
3/1. Christopher J Pepler Hall.

2/4. Doris Louise, born 27th June, 1905, Seneca Falls, NY.
Note from Kim Johnstone, Australia, James Pepler and Emma Eyres
(b.3/9/1823, Melkesham) married 8//1849, Melkesham.

1/6. Frederick Austin Pakenham Chadwick, b. 9 June 1873.  
1/7. John Craven Eade Chadwick,

b. Guelph 22 June 1875. (IGI/EMC)
Uncle Jack, died unm in Vancouver, in 1950's5.
sometime of the Canadian Bank of Commerce, now (1914) of Vancouver, B.C.; served as Lieutenant 21st Essex Fusiliers; unmarried.

1/8. Gladys Chadwick (GPS3356).

6         GENERATION 6



Sources: EMC, IGI, Newspaper, Cemetary (ref Wellington Hist Soc)

fourth son of John Craven Chadwick of Ballinard
Born9c: 6/4/1811               IGI: has him born @ Cravendale.
Parents: John Craven Chadwick & Elizabeth Cooper.
Died9c: 10 Nov. 1889.

.... came to Canada, and settled at Cravendale near Ancaster, co. Wentworth.
     John Craven Chadwick served on the Niagara Frontier in the Rebellion of 1837-38 as a Volunteer in Capt. Alexander Milne's Troop of Cavalry and was gazetted Lieut. in the 1st Regt. of Gore Militia, 27 Novr. 1838. In 1851 he removed to Guelph co Wellington. He was twice named in the Commission of the Peace for that County. He was a Delegate in the Diocesan Synod of Toronto on several occasions; and was nominated a member of the Corporation of Trinity College Toronto by the Bishop of Niagara in 1875.

Probably 1st Battalion (Ancaster) Gore Militia, expanded and reorganised 16/3/1838.

1867 Directory: concession 2e, lot 1b, freeholder.
1881 Census, Guelph, Gentleman, 68, Irish.


School Section No. 2 is situated South-East of Guelph Township, reaching about three miles down the old Brock Road and compris­ing Concessions 7 and 8.  In the late '20's and early '30's this land was taken up, groups of settlers coming from Ireland, England and Scot­land, and a few from Germany.

The Robinson Family's "Blue Castle Gardens" is on Lot 12, Concession 7, fronting on the Highway.  Lot 12, Concession 7, was taken in the early years by a family of Kennedys who later sold to Chadwicks.  The late Judge Chadwick of the High Court at Guelph was one of this family ….

Clare Journal, 14 January, 1836:
At Emly, county Tipperary, John Craven Chadwick, jun. Esq. of Ballynard, to Louisa, fifth daughter of Jonathan Bell, Esq., of Kensington.

John Craven Chadwick married: 1st9c, 3 January 1836
At Emly, Tipperary.



Died9c: 24/4/1845

Parents: Jonathan Bell of Kensington, co. Middlesex, a London Merchant, & Maria Vaux.

John Craven Chadwick married (EMC): 2nd9c,:
15 Decr. 1847 "Caroline Eade, daughter of Joseph Eade of Newington, co. Middlesex, and Hitchin co. Hertford and his wife Eliza, sister of Maria (KO07/20), daughter of Edward Vaux. Caroline (Eade) Chadwick died 5 Sept. 1874.

Married9c: 3rd, 4 May 1876 Elizabeth Beatty, eldest daughter of James Beatty, Merchant in Toronto, and his wife Anne, daughter of James McKowen of Dublin:" (at St James Toronto). JCC, widower, EB, Spinster (internet, Ontario marriages)

Elizabeth's sister, Ellen Byrne Beatty was the wife of JCC's son, Edward Marion Chadwick. They appear with a Beatty lineage on the internet (10/2002): Beatty Family

Note from Liz Agar, 25/3/2002:
Descended from Eliza Eade, sister of Caroline, through Agnes Henty

Had issue9c of the 1st marriage only,
1/19c. John Craven Chadwick, born 12 February 1837 (IGI, Guelph):

see EMC.  (Present in 1871 Census age 35, farmer in Arthur).
Ancaster Settlement PR (Internet):
John Craven, son of John Craven and Louisa Chadwick, of the Jersey Settlement, born 12th February, 1837; baptized in Ancaster Church, October 22nd, 1837, by me, John Miller.

Ref Directory 1867, householder, concession 3, lot 15.
1881: Farmer Puslinch, Wellington, Ont.
Died 8/4/1890, bur Farnham Cemy, Puslinch, Co Wellington, Ont.

Issue by 1st wife, Elinor Tonee Battersby, born Guelph (IGI) D 9/1/1868:
2/1. Catherine Caroline Chadwick Born 5 Jun 1861.
2/2. Francis Henry Chadwick Born 11 Aug 1866.

Moved to Globe Az.
M. 12/9/1895, Rose Catherine Fiske, (30/3/1867-19/4/1906)
3/1. Theodore Ray Chadwick, married Sylvia Mildred Pearson

(1912-1978), dau of Robert A. Pearson (1869) & Bertha Hickey, g/dau of Asa M. Pearson (1837-1907) & Margaret Jane Brandon (1841-1913):
4/1. Susan Rose Chadwick (1942)

5/1. Pamela Ann Wolfe (1963)
5/2. Wendy Sue Wolfe (1970)
5/3. Craig Clare Wolfe (1974)

4/2. Douglas Ray Chadwick (1944)
4/3. John Craven Chadwick (1955)

3/2. Winnie Rose Chadwick, B 14/2/1901
3/3. Dorothy Dott Chadwick, B 12/1/1903

4/1. Robert Gordon ( contact 10/09).

2/3. Leslie Charles Edward Chadwick Born 8 Jan 1865.
2/4. Craven Bell Chadwick Born 2 Apr 1863.

Issue by Flora Jennie Hinds, Born Guelph (IGI):
3/1. Alexander Joseph Chadwick Born 12 Nov 1886.
3/2. William Francis Chadwick, b 9/1/1889.

EMC: of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; born 9th January, 1889; married 6th August, 1912; Gertrude Helen (who died in 1913), daughter of George Oliver Webster, of Vancouver, and his wife, Sarah Charlotte Coulter, and had issue, George Craven Francis, who died in infancy
Married 2nd Mary Irene Donoghue.
Issue by May Donoghue:
4/1. Joseph Edward Chadwick b 13 Mar 1930 in Los Angeles.

5/1. Ann Chadwick of San Diego, married Mr Chance.[ii]

2/5. Leslie Charles Edward Chadwick Born 8 Jan 1865.

Issue by Sybella Annie Mockler, born Guelph 4/1845, d. 22/2/1891: daughter of William Mockler, 22 of Durham, County Grey, in Holy Orders, who came to Canada from Fermoy, County Cork, Ireland, about 1850, and his wife, Anne Atkinson, of Huddersfield, County York, England.  (William Mockler, born 1810, was the son of James Mockler, in Holy Orders, Rector of Castle Hyde). There were other possible siblings of William Mockler - see Chadapdx.
The Mocklers were a pioneer family in the Durham area.
When the couple died early in Guelph area (1890's) the children came to Durham to live with their aunts. The house was a very early Durham home - there was a private school in it Mockler-Chadwicks were local teachers. (re Ralph Clark email, 10/05).

Grey County 1870 Records (internet 4/2007):
John Craven Chadwick, 33, widower, gentleman, Ancaster Ont., Arthur, s/o John Craven Chadwick & Louisa BELL, married Isabella Ann Mockler, 25, Eastville - Lancaster England, Durham, d/o William Mockler & Ann Atkinson, witn: Wilton Turner & Fanny Mockler, both of Durham village, 21 April 1870 at Trinity Church, Durham

2/7. Edwin Percy Chadwick Born 18 Apr 1880.
2/8. Ethelred James Mockler Chadwick Born 15 Oct 1875.
2/9. William Herbert Austin Chadwick Born 27 Jan 1871.
2/10. Norah Annie Chadwick Born 2 Jan 1878.

Married: Justus Roedding
S of Justus John Roedding & Elizabeth Hayrock
Another son, Louis was grandfather of Russ Roedding, London Ont. (email 28/1/04, "Russ & Kathie"[iii])

2/11. Richard Frederick Chadwick Born 18 Apr 1874.

1/29c. Frederick Jasper Chadwick, born. 19 Novr. 1838: see above.
1/39c. Edward Marion Chadwick, born 22/9/1840: see EMCp.51. & IGI

Died 1921 (ref internet reference). Wrote the definitive history.
Married (1), 28 June 1864, Ellen Byrne, dau of James Beatty, born 9/11/1843, died suddenly, 10/2/1865.
Beatty Family: EMC's wife's family
Married 2nd: 2/1868, Maria Martha Fisher, d. of Alexander & Mary.
(IGI: Toronto, children born Toronto to Maria Martha Fisher).
2/1. Fanny Marion Chadwick Born 10 Jan 1873 (IGI Toronto).
2/2. Edward Alister Eade Chadwick Born 13 Feb 1871.

3/1. Edward Norman Loud Chadwick

4/1. Edward A.M. Chadwick[iv]

Lives Toronto 2/2009. Has custody of EMC papers.
5/1. Karen Olive Chadwick
5/2. Jo-Ann Victoria Chadwick

3/2. Austin Chadwick
3/3. Joan Chadwick

2/3. George Darcy Austin Chadwick Born 22 Feb 1880.
2/4. Richard Ellard Carden Chadwick Born 16 Feb 1885.
2/5. William Craven Vaux Chadwick Born 6 Dec 1868.
2/6. Louisa Mary Caroline Chadwick Born 7 Dec 1876.

1/49c. Austin Cooper Chadwick, born 18 Novr. 1842 (IGI Guelph):

see EMC p.53. Cooper Chadwicks in Vancouver area 1871.
Census 1871 aged 28 in St James, Barrister.
1900, was a Barrister at Law and County Judge of co. Wellington. M. 19/12/1867, Caroline Christie dau of Ralph Charles Nicholson and his w. Elizabeth Roy, a descendant of the famous Rob Roy (MacGregor): the said Ralph Chas Nicholson and his w. Sarah Elizabeth Ellison, and grandson of Ralph Nicholson of Hertfordshire: and has
2/1. Henry Austin Chadwick, b. 15/4/1883.
2/2. Caroline Gladys May Chadwick, b. 30/11/1885.

5Gladys Chadwick married Basil Chamberlain, relative of the 1930's Politician, Nevil. Her daughter, Diana married Richard Partridge, son of a Bishop of Portsmouth (Nevil sponsored Diana when she was presented at Court as a debutant). They live (1993) in Carlisle Place, London. The Chamberlains were friends of Rex & Elizabeth (Chadwick) Kirk-Owen and the Vernon family in England in Keevil, Wilts, but lost touch after Rex's death.
This line from Patricia Pringle[v], Dec 2007:-
3/1. Diana Marjorie Chamberlain (1922-2006)

Married Michael Harry Partridge, son of Frank Partridge, Bishop of Portsmouth, all live in Sussex.
4/1. Caroline Dorothy Patricia Partridge, (b.1950)

married John Stephen Pringle in 1980
5/1. Caroline Rosemary Pringle, (b. 1984)
5/2. Juliet Jane Pringle (b. 1986).

4/2. Sarah Elizabeth Anne Partridge, (b. 1955)

married Colin Marsh in 1990, live in Surrey.
5/1. Edward Basil Marsh (b. 1991)
5/2. Eleanor Sarah Marsh (b. 1992)
5/3. Neville Marsh (b. 1995)  

4/3. Walter Michael James Partridge, (b. 1958).

married Sarah Mercy Page in 1983, live in Sussex.
5/1. Georgiana Diana Partridge (b. 1987)
5/2. Harry James Partridge (b. 1989).

3/2. Caroline Daphne Chamberlain, (b.1924)

lives in Somerset - her husband was Stephen Carey Stedman Farmer (1921-1998).

4/1. Edward Stedman Farmer (b. 1960)

married another Sarah (can't remember her name!) in 1991, live in London.
5/1. Georgina Farmer (b.1997).

4/2. Susan Caroline Farmer (b. 1962)

married John Hogarth in 1990, live in Toronto.
5/1. Lauren Hogarth (b. 1991)
5/2. Richard Hogarth (b. 1992)
5/3. Jack Hogarth (b. 1995).

Pioneer - CHADWICK, Austin Cooper
Biographical Sketches of Early Settlers of Wellington County

Information from: Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ont.
Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906 (Download 3/10/2002).

CHADWICK, Austin Cooper. The subject of this sketch is the oldest member, save one (Judge Ardagh), of the Ontario County Court Bench. He is the fourth son of the late John Craven Chadwick of Guelph, Ont., formerly of Tipperary, Ire., where he was b. in 1811; d. at Guelph, in 1889. His wife was a dau. of Jonathan Bell of London, Eng.
   Judge Chadwick, was b. at "Cravendale," Ancaster, county of Wentworth, Ont., Nov. 18, 1842. He was educated at the Guelph Grammar School, and at Clapham, Eng. In 1858, he commenced the study of law, and was called to the bar in 1864. He practiced his profession a short time at Mount Forest, and for about seven years in Toronto. He was appointed Jr. Co. Ct., Judge of Wellington, Jan. 10, 1873, Local Judge High Court of Justice, Mar. 14, 1882, and Senior Judge of the County Court of Wellington, Dec. 8, 1891, which position he has ably filled ever since. He m. Caroline Nicholson, dau. of Ralph Charles Nicholson of Lewes, Sussex, Eng., afterwards of Galt, Ont.
    Issue: Henry Austin, and Caroline Gladys May.
    Judge Chadwick and family are members of the Church of England, and fraternally, he is a member of the Masonic Order. He is a member of the Board of County Judges for Ontario.



Born9g,10: 1798, See Stewart files.
Parents: Henry Stewart and Elizabeth Pakenham,
He was in Holy Orders, of Guelph and of Clooney, co.  Derry,



See Stewart Files.

1/1. Elisabeth Stewart, b. 13/10/1839.            KO05/06
     Others detailed in Stewart files.

7         GENERATION 7


EMC 6/2   KO07/17

IGI born abt 17783,9c
Parents: William & Christiana (Carden) Chadwick
of Ballinard, born 1778 (?),
Died9c: March, 1851.

Griffiths Valuation, 1851: County Tipperary, Tipperary Poor Law Union

Clanwilliam Barony, Shronell Civil Parish 1851:
Chadwick  Mrs Anne Ballyconry 148 3 Earl of Portarlington house, offices and land
Chadwick, Esq Edward Ballinard 147 3 Wm Chadwick Esq land
Chadwick, Esq Edward Ballinglanna 147 11 Wm Chadwick Esq land
Chadwick, Esq Edward Ballinglanna 147 12A Wm Chadwick Esq land
Chadwick, Esq Edward Ballinglanna 147 12B Wm Chadwick Esq land
Chadwick, Esq Edward Ballycohy 148 30a Earl of Portarlington dairy ho., offs., & land
Chadwick, Esq William Ballinard 147 5 Earl of Portarlington house, offices and land
Chadwick, Esq William Ballinard 147 6 Earl of Portarlington garden
Chadwick, Esq Wm Ballinglanna 147 8 Earl of Portarlington herd's ho., office & land

1834 Tythe Shronell:
Chadwick, Esq S.C. Ballinard

Married9c: March 1799 Elizabeth Cooper



IGI: Born Abt 1778
Father9c: Samuel Cooper, Killenure, Tipperary, Ireland

only daughter of Samuel Cooper, then of Cashel, afterwards of Killenure Castle, County Tipperary, and his wife Frances, daughter of David Butler, of Garranleagh, County Tipperary. She had a marriage portion of £3,000 and an annuity if left a widow of £250 secured on the mansion and 158 I.P.M. (or about 280) acres, of Ballinard, with Ballinglanna 45 acres.

Died9c: on Easter day 3rd April 1831.

see Cooper-Chadwicks for more details of this branch.

Issue9c of John Craven & Elizabeth (Cooper) Chadwick:
1/19c. William Chadwick, b. 1800, see EMC history. (IGI bth also)

m. Wilhelmina, dau of John Seymour, in Holy Orders, Rector of Shronell, co Tipperary (who was a son of John Seymour, in H.O. Rector of Palace, co.  Limerick, a descendant of Sir Henry Seymour, brother of K. Henry VIII's Queen Jane) and his wife, Catherine, dau of ..... Millett and sister of Dr. Millett of Cove, co Cork (previously m. to  .... Jacob) Wilhelmina C d. December 1836.
William m. 2ndly, Charlotte, dau of John Bouchier of Bagotstown and Charlotte Chadwick (see ante p.25) his wife. She d. 1874.
He had issue of the first marriage only - namely:
2/1.  Catherine Chadwick, bapt'd 1 Feby 1833 and d. 12 Decr

1855. She was m. 6 Febr 1855 to Richard son of Samuel Cooper of Killemure Castle (see p. 26) who assumed by Royal License, the additional surname of Chadwick. They had issue,

Dublin Genealogical Office, MS108 p73:
Richard Cooper of Killenure Castle, Tipperary, and Catherine Chadwick dau & co-heiress of William Chadwick of Ballinard co Tipperary allowed to use surname Chadwick after their marriage: he became Richard Cooper Chadwick, 1855 (b15/12/1831-19/1/1893).

Richard Cooper of Killenure Castle married Catherine Chadwick, dau of William Chadwick of Ballinard 1855. Changed name to Cooper Chadwick.
3/1.  William Cooper-Chadwick b. 14 November 1855. Captain

Tipperary Artillery Militia, m. Annie dau of John Langley of Knockamure, co. Tipperary, J.P. (Anna Maria Robertina Hepzibah Langley) d: NOV 1911
4/1. Francis Violet Cooper-Chadwick, died 1922,

married Allen Baker of Lismacue at St Ann's Church, Dawson St, Dublin, 1910.
5/1. William Baker (+ 2 daughters), d.1977.

6/1.Katherine Baker, married Jim Nicholson, of

Lismacue House, Bansha, Tipperary.
(who gave this info 12/2000)

Richard Cooper Chadwick also married Charlotte Bouchier, dau of John & Sarah (Aher) Bourchier, who descended from Thomas Wilkinson & Marguerite de la Rive.

2/2.  Elizabeth Chadwick, Bapt'd 31 Augt. 1834 d. April 1839.
2/3.  Fanny Chadwick, Bapt'd 3 July 1836: d. Jan 1885 unm.

Irish Times 31 December 1885: Died 23 January at Ballinard, the residence of her brother in law, Richard Cooper Chadwick esq, Frances 3rd and last surviving daughter of the late William Chadwick esq of Ballinard.

1/29c. Samuel Cooper Chadwick, of Dunmore, co Waterford,

Born: Jany. 1801 (IGI also)
Married: Letitia, dau of Thomas Hall, of Tipperary, son of Rev. Leak Hall, of Trim. She d. 1886 S.C.C. died 15th June 1890, s.p.
Letitia was a source of information for EM Chadwick.

1/39c. Austin Cooper Chadwick, of Damerville, co Tipperary,

an attorney: IGI born abt 1803.

Austin Cooper Chadwick, third son of John C. Chadwick, lived at Damerville in the 1830s. In 1840 the Ordnance Survey Name Books describe it as "a modern structure in good repair". By the time of Griffith's Valuation [his widow] Mrs Anne Chadwick was resident. The house was valued at £10 and held from the Earl of Portarlington. It is still extant.[2]

The following is a combination of EMC & Pat Brunker of Australia  (EMC children’s names only, remaining info 1/2000, Pat Brunker[vi] ).
Married 1829: Anna Matilda, only dau of Dr Millett, of Cove, co. Cork. He d. April 1846, leaving his widow surviving,
2/1. Frederick William Chadwick, settled in Australia.

b.1830, Ireland, seems to have married a Kate O'Donovan before coming to Australia. Looks like they arrived Melbourne on board the ship 'John Linn' in 1857. They had four children born in Australia:
3/1. William Frederick Chadwick, b.1858, died 1862 at Mount Blackwood.
3/2. Elizabeth Wilkel (presume Wilhelmina) Chadwick, b.1860 at MB.
3/3. Wilfred Henry Chadwick, b.1863 at Blackwood;
3/4. Edward Austin Chadwick, b.1865 at Blackwood

(must have just dropped the word Mount from the township).
Have not found Frederick William or Kate's death yet.

3/5. Carden Craven Chadwick, m Louisa Mary Bastin @ Mt Blackwood.

8 children. The following names may be somewhat confused.
...they farmed at meeniyen near leongatha sth gippsland (ref MB).
4/1. Frederick William Chadwick,
4/2. Craven Chadwick
4/3. Edward Thomas Chadwick,
4/4. Louisa Chadwick
4/5. Kathleen Chadwick
4/6. Jessie Carolinea Ada Sophia Chadwick
4/7. Annie Muriel Chadwick
4/8. Marjorie Grace Elizabeth May Chadwick

She died aged 26.
Myrna Brooks[vii], who gave this line from 3/5 above.

2/2. John Craven Chadwick, in Australia, b.1834 - have not

found any information about him, except there was a John C Chadwick arrived in Melbourne September 1854 on the ship 'Star of the  East'.

2/3. Edward Thomas Millett Chadwick b.1833, went to Australia

PB: died at Boolarra, Victoria in 1892, 58 years old - no other information found.
A possible line from Angela Makin, 4/2007:
Married Frances Jones, - seems to have dropped the Chadwick.
3/1. Ethel Blanche Millett (one of eleven children).

Ethel a painter who claimed kin to Jean Francois Millet.
Married to Herbert George Lusk, resided in New South Wales
4/1. Robert Alwyn Lusk was born NSW They moved to Victoria,

lived at 303 Tennyson Street, Elwood whilst operating an engineering firm - H.G. Lusk and Co. Edward and Herbert George Lusk are mentioned in the Australian Archives as registering patents.
Married Mavis Joan Lusk and lived in Melbourne.
5/1. Angela Lusk[viii], who gave this line from ETM Chadwick.
   Married Mr Makin, five children,
   Res: Lancefield, Victoria, property called Eldermere.

4/2. Hylda Marjorie Lusk. born NSW.

2/4. Austin Cooper Chadwick, formerly in Australia,

afterwards of Colman and Damerville, co. Tipperary, b. 1836, was married twice, the second marriage being to a German named Alberta[3]; died 1899 at Mennijan, Victoria, aged 55 years (Mennijan is not far from Boolarra and looks like some of the family may have got together around this area).
3/1. Muriel Anna Rosalind Chadwick (abt 1907-2007)

married Thomas Peter Fitzpatrick in Australia
From Brett Fitzpatrick[ix], grandson of Muriel.

2/5. Henry Carden Chadwick, b 1844, of Damerville[4],

2/2013: it looks unlikely that the following is correct as Henry Chadwick said his at marriage he was born London, father was Henry, gentleman & mother Fanny Webster[5].
Henry Cardin Chadwick possible married Hanna Ann Skinner in 1869 and they had 6 children all born at Bacchus Marsh:-
3/1. Henry Cable? Chadwick b.1872 and may have married
   Frances Sarah Belcher (or Hatfield) in 1890;
3/2. Herbert William Chadwick, b.1874, died 1898 at Ballan.
3/3. Eva Lilian Chadwick b.1875;
3/4. Amy Louise Chadwick b.1877;
3/5. Laura Fannie Chadwick b.1879;
3/6. Adel Bertha Chadwick b.1881.

2/6. Anna Maria Chadwick, born 1834,

married 29th November, 1855, to Robert Pratt, of Gawsworth, County Cork, and had issue five sons and eight daughters; see Burke's Landed G., ed. 1912.
3/1. Anna Matilda PRATT b: 1857 M.  Frederick F. JENNINGS
3/2. Sarah Fitton PRATT b: 1862 M. Charles Haines O'KEEFE
3/3. Maria Emma (Emily) PRATT b: 28 MAR 1866

M. Joseph William MCMULLEN

3/4. Eleanor Sophia Mary PRATT b: 22 AUG 1864 d: 7 JUN 1892
3/5. Sophia Eliza PRATT b: 8 MAR 1869 d: 7 JUN 1892
3/6. Frances (Fanny) Louisa PRATT b: 25 APR 1873

M. William Henry BARTON b: 1869

3/7. Elizabeth PRATT b: 1876
3/8. John PRATT b: 26 JAN 1880
3/9. Robert PRATT b: 8 OCT 1860
3/10. Austin Cooper Chadwick PRATT b: 13 MAR 1859

M. Lillian Kathleen JENNINGS b: 1863

3/11. James Edward PRATT b: 22 JUL 1870
3/12. Henry PRATT b: 6 DEC 1857M.  Annie HAMILTON b: 1867
3/13. Mary PRATT b: 18 OCT 1867

M. Richard Henderson FEATHERSTONHAUGH b: 1861 d: 15 OCT 1902

2/7. Elizabeth Wilhelmina Chadwick, b. 1837,

m. to Thomas Taylor in 1868, Australia, afterwards living in England
3/1. Samuel Hulme Chadwick, b.1869 at Blackwood

2/8. Fanny Matilda Chadwick, b.1839 (Ireland)
   died 1901 Menniyan, Victoria aged 62 years.

1/49c. John Craven Chadwick, Born: 6 April 1811; see above.
   (IGI confirms -but gives no parents)
1/59c. Richard Chadwick, Bap 8 April 1813, (IGI also). died. unm.
1/69c.  Frederick Chadwick, of Foxboro' nr. Clonloughan, co Tipp.

Bapt 16/2/1815 Foxboro, nr Clonloughlan, near Moneygall, Kings County.
Married9c: Julia, daughter of Patrick Quinlisk, of Clonamohan, Kings County (who d. 1880) and had issue, 6 children (from Brunker).
2/1. Edward born possible in the 1840s married Annie Kerr

(or could be Hallam) in 1899.  Information said he had two children William and Mary (EMC), only found one a Mary Gladys born 1899 at Korumburra (other info).

This information differs in the marriage from that supplied by Ian Brownlee, 9/2010[x]: his information is backed up by civil records and therefore probably correct.


1. Edward Chadwick born c1859[4] in Kings County Ireland, van proprietor died 31 January 1905[5] of fractured skull after a collision between his van and a tram in Sydney. Married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ralph, born c1861 in Tipperary, Ireland. Came to Australia c1887. Died 14 November 1901 at 168 Albion Street, Annandale, of Typhoid Fever[6]. Witnesses at her death were Edward Chadwick and J Dudley. Elizabeth was the daughter of Adam Ralph[7][8], farmer, and Mary Dudley[9][10]. Edward and Elizabeth were married at St Phillips Church of England, Sydney by Rev. H. Izod Richards on 20 August 1890[11].

They had issue:

1. William (Chilt) Edward Chadwick born 1891[12]. Died 1928 at Redfern[13].

2. Maria Bessie Chadwick born 19 April 1893, died 31 May 1981. Married at “The Parsonage”, Wellington Street, Bondi by the Reverend Eustace Coplin Thomas. Witnesses were Elisabeth Lang and Mabel Thomas[14]. Married to William Somerville Brownlee, born 12 June 1883 at Ravensbourne, New Zealand.  Died 13 June 1960 at Leichhardt, NSW.  Worked as Boot maker, worked on sheep stations, drove meat wagons for Riverstone Meat Works, worked on Glebe Island, worked for R. Brownlee & Co. Ltd. Sawmills at Ourimbah for 10 years (1917-1927) as a saw sharpener. Was the fifth child of James Brownlee and Catherine Bell Duncan.

They had Issue:

1. Edward James Brownlee, born 6 February 1915 at 178 View Street, Annandale[15]. Witnesses to birth were Dr Abernethy and Nurse Munro. Worked as a Cooper for Sunlight Cooperage, later known as General Cooperage.  Died 21 January 1997 at Jamieson Private Hospital in Penrith NSW while having a knee reconstruction. Edward contracted Pneumonia but died from heart failure. Cremated at Leura Memorial Gardens in Leura NSW on 29 January 1997. Married 28 May 1949[16] at Presbyterian Church, Leichhardt, NSW to Caroline Sarah Harding, born 16 August 1914[17] at Gale Street, Mortlake, NSW Died 11th September 1993[18] at Blue Mountains Memorial Hospital in Katoomba NSW from Heart Failure. Cremated at Leura Memorial Gardens in Leura NSW. Daughter of Robert Andrew Harding, born c1881 at Gulgong NSW and Emily Austin Smith. Born 1883 at Balmain NSW (Robert Andrew Harding and Emily Austin Smith were married at Mortlake 28 July 1909) Edward played A-Grade tennis and was a champion Lawn Bowler at Gladstone Park Bowling Club in Balmain. Edward and Caroline’s name appears on the honour board.

2. Marie Elizabeth Brownlee, born 23 January 1917 at 32 Alfred Street, Annandale, N.S.W. Died (?). Marie was married on 12 May 1945 at Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, Annandale to Esbert Bradford Street, born 18 May 1917 son of (?) born (?) and (?) born (?).

3. Thelma Christina Brownlee, born 26 December 1918 at Ourimbah, N.S.W. Thelma was married at Annandale in 1948[70] to Robert Mowbray Gillett, born 1 October 1919 at Ashfield, N.S.W., died (?). Occupation Cooper. Robert was the son of Alexandia Mowbray Gillett born (?) and Eva Beatrice Alexanda born (?). Thelma passed away early afternoon on Monday, 21 August 2006 at Endeavour Nursing Home in Springwood. A service was held at Greenacre Baptist Church, 38 Shellcote Road Greenacre at 10 am on Friday, 25 August 2006.

4. Enid Gladys Brownlee, born 18 June 1931 at Annandale, N.S.W. Married 21 March 1953 at Hunter Baillie Memorial Presbyterian Church, Annandale, N.S.W. to Raymond Donald Harrison, born 19 January 1925 at Belmore, N.S.W.  Died in hospital 12 January 2003. Ray is the son of Harry Donald Harrison and Alice Mary McMan.  Ray and Enid built their first home at 19 Wilberforce Road, Revesby. Built three holiday units in Lakin Street, Bateau Bay. Enid is 79 years and is in good health (14/09/2010)


My father is Edward James Brownlee above. There are many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren from Edward, Marie, Thelma and Enid. I have good records of all of these descendants and would be happy to pass them on to you. Go to: - Ian Edward Brownlee born 27 March 1951.

2/2. John, of Foxhoro, married Mary Jane Mooney,

and has issue,
John Frederick; Charlotte Mary; Frances Victoria; Emily; Florence; Christina.

2/3. William, dec.
2/4. Charlotte, dec.
2/5. Maria Bessie, married to Ralph Hayes, and has issue,
   John, Frederick, Ralph.
2/6. Caroline, dec.

1/79c. Edward Butler Chadwick, a Barrister at law.

IGI: Ch. 24 Oct 1817 Tipperary, Ireland
Baptd 24 October 1817: died unmarried 13th April, 1859.

1/89c. Fanny Chadwick,

IGI born abt 1805, Ballinard. Died 1879.
Married9c 1833 to Rev John Seymour (brother of Wilhelmina, wife of William Chadwick), of Clonlougham, near Cloughjordan, co Tipperary, leaving issue9c(all unm):
2/1. John Herbert Seymour,
2/2. William Seymour,
2/3. Edward Seymour,
2/4. Frances Elizabeth Susan Seymour, living in 1914.
2/5. Catherine Mina, dec.
2/5. Rose Seymour,.

1/99c. Christiana Rosetta Chadwick,

Born: Abt 1807, (IGI)
Married9c: 30 June 1832, to Richard Martin Forsayth M.D. and died 1871, Issue9c:
2/1. Richard William, M.D., Surgeon Colonel in the Army,
   married Harriet Margaret Baird and had issue,
2/2. Elizabeth Forsayth, married to Patrick, in Holy Orders,

of Mocollop Rectory, Lismore, in 1898, and had issue:-
3/1. William, District Inspector Royal Constabulary, 1898.
3/2. Livingstone, C.E.
3/3. Thomas.
3/4. Another son in King's Royal Rifles, 1897.
3/5. Eunice.
3/6. Christiana.
3/7. John, had issue.
3/8. Jane, married to Robert Tynan Huston, M.D. 

2/3. Christiana,
2/4. John, - has issue,
2/5. Jane, m. to Heuston Tynam, M.D.

1/109c. Elizabeth Cooper Chadwick,

IGI: Born Abt 1809 Damerville, Tipperary, Ireland
Married: 3 July 1827, to Rev William Bryan, of Gurteen, near Clonmel, County Tipperary, son of Thomas Bryan and his wife Elizabeth Aldwell and had issue. See EMC for more.
2/1. Thomas Chadwick, b 1828, Gurteen, d. 15 June 1880;
2/2. Elizabeth Mary Christiana m 8 April 1874 to John Barnes

of Ballyglasheen, co Tipperary; (she died December, 1905).

2/3. Mary Louisa Chadwick;
2/4. John Craven Chadwick, d. 12 Dec 1869;
2/5. Basil William Chadwick, d. March 1873;
2/6. Samuel Cooper Chadwick;
2/7. Caroline Damer Chadwick, m. 1868 to Patrick Barnes of

Graigue, co Tipperary; Issue: Joseph, William, Frances, Rosa, Caroline.

2/8. Edward Butler Chadwick in Australia;
2/9. Rosa Josephine Chadwick, m to John William Hughes of
   Annsgift, co Tipperary, d. October 1887;
2/10. Frederick Austin Chadwick, of Gurteen;
2/11. Arthur Chadwick, of Priestown, co Tipperary, m. October
    1889 Ann Kathleen, dau of Benjamin Barton of Kilkerran;
2/12. Charlotte Chadwick.

1/119c. Caroline Damer Chadwick, Baptd 29 June 1809

(IGI born abt 1809)
Married 1838, Ballyporeen, Tip., Rev Joseph Cooke Armstrong, and d.s.p. about New Year's 1856.  Her husband d. not long after.



EMC: of Hornsey and Kensington,
Born9c: 9th November, 1769;
Parents: Daniel & Catherine (Barclay) Bell.
Died9c: 9th May, 1855;
27 Thornton Street, Kensington, London, retired merchant.

A transcript of Jonathan Bell’s diary July 1948-May 1953 was published by Timothy Edgcumbe Ford, Jonathan’s 4xg Grandson.
A copy is held as a PDF: Jonathan Bell – shortened.

Married9c: 3rd November, 1794, Bramfield, Hertford (place LDS)



Daughter of Edward Vaux, in Holy Orders, and his wife Mary Johnson, of London9c. Ch 30/6/1771.
Died9c: 28th January, 1852,.

Issue of Jonathan & Maria (Vaux) Bell:
1/1. Louisa Bell b. 1815.                       KO06/10
1/2. Edward Matthew Bell, b 1/11/1796, M. Fanny Matthews.

EMC: Vice-Consul at Bordeaux, mentioned in William Vaux’s will of 1824 as being in the wine trade in Bordeaux.
This line from Charles Johnston, NZ (11/2002) - abbreviated, with additions from 13/12/05. Family Tree maker AM file has full line.
2/1. Sir Francis Dillon Bell, b. 8/1/1822, d. 15/7/1898

M. Margaret Joachim Hort, d. 6/1892.
Emigrated to NZ under influence of Edward Wakefield.
3/1. Francis Henry Dillon Bell, b. 31/3/1852,

M. Caroline Robinson
Lawyer and PM of New Zealand briefly in 1925.
4/1. Margaret Sara Bell, b. 10/3/1879,

M. Harold Featherston Johnston, b. 19/4/1875
5/1. Francis Nigel Featherston Johnston, b.

M. Marion Sykes, b. 13/12/1919.
6/1. Charles Johnston,[xi] who supplied this line 12/2002.

3/2. Jessie Adela Dillon-Bell b: 1850
3/3. Alfred Dillon Bell

M. Gertrude Eliza Robinson.
4/1. Margaret Brenda Bell b: 18 Oct 1891 d: 10 Aug 1979
4/2. Francis Wirgman Dillon Bell b:  12 Jun 1896
   d: 18 Aug 1987

2/2. Henry Angelo Bell b. 16/8/1821. D. 10/3/1842 Nelson, NZ. 
The following from
2/3. Edward William Wilbraham Bell b 13/9/1820, d 1854 issue.
2/4. Wilhelmina Isabel Bell born 1823, died in 1876.
2/5. Frances Catherine Bell was born in 1826.
2/6. Alfred Bell was born on 7 Sep 1828. - Issue.
2/7. Frederic Fitzedward Bell born 24 Sep 1830. died 1832.
2/8. Marie Adele Bell. - Issue.
2/9. Ferdinand Bell born 14 Dec 1833, died on 4 Oct 1854.
2/10. Julia Brenda Bell.
2/11. Ida Elisabeth Bell.

1/3. Elizabeth Bell, b 13/1/1800? m. Thomas Bolton,

lived in Ballykisteen, Ireland.
2/1. Elizabeth Bolton, m. Thomas Matthews.

Thomas Matthews. He was the Head Master of the Abbey School in Tipperary and died in 1878 (*I think). Elizabeth immigrated to the US in 1882 and first settled in LeMars, Iowa.
3/1. Henry de Vaux Matthews

4/1. William L. Matthews

5/1. William F. Matthews, m. Cathi who emailed 10/05.

1/4. Katherine Bell was born on 1 Nov 1795.

M. Joseph Dillon 25 Apr 1821.
2/1. Edward Dillon was born on 16 Dec 1822.
2/2. Anna Maria Dillon was born on 30 Nov 1824.
2/3. Katherine Augusta Dillon born 6 Mar 1827, died Oct 1844.
2/4. Wentworth Joseph Dillon born 3 Aug 1829, died Jun 1850.
2/5. Logan Robert Dillon born 5 Oct 1831, died 1860 Australia.
2/6. Rose Elizabeth Dillon was born on 5 Aug 1834.
2/7. Louisa Ellen Dillon born 29 Aug 1837, died 11 Jun 1869.

1/5. Maria Bell was born on 1 Jul 1798.

There is a collection of letters from Maria (Vaux) Bell to her daughter in Bordeaux December 1820 to June 1821.

1/6. Jonathan Bell was born in Nov 1803.
1/7. Jonathan Bell was born on 11 Nov 1805.
1/8. Jasper Higginson Bell was born on 9 Jul 1809.
1/9. Emma Bell.



See Stewart & Pakenham file for full details.



dau of Edward Michael Pakenham, 2nd Baron of Longford, and Catherine Rowley, see "Pakenhams". Her sister was the Duchess of Wellington, wife of the Great Duke.

Issue of Henry & Elizabeth (Pakenham) Stewart:
1/1. Edward Michael Stewart                       KO06/11

8         GENERATION 8



of Ballinard3,
AF shows: (15BS-KXF)    Born: 1756 Of, Ballinard, Limerick,

Nicknamed "Billy Snug", born: 1741
Parents: Richard & Rebecca (Ellard) Chadwick.
Died9c: March, 1825.

William, "Billy Snug," probably on his son John Craven becoming of age, left Ballinard, and in 1799 was residing in Limerick.  In 1807 he was living at Willmount, County Tipperary. He seems to have maintained a greater measure of social dignity than any of those who came after him have been disposed to do.9c

Married 1st9c: November, 1767 (IGI Nov 1767 Templemore, Tipperary)



AF shows: (15BS-KZM) Born: 1760 Of, Ballinard, Limerick,
Christiana Carden Born Abt 1745
Father: John Carden & Elizabeth Craven @ Templemore.


...(sister of Sir John Craven Carden, Baronet), second daughter of John Carden, of Templemore, County Tipperary, and his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Rev. Robert Craven and his wife Rose Otway. She had a marriage portion of £2,500 secured on Ballinard, Illanemeene and another estate.  She died February, 17829c.

Married 2nd9c, in 1793: Sophia Carden, only daughter of John Carden, of Barnane, and his wife, Anna Sophia Roe, a cousin of his first wife; she survived her husband and died September 1825, aged 82. She had a marriage portion of £1,000 and an annuity of £80 a year as a widow.
Sophia died9c: September 1825, aged 82.

Footnote to EMC P24:
There are some old silver cups at Ballinard on which are engraved the arms of Rose Craven (nee Otway) arranged as those of a widow. A portrait in the possession of the writer has been supposed to hers, but Mrs Bryan states that it is a portrait of Mrs. John Carden (nee Roe) a house shown in the background being Barnane, and that a portrait at Ballinard of a fair haired lady, dressed in red, is that of Rose Craven.

He had issue of the 1st marriage only:-
1/19c. Richard Chadwick, (IGI born abt 1777 of Ballinard)

who seems to have died quite young as William describes John Craven in his Marriage Settlement as his "only son." He probably died under two years of age because his name does not appear in the Cullen Register now existing which dates from 1770 only, those prior to that date having long ago disappeared.
Ref. Andrew Bols[xii] on, 6/5/2004.
Married Miss Barclay.
2/1. William Barclay Chadwick b abt 1790, d 1861.

M. Abba Thule Sharpe
3/1. Richard Weller Chadwick (1812-11/1864)

M. Georgina Bourchier, dau of Rev. Charles Spencer Bourchier & Eliza Harman, from whom descend Col Legandre Charles Bourchier.
4/1. Georgiana Ludee Chadwick, b. abt 1852, d. 12/4/1891.
   M. Robert mackay
4/2. John Barclay Chadwick, b. abt 1853
   M. Helen Sophia Porter.

3/2. Fanny Chadwick, b abt 1813, d abt 1820.

1/29c. John Craven Chadwick, born: 1778: of whom above.              KO07/17
1/39c. Catherine Chadwick, (married to her cousin and had issue),
   Elizabeth, Madeline.
1/49c. Rebecca Chadwick, married April, 1807, to Ussher Beere, of

Dublin, son of Thomas Beere, of Liskevoon, County Tipperary; died s.p.

1/59c. Clarinda Chadwick, (IGI born Ballinard abt 1771)

married 1828: to John Collins, a Major in the Army, and d.s.p.

1/69c. Elizabeth Chadwick, ECM: m. 15 Nov 1796, to Edmond Power

of Tipperary, eldest son of John Power of Tipperary, and his wife, Mary Middleton, and had issue (IGI born abt 1773 of Ballinard)
2/1. Catherine Power, m. to  her cousin, and had issue. ECM
2/2. Elizabeth Power, ECM
2/3. Madeline Power, ECM
2/4. William Power,
2/5. John Power, m Bridget Kelly, Tipperary 1819.
2/6. Edmond Power (jnr)

John Power M Mary Middleton
Possible issue:
1. Edmond Power snr. above,
2. John Power jnr, D 1811, will 1805.
3. Bridget Power, (1774-1864) m Maurice Barron 1808, poss GGG grandparents of Christopher Barron.

See under Elizabeth Chadwick, dau of William Chadwick, generation 11.

Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2007 17:04:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Christopher Barron[xiii]

Thanks for the email! I'm just about to look at an email I just received today from a woman in England, who is an expert regarding the pre-Cromwellian history of my family. Of course, this is well before my family's move from Inistiogue in Co. Kilkenny before the invasion of Cromwell. The Dublin genealogist (and I agree with him) says he thinks that the patrilineal ancestors of my family in Bohercrowe, Tipperary Town and Cullen were from Inistiogue. There is alot of compelling evidence to draw this conclusion, but not nearly enough for me to be certain that this is correct. At any rate, I wrote her a snail-mail last Friday, so let me look at it before I finish this email.

I just read the email from the woman in England; who knows a lot about the Barrons of Brownsford & Cloone in Inistiogue; and she sent me a long attachment (too long, can't read now) with it so I want to send a short email and also send you one, so this will have to be brief...a little shorter than War and Peace, but brief for me, LOL!! At any rate, I may have just hit paydirt with this woman because her maiden name seems to have been Barron and she's like me in being able to trace her roots back to her Catholic ancestors in the Inistiogue & Thomastown area with another Edward Barron like what looks to be my great-great-great-great grandfather, who was born in 1750 and served in the 32nd Foot (Duke of Cornwall) from 1771 to 1791. I find this interesting too because Edward served in England, Ireland (Cork City, Dungarven, Waterford & Dublin) and the defense of Gibraltar in 1784. In addition, my Maurice Sr. may have lived in Gibraltar at this time because there were a lot of wives and children living at Gibraltar with the soldiers in 1784. I had thought (a British Army historian got me the facts) that Edward and the 32nd Foot served in America along with Richard England of Inis/Ennis because another regiment of foot attached to the 32nd did serve in America along with Richard England et al. The other interesting thing about the text in this English woman's email was that she knows that her people are still farmers in Thomastown and other villages nearby and were Catholic. However, it seems nearly certain that you yourself are much closer kin (via Eliabeth Chadwick Hammersly) to me than this Ms. Barron because I'd say I am nearly 100% certain that this British soldier (Edward) was Maurice Sr.'s father and not this other Daniel Barron (only other Barron at the time in this part of Clanwilliam Barony). In addition, if Edward indeed was Maurice Sr.'s father, then I have a feeling I will be able to locate both burial places, get the inscriptions (I found the technique that will work and have seen the hundred or so probable headstones and one will be ours) and be able to prove that Edward was his father. I also suspect that Maurice Sr.'s wife will be the key to proving the rest of the descent back to Cullen as early as at least 1667. Maurice Sr.'s daughter-in-law from Monard/Moanmore, (many miles from Bohercrowe, but abutting the road to Cullen) Bridget Cosgrove, daughter of Timothy Cosgrove, told me that Edward must have been Maurice Sr.'s father and likewise Edward's daughter-in-law will probably unlock all the records to prove that Edward's father was John Barron of Cullen and his uncle was Edward Barron of Cullen, which will unequivocally prove that Pierce Barron of Cullen and Margaret Hammersly Barron were their parents and of course from Cullen. If all the above is true (very strong probability) then my family were Protestants from the time of Edward Barron of Cullen dating back to at least 1667. I find this new, definite information that Ms. Barron's family was always Catholic in Inistiogue most interesting because it seems nearly certain to me at this time that my family converted to the Church of Ireland just a few years after Cromwell's conquest of Ireland from 1641 to 1653 and my family remained that way up until what looked to be my great-great-great grandparents, Maurice Sr. and his wife, Bridget Power Barron. By the way, I sent an concerned letter to that Dublin genealogist because he had a knack of constantly coming to bad conclusions, constantly making insinuations and insults about my ancestors (wrong ones I might add according to the locals in Tipperary town today that knew our descendents, the O'Neills, a short time ago, that male-line died out in the early 1900's) and not doing diligent research on my behalf, so now he refuses to continue doing research for me, which probably just saved me $600 and a lot of headaches and malarky masking itself as real research. I can finish the research myself at St. Mary's Church (Richard Cooper-Chadwick) and up at the various archives in Dublin and do a proper job. An example of this genealogist's insults against my family is assuming that James Power and his son Edmund Power of Tipperary Town could 'not' have been my ancestors because 1. they were Protestant and 2. they seemed to be quite wealthy. This man did not furnish any other information (only the short quips) on these Power families because I was paying him to search only for the Barrons way back to our probable roots in Co. Kilkenny. Simultaneously, this man tells me my Barron ancestors were Protestant and from Tipperary Town, Bohercrowe & Cullen and Mr. Ryan, the proprietor of TC Ryans in Tipp town actually 'knew' Mr. O'Neill a few years back (20 years back I gather). These sorts of conclusions make no sense because there is no reason to think that Bridget Power Barron's father was Catholic just because her mother was Catholic and she was married in a Catholic church in Tipp Town. In fact, in the late 1700's I know that it was common for Protestant men to marry Catholic women merely because of a shortage of eligible Protestant women to marry in Tipp town. The other thing is that I know there was an Edmund Power living on a farm in Bohercrowe at the same time that Bridget Power Barron and her husband Maurice were living in Bohercrowe and I suspect Edmund was Bridget's brother, their father was Edmund Power and their grandfather was James Power of Tipperary Town. It also would not surprise me in the least if my Maurice Sr. was actually baptized in the Protestant Church in Cullen around 1772 because there was no Protestant church in Tipp town back then and Cullen was the closest church to Edward the Soldier's farm in Bohercrowe. I also know that all the land records on Maurice Sr.'s farm in Bohercrowe were actually kept in that Protestant Cullen church until the UK Government ordered them sent to Dublin before the rebellion. Yes indeed I think James Power will be the key to connecting my Maurice Sr. to Edward of Cullen. Then, it is only a matter of finding out where Edward of Cullen came from before the arrival of Cromwell and I suspect it was either in Bansha with Walter Butler and his wife from Inistiogue, and/or also Brownsford in Inistiogue. Edmund's daughter, Joan, married Sir Richard Butler's, Baron of Knocktopher, son, Walter Butler. Walter was also the commander of the Fethard garrison of 250 men and surrendered to Cromwell. Walter, the Earl of Ormond and the Earl of Thomond (owner of lands in Bohercrowe, Cullen etc.) seem to be how Edward ended up farming in Cullen and Edward actually may have lived in Tipp town because it is known that Patrick Barron lived in Tipperary Town and farmed lands in Emly, Damerville etc. in league with Joseph Damer, the Chadwicks etc. Patrick Barron was also the name of my great grandfather and many other Patricks in our known clan, which is an unusual first name for any Geraldine, but not for the Barrons of Inistiogue! The reason for this unusual first name seems to be because in the early 1300's the Lord of Iverk's youngest brother was Lord of Ballygurrim, (now Ferrybank across the Suir River from Waterford City) Slieverue and Rathpatrick and their male-line descendents were the Barons of Brownsford & Cloone.

Finally, it looks like I will only need a little luck from Bohercrowe (a John Barron lives across the street from our old farm and is probably be descended from the Barrons of Cullen in the mid-1800's) on sorting out which headstone was for Maurice Sr., Bridget Power B., James Power, Edmund Power and finally Edward Barron the Soldier. After that a few days of serious study of the Brownsford Barron and the landlords for properties in Cullen (Milltown, Rathduff etc. owned by Barron cousins--3rd cousins--in the mid 1800's) from say 1600 to 1640 (I know the owners in 1640) should turn up some clues on where Edward Barron of Cullen came from before 1667. Again, I say I already know the answers are in Bansha and Inisitiogue and perhaps also somewhere in Connaght where I know sometime between 1649 and 1653 up to 1660 Edmund Barron of Brownsford and Cloone spent some years in exile, but did his sons, grandsons etc. go with them? I say Edward of Cullen was probably given to his aunt Joan of Bansha for upbringing from 1649 to 1660, when his uncle Walter got him the leases in Cullen and perhaps a house in Tipperary town too.       

Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2007 19:58:22 -0800 (PST) From: Christopher Barron[xiv]

I am sending two small fees to Tipperary Excel and the Gloucestershire Museum because I was studying my genealogist's two reports and think I have finally found the key to solving exactly how my family arrived in Cullen by 1667 and exactly how we got to Tipperary Town and Bohercrowe from Cullen. It seems the key to solving the puzzle lies in my great-great-great grandmother, Bridget Power Barron (b. 1774, d. 1864). Bridget's great aunt was probably Grace Power Emmet, who probably lived in Tipperary town (those genealogists are vague about other families allied to the family they are searching). Grace Power probably married a younger brother of Dr. Robert Emmet, Sr. of Cork City and Dublin. It seems to me that the Emmet family could have been from Scotland (or England--one son went to school in Edinburgh) and according to published reports they came to Tipperary Town back in 1642, which is really before Cromwell had true power in Ireland and England--even though the rebellions and invasion started in 1641.

At any rate, I am searching for the wife and children of Edmond Power, Jr. of Bohercrowe, who lived next to our family farm about a 10 minute walk outside of Tipperary Town and was probably a brother of Bridget Power Barron from Bohercrowe. My genealogist said that Edmond Power Sr. (mentioned in two deeds from 1811 and 1812 and his younger brother's will dated in 1804 and probated in 1811) was the eldest brother of Captain William Middleton Power of the 28th Foot from Gloucester and the other brother (will in 1804) was John Power, Jr., and their parents were John Power Sr. and Mary Middleton. Edmond Power Sr. was from Tipperary Town and it seems to me that his younger brother must have been a contemporary of my Edward Barron of the 32nd Foot for the Duke of Cornwall, who was born in Tipperary town (1750) and served from 1771 to 1791. My genealogist said these Powers did 'not' seem like my Powers because they were rich and Protestant, but I think he made that conclusion simply because my Bridget Power was married at Tipperary Parish (Catholic) in 1808 and was probably baptized a Catholic. However, he seems to forget that 1. there were a shortage of Protestant eligible women to marry in this area during this time and 2. it seems likely that these Powers and Barrons were allied by blood and business ties to the Emet family ever since 1642 and during this time frame (1770 to 1810) there was the rebellion in Dublin of 1798 and 1803 and that both of these rebellions were led by Robert Emmet Jr. and Thomas Addis Emmet, whose family ties were both in Tipperary Town! Therefore, even though it looks like the Emmet, Power and Barron families of this area were all Protestant from the 1640's up to 1798, it seems likely that all 3 families were re-thinking their political and religious ties during these tumultuous days of 1798 to 1803! In addition, this same genealogist also told me that my great-great grandfather (John Barron of Tipperary Town and Bohercrowe) probably had to flee Ireland in 1867 due to the failed Fenian Rebellion of 1867 in Tipperary Town! John Barron fled to NYC in 1867 along with the named leaders of the rebellion, Colonel Thomas Kelly of Tipperary Town and Captain Timothy Deasy of Cork, which was the exact same escape route of Thomas Addis Emmet in 1803!

The other thing is that the odds are that my Edward Barron of Cullen (ca: 1667) was probably the son of Redmond or Maurice Barron of Clonpet, (2 miles south of Tipp town) Roland Baron of Kilfeacle, (3 miles east of Tipp town) or William Barron of Rathkany near Peppardstown (6 miles east of Tipp town near Cashel).
William Barron died in 1680 and definitely had a son named Edward Barron. Therefore, I think I'm closing in on exactly which Barron family is mine in Tipperary Town and Cullen and exactly where these families originated in, but it looks like either an earlier named Redmond and Maurice Barron of Tipperary named in the Fiants of 1588, who lived near the border of Co. Kilkenny. Maurice's father was James FitzGerald, son and brother of two Barons of Burnchurch. The other possible origin is a Richard Baron of Clonmel, (a merchant) whose father was the Baron of Brownsford in Inistiogue. At any rate, I think all the above is traceable with definite records, but the links and clarifying records will probably be in legal records about the Power and Emmet families of Tipperary Town and also in St. Mary's graveyard, whose origin does 'not' begin with the building of St. Mary's church in 1831 (Richard Austin-Cooper Chadwick was a prominent member of this church) because I've seen the burial places of Dr. Christopher Emmet (d. 1743), his grandson, Christopher Temple Emmet the lawyer (eldest brother of Thomas Addis and Robert the patriots) and also Mr. McCarthy, who died in 1740 and all were buried almost 100 years before St. Mary's church was built! Dr. Christopher Emmet was definitely a prominent citizen in Tipperary Town because the Emmet family vault lies right next to the current St. Mary's church and the legal records all point to the Power and Barron vaults being within a few feet of the Emmet family vault and as I remember those inscriptions are weathered, but there's enough left of the old inscriptions that a cleaning and rubbing of the inscriptions on these vaults will tell the names of the family owners and with land deeds dating from 1717 mentioning a business alliance between another man named John Power and a William Barron, I think we have old alliances with both the Power and Emmet families of Tipperary Town, not to mention the Chadwicks of Ballinard between Cullen and Lattin! This is starting to make some sense and it seems that John Barron of Cullen was probably the son of Pierce Barron and Maggie Hammersly that moved to Tipperary Town and had a son named Edward Barron "the Soldier"! I hope you are doing well!

PS: I forgot to mention that my John Barron (b. 1808) alleged in all official records in NYC that he came to NYC from Ireland in 1863, not 1867, and it was not until this genealogist provided me proof via land records on our old family farm in Bohercrowe for John being the stated tenant living there in 1867! It seems to me that John, his wife and all his children maintained a false emigration date of 1863 for specific reasons, to confuse American authorities, who back then and today have definite--and friendly--political relations with the UK government. This also seems to connect my family to the Emmet family of Tipperary Town because that Thomas Addis Emmet certainly got himself into a load of trouble with the UK government in 1798 and also in 1803, but not as bad as his younger brother, Robert Jr., who was hanged for treason by the UK government in 1803.  

1/79c. Charlotte Chadwick, (IGI born abt 1775, Ballinard).

Married: 10 Aug 1797, to John Bourchier of Baggotstown, eldest son of John James Bourchier, of Baggotstown, County Limerick, and his wife Mary, daughter of Joseph Gubbins, of Killrush and had issue: their daughter  Charlotte was married to William Chadwick (infra), and a grand-daughter, also Charlotte, was married to Richard Cooper-Chadwick. (infra). See Below for Bourchier Descendants

AF shows: Charlotte Chadwick (15BS-L0S)
Born: Abt 1782 Of, Ballinard, Limerick, Ireland
sp-John Bourchier (15BS-KLC)
Born: Abt 1767 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland

Issue3 (from AF) Of, Baggotstown, Limerick:
2/1. John Bourchier (15BS-L3F)

Born: Abt 1811, d 24/5/1885.
sp-Sarah Aher or Eyre, b 29/1/1809-1891 (15BS-LHW)
Born: 29 Jan 1809 Of, Castlecomer, Kilkenny, Ireland
3/1. John Bourchier (15BS-L5T) Born: Abt 1834
3/2. Charlotte Sophia Bourchier (15BS-MDG)

Born: 13 Apr 1837 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
sp-Richard Austin Cooper Chadwick (15BS-MC8)
Born: 1833 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
sp-Richard Austin Cooper Chadwick (1818-FZ1)
Born: 15 Dec 1831, Tipperary, Ireland
Issue (B Tipperary):

4/1. John Cooper Chadwick (1818-G06) Born: 13 May 1864.
4/2. Kate Louisa Cooper Chadwick (1818-G1D) Born: 1866.
4/3. Richard Austin Cooper Chadwick (1818-G2L) Born: 23 Dec 1866, d 6/9/1934.
4/4. Elizabeth Sarah Cooper Chadwick (1818-G3S) B. 1868, d 15/8/1956.
4/5. Austin Samuel Cooper Chadwick (1818-G41)
   Born: 25/5/1871. M Florence Banks Harris.
4/6. Charlotte Sophia Cooper Chadwick (1818-G57) B. 1873.
4/7. Frances Anna Cooper Chadwick (1818-G6F) Born: 1875.
M Sutherland Matterson.
4/8. Ada Mary Cooper Chadwick (1818-G7M) B. 1877
M Ambrose Grattan Power (d. 7/12/1926)

3/3. Susan Bourchier (15BS-L78)Born: Abt 1839.
3/4. Henry James Bourchier (15BS-LSR)

Born: 14 Aug 1842 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
sp-Nina Darley Leech (15BS-MPB)
Born: 1842 Of, Mitchelstown, Meath, Ireland

4/1. John De Louvain Bourchier (15BS-LV6)
   Born:  6 Sep 1868 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
4/2. Florence Mary Bourchier (15BS-MZ0)

Born: Abt 1870 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland
sp-Arthur Davis (15BS-MXR)
Born: 1866 Of, Monkstown, Cork, Ireland

4/3. Harriet Nina Bourchier (15BS-N1C)

Born: Abt 1872 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland
sp-Alexander Duff Moore (15BS-N05)
Born: 1868 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland

4/4. Clara Farran Bourchier (15BS-LZS)
   Born: Abt 1874 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland
4/5. Claud James Henry Saint John Bourchier (15BS-MQJ)
   Born: 6 Aug 1875 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
4/6. Irene Sarah Bourchier (15BS-M16)
   Born: Abt 1876 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland
4/7. Cicely Charlotte Bourchier (15BS-M2D)
   Born: Abt 1878, Monkstown, York, Ireland
4/8. Frances Chadwick Bourchier (15BS-M3L)
   Born: Abt 1880 , Monkstown, York, Ireland
4/9. Wilfrid Larive Bourchier (15BS-MSX)
   Born: 22 Mar 1884 Of, Monkstown, Cork, Ireland

3/5. Richard Eaton Bourchier (15BS-M51)

Born: 1846 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
sp-Geraldine Amelia Beamish Townsend (15BS-MH3)
Born: Abt 1856 Of, Meath, Leinster, Ireland
Issue (Of, Baggotstown,):
4/1. John Somerset Townshend Bourchier (15BS-M7F)

Born: Jun 1877 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
sp-Geraldine Townshend (1818-GG3)
Born: 1850 Ireland.

4/2. William Bourchier (15BS-LBV) Born: Abt 1848
4/3. James David Bourchier (15BS-LC3) Born: Abt 1850
4/4. William Chadwick Bourchier (15BS-M8M)
   B: 28/2/1852 Of, Knockaney, Limerick, Ireland

2/2. John James Stephen Bourchier (15BS-KP0) Born: Abt 1813.  
2/3. Christiana Bourchier (15BS-LKB) Born: Abt 1815

sp-Richard Eaton (15BS-LJ4)
Born: <1811 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland

2/4. Marianne Bourchier (15BS-LMQ) Born: Abt 1817

sp-Thomas Grover Grady (15BS-LLJ)
Born: <1813 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland

2/5. Charlotte Bourchier (15BS-LP5) Born: Abt 1819

sp-William Chadwick (15BS-LNX)
Born: <1815 Of, Monkstown, York, Ireland

2/6. Sophia Bourchier (15BS-KTS) Born: Abt 1821
2/7. Elizabeth Bourchier (15BS-LRK)

Born: Abt 1823 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland
sp-Thomas Bourchier (15BS-LQC)
Born: 1819 Of, Baggotstown, Limerick, Ireland

2/8. Clarinda Bourchier (15BS-KW7) Born: Abt 1825

1/79c. Harriet Chadwick, (IGI born abt 1780, Ballinard)
   died March 1782, unm.
1/89c. Isabella Chadwick, born. Febry 1782 (IGI also),
   died shortly afterwards.

Unless otherwise indicated, all the following is from EM Chadwick:



Born abt 1726.
of Stamford, Middlesex (son of Daniel Bell), died 29th October, 1802, aged 76.

The Barclay-Bell Gedcom file (from the LDS) shows his father as Daniel (1686-1758)/Mary Collinson-Jonathan (1654-1717)/Rebecca Hall-John/Elizabeth.

Bill Jackson of Oxfordshire believes this Daniel was son of Alexander, son of Archibald, from whom Bill descends.

This line is not continues from here until the alternatives are established (10/2003).

Jackson & other Research on this family

From Roger Sharland on Genes reunited (11/09):
Son of Daniel Bell (1702-1771), wife Elizabeth
Son of Alexander Bell (1659-1724)
Son of Archibald Bell (1620-1707) & Ann Purvis (1725)
Son of Archibald Bell (1590-1668) & Ann

Married 17th February, 1750:


born: Cheapside, London, June, 1727, died October, 1784,
Parents: David Barclay & Priscilla Freame (latter from Barclay-Bell GED)

Footnote to EMC Page 44: David Barclay was of Royal descent thus:
Sir John Beaufort, Earl of Somerset and Marquis of Dorset, son of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster and grandson of King Edward the III married Margaret daughter of Thomas Holland, Earl of Kent and grandson of Joan the "Fair Maid of Kent", who was granddaughter of King Edward I. Their daughter, Joan was married to King James I of Scotland, whose daughter, the Princess Annabella was married to George Gordon, Earl of Huntly, from whom descended Catherine Gordon, married in 1648 to Col David Barclay of Urie, co. Kincardine, whose son Robert Barclay was the father of the said David Barclay.

Issue of Daniel & Katherine (Barclay) Bell (inter alia, see EMC):
1/1. Daniel Bell, of Wandle House, Wandsworth,

born 11th August, 1753,
died 4th December, 1834.
Married, 16th April, 1789, Elinor, daughter of John Turner (a), of London.  She died 8th January, 1836, leaving issue (b).

1/2. Jonathan Bell                                KO07/19
1/3. Katherine Bell, b 1755, d 17/11/1792.

Married to John Gurney, of Earlham, County Norfolk, and was mother of Elizabeth Fry, the philanthropist also of Hannah, wife of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Baronet, and grandmother of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, lately Governor of South Australia, and of the Rt. Hon. Sydney Charles Buxton, lately raised to the peerage as Baron Buxton, and now Governor-General of South Africa.
2/1. Elizabeth Gurney (1780-1845), M Joseph Fry (1774-1861)

3/1. Hannah Fry (1812-1895) M William Streatfield (1810-1852)

Issue inter alia:
4/1. William Streatfield (Rev) (1839-1912)

M Selina Leveson-Gower (1840-1916)
5/1. Roland Streatfield (Rev) (1871-1952)

M Maud Watney (1875-1950)
6/1. Faith Streatfield (1915-2002)

M. Leonard Sharland (1904-1978)

2/2. Hannah Gurney (c 1783-1872)
2/3. Samuel Gurney (1786-1856)
2/4. Joseph Gurney (1788-1847)
2/5. Daniel Gurney (1791-1880)

1/4. Priscilla Bell - See Appendix 1 for her family

re Charles Johnston[xv] & Maria Suffolk[xvi] (nee Mary Elizabeth Logie) in January 2001.
Microfilm copies of her diaries in the NZ Turnbull Library, she was quite famous herself for work among deprived women in east end of London.
Her descendants included Edward Gibbon Wakefield.
M Edward Wakefield
2/1. Edward Wakefield M. Susannah Crash

3/1. Edward Gibbon Wakefield, M Eliza Pattle
3/2. Priscilla Susannah Wakefield

m. Henry Chapman (son of Abel Chapman) in India.

3/3. John Howard Wakefield, d. 1862.

M. Maria Suffolk, d. India 1852. (an Indian aristocrat).
4/1. Lucy Catherine Wakefield M. 1863 Count Hugo Radolinski,

a Prussian, in 1863. He later became Prince Radolin, working as Private Secretary to the Kaiser. She may have married from a Gurney household in London, her father having died the year before in London (her mother in India in 1852).

4/2. George Edward Wakefield

M. 1. Eliza Bastard
M. 2. Ruth Adalaide Allsop
5/1. Violet Mary Wakefield (born in India)

m. Owen Chilton Goodenough Hayter in India (maybe b Paddington 1877).
6/1. Janet Mary Wakefield Hayter (born in India)

m. John Duncan Logie in UK.  She later divorced, and deed-polled her name to Janet Mary Wakefield Holmes.
7/1. Mary Elizabeth Logie

m. Peter James Wildblood in UK. She later divorced, and deed-polled her name to Maria Isabel Suffolk.
8/1. Sean Andrew Gavin Wildblood
8/2. Angus Jeremy Ross Wildblood


The following from
1/5. Rebecca Bell born about 1754. She died on 17 May 1828. 
1/6. Elizabeth Bell was born in 1756. 
1/7. Lucy Bell was born in 1758.
1/8. Charlotte Susannah Bell.
1/9. Christiana Bell was born in 1766. She died on 27 Jan 1809.
1/10. Caroline Bell.
1/11. Elinor Bell was born in 1792. She died in 1866.

From Bill Jackson:
Ongoing research 10/2002:

....line from myself and my mother to the "paterfamilias", one Archibald Bell (1617 or 1620-1707). He became a Quaker in 1657 - there have been many Quakers in the extended family from that day to this.
The Daniel who may have been the father of Daniel (?1726-?1802) was a son of Archibald’s son Alexander.

Early 1700s:      Greer Letter in PRONI, D/1044/525 Robert Greer of Altnavannog and Daniel Bell, at Tullylagan, Co. Tyrone (to be confirmed):

Daniel Bell (after 1700-?), son of Alexander Bell (1659-1724).
The "Note by TG at bottom" of the letter, written to Thomas Greer II by Daniel Bell on 9 December 1778, reads as follows, according to the Index to the Greer Letters at PRONI - D/1044: "This letter was from the father of Mrs Gurney of Earlham, mother of Elizabeth Fry and Lady Thomas F[owell] Buxton. Daniel Bell was my great-grandfather's partner in the linen business at Tullylagan". JWJ believes that this note must have been written by Thomas Greer III: For further detail refer to JWJ’s Family Tree Maker notes on Daniel Bell.
The correspondent would appear to have been Daniel Bell (c.1726 -1802), father of not only Catherine Bell/Gurney, but of Daniel Bell (1753-1834).

Far and away the most likely great-grandfather of TG "III" is Robert Greer of Altnavannog, well known in the NI linen context. A Daniel Bell, whom I believe to have been born shortly after 1700, the son of Alexander Bell (1659-1724), witnessed Robert's Will; and Robert's son Thomas Greer "I" (1691-1746) married that Daniel's sister, Elizabeth Bell (c. 1697-1772).

(Jackson's Full text, not internet)


Ref Jonathan Sharpe: died 1803.

JS lists 4 siblings.

Ref EMC for Maria: Daughter of Edward Vaux, in Holy Orders, and his wife Mary Johnson, of London9c.

Jonathan Sharpe wrote (May 2005):
    Dear Mr Maitland. I have been researching Edward Vaux d.1803, in relation to a painting, that our family inherited, which I believe to be of him. I have been puzzled by many internet references to him having been Ordained. I know his son William, son in law James Simkinson and grandson Edward Vaux were. He could just have been earlier in his life but I have seen several entries in London directories over the last three or four decades of the eighteenth century showing him in business but no reference to him as Reverent (family marriage announcements) but there is still quite a bit to find about him. If there has been an error which has been promulgated I would like to know. I notice that your site refers to Edward Vaux being in Holy Orders, as well as; his daughter Emma Vaux marrying James King, rather than Rev. James Simkinson. I include extracts from Boyd's Marriage index and a transcription of the probate copy of Edward Vaux's will (a longish one). ------------
   I am only to happy for you to include this on your site. I am still wondering about where the idea of holy orders comes from as it was Maria's Father. There is usually some seed for an idea. I know I have had leave off cross-examining an elderly relative over inconsistencies in facts as I was causing real distress. Edward obviously had dealings with Quakers but since I have found Christening references for all but one of his children I don't think he would a Quaker preacher. Edward's father might have been or indeed an Anglican clergyman either in the Uk or South Carolina. He is a mystery which I would dearly like To Solve. I realise also have used information from the Chadwick Source and since that side has not been a central interest I have not checked it out but can be pretty certain that Maria Vaux married Jonathan Bell.

This is the Last Will and Testament of me Edward Vaux of Austin Friars in the City of London Merchant and Insurer Imprimis I direct that all my just debts my Funeral and Testamentary Expenses be paid so soon as conveniently may be after my Decease……
…..I give and bequeath to my Son in Law Mr Jonathan Bell of Bouchiers [?] Hall in Ess’m [prob. Essex] from and after the death of my dear Wife Mary Vaux one thousand Pounds Part of the Sum of fourteen hundred and seventy Pounds now due to me on his and his Father Mr Daniel Bell’s joint Bond for three thousand Pounds to myself……
….I give and bequeath to my Son in Law Mr William Eade of Clapton in Middlesex from and after the Death of my dear Wife Mary Vaux …..
….I give and bequeath to my Daughter Eliza Vaux the Sum of one thousand Pounds……
…I give and bequeath to my daughter Louisa Vaux the Sum of one thousand Pounds to be invested……
…I give to my Son William Vaux the Sum of three thousand Pounds at his attaining his Age of twenty one years and in the mean….
…..I also give to each and every of my Sons and Daughters to my Sons and Daughters in Law to my Sisters Mary Gordon Sarah Vaux and Hannah Vaux to my nephew Percival Edward Vaux to his Sister my Niece Sarah Vaux and to Mr James Gordon of Charleston South Carolina or whoever of them shall be living at the time of my Decease one Mourning Gold Ring…..
…..Government Securities in or upon which the same shall stand and shall have been invested unto and amongst my Daughters Maria Wife of Jonathan Bell Emma Wife of Reverend James Simpkinson Mary Ann Wife of William Eade Eliza Vaux and Louisa Vaux the Issue of such of them as may then be dead…..
 …..amongst all and every my said five Daughters Maria Bell Emma Simpkinson Mary Ann Eade Eliza Vaux and Louisa Vaux equally to be divided between them the Shares of my said Daughters Maria Bell Emma Simpkinson Mary Ann Eade and Eliza Vaux to be assigned transferred or paid to them respectively immediately after the Decease of my said dear Wife Mary Vaux and the Share of my Daughter Louisa Vaux to be assigned transferred or paid to her when she shall have attained her Age of twenty one…..
 …And I constitute and appoint the said Mary Vaux my dear Wife and my said Sons Jasper Vaux and Edward Vaux Executrix and Executors of this my Will And I direct that my said Ex’ors ….
….Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two./. Edward Vaux signed sealed published and declared by the said Edward Vaux the Testator as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us Edwin Dawes Thomas….
I have just discovered from info from your site that the will mentions Elizabeth Fry's father:-

.......I give and bequeath to my Son in Law Mr Jonathon Bell of Bouchiers [?] Hall in Ess'm [prob. Essex (Aldham)] from and after the death of my dear Wife Mary Vaux one thousand Pounds Part of the Sum of fourteen hundred and seventy Pounds now due to me on his and his  Father  Mr Daniel Bell's  joint Bond for three thousand Pounds to myself  Mr John Gurney  Mr Abel Chapman  Mr Robert Barclay  Mr Feame[?]  and  Mr Capel Hanbury  the Interest......

Married (Ref Jonathan Sharpe: 25/4/2005):


Ref JS: died 1829.

Children of Edward Vaux and Mary Johnson are:
1/1. Edward Vaux. - JS, also JS lists descendants.

“he was after a year or so invited to join a Cousin in Law, Mr Eade, of Bordeaux where all his objects & interest soon became intensively centered.  The death of W. Eade (prob 1824) opened a wide field of action, which for many years proved highly successful in result....” (Jonathan Bell memoirs).

1/2. Eliza Vaux, ch 23/1/1780 (JS),

married Joseph Eade October 17, 1805 in Old Church, Saint Pancras, London. JS lists descendants, among whom are:

2/1. Eliza Eade (1810-1883), M. Robert Henty (1808-1904).

3/1. Agnes Henty, (1847-1930), M. Edward Larpent Agar,

4/1. Emily E Agar b abt 1880,

g/mother of Jonathan Sharpe.

1/3. Jasper Vaux, b 1767. – JS

M. Christian Combe, 7/9/1809, Chobham, Surrey, dau of Harvey Christian Combe and Alice Christian Tree. (source: download)

1/4. Maria Vaux, b. 1771 (JS) died January 28, 1852;

married Jonathan Bell

1/5. John Vaux. (JS b 1773).
1/6. Emma Vaux, born May 30, 1775; m. James King 1802  London.
1/7. William Robert Vaux, b 1777-78 - JS
1/8. Mary Ann Vaux b 1778 – JS

Married William Eade
Issue, from William’s Will (transcribed in Chadwick appendix):
2/1. William Eade
2/2. Margaret Eade
2/3. Mary Ann Eade

1/9. Henry Vaux, b 1781 - JS
1/10. William Vaux, b 1784 - JS, descendants listed.
1/11. Louisa Vaux, b 1786 - JS,

9         GENERATION 9



Parents: William & Jane (Greene) Chadwick

Married, 1st, February 1738,

Rebecca Ellard

eldest dau of James Ellard of Newtown, County Limerick.  She had a settlement secured on Ballinard, Gortnekilleen and three other estates.

Married secondly, February, 1768, Jane, second daughter of Nicholas Sadleir of Golden Garden, County Tipperary.  She had a jointure of £1,000 if left a widow.  She survived him and was married, secondly, in 1772, to Rev Anthony Armstrong, of Emly, and had several children, son Richard Armstrong. 

Died 1770 or 1771. By his will he gave to his son Thomas £1,000; to his son Frederick, the lands of Gortnebarna and Ballyhenry; to his son, Capt. James, £5,000, having already advanced him £2,000. Gave Gortnekilleen to his son Michael, with remainder to his son Nicholas.
Directed certain lands to be sold for the benefit of his wife, and he left her his household effects "except plate and family pictures." He had issue, viz:-

EMC page 22: Of his first marriage:
1/1. William Chadwick, nicknamed "Billy Snug",

b. 1743 (or '41) of whom above.  IGI born 1741 @ Ballinard. Limerick.

1/2. Richard Chadwick, nicknamed "Parson Dick" born 1752. 

In Holy Orders, Rector of Doone, co. Tipperary, and Kilvernon.
Married: Margaret Sadlier, dau of Nicholas Sadlier,
and had issue - see EMC page 37.
He died May 1817. Descendants of Richard Chadwick are mainly from EMC, but with additions by Robert Scott[xvii]  9/2000.

Richard Chadwick, 2nd son of Richard C. of Gortakillen, Oola, Co. Limerick, b.1751, entered Trinity College Dublin July 8, 1765, educated by Mr Jessop, Lismore,  went to Glasgow Univ.; ordained Deacon, Lismore July 19 1772, Priest Cork April 4 1773; Curate Templeneiry (Cashel) 1773, Curate Toem & Doon 1781, Preb. Doon 1790 - 1811, Rector Kilvemon 1811 - 1814.

After 1782, he left Chadville and went to Doon and built the Glebe House in the townland of Knocknacarriga in the east end of the parish of Donn.  This magnificent house was built around the year 1808 by Rev Dick Chadwick.

See Appendix 7 for more on him and
Appendix 8 for house description and description.

(ref Robert Scott[xviii] 30/11/2002 & Feb 04, he may be descended from this line):
2/1. Eleanor Elmina Chadwick, m. Rev William Scott

(EMC shows Rev John Scott) Kilvemnon Church, ref Clare Journal 7/9/1812.
William Scott died 11/5/1869, of Pallasgreen, Limerick.
Issue: (EMC & dates Parish Records at Bolton Library, Cashel.
3/1. John Scott, Rev. Died 21/3/1867
3/2. William Scott, Rev. (RLS: ch Cullen 16/11/1820)
3/3. Richard Scott

From Robert Scott, 2/2010
Kings Inn Admission Papers
SCOTT, RICHARD, 2nd s. of Rev. William, Rector of Pallas Grean, Co. Limerick, and Ellen Chadwick; over 16; ed. Tipperary; afft. Robert Scott, wine merchant, uncle. M 1836

3/4. Samuel Scott (RLS: ch Cullen 12/7/1825)
3/5. Margaret Scott (RLS: ch Cullen 21/10/1814)
3/6. Rebecca Matilda Scott (RLS: ch Cullen 11/7/1822)

m. James Thomson Bryan 25/6/1846

3/7. Anne Scott (RLS: ch Cullen 10/2/1824 - Anna Rosetta)
3/8. Eleanor Alicia Scott m. Richard Winter
3/9. Nicholas Scott (RLS: ch Cullen 11/11/1826, Nicholas Edward)
3/10. Elizabeth Scott (RLS: ch Cullen 18/5/1819 - not on EMC)

2/2. Richard Chadwick b: 1774 d: JUL 1836,

married Margaret Odell.
3/1. Richard Chadwick d: Jun 1827 see RichChad murder

Richard Chadwick 1800-1827 a local magistrate as well as weight master in Tipperary and land agent for Billy Sadlier of Sadliers Wells  Tipperary, was a man of some importance in social and property circles in West and Mid Tipperary in 1827. His uncle, Billy Sadlier was landlord of considerable properties in County Tipperary and an active supporter and promoter of the Orange Order in Tipp Town. Chadwick resided at Reddins Walk, Tipperary, was about twenty-seven years of age and as weightmaster of Tipperary Town and district as well as a land agent, enjoyed a good income.

3/2. John Chadwick +  Mary Anne Briscoe

4/1. Charles Chadwick, MD

3/3. Samuel Chadwick, died Spain.
3/4. Thomas Chadwick b: 1812 d: FEB 1838
3/5. William Chadwick d: 1874

4/1. Edward Chadwick, b 1850.
4/2. Charles Chadwick, b 1855.

3/6. Nicholas Chadwick, died Australia.
3/7. James Chadwick d: 1875 + Wilhelmina White, died 1910.
   4/1. James Chadwick, born 10/7/1852.
3/8. Margaret Chadwick +  Short

4/1. Stewart Short
4/2. Anne Short
4/3. Catherine Short
4/4. Jane Short

3/9. Catherine Chadwick + James Rae

4/1. George Rae
4/2. Kate Rae

3/10. Rebecca Chadwick
3/11. Alicia Chadwick b: Abt 1814 d: 22 JUN 1874

M. John Massy b: 18 JUL 1810 d: 1894
4/1. Richard Albert Massy b: 22 FEB 1840
4/2. Frances Elizabeth Massy b: Abt 1842 +  Baker
4/3. Margaret Alicia Massy b: Abt 1836
4/4. Melian Rebecca Massy b: Abt 1833
4/5. Charles Henry Massy b: Abt 1834
4/6. John Massy b: 30 JUN 1848
4/7. Alicia Victoria Massy b: Abt 1837
   M. Margaret Odell b: Abt 1776 d: MAY 1854

2/3. James Chadwick +  Isabella Markham

3/1. Edward Chadwick + Amy Torkington + issue.
3/2. Richard Chadwick + Rachel + issue.
3/3. Josephine Chadwick
3/4. Margaret Chadwick +  Sheppard + issue.
3/5. Ellen Chadwick +  Heyton
3/6. Alicia Chadwick +  Rogers
3/7. Isabella Chadwick

2/4. William Chadwick b: 1782 d: JUN 1855
2/5. Thomas Chadwick b: 1788 d: DEC 1808
2/6. Nicholas Chadwick, died 1838.
2/7. Anne Chadwick + Joseph Braddish

3/1. Joseph Braddish b 1792
3/2. William Braddish b 1794

2/8. Elizabeth Chadwick + William Kissain 

3/0. William Kissain, M Aphra Haly.
M.  Robert Armstrong
3/1. Anthony Armstrong
3/2. Jane Armstrong  + Austin Cooper Issue: Elizabeth, Renecca, Margaret, Jane.
3/3. Elizabeth Armstrong

2/9. Rebecca Chadwick

m. William Cooper of Killenure Castle, Tipp.
She died 23/4/1859, he was born 19/7/1772 and died 9/4/1850.
This line continues as the Cooper-Chadwick family.

2/10. Alicia Chadwick d: 1835 + William Sadlier
2/11. Margaret Chadwick b: Abt 1795 d: 5/1850

1/3. Thomas Chadwick, of Barnascounce, b. 1752, d. July 1812. 

Married: Sarah Lockwood (who d. February 1826) and had issue.
Sarah dau of Richard & Elizabeth (Carden) Lockwood.
IGI shows birth also. Issue, inter alia (ref Hugh Casement):-
2/1. Col. Thomas Chadwick in Bengal Engineers

(1789-1861 dates H. Casement)

2/2. Sophia Chadwick (b 1800)
   m. Charles Hamilton Bell of the Bengal Army
2/3. Sarah Chadwick, 1802-?,

m. 1st, George Casement who died in India 1/11/1822, and,
2nd, James Graham in Agra, 24/2/1823.
Inter alia:
3/1. Phoebe Graham, M as 3rd wife, Lt Gen Sir John Dingwall-Fordyce
More in Appendix 3.

2/4. Arabella Chadwick, b 1796, m Gardiner Boyd, (1789-1829).

3 Nov 1812 in Bengal (internet). Capt of the 25th rgt. N.I.
3/1. Mossom Boyd (1814-23/7/1883) Internet:

was born in 1814 in India. He died on 23 Jul 1883 in Bobcaygeon Village, Emily, ON, Canada. He married Caroline Dunsford in 1844 in Bobcaygeon Village, Emily, ON, Canada.

Caroline Dunsford died in 1857. She married Mossom BOYD in 1844 in Bobcaygeon Village, Emily, ON, Canada.

They had the following children:
   F i Carolina Augusta Boyd.

3/2. Anne Boyd (d 26/10/1880),

married 29/12/1835, Dacca Bengal (Lt Gen) John MacDonald
4/1. Donald MacDonald, m Florence Bleecker Nichols.

Donald Macdonald, b 29/Jul/1851, m Florence Bleecker Nichols, dau of Alonzo Danvers Nichols, M.D., and Katharine-Achorn, his wife (see Note +++), and has issue: -

Note: +++ from U2/V2 – Mrs. Nichols, who was for some time a resident of Toronto with her younger children, was m. 2ndly to Robert Murray, merchant in New York anf Hayti, son of Robert Cunningham, who assumed the name of Murray in compliance with the desire of his grandfather David Murray (being the son of Margaret. Dau and eventual heiress of the said David Murray), who was a descendant of an officer of the garrison of Londonderry in 1668, and subsequently an original settler in Londonderry, New Hampshire, son, according to family tradition. Of Charles Murray, Col. In Cromwell’s Army, who, at the restoration went to reside near Londonderry, Ire., being, according to the family tradition referred to (apparently confirmed by a consistent statement in Burke’s Peerage), of the family of Tullibardine and Athol, but stated in an old narrative of the siege of Derry as of the family of Philiphaugh.

5/1. Donald Claude Macdonald 1900-1960.

Chief of Clan of Sanda, W Scotland.
More in Appendix 3 Ref Jean Casper 8/03.

1/4. James Chadwick, an Officer in the Army.

Married: the dau of a Pennsylvanian Planter, and had issue - see EMC page 41.  IGI: abt 1754 of Ballinard.

1/5. Frederick Chadwick, of Littleton and Cullen, (IGI abt 1756)

Married: Susannah Minchin and had issue - see page 42.
Footnote to p22:
It is uncertain whether Richard or Thomas above was the elder.
Issue inter alia:
2/1. Alicia Chadwick, b abt 1800, married Rev John Bagnell,

3/1. Mary Elizabeth Bagnell,

married William Pellew Pownell. (ref Pellew family history ( 10/2002) of Exmouth.
4/1. Edward Irving Pownell, 8th Viscount Exmouth,

b. 3 May 1868, at Plymouth, Died 19 Aug. 1951 at Lustleigh Manor, Lustleigh, Devon. Married 1902, Frances Edwards b. 18_ d. 1963 and is buried in Pau, France, dau. of Alfred Wells.
5/1. Irving Edward Pownell, 9th Viscount Exmouth.

b. 28 May 1908, died 2 December 1970, (aged 62) at Canonteign, Devon. m. 2 Jan. 1938, Maria Luisa Urquijo y Losada, Marquesa de Olías, (in Spain cr. 1652 by Philip IV; s. 1940) b. 12 July 1911 d. 28th December 1994 (aged 83) and was buried in the family vault at St James' Parish Church, Christow, Devon, widow of Don Gonzalo Alvarez-Builla y Alvera, (see Iddesleigh, Earl of ) and dau. of Luis de Urquijo y Ussia, Marqués de Amurrio, and of María Teresa de Losada González de Villalaz, Fernández de Liencres y Fernández de Velasco, Marquesa de Zarreal, of Madrid, Spain.
6/1. Paul Edward Pownell, 10th Viscount Exmouth,

Marqués de Olías, (in Spain cr. 1652 by Philip IV) b. Tue. 8 Oct.1940 Estoril, Portugal; educ. Ladycross & Downside, m. 1stly, 10 Dec.1964 (m. dis. 1974), Maria Krystina de Garay, only dau. of late Don Recaredo de Garay, of Madrid, Spain, and has issue.

1/6. Alice Chadwick, married December, 1765, to John Minchin,

of Busherstown, b. 1737, Bushertown, Co. Offaly, son of Humphrey MINCHIN son of Humphrey Minchin and Rebecca Paul (KO11/267, below)
b. 1686, Castletown, Kings Co., Ireland; d. Feb. 1777, Bushertown, Co. Offaly, Ireland. M. Catherine GREENE (internet);
and had issue, Richard, Captain of Dragoons, died unmarried; George; Rebecca, married to William Minchin, of Greenhills.

And of the second marriage:
1/7. Nicholas Chadwick, nicknamed "Posy", b 1771: d. Jan 1854.

was sometime a merchant in Cork, and was living in Mitchelstown in 1749.  Married in 1792 Anne Sadleir, who died May, 1826 (Marriage Settlement £1,200), and had issue, Clement, died 1809; Richard, bpt. 1798; Nicholas, bpt. 1802; Michael, bpt. 1804, died 1885; William, bpt. 1806; Nathaniel, bpt. 1808. None of these left issue, so far as the writer has been able to ascertain. Jane, bpt. 1797, d.v.p. (EMC).

1/8. Michael Chadwick, m. an heiress. 

Lived in Wales and subsequently in Jersey and had issue.
M. Amelia Margaret Dwyer (ref fay rawcliffe[xix] 1/11/07).
2/1. Richard Chadwick.

Footnote to EMCP23: The two lives of Richard and his son Nicholas, from the birth of the former to the death of the latter stretched over a period of 140 years or more, and the grandson of a man born in 1714, or possibly earlier, was still living in 1879 - 165 years - the latter has lived in the presence of certainly five generations (of which the last has a number of adult members) and probably of six, as it is likely that his grand mother was living when he was born - some of her brothers and sisters certainly were.



of Templemore (TPC):
Parents: John & Rebecca (Minchin) Carden.
Married, 1747: Elizabeth Craven @ Templemore.
Died: 1774. Will (dated 10 December 1766) was probated in 1774.

John Carden had brother:
Mr Carden of Barnane whose wife was Miss Roe. and daughter, Sophia was 2nd husband of William Chadwick, KO08/33.



dau of Rev. Robert Craven and his wife Rose Olway.
Died: February 1782.

Issue of John Carden & Elizabeth Craven (IGI):

1/1. Sir John Craven Carden, 1st Bt. b. c 1758, d. 21 Nov 1820

Married: Mary Pomeroy b. 19 March 1757, d. 28 September 1778
Father Arthur Pomeroy, 1st Viscount of Harberton
b. before 1732, d. 9 April 1798
Mother Mary Colley b. before 1732
Arthur Pomeroy, 1st Viscount of Harberton, born before 1732.
He married Mary Colley, daughter of Henry Colley and Lady Mary Hamilton, on 20 October 1747. He died on 9 April 1798.
Arthur Pomeroy, 1st Viscount of Harberton gained the title of 1st Viscount of Harberton [Ireland].

Henry Colley
b. before 1704, d. 1723, #106598
Father Henry Colley1 b. before 1674, d. 1700
Mother Mary Usher1 b. before 1674
He married Lady Mary Hamilton, b before 1704, daughter of James Hamilton, 6th Earl of Abercorn and Hon. Elizabeth Reading, in 1719.1 He died in 1723.
Henry Colley was also known as Henry Cowley. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Strabane. He lived in Castle Carbery, County Kildare, Ireland.

2/1. John Carden b. April 1777, d. before 1811.

1/2. Christiana Carden, Templemore, Tipperary,      08/34
1/3. Henrietta Carden Born Abt 1752 Templemore, Tipperary,
1/4. Henrietta Carden Born Abt 1752 Templemore, Tipperary,

of John Carden & Elizabeth Disney, Barnane, Tipperary:
Elizabeth Carden Born 1766
Andrew Carden Born 1768

The Cardens - A New Dynasty in Templemore

The 18th and 19th Centuries saw a new family establish itself in Templemore, the Cardens. Having arrived from Cheshire, John Carden, in 1698, leased land in the lordship of Templemore from the Butlers, from whom he purchased the estate in 1704. The castle that acted as their home stood in today's town park, but they deserted it in the mid 18th Century after it was damaged by fire. What became known as "The Abbey" was then built as the family home, supposedly on the site of a long lost monastery, but by 1902 the family had left the town. The Abbey then remained empty until the 1920s, when Auxiliaries took up residence there. When the building was later vacated the local Volunteers had the Abbey burned, thus destroying one of the most impressive legacies of the Cardens in Templemore.

Source Walsh, "A History of Templemore and its Environs”



Born September 17, 1682 in Urie, Fetterose, Kincardineshire;
Died March 18, 1769 in Bush Hill, Winchmore Hill, Middlesex.
Parents: Robert Barclay the Apologist & Christian Mollison. 
A Cheapside linen draper, and became one of the richest merchants in London when he died.
The father of the founder of Barclay's Bank. History of the Bank sent by Charles Johnston, Nov 2003.
Settled in London,

Married: August 08, 1723 in London.



Born Abt. 1700 in London, England;
Died October 09, 1769.
Parent: John Freame.

Children of David Barclay and Anne Taylor are (b Cheapside or other):
1/1. James Barclay6, born 1708, died 1766.

He was the first Barclay who joined his brother-in-law, Joseph Freame in what became Barclay's Bank. Married Sarah Freame, sister of Priscilla.

1/2. Robert Barclay6, born May 05, 1709, London; died Young.
1/3. Christian Barclay6, born June 25, 1710,; D. Young.
1/4. Alexander Barclay6, born 1711; died January 12, 1771

in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; married Anne Hickman.

1/5. Robert Barclay6, b. November 11, 1711;

Died November 17, 1712.

1/6. Elizabeth Barclay6, born April 21, 1714.

M. Timothy Bevan, 1735.

1/7. Christiana Barclay6, born June 02, 1715;

Died 24/7/1731 Unmarried.

1/8. Jane (Anne) Barclay6, born November 24, 1716.
1/9. Patience Barclay6, born September 29, 1718.

Issue of David Barclay & Priscilla Freame (b Cheapside or other):
1/10. Priscilla Barclay6, born 1726, d. March 11, 1780, Unm.
1/11. Catherine Barclay, born 1727; died 1784; m. Daniel Bell
1/12. John Barclay6, born 1728 in Cambridge Heath, London;

Died December 18, 1787 aged 59; married Susanna Willet.
Banker in London.

2/1. Robert Barclay, Banker in London,

b 1758, m Ann, dtr of Isaac Ford, a lineal descendant of the ancient family of Ford of Ford Green, in Staffordshire.

1/13. David Barclay6, born 1729 in Walthamstow, London;

died May 30, 1809.

1/14. Caroline Barclay6, born 1734, Cheapside, London;

D. 27/10/1769.

1/15. Richenda Barclay6, born 1735, Cheapside, London;

D. 07/1/1800.

1/16. Lucy Barclay6, born 1737 in Cheapside, London;

died March 23, 1757.

1/17. Christiana Barclay6,

born Abt. 1738 in Cheapside, London.
John Barclay, , m Susanna Willet, and d 1787, aged 59, leaving issue:




KO10/129 EMC 3/1

of Gortnekilleen and Ballinard

Parents: William & Elizabeth (Gabbett) Chadwick.
William died 1748

IGI: Married (no spouse name) Oct 1713.

By his will, dated 1748, proved 1750, he left his widow £300, with plate, jewels and numerous articles of value, and "her chaise and best chaise horse" and an annuity of £50. He bequeathed to his son Rodolphus £100; to his son, Michael £10, he being "already provided for"; to his grand-daughter, Jane Chadwick, £300; and to his daughters, Ann Blood, Grace Bunbury, and Catherine Hunt, each £10 "to buy mourning."

Reference in “Governor Pownall on some Irish Antiquities”
A William Chadwick mentioned who rented lands about Cullen belonging to Lord Thormond about 1750.

Married, October 1713: Jane Greene, daughter of Rodolphus Greene, of Kilmanahan, County Waterford, and his wife Mary, daughter of Michael Carey; with a portion of £300; she died September, 1779.

Issue as follows:-
1/1. Richard Chadwick, IGI: born abt 1713 Ballinard.

(living in 1720), of whom above.

1/2. William Chadwick, of Tipperary, (living in 1720) nicknamed

"Big Billy". M 1754  Mary Lockwood of Cashel and had issue - see EMC Page 32.
A tree on by Andrew Bols 6/5/04, the Richard Chadwick (2/1 below) as below as the son of William & Christiana Carden, shown by EMC as having no issue.
Mary Lockwood dau of Richard & Elizabeth Lockwood of Cashel and sister of Richard whose dau Sarah married Thomas Chadwick, of Barnascounce (ref Roger Depper[xx] Jan 06)
Richard Lockwood appears to have been a rich farmer and brewer.
2/1. Richard Chadwick, barrister-at-law,

sometime of Limerick, of Dublin in 1823, of London in 1824, afterwards of Berwick Hall, Shropshire, and in 1830 of Belvidere Place, County Surrey.
Married December, 1784 (or January, 1785), Bridget, (Her sister Anne was married to Col. Muttlebury, of a family some of whom resided in Guelph when it was a village. Some also in Toronto at a later date) eldest daughter of Thomas Barclay, (Possibly a descendant of John Barclay, son of David Barclay, of Urie (see Bell, infra), who settled in Ireland). of Ballyartney, County Clare (then deceased) and Anne, his wife.  She had a marriage portion of £1,000.  She died before 1830.
3/1. Anne, married to Griffith, who was a widow living at  
   Bangor in Carnarvonshire, in 1830

3/2. William Barclay Chadwick, born about 1790,

died in London, 1861; of Brighton in 1823 and of 15 Connaught Square, Hyde Park, London, in 1844. Was Captain in 2nd Royal Surrey Militia.
Married Ludee Elizabeth, daughter of Dr. Sharpe, who was an explorer and visited islands in the South Seas named Ludee and Alba Thule and others, and wrote a book of his travels; he was a friend of Sir Bartle Frere, noted in South African history.
He had issue a daughter Fanny, who died young, and one son:-
4/1. Richard Weller Chadwick, born 1812, died in London,

November, 1864. When a young man he saved a son of Lord Brougham from drowning at Boulogne, and through Lord Brougham's influence obtained a commission in the army, which, however, he did not long retain; he served in the Spanish army in the Carlist Rebellion; was Manager of the Eastern Counties Railway, and Afterwards of the Eastern Bengal Railway in India.
married in 1851 Georgiana Anne, daughter of the Rev. Charles Spencer Bourchier, Rector of Great Hallingbury, County Essex, and Vicar of Sandridge, County Hertford, and his wife Eliza, daughter of Samuel Harman, and had issue (besides a daughter Georgiana Ludee Frere, married to Robert Balderston Mackay, son of James Mackay, of Blair Castle, but d.s.p. 12th April, 1891) one son:-
5/1. John Barclay Bourchier Chadwick, of Hollywood,

California, born August 5th, 1853;
This line continues - see EMC original text.

30 Mar 2008
Reply-To: Raymer10<
Charles Spencer Bourchier was the eldest son of Charles Bourchier and Eliza Harman, this was Charles's second marriage. I am descended from Charles first marriage to Elizabeth Preedy.

1/3. Rudolphus Chadwick, (living in 1720).

In a former account of the family his name appears with the simple note "of whom nothing is known," but we now know something of him, assuming the very unusual name to be evidence of his identity with Rudolphus Chadwick, who appears to have settled in Cork and to have been a merchant there, and to have married, in 1739, Prudence Healy, of the parish of St. Mary Shandon. The following persons whose names occur in Cork records are probably their descendants, and they seem to have gone down rather in the social scale. Charles Chadwick in 1765 had an interest in Rathmore, a small property in the suburbs of Cork.  His eldest son, William, married Mary Rebecca White in 1776.  And there were the following marriages also; 1767, Mary, of St. Mary Shandon, to Joseph Merrick; 1778, Mary Elizabeth to Thomas Cooke; 1797, Mary, of Cork, to Henry Duggan, son of John Duggan, with an annuity if left a widow of £50 charged on certain lands. The following also appear:  Edward Chadwick, of 32nd Regiment, married, in 1780, Mary Ray, of Youghal, and Edward Chadwick, of Leitrim, revenue officer, perhaps the same man, married, in 1809, Margaret Homan.  The Cork Directory of 1914 gives two or three persons of the name, of whom the writer has not obtained any particulars. (EMC)

1/4. Michael Chadwick,(living 1720) a Quarter Master in 1743,

married Anna Maria, daughter of William Connor, of Clonmel, who survived him; he died between 1752 and 1757; had a daughter Jane, married, 1759, to Francis, eldest son of George Davies, of Bunreagh, County Clare; and a daughter Mary, married to John Lackey, of Clonmmel and of Kilkenny, who had issue, viz: (besides others) a daughter Maria, married to Francis Despard, of Fethard, eldest son of William Despard, of Killaghy Castle, County Tipperary.

1/5. Katherine Chadwick, (supposed to have been a dau. of

William of Gurthkilleen, but not certainly known as such) married to Vere Hunt of Curragh, co. Limerick, and had issue, one son, who died infant.
She died prior to 1760, after which the said Vere Hunt re-married and had issue.  His son was created a Baronet. The name is now DeVere.

1/6. Grace, married to Bunbury.
1/7. Ann, married in 1748 to William Blood, of Roxton, (EMC)

b. 1720, Cahirnemoher, Co. Clare, Ireland; d. 1791, Roxton, Co. Clare, Ireland, some time High Sheriff (1750).
She had a marriage portion of £1,000 and an annuity of £100 a year if left a widow (EMC).

Data of Ann's descendants from a source other than EMC:

A note: Bindon Blood's book states: "My forefather is said to have fallen very much in love with Miss Chadwick, but on approaching her father with a view to matrimony, he met with a refusal, as Mr. Chadwick strongly objected to County Clare and to Clare men. Thereupon my forefather assembled some friends and followers, attacked the Chadwick house and carried off the young lady, marrying her the next morning. Unfortunately, Mr. Chadwick, who defended his house with resolution, was shot dead, either in the attack or in the pursuit afterwards, during which it is said that a good deal of shooting took place."
William and Anne married in 1747 or 1748, and had issue:
2/1. Jane Blood, b. 1743, Roxton, Co. Clare; d. 1820

married: Edward William Burton, b. abt. 1740, Clifden, Co. Clare, and had issue:
3/1. Ann Burton, b. abt 1780

m. Bindon Blood, son of William Blood & Elizabeth Bindon.
b. 17 Mar 1775, Co. Clare, Ireland; d. 1855
Bindon and Ann were first cousins; Ann's mother, Jane, was Bindon's father William's elder sister. William's ancestry, and their descendants, are listed under Blood of Cranagher.

2/2. Col. William Blood,

AKA "Young Will of Roxton" b. 1748, Roxton, Co. Clare.
d. 5 Nov 1784. m. Elizabeth Bindon,
daughter of Nicholas Bindon and Elizabeth French.

b. 1750, Ennis, Co. Clare; d. 1798, Dublin.

For the descendants of William and Elizabeth, see Blood of Cranagher.

2/3. Thomas Blood,

b. 1750, Roxton, Co. Clare, Ireland;
d. 1790, in Algiers, while serving with the Spanish Forces. For Thomas' descendants, see The Bloods of Essex

2/4. Neptune Blood, b. 1751, Roxton, Co. Clare, Ireland;

d. 9 Oct 1797. m. Marianne Davis, daughter of Thomas Davis and Mary Buckley. b. 1764, Newcastle, Co. Galway, Ireland; d. 1 Nov 1837. For their descendants, see The Bloods of Applevale.

2/5. Michael Blood,

b. 1755, Roxton, Co. Clare; d. 18 Oct 1812, Baskin Hill, Dublin. m. Cecilia Compton, daughter of Francis Compton and Mary Widenham. b. 1770. Cecilia was sister to Katty Compton, who married Michael's third cousin, William Blood. Cecilia was Michael's second wife. His first is unknown. Michael and Cecilia married 6 Sep 1809, and had issue:

Ref Mon, 15 Oct 2007 13:23:23 -0500
From: "Gerry Dobson[xxi]"
I notice that in your genealogy you state that you do not know the name of Michael Blood's first wife. She was Frances Widenham, only daughter of Walter and Ann (Bindon) Widenham of Limerick. Walter was a merchant was a mayor of Limerick. Michael and Frances were married, St. John, Limerick, 27 April, 1782 and were childless. She d. 22 August, 1808. Was Catherine Compton's nickname "Katty"?  I do Widenham research.

3/1. Frances Blood;

b. 1810-1812. m. James Tymons, of Baskin Hill, Dublin.
b. est. 1810-1812 and had issue. Further information unknown.

2/6. Rev. Frederick Blood,

b. 1762, Roxton, Co. Clare, Ireland; d. 1843
m. Susan Powell, b. abt. 1765 Died without issue.

2/7. Richard Blood, b. 1770, Roxton, Co. Clare.

d. Bannvale, Co. Down, m. Jane Maria Shaw, daughter of Capt. Thomas Shaw. b. abt. 1770, Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Ireland
and had issue:
3/1. Lt. Frederick Blood,

b. est. 1790 - 1810; d. Hermitage, Dublin, Ireland
m. Sarah Mary Morris, b. est. 1790 - 1810;
Frederick and Sarah had no issue.

3/2. Randal Blood, b. est 1790 - 1810; No issue; NFI.
3/3. Thomas Blood, b. est. 1790 - 1810; No issue; NFI.
3/4. Michael Blood, b. est. 1790 - 1810; No issue; NFI.
3/5. Maj. Gen. Clements Blood, b. est. 1790 - 1810; unm.
3/6. Maj. Gen. Richard Blood, b. est. 1790 - 1810;
   d. 8 Jul 1877 Of Dromoher, Co. Clare, Ireland. unm.
3/7. Frances Ann Blood, b. 1790; d. 1884. m. Charles North,
   b. est. 1780-1790  Further information unknown
3/8. Jane Blood, b. est. 1790 - 1810; No Further info.

John Carden


Parents: John Carden & Priscilla Kent,
Lived Templemore, died 1728.
Married 1717:

Rebecca Minchin

Parents: Humphrey & Rebecca (Paul – ref Minchin of Ballynakill, Wexford. HM son of Colonel Charles Minchin and Elizabeth Paulet. RP dau of Joshua Paul.

Issue (TPC):
1/1. John Carden (M) d. 1774.         09/67
1/2. Paul Carden
1/3. Minchin Carden
Ancestor of Richard George Carden, of Fishmoyne.
He lived in Fishmoyne, County Tipperary, Ireland


Rev. Robert Craven


Chaplain to the Earl of Chesterfield

Rose Olway

Parent: Thomas Olway of Lissenhall, County Tipperary, Ireland.
1/1. Elizabeth Craven


(the Apologist)6,6,


2nd of Urie, the celebrated Apologist of the Quakers,
From LDS.
Born December 23, 1648 in Gordonstoun, Morayshire;
Died October 03, 1690 in Urie, Fetterose, Kincardineshire.
Parents (ref EMC): Col David Barclay of Urie, co. Kincardine, Catherine Gordon, married in 1648. (a history of Barclay's Bank gives most of the family line of the Freames and Barclays). 

Married February 01, 1669/70 in Bailie Molyson's House, Aberdeen,



Born 1647 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire;
Died February 14, 1722/23 in Urie, Kincardine.
Parent: Gilbert Mollison.

Children of Robert Barclay & Christian Mollison (b & d in Urie, Fetterose, Kincardineshire).
1/1. Robert Barclay6, born March 25, 1672 died March 27, 1747
1/2. Patience Barclay6,6, born Abt. 1674
1/3. Son Barclay6, born Abt. 1676
1/4. Catharine Barclay6, born Abt. 1677
1/5. Catherine Barclay6, born June 26, 1678 died November 09, 1758.
1/6. Christian Barclay6,6, born Abt. 1680
1/7. Jean (Jane) Barclay6, born Abt. 1680
1/8. David Barclay, born September 17, 1682

Died March 18, 1769 in Bush Hill, Winchmore Hill, Middlesex;
Married (1) Anne Taylor 1709 in At, London, Middlesex, England;
Married (2) Priscilla Freame August 08, 1723 in London.

1/9. Daughter Barclay6, born Abt. 1685
1/10. John Barclay6, born 1687; died April 08, 1751 in Dublin,


Born Abt. 1658 in London, England. (from LDS, 1669 from Barclay’s history).
Parent: Robert Freame, a prosperous Cirencester Quaker textile merchant.
Died 1745 aged 80[6]
Apprenticed goldsmith, became a banker (later Barclay's Bank).
Priscilla Gould, brother of John’s first banking partner, Thomas Gould (the Goulds had 6 children).

Issue of John & Priscilla Freame is (of a total of 7):
1/1. Priscilla Freame, who married David Barclay.
1/2. Joseph Freame, who carried on the banking business

Joseph brought his nephew, James, son of David & Priscilla Barclay into the banking business.

Barclay’s Bank

The Freames spring from Robert Freame of Cirencester'. The pedigree illustrates the three stages, yeomanry, town traders, and ultimately mercantile houses. Thus the brothers Robert and John of Aldgate were grocers, but John was a goldsmith as well. John Freame of Bushhill, Edmonton, married Priscilla Gould, and his sister Hannah married Thomas Gould, probably her brother. Of Robert Freame's children by his first wife the most interesting is Thomas, who went to Philadelphia. He married in 1725 Margaret Penn-daughter of William Penn by his second wife Hannah Callowhill of Bristol-and their daughter, Philadelphia Hannah Freame, became Viscountess Cremorne. It was into the business of the Freames, and' indeed into their very household, that David Barclay of Ury-- came, when he walked up to London. Like the apprentice of romance, ' On the other hand David Barclay of Youngsbury, Tertius Galton's great-uncle, who had come into the possession of £10,000 of slaves for a business debt, carried them to New York, taught them crafts and then, when they could maintain themselves, emancipated them. This David Barclay (see Plate XXII) was one of the finest characters of his time, a true humanitarian And a worthy descendant of the Apologist.





Parents: William & Grace (Goggin) Chadwick.
IGI Born Abt: 1664
of Ballinard, & Of Gortnekilleen.

This may be the William "of 1673" who is mentioned in an old letter, and is stated to have been buried at Cullen in 1739.

will dated 1715, proved 1717.  Was living in Gortnekilleen in 1665. He purchased, on 17th January, 1684, by lease for lives renewable for 300 years (a tenure usual in Ireland and similar to ancient feudal custom in England, but quite unknown in Canada) Gortnekilleen and the East Stanges alias Stangesmore, 150 acres, I.P.M. (about equal to 243 English), part of the Manor of Cullen in the parishes of Ulla and Cullen in Coies Tipperary and Limerick. Gortnekilleen and East Stanges or Stangesmore were always united as one holding as long as the Chadwicks held them, and Stangesmore will herein be understood as included wherever Gortnekilleen is mentioned. 

Married: Elizabeth Gabbett.



daughter of William Gabbett (name originally Garbett) of Caherline co. Limerick (he d. 1693) and Alicia his wife, dau. of Richard England of Lifford, co. Clare.
See end of this paper for Richard England line.

1/1. William Chadwick (named "Senior") of Gortnekilleen,

near Oola, co Limerick (on the SE border with Tipperary), of whom above.

1/2. Grace Chadwick,

(supposed dau of William, but it is possible that she may have been the dau. of a brother)
Married, firstly, 1692, to Richard Ballard and had a son Richard, and secondly, to Clement Sadlier, who died 1715, leaving sons, John Clement, William, Oliver, Nicholas, and Ambrose.
represented in the female line by the family of Persse of co. Galway.

8/2001: Michael Sadlier[xxii] says: "The most famous offspring from that marriage was John Sadlier, M.P. (183-56) representing Carlow. He finally committed suicide on Hampstead Heath after he had swindled from Scully's Bank Thurles. He was a founder member of the first Irish Independence Party, which he also betrayed."
The current mayor of Limerick is also a descendant.
July 2002: contact from Ronnie Land, a Sadlier connection
FAX 01415700235. Gt Grandfather John Sadlier emigrated to Aus mid 19thC from Tipperary. RL's mother born and raised in Patagonia.

1/3. EMC: "Elizabeth Chadwick, married to Hamersley,

and had two sons, John and Richard.
(?) another daughter married to Pires or Pierce Barron, who had a daughter Elizabeth."

There follows a possible line supplied by Christopher Barron, 4/8/2007[xxiii].
Daughter probably Margaret Hamersley, married Pierce Barron (son of Patrick Barron of Tipperary Town & Emly and Patrick's father was Edward Barron of Cullen. Edward was mentioned in the Hearth Money Rolls of 1667.)
See under William Chadwick dau Elizabeth, generation 8.
2/1. Edward Barron
2/2. John Barron

3/1. Edward Barron "The Soldier" of Tipperary Town.

4/1. Maurice Barron Snr,

Married, 1807, Bridget Power (1777-1864)(Maurice maybe GGG Grandfather of Christopher Barron) She may have been the sister of Edmond Power jnr.
5/1. John Barron b. 1808

John Barron fled to NYC in 1867 along with the named leaders of the rebellion, Colonel Thomas Kelly of Tipperary Town and Captain Timothy Deasy of Cork, which was the exact same escape route of Thomas Addis Emmet in 1803!

4/2. William Barron
4/3. Patrick Barron
4/4. John Barron "the Soldier" b abt 1772

….British Army records confirm that a John Barron joined the British Army in 1808 and served for 8 years….


John Carden


b. circa 1613, d. 1728

John Carden was born circa 1613.
Parents: John Carden and Elizabeth Catherall.
He was born ca , mea 1673, Priscilla (will pr 9 Dec 1735), dau of John Kent, of Poleran, Mooncoin, County Kilkenny, in 1623.3 He married Priscilla Kent. He died in 1728.1 He died in 1728, (will prJ Sept), at alleged age of lOS issue.
     Arran 1704 purchased from Earl of some 3,000 acres of land 'together with a Mill and the profits of a fair.3 All being parcels of the Lordship of Templemore.' Which land he had previously leased for some time. He lived circa 1650 at Templemore, County Tipperary, Ireland.
Children of John Carden
1/1. John Carden+ d. 1747
1/2. Margery Carden
1/3. Anne Carden
1/4. Mary Carden
1/5. Abigail Carden
A dau Carden
A dau Carden 2

Children of John Carden and Priscilla Kent
1/6. Jonathan Carden+ b. 1674, d. 17034
1/7. William Carden+ b. 1675, d. 17604


Priscilla Kent

1/1. John Carden          10/133
1/2. Jonathan Carden
1/3. William Carden

Humphrey Minchin - 1660


Born in December 1660.3
Parents: Colonel Charles Minchin and Elizabeth Paulet.2
Married Rebecca Paul, daughter of Joshua Paul.4
Died between September 1732 and April 1733.3
Will was probated on 19 April 1733.4

     Humphrey Minchin held the office of High Sheriff of County Tipperary in 1686.4 He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for County Tipperary.4 He built the Round Tower at Busherstown.4 He lived at Ballinakill Castle, County Waterford, Ireland.1 He lived at Busherstown, County Tipperary, Ireland.4 His last will was dated 30 September 1732.

Children of Humphrey Minchin and Rebecca Paul

1/1. Rebecca Minchin+ 5

1/2. Humphrey Minchin+ d. Feb 17773

Married Catherine Greene, daughter of Godfrey Greene, on 11 June 1736.
He died in February 1777.1
Humphrey Minchin lived at Busherstown, King's County, Ireland.
Children of Humphrey Minchin and Catherine Greene

2/1. Reverend Duke Humphrey Minchin
2/2. Captain Joshua Paul Minchin
2/3. Major Paul Minchin+
2/4. George Minchin d. 17 Jun 17751
2/5. Rebecca Minchin
2/6. Abigail Minchin
2/7. Sarah Minchin
2/8. Elizabeth Minchin
2/9. Susanna Minchin
2/10. Henrietta Minchin
2/11. John Minchin+ b. 1737

Married, firstly, Alice Chadwick, daughter of Richard Chadwick, in 1765.
Held the office of High Sheriff of King's County in 1768.
lived at Busherstown, King's County, Ireland.
Children of John Minchin and Alice Chadwick
3/1. Captain Richard Minchin
3/2. Rebecca Minchin+ d. Dec 1829
3/3. George Minchin+ b. 17841

1/3. Charles Minchin
1/4. Paul Minchin+ d. bt Jul 1764 - Aug 17644
1/5.Charles Minchin
1/6. William Minchin
1/7. Captain George Minchin+
1/5. John Minchin
1/6. Deborah Minchin
1/7. Anne Minchin
1/8. Sarah Minchin
1/9. Sophia Minchin
1/10. Jane Minchin
1/11. unknown daughter Minchin

1/12. Mary Minchin


David Barclay, 1st of Urie (b 1610, Colonel)
B abt 1580, d. abt 1660
Parents: David & Elizabeth (Livingstone) Barclay
m. Katherine Gordon (dau of Sir Robert Gordon, 1st Bart of Gordonstoun)

Colonel David Barclay, who served with distinction under Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden, and, on his return home, attained the rank of Colonel during the great civil war. In 1647 he purchased the lands and barony of Urie from William, 7th Earl Marischal.

1/1.  Robert Barclay, 2nd of Urie (b 28.12.1648, d 03.10.1690)

m. (02.1669-70) Christian Mollison (dau of Gilbert Mollison of Aberdeenshire)




IGI Born 1636, Grace abt 1640
EMC P 18 & Ontarian Families:
From Yorkshire, according to an old family tradition is said to have married a ward on Chancery in England, named, Grace Goggin, without the permission of the |Court, and escaped out of the jurisdiction with his wife concealed in a sack. Had issue two sons, vis:-(but it is not known if these were the only children).

1/1. Richard Chadwick, of Ballinard:-

born probably 1662 or 1664,
... was, about the middle or latter part of the Seventeenth Century, in possession of Ballinard and Ballinglanna, which have been always held together and are included herein under the one name Ballinard. The extent of this estate was 434 acres Irish plantation measure, equal to about 700 acres English. By his will, dated 18th February, 1720/21, proved 1722, he left Ballinard and other lands to his nephew William (styled "Senior"), of Gortukilleen; for life, then to his eldest son Richard in tail, with successive remainders to his sons, William, Rodolph (or Rudolphus) and Michael.  He left to his wife a legacy of £590 and his plate and other articles; and a legacy of £10 to his niece. Grace Sadleir, and £60 to her children; and £30 to Pires Baron and his daughter Elizabeth.  Also he gave a farm to his nephew, Richard Ballard1.
He died S.P.  He married Mary Baker, who survived him, and lived with her brother, Walter Baker, of Ballywire. By her will, proved 3rd January, 1729, she left, besides other legacies, a legacy to her piece Mary, daughter of Barnaby (?) Baker, provided she married with consent of William Baker of Lismacue, and a legacy and also the residue to Walter Baker, son of William Baker of Lismacue.

Dublin National Library, 5/2/1998 Baker papers, found in Analecta Hibernica, No15, 1944, P372:
   contains lease (6/4/1685) by Edward Warter of Bilboe, Co Limerick, to Richard Chadwick of Ballinamoght, Co Tipp., for a fine of £120 and a rent of £45 pa for 3 lives (viz William Bourk, 2nd son of Dr Ulises Bourk of Droum Keene, Arthur Blenner Hassett of Ballinaganagh, Co Lim., and said Richard Chadwick) or 300 years the land of Castlelaughay, in parish of Kilcornane, Co Tipp., containing 300 acres of, plantation measure and lately enjoyed by Edward Crease.  Also: 2/1817, will of William Chadwick of Willmount, Co Tipp. and codicil 1820.

....from a 1922 book on the Bakers of Tipperary by Sir Augustine m. Baker, M.A. He states:


"In 1686 October 21 a Deed of Release was executed and afterwards registered in the Palatinate Records by which Richard Chadwick of Ballynamaght released Thomas [Baker - Mary's oldest brother] from the legacy bequeathed by the latter's father [Walter Baker] to his only sister Mary. (Martha [another sister] must have been then dead). This payment was in consideration of her marriage with Richard Chadwick. There was no issue of this marriage. She survived her husband and went to live with her brother Walter at Ballywire. By her Will proved 3rd January 1729-30 she left a legacy to Mary daughter of Baraby Baker and the residue to Walter son of William Baker of Lismacue, a legatee who was called after her father."[xxiv]

1/2. William Chadwick           KO11/257


of Cahiculla

This file is a combination of 2 downloaded from Alyson Wormald's research August 2003. Richard England's 4th child, Alicia, married William Gabbett, whose daughter, Elizabeth married William Chadwick of Gortnekilleen.

The internet version does not contain the later generations, who might still be living.
This version continues from Gertrude Annie Young.

General research on the England name in Ireland:

a) Elizabeth 1 pardoned Thomas Engient of Englanstown, also Oliver England.
b) Thomas England's son Philip was hanged for rebellion
c) 1586 survey of Ballyengland

Tuath of Askeaton
Thomas England held Ballyengland with castle and wood called    Kyllmore- inhabited. The Englands resided at what is now known as Castlehewson.

d) Englands present in Ireland from 13th and 14th century.

1/1. Richard England died in 1759.

Richard married Ann Davis in 1712.
Will 1759. of Rockmount, Co. Clare. C1712 the Earl of Thomond made leases in perpetuity. Cahercallamore to Richard England for 20 pounds.
2/1. Diana England, married John Hinchey in 1750. or Kennedy?

1/2. David England. - see under Appendix for his descendants.
1/3. Patrick England.
1/4. Alicia England. Alicia married William Gabbett.



Born post in 1598.1 He is the son of William Carden.2
Married Elizabeth Catherall.1
He lived Calcott.1
Children of John Carden and Elizabeth Catherall
1/1. William Carden+ d. 19122

2/1. Thomas Carden1

1/2.Mary Carden
1/3. John Carden+ b. c 1613, d. 17282

Charles Minchin


Colonel Charles Minchin was born circa 1628.2
Parents: John Minchin and Mary Walcot.
Died between June 1681 and November 1681.1
Will was probated on 18 November 1681.
     Colonel Charles Minchin gained the rank of Colonel in the service of the Parliamentary Army, as a '49' officer.1 In 1669 he bought the Annagh estate from Major Solomon Cambie.2 In 1680 he bought the Ballinakill estate from Sir Richard Stephens.2 He lived at Busherstown, Roscrea, County Offaly, Ireland.1 He lived at Ballinakill, County Tipperary, Ireland.3 His last will was dated 28 June 1681.

Married Elizabeth Paulet, dau of Joshua Paul of Bogh, County Carlow.

Children of Colonel Charles Minchin and Elizabeth Paulet
1/1. William Minchin+ d. b Feb 17211
1/2. Edward Minchin+ 4
1/3. Charles Minchin 2
1/4. John Minchin+ d. bt Jul 1733 - Dec 17342
1/5. Catherine Minchin+ 3
1/6. Anne Minchin 5
1/7. Thomas Minchin+ b. 1658, d. 16866
1/8. Humphrey Minchin+ b. Dec 1660, d. bt Sep 1732 - Apr 1733


David Barclay, 11th of Mathers (b 1580, d c1660)
m 1st. Elizabeth Livingstone (dau of Sir John Livingstone, 4th of Dunipace and sister of Jean who was beheaded 5 July 1600 for having consented to the murder of her husband, John Kincaid of Warristoun,)

1/1. John Barclay (b 1607, a 23.02.1643)
1/2. Alexander Barclay (b 1608, dsp before 1652)
   m. (before 1631) Anna Ross (dau of Matthew Ross)
1/3. David Barclay, 1st of Urie (b 1610, Colonel)

m. Katherine Gordon (dau of Sir Robert Gordon, 1st Bart of  Gordonstoun)


William Carden


M, #362835, b. 1577

Son of David Cawarden

Children of William Carden

1/1. Thomas Carden 2

1/2. John Carden+ b. 1598

john Minchin


John Minchin married Mary Walcot, 1
Children of John Minchin and Mary Walcot
1/1. Humphrey Minchin d. b 16711
1/2.Ambrose Minchin+ d. a 16851
1/3. Sarah Minchin 1
1/4.Colonel Charles Minchin+


From TPC:
David Cawarden
Born in 1555.1
Son of David Cawarden and Maud Westcote
Is believed to have moved back to Cheshire.1 Or CARDEN.
1/1. William Carden+ b. 15772

David Cawarden
Born between 1521 and 1528
Son of Thomas Cawarden and Elizabeth Purefoy.
Married Maud Westcote.1
Died in 1556,, with two daus.
Mavesyn Ridware.
Children of David Cawarden and Maud Westcote
1/1. Thomas Cawarden+ b. 1551, d. 15922
1/2. David Cawarden b. 15552

Thomas Cawarden
Born in 1499.
Son of Robert De Cawarden and Eleanor Bagot.
Married Elizabeth Purefoy.
Died in 1547,.
lived Mavesyn Ridware.
Children of Thomas Cawarden and Elizabeth Purefoy
1/1. Richard Cawarden
1/2. Thomas Cawarden
1/3. David Cawarden+ b. bt 1521 - 1528, d. 15562

Robert De Cawarden
Born in 1472
Son of John De Cawarden and Elizabeth Massey.
Married Eleanor Bagot.
He died in 1547.
lived Mavesyn Ridware.
Children of Robert De Cawarden and Eleanor Bagot
1/1. David Cawarden
1/2. Geoffrey Cawarden
1/3. Thomas Cawarden+ b. 1499, d. 15472

John De Cawarden
Born ante 1456.
Son of John Cawarden and Katherine Gresley.
Married Elizabeth Massey.
Died in 1485,, with two other sons and four daus.
lived Mavesyn Ridware.
Child of John De Cawarden and Elizabeth Massey

1/1. Robert De Cawarden+ b. 1472, d. 15472

John Cawarden
Son of Sir John de Cawarden and Elizabeth Malvoisine.
Married Katherine Gresley, daughter of Sir John Gresley.
He died in 1475,, with other issue.1

lived Mavesyn Ridware.
Child of John Cawarden and Katherine Gresley

1/1. John De Cawarden+ b. 1456, d. 14852

Sir John de Cawarden
Born ca in 1375.
Married Elizabeth Malvoisine.
He died in 1447,.1, He lived Cawarden.
Children of Sir John de Cawarden and Elizabeth Malvoisine (Heiress of Mavesyn Ridware.)
1/1. Randulf Cawarden+
1/2. David Cawarden+
1/3. John Cawarden+ d. 14752


Thomas Barclay, m Janet, dtr of Straiton of Lauriston and dvp leaving issue
1/1. David Barclay, 11th of Mathers, b 1580, d ca 1660. KO12/595

George Barclay, 10th of Mathers, m 1st Mary, dtr of Sir Thomas Erskine, Lord Brechin, Tutor of Dun, and d 1607 #11

David Barclay, 9th of Mathers, m 1st Mary, dtr of Rait of Halgreen, and had issue. He was one of the jury which found Janet Douglas, widow of the 10th Lord Glamis and daughter-in-law of the 2nd Earl of Argyll, guilty of treason and witchcraft, whereupon she was burnt alive, 17 July 1537. He d 1560, having had issue of his 1st wife: #12.

George Barclay, 8th of Mathers, m Marjory, dtr of Sir James Auchterlony of that Ilk. He had Letters of Respite for various slaughters 1526, and d ante 1535, having had issue #13

Alexander Barclay, succeeded his grandfather as 7th of Mathers. He mMarjory, dtr of James Auchinleck of Glenbervie, and d ante 1520, having had issue #14.

David Barclay, m 1478, Janet, dtr of Alexander Irvine, 6th of Drum, and dvp leaving issue one son #15.

Alexander Barclay, 6th of Mathers, a scholar and poet, (perhaps the first to have the name of Barclay spelt in the modern style) m Catherine, dtr of Wishart of Pitarrow, in Fife, and d ca 1497. One of his poems is shown on the second page of this chapter. His son #16.

George Berclay, 5th of Mathers, who, with his uncles Patrick and John, was concerned in the murder and boiling of John Melville of Glenbervie, the arrogant and unpopular Sheriff of the Mearns 1421. The 5th Laird had Letters of Remission for his share in the affair, 1 Sep 1421, and d ca 1458, leaving issue: #17.

David Berclay, 4th of Mathers, m Elizabeth, dtr of Strachan of Thornton, and d ca 1448, having had issue: #18.

Alexander Berclay, 3rd of Mathers, m Helen, dtr of Gilbert Graham, 1st of Morphie, and d ca 1416, leaving issue: #19.

David de Berclay, 2nd of Mathers and of Durn (d ca 1411), whose son #20.

2...Alexander de Berkeley, 1st of Mathers 1351, m Katherine, dtr of Sir Edward Keith of Sinton, ancestor of the Earls Marischal, and had issue: #21.

1... Sir John, 10th of Gartley, ancestor of the later Gartley line and of the Barclays of Kynnaroquhy and Cairness, m Margaret, widow of Hugh, Earl of Ross (who by her had a dtr Euphemia, wife of King Robert II), and dtr of Sir John Graham of Old Montrose. In 1321 he witnessed, as John de Berkeley of Grantoly, the grant by Sir William Keith, Marischal of Scotland, of the lands of Mathers to his brother.

Andrew, 9th of Gartley, who supported King Robert I, and was executed by the English after a raid into Yorkshire in Oct 1322. He left issue two sons: #22/1 & 2.

Sir Walter de Berkeley, 8th of Gartley, who also signed the Ragman Roll, did homage at Berwick 28 Aug 1296, was appointed Sheriff of Banff by King Edward I of England, Sep 1305, and had issue, a son #23.

Sir John, 7th Laird, who signed the Ragman Roll, 1296, and whose son #24.

Sir Robert, 6th of Gartley, who was father of #25.

According to family tradition, Roger, mentioned in Doomsday Book as Provost of the Manor of Berkeley under Earl William fitz Osborn, had a son, John, who went to Scotland in the train of Queen Margaret, ca 1069, and became Laird of Towie (in the Parish of Turriff, Aberdeenshire). He had two sons, Walter, who m the heiress of Gartley, and Alexander, ancestor of the line of Towie (and the Barclays of Crawfordjohn, Kilburnie, Brechin and Collairnie). The descent can be proved from Sir Walter, said to have been 3rd of Gartley, grandson of Walter and the heiress of Gartley. He was Chamberlain of Scotland, 1165-1189, and was succeeded by his brother Theobald's sons, Humphrey (dspm 1225) and John as 4th and 5th of Gartley. The son of John, 5th of Gartley was Sir Robert, 6th of Gartley, #26.


Barclays Bank

The dynasty of bankers begun by John Barclay was reinforced by several alliances with other banking families, John's grandson Robert marrying Elizabeth, daughter of Joseph Gurney, another Quaker banker. The line continued through their second son, Joseph Gurney Barclay, of Knott's Green, who married Mary, daughter of William Leatham, another banker, and then through Robert Barclay, of High Leigh, who merged twenty banks into Barclay & Company Limited, and who married Elizabeth Ellen Buxton, whose mother was a Gurney. Their eldest son, Robert Leatham Barclay, married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Robert Williams, 1st Bt, another banker. After the death of Robert Leatham Barclay in 1939, the representation of this branch of the family passed to his nephew, Theodore David Barclay, of Higham, Bury St Edmunds, and thence to his son, David William Barclay.

A fuller history of the origins of the bank was written by Margaret Ackrill & Leslie Hannah in 2001: “Barclays, the Business of Banking 1690-1996”

To be found at:

A related story of other members of the Quaker banking families is on:


“Battersby & Others, Deed of Release”

Registered 4th February, 1857
Registry of Deeds, Henrietta St, Dublin, Ireland

To the Registrar appointed by Act of Parliament for registering deeds wills and so forth in Ireland.

The Charles Bianconi

referred to below was a remarkable character described in a paper recorded elsewhere in this history.


“A Memorial of a Deed of Release dated tenth January 1857 made Between John Long Battersby of Bobsville in the County of Meath Esq. of the first part William Chadwick of Ballinard in the County of Tipperary Esq. and the Reverend Robert Battersby of Bobsville aforesaid of the second part Richard Long of Douglas in the Isle of Man Esq. of the third part and Charles Bianconi of Longfield Park in the County of Tipperary Esq. of the fourth part Whereby after reciting that by Indenture dated tenth March 1790 being the Settlement executed previous to the Marriage of Richard Long and Charity Moore the lands therein and herein after mentioned were settled to the use of Henry Jesse Lloyd and Henry Langley their exors admors and assigns for the term of 500 years and subject thereunto and to the jointure for said Charity To the use of the first son of the said Richard and Charity with remainders over and the trusts of the said term were declared to be to raise 5,000 Pounds for younger children payable to them in default of appointment by said Richard Long share & share alike And reciting the death of said Richard Long without making such appointment secured by the said Charity and leaving issue by her the said Richard Long party to the Deed of which this is a Memorial the eldest son and five younger children and that Louisa Long then Louisa Cooper as one of the said younger children became entitled to one fifth share of said 5,000 Pounds And reciting the Settlement dated twenty fifth February 1829 by which after reciting the Marriage then intended between Samuel Cooper and said Louisa Long and that said Louisa was entitled to said 1,000 Pounds late currency making in present currency 923 Pounds one shilling and six pence half penny and that it has been agreed that the sum together with seventy six pounds eighteen shillings and five pence half penny to be secured by the Bond of the said Richard Long making together the sum of One Thousand Pounds present currency should be vested in Trustees It was amongst others things therein witnessed that the said Louisa Long did assign and make over unto said William Chadwick and Robert Battersby parties to the deed of which this is a Memorial their heirs exors admors and assigns said sum of 1,000 pounds late currency together with said sum of seventy six pounds eighteen shillings and five pence half penny upon trust amongst others to the use of all and every the younger children of said intended marriage in such shares and proportions as the said Samuel Cooper the younger should by any deed or writing under his hand and seal with or without power of revocation attested as therein direct or appoint And reciting that there was issue of said Marriage Samuel Cooper the eldest son and the seven persons therein after named who were all then living and no other younger children except Ambrose Cooper who had died several years ago under the age of twenty one years And reciting that the lands upon which said sums were so charged were formerly the Estate of the said Richard Long party to the Deed of which this is a Memorial and that same had been since sold to the said Charles Bianconi party thereto subject to the said charge and said sum And reciting that by Deed of appointment dated tenth January 1855 under the hand and seal of the said Samuel Cooper and duly attested after reciting the said Indenture of twenty fifth February 1829 the said Samuel Cooper in execution of the power of appointment thereby given to him and of every other power him thereunto entitling did direct limit and appoint that from and immediately after the execution of that Deed said two principal sums making together said 1,000 Pounds sterling should rest in and become the property of his said several younger children and their respective exors admors and assigns for ever in the following shares that was to say nine hundred & ninety nine pounds fourteen shillings to the use of Charity Cooper her exors admors and assigns one shilling to Richard Cooper now Richard Cooper-Chadwick his exors admors and assigns one shilling to William Cooper his exors admors and assigns one shilling to Austin Cooper his exors admors and assigns one shilling to Edward Cooper his exors admors and assigns one shilling to Maria Louisa Cooper her exors admors and assigns and one shilling sterling the residue thereof to Astley Robert Cooper his exors admors and assigns and the said Samuel Cooper did thereby direct that the said sum of 999 pounds fourteen shillings thereby appointed to the said Charity Cooper should consist of the aforesaid sum of seventy six pounds eighteen shillings and five pence half penny and nine hundred and twenty two pounds fifteen shillings and six pence half penny and that the several sums appointed to his other younger children should be composed of the residue of said principal sum of nine hundred and twenty three pounds one shilling and six pence half penny And reciting that said Charity Cooper had at the date of said deed of appointment attained her age of twenty one years And reciting the!
Settlement dated thirteenth February 1855 previous to the Marriage of said John Long Battersby and said Charity Cooper and that in pursuance of the appointment therein they the said Samuel Cooper and Charity Cooper and each of them according to his and her right title and interest therein did grant assign and make over unto the said John Long Battersby his exors admors and assigns the aforesaid sum of 999 pounds fourteen shillings sterling and all Interest to accrue due thereon from thenceforth as and for his and their own proper goods and chattels for ever And reciting that said John Long Battersby having applied to the said Charles Bianconi agreed to pay the same upon having the said lands properly released and discharged as well there from as from the sum of six shillings the residue of said charge”

Canadian Newspaper finds:
Bathurst Courier, June 1, 1855
Married, on the 22 May, at Simcoe, by Rev. Kenneth McLennan, Rev. George Bell to Miss Ellen Chadwick both of Simcoe.


David England - his descendants


1/2. Son of Richard England above

1697:  Freeman of Ennis. Petitioner 1700 in court of co. Clare.
Will 1728 registered, Probate Jul 1751
Mentioned in will of Sir Donat O'Brien for "faithful services"
From the large number of petitions to the Court of Claims to which the signatures of Englands are attached as witnesses, it would appear that they were attorneys in Ennis. The news of Sir Donat's death was conveyed to Mrs Catherine O'Brien in a letter from the Dromoland factor, David England 1717

David married Ann.
2/1. Patrick Richard England

born in Lifford, Co. Clare. He died in 1785 in Ennis, Co. Clare. He  was buried in Drumcliffe, Clare.
Address: Lifford, Co. Clare
JP 1737
High Sheriff of Co. Clare 1747
Convert Rolls 1703-89
England, Patrick, Dublin 28 Jan 1731
England, Joseph Michael of Cahirculla, Co. Clare  5 Jun 1761
Patrick married Margaret Hickman daughter of Poole Hickman and Mary Westropp on 6 Mar 1738. Margaret was born in 1719 in Doonagaroge, Kilmore, Clare. She died on 28 Oct 1786 in Ennis, Co. Clare.
3/1. Lt-Gen Richard James England "Great Britain"

born in 1745 in Ennis, Co. Clare. Christened on 10 Nov 1745. He died on 7 Nov 1812 in London. Entered the Britsh Army on 20 Nov 1765 as an ensign in the 47th Foot. Captain in 1770.  Went to North America in 1773 with brother Poole, fought in the Revolutionary War and were both wounded at Bunker Hill, Mass.  He took part in the relief of Quebec in 1776 and accompanied Burgoyne's expedition in 1777 and was taken prisoner at Saratoga (with George Preston Vallancey)  On his release he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel  of the 24th Reg. of Foot to command the British forces in the garrison at Detroit, Upper Canada.  He surrendered Detroit to the Americans in 1795.
He was six foot six inches tall, and of large dimensions. A 'cheerful, open countenanced, masculine soldier and fond of good living. His nickname in the army was "Great Britain".
He commanded the British Garrison at Plymouth, England until his death in 1812.
Richard and his family were taken prisoner and sent to France.  Richard was allowed to escort his wife and son  back to England if he promised to return to France. He did.
Lieutenant Governor of Plymouth

Married Anne O'Brien daughter of James O'Brien MP Mary Patterson in 1787/1788. Anne born 1762. & died in 1848.
4/1. Sir Richard England born on 13 May 1793 in Detroit,

Upper Canada. He died on 19 Jan 1883 in Dover, Eng. He entered the army as an ensign in the 14th Reg. of Foot on 25 Feb 1808.   He was promoted to lieutenant on 1 Jun 1809, and served in that year in the  expedition to the Walcheren and in the attack on Flushing. Adjutant-general's department in Sicily in 1810-11
Captain of the 60th Reg. on 11 July 1811 and exchanged into the 12th on 1 Jan 1812.  He went on leave to join his father in Canada in 1812 and after father's death, he returned to England.
He married Anna Maria Anderson, sister of Sir J.C. Anderson in 1814 and in 1815 he joined his regiment after the battle of Waterloo.  He served as adc to Major General Sir Colquhoun Grant, commanding at Dublin from 1821 to 1823. Promoted to Major in the 75th Reg. in 1825 and went to the Cape in 1833.
Son of Lieutenant-General Richard England of Lifford County Clare, Colonel of 5th Regiment. by Anne, daughter of James O"Brien, a cadet of the family of the Marquis of Thomond.
1836: Made  Knight of the Guelphs, a Hanoverian order
1838: 41st Regiment of Foot (The Welsh) Lt Colonel
1840       Brig. General Madras
1854-55  Commanded third division during Crimean War and at the battle of Alma.
1856 Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour.
1877 Retired list.
Residences: 10 Chester St, Belgrave Square and  St. Margarets, Titchfield, Hants

"A man of meagre talent and reputation"

Married (1) Anna Maria Anderson . Anna died in 1839.
5/1. Henry England was born in 1806.

He died in 1847. Henry married Sophia Osbaldeston.

5/2. Nancy England.
5/3. Richard England was born in 1831.
Married (2) Theodosia Fountayne Wilson in 1844. Theodosia died on 4 Jul 1880.
5/4.Theodosia England was born in 1846. D 1890.

4/2. Annella England died in 1814. M. Richard Pullson.
4/3. Mary Anne England

D. Oct 1814 in Whittingham  House, Worcs. Mary married William Millen on 5 Jan 1806.

3/2. David England, b.1749 Lifford House, Ennis, Co. Clare.

He died on 6 Jul 1791 in Ennis, Co. Clare.
1769 Freeman of Ennis
Married Abigail Green daughter of Robert Greene and Abigail Blood on 2 Nov 1767. Abigail died in 1808.
4/1. Patrick Richard England. Died in infancy
4/2. Richard England .
4/3. Abigail England died in Jan 1808.

See below for her descendancy.

3/3. Capt. Poole Hickman England born in 1754.

Died on 10 Oct 1813 in Kingston, Upper Canada.
Served in the 47th Reg. with his brother Richard and wounded at Bunker Hill.
Settled in Kingston, Canada. on half pay.
1793 Clerk of the Peace
Married Ann Sargeant daughter of Samuel Sargeant on 1 Sep 1774. Ann was born in 1757.
4/1. Margaret Hickman England

born on 21 Oct 1777 in Toronto, Canada.
Married (1) Herchmer .
Married (2) Maj. Gen. Aeneas Shaw . Aeneas died in 1815 in York, Upper Canada.
Married (3) Leeming .

4/2. Gen. Poole Vallancey England B. 1787, New Jersey,

He died in 1884 in Dover, Eng.
2nd Lieutenant Royal Artillery 1805
Colonel 1854, General 1873
Married Mary Lutwyche.
5/1. Edward Lutwyche England. 21 Mar 1839 - 1910.

Major-General.  Col. of Prince Albert's (Somerset) Light Infantry Educ. Cheltenham College.  Joined 13th Light Infantry (Prince Albert's)1855. Served in Indian Mutiny, South African Campaigns of 1878-9.
Edward married Mary Reid .

5/2. Catherine Frances England.
5/3. Mary England.

4/3. Charlotte England.
4/4. Frances England "Fanny".
4/5. Mary O'Brien England.

3/4. Ann England died in 1796.
3/5. Margaret England

Born 1760 Ennis, Co. Clare. Died 3 Mar 1789 in Dublin.
Married George Preston Vallencey son of Gen. Charles Vallencey and Mary Virgin in 1786. George was born in 1747 in New Windsor, Berks. He died on 20 Dec 1809 in Windsor, Berks.
4/1. Charles Vallencey, born in 1786. He died in 1818.
4/2. Frances Vallencey born in 1788. She died in 1862.
4/3. Richard Vallencey, born in 1788. He died in 1867.

5/1. Isabella Eliza Vallencey. Arrived Australia 1852

Isabella married Richard Kelly.

3/6. Mary England died in 1811 Limerick, Ire.

Married James O'Brien MP son of Christopher O'Brien and Mary MacDonnell on 2 Jun 1769.
4/1. Maj. Gen. Edward James O'Brien, 1772-1855.

He joined the 24th (the 2nd Warwick) Reg. as an ensign in 1788.  The regiment was stationed in Ireland and commanded by his brother-in-law, Lt. Colonel Richard England, the husband of Edward's half-sister, Anne. In April 1789 the regiment was posted to Canada on garrison duties and to protect the settlers in the Detroit district from Indian attack. He returned to England in 1801 and his wife Charlotte was burned to death in Exeter that year. He returned to Ireland on half-pay whilst serving as a recruiting officer.
Edward married (1) Charlotte Frobisher on 1 Apr 1797 in Quebec, Canada. Charlotte died in 1801 in Exeter,
Edward married (2) Frances Ann Willan in 1804.

4/2. Patrick Richard O'Brien.

3/7. ?Christina England .

c/- Ennis Post Office in Slaters 1856 National Directory?

2/2. Joseph England (David, Richard).

of Cahercalla. High Sheriff 1752. Will 1794
Joseph married Margaret McMahon daughter of Thomas McMahon.
Margaret died on 14 Nov 1807 in Cahirculla.
Joseph and Margaret had the following children:
3/1. David Arthur England died on 7 Apr 1796.

Probably had a son of the same name who owned Cahirculla, valued at £50 in 1829.

Property of Caherculla, Ennis was in the hands of David Arthur England in 1814. Claremen in favour of the Union 1799. Grand Juror 1815
Married Alicia Scott on 5 Feb 1796, St. Thomas, Dublin.
Alicia was born in 1775. She died on 20 Mar 1834. She was buried in Killone Cemetery.

2/3. Michael England.

of Cahirculla. Convert from Popery 1761

2/4. Mary Anne England died in 1781.

Mary married Henry McMahon.

2/5. Theophilus? England.


4/3. The descendancy from Abigail England, dau of David

Abigail married William Young son of Robert Young on 30 Apr 1792 in Ballykilty, Clare, Ireland. William died in 1813. Address in 1801: Annsbrook, Co. Tipp.
Clare Journal 3 May 1792 Monday last were married Wm Young Esq. Attorney to Miss England, daughter of the late David England of this town Esq.
Ennis Chronicle 3 May 1792 Last Tuesday. at Ballykilty, Quin, Co. Clare, the seat of Robert Young Esq., William Young of Dublin to Miss England, daughter of the late David England of Lifford and niece of Col. England of the 24th Regt. of Foot.
Clare Journal Mon 9 Oct William Young, married at Belcamp Co. Dublin.  Wm Young Esq. of Annbrook to Miss Ball sister to Sergeant Ball.
Limerick Chronicle. 6 Feb 1813 Advert.  To be let, the lands of Ballygibbon (150 acres) within 2 miles of Cloghjordan, and the house at Annbrook adjoining the town of Nenagh, part of the lands of Shallee, and 14 acres at Cranagh, all the property of William Young of Annbrook deceased.
5/1. David England Young was born in 1793.

married Jane Nelligan.
6/1. Frederick N. Young

Clare Freeman 28 Feb 1853 Marriages:
At the Church of Killraine in the Diocese of Killaloe, Frederick N Young Esq., son of David E.Young Esq., of Ballygibbon, Tipp to Bessie, daughter of Rev. William Fry of Highlands

5/2. William England Young was born in 1795.

Griffiths Valuation 1854:
Townland of Tullig: Wm England Young: House  office, orchard and land. 24 acres. Rates 23 pounds.
Ennis Chronicle 26th Aug.1826: 'On Saturday at St. Johns Church Limerick, Wm England Young Esq of Nenagh, to Gertrude, eldest daughter of the late Richard Taylor Esq. of Rock Abbey, Co. Limerick.'
Ennis Chronicle 7 May 1828: William England Young, a daughter, at Strand Lodge, Limerick.
William married Gertrude Ann Taylor daughter of Richard Taylor and Anne Hunt on 19 Aug 1826 in Limerick, Ire. Gertrude was born in 1805.
6/1. ? Young born May 1828, Strand Lodge, Lim.
6/2. Ann Young born 20 Dec 1832 in Kerry.

She was christened on 30 Dec 1832 in Ballymacelligot Church.
Sponsors at baptism: Robert Hunt, Inchivorock, Misses Eliza and Frances Hunt

6/3. William England Young, b. 3/4/1835 Kerry.

He was christened on 16 Apr 1835 in Ballymacelligot Church. He died on 30 Oct 1879 in Mount Rivers, Kerry. Sponsors at baptism: Lieut. Henry Young and Mary Taylor
William married Margaret Clementia.

6/4. Richard England Young – from Alyson Wormald[xxv]

See below for his descendants.
Born on 17 Oct 1837 in Castleisland, Kerry. He died on 14 Jul 1888 in Lake Cudgellico, NSW.


6/5. Robert Young was born on 12 Nov 1840 in Kerry.

He was christened on 24 Nov 1840 in Ballymacelligot Church.

6/6. Vere Hunt Young was born on 12 Dec 1844 in Kerry.

He was christened on 24 Dec 1844 in Ballymacelligot Church. Clare Journal, 19 Dec 1844 Birth
At Mt Prospect, Co. Kerry, the lady of William England Young Esq. of a son

6/7. Gertrude Young.
6/8. Jane Young.

5/3. Robert Arthur Young was born in 1797.
5/4. Francis England Young was born in 1799.
5/5. Richard Young was born in 1801. Died 1832.
5/6. Thomas Young was born in 1803.

More on Richard England Young:

Arrived Melbourne Jul 1863 on "Star of India" out of Liverpool Address at marriage: Hay. Occupation: Horsebreaker.
Address at death: Lake Cudgellico Occupation Chemist
Burial. Lake Cudgellico
Richard married Isabella Scott Balharrie daughter of James Balharrie and Margaret Scott on 22 Dec 1867 in Deniliquin, NSW. Isabella was born on 14 Dec 1840 in Blairgowrie, SCOT. She died on 25 Jun 1911 in Maitland, NSW, Aust. Isabella arrived on board "Arabian" 12 mar 1865. Her occupation was cook, religion, Presbyterian and she could read and write. She was accompanied by her sister and engaged by Mrs. J.Hood of South Melbourne
Address at marriage: Deniliquin
      "       at death:    High St East Maitland Burial Sandgate.
7/1. Gertrude Annie Young

Born 9 Aug 1868 in Hay, NSW.
She died on 22 Feb 1946.
Married (1) William Davis in 1890 in Lake Cargellico, NSW. William was born on 25 Mar.
8/1. William England Davis born on 31 Aug 1890.
8/2. Richard England Young Davis born on 13 Feb 1893.
8/3. Annie Isabel Alice Davis born on 26 Jul 1895.

She died on 20 Oct 1973. Called Daisy. After working for 10 years for a solicitor in Fiji, returned to Sydney and was qualified as a solicitor. Dad says she only ever had one case!
Annie married Lionel Barnard .

Gertrude married (2) Charles Fax in 1909.
8/4. Vera Thelma Fax .

7/2. William England Young born on 6 Nov 1870 in Hay, NSW.

He died on 8 Jun 1957 in Maitland.
Married Sarah Sophia Cameron in 1908 in Mayfield, NSW.
Sarah born 9 Nov 1868, died on 10 Aug 1961 in Maitland.
8/1. James Cameron Young, b. 28 Aug 1909 in E. Maitland.

died on 28 Aug 1940. He was buried in Sandgate.
Married Gladys MacDonald in 1935 in East Maitland.
From Ancestry, 10/2009:
Subject: James Cameron Young
Hello, I have just been looking at your records for James Cameron Young and marriage to Gladys McDonald - my wife's family are related to Gladys. You have shown James' death in 1940. I have just received a transcript of their marriage certificate, which shows the marriage being 'dissolved' on 11th February 1978. I'm therefore not sure of your death source. Cheers, Doug.

8/2. William England Young, born 1918 in Randwick, NSW.

7/3. Mary Young, born 2 Feb 1873 in Hay, NSW.

She died on 29 Sep 1955 in Croydon, NSW.
Married William George Payne son of George Goodman Payne and Hannah Elliott on 18 Apr 1901 in Lake Cudgellico, NSW. William was born on 4 Aug 1865 Poplar, London, Eng
Died 11/4/1936, Croydon, NSW. Born 23 Bath St. Poplar.
Door knocker obtained in 1957 by Mabel Payne.
8/1. Mabel Isabel Payne, born 3/10/1902 Euabalong, NSW.

She died on 1 Aug 1990 in Beecroft, NSW.

8/2. William Goodman Payne.

Born on 13 Mar 1904 in Woodburn, NSW. He died in 1983 in Wollongong, NSW.
Married Cora A Simpson. Cora was born on 18 Feb.
She died on 25 Oct 1970.
9/1. Philip Eric Payne, born 10 Oct 1939 Sydney.

Married Sally Margaret Milligan. Sally was born on 16 Jan 1944 in Nairobi, Kenya. 1945 moved to S.A then to UK where she met Philip

8/3. Noel Richmond Payne born 16 Aug 1905

Woodburn, NSW. He died on 24 Oct 1984 in Concord.
Married Dorothy Boughton . Dorothy b 4 Nov 1907.
9/1. Elizabeth Michie Payne

b 12 Sep 1936 in Inverell, NSW. Married Peter Hook in 1956 in Cooma, NSW.

9/2. Barbara Eury Payne b 16/2/1940 Burwood, NSW.

Barbara married Peter O'Brien .

9/3. Ian Richard Payne was born on 21 Apr 1946.

Ian married Denise Wyard in 1976.

8/4. de Vere Clarence Payne

born on 24 May 1907 in Ulmarra, NSW. He died on 20 Mar 1996 in Killara, NSW, Buried on 23 Mar 1996 in Killara, NSW. Educated at Fort St High School Sydney
Pharmacy at Sydney University.
Ashes interred at All Saints' Church Parramatta
Married Evelyn Lobb daughter of John Francis Lobb and Catherine Springall on 22 Apr 1933 in Croydon, NSW. Evelyn was born on 11 Aug 1907 in Ipswich, Qld. She died on 6 Sep 1997 in Killara, NSW, Aust. She was buried in Killara, NSW, Aust.
9/1. Colin de Vere Payne,

born 29 Sep 1935 in Bingara, NSW. He died on 29 Sep 1935 in Bingara, NSW.

9/2. Francis William Payne

born 27 Nov 1936 Bingara,
Married Patricia Anne Young. Patricia was born on 2 Apr 1936 in Sydney.

9/3. Kathryn Payne

born 2 Oct 1939 in Bingara, NSW. She died on 3 Oct 1939 in Bingara, NSW.

9/4. Alyson Vivienne Payne "Aly"

born on 2 Dec 1940 in Sydney. Alyson attended The Presbyterian Ladies College, Croydon for 12 years where she Matriculated and went to the University of Sydney where she graduated as a Pharmaceutical Chemist and became a Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales.
Alyson married Peter John Wormald son of Challenger Francis Wormald and Ina Daphne Kelso Douglas on 27 Sep 1968 in Killara, NSW. Peter was born on 8 Sep 1937 in Burwood, NSW.

8/5. Kelsey Abigail Payne b. 5 Jul 1909 Ulmarra, NSW.

She died on 5 Mar 1985 in Wahroonga, NSW.

8/6. George Elliott Payne b. 23 Apr 1912 Ulmarra NSW.

He died on 25 Sep 1980 in Gosford, NSW.

7/4. Jane Abigelle Young born on 2 Feb 1873 in Hay.

She died on 23 Nov 1955 in Petersham, NSW. Jane married John Henry Gray son of John Gray and Barbara Thompson on 5 Jul 1903 in Condoblin, NSW. John was born on 5 Jun 1873 in Condoblin, NSW. He died on 23 Nov 1939 in Marrickville, NSW.
8/1. John Keith Gray b 7 May 1904 Lake Cudgellico.

He died on 5 Apr 1977 in Bankstown, NSW. John married Mavis Lavarack on 22 Aug 1936 in Surrey Hills, NSW. Mavis was born on 29 May 1908 in Glebe, NSW. She died on 26 May 1996 in Burwood, NSW.
9/1. Donald Keith Gray b. 4 Sep 1937 Paddington,

NSW. Married (1) Janice Olga Criticos on 18 Jan 1964 in Marrickville, NSW. The marriage ended in divorce. Janice was born on 13 Feb 1943 in Waverly, NSW.
Donald married (2) Catherine Clara Ladwig on 8 Sep 1989 in Punchbowl, NSW. Catherine was born on 3 Dec 1941 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

9/2. Beverly Anne Gray b. 18 Dec 1940 Paddington.
9/3. Heather Barbara Gray b. 27 Feb 1944 Sydney.

Heather married Malcolm John MaCabe on 27 Jul 1974.
Malcolm died on 11 May 1980.

8/2. Mabel Isabella Gray b. 2 Jun 1907 Lake

Cudgellico, NSW. She died on 22 Aug 1990 in Killarney Vale, NSW. Mabel married Arthur Albert Isbester on 9 May 1953 in Marrickville, NSW. Arthur was born on 27 Mar 1897 in Mudgee, NSW. He died 29 Nov 1974 in Long Jetty, NSW.

7/5. Richard England Young born 6 Mar 1875 Cudgellico.

He died on 9 Jun 1942 in Liverpool.

7/6. de Vere England Young

born 4 Jun 1877 Cudgellico, NSW. He died in 1957.
Married (1) Benie Bell in 1908 in Condoblin.
8/1. William deVere Young born 1 Dec 1910 Condoblin.
8/2. Madelaine Young.
8/3. Isabell Young born 1914 Parkes, NSW.

Died in 1915 in Condoblin.

8/4. Mabel Young born on 22 Sep 1917 in Condoblin.

Mabel married Lawrence.

de Vere married (2) Olive Jacobs in 1924 Condoblin.

7/7. Mabel Margaret Young born 6 May 1880 Cudgellico.

She died on 1 Sep 1943. Mabel married Leslie Badford in 1906. Leslie was born on 21 Jan 1880.
8/1. Phyllis Bedford born 16 Nov 1908.

died in 1979. Phyllis married Fraser .

8/2. Mabsie Bedford.
8/3. John Bedford was born on 16 Feb 1914.





He survived 'mutiny' on HMCS Uganda to command destroyers in the Cold War.
A senior officer aboard Canada's biggest ship during the Second World War, he watched the crew make military history by voting itself out of the conflict. In retirement he became a marine artist.

Just 17 days before Japan surrendered to the Allies on Aug. 14. 1945, HMCS Uganda slipped away from the fighting in the Pacific and headed home to the naval base at Esquimalt B.C.
It was not a happy voyage, to say the least. Six weeks earlier, (6oo sailors out of Uganda's crew of 900 had voted not to volunteer to continue the war against the Japanese, even though they'd spent five months fighting the enemy as part of the 4th Cruiser Squadron of the British Pacific Fleet.
Astonishingly, the RCN's most powerful ship of the Second World War was "the only ship in recorded naval history whose own company had actually voted her out of a war." wrote Tony German in his 1990 book The Sea is at Our Gates.- A History of the Canadian Navy.
Uganda's executive officer, L.Cdr Ernest (Chad) Chadwick was mortified. After spending almost all of the war at sea fighting the Germans and the Japanese, he felt he deserved to be present at the end to help finish the job.
The trouble started when Prime Minister Mackenzie King, mindful that a federal election would be held in June of 1945, decreed that only volunteers would be sent to the Pacific theatre of operations. He arrived at his decision against all military advice. When the news reached Uganda, there was general incredulity and the crew immediately took sides in a bitter difference of opinion.
Mr. Chadwick, the ship's second-in-command, tried his best to convince his shipmates to sign on the dotted line and stay m the war, but many sailors were fed up for a variety of reasons.
Uganda had been built for northern climates and was badly ventilated, which made living difficult in the heat of the Far East. Fresh water was always In short supply and the food, provided by the Royal Navy, was poor.
"Canadian sailors weren't alone in their discomfort. Most had endured tough years at sea, growled and got on with it. They'd signed on to fight. If they were told to go somewhere they'd go. But give anyone in any fleet the choice of the Pacific war or going home, wrote Mr. German.
Naval headquarters in Ottawa didn't know what to do. How could they quickly replace 600 men? What about the 300 who wanted to stay? Suddenly, they were entitled to 30 days leave back home before shipping out to the Pacific again. The controversy was an administrative disaster, so the brass decided to take the easy way out and recall Uganda.
The son of an Anglican clergyman who wanted him to study medicine, Chad Chadwick grew up in Victoria. The call of the sea proved too strong, and he spent most of his free time sailing his open sloop in the waters off Vancouver Island. By then, he had also started producing accomplished watercolours and drawings.

Al 17, he decided he wanted to be a naval officer and passed the entrance examination for the Royal Navy's Vindictive program, which trained young men from the dominions for a career in the "Senior Service." There were no opportunities for him in the RCN of that era, since it boasted less than a dozen ships.

After graduating, he was posted to HMS Revenge, a battleship sporting 15-inch guns. In August of 1939, he and Revenge took part in the reserve fleet review, where King George VI inspected the ships preparing for war. "I was midshipman of [Revenge's] launch at the time and distinctly recall lying to and saluting as the Royal Barge steamed down the lines, and meeting King George's eyes as he passed a few yards away," wrote Mr. Chadwick.
The Second World War erupted the following month and by 1941 Mr Chadwick had transferred to the RCN. His first ship was HMCS Skeena, where he earned a "mention in dispatches" for his part in the sinking of U-588 in the North Atlantic on July 31, 1942. "This officer displayed great coolness and skill during the long period of attacks under difficult conditions." the citation read "He proved himself to be capable of rapid and accurate thinking."
After Skeena, Mr. Chadwick served on Gatineau, a River-class destroyer he got to command for 39 glorious days at the end of 1943. He was just 22, and was at that time the RCN's youngest commanding officer. His tender age didn't prevent him from growing a luxurious beard, though. He kept it for the rest of his life.
And then came HMCS Uganda, 11,700-tonne cruiser originally commissioned by the Royal Navy in 1942 and acquired by the RCN two years later. With the latest steam turbines and nine six inch guns, the Uganda should have been the hardest-hitting ship In the fleet. Instead, after the so-called "mutiny," the cruiser meekly set a course for home.
What should have been a triumphant return became a sad and pathetic voyage. Stopping in Pearl Harbour to refuel, Uganda was ignored by the U.S. Navy, wrote Marc Milner in his 1999 book Canada's Navy: The First Century. "No admirals paid their respects, no bands played, and no ceremony was observed."
For Mr. Chadwick, the whole sorry episode left an unpleasant taste in his mouth. "With our tails between our legs and wounded pride we slunk back to Esquimalt," he wrote decades later in an unpublished memoir. "The salt was real, rubbed in our wounds when we were greeted in Esquimalt by bands playing and cheering crowds "welcome back, you heroes!' I, and I am sure, most of my shipmates, had great difficulty in looking anyone in the eye."
Even so, he decided to make the navy his post-war career. On Sept. 27. 1947, assumed command of HMCS St. Stephen. A sailor's sailor who led by example, his orders were to take the river-class frigate to the Labrador Sea and provide weather forecasts for the International Civil Aviation Organization. The airlines had started flying over the Atlantic and needed accurate weather reports.
Transmitting every three hours and assisting aircraft with radar fixes - when the radar actually worked, Mr. Chadwick noted acidly in a memoir he and his crew coped with the atrocious weather on Station Baker usually encountered between Greenland and Labrador. He loved it, though, because it was an independent command and no one was looking over his shoulder.
For the next two years, he recorded his daily battle with the elements."22 Dec. 1947: Wind still rising from NW up to 85. Heaviest seas yet during morning and forenoon, Every rivet shrieking with strain ... frequently rolling over 49 degrees to leeward with frightful buffets - like driving into a brick wall."
During the Cold War Mr. Chadwick filled several staff positions but got plenty of sea time commanding two modern destroyers, Nootka and Sagnenay. It was the golden age of the post-war RCN, with the fleet boasting 20000 men and 50 ships. Captains like Mr. Chadwick were a vital part the fleet.
Immensely proud of sailor father, Nick Chadwick remembers him as a "bit of a martinet who wanted things done properly. He represents a link to an earlier age when service came first [and] being a gentleman was important. He epitomized an age when God and country meant some thing."
In 1968, Mr. Chadwick retired with the rank of commander after just 30 years of service. He was only 47 but the unification wars of the sixties, where Ottawa melded the three fighting services against enormous opposition, had left him depressed and he wanted out.
That might have been a mistake, said Nick Chadwick. “We got the impression that he regretted retiring. A couple of his friends made admiral and perhaps he could have achieved greater things.” The old Uganda, meanwhile had been sold for scrap though not before being re-commissioned HMCS Quebec.
Settling in Victoria, Mr. Chadwick returned to his paints and built a reputation as a marine artist. "His paintings captured the mystery of the sea, the beauty of birds of prey, sea buds and wildlife keenly observed." said his son Michael Chadwick. Over the years, he produced hundreds of works depicting birds and ships at sea in water-colour, oils and acrylics.

Ernest Maurice Chadwick was born in Victoria B.C. on May 6, 1921. He died there of natural causes on May 19, 2008. He was 87. He leaves daughters Diann and Creina and sons Michael, Richard and Nicholas. He was predeceased by his wife, Olga.

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